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Isaias-Abiy Resolve an Issue, Redwan Pulled out of Eritrea

On November 15, 2019, Gedab News reported that Redwan Hussein, who was appointed to be his country’s ambassador to Eritrea in July 2018, didn’t present his credentials to Isaias Afwerki. The report irritated Ambassador Redwan and several officials from the two governments.

After more than a year in Limbo, Isaias finally accepted the credentials of Redwan Hussen as Ethiopia’s ambassador to Eritrea.

The cause of the delay was because Isaias is not fond of Redwan Hussein who made a few statements when Redwan was the minister of communication of his country in 2013-2015. The statements didn’t please Isaias and he refused to accept Redwan’s credentials.

The stalemate continued until the UAE intervened to resolve the crisis caused by Abiy’s choice for an ambassador and Isaias refusal to accept him. In order to dispel the negative media, Isaias and Abiy reached an agreement in which Isaias accepts the credentials of Redwan Hussien before he is recalled back to Addis Ababa.

On December 4, 2019, Ambassador Redwan Hussein finally presented his credentials to Isaias Afwerki, after staying fifteen months in a limbo since he arrived in Eritrea.

The UAE intervention resulted in what insiders described as a quick solution, “an Ethiopian cultural troupe was hastily assembled to tour Eritrea to eliminate the negative news about the Redwan Crisis which could harm the relations between Abiy and Isaias.”

Redwan Hussein appeared as the enthusiastic planner of the Ethiopian cultural troupe’s tour in Eritrea.

At about the same time, there was an internal crisis was brewing between the Ethiopian federal government and the government of the Tigray state.

At Bole Airport, a six-member Chinese delegation were asked to get off an airplane which was preparing to take off to Mekele, Tigrai. The Tigray government accused the federal government that it was not the first time travelers were denied permission to travel to Tigrai. While Marcos Tekle, the previous minister of State at the ministry of foreign affairs, stated that the Bole Airport incident happened without the knowledge of his ministry.

In his last visit to Addis Ababa, during Christmas week, Isaias Afwerki discussed the final points of the UAE proposal and agreed to pull Redwan Hussein out of Eritrea. A few days after Isaias returned to Asmara, Redwan was ordered by PM Abiy to pack and return to Ethiopia.

Ambassador Redwan is now appointed to the position of Minister of State at the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs replacing Ambassador Marcos Tekle.

Gedab News reached out to several keen news observers in Ethiopia for information on Marcos’ resignation. A source said, “no one is sure if Marcos resigned or was forced to resign from his position to complete the Redwan Hussein puzzle.” Another source said, “Marcos Tekle became the fall guy to trivialize and cover up the Redwan Crisis.”

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  • mokie berhe

    Salam all. Eritrea and Ethiopia to Trade in Local Currencies to especially benefit border areas. Ethiopian Press Agency/The Ethiopian Herald has reported that ‘Ethio-Eritrea trade deal that was under preparation for many months has been finalized and it is awaiting both countries’ finial decision or approval, Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) said.’

  • mokie berhe

    Salam all. Interesting article that just came out on Borkena titled ‘Ethiopia: Tigray Democratic Party facing repression not to reach out to people in the region’; describes where Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) and other opposition groups are receiving unprecedented repression, including continued imprisonment from the TPLF. ‘At this time, there is repression in Tigray…members of Arena party is still being arrested.” He called upon people in the region, especially the youth group, to stand up for their rights’.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Dr Paulos & Mehandsay,

    “ኤርትራ ሓንሳብን ንሓዋሩን ነጻ ሃገር እያ:: ነዚ ነጻነታ ክምንዝዕ ንዝመጽእ ሓይሊ ምስ ኤርትራ ደው ክንብል ኢና::” This is what PMMZ, the principled man(who even voted against the border war) had said it, when challenged by the Ethiopian people. How could one forget his solid stand on our sovereignty and talk all kinds of lies about him. If he would have alive now, he would have told them the same thing for those who are crying “key bahrachin” like Tamart and his elks.

    • Teodros Alem

      selam aman h
      before “tamirat” the likes of “geberu asrat, stadeqan, general abebe, teacher g. kedan” and so on tplfest had said directly and indirectly what “tamerat” had said it now, they even wrote a book about it.
      meles stand was always against ethiopia, his stand was always pro- tigrai nationalism, his stand on eritrea was a calculated tactical strategy for long term tigrai nationalism.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰላማት ዓዋተ

    ሓግዙኒ ቆቢዐይ ከልዕላ
    የቐንየለይ ካብ ጸሓይ ዝተኸላኸልክለይ ክብላ
    ጸሓይ በይ-ኤርያ ዘይኮነስ ጸሓይ ባርካ-ዓላ
    በዛ ሽኮሪና ቆቢዐይ ክምሕለላ

