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Eritreans in Ethiopia Could Pay a Price, Again

The EPRDF ruling party of Ethiopia, which was dominated by the TPLF and its allies, has been completely decimated except in name. The political chaos started as soon as PM Abiy launched a realignment of the EPRDF member parties and assembled a new coalition sidelining several parties, mainly the TPLF. Consequently, each of the ethnic-based coalition-member parties resorted to charting its own roadmap.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia is still marred by inter-ethnic tensions that have engulfed all regions of the country, the most affected by these tensions seem to be the Somali and the Tigray region. However, since the TPLF of Tigray dominated the politics of Ethiopia starting in 1991, the wrath against it, particularly by exiled groups (mainly in Eritrea) who returned to Ethiopia after PM Abiy granted them blanket amnesty, has gotten worse.

Tigrayans are being targeted and harassed by several extremist forces in other regions of Ethiopia. That is worsened because the distinction between the people of Tigray and the ruling party TPLF has been systematically blurred. As a result, it has become difficult for Tigrayans to move freely inside Ethiopia even though those in power and their allies claim there is a distinction between TPLF members and the people of Tigray.  For example, many Tigrayan truck drivers going to Addis Ababa are avoiding crossing the Amhara region for fear of attacks on their lives, and instead are taking the longer route through Afar region.

Anti-Corruption Campaign as A Cover

Soon after he came to power in April of this year, PM Abiy launched a frantic anti-corruption drive. So far, the suspects in the corruption drive seem to be mainly Tigrayan senior military, security, and public officials. They are being tried outside the legal channels through the federal news media in order to stir the understandable public sentiment towards corruption, to shore up support for its actions. However, media outlet belonging to rival ethnic groups such as FanaTV, are exploiting the anti-corruption measures as a pretext to fan an ethnic tension disguised as anti-corrupt TPLF officials.

For almost two decades, the EPRDF pursued an economic policy based on a developmental model and registered double-digit growth for many years. In a few years, the country was awash with business people from all over the world seeking opportunities, using the pool of ample debt-driven financing, and unprecedented market expansion. However, the absence of independent institutions and independent free media exposed Ethiopia to a clearly visible corruption that created an astonishingly high number of millionaires in a matter of a few years.

Most Ethiopians are led to believe that most of the beneficiaries of the corruption are Tigrayans  The TPLF is not doing much to correct this perception by not cooperating with the Federal government in apprehending those accused of corruptions and at times stands accused of harboring them.

Clearly, the prevailing anti-TPLF/Tigray vilification spearheaded by some ethnic-based political parties and their media outlets is expected to do more damage to the Ethiopian unity before it subsides, if it ever will— many people are led to believe all Tigrayan assets are solely acquired through corruption and nepotism.


The Ethiopian Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) was established in 2010 as a government-owned construction and industrial enterprise, and it is at the center, and a target, of PM Abiy’s anti-corruption drive. Several officers of the corporation were already arrested while several others have fled the country.

The highly publicized arrests were carried out with a fanfare that seemed to aim at humiliating the accused before the courts could have a say. The arrests were made in front of glaring lights of television cameras and aired through the state media. At least in one case, an arrest was made inside the bedroom of an accused while reporters fought for every available space inside the bedrooms to get closer to the bed by which the accused stood.

Just before the recent crackdown,  Fana TV aired a 90-minute program aimed at shoring support for the allegation against MeTec. And now, the media trials have already found them guilty. It is hard to say whether the arrested will get a fair trial as Ethiopia is yet to professionalize its judiciary and law enforcement institutions

PM Abiy’s predecessors had also arrested political opponents using trumped up charges of terrorism to exert control over the country. It is very inconceivable the Ethiopian judiciary has become independent overnight; hence, it is too early to discern whether the current government will misuse the judiciary system to weaken its opponent within the EPRDF.

Since he came to power, PM Abiy, who is an Oromo and comes from the ranks of the EPRDF,  seems to be on a drive to dismantle and rebuild all economic landmarks created by the previous Tigrayan dominated government.  It’s no secret that the Ethiopian economy was corrupt, disorganized and millions of dollars went to waste to facilitate the stealing of public money. However, a business owner said, “the intention of the arrests seems to be of a vindictive nature as opposed to reforming the economy… it is all being done for political gains instead of legally righting the wrong.”

Eritreans could be trapped.

The situation doesn’t bode well for Eritreans in Ethiopia and the example of an Eritrean who was mistaken for a Tigrayan and killed several weeks ago illustrates the risk they face.

The TPLF of Tigray, the EPLF of Eritrea, and their allies were the main forces that “defeated” and overthrew the Derg regime in 1991 when they both entered their respective capital cities triumphantly.  For the next 6 years, the relations between the EPLF and TPLF were at their highest though at the expense of other political parties, most of whom chose exile instead of succumbing to the de-facto rule of intolerant fronts, particularly in Eritrea.

Meanwhile, the agreement signed between the two governments by excluding the stakeholders, the citizens of the two countries, went sour and led to the devastating 1998-2000 border war.

It was in the middle of the fomenting war that the Ethiopian government hauled close to 80,000 Eritreans some of who were born and raised in Ethiopia and deported them unceremoniously back to Eritrea. The Ethiopian government explained the decision by claiming that many were spies and collaborators of the Eritrean ruling party. And the evidence was a statement made by Isaias Afwerki threatening the Ethiopians with Eritreans who lived amidst them. It was understood to mean that Eritreans inside Ethiopia will commit subversive actions on a signal from Isaias. In the end, the psychological scar left on Eritreans and many Ethiopians with Eritreans ancestry and the widespread resentment are still damaging the goodwill among the two people.

