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Evidence: Eritrean Government Murdered 13 Children

On December 22,’s Gedab News reported that “13 children who were escaping from Eritrea were gunned down and thrown in ditches somewhere between Ghindae, Eritrea, and Port Sudan, Sudan.”  We now have information that the party responsible for their murder was the Eritrean government and the place where the crime occurred is near Karora, in northernmost Eritrea bordering Sudan.

Although the news is being conveyed to the parents now, the massacre actually occurred in early September.

The children were gunned down while they were mounted on a truck and being escorted from Eritrea to Sudan.

The government has a shoot-to-kill policy for anyone who leaves the country “illegally.”

It is illegal in Eritrea for military-conscription age Eritreans to leave the country.

The Evidence

Of the 13 youth gunned down, three were sisters aged 13, 16, 18. Gedab News had incorrectly identified their age as 14, 18, and 19. The three girls, whose names we have not been able to ascertain are the children of two veteran fighters of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), now the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), the ruling party in Eritrea.

Their mother, a nurse during Eritrea’s war of independence, is in Toronto, Canada, to assist with the childbirth of her first-born, age 30.  The daughter who lives in Toronto was born “in the field” [rebel-held territory of Eritrea]; she was ten years old when Eritrea became an independent country in 1991.

Once in Eritrea, the family of the combatant fighter, as is the custom in Eritrea, pressured her to have more children and in quick succession she had four more beautiful children aged 21, 18, 16 and 13.  The father, a military officer, was disabled during the war of independence.

While the 21 year old stayed at home to take care of her father, her younger sisters made a fateful decision that thousands of Eritreans make every day: to flee the country. They hired a smuggler who specialized in the Ghindae-Port Sudan escape route, one of several used by Eritreans. From the scene of the crime, Karora, it appears that all 13 children had almost made it to the border when they were gunned down while still in the vehicle transporting them, and their bodies thrown in ditches to cover up the crime.

Since September, the father, Tesfahanes Hagos, a disabled combatant, had been inquiring on the whereabouts of his daughters by visiting Eritrean police stations, jails, and national security offices. It is customary for government officials to give family members of disappeared Eritreans complete denial.  Either due to his seniority, or his pestering, last week, government officials eventually gave another customary answer, “these are our daughters, just like they are yours, and no harm will came to them: we have them in custody because they broke the law.”  After more pestering by the father, the government officials broke down and confessed the truth: that his daughters, and 10 others, had been killed while trying to escape.

Traumatized, since September, the father and his 21-year old daughter have been hospitalized.

The Victims

While this is a commonplace story of every Eritrean family, what makes this one different is that all of the 13 children (7 male and 6 female) who were murdered by the government were the children of Eritrean soldiers and military officers. In fact, most of them are from Qachew, the Denden camp for soldiers: they are children of soldiers. We regret that we are only focusing on the 3 of the 13 children: we know for a fact that the entire city of Asmara is engulfed by news of the death of all the children but, todate, the government media has not said a word about its September massacre of Eritrean children. It was too busy celebrating September 1: the launch of Eritrea’s armed struggle.

More Information

This Sunday, in Toronto, Canada, the family of the three massacred children will hold mass and church services at a Catholic Church to memorialize the murdered children.  Their biography will be read: we hope to have their names and their pictures then and to share it with our readers.

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For a random example of how the Eritrean government pretends that it cares for Eritrean victims as much as their families, please refer to this expose on the arrest of Eritrean hero Bitweded Abraha.   He fought for Eritrea’s independence for 22 years; and he has been in prison, without charges, for 22 years simply because he warned Eritreans of the looming dictatorship.  Many of the Eritrean senior officials who were covering up for the crimes of Isaias Afwerki to the parents of Bitweded Abraha have been thrown in jail and left to die.  

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  • Nitricc

    “ሓያሎ ወገናት ካብ ምክትታል ሓለዋ ዶባት ብዝተተኮሰለን ጥይት ከምዝተቐትላ ክገልጻ እንከለዋ፣ ካልኦት ከኣ ዘስግረን ዝነበረ ሰበ ሓዲግወን ስለዝጠፍአ ብጽምእን ጥሜትን ተሰኒፈን ህይወተን ከምዝሓለፈ ይጠቕሱ።”
    which one is the truth AT?ናብ-ሱዳን-ንምስጋር-ናይ-ዝሞታ-ሰለስተ-ኣሕዋት-áŠ

    • Kokhob Selam

      what is the difference now? in what ever direction at the end you will find it is because of PFDJ.

  • Nitricc

    to all confused Ethiopians. the other day Horizon wonders what i was talking about. Rahwa, Letkidan, even likes of Kim are all out against my comment. listen to this real thing and you tell me. your country is, well listen.

    • Guest

      niterick, what ever is the truth is non of your business.i wonder why you involved in somebody’s business. the letkidan thing is like an abid slave making fun of his master, amazing.

      • Kokhob Selam

        poor Nitricc, I don’t think he had heard to the end. he don’t know they are talking about Aseb and even our national freedom at large.

  • Elenta

    Selam Hayat,

    At 56:28 the interviewer said 65,000 martyrs and 150,000 disabled, but Gebru Asrat didn’t refute that number. I don’t think there is any rebuttal given by him or his aid. If he doesn’t reffute , it is safe to say Gebru Asrat agrees with the interviewer, that means its right to say Nitric didn’t lied on Gebru Asrat statment.

    Here is some information on Eritrean and Ethiopian Martyr’s
    In 1991 EPLF admitted that more than 54,000 Eritrean might have martyred in struggle for independence. In 1992, EPLF released the names of 60,000 martyrs ,later the number was raised to 65,000.

    According to some TPLF cadre” More than 60,000 freedom fighters have lost their lives In the
    battle against the brutal dergue regime”. In 2013 on the occasion of Tigray martyrs day Tigray online reported that” A very small sample of the more than 60,000 martyrs was read-out to the public”.

    Also, on the occasion of Tigray martyrs day the Central Committee of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) sates that 60 thousand TPLF have paid their lives during the bitter struggle held with the Derg junta while a hundred thousand others have incurred disability.

    So where did Gebru Asrat get 54K?

    • Nitricc

      the truth is they don’t know and they have no clue the number of lives they have paid to disloge the Derg. that is the exact reason Gebru Asrat chose to role with the exact Eritrean number. TPLF battle strategy is a simple one. they will over run you with sheer number of fighters. just by body counts.
      while EPLF strategy was pay as little as possible. so, I would not be surprised if TPLF paid 120 K martyrs. if you need a sample, take a look what happened in Adi-Begi’o, if you are unsure take a look the cousality tplf commanders paid in Egri-Mekel. if there was justice and accountability crime against humanity; the entire TPLF will be in a prison. they are the worst.

    • Hayat Adem

      The question here is not about the damn the damn stat but if Gebru said it at all. Your dumb guy lied Gebru said it. He didn’t say it. That is it. If you are a straight talker, you would say he lied. And you shame the guts who said he was the truth teller.

  • Nitricc

    Ladies and gentleman; here I am agreeing 100% with dedebit grad that I am dumb. It is true, it is fact and I am confessing. It is true; I am dumb but no stupid. The difference between Nitricc and Lete-Kidan Gebre-Anenya AKA Hayat Adem is that I am and she is stupid. The end of story! And there is a difference.
    “When your beloved one did not make it home i.e he/she means is dead.”
    The head of the dedebit dead midget Legesse Zenawi.

    “65K is the number of TPLF’s dead fighters”
    The father of inferior complexity and human garbage Gebru Asrat.

    “I used kick it with Kirros Alemayo in 1852”
    Lete-Kidan Gebre-Anenya AKA Hayat Adem

    “I am playing with 7 years old sister 2013”
    Lete-Kidan Gebre-Anenya AKA Hayat Adem.

    Issaias forced himself some once home and demanded whisky and he drunk the whole battle of whisky in two Hours.
    Stupid of the year, Hayat Adam, the pride of dedebit.

    • AOsman


      Kiros Alemayehu the famous singer from 1852? You mean late 80’s, less than thirty years back. I remember his one popular song, “anguEy fisis, sNey kimis” and this was in Asmara.

      Having a 7 year old bro/sis now would not be a problem, even younger.

      You are reading too much in those comments. Focus on the message.


      • Nitricc

        No, i didn’t miss tayp it. I just mean that. And the idea is to expose her lies and decits. I wouldn’t give a flying hoot about a piad agent. Trust me i have life and i will not read anything at all. I didn’t even know Kiros was till she said it. And i came to know he was a toothless Tigrian from Adi Grat. : – )

    • Hayat Adem

      you are a proven lair so you are naked. the way to cure yourself is admit and move on. you are complicating it by adding more lies on top the old ones, you are embarrassing your mentors.

      • Nitricc

        Lete-kidan; this is for you, is he singing for you? is it tigrigna though. lol dedebit is always dedebit lol.

        you know what you need to find some life. i am done with your bulshit. i have a life.

        here is my gift to you. your

        • Hayat Adem

          I love it when monkeys act monkey, jump from one branch to another. i don’t like when monkeys act human. Now I fixed you back to your right place, monkey on the move. I can’t follow you simply because I am not monkey-fast to match your tree moves: the gebru tree, the meles tree, the kiros tree, the adigrat tree, the dedebit tree, the letekidan tree, the 7yr old sister tree…. But I am okay to shame and game your trainers for playing you “truth teller” from a safer corner.

  • Hayat Adem

    Thanks to the same friend, the friend sent me this scanned page. If you, Awatistas feel I am overdoing it, I’m feeling it too and I apologize. But let’s finish this lair off and disgrace his mentors. And that will be hopefully my last time to talk about this unless he comes again with another lie.

  • Nitricc

    this got to be the funniest interviwe ever. it must be Hayat Adam, i did not say “Adem” i don’t know who is dumber

    ladies and gentle man; please I present you with the house of speaker. abs dula gemeda with Egyptian TV. i can only imagine what the Egyptian journalist is saying to her self. like @#$#%^^^&&&^%$ lol.

