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Anti Racism Demonstration: Dresden Remembers Khalid

On Saturday January 17, 2015, thousands of Germans and immigrants marched in an anti racism demonstration that was carried out in memory of Khalid in Dresden (Watch the two Videos below).

On Monday night January 12, 2015, German anti-immigrant fascist rallies in Dresden resulted in the stabbing of Khalid Idris Bahray, a twenty-years old Eritrean refugee.

Khalid fled his home town Keren, Eritrea, with his mother when he was five years old and settled in a refugee camp in Sudan where he grew up. Last year he made the journey to Libya through the desert and reached Italy by sea finally arriving in Germany in August of 2014, only five months ago.

The victim was stabbed to death close to the building where he lived with other refugees. His body was found the next morning.

The anti-immigrant rallies are organize by Pagida, a fascist organization.

According to The Guardian, sympathizers of the anti-immigration movement Pegida, spouted disdain for the dead Eritrean. One of them, Eric van de Hahns wrote on Facebook, “In Africa dozens of children and adults die every day and nobody’s interested in them. But as soon as a single asylum seeker pops his clogs, then the outcry is huge.

The situation in Europe has after the Charlie Hebdo massacre where extremist Muslims killed 12 people in Paris, France.

Pagida is terrorizing immigrants and refugees by spray painting hate messages and Swastikas on street walls and immigrant residences, threats like, “we will get you all.”

It is unlikely that Khalid was stabbed for being a Muslim as much as he was for being an immigrant. Eritrean Muslims and Christians cannot be identified by their physical features since they look alike. However, the fanning the anti Muslim sentiments by some is basically encouraging the xenophobic wave that is terrorizing immigrants of all faiths.

Meanwhile, thousands of Germans and immigrants attended in an anti racists demonstration in Dresden.

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  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Said,
    I am just wondering all that writing you did to advance your opinions and beliefs how you are handling it personally now, as it appears that Khalid was killed by his own countryman roommate. You just move on without saying anything, waiting for another incident to start your propaganda again. Do you have another theory? How sad.

  • Kokhob Selam

    The death of this innocent young man is not different from the death of all our people, the place may differ, the time may, the circumstances may, but the reason is one and one. the death fate starts right in Eritrea all the way to all part of the world to every man. but all are due to the illegal and irresponsible leadership in Eritrea. I shoulder more responsibility to supporters of PFDJ outside Eritrea.Are they aware that indirectly they are killing our people? we are watching them and this is a call, a call to them. Kalled Insha’allah will rest in heaven but we are counting and time will come every criminal will fail in our hand.

    What I learn from this incident is that, our young generation should not leave Eritrea but tackle the problem even if it cost the soul. Challenge the enemy within but clean from the root the poisonous tree and replace it with healthy tree.

  • said

    Stephen Hawking: There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.

    The events of the heinous crimes of German ’s “Khaled” is an example in point where human tragedy and the ensuing chaos surrounding it is being amply capitalized by the right wing party to dramatically advance hidden political Agendas as further creating facts on the ground in stark violation of the International Law and of Human Rights. Hundreds of mourners gathered to show support and solidarity with victim in Dresden and to give respect for the funeral of the corpse of the same time the good well of German citizens have shown their deep compassion and empathy for Khaled and thousands of Germans and immigrants attended in an anti-racists demonstration in Dresden as demonstrate in the above video .

    – The vilification of Islam and Muslim which morphed into massive western-led Islamophobia helped encourage and validate the actions of some European governments, however violent and abusive. The dehumanization of Islam and Muslims became an essential weapon of propaganda and marching for war.

    –historically it is well documented western hegemony and enmity to word Islam and Muslim countries , It was also political strategic: In dehumanizing and hating Muslims and very flexible tool that would make easy military intervention and economic sanctions possible anywhere where the West has political and economic oil interests. Hating Islam became a unifying rally-cry from advocates of sanctions like Iran to anti-immigrant neo-Nazi groups in Germany, and some European . There much more at hand is no longer the violent means used to achieve political domination and control of natural resources, but, interestingly and magically, every reduced to one hot button single word: Muslim and Islam; or, at best, Islamophobia and some something else: freedom of expression, human rights, woman rights and so forth.

