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In Civilized Germany The Perpetrators Will Be Tried

Dear all, thank you for your replies to my comments. I have seen another Michael posting here who made some controversial statements about this site being as responsible as the criminals who killed the innocent young man. In order to make it clear that I’m not the same person I changed my name to Michael1. Let me again condemn this horrific crime and I have confidence that in a civilized country like Germany, the perpetrators will be tried and serve time in court and prison. After all Germany is a country where there is not only prosperity, but also rule of law. Surely one of the reasons refugees like this young man above fled to this country. I want to respond briefly to each of the people that replied to me in one single post if allowed.

Response to Saleh Johar: I could not agree with you more on your first graph. I support legislation that will curb the huge flow of migrants we see coming to countries like Germany. I support people who rally behind that cause in a peaceful, respectful and civilized manner. Your other statements however are dishonest and seem to put the blame on the West when it comes to all! conflicts worldwide. Certainty one cannot emphasize enough the malign and harmful role some Western countries have played in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan just to name a few countries. I remember protesting against the war in Iraq in 2003 and the Libya war in 2011 and was glad that Germany did not participate in both those wars. But the imperialism, or harmful foreign policy of some countries does not oblige all Western countries to let anyone in that manages to wash upon the shores of Lampedusa.

Sweden is another country that opposed the Iraq war and is not even part of NATO. They however did feel the consequences of that war as tens of thousands of Iraqis fled to Sweden a land which had not part whatsoever in that conflict. And Eritreans are not fleeing due to the harmful policies of Western countries are they? This country fought for twenty five years to free itself of its neighbor Ethiopia only to find itself in a similar situation of poverty and oppression. I’m sorry for the dictatorship in Eritrea, but it is not Germany’s business to enforce the government there to change whatever policies are causing the people to flee. The biggest part of the problem in Eritrea’s case is the government and perhaps (part of) the people. Therein lies the solution.

Response to Semere Andom: Trade, education, access to markets (both ways) would of course entail some migration of traders, businessmen, exchange students and diplomats, but that would not result in the level of immigration we see today. How is that a double standard? Your attempt to blame colonialism for the woes of much of Africa is a distorted view at best and downright false at worst. Was Ethiopia ever colonized? If not, should your excuse not imply that Ethiopia would be (one of) the most prosperous countries on the continent instead of a basket case for so many decades? Eritrea was colonized by the Italians for only half a century. In those fifty years the Italians build the first railway line ever, further developed and maintained the ports, designed many of the cities and towns, designed and built the highway network that Eritrea still uses to this very day. The Asmara-Massawa highway and railway are engineering marvels that after a century are still benefiting Eritrean society. Perhaps you should take that into account when mentioning the ‘sharing’ of Italy’s wealth, Eritrea was catapulted into modernity due to the brilliance of Italian engineers and architects whose wonders are a huge advantage to the Eritrean people for many years to come. Surely the Italians did not build that for the benefit of Eritreans, but due to their attempt to take over and possibly settle Italians there, but all that did not happen. There is no (significant) presence of Italians in Eritrea today am I right? The language is hardly spoken, the religion (Catholicism) has hardly managed to overtake Orthodox Eritrean Christianity, so Eritrea in short has the pro’s of colonialism (roads, hospitals, schools, railways etc.), but not the cons (cultural imperialism, dominance of a foreign language, lack of self knowledge).

Besides when mentioning colonialism, could you tell us what countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Slovenia etc. colonized in Africa? None of course, so by your logic should a country like Sweden be absolved from the obligation to share her wealth with immigrants (mind you Sweden has the highest number of refugees in Europe per capita)? Colonialism is an excuse used by these countries to explain their failure. There were plenty of countries in South East Asia that were colonized and managed to achieve great economic success.

