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Rallying Eritreans Around One Cause

We are in difficult moments. Hundreds of Eritreans are feared to have perished in the Mediterranean Sea; scores of innocent people were slaughtered in a grizzly fashion intended to terrorize humanity; many more are stranded in hostile lands facing eminent catastrophe at the hands of modern day barbarians.  A sober and composed assessment of the state of our struggle is necessary. The situation urges us to do a frank evaluation of the efforts we have so far made in order to define our mission, clarify modes of its implementation, and explain the vision holding it all. It is also apparent that we need to look into our past engagements in order to come up with plausible explanations as to why our efforts to bring about a meaningful change in our country have not produced the anticipated results. After all, the struggle is meant to give hope to the youth in order to claim their stakes in their country.

Until now, the opposition has comfortably surfed the raging wave created by PFDJ’s blatant aggression on human rights, its naked assault on the rights of Eritreans to have a semblance of normalcy; its political, diplomatic and economic blunders which continue to bleed our nation. A genuine assessment is needed to figure out how much of the achievements we have registered in confronting PFDJ is due to the efforts of the opposition (domestic and diaspora), and how much of it is due to PFDJ’s own worsening self-defeating stupidity. The next step will be: couldn’t we have achieved a much better result have we paused and looked into ourselves critically? Could the urgency of our time bring our leaders to their senses in order to stop the stubborn trend of emptying our nation from its precious children?

In the aftermath of the Lampedusa incident of October 3, 2013, Eritreans rallied around one cause: confronting the root-cause and the source of similar disasters, confronting the prime instigator and originator of those mass exodus. Overnight, a long forgotten man was catapulted to the forefront of condemning PFDJ.  The late Wedi Vaccaro, a man who had been long associated with PFDJ, took the initiative of leadership after publicly denouncing his past role. Despite his terminal illness, Wedi Vaccaro rallied a record number of Eritreans in his tours around the world. In his short life of activism, he became the answer when Eritreans were looking for such a miracle of leadership to crack open somewhere, somehow. Why did Wedi-Vaccaro appeal to many Eritreans despite his past relation with the government? Why didn’t the organized Eritrean opposition with much bigger resources and broader organizational networks rally a fraction of that number?  The answer is simple, and it was imbedded in his rally speeches: Hope. He said Eritreans could do it; he called for unity; he said PFDJ hijacked a mission that every Eritrean family invested on, the mission of realizing free and just Eritrea. There was no question that the participants of those rallies found something in Wedi-Vaccaro that they didn’t find elsewhere in the opposition? Couldn’t we learn from that? Why did that ailing man attract so many crowds?

The barriers and the mistrust

Cultural barriers, and our revolutionary history, have made us very slow in trusting each other. It’s arguable if this “mistrust” is only promulgated by our political leaders or it has a broader societal scope. Eritrea is endowed with expressions of diversities that other nations and communities possess. Ethnicity, religiosity, regionalism, and other cultural expressions are not unique to Eritrea. If the reason of existence of our opposition is injustice, then understanding and accommodating of these grievances should be part of their programs. If that’s the case disagreements based on social grievances and demands should not be highlighted as obstacles hindering the unifications of factions and efforts. There is also another fact that is not exclusively Eritrean:  every economic class or social group will fight in favor of ascertaining that its share of the whole is guaranteed. It happens everywhere, in developed and developing worlds.

As a totalitarian system, PFDJ has the advantage of flexibility. Since there is no room for deliberation, decisions could be hatched out without a legislative wrangling, and reach the level of implementation so quickly without hiccups that most democratic systems experience, due to the checks and balances implanted in their system. It can abort or change decisions and programs midway; PFDJ could reverse itself easily. It could make the capital city dance at once to a predetermined tune, and at a predetermined time and place. It could get thousands of students perform North Korean style choreographies at BaHti Meskerem, for the same audience, year after year.

But the opposition doesn’t have that luxury. It has to be creative, it has to be honest, it has to pause and evaluate itself critically. Exploiting PFDJ blunders smartly can help, but it needs to earn legitimacy and favor through its hard work and achievements. Therefore, it has to combine every drop of resources. It has to show that it’s better than PFDJ in all aspects in which PFDJ is seen competitive. Although activism has made visible progress, political organizations have lagged in gaining traction. Part of it could be due to crowding the limited political spaces with similar programs yet transmitted in different voices, but there should be a transparent communication. In doing so, the opposition may find explanations as to why stagnation has characterized its existence. But that’s not enough. Each of us also has to ask themselves: what have I done to make the leaders straight? What more could I do in order to make the struggle more appealing to the youth, women, and to the general populace?

Critical Issues

There are many contentious issues that have been too tough to overcome in the cross-sectional communication within the opposition. The issues have become challenges unto themselves: the opposition and the Ethiopian-Eritrean relations, the scope of change (radical versus reformative), post PFDJ type of government and its form, violent or peaceful means of struggle, change from inside, outside, or by a combination of both, etc. There are also other subnational demands that often overshadow broad national challenges. Each of these challenges could be furthered, but that’s not the purpose of this article.

These are all valid subjects. Debating them in a civil way should be considered a character that separates us from PFDJ. How are we doing on this? The truth is we have yet to develop tolerance. Often, we overreact when provoked and lose sight of the purpose of why we are engaging. The contentious issues above are indeed tough; regretfully, discussions among friends often end unpleasantly; conferences get disrupted; Internet communications veer to nasty and sometimes prejudiced pitfalls simply because we tend to get possessed by the urge to react. The incessant plight of our people leave similar effects seared deep in our soul; we all cope with that. I don’t pretend I care more for our people than anyone else; I don’t claim I have done more than anybody.  Actually, I know what I have done. And that’s, I haven’t done much except cursing off PFDJ profusely since its inception. Hence, if I take prejudice and preconceived notions of the person at the other end, it’s possible they could have done more actual contributions in the struggle than what I think I have contributed.

Eritreans need to come together and discuss because this juncture is serious; and what follows immediately after the fall of PFDJ is even more serious. Opposition leaders need to come back to the grassroots and seek help. There is more to change than just changing a regime or a system. There is more to opposition than just opposing PFDJ. Our resistance should aim higher than just bringing PFDJ to its knees. Not only for the day after PFDJ, but for years, and even centuries to come. The opposition needs to evolve into a body that could serve a bridge to future Eritrea; it has to show its preparedness to govern; it has to demonstrate that it’s a responsible alternate to PFDJ. Is it ready? If not what can we do to get it ready? And how could it talk about regime change without changing itself into an able body?

Let’s think about the following:

There are criminal individuals, networks, and syndicates who will fight the new reality tooth and nail. Our neighborhood is full with examples of this challenge. Look what the previous president of Yemen and his followers are causing to the country.  Iraq’s remnants of the Baath party morphed into IS; and there is no doubt that Gaddafi’s remnants are among the killers who paraded Ethiopian and Eritrean victims to be killed and they are currently creating havoc in Libya. There are also social problems, including marginalized communities and persecuted religious sects; criminalized innocent citizens; demoralized youth, corrupted police force, socio-economic problems. Veterans of the struggle era are in retirement age with no social security safety net and a supporting economy.  Therefore, any politician who vies for replacing PFDJ should brace for all these and many similar challenges.

All justice seekers should understand the cost of political change and get ready for the consequences. A unified macro and micro plans of transition needs to be prepared, and a road map of transition towards democratization must be drafted. The basis of the debates we recycle concerning our mode of struggle and the uneasiness we experience are the result of this stark reality. Are we ready? If not, what is missing, and how can we fix it? Usually, the heated debates we experience are the outcomes of our lack of common understanding regarding the state of the opposition versus the calls we make. Before making calls of dismantlement, it’s prudent if we spend some moments on how that task should be completed: running a list of preconditions that guarantee a successful and less costly transfer of power, among which a united and able political alternate becomes prominent. Do we have a united front that is ready to govern, a national force that could secure lives and properties, and borders of the country?

It has been more than two decades since the gem of this opposition was constituted. Can we speak of a national political force that serves as a center of gravity for our political pluralism, ready to govern? Ethiopia was saved in 1991 because the EPRDF had been positioned to govern. Similarly, EPLF transformed itself from a de facto government to a real one. Despite some bumps, things kept running. Therefore, our assessment and reflection should serve as an anchor and a reference point for our leaders in order to settle personal and factional ambitions for the sake of ending the tragedies we have become familiar to. We have to be able to build a united front that resembles Eritrea’s diverse society which represents Eritrea’s multiple aspirations. In order for that to take place, a critical look into ourselves is needed.

Some folks grew cynical at the setbacks we experienced. They tend to magnify Eritrea’s colorful parts individually, without appreciating the beauty created by the unity of those colors. A colorful collage could be meaningful only when seen in unison. Our political or societal differences are not a curse; they are not uniquely Eritrean. Without going too far, let’s observe Ethiopian politics. If a TPLF which did not wonder outside Tigray could form a coalition for ruling Ethiopia in a short period of time, if that coalition could pacify Ethiopia and lead it onto the Ethiopia that we all see today, there is no question that, if public role is recognized and Eritrean leaders are pressured, we can come up with a ready-to-rule alternate.

Of course, such a political entity will be accorded the blessing and good will of Eritreans for a reasonable period of time, provided that:

  1. It shows Eritreans that the newcomer is not going to repeat PFDJ’s disastrous policies; that it acts fast in reversing PFDJ’s unjust and disastrous policies, signaling a new dawn of a transparent culture.
  2. Speedy measures to ensure justice and reconciliation, and stay on schedule in honoring a promise to transfer power to the people.
  3. Prioritizing the rule of law and improving living conditions by creating jobs over long-term projects of state construction.

We are at a critical juncture; and to see that materialize, we need to give our people hope. We need to show them that we are different than the PFDJ. We have to respect diverse opinions; conduct ourselves in a way that’s completely different from that of the PFDJ). Let’s communicate to bridge our “inherent” differences; give supports to those who are willing to lead. At the same time, let’s offer them our critical appraisals in order to encourage them do better. Our martyrs of yesterday would want us to do that; the victims of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sinai desert would want us to come together;  our prisoners of conscience and all those who lost their lives in trying to keep a noble ideal alive would certainly expected us to make compromises. Let us also remember that Eritreans and Ethiopians have been victimized without the discernment of national borders. May this calamity raise consciousness in the depths of our soul so that we recognize that we are all members of one community: the community of mankind.

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  • tes

    Dear All,

    I always wonder with words like grass-roots, strategy, push and pull factors. As a principle, when the later two are interpreted and handled safely by intermingling with the former two, then achievement is not that far. Neverthless, it is not easy task thinking on the complexitythat exists when the push factor is accompanied with grass-root movements and the pull factor with a decisive strategies and thereby to combine them together for the intended vision.

    Most of the time we don’t mix all these in our political endeavor. Dissociative actions are taken naively. Unless Eritreans learn clustering technique, the journey to complete emmanicipation will not be that smooth.

    Dear forumers, grass-root without push factor, strategy without pull factor leads to an uttered failure. Most notable political activists do not come with a package and do not try to assemble inorder to build the package. Tthis is where I see the major problem we have.

    As HTG is trying to build another dimension, I call equally professionalism to be built in parallel within an institutional framework.

    I said this because I understand HTG’s advocacy is basically for grass-root movement build-up. The heart and mind need push factor accompanied with smart strategy and a vision that can pull us higher and higher.


  • Ted

    HI The GREAT MS, Semere is putting you on a spot saying you reject reforming the Gov. Nitricc warned you that you are at risk of losing hope for humanity dealing with Semere, he is not worth it;)
    When Eritreans talk about EPLF,for most part, we are proudly in sync(except Amanuels) that the arduous journey all Eritreans participated to achieve independent and prosperous country. Independent country is what we have credit to the people and EPLF leadership, what about the dream of having prosperous country, the task left to now morphed EPLF, PFDJ. Where did they go wrong?Is it a good intention goes wrong or they are inherently bad people to begin with. No they are not bad people at heart, but bad at the mind, unequipped and intolerant dealing with the complex challenge our country finds itself .
    interesting to see how Heart/Mind works in the light of Opposition/ Gov understanding of them. Bible say ” love your enemy” is a Heart opening up to see the goodness of people that people are created good or be able to be good and humans say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is a Mind strategizing to attack before your enemy gets you first.
    HTG points out the weakness of Organized opposition, the attempt to win over those who are like minded groups or individuals ; stratigizing at wining at any cost. He gives an example “the mind’s brain child in Bologna came and went like all the others” I thought It is excellent approach dealing with their shortcoming to see why they fail to capture the hearts of the people. It will not be easy task needing intense detoxification of 15yrs reckless journey(Semere if you thinking doing detox, do it gradually to avoid anaphylactic shock:)). If the detox works fine, it solves a problem dealing with the Gov because they would know there is no bad people/evil when it comes to the interest of Eritreans and dealing with the Gov will be as easy as ,give me this, i will give you that.( The Great, it is called reforming;) sorry i can’t help it)
    the incentive to do the right thing is huge. When we get our heart straight no one can stand on our ways.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Ahlan, Ted abadahri
      Well, Semere will have to undergo the detoxification procedures in a controlled environment with SAAY present by his bedside, 24/7, no traces of Gen.Nit around.
      I will comment on your Hateta when I get time.

  • selam

    Dearest M.saleh
    Thanks again for the flowless truth, very few people are able to speak the truth. I am really lucky to land to , I am not like you and i never will be but i am at least tracking your open and humanly ideas . Very very few people stand on the edge of the knife , how do you maintain such amusing stand. I am very very bad and cruel person to people who speak against Eritreans and Eritrea interest, i can not hold my bad words, thanks teacher.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Hello salam
      Thanks salam. I do have my ups and downs too, salam gualey. You are fine, all I see is innocent mishaps. As I told you before, you are more than equipped to make your point. When you reply to a person, just remember that we are reading it too. And unless you think your reply is going to make a new point or clarify a previously made one, skip irritating personal remarks that come your way. You don’t have to waste your time defending yourself. Those who care about your contributions have known you well by now.

  • Hayat Adem

    ሓደርካ ማሕሙዳይ:
    “sister Hayat is well known to have taken TPLF book as a holly scripture, and stands very proud of it”
    ምሒልካ ውሰድ! እዋይ ሓጥያት!

  • sarah ogbay

    Mahmud hawey,
    I give you an up vote in word as these days I can’t even do that without being asked to sign up.
    Thank you. As you said the parties and political groups in the opposition should touch base and address grassroots. I Don’ think they will do that in the near future unless they are confronted and/ or pushed. We don’t seem to have time to entertain ego at this right moment. So let us,the people, find ways to push and/ confront them.
    As far as the domestic potential you are referring to is concerned, I beg to differ. The people inside Eritrea are not that naive as to what is going on in the opposition in the diaspora. But they are dying for change to come fast. PFDJ know it. They are bombarding them with news and lectures about sad stories of failed or failing revolutions. So if we can not rally around our cause when we are free to do so, how do we expect them to trust us? We have to show them that what happened in Libya or Somalia or Yemen etc. is not likely to happen to us Adweek have a strong tool not to hurt each other any more – Unity made from respect!!! That is the tool we do not have at the moment.
    Or are we going to rely on the criminals in the army and substitute a despot with another one?
    My opinion is we the people should speak up and confront the opposition. We should ask them one and only one question at this moment – ‘Are you with us or against us?’ With us, then they should show it in action not on paper. They have to team up with the people and walk the walk.
    As for the ethnic grouping thing, I have always believed that they should come to the battle field and fight it out, in Eritrea, in the parliament, in the constitution etc.where Eritreans talk about themselves in their own land. Not in Eroupe,USA, etc. We all do not have mandate to talk about ethnic issues. That is not why opposition came up to be. We eritreans have a problem, a dictator who intends to destroy our country. Let us solve the common problem first. No one is denying that certain ethinic groups have more orourbigproblem than others. Can we solve that here and now. I do not think so.
    So Mahmud hawey, as you said it wisely before let us rally around a common cause here when and where we can.
    Thank you.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Sister Sarah
      Thanks and i understand your rationale.

  • Bayan Nagash

    The Question of Mind and/or the Heart

    My morning began like any other morning. Dropping my
    eight-year-old son to school, then return to pick up my 11 year old daughter.
    She is on a passenger side eating her pancake while her milk rests on the cup
    holder as she alternates between a bite from her pancake and a sip of the milk
    with the other hand. I am alternating between music and NPR as I usually do,
    because I know how music changes their mood, the transformation of which can
    literally be seen on their faces as the grouchiness recedes and gives way to
    this beamy and translucent child who begins to sing along with the song that’s
    being played on the radio in the car. As I was moving from dial to dial to find
    any song that my daughter will enjoy I landed on a story about 369 Eritrean
    refugees on NPR that left me astonished on what I was hearing.

    This Catrambones (husband and wife) teaming up, get this, “spent
    $8 million to buy and re-fit a 146-foot ship to save migrants trying to cross
    the Mediterranean into Europe” (NPR, Morning Edition) for the sole reason of
    saving human life, make that human lives.

    And this is what HTG was talking about when he wrote about
    the delineation between the heart and mind, because the minds in the couple
    could’ve as readily bulked at the thought of spending $ 8 million to save the
    people they never knew, the people they will never meet again, but their heart
    won in deciding to do what they are doing: Saving people’s lives. Where are the
    coordination efforts amongst the myriad oppositions coming together to do
    something about this like the Catrambones are doing? Of course, individually,
    we may not have the resources to effect any meaningful change, but collectively
    we could come up with something tangible that may help in the amelioration of
    these young Eritreans who are facing existentially perilous conditions. The seemingly
    inordinate amount of time we spend discussing politics sounds obscene when
    juxtaposed to the story below. Please take the seven minutes to listen to the
    story, and tell me where it lands – to your heart or to the mind?

    When my daughter heard the mention of Eritrea she gave me a
    quick glance and she saw my hands waving up in the air in frustration and right
    then and there she knew there was no need to say anything, we both were gripped
    by the story. The entire story may have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for David Greene
    (NPR host) asking the right question that helped capture the essence of the
    story, putting blood and flesh to the narrative. A story told from the point of
    view of a 13 year old Eritrean child brought the emotional tempest that was
    boiling within to the fore as my tears turned to this uncontrollable sob, to
    which my daughter did know what to say or do. When I collected my heels I told
    her I was about 14 when I left home, a story I never shared with her before.
    And proceeded to tell her that mine was a picnic, rather a caravan compared to
    what this child has experienced. A day’s worth of walk from Asmara to Keren.
    And three nights that took between Keren & Aqordat, alternating the ride on
    the two camels’ back amongst four childhood friends; it was nothing like what
    that child had to face. God only knows what kind of abuse this 13 year old
    child had already endured before this last leg of the treacherous journey to

    If the link above does not do it try the link below:

    • haileTG

      Dear my BIG heart brother Bayan,

      Indeed, this goes right to the heart! Although you said all what needs to be said, let me add a little bit based on what your writing inspired me to reflect on.

      I am from the basic philosophical school of thought that believes people are inherently good at heart but can rationally reason to partner or go along with evil. Rational reasoning being the domain of the mind. When they do so however, their mind part ways with their heart, hence we call them heartless. For example, the Eritrean regime supporters have decided to align (at least go along with) with the regime’s evil ways and hence their rational reasoning has parted ways with their hearts. If their heart was anywhere near where their rational reasoning is, then they would never have had to decide to live far way from the regime and its clutch. When they look for ways to rationalize the wicked acts of the regime, their heart usually walks away and their mind is left to fend for itself. That is why that whatever they say fails to make the right connection, because it is hearts that merge and bond together and not minds. Minds that are alike are duplication of the same thing and hence redundant. Different minds are an asset. Where as when hearts are alike they become an asset and when they differ, it leads to losses. In precise terms, the same heart, different minds is a strength, while different hearts and the same mind is what we have at the core of the weakness of the opposition camp. But when we say different heart, we are really saying one heart is in charge of the mind and another heart has been overpowered by the mind’s intentions and decided to retreat from the activities of the mind. We don’t really mean the hearts are basically different, rather they are the same with the only difference being one is free and roaring and the other is prevented from expressing.

      This is perhaps why I think that when PFDJ says One Heart, One People, they are in fact right, except they don’t say the final part, i.e. Different Minds (which is why websites like this one exist:-)

      Take care brother

      • Mizaan1

        HaileTG, you got this completely wrapped up.

        I beg to differ on one critical point though. The opposition has the same heart. They are losing sleep and are helpless as their people suffer and they can’t bring their minds together to figure out a solution.

        On the contrary, the PFDJ all out supporters and the large number of sympathizers have the same mind but different hearts. The supporters are heartless. The sympathizers on the other hand are ambivalent as to where they take their mind but their heart is with us.

        • haileTG

          Hey Mizaan,

          Thanks. Let me emphasize what I mean a little more, we may be closer to each other than we think here. In the manner we are framing “having a heart” in these discussions is the degree to which an organization prioritizes its actions towards CARING as opposed to expressing that it cares. Hence, in that particular court of opinion, the organized opposition is as lacking in heart work as PFDJ is. How many Eritrean opposition organization branches are in Italy? If the opposition organizations can organize landmark meeting in Bologna, what prevented them from organizing a soup and solidarity evening with the countless Eritrean youth and underage refugees sleeping rough in the streets of Milan? Just one single evening, that is all that I am looking for? In fact the Bologna meeting was/is a mind work and the couple in Bayan’s link story’s expedition to the sea is a heart work. So, the opposition’s work may not be evil as that of the regime, but one based on rational that serves their mind’s schedule. Therefore, may first point is that the way to reconnecting the people with the organized opposition goes through the heart. Because, as it was proven, the mind’s brain child in Bologna came and went like all the others, but had it been a heart to heart in the rough streets of Milan, it would have grown to Nobel Peace Prize.

