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Eritreans Will Repeat Geneva In New York

Earlier this summer Eritreans the world over spoke in unison in their unequivocal support for the UN commissioned CoIE report, to which overwhelming number of Eritreans voted with their feet, literally, as they marched the streets of Geneva, in the thousands. Who could forget the 26 of June show of force when young and old, expats and former veteran fighters, make that disabled Eritrean veteran revolutionaries who walked the walk and talked the talk. The vivid memory of the image you see accompanying this article captures it all and it will forever be etched in our collective memory banks for years to come. But, more importantly, history will record it in which such an image will evoke a sense of pride in our progenies who will know that Eritreans never rested when their youths were suffering in real time. Not only Eritreans never rested but were fighting the reprehensible regime in the homeland holistically, through demonstrations, electronic media outlets, by any means necessary to let it be known that Eritreans never kneel down whether the enemy is from within or from without. In fact, it will come to shine a light that the Eritrean spirit might be battered but never wavers, it bounces right back when the circumstance become so vile and so wretched for their countrymen and countrywomen, Eritreans the world over and from all walks of life speak out in unison irrespective of our differences. And so Geneva turned the history page like nothing before it and New York will reciprocate in kind.

The aftermath of such massive demonstration left the regime in Eritrea panicking and running for cover while its loyalists were left in tatters not knowing how to weather the resolute storm; the pressure kept mounting until they were caught bare for all to see when they feebly attempted to threaten the Special UN Rapporteur, Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth who has been assigned to investigate and interview Eritreans who were either witnesses of crimes against humanity as perpetrated by the regime in Eritrea or were its victims. So, both the regime and its loyalists were caught naked for all to see, as it were, it was not only nothing more than an Emperor with new clothes whose loyalists refuse to see that it has been bare and naked, yet to an average Eritrean it is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, part of the lyrics that come to mind: “So tell me how you’re sleeping easy/How you’re only thinking of yourself/Show me how you justify/Telling all your lies like second nature/Listen, mark my words, one day/You will pay, you will pay/Karma’s gonna come collect your debt” (from the lyrics of William Beckett).

One does not need Beckett’s lyrics, however, to know that the regime’s days are numbered and that it is on its last throes, the defection of the ten soccer players is one glaring example of the regime’s tortuous responses, in which it not only tried to coerce Botswana’s government officials, but the Imbecile in Chief (so called Ambassador of the regime), when all of the tricks in his trade failed, get this, he defaced and invalidated the ten players’ passports by making holes in them. Talk about a diplomat turning criminal for the whole world to see. A regime that does not know any modicum of civility in front of the world, one can only expect the worst inside the country where it has complete control.  We’ve seen individual Eritreans in Botswana standing tall staring evil down. We’ve seen EMDHR standing tall and not let evil triumph. Eritreans the world over lent their unflinching support as they fought evil tooth and nail, that’s the spirit of Eritreans that’s now reemerging to take matters in their own hands, the freedom that was stolen, it has now become unequivocally clear is being taken back by its rightful owners – THE ERITREAN PEOPLE.  The blows are coming left and right.The regime has been dealt another blow as Awate reported it just this past week.

But the most important blow is yet to come and that’s why we must come out in New York city to show our moral outrage on the regime that has caused untold suffering on Eritreans young and old.  Well, four months since the Geneva demonstration blow, we are about to enter a new phase of international law onslaught falling on the regime in Eritrea, yet again. Slowly but surely the noose is tightening on the regime’s neck; it is not only getting uncomfortable, but the chokehold is leaving it gasping for air, and the air appears to be blowing right past marionettes who inevitably and feebly attempt to speak up on their wolf’s behalf, but attempting to speak while gasping for air is just an exercise in futility – it is a lose-lose proposition for its loyal supporters who choose to pander and acquiesce rather than do the right thing. Their numbers are tapering year after year until they will either have to jump the regime’s ship and come to the opposition side or they will forever be marred and history will not be kind to those who knowingly stand on the side of evil, and the regime we have in Eritrea epitomizes it handily. But, we all know that, that’s the reason why we are communicating in this august space this week, it is all about the Eritrean sponsored 29 October 2015 New York demonstration.

