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Isaias’ Never Ending Border Drama

Since the decision on the delimitation of the Border was delivered by The Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission on 13 April 2002, Isaias Afwerki has been using the non-demarcation of the border as a pretext to tighten his grip on power. His anxious the resolution of the border conflict would leave him no excuse to continue ruling Eritrea under an undeclared state of emergency.

For fifteen-years, Eritreans have been suffering the consequences of the 1998-2000 war that wasted the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers from both sides, and disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of civilians. Still, the border remains the main agenda that seems to preoccupy the imagination of Isaias Afwerki.

Yesterday, June 6, 2017, “Isaias Afwerki has sent messages to several Heads of State and Government urging them to use their influence in the UN Security Council to redress the injustices perpetrated against Eritrea.”

Regarding the border, Isaias wrote that the dispute was “a simple ruse as the boundary between the two countries was defined and determined without any ambiguity in colonial times.” And as he does in every occasion, Isaias wrote that Washington “feverishly worked at the time, through the State Department, to drive a wedge between the two peoples who have deep historical and strategic ties in order to foment a crisis and micromanage the affairs of the Horn of Africa.”

Importantly, Isaias considers his gross violation of human rights as “Demonization campaigns that have been underway under the bogus pretext of “violations of human rights.” He goes on to absolve himself and his regime by accusing others of “human trafficking set up to precipitate and incite illicit migration of Eritrean youth.” As usual, he didn’t admit any responsibility for the dire situation that Eritrea finds itself in after a quarter of a century of ill governance.

Though he rules Eritrea under rule of the jungle, he wrote to the leaders stressing that “it is high time that the flouting of the rule of law; the violation of international law; and, the prevalence of the rule of the jungle are terminated once and for all.” That, coming from a man who rules Eritrea without a formal court system, is very stressing to his many victims.

But there is another story behind the facade of the border issue and why it has become his single agenda. Isaias masterfully promoted the border case as an issue of life or death in Eritrea. Unfortunately, many who should know better have been convinced and are not willing to mention the injustices in Eritrea unless the border is demarcated.

The EU and the USA

A few years after the EEBC delivered its decision, European Union and the USA diplomats believed theyhad a breakthrough and hoped both the late Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Isaias Afwerki will yield to their pressures and appeasements. They promised them hundreds of millions of dollars as reward to both Ethiopia and Eritrea if they resolve the border issue. The EU diplomats were so confident they will achieve a breakthrough that they handed Isaias an advance payment of millions of Euros to soften him.

However, Meles persistently demanded a dialogue between the two governments to exchange some territories to avoid “dividing several communities that live along the border” if it was demarcated according to the EEBC decision. Worse, Isaias adamantly refused to look into the possibility of exchanging land in contravention of the EEBC decision, and repeatedly explained he was not interested in any alternative proposal.

To resolve the impasse, secret negotiations through Louis Michel of the EU and Jendayi Frazer of the USA continued and they were about to bear fruit provided one American condition was met. Jandayi Frazer demanded the release of an unknown number of American embassy employees who were incarcerated without charge in Eritrea. At the time Gedab News reported the names of four USA employees who were arrested in 2001, but the Isaias’ regime didn’t issue any official statement about their arrest except rumors the government sources spread alleging they were arrested for espionage, spying for the American embassy in Asmara.

As expected, the American precondition didn’t go well with Isaias who insisted on demarcating the border without any further negotiations or conditions. Thus, the secret negotiations failed.

Sadly, Isaias ignored the advice of his close confidantes and meek appeal of others, and didn’t yield. And as explained by several insiders and diplomats, Isaias was afraid the USA would not stop at the release of the embassy employees; if he yielded to their demand, they will then demand the release of the G15. And that would create another problem for him because he will have to retract his accusation of Ambassador Antonio Bandini of Italy whom he expelled from Eritrea over the case of the G15.

A senior official of the government stated, “Isaias was neither bold nor stubborn when he refused Jandayi’s demand, but he was a scared man since he had already tied the G15 noose around his neck with own hands and he was stuck in if for lack of creativity in resolving the problem he created out of fear.” The official further warned, “if people are waiting for Isaias to accept the demarcation of the border, they will have to wait for too long.”