Response to Seare: Dresden has no significant population of foreigners (I believe somewhere in the single digits), however as you are aware Dresden is part of Germany, which is part of Schengen and the EU. I don’t believe an Eritrean can assume German identity anymore than I believe a German, Korean, Chinese, or Swede can assume Eritrean identity. If you were to walk in Seoul (Korea) were you to ask the people whether they can ‘identify’ Korean identity? If Eritrea would overcome the difficulties it has now (and I wish it will, not only for my interest but for the good of Eritreans) and prosper economically and tens of thousands of Taiwanese would migrate and demand not only to be accepted, but accepted as Eritrean, with Eritrean nationality, the right to vote in elections, with access to Eritrea’s financial resources but at the same time make clear that they want to preserve at all costs their Taiwanese identity would Eritreans welcome them with open arms? Would Eritreans not question whether this culture that is so alien to Eritrean ‘identity’ belongs in Eritrea instead of Taiwan? And if that alien culture and ‘identity’ would come in numbers that would be so large it would pose a demographic challenge to the native Eritrean population, would that not seriously undermine Eritrean ‘identity’? Of course it would and Eritreans would oppose it and rightfully so. Perhaps a small influx would be accepted, but the concept of allowing a culture and group that deviate so much from the Eritrean ‘identity’ is so radical and extraneous the people would not buy it.

Response to Horizon: I have additional banners of “Eritrea for Eritreans only” and “Japan for Japanese only” surely you can agree to that. Germany was not rebuilt by Turks, Moroccans and southern Europeans, please do not make such exaggerated statements. Germany had a period where there was a deficit of low skilled workers and Turks from poor villages in Anatolia gladly lined up to fill this deficit, given the good (especially compared to their home countries) payments they received. These work migrants were meant to stay temporarily. No one forced them to come to Germany, they were not forced to provide free labor and working conditions were not harsher than it was for their German coworkers. Germany’s giant economy is giant because it distinguishes itself in making high end products that require ingenuity, technical skills and a giant investment in research and development. The R&D centers of Siemens, Bayer, Fresenius, Volkswagen, Merck, Lanxess, Continental, Henkel are the main drivers of the German economy. How many Turks, Eritreans, or North Africans will you find there? I would advise you to go and take a look, but be warned though, you might be in for a surprise.

The people who kill and mistreat foreigners are criminals and should be held accountable. Your attempt however to categorize all opponents to mass migration as criminals, is disingenuous. Just like it would be disingenuous to call all migrants criminals and welfare leeches, just because some of these migrant groups are overrepresented in crime stats and welfare dependency. I would advise you to study demographic trajectories and trends of the past more carefully. If you would have done that, you would have known that a ‘graying’ of a society is a temporary problem which will not be solved by bringing in more young people from abroad, but will only delay this phenomenon. What would be your solution then? Import yet more people until you have a country of 800 million instead of 80 million? I can tell you how the future of the US looks like right now. Just travel to Brazil to see what the future US will look like. A sizable white minority which rules the country and makes up the political elite, economic elite and scientific elite. I have no interest in the US, since I’m not from that country, but by your logic African and many Middle Eastern countries (Egypt and Yemen) would have a great future too since their populations are very young.

I have addressed many of your other points in the reply to others please look there. I do want to share with you some statistics though regarding mixing of genes as you put it. In the multicultural paradise that is the US, Whites are least likely to marry someone from another race although it has grown somewhat it still remains a tiny fractions of marriages for Whites (2.1% for married White women and 2.3% for married White men: US Census Bureau). These numbers are insignificant and show that at least for Whites, when it comes to committing to someone they prefer their own. I will not bore you with the statistics of European countries, but let me just tell you that they are far lower than for the US.

Finally let me thank all my repliers.I understand this is a long reply, but if you’re not able to answer all questions please your opinion of Japan and its immigration policy. You do realize that Japan has a colonial past that is more violent than many European countries. Do Eritreans also have a right to migrate to that country? Should they have a right to become permanent citizens of Japan and obtain Japanese residency? And finally are the proposals I’m offering so much different than the policies of Japan? Surely you agree with me that Japan is a globalized country with trade relations with all countries around the world. The Japanese however don’t believe that obliges them to welcome huge numbers of people and treat them as if they were Japanese. The thought of a Pakistani being Japanese for them is as absurd as the thought of a Pole becoming Japanese. Does this sound like a sensible policy or fascism?