Isaias would not change his character as evidenced by his meddling in Ethiopian internal affairs and now planning to involve Eritreans in his intelligence and economic exploitation schemes as a recent news report indicates. The agreements that PM Abiy made with Isaias Afwerki, alone, is not different in nature from the one the late Prime Minister Meles made with the same Isaias Afwerki, in seclusion. It’s incumbent on Eritreans and Ethiopians to realize that the ethnic and political tensions in both countries are likely to manifest itself in tragedies similar to the past: exposing Eritreans to more risks for a yet another mass deportation should the peace agreement go sour or Isaias’ meddling in Ethiopian internal affairs becomes unacceptable to the Ethiopian body politic.

The PFDJ scheme is being emboldened by the recent hush-hush directives of the Ethiopian government, which instructed Eritreans in Ethiopia to secure all their needs of paperwork related to residence permits and travel, etc., through the Eritrean embassy in Addis Ababa, and not directly from the Ethiopian offices as was the case until recently. It’s prudent to remember that Western many countries, including the UN Somali Eritrean Monitoring Group, repeatedly reported that the Eritrean embassies often engage in elicit taxations and financial activities on behalf of the Eritrean ruling party and the businesses it owns.

Living in Ethiopia, and being at the mercy of the PFDJ embassy, entails many problems as people living in the Middle East, Sudan, Europe, and the Americas would attest. Any Eritreans walking into an Eritreans embassy is required to fill up a “Regret Document”, asking forgiveness for anything they did or were thinking of doing against the ruling party, before asking for a consular service. That follows other draconian laws that require Eritreans living and working in foreign economies to pay 2% of their income to the government through its embassies—and many other conditions for getting any consular service from an Eritrean embassy. Such laws were created by the PFDJ to secure its illegitimate rule to force citizens not be part of any opposition to its indefinite grip of power and to collect a portion of their hard-earned income.

At this moment, most Eritrean opposition personalities are already out of Ethiopia, though a few who had tied their fate to the TPLF, are left behind.

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  • Yoni

    Hello All,

    I can’t believe the narrator didn’t even mention how many ethiopians were also deported by shabia in 1991 and 1999. Eritreans expect to have Eritrea for themselves and share Ethiopia with Ethiopians. What makes you different than shabia then at awate team? Only shabia holds the power and you don’t. At the end of the day Eritrean regime and opposition are two sides of the same racist supermisct coin. We clearly see their hate on social media towards good wishing Ethiopians. I remember when Eritreans were deported many Ethiopians aka adi gala cried in despair. I can’t say that for Eritreans I remember tegaru were being attacked in broad day light. For the last 15 years hundreds thousands of Eritreans have been flooding to Ethiopia and now not even 10000 Ethiopias visit Eritrea adi tewerira bla bla. If I have learned anything in my 28 years of existence, when Eritreans say lebi tigray to talk about the evil hearts of tegaru they are also talking about their own. It is so sad I am born to such culture. God have mercy on us all.

    • FishMilk

      Hi Yoni. You are simply wrong! Suggest you go back and read the Human Rights Watch Investigative Report on expulsions & nationality issues (Jan 29, 2003) which found that Ethiopia and NOT Eritrea pursued a deportation campaign. In regards to Eritreans who were deported from Ethiopia, who do you think turned them in to the kebele security to be listed for deportation?

    • Natom Habom

      hi yoni
      dont use we ethiopian please the only evil that was behind all this was the only one with inferiority complex with evileyes second there was no attack on tegaru you lying we dont do that we are civilized that why we are different I guess ,they were a handful of tegaru that left by themselves trough the red cross taking everything they have and the RED CROSS also reported how they been treated well
      the red cross reported also how woyane treated eritrean .
      eritrean brutalization is well documented and all they left behind reported to the RED CROSS and international community consern ,a legal base for future claims ,tplf will not get away easily .

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. It is only a matter of time before an Obstruction of Justice charge is filed against the TPLF’s Executive Committee members who continue to harbour Getachew and other TPLF criminals.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Hi Hope,

    Hope, “Accept the Current status of the Peace Process and do our best constructively to expedite the positive change….”

    Where is the peace process you lecture? Did ever reconciliation commence to join constructively? It seems you speak about imagined issues or the fire that rages all over Ethiopia.

    I hope , Hope concerns about Isaias’ system of dictatorship that already has begun to be implemented in Ethiopia. Before long you will have cota in your banking system. You will draw from your account only a limited amount.


  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Hi George,

    In Arabic there is an adage, “Camels are not herded like this, Saad”. To make it easier for understanding let me write it as follows, “Mules are not herded like this, George”.

    First, you make mess, then you search for regulations, that is good from you. You have told us the way you function. You have to apprehend the one who makes mess is not clever in putting regulations. Those who create problems are not smart in solutions.

    ما هكذا يا سعد تورد الإبل


    • FishMilk

      Hi Hameed Al-Arabi. Please note that mules do not herding instincts. Better great-great grandfather that you stick to camel quotes and stories. If you wish to become creative, you can then venture into poultry, goats and sheep.

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        Hi FishMilk,

        It just meant to be understandable. You have the right to change it to any animal you think herded; for instance, “Bulls are not herded that way, Fishino”.


  • Selam

    Selamat Hope,

    How can we do it? Should we start to agree at least those of who participating in this platform and campaigning to the rest.
    I think; our discussion point should be how to make practical the point you mentioned instead of Ethiopian politics and PFDJ mistake and crime.

    Have a nice day

  • bihon

    What Amhara land are they holding?