          The second point is that the regime supporters do have a heart, except it is locked out of sight just like Spiritual Head of the church that you were discussing yesterday. At the gate of their heart’s jail cell are guards such as “gele geyru yKewn” (“might have done something) when the regime is inflicting evil on a victim. They feel the torment of a pained heart, but they have learned to inhabit the cold and cruel realities made for them by their choice to part ways with their heart’s way. Just as a side note, you said that the supporters HAVE different hearts and classed some as HEARTLESS. The question is how can they have a heart and be heartless at the same time? I think when one is heartless, their action is focused purely on the rational reasoning regardless of pity to the victim of their actions. When the same person turns course and decide to embrace the warmth and magical grace of the heart, they become people with a heart. If you supported the regime in the past, it just means that you didn’t listen to your heart in that particular matter. You don’t become an ax murderer heartless moron. Many regime supporters go to churches/Mosques and love and marry other people too. So, they have a heart except they are not using it in that particular case.


          • sarah ogbay

            Dear Haile and Mizaan1,
            I think it can also been seen this way. PFDJ use the emotion (heart) to manipulate the minds of people. They use expressions that cut deep into the heart of our being. Eg. If you protest or complain about any of their decisions/ policies, instead of dialogue, they label you as the enemy of martyrs. If you complain about food shortage they say ‘eritrawi bekhbdu ayzarebn eyu’ to amke you feel greedy. If you oppose you area traitor. They patronise the people.
            The opposition? Who are the opposition? If we are talking about anyone who opposes PFDJ, it is a different story. But if we are talking about groups and parties and their leaders, I believe they are far from the people and what the people feel. They have closed their ears to the cries, screams and wailing of the people. Each one is waiting for the other to move forward so that they can stand on their way. None of them says ‘I stand corrected’ when they make mistakes. None of them could say, ‘let us get together for the sake of our people, for the youth perishing everywhere’. None can show magnanimity and take intiative to approach the other. This is where the heart and mind are not coordinated.
            The people who oppose the regime and want change are waiting to be lead and are calling for unity. People are using their heart more than the leaders do. They think PFDJ is the only problem now nd once it is gone things will be bed of roses. Another lack of coordination.
            The solution is complicated. We might need to do surgeries to implant eritrean hearts into the political groups and parties in the opposition camp.
            A Country without people is just a piece of land, politics without people is just wishful thinking. This is what I think.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Dr.
            My five star for this post.

          • haileTG

            Hi Dr Sarah,

            Thank you and very true too Sarah. Just for the benefit of the general readers I would like to make clear that all of references to opposition that I make is specifically meaning the Organized opposition. Those groups who have physical location, leadership, budgets, internal laws and dedicated followers/members. I know individual people oppose the regime for multitudes of reasons and equally in multitudes of ways. I hold no issue, judgement nor charges against such persons. It would be doing the regime’s bidding to obstruct the free willed reactions and push backs by individuals. I do forget at times, but tend to try to designate that by using “Organized Opposition” as a term of reference as much as I can. I use Justice seekers for broader representation (when seeking to include both sides).

            When I get some time soon, I would like to write a little about the things that come to my mind when I think about your second point on unity and things I am attempting to learn more within the context of our current state of affairs.


  • Hayat Adem

    Stop it. You guys are trying to make this great friend of mine uncomfortable? Good luck:)
    A just married young couple were told by their pastor: “from now on, you are united and become one.” Later that day, they bought a single ticket and headed to a theater play. The gate keeper demanded a ticket for each. They tried to reason, “but we’ve been just told that we’ve become one”. The gatekeeper, “And you believed that idiot? By my count I see two people. Now show two tickets or show me your back.”

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Selam,
    The Patriarch is not one person. He is an institution. He represents faith and reverence. he represents the Book billions believe in and Nitricc questions, He harmed no one, If nothing else, he is an elder. I don’t know why our respected elders are not volunteering a drop of wisdom into your sensibility here. You gain nothing except contempt by disrespecting Eritrean elders of high morality. You don’t have to take any blessings from him but save your contempt for those who deserve it. Fanti please, she listens to you.

    • selam

      Dear Hayat
      You are forgetting the 2 weeks bombing , you keep caming to lecture some one. Just try to other people. Ab dey mentebitkin ayte etiwa edikin kibehal ke gele do semeeki tifelti.

  • tes

    Dear Awatistas,

    HTG is talking about the heart and the mind and how to bring them together. It is a wonderful take. I am just reading these days mostly. But, I don’t want to skip exchange between Mizaan1 and the banker, gual hidirtina residing in the heart of Asmara (as per claim).

    Mizaan1 wrote while recalling for what happend to Orthodox Church during PFDJ era.

    “There is no one who doesn’t know Abune Antonios is innocent as a newborn baby but you can see how people have been trying to taint him with crimes he is inherently incapable of committing.

    Gual Hidirtnina asked pretending to be curious to know,

    ” I have no clue about this man , can you help me some.”

    Mizaan1 responded wisely,

    “You had already said you don’t care about some ‘useless priest’ a ‘long time ago.’ But I will just throw in one thing for you – he is the leader of 2 million people and he is held incommunicado in house arrest.”

    Gual Hidirtina replied,

    “You are right , i really do not care about him , …. I …, why you keep writing about this man. He is not important as you think. I just want you to drop the interest you have over him.”

    Yah, the one who tortures religious leaders do not care. She is even advicing Mizaan1 to forget him.

    Awate Team, this is selam, gual hidirtina. From the very beginning I noticed her satanic mission yet you are hosting her while she continued to preach against religion and against those who bring injustice to the forefront. Mizaan1 is now strongly recommended to forget about the holy father who is dying under PFDJ criminal communicado.

    Just curious to know what justice is in Awate Room. If she is against the church and against any religion, what is she advocating for. I can accept her atheism but I can’t accept her to make Eritrea a place of Athiests. If advancing ones religious belief is forbidden here, selam is doing nothing but to preach her belief. She claimed frequently that she is an athiest. I don’t care about her individual belief as she has full right to be what she wants. But to tell people not to remember those who became victims of PFDJ regime, those thousands who died without voice is against the objective of this web-site.

    Hence, I call justice to observed as per the posting guidelines of this room.


    • Mizaan1

      Dear Tes, I fully endorse everything you wrote. Just as for you, for me the case of Abune Antonios, the unanimously endorsed third Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, is purely a human rights case. The man has no crime whatsoever. He spent his entire life in a monastery, since the age of 5. Why would anyone like him be interested in any crime whatsoever having giving up his flesh desires since he was 5?

      I would be fighting equally for any prisoner of conscience or any one arrested because of their belief. But our atheist here has made it abundantly clear that she is not here fighting for justice. She is here to fight for PFDJ.

      This issue has been a thorn for PFDJ because it was a trap they created for themselves and they haven’t been able to escape it. Every time this issue is mentioned, it hurts them very badly. That is why you see Selam jumping up and down whenever I raise the issue of this holy man. The Eritrean people have been paining for this man because he is in his eighties and arrested. That is why I was saying yesterday that what we have in Eritrea has no precedence in my opinion or as far as I know.

      Our people are very devout, be it Christian or Muslim and attacking their religion is a terminal sin. That is why PFDJ has not found any way to fix this issue they buried themselves in. They do threaten people by saying your corpse will not enter to Eritrea if you go to this church or the other but people have grown a lot of courage in unexpected defiance against PFDJ. So Selam knows exactly what is going on but it pains her so badly and that is why she wants this issue dropped.

      If anyone committs any acts that are unbecoming of his church or mosque, then that instituation takes appropriate action against him. If I say I don’t believe in the the bodily suffering of Jesus (as in the agnostics), as an example, why is this a crime against the state? The church can dismiss me for holding such radical a belief but why would the state arrest me? This is what we have in Eritrea and Selam is a supporter of this and for all we know, she could be writing from pharaohs office.

      • selam

        Dear Mizaan
        You are accusing for things that i do not do , or support. Again i was more interested in the heart and mind issue not on one person which i do not know . What you are trying to is defaming people. Yes i know about Eritreans and their religion but that is another issue sir. I was just asking you to inform at least the basis for his arrest or where he is . I mean PFDJ fear no one , i know that yoy know that , they can gun down him and no one will dear to speak inside eritrea . What you do not understand is you have never worked more than me to oppose PFDJ.

        • Saleh Johar

          Honestly you goofed on the issue of the patriarch. He is the spiritual leader of a big chunk of your compatriots. On top of that, he is an octogenarian, and he has been under house arrest for years. A country is nothing but the sum of what it is made up of. Be an atheist or anything, but respect the feeling of your compatriots. The patriarch is not a common person, not even a common priest. He is the head of the Eritrean Orthodox church who was deposed by the PFDJ and replaced by one of their choice. I would have given you the reason for his arrest but this is not the right occasion. You can also google it and learn. Sometimes it is good not to comment on stuff you don’t know–it helps you stay clear instead of stepping on the toes of others.

          If you genuinely didn’t know who he was, move on. If you were trying to be funny, it was not funny at all. Don’t try to rub it in.

          • selam

            Dear Sir saleh
            I heard much about dawit the journalist than the priest. I really have no idea about tye priest.But my question to mizaan was why he keep bringing in the middle of another topic. Second i have never ever saw any interest from any one around the internet activists talk about him. You know all the Eritreans are active in churches where ever they are and i never saw them complain about where he is, his health, and to make my point clear i never was in a mood to make funny impression about him. Thanks for the information about him any way.

  • Semere Andom

    Ted Shares A Moment Of Truth:
    Hi Awatista
    Dear compatriots:
    As you know I am for reforming, but my perception of reform has been to put it mildly flawed. So to deepen my understanding of a reform, breaking ranks with PFDJ, an entity that abhors the study of history so it can repeat it, I looked into one of history’s greatest reformation, a moment in history when Martin Luther and John Calvin broke ranks with the then corrupt Catholic church and embarked on the courageous task of reformation, they were called protestants as they protested the corruption and hedonism of the church. The action of these two priests sparked reformation movement across Europe
    So, ladies and gentlemen of awate, I now intimately understand that it takes courage and the utterance of truth to spark reform in Eritrea. The masking of the blemishes of the PFDJ with some foundation and word-smithing will not usher in reform. Reform entails destroying “mal-thought” not just “mal-aria” and if this “mal-thinking” is embedded in the person, it cannot be surgically removed from him as it has been intricately tapestried into every cell of that person.
    Today I stand in front the esteemed awate members and on my shoulders I carry a pebble to symbolize the proverbial rock to ask for your forgiveness of the following:
    1. For blacking mailing Eritrean as Woyane lackeys while the Woyane lackey in chief is the head of PFDJ.
    2. for dancing away the night the victims of Lampedusa were mourned by Eritreans and the world, an event that terrorized humanity
    3. For saying, it takes a Newton (a genius) to milk 90 million people. I was educated, my folks prospered by their hard work in Ethiopia, but Ethiopia provided the opportunities. I also carry the same symbolic rock and ask for your forgiveness for giving Eritrean bad name by employing PFDJ vulgarism that I have come to understand, it is un Eritrean and the very anti-thesis of our Ghedli
    When am done with the pebble, I will throw it at PFDJ and when my pebble is added to yours it will make a boulder that will crash PFDJ and on whose rubbles we will build a just society that we all aspire to and I am delighted to be part of this aspiration, yes this aspiration of generations of Eritreans
    I hereby call on Nitricc and Gheteb to join me to cross the chasm from darkness to Light. I also pledge that no Eritrean should be left behind from relishing this aspiration. It is in your to aspire and I decide to aspire instead of mendaciously defining reform to mean applying make up to hide the ugliness.

    Your truly Ted:
    “truth is liberating, but it starts aspiring for light”

    CC: Hayat Adem, the great MS and Semere Andom

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Ladies and gentlemen
      And here begins the battle of awate’s satirists.Just play it clean.

    • Ted

      Dear Semere,

      I wrote it to you in a moment of weakness, you shouldn’t have shared it here. It was written when The desire to belong to a group was high, the yearning to be counted worthy to be apart of something that is bigger than me, to give my life meaning, the reason to live otherwise bland living. That is where it hit me and wrote to you, The Toronto gangsta Semere Andom. The man who takes lost souls under his wings and make them worthy of a cause, no matter what a cause. The man who terrorizes people and get paid for it, not to mention the recognition and acclaim from dedebit of Africa to the concrete jungle of America. I envied your reckless and boisterous living But it was not meant to be, you rejected my application. I wasn’t focused. I don’t have what it take to be in your group. I lack anger, hate and vindictive nature.
      The Great, Nitricc and all, i apologize for my lack of judgement. It wont happen again.
      Semere, It was witty response in its context that (Abi) justified deportation by accusing(Eritrean) for milking his country(Ethiopia). it is how “it takes a genius to milk 90 million cows” came about. Don’t lie i didn’t write this to you..

      • tes

        Dear Ted,

        Now you are diverting the 90 million case “Not for you.” Stay clean to whom ever it is. I hope you read what the banker said. Is she going to claim, “I only wrote to Mizaan1. If you write, what ever it is and to whom ever it is, stick with it. Only then you will be honored for your words. Swifting makes you a chaff.


        • selam

          Dear tes
          please stop it , i already saw your comment to none eritrean and ethiopian website about the military intervention to Eritrea. Stop it. I know why you are after me. I understood you perfectly. I am not going to tell to awatesita.

        • tes

          Dear tes,

          Gual hidirtina is getting mad at you. You are now under strict spy. You are detected posting about your support for Ethiopian inrevention and your blessing. The hypocrite knows you very well. You will hide from no one.

          Haha, gual hidirtina is now crazy at you. She is opening her file against your recent involvement and secret meetings with Hayat Adem. Fool yourself, the banker is much smarter than you think no matter how smart you are.

          Haha; tell her not disclose the web-site you visit secretly. She is even not merciful to the monk. You are nothing in front of her. The bad news is, she knows everything about you. No way to escape tes, the modern farmer (as Fanti Ghandi prefers to call you). Haha


  • YAY

    ዝከበርኩም አሕዋት፡ ናትኩም ንሕናን ዕላማናን የድሊ ኣሎ

    ኣባላት ናይ ሓደ ዝዀነይኹን ጉጅለ፡ ኣብ ናይ ሓባር አረኣእያታት ወ መትከላት ወ ዕላማታት ዓሲሎም፡ ሓደ ናይ ሓባር መደብዕዮ ወኒኖም፡ ብሓደ መሪሕነት ተጠርኒፎም ወ ተማእኪሎም ብንቕሓት እናተኣልዩ፡ ብተግባር ምስ መስዋእቱ ንዕላማታቶም ክዉን ንምግባር፡ ከምኡውን ንውድባዊ ተመኩሮኦም ብዝሓሸ ሓሳባት ወ አሰራርሓታት ብምትካእ፡ ብምሉእ ተወፋይነት ወ ተዓጻጻፍነት እንተ ዘይሰሪሖም፡ ኣብ ኪበጽሑዎ ዚኽእሉ ሸቶ የለን። ውጽኢቱ ድማ እቲ ጉጅለ ኣብዘለዎ ጋምማን ኪረግጽ ኪነብር እዩ ወይ ድማ ኣባላቱ ፋሕ ኪብሉ እዮም።

    ተንቃሳቒሱ ፍረ ዘየፍሪ ናይ ተቓውሞ ጉጅለ ህዝቢ (ማለት ዘይተጠርነፈ፡ብውልቀሰብ ደረጃ) አይጽንበሮን እዩ፡ ህዝቢ እንተዘይተጸንቢሩዎ ድማ ልክዕ ከም ዕንጨይቲ ዝጎደሎ ሓዊ ጠርቆሽ እናበለ ቅሂሙ ይጠፍእ።

    መንእሰያት ኤርትራ ኣብ ፈቐዶኡ “ወይ ክብ ወይ ግብ” ብዝብል መሪሕ መትከል ተበጊሶም ዝ ህንደዱ ዘለዉ ይመስል ይሃልቁ ኣለዉ፡ እሞኸ፧ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ኢናስ ትብሉ ኣለኩም፡ንዓኣቶም እንታይ እንተገበርኩምሎም እዩ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ፍትሒ ኣረጋጾም ዝብሃል፧

    ሰብ ገንዘብመዓላ ኣብ ኤርትራ መጺኦም ስራሓት ኪኸፍቱሎም፧ ኣብ ወጻኢ ምስ ወጽኡ መዕቆቢ ክትገሩሎም፧ ዘተኣማምና መራክብ ክትረኽቡሎም፧ ናይ ሽርካ ማሕበራት መስሪትኩም ስራሕ ብምሃብ ኣብ ሃገሮም ኮፍ ከምዝብሉ ክትገብሩ፧ ከም ዜጋታት ኤርትራ ንመንግስቲ ግብሪ ከፊልኩም ከምዚ ይገበር እናበልኩም ንመራሕቲ ኤርትራ ዋላ ብካልእ ነገራት እንተተቃወምኩሞም ምእንቲ ውልቀታት ህዝብኩም ብድጋፍ መልክዕ ክትሳተፉ፧ እንታይ ወ ንመን እዩ እቲ ፍትሒ ትብልዎ ዘለኹም፧ ፍትሒ ንውልቀሰባት ህዝቢ፧ ፍትሒ ንጉጅለታት ህዝቢ፧ ፍትሒ ንውልቀሰባት፧ ፍትሒ ብሃገራዊ ድሕነት ምኽንያት ንዝተቐየዱ፧ ፍትሒ ንኣሰርቲ ተጠርጠርቲ፧ ፍትሒ ንፕረዚደንትነት ኤርትራ፧ ፍትሒ ንዋና ኣዛዚ ሰራዊት ሓይልታት ምክልኻል ኤርትራ፧ ፍትሒ ንሬሳታት ግዳያት ላምፐዱሳ ዝጽበዩ ዘለዉ ኣዝማድ፧ ፍትሒ ንክዋነት ኤርትራ ኣብ ናይ ኢትዮ ኤርትራ ግርጭታት፧ ፍትሒ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብሃገር ወይ ዞባ ወይ ወረዳ ወይ ንኡስ ወረዳ ወይ ነቝጣ ደረጃታት ብቅዋም ወይ ሕግታት ንኪመሓዳደር፧ ፍትሒ ነቲ ሕግታት ሃገር ደጊሙ ዝምርምር ወ ቅ ዋም ዝነድፍ ዘሎ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ፧

    ናትኩም ንሕናን ዕላማናን ዝጽበ ዘሎ ሓውኩም

    • Mizaan1

      YAYYYYYY, we have one Eritrean left behind. Nitricc, please help.

    • ghezaehagos

      Selam Haw YAY,
      Allow me to respond briefly in English.
      I will put aside your suggestion to support the Eritrean regime financially.
      Here is my point: If you really believe Eritrea is n need of desperate and imminent change, why wait for OTHERS, why not mobilize your like-minded Eritreans (if you don’t want to associate with failed organizations) and do it YOURSELF? This is nation is for all of us? Mish d’o? You are part of the people as I am and as the other Eritrean. Then why should this historic mission of saving our people, saving our nation be left to the opposition only? Let us say they failed; how is that going to help the hellish situation in Eritrea?
      What is so weird about your line of thinking as some others in this forum is if you believe the opposition has failed in many regards, WHY do you expect it or wait for it to succeed in changing the situation in Eritrea? Shouldn’t this motivate you to step in and be the agent of change as the situation in Eritrea is so dire and so critical? I am very sure when you or others do good things for Eritrea, people will take notice and they will follow…
      I believe every single Eritrean has a duty to work for change if we are going to get the change we need. Waiting for the opposition to do the job is very, very misguided and is absconding one’s citizenry duty. If we love Eritrea and we believe we deserve better, let us show it by working towards change…..and let us do it whichever way we want it…because I am pretty sure we will meet somewhere as the aspirations are one and the same…until then, n’kebaber!