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  • Hope

    A Follow Up on our Sons’ death in Dresden:
    Violent incidents among Eritrean asylum seekers on the rise:
    JANUARY 25, 2015
    “DNA evidence confirmed an Eritrean fellow countryman killed Khaled B. in Dresden two weeks ago.
    The latest incident involving the death of an asylum seeker from Eritrea was reported on Saturday when a 36-year-old Eritrean was killed after suffering from head injuries inflicted by his Eritrean roommate in Köln Germany.”
    Violent incidents among Eritrean asylum seekers on the rise.
    What have we done to prevent this?

    What shall we do then?
    Do we have any GUT and Courage to do our home work,other than blaming others,the PFDJ Style?
    These sad things-homicides,suicides,”Civil Wars” against each other/among our new Immigrants has become a ROUTINE all over the world.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Yep, you brought the question in proper time. When the article was written in al most all awate participants didn’t go and judge the crime as against Islam as the world said it. example I said

      The death of this innocent young man is not different from the death of all our people, the place may differ, the time may, the circumstances may, but the reason is one and one. the death fate starts right in Eritrea all the way to all part of the world to every man. but all are due to the illegal and irresponsible leadership in Eritrea. I shoulder more responsibility to supporters of PFDJ outside Eritrea.Are they aware that indirectly they are killing our people? we are watching them and this is a call, a call to them. Kalled Insha’allah will rest in heaven but we are counting and time will come every criminal will fail in our hand.

      What I learn from this incident is that, our young generation should not leave Eritrea but tackle the problem even if it cost the soul. Challenge the enemy within but clean from the root the poisonous tree and replace it with healthy tree.

      and now you ask “Do we have any GUT and Courage to do our home work,other than blaming others,the PFDJ Style?” No, blaming others to cover your own mistkes is a coward nature of lazy people and we should not do that. soeme one has to be bold enough to go to toilet when he needs to go instead of doing it on the bed and blame others. we need to change our way of thinking that we need style and system, procedure, transparent administration and above all this legal recognized leadership. This cannot be achieved by going out of the nation- the young generation should stand and face it. the opposition should stop talking about the past and live in now and change etc.

      you are becoming more creative and sure you will stand for truth.

  • Philmon

    Michael1, I’m sure will do a follow up to the story ones the prepertuater brought to justice. So far we are only hearing conflicting reports from different angles. It was not only who linked the murder with the anti-immigrant fascist rallies in dresden that day, but many other news medias including some german medias linked the killing with the neo-nazist rallies in dresden. And the reason for that error was I think because of the many crimes committed by the fascist against the minority in the past, and unfortunately all that crime of the past made people act little like the villagers from the boy who cried wolf story.

    As for your piece I would love to read your reply to my reply. Your response to Semere Andom and Seare was full of assumptions, fallacies and fascist propaganda; did not put words into your mouth, I quoted your entire flawed arguments/paragraph where it clearly shows you’re at the very least a fascist apologist if not full on skinhead neo-nazi.

  • Michael

    Re “I have seen another Michael posting here who made some controversial statements about this site being as responsible as the criminals who killed the innocent young man”
    Like most Eritreans who surf the web – I find this web site not as an opposition web site for differing ideas but a website funded and fully sponsored by those who are pouring money and effort “for the regime change campaign in Eritrea” – that is the reason the comment was made about why this web site was compared to any criminal who killed the innocent youngster in Germany – if not mistaken some of you made several trips to fin-fine, Hawasa and Shimelba to promote the unwise migration of our youth!! The exodus of our young is not only the responsibility of the mismanagement of HGDEF but websites such as this as well . The majority of Eritreans do not see you any different than HGDEF.
    Eritreans no longer see or confuse the mighty EPLF with HGDEF – they do not even know which animal it originated from…
    I never seen any thing positive written about Eritrea on this website -ever
    I never seen the Eritrean Flag on this website -ever
    No balanced news or articles about Eritrea -ever
    This website and many like it have become surrogates of all sanction schemes meant to strangulate Eritrea- while you are fully aware any sanction to a county does not affect any dictator or gang – the causalities are always the innocent civilians…
    I can continue on but not sure if it will make any difference – as I know that is your goal!
    Remember Eritreans see Eritrea belonging to Eritreans and never to HGDEF.
    So if you ever wish anything good for Eritrea please change your images for a change…Eritreans vision for of change in Eritrea is different than yours-