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Dear All.
    Finally has come out of the closet. Hurrah Hurrah! Since Tplf has lost its power in Ethiopia boldly shows it solidarity with tplf. Its foot soldiers tell me this is Eritreans oppositions website what are you doing here. Is it? I found it that it is more in opposition to the new Eprdf (not the old one the puppet of Tplf) than PFDJ. Further more I understood why the scholars and nationalists left the last two years becasue when Tplf statred its down fall forgot what it preaches, Eritrea.. I was always wondering how Saleh has the opportunity to interview Meless the dictator.

    • Girmay

      Hello Mitiku, it looks like you punching your keyboard hoping some of your words will make sense. But if you read what you type you are not making sense. You are mad at the world because it doesn’t have identical views as you?
      Mitiku do you have a licences for truth? Are we illegally speaking our mind ?
      I see you George, Blink, and Abi are angry at the world for owning different opinions than you guys. Just remember nobody has a monopoly over opnion. I think that refuting an opnion is one thing but crying and punching your keyboards random words is silly and childish.
      You see the bad legacy of the old feudal order, they kept us to be man child. We always cry when our opinions are challenged or we read opnions that make us uncomfortable.
      Mitiku there is no discussion forum like in the horn of Africa. They are not only a discussion forum but as I see they are a baby sitter for growunup man who cry day and night about reading different opnion than them.
      . If you want hate support group just read, listen to ESAT and the other dozen fake news. Mitiku be honest how many keyboard have you broken ?

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Girmay.
        I thought Tplf supporters were crying. I am happy and just expressing facts. Facts are truth or not, l leave it to who may concern. Girmay, you are lucky that the new government wont allow torturing human beings, but bringing the criminal tugs of Tigray in the name tplf wont be stopped by tplf or paid media. You got that.

      • Blink

        Dear Girmay
        I can imagine your disappointment ,by the way You should look the look on your face . I also think you should complain to the tenant association weyane , be careful with their teeth , they have a very bad teeth.

    • Saleh Johar

      And you are here insulting and defaming a website that is not afraid (and fair) to host your views. Yet you want it to be blunt, colorless platform. No sir. There are many like that already.

      As for the interview, the PFDJ made enough stew of it years ago. But if you are on of the baton receivers, good luck you. But remember your stew is full of fungus, HADRI, as we say in Tigrinya. Please do stay around you might learn to appreciate different views.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Johar.
        Learn how to write name correctly. And I dont see any insult. I just ignore it because I dont do this lumpen way of conversation.Your screaming dont touch Tplf is not the first time. Your brothers Debretsion and Bereket Simon telling us the same. People who oppose Pfdj did not know your hidden agenda when you were the star in devastating Eritrea in the name of democracy which exactly tplf is doing. Now they know you and your type are left. I did not say dont make a different view. I say congra you show your true color.

        Learn how to be civil when people have different view on Tplf. The majority has a different view on murderer looter tplf. In case the last two years contribution of Tplf has done in cash is more than what Eritreans do then dont worry it wont be for so long. Looting for tplf in Ethiopia is NOT ALLOWED.

        Good day.

        PS hope you will interview your colleagues Debretion, Getachew and Simon. Dont be afraid the ‘stew’ of Pfdj.
        PS follow the guide line, start with greeting.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Hi Mitiku Melesse,

          A new and fresh information to Mitiku, free media interviews all including your enemies or can’t be called free media. Free media is not for specific group. I hope you have understood the mission of free media.


        • Saleh Johar

          Hej Mitiku,

          Thanks for the note. Do you mean I have to learn civility from you? Okay, I will try.
          Sorry for considering your welela words as insults–maybe we are using different dictionaries looking up what insult means. Sorry, I do not have your dictionary. The names you mentioned are not my brothers–you know, you cannot assign brothers to people whimsically–they say it happens biologically, not in any other way. But please take me off of your age-old ethnic rivalry that took the region through centuries of bloodshed–always the same players.

          But I need not worry, at least there is someone carrying the PFDJ baton loyally. It will only be Round 2, or 3, or 4 of the same–I am not counting the boring Rounds.

          Thank you and sorry for trying to talk sense to you

      • FishMilk

        Hi Saleh Johar. While I do appreciate this website accommodating different viewpoints, this is a completely separate matter from this website’s articles, most of which have been 1) Clearly supportive of the TPLF and its motives (especially as related to Eritrea), 2) Critical of PMAA and his Government’s reform processes, 3) Overly in pursuit of conspiracy theories, and 4) Completely absent of thoughts or ideas on how to engage with the PIA/PFDJ regime.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Hi Awates,

    One of the policies dictators employ to knuckle their people under them is, “Starve your dog will follow you”. I wonder, how a leader who preaches reformation to implement a policy which is against the well-being of the nation. How a responsible leader opens borders widely for trade without taking proper arrangements for trade exchange. No monetary exchange rate is defined or export commodities are specified. Eritreans conceive that Isaias was/is in the mission of starving them since a long time. Due to this destructive policies, the Eritrean people have reached degrading stage of poverty. Isaias and his cohorts are happy for making the Eritrean people starve. No wonder about a regime that worked systematically to humiliate and impoverish the people of Eritrea, but it is sad to hug the preacher of love and forgiveness the policy of “Starve your dog will follow you”.

    I rejoiced with many like me for the preaches of love and forgiveness, Dr. Meddamar. Unfortunately, all were shocked within months by the retrogression of angel to devil almost identical to that of Eritrea.

    Dr. Meddamar has allowed trade exchange with the regime in Eritrea without any restrictions. Ethiopian businessmen who yearn for trade exposed to great losses. Dr. Meddamar appears unconcerned about losses inflict Ethiopian traders. Of course, he and Isaias benefit a lot from such kind of great losses. The former has commenced to impoverish Ethiopians and the later propagates that he has made Eritreans relax due to the fake peace process. Certainly, Dr. Meddamar is working on all levels to grip power. He amasses power in his hands, chases his opponents, impoverishes the Ethiopian people and allies with notorious criminals and dictators to make his mission to dictatorship stronger.