However, now the entire Eritrean neighborhood is in turmoil and somehow, the tremor that is shaking the region might creep towards Eritrea, either across the Red Sea from Yemen, or down from Egypt, or west from Sudan. But that regional boiling situation is a topic for another day

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  • Natom Habom

    selam awate
    The GOE never used divide and rule as policy ,he openly advocate unity among it s people
    he always stress division will weaken the country and become an easy prey for the enemy ,
    we don t know where did you get that if it s not in you rotten full of hatred and lies brain .
    you can cook whatever you are cooking even dreaming a destruction like in syria against our country ,our mighty people will stand it ground and destroy the evil wherever they are
    you brought up sudan ,yemen ,djibouti conflict case without any knowledge of the conflict
    even disregarding ethiopian belligerence by not abiding to the Alger commitment show who started the conflict ,are you even eritrean ?
    please eritrean peoples had passed trough harsh and difficult time with the derg and other they don t deserve a deranged and insane that need to see a doctor for our people .
    no one stress religion ethnicity than you people and this is why the Eritrean people
    disregarded you ,they are busy rebuilding their country so you can dream at your rotten
    corner fomenting trouble and fantasize for something that will never happen .

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Natom Habom,
      Indeed, let’s give them NATOM.
      I don’t know how long you have been following this, but regionalism was ignited by the PFDJ immediately after the arrest of the G15. The launching pad was an article that appeared on asmario catising Mesfin Hagos. The article seemed to be wondering, “Eskhas Wedi maekel indikha, entay wesedeka n’debub?” If you haven’t been aware of the beginnings, others were aware and following the journey, and how the PFDJ took the debate to the cesspool.

      That is only the Lahmet, there is more at the bottom of the dish. Sleep with it my dear.

      • Beyan

        Ustaazna ya Saleh,

        My memory seems to have short fuses these days, but came flooding with your insert above. I wish the “lahmet” and its attendant dish make it to the top of the page where we are reminded of this regime’s crimes in similar fashion that the AT showed how the “tails” of the regime are trying “to wag the world” – that was one great line for a title. I know it has not even been two decades since the G15 and the regionalism that the regime had latched onto in order to decimate. The very thing it uses to label individuals that it deems a threat to its shelf-life is the very thing it uses as a tool to divide and confuse people. Needless to say, the assault on logic continues to bruise the fabric of our society at least on the regional ground. The latter has been accomplished now the diaspora is divided along all of the conceivable regional lines. Subsequent to that there have been so many crimes of humanity on other grounds, only the AT or the Pencil like article can help us make sense of what a mess we have been made to witness with our naked eyes.

        We ache for one coherent narrative now to understand the endless barrages of social diseases it keeps on injecting in the psyche of our people. Here is how the AT penetratingly made us see the predicament we find ourselves in:

        “…since 1977 when the EPLF, the precursor of the PFDJ, the current Eritrean ruling party, was a liberation organization. Using a multitude of Machiavellian tactics, he [the menace at home] still dominates Eritrean politics, and rules the country with an iron fist, driving the youth out of their country to become refugees all over the world, and pushing the country further into the abyss. At this moment, Eritrea is at a crossroads, in a volatile situation, and is haphazardly heading towards the unknown.” It is this kind of connection that I find very helpful to see how that social disease stretches back like an arm of that octopus which is able to regenerate whenever it loses one of it arms. It is amazing our own octopus keeps on growing arms and legs to keep on wreaking havoc, but our society seems to be now at the cusp of fighting back to rid itself from this dangerous creature.

        Many thanks SGJ for this gentle reminder.

        • Paulos

          Selam Dr. Beyan,

          It looks like a chain reaction where as the saying goes, ንዘረባ ዘረባ የምጽኦ. We keep jumping from one to another as the threads get interesting as they flow.

          The other day, Sal posted a link about “Tribalism” and I said to myself to get around it this weekend but got sidetracked and to some extent laziness dragged me to the side as well.

          Is “Tribalism” imprinted in us? Genetics certainty seem to indicate that where we are naturally to be more protective say of our siblings than our neighbor even if our neighbor happens to be not only of the same ethnic group but a distant relative as well.

          The rather interesting question is, how does one pays allegiance to the state than to his immediate family? Or how does one hold the rule of law with the highest esteem if say one’s son is at fault with the law? Most importantly, how does a soldier responds to a call of duty leaving his family behind where the chances are high that he may not be coming back.