    Islam, …..The Overlooked Great Civilization?

    Modern politicians to serve narrow Agendas at the expense of the cross-fertilization between human civilizations and the future of world peace. Mainstream Muslems, universal and worldly, are encapsulated into a monolithic, indiscriminate “The Others,” in search of simplistic answers to a far more complex reality. In the process, Polarization is setting apart great human civilizations that with the doctrinaire, supposedly academic and intellectual framework of the “Inevitable Clash of Civilizations,” is increasingly playing into the dogmas of the minority few of self-serving politicians.

    Mainstream Islam, universal and worldly, need to be studied from its broad cultural and civilization optic. One of the greatest of all human civilizations, Islam represents a unique historic human experience, almost unmatched, of the mass assimilation and integration of ancient cultures and civilizations in a mind bugling speed, and as early as the 8th century, that the fruits of which are being reaped by the current world civilizations.

    Islam as a crucible of unifying world cultures is a civilization that is distinct from personal predilections and individual proclivities to excess expressions of faith and ideology. During the dark ages of Europe, Islamic culture, from the very early years of its evolution, provided an environment of unprecedented relative tolerance that encouraged intellectual and scientific pursuits, considered a historical novelty by the standards and political cultures of that age, and whose parallel, the crossfertilization of human thought across geographic boundaries could not be matched until the dawn of the Scientific Revolution in Europe, at the threshold of the 17th century, and as the final expression of the Renaissance.

    That parallel found expression in one of the most illuminating epochs in human history exemplified in the integrated, albeit individual efforts of European scholars of the time in the revolutionary cracking of mythical

    Concepts of the cosmos and formulation of complete hypotheses, the heliocentric model that became the cornerstone of modern science and thence ushered in unhindered the humanity’s progress towards new realms of technological breakthroughs. With Copernicus, the Polish, cracking the geocentric theory in favour of the heliocentric model, it was a string of European scholars, of varied ethnicities and affiliations, who followed on his heel to build upon that great Copernican departure to perfect the new theory to the full empirical and practical application: with Kepler, the Italian, advancing the geometrical and mathematical frameworks for predictive superiority; with Galileo’s new basis for testing theories through a host of technical instruments rendering the Copernican theory physically a substantiated frame of reference; with the French Descartes enunciating the first statement of the law of inertia, for it all to culminate with the English Newton providing the more encompassing conceptual scheme through the laws of motion and the theory of universal gravitation. A wonderful orchestra of human minds that were universally linked through a liberated human thought, and the cross fertilization and integration of independent individual patterns of thought through the surmounting of the distortions of cultural barriers and the impediments of preconceived judgments.

    In a similar tradition, Islamic scholars thrived, during many centuries, in an environment of open receptivity and set the trend for the free flow and sharing of knowledge across varying cultures and on a universal scale. Their collective endeavours highlighted the nobility and ultimate objective of the pursuit of knowledge as an end to serve higher purposes and interlink with past human achievements and offer a bridge to posterity.

    Following are glimpses of great Moslem scholars who immensely contributed to the development of human intellectual and scientific thoughts beginning as early as the 8th century:

    Jabir Ibin Hayyan (Died 803 A.D.)

    Jabir Ibn Hayyan, the alchemist Geber of the Middle Ages, is generally known as the father of chemistry. He practiced medicine and alchemy in Kubfa, current Iraq, around 776 A.D. Jabir introduced experimental investigation into alchemy, which rapidly changed its character into modern chemistry. The ruins of his well-known laboratory remained after him for centuries, and his fame extended to over 100 treatises, of which 22 relate to chemistry and alchemy. Perhaps Jabir’s major

    Practical achievement was the discovery of minerals and other acids, which he prepared for the first time in his alembric (Anbique).

    Abu Al-Nasr Al-Farabi (Died 950 A.D.)