    • saay7

      Selamat Nitricc;

      Two of the biggest countries in Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia, taking steps to normalize their relationship is very good for the region, the continent and the world. Notwithstanding the peculiarities of the interview, here’s the substance:

      * a 60-person Ethiopian delegation went to Egypt to hear from Egyptians what their concerns are regarding the Millenial* Dam;
      * the Ethiopian delegation received assurances that Egypt is not against Ethiopias development; they also learned what Egypt means the Nile is its lifeline based the distribution of Egyptian settlement vis-a-vis Egyptian land mass;
      * the Ethiopian delegation will now rely what they learned to their people. Egypt’s Sisi will address Ethiopias parliament with the same message;
      * An Egyptian delegation and, eventually, the Egyptian people will likewise be persuaded that the Millenial Dam poses no threat to Egypts water needs. There will be a lot of confidence building steps which will be taken of course.

      It was actually an uplifting video. The Speaker of the House, an EPRDF representative described Gemal Abdenasser and Haile Selasse as “great leaders for their countries and for Africa as a whole.” That’s politics. You should send a copy to Isaias, Nitricc. That’s how the game played.


      • Eyob Medhane


        That’s it. You are now officially assigned to be Chief of common sense!!! That was awesome!!! Like …gold star awesome…

        P.S..No..the dam will always be ‘Hidase Gideb’. 🙂 I can’t vouch for Gibe III to be officially innagurated this summer, though for it’s name not to be changed to you know what… 🙂

        • Abinet

          It looks like someone needs to mention the dam to drag you out of hibernation. Good to hear your voice .

          • Eyob Medhane


            I’ve been around, and believe me I have been reading everything you wrote. Even the classic actually THE BEST one, where you demanded our chopper to be returned washed, polished and cleaned with a note that says ‘Awqen bedifret, sanawq besihetet, lesseranew yiqer belun’… That was amazing.. I even borrowed it and used it in a conversation… (I hope you don’t mind)… 🙂 Great to hear from you, too.. 🙂

          • saay7


            Abinet’s classic is “washed, polished and sanitized”:) don’t misquote it… Here it is in context:

            Nitricc: “It turns out, X-mass came early for Eritrea, two MI-35 helicopters with skilled pilots, sealed and delivered.”
            Abinet: “Your government will return the aircraft washed, polished and sanitized to the rightful owner with an apology letter signed by his excellency IA.”
            Nitricc: “since we Eritreans are nice, we will give the MI 35 to TPDM.”
            Amde: “That’d be great. Always safer in Ethiopian hands. TPDM is just as Ethiopian as TPLF.”


          • Eyob Medhane


            What’s not to understand? Here is the explanation… A classic ‘ferenj’ “He is a lone actor with family problems”.. There..

          • saay7


            When did you become a dodge artist? 🙂 questions:

            1. How does a chopper fly from Dire Dawa to Asab without being intercepted? No radio? No radar?
            2. If there is no radio, how do you know who was the guilty party: the captain or the trainees? Is the captain being blamed a case of stereotyping because according to the nutcases at Tigraionline only the Amara are true guardians of Ethiopian nationalism ?
            3. If it is a lone actor with family problems, how is Shaebia responsible? Did it give him his family problems (family as in his parents in Mekele or wife and children in Dire Dawa?) or exploit them? Was shaebia responsible for the “lone actor” who flew a civilian passenger plane to Geneva?


          • Dear Saay,
            Excuse me for intervening without being invited.

            1) It depends on the flight schedule and the chopper’s fuel capacity. If the helicopter was to fly from Dire Dawa to a border town (e.g. Bure), where I believe there is the military stationed there, there is no reason to suspect anything unusual. Normally, you do not intercept your own airplane. Nevertheless, once the helicopter enters Eritrean airspace, the distance to Assab is only about 60
            km, and there is nothing one can do about it.

            2) I think that the group was made up of two Tigrayans and one person of other ethnic group, probably an Amhara, (not really important). One man with a gun
            can do the job.

            3) Possible explanations why the highjacking took place:
            a) a lone actor with emotional problem,
            b) Family problem as a possible cause. People abandon their family easily
            in America, but not so easily in a country like Ethiopia. Few will put in
            danger the future of their children because of a quarrel with a wife. The captain
            was economically independent and socially respected, and legal divorce is a
            possibility that is always there.

            c) A disgruntled opposition supporter, naïve enough to sacrifice his
            family, his profession and the future of his children for a cause that would
            never materialize.

            d) A shabia sympathizer, brain-washed by an underground functioning group.

          • saay7

            Selamat Horizon:

            That’s my point, Horizon. We don’t know who the hijacker is and why he hijacked the helicopter. But. This guy, who draws his salary from the government, seems to know WHO the hijacker is and WHY he hijacked the chopper and, consequently, the entire Ethiopian war lobby put on their war paint and were agitating for war. Isn’t it irresponsible?



          • Eyob Medhane

            War lobby? Isn’t that a bit hyperbolic?

          • saay7


            No. 🙂 you know what you and I have been reading…


      • Guest

        Tplf don,t like the comment about h.selasse for sure, might cost abadula his gob as .

        • Deogane

          How about Meles himself mentioning contribution of Haileselassie and Mengistu to the liberation of Africa. I saw a video mentioning that at a debate on the future of the venue of African Union.

      • Nitricc

        hahahah SAAY, are you asuming there will be one Ethiopia as we know it today,right? I like your optimism but i don’t share that. Ethiopia’s social injustice, greed of the haves and corruption will be to great to over come and to sestian as one Ethiopia. what happen in Bahirdar last week and the defection of the Tigryan pilots shows you trouble. I am not wishing anything bad, just my opinion. Regarding the interview i know you are trying to be nice to the Ethiopians. how is this idiot got be house speaker in a country of 90 million? what unlucky country. no leaders.
        the Dam will be named after Belay Zeleke, just prediction! what is Melles to Gojam?

        • Nitricc,
          You defy all sorts of explanation. I wish I were a specialist in psychoanalysis, to be able to understand your mental and emotional makeup, why you say what you say and why you do what you do. Unfortunately, I am not.

          From your comments, one is forced to ask the following questions. Can you please tell us, why you keep your relatives in a country you hate so much? Why do you visit a country you abhor, and yet you are there every other year? Why do you let your relatives share from the food Ethiopians get by begging? How do you feel when you eat, drink and enjoy, whenever you visit Ethiopia what Ethiopians got by begging? Why you never visit the land that you seem to hold close to your heart more than its people? One can put many more questions.

          You say and wish everything awful about/for Ethiopia, and yet you want to show your superior quality by saying, look I am not wishing anything bad to
          happen to you. You should have known that a hiccup here and there is not going to fragment a country that is in motion. In addition, you say that things are horrible in Eritrea and yet it is wrong for young Eritreans to flee their country, and at the same time you are an ardent supporter of PIA and the PFDJ, the very reason why Eritreans leave their country in droves. You are indeed a special phenomenon.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Horizon,
            I play a Psychologist on cyber space, if you don’t mind.
            When you come across a crazy person, you acknowledge it and move on. There is nothing you can do about it.
            What is intriguing, for a cyber space Psychologist is why he is being used by the powers to be. I think, I am convinced now. With all due respect, the alter ego of Mr. SAAY is at play here.
            In other words Mr. SAAY is getting his fix of over the top insults of Tigreans and Ethiopians and occasionally crude name calling of his opponents while maintaining seemingly clean hands. Do it with “BE IJ AZUR”.
            It seems there is more coming.
            In the court of smart Awatistas, we know who is touch down dancing, each time these vile balls are thrown.

    • Guest


      Sal is a very smart and shrewd dude. He is playing you like a doll by slapping you when you cry and giving you a candy when you behave. Basically you’re his psych-lab bitch. And Sal is toning down his attack on Ethiopia realizing that the adage “if you can’t beat them you might as well join them” still holds as the possibility of visiting Eritrea is almost zilch and he might as well sugar-coat Ethiopian leaders to mend fences so that, he will be able to visit, dine, wine in Ethiopia when you and your pathetic likes bend over for the lunatic back in Eritrea till he dumps you not only in a real time bin but the trash bin in his lap top as well.

      • Nitricc

        Dine and wine in Ethiopian?
        Quiz for you. Who is number one begging country in the world?
        Anather quiz.
        I will wait.

        • Rahwa T

          Only one restless bustard, a son of alcoholic mother and
          father knows the correct answer of this question. I think this question will be
          answered by none but the rudest man in this forum. So tell us the answer as
          quick as possible.

          • Nitricc

            hahahah okay for a matter of fact, you going to need that alcohol and more some weed to ease the pain when the Amhara came for your head. when the Oromo come rip your heart out. just as you did to them. don’t look to north of you, it is anther teeth awaiting so you are a sandwich.
            now, one more quiz, what ethic gruop is the most beggar in Ethiopia? here you have it.
            i know you slow but you should now the answer. lol

    • Deogane

      Abadula is a delegation leader. It doesn’t matter if some one is not articulate in English. He could have used a translator like the Egyptian delegation leader to Ethiopia. Any way, it reminds me my elementary school years some fifty years back. Then there were children who laugh loud when some body tries to express himself in English.

  • Dear Aron,

    Not only is it a natural occurrence between two sisterly countries, as you rightfully said, but in addition, cross-boundary ethnic groups that live in two or more countries of the region will tie them together, and economically and security-wise, there is not a better thing for Djibouti than working closely with Ethiopia.

    The belligerent and war mongering PFDJ regime is a nemesis for little Djibouti, and she is worried about her security. France, I think provides security for Djibouti, but this is a master-servant (colony-colonizer) relationship, and it is not going to be viable for very long. If Eritrea has a better relationship with its neighbors, it would be a positive development for the entire region, and not a negative one.

    Djibouti’s economy is dependent on Ethiopia’s economy (her main income is from Ethiopia’s import-export trade through the port), and therefore, integration is the best scenario. Of course, Djibouti wants to have the priority in servicing Ethiopia’s export-import trade, when the port of Lamu and Berbera start functioning. Modern railway and electricity connections are the first phase of this development, and when completed they are going to help the industrialization of Djibouti as well. The world of globalization has no place for reclusive regimes.

    • destaa

      I do not understand you here. What does the integration include? We are happy primarily because we think we are getting port (free port service?). And Djibouti is getting water and other benefits. But if I am a Djibouti-an, I will not accept the idea of becoming one country with a 100 million people country. Leasing port service and praying that Eritrea and Ethiopia are not at peace will be better for me. My point is, avoid your nationalist bias and tell me the costs and benefits of both countries if they change the current setting and become one country as recently reported.