          In an incredibly ingenious way, the Ottomans found a solution to the conundrum in the 13th century when they conquered practically the entire Eastern Europe. Every year, they would train able bodied young men from the conquered cities and would take them to Turkey and remain there uprooted from their families. Otherwise known as Janissaries, they became loyal only to the ruler as they were not even allowed to have their own family. As the power of genetics got diminished, they became one of the most powerful military class with in the Ottoman Empire.

          As society evolved from band to tribe then to clan, the altruistic relationship got supplanted by the forces of self interests when division of labor and specialization took hold. In the meantime, the state took over the role of the protective nature of the father figure in the family in exchange for giving up certain rights for the common good. The state is of course kept in check by political and legal institutions as in rule of law and accountability where if the latter are made nonexistent, the state can manipulate the fragile nature of “Tribalism” for its menacing end. One among other reasons dictators strive on divide and rule.

          • Beyan

            merHaba Dottore,

            The example you cite about the ingenuous ways of severing ties between people from their loved ones appears to have some resemblance, though highly quixotic in this day and age, to erase memory from human beings, which has consequences of ontological proportions. As sheer coincidence would have it I was communicating in a WhatsApp group where the subject matter you just raised can be threaded into the fold. How the Eritrean regime’s sinister motive falls into that oft quoted phrase one doesn’t even know any longer whom to attribute it to. But that quote captures it all: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when we want to deceive.”

            This regime has had plenty of experience in the department of deception. The regime appears to be on all-out war to erase our history by fighting us against our own memories. This regime, as an ever astute observer friend of mine said it, “fights even with cadavers” as in whether a person has the right to be buried in the country of his birth or not. They fight with the dead. How does one deal with such insanity is beyond me to fathom.

            Nonetheless, it is an all-encompassing project, a project that has turned into a PROJECT that screams of extinction, elimination, existential threat, the likes of which Eritreans have never experienced before, at least, in contemporary memory. The regime is not just saying no for the dead to be buried for novelty, I said to my interlocutor in the WhatsApp group, it is for fear that it would trigger memories in people who may rise up abruptly in the name of their dead. So, liquidate the heroes quietly in the underground, in the dungeons so nobody could inquire about them in a generation or two it would be as though they never existed.

            This is a regime that knows the power of memory and the way to fight memory is to make those memory-inducing objects out of sight. But, nothing should come as a surprise after fighting to hasten the death of a 93-year-old hero. It should come as no surprise if they have no shame to imprison a 9-year-old child. My youngest is 11, I just couldn’t imagine him doing anything that merits imprisoning.

            In similar vein, the Turks knew out of sight is out mind and out of heart. So, those poor soldiers were made to suffer of loneliness but in the process they had given up hope and began to forget the DNAs in their loved ones, and that’s the end of it. The Turks are merciless, and they too know how to fight against memory. I don’t know now, but for the longest they wouldn’t allow Kurdish parents to give their children Kurdish names. Only Turkish names were allowed, to do otherwise was punishable by law. Imagine what that would to do to the memory of the people, their cultural heritage, their tradition. You erase my name, you essentially have succeeded eliminating my existence as I knew it. Slavery thrived on that concept, not only of giving African Americans Anglo names but also cutting their tongues – metaphorically speaking – when the masters prohibited the African slaves to speak their own language. So goes the story of human condition – Not that inspiring, is it?

      • Natom Habom

        selam saleh johar
        I don t know what move in the shadow ,I can t believe mesfin or whoever ran away from eritrea ,those high ranking where not known to be nice people made of sugar
        infact pfdj remodeled regional border for that matter people have to identifie themselves as eritrean first .
        but the reality it was you that mesfin asked why stressing religion and somehow that divide even oppositon and he was asking you about the feeling of eritrean society ,you kept arguing about MENINET ,HAYMANOT ,
        and when asking if in case problem arise ,you said maybe yes maybe not
        somme how you gambling , no eritrean ever mention tigrigna ,tigrigna more than you ,most who is running away are tigrigna so what is going on ?

