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Macbeth: A Noble Man and a Witch

Once upon a time, a witch encountered a noble man and told him that he will be a king one day. The noble man shared this bewitching prophecy with his wife. His wife pressured him to murder the king now to claim the prophesied kingdom.

This was from Shakespeare’s play of Macbeth some 400 years ago, set in Scotland. History repeats itself, and a few years ago, someone in the land of witches that change from human to hyena and back, a woman prophesies that one day an unknown man will be a king.  And he becomes a king. Prophesy fulfilled. A committee in far-flung land took notice and awarded him, a prize. The Ignoble Peace prize.

He made speeches, plagiarized speeches, opened an already open border that thousands of young Eritreans have crossed in their thousands for almost twenty years, embraced the world’s brutal dictator. And voila, the Ignoble Prize came knowing on the heels of previous Arab award.

Now, the recipient, the winner of the ignoble prize will be in the pantheons of Mandela, a leader who was instrumental in quelling smoldering embers of civil war in South Africa.

The Noble Committee made the Noble prize a joke by awarding it to those whose efforts had no durable peace or are hitherto untested. The Arafat, [Perez], and Rabin award comes to mind. President Obama was awarded the prize for a promise, for his oratory skills, for perfecting a stump speech, before lifting a finger to implement his promises to world peace. And now the committee has outdone its past blunders by awarding it to Abiy Ahmed for his speeches, for his good intentions, for embracing a heinous dictator.

I think the committee would better serve the world by awarding the peace prize post-mortem to Abraham Lincoln than to Abiy Ahmed. To long dead Abe Lincoln: for risking his life to abolish slavery, upon witch future generation were able to build in securing civil rights…

A post-mortem award would better inspire more people to work for the good of humanity instead of learning the deeds of Abraham Lincoln and others solely in history classes. By creating foundations under the likes of Lincoln, and Oskar Schindler and by awarding the peace prize to these foundations, they can keep alive the accomplishment of those men for future generations. Lest we forget, as the old dies and the young forgets. This would serve humanity better than awarding the peace prize to light-weight leaders like Abiy Ahmed whose peace initiative is self serving and actually helps to protract the tyranny in Eritrea by giving dictator Isaias Afwerki a legitimacy and a lifeline.

The committee would serve humanity better by awarding the peace prize to Neil Armstrong and his crew for first landing on the moon and allowing humanity to think like citizens of earth instead cocoons of so called nations. Post-mortem.

The committee would better serve humanity by awarding the prize to the Manhattan project scientists: for creating the bomb that helped the allied forces triumph over the Nazis, who were planning to eradicate black people after cleaning Jewry from Europe. Post-Mortem. It is not too late.

The committee would better contribute to world peace by bestowing the award to one of the “Me Too Movement Women Pioneers” for standing up to the likes of Harvey Weinstein.

The committee will better serve humanity by awarding it to Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon for exposing Governments for lying to their people.

The committee will better serve world peace if it awarded the prize to Mo Ibrahim for creating a unique prize, a prize that has higher standard than speech giving and signing agreements that do not last. Only four recipients since its inception twelve years ago, is telling of its rigor and requirements.

By awarding the Noble Peace prize to leaders with initiatives devoid of any durable and tangible results, the committee renders the prize an Ignoble Peace prize.

Also, they could have easily awarded the prize to Isaias Afwerki for the following reasons: For swiftly accepting Abiy Ahmed’s proposal, for not dwelling on physically demarcating the border, for accepting that virtual demarcation suffices, for delegating leadership to the younger Abiy Ahmed, for figuring out that water does not come to where people are, but that peoples should travel to where water is, for banning the free media that is known to sow division in nascent nations…

The committee would better serve humanity by awarding the ignoble prize to the late Melles Zenawi for indicating that he would not seek re-election and actually not following through as his country needed him, and for insisting that the Nile Dam be built. I know that sounds ridiculous, but so is awarding the prize to Abiy Ahmed–PMAA has not even won an election yet!

Failing all that, they can structure the peace award as two-tier system. After someone is nominated, they can be elevated to potential winner (a promise to win) but not win the actual prize. And if they follow through their initiative beyond speeches. then they can be awarded the prize. This way the committee can encourage leaders with good intentions to aspire for higher accomplishments. Take a cue from Mo Ibrahim’s foundation. Speaking of Mo, how about the recent Sudanese peaceful disobedience! Led by the association of professionals, the people of Sudan waged a peaceful disobedience in the face of brutal rape and bullets from the military men. How about awarding them the prize to inspire other people to opt for peaceful disobedience instead of violence. The committee can award it to the people of Sudan and instead of the prize money going to one or two, it can go to foundations that promote peaceful means. The committee has many options, but instead they opted for the easy and lazy route.

And failing that, the committee can implement revocation mechanism if a winning leader committee’s genocide after receiving the prize.

Abiy Ahmed deserves credit for releasing political prisons and so he is worthy of the second tier of the prize, not the full Noble prize that puts him in the select few like Mandela.

Watch, the next Ignoble Peace prize will be awarded to President Trump: for first falling in love with the North Korean leader, and for crossing the DMZ.

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  • bardavidi

    Hi……Selamat…….I believe Trump deserves to win the Ignobel award for doing no other President had ever done in 60 Years……….It takes some Daring and Bold Character to Love your Enemy and cross the most Armed DMZ in the world………so i say and this is no Joke……..Selah

  • bardavidi

    Hi all…….The Agreement is in Principle to have several-three series of meetings before the Completion of the Dam in its Management in which the US Treasury and a world body will mediate the progress………..Basically an agreement to collectively come up with how it should be administered and there is no demands or concessions that Involve either Party……….The General principle assumes the GERD is to be completed with both Parties in Consent to the Project……….The dispute is where Egypt wants its own Governmental body to permanently be present and monitor the Flow and process of the Dam and Ethiopia objecting due to Sovergnity over the operation and Management of it………..With a Neutral Party monitoring the Operation their agreements do not seem too far apart aside from the usual National-Patriotic Politics getting in the way……….Selah

  • Selam All,

    On a different issue that may be of interest for eritrea in the future. Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have gone to the usa for mediation on the filling of the gerd and its administration, with the help of president trump, and in the presence of the wb and the usa treasury.

    In my opinion, the dilemma for ethiopia is that trump is a lover of dictators and he had said on many occasions that el sisi is his buddy, and the wb had always been on the side of egypt against financing any developmental plan on the river nile ethiopia may think of or undertake. It looks that they have lured ethiopia into the lion’s den, and no one knows in what shape she will come out of it. It is not difficult to imagine that the usa will most probably support egypt’s position, unless it shows some fairness.