    Not only this, he follows strictly methods implemented by dictators in the region. He utilizes the same strategies, tricks, fabrications of lies, false accusations, creates presumed enemy to spread all his short comings, and above all distracts Ethiopians from his destructive works. Dr. Meddamar seems implementing Orwellian theory in the Ethiopian scene. He has made TPLF the character on which he attributes all evils. When rivers flood, Snowball (TPLF) has done it. Earthquake shakes Addis Ababa, Snowball (TPLF) has shock it. Though such kind of policies have dangerous consequences, but he doesn’t care as far as it diverts the people of Ethiopia.

    I hope Ethiopians not to feel content by the freedom of press, release of prisoners and invitation of oppositions nurtured by Isaias. All of this could be crushed within a short time, and witness again prisons crowded with prisoners. The peace signed with Isaias should not beguile them for it is a paid for peace. If the Federal Judiciary Body of Ethiopia made investigation with Dr. Meddamar, they will find on his account billions of dollars deposited by the Gulf countries; of course the same to Isaias.

    You can watch in the following video impoverishment of the Ethiopian people on process. “STARVE YOUR DOG WILL FOLLOW YOU.”


  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei Awate team

    Game is over for Tigrian People Liberation Front in Ethiopia as the great Ethiopian friend Isu has said. No amount of screaming of Tplf and its sisterly media will save the organized criminals of Tplf which are necked from its mask called EPRDF. Dont touch murders, organized thieves, criminals because they are Tigrainas was over at least outside of Tigray since last April. It is only Tplf and its partners could use this bizare argument dont touch crimilas because they are Tigrians. It could be pure arrogant selfish way of defending criminals based on their ethnicity or a desperate attempt for saving the the criminal in the name of the common Tigrians. We dont fall for this. The dogs bark the camel keeps on going.

    People looted by Tplf and killed for saying no for the organized criminals chronologically: Oromos who supported Olf and Olfs, Gondaer people by pure hate for Amhara by tplf, Elites mharas, Members of All amhra…, Gambella, ONLf and its supporters, in short all killils except Tigray. Even now Amharas are killed in Tigray.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Hope,

    No sir, these are not “naive suggestions” and views. To be candid, I could hardly find matters I do not agree with save perhaps on the details of which is that under the circumstances succumbing to accepting the second option you had stated as unchallengeable fait accompli. Moreover, I would like you to know that I am not in league with those who defend failure, so far, shortcomings or even failures on the opposition side.

    You understand me, when I say such an attitude would equivalent the flip side of those who try to sell the regime as unavoidable verdict of fate. All I am saying is that those who gathered awareness and formed pro-change stances should hold to their new position and not slide back to their earlier regime supportive stances, and engage in legitimizing the current undertakings in the name of peace.

    Peace in the region is good but the questions is how much of the dividends would grace the sad conditions of our people given the harsh one-man rule that would not even consider change unless under duress. In all honesty, dear hope, do you think the regime would relax it draconian behavior just because the Ethiopians wanted peace for their own sake? For, the rest thank you for your points that carried a lot of positive things which most peace and freedom loving compatriots can live with.

