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Haile Sellasie’s Cannabis

A green, yellow and red headband/wrist band is the symbol of Rastafarians who worship the late feudal king, Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia, whose name (and title) before he was throned was Ras Tefferi.

When King Minelik died in 1913, his grandson Lij Eyassu became the king, but Tefferi didn’t accept that. Three years later Tefferi imprisoned Eyassu in a palace coup and installed Zewditu, Minelik’s daughter as empress of Ethiopia while he made himself the regent. Later, he appointed himself king while Zewditu was still alive. In 1930, when she died, he made himself the emperor of Ethiopia.

His official coronation title was Moaa Ambessa Z’ Amnegede Yehuda Girmawi Qedamawi Hale Sellassie Negus Negest Z’Etiopia.  Its translation is ” His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings of Ethiopia, Elect of God”

After Mussolini’s forces invaded Ethiopia, Haile Sellassie fled the country through Djibouti and went to the UK where he stayed for most of the six years of his exile. He addressed the League of Nations and appealed for help.

On May 1941, Haile Sellassie entered Addis Ababa with the help of the British Imperial forces under the command of General Wingate.

Immediately, Haile Sellassie started to consolidate his power dividing vast lands of the country among his followers and nobility and Ethiopian peasants became more destitute.

In Eritrea, which was federated with Ethiopia by a federal act under the auspices of the UN, Haile Sellassie began to dismantle the federal arrangement. Finally, he abolished the Eritrean government and annexed Eritrea as the fourteenth province of Ethiopia. Thus, a bitter struggle for independence was started by Eritreans which continued until 1991.

Haile Sellassie was overthrown by his own military in 1974.

Rastafarians worship Haile Sellassie; they also worship the cannabis. The picture above shows Haile Sellassie watering a marijuana plant. There is no evidence which shows Haile Sellassie smoked weed. But after looking at this picture of him watering the plant, it is possible he was constantly under the influence when he ordered the eradication of Eritrean villages and the massacre of their inhabitants.

[The source of the edited image is courtesy of a Facebook friend]

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  • abebe

    This article is all about taking attention away from a probably next somalia case senario. Let us say that hailessilasie himself smocked mariwana that time, what has got to do with the east African wanne be singapore becoming singa-poor in a now time?

  • Abebe

    Haileselasie is my king and king of kings of Ethiopia. I think the likes of Johar and the arabzed jihadist from low land Eritrea or in other words those immigrants from sudan are try to defame the kings name. At any rate those jihadist must first know that Haileselasie is superior than all arab combined by all accounts. Thank god Isayas has his eyes on those little arab Baria.

  • dereje

    Hailesilassie is dead and has stayed dead for very long time. His government has been disolved. Eritrea has been separated from Ethiopia. Many things has happened since hailesilassies time. On the other hand, Isayas Afeworki is alife. He is the one who rulls Eitrea. I guess some Eritreans are still in a comma of some kind. Eritrean problem right now are eritreans together with their own leaders. Finger pointing on even dead people wouldn`t solve them anything.

  • Amde

    Hi Ama,

    I don’t know if I agree with your last sentence. I think a desire for hegemony is a normal feature of human individuals and societies. I don’t see it as a disease. I guess I see it as a feature that gets encouraged when competition is seen in terms of survival or winner takes all. In other words, when the benefits of co-operation outweigh the benefit of eliminating competition. So, in societies, I am assuming that there must be some other natural, but most likely institutional and legal mechanisms that blunt/discourage/weaken hegemonic competition. It is instructive to see how the US is within its borders and outside. Within the US, there so many legal and institutional locks, there is no arty we know of that has a hegemonic status (some would argue they are all the corporate party but I digress). Outside the US though, the rules are very different, and the US acts unabashedly hegemonic becuase there is really no peer competitor in the world.

    How that will manifest in Eritrea is anybody’s guess. My thought is there will be a long life yet to a post-Issayas PFDJ that is already used to a hegemonic existence within Eritrean politics. It will just morph into a Tigrinya interest party (perhaps change its name), make minor policy tweaks and even absorb a good part of the current opposition and continue to exist.

    What sort of institutional or legal arrangement can the opposition make to forestall this from happening? Can there be peer competitors to the PFDJ or its social base? Or can that social base be reformed so that there a number of somewhat peer political competitors?


  • Danny

    This to me is a non topic and irrelevant to today’s Eritrea, but perhaps is a window to Awate’s obsession with Hailesilassie one way or another.

  • Nitricc

    Endante Hulu Dingay-Ras Meseleh?
    I have said many times. i know you are a new comer but enough of this s…. why do you want to know? you sound Hayat!

    • OnLooker

      You need a refresher class in Amharic. You don’t say “Hulu”, you say “Hulum”. Dingay-Ras !

    • OnLooker

      Your ‘best amharic teacher”, was he Tigraway?
      You realy need a refresher course if you are infatuated with the language.

      • Nitricc

        onliooker thanks for looking out.
        No, she was Ye-Addis lij. the only Tigryan teacher I accept is Rahwa. lol
        Hahaha thanks for the correction. You are right I am interested in languages that are rich and expressive. I like Amharic because it can express or define things other languages can’t. for example; how many languages can name “Television” on their own language? Guess what Amharic does. we used to try to find new saying. you know the sayings that are in English but not Amharic.
        So, you are right I am infatuated not only Amharic but any new language.