      • YAY

        ዝከበርካ ገዛኢ፡ ንእቲ ነገር ጎሲኻ ናብ ጓል ነገር ምዝባል ንሽግር ናይ ተቓወምቲ ኣይፈትሖን እዩ

        ማሕሙድ ሳልሕ ዘልዓሎ ኣርእስቲ፡ ምድኻም ወ ምፍንጫላት ደምበ ተቓውሞ ሰጊርካ ብሓንሳብ ኪሰርሑ እንታይ እንተተገብረ ይሓይሽ ዝብህል ኰይኑ፡ ናይ መወዳእታ መልሱ ከኣ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ኤርትራውያን ተራኺቦም ብዕቱብ ኪዘራረቡሉ ከምዘለዎም፡ ብፍላይ ናይ ተቃወምቲ መራሕቲ ናብ ውልቀ ኣባላት ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ቀሪቦም ምኽሪ ወ ልቦና ይስነቑ ዝብህል ይመስለኒ።

        ርእስኻ ግን፡ ነቲ ኣርእስቲ ጉዳይ ብዛዕባይ ጌርካዮ። ኣነ ብሓፈሻኡ ብቅዋም ወ ብሕጊ መሰረት ጉዳያት ሃገር ዘሳልጥ ዝውድብ ዝሰርዕ ዝፍጽም ረፓብሊካዊ ወይ ብወከልቲ ህዝቢ ዝምራሕ ህዝባዊ መንግስቲ ኪምስረት ግድን ኣድላዪ እዩ በሃላይ እየ። ይዅን እምበር እዚ ለውጢዚ ንካልእ ሓፈሻዊ ኵነታት ኤርትራ ኣብ ግምት ከይ አእቶኻ፡ ከምቲ ርእስኻ ዝብሀልካዮ ህጹጽ ወ ሕጂ ብጸደፍደፍ ለውጢ የድሊሎ ኣይብህልን። ናቱ መስርሕ ኪህልዎ ምዃኑ ፍሉጥ እዩ።

        ምስ ከም ናትካ ርእይቶታት ዘሎዎም ተሓባቢርካ ዘይትንቃሳቐስ ብምብሃል ምኽሪ ስለዝለገስካለይ አመስግነካ። እቲ ቀንዲ ኣርእስቲ ግን እኮ ናተይ ጉዳይ ኣይኮነን። ካብቲ ናይ ማሕሙድ ኣርእስቲ ወጺእካ። ድሓር ድማ እዘን ናይ ተቃወምቲ ጉጅለታት ውዱቓት ፍሹላት ምኳነን ኩሉ ዝመስከሮ ሓቂ ብምኳኑ፡ ስለዚ ስለምንታይ ካብዘን ውዱቓት ጉጅለታት እዚ ኣተን ጽቡቕ ፍረ ትጽበ፧ ብሂልካ ሓቲትካኒ፣ ንኡድ ሕቶ እዩ። ኣነ ኣብ ኤርትራ ህጹጽ ወ ሕጂ ብጸደፍደፍ ስርዓታዊ ለውጢ ከምጽኣ ኣይክእላን እየን በሃላይ እየ፡ ኣይጽበየንን እየ። ነቲ ናተይ ቀንዲ ነጥቢ ብዓብዪኡ ኣይሓዝካዮን። ናተይ ነጥቢ፡ እዘን ናይ ተቃወምቲ ጉጅለታት፡ ከምቲ ዘውሳእኩዎ፡ ውሽጣዊ ለውጢ ክሳዕ ዘይገበራ ዘፍርይኦ ቍምነገር ኣይኪህልውን እዩ እየ ዝብህል ዘለኹ። ዋላ ከምቲ ማሕሙድ ሳልሕ ዝብህሎ ዘሎውን እንተተገብረ፡ ብዘይውሽጣዊ ለውጥታት፡ከምቲ ናይ ቅድመን ባህርያተን ኪደጋግማ እንተዘይኰይነን። እዚ “ደለይቲ ፍትሒ” ኢና ዝብሃል ዘሎ ዘረባታት ግና ንኪርድኣኒ ፍትሒ ብዛዕባ ኣየናይ ጕዳይ፧ ፍትሒ ንመን፧ ብሂለ ከም ዓሻ ሓቲተ ንሓተትቲ ከምትቕልዑ እየ ክገብር ዝፍትን ዘለኹ። ነዚ ሕቶታዚ ካብ ምምላስ ኪሃድም ዝፍትን ደላይ ፍትሒ ንእቲ ዝጭርሐሉ ዘሎ ፍትሒ ብግቡእ ዘይርድኦ ከይኸውን እስከፍ። እዚ ወደሓንካ።

        • ghezaehagos

          Kubur Haw YAY,
          The root cause and SINGLE of the Eritrean plight is the Isaias regime in Eritrea; not the opposition. Period. Hence tell us how you would like to deal with the Eritrean regime if you believe we need change? You have as much right as the next Eritrean to organize for change.
          As for the ‘deleyti fithi’, the phrase broadly encompasses those Eritreans who believe Eritreans deserve justice and dignity. And that is long overdue. Nothing complicated.

          • YAY

            ዝከበርካ ገዛኢ፡ ንእቲ እትብህሎ ዘሎኻ ብህድኣት ክትርእዮ ይሓይሽ

            “ካብ ሳዕሳዕካስ ተቖጻጸ” እንድዩ ዝብሃል፡ ንዓይ ተወዲብካ ክትቃለስ ኣሎካ እናበልካ ካብ ትደክም፡ ንርስኻ ውዱብ ስለዝኾንካ ብእቲ ኣተሓሳስባኩም ወ ኣካያይዳኩምስ ክትዕወቱ እትኽእሉ ኣይኮንኩምን፡ ወይ ግደፍዎ ወይ ድማ ከም ውዱባት መጠን ቀይሩ እናብሀልኩ እኮ እየ ኣግሂደ ከይበቐቕኩ ዝነግረካ ዘለኹ። ኣብ ኤርትራ ንዘሎ ኵነታት እንኮ ሱር ወይ ኣመንጫዊ ናይ ኢሳያስ ስርዓተመንግስቲ (ህግደፍ ማለትዩ)እምበር ተቃወምቲ ኣይኮኑን ዝብህል ኣረኣእያ ዘይቅኑዕ ኣገላልጻ ውሁብ ኵነታት ኤርትራ ስለዝኾነ ንምንቅስቃሳትኩም ሓሓንኲሉ ዘውድቖ ዘሎ።

            ህግደፍ ሃገራዊ ሓይሊ ምኳኑ እመኑ፡ ሰላም ብውዕል ኢትዮ-ኤርትራ እምበር መሬት ኤርትራ ንወያነኣዊ ኢትዮጵያ ብምውሃብ ከምዘይርከብ ተገንዘቡ፡ ንስደት ኤርትራውያን ናይ ህግደፍ ጉድለታት ጥራይ ከምዘየትለዎ ካልእ ሕልኽልኻትውን ከምዘለዎ ኣስተብህሉ፡ ብቅዋም ወ ሕግታት ክምራሕ ኣብ መስርሕ ኣለኹ ካብ ብሀለ ምእንቲ ኪፍጸም ስርሑ ተሳተፉ ደርኹ፡ ምንቅስቃሳትኩም ብፍላይ ብሃገራዊ ጸጥታ ምኽንያት ንዝተቀየዱ ንምፍታሕ እንተኰይኑ ድማ ዕላማ ኣነጺርኩም ዕየዩ፡ ኤርትራ ጸላእቲ ከም ዘለዉዋ ናጽነት ሃገር ወ ድሕነት ህዝቢውን ኪሕሎ ከምዘለዎ ኣሚንኩም ስርሑሉ። ወያነ ወጻኢታቱ ሸፊኖም ተኣከቡ ንህግደፍ ኣጸልሙ እንተብሀሉኩም ንግዜኣዊ ኮነ ንሓዋሩ ጥቅምታት ኤርትራ ዘይሕሉ ምዃኑ መርሚርኩም ብጥበራኦም ኣይትዳህለሉ ወዘተ። ንሕናስ ኣይንቅይርን ኢና ትብህሉ እንተኰንኩም ግና ከምዛ ክሳዕ ሎሚ ዝረአይኩምዋ “ኣብ ዘለካዮ ርገጽ” እያ እታ ውጽኢታ፡ ድምኻም ወ ፋሕጭንግራሕ እያ እታ ትርፋ።

            “ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ማለት ብጠቅላላ ኤርትራውያን ፍትሒ ወ ክብረት ይግብኦምዩ ኢሎም ንዝኣምኑ ዘጠቃልል እዩ” ብሂልካ ብዝሃብክዮ መግለጺ ተመስገን ግን ካብቲ ዘተሓሳስበኒ ጉዳይ ኮይኑ ተረኺቡሎ ይመስለኒ። ብዓንዲሕጊ ህግደፍ መሰረት ኩሎም ኣባላት ህግደፍ ኤርትራውያን ፍትሒ ወ ክብረት ይግብኦምዩ ኢሎም ዝኣምኑ እዮም። ተቃወምቲ ድማ ንኣምን ኢና ትብህሉ ኣለኹም። ናይ ሓባር እምነትኩም ካብ ኮነ ምስ ኣባላት ህግደፍ ተሓባቢርኩ ክትሰርሑ እምነትኩም ይእምተልኩም ዶ ኣይኮነን ዘሎ ደኣሞ፧ ክብረት ማለት ድማ ከም ፍጡርሰብ መጠን ሰብኣዊ ክብረት ብሓፈሻ፡ ካብ ኡ ወጻኢ ግን ሕብረተሰብ ንዝያዳ ዝጠቅሞ ወይ ጥቅሚ ኪረኽበሉ ዝትስፈወሉ ዝያዳ ክብረትዩ ኪህብ እንርእዮ። ንኣብነት ንሰራቂ ማዕረ ዘይሰራቂ ክብሪ ኣይህቦንዩ። ንጻዕረኛ ካብ ሃካይ ዝያዳ ክብረት ይህቦ። ስለዚ እቲ ቀሊል እዩ ብሂልካ ዝገለጽካዮ ቃላት ፍትሒ ወ ክብረት ኪንጸር ዘድልዮ ኣምራት ኣለዎ። ተቃወምቲ ዘነጸርክምዎ ኣሎዶ፧ እዚ ወደሓንካ።

          • ghezaehagos

            Haw YAY,
            I will again skirt the lies Isaias inculcated in you about opposition and woyane. I can respond in kind too that you are being paid by PFDJ blahah, blah. But to what purpose!
            Ne’A de’a! guday hager n’teqawemti asekimka nebska hara migbar abi nay tarik geben iyu!
            This nation of us belongs to all of US. What the opposition does, its failures, its successes, whatever it has SHOULD never be your excuse. Let us say for all your suggestions, the opposition won’t LISTEN to you….So why indulge in something so futile? The solution is to come up with your OWN…CAN YOU DO THAT? You have hundreds of thousands Eritreans who are ‘waiting’ for you and others to persuade them. Get to work to mobilize them under any of your strategies..bdlyaka strategy….Tray sirah…!
            State of Eritrean affairs is not ‘wuray’ teqawemti; we are not talking about family/private matters of members of the opposition. Mish ezi guday hager iyu!
            No one should leave the cause of Eritrea to opposition. We all have equal stakes in the present and in the future….hence, instead of hiding behind the failures of opposition, isn’t for you step and take up the reins because if we lose our Eritrea tomorrow (God forbid) what good does it do to anyone?

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ya Abu Semere

    ኢትትሀመል መለሀይ። Ted is shrewd; he’s economical with words; he’s careful, he knows what buttons to punch. He is going to drag you to the killing zone. This is my humble advice, because both of you happen to be people I can’t afford watching wreck each other. Both of you have strengths that I find interesting. And here is Semere what I consider the killing zone:

    Since both of you hold opposing positions:

    Ted is going to exploit every word you say in reference to your well known blanket condemnation of ghedli. I don’t think you deny this; I could bring many other melodramatic statements; sometimes, frankly, quite annoying, and they serve no purpose in our current discussions of finding solutions; they become unhelpful propositions and descriptions that don’t really help us out but create contention and division among forummers. The last such thing I read was when you said female tegadelti were sold to Arabs. You know that was not the case. Semere PFDJ has shortchanged us in regard to the ideals of our struggle (ghedli)- and I read you reflect to this fact, I heard you reexamining and re-defining what you meant by “the alliance of killers” for instance, that you strictly meant it signified the small circle which was eliminating individuals who had a promise in order for that circle to create preconditions which lead to what PFDJ is today. I saw you redefining statements you said under the heat of the moment. I don’t think at heart level, both of you are different. Both of you have strong convictions that PFDJ has become dangerous to the welfare of our country. Both of you believe the current system needs to be changed. The rest is about cool conversations. Just because Ted tried to ambush you, you should not let your mind misfire and miscalculate. Avoid statements that don’t add immediate value to the topic at hand, and never speak in order to drive the other party nuts. You are a veteran of this forum and by now you should know the stakes are higher. it isn’t about landing personal counter-punches, anymore. What I mean is stay course, on your latest comment: let’s do what we can to get the discussion move towards positive phase while fully aware that in normal situations Eritreans could be politically as nasty as it could get, but the situation is is not normal. The situation demands focusing on common things we agree upon and moving forward ; the common ground for both of you is that you want to see a normalcy where we the people reclaim the ownership of defining Eritrea’s future; where we the people assume control of our lives and the business of our government. The prelude to that state is the bringing of PFDJ to its knees. And to do that let’s use language that the majority understand. We may curse and label PFDJ any thing (ranging from repressive to NAZI and ISIS),it will still be standing there unless we win the people supporting it; or win enough popular support that rattles its foundation. Using accepted and definitions will help us avoid wasting time on minor issues.

    You know ideologically and tactically EPLF/pfdj≠ ISIS, period.
    So, why do you trap yourself in an obviously unproductive cycle of clarifications, we all say things we should not say under duress.
    As I have always tried to remind you, the revolution was not a cake walk. It had contained every conceivable things other social groups/movements manifested: treachery, liquidations of presumed opponents, narrow mindedness, opportunism, etc. At individual level, it harbored spies, rapists, thieves, torturers, etc. At policy level, it went through an evolution that was full of blunders and setbacks (in both domestic and international relations related areas). But with all that it’s characterized by its overarching qualities that makes it rare. That revolution and those who perished in sustaining it belong to you as much as they belong to Ted. One of the constraints, I believe, that’s has challenged efforts of mobilizing our people is that some of us are seen by the public cursing or down playing what they see important to them. The mind should act in a way that taps into this potential (Eritreans strong connection with their struggle, and their living memories of that era in order for our hearts to get soothed by eliminating the cause that keeps anguishing them.

    • Semere Andom

      Hayis Mahmud:
      Thanks for writing this comment. Great contribution!

    • Hayat Adem

      Dear Mahmuday,
      I like and thank you for your many good contributions here. But, please, do not try to unSemerize the Semere. Do not advise him to pull in his claws. Every single word this gentleman has said is fairly defensible. I can stand by all the statements he has made in this forum thus far. It is not that he is infallible but his default position lends him advantages to be most likely on the right side than on the wrong side. I do appreciate to be always applying some level of political correctness in matters and exchanges pertaining personal and social issues in light of human dignity and social norms. But people who shatter the artificially mystified taboos in and around political organizations are actually my heroes. Semere’s unreservedness is his unique element and what makes him a free thinker. Do not try to take away that from him. I like to see your wise interventions but I like them to target the right persons. Ghedli is political history. It is not a holly religion or a holly culture. There is nothing untouchable holly grail about it. It has to be discussed inside out and without feel of shame. You can criticize the past ghedli mercilessly and demand still change now (Semere). They are not incompatible. You can also support past ghedli and demand change now (Ted). They are not incompatible either. But, I want to continue enjoying the undiluted Semere and everyone should be inspired by the free thinkers not by the cunning ambushers. Ted is the one who said “it takes a genius to milk 90 million people”. Semere has never made, can never make such a bizarre statement. That is what I call the misfire or bad fire of the mind. If you have to advise for sanity, you should target Ted not Semere.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Hayat:
        Oh, thank you so much
        is Cuz Gheteb listening, I will say I do now 🙂 ,Ted, this is a joke ( I do part I mean), please do not keep mentioning it every time I tell the truth 😉

        • Ted

          Dear semere

          To all residents of Toronto.

          RE; meeting, BETTER ERITREA.

          Since the invasion of Weyane 15 yrs a go Eritrea has gone through many challenges. Eritrea got its independence( thanks to Ghedli) but as we all know did not have the basic foundation for a country to provide it people with basic necessities. To make matters worse the super powers have interfered in our affairs to undermine our country in many ways. i don’t have to tell you all since you know it and understand the hardship it causes on our people. the unjustified sanction is one of them. We need to stand with our Gov to challenge US and UN groups to reverse their misguided policy towards Eritrea and demand Ethiopia respect the rule of law.But it is not enough, we need to do our home work inside the country too. As you all know our country is in dire situation not only because of the outside conspiracy but also the mismanagement of Eritrean affairs by the Gov. We don’t have a rule of law where people are deprived their rights, freedom and aspiration. If these continues we will find our country in deeper trouble hard to salvage at the end. The meeting is to discuses First) the changes we like the Gov make for better Eritrea to end the suffering of the people and youth dying on Mediterranean Sea and second) to discuss how to pressure the Gov to comply with our demand.
          We are our only solution, not Don Connel or some other UN agencies.

          ” I maybe wrong about lots of things, but I am dead sure about this one”

          signed ,Semere Andom, Toronto.
          Awet Ni Hafash.

          NOTE; most you know me as an AssXXXX TPLF boot shiner 😉 It is not me now, i know better . I believe to work with the government as partner and reform it for the better and i decided to working with not terrorizing you, and i apologize for the past nasty behavior of mine specially Adetat, it was uncalled for to break your gebenas;)

          Cc, Gheteb, Nitricc.

          • selam

            Dear Ted
            semere will never do such thing . He is better off With the shoe shining thing. Let him be there .

          • Ted

            Dear Selam,

            The new motto is no man left behind shining TPLF’s boots. We need to be in this together.

            Divided we sink, together we swim!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Ted,
            How does a citizen of a country that hasn’t a rule of law asks a rule of law from other countries? This is an irony of irony in the logic of human rational thinking. You sound from the highest order of hypocracy in the interstate and intrastate political engagement. Come on Ted be sensible when you engage.

          • Ted

            Hi Amanuel. Do you mean to tell me US or other Western country don’t respect my demand for rule of law because i came from Eritrea, It is Absurd but let me put a word in your mouth, you meant to say USA won’t help me respect the rule of law if i don’t reject the Eritrean Gov( who has not the rule of law). Things doesn’t work like that, It is about respecting their own written law than who is asking for it, be it Eritrean or Martian.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            The honorable Ted
            Wow! There you go. Semere the satirist, here comes the great Ted. Now the field of satire is getting competitive.

          • Ted

            Dear The Great, it is not satire, i hacked in to his computer, he is clumsy and predictable. His pass word is Meles Zenawi, no space.;)

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Ted:
            You said of Semere: “…he is clumsy and predictable.His pass word is Meles Zenawi, no space.;)”
            And you are unpredictable and adroit because you split one word, “password” with a space:)

          • Nitricc

            Hi Ted, lol you are in trouble; she is going to come to get you lol. she already went off at Mahmuday. you said
            “signed ,Semere Andom, Toronto.
            Awet Ni Hafash.”

            Ted. little correction though; it should read
            “ Semere Andom “Gimbar” Toronto”
            “Awet Ni Hafash”
            Since he thinks he is fighting PFDJ lol; it is appropriate we include the “front” (gimbar) out there to acknowledge the only fight he is fighting is his own weight.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam Gual Adem
        Thanks, but semere could defend his position. And then, you want to project yourself as a free thinker through Semere’s defense. Hayat Habtey, “free thinkers” could only be identified so in relative terms. All socially conscious thinkers are trying to influence certain social trends, so it is farcical talking of free thinkers. Even with that caveat in order, I would not place you, Semere and anyone else in the forum as a free thinker. But the point is that semere understands what my message was meant to be. Regarding ghedli, while you have made your position abundantly clear, and I have respected your right to define it the way you feel is appropriate, I have the same right to defend those who gave their lives so that others may live decently. No one defended ghedli in blanketing terms. The current turbulence is not their sin. We will keep their ideas and dreams alive by helping ourselves create a political system where those dreams flourish.

        • Hayat Adem

          Hi Mahmuday,
          I agree, thoughts are relative. But the thinking process could be less dependent and and less herdly (relatively speaking of course). One thinks based on a given, the other outside a box. Those distinctions should be appreciated. Ghedli holiness is a box. If I have to worship it I would love to after testing its merits from outside not by accepting it as a given holly covenant. But I recognize your right to see it the way you choose. Allow the Semeres also to see it with a free lens.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Hayat,
            Understood, and that’s why I said you have the right to choose lens. I guess that would tell you that I do also respect Semere’s viewpoint. I would also like to let you know that semere is a strong guy who could articulate his position. You said similar things. in the case of nitrikay, as if I was mentoring him.. So, all I want to tell you is that these folks are fierce debaters. So, Hayatey, Semere will be around for sometime, no need of panicking, cheers.

          • Hayat Adem

            Dear Mahmuday,
            It is different. With Nitricc, it was about more nitriccizing him. With Semere, it is more about unsemerizing him. You would have helped more by switching the type of treatment for both. And it was not out of worrying about losing Semere nor out of wanting to irritate you. Semere is firm and free to stand his ground, whatever ground. You are a greatly respected man for me to have wanted to stick my nose on your way.
            Love and peace,

      • Abi

        Hi Hayat
        A MAjOR correction!!!!
        Ted said it takes a genius to milk 90 million COWS. He didn’t say people. According to him we are not people yet.

        • Hayat Adem

          Dear Abi,
          When I thought it was the worst, you are telling me that it was even worse!?

          • Abi

            Dear Hayat
            It hurts specially when it comes from someone who lived in ethiopia.
            It is worse than LT’s ” ethiopians are animals ” famous speech. Or worse than a parade in asmara with ” Amhara ” donkeys.