Eritreans on this side of the Atlantic are now going to carry the baton that is being passed from Geneva of four months ago this year, a show of force of equal magnitude must be in the offing with one loud and clear message to accompany it where we all justice loving Eritreans stand in this regard: That we fully and unflinchingly support what the CoIE report stipulates. The CoIE’s report is one area all opposition groups and individuals can agree on. Every religion known to mankind advocates for justice as every religion does not preclude it from its tenets.  Justice does not have ethnicity as all ethnic groups know the value of justice because it is the ultimate equalizer in any society. Justice does not have gender. Justice does not have grey area. Ideally, justice is blind to all of these1. The brave soul witnesses who were interviewed for the CoIE report were all Eritreans who had seen and/or experienced the wrath of the regime that seems to continue unabated since Eritrea’s inception as a nation-state. These were brave Eritreans who were compelled to speak out by the call of justice from within. The rage that had been bottlenecked for years finally found an outlet to mete out justice and to ostensibly exact punishment against those who have made travesty of it. This is the kind of call to justice demonstration that all Eritreans should stand shoulder-to-shoulder in support of those who put their story for the world to see and hear. Above all, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder for those who are in the dungeons as we are unambiguously saying we shall not let your voice and your stories be buried until the regime is made to disappear from the face of Eritrea. Who can forget the recent revelation of Betweded Abraha’s (BA’s) powerful speech of justice, rule of law, principled man – we must speak on thousands of Eritreans like BA, we must drive out of our comfort zone to speak in their behalf. This is massive undertaking that can ostensibly bring the power to the hands of Eritrean people. The aftershock of the June 26 earthquake in Geneva, however, made it abundantly clear that Diaspora Eritreans have nothing to fear, the vampire’s fangs have no power to suck their blood remotely. The landmark date of 26 June 2015 is etched afresh in our collective memory as one that will be authenticated by history books as the beginning of an end for a brute whose malaise afflicted Eritreans from all walks of life for two dozen years.2 New York is going to yet about to bring fresh energy into that memory of Geneva of recent months.

So, all eyes are on New York now. Time is closing in. Are we ready to rock the house New York? This is no time to drag our feet, especially those of us who are in the vicinities of New York. We must stop everything that we have planned to do on the 29th of October 2015. Obviously, to those of us where attending the planned demonstration is next to impossible to do, we must show our support to the organizers who are tirelessly working to make the impending demonstration a huge success via myriad means that ranges the gamut. One way to assure a successful demonstration is by digging into our respective pockets and help in the massive logistical undertaking as everything in NY is prohibitively expensive. So, let us please be generous souls here, they will need all the help they can get. This voice is meant to encourage others to think of ways to help our compatriots in NY and vicinities to come out in droves, morally, financially, and through gestures of encouragement such as this article. Leaving you with one braved soul, an artist with integrity and courage to match.3

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About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Beyan holds a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. His research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests Beyan greatly. His writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beyan has been writing opinion pieces at since its inception (1 September 2001).

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  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selam All,

    No doubt, this NY demo is going to be a resounding success. Its success will be guaranteed not only by the participation of thousands of Eritrean justice seekers, and other pro-justice peoples, but also by speaking for the voiceless Eritrean people under the PFDJ. Let the seat of the UN see and hear the suffering, the pain, and deprivation of our people under the Isayas-clique. Be energetic, and make our case for the indictment of the criminal gangs in our country to the ICC. Our hearts and minds are with you.

    Long live justice, long live the Eritrean people!

