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A Very Untimely Article

The American 2016 Election: A white woman on the top, a white man at the bottom.
Hilary Clinton is poised to become the first female president, but a white woman on the top with a white man at the bottom is not history making. It is not even history repeating itself much less making it.


The Democrats had a good run in their unconventional convention when they nominated the first female candidate. The Republicans, too, had an unconventional convention with their unconventional candidate. From Michelle Obama to Bill Clinton, from Joe Biden to Tim Kaine, the Dems framed their gathering as the making of optimistic future in contrast to the Republicans, who in their cloistered “Whitehood”, sprinkled by minorities, mostly painted a bleak future of a country of crime scenes, of roaming illegal and criminal immigrants.

Barring a huge screw-up by the Dems, Hilary Clinton is almost guaranteed to clinching the presidency to become the first female commander in chief. Millions of Americans are excited and rightly so: to wit, their beloved Bill, the ladies’ man of the nighties, the former charmer in chief will be back at the White House. But the USA will not make history with the election of Hilary, that history has been made before in Great Britain, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and even Liberia. History can only be made once; the USA is merely catching up. What the election of Hilary would mean is that the USA, after more than two centuries of rehearsals, refusals, and denials has finally embraced that a woman is worthy of holding the highest office and by so doing America is just dancing to the rhythms of history.

A Hilary presidency, will come almost a century after women were first allowed to vote, a century after the Wright brothers first flew for 59 seconds, and half a century after USA landed on the moon. America excels at hard things, such is creating the nuclear bomb, harnessing the science of aviation to land on the moon, but it sucks at the easy, no-brainer things, like electing a black person or a woman president.

Traumatized by her first failed bid to become the first female president, fearing that Trump’s demagogy may attract some white electorate, cognizant that this may well be her last chance, apprehensive that many Democrats may feel the “Bern”, shuddering that the “crooked” Hilary may stick to her, she played it safe by choosing Tim Kaine. She could not find a black woman, nor a black man, nor any visible minority in American’s diverse demography, failing all that she could not even find a white woman, because she did not look. By choosing a white Spanish speaking man; she has committed forgery of her ticket to make it look like America. A black female running mate would have been bold, and Hilary would have truly made history, instead she settled for mediocrity. With a bold ticket, the White House would have looked more like the country. The Democrats would have gotten even with the Republicans, who abolished slavery under president Lincoln. The Dems would have earned a bragging right for generations, in a nation that is very young, exuberant, still forming, and unfinished, that would have been a hell of history making.

By opting to dance to the rhythms of history, Hilary and the Democrats missed a life time opportunity to make a true American made history. With a different VP pick: a black woman, or a black man, or any minority or even doubling down on two white women would have made America to excel at the easy things too. Trump would have been the easiest opponent against whom the Dems would have accomplished a bold, visionary, audacious ticket.

The speeches at the Democratic Party convention were more gripping, inspiring, and forward looking than their counter parts, but still they were more glamour than valor, bravado than vision, and appealed more to the emotional than to the logical. The Democrats were busy nursing their “Bern”, managing the damage the leaked emails have inflicted, recovering from their “high” of nominating the first woman and so no one bothered to say: ” My fellow Americans, next time we will put a black woman on the top and return her safely to her family after her term ends.”

The Election of Clinton may still be unable to smash to pieces the 6 million cracks she created on that proverbial glass ceiling. The Democrats mocked Trump for his ‘believe me” but they turned around and told the people “believe us”, believe in the plural, not in the singular.
There is no reason for America to trip all over herself to celebrate a history she has not yet made; this is not history making, it is history mimicking, a white woman on the top with a white man at the bottom. 

But how about if Trump fails, not failing to win but failing to lose? Still America will be safe. There is no reason for America to panic either even if Trump fails to lose; because to its credit, it has established a self-correcting system. The Electoral Colleges were established for this very reason and if Trump fails, that is if he is elected, there are tools, legal and democratic tools to deny him the presidency. The electoral College that usually rubber stamps the people’s choice can be used if demagogy emerges, it is one arrow in the quivers of the American system to safe guard the integrity of the system. For buddying courtiers and fledgling democracies, the American systems is an excellent example to emulate and learn from. And the African countries with highly diverse ethnic groups can use it effetely if a member of one ethnic group appeals to the uglier nature of his people to rise to power, the college can strip him of his presidency. I heard Hilary Clinton insinuating that the electrical College were redundant and that there was no need for it in our modern system, but if the Donald trumps Trump, and fails to lose, and is elected president by the people, the same college that she decried may appoint her president when history rhymes with the supreme court decision that made Bush president. 