    ንኣኽብሮት ፕሮፌሰር ኣማኑኤል ሕድራት
    መምህር ናይ ቅንዕና-ካድራት
    ሓረስታይ ዘመስግኖ ‘ንዳሓረሰ ግራት
    ኣውቲስታ ዘኽብሮ ‘ንዳዘወረ ሓራት
    መሃንድስ ዘምስግኖ ምስ ዝኹሉ ቢሎኮታት

    እሱር ዝዝክሮ ምስ ኩሉ ስንብራት
    ሕሙም ዝዝክሮ ኣብ ዘለዎ ዓራት
    ምሸታዊ ጸሎት ኣብ ግዱድ ዕስክርና መዓስከራት
    ናይ ምሁር ምሁራት
    ናይ ምኩር ምኩራት
    ሂወቱ ምሉእ ዝተቓለሰ ብዘይ ሓንቲ መዓልቲ ብኩራት

    ኣነ ፍሉጥ ሊቀ-ሊቃውንቲ ከይበለ
    ዋላ ቁሩብ ፍልጠት ኣለኒ ከይበለ
    ምስ ድኹማት ኣነ ከማኹም በለ
    ኣብ ሓንጎሉ ክንደይ ታሪኽ ዝሓዘለ
    ኣብ ዓዋተ መጺኡ ከማና ‘ተመሰለ
    ሓንጎሉ ‘ኳ ጸፍጺፉዎ ‘ዩ ሓቀኛ ታሪኽ ዘይተበለለ
    እሞ ‘ንታዩ ትጸገም ጎብለል ናይዚ ዓመት ‘ተተባህለ?

    ‘ዝ ገዛ: ገዛ-ጎባልል ምዃኑ
    ዘለዉ ኣይመስለንን ዘይኣምኑ
    ተራ ፕሮፌሰር ኤማ
    ‘ዛ ዛሓለፍት ዓመት 2019 ኢሎማ

    ነምስግና ነኽብራ
    ብሕብራዊ ቃላት ነዐምራ
    ስጋብ ንራኸብ ኣብ ኤርትራ

    ደቂ ዛ ሓላል መሬት ብሓበራ
    ካብ ቃሩራ ስጋብ መጠራ
    ካብ ጎቦ ኣዳል ስጋዕ ጎቦ እምባ ሶይራ
    ኣለናልኪ ኢልና ነበስራ
    ኤርትራ ከም ኤረትራ
    ምስ ምሉእ ሕብራ
    ሕሳብ ካባይ ይዕድመኩም ዱቃ ዓዲ-ዃላ
    ዓደየ! ዓደየ! ከማኺ መን ኣላ

    ኣዝዩ ውሩይ ኣብራር ኮነ ሓሰን ከክያ
    ምስሊ ኣብራሃም ኣፈወርቂ የማነ ባርያ
    ሕማም ርእሲ ቅርጸት ምስ ሓሳስያ
    ርእሰ ኣስመራ ኣኽርያ
    መታን ንሕና-ንሱ ክኹርያ
    ኢሳያስ ከሪቡ ምስተባህለ
    ገሊአን ክስሕቃ ገሊአን ከእውያ
    ይገርምዩ ናብራ ናይ ኣዱንያ!

    ክምለስ ናብ ኣርእስተይ
    ኮፍ ኢለ ንብሕተይ
    ታሪኽ ኣማኑኤል ክዝክር
    ብዛዕብኡ ንሰባት ክነግር
    መዋእሉ ንዜጋታቱ ክሕብር
    ስቓዩ ረሲዑ ኣብ ሕሰም ህዝቡ ዝነብር
    ክኸብር ኣለዎ ከመይ ዘይከብር?

    እዚ ‘ኳ ውሒዱዎ
    እንተኾነ ኣብ መዘክር መእትውዎ
    ጅግና ናይ ጀጋኑ ክብልዎ
    ካብ ኩርናዕ ኣብ ኩርናዕ ዜጋታት ምደገፍዎ
    ኣርማ ሃገር ኮይኑ ክሪኡዎ
    ኣነውን እዚ ‘ዩ ኣርኣያና ምበልኩዎ
    ኣብ ቅድሚ ፑሽኪን ኮፍ መበልኩዎ!
    መታን ወለዶታት ክሪኡዎ
    ክቡር ኣቦና ኣማኑኤል ሕድራት ክብልዎ
    ንዘመናት ክዝክርዎ
    ሰብ-ዓዋተ ብጻይና ኔሩ ክትብልዎ
    እወ! ምሳና ኔሩ ክትብልዎ!