    • Solomon Haile

      Selamat Hanibal, Now that the SEMG is already granted the one year sanctions (maybe Elias has something with that comment in another thread) The objective of this NY demonstration and COIE is to bring the head of heads and upper echelons of the PFDJ to the ICCC. Don’t call me captain obvious please. This TsaTse Bridge will be constructed methodically with the help of great engineers such as yourself Sir Hanibal. Call me TsaTse but by way of cost analysis shall we start the “intellectualize toonssss” PV FV, current liabilities, future liabilities. The satisfaction of the insatiable appetite of anger alone a Nation does not make. Mannnn I will stick my tongue out on behalf of Usayas Afeworki at the ICCC or whatever the acronym. Not for his sake but for the sake of Eritrea. And The Eritrean Revolution who many PILARS of Eritrea have lead some like General Biteweded Abrah jailed since the days of liberating the land themselves. “Peace is not the absence of war, rather it is the absence of justice in a society.” For example Eritrean Ghedli era Eritrea was at a peaceful society despite the raging wars against Janhoy and DeRg because all Eritreans felt Gheli was a Just cause and justice rained in the mountains. Think before you respond reader. Tame the anger appetite. Tsatse

      • Solomon Haile

        Paraphrased wrong Above: Peace is the absence of injustice.
        Free The General Biteweded Abraha NOW! It is Due Time! TsaTse

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Hi Solomon Haile,

          In your previous reply to me, you seem to agree with my comment in most of your writing, but I do not understand exactly what you wanted to say by this sentences “This TsaTse Bridge will be constructed methodically with the help of great engineers such as yourself Sir Hanibal. Call me TsaTse but by way of cost analysis shall we start the “intellectualize toonssss” PV FV, current liabilities, future liabilities. The satisfaction of the insatiable appetite of anger alone a Nation does not make. Mannnn I will stick my tongue out on behalf of Usayas Afeworki at the ICCC or whatever the acronym. Not for his sake but for the sake of Eritrea.” Could you please write in simple and plain english what your views are regarding the COIE report, regarding the human rights situation in Eritrea, regarding the political, economic, etc policies of the Isayas-regime? At times you speak of justice by mentioning one of the heroes of Eritrea’s liberation struggle Biteweded, who is suffering in the brute hands of the Isayas-regime, at other times you seem to kind of ridicule people who write in support of justice. What is your stand?Just curious.

          PS. You do not need to write in incomprehensible way, just say what you want to say straightaway. This forum tolerates and hosts all sorts of views; arguments and opinions would only be met with counter-arguments and counter-opinions at worst, nothing else.

          Selam N’kulna

          • Solomon Haile

            Selamat Hanibal,
            To borrow from my friend saw it: “in due time” good Sir. I am very aware that the rules, regulations and goal/mission statement tolerates all Eritrean views. You are incorrect however to state this forum and or this website adeher’s to tolerance. If it was the case we would be reading participants accepting divergent views wholeheartedly and then adding their however with respect. Much like your response good Sir, though I detected a slight attempt of an attempt to discredit my method. Hence, the methodical engineering of the Bridge. The last three letters of “insignificaANT” is TsaTse. Currently you can call me TsaTse. For the majority of the forum and website tolerance it is not the case. As my economic views, the effects of.”the insatiable appetite of anger” has blinded both isles of the Eritrean predicament. Future value, present value, current liabilities And future liabilities etc… are variables in the practice of force sting. But with an event as significant as the support for COIE and other rapidly occurring happenstances does change the parameters and values of the forecasting. Dear Hanibal, on August of 1991 in Washington DC I read a Two page summary of the forecasting my fellow Eritrean Students and I measured to the now political Prisoner Mahmud Sherifo. Elias Amare video taped the event and inevitably it will come to light unless, as it is the habit of the PFDJ, it is erased from history. The forecast then told if this exact Eritrean misery that all Eritrean Opposition are demonstrating against including the NY demonstration. Though an avid EPLF member then in fact maybe in a position to carve out a title with the PFDJ for myself, euphoria did not rule me. Rather, the cold results of that forecast did. Much like, MaHmud Sherifo’s one word response “sytsekef” these days rather than agreeing with statements my methods are either ignored or dodged with Either not clear enough or a generous up vote. SaliH Ghadi told HaileTG that it was a lot longer than five years ago in another thread. Well Hanibal my views were clearly stated in a euphoric 10K filled stadium in 1991 spelling out everything the COIE demonstrators are crying about now. My full third bridge option pragmatic solution however will be presented in the words of awatista daw it: “in due time.” Until then while I collect more data and daily changing parameters for my forecast I am hopefull you will not see my comments as ridiculing justice seekers. Rather, I am ridiculing some of their methods and demands. Take the Isayas for ICC chant and demand for example. I will be the first to stick my tongue out at the ICC despite the COIE report being true. How can it not be,after all I forecasted as did many others in 1991. With respect, TsaTse Bitweded Abraha for President!

