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Negarit Of The Broken PFDJ Pot

In reaction to an article about the Dresden demonstration in memory of the late Khaled Idris Bahray, and condemning his killing by racist criminals, a certain person wrote the following:

“RIP Khalid – I find Awate and the likes equally as responsible as the few German hoodlums in this type of brutal crimes. Awate and their sponsors have been pushing our young to leave their homes at any cost for greener pastures!! Awate -Shame on you – I know you will delete my comments but I am certain you will read it….Have guts and post it…why should any country be responsible for our people – they are leaving for economic reasons and no country should foot the bill.”

All PFDJ victims who left your country: don’t be angry. That is a sample argument from the Wedini PFDJ. They think the youth are escaping Eritrea in their tens of thousands because of “awate.com and its sponsors“!

Generally, the term Wedini and Skunis are associated with the drunkards and thugs in big cities; basically the two terms are similar to Lampen! Back in the day I heard the word “Lampen” from cadres who were influenced by the Red ideology and I thought it was the equivalent of the commonly used word, “”Skunis and wedini.

I never bothered to understand Lampen beyond the basics until I read a Wikipedia entry that described it best: “Lumpenproletariat is a term that was originally coined by Karl Marx to describe that layer of the working class that is unlikely ever to achieve class consciousness and is therefore lost to socially useful production, of no use to the revolutionary struggle, and perhaps even an impediment to the realization of a classless society… The word is derived from German and literally means “miscreant.“”

Using the above description, here is what Skunis/Wedini (interchangeably) means:

Skunis (Wedini) as a political term was originally coined by Saleh Johar to describe Eritreans who are unlikely, ever, to understand their diverse societies and are therefore unable to contribute to a meaningful reconciliation, are hindrance in the struggle against tyranny, and perhaps even an impediment to the realization of a just and free country. The words are derived from Italian and Arabic and literally mean, Ewala, saAlouk.

Change the working class to middle class, class-consciousness to patriotic consciousness, classless society to a free society, and change proletarian to the citizen. There! You find that the Wedini culture is an impediment to a genuine struggle. It lacks clarity and expects quick and easy rewards. Ironically, that culture convincingly argues that development and democracy requires a lot of time to achieve, but conflictingly expects victory against injustice, and the quest for freedom, to be achieved in a fortnight!

Another trait of that culture is that it often thinks within a narrow parameters of interest, and then attempts to superimpose its convictions on the society that it wants to conform to specific whimsical prescriptions. That is why the Wedini culture has been an impediment to a meaningful struggle, and a hindrance that prevents Eritreans from vanquishing the blood-sucking PFDJ regime.

The Skunis culture never humbles itself, always driving the nation to the edges of an abyss and when others try to drag it back, it insists on leading the rescue operation. Somehow it always manages to commandeer the efforts of others, it always finds a way to expropriating everything and counter-signing the sweat and blood of others to itself or its wings. Surprisingly, somehow, the Skunis formula always succeeds in hijacking the struggle of others.

My First Amharic Books

Before I go further, let me tell you a story: In grade 4 Memhir Basilos taught us the Amharic alphabets. Soon, we were reading a book entitled “Lemma Begebeya” followed by “Lemma K’Mohammed Gara.” The stories were so alien to the town that it earned one of the students a smack in the head by his father who thought it was a joke and blurted, “a few days ago you told me Lemma was in the market, what took him to a stroll with Mohammed?”

I am afraid when Isaias issues his next constitution I will be put in a position to exclaim, ‘you were just arguing for the 1997 document, what brings us to another copy!

If Lemma Begebeya and Lemma K’Mohammed Gara were confusing enough to the poor father, imagine the confusion to which we are being led. I bet there will be some suckers who will campaign for Isaias’ not-yet-created twenty-something page document.

The Principle of “Weed Out The PFDJ”

Our culture teaches that “Deeds are considered by intentions …” I believe the PFDJ is a cancerous growth in the Eritrean body and removing it saves the nation. Those who think the PFDJ can shed off its skin like a snake (when it is unchangeable, like that of a leopard), or are having difficulty identifying it for what it is, can keep trying to pump life into a mummy. That is why this is a Negarit of a broken PFDJ pot. It depicts the Irreparable PFDJ.

I really have no problem only that I think the reform strategy is an afterthought that will add more years to the vegetative state of the PFDJ, and force more years and more tasks on the shoulders of the opposition. I understand why politicians would do that, because principles are not compulsory in politics. But Activists and Thinkers!

The literalists do not approve of the “weed it out” proposition; I will settle for “Dismantle It” if that makes any difference, and if it will ameliorate their anxiety. I see no difference between the two propositions that don’t wield any threat on Eritrea, as long as we agree that the PFDJ regime embodies everything that is wrong in Eritrea, and remembering it, Eritreans will have nightmares for years, long after it is gone. But since those in the reform camp misconstrue the motive of the struggle for removing the cancerous regime, by appealing to the emotions of the gullible, I need to explain it clearly.

A system is basically the software that runs the regime, though it also has other useful software that runs with the main system, appended. The benign softwares are the asset of the nation and should only be disinfected by removing any lurking viruses, and reloaded. Software with malicious viruses should be discarded. In the real sense, all public servants, those found to be an impediment to justice, those with blood soaked hands, and the corrupt, should be removed. The clean autocrats should continue their service in a new environment, driven by new software.

As far as the army is concerned, it should be transformed into a national army as opposed to a partisan militia, and restructured after it is rid of its corrupt and criminal elements.

An Impediment To A United Struggle

In a series of speeches in Australia between December 2012 and January 2013 I stated the following:

… And all the problems that we see, the problems that are crippling us can be described as a tug of war between those who struggle for a complete liberation of Eritrea and between those who struggle for the reformation of the regime. Until we sort out this dilemma, we will be busy going around an empty circle. But how serious is this dilemma?

The current impediment within the opposition is the two diametrically opposing views: reforming the regime, vs. completely dismantling it. A few people I know strongly objected to my depiction of the situation and criticized me for raising a non-existent problem! But less than a year later, my diagnosis proved right when a wing that openly advocated for reform began campaigning for that goal (it has been around since 2002, intermittently). I believe the opposition has one major problem: how to define the regime. And that is a hazy situation that is preventing focusing on the main target. It’s the cause of opposition’s predicament.

Undoubtedly, we also have a myriad of national social problems, but that is natural and I am confident that utilizing proper mechanisms, such as resorting to Eritrean traditional conflict resolution tools, and carrying out serious political discussion between stakeholders, and positively mobilization the society, would certainly help us find a short-term and long term solution for our problems.

Change From Inside

Leaving aside the insinuations of leaders of groups who imply that they are the natural political leaders of any change that comes from inside Eritrea, those who insinuate that they are the only Eritreans with connections inside Eritrea, and dealing with other Eritreans as if they are foreigners hailing from Siberia or Mozambique, many Eritreans feel that the dynamics inside Eritrea will bring about the needed change. I hope that happens by the conscious officers within the army whose members are major stakeholders, and their future and that of their people depends on a fair and just system. Change might also come with a combination of other factors, though it’s unlikely. But however it comes, it should lead to an equitable system.

Power grabbed by the gun tend to intoxicate people and they might have second thoughts about yielding power to the people, and there is fear that the new power structure might inherit the bad traits of the current regime. In that case, all the struggle Eritreans waged for years would be in vain and they would embark on yet another phase of struggle and chaos. I hope the threats to stability would be ameliorated, and the system including its paraphernalia, all symbols of tyranny, are weeded out completely–I don’t think anyone would have qualms about dismantling an Eritrean version of the Ethiopian Derg.

Weeding out the corrupt PFDJ dictates that everything it expropriated with impunity, from the state and individuals, be transferred to a custodian entity until an elected body of representatives, assisted by skilled technocrats, decides its fate and how it is returned to its rightful owners. What is left should be managed equitably.

Anyone who had an affiliation with the PFDJ or its predecessor must have the right to be affiliated with any party or create an association. No one should be denied that right–including PFDJ suspects who are acquitted after a hearing and a decision by a competent court.

If anyone has lack of clarity on how it is done, they should refer to how the EPRDF and the EPLF dismantled the Derg structure–at least that is how I see it though some would like to purposely confuse it with how the Derg uprooted the Haile Sellassie regime. Far from it, even the Derg was a product of the times, though both communists and right wingers are naturally violent. In 1974, the violent Haile Sellassie met the violent Derg. In our case, we just have to repeat the steps taken in 1991 against the Derg, to cleanse the country of the PFDJ stains: Justice seekers are determined but not violent.

About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of awate.com. Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism Awate.com was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of awate.com is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Did you say, “What have you done?”

    Well, well and well. chauvinist. I am doing now. we will see what will be. I could have asked EPLF, SAAY, Mahmuday, Amanuel, SGJ etc the same question. you are not stupid but question is. poor chauvinist. I understand when Mahmuday says about tarnshing SAAY’s work.

    Remember, I could have responded to you, “you did nothing and why you are accusing Dr. Bereket”. Don’t write stupid questions please or first come clean and stay away. Leave the room for those who struggled for 15 or more years. And we will cherish for their legacy.

    poor chauvinist.

  • Post Intelligencer

    Dear Awates
    We investigate and report everyone and everything in Habesha Land.
    And our investigative journalism brought us to this Habesha group today.
    And next time will take us somewhere to some group. We act and set our
    agendas based on tips from media watch groups and citizen groups and
    So investigative journalism keeps going on !
    So please feel free to mail us
    your tips at our adress.

    PI Opinions & editorial Board.
    Post Intelligencer CO.

  • Post Intelligencer

    Dear Awates
    Do you think the TPLF the Tigrians and the Eritrean Oppositions supported
    for over a decade was the true TPLF ? I would say it was some rejuvenated
    Neftegna faction from the defeated Dergue that EPRDF handlers inserted it
    in to EPRDF in 1995 with the execuse of first National elections and to cause
    a shift in EPRDF towards original anti ERITREA/TIGRAY policies of the past
    and the defeated dergue. These people from the political and military structure
    of the WPE/DERGUE who were infused into EPRDF from detention has fundamentaly
    shifted the position towards the wrong direction acting as reactionary groups within
    the eprdf and carefully insinuating and fine tuning tplf/eprdf to be against Eritrea and
    Tigray by working towards that end of taking back lost power of ruling the country.
    It looks like there is evidence that they were directly receiving their orders from those
    former WPE now organized under and posing as UDJ. They were crucial in reinventing
    and anti Eritrea and Tigray people policies of the past defeated Dergue regime under
    the nose of Eprdf. These reactionary group was unraveling and undoing the victory of
    the people gained in 1991 and it is crucial in reviving war and war mobilization and war-
    monger policies of the pre-1991 thru a pretext of border war to annihilate Eritrea and Tigray
    and carefully ultimately absorb power of the people. If it was not for the ingenuity of MELES
    and the democratic fighters of Tigray and Eritrean people; it was only a matter for short time
    before they take back power from the democratic EPRDF. Actually, some people like Asrat
    and friends have already surrendered to this political trap of rejuvenated WPE/DERGUE
    loosing their credibility in Eprdf’s new Ethiopia.
    So I am afraid that ARENA and Eritrean Opposition groups were only supporting this former
    WPE/DERGUE and present UDJ group and its newly presented but age old policies and politics
    of Ethiopia unwittingly just to oppose PM. MELES in the former and PIA in the later.

    • Amde

      Post Intelligencer

      Please remove the words neftegna and chauvinist from your dictionary. There are only national interests. National interest trumps ideology all the time.

      The powers of the day come in with piss and vinegar and how they will correct the malfeasance of the just defeated regime. They have a naive honeymoon of a couple of years, but then perennial national interests and issues push themselves onto the agenda.

      So it was when the dergue overthrew the Emperor. So it was when EPLF strutted into Asmara and so it was when EPRDF rolled down Churchill avenue.

      Good luck

      • Nitricc

        Hahaha Amde. You. Know what you are toothless lol how come you never say when Tes is bombarding us with that boring word Chavonistic? You are not fair lol

  • Nitricc

    Guest you said majority of us. who is us?

    • Guest

      Many peace loving Eritreans and Ethiopians respect Hayat Adem.

  • Nitricc

    Guest23 You are right that should go to PFDJ web-sites too. But I figure they are doing it out fear of Ethiopia. Like I have said I read every Ethiopian web sites but I have never posted and never will. I just want to know what makes the Ethiopians cross over to the Eritrean web-sites to post. every one should read all the web sites. it is the post i am talking about. by the way When ever I visit Tesfanews I get a laugh out of it. Click on the Ethiopia sign bar and it reads “everything ugly about Ethiopia”. Lol that is funny though.

    • Nitricc

      AT: you are over reacting. first off all, there is no a single person i dislike on this forum. how could i dislike anyone with knowing one? come-on. and secondly No idea should scare you and make put you in defensive mode. I have said it a little way of understanding and measuring if there is any validity to what PIA is calling. PIA is calling a start of people to people dialogue between Ethiopians and Eritreans in the Diaspora. PIA said, he is uncomfortable when people say conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea. he said, the conflict is solely between TPLF and Eritrea. so he wants dialogue between Ethiopia and Eritrea and i was trying to gage it even if it is possible. if you think the Ethiopians will be discouraged because of Nitricc said something then you are not living on this planet.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Awatistas,

    A quote of the day by Amanuel Sahle “ሰብ ካብ ናይ ካልእ ሰብ ጭቆና ናጻ ከውጻኣካ ይኽእል ይኸውን፡ ስልጣን ምስ ዓተረኸ ነታ ናቱ ጭቆና ከም ጭቆና ይሓስባዶ? ኣይፋልን: ከም ፍትሒ እዩ ዚቖጽራ……….. ካብቲ ጨቋኒ ደኣዮም ሓራ ኣውጺኦምኻ እምበር ካብቲ ጭቆናስ ሓራ ኣየውጽኡኻን።” What a perfect wording that explains the reality of Eritrean people and the regime that governs them. For a complete reading the message of this prolific writer and philosopher by Eritrean standard is linked below.


    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Sarah Ogbay

      Both Amanuels,
      How true!

    • Kokhob Selam

      እዚ ኣያ ከይተፈልጠ ድሮ ህያው ኤርትራዊ ፈላስፋ ካብ ዝኸውን ብዙሕ ገይሩ ኣሎ :: ንኸምዚኦም ዝኣመሰሉ ኣዝዩ ዱልዱል መሰረት ዘለዎም ረቀቅቲ ሰባት ኣብ ሓባራዊ መኣዲ ጸዊዕካ ንኣተሓሳስበኦም ኣተሓባቢርካ :-ነቲ ተታሒዙ ዘሎ ጉዕዞ ቃልሲ ምድማቑን ምሕያሉን ይከኣል እዩ ዝብል እምንቶ ኣሎኒ ::

  • Nitricc

    AT please understand I am not telling the Ethiopians to leave the forum. I know I have no right or authority to do so; however; I have this itch and the need to ask the Ethiopians. It is for my own personal understanding.
    There things I don’t understand. When I read the Ethiopians post on awate forum two things I am at loss to explain it. I am trying to understand why the hate they display to ward Eritreans. Some, they disguise not only to be an Eritrean but Eritrean Muslim at that, no shame what so ever. Others they are very rude and disgraceful. I visit Ethiopian web sites, I read the comments but to get me to the Ethiopia web site and post on it and be rude to the Ethiopians? No, I can’t do it. My parents and grand parents fought decades to get rid of the Ethiopians why would I want anything to do with them? Why would I go to their house? Equally true, the Ethiopians fought to keep Eritreans with them and we told them to hit the road and we rejected them. When someone rejects you why do you want anything to do with them? The only reason I study and follow Ethiopia is because Ethiopia is the very danger to my country and people’s existence. Ethiopia is larger; bigger and anytime you have domestic problems you will look to your North; Ethiopia is
    real and present danger to the nation and some one; some body needs to stand up to you and do something about it to protect and safeguard the state of Eritrea. That is my only reason I follow and study Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
    What I wanted to know is why are the Ethiopians are in Eritrean’s web site? Not only they are here but also rude and disrespectful? Don’t give me wrong ; I do understand to be a paid agent and to disguise your self as an Eritrean; some body got to earn a living; although there are many decent ways to earn a living but regardless; but I am asking the real normal Ethiopians. We all know why Dedebit here, so forget about her.
    Let’s recap the main points of my post.
    The reasons I will never post on Ethiopian web sites are
    1) I fought to get rid of why do I need to get your house?
    2) I am not going to insult ,degrade and undo what the previous generation accomplished
    3) My dignity and self-worth won’t allow me.
    If you are an Ethiopian what is your reason for you to be on this forum chilling with the people who rejected you? what is in it for you?
    Again I am not telling you to leave; I just want to understand you.
    Thank you.