The founding principles and the foresight of the founding fathers are important for a nation and a nation that kills and disappears its founding fathers will have a better chance of disappearing itself than succeeding and if it avoids the disappearance it will chug along in a vicious cycle, haunted by the ghosts of the disappeared founding fathers and tormented by demonic legacy of the once founding fathers turned destroying fathers.

My fellow Americans, the American ingenuity has failed to put a woman, any woman on the top; even Liberia has beaten you on that, and please do not move Canada even if Trump is elected your president, understand that the immune system of your system has factored that in. You chose good founding fathers. Now move on to the next task of putting a black woman on the top, a white man at the bottom will be fine in that scenario. And since you do not shy away from a good challenge, remember we will go to the moon speech: “…We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” the challenge is to put a black woman on the top and white woman at the bottom in the 2020 election

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  • Ismail AA

    Selam Gash Solomon,
    Abey deA qeniyom. AnQwa deHan meSu.
    By the way, thanks for your Hebrew-izing my name. Aman has Saho-wized it and pronouces it as Ismaelo. I thanked him for that because my mum used to call me that way.
    In any case, it is fine you didn’t forget MS promise to come with job done on those two important matters. I am one of those who waiting restlessly to devour what those assignments will bring. But I hope until then his MS’s projectile would not get me, and keep on missing me – some very close miss.

  • Nitricc

    hey SJ remember i have asked you about TIgre consuming Ambeta? well, wonder no more lol. I guess the Amara people were all in the point. hahahahahah


    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Nitricc,

      No, don’t make a mistake, Mr. Nitricc, Tigre eat Shiro, they like it very much. They feel content specially when they see it boils like an active volcano that throws its shells to all directions after every “Tog Tig Tog”, musical, isn’t it? I heard Shiro “Deskilu” by the”Nechi Lebas” leader. There is no dough, fire wood, gas or power to bake “Engera”, it is very sad.

      I know, Mr. Nitricc, you and your malitia group are appointed here to divert Eritreans from their main cause.

  • MS


  • MS

    Selam All
    Semere Thanks for the article. I enjoyed reading it. Since you you opted for the satirical path and, I guess, since you are the only man standing to decipher Wedi-Saleh’s Dardasha (the other one is MIA, presumably tackling big issues- hagerawn zobawn ahgurawn gudayat (Qadaya waTanya, aQlimya wa duweliya), let me have my take at it. This is simple poletikawi tmhrti for Semere Andom.
    Hilary Clinton: I came to the USA when her husband was the president. I became a USA citizen when her husband was president. You see it’s easy. I’m sure you have heard our people in the Sudan talked about George Bush. That’s because George Bush had a role in delivering flour and other cooking utensils to the refugees in Sudan (I believe it was in the eighties. You tell me Semere, I was not there). I’m also sure you heard of the fondness Eritreans had towards JF Kennedy ( because of the Peace Corps?). Anyway, you get what I mean. Let’s leave the hardball politics as to why Clinton is the most prepared person to assume the presidency. Let’s just take the human aspect of it. Mr. Trump is a bull (a bulldozer) and as a bull he bullies the poor; he bullies women; he bullies disabled citizens; he bullies minorities; he is the most narcissistic individual I have ever seen. He is not fit to lead the great USA. He

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Mahmud Saleh,

      You can read, in the link below, a fraction of the iceberg which floated from the South. I hope this will make your singing and dancing warmer. Please, don’t forget to raise your “Derib” to the exponent of hundred.

  • A.Osman

    Dear Awatista,

    Sorry Semere, a diversion ….

    Few day ago in a wassap chat, my bother from Asmara mentioned about spread of a disease and that the government has shut some routes. The name he used (shork/shrok) did confuse me so I was looking for news about it. Now I see it on Assenna as being an epidemic of Cholera and it looks more widespread than I initially thought. The last thing our people need in these tough times is some epidemic to knock them while an incompetent government is likely to play it down until it takes many lives.