  • Yohannes Zerai

    Selam Gedab News and all,

    It is astounding that a simple ambassadorial appointment supposedly meant to serve post-reconciliation Ethio-Eritrea relations came to rise to the level of a “crisis” that apparently dragged on for a year and-a-half and required the intervention of the UAE for its resolution! Given (i) the spirit of “friendship, brotherhood, cooperation, common cause, etc.” that the two leaders try to project to the public as being the foundation of their relationship and (ii) the lofty ideals that they claim to share, I would have thought that a short exchange between the two “Soul Mates” that goes something like:

    Isu – “Hi my younger brother. Sorry, but I do not like the guy you have appointed as your envoy to us.
    Abita – “Oh! No problem, Isu bro; we will send you a better one.

    would clear the issue the moment it happened!

    What a farce! With each passing day, a layer of camouflage the two men had put on to conceal their true nature has been peeling off to reveal that they are both phonies.

    Thank you.

    • Paulos

      Selam Johnny,

      Well, as you know, Radwan was one of the top cadres of the Weyanes and it could as well be a question of trust [intelligence gathering among other things] that Isaias felt unease about him being sent to Eritrea for an Ambassador. The question should rather be, why did Abiy want to assign–someone who was a top cadre of Isaias’ number one enemy—to Eritrea? That really is puzzling!

      • Yohannes Zerai

        Hi Paulos,

        Thank you for your comments which draw attention to the seriousness of the cause of disagreement between the two leaders.

        Granted, real or potential espionage at any level — let alone at the highest level of diplomatic representation — is no laughing matter. However, I am viewing the problem from the perspective of the grand mission that the two leaders declared to have set for themselves: transforming the Horn of Africa region from its present status as the hotbed of tribal, ethnic, religious, economic and political strife into a region of peace, tranquility and prosperity.They had announced that they intend to fulfill this mission through their politico-economic project of effecting “integration and unity” of countries in the region. It is, therefore, inconceivable that they would (I) allow an issue of relatively lesser importance to scuttle their high-stakes regional agenda and (ii) let the resulting paralysis of inaction prevent implementation thereof.

        As you know, in the course of standard diplomatic interaction between nations, ambassadorial appointments are rescinded all the time in response to objections (of one type or another) by the host country — a situation which is commonly rectified by having a mutually agreed substitute appointment. Given these diplomatic protocols and precedents, one would expect President Isaias to have expressed strong objections to the initial appointment, and PM Abiy — realizing that his ploy has been uncovered –. to have made a graceful retreat by deciding to settle for a mutually agreed appointment. That none of these actions/decisions were taken early enough is in itself a bewilderment.

        The question you posed as to why Abiy appointed that particular person as ambassador in the first place is, indeed, a puzzle which makes the case all the more befuddling.

        Thank you

      • Kaddis

        Selam Gash Paulos –

        Very wise question – you can extend this question also to:

        Given Redwan was one of the most successful federalist who managed his nation, Selte ስልጤ, to identify itself different from Gurage ጉራጌ and self Administer thru referendum as early as early 90s…..will Redwan be part of this Unitarian movement of Prosperity party? which Isiaias love, who comes to check if tplf is kicked out, Prosperity properly registered, universities are closing to avoid future protest of election rigging etc…? There is a huge federalist and unitarist divide maturing in the Ethiopian politics …that could be one factor as well
        some PP fans also guessed Abiy is calling back veteran cadres for the election debates that might start soon …who knows? ….
        Melkam genna beterefe ;- )

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Kaddis,

          “ There is a huge federalist and unitarist divide maturing in the Ethiopian politics ”

          Is this term really accurate “Unitarist vs Federalist”.

          In Quebec, Canada there is a divide called “federalist vs sovereignst”. It normally is between the French speaking people of Quebec (which is one of the provinces).

          If one is labeled a federalist (supporter of federation, meaning union of the country) is usually means for the unity of CANADA.

          If one is labeled sovereign (supporter of the separation of Quebec from the country) to form its sovereign country.

          Now I find the definition of federalist and unionist in Ethiopian context not totally accurate but I wonder if they are used purposely to confuse or to label and single out the prosperity party (to invoke the monarch sentiment) as if it’s against the federation.

          In my opinion I think the issue if EPRDF / PP is internal political party decision but has nothing to do with the federation.

          I don’t think the PP is replacing the federal system? Is it?

          I think the correct terminology suppose to be, between “united party (PP) vs coalition party (EPRDF).

          I personally think the united party (party made up of all regions / killil) vs another united party (made up of all regions) is probably the best way forward to end the ethnic based divide and politics.

          It disadvantage a party (TPLF) which was based in Tigray and supports from Tigray, from being a major player but it doesn’t necessarily disadvantage the people Tigray.