    • Amde


      I come here because you amuse me.


      • Hayat Adem

        Amde, allow me to insert here one humor from Nasroudine, my favorite humorist from ancient times:
        One time he saw an infamous bandit leader leading his armed men afar off. Fearing for his life at most or some inconvenience at least, he ran away quickly and sought a cover in a nearby cemetery. But the bandit leader noticed him doing that, and became suspicious. He cautiously and slowly approached to where Nasroudin was hiding behind a tomb. Then Nasroudin was being interrogated:
        Bandit: why did you run and hide here when you saw us?
        Nasroudin: I came here because of you and you came here because of me.

    • Abinet

      The best way to get rid of ethiopians from this site is by refraining from belittling their country and people. Try it .

  • Semere Andom

    Sal and MaHmuday in a playful rhym!

    ተመን ክመይ ጌርካ ትቀትሎ

    ርእሱ-ርእሱ ትጭፍጭፎ

    ምስ ሞተኽ እንታይ ትገብሮ

    ንቆርብቱ ቀሊጥካ-ቀላሊጥካ ጫማ ትፍብርኾ*

    ነቲ ጫማ ኽ እንታይ ትገብሮ

    ትወድዮ ሸናዕ ትብለሉ አብ ኮምብሽታቶ

    አይፋልካን አዝማሪኖ

    ጎደና ሓርነት እባ በሎ ተሰቢልካ እኮ ኢታልያኖ

    እቲ መርዚ ይርክብ አብ ርእሲ

    እቲ ርእሲ ምስ ፈንጨልካዮ ሓራ ይኽዊን ኢቲ ኣካላቱ

    ርእሲን ኣካላትን ብሓባር ቅብሮ ብሂል ዓያሹ

    ዘእንግድ እምባጋሮ

    አየድልየናን በሎ ነቲ ዘይስቆሮ

    ትፍብርኾ*: Sal will never use this word, he is just is teasing Mahmuday:-)

    Warning, this is a playful poem to bring back Sal and MaHmuday from their disappearace in 2015.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Semere A.,

      They are around but trying to do a strategic withdrawal. They will drop Hope first and then they will leave Nitricc as gate keeper.

      Seriously, they need to formally accept for the closing of their school and negotiate with the dismantlers for reconcilation. Time has now ripened for sal and Mahmud to reconcile. Then, the two camps can outline a common strategy to strengthen the opposition camp.

      Lots of energy has been wasted by misunderstanding their proper stand. saay7 is formally revising his curriculum but Mahmud is around making Torkash met’Ka’Eti. Alellkando, alenako mebeli.


      • Hope

        Eventhough I gave up on you after you called my Cousin Prof SAAY and my Half Cousin Vet Mahmoud Saleh with names,here are my Final Words for you:
        -Respect others so as to be respected
        -Speak and Act like an Academic and Intellectual,if you are,which I assume you are, as you claimed to be a Ph.D candidate
        -Make sure you complete “studying your Dictionary”, and here is why:
        You cannot call people “Idiots” without knowing the meaning of the word “idiot”.
        Miriam’s Dictionary expalins “idiot” as folowing:
        “Medical Definition of IDIOT :
        “usually offensive : a person affected with extreme mental retardation”
        So,if you believe Hope is an IDIOT,some one with extreme mental retardation,well,Hope will NOT ask a permission from the AT to take the necessary ACTION ,by all means possible.
        On the same token,the AT is fully responsible by proxy or by default, for allowing you to use this word,which might imply endorsing what you said in this forum,

        • Kim Hanna

          Selam Hope,
          Hope, I am with you 100% all the way until the last sentence. That was not necessary at this post, because it changes the flavor of the main dish you are serving. (I wish I could remember where to find and post it here about an Eritrean new comer to the west showing his cooking skills and failing.) Don’t create a problem where there is none. By the way, this is your other cousin from afar talking.

          • Hope

            Thanks Cousin.
            I stand corrected.
            It was a sign of frustration.
            And that will be my last comment,God willing, in this Forum and there is a reason as to why I Made that last statement.
            Those who plan to respond to my comment should mail as a FedEx or via certified mail.
            With sincere apology to those offended by a Hope in this Forum.
            Sa’esi memo had arks aitresii’
            Keep dancing but do not be distracted and forget your business!
            Back to serious business!!

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Good Idiot dear Hope,

            Don’t go please. I love even a stupid man like you. Donkoro! if it also ok with you. But I believe you are not donkoro but an idiot good man.

            Stay around if you have a gut. I am challenging you in a way that an idot man can understand. I will continue to punch your stupid behaviour till you stay corrected. Your idiotness has made you a bad representative of EPDP party. I know EPDP are full of wise people and non of what you said or you were doing represents them. Just you tried to open a fire in between. Asawari, blind WEKA ma yistakhun?


        • Abinet

          Since you are representing Saay , we need to see a motorized power of attorney . Next I want you define the following words you used against someone.
          Dumb, ignorant, denkoro, stone head.
          I suggest you use them one at a time. I’m sure you were looking through a mirror when you used them.

          • Abinet

            Please read motorized as notarized , denkoro as denqoro,dumb as hope.

          • Hope

            My apologize for that but I thought me and u were teasing each other and these words are ” acceptable street languages” friends use as while joking.
            But again,since you took things personal, I extend my sincere Apology and. I stand corrected!
            As to SAAY and Mahmoud,I do not represent them but express my solidarity to them .
            Thank you for correcting my English,btw!
            On a serious note:
            The word ” IDIOT” is a serious insult that you should never use against any one as one could be sued with a deadly consequence based on historical facts and documented cases.

          • Hope Gheragheru(oops-new nick)

            pls read “my apologize as: My apology”;”friends use as while joking-as “when friends joke”.
            As long as you do not call me “idiot”,bipolar,Psychotic, and schizophrenic,am ok with dumb,stone-headed;donkoro,.etc…BTW,when i was in Gonder,Bahirdar,Addis and Asella,me and my friends were using them daily against each other….
            I hate Psychiatry….except when treating Depressed and suicidal people.
            I broke my resolution and promise not to comeback here just for Abi’s sake.
            You see how much I am addicted to you–a sign of unbreakbale love for my Ethios!!

          • Abinet

            ” Hope gerageru” is coined by me . You need my permission to use it .
            Hope gerageru
            Tes balageru/ arso aderu
            Nitricc girgiru
            Mahmud wetaderu
            Amanuel kirkiru
            Stay around for more.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi Mahmuday,

    Do you mean there are no reformist in the opposition camp? Really? If you believe on the broad conceptual argument that a reformist is also an opposition, can we give our own description and definitions to concepts and terminologies in order to fit our argument? If you read my recent article it elaborates that concepts can not be changed by our own reasoning. Reasons are used to serve concepts when you try to make a plausible argument. But while in a day light, we are watching openly advocating for reformism in the camp of the opposition, still you are defending your argument without conceptual argument. “My stand is correct” that a reformist can’t be an opposition in our reality is not an argument dear Mahmuday. But if you stick with it, I can only say Yeftahala, and time will teach you.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear emma
      For the sake of saving time, I’m not going into abstract concepts; I elaborated myself; but please enlighten me about those reformists in disguise. The reader has the chance to interpret what I meant by the use of those terms from my Hateta. Your comments are also up there. Again bring them on. I’m ready to whip them up. Please support your big claims with evidences. Just expose them. Easy. My attempt is to remind us to be careful when we lobby loaded accusations.

      • Amanuel Hidrat


        So your believe is, organized or unorganized in the opposition camp is for fundamental change. If that is your belief, you don’t know the opposition camp, and you need a catch up research to identify who is who, and who is for what. The issue we are calling for “compromise” is mostly to reflect and to bring the two camps the “advocators of reformism” and “advocators of fundamental change.” I thought you have good reading on the nature of the oppositions, but if you are sincere in your argument, then you don’t know them in their true essence. (a) Check EPDP and Medrekite on one side and the rest of the opposition on the other (b) revisit our debate about PFDJ-2 and the other side of the debate. With that hint I will let you yourself to sort it out the “concept on issue” as oppose the reality of the opposition camp. You have enough caliber to sort it out yourself. Have a good one till then.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Dear emma
          Thank you for the candid answer. Although it’s their responsibility to defend themselves, I feel your characterization is based on biased perception. Their platform is for the establishment of a democratic Eritrea. They may differ in strategy; that doesn’t make them less committed to the noble goals of establishing a land where law rules. The pfdj-2 of awatistas is laughable. Let’s be courteous to our compatriots. There is not a single official who said they are for pfdj reformation, nor there is a program item which leads me to believe they are wasting their time in order to reestablish pfdj or pfdj style regime. Campaigning for a unitary government doesn’t make them less committed either. It’s all about bad perception Emma; OR may be a dogged insistence of imposing another undemocratic ideas brewed somewhere. The fact remains that all organization and citizens are stakeholders in this struggle. None should feel as a deal matching.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            You See Mahmuday,

            Reformism is not a sin. And fundamental change isn’t also sin. I didn’t even tell you who is reformist and who isn’t. I just let you to come to know on your own. Every political position has a political description based on the things they intend to promote. You failed to understand reformist are also an opposition. And you still failed to understand we have reformist in the opposition camp. It is not biased perception, it is reality. Reformism idea will not be new idea to Eritrea and Eritrean politics. As it isn’t new in the world (even in any political system), it will exist even in the future Eritrean political landscape. I am telling you take it for grant. As to the of participation of all the stakeholders, it has its own process how to attain it. Don’t mix issues to confuse to those who are following our debate. The focus of our debate is, are reformists part of the opposition? Do we have reformist in our camp? Do reformist and advocators of fundamental change have common interest in the current struggle? is the subject matter we are debating. Here without welQ-Zeleq and twisting concepts we can engage. The whole of my argument is to hint the existence of both blocs in our reality. And there is nothing wrong the existence of both blocs because it is part of our political images and it persist to exist. But to tell the public the existence of the blocs as no-existent is a political sin in itself. The public has to know how the natural political framing is evolving within the opposition camp in particular and within the Eritrean political landscape in general. You become defensive as if I am targeting you. Not at all. We are simply evaluating how our politics is shaping for the good or for the bad. I have never been a bias in regard to justice and fairness and, for sure you can’t accuse by that. Even if you try to stick on me, it won’t hold. For it isn’t my character by then and now. So Mahmuday recognize the reality on the ground, and then and only then we will know how to handle it.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Emma the greatista
            We are almost there.
            So recapping:
            1. I specified my statement and went from general to specific with examples of how it played out in our country. I gave you examples. This is not to lecture you but to hint to the reader that despite your claims that I have confused concepts and “issues” I know what I am writing about. I showed the continuum from becoming a benign opposition in order to reform the system you belong to to assuming an opposite (antagonistic) stance when the efforts of reform fail, thus morphing into opposition. I brought examples in my original Hateta. So let the debate over abstract concepts rest there. I corrected only my failure in specifying the subject of my discussion. I made a general statement; of course I had the current opposition (which is the subject of the discussion) in mind when I stated that. So, there is no confusion at all. I made it clear if there were PFDJ reformist groups in the opposition; I called upon you to mention them. You mentioned medrek and EPDP.
            2. That very productive discussion lead us in you mentioning the Medrek and EPDP as reformist, But I did not think they were PFDJ reformers. I demanded to support your claim by evidence.
            3. You chastised me for not knowing that there are reformist groups in the opposition; and you went on explaining the virtues of having reformists in our big camp. I appreciate that. Now the last step and I am done.
            4. Could you back off a bit to number 2 and try to answer my question. Honestly, I am trying to learn Aman. All I need is what it is that makes these two groups reformists of PFDJ system. That’s all. Who knows cousin Hope may want to change his mind, You know, save him sometime.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Haw Mahmud,

            Don’t try to collide me with the organizations. I only hinted you how they are configurated and how they are making alliances in the opposition camp. And from that I let you to know them, and identify them who is who, and who is what, their vision for future Eritrea, their approach to the current regime of our nation. Myself I did my homework and I know them very well. I gave your homework and you don’t want to do your homework. But you want someone to do the homework. If I did myself for you, you and your likes already call me bias, someone with grudges, someone who defend ELF (all which I am not). You already gave me those adjectives. So if you don’t want to do your homework, you could ask some one. But keep in mind, and don’t forget, I gave the whole picture of the configuration of the opposition camp. My task at this time: knowing the set up of the alliances of the political organizations and the general public at large, is how to bridge the current status to forge a “broad alliances within the alliances” to extract our people from the devil and its institution at the center. Another point is, even the ELF and EPLF political cultures can only be changed with generational change. You could notice yourself from going back and forth in any sticky issues. You go smooth having your track in the middle ground, and then the natural bond pulls you back to your background.

            I know the ELF and EPLF affinity can not lose their bond without giving the torch to the young generation. If you want to be a skilled politician who is interested to manage the interest of our diversity, the first thing you have to do, is to know them personally on the ground, to learn their grievances, for they haven’t common grievances. You could say the regime is our common grievances as many have tried to say it in this forum. My friend their grievances is beyond the regime. They say we were denied once, and we don’t have any guarantee after the fall of the regime, because there are forces of “reformism” who want to reform things they lost, but retain the “political system intact” to govern using the 1997 constitutional document. Again you may say, it is not true. If it is not true, then it is your task to show them that it isn’t, how it isn’t, and how their interest will be secured structurally in “essence” and “content,” and how future Eritrean governance will be designed. Simply we will have constitutional democratic governance doesn’t answer their grievances. The task isn’t even easy, the arrogance of reformists is very stubborn and make it worse the polarity of our society.

            So Mahmuday, it is all up to you and those who argue we have common grievance, to make personal approach and make ground research to know our differences as is. Those who have the idea to work without the political organization, rest assure the political organization have bases in the diaspora both in the middle east and the western countries. Those who want change to come from inside only, rest assure that it is the idea of reformist and the guarantor of the current system. You could see all these sentiment and the rest is yours how to sort it and manage it. Big picture for you and the rest.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Amanuel H.,
            You’re telling us the EPDP and Medrek are for reforming the existing PFDJ system as opposed to the rest of the opposition camp, who stand for a fundamental change. The latter ( the bulk of the opposition) have such diverse grievances that even cannot be reconciled under “a constitutional democratic governance”. And they see all efforts to bring change from within Eritrea as attempt of reforming the regime, and hence cannot guarantee for addressing their grievances. This indicates they don’t believe their compatriots back home are equally or even greatly the victims of the wrong policies of the regime. I’ve a real problem to comprehend this behaviour. Why should those inside the country wish to keep a system that has failed them fatally and brought utter misery upon them?
            I’ve to say if Mr. Amanuel’s description of the current state of the opposition holds, we’ve a profoundly confused and seemingly irreconcilable opposition camp. No wonder why we couldn’t make the slightest baby steps until now. I mean, if one doesn’t believe in a constitutional democratic governance, then what is one really struggling for? Dismantlement of the nation of Eritrea? Seperatism? It is really a mind-boggling state of affairs.

