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Djibouti Accuses Eritrea at the Security Council

In a press release issued today April 13, Ambassador Mohamed Siad Doualeh, the permanent representative of Djibouti to the United Nations addressed the Security Council on the situation in Somalia.

The Ambassador said, “we share the Chair’s assessment that Al-Shabaab continues to pose a serious threat to peace and security in Somalia. They have been ramping up attacks after rejecting President Farmajo’s amnesty offer.” He also expressed his support for “the request by the Head of the African Union Mission in Somalia for a surge in troops to enable AMISOM forces and the Somali National Army to decisively degrade and defeat Al-Shabaab.”

Djibouti also called for support by the international community to enable “the new Somali leadership… to deliver significant peace dividends to the population, and improve security and access to justice.”

Regarding Eritrea, the Ambassador said, “we are deeply troubled and concerned by the … lack of cooperation that characterized previous mandates continues to date.” And that “Eritrea has deliberately chosen to obstruct the work of the Monitoring Group” and has “consistently and arrogantly refused to allow the Monitoring Group to verify the facts.”

Djibouti accused the Eritrean government of supporting the Somali Al-Shabab group and of continuing to “harbor, train, equip and provide logistical support to armed groups seeking to overthrow and destabilize the Government of Djibouti.”

According to sources of Gedab News, last March an Ethiopian commando force penetrated inside Eritrean territories on the Assab front and attacked a camp allegedly used by Somali and Djiboutian forces fighting against their respective governments. None of the four countries involved (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia) has made such information public. However, the Djiboutian ambassador stated that Djibouti has “shared information which it deems credible and verifiable with the Members of the Monitoring Group.”

The Ambassador also urged the Security Council to ask Eritrea, “to clarify the situation of the thirteen (13) remaining Djibouti Prisoners of War still unaccounted for.”

In 2009, Eritrea and Djibouti fought a border battle and the two sides captured prisoners from each other. In 2010, Qatar mediated a ceasefire but resolving the exchange of prisoners proved to be too difficult. To date, the border problem persists and in frustration, Qatar seems to have withdrawn from the mediation after, “its good will and extensive diplomatic efforts failed to bear fruit due to lack of cooperation.”

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  • Anis Idris

    Hello Everyone,

    I remember before the War between Ethiopia and Eritrea broke out in 1998, Djibouti was scared from Asab Port/Airport to be free Port between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan and everybody was expecting that Asab Port/Airport will have big Impact for Horn of Africa and east/central Africa at large. Now, Djibouti is enjoying the Fruit of their Government Action by becoming the Trading and Military Hub for China in Horn of Africa, East Africa and Central Africa with Ethiopia. Only God knows What will be in the near Future for Eritrea.

  • Maha Marketing

    So…..no proof? Why do all eritrea stories have no evidence, no witnesses, and no sources?

    According to “sources” of Gedab News (sources always need to be verified or else its not a source),

    last March an Ethiopian commando force penetrated inside Eritrean territories on the Assab front and attacked a camp allegedly used by Somali and Djiboutian forces (Are they saying that ethiopia illegally invaded eritrea?)

    “allegedly” used by Somali and Djiboutian forces fighting against their respective governments (this is not news, this is gossip)

  • kazanchis

    Hello everyone,

    No cooperation from Eritrea because the cooperation would be suicidal. Lack of cooperation also only vindicate the critics of the regime. At the moment, war seems to be not on the table to topple Eritrean regime as there are many interests to be in jeopardy such as investment, tourism and development in the region. Such diplomatic activities are the main area where countries like Ethiopia and Djibouti preferred to focus and alienate the regime from international community, it is working for them.

    • Abraham H.