  • Hayat Adem

    As much as it delights you when Tigriyans are insulted, it pains me. Now, think for a second who, you or me, is reacting normal here. Any weirdo who takes immense solace from insulting an entire people, not just the next door so close relatives of our own but anywhere in the world, is sick and in pain. That kind of person is always a liability to everyone on earth.
    You are a face of shame who have no value to add for Eritrea. Yours is even of a different special class. I can and I do enjoy you. Sometimes, I smile when I happen to be triggered to think of you. You are surely an interesting case but totally beyond my pay grade yo decipher, I have never known a person who hates and flogs the horse he is sitting on on an enjoyable ride. It might take the mind of a seasoned anthropologist like Professor Asmerom to explain complicated people you.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Araya,
    Ere besme’ab bel bejakha!
    Revenge is mine says the lord! Romans 12:19

    • Abi

      Hi Fanti
      If I were Ayaar I would have said read Romans 13:1-3 , 13:6 back to you. I’m glad he didn’t see it.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Abi,
        I understood what Araya was trying to say, but the joke was too tempting to pass. 13-6? tew Nitricc gar endataTalagn. (I saw it by the way).

        • Abi

          Hi Fanti
          Ayin yetefeTerew hulun lemayet new.
          BTW, have you read ” vendetta ” by Marie Corelli? A must read. Please don’t tell me you have not yet.

          • Fanti

            Hello Abi,
            I am sorry to say no I haven’t. Should I get it and put it as number 27 with my “read soon” collection?

            (Be kind Abi. I brought a ton of books from Addis including “and le’natu” which was my 9th grade Amharic text book, and I am still on book #3)

          • Abi

            How many years are you planning to live? Or is it already Rev21:4 ? By this rate you will be reading sitting by the side of Jesus.
            BeQegnu yawlih

          • destaa

            Dear Fanti,
            And Lenatu is narrated beautifully in Sheger FM. The introduction by Dejene Tilahun is also very nice. Here is the link if you are not aware of it

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello destaa,
            Thank you so much Desta. I will listen to it as soon as I finish the book. I am testing myself to see how much I remember from 9th grade (it was our text book at Atse Yohannes Mekele). I had practically memorized that book then. Thanks again.

            How many years am I planning to live? I have added and averaged all of my relatives who died of old age and added 5 years in my advantage for better health care then subtracted 7 years for bad air (cars and what not) and I came up with 93 years old. That a lot of books if you ask me.

          • Abi

            Hakim aydelem medhanitu
            destana selam new abinetu
            Tesfah yilemlim birhanih yidmeq
            Kepoletikana kehakim raq
            Edmehim yirzem ende matusala ende abraham
            Kezih yeteshale mirqat yelem

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Gheteb,

    Being an ardent opposer against PFDJ policy and lawlessness doesn’t make anyone “a person of vendetta” with a “sense of revenge”. For any irrational person or a person who seek to make a political tariffs for a political organization of his affinity, surely will use it as a false shield to protect from the political onslaught that comes from his/her adversary. That is precisely what you are exercising. So you are ridiculing Semere and others who have similar opinion in this forum. I thought you have the knack (a special talent and skill) to debate with Haile-TG on substantive issues, albeit it becomes a misplaced perception on my side and with many in this forum.

    Hailat brought the philosophical argument of the “heart and mind” to pull you and the rest of the forum in order to transform the struggle. But you can’t avail either to rebut or to substantiate his take. Instead when issue of personality somehow pops up (about professor Asmerom) you jumped to throw your opinionated diatribe. Wordsmithing is not a debate. We don’t debate on words, we debate on “new and old ideas” to figure out its application for the resolution of our socio-politics.

    Gheteb, get serious about the predicament of our people and show your “heart” an aptly explained by Haile-TG, to the indirect and direct victims of the regime. The professor’s issue isn’t the issue of the oppressed Eritrean people. Mahmud’s article was a good springboard to a meaningful debate where Haile-TG further has broadened it with philosophical-humanity in to it. Your apathy to the issue they have raised is quit telling in regard to humanity and the degree of your rational Prowess.

  • said

    My simple question how do unite peoples HEART? Let alone the Eritrean opposition?
    First Haile welcome back and great see you bringing fresh ideas.
    There at least three kind of category of regime supporters. How you do change their heart and win them over ? flowing up with my last comments below .

    The first group the regime hard core supporters at seat at the bottom of pyramid , foolish ,ignorant and idiot the ears, eyes, of regime, they generates astonishing levels of hysteria, hate, bigotry, malicious, belligerent or both, hostile and threatening to every Eritrean inside mainly and disrupt and insult Diaspora opposition group.

    The second consists of those ordinary misguided sympathizer, some minority student, intellectual, writers, and apologist of Isaias regime.

    The fact and truth is that the fear-mongering and negative stereotyping and fact deniers, the supporters have always being with us existed and are out of control of realty and relentlessly hostile. HEART LESS Punch ?.

    But it is the third, and perhaps biggest and worst , group that should concerns all most: those tiny group of intellectual, commentators and writers(with MIND) who boast otherwise impeccable record as nationalist with good elitist credentials yet tend and pretend to be ignorant of the fact when they know much better of regime nature and they part and parcel contributor and constructer of the regime, their Eyes sees the crimes and their mind totally deny the fact . They close their eyes and their DEAD HEART, silent on the subject of Isaias regime crime and dictatorship ; the few remaining intellectual, commentators and journalists who cannot bring themselves to recognize regime crime , let alone, contribute, write, articulate and condemn, the growing prevalence of suffering of our people across Eritrea and abroad – or acknowledge the real simple fact that the targeting of a powerless people , indeed is a form of crime and collaboration with regime?

    Then if this who are our supposed nationalist and so called patriot intellectual, commentators and writers considered and see themselves as liberal moderates? That, of course, seems to be the implicit, indirect, insidious message: there aren’t any much. But if those of us who truly and compassionately out of love and humanity try to participate to find ways and means how to change the regime and contribute positively in public life and contribute to Eritrean political debate are constantly painted with a broad brush of not being truly nationalist suspicion and distrust, what hope is there for the tens thousands of young Eritreans who feel alienated, desperate, hopeless, slaved, deprived of their future and marginalized from any political process?

    First, for Isaias, power control and security concerns trump economic ones: and is closed, arrogant, unaccountable cultures that turn ordinary people into sociopaths.

    There are enough decent people with Big HEART and Great MIND . Who are not part of this [rotten political culture?]

    This is the grand illusion: that “decent Eritrean” will make all the difference. We know that in total power and dictatorship systems, decent people with Big Heart and Great MIND end up with two options: conform or be crushed. Happily we know for sure, there are always good, moral people who look at what’s happening around them and decide that they can’t live with themselves if they go along with it. Unhappily for some Eritrean, such people are almost always bullied, marginalized and destroyed. In bad dictatorship systems, the decent and dignified Eritrean is the freak, the oddball, the awkward crank who is not patriotic and nationalist, they are jailed, killed, dismissed or marginalized not one of us Isaias like boys blind followers with NO Heart and MIND of their own..

    Decent Eritrean with BIG HEAR are being eaten up by such Isaias criminal regime an indecent dictatorship system. The real challenge is to recognize that its indecency is not accidental but inherent.

    This is what Eritrean regime dictatorship systems does: they reward the compliant with loyal tribal approbation (done reward collaborators with NO Heart and NO MIND and with NO concussions ) and recast moral conscience as total negativity. The dictatorship system invert extreme altruism, using the instincts of decency – working co-operatively, being “in this together”, upholding a communal ethic – to normalize sociopathic criminal behaviour and make decency and dignity despicable. The one with big Hear and Great Mind. Even good intentions are useless in Eritrea with Isaias regime dictatorship. selectively may exit as not to generalise the whole and Very small number of them (collaborators) are individually in private life ,they might appear or they are decent, compassionate and well-intentioned but have lost their moral compass. Yet they ended up enabling and covering up the most horrific crimes against Eritrean. Why? Because they had too much to loss. Because they had to account to no one outside of their own dictatorship systems. Because they had a fierce loyalty to Isaias regime or simple personal and selfish interest.

    But that’s what the hard core at bottom of pyramid foolish and trolls want – to silence Eritreans, to deny a voice of freedom and liberty to a voiceless Eritreans. We will have to put up with their crime in broad daylight and abuse. But we all will for now. We all have no plans workable for now ? So, we dare we ask loudly who’s with us and who is for the regime ?

    It is hard to put a face to the torturers and murderers that have filled our common psyche in the past two decades or more . What exactly does a fellow citizen who beats and torture another to death look like? HEART less or MIND Less OR God less ?. In what dingy outpost of Dark Age civilization do these deeds occur? The place is ERITREA.

  • Ted

    Hi Gheteb, when Semere is not busy painting Eritrean flag on Weyane tanks in Tigray, he is in Toronto terrorizing Eritrean women and children going to community hall. The good professor poured a cold water on his vindictive intent on the group he called Eritrean ISIS( PFDJ). The enemy of the people? is understatement. Eritrea will be another Kosovo or Rwanda if people like him gets their way. If it is any reconciliation he has problem only with 5% of Eritreans who fought and liberated Eritrea, the rest are safe as long as they obey him/TPLF..

    • Peace!

      Dear Ted,

      Agreed! Those people are spooky and confused. If the opposition groups want to make some serious moves, they first need to expell blood sucking sell out cockroaches out of the camp before silent majority pours their support. Here we have people can’t distinguish between nation and government, and only thing in their mind is removing PIA regardless what happen to the country afterwards. It sounds more personal than saving the nation.


      • Ted

        Dear Peace. Look at the above Amanuel’s sermon about care and Heart. If they are honest , they would have asked themselves the same question. Honesty is what they missing ruining for those who are truely invested in the change struggle. People like Semere are submerged deep to their knee, they find no way out except to push the same nonsense for the rest of their life.

        I agree, they need to weed out the bad seeds.

        • haileTG

          Hi Ted,

          Let me interrupt you guys for a quick pointing out:

          When you said yesterday that:

          “He [MS] is not in the business of promoting himself or to appear he cares more than we do….”

          And you say today that:

          “[…Amanuel’s] sermon about care and Heart. If they are honest , they would have asked themselves the same question.”

          Isn’t the whole point that we as opposition, and specially the organized opposition, haven’t done it, haven’t asked ourselves those questions and hence we need to do so? Hence, wouldn’t that make your concern redundant? You would have been right if the point was that we claim to have done it and are asking the regime and its supporters to do it. But that isn’t the case.

          It sounds that you are saying you don’t buy it because you agree with it! The quick mind can be uncanny sometimes:-)

          • Ted

            Dear HTG, Amanuel is pure, no flaws, no nothing. That is the image he want to present to us, some call him Queshi Amanuel for the unsolicited advice he dispenses.. I try to point out that he is not pure as he thinks he is( he is a winner not a lover). that is all.

  • Hayat Adem

    I don’t really remember calling Nitricc adghi. But you can tell us that he is not.

    • Nitricc

      Dear Letekidan
      I don’t blame you i blame AT. now you are not only disregarding the salutations policy but you are insulting people. what don’t you go screw your self SOB.

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi Gheteb,
    Now don’t be ridiculous.
    *The professor’s reference to Tigray was very very uncivil, untrue and doesn’t say anything good about Eritrea more than it does say bad on and insulting the Tigreans. And yes, when you are valuing the mind more than the heart, all you say is about the differences and not the commonness. And when you are so crazy about the differences, they don’t have even to exist because you can invent them at will. In terms of cultural civilization, there can’t be a single social foundation whereby Eritreans can be different from Tigreans. But the mind can enslave you to make yourself an illiterate anthropologist.
    *The song you posted is a political song and the context of it is politics, in that case, the character represents the disadvantaged class and all his struggle as a fighter is geared to undo the system that victimizes him. It has no connection at all with the context the professor used it. The song is about saying No to state and system oppression. The relevance the message is to the extent Eritreans can rise up and say to their PFDJ oppressors.
    *And you know all this. Why are you trying to reason out the unreasonable. You know PFDJ is bad because it were not, we wouldn’t have been in this mess. You also know the justice-seeking opposition is very weak because if it were not, the problem would have been solved. And you know Eritrea can’t afford to continue in the status quo because that would mean continue letting the exodus, the NS, the no-rule-of-law, the isolation, the sanctions, the no=peace-no-war, the incarceration, the incommunicado, the Mediterranean sinking, the Senai dismemberment and torture,etc…These are some of the things that add up to the grudge and sense of vendetta by the people. What one good reason do you ever have to stand guard of the status quo?

    • Rahwa T

      Dear Hayat,
      I was stuck for long as I had no idea how I compose my inner feeling and respond to him. Thank you very much for telling him what I wanted but failed to tell him.

      • Hayat Adem

        Dearest Rahwa,
        You are most welcome. We all should be bossed by the truth. The foxes naturally try to survive by outfoxing and call it a life. PFDJs try to do that and call it victory. Bad Party Foxes should be foxed away by the power of the truth.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    As we grapple to address the issues set for discussion by Mahmuday, let me also thank you all (including the chairman of the topic, Mahmuday himself) for your kind feedback to my response to his main article. Brother Bayan, thank you and thank you. I hadn’t seen the video and enjoyed it greatly, thank you for sharing it. And Hayat, thank you for the way you brought what was in my mind to a real life case scenario, spot on!

    In order to stay within the topic of discussion outlined by the main article, I think that I now need to try to explain where exactly does the gist of my input in the heart/mind analysis fit in within the purview of the overall dynamics of the Eritrean Justice seeking camp. After all, we know that sermon priests are very revered, yet least obeyed members of their community. Hence, I don’t want to have what I brought up to fall by the wayside as an abstract and yet too idealistic for for implementation at this junction.

    In fact at the heart of my approach here is something highly practical, less costly and most rewarding plan of action for the opposition organizations. To start with, if I run an opposition organization, the principal question I would ask is not if I can rescue the Eritrean people or not. Not at all. My question would be if can rescue my organization so that it can be relevant during the process of change that Eritreans would undoubtedly undertake to rescue themselves. In other words, when the people are finally take on the move to write history, will they consider my organization a credible entity to look up to or consider it irrelevant and resist it with the same zeal they would be resisting the regime at the time of change? It all boils down the simple fact that whether they think my organization CARES or not.

    The organization that I would run would have to be necessary and sufficiently be seen as one that cares in the eyes of the beholder. Caring isn’t about issuing a press release to condemn something that the people have already condemned. It is about reaching out and championing a move that works to compensate the loss or prevent the possible damage. In reality, it is not only the regime that ignores to address the peoples bread and butter issues, the organized opposition hasn’t either. To the dismay of many, when hundreds of Eritreans would be refugees are periled, the regime is preoccupied in marveling on results of cycling competitions and most organized opposition are blazing the paltalks and social medias chasing around some certain Bahabelom who run away from their organization and criticized the most honorable name with one thing or another. When emergency meeting is needed to address a certain headline crisis, the opposition organization are busy with crafting a document that is [allegedly] considered to chart the ultimate way forward for “uniting Eritreans”. They tend to spend their time most exclusively devoted to mind work, and this renders the absent from the people’s heart.

    If Abba Mussie Zeray or Dr Alganesh were to engage in political movement, they would have been able to easily connect with may for they have touched many hearts. If an Eritrean is periled somewhere it is unthinkable that they would consider any organized opposition would come to their aid. No one would set on risky journey, with emergency phone numbers of the many Eritrean National … fill the blank. Why would they? Because they wouldn’t look there for anything since there is none. But they know how to connect with others who do have something to offer.

    So, if Eritreans facing danger think that my organization is irrelevant, why would Eritreans resolving those dangers (making change) consider it relevant? People can THINK till their brains fry, yet it would mean NOTHING unless they care.

    Hence, every organization need to be authentically recognized as caring, then it can talk about planning and strategizing what it would do to respond to the demands placed on it by the people (out of their faith in its caring quality).


    • Mahmud Saleh

      Ahlan HTG
      Thanks for the follow up. I completely agree with you; and I can see that you have made the transition I asked you making ( tackling the symbolic “heart/mind” in their represented tangible real issue). I wish I had time but you depicted what I felt saying vividly.

    • Mizaan1

      Well put brother. By extension, we can see this phenomena in the Tewahdo Orthodox Church. There is no one who doesn’t know Abune Antonios is innocent as a newborn baby but you can see how people have been trying to taint him with crimes he is inherently incapable of committing. At his very old age and illnesses that come with old age, he is under house arrest. The church is split into. No need to repeat that movie that we have all seen but this is a great example to your heart/mind analysis.

      • selam

        Dear Mizaan
        I have no clue about this man , can you help me some . Who is he and what does he do ?
        I am asking this to know better and i guess you have posted about this issue long time ago.

        • Mizaan1

          Dear Selam, you are right. I don’t have too much time to waste because I know you know. You are not this young innocent nationalistic person. Because you give it away from time to time by saying things that can only come from a seasoned person. I can quote a few things but again, I have other things to do. You had already said you don’t care about some ‘useless priest’ a ‘long time ago.’ But I will just throw in one thing for you – he is the leader of 2 million people and he is held incommunicado in house arrest. The rest you can find out on your own if you care but atheists don’t care about religious people even if we are asking for a mere human rights restoration for an innocent person.

          • selam

            Dear mizaan
            You are right , i really do not care about him , especially his religion is not important for me. I was just curious , why you keep writing about this man. He is not important as you think. I just want you to drop the interest you have over him.

          • Mizaan1

            Dear Selam, thank you for being honest about your cruelty. The arrest of Abune Antonios is a human rights issue. It is not about his religion and what he believes in. He was arrested arbitrarily and no charges have been filed against him, just as in the G-15, and many others detained without any charges. If you are fighting for justice, you should be greatly interested in the fight to bring about justice all individuals arrested illegally. You telling me to drop my interest in a person, a revered person at that, being held in house arrest with no crimes whatsoever against the state or any human being, is very revealing about where you stand. The Patriarch spent his entire life in a monastery just sitting and praying, pure and simple. He was elected to be the third Patriarch of the Eritrean Tewahdo Church by the Holy Synod unanimously and brought to Asmara from his monastery. Please read haileTG’s heart/mind analysis and maybe you can start growing some compassion but it is a toll order for a PFDJista.

    • Hayat Adem

      These things you are putting for us are like healthy seeds ready to sprout. That is my heart. If we give the chance these seeds deserve, meaning: if we provide them with fertile soil, if we water them, and expose them enough to light they will grow to be full trees making a forest where every bit of natural and normal life manifests. I’m sensing in you that you are posing to unlock something even something greater. Please do so and never hold back.

    • Sarah Ogbay

      Haile hawey,
      I can not thank you enough for pointing out what exactly we are missing – the coordination of the mind and the heart. Some of us are too emotional and some of us are like machines without any compassion. The opposition leaders, groups and parties need to coordinate its heart (care) and mind (rationale, thinking etc). Unless people know they care for them, they (people) will be skeptical in their (leaders, parties and groups) abilities to lead the future Eritrea. Hence, they won’t support them. PFDJ is counting on this imbalance, skepticism and suspicion.
      And honestly how can you lead people you do not emotional attachment to? One has to love and care for the people to say one love my country.It is the love among us that makes us a society (people, countrymen).
      You have brought very good example of Abba Mussie and Dr Alganesh. We would all rally behind them as we know they care about us. Thank you again. What a great approach to unity!

      • haileTG

        Hello Dr Sarah,

        Thanks and what a beautiful way you summed it up as An Approach to Unity! Imagine the apparent discrepancy when a young person escaping from PFDJ Eritrea trusts a human trafficker to set him/her on a dangerous trip across a vast sea and lacks the confidence and trust on the opposition movement to come forward and speak to the latter’s media!! (Such was once a cause for lament by Assena’s Amanuel Eyasu). It is not lost to you (I am sure) that Care is very complex. It is only recognized as such through authentic evidence on the ground. Before we look at gorgeous pictures of Dr Alganesh receiving Italy’s highest prize of honor in service and note the Nobel Peace Prize nominee Abba Mussie Zeray’s humble acceptance of highest recognition bestowed upon a man, we need to look back at the authentic and organic events of their past that ushered them to such place. When Dr Alganash, heart broken by ordeals of few underage Eritrean refugees in the Sudan many years ago. She entered their lives as their de facto mother. Then leasing small land and purchasing few cattle and chickens whent on the ordous journy of transforming their lives. Soon the girls learned sewing and the boys farm managing. At the same time Abba Mussie was trying to reach persons periled at sea, making instant connections between those in trouble and those who could help. The call of duty to care took Dr Alganash to Sinai to face of terrible kidnappers and to fight it out in the desert against the brutes to wrench back the innocent victims. Equally courageous Abba Mussie was refusing to let go those stranded at sea to die quietly. He lost many to the brutal and ghastly sea and saved many by fighting relentlessly. When those at risk know better to treasure and carry the phone numbers of these giant fighters more than anything else as they make their death defying journeys, be it on the sea or across the desert, we can see the extent one can go when in the extreme ends.