  • Hope

    Hello back to you,Ghirmay:
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Just for the sake of your naive audience,if any:
    -PIA NEVER cooked up conditions for a war,rather he proved to you and to your TPLF Leadership that he was very patient and considerate at the expense of Eritreans and Eritrea’s Natiional Security Interest.The facts prove this as such.
    Here are few ot the HARDCORE FACTS and TRUTH that no one cand deny or refute:
    -PIA fought for the National Security,Unity and Economic Interest of Ethiopia by ignoring the plight of the Eri Commanders about the Aseb Port related issues
    -He refused to acknowledge to its Cabinet/Assembly in particular and the Eritrteans people at large, about the nonstop suffering of Eritreans at the border by the TPLF Militia,which literally implied that he down-played and put at risk the National Security Interest of Eritrea and Eritreans by preferentially siding with the TPLF and Tigrai,which we Eritreans still have reservations and grievance against his unilaterla and risky decisions and actions.
    -PIA did his BEST to quitely resolve the Adi Murug Incident and related security,military and political issues by ordering the Eri Adm and the EDF to quitely leave Adi Murug to avoid unnecessary conflict and escalation and by APPEALING to your crooked and short-sighted midghet(May he RIP)
    -It was the same PIA,who begged and advised your TPLF Janda to avoid the Ethnic-based Federalism,which its(the TPLF’s) non-compliance led to the current mess and the near-collapse of Ethiopia until 6 months ago
    -The alleged miscalculation made at Baduma was a legitimate knee-jetk reaction by our EDF and its Commanders to the unprovoked provocations by your own Militias and was a final and desperate decison/action after failing with all peaceful resorts and efforts.
    Rather,it was your TPLF Janda that continously irritated and provked PIA and our EDF by:
    – Continously harrassing,displacing and torturing our innocent peasants at the border
    -By incorporrating large chunks of our eritrean Sovereign Lands to the Tigray Map,worse, by telling the GoE in “A take it or leave it” kind of threat by and through the Helicopter Tour of the newly stolen lands and new Abbay Tigrai Map.
    -By Sabotaging our new NACFA Currency, thereby making Eritrea lose a $2 Billion worth of Birr
    After successfully provoking PIA,your TPLF Janda not only bombed Asmera but OFFICIALLY and hectically DECLARED the most destructive war on Eritrea through its puppet and mercenary Parliament.
    Even worse,despite that Eritrea/PIA admitted its/his mistake and corrected it and complied to/for a Cessation of Hostilities and a peaceful resolution of the conflict,it was your short-sighted and irresponsible TPLF Janda and its Followers in Tigray-the TIGRAI PEOPLE,whot insisted and chose to continue the devastating war until the backbone of Eritrea is broken into pieces,and until we lost our precious 20k keyahti besidies leading to a displacement of a Million Innocent Eritreans along with a wanton material and infrastructure destrcution –in the name of “teaching us a lesson”.
    But mind you that it was the same PIA,who ordered the EDF NOT to over-run Mekelle in 1999,when the TPLF was at its weakest point and status,a fact no one can refute and deny.
    The rest is history as they say it….
    But it is worth to remind your naive Audience, that it was your short-sighted and dumb TPLF, fully supported by its Masters,Puppets,Mercenaries and Donors that did its BEST to isolate,contain,saboatge,sanction,provoke and threaten the Zerai-albo/defenseless Eritrea and Eritreans day in and day out, and 24/7 ,by all means possible under the SUN so that Eritrea and Eritreans shall collapse over-night and that it will be wiped out from the world map.
    But guess what?
    As wedi taba eloquently told your Alua Solomon to his face,it is the same Eritrea,Eritreans,PIA,EPLF/PFDJ, that repeated history by chasing your TPLF down from the Menelik Palace ; and who,rather isolated,contained and made the same TPLF to collpase overnight and handed over the Palace to those,who deserve it and to its RIGHT OWNERS,Zemen Ghirinbid mai Ni Akeb,as we say it in such a case scenario.
    You should have listened to Ato Yemane GhebreAb,who advised you openly that:
    “Those,who attempted to kill Eritrea and Eritreans are /were lalready DEAD and/or dying and will die”.
    You should have paid a careful and FULL attention to what Gen Sibhat Efrem advised you by saying:
    “WeyAne shall pay the heaviest PRICE FOR THE UNHEARD OF DAMAGE it has caused on/TO ERITREA AND ERITREANS”, and your TPLF and Tigrai people should have changed their destructive policies and erratic and chaotic acts towards Eritrea and Eritreans before it was TOO LATE.
    As to your ARROGANT cheap talk belittling us and our potential that “Now we are trying to be the GUARDIANS of Peace”,YES,indeed,we have been and SHALL be the Guardians of Peace if history is to be the witness.
    It was Eritrea that engineered the IGAD and its Noble Cause and Vision, and as such,it will the be and is, the same Eritrea that has started to give a life to that Noble Cause.
    from now on,the sky is the limit buddy; and you and your Tigrai poeple better get rerady and rush to catch the fast moving Train of peace and coo-peration,led by Eritrea and new Ethiopia with its new and Charismatic and gifted Leadership.
    Swallow the BITTER TRUTH….

  • Blink

    Dear Hope
    Most thing they object is not a policy issue but that they couldn’t take it from PFDJ , that is the point unless they know well that weyane was the guilty party in all this messed up game , it was not Oromo born Abiy . We have seen what happens to the people when the so called Habesha got in dinner table , you know they just fight .

  • Acria

    Selam Hope,

    Change is happening to Eritrea, from outside, but we haven’t seen any concrete change at the domestic level. So, when people mention PFDJ this and that, it is because they look like they don’t care about their people inside Eritrea. The most surprising and demoralizing about Eritreans is when they are leaving their country closing their businesses and leaving their residences to live in Ethiopia where the future in uncertain. This is not supposed to happen after the peace initiative between the two countries. Eritreans were supposed to have hope. On the contrary, they are so hopeless that they are leaving their beloved country due to the inhumane treatment of PFDJ. So, how do you forget the ruthless ruling and uncaring characteristics of the PFJD regime? You can’t!

    You see Hope, this is a sign that Eritreans have given up hope on their ” government” and it is time that the PFDJ needs to abandon its unrealistic policies and come to its sense and hand over its power to the people. I doubt they will do that though. The missed opportunity for PFDJ is not to make peace with Ethiopia, nonetheless important, rather, it was the missed opportunity of not using the trust and love of the majority of Eritreans after liberating the country and lead the people in a democratic fashion. Is it too late for them to work establishing democratic institutions? Do they understand democracy? Do they even care for their people? Or it is just about them? You see Hope, as long as they are in power, we will talk about them…….

    • Hope

      That is precisely my point but I respectfully disgaree with your assertion telling us that Eritreans at home have given up hope eventhough I agree that they might have given up hope on the PFDJ Gov,two different issues and premises.
      Let us walk the talk by coordinating the diaspora struggle with that of the domestic one.
      Do NOT undermine the role and contribution of the Diaspiora Eritrea/Eri Diaspora if at all we build the above kind of a Community and Strategy that I attempted to mention.

  • Blink

    Dear Hope
    The editorial is may be talking about Eritreans who were at the table of dividing Eritrea across ethnic lines in order to have ethnic based federal system in Eritrea. You know the people who has been in Ethiopia weyane financed guest houses like Qerenlos and other like Yacob …. ,some afar groups and some losers who were also instrumental in the weyane aggressive war machine against Eritreans. Ok let’s be hones about this there is no a single Eritrean life that be in danger at this moment by PFDJ unless he is a Qerenlos type . This editorial not only doesn’t make sense but loose weight of the crime committed by weyane .