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello All” When I have suggested use of a neutral mediator (i.e. Switzerland) to serve a mediator role between Ethiopia and Eritrea, absolutely nobody has responded. Even with dictatorships in place on both sides of the border, mediation efforts must never cease.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello All: The Swiss can be brought in to mediate/establish dialogue between Ethiopian and Eritrea. There is absolutely no need for face-to-face discussion between Ethiopia and Eritrea at this time. Ethiopia can lay their concerns down on paper and then let the Swiss take it from there. Over the centuries, Switzerland has been able to maintain its independence and security and to avoid damaging foreign wars and is the second-oldest neutral country in the world (after Sweden) to establish diplomatic “good offices” and mediate conflicts between other nations.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello All: When Eritrea lost the Greater Hanish island to Yemen through an arbitration process, it respected the decision and Rule of Law and simply withdrew its troops. It did not say that it accepted the final and binding decision ‘in principle’ like the habitual liar MZ and the TPLF.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello All: The genesis and development of the Badme border conflict being what it was, nothing can ever explain the Ethiopian military’s build-up at Zalambessa, the Assab border and elsewhere along the boundary when the area of conflict, as according to the Ethiopian Parliament’s decision and subsequent declarations by Ethiopian officials, Badme was the only conflict area. Nothing can ever justify the hate-campaign against Eritrea and Eritreans that had been launched by the Ethiopian Government, nor can the Ethiopian boycott of Assab and Massawa port facilities and the expulsion of thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopia ever be rationalized. TPLF propaganda machines here will try to convince you that Badme is tiny and insignificant. If this were indeed true, they why does the TPLF as the illegal occupier of Badme simply withdraw?

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello All: It is interesting to read the first letter from PIA to MZ (August 16, 1997) in regards to the worsening situation in Badme and to see MZ’s response. PIA’s letter was written less than a month after the Adi Murug and Badme incidents of July 19.

    Comrade Meles;
    I am being compelled to write you to day because of the preoccupying situation prevailing in the areas around Bada.
    It cannot be said that the border between our two countries is demarcated clearly although it is known traditionally. And we had not given the issue much attention in view of our present and future ties. Moreover, I do not believe that this will be a cause of much concern and controversy even in the future.
    Be this as it may, there have been intermittent disputes in the border areas arising from different and minor causes. Local officials have been striving to defuse and solve these problems amicably. However, the forcible occupation of Adi-Murug by your army in the past few days is truly saddening.
    There was no justification for resorting to force as it would not have been at all difficult to settle the matter amicably even if it was deemed important and warranting immediate attention. It would also be possible to quietly and without haste demarcate the boundaries in case this is felt to be necessary.
    I, therefore, urge you to personally take the necessary prudent action so that the measure that has been taken will not trigger unnecessary conflict.
    Best Regards
    Your comrade
    Isaias Afwerki

    Prime Minister Meles’s undated terse reply came subsequently. It read as follows:

    Comrade Isaias,
    I have seen the letter you sent me. I had also heard that the situation in the border areas does not look good. I was also informed that the matter was discussed between your colleague (Yemane), who had come here, and ours (Tewolde). We did not imagine that what happened in Bada could create problems. This is because the areas our comrades are controlling were not controversial before and we believed that prior consultation was only necessary for disputed areas. We moved to the areas to pursue the remnants of Ougugume (Afar Opposition) who were obstructing our peace efforts from positions there. We believe we can ease the tension concerning the borders on the basis of the understanding reached previously between your team and our colleague (Tewolde). Perhaps, it is also necessary to settle the border demarcation issue after the necessary preparations are carried out by both sides.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello Hypocritical TPLF paid propaganda machines here. You claim that you the brothers and sisters of Eritreans and that Badme is tiny and insignificant. If that is the case, they why doesn’t Ethiopia who is illegally occupying Badme then simply withdraw.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello Everyone: There is absolutely no reason if The Ethiopian Government were sincere in their desire to resolve the border issue, to not draw in a regional coordination body such as the East African Community, to serve in an intermediary/mediator role. Ethiopia’s ‘In Principle’ concerns with the EEBC border ruling could be laid down on paper and then given by the EAC to the Eritrean Government for comment.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hi Hayat Adem and Horizon: 1) Do you support Eritrea as an independent sovereign State or do you wish it to be unified with Ethiopia? 2) Are you amenable to continuation, in any shape or form, of the PIA/PFDJ Government? Or do you simply wish it to be replaced with an entirely new Government?