    Allah yeshfina we yeshfihum minal bela


    • Ismail AA

      Hayak Allah Ustaz A.Osman,
      Yes, new about the epidemic have been trickling down through the hermetic news outlets of the regime and reaching websites like Meskerem.net. Those reports cited that lives have been wasted in some localities. Now we are hearing from contacts in Sudan that the borders with Eritrea have been put under strict surveillance and some travelers have been turned back from entering the country. The situation is indeed worrisome.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings A. Osman,

      Yes, in Barka Rakha and Gash Cholera spread widely. The Mafia quarantined from Adardy to Tessinai including Gash. The teams that are working there unable to cover those who need treatment.

    • Solomon

      Selamat AOsman,

      Abb zeySemAAka debbri aytmaHlel kem itebahle: ab metSnaEti medrekh attina, mbengeddi itti nay dmTsi fiQadd ztewahbbenna abb zelenayyO America abb werHi Aserte Hadde Eilett Shemonte bwtSiEitu…

      PhiliPawyann 4:6-7 Aytitehawekh: illu yJimrr.

      • A.Osman

        Selamat Sele,

        Sorry what was in between the first and last sentence I could not understand….Aytetahawekhkun, negeru gin deqiska zihalef aykonen. Emo kab “Abb zeySemAAka debbri aytmaHlel kem itebahle ” intay negebr tibl…….


        • Solomon

          Hi AO,

          Just saying we the citizens of the USA will be voting on Nov. 8th.
          It is important for the USA that Mr. Trump have a better debate and make a case for his constituents despite the predictions of a Hilary Clinton victory. Any President elect of the USA presides over all Americans. Hence the metSnaEti.
          As for mhlela & debri, it seems to me or it is becoming apparent that Eritrean “Opposition” Politics lacks precisely this point. The Presiding and or governing over all Eritrean citizens, should they attain power. More metSnaEti here also…

          Also, I figured you would be the debri I can address, considering your seemingly dismissal if iSEM’s CHICANARY and your always “Chilaxed” style commentary.

          The current Eritrean Opposition state feels like, at least to yours truly, when General Lee was retreating and the Potomac River overflowing and Lincoln ordering his Generals to end the war before Lee crosses. The Ethiopian crisis, the UNSC not so favorable opinion on the COI, EU’s reengagement and Euro funding with and for Eritrea, and the lack luster Eritrean migrants data (which could be worst if dug deeper) is analogous with the river overflowing for the retreating opposition. Another point to add is the unresolved g12 Addis Abeba 2017 Eritrean Opposition Congress Vs. g6/Medrekh–Their inter opposition political further undermining of one another will further exasperate the opposition’s, at least the “traditional”, fate.

          I cannot and would not speculate Who is the Lincoln to General MaHmood SaliH’s.

          Despite General Mo’s incessant kebid Brett medafuAAt of long range 889mm word-verbal Projectiles, it seems to the disappointment of his Lincoln, he is allowing the limping and retreating General Saay7, flying the southern Union Jack, to cross the metaphorical overflowing Potomac river, prolonging now several decades long war by the very chaotic Obstructionists Eritrean citizens against the PFDJ and the Eritrean State/People, better collectively known as the Eritrean Opposition. Mo”the best”Mo perhaps affected by the bloody battles of recent of brother against brothher has delayed his full frontal attack, North of the Potomac, on his friends and opposition (in name only) comrades General Saay7, iSEM, Mr. IshmaelAA, A.AH etc… giving them a mercy exit from their futile current predicament and possibly a safe open return at a later date to the true Eritrean Opposition. A true definition of opposition.

          Yes, it is true as General Saay7 has stated. The 2016 onslaught by the raging overflowing river us further excuse to “lazy Eritreans” to justify their uninvolvement with the change/justice Seekers against the “one legged” Eritrean State that utilizes a “by any means necessary” hook and crook method of war fare.

          The revival of and newly energetic Awate com website, after a very prolonged back back seat to the numerous large and small opposition organizations and civic societies, is indicative of the current on intensive care unit Eritrean Opposition State.

          The friends of Awate Toronto event, reuniting the backbone of Awate contributors, as well as the very rejuvinated Captain Saay7, with his about face from resignation and retiring from the fight to his current hyper activity sole-Rambo like mission against DIA has brought roaring back Awate.com of the 2000s. The Saladeens SaliHien has finally regained it’s always desired ambitious lead position in dictating the means if support and opposition for Eritrea by Eritreans and plus.