          • Mahmud Saleh


            Let’s hope this is an idea of an individual. However, what this tells you is that folks need to scrutinize these so called “dismantlement” war cries. I will respond to brother Emma, I am just short of time. Dear Abraham, Take a note of this statement:

            “Those who want change to come from inside only, rest assure that it is the idea of reformist and the guarantor of the current system.” Emma the great.
            Now, you see why most Eritreans known erroneously by the disparaging descriptive phrase, “silent majority,” are in fact not silent. They are saying to the opposition, “You suck, change your behavior, don’t dismiss the majority.Show us you are up to the task, no more hoodwinking”
            Only those who downplay people’s role in bringing change could have this type of self-righteous portrayal of the role of domestically born change. Why would someone get afraid of an internally evolved change? Now, the puzzle parts are restored. You know why they emphasize the intervention of a foreign power more than the nitty-gritty of working to win the public. Those who tend to engage grassroots and pursue a national platform are called reformers, change that comes from inside is called restoration of the statuesque! God save my country.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Mahmud;

            You see, Mahmuday, now I’m getting a clearer picture of the “camp of dismantlement”, what it exactly means. Impose your own ideas and way of thought irrespective of the majority’s wishes, and to achieve that count on the help of some good neighbors. My message to such flawed perceptions is, come down; it is impossible to bring a workable change without the participation of those concerned, especially the people inside Eritrea.
            I see also there is a lack of trust in themselves; they seem to be afraid to compete in a free democratic atmosphere to convey their political agendas to the people.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Abraham;
            All these beating around “values” I have been subjected to is getting clearer. I encourage our young people to be proud of your heritage, your people, and rally around groups you think don’t play with the sacrifices our people had paid. Yes, I hate PFDJ to the bone, but I will not condemn my country to groups whose reign could mean to our nation worse than the current one. I have read you very well since day one, keep being yourself. Stick to what matters most. There are many empty vessels who have no ideas of their own but serve as cheerleaders of views which have repelled our people. You have the substance, the ability and capability to convey them, keep it up.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            ትሕሾ ደኣ ሓው ማሕሙዳይ,))
            I don’t think the current Eritrean youngsters are ready to sell-out the interests of their people and nation, even in the darkest moments of the PFDJ-atrocities. My greatest hope is for all our liberation struggle veterans to live longer, so that they could bear witness to the estabilishment of a democratic Eritrea-an aspiration for which they’ve devoted their youth and lifetime.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham,

            I wish the liberation struggle veterans to live longer not because in the same line of thinking as yours but it is what all they paid for. They must see it now, NOW. It is not because they could bear a witness to the establishment of a democratic Eritrea but they are number one who missed the opportunity to see that because of the PFDJ system. I wish for them the date to be today and right then to live in a democratic Eritrea.

            Struggle for justice is a long process. For some, it has already taken 50-60 years of their life, otheres 30-40, for hudnreds 20-30, for thousands 10-20 years and for the entire Eritrean population except PFDJ 1-15 years. I wish now it is the end of looking for justice from oppressors.

            Dear Abraham, saying the above, whether the veterans stayed or not, Eritrea will be a democratic nation. It is a must. Let the fight takes 100 years plus. Until there is oppression, there will be struggle. for Justice. If this generation did not succeed, next generation will. Let’s believe that justice can be brought by any generation, whether veterans or not.

            We are not looking someone to witness the democrataization of Eritrea but to experience it, to live in it. Let’s believe today’s youth should be the witness and force the veterans to change their mindset.

            I can blame for the veterans, be the ELF and EPLF, they are using their old gradges to decelerate the struggle. I call them to be humble, reconcile themselves and believe on their own people. This call is to all reformers. We can not live by two or three decades achievement.

            This is an open call to all ELF and EPLF veteran members, they should not live to witness the happening of Eritrean democracy. But they should live longer to live in it, to experience it. To know what the power of the people is.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Emma;

            First I am happy that this debate has reached this stage; it’s a culmination of a day or two thread which was triggered by a statement I made. I made a general statement which goes like this, “you can’t be an opposition and a reformist at the same time.”

            I subsequently specified it per your correction. I am always appreciative of your inputs, and the inputs of any one, for that matter. Coming to your last reply:

            1. I did not insist you single out medrek and EPDP as PFDJ system reformists. You volunteered that. It’s up to them to reply to you, but as fairnedd would demand it, I said they are equally committed to establishing democratic Eritrea, and elaborated myself.

            2. Finally I asked you to help me know what it is that makes these entities devoted to reforming PFDJ? I had a reason to ask you that. I follow Eritrean politics and non of them has said they are reformers; their program (at least EPDP) is as independent as any other programs; in fact,there are areas where it’s completely different from any other generic potions of programs. I am not a member of any organization, by the way. I wanted you to privy me to information I am not aware of; an evidence that could serve as attestation to supporting your claim.It turns out your evidence is:

            * “Those who want change to come from inside only, rest assure that it is the idea of reformist and the guarantor of the current system.”

            There are also other issues which bother me. For sure I will not pretend to know the opposition, and who could keep up with its multiplying at an alarming rate. But I employ an easy logic and common sense. Here is what this debate could tell me:

            a/ factions that could believe in the potential of their people; these are factions which somehow could come together because they have not given up on their people. They recognize, it’s a failure of their policies and the murky climate which is holding Eritrean diaspora aback; hence, they are working on familiarizing their programs. They believe real change could come from within and diaspora role, if played smartly, could hasten the advent of change.

            b/ there are factions with similar core values which reflect your views; they have basically written off the possibility of domestic driven change. They are dancing joyously around the dead carcass of the constitution, because they consider any domestic activity for change as a “reformist” endeavor. Their bid is on foreign intervention. They have given up on their people.

            To recap: I have engaged you in this long drawn debate to clarify things once and for all. There are two areas which have been made clear now.

            1. Philosophical differences: I know now what you mean by a “reformist”. Well, I say it’s not that bad. I would rather be called a reformist for believing in my people, and fighting an alien imposed values rather than denying my people the right to shape up their own destiny. I want to help my people shape up their destiny, I want them to make the change rather than importing it to them. You call them reformists, I call them change agents. You said you want “to extract our people from the devil and its institution at the center.” I say, I want to be a part of an entity that makes the people the agent of extracting themselves from tyranny. You believe the people are passive; I believe the people are active, I mean, the difference could not be any more clearer.
            2. The other objective was to debunk the claims that “certain” groups are reformists, while others are revolutionaries, or something to that effect.That has been accomplished. Today, what we need is a situation where Eritreans are able to delegate matters of governance to their representatives democratically. The condition is ripe for that event. Diaspora will remain being diaspora. Their role will remain to be a supportive one; that’s if they play it within their limitation. If they do that they could influence internal dynamics positively. The actors and the benefactors are primarily our people inside the country. So, the notion that you will bring a fundamental change without getting your acts together is just a farce. Worse, wasting and dispersing diaspora opposition potential by false accusations is counter productive.
            My commitment will be to speak the truth, not to be fooled again, and to contribute positively in the efforts being done to alleviate the plight of our people. I don’t accuse your intentions, but your stated views on how to get us there is incorrect, to say the least.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            You hit the nail on the head time and again, dear Mahmuday. By now, we know to whom exactly the most abused and misused term in this forum, “chauvinists” really applies.))

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Re-reading you, I am glad that I put you in the Chauvinistic line of thinkers. You don’t believe on the social grievances but for you, only the veterans are the true witnesses for the democratization of Eritrean. Shame on you Abraham!

            Pure chauvinistic line of thnking and never believing on his own people.

            Aren’t you the one who wrote our people who are not now participating as, “supportive nature”. You don’t believe them as stakeholders. SGJ has used a right political term when he says, “lets expand our base” but you instead came with your exploitative wedini proposal to use the silent majority to use them as “supportive” and surely and it what we experienced from PFDJ will be damped later.

            Abrhimo, come out from your pride based arguments.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Abraham;
            It says more about the man abusing the term more than it says about Saleh Younis and Mahmud Saleh. He can keep beating chauvinists; what we know is he’s doing his job; you know how the likes of Gebru Asrat use these terms in their bid to demonizing Eritrean spirit. I hope it’s a matter of maturity. I guess, the young man is trying to find his place in the crowded world of activists. He will correct himself once he finds his bearings. I don’t blame him. But basic social skills and cues need to be observed before you debate people. ከመይ ጌርካ ኢኻ ምስ ጥረ ሰብ ትማጐት?
            After all this is a man who benefited from the system, not me. He is the chosen child who attended their cadre school, not me. You see, we have seen so many opportunists who played victims in order to get the residence; who roared loud in order to get a landing place in a chaotic and overcrowded world of activism. What’s for him if he can get that recognition by tarnishing the good role of Saleh Younis. His problem is: folks who visit this website are well read. So, he will keep being a laughing stock. No reply to chauvinism, let it play out, we will enjoy it.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            And, how can a young man debate with an old minded veteran, ብናይ ሰማንያታት ኣተሓሳስባ ዝበለየ ሓንጎል ብከመይ’ሞ ምስ ሓዲsh ወለዶ ክማጎት። The biggest burden in today’s struggle for justice by youth is because many are using their old mind.

            I call you to come out of this again and again. Else, you are a good and peace loving person. Me, I will continue to fight for your old mindset, a mindset that has stucked in 1993. Today, we are in 2015.

            Yah, go to twisting into a conspiracy theory. No worries for labeling.

          • Nitricc

            Mahmuday; come on be nice to TES. He is bipolar, he can’t help it. Speaking of chauvinistic; I heard Mahmuday and SAAY are teaching chauvinistic 401; kindly I will like to register for the course. Where do I get the application? Taking the course will come handy dealing with Tes. When your major is studying the dictionary; I guess it is normal to fall in love with some words. Tes uses the word chauvinistic ten times a day; talk about sickness.
            For real though Mahmuday; he is not normal. Something is wrong with that dude. We all have some limits but Tes’s are not only self imposed but to the point of stupidity and disrespect to others. He is delusional and it is what it is, bipolar. Don’t pay attention

          • Tesfabirhan WR


            The good thing about me is, I don’t care what you, YOU (Niticc) call me. Am I bipolar, well, good. then what? Are you calling people to abondon me alone? Ok, let it be. I know my ideas will not leave them.

            The good thing about you towards me is, unlike Hayat, you didn’t label me as Dedebit bla bla. You thought that you are characterising Hayat but you didn’t. You are using your racistic words towards other people.

            For me, call me everything you want. But I will give you an advice, JUST INSULT FOR ME. Don’t insult others because of me or don’t transgress your hate based racistic words towards others. If I am a bipolar, ok, let it be. Be happy!

            For example, Hope is an idiot good man. I am just targeting him. As you might have a good reason to call me a bipolar, I have also a good reason to call Hope an idiot good man.

            You, I have only one thing to say, “you graduated from a wrong school of thought”.

          • Semere Andom

            A shrink is born into awate forum
            He comes from the uniform
            Then one day he saw a dream
            so vivid
            He had with his peer a qualm
            he woke up still on the uniform
            He mistook it to be his calling and his charm

            “You fools” he said, “no need to study for a decade”
            Just become a shrink,it is all in you head
            Take a nap and unleash it: it is in you, not dead!

            He ridiculed reading the dictionary
            Yet he became a shrink in imagery
            He yelled and moaned awatista
            Let me pull a PFDJista

            Her it is the gist:
            No need to study, your craft is a gift
            Just like IA has emerged from the mist
            To prepare for us the feast
            Eat, dance and desist
            Do not worry about Tes, I will give him one fist
            It is my mission to add “Debebit” to the contrast
            To prove to you both are Asratist

            Here is how to become a shrink
            Just dream and get frisk
            when I get “Hidmoy”
            Please reply and say “Wohoy”
            Or if you are a woman say “Eyey”
            But I am sure “Debebit” will say “Wohoy”
            Then I will share my recipe how to be called “doctorey”
            I will stop when I finish all “tsawiEtay”

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Mahmud,

            saay7 is one of our greatest asset that all justice seekers are proud of. I am nothing to tarnish his good role. I am poud for his political philosophy and I respect him for being consistent in his principle. But, I am equally calling him to change his way. PFDJ is unreformable. I wished he used his all brain in weeding-out PFDJ. Had he joined the weeder’s camp, I believe we could have by now miles ahead from what we are now. I still have biggest hope in him to rally the oppressed people and remove PFDJ from all phases of Eritrean life.

            Still, I am very hopefull.

            But, if I am able tarnish his political work, then it means, he had a program that can be tarnished. If so, let it be. YG’s political philosophy is tarnished because he followed a wrong way. Saleh Younis is not like that. His way was and Eritrean. But, I do believe that there is nothing to REFORM from PFDJ.

            I can formally engage in an advanced and high level debate if still Saleh Younis believe that Reforming PFDJ is a right way. Point by point, philosophy by philosophy, ideology by ideology, policiy by policy, program by program; strategy by strategy and project by project, I can debate on any who advocates for reform.

            EPDP, EYSC and Medrekites are for Reform, no doubt about them. For you, Mahmuday, I gave you my analysis. If I go on enlightening you, I am in no doubt that you will label me and labeling is a master skill inherited from PFDJ. If I am good in labeling, remember that I am one of their graduate student.

            G-15 failed to reform it and became the victim of their own system. Wedi-Ali rose to reform it and became the victim. Let’s learn January 21 Forto incident. Isn’t those who call for reform are labeled as Islamic exterimists, who want to rule Eritrea?

            Therefore, don’t worry about Saleh Younis. He is not a man who stood wrong but his means to bring justice is wrong. He is a man with a live soul unlike YG with a dead soul.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Another thrid argument,

            You wrote, “After all this is a man who benefited from the system, not me. He is the chosen child who attended their cadre school, not me…”

            By the way, either stop talking about me or talk me.

            Ok, Yah, I believe that it a system that produced me. I am the one who said I am the chosen man. I said it by myself. No else found who I am. I am so open and direct.

            Ok, during high school national examination, in 2001, we were more than 11,000 students who sit for the exam. From this, only 2500 (1200 degree, 300 diploma and the rest certificate and allows them to cintinue in nursing school and teachers training center) students got degree, diploma and certificate program. Degree and diploma joined university and in 2007, we were around 1500 graduated students. 5 years later, in 2012, about 30 students were sent to continue for higher (masters study) and some 50 got a chance to continue their masters inside Eritrea, in total, 80. out of which only 30 went abroad like me.

            Now, let’s have the statitstics (I know PFDJ and those with PFDJ mindset don’t like statistical analysis but I am forced to do so.)

            2500 out of 11 000 = 22.7% got a chance to continue their studies (The chosen one).

            1500 out of 2500 were enrolled in the university = 60% out of the 22.7%,

            1200 got a chance to to enroll as degree holders. And finally, only around 1000 finished their degree. hence, 48% out of the 60% enrolled students were the chosen degree holders.

            In 2012, 80 out of 1000 got a chance to continue for higher education (the chosen one)
            = 8% out of the 22.7%.

            And the special chosen are 30, = 3% out of the 22.7%. Yah, the chosen people.

            In total, only 30 out of 11,000 = 0.27% are the chosen one people. 1 out of 370 people!!!

            Then, where is social Justice? Is social justice just distribution of coupons?

            Or, you want me to SERVE the brutal system that never even fullfils its basic political program? I am here to openly call more opportunits to all able Eritreans. This is what our martyrs paid for.

            You can not bring your chauvinistic line of thinking to call me literally, I am the chosen man who is benefitted from their system.

            By the way, you are the one of the chosen man who left the country in its high day. If you were there till 1998, you could never have a chance to leave the country legally. Like your comrades, either you could have lived in the under-ground prison center, labeled as Jihadists or run away like the now former tegadelti who left their beloved country by force.

            Therefore, at this very moment, we are equal. On our time, you paid what the country asked from you and I did mine too.

            Don’t brag me into an argument that you don’t have any valid points to say about.

          • Tesfabirhan WR
          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Again turing to your chauvinistic line of thinking.

            You wrote, “I know now what you mean by a “reformist”. Well, I say it’s not that bad. I would rather be called a reformist for believing in my people, and fighting an alien imposed values rather than denying my people theright to shape up their own destiny. I want to help my people shape up
            their destiny, I want them to make the change rather than importing it to them….”.

            Twisting the whole picture of the debate.