    Al-Farabi was born in a small village named Wasij, near Farab in today’s Turkistan in 870 A.D. He lived through the reign of several Abbasid Caliphs of Baghdad. As philosopher and scientist, he acquired great proficiency in various branches of learning. Al-Farabi contributed considerably to science, philosophy, logic, sociology, medicine, mathematics and music. He stands out as an Encyclopaedist.

    Ibn Sina (Avicenne – died 1037 A.D.)

    Ibn Sina was born in 980 A.D. at Afshana near Bukhara, in today’s Uzbikstan. Ibn Sina started studying philosophy by reading various Greek, Muslim and other books on this subject. While still young, he attained such a degree of expertise in medicine that his renown spread far and wide. He also contributed to mathematics, physics, music and other fields. He was the most famous physician, philosopher, encyclopaedist, mathematician and astronomer of his time. His major contribution to medical science was his famous book “Al-Qanun,” known as the “Canon” in the West. The “Qanun fi Al-Tibb” is an immense encyclopaedia of medicine extending over a million words.

    Ibn Al-Haitham ( Died 1040 A.D.)

    Ibn Al-Haitham was one of the most eminent physicists, whose contributions to optics and the scientific methods are outstanding. Known in the West as Alhazen, he was born in 965 A.D. In Basrah, nowadays Iraq. Ibn Al-Haitham made a thorough examination of the passage of light through various media and discovered the laws of refraction. He also carried out the first experiments on the dispersion of light into its constituent colors. His book “Kitab-al-Manazir” was translated into Latin in the Middle Ages, as well as his book on “The Colors of Sunsit.” He contradicted Ptolemy’s and Euclid’s theory of vision that objects are seen by rays of light emanating from the eye. Ibn Al-Haitham’s influence on physical sciences, in general, and optics, in particular, has been held in high esteem and, infact, it ushered a new era in optical research, both in theory and practice.

    IBN Al-BAITAR (died 1248 A.D.)

    Ibn Al-Bitar was one of the greatest scientists of Muslim Spain and was the greatest botanist and pharmacist of the Middle Ages. He was born in the Spanish city of Malaqa (Malaga) towards the end of the 12th century. His researches on plants extended over a vast area including Arabia and Palestine, which he either visited or managed to collect plants from stations located there. He died in Damascus. Ibn-Baitar’s major contribution, “Kitab Al-Jami fi Al-Adwiya Al-Mufrada,” is one of the greatest botanical compilations dealing with medicinal plants in Arabic. It enjoyed a high status among botanists up to the 16th century and is a systematic work that embodies earlier works, with due criticism, and adds a great part of original contribution.

    Al-Khawarizmi (Died 840 A.D.)

    Al-Khawarizmi was born at Khawarizm (Kheva), south of Aral sea. He was a mathematician, astonomer, and geographer. He was, perhaps, one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived, as, in fact, he was the founder of several branches and basic concepts of mathematics. The influence of Al-Khawarizmi on the growth of science, in general, and mathematics, astronomy and geography, in particular, is well established in history.

    Ibn- Rushd (Died 1198 A.D)

    Ibn Rushd, known as Averroes in the West, was born in Cordova, Moslem Spain. He made remarkable contributions to philosophy, logic, medicine, music and jurisprudence. In medicine, his well-known book “Kitab Al-Kulyat fi Al-Tibb” was written before 1162 A.D. Its Latin translation was known as “Colliget.” In it, Ibn Rushd has thrown light on various aspects of medicine, including diagnoses, cure and prevention of disease. The book concentrates on specific areas, in comparison with Ibn Sina’s wider scope of “Al-Qanun, ” but contains original observations of Ibn-Rushd.

    Ibn- Al-Nafis (died in 1288 A.D.)

    Ibn Al-Nafis was born in Damascus. His major contribution lies in medicine. His major original contribution of great significance was his discovery of the blood’s circulation system, which was rediscovered by modern science after the elapse of three centuries. He was the first to correctly describe the constitution of the lungs and gave a description of the bronchi and the interaction between the human body’s vessels for air and blood. Also, he elaborated on the function of the coronary arteries as feeding the cardiac muscle.