  • Girmay

    Hello dear Hope, thank you for sharing your opinion. I will also like to say thank you to for always pushing for honest discussion about the new developments in our region.
    I can see that some of the commentators here don’t like the editorial because it is not politically correct for them. Otherwise there are a lot of evidence that backup the claims made by the editorial. Hope and few others in polite ways are saying this editorial doesn’t mean anything to Eritrea and Eritreans.
    Now back to Mr. Hopes, reading of the current horn Africa structure. As I have said in the past Ethiopian politics number #1 trade mark is undermining or under estimating the will power of others. All Ethiopian regimes including Tplf /Eprdf were victims of this shallow thinking.
    You see Hope, you think that Eritrea and Ethiopia can enjoy peace and prosperity by destroying Tigray. And you said Tigray will be at the mercy of Eritreans. Tigreans already know if PIA and his ESAT elites have the power, Tigray will be their prime target . We are patiently monitoring these developments.
    PIA and ESAT crowed want to corner Tigray. But you must know a corner has a sharp edge. If PIA and ESAT crowed choose to play a dangerous game Tigray too has the potential to play the game. Before I spill the beans, think how a lawyer client relationship works. Tigray doesn’t need to have resources to hire a powerful allay. At this point the deal is done PIA and Abie know, they lost a window of opportunity.
    In regards to Eritrean safety in Tigray, be assured they will be safe, any PIA and ESAT faction attacking Tigray will end horn Africa structure permanently. Oromo leadership will be short lived and ESAT dream of greater Ethiopia under one language will be gone forever.
    The business of undermining and under estimation only make us think reality is what we dream or wish. It doesn’t allow us to see the whole picture. That is why the politics of undermining is a dangerous political game. For these reason Hope, I think your opnions were naive.

    • Hope

      Selam Ghirmay:

      Thanks for the feedback but “NO THANK U” for throwing words into my mouth.

      Please,zeitetsahfe aintenbib-DO NOT read unwritten stuff.

      I never said and would never say, that we will prosper at the expense of destroying Tigray and its people,which was ,is and has been and most likely will be ,the DESTRUCTIVE Motto and the EVIL AGENDA of the crooked and myopic TPLF Janda and its Tigreyan Supporters against Eritrea and Eritreans based on their VERY TRUE OWN words and their COVERT AND OVERT EVIL ACTS and Policies.

      Even if we say and do so ,it would have been a legitimate reciprocation by paying U back in kind but we are ERITREANS,not Tigreyans!

      Destroying the TPLF and its Evil Agenda and ideologies is the INKO way of saving the TIGRAY PEOPLE in particular and the HORN in general, if we really want a lasting Peaceful Co-existence and Economic Integration of our Region,i.e.,by WEEDING OUT the ROOT CAUSE of our problems !

      STOP the Pseudo -Doctor Debretsion style of treacherous and destructive as well as VIOLENT mantra and gurra!

      It is time for the Tigray people to wake up so as to claim what belongs to them by catching up the Train of Peace and Reconciliation and JOIN the Peace and the POSITIVE change Camp.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei Hope.
        Girmay is terrified people like DebereTsion and Bereket Simon reduced to the new ‘toothless’ nation Tigray instead of terrorizing the whole east africa. We call it sellouts, mercenary and master of quisling for the sake of looting. Debretsion called for anti peace demonstration when PM Abiy declared in the parliament saying ”why do we sabotage the peace process after the parliament accpeted the aljers agreement”. Debretsion made his stand clear at that time that it is his military wing can make decision not PM Abiy. Now after Tigray is forced to aacept the peace by force he made 180 degree turn and said it is tplf which from beginning to end made the peace to materalize.

        Tplf is a virus where Eritreans and Ethiopians made it immune for antibiotics because in 27 years we have taken antibiotics with out full dosage repeatedly. Now we need a stronger antibiotics to protect us from this dangerous virus.

  • Mez

    Dear writers,

    This article is a sort of interesting, especially looking at its content composition more closer.

    1) the topic is ” Eritreans in Ethiopia Could Pay a Price, Again”
    1.1) the sub topics are:
    * “Anti-Corruption Campaign as A Cover”,
    * ” MetEC”
    * ” Eritreans could be trapped.”

    2) the write up contains 22 (twenty two) paragraphs.
    2.1) out of them 12 (twelve paragraphs) are not mentioning the word Eritrea/Eritrean even one time.
    2.2) from the eight paragraphs under the last title, I am not sure how many of them can really be considered as non recurring.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Mez,

      Are you interested the security of Eritreans in Ethiopia for they will be hunted by the security of the despot? The article is explaining as to what has brought the insecurity of Eritreans in Ethiopia and the alliance of the Ethiopian government with the despot to create the insecurity of our people inside Ethiopia more than the fanfared “love and reconciliation” that will never happen with a bogus prophet from the Minelik palace of Ethiopia.

      • Mez

        Dear Amanuel H,

        The intent and spirit of this write-up may be approx. in your way of understanding.

        However, my observation is not necessarily out of the blue.



    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, Mez.
      Nice observation. But this is a call for Eritreans to help Tplf by twisting facts/our revolution to steal the heart of Eritreans. Tplf is doing its best in begging Eritrea but difficult to be trusted. If they use, they can win some heart. Tplf selling its souls and has swam in billion dollars in looting Ethiopia and for its mercenary roll by messing up with Eritrea, Ethiopia, S.Sudan, Somalis, even Egypt. When it celebrated its 40 years it acted as if it is on drug. Now the looting stopped they got sober thus got scared to death by the mess they have created.

      • Mez

        Dear Mitiku M,

        1) I would think the real game started just in April 2018–that with openness and transparency.

        2) few of “the worst challenges to muster” for the TPLF (as an organization) then and now, may be listed as:
        2.1) the concept of rule of law (how it may apply on, and among the top brass leadership),
        2.2) the blurred or fuzzy distinction among institutional (of tplf), state (or federal), and leadership private resources–be it financial or or otherwise acquired/ accessed critical national and private citizen data and the likes.
        2.3) the unquestioned willingness to be thematically audited by the respective relevant state institutions.