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Michael,

      I don’t want to call you a messenger of PFDJ until you fail to bring any sort of evidence to your claim. But here I am challenging you to come with your evidence to your claim which says “I find this web site not as an opposition web site for differing ideas but a website funded and fully sponsored by those who are pouring money and effort “for the regime change campaign in Eritrea.” Michael no question that this website entertain for those who want to bring change in Eritrea by removing the regime. However this website also entertain to those who support to the oppressive regime to say their views (an exemplary political discourse for future Eritrea). You could see the fact on the wall if you read all the comments. If that is your concern let it be. But if you are sincere to your claim about the “fund and the sponsors” you have to come up with your evidence. You can’t cook a case and accuse the website. Only PFDJ do such dirty jobs. So clean yourself by submitting evidence to the readers of awate. And we shall see how the AT will disprove your claim when you come forward with your evidence. Otherwise it will be against your credibility and your integrity. Good Luck, we are awaiting to your evidence.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Michael

        Haw Aman

        Read my comments before you accuse me of being PFDJ messenger?? get real – read it a gain -I do not have any use HGDEF or the websites you are trying to defend…I do not need to prove anything just answer each line -your “AT” team will have hard time defending their stand about their miserably and failed Fine-Fine, Hawasa and Shimelba missions.. it is in their archive – can you point the reader to any Eritrean flag or positive comment about Eritrea or against sanctions to our people?

        I am not accusing them I am just stating the facts….Yes your “AT” and alike are sworn enemies of the Eritrean people.

        Just point me to an Eritrean flag or positive comment about anything Eritrean on this website!! The majority of Eritreans do not have anything to do with HGDEF – for your information I and many Eritreans do not even accept them as Eritreans!! The majority of true Eritreans know the distinction between the mafia HGDEF and Eritrea – Eritrea belongs to them and vigorously defend it’s interests from all evils. Handing over Eritrea to their momma Ethiopia by the cover of democracy and “regime change” is not the change they are looking for …it is more than that.
        We paid very high price!!!.

        Just curious were you / are you one of the participants of the above missions? If so that might be why you are jumping to defend this website or it’s likes…
        I am true Eritrean and EPLF supporter will be as long as I live!! and I want you and your readers to not confuse HGDEF with the mighty EPLF they are not the same …

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Haw Michael,

    Forgive me to insist to question your contradictory intake on the meanings of the words (colonizers and occupiers). Look, let me show your contradictory statements and in order to make you and to settle to one of the two (a) you have said “Colonized or Occupied to any free minded (dignified) persons they all mean the same.” (b) You have also said ” Yes Ethiopia was colonized and occupied by Italy.” Now read them one after the other and feel it the difference the two statements will convey its message. If not once read it twice, if not twice read it thrice until you sense the difference. In Your statement “a” it is a straight forward, and tells they are same while you have failed to show how they are interchangeable. In your statement “b” when you use conjunction “and” between colonized and occupied, it clearly tells there are difference between the two words otherwise it is improper to use “and” for two words meaning the same. That is the catch up of the day for a contradictory mind. Again forgive me for not giving you room to manovour for “twisting and escaping” to not admitting the facts that they are the same. That is the nature once you enter to a debate. So I will call to your sober mind rather than denying the difference of the words which you admit unknowingly, admit the facts that they are different and move on. After the whole idea of this forum is to teach each other and to learn from each other. Arrogance is not healthy at all. Come on settle with fact as we can not define words out of their scope to fulfill or satisfy our arguments. Words and terminologies are intend to mean, to describe to their conventional meaning.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Michael

      Haw Aman
      From your repeated replies I can sense that we may be hovering the universe from two different planets – if you can not distinguish whether a person was enslaved or not solely because his master did not install physical shackle on him is mind boggling.
      Yes Ethiopia was colonized for 5 years by Italy and to my knowledge the colonizers were not providing certificates for that….
      I do not think I can add any more…hopefully there will be areas we will agree on

  • Berhe Y

    By the same logic The Dutch were occupied by Nazi Germany in 1940. The royal family were refuge in Canada. And Canadian forces help librate holland in 1945.