    The above is an anthology of great human thinkers who contributed immensely to the advance of sciences and human endeavours in many branches of knowledge. One only hopes that this humble initiative of a writing could slightly contribute to dispel unjustified stereotype notions that preclude communication among the human race, and the gratifying rewards of the open dialogues between the world’s civilizations.

  • Michael

    RIP to the young innocent poor soul that lost his life in this tragedy. I sincerely hope the perpetrators of this crime are caught and punished to the fullest extent possible by German law.

    ‘However, the fanning the anti Muslim sentiments by some is basically
    encouraging the xenophobic wave that is terrorizing immigrants of all

    Question to the owners/editors of this website: Do you believe that any opposition to immigration in Europe is by definition xenophobic, racist and fascist? Are Europeans who do not want their country to be overwhelmed with immigrants that hail from countries far away with a different culture, customs and traditions by definition racist? Is it racist to oppose even a single Eritrean/Syrian/Palestinian/Sri Lankan from entering your country and obtaining citizenship like its no big deal? Is it racist to want to preserve your heritage and the demographic homogeneity of your country? And finally is it racist to want to have a immigration policy that other industrialized countries have like Japan and South Korea, where a Pakistani, Indian or Syrian is as likely to get a permanent residence and passport as a German, Australian or Spaniard? Please share with us how many Eritreans live in Seoul, Incheon or any other South Korean city and have South Korean citizenship?
    I again want to emphasize that I am horrified by the death of this innocent young man. I have never been to Eritrea, but I’m sure that the situation there (like in most countries in that region) is terrible, but that does not mean he or others, should get almost automatic approval of a passport. We have millions of people of foreign decent in Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, UK etc. People who want to stop this growth of foreigners in our lands should not be called fascist, or racist because they want to preserve their nations culture. I’m deeply sympathetic and understanding to the people fleeing war, famine, political hardships and poverty but that doesn’t mean I want to absorb them in my country. I want to increase the amount of international aid Germany gives to developing countries. I want to give their products access to our markets. I want to encourage German businesses and Universities to help those countries. But I also want an immigration policy that restricts the number of immigrations to almost nil similar to what Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other industrialized countries in east Asia have. Could you explain why that is wrong? Again I do not want to hijack this thread and condemn this murder to the fullest, but I came on your website after finding this article via google news. This terrible murder is a tragic event and if I were to live in Dresden, I would have marched with the people demonstrating against this tragedy. But I would have also marched along the tens of thousands of people on Mondays, demanding a restriction on immigration. I see no contradiction, or inconsistency in that and neither should you.

    • Temesgen hailemariam

      while I may understand your concern about immigration into europe dont you agree that this was a terrible crime. this young man was innocent and was just seeking a better life. whatever the number of immigrants I understant your opposing to it, but we must all agree with condeming this criminal action and we must have some sympathy. thank you and god bless this man and hope he may find peace in the afterlife Inshallah.

    • Hope

      First,RIP,khalid and condolence to his family.
      .I am scared that his friend,my own nephew, might be the next victim…as they look alike.
      Your concern about the Immigration is understandable but ,in no way or by any means,could justify a murder of an innocent Immigrant…
      Moreover,murdering innocent Immigramnts cold-bloodedly cannot and should NOT be part of restricting the influx of Immigrants.
      Murder is murder and should be condemned to the FULLEST!

    • Saleh Johar

      Hello Michael,

      You have the right to make your borders tight to even protect migrating birds to come to your land. That is legislation as you know. “Civilized” countries are supposed to fight and debate legislation in parliaments. That is sovereignty and I don’t see how anyone can object to that. However, when mobs take the law in their hands, and act as gangs killing people, it’s called racism. When people use racist slurs, and deface walls with spray paint, spreading bigoted threats, and draw Swastikas, it is definitely fascism.

      In addition, a little soul searching is in order: why are many people flooding Europe?

      They have tyrants in their countries, and it is their responsibilities to deal with them in their country of origin. But then, we know that all conflicts has a dimension of Western interest woven into it, not by choice of the victims, but by the interference, and globalization that is a creation of the West. See! You cannot escape you are part of the problem.