        3) Regarding the current controversy on recent past megaprojects, TPLF shall have been at the forefront to let impartial agencies do their work and release their findings. And then adjust accordingly.
        3.1) as things are happening now, TPLF is NOT at the forefront in this regard, hence people suspect (things happened in the past are institutionally sanctioned)–which is bad in every aspect.

        4) the existential danger for tplf is from within, not from Addis Ababa or (albeit less likely) from Asmara.


  • Blink

    Dear readers

    I will state
    Who was ruling Ethiopia for 27 years ? Was it from Oromo , Amhara , Somalis , Sidamas and many ? No , the answer is squarely weyane . Metec boss was a Tigrian General , Security Chief ( the killing machine) was a Tigrian . In the Somalia region openly it was a Tigrian as per Abdu Illi . Let’s see the open truth about this the Tigray people should not protect the corrupt people inside TPLF . Why I am saying this ? I believe Tigrians have been all good and nice while the Oromo and Amhara as well as Somalians got killed like Mosquitos . The fact that awateteam thinks as “ Tigrians are in crisis is simply irresponsible and not in line with the agony of the majority of Ethiopians.

    1.Metch boss signed a letter to the federal government of passport dept to give a diplomatic passport to Meles daughter and another lady to go to China . Metech boss is responsible for all government procurement work and billions of dollars was lost in this company name . metech got paid 65% of the ህዳሴ ግድብ and can only deliver 25% , so where is the money ? I mean where are all these ships and what do they do with Yara contract , many things has to be questioned and the only answer can be found from its boss.

    2. The security chief was the arm of the weyane 27 years government who killed hundreds of thousands of people for a crime even the dept couldn’t prove . Here Abdi ille of Somali region openly stated it was Getachew Asfaha who held a gun on his head , second the representative of Igad in Somalia a Tigrian General was the main guy to trade arms and kill poor Somalian women , children and men at the behest of his wish ( who arrest people and put them with Haynes ? ) was there an Amhara General in that post ? No , was the an Oromo General ? No , All of the main weyane government security apparatuses was held by Tigrians . Awate team can not even mention one Oromo or Amhara General who was at the level of such people .

    Is there any motive to stand against hundreds of thousands Ethiopian victims while standing for weyane thieves, I still question the motive .

    Eritreans safety in Ethiopia, well most Eritreans going to Ethiopia at this time are going to facilitate their chance of joining their relatives in the west , most of them are in the refugee camps and these who got refugee cards are going deep to addis – Sudan – kenya and then to Uganda . Awate team should have advocated for these people interest because many Eritreans are paying minimum 2500USD trafficked to sudan or Kenya , here awate team can find out in seconds instead of spending a typing time for weyane defense .

    • bihon

      Ethiopia was ruled by EPRDF. Most of the current rulers including the PM were in power.

    • Selam

      Selamat Blink,

      Let me ask you a question. Would you be judged not guilty if you kill a person in the order of your boss? The law will not allow you to kill someone to safe your life. As we all know Ethiopia was and is ruling by a coalition party EPRDF. and all parties forming EPRDF are politically responsible for all kinds of corruption and crime in Ethiopia during their ruling. If we go case by case may be individual have different rule to participate directly or indirectly to incidents.
      Le me give you one example: in the project where I am working safety is a very sensible issue and every know about it. One day a machine operator dies in the construction site and become a big issue, as a consequence the director of the contractor fired, which is he does not have a direct work relation with the died operator, but his the top responsible what ever happened under his management.
      The same to EPRDF; all cabinet members and top officials are responsible to every crime or other wrong doings during their ruling. Unless otherwise it has a political motivation their is no excuse to exempt a single member from accountability. Whatever data you bring to divert or prejudge Hailemariam Dessalien is the top responsible person during his prime minister time and Meles Zenawi during is time, then we go from top to down.
      Whenever you go up to the top management level not only the work make it difficult, but also the responsibility and accountability and you get paid for all. If difficulties come you will be the forefront. What you mentioned may be all truth but the boss is the main responsible person because he did not stop them when they are doing unlawful activities. If he tried and was not successful, he should resign the post he has. If he was tried all the means including resign, but forced to work under the gun he should bring his evidence. Justice work only with evidence and facts not speculation and political propaganda or media campaign. If you are selective you are not different from the previous. If the prim minister have a power to pardon he can give to whom he want, but after the court finalize the judgment, because the justice and society should see him as guilty.

      Have a nice day.

  • Acria

    Selam Awate Team,

    It is paramount that the relationship between Ethiopians ( including the people of Tigray) and Eritreans be based on people-to-people and not through the notorious Eritrean Embassy. For this reason, the government of Ethiopia should protect the Eritrean citizens living in Ethiopia as refugees or legal residents not to be subjugated by the Eritrean embassy. Eritreans should not be forced to report and pay 2% income taxes to ‘their’ embassy. This is necessary for the lasting peace between the people of the two countries.

    Governments and leaders will come and go, but the people of the two countries will be there to deal with each other for generations to come. Thus it is important that Ethiopians and Eritreans respect each other despite the prevailing political environment.

    • FishMilk

      Hi Acria. Grateful for you thoughts on the USA which also imposes tax on their citizens living in the diaspora.

      • Acria

        Hi FishMilk,

        I didn’t talk about my thoughts about the USA. Nevertheless, a legal resident alien or a US citizen living abroad is required to file income tax return every year. That being said, whether tax will be imposed depends on their income level. Some will pay income tax, some will not pay any tax, and others might even get a refund.