  • T..T.

    Hi Tewelde, Elias, Ali and dawit:

    If the calamities and difficulties the Eritrean youth are facing, as victims of Isayas, make sense to you, how much do you condone turning a blind eye to the crimes of Isayas and how much do you sympathize with the victims?

    If the neighboring countries (the Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Yemen) are calling Eritrea of Isayas a source of destabilization and a threat to their peace, would you blame the neighboring countries or Isayas?

    If we don’t have to play slippery games of Alem-Goitomism telling the Eritrean youth that their troubles are something they wanted to and that their case is boring, we have to recognize and act on the urgent and dire humanitarian and human rights situation in Eritrea that need to be addressed by the UN. That’s why New York’s march must be a success.

    If you would care to know that even Isayas’s wife, as a mother, is said to have burst into tears when she saw the Eritrean youth’s tragedy of Lampedusa. Therefore, the demonstration is not about surrendering Eritrea to other countries. Please correct your information, the New York march is about not-surrendering to the injustice of Isayas because the Eritrean youth’s life matters.

  • tes

    With Greetings,

    A message to our comrades in the other side of the Atlantic, a place called America,

    Rock New York with your voices. We on the other part of the world are sharpening our ear to hear your voices. Make it Louder than Geneva, make it a louder than Bologna.

    We are counting on you these days. Yes we are counting. You were the champions before and be now too.

    Let the tyranny be exposed and stay naked. Let the tyranny be defeated in front of the Rule of Law.

    Let the voice of the voiceless be heard all over the world.

    We in the other parts of the world have opened wide our eyes to see your march for JUSTICE.

    Be Justice to those who need it:

    I thank you Bayan


    • dawit

      Dear tes,
      Sorry to hear that you will miss the Hallowing costume party in the Big Apple. True Eritreans on this part of the Atlantic have working for living, unlike in Europe who depend on public welfare. Don’t be disappointed if the number does not correspond to that of Geneva. Just a warning from your friend dawit.

      • tes

        Dear dawit,

        haha, you are much better these days. You know now how strong the wave is. Bologna – Geneva – New York, I am always with them.

        The best Hallowing costume ever I will have is when I see people waving the true Eritrean Flag. It is time now to raise this flag again in New York! In New York, not only PFDJ crimes be exposed but also his flag imposed to the people will be dumped for ever.

        Just open your eyes if you own though I am afraid.


        • Abi

          Tes the all time Great
          “The best Hallowing costume ever I will have is when I see people waving the true Eritrean Flag.” ( prof Tes, October 27, 2015)

          Eritrean flag for Haloween is the most sought after costume in the Big Apple. Wow!

          • tes

            Dear Abi,

            You are trying but failing always terribly. Again you failed here to read what I said.

            I will have best hallowing costume

            when I see people waving the true Eritrean flag

            This is telling that I will celebrate when Eritrea is free from the oppressor not before. When we have our full freedom then I will celebrate with best costume.

            Just to help you a little bit. I am doing it because I see you these days simply decaying.


          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            I just like to mess with you. Nothing serious.
            You said I’m decaying. Can you help with reincarnation . You are an expert.

          • Saleh Johar

            My dear Abi,
            I can help with reincarnation : a pile of wood, in flames, and you jump into it. I do not advise it but that way reincarnation is guaranteed. 🙂

          • Eyob Medhane

            Gash Saleh,

            Did you watch Abdulahi Sharif, as I recommended to you? My God! That guys enthusiasm is just infectious. I recommend Abi reincarnated to become him in a later life.. 🙂

            I urge you to take a look at it..


          • Abi

            Ato Saleh
            Actually, I have a load of fire wood delivered last weekend Perfect timing.
            I trust you on this. I know you have tried it. It worked miracles for you. Nothing like experience. Lived or otherwise.
            Amesegnalehu. Mot ayrsabign.
            My wife is starting the fire. She can’t wait.