      Thank you

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Michael:
      You cannot have it both ways: having the relationship through trade, education and remote access to markets but oppose the immigration to keep your culture “pristine” from being tained by the immigrant “backward” culture. Once you allow the link it is natural that there will be some immigration and at this day and age at the age of globalization it is next to impossible to fantasize to keep your Arian culture pristine. Also to be more blunt than the diplomatic Saleh who said there is western dimension to the immigration, I would like you to remember that the Western colonization has contributed to the misery of todays African where your forefathers impeded the natural path of development an colonized the poor continent slicing it like a piece of bread amongst themselves. So after Italians colonized Eritrea for 60 years Eritreans by default should have a share of Italy’s wealth. All the bondman’s wealth that was created by the whip that helped the colonizer succeed economically, the colonized must claim a share of it. But since it is not so, the poor immigrants are hazarding the risk to come to you not just because of the current dictatorship in their countries but because of the time bombs that the westerners left behind and fostering of tyrant for remote control of the countries. So the west has a lot responsibility especially the former colonizers who profited from it. The exodus should be more alarming to the countries of origin more than the host as you fear of your culture being tainted we fear of being extinct
      There should be policies that regulate the immigration, a policy that balances the problems of the immigrants and feelings of the host population but immigration in this age of globalization is the order of the day.
      March peacefully to oppose the influx of the immigrants but killing them and remote dolling of aid is not the solutions, the current sad predicament of immigrants is the symptoms of more human tragedy that is brewing, we all have responsibility. Humanity is the stake holder of this tragedy

      • T..T.


        Let me add the following.

        The globalized economy of the globalization encourages free flow of the following across the borders:

        -Money, wealth and investments (two ways)

        -information (two ways)

        -skills and knowledge (two ways)

        -goods [of course] (two ways)

        -persons (ONLY ONE WAYS, Westerners into third world countries totally free yes,
        but the third world persons’ movement into the west is conditional and with some restrictions).

        Other non-globalization causes: due to cheap communication and transportation those people of the third world countries, whose leaders have become draconian in their governance with the help of the west, are systematically and forcefully unleashed to flee their countries and become refugees in the west. The leaders get ride of them as a means to minimize threats to their rules.

    • Dear Michael,

      It is your right to raise the banner “Germany for Germans only” and “Europe for Europeans only”. Nevertheless, you should have known that Germany and many other European countries were rebuilt after their destruction during WWII by immigrants who
      came from southern Europe, Turkey and North Africa. That is the reason you have today millions of Turks and North Africans in your country and all over Europe. When this immigrants built your roads, railways, and worked in your factors and your mines, as cheap laborers to create Germany’s giant economy, you did not
      have any problem then. When your economy was resuscitated with the Marshal Plan, you did not refuse to accept it. You see everybody needs everybody else.

      Those who kill and mistreat foreigners are usually people in the fringes of society, losers who come from broken families, people discarded by society due to their antisocial behavior. These
      are not principled people, and if you tell me that they are the guardians of the purity of the German race, identity and culture, I am sorry to tell you that I am not impressed.

      You see, today things have changed, and you say that your economic problem arises from foreigners, the purity of your race, homogeneity of your people, identity and culture are in danger, and immigrants are no more necessary for your economy and they should leave your country. A zero immigration policy you are proposing for Germany, would not be in Germany’s interest, because your population is getting old. Countries that have adopted a multinational and multicultural society, like the USA, have a future, and those who want to retract and hide in their sinful past, will surely be left behind.

      Nobody is saying that Germany should be the destination for all refugees who are forced to leave their country; nevertheless, killing them in the streets as if they are wild animals, by a mob of misfits and criminals is inhuman, uncivilized and it is the sign of moral decadence. There is a humane way of treating these children of a lesser god.

      When you came to the countries of these unfortunate people, centuries ago, you came with guns, killed as many as you liked and looted their resources and their labor. Today, they are coming to you to sell you their labor. They are not coming with guns; and if there are few among them who commit crimes against innocent people, they are condemned by every rational human being and everybody is against them, and this is not the reason to hate and kill anything alien.