            Is using EDF and officials within the PFDJ as a tool to topple the regime “democratic coup” is believing on the people? We have a check point when we are saying what the reformist philosophy or ideology is. Reformists don’t believe on their people. They gave-up in rallying their people and now the last option they are using is to use the system members to remove individuals from the rank. DIA is one of their target.

            Did you forget what Ambassador Andebrhan said during the Medrek launch session? Reformists are not caring for people but for POWER.

            Again, I call you to go ahead. Don’t make a perceived deduction from this whole debate.

            Dismantlers are not caring for power. They care for public grievances. You have twisted the grievance issue to very specific diaspora based population. But it is not. There are the oppressed people in Denakil area, Kunama people, Saho, Tigrigna, Bilen, Hidareb, Nara etc. Reformers are happy with policies of PFDJ. Only they believe that it is because of Presidient Issaias’s greedness that all the country is facing today. They want to remove only the monster at the top and then everything else is fine.

            In fact, reformers are the worst group in their proposal for change. They are calling EDF to rise up and topple their own home and this will lead to chaos and civil war. For sure it will. Issaias is perfect in designing tension based system build up. When he saw the EDF members are not happy with, he built Militia parallel to them. He distributed guns to every individual. How can then reformers believe on PFDJ members unless their objective is to open fire in between.

            Dismantlers believe on their people. They are rallying their people against the dictator, be it inside or outside. Let’s see the oppressed religious people. Non of them belongs to the reformers group.

            Therefore, Mahmuday, don’t recap into your own chauvinistic line of thinking.

            What I am sure about is, reformers will not have a power generated from themselves. But they are using their financial resources to recruite individuals as they think that money can buy principles.

            I am talking from experiences that I faced and on the process that s going on within the reformers group. It is a serious political black-mail. Those who ask for fundamental change should not be fooled again.

            But, the reformers group should be transparent, open in their agenda and must sit with the whole opposition camp in an open and honest way. Dear Mahmuday, justice seekers are losing their struggle because of power hungry people at this very moment. Power is not the issue now.

            To conclude, your conclusion is nothing but your frustration on the JUSTICE SEEKERS camp. Justice will prevail though at the end.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Mahmuday,

            I think it is part of your political tactics to “twist concepts” to fit your argument and “deviate issue” from the topic at hand we are debating. Mahmuday, the issue on debate wasn’t about “my view” nor it wasn’t about “your view”. The issue on debate was the “configuration” and “alignment” of the political organization in the opposition camp. Look your comment above, it derides contemptuously our debate and you ended into in to personality politics. I didn’t talk about your view. What finally I understood you is, that your problem is not in communicating, it is in engaging to “hear” and to “listen” others. Let to listen other’s voice you don’t lend ear your ears to hear the concern of others. I hope we will not go to the dichotomy of words again. I gave you the current political alignment from what I studied practically. And I told you to do your own. For obvious reason you don’t want to do it. The worst you did to me is, you took my reading on their differences as “personal positional argument”. Nothing in my debate in anyway show any support to either one at least in this particular debate. So Mahmuday AyteAkan Aloka.

            Back to the word “reformist”. (a) You have said “I would rather be called a reformist for believing in my people.” Who told you you are a reformist? Anyway believing on our people doesn’t make us reformist. The scope of change we are looking makes us reformist or otherwise.
            (b) You also said “you call them reformist, and I call them agent of change.” Again here also you failed to understand reformist are agent of change. My friend reformists are agent of change however limited change will it be. You have a big problem on the meaning of the word. You always look at it negatively. Reformism is progress how little it might be.

            On the philosophical issue: Those you have stated as philosophical issue are not philosophical in nature. They are strategical and tactical issues. They have not merits at all. They are accusations from the play book of PFDJ even if you don’t have affiliation with them. So Mahmuday once you start to personalize it, we have to stop it here. A debate on personality isn’t worth for the public feed nor is to the remedy of our political malaise. I hereby close the case once for all for the purpose the save the intellectual discourse at awate.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Emma

            With all due respect and love;
            Thank you for giving it your best. A lot of fuzzy issues have been made clear, at least we now know what you guys mean when you call people and groups “reformists” , “pfdj-2” and other catchy phrases. You’re saying the same thing again and again. You place your self as a revolutionary while demoting others as reformists, something they have not called for. I am using your statements in all my responses, there is no need of maneuvering, awatistas and visitors are intelligent enough to correct their readings based on the thread. As a conclusion: Notwithstanding, regarding the debate of who is revolutionary and who is reformist is not new; it’s a classic one. I will focus on reality ; I have spent my young age reading those concepts, although I will lie if I contend your mastery of related topics. That’s why I called you “the-go-to-man” when it comes to theoretical issues. That’s why I pulled the debate from abstract concepts to applications. I wanted the debate to be relevant, as applied to our reality.
            Now, kindly, note the following.
            “….The scope of change we are looking makes us reformist or otherwise…My friend reformists are agent of change however limited change will it be. ”
            You are saying that those you targeted as reformists are less effective agents of changes, aiming at a shallower scope. My question was simple. Why do you call them reformists? or, rather, what makes them reformists? You would do me a favor if you could just jot it down, like “here is why they are reformists, 1..2..3…). Easy. I would thank you and the debate would have ended in time. Instead, you kept accusing me of cornering you, or of making the debate personal adding on your way irrelevant byways.
            There is no personalized debate here. I can’t think of any cultured person other than you, Emma. You are great. I respect you and I look forward to reading your views. However, my conscience will live in a confounded dissonance if I don’t clear up things. Who else to refer when you need clarifications regarding our opposition? So rest assured that you have been helpful . Your help would have been complete had you told me why you call these organizations “reformists.” I guess I will have to take it as a baseless accusations. Otherwise why wouldn’t you complete the last leg of the debate?
            So, thanks. The lesson to be had is that we better respect each other; the reason why the opposition is stuck in a vicious cycle of self-mutilation and self-recrimination is because of unreasonable fearful suspicions. It’s scary when one I dearly respect person is embroiled in this muddy fray. I wish you all the best in your mission of bridging and reconciling us. I am not honest, though, if I don’t tell you this fact: Suspicion is the mother of all discords. You will have to work to control your impulses of throwing labels to others.
            Your observation may have told you that I am not designed for politics; I am not an ideologue either; I am a humble citizen who wants us move forward. Lately, I have become concerned when I see misrepresentations and mischaracterizations, because I believe the opposition has pursued this type of a venue for too long, and it has not taken it anywhere. So, courage is needed to reform the opposition.
            Respectfully yours.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Mr. Amanuel Hidrat,
            Mr. Amanuel Hidrat and Mahmud Saleh two prominent and reasonable Awatistas were talking about important matters and I was listening.
            I was trying hard to understand. Then they slowly went into the weeds where I almost lost them. I took my binoculars out and watched the tips of the tops of the weeds move. You know what, the scenery is an exact copy of what I have seen before.
            Not to pick on Mr. Amanuel Hidrat but I am wondering if what they say is true. That there is an absence of a sense of humor traits.
            What would be proof positive that Mr. A.H has it is, if you yourself, wrote a light note to the rest of us about the following topic. It should be about the size of the above post. Mr. Mahmud and Mr. SAAY are having coffee on a lazy Sunday morning and their conversation turned to A.H.
            Put yourself in their shoes, have them go at it. WHAT ARE THEY SAYING? take it easy.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Kim Hanna,

            I am pretty sure know what they are saying. I have closed my case. What I absolutely agree with you is, to focus on the rest of the forum to share what I know, and stop back and forth for the debate which isn’t a debate in reality. Thank you.

            Amanuel Hidrat

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Inform, inspire, embolden and Reconcile. awate.com.

          Yah, some folks, even some oppositions groups are not well aware on what is going on in between. You did a right mission of awate.com to inform these folks.

          Just one point to add, some folks are not able to identify also “reformers” are meant for rule of law. No one is saying reformers or the chauvinists are also for rule of law. But wishes and reality are two different things. PFDJ was actually meant for rule of law according to its charter 1994. But did they achieve that? Rule of law is not given but is owned. No one on this earth should give rule of law but should build rule of law. Building and giving are two completely opposite things. Reformers are ready to give rule of law but dismantlers are ready to build that.

          Self argument:


          According to PFDJ beliefs, he is number one in giving “rule of law”. In fact it, even to kill people can be rule of law if it ruled like that. This is what PFDJ did. He ruled “shot-to-kill policy’ for anyone who tries to kill the border.

          But, the question to the true essence of rule of law is, “people have a right to movement”. If that is so, there will not be illegal border crossing as people have a right to move where ever they want.


          People can cross the border by any means. But if there is rule of law, those who live have also a right to go back whenever they want. But, after PFDJ rule of law, “no one will be admitted in unless they do a formal excuses.” If we accept this to be a rule of law, which it is according to PFDJ, then it is what it is now.

          But, the rule of law is a”right of people to return back home whenever they want no matter how they leave.”

          Yah, there are lots of confusions within the opposition camp. Worse is, everyone preaches rule of law. The question is, “what is rule of law first?”.

          A converse between Mahmuday and you made me to contemplate on essence of rule of law. My God, when will some folks will understand what JUSTICE is?


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            The “laws” matters before we talk about “rule of law.” If we have bad laws can we advocate for rule of law? You can only advocate for rule of law when we have justifiable and fair laws, and if the governing body failed to honor and respect those laws. Eritrea doesn’t have a constitutional laws, criminal laws, civil laws, approved by representative legislative body. The outcry for rule of law when there is no laws doesn’t give sense at all. Think about it carefully. The laws of PFDJ are there to marginalize, to oppress, to repress, to disown the property of the public, to dehumanize, to strip all the rights of our people. What else then.

            Amanuel Hidrat

  • AMAN

    Dear TES and and all other dignified scholars and readers
    that you extended your valuable advice and well wish to me
    on this forum.
    You are absolutely right and to the point that I better ignore
    a fallen tree to the ground. I do not have any wish and interest
    to dig into the filth and expired meat of weeks old in the trash bin.
    You are absolutey write WE MAKE AND KEEP MAKINGTHE HISTORY;
    Let others and those behind write and discuss it. As any other history they
    will find both what they need black and/or white.
    This is also a message to all those who boarded our boat without ever knowing
    its way and do not even know how self serving opportunists they were so untill
    the owner caught with them while attempting to steal a property.)
    Thankyou Awate
    for the forum.
    Adious…………..See la vi…………..CIAO…………………….!!!!!! HAPPY YEAR 2015 !!!

  • BRIG 72

    says the old man should be respected for his age and…………….
    by the same talk
    the young recruits should be thanked for serving in our military institution
    and then dmobilized and repatriated into civilian life too.
    Does it make sense to you Nitricc ?
    Afterall, all the cry and opposition we had been seeing in Mekelle in the name of opposition to PIA
    and PFDJ for the last 20 or so years and in the veiled name of struggle for democratic ideals by
    our young was/is not about the ideals BUT just because they were repatriated and demobilized
    from the institution as Nay ’90, and the wogahtas have never been part of the institution as regular
    or permanent members but as reserve and recruits. So it was all resentment and grudges steeming
    from pre 1997 and pay back and blackmailing the people and the government after the 1998 war
    debacle to coerce them and force them into concessions. It was all SADist and SADism and own
    another narrow loop of conspiracy against the people and government by awol recruits and nay ’90
    ” tetayesti ” resenters.

  • Saleh Johar

    Ahlan Nitricc and Hayat, and others,

    I am disappointed you two do not want to make up. I was planning to make a case study out of your differences and reconciliation. But I am not giving up and that is why I decided to float my idea anyway, since the issue of Ethiopian invasion is a hot topic. Please consider this.

    What if a Battalion from “Dedebit” as per Nitricc’s definition, and a Battalion from Demhit face each other in say, Badme to fight it out for exactly one week? We can hire Don King as a referee who will blow the whistle after exactly one week from the day the boxing, I mean the fighting, starts?

    If the “Dedebit” battalion wins, then they appoint a caretaker government for Eritrea and we see what happens later. If Demhit wins, they should march straight to Dedebit together with their Eritrean sponsors and declare their state there, and Eritreans will be left to their own devices while the people of Dedebit and environs can deal with Demhit.

    Your thoughts on the above proposal to reconcile Nitricc and Hayat.

    • Hayat Adem

      Honorable Saleh, I can go first until Netraka takes his time till he consult his mentors.
      1) this proposal shows that given a chance, there are always plentiful creative ideas to settle differences that seem irreconcilable.
      2) I wonder why it didn’t occur to you that you could create two soccer teams fighting (playing) it out with a ball than bullets if your goal is to get just a winner.
      3) What made you think Netraka will accept the outcome of a play out between two dedebits.
      4) what made you think I can settle for 50% of a probable solution where there is half chance of a continuation of this mad man on the back of his horse, and his horse (PFDJ) on the back of my people? I’m for a weed-out in all scenarios. No ifs, no maybes.
      Your turn, Netraka if you are back from the consultation.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Abu Saleh,

      Your suggestion will make it worse even to the big picture. I just don’t support it for it complicates the current struggle.

      • Hayat Adem

        You are not taking this for serious, are you? Watch them out, Emma, these complex political problems and burdens of doing something urgently are anesthetizing your humor receptivity.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam SGJ & Hayat,

          I am overtaken by the enormity of the monstrous offense of the regime against our people, to the extent that it blocks the receptor sites of Humors in my mind. So take it that way friends.

          Amanuel Hidrat

      • Saleh Johar

        Amanuel, heed Hayat’s advice, learn to be humorous every once in a while. Consider it a break. It scares me when humor is taken for what it is not. Cheer up dear, at times we need to smile and laugh at ourselves.

    • Nitricc

      SG hahahah No, I don’t negotiate with terrorists. 🙂 but if I had to; TPDM will have Dedebit for breakfast. We are training TPDM how to drive tanks unlike the Dedebitinas; no one drove it to the ditch i.e. we are convinced TPDM are better equipped and trained fighters than RIP dedebit.

      • Rahwa T

        As your boss showed us in his recent history. Funny man

      • Hayat Adem

        “No, I don’t negotiate with terrorists”- Stay there. IA is terrorizing his people. Do you have anything for him?

  • Nitricc

    I like how the video is collaborated. I like the questions raised by the Eritreans, defending their country.
    I feel bad for the old man. I know he should be respected for his age but he is too opportunistic. “ we all should be Ethiopians” waw. Dr. Bereket it is okay, die with dignity.


    • Hayat Adem

      greatest meanness* at its highest display: selective attacking questions asked, and no chance is given to hear the answer from the asked/attacked person/s!
      *I think this descriptive noun is going to stay with me as much as that of Serray. What was the phrase again? Whorish diplomacy, sorry!

      • Semere Andom

        This is a typical PFDJ scam, attacking people who who abandon it. In the PFDJ land you are not allowed to think, you are not even allowed to guard your consul, you are only allowed to cheer and even when you do that you have to do it from a script. Dr. Bereket did what he had to do, he finally heeded the siren calls of his humanity and conscious and opposed PFDJ and speaking of Neo-Andnet, there is only one true Neo-Andnet in Eritrea, and it is the PFDJ machinery, they have never been for free Eritrea, they just rode the high waves of Eritrean struggle to accomplish their dreams. And the PFDJ’s Andnet is from a point of weakeness after Eritrea is down on its knees, humilated, not the Andent that some nations have figured out that it is in their best interest. If any one is under the illusion that Eritrea is ruled by the will of Eritreans and not the will of those with suspect identity that is bolstered by DeMHIT and other alliances that hoodwinked many,they mus be living under a rock that PFDJ had created for them and told them it is independence, rock solid and rock bottom. They are rocking and rolling under these rock

      • Nitricc

        Dedebit; have a little class. I wonder why the word “horish” stuck in your mind. Hmmm.
        Anyway; you hypocrite, when you insulted the people of Eritrea and their hard won independence, if that is not the greatest insult and meanness; I don’t know what is. So, stop practicing your favorite “Horish” diplomacy.
        Here is a fresh news from your Dedebit camp, lol democracy my foot. Here is what your corrupted and good nothing general said. Please translate it for me.
        “If EPRDF hadn’t wanted the existence of opposition parties, it would have closed the door in the first place like the Shabia (i.e.the Eritrean leadership),” he told party affiliated media members and other guests who were invited to hear the story of the insurrection from the horse’s own mouth. “The opposition that we have now is ready to give the country’s core national interests away… it would be happy if the defense forces are disbanded. I wouldn’t call that an opposition,”
        Dedebit, they don’t even pretend anymore. What happened to the fake constitution?
        You know how your people were all giddy when there was news about the death of PIA? And how the angle of death took your Dedebit master! I am afraid when you keep whishing a civil war in Eritrea; watch out on your own back yard, it is cooking.