    As much as ethiopia is concerned, it seems that she is damned if she did not accept trump’s invitation and equally damned if she does. To tell the truth, i think that the participation of the wb and the usa treasury makes things even more complicated, because i am afraid that the generational rights of the ethiopian people may be bought with some millions in help, unless the ethiopian government pays extra caution.

    Egypt is exploiting aggressively the difficult internal situation in ethiopia, which she is part in creating it, and she wants to twist the arms of ethiopia in this weakest point in her history, when ethno-nationalism, tribalism, religious extremism and power-mongers, have put the continuation of the country in doubt.

    • Berhe Y

      Hi Horizon,

      I think the involvement of world bank and the US, probably Ethiopia needs money to finish it.

      Their disagreement is not far off, only a matter of how long it will take to fill the dam. Dr. Newtol said, Egypt is asking for 10 years, Ethiopia wants 5 and they will agree on 7, or something like that. And both government look good in securing the best deal fir their people.

      Sudan doesn’t care, it benefits either way.


      • Selam Berhe,

        You are right. Ethiopia may need money, but nobody gives money without expecting something else in return. Such sort of a quid pro quo phenomenon is usually at the expense of poor and weak nations like ethiopia. In addition, the 5 to 10 yrs filling period may not be the only point of disagreement, but the ramification egypt attaches to it. I don’t remember well, but through the extension period, egypt wants ethiopia never to be able to fill the dam, thus bringing the dam under its control. For example, it could say ad infinitum that egypt is not getting enough water, and ethiopia should decrease the amount of water it retains behind the dam, year in and year out. I do not know the technical and legal details.

        As much as sudan is concerned, it is to its advantage whichever decision is taken, as you said above. Sudan’s position which puts it on the side of ethiopia is really helpful.

        • Saleh Johar

          I am amazed how people expect for such mega project as the GERD, to be finalized without serious negotiations and dialogue? Why is it blown out of proportion? Isn’t the process a natural thing we should expect?

          Even much smaller deals go through negotiations because it is not normal to say, “I want this and it must happen without any objection”! I think it is a natural course and we should not be all worked up because there are differences. But then, our culture is used to “I give orders and everyone should obey them.” WE are so weak on conflict resolution and the Arabs are just like us–hard headed.

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Saleh Johar
            U right but eprdf was the one used to say until last week, no 3rd party involvement and no interference on “gerd” management.

          • Saleh Johar

            But that is also part of the negotiations…it’s the natural process.

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Saleh Johar
            Yes, but still eprdf used to say until last week 1,the technical part of it to be dealt by experts, not by negotiation.
            2, no interference on the management of “gerd” and no 3rd party involvement.
            3, until last week, eprdf was only willing to negotiate on how to fill the dem and how to equitable share the nile according to international principle.

          • Selam SJG,

            The Nile and both countries are going to be around forever, provided the political, climatological, etc. conditions allow it. The problem is when the one who took the right by itself doesn’t want to share and tries to be the sole master of the river forever. That is the policy of egypt. If egypt respected the rights of ethiopia there wouldn’t have been a problem. Egypt on two occasions (1929,1959) decided by itself and for itself to own the nile. Today it carries out the negotiations with its lion’s share in mind. That’s the reason there is no breakthrough.
            Therefore the problem is not the negotiations but the spirit with which it is carried out right from the start on the side of egypt. Hence, no solutions were found for so long and egypt is looking for support from powers that stood with it on the issue of the Nile for almost a century, the british and americans.
            Negotiations become fruitless when one of the parties tries to hoodwink or force the other to succumb to pressure. Egypt had been doing this always, which cannot be said to be negotiations in good faith.

          • Saleh Johar

            It was the British who were behind the 1929 decision and Egypt is equally belligerent as Ethiopians–both not used to negations but trying to have it their own ways. When you share something, differences are bound to happen. It’s not the end of the world if level headed people are given a chance. Not every natural difference should lead to all this high temperature (on both sides). By the way, where was Ethiopia when others were deciding on the Nile? See! There are enough blames to go around. I am against politicizing important issues for the sake of propaganda not with the intention to resolve problems–be it Ethiopians or Egyptians. It’s negotiations and everyone is trying to get a better deal, Ethiopia is as well as Egypt. That’s all. The propaganda from both sides is not helpful at all.

          • Selam SJG,

            Where was ethiopia when others were deciding on the nile, is an unfair question. Britain, the world power of the time with egypt and sudan on its side, what could have ethiopia done to avert it? Anybody could sign an agreement even with himself and own the river on paper, as european colonial powers did in Berlin in 1884.

            There is no propaganda ploy on Ethiopia’s case. It is a simple fact that she has the right to use the nile, and Egypt doesn’t recognize that. The propaganda myth is mainly on the egyptian side. Historical rights, egypt is the gift of the nile, which more or less became equivalent to the nile is a gift to egypt, waged wars to control the source of the nile, even staged an opera, Aida by Giuseppe Verdi, to show to the world that ethiopia was in a way egypt’s captive. On top of these we hear intimidation with war even today. Nevertheless, you look at both as equal culprits.

          • Saleh Johar

            1. “Britain, the world power of the time with egypt and sudan on its side, what could have ethiopia done to avert it? ”

            Egypt and Sudan were British colonies. Blma ebritian not the colonized. You could have done nothing, including Egypt and Sudan. That is my point.

            2. “There is no propaganda ploy on Ethiopia’s case.”

            That’s exactly what the Egyptian say–both Ethiopian and Egyptian elite do not accepts any fault, they are always right! Think about it, please.

            3. “The propaganda myth is mainly on the Egyptian side.”

            Both Egyptians and Ethiopians have more mythologies than they can consume. If you want me to remind you, please say so and I will oblige 🙂

            4. I do not want to talk about the movies and fictions–referring to these stuff proves my point that it is propaganda to support your argument, and the Egyptians have tons of such references. It’s just counter

          • Selam SJG,

            Our discussion had been strictly on the issue of the nile. Therefore, what is the myth ethiopia has been disseminating about the nile, other than pointing out her God given rights on the river?