          I also think running the federal election as well as regional election at the same time is a bad idea. I hope somehow they get this right and let the kill is run their own election at different times so the people can only focus on one ejection at a time. I know it may be costly but the more the people exercise the better and clean and focused it will get.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            Two things:
            (1) Kaddis is talking on the ideological theory of governance. Because there are forces who advocate Unitary Government and who advocate for the existing Federalism. This is fact on the ground. You have to start to question what is the governance philosophy of the united parties? Then you can understand why Kaddis is framing on philosophical merits.

            (2) If I am not wrong there is new Federalist Party formed from the Oromo regions and plus there are other parties who defend the current Federalism. So Kaddis is right on, in framing on governing philosophy as he did in his comment. You don’t frame argument by parties, we frame it by the ideological philosophy of the parties. That is how politics work.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            I am not sure, I follow what you are saying.

            There is a constitution and the constitution is supreme. There is no law higher than the constitution. If there is change in Ethiopian constitution, they should talk about it. The constitution is a federal system and nothing has changed as far as I know by the PP decision to create a united party rather than continue with a coalition of parties (which what EPRDF was).

            But it’s not against the federation as far as I know, and it’s not abolishing and creating a new constitution.

            So my question is, labeling the PP as unitary and the former EPRDF (coalition party) as federalist is wrong in my opinion.

            The EPRDF coalition party is a sham party, and it is not a party like any coalition party that the world knows. It has a party within a party. It reminds me, IA secret party within EPLF.

            Politics might, but sorry democracy doesn’t work like that.

            And that’s why the sham party collapsed, because it had no basis to begin with.


          • Abi

            Hawna Berhe
            Proud and honored to call you a brother!!
            ወንድሜ ስልህ ክብርና ኩራት ይሰማኛል!!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhino,

            EPRDF was not a “coalition party.” It was a “Front-party.” Coalition” of parties is formed after election to govern for that particular cycle of election. Coalition is formed when one party can not win enough votes to govern alone. However, “front-party” is when parties agreed on their platforms and ideological philosophy, they fight together as one party to govern their nation. That is new strategic in winning election. So you have distinguish between the two. The rest is our views on the merits of a “front-party” in a multicultural society that is divided historically for generation but held together by force.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            I am glad we are going some where. Let me agree to what you said all about the EPRDF that it is a front and it was a different set of alliance that was used to win election so it can govern. Which I agree it’s private (those member) party group business.

            I am also assuming that, EPRDF was governing as the country constitution?

            Now let me quote, what you just wrote:

            “Evolutionary changes are in every aspect of our lives, and those changes are right there to serve to the realities on the ground, for any time and space, until new reality comes to the scene. That is why learning is endless. You can’t say there is no such thing.”.

            This is exactly my understanding with regards to the PP and Dr. Abiy Ahmed and what he decided to do with EPRDF. It’s private (party members) business if they stay in the “Front-Party” and join him or leave the “front-party”.

            It has nothing to do if the this new party will be federalist or not?

            And this is exactly why I disagree why PP is being labeled as unity, because as far as I think, they still be a federalist party.


          • Abi

            Hawna Berhe
            This is how the game is being played by the sympathizers of the dying tplf.
            They are using scare tactics on both sides of the river.
            For the Ethiopians they tell them that the federal system is going to be abolished by the PP just like the scarecrow is doing.
            For Eritreans they tell them that the hard won independence is being eroded due to the peace agreement.
            I think these groups of highly compensated and compromised people are the dangers for both countries.

          • Teodros Alem

            I know u don’t know shame but u guys r as bad as the tplf group, u guys r the one facilitating and creating the atmosphere for tplf, a group which don’t have anything except AK47 outside of tigrai, with the help of u guys, tplf was able to hurm ethiopia and the horn region, u guys r the one arresting the people voce , sabotaging distracting the ethiopian people

          • Abi

            Hello TA
            You earned another upvote.

          • Selam Abi,

            The question is if real federalism existed under tplf? The truth was eprdf under tplf hegemony ruled with a controlled centralized system. Tplf officials indirectly ruled the satellite states of Somali, afar, gambella and gumuz. The somali leader took orders from G.A., Illey said himself. All eprdf members and regional governments were puppets in the hands of tplf, and one cannot speak of true federalism.

            The world community is telling the ethiopian government to get rid of the toxic ethnic federalism before it destroyed the country completely. It is only the anti-Ethiopians that are stuck with it. They try to tell us ethnic federalism is a panacea, even though they know that the plan is either they will rule erhiopia forever by tramping on it, or destroy it all together if not.

            Nevertheless, true federalism that will respect the rights of social groups and bring peace and prosperity, will be the system of government of the new PP party, (which in no way is unitarist as its enemies like to say). When the time comes, contrary to the toxic and frankenstein ethnic federalism that is destroying ethiopia as we speak, real federalism will be in place. Without its ethnic federalism of divide and rule and tplf/olf Constitution, tplf knows that its fate is not different from that of others, and that will be the end of its wild hegemonic dreams.