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello Everyone: Under a strategy of compromise which would still ensure Eritrea’s independent sovereign territorial integrity, although a long-shot, it could be possible to engage a neutral regional coordination apparatus such as the East African Community whose office is based in Arusha, Tanzania; to play a mediating role with the aim of achieving an arrangement for land in the Badme triangle awarded to Eritrea by the EEBC wherein: 1) Ethiopia would withdraw military and administrative structures, 2) Land would be flagged and generally administered by Eritrea but given specific autonomy to ensure protection of indigenous populations, 3) Eritrea to exceptionally allow for open currency use and exchange, 4) Populations with established residence in area, wishing to maintain Ethiopian citizenship, would be allowed to do so and would be afforded special status not requiring an Eritrean visa, 5) Only civilian police and not any form of military or large weaponry would be permitted, and 6) A neutral team of observers from at least three nations to serve for a period of 5-years to ensure party adherence to agreement guidelines.

    • Hayat Adem

      Dear K. Snake,
      The positive element you flagged here is COMPROMISE. And I think that is a progress. The weak side of your proposal is that there is nothing that smells one
      – compromising. Ethiopia wants to talk and there is nothing that prohibits talking in the APA. It is easy to listen to 2hat they have to say before moving to a 3rd party. But let me walk you through the items you tabled and see if they still make sense to you.
      1) is what the IA regime has always demanded and what Ethiopia rejected. So nothing new to appeal to new moves here.
      2) is an extention of 1. Protection of residents is a right covered under international law. So, you added nothing.
      3) this one is wierdly worded and i couldn’t squeeze any essence. Before the War, the contention was over Eritrea’s demand to be allowed to access market and currency parity in Ethiopia. This of yours has turned that upside-down.
      4) this is the same as point 2.
      5) this is the funniest of all. Did Ethiopia asked for it?
      6) If you mean along the entire border, you are proposing similar to we had as TSZ. if this is only pertaining Badime, what is the purpose of such provision? None.
      So,,why don’t you help your wife or your Mama cook for a dinner instead of writing such a zero-use and totally incoherent proposal?

      • Kalihari Snake

        Hi Hayat Adem: I would like to ask you a couple of questions and hope that you will respond: 1) Do you support Eritrea as an independent sovereign State or do you wish it to be unified with Ethiopia? 2) Are you amenable to continuation, in any shape or form, of the PIA/PFDJ Government? Or do you simply wish it to be replaced with an entirely new Government?


        • Nitricc

          Hey Kal; you must not know Hayat to ask this kind of questions. She hats everything Eritrea and Eritrean. talk to her about TPLF and Tigray and then you will make her day.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Nitricc. I believe you are indeed right. Let us see if Hayet answers my 2 questions to her in a clear (not gray convoluted manner). Ethiopia (TPLF) says that they accept the EEBC ruling ‘In Principle’ citing concerns for populations in the area awarded to Eritrea as a reason requiring discussions in regards to ‘implementation’. If a neutral party such as the East African Community could arrange a deal, without initially requiring face-to-face discussions between the two respective Governments, which would in process satiate any implementation concerns, then what logical reason would the TPLF have to reject such initiative?

          • Thomas

            Hi K. Snake,

            One thing you will never understand is that NO one cares about the Badme anymore. The entire youth of Eritrea is departing or ready to depart Eritrea. The only reason for this is because of your masters (DIA and the other mafias). Eritrea is only Eritrea when her people or Eritrea is a no mans land. In other words, it is her people who make Eritrea the Eritrea she is.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Dearest Thomas: I hear you bro and really sympathize with you. It is horrendous the way the TPLF is forcing imprisoned Oromos such yourself, to troll Eritrean websites, as part of the Government ‘Rehabilitation Program”. I am thinking about you bro and hope you get out soon.

          • Thomas

            Hi Nitricc,

            I thought Hayat is accused of only talking about Eritrea and Eritreans and NOT about Ethiopia (tigray). I think you are contradicting yourself now:)

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Kalahari,

        In my opinion I think it’s good that you are trying to find solution but I really don’t think it’s a good idea.

        I think we need to settle the boarder issue once and for all, if we have to exchange sides and move people then it’s best we cut our loses and move on.