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Horizon,
            I didn’t bring myth into the discussion. You did. Here is what you wrote and I just replied to it. Here:

            . “The propaganda myth is mainly on the egyptians“

      • Teodros Alem

        selam berhe
        i like ur response but am not sure if it is intentional or pathetic.
        here is the thing.
        1, according to eprdf gov media and according to eprdf gov officials, egypt is the one wants the involvement of 3rd party like world bank, American gov.
        2, untill last week eprdf gov were against 3rd party involvement on the issue, they still say 3rd party is not involved on the negotiation,
        3, according to the Egyptian, the main disagreement is the whole management of “gerd” including when filling the dem and after its completion.
        4, until last week eprdf gov used to say interference on the management of the dem is interference on the sovereignty of the country.
        5, the recent meetings between egypt gov, sudan gov and eprdf gov in Washington was clear sign that how American influence eprdf gov.
        sisi asked America to interfere and than the Americans call eprdf gov and egypr gov to come to washrngton and all of a sudden eprdf gov stop talking about sovereignty, 3rd party involvement. …

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Teodros,

          Is it my turn to be “yezorebet today” or it’s still your turn:).

          Are you saying pathetic to what I wrote or what happened in Washington.

          I don’t know what the condition/ financial stress the Ethiopian government is. You can only negotiate based on the cards you have at hand.

          Things have changed dramatically since Melles left the scene in Ethiopia.

          Please don’t jump and call me weyane this or that, but he had much more power in terms control, support (AU, US(Suzan Rice/Obama, war on terror etc), Meto Be Meto election:) and weak Egypt (Arab springs, Mubarak ).

          If he had no power then and he was bluffing, it appeared that he did.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            i meant, i wasn’t sure if u understood his(horizon) motive or not.
            meles’s meto bemeto election, puppeting, his hate for certain people of ethiopia, his inferiority complex and so on is the reason why all the bad thing that u see in ethiopia, Somalia and eritrea today, he is number1 responsible person by far. trust me he will be remember as a divisive and hateful person .
            I believe the reason why meles started “gerd” was for 2 reasons.
            1, to stop Egypt from sabotaging his gov and to stop Egypt from supporting his gov opponent the likes of “shebabe” onlf, olf and so on.
            remember, meles knows egypt morethan anyone, he benefited big from them when he was fighting the derg.
            2, to facility looting ground from the likes of “metk”, “mosobo” and so on.

  • Brhan

    Hello all
    While we are talking why he won the prize , may be there are surprises in the future , from this man. I think we were sleeping. Why we were not able to think that the organization will give him the prize. If thought we would have send letters of anti-his nomination. I believe the organization received only pro Abiy nominations. What happened to our critical thinking.
    But is not this a lesson for us to learn about what to expect and avoid things that we do not like before they happen.
    Now it is time to discuss where is heading. The story of the prize is now the story of the past!

  • Selam All,

    The detractors of the ethiopian pm were praying for manna to fall from the sky. and It did. Their prayer was been fulfilled. He said “mark” instead of “marx” and he doesn’t seem to be well versed in the theory of marxism-leninism.

    It was a big sacrilege for those who were moving around with a copy of the communist manifesto in their pockets, as if it was their bible, it was, quoted marxism-leninism to show their intellectual superiority, and for whose sake they went to the bushes.

    In the 70s pm Abiy was a kid/boy, and if my calculations are right, when tplf/woyane landed in addis ababa, he must have been around 15-16 yrs old, too young to have been imbued with the theory of marxism-leninism like the oldies, and of course, with much less interest for it. Nevertheless, here is something to dwell on and shout about vociferously, when they don’t have another serious reason to accuse him for. It started by accusing him of plagiarism by digital woyane, as we all know, and we will see what will be tomorrow’s topic, a non-issue, most probably.

    Tplf has a reason to hate his guts. He is the reason why they are whining today from their small corner, waiting for oromo ultra-nationslist mercenaries to resuscitate them, which is impossible. Eritrean woyane sympathizers are sweating for the sake of solidarity with woyane. Others have outsourced their responsibility and they are blaming the ethiopian pm for the problems in eritrea, because, as much as they are concerned, he has not done enough, as if it is his responsibility.

    I don’t understand what exactly they want, when the problem is theirs and of their own making. There were times when some of these people called for ethiopian military intervention in eritrea to depose the regime. It is funny to see that they have replaced IA with pm Abiy as their problem, and we will see where that will take them.

    Oromo ultra-nationalists, people like jawar and bekele g., hate him because they think that they fought to depose woyane and they aren’t the ones on the ethiopian throne at arat killo, when they should have been. That is why the tribalist, tplf errand boy, bekele g., calls such person as pm Abiy, an afan-oromo speaking amhara, and their supporters also call him, “neftegna” and a “habesha”.

    Still others are accusing him for indecisiveness, because they are salivating to see chaos and genocide in ethiopia that is flooded with weapons, while their tplf/woyane had taken care of and confiscated even knifes in the ethiopian women’s kitchen, and felt free to kill, rob and intimidate. An oromo bandit by the name of “olf shenee”, again a tplf mercenary, is sneaking in and killing innocent oromos, and some interpret this as a war raging in western oromia.

    In the country where most of the pm’s detractors live, the usa, they have the biggest ignorant person that ever ruled the usa, and by extension, the world. Some of these people are happy and satisfied with what he says and does and they support him, and others do not care. One can imagine what his detractors may have said if pm abiy has used force and has not given chance for the law to act.

    In the end karl marx is not going to lose his bushy beard nor is he going to be ripped off the title of the mastermind of the theory of communism . By the way, for a change, there are some who say that communism is a thing of the future and not that of the past, i.e. for everybody according to his/her needs, starting with universal basic income, as the result of automation and the common ownership of the means of production. Nevertheless, no one knows if the people of the horn are still going to be around then, or have become extinct due to social regression, as the result of utter arrogance, ignorance and greed of the elites. God save the people of the region from their elites.

    • Berhe Y

      Hi Horizon,

      Instead of going all over, why can’t you just focus on what the PM said, and justify what he is said s good for you if you see no problem.

      As an average citizen with no real power, he can say what ever BS he can cook up and no body gives a cr…

      The tragedy is, if he can easily believe his BS then what else will this guy will do with his power.


      • Teodros Alem

        selam berhe
        u said ” as average citizen with no real power, he(3A) can say what ever bs he can cook up and no body gives a cr…”
        I said ” as foreign citizen with no power at all , u and people like u foreigners can cry all u want and can say what ever BS u can cook up and no body gives a dm.

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Teodros,

          “as foreign citizen with no power at all , u and people like u foreigners can cry all u want and can say what ever BS u can cook up and no body gives a dm.”