        • Saleh Johar

          Ahlan Nitricc and Hayat,

          I am disappointed you two do not want to make up. I was planning to make a case study out of your differences and reconciliation. But I am not giving up and that is why I decided to float my idea anyway, since the issue of Ethiopian invasion is a hot topic. Please consider this.

          What if a Battalion from “Dedebit” as per Nitricc’s definition, and a Battalion from Demhit face each other in say, Badme to fight it out for exactly one week? We can hire Don King as a referee who will blow the whistle after exactly one week from the day the boxing, I mean the fighting, starts?

          If the “Dedebit” battalion wins, then they appoint a caretaker government for Eritrea and we see what happens later. If Demhit wins, they should march straight to Dedebit together with their Eritrean sponsors and declare their state there, and Eritreans will be left to their own devices while the people of Dedebit and environs can deal with Demhit.

          Your thoughts on the above proposal to reconcile Nitricc and Hayat.

        • Hayat Adem

          Well, it fits well, Netraka. Everything of PFDJ is whorish! Look, all questions asked, and the questions asked hadn’t received answers, but the guys the questions are directed at were there. And the questions are all about character attack and the person who is being attacked is sitting and listening to the questions. Questions asked, and then CUT! You brought it and you endorsed it. If you want the biggest picture of this: that is how PFDJ does things. They accuse you, and they don’t let you defend yourself. They arrest you, and then they don’t let you defend yourself in a court. They put you to servitude, and then they accuse you of treason. They make your country hellish to live in, and then they shoot you from you back if you try to escape the hell they created. They force you to leave and they accuse you of leaving if you make it. If you are with them and serving, you are their slave. If you die trying to leave, you are just African. It is a weird pfdj world.

          • Nitricc

            I know how you work so, you don’t need all that garbage. Dr. Bereket deserves every that was coming to him. the guy has no stand and very opportunistic. he wants to see Eritrea back with Ethiopia before he dies. talk about disgarced to the highest order. too bad he can check out anytime he wants but Eritrea will Never be with Ethiopia, that is for you too dedebit.

          • Saleh Johar

            Nitricc, take whatever stand you choose but remain fair (remember you said you were fair) Dr. Bereket’s statement was taken out of context and deformed to mean what it didn’t mean. Check what Saay wrote a while ago refuting the defamation of Dr. Bereket and explaining the context. It should be somewhere in AlNahda.

          • Nitricc

            SG I will check out but when I heard loud and clear, I don’t what is to be taken out context? I don’t even care what the question was and the answer never is the answer he gave. All he had to say was, yes we are sister countries the people have strong ties but let’s move on; it has been decided. That all he had to say. But to say; I would like to see the tow country together before I die? Come-on SG! Let’s call it for what it is.

          • Saleh Johar

            Just look for the unedited video clip and make your judgement. You know how video clipping can play with your mind! Don’t allow yourself to be taken for a fool. You know my position on Neo-Andinet, this one is not one of them Nitricc.

          • Hayat Adem

            IA was talking about confederation and border-less relationship with Ethiopia after it was decided. Do you feel the same about him, too? Like what Semere said, I am not to the professor what you are to the dictator, but what you quote above from the professor has no sin except sanity.Eritrea and Ethiopia can come together on many issues of commonness. The Bedouins take body parts from our youth, IA takes away brain parts from our youth. you are a victim.

    • Amanuel Hidrat


      What kind of advice can make you respectful? How many times can we tell you just to do that? Nitric you can oppose their worldview in a dignified way without attacking their personality and their humanity to let them say what is good for Eritrean people, as you are doing what you believe good for Eritrea. Please you can’t attain anything by what you are doing except to irritate your countrymen or anyone for that matter. Let me tell you one more advice. Take time off for sometime from commenting in this forum, and evaluate yourself or with close friends how to communicate in a forum like this.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Nitricc

        What are you talking about? what do i say?

        • Amanuel Hidrat


          Check your sick burn language you use against Dr. Bereket and then you will understand what I am talking.

          • Nitricc

            Aman I said the old man should be respected for his age and i said he is opportunistic. what is wrong making that comment?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Again Nitrikay,

            The gentleman has given his share to the birth of the nation. That is history in the book. PFDJites are taking the issue out of context and that is dirty politics. But let me ask you a question? Suppose let us assume the claim is right. Isn’t it his right to share his view even if it is different than us? Isn’t the fate of our nation is decided by the wishes of the majority? Does his “odd view” from the eyes of majority, makes him to be disgraceful of the highest order? Not at all Nitrikay. Democracy also respects the rights of “odd views” to be heard, as the views of majority decides to govern the nation and its people. Why was referendum required for the self-determination of our people in 1993? Simply in order to decide the fate of the nation. Should those who vote against independence be striped their nationality and disgraced as neo-Andnet. Absolutely not. Other wise we will attempt to disgrace any one in the minority voice in any political discourse of our nation. Actually that is what PFDJites are doing against the opposition anyway and you are doing the same thing. So Nitrikay try to disentangle yourself from the culture of PFDJ for the sake of your personal integrity. PFDJites are disgracing anyone who oppose their policy and way of their governance. You shouldn’t be part of that culture.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Emma:

            It is not that they are taking it out of context, they are creating the context that does not exist. This is how they operate. They tried to take away his contribution and it is the ego of IA that made him kill the cont. that this Eritrean helped drafted. I am not big fun of Dr. Bereket or any intellectual who was aligned with EPLF/PFDJPF when a drop out kid, IA played them like headless chicness, but Dr.Bereket when his time came he criticized PFDJ.Dr. Marion King, a geologist calculated the USA peak oil someone has yet to figure out when do people peak learning new stuff. Nitric is a candidate for the human brain cell peak.

            Even if Dr. Bereket was talking about a unity with Ethiopia, we can take him up on that and debate him. In a free Eritrea, we will not have choice if people, elected people bring the Andnet issue and try to convince us a united country called “Ethiorea” is is the better for all. Countries separate and countries unite and re-unite. “Ethiorea” or “Eripea” will much better than Niriccs “Gomeritrea” The issue is do we do it peacefully, with respect, due process through our elected reps based on the letters of the const.

            People who do not think for themselves deserve to be left behind and counted as zeroes during census, while people like Hayat who has the courage to think independently must be counted twice during the population census, not because they are right or wrong, but because they think. Maybe we should have a sperm/egg bank so we can boost the people who can think for themselves and weed out the like Niricc who are wired for stupidity from infesting our population.

          • Nitricc

            “people like Hayat.. must be counted twice during the population census..”
            OMG! This guy is dumber than I thought. You are a joke and waste of time. You have no self respect and absolutely no self worth. Human is human and no one is better than anyone, let alone to be counted; one as two. But stupid does stupid. Did you see when I said you are waste of time and you have nothing to offer? Conformed! Wow!
            get a life.

          • Hayat Adem

            I’m not a person who likes to be counted twice. I don’t even mind being left uncounted at all. But if it is against you, getting counted twice is too small. If I could find a language you would understand readily, I would tell you that a chaff doesn’t deserve to be counted for contributing misery.

          • Nitricc

            Dedebit, bragging aside I wish you know who you dealing with; but humility and meekness is the motto when comes to my achievements and self evaluation. So, let’s not go there. But I agree with you no body should count as two, let alone a person from Dedebit.
            Dedebit I think Semere is in love with you, lol. His leaps must be swollen from kissing behind you. when ever you post; he is there right behind you. lol. I think he is from Dedebit.

          • Hayat Adem

            I love Semere. He is a thinker. He has bold thoughts. He has fresh eyes. He has his own details. He is not in a straight jacket like you. You don’t have your won details except repetitive utterances, boring adulterated v/clips, the dedebit mantra, nothing. Please, even if you want to support the criminal man, get your own details. Learn something a day. Get back your brain parts from IA and use it to form your own thoughts, come with your own details. Talk more about what you love not about what you hate.

          • Nitricc

            Dedebit, there is a difference between writing and initiating fresh idea. I did not say the toothless can’t write; in fact he is creative writer but fresh Idea and critical thinking? No where to it. Name one idea came from Semere? My bad, there one great idea, let me help you. here it is…….
            “People who do not think for themselves deserve to be left behind and counted as zeroes during census, while people like Hayat who has the courage to think independently must be counted twice during the population census”

            Awtista; please help me; Have you ever heard the dumbest idea than the above? He doesn’t even acknowledge in diversity of society. Some are educated some not, some are good some are not. He wants to count only the people he thinks are good and leave the rest. And the funny part is he struggling for justice and democracy? It is amazing the idea came from a person from Canada. Should the Canadians stop giving you welfare because you are not good?

          • Hayat Adem

            You are talking less about yourself and more about others, and that is not without a reason. You have no details of yourself. If it is not Haile, it is me. If it is not me, it is Semere. If it is not Semere, it is Tes. Come up with yourself and with your own details. Then, we can talk.

          • Nitricc

            Why would I want to talk to you? My mission is over! You are a paid TPLF agent. You are here to spread psychological warfare among Eritrean Diaspora. You are here to distract Eritreans from solving their political problems; by side tracking with issues of civil war in Eritrea, military involvement by TPLF, instigating full scale war between Eritrea and Ethiopia and so on. So, my I had a duty to expose you and warn Eritreans your intention and I believe I have done that. It is up to Eritreans to judge.
            As far as I am concern Dedebit is always dedebit, the sad part is you think you are smart; please!
            you are nothing but

          • Hayat Adem

            I’m smart and you are not, and there is nothing you can do about it. Why would you want to talk to me? I don’t know why, but I know you are doing it, and I’m sure you will continue doing it. Poor boy!

          • Nitricc

            Dedebit, I have already admitted that I am not smart; in fact, let me confirm it for you; I am dumb; there is only one person dumber than me; no names please :-). I know you are smart; smart enough to fool the toothless Eritreans who wanted to be fooled and the gullible once. I have to admit though, as dumb as I am; My quality comes through Awate.com’s identity “fearless” I fear nothing and I challenge everything. I challenge all; even people I respect and admire. Yes, I challenged the people you have mention. Long before you were here; before Dedebit haired you; I was the only pro-PFDJ who stepped in and fought every toothless wanna be opposition to death and to the point every awate forum member cried and called for my demise and brought the stick and I was banned. Look where awate.com is today; they even let a known paid agent use their web site to preach hate and destroy Eritrea. I am not saying I made the difference but I put up the fight awate.com to be inclusive and tolerant. So, figuring out is the easiest thing I have ever done. Do you know what gives you away? As soon as the Eritreans are discussing real issue, you jump in from no where and you talk about civil war and the whole discussion goes south. As soon as the Eritreans are discussing real issue, you jump in and you talk about Ethiopia invading Eritrea; and then the discussion changes it course and goes nowhere. I have done my duty! It is up the Eritreans!
            Dedebit, talk to smart people or go play hooky with Semere euuwwww
            Signing out; Nitricc.

          • Hayat Adem

            Didn’t I tell you that?! You are still talking to me. You said you had no reason but you are doing it. That is what I said.
            Okay, you admit you are dumb;I admit I’m smart. It is agreed. Let’s not forget this agreed setting for the future and let’s treat each other as one.
            Well, Netraka, ideally, dumb and fearless is not something you wish to be. But it is what it is and it is good at least you acknowledge that.
            Awate made you fearless, and if you stay enough and open up yourself for new ideas a bit, the same Awate may be able to help you with your dumbness as well. Just keep your fearlessness controlled until your dumbness is tamed to a manageable amount.
            Otherwise, you will mess up your thoughts every time you react like in the one above. logically, the fearless website that make you fearless would fearlessly guard its mission, principles and values. That means, one smart “dedebit” girl would never be able to ride them side ways as she wishes, right? No worries, just don’t over play your fearlessness until your smartness matches up, and everything will be alright.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Hayat Adem,
            I can’t believe what I am reading, in a matter of a page. The only thing I can come up with is …” Hayat Adem for President”

          • Hayat Adem

            Yes, Kim, thanks. It was a one full day mostly dedicated to one mission: Domestication of a Fearless Dumb Beast. It seems it’s worked for now but don’t overspend your hope, signs of relapse and reinforcement are on the way. That Araya did not show up for no reason. They breath taking turns, probably through the same nostrils.

          • Hope

            Nittric the Lion,Jr,of Nacfa/Sawa,
            Yes indeed,they do NOT know who they are dealing with.But here is the FACT though:
            The reason they are after you-all of them-the hayats,the sems,the teses,the emmas,you name them,etc.tells it all.
            Never give up little Bro!
            As to Prof Berekhet Habte Sillasie, I said what I said and I respect him as one of very few African Brilliant Intellectuals and we should be proud of him, but,unfortunately,as a human being,yes indeed,he expressed the other side of himself,and this,is based on FACTS.
            People may or may not know what he has been doing behind the scene for 10-15yrs in collaboration with PMMZ and the State Department,in the name of Opposition..
            The people,who are bragging about and trying to correct him on his behalf know the details better than me and you but since he said bad things about the PFDJ and PIA,he is their Hero and that is what they want.
            Call them ,if you wish,Opportunists,Political and Intellectual Acrobatists or Intellectually and Politically Bankrupt.
            Let Mr Amanuel Hidrat et al,the Opportunists,the Intellectual and Political Acrobatists or Intellectually and Politically Bankrupt Pseudo-Opposition Group and Pseudo-Political Scientists and the Champions of Cyber-Space Politics and Activism close their books on you as they have done it to Hope,the Hopeful, and let them keep BARKING while the Camel is marching albeit slowly.
            It takes beyond a GUT and a COURAGE and selfless DEDICATION and SACRIFICE to bring a Real Change,not parroting behind the computers in a comfort zone.

          • Nitricc

            Uncle Hope; it is what it is and Dr. Bereket is just that opportunistic. SG suggested that I should look more to it than just edited video and I did nothing change. Aman went banana because i comment on Dr. Bereket. He gave the right to Dr. Bereket to voice his opinion while striping my right to the bones; talk hypocrisy. In Dr. Bereket’s life; there were three governments and he dipped in to three of them. The man is the absolute definition of opportunistic and if Aman has problem with; OH WELL!
            It is amazing how people render their judgment. I read some where that Dr. Bereket was haired to write the constitution; meaning he was paid and he is a hero but people who spend their life in the mountains of Nakfa are accused of every crime there to accuse.
            Here listen to this guy.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Nitricc & Others,
            Thanks Nitricc for sharing the video clip. Here are the words of Dr. Bereket: “I’ve been part of Ethiopia. It’s a larger sense in which we’re all Ethiopians; historically, culturally speaking as I try to explain today. And my wish and my hope before I die is that we come back together in a larger unity trancsending all these divisions.” I don’t see any ambiguity or the possibility of misinterpreting the proffesor here as his words are as clear as they could be. But anyone is entitled to make their own judgements, and I see this comment as his personal one.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            I kindly call you to refrain from this mad dog. The more you try to advice him, the more he will bark badly.

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            I am done, I have tried my best to prod him to be respectful to others idea. If he doesn’t heed my last attempt, I will close my book like what I did with Hope.

            Amanuel Hidrat

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Awatistas,

    Today, I will break some of the ice. A freely galloping tes.

    Today, the opposition camp is weak because it is not able to clearly identify what is their difference. In meetings, they speak on the same tone and then they conclude we are the same. No!