      • As to the cost-benefit of the integration, you had better ask the Djibouti
        government that took the initiative and not me, although I tried to show it in
        my previous comment. It is your right not to like it. The final say is in the
        hands of the two governments and peoples.

  • said

    If any of us with deep conscience and any courage, the death of the children and if only we can hear their cry and screams of those 13 children, Something went wrong long time ago ,otherwise we will not be here today . one have to respect the difficult choose and the bravery of their families to set new lives for their children and to run from dark an bearable life with no bright future and their hope and dreams of a better life.

    The inhuman and savagery vileness of their killers and butchers who drag terrified young boys and girls from under car seat benches to be riddled with direct to kill bullets, with no kindness or mercy, will remembered every September and October Lampedusa , another new “day of infamy”. For it is the measure of the depths to which the regime barbarous, benighted age has deeply sunk that have allowed youth to become a target as an enemy and war zone. Unfortunately and cravenly, we can do nothing and we can do not defend it. The barbaric regime want to set another example of massacre by indifference to the precious lives of 13 children. It is an atrocious for the regime heart less to attack those children.

    After the standard condolence and professions of sadness, shock and piety we resume our Daly lives, even as the first condition of our youth their — their safety — has been violated. How and when did we allow this to happen and tolerate? One have to look to the past history of the regime. Some time they are collateral victims of regime fanaticism about something else, like the (Red follower) indoctrinate and brainwashing militant blind nationalism. That kept them in national service serfdom and captive ignorance for the rest of their lives and the kind from the victimisation of the Eritrean youth we are familiar with. The militarisation of our youth and society and callousness that shows no sign of abating.

    The regime was never forced to confront any of their barbaric and inhuman system with the questions, shoot to kill order or ‘do you ever kill?’ for vast majority of us have reached the absolute conviction that killing is totally wrong. God giving life is very precious and every human life is sacred and the regime have no right to kill under any situation No matter who they are or what they do. Jesus’s simple message: love your enemies, do not kill. He taught and lived by it. Sadly many of our people have moved so far away from the Christic life. That we find ourselves in the horrible situation and terrible dilemma

    When we deepen our kindness, love and compassion for all our compatriot citizens our brothers and sisters, it is not possible to subjugate, oppress, torture, murder and kill anyone. We Eritrean have being facing increasing utter violence, we are challenged to admit that we have being on wrong direction and for long time we are on the wrong political path, and that we need to find solution and new ways of progressive and pragmatic thinking and doing things from a national interest perspective.

    Dignity and Peace is a beautiful gift to have in life, and it is particularly treasured by our people who have known one of the longest wars and at time civil war and ongoing relentless war on the innocent people past and present. That rights and Peace is a basic human right for every individual.

    Compassion and Love for others and respect for their rights and their god given human dignity, irrespective of who or what they are, no matter what in what they believe in their respective politics ,religion – or none – that they choose to follow, we should l seek to bring about real change and set in motion proper inclusive relationships. With such relationships built on justice, inclusive, equality and trust, Eritrean can work together on so many of the threats to our common goal and aspiration of our humanity. To meet this challenge, we can each ask ourselves what can I do ‘how will what I do today help our people in need of us ‘?.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Awatistas,
    “You are, in your own way, a Truth-Teller.”
    That was Sal about Nitricc, of course. If you give your testimony about a well established compulsive lair and describe him to the contrary as a truth teller, what are you making of yourself- you guessed it right. Sal is happy about Nitricc’s gut for telling the truth as is. Sal’s only problem with Nitricc is his brute style of telling it without considerations about emotions and sensitivities.
    Well, if that is the only problem he saw in Nitricc, this should have been presented as a quality not as a weakness. That is not deductible and double award for Nitricc!!! I think, Sal knows it well. But, alas!, what the heck! he wanted to give him the biggest credit for what he is not and who can stop him from doing that!? According to Sal, what Nitricc needs to do to be a better truth teller (because Sal tells us he is already one) is to add more honey, a little bit sweetener, and give his ears and hearts to Mahmuday. That is what was needed to get a tender man telling the truth and the whole truth with a style. Hurrah!
    Sal even added a note on how Nitricc came out to be a leading thinker where all Eritrean politicians took them months to understand and follow Nitricc’s point of view. Do you want to know why Sal named Nitricc a leading thinker? Because after Lampedusa’s fateful incident, he said “exile is not the solution!” And then, suddenly and for the first time, it became a new revelation for everyone else. Wait a minute, this must have been known even by the Neanderthals and we must have heard it a lot of times from right and left since the struggle for independence, right? What the heck, it is Sal and who stand on his way if he wants to give it to Nitricc with a crowning jewelry?! So was how Sal decided to attribute this cliche commonsense knowledge to Nitricc with a guarded tone exclusivity.
    Nitricc is a liar through and through and he overdoes that even when he is not in need of it. He always does it as a matter of force of habit. Brutality with truth is fine and sometimes needed. The problem, Nitricc has been brutality married with lies after lies. Nearly, every note he wrote about the killed children under this and the previous tread are lies. First he said he thought he was reading Assena and had no hesitation telling us the Eritrean government wouldn’t kill its own children and it can’t be true except the Awate is bringing it for whatever reason. When Gedab News came with a follow up story strongly asserting the killing was made inside Eritrea by no other than the Eritrean regime, Nitricc didn’t say anything about his first claim of confidence in the government He jumped to another claim. Nitricc this time continued defending the government only now he re-positioned his line of defense and tried to justify the action by invoking the rationale of punishing defectors and violators of government law. Later yet again, he shifted his line of defense further and tried to ration the crime on everyone else and not the government alone.
    Mind you, this regime doesn’t know a rule of law for itself and it doesn’t have a legislative body. The Executive branch stipulates so many stupid policies and kill to enforce them. To kill kids and dump them without minimum restraint of accountability or explanation is an extraordinary reality of Eritrean reality today. And Nitricc wants the crime of the killer to be shared between the victims and the culprit, and Sal championed him as a truth teller?! How absurd!
    I didn’t want to write a long note on an individual hypocritically rewarding another individual but let me add one more point and exit. Did I say, Nitricc is not even an occasional lair but a compulsive one? By compulsive I mean he is obsessed with lying even if he doesn’t have to. Do I have examples on this characterization? Follow me:
    1) Do you remember some months back that Nitricc posted a picture of Indian soldiers distributing food to kids? His description of that pic was that Indian companies investing in Tigray currently brought their own guard soldiers to protect their Agri investments and thereby doing humiliating gesture of distributing cooked rice to Adigrat hungry kids. Then, Nitricc went on and made his point, “PIA would never allow that kind of humiliation to happen on Eritreans”, he said. When we knew that was not a picture from recently investing Indian companies in Tigray as described by Nitricc, but rather, it was from the UNMEE time a decade ago, Nitricc turned to retreat without shame bragging he provoke the Ethiopians to over react on the issue.
    2) Nitricc recently told us Gebru Asrat in his newly released book said TPLF lost exactly the same 65k during the 17 years war against the Derg, and he also said Gebru said the Tigrean parents who lost their beloved ones in the fight were not told and informed about their loss in a dignified manner. He was making a case that TPLF lost in 17yrs as many as what EPLF lost in 30 years, therefore, TPLF was not good and economical force as EPLF. Nitricc’s other point is TPLF has the obsession of copying EPLF on everything, even on the number of its martyrs. Well, we all, myself included, believed him on the facts he was interpreting but we were challenging his interpretations of his “given facts”. Fast forward, just recently, I was jokingly charming and teasing my friend that Gebru has indirectly admitted Eritreans are better fighters. My good natured friend told me back he actually read the book and Gebru’s figure for the dead fighters of TPLF was 54k not 65k. He also told me the Tigryan parents have been all properly told about their lost beloved ones and the only controversy regarding the martyrs’ parents were on the smallness of the amount of money they were offered to be paid (compared to what Eritrean parents- 3000birr/martyr compared to 10000birr/martyr). When he noticed a note of surprise on my face, he promised to bring the book and interpret that part for me if need be. Well, we haven’t met yet and I haven’t seen the pages with my own eyes, but I trust this guy with my life. And Nitricc who lies for the sake of provoking Ethiopians doesn’t stand a chance compared to my friend in terms of demonstrating honesty.
    Truth teller- hmmmm- according to whom and according to what!?

    • Nitricc

      Dedebit, since i declared you as mentaly unfit for prodactive and educational debate, i will keep it short. first not only you are unfit, but who ever respond to your one side boring and kissing the rearend of the faulty TPLF is equaly menatly unfit. to tell you the truth, i have no idea why Mahmuday is wasting his time with you? you are what you are, a paid on line TPLF protector. you are paid to pint rosy pictures of TPLF and degrade when ever EPLF and Eritrea.

      so, let keep it short.

      your point less point number one. i always tell you that you are from adi-grat. i found a picture from Adi-grat and i posted it, guess who responded to the picutre in 12 minutes? Dedebit. CONFORMED! only a person from that striking place would know the picture.

      to your pointless point number 2

      listen to your disgraced and a father of infriority Gebru Asrat. listen at 56 minute mark

      and you tell me. dedeb. Trust me, one thing i am incappable is a lie. i can not do it

      at least you could have said i am dumb and immature but a lier? no. you are the lier, remember?

      you told us PIA force himself in someone house and you were there when PIA drunk a bottle of black Lebel whisky my himself in two hours. when people challenged you, specificaly Rodab, you delete it but i saved it. why do you delete it? because it was a white lie. a person with PIA power, he went someone house to demand a whisky? the worst part of your lie is that no one can drink a bottle of whisky in two hours, NO ONE! you can try but you zzz is dead. also do you remember you told us you were chilling with Kiross Alemayo, i think he is a singer in 1980’s and at the same time you told us you have a sister 7 years old? which one is it. you talk about a lier. do math stupid.
      anyway I hope the Denqoro weyane gives you a rise for job well done. once a dedebit is always a dedebit.