          You got a deal…the reason I care is, how his reckless BS will affect our country and our region.
          But we will wait and see…ምከረው ምከረው እምቢ ካለ መከራ ይምከርው as you guys say…


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            we also say ” kebalebatu belay yewake buda new”
            I don’t know what u mean by our country, if u meant eri and ethio? 1. always remember he is ethiopian PM . 2, if 3A wants to affect the region(eri) negatively, the only orgy that existed with little capabilities to protect eri’s interest is pfdj(eri gov), so with ur none existed influence, u can do nothing about it except whining .

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Tedroad,

            Our country is Eritrea. His medemer formula and how far he needs to take it will affect Eritrea and everyone in the region.

            You are on your “yezorebet” mood again:).


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            so when u say our country and our region, u meant eritrea. that was why i asked u , i don’t know what do u mean by our country and region and now i know u r ” extremely yezorebet”

      • HI Berhe,

        The tragedy lies with those who dwell on trivialities and harp on what he said ad infinitum. It is not an issue for ethiopia if he said “mark” and not “marx”. If it is important for you, it is up to you.

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Horizon,

          It’s not important for me. What I am asking you is, do you think he just made a mistake calling him “Mark”, not once but few times (repeatedly) or he had no idea what was talking about and making up the story.

          Do you think someone with PhD in social studies should make such blunder (if you call)? Specially how “Mark” theory has caused so much damage to the country Ethiopia by those who followed him.


          • Hi Berhe,

            You wrote, “Specially how “Mark” theory has caused so much damage to the country Ethiopia by those who followed him.”
            Look, you too are making a mistake here. Just read what you wrote. As much as i am concerned, it is immaterial, because i have understood what you mean.

    • mokie berhe

      Salam Horizon. It really would not matter if an archangel, Mahatma Gandi, or even a 1-year old baby were to replace PMAA, for the same level of criticism, conspiracy infatuation and digital Woyane pursuit, would without doubt continue. But if S/he were a TPLF member, he would be treated as solid gold and without fault. Again, what many are spouting here, is no different that what one finds on Tigrai Online.

    • iSem

      Hi Horizon:
      it matters not if Abiye said Mark or Marx. Any way marx means mark In English. Most of the the world hates the Jewish, but the adopt their culture/names. We say Biniam, they say Benjamine, so Abiye is sayin Mark, he is an Elite Ethiopian and they are known for their penchant of using English around massess;-)
      that part is trivial, Abiye was not sing the Russian version,he used the English version
      But I thought he was delusional in that speech, he wrote Meddemmer, big deal, I have not read it, but gathering from his speech, it maybe as bad or even worse. Even the nut bar Gaddafi had his own doctrine in a book, he Green Book.
      It is not that the distractors prayed for mana, Abiye was bound to for this moment
      As Ethiopian you should be alarmed when he equated himself with Ethiopia, Abiye and Ethiopia are different sides of a coin??
      And what is with the mousetache, is he mimicking IA?
      Blame TPLF all you want, and you are right to blame them, they screwed up , they have no one to blame, but it is the best government the country ever had since its creation . Even if some like Abiye, he is their product

      • Hi iSem,

        You are criticizing a book without even reading it. Don’t you think that that makes you biased. It is not a bad idea if a leader puts in a book form the road map he plans to follow. That gives an idea to citizens what to expect and what not to expect. I see no problem in that.

        Do not forget the three decades of tplf’s “ኢትዮፒያ በኣፊንጫዋ ብትደፋ ግድ የለንም፣”, the time when it was a taboo to speak about ethiopian unity and ethiopianism was demeaned and demonized. Even today, if you speak of ethiopian unity, as much as tplf and olf are concerned, it means bringing back the old unitary system. Ethiopians need someone who says that he stands for ethiopia, and may even die for that cause, thus identifying him/herself with ethiopia, unlike tplf that stands with one foot inside and the other outside Tplf wanted to rule forever a weakened ethiopia and a dispersed people, and olf wants to create independent oromia on par with independent greater tigray.

        You say, “…it [tplf] is the best government the country ever had since its creation…”. Please, don’t tell that to ethiopians who were tortured in tplf dungeons, water bottles were hung from their testicles, men peed upon by tplf women, men sodomized, etc, families who lost loved ones at the hands of tplf gangs, and poor ethiopians who can’t afford to pay back the billions of dollars tplf kleptocrats left behind in debt, because of the looting that was carried out as never seen before in ethiopian history since its creation (to use your own words). You are spoiling tplf by saying that. It is one of the reasons they feel entitled, and they think that they should rule ethiopia for ever.

        • iSem

          Hi Horizon:
          I am not criticizing AA book, am just saying if his speech is any indication. Is that out of the way now?
          Oh, am not going to tell anyone that TPLF were angles, but what I know is this: TPLF liberated the country from Dergi, who is the Pol Pot of our both countries. So are you saying TPLF was not an upgrade for you guys? you seem to still be in honey moon with AAe and I think he will not be better than TPLF, so if you say TPLF did what you say then give Abiye 5 years, a guy who conflates himself with ethiopia seems to me he is out of it in the speech.
          My info about TPLF is based on what Ethioa has gone through in the last 25 years and I always said after 15 years they should have resigned instead of descending to tyranny to protect their power. But you seem to be equating them with Dergi and HS, if anyone fond of MH abd HS, I think they will get one. I think the ppl should not be mesmerized with his stupid speeches and his
          Nobel win and focus on challenging the government until a better one comes, which I think ethiopia is capable of doing
          So some intellectual honesty here as you peer to the horizon on your country’s posterity. I think we have to divide the times when TPLF was good and when they descended to the gutter. But in our case PFDJ was always like that gutter,we never had a break, if we had it was in the figment of imagination and I warn you not to imagine good things with PAA, just warning you because I know and you know what happens when ppl are hypnotized in countries with fragile history of rule of law. Even if you (the ppl) think Abiye is doing some good things, you should challenge him not canonize him, call him out when he is making comments that borders on lunacy etc, that is what am saying

          • Hi iSem,

            When the facts change, i change my opinion. For the time being what i hear and see is conspiracy theories and innuendos, which add up to nothing tangible. PM Abiy is therefore still relevant for ethiopia. This is not devotion, but a logical conclusion having in mind the reality on the ground.

            These are difficult times in ethiopia. The legacy of tplf is an important factor as much as ethnic conflicts are concerned. This time the problem does not come from a dictatorial authoritarian regime like that of tplf or the derg, but from evil politicians and activists, who misuse the democratic rights they have acquired under pm Abiy’s government and they misguide gullible young ethiopians. There is a difference there.