          While the g-12 Eritrean Opposition–Addis’s is left out from the funding by the European Political Think Tank available to g6/Medrekh and very possibly to the resourceful Awate.com on the one hand (rational for the Reenergized and rebooted Awate.com), and 200M Euro to GoE under the pretext of Eritrean Migrants Mitigation painting of a strong push effort.

          “Lazy or not” slow your role G! Yeah you Captain. Take your pick:
          1. Weddi Gebbru “KerkiboO romaEE ille, korkiboO romaEE ille, Brett welawile.” Is a very underestimated, undeservingly less popular/heard song by the Post WuguE HidHid Eritrean civil war of the 1980s. And the loaded and true meaning of the above lyrics of the then E.LF.’ Star’s song could very well be misunderstood–hence less popularity. My point here is let’s not forget of the Datas And Algorithm Hijacking and Dictating of The First “NeHnann TeQawmonann.”

          Aya Amanuel Hidrat quotes Wuchuu “Endaa TebelalaEna in metSina ” Yes. It was a Thirty Year Guarila War. (Failures…..{Catalyst})
          Allow me to add: Hiji wnnn endatebelalaEna Ina nQuitSil zelona. Menn iyyu itti belaEi, menn iyyu tebelaEi. Who amongst us is the Vegetarian!???

          3. The Eritrean State with it’s three legged stool intact (Saay7 and crew stopping Rep. Monkey from traveling to Florida for his Chickita Bananas–case in point with regards to law) and the civic societies and opposition and supporters organizations and their complacency, utilizing very disrespectful fiuk languages as well as propagandacracy that is the anthesis of Eritrea’s Self Determination over a century quest and proud and heroic people’s history.

          Dear AOsmann,
          I maintain University of Khartoum Younis aka Ali Salim’s U-Turn the Catalyst for the formation Of Eritrean Low Lands League — ELLL is indeed the only pokitic vanguard and true Eritrean Opposition currently with hands on cooporation with GoE.

          The Hammeed and Lamejs and to a certain degree iSEM, and Agazzis points only to the slow pace Eritrean regional cultures. Perhaps, Ms. Britain’s doubt if Eritrean Federal government rule or presence deserves a second consideration by us.

          The closest Independent Eritrea has gotten or could is through political organizations like ELLL
          SJG’ s vehement opposition and strongest plea against the formation of ELLL and current state of the Eritrean Obstructionists Opposition, the extent of ELLL’s achievements thus far as well as the steady March of a strong Independent Eritrean State with Representative governmebt much like the 1952 Federated with Ethiopia autonomous Eritrean Parliament.

          Now, I further extrapolate the you AOsman and possible Mr. IshmaelAA are of the ELLL state of mind Eritreans. And Possibly MaHmood SaliH. ELLL would be the Eritrean political party of my choice.
          Because all politics is local.
          Now I know you AO are an ELLL advocate.
          How do I know!
          1. your givibg the Cholara current crisis in Eritrea priority over iSEM’s “distraction article” Gracefully and “Brother in Asmara” first hand news. (Hence, abb zeysemAAka debri Andu dark side iSEM aytmaHlel.)
          2. “Chilllaxxxx!”

          MS, let us lookup the true definition of Opposition is timely.Saay7, speaking for my group of ONE and LAZY in this our Eritrean Group Dynamics over the best of strategies is directing me to remind you my good friend Captain Saay7 that your current stance on the metaphorical Overflowing Potomac River is FUTILE And And…. “NiHnan TeQaumonan* sii fits best to the Data Hijacking And Algorithm of the young SaliHien Saladeens of yr. 2000 Dawn.
          Aya Amanuel yes a group of 1 can have effect even in a forum. Please reread Machiavelli’s The Prince. You are vital in my next Hattetta.

          • A.Osman

            Dear Solomon,

            I had a hectic week and did not follow Awate, so the late response.

            I will have to reread your response to understand it, I guess 50% of it – why u making hard for us!!! I know you for over 12 years at Awate, your message is becoming unreadable overtime, while you making your point you are using parallels that most of us here have no clue about. Even the Ameritrean are struggling to follow you considering you bring American sport in your conversation….you need to resurrect the old Tsatse, that is what I am saying.