      • Rahwa T

        To Nitricc,

        Why are these storms of insults repeatedly coming from this filthy-mouthed guy? Because he speaks good English that he picked from the streets of US, he thinks he is above anybody else. What a wicked man. One can see how his life has been
        so miserable from the words he chooses to communicate with readers and many of the videos links he posts to pass his message. After following him for long time, I reacted to one of his comments and called him street-boy. But another big man gave me a quick warning. One thing I realized is that as long as someone insults the Woyane, those of us from Tigrai and the few descent Eritreans in this forum who likes to have positive relation with the people south of Mereb, it is ok. It doesn’t matter whether he creates a rift or not. Nitricc seems to be encouraged by the many nice words of appreciations pouring to him from big men of this websites and few junior cadres.

        Nitricc, the more I read your comments; you are revealing your real personality and how disturbed and restless you are. The other day, you invite your readers an animation of a drunkard lady with a bottle of alcohol. I am sorry to say this but I couldn’t stop thinking of a kid who was born out of wedlock and grew up without proper parental care. Poor Nitricc! I know you will not learn from your life and your hate towards the Tigrians will kill you very soon. Good luck with your hate and keep drinking.

        • Nitricc

          I could have replay to you accordingly but you may not get. You are too slow
          So no point. But

          I know all the tigrians are having a bad week. It can only get worst. Don’t blame me,you should have been nice to the Amhara and Oromo. Too late, they are coming after you.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hayat:
      You are unfair in not giving Sal some slack. His investment
      in the novel discovert of “Nitriccoid” when everyone doubted him
      sometimes looks this close to pay off. Since he was an early agnel
      invesntor and breakthough seemed inconsistent and hapazardous he brought
      in an investor, our nominee of the year. Since “Nitriccoid” is a new
      tech, it is the wild west littered with dangers and pitfalls and given
      the decade or so of faith and investment I think we should give Sal a
      slack until he manages the merger with Mahmuday is integrated and see if
      he can twik the “Nitriccoid”. Who was that said, ” the reasonable man
      adapts himself to the world and the unreasonable man works to make the
      world adapt to him, but it is the later that brings the breakthrough?”.
      that “Nitriccoid” is lying to his teeth about Elsa and Meron, two
      Eritrean heroes we may need to bring Sophie as his mentor if she is not
      mentoring him secretely. Ntroiccoid can lie upto his teeth, but his
      teeth will not lie and since we have his teeth amples when HTG crashed
      his jaw couple of years we can analys them and prove that “Nitriccoid”
      is compulsive lier and not although he has increased the brain cells he
      has hit the wall. In the limits of increasing brains cells of ”
      Nitroccoid” will be the new tiopic in 2015

      • Nitricc

        Semere i bet you beleive that the dedebit grad is an Eritrean. wake up ,man, listen, in my line work, we don’t say the word “NO” when an idea comes out and storming process begins, you are not allowed to use the word NO. for instance, if I ask Semere if he wants to be the first person to go Mars, Semere will never say no. he will say, YES, if i can get there alive. then we all work to the safe arrival of Semere. and nothing is excluded as being a problem. when you solve a problem, you got to look at it from its roots. Eritrea youth is fleeing in droves, what are the reasons? who are the players? so, don’t be surprise if i charge and bring them to court you heroes for their crime against humanity; pricsliy, against the minors. they are responsible for human trafficking.

  • Ossares Haftom

    i hope thoes murder group HGDF2015 is the last year for them

  • Ossares Haftom

    this man A war crimes he has blood in hes hand we hav to stop him

  • Abe z Minewale

    I woke up from my sleep midnight last night. My hand held device was on showing Awate’s calendar day 25 of December shadowed by blue colour. My memory headed all the way to the functioning clock located at the department of education in Asmara.
    Awate team I wish I knew who is who in your team, but let me pass that question bcz not so important as the same time who gives a D. about MineWale
    Man of the year Mahmuday raising the border issue which is legal and just
    Thanks for the service soon we will share a slice of cake

  • Selamawi

    May the little beautiful souls celebrate Christmas in Heaven, and may the rest of the family be consoled by God.

    The lawless beastly organization will never stop destroying the Eritrean people. We do not have a government but we have a criminal organization actively and systematically destroying our people.

    It is time to unite and say to the pathological dictator and his cohorts: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    My condolences go to all those who lost their loved ones.

  • geltam

    Nytric says where is the evidence :S

  • Nitricc

    When every thing wrongdoing is assigned to the Eritrean government, the truth and the fairness gets lost in the middle of it. Every time something tragic happens 100 % the blame goes to the Eritrean government. I am not saying the Eritrean government is free of wrong doings but how about the parents who are willingly sending minors to the path of death? How about the diasporan’s who are financing the human trafficking? How about the so-called activities, the likes of Elsa Churum
    who is actively recruiting the youth to flee from Eritrea? How about the opposition groups who are encouraging and aidding the youth getting asylum. I think it is time we see, examine, judge and discuss to arrive at fair, just and partial conclusions
    to solve the problem. Blaming the government is unproductive, boring, redundant and waste of time. Sure, the government has wrong and repressive laws but a law is a law, either you change the government or you abide by the law. So, the
    parents are part of the problem, the oppositions are the part of the problem, the diaspora are the part of the problem, the activities are major part of the problem. All of them are responsible for the life of the minors. When the judgment day comes all are equally responsible as the government of Eritrea.

    • haileTG

      selam Nitricc

      you said “a law is a law, either you change the government or you abide by the law.” That is true, and is why all this movement is taking place to change the outlaw government. Surely, we don’t recognize its laws let alone abide by them. How could you recognize a law that says you will work a life time in a stipend, have no right to old age pension and if you try to escape I’ll shoot and if you don’t like it fight me because I did that to earn the right to abuse and brutalize. Think about that Nitricc.


    • Adulis

      Just shut your nasty gob and say I don’t know about Eritrea And its stoic people history anything before writing such heinous and idiotic opinion period

    • geltam

      When will be the judgement day , ayte Nitric ? If there is one..

    • saay7

      Selamat Nitricc:

      Under the tutelage of Tegadalai Mahmoud (awaitsa of the year?), I see great potential in you. You are, in your own way, a Truth-Teller. When we were all wailing after Lampedusa, you said that exile is not the solution and people should stay at home and fight for their right. You said it in classic Nitricc way (full of vinegar, no honey) but months later, several organizations were echoing your message: Exile is Not The Solution.

      So, I appreciate your efforts to interject and break through the group-think. I wish you would do it with a little more honey, a little less vinegar. And listen more to MaHmuday.


      In a tough month, while we are grieving, you, Amde and Abinet gave us the funniest lines here:

      Nitricc: “It turns out, X-mass came early for Eritrea, two MI-35 helicopters with skilled pilots, sealed and delivered.”
      Abinet: Your government will return the aircraft washed, polished and sanitized to the rightful owner with an apology letter signed by his excellency IA
      Nitricc: since we Eritreans are nice, we will give the MI 35 to TPDM.
      Amde: That’d be great. Always safer in Ethiopian hands. TPDM is just as Ethiopian as TPLF.

      I, for one, appreciated this: it was a relief from Ethiopian TV playing “patriotic songs”, Tigray Online pushing for war, and you-know-who here also pushing aggressively for war.

      Stick around, maybe your Hidmo is coming. But DO clip those nails:)


      • weasel-like

        Dear saay/AT,

        It is not really difficulty to realize that people like nitric, gud, hope with the blessing of this website serving/defending the mafia regime day in day out. Recently, saay was not shy to credit nitricc and say “You (Nitricc) are, in your own way, a Truth-Teller. When we were all wailing after Lampedusa, you said that exile is not the solution and people should stay at home and fight for their right.” Imagine nitricc never lived in Eritrea and does not know what it is like to deal with the mafia out there and understandably someone would not expect truth to come out of this naive and cruel supporter. Saay and others like Mahamudai seem to think that nitricc at times critises the mafia regime for its wrong doings or admits the government failures. Defenders or promotors of Nitricc seem to always forget that even DIA’s ambassadors are heard say that “we have weakness/mistakes, but we are working to over come our failures/weakness. Poeple like nitricc are just receiving these messages and directly when things get tough and the regime has no way defending, they spread such deceptive admissions to take the regime minus DIA group. People need to understand promoting people like Nitricc is not different promoting the murderers in asmara, because they all are the flip side of the coin. Awate Team please stop the madness, we are no more fools!!

      • weasel-like

        Dear saay/AT,
        It is not really difficulty to realize that people like nitricc, gud, hope with the blessing of this website serving/defending the mafia regime day in day out. Recently, saay was not shy to credit nitricc and say “You (Nitricc) are, in your own way, a Truth-Teller. When we were all wailing after Lampedusa, you said that exile is not the solution and people should stay at home and fight for their right.” Imagine nitricc never lived in Eritrea and does not know what it is like to deal with the mafia out there; and understandably someone would not expect truth to come out of this naive and cruel supporter. Saay and others like Mahamudai seem to think that nitricc at times critics the mafia regime for its wrong doings or admits the government failures. Defenders or promoters of Nitricc seem to always forget that even DIA’s ambassadors are heard say that “we have weakness/mistakes, but we are working to overcome our failures/weakness. People like nitricc are just receiving these messages; and when things get tough and the regime has no way defending itself, they spread such deceptive admissions to take the regime minus DIA group. People need to understand promoting people like Nitricc is not different promoting the murderers in asmara, because they all are the flip side of the coin. Nitricc alike are not hear to listen and learn, but to create divisions among opposition groups and defend the indefensibles at losing everything including their dignity. Awate Team please stop the madness, we are no more fools!!

      • Nitricc

        SAAY did you see what you did to the Dedebit grad? she went all out. lol i really feel bad for her though.
        please don’t give me my props; she may hurt her self. i think it is time people leave the dedebit grad alone. she a waste of time and energy. anyway i was going to ask SAAY, Mahumday, Haile, Shum, Amanual Hidarat and the rest of Awitista.

        SAAY said ((((( You hate it when people attack the government without, in your view, any evidence: don’t do the same against your compatriots.))))
        i will present you the evedence about Elsa and Meron. i do know they recruit Eritrean youth from inside Eritrea and they have a good link to Ethiopia and Sudan. i know it is a big accusation i am making but trust me, i will share with you.
        now let me get to my question.


        if insane person, sue ascidal holding a knife kidnaps your only child, would you be nice to that person and protect him or would you call him out with every nasty thing you know about that person? do you guys feel me?
        again this question is for SAAY, Haile, SHum, Aman and the rest

        • Shum

          Hey Nitricc,

          My response to your theatrical scenario would be somewhat like Liam Neeson’s response below. Enjoy.