          • tes

            Dear Abi,

            Please stop your wife from firing it. Just sometimes you make me crazy. You are alive. However I recommend you to hear Saleh Johar’s advice if you repeat the same mistake. You will not only decay but at that time you will be like ordinary soil.


          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            “Afer nehna wede afer timelesaleh”
            What else is new?
            Ordinary soil? I can’t wait.

      • tes

        Dear dawit,

        I forgot to give this gift for you.

        Your shabait is reporting that NUEYS held a Conference on the right of the child (2-10-2015)

        The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) held, in conjunction with UNICEF, a conference in Asmara from 24-25 October on the implementation of the International Agreement on the Rights of Children. Youth from all the six regions of Eritrea participated in the conference.

        Read now how they are mixing things

        Rights of Children Vs Youth

        “Youth on behalf of Children came from all regions and participated in the conference. And the the central purpose of the Conference was thus to sensitize the youth on all the provisions of the agreement and to create a consultative platform for them to voice their opinions and comments on decisions that have direct impact on their rights.

        Ok, these days (PFDJ era) there is a confusion between Youth and Children.

        For more detail please visit your website again:


      • tes

        Dear dawit,

        I have many things for you in fact.

        ህላዌ ናጻ ኤርትራን ሓርነቱ ዝዓቀበ ህዝቢ ኤርትራን ብቐንዱ፡ ምስ ህላወ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ዝተኣሳሰረ ስለዝኾነ፡ መሪሕ ውድቦም ንምሕያል ብሓድነት ከምዝሰርሑ፡ ኣባላት ህግደፍ ነበርቲ ጅዳ – ንግስነት ስዑዲ ዓረብ ኣረጋጊጾም።

        Reported the only and only one existing propaganda outlet of PFDJ. And this was said in a meeting attended by a couple of people gathered in a closed meeting held by B. General Abraha Kasa, the killer machine of security agent in chief during his secret visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

        for more detail:

        The final breath of PFDJ (to be safe, they usually omit the final DJ as it stands for Democracy and Justice)

        haha! I am so generous these days dawitom arkey. I am doing this because I like your blind submission to the regime.


    • Bayan Nagash

      Selam Tes & TT,

      Both of you captured the essence of the demo: that Eritrean lives matter (check) and that Eritreans on this side of the Atlantic must show their support (check) – end of the conversation. If anyone else tries to intellectualize this, rationalize this, it is nothing more than tenuous attempt at red herring, simply put, they are trying to play a gadfly at the expense of human life, a life that had experienced untold suffering under the hands they thought were of their countrymen and countrywomen, alas as it turns out they are the worst enemy of justice. So, engaging these detractors in this space will only suck the positive energy out from within, and we do not need this – what does one do when dust lands on one’s clothing, shake it off, let’s just shake’em off our shoulders, because no amount of civil discussion will make them see the daylight as they chose loyalty over veracity. This topic simply does not apply to them, this is for those who want justice in the land that had seen injustice of biblical proportions.


      • Solomon Haile

        Selamat Beyan Negash,

        Understandably you have suffered greatly as you have seen many of your human brethren suffer. Understandably you have felt helpless for not being able to jump into the deep seas to rescue a country man, a cousin, a nephew, a fellow Mosque member, a sister in law, a future daughter in law, your Christian Brother, you Muslim brother fleeing not only disastrous misshapp in Eritrea but from numerous disaster stricken nation states on our globe due to wars whose primary cause without a benefit of a doubt is tyrant and an awful,arrogant,self righteous and ignorant disregard for DIALOGUE.

        It is also understandable that you and many others have tirelessly labored to express all that frustrates Eritrea (suffering from a no war no peace unfortunate predicament causing abuses on top abuses) Syria, Yemen etc… By Eritrea, Syria, Yemen etc.. I mean the people of the nation states as well as others that have not found peace and tranquility as those nations these current people’s exodus is heading towards.