      Please ask yourself why these people are leaving their countries, and why they remain so poor. What is the role played by the West, and how much money from the sweat and blood of these unfortunate creatures enters illegally your countries to partially sustain your economy? Why are you allowing African and Middle Eastern dictators to steal from their people and hide the money in your banks in secret accounts? Is it farfetched to say that they are coming to where part of their money is? Therefore, my friend a little empathy will not hurt. If you want a pure German race and unadulterated German culture, you would be disappointed to know that the world of tomorrow is that of mixed genes and mixed cultures. Of course, this will disappoint you.

  • Kokhob Selam

    RIP Khalled,

  • Crocus

    Where do you reside, man? Can you be honest for once, and tell us? Easy to shoot from the comforts of your den in the West. It is a familiar selfishness. You are comfortably nestled away from Eritrea and you resent others who have the audacity to leave the land you left behind.

    As for the rest of us, when you ponder Germans marching in memory of the lad whose life was snuffed out at so young age, appreciate their common decency, their civility, and brotherhood. Marchers were not mourning an Eritrean, a Muslim, or whatever, they were mourning a young refugee, a human being that had trusted to settle among them. There is a lesson in that for the crass and mean souls among us.

  • haileTG

    ንኡሰይ፡ ኻልድ፡ እንታ ኻልድ፡
    እንታይ ድኣ፡ ብኸምዚ ድዩ ዝኽየድ፡

    ከመይ ኮን ጎነፈካ፡ እዚ ድንገት፡
    ኣደ’ስ እንታይ በለት፡ ካን’ዶ ተጸለለት፡
    ብላሽ መኺና፡ ከምዛ ዘይወለደት፡
    ኣቦ’ኸ ሃለዋት’ዶ ስሒቱ፡ ልቡ ምስተመልሐት፡
    ተካል’ባ ይርከባ፡ እታ ተካል ዕለት፡
    መሰኪን ስድራ ቤት፡ ኣምዑቶም ዘሕረረት።

    በል እሞ ኻልድ ሓወይ፡ ብኣጋ ካብ ነቐልካ፡
    ኢዱ ይርከብ ጓና፡ ብኽብሪ ዘልዓለካ፡
    ስእልኻ ተሓንጊጡ፡ ሓዉና’ዩ ዝበለካ፡
    በእላፍ ተሰሊፉ፡ ወየ ወየ ዘልቀሰልካ፡

    ስረኤል ዝለኸታ ዓደ-ቦኻ ብስቕታ ተፋኒያ፡
    እይተስተማስል ኻልድ፡ ከይመስለካ ፈትያ፡
    ብዕሸልካ እንዲኻ ወዲቕካ፡ ንዓኻ’ዶ መንያ፡
    እመነኒ ኻልድ ኣምሪራ’ያ በኽያ፡
    ሰብ ስለ ዝሰኣነት’ዩ፡ ክልተ’ሻዕ ትራእያ።

    ብሰላም ዕረፍ፡ ኣብ ገነት ለምለም፡
    ጠሊ ግደፍ፡ ጠሊ ናይ ዘልኣለም፡
    ስድራ-ቤት መዋቲ፡ ጽንዓት ይደብስኩም።


  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear selam habtey,

    I understand your anger. But, I want to remind you, anger killed brother Khalid. Blaming is not the solution. The solution is to come together where ever we are and stand for our rights.

    And another thing, we should tell our Eritreans to take care these days and stand by to finish the fate of PFDJ. Only then we can live as we wish to live in Eritrea.


  • said

    European immigrant : The Non-Typical Case of Marginalized Work Class Minorities held Hostage at the Fringes of a Segregating Socio-Cultural Fabric

    The sad tragic of the death of Khaled and tragic events of “Charlie Hebdo” of last week in France brought to the fore a number of very unsettling lingering socio-cultural realities of the status and conditions of the immigrant minorities in Europe. The event suddenly, despite its apparent specific peculiarity as an isolated wrenching seismic event that parallels in its significance and conveyed message the event of 9/11, exposed the fragility of the status and the conditions of the immigrant of all communities in Europe.