        Not that everyone is as gifted as those people but organizations surly stand better chance to effect concerted efforts that marks them identifiable sources of care and safety. Care isn’t of course only needed at such drastic times, but at different levels and for different purposes. Even a well accomplished Eritrean diaspora family have a set of needs that require to be addressed in different ways. The extent could be different, the nature could be different and the impact could be different for different situations, but regardless it would put the organization at the center of people’s lives and hearts. It would give it many reasons to hold meetings, focus groups, fund raising and revenue generating tasks, and many more things that it would deploy its mind caliber on. With bigger responsibility, bigger fellowship, bigger experience, the organization becomes a peoples organization, by the people and for the people.

        This is why the heart should be doing its myogenic trick at the center of an organization. Repeated issuing of political documents, after political documents is not the answer, one has to get the credentials to produce those documents in the first place, which can only be attained in a verifiable and authentic manner.

        Take care for now.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Haile,
      Since you arrived (soon after I celebrate your arrival) , I decided to stop commenting as I want to learn and collect more information on how to narrow differnces. really you are the great. I will still continue to observe.

      • Bayan Nagash

        Dear KS,

        I share your sentiment in that when the likes of HTG write, one is compelled but not coerced to listen and want to just revel at the depth and the sensible way in which he uses the languge in which he makes his point, which has resonating power like no other.
        The late revered Nelson Madela’s insightful comment comes to mind: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Keep it flowing bro. HTG

    • SenaiErtrawi

      Dear Haile,

      We all agree the opposition groups are failing. My question is, if you know how to do it better/right, why not then try to do it yourself? People like Abba Mussie Zeray or Dr Alganesh do not just write about how Eritreans need help or how they should be helped – they do the helping themselves.

      “To start with, if I run an opposition organization, the principal
      question I would ask . . . .”

      Why “if I run”, why not try to run?

      Come on people, we do not have shortage of “afe-chele” people!

      • haileTG

        Selamat SenaiErtrawi,

        Personally speaking, there is something that I have been doing over the last several years. It is a work of the heart. It has been working really well but needs a lot more from my end to make it flourish abundantly. The nature of what I do isn’t suited for public discourses, as it has already been touching those it is intended to touch. All I can say is that if you known me personally, I can assure you that this type of question wouldn’t naturally cross your mind.

        Further, I understand that this are rather bad times and hence it is to be expected that rationally minds are greatly clouded by insecurities and desperation. It is the times that are stupid, I don’t blame it on you.

        However, I would have wished you engaged with the substance of what the article presented above and my suggestions there of. In reality, me or you (or anyone else) would be silly to set up a new organization now. We have what we have and the question was how to make them run better, move faster and deliver their promises. There are people running them and I hope that they are paying us some attention too.

        On a lighthearted note however, if you know Dr Alganesh and Abba Mussie have just got up and done it and you agree with what I said (given that you said “we’ll agree…”), why don’t you try to do it yourself than telling me to do it? Do we need super “afe chele” to tell the little “afe chele” that more “afe chele” are not needed???…see how intractable things get when launch on a slippery slope 🙂


        • SenaiErtrawi

          Selam Haile,
          Simple answer, unlike you, I don’t claim to know how to.

          • haileTG

            Hello SenaiErtrawi,
            You are a wise man. Thank you.

  • Semere Andom

    What Sal Saw And what iSem Saw: What Did You See
    Dear Awatista:
    Ask 20 Eritreans to summarizes what ails Eritrea in a sentence or two and you will receive different answers ranging from PFDJ, the opposition, CIA, the West, Woyane and even the Eritrean people themselves. What you will see missing is the intellectuals, the elite, who were privileged for one reason or another access to higher education and travel. Among these group is Professor Asmerom Legesse, an anthropologist, Harvard educated and a respected scholar, but I remember him from his chants of: “I am an Eritrean, I am an Eritrean, and I am an Eritrean” when he was intoxicate by IA in one of the meeting before the independence of Eritrea.
    A few days ago, Sal shared a video when the good professor was interviewed by someone who was not visible. Professor Legesse was smiling ear to ear and upbeat. He praised everything PFDJ from the land laws to their rebels days research based decisions. He mentioned that he was born in the same house he was born in. He profusely admired Eritrea as the land of laws. He also mentioned that Eritreans were law abiding unlike the people of Tigray, who relish in vendetta..
    From all these cousin Sal, the ever optimism awatista saw the infectious optimism of Prof Asmerom, his trust on the Eritreans and admired him for relinquishing lucrative living in the west and returning to his homeland .
    What your truly saw was the professor’s delusion, too happy, to woozy to the point of oblivious about the dire situation Eritrea and Eritreans are going through. Optimism in the face of challenging circumstance is an excellent human trait that many do not possess and if they do possess, it is a harbinger of their ultimate triumph. Eritrea fighters during the Ghedli were optimistic, but they were cognizant about the ongoing situation, the dangers that a particular cirmucmastance posed. They warned the youth about the road ahead that is fraught with danger, yet they called for perseverance and foresight, they did not deluded themselves.
    What I saw was a professor, who denied reality, a Harvard educated who was charmed by PFDJ for reasons I cannot fathom, whose giddy temperament was over the top. By swaddling himself of the land of laws he sermonized PFDJ’s message.
    I believe that if PFDJ left the people alone, the people would have governed themselves more lawfully than PFDJ is doing now. Even if PFDJ has also followed the charter that they have enshrined in 1987, Eritrea would have been in a far better situation. But to speak of the rudimentary villages laws that was bribe prone and corrupted and make it a distinguishing factor from the people of Tigray is intellectually dishonest and that is putting it politely. Eritrean Ghedli and that of Tigray fought bitterly to eradicate those corrupt feudalism laws that were serving repression and servitude and reduced the people to serfdom. I believe Ghedli in both countries more than mere territorial occupation but also of freedom and modernity and civilization.
    That is what I saw. What did you see?

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Ahlan ya wed Andom
      I did not watch the professor, but I have a feeling that your summary of him is not off the expected presentations of similar other PFDJ cadres. It would stand on its own even without mentioning the professor since PFDJ orientation is similar. Everything is concocted in the same lab (central PFDJ office) and you know who the chemist is. I would not throw a word from your comment. It is beautifully written, without emotional gaffs that semere is known for (sorry buddy); just excellent.

      • Semere Andom

        Vet Mahmud:
        Well, It was tempting, but I wrote your name with big fonts in front of me to remind of you and the tegadalti I admire:-)

      • Nitricc

        Hi Mahmuday. I am just reading your response to Semere and I am discombobulated with your take. This gutless coward told us; on this great forum, that EPLF is ISIS. What else can we expect from this guy? On this particular interview; Semere seems hurt by Dr. Asmerom’s referencing to Tigray. I think he is trying to get some attention from Hayat and Rahwa. So, weak!
        It is great interview and I wish we have more of it. I have to thank SAAY for bring it to our attention. The land and the horse and the rider analyses was very interesting.

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Hey Gen.Nit
          As I said, I didn’t watch the professor’s actual interview. I fully agree though with the summary semere presented in relation to the ideals of our popular revolution and what PFDJ has made of that popular revolution you are proud of. In addition Semere’s comment seems to fall within what’s expected of pfdj presentations. I will watch the video and give you my take later today if the teenagers let me do that.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Mahmuday; I know what you mean. My point is why is he even bothered with what EPLF do, does, did? He told us EPLF is ISIS. I don’t think any organization in the world is compared to ISIS’s today and this sell out, is comparing the great EPLF to this worthless ISIS. How dumb can someone be?
            Mahmuday; regarding the teenagers; do what my dad used to do. Drop them of in the library on the other side of your town. He used to do that trick when ever he wanted to get rid of me. It worked for him and it sucked for me. lol

          • Hayat Adem

            Nitricc advising Mahmuday: “Mahmuday; regarding the teenagers; do what my dad used to do. Drop them of in the library on the other side of your town. He used to do that trick when ever he wanted to get rid of me. It worked for him and it sucked for me. lol”

            Semere Andom whispering to iSemere: “And what did he (Nitricc’s Dad) get from that to cross-inspire Mahmuday to follow path!? lol:)

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Gen.Nit
            I listened to the professors interview
            1. On EPLF research works, which I personally experienced, and took part particularly on the data collection phase which was voluminous and detailed, I agree with him. It included familial lineage, economic status, village, clans tribal….interconnections, history, culture…very detailed mass of data. It continued for several years, then the base data was taken as references and every units of Jamahir (public administrations) were required to update the data; even the loss of an oxen was recorded. It had multipronged use: a/ as the professor has highlighted, it was instrumental in breaking feudal power structures; and gearing up the people towards one cause by understanding stirring agents and expectations.
            b/ assessing resources (human and material) and planning their use.
            2. On the rest: he was mostly talking about kebessa culture, although I understand what he was talking about I am ill-equipped to comment on it. But on some instances, I found him to be more of a political cadre than an honest scholar. For example: I don’t see differences between the way Eritrean ethnic groups and religions interact with each other and the way their counter parts in Ethiopia do at peacetime. Of course, the liberation war created a revolutionary climate among all Eritrean social groups, but each group kept its geographic area and customs unless those customs were outlawed by the revolution. For example, he was not honest when he said there was no culture of vendetta in Eritrea, and when he implied it existed only in Tigray. As I said I am not that familiar with local customs of both Tigrignas, but my contacts with them during those years remind me there is little difference in terms of how justice was administered on both sides of Mereb.
            3. It is also a dishonest to blame west Africans of French influences while leaving out years that we had spent trying to be more Maoists than the Chinese themselves. Here, one can argue in the former case, it was about cultural domination while the latter was ideological alignment, but both have external influences; in the case of ELF, in addition to the leftist wind, there were other influences too: pan Arabism, Baathist currents. So, it is the case of decolonization when nations find themselves at cross roads.
            Therefore; I was not that impressed, but I would not take it as a big issue either. It is consistent with intellectuals who serve under dictatorial regimes. I enjoyed his dialogues about Orpmo culture more than when he speaks about us. When it comes to Eritrea his nationalism and political partisanship are evident to the extent that his scholarly discourse is overtaken.
            You may not like it, but that’s my two cents quick remarks.

          • Ted

            DEAR THE GREAT MS. What happen to the post about soon to be your prodigal son, Semere.
            You believe Semere say things in the heat of the moment but i beg to differ. At times i think he doesn’t believe we deserve to be independent as long as PFDJ is ruling Eritrea. His hate for IA has blinded him to the extent doesn’t care what happens to the country fighting PFDJ and lately things he says start to worry me that make me think he is out there as opposition just for vendetta.Any ways i take your word for it that If he is genuine, No time than now the Eritrean people want change and It boils down to convincing Eritreans they have an option to the current GOV. When one asks about opposition” kila eziOm tebeleTsety” is the phrase Eritrean know and say. Why is that ? Semere needs to investigate and If he is wise, he would step back and reflect on what he has done to be in such “toothless” groups. Reforming the Gov is the best option and i like him to know the grass root movement for reform have not tried at all.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ted, the greatista
            I’m waiting for you to explain what you mean by “reforming the Government”, What would a reformed PFDJ look like? What would Eritrean politics look like under that reformed government? How do you think it would be an answer to the demands out there? What does it take to get PFDJ to think about reforming itself? Don’t you think that, at any rate, if PFDJ moves to reform itself, it will be when enough pressure applied to it, which would mean mounting opposition?
            Give me your honest answers without cheating (cheers).

          • Nitricc

            Mahmuday here is short take of mine till my boy Ted gets back to you. The way I see it and when I say reform; it means to do the little thing.
            * Free all prisoners and compensate for every day the have been imprisoned with out a charge.
            * Have a working rule of law that every one can follow and abide with. Call it constitution; call it what ever you want but when I am charge with something; I want to know what the charges are; I want know what my rights are; I want to know what the law is and I should have the right to fight and represented by lawyer.
            * Open the books? What is our budget? What are our national assets? Although I am happy the way the government handled the social justice issue but let it be known how our resources are distributed.
            * Make national military service strictly to 18 months.
            * Make passports available and let everyone go who wants to leave the country. We will build the country but we can do that with a people who don’t want to be part of. Let them go.
            * Reinforce 2% for all Eritreans across the glop. Any one refuses to pay; revoke its Eritrean citizenship, completely and refuse to issue any traveling document to enter the country.
            * Since I accept Mr. President you will go nowhere; please have a vise-president. So at any eventuality we have some one in line to fill the power.
            * With a clear and well defined guide lines; open up the free press; anyone violate that bring them to court of law.
            * Open up the market slowly the business of the private sector.
            Once the above points are achieved the rest is a process. Note that I didn’t include election or opposition because I know better and I am being very realistic.

          • Ted

            Selamat The Great ,Thank you Nitricc, it is quite a list. Semere and Amanuel can add their’s too. There is one the most important question you asked “What does it take to get PFDJ to think about reforming itself? “Some say reform had been tried to avail. It is true some have tried with a list of demands out of their personal conviction to see better Eritrea . These people failed because they did not the prepare the people to back them up. The reform movement need a plat form to rally the people under one message; we need change. The concept of reform ( to see better managed Eritrea)is strong by its own, easy to take root and accepted because it is unequivocally accepted reality by all Eritreans. In a reform movement The Gov/PFDJ is not the enemy rather a partner who work with the people accommodating our concerns and demands. The Gov can’t stand a chance against united front demanding reform.
            The Great, what do you think you, Semere and Nittricc give reform a try, of course you need separate cage for both of them;)

          • Nitricc

            Hi Mahmuday and Ted. I forgot to address the following important question. That is ..
            “What does it take to get PFDJ to think about reforming itself?
            Since everything tried and failed the only reasonable answer to the question is that it takes
            ***TIME ==== they are getting older by the day; they don’t want to go out endangering their people and country. NO! i.e. they will be reformed and they will make changes. They are too great to fail like that.
            ***Honest acknowledgments of their successes and failures==== On every point screaming PFDJ this PFDJ that is a waste of time and unproductive and blaming for every thing PFDJ is stupid. Give them the credit they deserve and criticize them when they are short.
            ***Encourage the Youth to stay home. ==== With every young person is leaving the country the pressure for change is diminished. The youth is the sources of change, energy and putting pressure on the government to change their ways. The more the youth leave the country, the less the pressure to the government to change or reform.
            ***Stop criminalizing by generalizations. Not every PFDJ is wrong and corrupted. There are good, hard working members of PFDJ. They are your best friends to make change or reform but when you generalize and you put everyone on the same basket; those good people who wants to change will die defending the government.
            ***Show you care about the well being of the nation. When you keep mentioning to work with Ethiopia and TPLF; you are sending the wrong impression to every Eritrean who cares about his country. And accept that the country is under the clouds war.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Nitrikay
            Very interesting points, I will return the favor when I drop the kids in the library per your recommendation. The only sticking problem is that of the youngest, 10, he thinks he owns me.He is a mini dictator. Any way, I will see what I can do.

          • Ted

            Hi Nitricc, Good one. it seems you have been thinking about this for quite a while. The good news is the time is ripe for us to demand change and for the Gov to take some responsibility for situation we are in. The ball is in our court whether to push them to corner or pull them back to us. Let be honest, the Gov don’t have it easy; some of it is their making and some are not. When we share the burden of the Gov in nation building, protecting sovereignty and empowering people, they have no choice but accommodate the peoples demand.

        • Rahwa T

          Hi Nitricc,
          Semere is not a simple attention seeker like. He is one of the heavyweights and great writers and he speaks out whatever he believe. If you can, please be one of the 20 Eritreans and share us your reflection on the interview of this good Professor.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Rahwa;
            What your boy failed to understand is the designation between modern justice system and the traditional one. Dr. Asmeron was talking about traditional justice system that no matter what government comes and goes; they remained to be the land of the law. i.e. that what the Dr. Asmerom was talking about. He even gave an example the absence of any ruling body during the Eritrean independence that there was not a single incidence. He was trying to show how the traditional system kicked in to work. I know you need some commonsense to understand what the good Dr. was talking.
            But when your boy heard the law of the land he jumped his gun and interpreted as to mean the modern justice system, constitution, court proceedings and all that. Even in the US; you have regular courts with their own proceedings and you military courts with their own and even the American Indian have their court system. So, your boy is just opining his mouth as usual. He went on in to personal attacks on Dr. Asmerom.

    • sarah ogbay

      Dear Semere,
      Dr Asmerom has spent most of his adult life out of Eritrea. In fact his research work is on a community in Ethiopia, Oromo, I believe. The people of Oromo have high respect for him. Yes he came back home but he is one of those eritreans with some where to fall back on, dual nationality, family outside the country etc. Such eritreans look at Eritrea as a holiday home. They don’t care and do not want to care about what happens to other eritreans as it would spoil their holidays. Some of them are so grateful to be allowed back that they feel indebted to PFDJ. Consequently become its drum beaters. Prof. Asmerom, in my opinion, looks down at the eritrean people as he gets what he wants from PFDJ. He never felt we deserve better. In one TV debate, he actually denounced dancing and parting during wedding cermonies. He said that women should not be allowed to dance with the coboroes and the small bands with ‘wata’ and ‘krar’ they invite to weddings. One young student of UoA stood up and said eritrean mothers deserve more than dancing and if they can let them jump as high as the sky as many of them get this chance only in weddings. I am bringing this just to say he is detached from what makes us who we are and it would have been wise if he had not said anything about PFDJ. However, there are many Eritreans educated, in the same or similar field, and with high caliber; they should respond to his claims in an equal manner and balance things.
      As for his smile, it is something all eritreans deserve to have on their faces and hopefully will.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Dr. Sarah:
        Thank you. Yes, he studied the Oromo. I am always baffled about the intellectuals that decry Eritrea culture and thank you for sharing this about Prof Asmerom
        About his smile, for sure we need to smile, but it struck me as out of the reality, no hint of some misgivings, not I expect him to air them, but even his temperament and body language out of touch.
        You are right about how these guys see Eritreans when they say the things they would never tell their white and foreign students

      • ghezaehagos

        Selam Doctor Sara and the one and only Sem,
        Sem, You MAY Complain about the professor. If you are, first ask him, and you may get his approval…who knows*
        …Again for this falls into the ‘heart-mind’ thingy we discussed earlier.
        In the heyday of our little Eritrean Spring, ‘ the Spring, Summer 2001’, Professor Asmerom Legesse said what was in his heart. In one of the now historic newspapers, he deconstructed with relish the PFDJ demonization of the word ‘Merere.’ Using his linguistic knowledge, the good professor told his readers ‘to complain’ ‘m’mrar’ is healthy exercise for a society and it should not have any negative connotations the Eritrean leaders attribute it to. He added they did this to stifle dissenting voices sand healthy criticism of governance. It was a fresh insight into this much-maligned word and it implied the professor was supporting the widening camp of reformers. Somebody at PFDJ’s Cultural Wing must be taking notes. Now f15 years later and in this grim state of affairs….newspeak.
        As you said, Eritrean intellectual elites are a big disappointment! Big time! As are the other classes! Our artists! Our religious leaders! Our…
        All the best,
        *May be we need to first get the meaning of ‘complain’ ‘merere’ in Afan Oromo.:)

      • tes

        Dear Dr. Sara,

        The dilemma about professor Asmerom is that he advocated for the democratic nature of Orromo traditional administrative system (Gadaa). He is really very passionate to talk about the democratic nature and representativness it has within it. On the contrary, he equated the traditional land tenure system of Eritrea as socialistic.

        Dilemma of professor Asmerom Legesse.

        On his personality, he is so open, modest and critizes PFDJ humbly. Within one day of his lecture I actually learned many things and some content of his presentation actually motivated me to study food. I hope one day I will work on developing our traditional food and allow people to eat what they are fond of.


        ++ Emba Soira, the mountain with highest altitude is rich in its flora and fauna species. The flowering plants there and the cactus plant in the escarpments are the sources of nectar. Almost through out the year, there are different flowering plants that provide nectar to the bee. Because of this, there are unique bee species and typical honey produced in those mountainous areas. The Saho people have very deep knowledge about bee-keeping and harvest good quantity of honey each year. If managed and developed well, there is high economic potential in different types of honey and honey products.

        ++Professor Legesse helped one project to develop new bee-hive based on the traditional knowledge of Saho and modern bee-hive technology. I don’t have information now but if that project got enough fund, Saho people will be rich by selling honey in domestic and international market.


    • teweldino

      Hi Sem,

      Maybe watching hours and hours of EriTV daily has got into him, and he’s suffering from cyber Stockholm Syndrome 😉

      • Semere Andom

        Hi teweldino:
        It was dawit’s prescription for truth, Sal need to advise the prof on how to avoid the syndrome 🙂

  • Saleh Johar

    Hello Michael,

    It is good to have people see real weaknesses and point it out, I mean articulate it. I am interested to know what would you want to do? What do you want it to stop from whatever it is doing? Please put your suggestions clearly in separate points.

