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Pirates Of The PFDJ

In 1976, when the Derg announced the change of King Haile Selassie’s birr in Ethiopia, the general public was reluctant to surrender the currency to the bank. People perceived the birr as a currency “guaranteed with gold” though by then the world had long dropped the system of defining the value of currency with gold.…

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A Call To The Moderates of The Horn Of Africa

This editorial first appeared on October 22, 2003, we think it is still relevant to our current situation and debates. For the responses we received for our call, check here. There is an old Eritreans saying: when the leg is hurt, the eye weeps. A similar proverb exists in Ethiopia. What is true for individuals…

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Lampedusa and the Eritrean Journey for Dignity

After much criticism, the YPFDJ,  the youth satellite of Eritrea’s ruling party, PFDJ, visited Lampedusa, a south Italian island whose shores were visited by victims of a shipwreck: 154 barely alive, and 359 dead Eritreans.   YPFDJ’s statement begins with this:  “The Y-PFDJ team has been in Lampedusa for almost 24 hours and the facts and…

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Eritrea: Hazardous to Eritreans

Yes, it is almost entirely the Eritrean regime’s fault. If you have no family in Eritrea, no connection to Eritrea, and all you had to rely for information about Eritrea was Google News–which aggregates Eritrean state media’s always happy news next to the almost always negative news about the country from independent media–you would have…

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Eritrean National Congress: 50 Years In The Making, Finally Here

The Eritrean National Congress, which was mandated by the Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change (ENCDC) last year, is expected to convene on November 21 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The 53-member commission, which was elected by the Conference, is expected to organize the congress of 553 Eritreans representing the civil society (60%) and political parties…

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The United Kingdom Should Prove Isaias Afwerki Right

There is a saying in the Eritrean highlands when one observes that the effort exerted is vastly disproportionate to the puny outcome: “nezi ktg’Eta trhtSa?”—all of your sweating is for this?  We had the exact same reaction after we read the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs June 7th  Press Release regarding the British nationals who…

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This Land Is Your Land, And So Are The Minerals

“This is like walking into Kalgoorlie before it was discovered … it’s a relatively stable country with an authoritarian government … No, we don’t expect an uprising.” That was Tim Goyder, CEO of Australian mining company Chalice Gold Mine.  The “stable country with an authoritarian government” he is talking about is Eritrea.  And the Kalgoorlie…

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What Eritrea Can Teach South Sudan

On the eve of the actualization of its long-dreamed statehood, South Sudan is showing worrying signs of hazards ahead.  Each of the three driving forces in itself is a challenge, but combined they pose a threat so potent that it will require wisdom and some good fortune to avoid this calamity. And much of it…

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Eritrea Every Year: “We Will Get’em Next Year”

In five months, Eritrea will be celebrating 20 years of freedom from foreign rule.  Unfortunately, that is all we will be celebrating because, certainly, we won’t be celebrating freedom. For the last 19 years, the Eritrean tyrant has addressed the nation by expressing false progress for the year that just ended and making empty promises about…

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PFDJ’s Eritrea: Klashnikov Diplomacy

Eritrea, under the despotic rule of the People’s Front for Democracy & Justice (PFDJ), has rushed to war and strolled to peace, and it has always accepted peace under terms much worse—after a lot of blood, toil, tears, and expenses—than the initial peace deals. The regime has had direct wars with Yemen (1995), Ethiopia (1998-2000),…

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The Eritrea of “Adey Hana”!

03 Aug 2017 Ismael Ibrahim Mukhtar Comments (33)

I was born and raised in the city of Asmara. Asmara in those days was a bustling multicultural and multi-faith…

Goatskin and Hides Rot in Eritrean Streets

01 Aug 2017 Gedab News Comments (16)

The once thriving skin and hides business has declined so much that rotting skins in the streets have become a…

The Allyship Model of Anti-Marginalization Struggle

28 Jul 2017 Amanuel Hidrat Comments (255)

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe Dawit Mesfin’s recent article “All about self-liberation”…

Ahl Al-Kahaf: The Sleepers of Ephesus

21 Jul 2017 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (189)

Let me begin by wishing success and fruitful discussions for the organizers and attendants of the Sheffield Meeting, planed for…




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