    Are you saying the Dutch were colonized by Germany, and you are claiming Canadians are Dutch masters.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Merhaba Berhe,

      I think Michael can’t help himself to acknowledge that he doesn’t know the difference between Colonizer and occupier. I gave him a room or space to know their differences and then he can relate the event at issue accordingly. He doesn’t want to do it.

  • Hope

    Breaking News!
    A Civilized Germany brought the Perpetrator to Justice!
    An Eritrean Refugee killed his own Country man Refugee and roommate with a knife over a simple dispute!
    Reuters as quoted by TesfaNews/Madote Eritrea.
    This has become a common practice among Eritreans in the Diaspora including Couples and friends killing each other.
    I am glad I did not judge the German “Racists” but apologize for my negative perception!
    It is shame on us that,rather than helping and counseling our emotionally traumatized brothers and sisters, we keep pointing fingers at others,kind of a PFDJ style approach!
    A perfect sign of weakness and lack of self -confidence!

  • said

    The article with the Link below is not motivated by the slightest chauvinism instigated by self-righteousness. Rather, your ordinary average human being ,an Eritrean , a Muslim and humanist who believes in the sanctity of human dignity regardless of any background as to color, ethnicity, religion, race, etc.

    Up reviewing and readying these days a book entitled “The Divorce of Henry VII: The Untold Story from Inside the Vatican,” by Catherine Fletcher, and coming on the heels of the end of the Crusades only two centuries before and two centuries before the start of the European Colonialist and plundering of the wealth of the less powerful of the other races and ethnicities of mankind at untold huge scale, ONE ONLY REALIZED the WHOLE SHAM OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION and the empty, ceremonial and sham upholding of western white man Christian values with Corrupt & Exploitative Vatican for more than 15 Centuries, nearly ever the start of Christianity in Europe, including the Most Exploitative UNHOLY ALLIANCE OF CHURCH and tyrant and Most Exploitative Feudal System of the European Nobility and the Church. God for nearly 15 Centuries of Christianity’s 20 Centuries in the West was Never a Good God and they never adhered to the core of Jesus teaching .

    It seems, when judging of the Western Imperialists crimes causing the plight of a whole people, in Africa ,native American ,even today the Palestinians issue , and blindly siding by and unconditionally supporting Israeli violation of the International Law and Human Rights is not an aberration, an anomaly foreign to THE VERY MAKE-UP and character of so-called Christian Europe and the Western Civilization. Nazism and Fascism, as with the current Anti-Islam movement in Europe and the West in General, were never born in the void as they seem very will instilled and very well-bred finding their way into action in the Very Genes of the Western Mind. A Muslim’s Response to the 25,000 Anti-Islam Protesters in Germany

  • Seare

    What do they say ‘ I know a duck one I see one’.
    I only hope. the current trend in East German, that is, to save Europe from its imagined or realistic maladies are not going to lead to the same result as the last endeavor to save Europe from communists, jews and others that don’t fulfill the presumed German or Aryan Identity.

  • Hi Micheal,

    “Eritrea for Eritreans only” or “Ethiopia for Ethiopians only” is ultra-nationalistic and anachronistic, and has no place in today’s globalized world. One is forced to ask, if there a place in your Eritrea for Eritrean refugees, or do not they fulfill the criteria to be called Eritreans? More than 2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Isocrates had to say this when he was asked on the status of foreigners in the Greek state. “Greeks are those who have acquired Greek education, civilization and values, and not only those born as Greeks”.

    When cheap laborers started to be imported into Germany soon after the end of WWII up to the seventies, it was mainly on the demand of the German government, due to shortage of German male work-force as the result of the millions who died due to the war. A program that lasted at least one generation is not temporary. Most of those immigrants
    were made to work in the most unhealthy and dangerous jobs, where they would not send their own people. In addition, these immigrants were forced to live in places with the sign that read “to be used as a stable or for foreigners”. which was degrading

    German economy was destroyed by allied bombings and battles fought all over Germany, and if the Marshal Plan was not there to infuse a huge amount of money into the German economy, the labor and knowhow of Germans only would not have created the giant economy Germany is today. That is why Germans are US-loving people than most Europeans .