            Recently it seems that tplf is apologizing to the eritrean regime and the eritrean people for the 1998-2000 war to gain something in return. Oromo federalist are not dependable, tigray-eritrea rapprochement and eritrea’s commitment to save tplf, is almost out of the question, what else do you think remains for tplf to do to continue the uphill battle it has started with the federal government?

            I do not know for how long the federal government will be patient and in a cajoling mood towards tplf? If the elections are successful and a strong government comes out of it, (tplf is not going to be part of it, most probably), then i hope the muddy waters of ethiopian politics will clear up and all will face the reality. Of course, there are others who expect the bombshell to explode, but i don’t think that ethiopians will allow it to happen, because the tsunami will consume everybody. This, IMO, will be a factor of deterrent, because of the mutual destruction.

          • Abi

            Selam Horizon
            I totally agree with you .
            EPRDF was a reality show led by the mischievous ventriloquist tplf.
            Now that the circus has come to an end and the tent is broken, the ventriloquist is moving to other locations looking for new toys and audiences.
            As you can see some of the promoters of this ventriloquist ( the doctors and professors of Awate nation) are busy recruiting new member audiences and participant toys across the border in a hope of extending the life of the tplf and the sister organizing aka Agazians.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhino,

            We are in progress. The fundamental thing in a debate is to clearly understand each other’s views and positions on the issue at hand. Now we are on the same page on the concept we are dealing. Now the politics of Ethiopia is very volatile. Their Federalism and their constitution is being challenged the same as to the EPRDF party. Second there are many new parties that could make alliance to compete on national stage or those which compete for local elections. And no one knows as to whether the elections will be held on time as scheduled. What I can assuredly could tell you is, that the PP without alliance won’t win the needed seats in the election to run the government if the election is done as scheduled. Very difficult to predict with the current destability. Thank you for the exchange of ideas.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            Yes in deed. But I don’t think we are on the same understanding on a couple of points:

            1) Why PP is considered a unitary instead of Federalist. May be will wait for Kaddis to respond.

            2) What exactly is challenging the constitution? I know TPLF officials have said, the constitution / federalism is being challenged but what exactly is being challenged. How can one challenge the constitution, if one does not violate it. And if the government is doing so, isn’t there any mechanism to hold the government accountable (like by going to court)?

            As if it’s good time to have election or not, I think it’s up to the government and the people to decide. But I think Abiy needs to get on with the elections. Otherwise, the problems will not go away and resolve themselves if the doesn’t get a clear mandate from the people to govern.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhino,

            I will leave No-1 for Kaddis.

            2) TPLF and the Federalist Party from the Oromo are saying that their current Federalism is challenged by the unitarist group. Challenging the Federal structure in itself is challenging the constitution. Abiy has opened the pandora of their political crises and he has no idea how to control it, to reassure the safety of the people and the stability of the country.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            On-2, I don’t exactly what was being challenged as far as the constitution goes. But here a quote

            “Speaking on the occasion, the chair of the party, Debertsion Gebermichael, described the decision by the central government to disband the EPRDF as “undemocratic” and in ”violation” of the principles of EPRDF and the law of the country.”

            This is nothing remotely accusing the PM or PP violating the federal / constitution but what happened within the EPRDF party-front. I think that’s totally accurate and that was my understanding.

            Yes, I would expect the supreme courts (did he remove all the judges that were appointed by EPRDF over the last 27 years?). I don’t want to start another argument which does not lead no where, but I disagree there is “no rule of law”.

            If another coalition / unity opposition party gets merged and creat a viable opposition, I think that’s a good thing. I believe this is what will happen and what needs to happen if they are going to have a chance, for no body else but for their own selfish reason. So they will be no mare than, three or four nationalist parties.

            This is great progress in the right direction. Remember a couple of years, EPRDF and their intellectuals, thought they will rule for eternity with their 100% meto bemeto win, that they were looking to come up with “formulas – proportional representation” so they can “willingly” share power as charity.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            aman h for known reason will never understand the game, he never did, if tplf change thier mind and decided to join PP tomorrow , u will see him supporting PP and will tell u ” u not a good debater” it is loyalty. he already made up his mind like 50 years ago.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhino,

            The point you brought is not constitutional argument and has nothing to do with the constitution. That is not I am referring to. There are other constitutional issue both the TPLF and OFDM are accussing. I can not find and pull the YouTube now. I am still looking for it.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            I know what unitary government means, and I am not sure I have seen any concrete evidence that supports that. If the concern is, once Abiy government comes to power (after next election) then he will create a unitary government and abolish the constitution, that’s possible if he has the majority in parliament that gives him the power to make constitutional change. But I doubt that will happen, but at least, that’s not what’s happening in the ground right now. Even reading the recent TPLF statement after the congress they had in Meqelle, there is no official mention of that.