          • Teodros Alem

            selam horizon
            aside ur cadre talk, here in Awate u urself repeatedly used to tell us and defend the ethnic poltics in ethiopia, u even used to say ethiopia don’t have any alternates other than “tplf’s” ethinc poltics.
            have some shame and respect for urself. I know u can make money out of it and fool idios like isem .

      • Teodros Alem

        selam isem
        for u everything is all about ethnic, nothing else.
        unless u saying pia started dictatorship after 1998, melels.used to be PIA’s bff untill 1998, so the only reason u love meles and hate 3A is because of ethnic. for u it is all about tplf and tigrai. meles is the number one responsible person for all the misery that happened in eri and ethio.

  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ንኹላትኩም

    ኣይጥ በበላ፡ ዳዋ ተመታ
    ይመስል ናይ ኢሱን ኣቢይን ዛንታ

    ኣንጭዋ ብዝበልዖ፡ ጻህያይ ሓዊ ተወልዖ
    ጻጸ እንታይ በደሉ፡ ዓንዲ ፍልሖ ብዘጥቅዖ

    ተቓወምቲ ህግደፍ ስራሕ ረኺብና
    ነሕምቖ ኣለና በትርና በጃኹም ሃቡና
    ፋሕ ጭንግራሕ ይንበር ኣብ መንጎና
    ምንዕዓቕ ይቐጽል፡ ይኹን ባህርያትና

    ሃገር ትምራሕ ብ-obsession
    ኩሉ ተለኺፉ ደጋፊ ይኹን opposition
    ኣይገድፍ ኣይድርቢ ፍጹም ዝተተርኣሶ cushion
    ይብል እዙይ እዩ ናተይ/ናህና ነቕ ዘይብል position
    ክስማዕ ክጭኖ ይደሊ ናቱ ጥራይ emission
    ይለቅም ዘለን ዘየለን ናይ ካልእ omission
    ኣኣንጎሎኻ ሒዝካ እባ እንሃልካ show fashion
    ኣብየት ናህና “መሰረታዊ” revolution
    ኩሉ ይደሊ ነናቱ constitution
    ገሊኡ የነጣጥር ካላሺን
    ኣበይ ተዓዚርካ ኣንታ ጥዑም compassion?

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Semere Andom
    Great idea on the two tiered approach. While the nominated may not be able to control all factors affecting the outcome of his/her intentions, at least observing some continuity between declared intent and actual action over a specified period of time would be ideal. However, it will always be difficult to agree on any given award in the category of “peace.

    • iSem

      Thank you Abrehet:
      I agree to some extent, but some peace prizes are not controversial like the the Bangladish economist with his micro loans, or Al Gore for environment ( though some right wing nuts may disagree). I do not remember Mandela and De klark being controversial. There were other worthy avenues.
      Maybe the nominating party has its own agenda. Think about it, the border was demarcated and Eri and ethio were friends again like before 1998,IA and MZ could have won the peace Noble after leading their people to blood bath in carnage of 1998

  • mokie berhe

    Salam Semere Andom. Just look at all the squawk that Tigray Online is making about PMAA. Did the articles and comments there, maybe serve as a source of inspiration for your article here? There are glaring similarities in stream of thought.

    • iSem

      hi mb:
      No, I do not know what you talking about. Actually I did not know a that AA won the prize until an acquaintance mentioned it to me when I run into him in the street. I told him , are you sure? maybe you are talking about the Arab award. he replied no, you are sleeping my friend
      So No

      • mokie berhe

        Salam iSem: I am not into pareidolia, but did you not say that “The committee would better serve humanity by awarding the ignoble prize to the late Melles Zenawi’. My oh my oh my….No need to reveal thyself in your case.

  • Kaddis

    Selam iSem –

    Very well written. Some in the Western diplomatic corridors gossip – the award was given to our region for desperately looking for a good news, in need of some inspiration for a region ( from Libya to Somalia, the Sudans, Eritrea, Ethiopia etc ) consumed with dark stories. Some also say its trying to gloss over the violence happening and give an impression of peace. I wish you kind of reflected your wise take why AA was really awarded?

    I more and more relate to; a global right wing phenomena – currently messing up all the Latin America and European left governments, to the Brits by Brexit and Hong Kong. We are in their pockets and try to confuse the public by the Nobel ( some joke Oscar was more appropriate)
    It’s obvious the neo-liberals corrupted the government (by money and power ) when Ethiopia passed a rapid liberalisation directives, selling part ( first it was minority now Bloomberg said its majority share ) of its telecom and shipping lines ( both massive by African standards ) and passed an awkward law allowing private military manufacturing in the country ( imagine a local entrepreneur producing Ak47). So in order to justify the garage sell of our properties and we are distracted to scrutinise the not mandated government – they shock us with violence and confuse us with the Nobel. Have not read it yet but recommended to read the Shock Doctrine –Disaster Capitalism 2007 to figure out whats going on.
    My conservative estimate is 60 % of what’s happening in the individual states of the horn ( particularly Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia ) is a reflection of Western foreign policy – your reflection would be appreciated.

    • iSem

      Hi Kadis;
      I do not disagree with you on the western F.policy. But I always contend that how about the responsibility of the african leaders to be vionaries ?I know colonization and that all but, if the Africans leaders do their part African can do much, much better even with the often mention western F.policy. I think this notion is anachromism

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Kaddis,

      I honestly do not think PMAA winning the noble peace prize will make much progress in achieving peace within Ethiopia let alone in the region. I think his intentions may have been good but I don’t know his deep knowledge navigating future Ethiopia and world complexities that he is able to understand.

      Saay put together a cheat sheep of “medemerism” based on the speech Abiy gave titled “Abiy Ahmed Explains Medemerism” at Eritreadigest. It’s hilarious, you have to watch it, how this guy have absolutely no idea what he is talking about or he is full of himself.

      I can’t believe someone who suppose to have a doctorate that he goes to this level of BS. Now I am really doubtful if he is indeed have a Phd or that he actually did it himself.

      To your second point re: western foreign policy and their influences in the horn of Africa. I think you may be correct but I doubt they have a hand to the extent of what was done in Iraq as described in Shock Doctrine. I can see what they would in order to cutoff Chinese influence in the horn and Africa but what ever happening inside (Ethiopia, Sudan) I think it’s the pure making of the governments and the resistance of the people from within.

      On the other hand I think, the rest of African countries, like Rwanda, Ghana and others working towards Africa economic integration in order to give Africa the power and the economic muscle to fight and negotiate for it’s interests. For example Rwanda has rescued many African migrants stranded in Libya (including Eritreans) and giving them refugee and settlement. I think this is a great example the vision of Paul Kigame has for Africa and as current chair of OAU.