    The biggest problem within the opposition camp is,they are all using PFDJ unification ideology. Look, EPDP and Medrekites, the EYSC. EPDP, before it was diluted by PFDJ x-members, they were principled. Now, they got lost. No
    principle, but are chasing after every wind. EYSC, are lost folks, all chauvinists, no clear difference than YPFDJ, use same ideology as that of PFDJ but they claim they are justice seekers. Medrekites, are opportunits. Instead of working with the already well established opposition camp, they are trying to use their financial resource to buy
    folks who can easily be deceived by financial resources. It is shame. EFND, are good in delivering lectures. They lost trust on the on-going fight for freedom and are trying new version. EYNSC (now ESMNS), are lost folks, they don’t know where they are.

    EPDP, Merekites and EYSC should come together and form a united party. They have the same political program. Then, why they are multiplying names.

    EFND, should join with Bayto and work with them. Their mission is the same though they appear as the camp of technocrats. If they are the missing part of technicrats, let them be open. Let them be the technical force that are welcomed by every one. They should not waste their energy to embrace others but their energy should be on how they can be embraced by others.

    ELL, are already part of Bayto. I don’t now why they liked to have a new name. If they want to be strong advocaters of the lowland people’s grievances, let’s trust Bayto or build Bayto to a trustable force. have their input there.

    ESMNS, should leave its autocratic ruling system and create confidence in youths. They should be very clear and be free from outside driver. They are becoming too emotional.

    Groups like RSADO and the Kunama, they have to know also other Eritrean communities are eauqlly oppressed though theirs became worse because of their previous economic status.

    There are other parties that I am not that much familiar with, but I think they are already with in Bayto.

    Bayto, here is the Umbrella of all opposition groups that was established as a united front for all opposition groups.

    Bayto will have a hard time with reformers but it is good if they sit together, identify their difference and build a strong national opposition camp that we all are looking for.

    Awate Team (For example, Saay7 and Saleh Johar) are best example on how two different political beliefs can live together. They both are for justice but their means is different. Yet, their difference did not let them to have two web-pages. They strived together. They built a united power. They are able to sustain any shake that comes and trying to destroy their political beliefs. Let’s learn from awate.com team.

    The reformers, which I believe, the EPDP, Medrek and EYSC should create a means to work together in Bayto, with the the Dismantlers.

    ELL and EFND should build a technocratic group that can be welcomed by all parties.

    EYSC and now ESMNS, I wish they were ONE with EYSC. They have really played a negative role in dividing the YOUTH. I wish they learned something from their forefathers. Some of the motto raised was so hollow and it only served PFDJ. PFDJ is so happy to see the opposition youth get divided.

    On the HUMANITARINA: Let them flourish and even be millions. Eritrea needs their hand more than anytime.

    Independent Mass-media; I wish, there is enough resource to make them millions, the voices should be heard. But, because of financial handicap, they are becoming weak in reaching. Therefore, let’s buld a strong and united MEDIA OUTLET who can reach every Eritrean. Let radi erena, assenna.com; awate.com, asmarino.com, farajat.com, adoulis.com, arkobkobay, and so on flourish.

    One more, we failed to build a strong free TV channel that speaks for the voiceless. I am not sure whether adal TV is a free one or not, but Dimtsi Hizbi I think belongs to a party.

    Outlets like http://www.meskerem.net, we need them because it is a check point to show us on how much confused and wedini folks we have. These people could have lived among innocent opposition forces and continued to divide. But now, they have a garbage wagon and are good there. They have a room to say. No single folk should remain unheard, even the confused folks at meskerem.net.

    Let it go one step further is my motto. Done with opposrtunist individuals, done with chauvinist individuals. Now, targeting the big camp.


    No speed limit, SGJ is far away and I have catch him up. He is running alone


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ustaz Saleh

    Thank you for this article that has finally broken PFDJ pot in a rather ugly pattern; it appears irreparable. I love Negarit. It has educated and entertained so many people. You must have broken so many (shedads. drumsticks, and have gown ridges of corns and calluses on your hands. Has it been about 14 years? That’s the longest a Negarit drummer has kept playing. I remember the satires of your beloved Keren…the stern warnings (some plausible others a bit driven by fear of what might go wrong), but always true to its tunes..lalo..wo lalo..hoye lalo trm/trm…trm/trm….

    Coming to this edition:

    1. Assuming you are speaking of the opposition camp/jungle, the introduction part could be seen as a continuation of your ongoing criticism of opposition groups which are made by or which include prominent voices whose background is linked to EPLF (medrek/EPDP…), and groups which campaign on broad agendas as dialogue, negotiations and reconciliations, such as the forums.

    2. WEDINIS would be all persons and silent majority “langa-langas” as evidenced by this reply of yours to cousin Hope: “and in my book, the so-called “silent majority” are indecisive. We call them langa-langa”

    My humble comment:
    AbusalaH: If the opposition can’t win the silet majority or “langa-lamga” it has no steam to continue beating around. The presence of “majority langalanga” doesn’t say that there is no cause to fight for; it just shows the opposition so far has failed to lead; it shows the effects of bad politics and strategies pursued by the opposition that’s mainly focused on internal fights on unrealized turfs rather than fighting for a change which could materialize the creation of turfs and spoils that could be shared among themselves after ensuring a change that Eritreans welcome. In a nutshell, the phenomena of a langaanga majority is a manifestation of bad strategies and policies pursued by the opposition. Ironically, fear and mistrust that this article should have ebbed have made the opposition what it’s today. Everyone wasting a minute of his/her time in fighting injustice has the right to question this and follow a method of struggle he/she thinks is better.
    I am afraid these depictions cause more harm than the benefit they exact, because such broad brush and serious allegations have the effect of hitting many corners and producing unintended negative feelings; they have the potency of widening suspicion and mistrust. They are more likely to emphasize the air of accusations than they are likely to advance the spirit of commendations, they are most likely to heighten suspicion than propagating the message of confidence-building.

    As a recognizable public figure, your words have a far reaching effects than an average disgruntled guy like me. I would certainly hope you would put more emphasis on what commonality the opposition has rather than attacking elements of the opposition who have the right to fight the way they see it effective.

    -Your article fails to show us who in the opposition the PFDJ reformers are. Can you mention an entity that struggles for change BASED on the platform of reforming PFDJ.

    – I ask you this question because you can’t be an opposition and a reformist at the same time (please underline this fact). You reform something that belongs to you, to make it better, to make it effective, to ensure its durability…etc. You don’t waste your time trying reforming something that you are opposed to, something that you have abandoned, something that you feel has hurt you more than others. You don’t reform such a thing. You oppose it, you stand up against it. And you work hard to mobilize those who are in the middle by following a strategy of inclusiveness, by showing them you hold a better plan for them. The mere winning of the majority will seal the end of the entity you oppose to. And I know none of these entities you continue to accuse of reforming PFDJ actually state they want to do that. If I am missing something here please enlighten me by bringing concrete examples.

    – You are known for articulating the idea that no body has the right to impose their ideas upon justice seekers/ upon you and so on. You are right. The ideal situation would be for all stakeholders to dialogue and hash out an action oriented mutual program. However, under a climate where this medium is missing, don’t you think groups have the right to pursue strategies they believe deliver better results? Why would they be characterized as dragging the struggle, or as hijacking it? Why is “…Somehow it always manages to commandeer the efforts of others, it always finds a way to expropriating everything and counter-signing the sweat and blood of others to itself or its wings” necessary? Without telling us who the elements or groups which fit the description of a wedini culture, it’s easy that many hardworking and equally sweating and sacrificing citizens are going to be injured. I don’t believe this type of attitude will contribute positively. The bottom line is, as you previously said it in your interviews and articles, no one should be in the business of labeling and marking groups. The official manifestos of these groups are their public programs and “who we are” introductions are the descriptions of who they are and what they do. Other than that, if there are specifics who play opposition while they are PFDJ, I think the reader deserve to know them. It should be the langalanga who should judge us, and they are judging us; we stink. The opposition as it stand, stinks. There is a clear cause, there is a conducive condition for change, but the opposition is missing it. It’s a responsible position to advocate for Eritreans to dialogue freely without conditions, and consolidate their efforts in whatever manner they feel more effective.
    On the rest: In one of my comments, I stated the following, and actually you agreed with it.
    1. dismantling PFDJ policies and institutions of oppression and repression…all security apparatus aimed at spying on citizens and clamping dissidents; its monopoly on Eritrean politics, life and economy
    2. Weed-out the criminals
    3. Reform/rehabilitate/ overhaul… state institutions
    kburat semaEtna Naay Lomi Hateta abzi yfxem.

    • Hope

      I beg you my own one to put it in an article format .
      Ni kal’alem,I was looking for something to pick up on you but failed.
      Thank you Mahmouday and Cousin Kim Hanna for reading my mind and putting things in an orderly manner,the way Ustaz Saleh would like it to be!
      Kudos to you.
      Your honesty,reasoning,rationality and truthfullness are second to NONE!
      And the TRUTH will set you free’
      God bless you my own ONE!
      For sure I will miss you and your charming persona.
      Yep,kin’ewet ena!
      kalsina newih eyu AWETNA ghin Nay GHIDDIN eyu!!!
      We lali sennet yiba ‘
      We Abshirka!

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Mahmuday,

      You wrote, “WEDINIS would be all persons and silent majority “langa-langas” as evidenced by this reply of yours to cousin Hope: “and in my book, the so-called “silent majority” are indecisive. We call them langa-langa””

      Are you trying to blackmail the original definition by grossily including the silent majority as WEDINIS. No, you are making it to your own argumentative advantage. Hope is yes wedini, wedini, who is coming from EPDP. But, it doesn’t mean that all EPDP are categorized as wedinis. His personal hysteritical approach made him to be as wedini. Almost all YPFDJ are wedinis too. I can not place nitricc for example in the wedini group.

      The silent majority are there and are always the means to rally against the tyranny. Our hope is to rally them by building trust. Therefore, don’t make your case to sound valid by misinterprating what the original source is meant for.

      The rest as usual, you care more on PFDJ members than the PFDJ system. No suprise.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hello Mahmuday,

      In order your argument to be more political, I would like to correct one political statement you made. You have said “you can’t be an opposition and a reformist at the same time.” Makmuday, you are making a terminological errors in you statement. Yes a reformist is an opposition by virtue of opposing the statesque. Therefore You can have a name of a “reformist” depending on the scope of change you are looking and as the same time you can be called an opposition because you are opposing the state sque – be it within the party or outside the party. An opposer can be a reformist who looks for cosmetic change. An opposer can also be for “fundamental change” (for structural state change). You see “Opposition” is a noun and is originated from the verb “oppose.” Opposition is a general description for all kinds and types of change.

      Do we have “reformist opposition” for cosmetic change within the opposition camp. Absolutely yes. They are those who want a reformed PFDJ to lead Eritrea. The only thing why the reformist are in the opposition camp is, because the regime doesn’t allow “reformist voice” within the party or outside the party and hunts them like the other opposition parties. Beside you could have an independent “reformist party” as oppose to parties which strives for pure ideological philosophy. So reformists are oppositions who strives for limited change. The other argument you made is “positional argument” and you can have it, as far as we didn’t misuse “concepts and terminologies” when we are talking in the public medium. I don’t have problem with diversity of ideas as long as it didn’t lead us to a dead lock.

    • Saleh Johar

      Mahmoud Pasha,

      The struggle against the PFDJ is multi faceted, as you surely know, and it is up to people to identify their role in such a struggle. I know my role, I hope you recognize that–for God’s sake, you have to after all these years whether you agree with it or not.

      Coming to you comments:

      First, let me bring to your attention that “The Reform Movement” was coined by The Awate Team in 2002. Check this link: http://awate.com/?p=94227

      1. No one objected to the characterization except Ambassador Adhanom Gebremariam who stated many times that reform is an insult when they (he?) were struggling for “sur neqqel lewti.” In short, the reform movement has been around since then.

      2. Langa-langa ya raajil! It is just langa-langa, however you want to characterize it. Every group has them. The so-called “silent majority” are not that silent by the way. In our case their silence is loud, deafening. I object characterizing that position as a noble one. It is not. Calling the “Indecisive” should be considered an endearment, they are worse than that. I think I have explained Wedini/Skunis in this edition and many other editions. I do not have anything more to say on that.

      My humble comment to your humble comment:

      You make the argument of “winning the silent majority” I would rather describe it as “the opposition expanding its base.” That is because words, and the way we put them say a lot. The issue is about expanding the opposition, it is about bigger causes not about the “indecisive.”

      I also do not understand why is it that people like to criticize the opposition ten times for each shy criticism of the regime? That needs to be revised Mahmuday. No one is topping anyone from doing what he prefers to do, you make it sound that is doable. But I see knee jerk reactions whenever the langa-langa are criticized, though no reaction when the opposition is criticized even by crowd worse than the langa-langa! To me, the importance of the opposition is a million times higher than that of the langa-langa. Therefore, when even the opposition is criticized, why should the langa-langa be spared? That is the impediment to trust Mahmuday, not criticizing the actors. Confidence building is a two-way thing. I do not believe it is a one-way street.

      Honestly Mhmuday, recently I could be missing something. Please remind me of to “put more emphasis on what commonality the opposition” and then I can stop “attacking elements of the opposition who have the right to fight the way they see it effective.” Of course everyone is doing what they see fit, but that doesn’t mean they have a the privilege not to be challenged and criticized.

      My article “fails to show who in the opposition the PFDJ reformers are” because I wrongly assumed anyone who has followed the opposition during the last 15 years know. I hope the link above will absolve my sin. And you can be an opposition and a reformer at the same time Mahmuday. Referring to the opposition in the second-person is a sign.

      Dear Mahmud, I do not believe that political dialogue between opposition parties (not part-timers) should be strictly limited to organized entities. It should not be the an exercise of social media and websites. The chaos we have is a result of outsourcing dialogue to individuals and partisan messages instead of facing the organize entities.

      Dear Mahmuday, recognizing that every Eritrean is a stakeholder requires more than lip-service. Actions, attitudes and behavior should support it. Anything that starts from pre-1991 legacy as a winning or siding proposal is a put off that would get us nowhere. The moment we recognize that what happened until 1991 belongs to all Eritrea equally, since it is their combined history and legacy, we will be on the right track. As long as we invoke our pre-1991 loyalties, we will have an impediment to victory.

      The last paragraph, dear Mahmud Pasha, is the best summary I can give. I hope you agree with it. Please do. If you do that, we will have no problem “wedding out the PFDJ” 🙂
      The Chronology of The Reform Movement : http://awate.com/?p=94227

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Abu Adal/ abundal
        Well done Hateta. I like the point you made on expanding the base of the opposition, which translates to quitting calling ” silent majority” skunis/langalanga, which also means less of fear driven ideas and more of confidence, which means assuming your tariKawi Halafnet as a leading critique, which means not letting individuals you may consider a pain not derailing your message in a way it is misconstrued, which means appealing to the galloping halelti, the langalanga and the way – at – the – back folks by saying ajoKum. ..that means you will share a cup of coffee with cousin hope. There are many points I would like to comment on, but part timer is a part timer. Time permitting, I will say a thing or two.
        Thanks Abu Adal

        Brother, Emma
        I will elaborate on your reply, thank you.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Dear Saleh Johar;

        Here is how I see your description of the so-called “silent majority”, according to you, these people are actually not “silent” but deafeningly loud, and their actions are a great impediment to the sturggle against tyranny. I find it right the perception that this section of our society is, in fact, not silent, but is contributing to prolonging the life of PFDJ. Those who’re inside the country have not that much choice to make,as they’re kept under by the barrel of the gun and strangulated by fear. However, those outside the country, who’ve the freedom of following their conscience, but still are helping the survival of the regime are the real problem. If these “loud majority” had boycotted the regime and contributed instead to the forces of change, it would’ve made a big difference.
        The fact that the opposition groups look disorganized,and lacking a clear alternative and agenda in terms of bringing or contributing to a change to the better, could be one of the reasons why this “loud majority” has so far decided not to turn its back to the regime. But this doen’t mean the opposition has to ignore the importance of involving this majority in its ranks, I say this because SGJ seems to give up this large part of our society. Mr. Mahmoud Saleh suggests about “winning the silent majority”, while Mr. Saleh Johar rather would see “the opposition expanding its base”. I think which ever way we see it, there is no way the opposition could expand its base and succeed without winning increasingly more of these people and securing their support in the struggle.