            I think the closest argument one can make is, since EPRDF coalition have been abolished, the Abiy government have no constitutional power to continue to govern and the government should dissolve and an election should be called for. This is true but I doubt the PP does not have the numbers to vote down such motion in the parliament if it has the support of the other parties.

            I guess we can leave it here but I personally think this is to towards the right direction that will lead the country to democratic and stability in the long term. The ethnic based federal arrangement is not sustainable in the long term…and will lead to disintegration.

            I think TPLF should pride itself for starting and introduction of democracy and should embrace it (even though it may be hard to swallow) if they care for the long term viable and peaceful existence of their people.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Berhino,

            I think we have to wait to see how this chaotic Ethiopian politics precipitate. Hoping the new realignment of the parties will give us a good picture, so to help us in disentangling our politics from the Ethiopian politics.

          • Kaddis

            Selam Zemedoch –

            I was busy with Genna while you made great discussions here.

            I don’t have much to add than Gash Aman -and yes PP is in a unitary camp – you can see it from its latest anti – terrorism law in acted a week ago – allowing the federal gov law enforcement can enter into regional states without invitation or anything just an example…PP does not have the party structure to govern a federal state ….PP and ex-kinijit EZEMA are trying to confuse between federal state and decentralisation. A federal state is made up of nations, self determine and report to their people. its not a power dissolved from Addis ..

            And Berhe’s honest assumption comes from governments does not intentionally challenge a living constitution …if they do there is a balancing body …thanks to former EPRDF and our clueless elite – there is no one questioning or have balancing power against the PM in practical terms except some facebookers here and there.
            the big question is not whether PP is unitary – the risk is can they get away with rigging elections and radically altering the constitution without losing the federation/ country?


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Kaddis,

            Melkam Genna.

            Thank you for reply. You got my assumption correct and all I can say is, best of lack.

            I think there is huge lack of understanding what a constitution is in our region. Looking at Eritrea, I almost never get in agreement with anyone that I discuss with regards to constitution.

            It’s main object is, I think to put simply, to restrain the power of the government when it needs to be. It’s not give more power to government who is already in power.

            The Eritrean constitution I think, it’s biggest flaws is with this regard.

            1) the Supreme Court judges are nominated by the president uptown the recommendation of “commission” which reports directly to the president office.

            2) Supreme Court judges have term limits.

            3) the “commission” sets salary rates, and investigates “judges” on corruption. If Supreme Court judge is being investigated, then he / she will be in leave until the investigation is done.

            These are all my words, but I can’t believe any normal person do not see a problem with this arrangement. I can never understand, Dr. Bereket who is suppose to be constitution scholar to have drafted such flawed constitution. I just imagine, it was a constitution that was drafted having IA as a leader, to give him, the legitimacy as a lawful leader but have total control of the country.

            When we will ever get a leader that can say:

            “I don’t care if I live or die. I don’t care if I say in power or not. I want build the best country with the best law there is”. And then go to my graves, knowing I gave it my best shot. Let others make it better. “


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            I am glad finally you understood that Issayas and Abiy are lawless leaders. You made it my day.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Kaddis,

            Thank you for coming up with the answer. I hope Berhe will read your comment that is not far from what I told him. Thank you for your feedback.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            Thank you. I agree, and thank you for your patience with me.


          • Desbele

            Thank you Berhe, Amanuel H and Kaddis for the very civil discussion.
            This is the pull factor to Awate Forum. Keep it up.

    • Haile S.

      Selam Yohannes,

      Good observation in your two posts on the subject. I was reading TN’s article this morning on the same news and this article includes a tweet from the ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs that treats Redwan Hussein as Ethiopian Envoy to Eritrea in the same naming colonel Nega Hailesellassie was his Majesty’s envoy to Eritrea under british administration. On the eritrean side, minister Russom is treated as Ambassador (at least by Eri media) while he has not officially been replaced on his education ministry. The role of ambassadorship is being muddied between these two countries. Could this undermining of the august function be because of the unusual proximity and “love-affair” between the two “soul mates” as you put it? Such love affair by our man in Asmara was not beneficial to Eritrea in the recent past, certainly not the way we would like it to be this time too. Do you think that a future Eritrean leader will have a dignified relationship from leadership stand point of view with an Ethiopian leader the way Ethiopia has with Sudan or Kenya?

      • Abi

        ጋሽ ኃይሌ
        Sick of watching the childish displays of these love birds. ምንድነው ይህ በተገናኙ ቁጥር ኬክ እየቆረሱ አበድኩልህ መባባል?