    Suddenly, a number of facts floated to the surface and the implications of a number of hidden agendas became obvious as at times crudely expressed openly by some of the European political class, some opinion leaders and the tycoons in control of European media in the examples of the Chairman of News Corporation, Robert Murdoch.

    The transitional status, nearly completely unassimilated status of the African .Asiana ,Turkish, and north Africana ,immigrant Muslim community to the wide body of the dominant White European Judeo-Christian and so-called Greco-Roman fabric, was long intended and planned by design to provide the flexibility to conditionally exploit towards the serving of temporary economic aims while keeping the immigrant minorities at bay fully nonintegrated to the main White European socio-cultural fabric.

    The immigrant communities in Europe predicated mostly on the immigration of a low-working class bread-earners suiting the conditional requirements of the White European Class for mostly low-pay menial and non- skilled labor as the White European working class specialized in relatively higher-skilled higher-value jobs.

    What’s now becoming apparent judging on the increasingly recent open calls by fast growing raciest extreme Right-Wing European political movements that are fast gaining in popularity and political power is the building up of a consensus along possibly the operational concept to further alienate and permanently spin-off the sub-society of the immigrant minorities in Europe from the main body of the White European society. This, to the exception of the smallest category of immigrants that are succeeding in climbing the socio-economic ladder and thus becoming in the process more relatively assimilated and more integrated into the wider main White European body.

    The potential assimilation and integration of the immigrant minorities in Europe appear to have failed by intended premeditated designs at the part of the European dominant ruling class.

    The competitive advantages that industrialized Europe enjoyed all through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s post the Second World War made it necessary the import and the deployment of relative low-wage foreign workers made the more possible by relatively relax immigration laws and rules at the time. As relatively small minorities at the start, foreign workers from Muslim countries – mostly Turkish workers in Germanic states and North African and Franco-African in the Latin European states – enjoyed the existing relatively overall governing liberal social and economic laws as equally applied at the start to the immigrant workers and their families not posing significant economic burden to a fast-growing high-value European economies during the decades of the bonanza of relatively high economic growth.

    Europe, with the emerging first of the Asian Industrial Tigers in the 1980s and recently the Chinese, Indian and to some extent the Brazilian economic behemoths, Europe, with the exception of Germany, began to lose its relatively privileged economic competitive advantages in a fast converging “Global Village” world which in turn reflected on the levels of economic growth in Western Europe. This directly reflected on the wages and job opportunities among Europe’s working class. Simultaneously, a number of other important factors intervened to forestall the potential assimilation and integration of the immigrant minorities into the main body of White West European societies. Among these factors readily comes to mind the following:

    • The near complete absence of a conscious policy on the part of the West European states to embark on a program of assimilation and integration of the immigrant minorities to start with.

    • Follows from the above, with the exception of the language facility, the absence or inadequacy of purposefully tailored educational, cultural and social programs to raise the levels of professional and educational aptitudes of the average immigrant to ultimately facilitate permit their easier integration into the main White European Societies.

    • The slippage of the working class in the Western industrialized nations in general and the rise of unemployment as a result of lower economic growth rendered the low-jobs performed by immigrant workers redundant with the further lower pay.

    • The loss of relative economic competitive advantages and economic growth put a huge burden on governments’ budgets as the European Governments increasingly moved to cut on social, welfare and unemployment benefits programs in desperate attempts to balance state budgets in compliance with the parameters and the set fiscal rules set by the Commission of the European Union. The immigrant workers, given their relative low skills and relatively larger size of households, posed the highest challenge in this regard to the European Governments.

    • General segregated attitudes, mostly in Germany, France and Belgium, by the ruling elites and the polity towards darker skin and Muslim immigrants lessened the chances of their acceptance and integration into the main European societies.