            On the Cholera, a friend told me earlier that places in Dankalia have been affected….my thought was originally Barca, then I read Seraye, now I hear Dankalia….this epidemic seems to have spread across the whole country. As I said, while I have not followed the news on Eritrea for a week, it is worrying situation. I hope my perception is completely wrong and the problem is in isolated small pockets and within the capacity of the government to control is – it feels like burying my head under the sand though.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings A.Osman,

            I think, Mr. Solomon background of the Eritrean history and geography is scarce, therefore, succumbs to importing examples from articles, films or books he came across.

            For example,

            1- “CHICANARY” ” Chilaxed” these are writers in his mind.

            2- “when General Lee was retreating and the Potomac River overflowing and Lincoln ordering his Generals to end the war before Lee crosses.”

            These are wars and places many Eritreans didn’t come across. He makes analogies between already known to Eritreans with unknown other nations history or places. He seems to comment for himself.

            3-it seems to the disappointment of his Lincoln,……. flying the southern Union Jack, to cross the metaphorical overflowing Potomac river,…………, North of the Potomac, ………, iSEM, Mr. IshmaelAA, A.AH etc…”

            4- “sole-Rambo like mission against DIA ………. the 2000s. The Saladeens SaliHien ………”

            Mr. Solomon endeavors to impress us that he is a well-cultivated highest calibre at the time he is not. The perception of those who support the despot is very low, they lack wisdom. The moment we discover a person backs up the mafia, we have to understand automatically he/she is of a very low perception. I think this is enough guide to disclose him whatever masks he wears.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            To understand Mr. Solomon comments just cancel the stuff he imports from films and dramas, and read the rest of his comment, you will understand it very clearly.

  • said

    Clinton Is Turning the Tide Overwhelmingly Winning the First Debate

    The general consensus among well informed commentators on the results of the first Presidential debate at Hofstra University, New York, last night between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump tends to favor Hilary Clinton as having decisively won the debate. The CNN Polls taken shortly after end of the debate showed Mrs. Clinton arresting the once rising momentum in favor of Trump that was fast building up the past few weeks.

    On addressing various issues on taxes, trade, worsening racial tensions, etc., Mrs. Clinton addressed the issues with great coherence and specificities, very well thought arguments; this, as Donald Trump often times during the debate seemed caught in incoherent ranting and embarrassingly very short on specificities.

    Mrs. Clinton poise was true presidential, addressing the issues with eloquence, great articulation and intellect that Trump immensely lacked. The Body Language showed Clinton confident and very well poised with radiating smile drawn gently and at times dismissively towards her opponent. This, as Donald Trump appeared nervous, lacking in self-confidence, and, as through all his campaigns thus far, resorting to simplistic language couched with insults well nursed to appeal to the mostly less educated half literate American laymen and American average persons.

    The Presidential debate showed Mrs. Clinton well in command, very well-versed with the issues; however, while Donald Trump showed wide ignorance sticking to generalities and failing often to squarely respond to the moderator’s questions; nevertheless, considering the current popularist movement, anti-establishment movement and the shared pervasive sentiment among a very large number of the electorate in America, the general public might still fall for Trump and his crafty sell of a simplistic message of change and hope.

    Two more Presidential debates are scheduled for next month, October; however, and despite Donald Trump’s message of change that remains quite appealing to a wide American audience, the just ended First Presidential Debate seems to set the tone and give a strong indication that Mrs. Clinton might have started to win her bid to the White House come November 8, a month and a half from now.

    • Aklil

      Dear Eritreans, let us concentrate on Eritrean politics and Eritrean news. The americans do not need our analysis.

      • said

        greeting Aklil

        America in which racism stubbornly persists is also a country that is becoming increasingly “minority majority”; a country in which many whites are “underwater”; a country where Muslims and Mexicans are rightly anxious about what lies ahead; a country which feels to increasing numbers of its citizens like a republic of disadvantages. And a country whose methods of politics and government might still address all these failures, if only we could get to the other side of anger.

        Grievance is sometimes the author of blindness, or worse. All the way at the other end of the political spectrum from the black aggrieved are the white aggrieved, and they are the ones playing with a terrifying fire.