    Nobody is saying that Europe should be flooded by immigrants, but, they should be treated humanely and with dignity, until a solution is found, which the great majority of the German people respects. Some years ago Germany wanted to import Indian computer specialists, but it did not materialize, because conservatives were against Indians getting access to the computer system of Germany, which means that your zero immigration policy to Europe is not a reality.

    If this is your way of keeping Eritreans in Eritrea by denying them the chance to find peace and security, which they are denied in their own country, then this is the sign of a gross absence of empathy for a fellow human being. This is not a good way of keeping Eritreans in their country by becoming the spokesperson of the German people, Norwegians, Japanese etc. They can do it themselves. This shows simply the extent to which some of you can go to support the inhuman regime in Asmara that
    is sacrificing the children of Eritrea at the borders, the Sahara desert, the
    Sinai, the Med. Sea and other places.

    You said that you are an Eritrean who lives in the West for almost 40 yrs. If you have forgotten your refugee status and you condemn Eritreans who run away from harm’s way at the hands of the dictator, then it is a shame. One characteristic thing about regime supporters is the callousness of their heart towards refugees. In the case of this young man, you are sorry that he was assassinated by criminals, although you call them criminals halfheartedly, as if the victim brought it upon himself by leaving Eritrea illegally. You have become the defender of foreign lands and their people from Eritrean refugees.

    Unlike Europeans that came to Africa more than 500 yrs ago as colonial powers, and exploited their resources and the product of their labor and stayed in Africa and elsewhere for centuries, not a single Japanese set foot on African soil as a colonizer. They never encountered Africans, no wonder Africans and Middle Eastern people are alien to them, and they do not allow immigrants. Therefore, when you compare Europeans and the Japanese people, you are comparing two completely different
    things. Italians colonized Eritrea and stayed there for about fifty years. They built Asmara with the aim to stay there for a thousand years and to create the East African Italian colony, reminiscent of the ancient Roman empire, and it did not work. They did not build Asmara for the indigenous people, but with the aim to settle hundreds of thousands and even millions to create the apartheid system in the horn (in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia). What then is your problem if some Eritreans are allowed to stay in Italy?

    May be marriage between a Blackman and a white woman might not be so common even today, nevertheless, the birth of mixed race children is known to occur from the early years of colonization, as the result of the rape of black slave girls or their servants by their masters. There are many examples all over the world. The problem is not about color, but economic differences. Any Blackman who cares to marry a white woman can do so, provided that he has the economic affluence.

    Europeans are getting old is a fact accepted by all Europeans. The work force in Europe compared to pensioners is disproportionately small by all measures. Europeans are not Africans or Middle Eastern nations to start overnight to have big families. Unlike some decades ago, a large population and a young working force is a blessing for a country. Look at China and India; they are utilizing their big population for development. Finally, if you think that the US will be like Brazil, unfortunately, you have to wait for long.

    (P.S. I hope that the moderators will forgive me for not keeping it short).

  • The secular socialist republic

    It sounds like fascisn at worse and misplaced nationalism at best.
    Your definition of citizenship/nationality is very late 19th century or 1930’s as it is based on “culture, language and race.”
    Let me give you another vision of citizenship. During the Spanish War (1936-1939), many volunteers flocked in Spain to support the democratically-elected Republican government against the fascist military junta led by General Francisco Franco. All colors, various political ideologies, both genders and all social classes were represented in the fight against fascism. In the mid-1990s, the Spanish government issued a decree giving Spanish citizenship to all these volunteers as a “reward” for their struggle. That means African American soldiers of the Lincoln brigades, Chinese and Yugoslavians became Spanish.