        አብይ : ኢሱዬ አልናፈቅኩህም?
        ኢሱ: አብዬ ሞትኩልህ እንጂ! አንተማ ዓለምን እየዞርክ ትሸለማለህ, አፍቃሪህ ብዙ ነው:: እኔነኝ እንጂ ባዶ ቤት ተዘግቶብኝ የከረምኩት::
        አብይ: sorry የኔ ጌታ ዳግመኛ አይለምደኝም:: ላንተም እኮ ስጦታዎች አምጥቼልሃለሁ:: እስቲ እቺን ኩታ ትከሻህ ላይ ጣል አድርጋት! ለብርድ , ስትናፍቅም ለእንባ ማበሻ ትሆንሃለች:: ብቸኝነት ሲያጠቃህም እየቋጨህ ቀኑን ትገፋለህ::
        ኢሱ: ምነው ሀውና አብይ እኔን በጋቢ ነው የምትሸነግለኝ?
        አቢይ: ኢሱዬ, ሰው እኮ ባለው ነው የሚያጌጠው! ከፋህ እንዴ? በል ግድየለም አትከፋብኝ አምባሳደሩን እቀይርልሃለሁ::
        ኢሱ : የቀንየለይ አብይ ወደይ!!!

        • Haile S.

          ሰላም ኣቢ፡ ኣባ ትልቁ፡

          Very funny! የ ኣንድ ወንድና ሴት ኣዲስ ፍቅር፡ ማታ ጨረቃን እያደነቁ የተጫወቱትን ትዝ ይልዎታል?
          ሴትየው – ፍቅርየ ሞትኩልህ! ለነገሩ ጨረቃ ማን ነው የፈጠራት
          ወንድየው – እግዚኣብሔር ነዋ!
          ሴትየው – እምቢ እምቢ ኣይሆንም! ኣንተ ነው የፈጠርካት
          የሁለቱ መሪዎቻችን ፍቅርም ይሄን ይመስላል።

          • Abi

            ኧረ ከዛም ይከፋል:: ተኮራርፈው ሰንብተው ዳግም እንደታረቁ teenagers ፍቅር አደረጉት እኮ!! እንደ make-up ፍቅር ምንድነው ጠዋትና ማታ አበድኩልህ መባባል?

        • Teodros Alem

          That is nice ” doro maneqia, tela bet” joke. I bet “lematawe” comedians can make comedy movie out of it.

          • Abi

            Hello TA
            አዋቂ ጨዋታ መሃል ዘሎ የሚገባ አንድም የነፈዘ ጅል ነው አልያም የማያድግ ልጅ ነው::
            ጨዋታ አታቆርፍድ
            ተጨማሪ upvote ጥዬልሃለሁ::

          • Teodros Alem

            u mean ” awaqe” witch doctor? I heard once when “meles” said, witch believers call the witch ” awaqe”.

        • Abrehet Yosief

          ሰላም ራስ ኣብይ
          ምነው የፈረስ ስጦታ ረሱት። This is the second horse he is getting. Perhaps he will start breeding horses at the place he received as a Christmas surprise gift, the land at sidst kilo.

          • Abi

            አብረኸት ሃፍተይ
            ሰውየው ምን ያልተሸለመው ነገር አለ?
            የተሸለመውን ጋሻና ጦር አንግቦ ሰንጋው ፈረስ ላይ ሲፈናጠጥ የተሰማውን ኢትዮጵያውያዊ ኩራት መደበቅ አልቻለም::

            አነ ወዲ አፈወርቂ
            ትውልዴ ተንቤን እድገቴ አቃቂ
            ግዛቴ ኤርትራ መቃብሬ ጎንደር
            ትምህርቴ ደሴ አይወስነኝ ድንበር
            ኢትዮጵያ ሃገሬ ለዘላለም ትኑር!!!!

            በነገራችን ላይ የፈረሱ ሥም “አቢቹ” ነው የሚል ጭምጭምታ አለ:: እስቲ ከአገር ቤት የሚመጣ ወሬ ካለ ጆሮሽን ጣል አድርጊ::

      • Yohannes Zerai

        Selam Hailat,

        Thank you for your comments. As usual, you have put out very penetrating questions which dig out a lot of related issues so important and relevant in nature that one may be tempted to delve into them and draw from them answers to your questions. But doing so requires more than a brief commentary and, certainly, more time than I can afford at this time. For these reasons, I will try to only briefly hint at the linkages I pointed out above — linkages between some critical issues and the questions you posed — as I attempt to answer the latter.

        We Eritreans are often up in arms and really cocked to express outrage at the awful things Isaias Afewerki says and does every now and then. Our reactions to those vile words and cruel actions of the tyrant are prompted exclusively by concerns about the pain and misery they inflict upon our people and the damage they do to our country. But, we never seem to even casually recognize — much less analyze and understand — how those very words and actions are damaging Isaias himself and weakening his grip on the country. Not that we care about him at all; on the contrary! It is rather because doing so would enable us to get some insight into his state of mind, why he speaks and acts the way he does, what his strategy is for countering the ever-growing opposition that he faces, how the political dynamics in the country are evolving with time, etc.