      • iSem

        hi BY;
        I just watched Saay’s cheat sheet and is that real, some how AI was involved?
        If that is what he said,he is going nuts

        • Berhe Y

          Hi iSem,

          You mean IA?

          Going nuts is one thing (assuming he was normal before) but I think he is already nuts.

          Even IA does not go that far…. he says lots of crazy stuff, purposely confusing staff… but he doesn’t make up stories that are quite verifiable from different sources…


          • iSem

            hi BY:
            No, I mean AI (artificial intelligence) like fake speech. Because this is out of this world what he was saying. Really spooky

          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSem,

            Because the source is saay, I didn’t doubt it. I am actually waiting to see the return of Hayat. I need to apologize to her, because I told her, “I thought she was jealous, I mean love interest she may had for Abiy” for the way she was reacting.

            She knew how fake he was, and how a disaster he will be.


          • iSem

            Hi BY:
            you need to on almost on the anniversay of Soleme Tadese:-)

      • Kaddis

        Selam Berhe –

        I saw the video from saay’s twitter page days ago…its hilarious. Never felt this shame even during Mengistu time. I could not find it on youtube – would be easy to circulate it.
        If you understood me, as saying Abiy would bring peace to Ethiopia – no absolutely not. He will take us to a sectarian regional war if not stopped. The nationalists ( Oromo and Tigray ) are doing exactly that. Fighting him or saving their region from his reckless violent dominance; separation, confederation you name it. There is information war broke out in Wollega between the military and OLF sice four days.

        I kind of tried to show above – its his neo-liberal advisers who’s doing the ground shaking and media surge for him – he doesn’t have the intelligence lemalet new.

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Kaddis,

          I had asked ‘posted on ED” to saay if he can upload on youtube.


        • Berhe Y

          Hi Kaddis,

          Here it is as per Saay the greatest.



          • Kaddis

            Selam Berhe – I thought I saw the link but now I don’t.
            Thanks again. I will search it youtube just in case

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Kaddis,

            May disqus removed the link.

            Search “Eritrea Digest” on YouTube.


  • Teodros Alem

    For the record, in ethiopia starting from today, government systematic sponsor ethnic attacks, displacement, killing is over .

    • Kaddis

      Hi Teodros –

      I agree with your assertion ( at least I am hopeful ); my understanding is, thanks to Jawar – he forced the start of the electoral process/ campaign and clearly defined the political sides by federal and unitary forces. Abiy wanted to keep using force and displacement as a winning strategy until the day of the election. Now Abiy find himself in the unitary camp; trying to re-enter the Oromo politics by going to Oromo cities, leaked he was an informant to OLF or give presser more oromo died violently….to no avail. Now he only got the election board which will be the next fight.

      Can you elaborate your assertion?
      An Ethiopian Insight article also published an article in a similar context by Rene Le fort.

      • Teodros Alem

        selam kaddis
        I don’t know what u talking about and never did but me think jawar is working for the gov..

  • Simon Kaleab

    Selam Semere A.,

    Some corrections:

    1) Shamir did NOT share the prize, it is Peres.

    2) The Atomic bomb created by the Manhattan Project was used on Japan, NOT on Germany.

    • iSem

      Hi Simon:
      I know that it was not dropped on japan. but I hope you know what I meant
      About the Issac shamir, I will ask the editor, I only put Arafat and Rabin
      thanks Simon

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ኣብዪ መስታህብል
    ከደናገር ምይጽ-ምይጽ ይብል
    ሽልማት ናይ ኖበል

    ፍትሒ ኣይኮነን ዝተገብረ
    ይድምር ኣለኹ ‘ናበለ
    ብግብሪ ግን ኣህዛብ ‘ንዳጉደለ

    ምስ ጨቆንቲ ‘ንዳተሓቛቘፈ
    ዝምድና ብሄራቱ ኣብ መዓልቲ ‘ንዳሓርፈፈ
    ንሱ ግን ስልጣኑ ከበርኽ ሃረፈ

    ቡን ናይ ሳበ ጨሊጡ
    ምቕሉል ሰብ ‘ዩ ኢሱ
    እንካ በለ
    ‘ዚ ሓኽሊ ድሙ ከይሓፈረ
    እንታይ ምስ ገበረ ደኣ ‘ዩ ወርቂ-ሰላም ዝዓተረ?

    ቀደሙ ሰላዪ ሕጂውን ‘ተኾነ
    መን ‘ዩ ሰራቒ ፋይላት ዝኣመነ?
    ክልተ ዓመት ገሚተ ኣለኹ ኣነ

    ንኢትዮጵያ ፋሕ ከብላ
    ዓሌታዊ ጎንጺ ክኽፍተላ
    ከምዘይነበርት ክትከውን
    ንሱ ድማ ካልኣይ ወርቂ ክ ውንን

    ኣደናጊሩና ክብሉ
    ኣብ ክንዲ ዝድመሩ ኣዝዮም ክጎድሉ
    ሰኣን ብኣግኡ ዘስትውዕልሉ

    ኣደይ ነጊራትኒ ኔራ
    ንጉሰ-ነገስታት ኮይንካ
    ኣብ እግርኻ ከተእትወን ነምሓራ
    መጀመርታ ብመልሓስካ ዝዓበየ ግን ብኻራ
    ኦሮምያ ከተውጽ ኣ ሓራ

    ወዳጀ! ትንቢተ ኢሳያስ
    ርኢናዮ ምስ ዲክታተራት ምድቃስ
    ንምድንጋርዩ ዝኹሉ ክምስምስ
    ናብ በዓል ኢሳይስ ምልስ-ምልስ
    ንሃገርና ኣልሚሱ ንሃገሩ ክሕምስ

    ውሑዳት ሽጣርኡ ዝገጠምዎ
    ‘ቶም ዝበዝሑ ምስ ፈልጥዎ
    ዓዲ በቲኑዋ ናብ መዓስከሩ!
    ኣበይ ከርክብዎ
    ተኸኣሉ ብታሪኽ ክሓምይዎ
    ወስላታ መደናገሪ
    ግዜ ከለኩም ሕጂ ኔው በልዎ

    • iSem

      Hi Engineer:
      nice rhym! but one correction, it was not Saba’s coffee, it was Askalu’s coffee:-)
      Unless you talking about who actually paid for the coffee beans. But no matter who bought the coffee, if a woman makes it, it is called nay ekele bun
      So Askalu, the long time chairwoman of the women’s association made coffee for Abiye, the same way the poor girls do in sawa do