        Dearest Beyan Negah thank you and thanks to all those who are expressing our frustrations and helplessness by working tirelessly to scream for all the refugees in our world. We own your rage and it does give relief to tall that are not able to jump into the oceans to rescue their drowning brtheren. Even your Today’s adversaries are thankful that someone or many from their homeland are CRYING OUT LOUD and are expressing their compassion as well that they also possess for their fellow country men, women and children.

        The objective is to bring the suffering to an end.

        I beg to differ with your what sounds like “abbb kanal him Hizkmo TsinHu” when you barred everyone from intellectualize the NY and more importantly Eritrea’s current predicament. We are tired of Ghedli’s selfrighousness and tyran as it barred DIALOGUE before the Harbegnatat reached Sembel. I can’t help but tell you point blank my GOOD Fellow country man and friend that before reaching EraEro your piece at some points is similar. The Essence Tess and T.T. have captured good sir is neither all of the essence of this NY demonstration nor is all of the essence of the NY demonstration satisfactory to this single Eritrean. I give it my full support without reservation however in the hope that IT, the NY demonstration will propel ALL Eritreans to DIALOGUE ASAP and bring to an end of all the self inflicted Eritrean losses in the past decade and a half. For that my friends I bid you to Carpe Diem on 10/29/2015 in NYC! The analysis however is continuous and on going. TsaTse

  • Ali

    Once again, it is useless. What these diasporas are doing is a wasts of time.

    As if Isaias and the Shabia terrorist will step down from power. *rolleyes*

    There is a need of opposition force (speaking of a revolution!) on ground, not petitions outside which change nothing on ground.

    The Shabia psychopath is really laughing at how weak we are because of this.

    • PTS

      If what they’re doing is useless, the other option is to sit around with arms crossed like you and wait for the rain to remove Isaias from power.
      I say something is better than nothing.

  • Ayneta

    Dear dawit:
    I can understand your claim that the forthcoming demonstration may be hijacked and manipulated by the ruling government in Ethiopia, as dominated by TPLF. I also feel you when you said that Eritrea faces a grave survival risk from the same government. On the other hand, the government in Eritrea is no saint. It is one thing to blame the Ethiopian government and CIA, it is another thing not to do your homework. The way the government in Eritrea is running the country is nothing short of a disaster. Please educate me about your view on the following points?
    1. Do you think the way the government running Eritrea is in par with the needs and aspirations of the people? Do you see any shortcomings?
    2. If you do see shortcomings from the government’s side, how do you think the government should amend them?
    3. when do you think the current problems the country is facing ( grave human right violation, lack of basic supplies, mass exodus to mention few) should be addressed?

  • Nitricc

    Hi All: i am trying to figure out what was the exact achievement of Weyane-sponsored rally? As far as i am concerned; all in the Geneva accomplishment is, the “legal” human traffickers went at each others throat. Now, this NY thing may finish them all for good. What everyone should know is, that there is a judgment day. be it for PFDJ be it to the so-called oppositions who are committing treason against the nation by implementing the weyane agenda, in the name of opposition. anyone who listens to the Ethio-Eritrea future relation conference, the speech by the guests did not knock some sense to your senseless and rigid mentally, then nothing will. Eritrea is punished for not bending to the US. you don’t believe me? Ask the ANGAFAW, Ethiopian professor, he will tell you as is!

  • dawit

    Dear Negash.