        As you know, Isaias Afewerki’s rule has been degenerating slowly but surely over the last few years during which it has devolved from a “dictatorial regime” to a “mafia group” — and in the last year-and-a-half of “medemer era” — to nothing more than a “team of neighborhood thugs” (for lack of a better term)! Presently, the system consists essentially of the tyrant himself, his two messengers, a handful of stooges at PFDJ along with the two spy-Generals and their surveillance networks lurking in the background. The multitude others serving the so-called government are simply “worker bees” who play robotic roles without any say in what goes on and, for many of them, without much knowledge of what goes on.

        The dictator and his mouthpiece – the so-called “Minister of Information” — feel no shame at all to assign (and refer to) the two messengers as “high level delegation” dispatched to mind whatever pathetic international affairs the dying regime may engage in and regardless of whether those affairs are political, economic, social, etc. in nature. One may logically expect the dictator would feel diminished if the same two messengers were to CONSISTENTLY join him in his foreign travels as the ONLY members of “a high level delegation accompanying the president”. However, Isaias has no qualms about abusing and debasing even himself and the “group”, “team” or whatever he represents.

        So, to answer your questions,

        (i) Yes, he has indeed undermined and abused the dignity and prestige of ambassadorship in the same way he has long undermined and abused those of the institutions of government in the country. But, that happened not because of the dictator’s “love-affair”, as you put it. It happened because he is endowed with an abusive and destructive instinct. If he is capable of abusing himself and his authority (as pointed out above), it is obvious that he will not stop at abusing anything at all.

        (ii) My answer to your second question is an emphatic “Yes”! As we envision conditions after the inevitable departure of Isaias, we need to realize that the big goals, e.g., democracy, constitutional order, justice, economic recovery, etc. are not things that will spring up on their own, but are rather tasks that the Eritrean people — and hopefully the Eritrean opposition — will have to work on diligently for years. But there are other factors and conditions that will be re-established immediately, and others that will be restored gradually over a short time following the dictator’s demise, namely: Positive attitude, civility, discipline, respect for the law. fairness, dignity, honor, etc.

        So yes, I would confidently say that any government that replaces/follows Isaias’s dictatorship — though may not agree with our neighbors on all issues — will sit down with them to resolve differences in a civilized manner through standard mechanisms that rely on such principles as negotiation, compromise and arbitration.

        Thank you

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Yohannes,

          Well said and well articulated. I wish you have developed it in to a “featured article” that goes to your column’s archive “Reflection.” You have already the elements that needs to be expound systematically in detail. Go for it, brother.

          • Yohannes Zerai

            Hi Amanuel,

            First, I would like to thank you for your input and for being supportive. Second, I assure you that I have taken your advice to heart and will, in due course, try to find the time and do what you have just suggested.


        • Haile S.

          Selam Yohannes,

          Thank you. You said it brilliantly and perfectly. EPLF was reduced to a PFDJ, a funnel or precisely the tip of a funnel composed of those few individuals where everything passes through. All the volume (Eritreans) that comes into the big opening has no way out other than to overflow, go somewhere else. PFDJ is the bottleneck of Eritrea and Eritreans development. Look forward to reading from you.

  • bardavidi

    Hi…all……Yes…. Radwan had made quite a few Statements against Isaias and the Eritrean Forces that Initially Invaded the Border region………He is also known to be a Strong supporter of the Late Zenawi and a strong advocate of Democracy and Freedom of Speech as well……..Colonel Abiy first hand should have noticed that since he was operating as a Double agent for Isaias under Zenawi………May be the Colonel had the Impression that Isaias might change after 50 years of Dictatorship due to his Friendly gesture……???……You can not teach new tricks to an Old Dog………….Selah

  • Abi

    Hello All
    There are three major players in this drama as presented by GN.
    1) Isu travelled to Addis to personally appeal the removal of the ambassador. ( Whiner #1)
    2) Abiy, an experienced ወጌሻ, agreed to replace him with anyone who can fog a mirror. Why offend Hawna Isu when he can easily bribe him with a candy. Massaging his ego is cheaper and easier than confrontation. ( Winner #2)
    3) Gedab News bragged about their influence in the horn diplomacy. However, they’re still complaining about the lack of response from the Ethiopians. ( whiner #3)

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam Gedab
    do u have info about Redwan replacement? who is replacing him, who is the next ambassador of ethio to eri? I think, it is good for redwan, he get promotion.
    by the way, i think after listening “tamerate’s ” interview, mahmud saleh become friended with tplf supporter(seifselase gebremeskel) .