    Thank you

    • Michael

      Dear Saleh
      Well, as you know very well, we Eritreans are in difficult moments, particularly at the time when Europe is seriously engaged in debate to determine whether the people fleeing Eritrea have genuine humanitarian concerns or they are just economic migrants. At the time when the regime in Eritrea is fighting hard to undermine the catastrophic humanitarian situation it created by deploying both citizens and foreigners across Europe and the US, as the result some prominent figures began to reverse their position toward the regime. At the time when the EU and other individual nation states in the West propping up the regime with millions of dollars. Despite these looming atmosphere surrounding us, did not appear to turn a hair; it is seen devoting much of its time resources to serve extremely small segment of the society mainly from diaspora, but the vast majority of people for whom is assumed to stands for have been virtually ignored.
      I understand the painful fact that the regime at home will not be defeated by pen and slogan alone, however, I believe awate and others like it have the potential and resources to isolate the regime by reaching the main political and social steams here in abroad. I personally don’t want see awate just cry the cry whenever such tragic incidence occurs as we see in Assenna or Asmrino do,,I would like to see it doing more than that. I believe the AT has unique ability to get the voice of the people heard by many. Given its popularity back home in Eritrea, it should be expected to understand and respond the feeling of the youth. Before I left the country in 2010, I remember how much we were hungry to read the news at But now at the time when the situation in Eritrea is getting worse and worse, awate appeared to distance itself from.
      Again. let me make this absolutely clear that I have no intent to blame anyone as some of the readers tend to suggest something negative. I could have said a lot about others as well, but don’t think it is appropriate to do so here.

      • Saleh Johar

        Selam Michael,
        Thank you for the comment, though has not changed in any of its approached since 2010. However, reaching the wider Eritrean population at home more effectively has been one of our dreams. I hope you will see some attempts towards that end in the near future.

        Thank you

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Memhir SGJ and Michael,

          I am sorry I jumped on Michael yesterday. All I was thinking was about a young sounding lady harshly blaming AT for not doing this or that some months ago with a tone that wasn’t friendly at all. ዓንጾ ዓንጾ ንማዕጾ ጌረያ ትማሊ፤ I like what he is saying. Not that you need my permission but please both continue as you were.

          Thank you for being so decent in your outlook beyond and tone your young age.
          ድሕር ሕጂ ኣነ ዝብሎ ሠለስተ ግዜ ተዘይ ደጊመዮ ኣይትስማዓኒ እዙ ወደይ፤፤

  • Amde


    I feel that at this point, talking about removing the
    Issayas regime is a little diffuse. The fact is he is a human being.
    It seems many opposition groups de facto believe he is immortal. He
    obviously isn’t. But he is not head of state – he is THE state. The state must survive him if
    things are not to descend into worse situations – I say this as an abesha and an Ethiopian.

    Is it perhaps prudent
    (and maybe more fruitful) to talk about the mechanics of the day after he kicks the bucket?

    just my two cents.


  • Fanti Ghana

    [ Hello Moderator/s: this article sounds very familiar to me. I am sure I read similar pieces here before, but I don’t remember reading it in its entirety the way I just did. If I have read it before it can only be here at Please accept my apology if I created redundancy, but I thought it may serve as complementary source of ideas to Mahmud Saleh’s article above. ]

    In my quest of trying to understand why the opposition is disorganized and not moving forward as fast I think it should, I found the following article to be very helpful as a starting point to understand the opposition’s birth, growth, and stagnation.

    Most of you may be familiar with this article, but if you are not you will find it useful to understand what is happening in the opposition world so that you can form and organize your thoughts better while searching for a solution.

    Eritrean opposition parties and civic organizations
    By Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad
    and Kjetil Tronvoll
    January 2015

    Basically what is covered in this article is:

    Ethno-religious diversity
    The Eritrean liberation war and political fissures
    The emergence of ethnically based opposition
    Unifying the opposition?
    The rise of civil society movements and a broader diaspora opposition
    What role for the opposition in a political transition?
    Websites of opposition parties and civic organizations

    Although the entire article is only 6 pages, if you are unable to read it at this time you may find the links to Eritrean opposition parties listed at the end of the article important for your reference in the future. Here they are.

    • Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK)

    • Eritrean Democratic Party (EDP)

    • Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA)

    • Eritrean National Salvation Front (Islah/ENSF),

    • Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP)/formerly Eritrean People’s Party (EPP)

    • Eritrean Nahda Party

    • Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement (EFDM)

    • Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC)

    • Eritrean Global Solidarity

    • Human Rights Concern Eritrea

    • Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change

    • Eritrean Forum for National Dialogue (EFND/Medrekh) radio programme:

    • Eritrean Lowlanders’ League (ELL)

    Face Book Accounts:

    • Eritrean Community in Australia on Facebook:

    • Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) on Facebook:

    • Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) on Facebook:

    Please note that I am not necessarily indorsing any ideas or suggestions contained in this article. I am merely saying I found this and it looks interesting.

  • said

    Thank you mahumday for your insight article

    Eritrean Need Chang ideas and proposal

    For Eritrean opposition to succeed and bring about regime change, it takes more than wide popular support and from break with the past way of doing . It requires translating the control of masses and public space into people’s control over the pillars of the state.

    Eritrean are gradually awakened to the monstrous catastrophe and disastrous meaning of the fascist model state by Isaias regime imposed for our beloved country. The ground base was well soiled and deeply seeded and cultivated in 70th layer by layer, we need to unravel the deceit and hypocrisy that has contaminated our heart and mind and brainwashed every way and aspect of our life – economically, morally, culturally, socially, spiritually and politically. Ourselves –are the witnesses by our own naked eye emerging tragedy and catastrophe that never stopped or diminished. What our eye sees the mind can dyne the facts ? what tragedy ?

    Today the vast majority Eritrean objective and their only hope and goals how do we to get rid of Isaias regime and live in prospers democracy, peace, harmony and reconciliation. Isaias regime is well known for its cruelty of “killing and murdering presumed innocent Eritrean with hate and vengeance and is a disease that multiplies, growth, divides, and becomes the scourge of the worst of the bottom humankind; for Eritrean it is anathema to the god creation because Isaias regime destroys what is good and beautifully exists in our country and takes holy human life.?it is being that way for long time . What our eye sees the mind can dyne it? what tragedy ?

    Eritrean are known for their heroic and courage It takes the population of courage to look Isaias evil eyes in his deceitful and criminal eyes but it takes even more courage and inner strength to pose the following questions “What fuels Eritrean deprived of freedom, liberty and become subdued slave, and what regime that kills its citizen ? What enables a fellow citizen a person without a hear and a criminal mind to justify to killing and imprisoning another fellow Eritrean without cause, without trial, without rights of due process and assumption of innocence until proven guilty? What enables a Eritrean to accept dominance over his countryman, to degrade and humiliate over his comrade and countryman , to participate in or acquiesce to slow agonizing death of Eritrean population or over of time become just numbers that continuously add up to be called named as a kind genocide over time ? The killing of small group and if unchecked on time it flourishes .the zeal of hate, bigotry, unquestioned obedient duty, and silent acquiescence have being growing an unabated . They are fueled by blind and deaf belief, fear, and regime sense of superiority of belonging to NUSO that gives license to kill and slaughter its innocent citizens .– the combination of arrogance, ignorance, fear, false superiority and cruel heart less culture of dogmatism are indeed lethal for our people that are facing their daily and very hard life .

    EPLF has being dissolved and submissively allowed itself to become Isaias private militia mission force to suppress and kill its own citizens?

    Eritrean are living today as they observe and watch the their country walk in deep unchartered darkness, befuddled by trickery, deceit, desirous to the violence of these past 24 years, submissive expectant, very fearful that the happens of joy of the four season may be marred for themselves and the sad and awful Eritreans have being conditioned by Isaias hard core militia it means that you and me and all of us must accept their will of Isaias regime imposed on us and those who control by force of brute power and rule in merciless and ruthless manner , disregard of any who stand in the their way of an ugly dark age manner. The Beast of Hypocrisy and deceit walks the streets of Asmara that have eaten away the moral and spiritual innards of the people that have gathered to deny the people of Eritrea the freedom they so rightfully fought for and dutifully deserve to have.

    We are indeed, after all this years, deceived by a system of deceit and lies “Eritrean they never have any say or control in the closed government; they become submissive and slaves to it out of fear, they are obedient servants and we become of not our choose .

    The Isaias regime that control all political and economic system to which the citizen is freely and forcefully enslaved. Freedom, liberty is denied .Regime economics is based forced an paid salve market place ,that supersedes all, at the expense of the citizen ,of a god given human rights. Since independence We exist in state of un finish wars, of hate, revenge, vengeance and recrimination, of fear as a tool of commodity that block and imprisons the heart , spirit and the mind that desire the greed of power that destroys our people and nation and its the human resources without guilt,remorse, and of insatiable ignorant and arrogance that harbors no pity and concern for those it destroys.

    In processes and very short time all Eritrean population subjected to that same total criminal system of abuse directly or indirectly that has robbed our freedom and distorted each one of us and every human precious value that ever made us as Eritrean in first place and worthwhile. We need to free and liberate ourselves firsthand and then there is a lot we can offer to our beloved people and the country.

    Each and Every Eritrean have substantive to contribute to the regime change .The Isaias regime it is in way out like a melting block of ice and shafting sand not yet very visible and from the bottom is melting. The regime small minority core block at top of pyramid will be frozen out or dried ,toasted out and will not be intact because the core of regime selfish tiny minorities fear the consequences of losing power to the vast will majority of Eritreans .Will the mass of people, soldiers and security in the middle and bottom will defect and breakdown in command and control within the regime top security and military that would suggest that large chunks of this middle block will be breaking off in due time. But patronage networks around that core top of the pyramid that keep the regime machinery running will slowly and surly be melting. The more this tiny block melts, the more fragile it becomes and the more likely we are to see cracks form closer and closer to the center of power. At that point, the Isaias regime will be done and finish.

    Furthermore Eritrean are convinced and need international solidity support , there would be no end to the Eritrean regime without the help intrenal and Diaspora community and support of the international community.

    Isaias regime and his handpicked selected associate of criminal bandit group ‘tiny minority’ on top of pyramid of the regime who believe that must dominate Eritrea state, no matter what is the cost.

    How can Eritreans stay silent? “Minority are in total solidarity with the regime Isaias and repression, not only because they don’t denounce the repression, but also because they refuse to see the truth ,the eyes can see the mind dyne and negate there is repression

    • selam

      Dear said
      You have said it all on .the spot but at the last suggestions you picked are just out right not acceptable with the narrative of M.saleh and more of so Haile .TG , i mean international , what international is this all about ? I mean what is that the saudis , the west can offer to yemen now ? We do not need them and if you ask for their help the one you said majority who you think areblinede will be more blined and deaf , so that american made clusters bombs will never make them open their eyes. So can you please help me if i misunderstood your suggestions. I hope i misunderstood you, if not i begg you to read the international community sympathy to Eritreans .

      • said


        Thank you for your comments .What i meant is support by progressive international communities and like of EU,AOU, UN, and NGO, the Russian ,Chinese and Scandinavian countries.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear said

      Thank you for your contribution to the debate. I would like to see how the part of your comment quoted below is accomplished, what does it take for that scenario to take place? Here is the part that I want to focus on:
      “Each and Every Eritrean have substantive to contribute to the regime change .The Isaias regime it is in way out like a melting block of ice and shafting sand not yet very visible and from the bottom is melting. The regime small minority core block at top of pyramid will be frozen out or dried ,toasted out and will not be intact because the core of regime selfish tiny minorities fear the consequences of losing power to the vast will majority of Eritreans .Will the mass of people, soldiers and security in the middle and bottom will defect and breakdown in command and control within the regime top security and military that would suggest that large chunks of this middle block will be breaking off in due time.”
      If you could share with us how you see it happen: for start;
      – There is a repressive regime
      – There are repressed citizens
      -There has been a growing resistance of the repressed to the repressive regime (which is natural and expected).
      -However, due to the lack of leadership, the resistance has not achieved a level of maturity where the scenario you pictured could be seen imminent
      – The purpose of the article was brainstorming; to have each of us share an honest assessment of the resistance (strength, weakness, challenges and opportunities), basically to share with each other what we think helps us move forward; then we can transmit those ideas through our connections/channels to the organized and civic leaderships so that they could benefit.
      So, what do you think should happen in order for that scenario you captured to take place? I know you are a generous writer, you could take your time and get some good discussion points.

  • Michael

    Hi Dawit
    Absolutely right! I mean, despite being one of the oldest Eritrean opposition website, it has been failing to engage with people’s main concerns for quite some times now. It claims one of its mission is “to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with the information that is hidden by the Eritrea’s regime”. However, no unique publication exposing or challenging the regime’s lies and propagandas has appeared, except repeated and beautifully worded substantially identical articles like this which have no connections with realities what so ever. It seems to me, though AT is just a school of English language as most of its readers obsessively focus on selection of words and grammar. May God forgive you all AT and its readers.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Michael,
      Sorry for interrupting here, but I believe the idea of “blame it on rio” was addressed before on this forum. Who gave the responsibility to AT to be the organizer or savior of Eritrea? If never existed who would you blame for not doing enough? I think it is important to start thinking that we are all in this together and we must share the responsibility equally. No one is predestined to be more responsible for a national crisis. It is understandable to view and expect it to be as such, but in its strict definition of what AT is all about it is not a political organization. It definitely can be where originations are hatched, but its stated mission is to “inform, inspire, embolden, and reconcile.” The rest is up to you collectively. By all means you can offer suggestions and guidance to make it more effective and useful, but to out right blame it for not doing enough instead of encouraging it to do more of whatever little it is doing is not productive. What you make of Awate University is up to “YOU.”

      • Abi

        Hi Fanti
        Now I know you have both the stick and the carrot.
        “Blame it on Rio”
        You don’t know how many years you took me back. I remember it like a dream.
        BTW, are you playing the old guy and you want Selam play the young girl? Nice try.

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Abisha,
          This time Michael just happened to be in front of me, but the truth is many Awatistas seem to blame AT for doing or not doing something. They keep forgetting the obvious fact that they are here expressing and sharing ideas because AT did something.

          Oh yeah! what a catch phrase “blame it on rio” was. It is still stuck in my head.

        • selam

          Dear abi
          Growing old is mandatorty while growing up is optional. I do think you are way too old but not with the UP thing. Fanti is always young as his believe indicates .

    • selam

      Dear Michael
      Do you want to be like asmarino independent ? What’s exactly missing here , you want people like Simon kaleab to run this website or you want people like SGJ and MS to make all the conferences ? What is that you want to have , bring IA secret , what secret do IA have ?His crime is open to every one , what is not open is the heart and mind of these crooked people who want us to trust them with our blood on the line . Look at the people who are still in the opposition camp and yet they want to keep their personal experiences on all of us. The day became or AS , i can personally tell it is the end of the great minds and people will shout out or remain silent as the most silent majority. I have been reading for almost 4 years now , i just started commenting now , in which i do not see or care grammer or my english except my believe . I want to stand on the edge of the sward and enlighten us . We need more course on enlightenment unless we have so many trash webistes on excess. so please shove it off.

  • Hayat Adem

    Mahmuday’s piece came at the right time posing the right question that needs to be asked and sending us all boning up for the answer. HaileTG as expected is giving it a flesh and a heart oxygenated blood. The other word for the Heart HTG is speaking into is the higher intelligence, the being that embodies wisdom. It is not the knowledge but the knowing; it is not about the strategist or the planner or the leader; but about the field and the space in which the strategy, the planning and the leadership happens. It is a big thing that you only see it in people like Fanti. Heart is about connecting and oneness; mind is about separating and the difference. As you know Eritrea and Ethiopia are now two separate countries/societies. All minds in the two think about the separate line that runs through them and all the hearts think about reaching out their sisters and brothers cross border. The Hearts’ priority is peace and flowering cooperation. The Minds’ priority is demarcation and continuous confrontation. On the heart’s driver seat is love dove. On the driver seat of the mind is Ego Iago. It is the same between opposition and PFDJ; between one opposition and the other opposition.
    I’ll try to show you that by example:
    True (given) statement (from Mahmuday’s article): We are in difficult moments. Hundreds of Eritreans perished in the Mediterranean Sea…
    Hearts’ reactions: This is horrible and unacceptable. I must do something. What is it that I can do by myself and together with others?
    Mind 1 reactions: Who is saying this? How does that impact my government in power? Is there an opportunity that can be exploited in this crisis for the benefit of the government or is there any damage-control that can be done to save my government?
    Mind 2 Reactions: Who is saying this? How does this impact the government in power? Is there any opportunity that can be exploited in this crisis against the government?
    Heart acts: I’ll contribute money, time and ideas to help those in need to minimize the immediate harm on them and continue contributing and cooperating with others to solve the problem in the long term.
    Mind 1 actions: calculates plans, strategizes to bring Heart to its side or else to sabotage it.
    Mind 2 actions: calculates plans, strategizes to bring Heart to its side or else to sabotage it.
    Heart is exposed to tiring wears and tears in the process of all these 0-sum haggling between the Minds. The human passion and compassion of doing something, doing positive is clouded and lost to fatigue on the way and then to hopelessness, and then to helplessness and then hibernation until a more shocking disaster happens and the Heart starts bumping and beating in humanity and compassion again.
    The solution: the fighting should not be left to happen between Mind 1 and Mind 2. It has to be between the Heart and all Minds. The heart has no interest in fighting but when it has to, no collection of Minds can stop on its way. No Mind is braver than the Heart. There is no brave Mind, there is only Brave heart.

  • Tafla

    Selam memhir Aman,

    Ane dea temharay endye, Hitotat Hatite, qurub chilfa flTet kab ayatatey kqesm eye zdeli. Abti zmesleni gn, Hasabey kgelix dHir ayibln eye.

    Senay Senbet

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Salam tafla
      Come on now, you have all the tools needed to give us warmth and direction. Please take Emma’s request and follow HTG in giving us your take. Take it on tafla. Waiting for your input.

      • Tafla

        Dear maHmud,

        I will try to compose something, but I don’t promise anything. I was just hoping to see your take on how a transition to democracy by the opposition would be more legitimate than reform from within the PFDJ.

        Senay meAlti

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Haw Tafla,

      Sorry for belated response. Here are what I observed from you. You sound a good listener and always your questions are so focused and are embedded on contextualized issues. A good listener often gathers diversified ideas to blend them in order to coax new idea and produce something original out of them. I also noticed you entertaining doubts about any assumption to be necessary, natural, or customary to understand the essence of the objective matter. Your instinctual challenging assumptions triggers profoundly new insight to any subjective matter. So if you add the following merits to the already in your grasp, you will do an excellent contribution:

      (a) Showing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas at the heart of your creative mind.

      (b) Showing discipline of knowledge to bring together the diverse concepts, tools, capacities and ways of thinking to the subject you want to convey.

      (c) Remember that creativity of ideas is intimately associated with and appeals to senses and cognition that commands attention and invites engagement.

      So go ahead Tafla. We all are teachers and students at the same time in this forum. When the late PM Meles zenawi was asked a question by Amanuel Iyassu of Assenna as to what the difference of PFDJ leadership and EPRDF leaderships; he said PFDJ leaders present themselves as “teachers” only while EPRDF leaders present themselves as “teachers and students”. In awate forum no body takes himself as teacher only. If there are, they are totally mistaken.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Tafla

        Heray kbur Aman, yeqenyeley. kiHasbelu eye.

        Hawka Tafla

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Salamat Awatista
    “The heart or the mind?” said Haile TG. Again, welcome. Haylat you have already hit the forum. I am hoping you are going to expand it further. It’s very interesting, and as always rich and elegant. Honestly, mine was the heart thing. I am really disgusted by the situation of our young people; at a time when the world is seized with the perilous predicament of our youth, Asmara celebrated May Day. Therefore, brother, in this case my heart is aching and it’s prompting every bit of my thought. However, with regard to our struggle and how we should proceed forward, I think it’s a combination of both, but I will try to detail it when I get time, again a brilliant and lyrical take from your part. I also wish if you would transition from symbolic language to the real represented ideas so that the discussion doesn’t get stuck in its abstract stage. I see you are doing it when replying to participants, like in the case of wedi vacaro, and thank you for offering your answers to my questions. I hope this will be the direction the forum will head; No personal attacks …just debating/arguing on the topics in away that enriches the pace of the discussions.
    As far as the commandments you left on the wall, they were destroyed amid Semere and Gen.Nit nasty fight.
    Dear all:
    I am returning from a long day with the teenagers; we played two basketballs and won, another very important game was a statewide track meet. It was for the high school guy; it was a bit disappointing. He made it to the fourth. Anyway, may be tomorrow, I will make some remarks on some of the comments left; thanks all.

    • Mizaan1

      Mahmud, I had a similar day but with little kids not teenagers. I was checking my iPhone regularly to see your response to the outpour of comments to your heart felt article. Yewahlil dyu zelo ezi sebaay kibleka wiele. Have a good rest my brother.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Mizaan1
        I read all, but as you know, I am from the old school, I hate the sensitive keypads of these phones, I read your comment, thanks.

    • Semere Andom

      Vet Mahmuday:
      I may say one or two things about this excellent piece, it was not atypical, it is you just presented in more deliberate fashion. I am not sure if this was the same one your responded to me and AT saved it.
      About the fight between Sem and Nit. Not fair, blame cannot be spread equally as Sal says 🙂
      You are expecting an Eritrean to give the other check when Nit attacks, you are too protective of him:-)

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan Semere
        Just before I go sleep;
        About the origin of the piece, yes and no. Yes it was, particularly the last paragraphs; then Kbur wo Hfoor Almurshed al Aam, SGJ intercepted it mid air. Well, then I pushed some ideas that I was preparing since the gruesome killings in Libya and the news that hundreds might have perished while crossing to EU. So, yes with some editing and additions. The last part of your comment is passed on to General Council SAAY for correctional considerations.