        • saay7

          Selam at Nitricc:

          I will wait, but I am not holding my breath. And, fair warning, I won’t go easy on you: if u bring me PFDJ quality “evidence” against Elsa Chyrum, I am going to go for full debdab on you: there will be not surgical strikes, I am bring all my “kebid bret”, my drones, the works. So come prepared or don’t come at all. Go big or go home:)

          Whenever u are ready 🙂


    • Shum

      Hello Nitricc,

      I think you’re losing the full perspective even though I agree with you that it is not all the government’s fault in a general sense. The government is not fully to blame for the long list of issues that our country is facing. Every step of the way during it’s reign, it chipped away at different segments of our society, all with the compliance of the general populace and the diaspora. Each of us had a point where we said “hey wait a minute, this ain’t right, I’m not down with this”. Most of us didn’t do it from the start, it built up to a boiling point. This matters because if you think about the time before the year 2000, most Eritreans brushed aside those of us who were saying this government is not right for Eritrea. They did so by saying these are Eritreans in diaspora or old remnants of Jebha. But when the internal rift occurred, it validated a lot of things many Eritreans were saying all along. I believe that was a huge turning point in the wrong direction.

      Had Isaias allowed the internal opposition to voice their concerns and work within the government framework to resolve the issues, I think this would have allowed our country to take a different trajectory. It may not have prevented all problems or addressed all of the concerns people had, but I think we’d be in a much better place. But Isaias chose the criminal route. In one day, these critics (G-15) became ostracized, scratched from the annals of Ghedli and made to disappear. To add insult to injury, their achievements were scratched from record in people’s mind. Click on this to see how Uqbe Abraha’s name was removed from the anniversary of Wikaw Iz. Recall how Mesfin Hagos was treated in his first meeting in disapora with chair throwing thugs. He was one of the commanders of Afabet. The 30 year anniversary for that battle is in 2018. If PFDJ is still around, I doubt they’ll mention his name.

      The point I’m making is, It was a crime to put these men and thousands others behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit, but it was a damn shame and failure of our people for failing to rise up and say, this is unacceptable. Our people have failed and allowed PFDJ to breed itself into a monstrosity. But as Andebrhan Welde Giorgis alluded to, failure is not a crime. There is no ill malice in what our people did. To be honest with you, our people are scared and have bended on one knee because they see that if PFDJ is willing to annihilate one of its own, then there is no chance in hell they would say anything. I believe this one act really shut things down for our people more than any other event. Had the people protested and rejected these actions, we would be in a far better place. This is the choice before you, Nitricc. What stand will you take in the midst of a docile populace and a criminal enterprise known as PFDJ?

      Not that you asked, but here’s my Shum Manifesto:

      1. As diasporan Eritreans, we need to reject PFDJ and its affiliates of our time and money, but we should confront them in their meetings and festivals, lawfully and respectfully. We need to chip away at any legitimacy they have.
      2. We need to make a moral argument about the excesses of the GOE
      3. We need to encourage our people that this is their country and that the helping hand is at the end of their arm
      4. We need to challenge the opposition groups to come up with solution-oriented ideas that reflect the wishes and aspirations of our people
      5. We need to tell the opposition group that we will not stand for an organization that is on a puppeteer’s string
      6. We need more groups working in Eritrea like Arbi Harinet and less drama between groups who argue over nothing and don’t even have a footprint in Eritrea
      7. We need nationalist movements and not ethnic or religious-based parties. Actually, we don’t need parties at this point. That’s putting the cart before the horse. We need organizations with strategies and tactics for change.
      8. We need to end the era of fragmentation. If we can’t work together, then we don’t deserve any better.
      9. PFDJ supporters have to stop telling us about the worldwide conspiracies that they can’t event witness when their relatives are in front of them, suffering and languishing. Where’s your humanity?
      10. All of us need to step back and reflect on what our people fought for and see if where we’re at measures up to that.

  • haileTG

    “the man has raised five children”…has he? try “was raising” next time! When Lampedusa parents were told to close mourning in just over a week, the regime thought the considered the relatives were “trained actor shading crocodile tears”, isn’t that why it keeps doing it? Anyhow, what is troubling your soul?

    • guist

      Man come on read what wrote yourself, here is what you wrote.

      ” The man not only won his goals the second time but raised three four more children earning an A class parent.” you said he raised three children and I see now you crossed the three and put four, Please get your fact straight before you are all over the place to put a lie together. By the way the man has five children and not three or four. Yes, the three missing or dead, a 33 years old in Toronto Canada, and 21 years old in Asmara Eritrea.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    ንሃገርና ምሕረት የውርደላ፥ ነዚ ወሪዱና ዘሎ መዓት ምእንቲ ክንምክት ኣምላኽ/ ረቢ ልቦናን ሓይልን ይሃበና።

    ርሑስ በዓል ልደት ንኣመንቲ ክርስትና፥ ርሑስ ሓድሽ ዓመት ንኹልና!

  • said

    I will be haunted for eternity of the resigned look of the mothers of the 13 children in oscillation between distraught and a glimpse of hope that miracles, a left grain of compassion in the stoned heart of the Asmara regime cannot still spare the life of their sons and daughter ; their children ; their babies that once weaned to just entering the world of adulthood so that mothers could one day throw their flailed frame for them to hold; support with the sturdy arms of the children they nurtured.
    I could never, nothing could ever erase that image of the face of a tender and loving mothers in attendance; in supplication that their sons and daughters , 13 children would come marching home so that could once more warmly hug; embrace so as to never go, never to depart far away from mothers tender sight. Mothers, O Mothers, of all God’s mortals they would cling to the remotest glimpse of hope that their beautiful babies; their wonderful children would still come marching home for them to embrace warmly.

    The beasts of the Earth in the cloaks of living humans; with branded slogans of an assassinated human value ; rendered devoid of morality; spirituality, compassion and mercy to fellow young children , murdered the Mother’s Children ; the babies they desperately hoped to once more embrace and warmly hug again and again .

    The Bests of the Earth in the Cloaks of mortal humans assassinated, long before assassinating the compassionate and loving mother ’s children , the compassion; the mercy; the love; the morality and the spirit of a branded human value .

    The Beasts of the Earth in the cloaks of humans never wizened to the cardinal verse in a Holy Book “To unjustly take the Life of one Mortal is Tantamount to the Assassination of the Whole Stock of The Human Race.”

    Fascism, cruelty and savagery; the ever closing of mortals’ minds endured ever since the advent on Planet Earth of Homo Sapiens; mortals readying to revoke the crude savagery of the species constituent of the Animal Kingdom to only excel of all God’s creations in cruelty, savagery and utter lack of compassion.

    As 13 children Mothers awaits in vain their babies ’s return to warmly embrace; so is also gone, along with their chaps ; all the professed compassion and mercy; all the love and morality for long claimed in a human universal value that’s equally murdered.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Awate Team, thank you for verifying who did this brutal criminal act.

    Now, can we agree this time, that the enemy of our people is the regime and its system and not Issayas only. I hope those who believe that this regime is redeemable and reformable will change their mind. There is nothing redeemable from this criminal regime. It is a well established system in a way it took our toll and continue for sometime as far as we have different view on this criminal regime. The army (the senior) and the party as whole are inseparable. If we have to fight them let us recognize that they are well organized system for what ever they are doing. We have to harmonize our struggle to be waged against the system. They are not few, and they are not even cliques only, those who are engaged in all types of barbaric act day in day out our people are facing. Let us change our heart please – it is the system that destroys our people and our nation. I am appealing to unite our arm against the PFDJ system.

    Again my heart goes to this kids and their parents.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • T..T.


      I second your opinion/suggestion.

      For some people it is painful to call for pushing all of the Isayasists and those behind them into a corner for the final blow, yet necessary to unite all the Eritrean opposition forces.

      The untold thousands of crimes the Isayasist committed against the Eritrean people are predisposing them to commit more crimes in order to silence the eyewitnesses or divert attentions. Let the world protect the eyewitnesses.

      To all Isayasists: Enough is enough!!! Stop lies. Stop denials. Stop killings and more killings in cover ups.

      The day to day lies and killings have become ingrained in their politics and policies as a way of running the country. No one is safe, unless flees the county.

    • Hope

      Please,no need of shenkolol,repeating the same arguement over and over—aka,”Insanity”.
      If the Architect of the System is gone,how in the world do you think the “System” will survive,practically speaking?
      Leave my “Cousin” alone ,man!
      If the Engine is dead,do you believe the wheels can run/roll over?
      Have a blessed Holiday Season.

      • saay7

        Merry Christmas Cousin:

        Here’s Tesfagabrield Embaye Berhe giving a strong rebuttal to Emma’s Blueprint for Change which is so old I think it is in scrolls.

        After some discussion on what percentage of the 13 kids who perished were the children of soldiers/veterans, Asmarino’s Dr. Russom asks his guest (Tesfagabriel) what can we learn from the fact that those who are part of the system are smuggling out their children. I have tried to give this answer in long articles in English; here it is in 3 minutes in Tigrinya in audio. I chopped it for Emma, it is his Christmas present:


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Saay,

          Keep in mind that not all the file and rank of the army are members of the party as all the rank and files of the Chinese red army are not members of the communist party. Don’t generalize to rebut my argument. The regime doesn’t stand without the the institutions of the oppression. It is unheard argument that a dictator could stand without institutions. In fact there isn’t strong institutions than the institutions of dictators. That video doesn’t make your argument palpable.
          Happy New year as we are almost at the gate of the New year. I hope the year of 2015 will bring us together in our mission pragmatically. So far we failed to have common understanding to out enemy. But again it is all the stupid ideology view.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Selamat Amanuel:

            Happy New Year to you and everyone as well.

            This, among many other provocative things: is what you wrote on 12/24:

            “The army (the senior) and the party as whole are inseparable. If we have to fight them let us recognize that they are well organized system for what ever they are doing. We have to harmonize our struggle to be waged against the system. They are not few, and they are not even cliques only, those who are engaged in all types of barbaric act day in day out our people are facing.”