    • The liberalization at unprecedented levels of social values in Western Europe as a consequence of the assault of network technology, relative material prosperity and the dominance of the new values of mass consumerism widened the gap between relatively conservative immigrant communities and their increasingly more socially liberal Western societies. The relatively family-orientated conservative Muslim communities could not cope and keep pace with the fast changing social liberalism of the host larger communities and in accepting to adjust to these new fast materialistic advances with their attendant invasive social representations.

    • The dramatic shifting of the population pyramid in Europe due to a fast aging White European population that with the marked high levels of procreation among the immigrant minorities compounded the fears among important segment of the White European population that with time the Muslim immigrant minorities could represent a dominant percentage the total European population with a particular noticeable shift among the youth.

    • With the integration of more Central and South European countries into the EU, and given the relatively shared cultural and religious heritage between these countries and West European countries, workers from these countries are becoming the more natural and desirable replacements to the Muslim immigrant workers that could more easily assimilate and integrate into the main White European population body.

    • The incessant mongering of Right Wing European politicians and some of the pro-Zionist movements of the attending danger and the need to forestall, pre-emptively and radically if needed, of Europe becoming Muslim dominating are hastening the deployment of inordinate contrived policies to further alienate and potentially curtail the size of the Muslim Immigrant Population in Europe.

    The tragic and much dramatic event of the “Charlie Hebdo” could mark the turning point that provide the justification in the eyes of a Frenzied White Europeans to systematically cause a reverse in the number and the overall status of the all Immigrant Minorities in Europe. However, all that been said, the most likely practical strategy that would be undertaken by the EU is to significantly enhance the economic support, trade and investments flowing to North African countries to expand their national economies to be able to absorb increasing numbers of returning immigrant workers. As with regard to the Turkish workers found mostly in Germany, the German economy remains relatively powerful as the skills of immigrant Turkish labor have during the years improved significantly and made less redundant. With an expanding Turkish economy and Turkish widening regional geopolitical interests to as far as Central Asia, the immigrant Turkish labor does not seem to pose a problem neither to their host European countries, mainly Germany, nor to Turkey that could further incorporated their gained skills in the further modernization and expansion of the Turkish economy.

  • said

    May sincere condolence. May Allah in his mercy grant Khaled Idris
    his soul rest in peace. To Allah we belong and to Him we return. My
    deepest sympathies to all his families.

  • T..T.

    R.I.P. Khalid Idris Bahray. As in like other Eritrean youth death cases, his family and friends must be
    devastated by his untimely death before he stepped out of the tunnel, which it’s ending light he saw. And, the Germans must be shamed and shocked at the level of crimes committed on innocent refugees by their racists.

    As compared to what is seen here in the videos, our people are quick people to judge but not quick to defend our patriots and compatriots who were denied access to justices. If one is not quick to defend the weak and condemn abuses of law, truth cannot come to light nor be detected enabling condemnation of unfairness and abuses of law.

    As people, we are not reacting to and condemning unfair treatments of our youth any place any time. We failed to become advocates for truth. Our failure to act is resulting in our youth’s endless sufferings on the perception they are deemed a threat to the king of kings and the master of slaves in Eritrea. The youth continued to fall dead here and there even after dodging Isayas’s bullets.

    The king of kings and the mafia of mafias thinks to dodge accountability by going lawless. Indeed, the king of kings (Isayas) was better off when the 1997 constitution had undeclared constitutionalism because it was said to be framed to protect the interest of the party. The conceived constitution of
    1997, after its forced miscarriage is considered to have never had any impact on what have gone wrong in Eritrea legally ever since the onset of the Eritrean provisional government. Therefore, Isayas is now fully accountable setting the party members free, having zero percent contribution towards the crimes committed since 1991.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    May he Rest in Peace and I send my condolence to his family. Hate is against human being, hate cultivates RACISM and the victims are usually innocent people who are always exposed because of different situations and brother Khalid is one of such victims.

    Let’s come together and work to strengthen our community every where.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Rest in peace Khalid. I have no doubt it is part of the tragedy our youth are passing through. May lord give the needed strength to the family of Khalid in this difficulty time.