  • Ayneta


    No matter what binocular one uses to look at the matter in hand, there is one
    and only one party to blame: former ELPF now PFDJ. You can stretch the blame to
    include the feeble opposition groups, the indecisive Eritrean people, the
    West, but at the center of all our problems is PFDJ and its misguided, alien approach
    to governance- one based on coercion, control and dominance. The
    opposition, the West are just distractions- fabricated distractions. In the logic of problem solving, the only way to permanently get rid of a
    problem is to get to the root ( PFDJ) of
    the problem, and not the stems and branches ( disorganized opposition, ever insatiable
    West). Whatever toolbox PFDJ is using to
    subdued the people, it has been tried time and again by every authoritarian
    regimes in history. PFJD is not the first and it will definitely not be
    the last one. The question is: are we really unified in terms of rejecting PFDJ
    as the sole responsible party for our predicament? I think we are far from it- looking from
    discourses posted here at Awate, we have a long way to go, to the advantage of
    the ruling party. Even seasoned writers like SAAY are in the limbo and indecisive in terms of whether
    we should allow PFDJ to be part of the change process. It is just a
    hopeless case- at least for the time being. As long as we don’t all condemn PFDJ unequivocally as the mother of all ills,
    it is unrealistic to step up change and we will hopelessly wait for the ruling party
    to scramble at its rate and pace- that
    may take forever. Honestly, I don’t share your optimistic view!

  • sarah ogbay

    Selam Michael,
    Rightly said. I think we need to make the response public so that others won’t follow her. We need to rally Eritreanswho have good and similar experience to publicly challenge her on issues of governance and democracy asking her what she saw and experienced to come to such conclusions. If you are up to the challenge, you do something on your side and I will try to look for individuals and organisaztions who can challenge her. You can contact me on facebook and we can take it from there.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Ahlan Mahmoud,

    The following note I had shared in a small group early this morning before I read your piece. I am making slight editing to make it fit to a public forum here because the intersectionality in the
    thoughts you shared in your article and this brief note will become obvious as you read on. I like the fact that we are beginning to think along these kinds of lines, hope others pick up where you leave off and continue to entertain better ways out of the dire predicaments young Eritreans the world over find themselves in.

    I believe where we Eritrean opposition groups are falling short, and this is of crucial importance, is in our inability to mobilize and plant seeds of activism inside Eritrea. As the regime in power have been able to manage by keeping Eritreans inside Eritrea on a short leash through myriad coercive means that many authoritarian regimes tend to excel in, such as mass incarcerations, indefinite military services, shoot to kill anyone caught crossing borders, absolute control of media outlets, dire
    situations we are all painfully aware of. For example, if any lessons are to be gleaned from the Arab Spring, the characteristics of which and their contexts are different from that of Eritrean cyber-activism. In the case of Tunsia, Egypt, & Libya the epicenter of activism was within the territory of each
    country. In the case of Eritrea, the fight is being waged from Diaspora making it monumentally difficult to make a dent inside Eritrea, Salvation’s efforts notwithstanding.

    But, beyond the obstacles just mentioned, Eritrean cyber-activists have to carefully study what was done in the Arab Spring not only to learn from such pitfalls but also to see how subtly and not so subtly
    these are different movements and as such Eritreans in Diaspora must recognize that each has its own unique trajectories. Consider one area that is worth mentioning here that Eritrean cyber-activists can learn from cyber movements in general. In an article titled “Occupying the political: Occupy Wall Street, collective action, and the rediscovery of pragmatic politics”, Kreiss &Tufekci (2013) delineate clear distinctions between the civil rights movements in the U.S. of the sixties and seventies on the one hand, and the Occupy movements of the twenty first century, on the other. Whereas the civil rights movement at its core was hierarchically structured, and as such had clearly defined decision making process; the Occupy movement functioned in a grassroots participatory movement, albeit bereft of
    clearly defined decision making process. One example from each movement will illustrate the stark differences between the two.

    In National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP’s) case, for example, “[t]he organization was searching for a good test case to challenge the constitutionality of bus segregation and to launch a visible public campaign. Along with the Women’s Political Council (WPC), a women’s organization in Montgomery Alabama, the NAACP strategically initiated the famous bus boycott with Rosa Parks as the symbol – and the African American community mobilized behind it” (p. 163). I did not know this, but the authors stipulate that Rosa Parks did not just abruptly and spontaneously refuse to give up her seat in that bus, it was meticulously planned action intended to produce maximum results, by golly, the ostensive results as we now know that it worked.

    Now, juxtapose this highly sophisticated strategy to effect change and shrewd tactics, which ultimately bore fruit, albeit after a long and arduous boycotting that took over a year – its enduring quality is in itself a mark of long term planning that went in that long road toward justice. The Occupy movement, on the other hand, well, here is how the authors describe it: “By contrast … Occupy participants cast the values and form of the movement itself—how it operates and makes decisions …Occupy is
    finding it difficult to engage in institutional politics—which we argue is key to broad and durable societal transformations” (pp. 163).

    While these observations, analysis, and delineations that are drawn to show the sharp distinction between the traditional social and/or political movements and those that are now being
    used in the age of the Internet are instructive, Eritrea’s case requires an approach, a tactic, and a strategy all its own. What that might look like I do not profess to know, but something must give and the sense of urgency that is required to make it so is not only that our young are being hollowed out inside Eritrea, but are also perishing in the high seas in obscene numbers. We must begin to
    use our collective minds together to come up with a viable and tenable solution.

    There is a lot riding in not acting expeditiously and hastily as time is not on our side – it would be silly to
    attempt to buy a house insurance while the house is burning, little too late for that. What we need now isn’t house insurance, because our house is already burning, what we need is well thought out strategy and coherent tactic to deliver the final blow on the regime that is bent out of shape to destroy the idea of Eritrea as it was conceived several generations removed for many thousands of Eritreans who are paying the ultimate price for something that is completely preventable.

  • T..T.

    Hi Michael,

    The enclosed journalistic report entitled “Brutalized Eritreans faced with a terrible choice” may be considered a real account as to why the repressive Eritrean regime is now on the top-list of the most repressive regimes in the world.

    For more, click the link to read:

  • tes

    Dear Mahmud Saleh,

    I am in a puzzle of your discourses and always read paradoxy between your over-all vision and a reaction you give in responses.

    Before agreeing or not agreeing with your objective analysis, I would like to have some clarrification on the recent “be it so” reactions you gave. Are you on the league that state, “whether you like it or not” political analysts/debators or not? If you are, what you wrote here is just a lame proposal as it has no substance within its objectivity.


    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear tes

      Thank you, please take any comment I make within its context. As I have tried to point out time and again, I am not a politician, I am not an ideologue, I crave for moving forward and make difference. Making differences, or getting results are important to me at this time. I do try not to get trapped into the cycle of suspicions and the gauging out of motives of every comment that’s made by participants. I reply based on the face value of the comment that motivates me to reply to. Therefore, tes, understand the comment I made which is bothering you within its actual context and in relation to this explanation.

      I really feel we need to focus on what we can do; after all this is a forum. It’s supposwed to encourage the clash of views. Organizations care about spies and saboteurs. Because the unity and intactness of body and purpose is important to them. But here, Eritreans of different organizational affiliations, an independent ones are trying to chip in on enhancing the conversation. Even if you feel, I am not genuine, I expect you to influence me through civil discourse. I am looking forward to that. Regarding your question:
      “I would like to have some clarrification on the recent “be it so” reactions you gave. Are you on the league that state, ‘whether you like it or not’ political analysts/debators or not?”
      I would like you to see me in the totality of the person that I am. If I could talk to Semere on my right and Gen.Nit on my left; Hayat Adem on my right and SAAY on my left; Ted on one side and HTG on the other, and still keep my sanity while at the same time enjotying their their take and learning from their comments, you know I am not a ” take it or leave it” guy. I see no paradox in my views, but you may carry such observations. It may be real a one that I am not aware of (and I encourage you to point that to me), or something emanating from your part: a prejudgement, which we all do. And then life is full of paradoxes. We are all humans after all, full of flaws. Help me clear out those paradoxes you see.

      • tes

        Dear Mahmuday Saleh,

        First of all, let me make sure that I don’t have any problem with your forwarding and highly needed article. But what all I need is consistency from Mahmud.

        Two days before, I wrote in response of your comments. And just before my ink dried I read this article from you.

        1. In your response, you wrote this to Nitricc,

        “Who gets heartburn when good news about Eritrea comes out?” If it is good news, then is there any official news done about it? Why the people who live in Eritrea can not hear about this? Why it is a taboo to be broadcasted through their official news media. SGJ asked a very good question and what dawit, the Eri-TV blind reportera referred is only copied and pasted news available in eastafro. Then, where is the good news?

        2. Then, during your exchange with dawit, you spoke about the wrong policies. If there is a wrong policy, then how can you expect good news to come out? Wrong is wrong. If they have a wrong policy, everything will be wrong.

        Here also you just nursed dawit by saying, “The spoiler was meant to explain YOUR once a while unannounced visits. But you are fine. I do like you.”

        dawit is known for his blind submission to “znegese ngusna”. I don’t have any problem if you like him or not but I have a right to ask your intentions. You have nursed Notricc and now you are fine with dwait.

        3. The worst part is this:

        If protecting Eritrean interest means anagelizing I A, so be it.
        If getting the record straight would mean giving PIA a trickled down PR effect, so be it.
        If protecting Eritrean interest would mean giving PIA a passing spotlight, so be it.

        First of all, what is the connection between Eritrea and DIA? Can’t you dissociate DIA from Eritrea and yet protect Eritrea? Whether PFDJ exists or not, Eritrea is now Eritrea.

        May be when you write the above emotional and male chauvinistic comment it was in line to your dream to see Eritrea as you have stated as such, “…all I want to see before living this world is a healthy and vibrant Eritrea whose citizens are proud of it and who are ready to make it even better.”

        No Mahmuday, you should not limit yourtime frame to see a prosperious Eritrea to emerge within your life time. Think right from now and beyond. If you say “be it so”, it is done, over. A hyna in hurry bites the horn. This is what I read from you.

        4. In respose to Fanti Ghana, you wrote,

        “Whether we like it or not, PIA is the president of my country. I don’t expect anyone to lecture me on the nature of his presidency. I know it.”

        Before dealing with this comment, you could have stated the nature of the presidency. But since you know hime well, you didn’t want to be lectured by anyone.

        To conclude, the paradox I read is therefore between “whether you like it or not” and “the solution you are forwarding”.

        My statement is therefore, “If that is so, those who believe that IA is a dictator but not a president will not expect from some one who lecture us as we know on how to deal with this dictator. If he is your president, deal with him and propose for him. We are feed-up with those who say, “whether you like it or not” sayers. Point!!!


        • Mahmud Saleh

          Thank you and have a woderfu evening.

          • tes

            Dear Mahmud Saleh,

            Thank you too. Have a nice Sunday.


  • haileTG

    Merhaba Mahmuday,

    Oh man, oh man! What have you done big brother? The forum is war zone! People so polarized, dug in deep to their hills and absolutely enjoying the mayhem they’re riding!! Didn’t hang the list of Good Conduct rules that I left you with on the wall? I bet you joined in the party right after I stepped out…haha

    Back to point, you have outlined a timely issue that I would consider a good springboard for everyone to direct their attention. There is no doubt that a page has been turned on the ongoing state of affairs in Eritrean reality and we are entering a different phase, one with its own set of assumptions and expectations. This very point in time represents the early stages of that phase. A phase where everyone is questioning, yet no one answering, a phase where our commitment to one another as citizens of common nation is being put to a stark test, a phase where the old has lost meaning and the new lacks promise. A very critical phase in deed. But who should raise to the occasion, who should tend the flock, who should be looked up for direction, where does one need to go to find the fountain of wisdom. And to drink from it and quench their thirst, refresh their soul and sustain their faith? Tall order, you’d agree, by all accounts.

    I can’t possibly answer (or even attempt to) all of your questions. However, I would try to address one aspect of your question, i.e what is blocking us from getting there?

    The heart and the mind need to swap places, me thinks, in the way we Eritreans act and reach. The mind is has been our preferred way of acting and reaching towards each other thus far. Sadly, the mind is a cheat, eager to be gratified, selfish to control and dominate, highly creative towards its own demise and absolutely devoid of the feel and touch of the magnificent and majestic truth that nurtures and giveth life itself. The hear on the other hand is pure, simple, obedient and transparent. We are all attuned to the distinctive voices and can tell if we are spoken to from the heart or from the mind. The mind talk is eager to win, where us the heart talk is eager to share, the mind talk is vindictive, where us the heart talk is forgiving, the mind talk is always trying to get some where, but the heart talk is always there and always arrived.

    When people speak with their heart, they command incredible respect, their simplest ideas plays a beautiful and pleasant tune to excite the ears and delight the soul of the listener. In history, the most memorable and oft recited words are those uttered from the heart. How many Americans recite and rejoice in the speech of “I have a dream…” by Rev. King as opposed to Newton’s first law of motion? The mind can’t really recreate the heart and we Eritreans have fallen to the dangerous low of speaking to each other with mind talk, never having room or space for our heart to have its legitimate say.

    Eritreans can die in great numbers and the mind acts in a quick feet manner to assemble an orchestra of botched up reasoning. It would say they are Ethiopians, it would say it is external trick, it would say it is historical pattern, it would say they are not worthy of consideration since the good one’s are still back home…. but the heart will be pained, feel the sorrow, empathize with the grief, it renders no justification but affirms that such should never have happened and shall never happen again. Those with mind talk can also run with the tragedies, forget the pain and distress of those harmed by the unfortunate situation and would seek to choreograph it for incessant displays, that too is a mind talk, albeit from the opposite side.

    It is time time for us Eritreans to ask how do I feel about this rather than what do I think about it. It is time to start to rebel against our mind set that has entrapped us in a tangled quagmire and even itself doesn’t know how to get out from. We need to seek to walk in someone else’s shoe, preferably those whose lives will never be the same ever again.

    When debaters here play the Ethiopian card, that is a mind ploy to set the traps. Let me explain how it works. We are told Ethiopia[n] regime is a mortal enemy, the Eritrean opposition have better relations with Ethiopia [mortal Enemy], the Eritrean opposition are not really Eritreans but appendages of mortal enemy, when such Eritreans are faced with disasters and deaths they need not be honored, mourned or respected, so the mind says we are justified to act in an inhuman manner. The heart says however Eritreans where ever they are and what ever they do are still Eritreans, it says I am my brother’s keeper and the fall of my my brother is my fall too. In his sorrow I weep in his delight I rejoice, indeed I am his keeper. You see, the heart is magnificent, all embracing and radiant, yet the mind, yes the disobedient, selfish and vindictive mind only offers pain to the ears.

    So, for your question, i.e. what is blocking us, it is our steeped tendency to rely on mind talk. To trade the beautiful, priceless harmony of the unique heart with the cheap, uninspiring crafty mind talk. Let’s find our heart and follow it, because when we do, we needn’t go anywhere else. Yes, we’ll always be ARRIVED!


    • Millennium

      Hi Haile:
      What you wrote here is poetic and sentimental. That, however, is not what we are lucking. what we are lucking is the use of our mind to organize, strategize and prioritize. We need more of critical thinking and the use of our cognitive faculties. Emotion is short term and blind and can be dangerous at times. A man always needs the presence of mind when dealing with serious stuff. What is needed is a dispassionate analysis of what is going on even if the conclusion you reach after the analysis happens to be the opposite of what you feel. What you are advocating here is for instinctive response, however peace, and all the good things that come with it, demands more than that. True, thinking is hard work but it is through thinking that one can hope to achieve anything meaningful.

      • haileTG

        Hi Millennium,

        Thanks for taking your time to read my comment and thank you for the feedback. You see, truth be told, we have far more “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” in our arsenal. But, let’s admit it, that comes cheap doesn’t it? Even the computer that you’re using to access this exchange knows how to do that! A cursory look back at all the political formations and fragmentations will prove beyond doubt that there is more, if not in excess of “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” that takes place, only if it followed the heart. What realized Eritrean independence was not a rare “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” but a desirous heart in want of a certain type of life. You can never win by “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” alone, for that would only put a lifeless, uninspiring and dry product on the table. Can you think of an organization that lacked “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing”, it wouldn’t exist by definition, hence it will not be there to find. When the mind rules supreme “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” are the order of the day and when the heart rules supreme “sacrifice, compassion and camaraderie” become the order of the day.

        Let’s face it, are we not turning into a heartless “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” beings with a nation that doesn’t mourn or acknowledge (officially) its dying children? Yes, “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” is necessary, but not the lead driver, rather the support and utilitarian asset. The mind must be deployed in service of the heart, not the other way around. If your heart is a miss, then there is no “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” hat-trick that I could use to pull you to my cause. You must mourn the loss of your brethren and your “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” talent should be deployed to repair the broken hearts, to comfort the pained souls and to give hope to disillusioned hopes.

        Every comment provider here has great “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” skills (so do their desktop/laptops/ipads too). Everyone thinking to organize or has been organized counts on their “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” assets (that are cheap and readily available). Yet, will they finally struck a powerful, inspiring and pleasing cord of the acoustic or a dull, uninspired and downright turn off imitation. The question is not one to be taken in the absolutes as one against the other, rather a question of which should be the leader and which the follower. Follow your heart, you’ll never go wrong:-)

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Haile TG,
      It is a great read. There was an individual who goes by the name of “BURBANK” who spoke just like that recently. I was hoping to see more of him at this forum. In fact I was anticipating and looking forward to an article or a lengthy post about the way forward from him when he mentioned the ground rules for his participation. I hope he makes time to join you and others at this forum. We sometimes need the torch to be held up high enough for us to see the way.
      Glad to see you back, fit as a fiddler.

    • dawit

      Dear haile TG;

      Shall I address you Reverend Haile or simply haile TG? Which ever Monastery you locked you self you went in with your head and you came out with your heart. It is a beautiful piece full of wisdom for our situation who are trapped in a cage of our mind with no outlet. Yes we need to compromise with our environment, that is the low of nature which permit for any organism to survive. (survival of the fittest theory). It is not the strongest or the weakest that survive in nature, but the one compromise with its environment and adapts to it. It is easy to adopt to an environment that to change it. You wrote “We need to seek to walk in someone else’s shoe, preferably those whose lives will never be the same ever again”. That ‘someone’ is some below us, others on the same level as we are, and others are above us as leaders. Ultimately we shall need to compromise horizontally sideways left and right and vertically up and down the ladder of our societies.

      • haileTG

        Hey dawit መዕገርገሪ፡ ከምኣ’ልካ ኣሎኻ ጌና 🙂

        I hear what you say bro. But let me make it clear that the real audience that this modest thought is pitched at are those bigger than life leaders in the justice camp, who are continually asking what it is blocking them, what it is that they are not saying or at least being understood as saying or doing. Despite their hard work, sacrifice and devotion to the cause, they feel the yield return is too little and too slow. I am saying (suggesting) to them to re-connect via the right channels (i.e. the heart approach) and hence charge forward united and re-energized more than ever.

        The cheating, quick feet, crafty, shifty and vindictive mind approach may jump up and down with lust to take the lead again. But let’s resist that. Approaching with heart requires that there exist a heart to be reached on the opposite scale. It isn’t a compromise with the heartless, immoral and lost soul. The Eritrean justice seeking community urgently requires united front and that requires trust which in turn is entirely the domain of the heart. You don’t trust with your head (rather you gamble or take calculated risk), you trust with your heart. Your life’s single most important decision to marry someone isn’t based on “organizing, strategizing and prioritizing” skills of the mind, that would make you a gold digger. It is a decision taken by following the heart.

        Compromising is good if there is anything to compromise on, we can’t compromise with a dead soul, because you can’t be half dead and the dead be half alive. What we are dealing with is something that is utterly dead to the basic tenets of decency and human dignity. A regime that has NO HEART to allow the State to pay tribute to its lost children. That is too heavy, to troubling and very dark at the core.

        Other than that, those with basic commitment to justice, liberty and dignity should indeed compromise or even go the extra mile for no apparent returns. That is the core of the message. Don’t lose heart friend:-)

        • Ted

          Dear HTG, it may have something to do with making a political strategy nonetheless i believe
          YOUR HEAD KILLS YOU. Head is about wining at any cost,.There are always losers but it doesn’t matter for those who think with their head. Head uses calculative measures as means to dominate opponents. Head kills you when you get your match.
          YOUR GUT SICKENS YOU. Gut feeling is what we call instinct but not really. People over estimate their intuitive power just to get the best hand but in reality it is our desire like (our head) to get ahead at others expense when we are left with limited options. More often than not it is a miss than hit.
          YOUR HEART SAVES YOU. Heart is about sharing a lose. It is goal oriented, there are no losers.
          Heart should always dominate because it is what make us humans.

        • Saleh Johar

          The way you explained the role and the head, though as ancient as humanity, is just beautiful. Once I said that I am not interested in winning or losing. I detest thinking like a corporation when the issue is about rights and justice which are invaluable. If I had read your comments on the heart and the mind, maybe my I would have articulate it enough. The thing is that in a meeting a few days later, I was literally booed by several friends in a social event. I failed to convince them. Their argument was the goal in a struggle should be strictly to win. My position was: winning is the result of the cause, if the cause is right, winning comes naturally….