            THEY ARE NOT FEW, AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN CLIQUES ONLY. That’s what you wrote. You said many things that I ignored, shelel ileyu, because in times of extreme distress, some of our awatistas lose it.

            The video that I chopped for you, Dr Russom Mesfun’s interview with Tesfagebrial Embaye Berhe at, makes the opposite case: that they are, indeed, very few and they are a clique.

            This is not an “ideological difference”, as you describe it often. This is an assessment of reality; it is based on this assessment that we in the opposition plot strategies. And I am telling you that your strategy is, has been and will be wrong as long as you don’t reassess. It is as simple as that. No appeals for “unity” and harmonizing of ideology will make any sense until people agree on what is happening in Eritrea and who is responsible for it.


  • said

    My sincere condolence to families. May their soul rest in peace . What a shameful killing.

    At least 15 migrants died in ‘shameful’ Calais conditions in 2014:

    young men and women from east Africa take evergreater risks to get the UK, according to an investigation by the Guardian.

  • Hayat Adem

    the good, the bad and the ugly:
    1) 13 (eritrean) children have been killed and dumped somewhere in the wilderness
    2) the killer is the (eritrean) government
    3) the reason for the killing was because they were crossing the border outward bound
    under normal scenario, you don’t even go to #2&3. you simply need to be mad and furious on the news fact listed at #1 above. it doesn’t matter who killed them, it doesn’t matter the reason. children are killed in a situation that can not be explained as an accident. that is earth shaking, or so it should be. it is a news that must shook the internal core of everyone. the reason why 90% of your anger should boil after you knew 13 kids were murdered without even knowing who the murderer is IS because it doesn’t matter who the killer, and again because no body can possibly justify the murder of children. that means even if the murder is committed in a hot war theater, it can not be justified. even if it was done by gangsters and outcast criminals, it can not be justified. even if it is done by a suicidal terrorist, it can not be justified. even if it is committed by a psycho or a full-blown mad person, it can not be excused. this is because children have to be always protected by their parents, by their society and by their government. it really is very abnormal and shocking for 13 kids to be gunned down to death. almost the entire news is in the fact that these kids were killed. why on earth should 13 eritrean kids be killed? if one has a sane mind, one will stay pondering this fact again and again and internalizing it for a while. some thing must be terribly wrong with this situation, one should say even without learning who behind the killing is. no just eritrean, if any two legged animal with a brain hardware on his shoulder is not stirred and emphatic about this incidence regardless of the identity of the culprit, consider him a lost piece of human being. my real and main message ends here, but let me go after the the remaining insignificant 10% matter as well. those people who are still benefiting the criminals with the notion of
    ‘benefit of the doubt’ are really the bad here. the silent people are the bad here.
    #2: and who did it? the government. no normal government in the whole world kills its children to enforce policy. governments protect children even under difficult situations. their job is protecting children from harms. they don’t kill children even if it means to save other more children. i’m saying this to unnecessarily (very unfortunate of us, aren’t we?) underline the fact that governments can not invoke any reason to kill children, under any circumstances, what so ever. that is why it is very very ugly to hesitate to disassociate oneself and clearly condemn the government for this crime.
    #3: “possible reason” for killing children is a zero point argument. that is not even the right expression: it is totally repulsive and extremely ugly, and unearitrean, and inhuman and…
    absurd, is it not!? and the guy who told us much about absurdity in “the stranger” also told us this: “When the soul suffers too much, it develops a taste for misfortune.” albert camus.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear Hayat also a reply to meseret
      I seldom agree with you, but here, you have not ventured far from a logical analysis and a reasonably intact conclusion. Drawing a policy of shoot to kill is wrong. Enforcing that policy and shooting at civilians is a crime. Shooting to kill fleeing civilians is an aggravated one. Shooting dead fleeing kids, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s sick. So, instead of arguing on investigative steps, let’s focus on the policy itself. If prior knowledge of such incidents which have been consistent in detailing how the government has been manning the border (witnesses are available) could be taken as a reference, it’s reasonable to believe that a border unit, a government policy, hence, the government is responsible. Therefore, a sound citizen with unimpaired judgement would be expected to:
      a/ tell us that such a policy doesn’t exist, however, the government failed to ensure the safety of its citizens, therefore, it must go.
      b/ agree that such a policy exists as evidenced by cited sources, or by prior knowledge of such practices which have been enforced consistently (many examples available); therefore, the government must go.
      Either way, the government has endangered the safety of its citizens, either by directly shooting them or creating such an open seasons for criminals to play with the life of our people.It must go.
      Think about this: It’s not debatable that the current state of our beloved country is the making of the president and his cover-front, the PFDJ which has created a hellish life . So, creating a hell is inhuman. Now, when you block the doors and windows in order to block people from escaping the man-made hell is even devilish; it’s tantamount to being extremely inhuman.
      It’s not normal for a society to take in such mistreatment for such a long time. What should be done? Have we, the “enlightened”folks done our duty towards ending this miserable state of our people? Isn’t it time to reexamine our way of struggle? Soul searching is needed. Tolerance, communication, and confidence building measures are required.

      • Hayat Adem

        Hi Mahmuday,
        I’m unhappy we are not agreeing more often than seldom. You are counted amongst the fair-minded reasonable men and women in my book. A few times, I see you going a bit over the fence on defending Eritrean nationalism over Eritrean livelihood; and EPLF’s legacy over Eritrea’s future. And may be it is NOT because you don’t know it but you may think we need to do that to stand as a nation, and everyone here knows it hat era is an episode you invested the best of your youth time risking everything. But like Semere Andom said it well few days back, you are a very wonderful man who applies logic, principle and decencyfor the most part in every discourse you dispatched. That is a blessing.

        That said, I’m sometimes puzzled by your patience as to how you do keep hoping in the Hopes, you keep waiting for any good to come from the Guds, and you keep expecting that treating the sulfuric and phosphoric elements with kids glove is safe and may one day turn to be rewarding. As much as it is mind boggling for me how a decent man finds it necessary to educate those folks life-long and still fail, I’ll watch you earnestly if you can some how miraculously dint on th very beings of their thickness..Did you see them rushing to defend the indefensible lately? They were single-minded about where their hearts were and they were doing everything they can to deflect the matter away from the government without any curiosity (to expect humanity from them is a luxury) for the killings.
        Now, Mahmuday, let me seize you up on what I think is the bigger picture. I believe the core reason why the opposition is not rising up to the expectation is because an objective situation for such dynamics is lacking. If so many people are fleeing the country and so many parents, including veteran commanders in the army, are encouraging their kids to flee or die trying, (and mind you this is not in a war time nor running away from natural calamities), there seems to be something lacking. According to my understanding, people know that Eritrea is not livable because of the hardships they experience day to day, but there is little understanding or none as to why that is so and on the how that can be solved. I am afraid all the indoctrination and intensive propaganda over the years by PFDJ has prevailed big time. Our people have put on PFDJ lenses and they are interpreting events around their lives through those lenses. Because of that, their tolerance level to government crimes is unparalleled and under spoken. And when they find it impossible to sustain the tolerance, they leave. They seem to have no enough awareness of the fact that the unlivability of Eritrea is directly linked to the nature of the regime. PFDJ is the only software they are uploaded with and they are overly indoctrinated to remain hostile and incompatible for an alternative software. That must be the reason why the opposition is not gaining a ground even in the face of so many beast-class crimes committed by the killing junta aka PFDJ.
        Wrong or right, you and your comrades fought hard to liberate the land and you triumphed. Now, the remaining part seems not less difficult. We should earnestly work hard to liberate the minds of our people and make them look inwards. The things you read from the likes of hopes, nitriccs and guds seem like out of tune and childish on the superficial level. But look carefully, their feeds are straight out of the playbook of PFDJ and amazing enough, they work for them. .First they try to sow seeds of doubts on the authentication of a crime-story that implicates the regime by citing extraneous and inconsequential omissions in the story write-up, minor points here and there. That way they buy a couple of days. If some one tries hard to establish the facts and the truth, they attack the messenger so that the focus is NOT on the message. Here too, they buy another couple of days. If the story grows to be firm and admissible, they bring another diversionary story and dilution, and that way, they work in harmony to slacken the momentum. Sometimes they appear provocative on our emotions intentionally so that we are drag to temptations and get diverted from the bigger issue and spend our energy on appeasing to them to behave themselves. We then go to other subjects for a while until another horror news is reported by Gedab news, and go on vicious circle all the way, the same familiar way.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    Another sad news:

    Breaking News፣- ኣብ ወሓዚ ኣጥባራ (ጋሽ) 21 ኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት ጥሒሎም

    Excerpt: ካብ መዓስከር ስደተኛታት ሸገረብ ተበጊሶም ብመንገዲ ከሰላ ናብ ውሽጢ ካርቱም ዝወስድ መንገዲ ንምእታው ንወሓዚ ኣጥባራ ወይ ጋሽ ብጃልባ ዝሰግሩ ዝነበሩ 21 ኤርትራውያን ከምዝጠሓሉ ምንጭታት ሬድዮ ኤረና ካብቲ መዓስከር ሓቢሮም።… (read full story on the link above)

  • Sami

    It is a very tragic story that 13 young Eritreans would die in Eritrea trying to flee Eritrea. I will try to make few points here:
    1. The loss of any life is tragic for anyone and is gut wrenching for the parents and loved ones. Logic tells me that the death of the siblings and others can be ascertained by their parents and loved ones. This is not even open to argument. Period. You could argue about the circumstance under which the “killings”/death happened but for God’s sake don’t use the unfortunate death of this young souls for cheap politics. This refers to people on both ends of the spectrum.
    2. There is strong evidence that Eritreans trying to flee had been killed by the government before. Anyone who denies this is out of his/her freaking mind. once again it does not matter where you stand with PFDJ, you must stand for the truth.
    3. Nitric and someone else commented on the discrepancy between shoot to kill policy and Trafficking. We can spend time mincing words trying to discredit Awate. I do believe Awate has an agenda to defame, discredit PIA, PFDJ, GOE, pick one…That’s fine. Nonetheless the death of this young Eritreans should not be used as a Got-chu moment. Try to pay respect for the departed soul and their families.
    4. Question for the Awate editors: Correct me if I am wrong but you have implied that the ruthless dictator has sympathy for veterans fighters and their families and somehow the death of these young kids would expose him of his true being; If that is your selling pitch for a blind supporter of PIA, then you are from “Mars” and you need to get back to our beloved Earth.
    5. you also reported about the location where it might have occurred and I think you are getting your self into a deep hole if infact it turns out to be a different location or the circumstance of their death was totally different. This really pales in comparison to their ultimate life but I do think we have to be careful when reporting.