    What part of the sentence, that you don’t understand “Eritrea is not For Sale”. The last time ‘Eritreans demonstrated in Addis Ababa, organized by Haile Selassie was in 1940s offering Eritrea for sale to Ethiopia. That illegal sale cost the Eritrean people three generations of 40 years of war for independence 1951-1991. Eritrean independence came at a heavy cost, during the war, more than 150,000 Eritrean died, and about 65,000 freedom fighters were martyred and tens of thousands sustained disabilities most of them were freedom fighters, millions became homeless others living in refugee camps, lived in exile. After independence, despite of the many temporary problems it faces, border wars and economic and military sanctions, Eritrea is not for sale, not for UN, not for US, not for Arabs or anyone. Eritreans are not going to turn their country again like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or Somalia in the name of UN. You may persuade few fools for the NY demonstration, but the great majority will not participate in such a shameful activity of selling their country again! It seems to me this latest planned demonstration of the opposition group is going to be a congratulatory message and solidarity with UN and its affiliate SEMG liars, for extending the illegal UN sanction on Eritrea and the illegal occupation of Eritrean sovereign territory by Ethiopia. Of course there is the hidden agenda of UN workers extending their bashing of Eritrea, accumulating their back accounts with their fat salaries and some lucky opposition members will collect some crumbs under the table. It will not contribute a penny to Eritrean’s welfare or it will not shake the solidarity of the Eritrean people with their government. It will be remember in Eritrean history the pre-Halloween-eve Costume Party in the Big Apple. End of the Movie.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Let New York be a resounding success like the one of Geneva.

    Yes, let all the banners with messages that catch New-Yorkers attention be held aloft: affront, in the middle, and ends of the march.

    Be careful, all banners and vehicles be under the controller of pro-the-Eritrean people or justice-seekers. Know the enemies of the Eritrean people.

    Those well entrenched supporters of the regime are not a threat. No doubt, the entrenched anti-people already vowed to sink with the sinking boat of Isayas. And, surely, they are easily identifiable.

    Beware of those two-faced with the assignment to promote confused politics (better known as Alem Goitomism). It is these two-faced who can infiltrate the demonstration to get you distracted or cause distractions. Don’t underestimate these two-faced thugs.

    • Tewelde gebremariam

      Hi TT,
      I do not think A!em GoitoOm is a risk; the real risk is woyane, a declared enemy of Eritrean Sovereignty and its people, of which there enough evidences:

      the Abai Tigrai Manifesto of 1977 which included portion of Eritrea;

      The illegal and forceful cleansing of Badme of its Eritrean inhabitants coupled with border instigations starting around 1995;

      The deportation of close to hundred thousand Eritreans from Ethiopia in the worst inhuman manner and digging up the resting place of Eritreans Martyrs during the 1998 war;

      The illegal occupation of Eritrean territory in breach of the EEBC decision it had signed to honor as final and binding etc.

      Besides the above objective evidences, woyane has also been purposely dividing the Eritrean oppositions in Ethiopia along religious and ethnic lines. This evil scheme is predicated upon keeping them in perpetual dependency and weakness by playing them against each other and when the mafia in Eritrea turns its belly up, install them in the government to do its bidding, to piecemeal dismember Eritrea through series of ethnic referendum in accordance with the Constitution it wrote for them, the Constitution that allows ethnic self determination up to cessation.

      Therefore,as we demonstrate against the mafia in Eritrea, we must also be aware of the possible fallout in the event the mafia falls apart, , which woyane has been waiting for to take advantage of. As we say in Tigrigna, Whj Keymetse, Megedi Whj Tsreg, we must not help woyane, and we can do that only if we get organized to control the outcome. Also beware of the crocodiles in our midst, all that glitter is not gold.

      • Gebre Amha

        Hi Tewelde, I’m sorry but the deportation of the Eritreans from Ethiopia goes down as one of the best strategic moves in military history. If Ethiopia had not made that move we would have been the ones on the loosing end of the 98-00 war. But woyane knows Shabiya really well and their success over the DERG would not have been possible without their spy network. This spy network was successful because Ethiopians thought of Eritreans as Ethiopians and trusted them as you would any other compatriot. That trust is no longer there as Ethiopians have seen the true colors of Eritrea and they will never allow themselves to be infiltrated by Eritreans. So the deportation was the best move. Hey, at least you should be grateful that we didnt throw them in internment camps as the Americans did to Japans in WW2.
        The irony is that Eritrea now finds itself between a rock and hard place. Continue with the mad regime of Issayas or use the help of the Ethiopians to change his regime by someone who is a puppet to Ethiopian government.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Selam Awatawyan,

    The brave soul and the courage to match it is no other than Kiros Asfaha, whose recent song captures the spirit of the impending NY demonstration that I inadvertently left out from the reference list: “uwwe nHarnnet, embi nbarnnet…”