        Moreover, the obligation to file income tax return is fundamentally connected to the obligation the US has to its citizens: freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of due process, freedom to sue the government, freedom to elect or to be elected, freedom to move freely, and etcetera. Give Eritreans those freedoms and other services, and definitely they will pay more than 2%.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam Awate
    I don’t mind the assumption on the artical but just want to say 2 things, 1, if u truly understand ethiopia(not abbissnia) history, u will know tigrai distraction role throughout ethiopia history, so in order ethiopia to be strong country, she has to cut the gangrene of ethiopia from her part , that is what will make ethiopia strong.
    2, no eritreans has been killed several weeks ago in ethiopia because of ethnic attack, that is false. The one that u talking about is not eritrean, he was a tigraian deported from eritrea to ethiopia in 1998 and he was working for metec at “belless” sugar factory site.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hello Teodros,
      You wrote, “in order ethiopia to be strong country, she has to cut [Tigray] the gangrene of ethiopia from her part..”
      The editorial alleged that there seems to be no distinction between Tigray and TPLF. Here, the challenge should come from Ethiopians who care about the unity of their country. You just confirmed the allegation. Thank you on behalf of the AT.

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Saleh Johar
        For me tigraians psychological make with ethiopa is so different and i don’t see how r they going to coexist together with this opposite psychological make-up, so for me seceded tigrai from ethiopia means a strong ethiopia, i really don’t care about the unity of the land.
        For me, i strongly believe tplf and it’s ideology supported by vast majority of tigraians.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hello Teodros?
          So you want to exist with your kind only, ethnic or whatever? If I were you I would worry a lot, because that is the first step towards becoming a full-fledged chauvinist, followed by supremacist ideas, to finally graduate to FASCISM. Stay away from that temptation.

          NB: It’s difficult (for me) to communicate with two screens open. It makes me lose focus 🙂

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Saleh Johar
            No , am not talking about the difference in language or religion or culture. Am talking about the mind set to be or not to be sensitive to other people pain, the greedy mindset, the mind set of lying, theft, back stabbing.
            In short, The value about each thing is so different, not the difference in identity or poltics.

          • Saleh Johar

            It’s good to think before you shoot–I mean type. Language or religion or culture is what makes the mindset. And stereotyping a people using a wide brush leads to what I described in my earlier comment to you. Again, resist the temptation.

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Saleh Johar
            For me language or religion is nothing to do with those nagative mindset values, actually religion is against those values and language is a method of human communication.
            And culture is dianamic and most part of it is a tradition.
            But what am talking about is being zegzag heart for greedy purposes,
            And being zegzag heart( looting, backstabbing, cruelty, lying, greedy and etc) considered normal and when u see the whole community trying to defend it hard as if it is the right thing to do ,u can call it nagative mindset and nobody want to live with this kind of atmosphere.

  • Nitricc

    Hi AT; I understand you trying to be impartial and Unbiased on Ethiopian current politics but some times you need to call for what it is. I wonder if you write the same take after watching the new documentary about Ethiopian’s prison story that is just out. I don’t have to be Oromo or Amara I just have to be human to call out the TPLG thugs. In fact this happened in Africa at that in Ethiopia, the mother of Christianity is mind twisting. Christians my foot.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam AT (Pencil),

    ” المرء لا يلدغ من نفس جحرة” (a person doesn’t get bitten from the same hole) say the Arabs. This is a good warning message to Eritreans. The regime and the despot at its helm cannot change their nature. Many Eritreans have been used as deluded pawns in the past. ውፉያት ንሃገሮምን መንግስቶምን are the cermon’s head line words. And, we know it was not for his diplomatic expertise that the aging Semere Russon was chosen to be the despot’s anchorman in Addis Ababa. His resume makes his job description needless. So, those who do not want to be victims again unlike the zealots, better watch out and think many times before they emark on ventures in Ethiopia.

    By the way, I did not mean to be the “the first to comment” under this editorial. And, I wanted to awaited regime surrogates (I mean the mature and reasonable and not the mediocre among them) to come out with customary spinning and try to justify the regime’s terrorization spy network and dubious business operations and gainsay the content and aim of this Pencil edition.

    • Haile S.

      Selamat Ismail,
      Are you letting loosen, your legendary patience to come up with this preemptive multi-layered screen (ጸቢብብን ገፉሕን ምሔ) in your last paragraph. Just a friendly micro-concern.

      • Ismail AA

        Selam Haile S,

        ኣንታ ሃይለ ሓወይ፡ ድሕሪ ክንደይ ሰሓቦ ጉተቶ ናብ መስርዕ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ቀሪቦም ዝበልናዮም ጸሓዮም ቁሩብ ሙውቕ ምስ በለት ናብቲ ዝነበርዎ ምስርዕ ምስ ተመልሱ ምስ ገረመኒ እኮ እየ። እምበር ሓቅካ ኣይ ኣመለይን።

        From the time I joined this forum, I preached that we should leave our old trenches and meet at the no-mans land for the sake of justice and justice. I was disappointed when some respected for their maturity, experience and integrity for their views seemed to had responded to the common call, but returned back to the same trenches to preach the virtues and righteousness of what the despot and his regime have been doing recently.

        • Haile S.

          Good morning Ismail,
          I know you are very mindful; my comment was just a reminder of your moral placement. Otherwise, I completely understand you, everyone, including us, wants to get health by drinking from the “sacred-water” that poured peace in our region. Our regime and its immediate neighbor protagonist, instead of repenting and liberating those they detained in the name of “peace & security” are trying to wash and cleanse their sins by seizing the “”sacred-water” and making it their own pool, on the way dragging us into the mud they are creating. Your call not to get caught or dance in this mud is right and timely that all sides should adhere.