    • Hope

      Very reasonable arguement.but time will confirm things and I do agree that we should NOT politicize things..

  • Nitricc

    Meseret, you got a point. the opposition comp they love to double dip. they always want it in both ways and this bad habit of them is costing them credibility. if you asking me this killing should be the last strew for urgent dialogue. and something needs to be done. you can not kill your youth like that.
    now there are two points to look at. one the oppositions should drop accusing the government of human trafficking. they can not have both ways.
    then when you read the article you will find the following contradicting statement.

    ((((The government has a shoot-to-kill policy for anyone who leaves the country “illegally.”)))))

    ((((((We now have information that the party responsible for their murder was the Eritrean government and the place where the crime occurred is near Karora, in northernmost Eritrea bordering Sudan.))))

    what i don’t get is this.. if it is the government’s policy to kill then how is it a crime? I am not defending the government; i am trying to see things in a different lights. who ever commit the killing i.e. only dispensing
    his/her duty. the point is if it is the policy of the government then is it a crime?

    • haileTG

      Hi Nitricc,

      The regime engages in black market money exchange and also arrests those who do, the regime engages in contraband and confiscates those who do, the regime engages in many other crimes and attacks others who do. Plus also remember that the pristine picture of a government that is zoomed through ERiTV diaspora is more like a childrens cartoon show, it doesn’t exist in everyday Eritrea. The country is a crime hub and life is a day to day gambling. Let love guide your actions, the least we can do is to hold deep contemplation with the self and try to mentally imagine embodying the lives of those affected and try to emotionally bond with them. This is the time to share their grief and not the time to dishonor them in the highest form by looking away from their tragedy and courting beurocratic council over peripheral matters.


      • Nitricc

        Haile, I hear you but i was imagining the person who killed the kids is in my court and i was thinking a little deep. i was faced what my verdict would be? he is a soldier, and soldiers carry orders and the government of Eritrea have the policy like AT stated. like i have said, i wasn’t defending the government rather i was trying fair. let me ask you this. if the person who killed the youth, what would be your judgment knowing the Eritrean government policy and knowing what the duty of any soldier is? hope you can understand where i am coming from, Haile.

        • haileTG

          hi Nitricc,

          Nuremberg principle

          Principle IV

          Superior Orders

          “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”.

          This principle could be paraphrased as follows: “It is not an acceptable excuse to say ‘I was just following my superior’s orders'”.

          I think this would make them responsible.


        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Quote: hope you can understand where i am coming from, Haile.

          I think this person at a certain point of time has perpetrated a crime or still experience it. It seems at the moment he is contemplating about a way out in case the regime collapses. I have a ready made solution for you,Innocents Annihilation Acid, change your skin and claim being an opposition.

    • Saleh Johar

      You would be right if what we have had a semblance of normal government, that abides by a known law as a constitution, with accountability and a court system. But we don’t. What is referred to as a government is actually divided into cells of power centers. One cell loots the economy, another jails, another traffics humans, runaway officials who protect each other’s turf though it seems contradictory to you. It’s just like having cattle inside a fence, you take a few Bulls to sell every now and then but if one breaks lose on its own you beat it up and return it to the fence. And you make sure that no animal leaves the fence without your knowledge or permission. Top officials of the regime are implicated in smuggling goods for example, but you have customs and tax departments. You have human traffickers and border guards. You have killers and jailers and you have Fozia Hashim. If you do not see contradiction in the justice system, then apply it to everything else.

    • Dear Nitricc,

      You wrote, .

      I would never have expected that you would ever say such outrageous and inhuman thing. If these children were alive today, they would be celebrating Christmas as your children
      (if you have one) and as mine. Don’t you have a decent way of supporting the regime, without insulting the memory of these innocent children, and without stubbing the already bleeding hearts of the parents of these children? I never
      expected you would ever be so inconsiderate.

      As much as you are concerned, if it is the policy of the government to kill, then killing is not a crime, and the regime has the right over the life of every Eritrean and whoever dies at the hands of the Eritrean regime gets what he/she deserves, whether he/she is an innocent child or any other helpless person, unfortunate enough to be at the mercy of the regime.

      If the regime sends you to kill innocent children you are dispensing your duty by becoming the long arm of the criminal regime [no the regime that has the right (license)
      to kill according to your views], and nobody is allowed to be a conscientious objector and a human being with human
      feelings. Human beings are not robots, but creatures who know the difference between good and bad, crime and justice, the sanctity of life and the right to life. No sane person should support a psychopathic murderer.

      On such a Holy Day, the best thing you could have done is to avoid such an outrageous comment that augments the pain of the poor parents.

    • Semere Andom

      You are trying hard to understand, very hard. This cannot be simpler:
      Because something is declare law/policy by a government does not mean it is lawful, it is lawless/criminal law. If you are saying those who shot to kill should not be hold responsible by then maybe, they can claim all sorts of things: Like they were forced their small brains have been brainwashed, they can claim insanity but the issuer of the shoot to kill policymust be found criminal.
      You are trying hard to be a devil’s advocate, but if you are trying to understand/ truing to get, there are some basics things you need to do and that is open and expand your mind. This is not politics.
      Because something is a policy, is it a crime wondered the philosopher Nitrikay, where is the master MaHmuday?

    • Abraham Hanibal

      According to the information given here, we are told that several Eritrean parents have lost their loved children while the children were on their way out of the unbearable life the PFDJ has created in our country. This news is confirmed by a father and mother who’ve lost three of their loved ones. If you’ve a humane heart, this information should be enough for you to show a slight sign of sorrow,; you don’t need to search for scapegoats. You don’t need to play dirty politics on the loss of children by the worst possible means.
      What kind of reasoning is it that, if it is government policy then it is not illegal? Almost all policies of the PFDJ-regime are illegal and criminal, because they’re enforced on the people without the approval of the people. There cannot be any people in the world that would approve indiscriminate arrests, disappearances, endless servitude, and a shot to kill policy on escapees. When you’ve a gangster regime, like that of the PFDJ, you should expect all sorts of evil deeds; this is not a regime that has a control on what its agents, and criminal gangs would do.

  • AOsman

    Snippet from News on Assenna

    Haron said the latest ambush was in retaliation to killings by Eritrean government
    against innocent citizens particularly against ethnic Afar minorities.

    The two rebel groups further vowed to intensify joint attacks
    in the year 2015 and called on all other opposition forces to join the armed
    struggle to overthrow president Isaias Afwerki’s regime.

    The Eritrean rebel groups have also called on South Boulder Mines Ltd., an
    Australian mining company to stop its operation inside the country.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    A tyrant has no kin, friend or intimate companion; but unfortunately fools don’t understand that.

  • Yoel Lino

    It’s confirmed by the regime and it’s supporters that 13 Children are died. The supporters are just trying to say that it’s the fault of the parents. Why did they try to take them out of the country at first place? The mindset of those supporters is just unbelievable?

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Yoel Lino,

      How come that their mindset is unbelievable? It is what they have and for what they are trained for, “to deny”. We have to believe that this is what their mindset is.


  • Saleh Johar

    You is life in Mars Meseret? And when are you returning to earth?

    • Guest

      Don,t you think it is a little bit contradicted accusing human trafficking and killing to shoot to stop people from running out of the country.

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        They smuggle wine and when individuals do the same business they confiscate it. Now compare as you like.

        • Gud

          So, they gunned down the other smugglers they hired to smuggle their own children, because they are taking their bussiness? You need to do better.

          Or perhaps you mean to say the government couldn’t do the smuggling and shoot to kill at the same time, hence they gave the smuggling to others, and they took the shooting their own children’s task themselves

          Try again

          • saay7

            Selamat Gud:

            You are not persuaded by the story, which is your right. If you want to persuade me that the government had nothing to do with the murder of the children, you need to help me out here because I have questions:

            1. If the government had nothing to do with their death, why didn’t it announce their death in September? Just a month earlier, in August, it had reported that a Sawa-bound bus had overturned and 17 students had died. Is it an un-reported accident?

            2. In our story, and the audio report by Asmarino, we stay that the father was told by prison officials that they have his daughters in custody. Where do you think the break down is here: (a) no the father didn’t say that? (b) the father said that, but he wasn’t telling the truth; (c) the father was telling the truth but a corrupt prison official was lying?

            I am assuming that there is a general agreement on the facts: that 13 children died in September 2014. If you don’t agree with that statement, can you tell me what you believe happened?


          • Rodab

            Sir Sal,
            While awaiting Gud’s misrepresentation, may I have a thing or two to say on your numerated points:

            1. To me the question is not as to why the government didn’t announce the death of the 13, but rather since informing is out of its character, what prompted it to announce the death of the 17 (back in August)? Is it because many witnessed the tragedy and became impossible to pass it quietly? Is it because it dragged the victims out of their warm homes and exposed them to their ultimate demise and felt guilty and is that why it invoked insurance payment? Of course on the case of the 13, it would hold the victims’ action responsible for their death. That’s exactly what answer you will get from regime officials, if outright denial of the incident is not an option for them.

            2. I believe the accounts here. If I had a reason to disbelieve it, it would be for this: once again, informing people about the whereabouts of loved ones is not a PFDJ thing. So it is kind of unusual for them to admit that the girls were killed. Many times, such enquires by familly members end up being deadlocked. People are bullied and threatened and told not to make such enquiries ever again. That’s exactly what Aster Yohannes’ mom said she was told. God knows how many Eritrean families have been denied the most basic information of lost ones. So the fact that the families of the dead, in this case, are informed gives some closure to this tragic man-made losses.