    Second issue: that of German economy. Yes, Germany became twice a rich country because of the “addee-value” strategy which consists of producing sophisticated industrial products to ensure a positive trade balance. BUT this system relies on various injustices of which I will develop two:
    -1) Germany had only one big natural resource in its early industrialization: coal. Therefore, the German economy needed and still needs foreign raw materials (coppet, zinc, gold, cobalt, uranium and so on). It buys it in the South for ridiculously low amounts because of the neo-colonialist economic system. I’d recommand you read books by Raul Priebisch (former head of the UNCTAD) and Egyptian economiet Samir Amin.
    2) German workers – especially since the Schroeder era – receive low wages (lower than France p.ex).

    Because of those two injustices, rich capital owners make huge profits.
    But workers in the North and South receive something around none.
    Germany’s wealth = South exploitation and North workers exploitation.
    Dear friend, it’s time to pay back (that’s an ethical stance)

    And for the record, Germans don’t have children, so they NEED immigration to ensure economic development.

    Finally, some quick remarks:

    -Germany also became an industrial power because of the Marshall Plan.
    -Go to VW, Siemens or Bosch, you’d be surprised to see how many foreigners work in the development and strategical departments.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi Michael:

    Just quick points.

    Ethiopia was not colonized but the colonialism was the reason it has a 30 year with Eritrea when the Europeans sliced and diced the borders not once, not twice but trice. Notwithstanding the responsibility of the Africans to lift themselves by taking themselves with their boot straps and eradicating the despots who serve the remote colonizers ushering in corruption, are you denying that the vicious cycle of violence on the wake of colonization has nothing to do with current destitution in Africa?

    You can make same argument, USA is first rate nation but its next door neighbor, Mexico is hardly a developed nation. What gives, how come there was no transfer of knowledge and technology?

    Ethiopia was locked in a bloody war with Eritrea as a direct result of the colonization that undeveloped African not develops it. Our forefathers bled and died in Libya fighting forcibly for the Italians. You engineering marvels that you are boasting about is based on the laws of nature that the Italians figured out and African have enough IQ to have figured it out on their own timing and schedule and need. The colonization has undeveloped Africa, not develop it. The divide and rule, the ethnic animosity that the Europeans have planted is still haunting the continent.

    The sweat, the blood, the slavery, the discrimination, denying Eritreans a stroll on the streets in their own city, a city that was built by the slave labor of Eritrean is not beneficial to us even with the sharpness of hindsight.

    Your points of Sweden and other countries is valid, but I was making a general comment on the European colonization, but as a continent collectively they have squandered and plundered a lot of human and natural resources without dicing and slicing it into nations.

    Good for Germany, it has created a rule of law for itself, but we know its history of yesterday, its violent history, so it did not get here with the snap of the figure, it has figured it out after that shameful history and its subsequent humiliation.

    While, I do not absolve the failure of Africans to produce enough visionary leaders that would lift this beautiful continent that salivated the Europeans with its majestic beauty, I am aware of the double standard of the Europeans in creating and supporting the despots and when rare gems emerged they have nipped them in bud. It is a miracle that Mandela made it. But we cannot blame everything on the past, we risk sounding like the PFDJ that blames the CIA for the lack of rain falls. Colonizers like Italy, Britain and others must take their responsibility to pay up the people they have wronged and enslaved and the payback is not only what you are thinking, but it is also helping the people get rid of despots and tyrants to help them liberate. They should stop giving lip services and act like a catalyst to help the fledgling democracies like SA and Ethiopia to be the beckon of hope, otherwise they are exposed to failures dampening the aspiration that was denied by the Europeans



    • Michael

      Wow – I never expected any person(s) claiming to be Eritreans -to lecture us that “Ethiopia was not colonized by italy?? really – Yes they were colonized and “his majesty” was living in London as a refugee and trainee for his mission in Africa on behalf of his masters – for your information Ethiopia was indeed colonized for 5 years by Italy-
      I would not be surprised if ethiopians did not know it or chose to deny it but for Eritreans to tell us this type of history is amazing……
      it is almost like saying “I got robed of my gun but I never gave away my holster!!! those of us old engough remember ” the king of Ethioipia at that time entered Ethiopia via Sudan and Eritrea and he was fully assisted by his masters…