        The boarder needs to be demarcated and those ERITREAN / Ethiopian victims (loss of homes / land) their respective government need to find a composnation formula that’s fair and workable.

        Any other relationship needs to follow standard International accepted protocols until we are far into the future / without conflict and annosity that we build trust.

        What you propose will not last long and before we know it the situation will be exploited and we are back at square one.

        If we discomfort some small number of people in the way, let it be. That’s the price we pay for the better good of the country and the people.


        • Kalihari Snake

          Hi Berhe Y: Thanks for the comments. You may indeed be correct. I am desperately looking for an ice-breaker that could allow frozen relations to gradually thaw. I am not in any way or form advocating an exchange of land, nor am I suggesting that Eritrea give Badme away. I am simply trying to find a face saving strategy that would hopefully lay the ground for gradual normalization between Ethiopia and Eritrea. We don’t all wish to be looking up from our graves with the status quo maintained in the afterlife.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Kal,

            I think it’s good idea to search for solutions. But honestly, I think from Eritrea point of view, we have to deal with our own internal issue. That is what we can in our control and the rest we deal with it as necessary.

            Honestly I think we need to assign 3 or 5 lawyers to interface with legal matters related to the boarder and deal with it in a normal accepted way.

            We should not hold the whole country hostage because of the boarder…

            I support all the change plan you proposed with regards to the Eritrean government.

            I think removing the indefinite national service but instead demobilizing people when they finished the service will got a long way.

            And the Eritrean government needs to pick it’s battles carefully. All this fighting with America and west, is really quite stupid and it serves not to the best interest of the country.


          • KBT

            Selam Kalahari
            How can someone forget everything and be a good friend, everything that happened to our people and the trashing the name of eritrea in all social media and international media is because them.never to forgive never to forget we will hold to the last until we burie The MONSTER TPLF REGIME.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Hello all. T-TPLF Ethiopianinst loitering on this website, sing the same old (not new) YG song: Delegitimize the Eritrean Revolution in an effort to turn back the clock and re-write history in favor of Ethiopia by using a window of opportunity offered by a brutal PIA/PFDJ dictatorship.

    Elements of their strategy include:

    – Eritreans are Habesha but not Eritreans [which is a manufactured identity]
    – Lowlanders’ only issue is religion while Highland elites suffer from a colonial mindset
    – Eritrea is an artificial country and cannot stand on its own [without being part of Ethiopia]
    – Ghedli was about cheating poor peasants to go to war for a cause which was not theirs
    – Eritreans under Hailesellasie were far better than other Ethiopians.

    Even if you do not support the PIA/PFDJ Government but yet oppose their totally unrealistic unionist strategy/tactics, they will still label you as a Ghedli lover.

    Since a lot of these T-TPLF Ethiopianist are actually living in the U.S.A., maybe it is more convenient and realistic for them to help Mama Mexico reclaim Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Greetings all. If Ethiopia implodes before the Eritrea’s Government changes, where does that leave Eritrean oppositionists that have been sleeping in bed with the T-TPLF? Ethiopia is now facing a massive famine with 7.8 million people in critical need of food aid while donor funding covers the food pipeline only thru July. At the same time Ethiopia’s State of Emergency continues and black market currency rates continue to soar; the Tigray brethren are desperately cashing in birr for USD in case they need to quickly leave the country. The coming 3-to-4 months is going to be a real tough patch for Ethiopia.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Kalihari Snake,

      While it is my heartfelt hope that Ethiopia shall never implode because the ramifications would be disastrous across the whole region, I think for the Eritrean opposition such eventuality would be a kind of blessing in disguise. They would be face to face with hard reality and would be forced to realize that the only realistic and sensible option before them would be reaching consensus on what should be their primary responsibility. And that is agreeing on inclusive national task program that would help them survive and help their people break the chair of dictatorship.

      May you take my comments as hypothetical response to your hypothetical comments. Regarding your predication that the three to four months before us are going to be decisive, let us hope those months would witness that Ethiopian wisdom shall prevail and problems would resolved in the best interest of the Ethiopian peoples.