      Hi kazanchis, yes, the current status quo may not be that harmful for Ethiopia in general, but, I doubt it whether the case is the same for the Tigray region considering the historical cultural and trade ties with Eritrea. When I was in Eritrea during the nineties I remember Tigrayan youth were everywhere to see in the labor market of Eritrea and they were coming in their thousands to seek jobs in Eritrea. If we also add the fact that the Massawa port is at much closer distance to northern Ethiopia than any other ports of the region, then I think, the status quo is also quite negative to the Tigray region. As for Djibouti, the non-existing ties between Eritrea and Ethiopia is like a blessing and the tiny Res Sea state, whose economic survival is directly tied to its sea port services, would, naturally, do everything in its capacity to keep the status quo.

      • kazanchis

        Hi Abraham,

        I agree to some extent the Tigray region is paying price for the military standoff mainly in the border towns. There’s no major federal investment in infrastructure or business activities like the other parts of Ethiopia.
        During 90’s or 80’s despite the ongoing war Eritrea was the hub of business activities and I wouldn’t be surprised if people from Tigray or other parts of Ethiopia flock for better employment opportunities. I’m afraid the overall situation in Tigray has changed in the past decades and Eritrea, in the other hand, is closed for business. Eritrea isn’t even open to Eritrean investors. I believe the employment opportunity of 90s doesn’t exist anymore. Whereas, many factories have been launched in many parts of Ethiopia and it seems there will be more to come, given the inflow of FDI to the country.
        Isaias’s stubbornness and lack of knowledge in economic development has left Eritrea to trail behind countries like Djibouti.


        • Maha Marketing

          Eritrea is open to eritrean investors…… for instance my family. Ethiopia is having a major problem with over-investing in the Tigray region. This is why the Oromo people want to separate from ethiopia. Ethiopia has also had mass killings near the sudanese border and ever constant fighting on the somali border. Eritrea is NOT open to foreign investors, better they focus on ethiopia

  • KBT

    Little Djibouti keep barking ,maybe they a second round heat
    Those woyane stooge

    • Hayat Adem

      “Little Djibouti barking”?
      PFdj doesn’t respect the big ones; doesn’t respect the small ones and every country and gvt disrespects it back. PFdj disrespects and abuses citizens. Citizens disrespect and despise the regime deeply. In the meantime, Eritrea is losing opportunities, friends and leverages. Everything PFdj touches turns to ashes. It was not without a reason the great Tewelde Reda sings “iday Hamukhishtee”! And your one liner comment here was thrown to insult a neighbor not just more senior and older than Eritrea, but behaving and getting along well with others. Ni’uq seb yine’Eq!

      • John “Doe” Doe

        Plz you think the djibouti population stand behind their goverments.. Both Eritrea and Djibouti is undemocratic.. The UNSC is a joke, along with the UN

        • Hayat Adem

          My point is besides how you view the dj gvt, the UN or the UNSC. Respect your neighbor: both the country and the people.

          • Selamat Hyatt Adem,

            Let’s hold on the Chedar Chedar CREAM, “Cash Rules Everything Arround a
            Me” I.e. The “Frmajo” Strategy AND THE SHEBAB Al WeTTen al Somalia….

            The Djibouti Trend of the First Quarter of 2017… … … As Abdulahj “Frmajo” Mohamed is s Ram of UB. As is our Esteemed Awatista The Great Adelusian Gheteb and yours truly GitSAtSE. This is only to serve as an intro….

            As I have a bone of contention with Mr. Saleh Joy at Ghadi as well as Oh Captain Saay7 that is of the utmost priority..

            The Peanut Butter Crunch Saay7, Kemey Kemey!

            Coming at ya from Oaksterdam to Amsterdam.

            CREAM Cash Creek of Cali with LOVE “WE STAND ON SEVENTEEN!”

            I Will Split the face cards as I am sure The Ace of Hearts And The Ace of Spades are the next consecutive cards on the deck. Black Jack Turni??? What happened to the invite? Nikodean.

            Where is L
            Pillar Weapon X

            Abu Ashera! Jemari Sewra. Wolverines!!!


    • Mez

      Greetings Kbt,

      Well said. Eritrea or Ethiopia are no different.