      • Guest

        Hate aside you need to know the difference between occupation and colonized,

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Spot on. I like your pointblank answer. The Ethiopian case is occupation. It isn’t colonialization.Michael wasn’t prepared to know the difference of the two political terminology. Let me give him an example similar to that of Italy’s occupation. The occupation of Iraq for 7 years by the USA. I hope Micheal will not call it colonialization the USA/Iraq case.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Michael

            Aman – you are correct I am not prepared to give lectures if Ethiopia was colonized or not on this forum – in the views of some people 5 years must have been too short for a country to be “officially colonized”?
            Please recall his majesty fled his counrty / abandoned his subjects. – then came the allies that saved Ethiopia from an extedned colonization – it was1825 days !! No matter how you slice it Ethiopia was colonized like any African country. Italy did not leave Ethiopia because it was defeated in a war with Ethiopia but with it’s wars with the allies in europe / north africa -for this very reason Italy was not able to hold on to her massive plan of colonization of Ethiopia.
            Your definition of US/ Iraq made no sense at all – we are in the 21st century so the term colonization is hardly used but the result / outcome is the same
            in todays “global system / free world” one does not even need military force to colonize a country or people – just look around….

          • Hope

            May be Aman and Sem are Dedebitians as Nittric the Great said it!

          • Hope

            Dear Michael,
            Bingo !
            To the point!
            Thank you very much,Sir!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Haw Michael,

            If we agree on the definition of “colonized” and “occupied”, how and where they are applied we can come how they are applied to the Ethiopian case and the Iraq case. Can you do that? because you are the one you brought the issue. Keep in mind we can’t give our own definitions to conventionally accepted terminology. They will not change their meaning with changes of centuries. Those are our guiding principle in a debate, otherwise we will not come to a point. So I let the floor for you to do that, then I will follow you.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Michael

            Haw Aman – l am not sure what I can add if people are not able to differentiate between being colonized and free!! `Do not be surprized that even today 50-75% africans are still colonized – I am sure most african countires clelabrated and still assume they are free and not colonized or occpied -some of them are still waving the so called idependence “flags” while they are still economically, politically and socially chained – to go further so are some asians ad latin americans –
            My friend no matter how you slice it is the same just in different format and tools and I am sure a lot of people would be confused – that it the goal of the masters….
            Not it means too much to us Eritreans but I used to live in central Ethiopia(Gojjam Province) in the mid seventies and comrad Mengistu was telling his subjects that he was wining the war and there are aout 50 shifta left in the mountains of Shael if they can help him capture and bring them – he was talking about the mighty EPLF fighters —just in case you are too youg or do not remember. He gave them each rifles and 2 meter ropes to do that!!!
            Bottom line Ethiopia was colonized like the rest of the continent –

            Also it is the duty of the master to make sure the colonized stay confused and not feel or appear to be chained so they will provide them with diplomatic covers, non exisitent difinitions, non existent democratic status, assurances and end less life support aides…

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mike,

            The issue is not between “colonized” and “free”. The issue is make understandable the difference between “colonized” and “occupied”. When we resolve this, we can go to your issue whether African countries are still colonized or not. Let us go step by step. Regarding whether I know or not about what derg was saying, I am old enough to remember it, and I am old enough to know the political and military engagement of our revolution. In short I was part of it, and no one can tell me for things I was part with.

            Amanuel Hidrat

        • Nitricc

          Yes the diference is ocupation means holding a section of land. For example; the israelís are ocuping golan hights.
          But colonization is controling the whole country. So if the italians controlled the whole Ethiopia then it was coloniztion and if it was just part of Ethiopia then it was occupation.
          So it is not the duration but its totality of the land under control of the invader. This is how i differenciat it.
          Now the judge has spoken which one was it? Was ethiopia were under total control of Italy or not?

          • Guest

            Out side of the cities they didn’t control Much of the land, it was run by arebegnch.

          • Guest

            the definition of occupation is not just controlling section of land but invading a sovereign country.

          • Nitricc

            so does it mean you agreed that Ethiopia is occupying Eritrean sovereign land?

          • Guest

            Not just me even meles himself agreed on that . The question is how to get permanent peace not dry land called bademe.