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Hi Semere,
        You are correct! I forgot about that “Coffee Maker in chief”

  • Selamat iSem,

    Where is Ms. Hyatt Adem? In this PFDJ video, you will hear that there exists a list of people consisting Eritreans and Ethiopians. When I got to that point where the narrator states the list is held from publication I wondered if the names HA and SA were on that list. I suppose we have to wait until the national security risk time limits is reached and under the freedom of information act law some journalist at that future time will request access to the list. Since I will more than likely not be around, and if I am now truly convinced by this PFDJ propaganda piece, what do you think of burying a time capsule consisting of the names of dead bodies for postmortem in order to identify those individuals who in our present life time put great effort, in very close partnership with the Weyane, to dethrone Eritrea’s IA and his clique for the purpose of recognizing and awarding them the prestigiousiSposthumous iSEM award? Okay, I am aware you and Gheteb recognize that I am simply practicing the usage in a very long sentence the two new vocabulary words I have just learned.

    Three takeaways in addition to the inexplicit conclusion that cab be drawn from the witch and the warlock Abbie Ahmed story you have told and its compliment the one or two video link(s) below:

    1. iSEM quality of writings quality deterioration is proportional to the decrease of sponsorship contracts and availability of creative writing consultants as well as his submissions for print at the front pages of the sacred Awate.

    2. Recognition of the PFDJ’s current advantage in its counter offensive after nearly two decades of a stalemate trench warfare, i.e. no war no peace since it can draw from it’s predecessor the EPLF’s very similar circumstance in the mid to late eighties of the last millennia.

    3. The ability to differentiate from those whose continuing opposition is a just resistance the reverting of Sahel governance by IA’s authoritarian and cruel rule from those Eritreans who were extreme proponents of the Weyane. Those whose preference was Weyane’s superiority and dominance over that of Shaebia’s by basking in their then misperceived positions of power and access to tangible material resources with arrogant posturing and domination of the ‘Eritrean Opposition’ by insisting they belonged. Theirs intact was a Pro Wayane in character and action as opposed to the Pro Eritrea the true Eritrean Opposition. The distinction can be further magnified in that at the present time they are mainly finding fault or blame elsewhere particularly the blame of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abbie Ahmed for their defeat rather than admit that all the credit for the longevity of IA’s regime belongs fully to themselves and themselves alone.

    4. Their most crucial failure is their belief of the existence of a race to the finish by two and only two mortal rivals. The Shaebia and the Weyane. There fore in these present time they are wandering and desperate for any rational that may sound intelligent to save face from a devastating and humiliating defeat due to being out performed by Eritreans’ King’s gambit chess play. Blame of the noble peace prize committee and PMAA is evidence of these individuals and organizations clear disregard of the other two contestants in a four way race which ends with a tie. The two winners, tied in all aspects of the word, are the Eritrean and Ethiopian people. Here is a suggestion, commence your contemplations by first considering the beneficiaries of the current peace achieved between the two states, the awarding off the Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abbie Ahmed, the PMAA’s mission and great effort to deeply install as Ethiopia’s culture democracy and democratic politics manuverings based on the rule of law, the Eritrean People’s continued commitment to be the champions or true resistance to all injustices methodically and strategically.
    iSEM is encouraged to scan all memory banks of the phrase: Change the Narrative – should make sense right about now and if not reread your current article and truly asses its quality contrasted with the level of sponsorship that sparked the initiative. Some of us are just plain rude boys, crude lacking creative writing skill and blunt deserving of the an ignoble award. Not as savvy as the two valedictorians from two different times who share the common alma mater the prestigious Kesela’s Unesco high school competing for top playwright of the play THREE-1. the IA and Shaebia, 2. Postmortem Meles Zenawi and Weyane and 3. 3A the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The latter third being the dawn and the former two their sun setting. There is a sequel THREE – The Dawn of the Ethiopians, Eritreans and 3A The Noble Nobel Peace Prize winner – As good a man and the good man Mandela.

    Here is ShaEbia’s counter offensive:
    and you may want to skip to this Narrative and sound track

    Sheik Mohamed Omar Ismael!
    Bitoweded Abraha!


  • Selam iSem,

    A good advice for the Nobel prize committee, but it must go with the necessary money to be taken into consideration. Otherwise, Alfred Nobel’s will should be respected as it is. Mo Ibrahim can have his own criteria, because he has put his money in to it, and so did the founder of the Nobel prize.

    When you say that NPP should be awarded to those who created the “bomb”, if you are talking about the “dirty bomb”, one may as well give them all the prizes of the world for making it possible to destroy the planet many times over. The atomic bomb was dropped when japan and the allies in general had more or less lost the war.

    May be pm Abiy is at fault, if one can say that, for his big love and bond with his mother. This could be the reason he respects women, and they constitute 50% of his cabinet. Despite his detractors, Abiy has achieved a lot. He has become the PM and the winner of the NPP. That is not a small achievement, and his detractors should have known better. His mother could have been proud of her son, because he has almost succeeded to accomplish her motherly dreams. After all, which mother has not said to her child “my prince/princess” and even “my king/queen”. We are talking about the love of a mother for her child.

    “No one can depose my regime, not even those from the outside”, IA’s last comment which shows a job no one has dared to do. Pointing a finger day and night at Abiy will not depose the eritrean dictator or bring freedom. It is equivalent to barking at the wrong tree. Waste of time.

    The main point is not whether pm Abiy deserves the NPP or not, but, if he can stay peaceful and democratic in a country where savagery and anarchy has become a daily drama, and the enemies of the country are undermining his government and destabilizing ethiopia. You see, in the african continent, there can never be a democratic ruler, let alone a philosopher king. Only dictators can succeed. Maybe they are right, when some people say that democracy will never come to africa, because the leaders are corrupt to the bone and the people do not allow democracy to flourish. Ethiopia may not have a corrupt leader but corrupt officials and evil politicians and activists, people who oppose democracy and support ultra-nationalism, ethnicism, tribalism and religious extremism. These are the people who are turning citizens against citizens and are wreaking havoc all over the country, with unknown consequences for the future. These are elites who still live in the dark ages, while the 21st century has not yet dawned on them. They are blind to the world around them and yet they consider themselves intellectuals.

  • Brhan

    Hello Semere,
    What about the role of those who nominate: lecturers, politicians and ambasadors . The committee has mechanics and it is collecting nominations. How it chooses is not publicly announced but I believe the one/s who got more votes is/are the one/s who is/are awarded the prize.