            3. Same as #1.

          • Nitricc

            Rodab, I disagree. the 17 youth were going to serve their country while the 13 is to defect. there is a big, big difference between the two in the militarily world. let’s call things as they are. you don’t honor, acknowledge and glorify defectors. the end of the story.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear nitrikay
            The murderer is out there, whether it is a criminal gang or border patrol which, if responsible of the killing, makes it equally criminal, but the kids could not be described as defectors. To My understanding, they were not soldiers. Some of them are way below the mandatory age. All in all, it’s heart breaking; it hurts. Care is needed while you opinionate about this matter. It’s human life, nitrikay, it’s tough. Your sensitive spot is needed badly in this occasion.

          • Meseret

            I agree with you here but the news is not some children died. If true it is sad news. But the real news is that Awate and co are alleging these kids were caught by the government and then killed or killed right away by the governemnt on the spot. And what we are saying is such a blatant accusation should be supported by evidence. Otherwise if accusing only is enough to make one guilty, then there would be no innocent party. So what we are saying is, before making such an accusation give us the proof or the evidence that it happened the way Awate says it did! Otherwise one has to be aware that, lies are so common and if it were not not about my country and my government, these would not have deserved any response at all.

            On the audio clip, I heard that the family paid around 2 million nakfa to the government! I know you are that naive to believe such a thing, but then again when a lie is in one’s favor, it is halal!!

            A government that pays 450 Nakfa a month to its soldiers asking for 2 million!!! I might have been born at night but it it was not last night. So let’s make the lies a little bit palatable, otherwise you will find your readers throwing up everywhere

          • Saleh Johar

            Dear Meseret,
            I think the problem is that you do not recognize the value of reporting. Reporting news is not like having a case in a court of law, where you someone else makes an argument against a case. News are reported, then the party that is accused (in this case the government) makes its case. Then you the reader make up your mind if you doubt the news. But asking for proof from the reporter is not the solution. To believe a report, you have to go back at the track record of the news outlet–that might help you make up your mind. Then you go to the track record of the government, and that certainly help you. Gedab News reported, you should pester the government to make its case, not the reporter. But you know the regime is not known for its record of acknowledging anything. You have enough proof to make up your mind. But Gedab News has reported what it believes to be the truth. The news is read by thousands and it doesn’t have to debate with each and every reader. Follow the correct process of verification.The first is to challenge the government.

          • haileTG

            Hi SGJ, actually the real question should have been the details of the other 10 victims and why is the regime not capable of releasing their identities. But I guess that is 10 places down the list of priority for some:)

          • Saleh Johar

            HaileTG, I can live with 10 places down, actually it does not register in their radar 🙂

          • saay7


            You mean “details of the other 13 victims…”

            16 youth
            13 killed (of whom 3 are sisters)
            3 completely unaccounted for.

            For some, the only thing worse than knowing your child is dead is “we don’t know if your child is alive or dead.”

            Merry Christmas

          • haileTG

            Hey saay,

            Yes, 13 in deed ( I was still thinking of the first edition where it was presumed the 3 might have been the one’s to have told the parents, my mistake).

            Not knowing of a child’s where about is a death sentence, what a killer that is. Everyday that passes by comes with high hopes and ends with a dashed hope and a broken spirit. Everyone you meet seems a great savoir with big news for you, and often is not. Constant anticipation, anxiety, panic you name it. Desperation and humiliation become daily companions. The story of the father trailing swaths of arid expanses looking for the three daughters seems a small glimpse of that unfortunate reality. You would hope some one answers them, surely, much sooner than even a split second more.

            Merry Christmas to Saay and Family too!

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Saleh:
            For sure Meseret is right to challenge the reporter for proof. But he is not doing that an independent citizen, he is a PFDJ and speaking on its behave, he maybe doing it per beno, or he maybe in the payroll. This piece of news is not a secret, he can come to Toronto and meet the mother. The PFDJ supporters demand proof from everyone else except themselves. Their logic is how do you know the government shot them?
            According PFDJ the following are facts:
            There is only one entity that has guns, government in Eritrea
            There are no bandits, no opposition in peaceful Eritrea
            There are no crimes in Eritrea,
            Therefore if shots are fired it must be by the gun carrying entity.
            In Toronto they are spreading the news that the Rashaidas did it. We cannot convince people who are willfully ignorant, Slowly this type of massacre will hit home and if the Meseret’s have any family left in Eritrea similar thing will happen to them and we will see if they will ask you for proof

          • Rodab

            They’re students, not soldiers and can’t be described as defectors. If a government doesn’t allow you to live normal life and is unable to create jobs, it should help people out to where they can make living, instead of killing them. The end of the story.

          • Nitricc

            Rodab, i refuse to believe you will miss the point. you are with elite Eritrean intellectuals and i am expecting that from you.
            now read this line from the article and tell me where it says ” soldier”
            here it is read it …
            “(((The government has a shoot-to-kill policy for anyone who leaves the country “illegally.”)))))
            who leaves the country “illegally” The end of story : – )

          • Shum

            Hello Nitricc,

            Ok, so let’s say they left the country illegally. Do you think it’s ethical and moral for someone to be killed because they are leaving the country? And as far as policy goes, when people say it is a policy of the government to shoot to kill, they’re not saying that this is a codified law, they’re saying that’s how the government operates. You’ve been around long enough to know how that our country runs without a legislative body that passes laws. Since we’re run by the whims of a man and vanguard front, we have to evaluate their actions and motives as individuals with a moral and ethical compass. We don’t have any other alternatives. Or do we? As an expert on all things dental, does this follow the old rule “tooth for a tooth”?

          • SA

            Here in America, we actually honor, acknowledge, and glorify those who defect from the Mafia. Since you are a supporter of the mafia regime in Asmara, we understand why you feel the defectors betrayed the regime you support.

          • saay7

            Selamat Engineer Rodab:

            What the news report is saying is that the government followed its patented 3 step policy:

            1. Total Denial: We don’t know what you are talking about. Go away. This is where it ends for most Eritreans (the “Gebar”, the “non-connected.”). But when is some connection, then steps 2 comes in:

            2a. S/He Is With Us And We Love Him As Much As You Do: This is what Ali Said Abdella told the father of Bitweded when he kept asking on the whereabouts of his son. You son is stubborn, and we have him under arrest, and now I know where he gets his persistence, it is from you. Har har har, would you like some tea?

            2b. S/he Is With Us But There Is Nothing I Can Do About It: This is what General Sebhat Ephrem told the ailing mother of Bitweded who was carried on a stretcher to visit her son in jail. Orders are orders, ma’am, and your son is in jail under direct orders of the president. In some cases, as the journalist Milkias Mehretab narrated, you could have the police chief (then Brigadier General Mussa Rabaa) telling a grieving wife: “Let me tell you the truth, stop looking for your husband and just concentrate on your kids. Let alone knowing about youre husband’s fate, we don’t even know our own fate.” ((Nnebsina ikwa ayfeletnan zellena)

            People forget. If you want a refresher on all the horrible things that have been going on in Eritrea, just go the Milkias pages here at awate:


            3. The Confession: Rarely, you will have a confession. It is not even a confession but “resakhum wsedu: gather your dead.” Like you, I don’t know why they do this sometimes (they did that with Taha Mohammed Nur, literally one of the founders of the Eritrean revolution: ( and sometimes they go on denying or “gudayom techerisu iyu” as Aklilu Zere narrated regarding the story of MenkaE. My guess is that it has absolutely nothing to do with us, the Eritrean people, but their own internal dynamics or their real constituency: SEMG, UN’s CoI. But not us, ever.

            But it is all futile. No matter how many stories they weave (and if they choose to address it, they will weave an elegant story on the butchering of the children), they keep forgetting that Eritreans are, at most, two-degrees of separation. This means that we either know the victims and their stories, or we know someone who does know their story within our own social group.


          • haileTG

            Selamat saay,

            “Asmarino is reporting that the disabled and extremely diabetic father spent a long time following the trail of his children.”

            This is surreal! A stuff movies are made of (if it wasn’t for the tragic nature).

            – The man went to Sahel to fight for independence.
            – The man lost his limb there and won his dreams.
            – The man was hopeful enough to try again and set up his family despite his poor health.
            – The man not only won his goals the second time but raised three children earning an A class parent.
            – The man attempts to free his children from the problems of the country, but it wasn’t to be third time lucky. He lost them all tragically.
            – Finally, the man went back to Sahel again, looking for his children, this time alone and defeated!
            – The limbs weren’t there to carry him, the girls weren’t there to comfort him… alone, in Sahel.

            This shows you that each story in Eritrea is surreal, unbelievable, even the the most seasoned of fiction writers would be hard pressed to plot.


          • Gud


            What does “Gud’s misrepresentation” mean? what are you talking about?

  • Tzigereda

    I heard voices cry “WHY”? Painful!

    • Kuda

      So stop luring them!

  • haileTG
  • Kokhob Selam

    What we learn from this incident is that PFDJ will not serve any single person including the innocent children of his own members. If the man has remaining space in his mind, he can simply see one day his own party may eat him.

  • guist

    “le this is a commonplace story of every Eritrean family, what makes this one different is that all of the 13 children (7 male and 6 female) who were murdered by the government were the children of Eritrean soldiers and military officers. In fact, most of them are from Qachew, the Denden camp for soldiers:”
    Wow, Soldiers killing their own soldiers children. It is not only a murder but a family suicide murder. what goes around comes around.
    God have Marcy and open peace to the deices.

  • Goytom

    given that i am experiencing and consistently aware of the atrocities of pfdj and that living in the era of pfdj might bias my conclusions and analysis but i can not imagine a worse time in the history of Eritreans. from what i have read and heard about the hardship and oppression under the Turks, Egyptians, Italians and Ethiopians, they pale in comparison to what the pfdj has subjected its OWN people. ITS OWN PEOPLE. ok, fine isaias afwerki is a madman but why does the entire government and security apparatus enforce his insane policies with such deadly force. how much farther than Karora can you get from Asmara. why do they kill their own people who simply want to leave for better opportunities. WTF!

  • haileTG

    ኣሕ! መዓስ ኮን’ዩ ክሓልፍ እዚ? እንታይ ዝኣመሰለ ሽግር’ከ ይብሃል እዚ! ጉዳም!!

    • Shum

      Hello Haile,

      I’m asking myself this question multiple times a day. How does a parent in Eritrea let their children go through this year after year where they are rounded up, uprooted from their families, used and abused by the system and come back broken, in despair without a sense of hope?