      • Kalihari Snake

        Hi Ismail AA: I actually do hope that Ethiopia implodes, at least enough to remove the T-TPLF Government, yet without doing harm to the general population. My take is that Eritrean oppositionists that have been sleeping in bed with the T-TPLF are well know and if the T-TPLF falls they will never be allowed back into Eritrea. For sure, any Eritrean opposition group or member that has entered Girma Asmerom’s old residence in Beklobet in Addis Ababa (now given by the T-TPLF to Eritrean opposition groups) has been red light special tag on their back for which they will wear for the rest of their life.

        • Ismail AA

          Selam Kalihari Snake,

          Actually, both of us are only hoping and you will agree with me that hoping has no price tag. But what do you think about those who slept and shared blood on their hands with the T-TPLF long before those you are accusing? If you are a person of conscience you should tell me those people are also walking with “red light special tag on their back…”. Anyway, every being has the right to dream and hope.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Ismail AA. Are you referring to pre1991?

    • kazanchis

      Dear Kallihari Snake,

      Eww…Terrible name to pick to, btw. About Ethiopia’s 7.8m people of needing aid in a country of 100m to be the cause of Ethiopia imploding is way off assumption or could only just be a wishful thinking. In the 80’s when the population was at just 35m the number of people died due to drought and famine estimated to be in the region of 1m. Now the population reached a staggering 100m and the drought and climate change persists and being able to avoid such catastrophe is a commendable achievement. I can understand that you’re pissed with Ethiopian regime maybe rightly so but the next government will certainly be less friendly to Eritrea. Mark my word! I find it ironical that when people assume getting rid of ‘TPLF’ from Ethiopia would play to the hands of Eritrea. Ethiopia still have legally operating political parties who are adamant the Eritrean secession were unfair from Ethiopia’s perspective. That would potentially lead to another cycle of war and bloodshed.

      • Kalihari Snake

        Hi Kazanchis. The 7.8 million are coming on the tail-end of an earlier USD 900 million appeal (encompassing far larger numbers) and this group is indeed facing famine. Not that there is that much freedom in Ethiopia these days, but one cannot compare it to the 1980s ,when it was a socialist military state with curfews in every city and town. Even with limited freedom and limited social media, there is a far greater chance today than in the past, for matters to quickly sour and catapult into chaos. Would the situation be better with the demise of the T-TPLF? Maybe yes and maybe not. One thing is for sure, there will be no solution to the Badme triangle in so long as the T-TPLF is in control nor can there be any move to normalize relations.

        • kazanchis

          Hi Kalihari,
          You seem to swallow back your argument of imploding. Famine is a stage where Ethiopia isn’t feared to be, that isn’t gonna happen. You mentioned Badme what makes you believe the next regime will be any nicer?

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Kazanchis: You are right in that we do not know if the replacement of the T-TPLF will be better for Eritrea. One thing that is pretty sure is that whoever comes to power after the T-TPLF is gone is highly unlikely to come from Tigray and will therefore be less concerned with the Badme triangle, at least in pure territorial terms. Tigray’s expansionist strategy has deeply angered the Amhara and those from Beneshengul-Gumuz. Short of Menghistu making a return to the Ethiopian stage, it is likely that the successor of the T-TPLF will come from Amhara with a slight chance for a broader based and more inclusive form of Government. Talk from inside Eritrea these days is only hate for the Tigray and not the Amhmara whereas in Ethiopia talk if also or hate for the Tigray and not Eritrea.

          • kazanchis

            Hey Kalihari,

            You seem to forget the present Ethiopia is a federation, there’s a debate on its implementation between political parties and different groups within. Badme will be treated most likely the same way. EPRDF criticized for letting Assab go and so on by it’s opposition. If they give Badme away tomorrow the same political parties cry foul. They see EPRDF as unreliable force to keep Ethiopian interest. The question will probably intensify to Assab the day EPRDF go. This is a no brainer for a person who have followed Ethiopian politics.

          • Kalihari Snake

            Hi Kazanchis: In regards to Badme, Ethiopia cannot give away what it does not own but rather, can only relinquish it to its legal owner: Eritrea. Ethiopia is a Federation in name only and not in function; regions have no real autonomy as related to decision-making processes. In regards to ports, the closest that Ethiopia will come to owning a port is Langano as Assab is but a pipe dream for Ethiopianists.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Kazanchis: you said ” the next government will certainly be less friendly to Eritrea. Mark my word! I find it ironical that when people assume getting rid of ‘TPLF’ from Ethiopia would play to the hands of Eritrea.”