    Link is not allowed here but check Awol K Allo ( Lecturer in Law at Keele University, UK.) article in Aljazeera in the university of google.

    I am not defending the committee but we have to be fare when we criticize it , specially when we speak about how it operates .


  • ‘Gheteb

    A Postmortem on Semere Andom’s Spiel


    Ah, how do I go about performing a postmortem here, albeit deftly and without coming across as someone who is captious and an insufferable fault-finder? Well, I wouldn’t have embarked on such a risky task had it not been for Semere Andom’s interminable malapropism, meaning the incorrect use of a word. If the fault and the incorrect usage was once, I would have considered it as a slip or an omission. However, the malapropism of the very word POSTMORTEM is a great many to warrant its very own exhaustive postmortem.The man has seriously confused postmortem for posthumous or one can assume that he doesn’t understand the distinction between the two.

    For a sake of clarity, find below the dictionary definitions of the two words.

    an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death.
    postmortem examination

    1.relating to a postmortem.
    “a postmortem report”
    2. occurring or performed after death.
    “postmortem changes in his body”

    after death.
    “assessment of morphology in nerves taken postmortem

    occurring, awarded, or appearing after the death of the originator.
    “he was awarded a posthumous Military Cross”
    (of a child) born after the death of its father.

    As you can see above, the correct word is posthumous and not postmortem as iSem has incorrectly used many times in his piece.

    What I also found hard to swallow is iSem’s lousy attempt of analogizing Macbeth to PM Abey by way of the foretelling of witches. Such a feckless attempt of drawing a parallel is fallacious on two levels, which are:

    1) While Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland, we are told that PM Abey was told that he will one day become a king by one woman who happened to be his mother. That is, one woman.

    2) Through all available materials, no one has far claimed that PM Abiy’s mother was a witch. with some magical powers. By all appearances, she was a regular Ethiopian woman who told her son that he will one day become a king. And, in all fairness, what kind of a mother wouldn’t wish her son to reach such an exalted level of power, however her wishes maybe only wishful thinking.

    You see, first of all THREE is not equal to ONE. And, second of all a regular woman is not a witch, that is to say that not all women are witches.

    Ah, where in God’s green earth is SAAY? Someone gotta tell him that he has to call his Creative Writing Class 101 to session forthwith and ASAP.

    • iSem

      selamat Gheteb:

      I will get back to you on your the difference of the two, but you maybe correct in that on your assertion,but also, both words can be used in the manner I used it

      On creative writing you are so wrong. You will never use “fallacious”, or ” i literally died of laughter” or all the Latin words you are so fond of

      You writing reveals that you either never took creative writing 00 or you deliberately ignore the tents of CR, confusing the complicated as a mark of high learning. Erroneously. An other favorite of yours. And to let into a secret. the creative write instructor will fail you for that:-)

      On the witches: I was referring to the prophet woman who told PAA that he will be PM. Otherwise I am aware of the 3 witches (ሰለስተ) 🙂

      The point was someone delivered a prophecy. Do you believ in the power of ሰለስተ? Hallelujah!! (ሃለሉያ):-)

      PS*: belief is a noun, I think the writer confused belief with believe.
      Here is the how my dictionary defined the difference, a dictionary that was printed by EPLF during the tumultuously challenging epoch of Eritrea’s odyssey




      noun: belief; plural noun: beliefs

      an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

      “his belief in the value of hard work”

      •something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

      “we’re prepared to fight for our beliefs”




      verb: believe; 3rd person present: believes; past tense: believed; past participle: believed; gerund or present participle: believing

      accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

      “the superintendent believed Lancaster’s story”

      Where is in God’s green earth Ustaz Hnit?? Some one goatta call his ghost

      • ‘Gheteb

        Greetings iSem !!!

        Now you are claiming that the you were “referring to the prophet woman who told PAA that he will be PM”. What ” prophet woman”?

        FYI, here is a report by New York Times, of Sept. 17, 2018, apropos of the issue at hand.

        [[ On the morning of his first day of school, when he was 7, Abiy Ahmed heard his mother whispering into his ears.

        “‘You’re unique, my son,’” he recalled her saying. “You will end up in the palace. So when you go to school, bear in mind that one day you’ll be someone which will serve the nation.”

        With that preposterous prophesy for a boy growing up in a house without electricity in a tiny Ethiopian village, she kissed him on his head and sent him on his way.

        Mr. Abiy, now 42, not only ended up in the prime minister’s palace. He has also become the most closely watched leader in Africa: a man who says he wants to change his country from the inside out — and fast.]]

        Now, don’t tell me that Abiy’s mother was “the witch” and “the prophet woman” or would you?

        I find your Abiy story to be utterly and dreadfully insufferable and all the other stuff you have hyperventilated upon, to be brutally honest, downright risible, so much so that I am literally dying of laughter.

        You should be thankful that you weren’t in the late Ustaz Hnit class. Otherwise, he would have whipped you into shape by incessantly dragging you to the front of the class to write on the chalkboard all the malapropisms, the false analogies, and your erroneous renditions, to say nothing of your penury of vocabulary.

        But, alas, you slipped through the cracks of your secondary school education to end up parading your skills of making a mincemeat of a recent PM Abiy’s story.

        Ah, where art though, SAAY? Your Creative Writing Class 101 gotta start sooner than later !!!

  • Teodros Alem

    selam isem
    I think PIA”s “water doesn’t come where people r, people go to where the water r” makes a lot of sense than ur logic.
    eritrea has a friendly relationship and deplomatic relationship with a lot of countries of the world including “mandela’s ” south africa. according to ur worst than “PIA water” logic, “mandela” don’t deserve noble peace prize because he had a good relationship with eritrea’s PIA(eri established diplomacy by the time of Mandela).
    dictatorship in eri or not, don’t have anything to do with 3A noble peace prize. reread the stetment of the noble peace prize committee.
    ur 3A and meles comment on ur article clearly shows , evil for the world is good for u and the vice versa.
    I saw u the other day, when u jump to defend berhe and that tells me u r “kewaja” for eri…

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Sem,

    Well argued piece. Good job. But you spoiled my article that is half way on its finishing end. The title was “ The Faustian deal between the devil And the Pastor” that highlight how the pastor sold his soul to the devil. Your article contains most of the content of mine, so I will hold it for future if I could modified it. Good to see you back, brother.


    • Kokhob Selam

      My Dear friend Aman,

      Just keep it for your- our future reference.