        • Saleh Johar

          Selam Abraham,

          1. Both seem the same but the perception they leave are different. It is like a glass half full or half empty. While they could mean the same, one is positive and another is negative. In our case, I believe the focus should be on the opposition which should be given greater importance. Therefore, the opposition should expand its base means it should recruit any recruitable individual. Be it silent, deaf or outright indifferent.

          2. By focusing on the so-called “silent majority” while attributing their failure to be active on them, in a weird reasoning their self imposed freeze is blamed on the opposition. That is what I am mainly objecting to.

          3. I do not subscribe to the view that makes these absent segment as a homogenous segment. It is not. There are the opportunist who lurk to jump at the last minute–on or off the regime boat. There are the people who don’t even want to be associated with Eritrea–because they do not like it, or they do not think it will ever be livable. There are those who are loyal to the government–for many reasons, selfish, parochial, etc– and their silence is consciously chosen position. And there are a few who do not like regime but can’t join the opposition or don’t like the opposition but can’t support the regime. Indecisive (I think this is the majority of them). There are also those who think struggling is beneath them, it is for the common people. They think they are too wise, too sophisticated, too educated to join the riffraff of the opposition. I know quite a few of those. So, recognizing the different composition of the segment is important and it shouldn’t be referred to as if it is composed of identical individuals.

          4. Let’s agree those in this group are not victims of anything. If they don’t like what’s around them, they can chart their own way, but they are not. If we agree their position is final and will not abandon it, we should give up on them. If we wont to win them over, every entity should work on that without making the group appear as if they are poor victimized souls and not inconsiderate individuals.

          5. In cases like ours, we will never have 100% on one side.There are always the middle dwelleres, it is in their nature and we should remember that. No matter what you do, they will always be selfish people who make absurd excuses for their absence from activities. No time should be spent on them.

          In short, they are primarily to blame for staying aloof or being absent, no one else.

          The opposition can be blamed for not expanding for many reasons, but it shouldn’t be blamed for failing to win groups like the “Koboro-junkies.”

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Saleh Johar;

            I see the classification of the “silent majority” is getting even more complicated. Some are opportunists, some have given up Eritrea, some are loyal to the regime ( this group should in fact not be classified as silent, as they’ve chosen side), some are indecisive ( the majority), while the rest think the struggle is not for them ( I wonder how these people would expect change, if they’re not willing to participate, may be these are indifferent to the situation?). Anyway, no matter into how many groups we classify the “silent majority”, the opposition camp has first to do its homework of creating an inclusive, and participatory atmosphere if it is going to win most part of this group. Arrogance, unclear agendas and shunning is not the way to go, unless one is bent on repeating failures committed so far.
            My personal view is if there is going to come any change in Eritrea, it would only be from within the country. The role of the bulk of the opposition camp in the diaspora is going to be much of a supportive nature. It’s obvious, we cannot bring change to Eritrea by sitting in the US, Europe or Australia. But we can contribute to shorten the life of tyranny if we boycott it and organize ourselves in more effective and participatory organizations.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Abraham (natey nay bHtey. ..)

            That’s the message I have been trying to make; yes, few can revolt and create a situation where the agenda is stolen, be it through military take over or a rebellion. But unless the mass is won and let be the center, there won’t be a real change. Writing off the majority of the people as a dead soul, and worse as if they are impending change is a self-defeating prophecy.

          • Guest

            What makes you so cretin of opposition camp in the diasporas’ “supportive nature” I think, that’s just wishful thinking on your part Abraham.
            If they can’t even agree on a strategy to deal with the regime, then how can we be certain that they will agree on the long awaited change. Change for change’s sake is dangerous

  • aklilu zere

    Thanks Saleh “Gaddi” Johar.

    If I may add, I shall call the house of PFDJ, a shattered glass impossible to repair thus a hazzard that warrants utmost care and vigilance.

    As I read your article, my mind remembered a book by Edgar Allan Poe titled “The fall of the house of Usher” and I shall present the gripping paragraph for Awatistas to read and contemplate. You can sustitute “The house of Usher” with PFDJ or ” The house of Nsu”

    “During the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens, I had been passing alone, on horseback, through a singularly dreary tract of country; and at length found myself, as the shades of the evening drew on, within view of the melancholy House of Usher. I know not how it was — but, with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit. I say insufferable; for the feeling was unrelieved by any of that half-pleasurable, because poetic, sentiment, with which the mind usually receives even the sternest natural images of the desolate or terrible. I looked upon the scene before me — upon the mere house, and the simple landscape features of the domain — upon the bleak walls — upon the vacant eye-like windows — upon a few rank sedges — and upon a few white trunks of decayed trees — with an utter depression of soul which I can compare to no earthly sensation more properly than to the after-dream of the reveller upon opium — the bitter lapse into everyday life — the hideous dropping off of the veil.There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart — an unredeemed dreariness of thought which no goading of the imagination could torture into aught of the sublime. What was it — I paused to think — what was it that so unnerved me in the contemplation of the House of Usher? It was a mystery all insoluble; nor could I grapple with the shadowy fancies that crowded upon me as I pondered. I was forced to fall back upon the unsatisfactory conclusion, that while, beyond doubt, there are combinations of very simple natural objects which have the power of thus affecting us, still the analysis of this power lies among considerations beyond our depth. It was possible, I reflected, that a mere different arrangement of the particulars of the scene, of the details of the picture, would be sufficient to modify, or perhaps to annihilate its capacity for sorrowful impression; and, acting upon this idea, I reined my horse to the precipitous brink of a black and lurid tarn that lay in unruffled lustre by the dwelling, and gazed down — but with a shudder even more thrilling than before — upon the remodelled and inverted images of the gray sedge, and the ghastly tree-stems, and the vacant and eye-like windows.”

    That is what is the current state of Nsu, and the house he built and named PFDJ.


    • Amanuel Hidrat


      “The house of usher” and “the house of PFDJ” are two parallel story pervaded by the evil spirit of evil men that represent repression, suffocation, and annihilation that brings all kind of sorrow. The house of sorrow “PFDJ” then should be shattered like a glass to reiterate your words.


  • Hope

    “ስለ’ዚ ካብ ዝሓለፈ ተመኩሮ ዝተማህርናዮ ትምህርቲ ኣብ ግምት ኣእቲና፡
    ኣብ ውሽጢ ሕብረተሰባት ወይ ሃገር ንዘሎ ዓይነት ህይወት ናይ ነፍሲ ወከፍ ዜጋ ንምቕያር ዝሕግዝ፡
    ንዝዀነ ይኹን ጋግ ዘጽብብ ጥራይ ዘይኰነስ፡
    ዝዀነ ጋግ ንኸይፍጠር እውን ዘረጋግጽ ስርዓተ መንግስቲ ክህሉ ክኽእል ኣለዎ።”
    “ኣብ’ዚ ዝሓለፈ 15 ዓመት ብዙሕ ርኢናን ተማሂርናሉን ስለ ዘለና፡
    ካብኡ ብዝበለጸ ወይ ንመጻኢ ዘኽይደና ሰነድ ክኸውን ኣለዎ።”
    President Isayas Afewerki on the “Alleged” New Constituion to be drafted/on drafting….
    Can we give him the BENEFIT of DOUBT or keep preparing the “Death Certificate without having the “Dead body” confirmed dead????

    • Kokhob Selam

      just to make it a bit clear, since there was no alive body say it – Death certificate with out previous birth certificate –

    • kk

      The benefit of a doubt to how many promises? this is the exact aim of Esayas when he say that in his interview hopping that someone like you hope will listen to him

  • Nitricc

    SJ nice flow and to the point. My major concern about this change and I advocate for reform is as follow.
    I don’t believe we have strong enough opposition that will handle the change and lead us where want to go. The current so-called oppositions lack a major point; they are confusing revenge with Justice. Revenge is not justice. Justice will take to where you need to go and you will get there; but revenge, it will lead you to civil war, distraction, loss of lives and end of the nation, a nation you paid so much to get.
    So, when you go the reform option; you are automatically eliminating the revenge factor while you increasing the justice option. The reform option also will minimize and eliminate foreign interferences. The reform option will help us to keep the positive things that the current government has done and doing. In short, the safest and surest way of change is reform. Obviously there are few on the top un-reform-able but the rest; absolutely positively yes! Let’s afraid to change our mind! Let’s do the right thing. Rigidity will take us no where.
    After all, let me leave you with the words of Nietzsche…

    “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

    • Saleh Johar

      Nitricc, now you are talking.

      Before considering Justice, please consider fairness that doesn’t require books and legal reference as Justice does. While Justice is dry, almost science, fairness is human, almost art. The following need you consideration based on the above with which I don’t believe you will have any problem:

      1. You wrote that the opposition I’d driven by revenge not Justice.
      What led you to believe so? I am part of the opposition and I am for Justice nor revenge. The opposition is a wide camp and I can say your characterization is wrong, too broad to be true. The presence of vengeful and just people is equally disributed along any segmentation you apply to Eritreans. Including within the regime. Keep that in mind when making allegations.

      2, the opposition doesn’t have a program to take over.

      I don’t think you are starting from a point of knowledge, the mai. thing the opposition owns it visions, dozens of them and they are not built on revenge as you alleged. You can’t show me one program based on revenge but I agree that perception was spread by the regime and some partisan politicians. Don’t make allegations you can’t prove.

      3. Expecting the opposition to replace the regime.

      I have a solution for you. Don’t encourage, even unknowingly, any transitional period that is not inclusive with the people having a day on it. By the way, any high school director can probably run the country better than the PFDJ 🙂 And the Eritrean womb is not barren. Have confidence on the people.

      4. Reform

      You don’t have to eat zAasewe injera unless you are starving. Why woul you try to present that injera when you can have fresh baked Qaatengna!

      5. Invasion by Hayat leading your favorite battalion from Dedebit:-)

      I have an idea that both you and Hayat will agree on… Probably it will make you close friends. But first digest what I suggested on this comment.

      • Hayat Adem

        Gashe Saleh,
        Nitricc is a person whom you would welcome when he leaves. You will never get me near him unless you put us both in a deserted island where I’ll have no internet or book and he agrees to limit his talk to me to only 500 words a day, excluding weekends, where no talk is appreciated..

      • Nitricc

        Hi SG
        1- You wrote that the opposition is driven by revenge not Justice. What led you to believe so?
        Well, I agree justice and fairness are two different things. The way I see it; at times they can interfere with each other. You can have fairness to follow by justice but you can not have justice and cry for fairness. Point blank; look at Ethio-Eritrea situation. TPLF thugs went for justice and when justice served cold, they cry for fairness and look how messy it gets.
        Now, that is my exact point, the opposition could have used fairness to get to justice. How can they be fair? By telling it all! What is wrong telling what is good, what is bad and what is the ugly about the government of Eritrea? I have never heard or read any positive thing about the government by any of the oppositions. This relentless negative and unfairness attacks; lead me to believe the Eritrean oppositions are out for revenge and out for the kill.

        2 – the opposition doesn’t have a program to take over.
        True, I have no real knowledge about the Eritrean opposition programs and visions. I don’t know if they have one or they too many. In both cases, that is not good. What is the problem to compose one real programs and visions’ and present it to the people? Why is it so secret?
        3 – Expecting the opposition to replace the regime.
        But to take over; don’t you need one united front that has ONE clear objectives, goals, visions and programs? If so, who do you have in mind?
        4 – Reform
        What guarantee do you have the TPLF thugs won’t hijack what ever change you are trying to bring? The reason I am saying reform is, that is safest way to avoid foreign interferences. Do you have a better idea, let me hear it.
        5- Eliminating revenge through reform.
        Like I have said, not everyone is reform-able. There are people they can never be reformed. Those should be excluded and let them be accountable and let justice take of it. Again revenge is not justice.

        6 – Invasion by Hayat leading your favorite battalion from Dedebit 🙂
        hahahah you got jokes. I don’t care what you say and do to the government of Eritrea but you got to defend the country; you got to defend the people; you get to defend what is the truth. There are many Eritreans who are cowards who put Eritrea down just out hate of the Eritrean government and that is not acceptable for me. Those people once in a while they revert and accidentally they defend Eritrea. Hayat? NEVER! Everything is Eritrea’s fault and TPLF thugs are saints. No, it is not healthy and she knows better. But I respect Hayat, right or wrong she stood for something unlike some disgraced stand for nothing.
        At the end, no, I don’t talk to paid agents ; – )

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Now you are coming with sound arguments. Excellent!!! You came thousands of miles to reach into this level.

          Lesson part II

          Restoring humanity (Enough with your materialistic national pride). Eritrea needs humanity more than anytime.


          By the way, I liked your “fairness” vs “Jutice” argument. I have observed something that is blocking you from advocating a full system change. Any how, I will wait Saleh Johar’s response first.


  • Saleh Johar

    Reader, at least be creative, come with you own instead of lazily reversing what I wrote.

  • Semere Andom

    Rejoice Awatista Celebrate Eriterans We Are Defying PFDJ With The Debates that mimick Our Dancing!

    The first infamous speech by the upcoming dictator talent IA in May 1991 sealed the fate of any reconciliatory tenor when he declared no more “hashewiye.” For the “Cassandras” the writing was on the wall, but we, the people have faith, after all we defied all odds and won against the super powers. So we treked and pounded our chests with pride and hoped and hopped, that IA will change his tone and will liberate Eritreans full-filling a century of yearning. And for the first time we did not heed his words when he said no more” hashewiye”, banning the age old game that Eritrea girls played. With every blunder, with every cruelty we complied sheepishly and the PFDJ’s crimes seems to have climaxed to our current sad predicament.

    We defied IA and we are still debating the defunct constitution of the 1997. Now debating the still born constitution is futile because of these two facts. Any document that is followed will be better than the madness that is Eritrean now, madness predicated over the solid foundation of madness that IA and his alliance created since their beginning when they nipped the bud during its early years. Then they wasted 3 years of our lives that we will never get back and gave us what is now dead document. PFDJ sill had to beat the already dead document not because they have to, but because it is their nature, they are cowards, they are afraid from you even if you are dead they have to keep beating you until you are unrecognized.

    Having said any document any rudimentary law is far better than the primitive and lawless country that we have now. The inclusiveness or lack of it, to implement it and amend it, or to start from scratch all are useless debates now. Courageous and rebellious people that we are we are just defying IA and doing our “hashewiye” that old game that our grad mothers played, we are nostalgic, we are defiant so we are doing our “hashewiye” to standup to IA.

    That document that some people gloat over as if it was splitting the atom has been done many times over 1000 years ago. You cut and paste the Canadian constitution and customize it and viola you got a constitution. The question is if IA had the balls and desire to implement it,it seems to me that he could have gotten away with many crimes, because the way the document says how he would be elected with this rubber stamp assembly it would have been not possible to amendable anyways. I think the hope of was the term limit. He retires and then we give him honorable exist and we do our magic until then too bad, people will be imprisoned, history will be over written , heroes will be forgotten and the culture tweaked to the fine liking of his excellency

    If PFDJ was truly willing to transform Eritrea to the rule of law from the law of the jungle that they were used to, the document was a good start, but IA and PFD were not willing to do so, they were messing with us and these two facts makes the debates we are having irrelevant. Now it makes no difference whether we start all over, we have to any ways as you cannot build over a rubble after PFDJ is destroyed, we have to clean the rubble first. We are defiant, we are justice loving people, we are defying no “hashewiye”, we are fighters. Rejoice awatista, do not let go of the corpuses of the documents that was highly debated with the participation of women and elders to infuse our heritage into this sacred document, the first of its kind conceived, drafted and authored Eritreans from all walks of life.