        I don’t know what kind of government are you envisioning but I am not sure as Ethiopia we know to day shall counties to exist in the future. May be you can’t see it because too close to you but I don’t think you are in a position to make that statement. I don’t believe TPLF will leave you in one piece. You don’t need to worry about Eritrea and Eritreans. If you chose to follow the rule of law and comply so we can live in peace and harmony, very good idea but anything else, we can and we will entertain you with your choice of music.
        And you said
        “Ethiopia still have legally operating political parties who are adamant the Eritrean secession were unfair from Ethiopia’s perspective. That would potentially lead to another cycle of war and bloodshed.”
        I know your leaders never ever learn, think, analyze, they don’t but to hear such thing from you is something else. Again, the reality is, When TPLF is done with you, there is no what we know previously As Ethiopia.
        So, my friend get your house in order first before you can do anything.

        • kazanchis

          Dear Nitricc,

          Those arguments were made to refute the claims made by Kalihari Snake that the ‘imploding’ of Ethiopia would eventually bring somehow better opportunities to Eritrea. Your comment were constructed from the ‘patriotic’ emotions and that is hard to counter argue with. Ginbot 7 and others still refusing to accept the Eritrean independence and that would make TPLF the only political party to have accepted your right to self-determination and even fought for it. Credit where it’s due, my friend. As for the political leaders, I don’t standby them and I cringe so much for their insipid policies, both ruling and opposition. But don’t fool yourself in believing that you stand a chance if war broke out, God forbid, as the dictator have crashed and eaten the life out of your country. I’m sure you have fled seeking refuge because you couldn’t have it anymore but deep down you sympathize him, I don’t see you returning back to fight and about the army… as they have been stranded for quite so long with little pay and harsh conditions they wouldn’t have it either. That is my opinion and many with common sense find it sensible.


          • Leeeroy

            Beautifully played Sir. You’ve earned your paycheck for this week!!!

        • Leeeroy

          Wusup Nitricc,

          How you goin let a woyane cadre play you like a fiddle ? You just fell for it like a baby for a candy. Woyane maintains power by playing their biggest threats against eachother. They tell the amaras to mistrust the oromos because theyre out to dismantle ethiopia, they tell oromos that the amaras want to subjugate them and they tell eritreans that only tplf respects the sovereignity of eritrea. I gotta give it to woyane though, they have mastered the art of divide and conquer.
          P.S: You talk about an end to Ethiopia because of tribalism. Which is funny. Shows how disconnected you are to reality. Have you bothered to check what woyane is cooking in your backyard ? How long before the wheels of ‘Hade libi hade hizbi’ to come flying out ? Sooner or later woyane will use your own people as the boogeymen than the ethiopians.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Greetings all! Why is it here, especially amongst the legions of Ethiopian pro-unionists, that nobody wishes to discuss Yosief Ghebrehiwet’s recent ‘Ethiopia and Eritrea: The Waiting Game” wherein he criticizes the rationale behind Ethiopia containment policy, that of a no-peace-no-war to ultimately cause more damage to Eritrea than to Ethiopia, as a major reason why Eritrea is now in a demographic meltdown with serious regional geopolitical ramifications. Ghebrehiwet asserts that Ethiopia’s misguided policy is destroying the nation while sustaining the PIA/PFDJ regime. He asserts that as the waiting game by Ethiopia stays long, it generates a lot of unknown or outside regional variable that Ethiopia will never be able to control. Had the T-TPLF had simply implemented the EEBC ruling; there is little doubt that Eritrea would not be in its current mess.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Kalihari Snake,
      YG did not spell out who the “unknown or outside regional variable[s] forces that Ethiopia would not be able to control, should ,thus, persuade her to change its current policy towards Eritrea; or did he?.

  • Saba

    Dear All,
    Even though i don’t go as far as Hayt does, i do question the negative culture of ghedli. I believe that ghedli was necessary for gaining independence but not for governing.
    I hear the collective Eritrean identity defined by the pro PFDJ/EPLF elites. And i hear the opposition is against EVERYTHING the the government does or says including the collective Eritrean identity understood by PFDJ/EPLF. So, according to the opposition, what is the Eritrean identity?