          I am interested to know your take on that, just to help me see where I am wrong or right.


          • haileTG

            Selamat Saleh,

            Of course you’re right! ከመይ ዝበሉ እዮም በጃኻ…haha

            You see Sal, I probably wouldn’t have brought this topic if it wasn’t for Mahmuday’s pointed question that why are we not making headway. The key in the forgoing discussions is that the mind is quick in its feet but lacks proper integrity. Hence, by virtue of electing to convince your friends through debating, you’ve inadvertently relegated the task to the mind. That is something akin to trying to present a beautiful music using a cranky old jukebox. Heart talk is inspired not told. telling is how the mind relays the message based on its priorities and strategies. If you were to act in a way that would make them see the point isn’t really all about winning, you would have been surprised on the outpouring of support and encouragement rather than booing. The mind isn’t popular at all. Yet, the heart is very kingly and civilized tone to it. In reality, my purpose is to highlight that winning hearts at organizational level requires sensitivity and due diligence towards those things that are cousing others heartaches. So, please don’t argue it, but live it and walk it, and its dazzling and electrifying power of touch is self regulating 🙂

    • selam

      Dear Haile TG
      Do you think there was no a single move from heart in the 23 years of killing , aresting and defaming ? The heart is doing its share but the mind , i mean the wicked mind is full of hate . We need the mind to think that hate alone is not a solution. The common man in and out side Eritrea is bombarded by so much lies from both sides and is left with no one except to seek a save place for his survival. You can say all good things again and again but hi look at the Eritrean communities in the west. Their heart is broken and their mind is working day and night to put bread on the table. The heart has done its job from 1961 to 1991 and after that the people on the high garden told the eritrean people that , heart is useless. Very sad but true. I myself do not want to use my heart . ELF and EPLF has used my parents heart now i am left with mind. cheating for 23 years from honest heart has left mind to be the only boss. Now i my self do not believe people when they start their pitching by saying TRUST ME .

      • haileTG

        Dear Selam,

        I absolutely share the feeling (if you ask around, I had my moments of utter despair that led me to make “few” remarks that had awatistas jump off their chairs in the past…you can even ask brother saay, he had marked me down for one biggie:). These are not normal times and often tend to lead us towards feeling bitter (totally reasonable in my book). Indeed we have failed collectively, and we’ve all suffered loss in our own ways. Sadly, the way to normalcy can get awfully long and costly if we shut our hearts to one another. Fear inspires fear, and widens the distances between us. We could be in the same room, but worlds apart, i.e. if we lose hope on one another. Yet, we could be worlds apart in our physical location but intimately (meaning well attuned) close to one another, if we can have faith. The reality is of course much harder done than said. Some people are naturally like that and I envy them greatly. They trust their heart and regardless of the ups or downs they bounce back and pull through it with their heart intact.

        Let me share an event that transpired here a while back. I was once writing away an account of a dismal event in my life. A young relative from crossed the border from Eritrea to Ethiopia with her toddler. The way we (as a relatives abroad) can help was to transfer her to the Sudan, where families can help her from there. Money was sent to her to make the journey to the Sudan. But the Eritrean person who received the money for her, made off with it and used it to transfer himself instead. Although we had dealt with the problem by then anyway, when I wrote about the event here, there was a prompt response by our Ethiopian brother Fanti. He asked me where she was in Ethiopia and if could reach her to give here $500. Imagine Selam! Fanti could easily calculate and redily assess that this is risky, costly or unnecessary for him. In the end however, he didn’t need to do it as we had already overcome the situation. The point is that his heart spoke and not his mind. Not every one is capable of that level of mastery at following their heart, but those who do, do it regardless. It was genuine, authentic and organic attempt one heart trying to reach another, in the most unexpected situation at that. If Fanti, who has only known me here, can feel the burden, what can we or are we supposed to feel for our brothers and sisters taking away their own lives in squalid refugee centers? These is to great a burden for individuals, but a good reason to focus on, if only to illustrate the situation.

        We can never say never. We need to be prepared to open our heart and that is best if it is inspired by those who aspire to lead. In the current and recent tragedies, all leaders and members of opposition organizations didn’t find it crucial to come together for one day, in honor of those who were caught up in the gruesome events!! I am saying one day! We accuse the Eritrean regime for not allowing the nation to come together in grief, yet we don’t see each other eye to eye to do so. We THINK our differing OPINIONS are too great and important to offer the decent thing. The issue is far wider and complex, I admit to that, yet we are only looking at one point. HUMAN RIGHTS is the preservation of HUMAN DIGNITY. And the HEART is the decisive battle ground for a struggle that purports it to be its central focus.

        Mahmuday asked what was in wedi vacaro that made people flood his halls. For starters, it is his past involvement in alleviating sufferings (one could be cited as the work he did to help fertility of veteran women tegadelti..). People are not galvanized by smart ideas rather by touching ideas. And you can always bet your money that the HEART has something to do with it.


        • selam

          Dear Haile TG
          You make my day , and i know you have the whole package of the good will , i hope we have more people like you . We need your view to have a center stage but the bad once are having all , lets hope their days are numbered. Take my horse and reach your destination.

    • sarah ogbay

      Haile hawey,
      Thank you for the wise and humane approach you used to support the great article of the ever optimistic Mahmud. Indeed ‘ I am my brother’s keeper and the fall of my brother is my fall too. In his sorrow I weep in his delight I rejoice, indeed I am his keeper’ This says it all. It is a perspective many of us should have now more that ever. Otherwise we will become numb with the repeated tragedies hitting so hard. We have to look at the whole situation from the people’s point of view. If we do so our problems will have faces and only then can we come together.
      Again thank you both Haile and Mahmud.

      • tes

        Dear Dr. Sarah,

        I hope by now you understood what I replied to you recently. This room (Awate University) is bestowed with great minds. If there is temporary slow down, it is only a state of relax. At this relaxation time, the PFDJ mind replica floods the forum with their funny discourses.

        The good part is, the room is strong to blow such replicas.

        I am expecting your high input though. Coming ang just giving your support or pouring your criticism is not enough for us. You are of a high calibre with objective and subjective reasoning capability. Use what you have and bless us with your wise words.

        Haile TG is here with us. Though he is surpirsed with the polarization he faced here, he never failed to make his points straight and blessed us with his wisdom.

        I call you therefore to be energetic as usual and come-out from the gross criticizers camp.

        Equally to brother Amanuel Hidrat.

        With Respect


        • Ted

          Hello tes,
          We all agree The great MS article is all about what should be done now. He is not in the business of promoting himself or to appear he cares more than we do but to promote the idea that we need to set our differences aside for the benefit of the nation. You have recognized many interesting school of thoughts in this university with discussion that participated the great minds of Awate university.That is great that we all have learned a great deal but what is missing is the idea to glue us together. Some of support the idea of reforming PFDJ. We don’t see PFDJ as enemy of people but an organization lost its way which need to accommodate the need of the people better. My point is we need to move an inch or two to the right or to the left. For Example, Semere is adamant bringing Ethiopia in to the table, you don’t : Ghetebe prefers reform while you and Semere out right rejected it. That is OK for now but the most important element put under the rug in this university is ,THE PEOPLE HAS ALL THE POWER. We need to make the wish of the people first and foremost in the a blank canvas to draw a solution for our country find itself in. The answer to what does the people want will bring us together. Personaly i believe people want change/reform.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Ted,

            Many people talk about the people in the second person. There is an insightful piece by
            Yohannes Abraham on facebook; here’s a quote:

            ‘ንሕና’ን ‘ህዝብና’ን
            እንተደሊኻ ንዓይ ንቐፈኒ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ግን ኣይተልዕሎ! ይብል ሓደ።
            ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ካልእ ሽግሩ ይኣኽሎ! ሰላሙ ሃብዎ! ይውስኽ ካልእ።
            ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ደቁ ጠሊሞሞ እምበር ኣብ ካልእ ክበጽሕ ዝኽእል ዝነበረ ህዝቢ ኢዩ!
            ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ሓያል ህዝቢ ኢዩ፣ ከምኡ ክንዲ ዝኾነ ኸኣ ክሳብ ሕጂ ጸኒዑ ኣሎ!
            ካልእ ድላይካ በል፣ ብህዝቢ ኤርትራ ግን ኣትምጽኣኒ!
            ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ጽኑዕን ተጻዋርን ክቡር ህዝቢ ኢዩ! ይብል ህግደፍ።
            ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዕጉስ ከም ኣንበሳ ኣብ ዘለኻዮ ሰላምታ ይብጻሕካ! ይብል ‘ደላዪ ፍትሒ’።
            ህዝቢ፣ ህዝቢ፣ ህዝቢ………..ይብል ነፍሲ ወከፍ ሰብ።
            ‘ንሕና’ መን ኢና? ‘ህዝቢ ኤርትራኸ’ መን ኢዩ?

          • Ted

            Hi SJ, if i speak for my self “We the people have the power” works as well. Me using a second person is not mean i am distancing myself as if the Eritrean people is abstract entity but the Eritrean people is a subject of debate(my view Reform is better) from different school of thoughts.
            The poem “who are we/Eritreans” i think has no answer. We are not clones. It is case by case issue, What do Eritreans think of specific subject is part of knowing Eritrean psychic and even that changes with time and space. It is more the problem/frustration of certain “oppositions” groups who went and did things on Eritrean behalf thinking they knew Eritreans.

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            I agree with you that MS is all about what should be done now. As I said the article is very objective. But I want to check consistency. Consistency is very important in political discourses.

            Regarding the schools, remember Eritrean opposition is divided into more than 33 groups. Mine is mainly to glue them into main lines of thinking. I do believe that those 33+ groups are unnecessary. Within almost 2 years close readings of the Eritrean political line of thinking what I got is even less than 4 strong differences in between. If we we as opposition forces rally into these identified political line of thinking then our success will not be that far. With 33+ and just replications what we do is just nonesense. Therefore my objective is to glue our differences and focus mainly on the main issue we have at hand.

            Regarding MS, I will reply him in detail but I am afraid of not doing it as I wanted because of time.


    • Bayan Nagash

      Dear HTG,

      Where ever you’ve been and whatever it was that you were having
      during your absence from the Awate forum has brought your readers a rejuvenated
      HTG, one who is in touch with his feminine side, hopefully, as much as with his
      thinking side or what can be termed as having emotional intelligence. You may
      have seen Obama’s anger translator, which shows there is a whole lot more than
      what we see in human beings. Breaks, timeouts, and the like are crucially
      important, especially from our Eritrean kind of endless tragedies, that is, if
      we are going to keep our sanity intact.

      Sometimes the rejuvenation one can clearly see it while taking
      the state of rest and vacationing, there is that lucid moment, moment of
      clarity, of insight, moment of epiphany, if you will. In fact, your note has
      this luminous quality to it. Consider what Mark Twain wrote 143 years ago
      during his visit to London’s St. Paul Cathedral: “Expression – expression is
      the thing – in art. I do not care what it expresses, and I cannot tell,
      generally, but expression is what I worship, it is what I glory in, with all my
      impetuous nature.”
      Therefore, HTG, express it all brother: mind, heart and soul
      because you have a way of painting images with your words, and that’s a mark of
      a person whose prose read like poetry, and rare are those who can do that. Here
      is Obama’s anger translator bit, just in case you didn’t see it – oh, if you
      have no patience for the five minutes, don’t miss the last bit where all the
      buildup leads toward that climax, in the parlance of humor or comedy, the
      punchline, if you will:

  • Ted

    Selamat The Great. Good read.. Who are receiving the end of his brutality?it is you and me. We need to get to the grit of the matter: what allowed PFDJ to have unrestricted reign over us and isn’t it natural to ask what kind of weapon, strategy or voodoo magic PFDJ uses to subdue us/his opponents for the last 15 yrs. Some assume PFDJ as corrupt organization who has control over the people no matter or how much opposition exists. Some considers PFDJ as a bunch of born to kill criminals incapable of reasoning. In my opinion it is easy way out excuse. PFDJ are not aliens to us, they are our mothers, fathers sisters and brother s.In truth, PFDJ has weapons against us. It is not military weapons. Their weapon is their ability to convince Eritreans they are the only choice. The fear of the unknown, if you will, that no one except them can guaranty Eritrias interest in every aspect Eritreans livelihood. A weapon we can use for our advantage if we can harness it. We need to recognize it before we can use it for our defense. You wouldn’t bring a knife in a gun fight, would you. PFDJ weapons/cards are.

    Sovereignty: We need to own this issue as our own. it is fresh in Eritreans mind what happened 15 yrs ago. Mothers still wear upside down NeTsela for the loved one they lost during the war. For opposition fear of Weyane is a gimmick created by PFDJ to enslave Eritreans but for Eritreans it is not gimmick, Weyane is still in power( and Badme) stronger than ever and add rhetoric and warmongering coming from TPLF now and then, the fear is legitimate. Will Eritreans count on the opposition residing Ethiopia on sovereignty issue if they decided to challenge PFDJ for justice and freedom. No they wouldn’t. Take the Toronto gangsta, Semere, who is proud terrorizing Eritrean mothers breaking their Jebena and megogo to convince them TPLF is their ally. We know he is “toothless” but the noise he make is louder than empty gerweyna to echo back home. As in SJ article ” if the tree falls in the forest and no body there to hear it………” so, If we have done nothing worthy so far why would the opposition want to give PFDJ the fear weapon to enslave Eritreans.

    Sanction: It is even more toothless. Eritreans are the victims of the Sanction and it affects them in every way. The Gov have presented itself to the people as the defenders of justice and Eritreans knowing the absurdity of the accusation for the sanction, did not find it hard to believe PFDJ. The opposition failed to stand by the people and truth for that matter. Eritrean people have taken notice of it.

    Media: It is good we expose the crimes of PFDJ and also there are good news far and in between if It is about winning the hearts and minds of Eritreans.

    Activists: the worst of the bunch.”A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity” not just one lie but countless. Eritrean are not dummies, they need their visa but they know the truth too.

    The sins of the oppositions are so many become harder for God himself to forgive not alone humans.

    If we have to start over it is the confessional we need first, bastardized as new and one to serve and accommodate the fear and perception of the people we intend to liberate.

    • Semere Andom

      The disciple of Nitricc and a gangster wannabe.
      Too many lies in this comment, but nothing original, all taken from the paly book of the gangster in chief, PFDJ.
      PFDJ is number one danger to our sovereignty not the opposition no even TPLF, it has shredded all the values upon which the ghedli was predicated upon.
      The people have figured PFDJ and its self serving supporters and they are not tied to follow the opposition, they can create their own and they have, undermining PFDJ every day, just cus they are not committing suicide bombs against the brutes with guns, it does not mean they trust pfdj. Their hate is captured in their mockery of pfdj, jokes and actions.
      Mahmud has challenged all of us to coax our minds and taletns to come up with unifying themes to defeat PFDJ and your response is the old tired sovereignty card, and condescending praises of the people and blaming the opposition that has no power to inflict damage even if they wanted to. Your logic is like a brute rapes a powerless girl and an other person did not save here because he could not match the rapist, he tried his best, you Ted wanted to set free the rapist by telling us the girl is not stupid she know what was good for her safety, the powerful rapist not the weak person who tried but failed to save her.
      You guys, the supports are good at lying, yes I am saying it again, it is a pattern in Nitricc’s, dawit’s and your comments even if people like Mahmud bring you a balanced view that worthy of supporting.

      • Ted

        Dear Semere
        .”all taken from the paly book of the gangster in chief, PFDJ.” exactly my point. Why can’t use their strategy for our advantage.
        I know exactly your crippling fear of Eritrean people who eluded you to catch for decades. Guess what, they are doing it with out you and your handlers.
        What an awful analogy. it is another major flaws of the opposition that i didnt mention above. You exaggerate things too much and when it happen for 15 yrs straight, Eritreans tend to say, enough.

  • sarah ogbay

    Selam Michael,
    PFDJ is dying but it won’t go quietly. It is fighting its death tooth and nail. I think this is one of the new strategies of PFDJ. It has decided to use whatever resources it has to corrupt if not to persuade anyone who can weaken the opposition. They will do anything to infiltrate weaken, confuse and see that the opposition will never rise again. Of course, this is not new, but this time big money and benefits that would tempt many are involved. Although the opposition is the target , the instruments are both eritreans and foreigners with influence and power. Bronwyn is one of them. Many like her have been recruited in Europe. If Bronwyn is not bought to say this then she is a racist who thinks what she saw in Eritrea is as good as it gets for the people. Otherwise, a governance and democracy specialist with her caliber would not come with her conclusions without living there to see ‘governance’ first hand or without having an alternative answer to ‘why are eritreans fleeing their country in thousands?’
    She presents herself in such a way it feels that she is saying her brain is superior to the hundreds of thousands of Eritreans who fleed the country collectively- they have difficulty differentiating between ‘good governance’ and abuse, human rights violations, slave labour, absence of rule of law etc.
    Michael, you are right. She should be confronted in a very smart and deplomatic way using the media as she did.

  • Mizaan1

    Dear Mahmud,

    Thank you for such a splendid analysis of the regime and the opposition. There is nothing I could find to disagree with in your article. Please continue with this message as relentlessly as you can. Don’t let talk or praise of TPLF distract you from the foundation you just laid from which you can help formulate a solution to the formidable quagmire we find ourselves in.

    The opposition indeed needs credibility. They believe they have done a lot but to the average Eritrean, what they have done thus far is either indiscernible, insignificant or too little too late. The Eritrean people are very judgemetal in that they value everything in terms of results. Moral victory doesn’t work with Eritreans. Tangible results do. You correctly analyzed Wedi Vacaro success story.

    AH asked how do we achieve tangible results in terms of unity. One way is to for every opposition group or individual to vow to leave their personal ambitions behind and work solely on the one thing we all have in common – to bring justice to our people by ridding of PFDJ. But that could lead to power struggle afterwards. A solution for that is to create basically a pseudo government before hand with all the opposition groups and allow that pseudo govt to navigate us through a transitional govt. To make it inclusive, we can include proven popular figures within the current govt in prominent positions.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hello Mahmuday,

    Good reading. I hope to keep this well founded stand consistent as your “personal political-value”. You defined the regime as a “totalitarian regime” which I agree completely. But I need a little explanation as to the tools and strategy of the struggle that matches to the nature of the regime you described. Calling for unity in not enough to do the job, the real strategy must accompany with it. I am sure what in your mind when you try to pen down this short article was the “disarray of the opposition camp.” And as such your message was the call for unity of purpose. I need to go beyond that, as to what the “unity of purpose” is, and what political discourse could bring us in to a unity of purpose? What are the factors that comes to the equation to make realistic unity of purpose?

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Tafla

    selam ato maHmud,

    I always enjoy your writings and have great admiration for your cool-headed and balanced way of approaching Eritrean Issues.

    With that said, I would like you to expand on the following statement:

    “Eritreans need to come together and discuss because this juncture is serious; and what follows immediately after the fall of PFDJ is even more serious. Opposition leaders need to come back to the grassroots and seek help. There is more to change than just changing a regime or a system. There is more to opposition than just opposing PFDJ. Our resistance should aim higher than just bringing PFDJ to its knees. Not only for the day after PFDJ, but for years, and even centuries to come. The opposition needs to evolve into a body that could serve a bridge to future Eritrea; it has to show its preparedness to govern; it has to demonstrate that it’s a responsible alternate to PFDJ. Is it ready? If not what can we do to get it ready? And how could it talk about regime change without changing itself into an able body?”

    In my opinion, the problem is not that the opposition needs to show the Eritrean people that they are able to govern. Their jockeying for power is the main reason for their disunity. They need to distinguish between trying to (a) replace the political party “PFDJ” and (b) replacing the undemocratic sytem with a democratic one, where all political parties will swim or sink depending on their ability to appeal to the hearts and minds of the Eritrean electorate.

    A distinguishing feature of the Eritrean society is the influence of the Independence struggle era divisions and religion. Eritrea is a diverse society composed of more than nine different language groups, each with its own culture and traditions. Politically, there cannot be lasting peace and stability in the country without national unity.

    How do you go about drafting a framework for the transition period? How representative will it be of our social and political diversity? Or will it be an agreement of the elites from each social/religious group, as some of our intellectuals seem to disdain mob rule (i.e democracy). How do you balance the individual’s rights, subgroup’s and state’s desire (democracy is not just conferring basic rights but also obligations and duties to the state).
    Just a few questions…
    Best regards

  • ghezaehagos

    Selam Haw Mahmud,
    If this is the gem AT spoke of, our duo were right. You pour your heart out; we can witness you meant it well. I personally am pleasantly surprised, (checked if this is the same Mahmud, honestly, I did at the phrases, like ‘As PFDJ is totalitarian system…’ and others). It was well-presented plea and I support its contents.
    I strongly believe we Eritreans can do it. We can defeat the tyranny of Isais Afwerki. We will defeat Isaias; he won’t defeat us. We have paid too much for peace, for dignity, for our future to simply end up scattered and downtrodden people. With God’s will, our deliverance will come…. Nhawaru kemzi ilna kintefee nay amlak fikad eba aykewn’n!…