    The document was still-born, now the coward is beating it so afraid it will somehow CPR will revive it.
    Sem’s Theorm #1: “It is the will of IA and PFDJ that is should be on trial and not the flaws of the process or the merits of staring over from scratch. Flaws can be fixed and starting from scratched can be settled

    • Hope

      Here we go now,Sem the Columinst,not the joker.Ashmur gherka mizbat at times if good.
      Keep it up,Cousin Sem.
      Thank you for being Realistic…and Truthful as well.
      On the side note:
      1)Are we ready for that-the EPRDF/EPLF Style of dismantling the Dergue/ESPPA or we are just dreaming as usual?
      2)So,no HOPE for National Reconciliation–?
      3)Non-violent Justice Seekers but against Reconcilaition??I guess Iam naive on this.
      But I like your revised and soft tone on this for saying:
      “Weeding out the PFDJ dictates that everything that the corrupt PFDJ expropriated with impunity, from the state and individuals, should be transferred to a custodian entity until an elected body of representatives, assisted by skilled technocrats, decides its fate and how returned to its rightful owners. What is left should be managed equitably.
      Anyone who had an affiliation with PFDJ or its predecessor must have the right to be affiliated with any party or create an association. No one should be denied that right–including PFDJ suspects who are acquitted after a hearing and a decision by a competent court”.
      So,people like me and Nittric will NOT be hang up for being “Pro-PFDJ”.That is nice of you.
      The big question is:
      How can we reach there?

      • Saleh Johar

        Hope, when you and people like you realize they have to shun idicisiveness we will get there.

        • Hope

          Ustaz Saleh Johar,
          No joke here,my man!
          I renew my same universal questions that I asked you before.,i.e,
          Why haven’t we succeeded thus far in Mobilizing and Unifying our Sillent Majority for ONE GOAL,which is the prerequisite for dismantling the PFDJ System.?
          We ID’ed our problems and their solutions but have NOT yet ID’ed or applied or implemnetd the Strategies.But WHYor WHY NOT?
          My “Indecisiveness” has NOTHING to do with the major task we have to handle.
          I am sure you know exactly where I am coming from.
          And unless we Eritreans come out from our old style modus operandi(us),our old grudges,mistrust,dishonesty,egos,etc…. and come clean and Reconcile and discuss our problems around the table,we will never achieve anything—-as our last 24yrs old history of fruitless effort/struggle have proven.
          Coming up with sweet and nice Editorials and Articles ain’t going to bring us the Real Change we have aspired.
          We have to walk the talk….Brother Saleh Johar; and do NOT read me wrong that my message is NOT soley directed to you ,but to all of us,who claim to be Jsutice Seekers and Champions fo Struggle for Justice and Human Rights.

          • Saleh Johar

            Dear Hope, I gave up waiting for a concise question. Today you made it worse: I don’t know if you are asking, making a point, refuting my argument or you are just expressing a viewpoint. They are all different, you know! You can do this on Paltalk, pretend you are asking and then make a lengthy statement.

            But anyway, I have agreed with Senere that he will be my ambassador to your domain. He will reply to you on my behalf. To you Semere.

          • Semere Andom

            Dear Hope:

            Congras! You succeeded where no one person did in the last 20-15 years I was in this struggle/qalsi/tigil/Jihad. I gaveup/quit/tesfa qoritse. You are persistent. So here you go cousin Hope/blood cousing/finchaH mesengely/huye here is my response,MELSEy kab Libey/from my HEART, heart of hearts, yes/ewe,heart has HURT

            First: please be concise becaue truth/haqi is succint/to the point and very ellegant/Chewa

            Seoncond{2}: I IMPLORE/PLEAD/Hasbka wo Haseb abuka/wo Hasebe emka,PLEASE Be consice,to the POINT so our MO/Modus Operandi is clear, Yea Cleear like May Nigho!!!!

            Third(3): I fyou are really from Keren Tsaeda/White like SNOW Keren and you had drank from Shefshefi and had Berad Shahi/Tea in Keren you wOULD have COME clean LONG TIME AGO/qEDEM WITH youR allegation/HIMETA OF ME

            LAST,but BY no means Least,( please/bejaka) be concise so we will not REPEAT what we did for the last 15-12 years,when G-15 made a point/clarifying how PFDJ works and should work.

            Even your my non blood cousin Semare asked/hatituka to be concise and with very comment,with every suggestion you become less CONCISE and your comments grows like a weed/tsahyay. So we must weedout/dismantle this Weed that grows in yoru comments. Because of teh weed your comment serouness/qumneger is hidden. Because think of it, it is like enkillo/circular. KEMISH Adey/qmis emye/my mother’s dress Hankiluniy.SHAME! SHAME!.Hifret Hifret. WHen Adam sinned GOD covered him with animal SKIN. Please do not be like that that is OLD Testament/Aregit Miskir. COME ON broth HOPE/TESFA. YOU ARE DEEP INT HE WEED

            Please read 20-15 as 15 -20
            Please read HURT as HEART
            PLEASE read I fyou as if you
            Please read 15-12 as 12 -15
            Please read Jihad as “kifah”
            Please rad yoru as your
            please read teh as the

            Please read Semare as Semere, how did I miss the name of my cousin Sem, dam.
            amb.sem Andom on behalf of SalehGadi JOHAE, brother Saleh Johar gadi

          • Saleh Johar

            Semere, I am reversing my decision, you are fired. It’s so hillarious. Now I have to go home and sleep. A heartache because I laughed so hard.

          • Hope

            Oooh Ustaz Saleh Johar,
            Call 911,please as you might end up having a special heart attack leading to Tachayasu Syndrome /Cardiomyopathy ,which is caused by sudden excitement!
            Please rush,rush,call 911

          • Hope

            Please read as: “Takosubu” Syndrome or Cardiomyopathy.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Wo Sem,

            Hope has to be alive in this forum until we get home the “Real Home”. Your political satire on our own Hope, our dear Hope” is like that of Jone Stuart and his Political Puching Bag – the Fox News. Wow very entertaining. Keep up every now and then, and give us something to laugh.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hope

            Come on Aman,
            Just save your ” precious” time to save Hayatina,aka YG,Jr.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            We need to breathe Semere, you didn’t help us to inhale and exhale gaz nprmallu. Hillarious!!! laughing a lot alone in my room but can’t sleep as I need to walk to take more air.

            please read nprmallu as normally.

          • Shum

            Semere hawey,

            That was funny right there. You have a gift for this. To see this posting and then see Hope’s reply to Saleh is just perfect. I had a long day and this was a good way to cap it off. I’m known to be a pretty good impersonator and I remember falling out of my chair once when someone impersonated me to a T. I hope Hope/Tesfa can do the same.

            When you wrote hurt to mean heart, I was cracking up because Habesha are good for pronouncing heart as hurt and spelling it that way. A friend of mine and I once thought about creating a Facebook or web page called Habesha Lingo that had would post these kind of words in a funny. But I don’t I’m that creative to come up with what you just did.

          • Hope

            Kab Behaliyu’us Degamiu!
            So basically you are advising Saleh Johar to remove those people with Poor English from the Forum!
            Kudos to you ,Bro!
            R U from Venus or something?

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi there Shum, do you check your email? Please do.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Mr. Johar,
            Occasionally I have a telepathic communications with my cousin Hope. I do understand him. His question is:
            Why is the opposition not united despite what is happening to the country.
            He could not get this clean question out because he was afraid you might not answer the question. I don’t know why.

          • Saleh Johar

            Thanks for trying Kim,

            I think I answered that! He even replied to my rely and wrote, “My “Indecisiveness” has NOTHING to do with the major task we have to handle.”

            Hope is a good person, unfortunately he has a weak spot for the Great Emperor and his party. Based on some of his comments, which are good, I believe he is a good person only indecisive–and in my book, the so-called “silent majority” are indecisive. We call them langa-langa.

          • Hope

            Thanks Cousin for saving me another day.
            That is all!

          • Hope

            Ustaz Saleh Johar,
            Seriously,you like stumbling and mumbling when serious questions are asked.
            You have two options:
            Either answer or address my question or knock it off!

            U have no single piece of RIGHT to belittle me or my Party,if U R talking about the EPDP by ” Ashmur”,no matter what and irrespective of who you are!
            Be yourself my man!
            Where are your parties?
            Shattered into pieces for obvious reasons!

          • Saleh Johar

            Aha! Now I know what this was all about. Others might have wondered, now you know. Dear Hope, I am sad you haven’t been cured from the sickness yet. What brought EPDP and party here! Who mentioned it except you here? So all these days you were counting the stars in briad daylight? Waw.

            The Sudanese say: alli Endu Hurgus berahu yergus. Or in a more classic Arabic: kullu ina’in bima feehu yendaHu — A pot echoes the sound of its content. Of course you have to tap the surface lightly. Now I will give you a ticket to jamboree, enjoy yourself.

            Yours Saleh Johar

            Read Saleh Johar as Ali Salim
            Read NP as NB

          • Hope

            Proud to be an EPDP member even though not finalized and approved but I do support its Program as there is NOTHING better than it,at least this far.
            The INKO Party for Real Change!
            Go EPDP.
            For those interested,please log into or Google for Harnnet.Org/EPDP Articles/Profile/Program and JOIN for Action

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Saleh Jihar,

            One by one, they are coming to the spot. Whether they are reformers, defamers, accusers, with gradges, they will all be exposed finally. And it is only then, a true and sustainable reconcilation to be achieved.

            Inform, Inspire,Embolden, and Reconcile!!! (Awate.com)
            Educate, Organize! and then Agitate! (Dr. Ambedkar)

    • Saleh Johar

      You forgot Cassandra is facing Sisyphus, only the PFDJ wants to outdo the latter. Why do you think we have nothing to show for the mountains of rocks the youth were forced to haul?

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear SGJ,

    Just thank you! Elucidated argument.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Saleh (SGJ),

    Equating PFDJ with that of Derg and dismantling PFDJ institutions like that of “Derg structure” is the idea I couldn’t agree more with you. This article is time sensitive and touches three hot important issues which still is on going debate (a) PFDJ is a system or a one man institution (b) reformism vs fundamental change (c) equitable constitutional process or single party dictated constitutional process. Well argued and very simplistic approach for the public feed.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Kokhob Selam

      Yes, and he brought it in perfect time as the question is now on the top of every topic more than before. I think whatever someone tries to fix it the case of PFDJ will end within the moment of change simply because it represent none, Lol including the group. Every supporter will give up I am sure from the day of announcement. I think if those EPLF leaders of Ella Ero were able to won the game, there could have somehow the continuation of institutions although reform is not the ideal solution since ever. but now, no way.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Hi Amanuel Hidrat;

      My opinion regarding your issues:

      a) PFDJ is a system at the service and beheast of one autocratic dictator. All its structures are there in service of this man, and their fate depends on the orders this person gives. (Refer to interviews given by Mr. Kubrom Dafla, and others who abandoned the regime).

      b) I don’t know what you might call my view of type of change needed, but I agree that the PFDJ as an organization in its current form should cease to exist in future democratic Eritrea. All its assets should be nationalized, pending privatization later on. If there are assets the PFDJ confiscated from private citizens, these have to be retured to their rightful owners in a way SGJ has outlined. Those individuals who’ve been implicated in crimes, have to see their days in a free and fair court of justice. The rest of the PFDJ members have to be given the chance to participate in the democracy building process, just like all other Eritreas. All government institutions like hospitals, schools, police forces and offices, institutions of higher education, ministry institutions, financial institutions, etc have to be largely kept intact, and be made to work under the new guidelines from the new government, after removing, eventually, any corrupt elements. The formation of these institutions and ministries would, of course, be revised later on after a democratically elected government is formed. The Eritrean defense forces should also be reorganized in a way that reflects the needs of the new government, after removing the criminal and corrupt officers. A great majority of these forces may be demobilized depending on the security needs that may arise.

      c) We should, of course, have an equitable constitutional process that alllows for the participation of Eritreans from all walks of life. No any single party has to be allowed to dictate both the transitional period, and the process of framming out the political course that Eritrea would follow. The obvious, and only right choice here is to leave the matter to the stakeholders-the Eritrean people.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Haw Abraham H.

        I agree with the general premises of your approach. As far as we agree on the nature of the system and its institutions that suffocate our people, and as far as we agreed those apparatus of oppression should be dismantled we are together on the effort of the current struggle. Also I don’t have any problem with the process of the dismantlement you put forward.

        A riminder: Yourself and all those who are on the side of your argument, please understand us to those who are on the opposite of your argument, that we believe PFDJ members are stakeholders in the equitable political process of future Eritrea. There will be no democracy by denying them and there will be no justice without observing their rights with the rights of others. Our argument was always about “inclusive process” and about dismantling (removing) the current “oppressive institutional apparatus”. If all sectors of our society are part of the give and take process, there will be enough room for “dialogue” and enough intellectual “know how” to come up with a “democratic constitutional document.” The problem from the opposite argument was/is less inclusive approach and are reluctant to dismantle the current institutions. So Haw Abraham you have traveled long to understand our argument and I have seen enough development on the issue of inclusiveness and to listen to the grievances of others. You are in the right direction and develop your argument for something that unite us.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Dear Amanuel;

          I also see, from my perspective, that you’ve moderated yourself somewhat concerning the participation of former EPLF/ PFDJ members both during the transitional period, and the process of working out Eritrea’s future political life. If I’m going to refer to your recent article, I could not see any space provided to these people as equally important stakeholders in the affairs of their country.As long as we agree on the idea of gving all the stakeholders a chance of participation, there should be no problem. After all Eritrea belongs to all Eritreans.


      • Saleh Johar

        Abraham, that almost a summary of my column. We are on the same path.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Welcome to the dismantlers camp. Together, we will win!

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Dear Tesfabirhan;

          If you refer back to all my previous postings regarding these issues, I’ve never advocated for the continuity of the PFDJ. My message has always been the people should be the owners of their fate, and by this I mean all people, including former members of the PFDJ, after its eventual dismantlement. Nothing new in my opinion, just a reiteration.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham H.,

            The gross problem with you is, you care more on individuals (actually the criminals). These individuals are victims of their own system. Let them free first. They need FREEDOM more than any body. They are living in a shattering broken pot. They need more huamnity than retaining them in power.

            Just to re-reach our argument: Ban PFDJ as a system. Once PFDJ is gone, if the members are comfortable with Justice based system, let them join the justice seekers organizations(parties). But I am in doubt, just like those of the Derge party members (the Isepa), they are better comfortable with dictatorial system. You know, today, the ISEPA x-members are at the forefront in serving PFDJ in everywhere. They don’t believe in JUTSICE, they love to dictate people.

            Make sure that I am not talking on ordinary card holders. I am talking on the cadres. There is a big difference between a cadre and an ordinary member.

            Else, I see you more lean today more than ever and that is why I welcomed you.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Tesfabirhan;

            I don’t know how you’ve concluded this from my views: “The gross problem with you is, you care more on individuals (actually the criminals). These individuals are victims of their own system. Let them be free first. They need FREEDOM more than any body. They are living in a shattering and broken pot. They need more huamnity than retaining them in power”? Where did I give a hint that I care for criminals, and where did I advocate for retainig these criminals in power? Please, Tesfabirhan, be to the point when you’re commenting. The only thing I’ve said is for these people to face justice for any crimes they might have committed.
            Who gets power or not should be decided by the Eritrean people in future democratic Eritrea. Our goal is to create a conducive atmosphere for a participatory governance. Any one who have been affiliated to the former PFDJ/ EPLF has a right to participate on the process either by joining existing parties or by forming their own ones, obviously after they’ve been cleared of any crimes and served their eventual punishment.This is the abc of democracy.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham,

            You have watched it already, but I want to share with you Abama’s State of the Union speech 2015. The point I am sharing with you is, to see the difference we have. To welcome our difference, to identify them and work together in those that we agree with.

            Some folks are afraid of identifying our difference. They want to preach a fake one-heart unionship as one, an artificial, the PFDJ heart. It is not what it should be. The democrats and republicans in this video is a clear way on how democtic society can live together despite their difference.