  • ethiopia

    of course the Renaissance dam will destroy the kaaba, egypt, Arabs and the Muslim world. that is Wayane’s joint cooperation with ”u know who” to destroy them.

  • saeed

    This article is well below the standard of this site.

  • Saleh Johar

    Lij Eyob, now you don’t need Teddy to cover you in Arabic. I found you a Sudanese princess, Shireen who says she’s the grand daughter of Haile Selassie the weed man.

  • You really think you pay us Amde? How generous of you… How many times have clicked an ad and bought stuff through the internet from ads you see at Be honest. That is how much you pay us…. 🙂

    • Amde

      lol.. busted….
      I was actually joking, but you must admit seeing the ad for “Quotes on Demolition” was freaky.

      I have to really appreciate you and thank you for the effort you put into making this a really nice place. We don’t see eye to eye on your politics, but I have to be honest to about how much this site draws me in. We forget sometimes and take it for granted, but it is hard work for no material gain. Thank you.

      Now I promise to click on every ad for at least this coming week. 🙂

  • Dawit

    I don’t see any cause for concern because I don’t see a link between Mecca and the renaissance dam. It’s like saying Ethiopia will burn down because of the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia

    • Amde

      Come on – who doesn’t like pseudo science, conspiracy and end times all rolled into one? This is popcorn time. Egyptians are thirsty.

  • Dawit

    Who is who in Awate team. It looks like that the team has two members but three moderators: “Saleh with the Lenin cap”, Saleh the patriot , and Awate-Team (AT). Controversial items and comments are posted using Awate-Team to avoid personal responsibilities.

  • Dawit

    Ethiopians are more outspoken than Eritreans. We need to learn from Ethiopians. Don’t you think?

    • Amde

      I disagree. I am an Addis boy, and I can tell you, Ethiopians are generally too …. how to put it… fatalistic? cynical? respectful of authority? willing to let time resolve things? passive?….

      The reason there was even an opposition is simply because the country is so huge and demographically diverse. And by demographically diverse, I mean there are literally no ethnic majorities. Eritreans generally like to talk of Ethiopia vs Eritrea, but there are probably more people in Addis Ababa alone than in the whole of Eritrea. There was no way TPLF could run the country espousing its ethnic ideology and assuming it can be the be-all and end-all of all politics. The sheer size and diversity and the nature of the TPLFs demographic minority status makes some opening necessary.

      Eritrea is too small, and the demographics are wrong. PFDJ can exist for a long time as the generally accepted champion of undeclared Tigrinya chauvinism of a population that is definitely above 50% of ethnic+religious majority who feels it can be represented by even a post-Issayas PFDJ, and still maintain hegemony. What Eritreans needed was a bit more cynicism about the state from the get go. I think it is a little too late now.

      If you follow the axis going from Eritrea through Somalia, what you find was Eritreans being completely 100% trusting authority, through Ethiopians being cynical of authority but giving it its due, and Somalis completely distrustful of authority. Eritrea is the extreme end of unquestioned loyalty to the state. Somalis is an extreme case of complete disloyalty to any state. Ethiopia is an example of people generally accepting the legitimacy of the state but challenging the legitimacy of the current resident of the chair.

      • Hayat Adem

        Nice stuff here from Amde.

        • Amde

          Thank you Hayat,

      • Amanuel Hidrat


        Your reading is not far from the truth. In fact to put it in a different way – the current struggle is not only against the dictator but also against hegemony which makes it very complicate to segregate one from the other, as such certain groups would like to emphasize against dictatorship and others for hegemony. Dictatorship and hegemony has symbiotic relationship in Eritrean politics . In my book the fight against hegemony is more difficult and might be bloody than the fight against the dictatorship. Hegemony is societal disease expressed by chauvinism.

        Amanuel Hidrat

  • Dawit

    :=) They take turns. We are under watchful eyes 24/7. How can we tell who is today’s “wardia”?

    • Saba

      Who pays them?

      • Amde

        My guess for wardia-du-jour is the Saleh with the Lenin cap. 🙂 And we all pay them by bringing traffic. Is it weird on my browser the ad is for “Quotes on Demolition”? Especially since I believe it was our wardia’s stated position that PFDJ should turn to ash.

      • Guest


        • Saba


    • That is funny Dawit… a little humor is good every now and then. 24/7? You make it sound as like Big Brother watching you… On the contrary, it is no fun watching over adults–how do the PFDJ thugs do it? At any rate, if people would promise to avoid racist and vulgar posts, we would like to open the flood gates.. we will stop this boring task of moderating. Help us convince the few who are spoiling our fun…..

      • Dawit

        I can’t agree more with you. BTW, thanks for your service. It is also great that you don’t take jokes seriously. Unlike Awate team, the PFDJ thugs can watch over those who are not loyal to Eritrea ( Eritrea is synonymous with Issayas for the thugs) , but they have no control over them.

  • Saba

    Lomis kea bi zena kit sebruna ikum!

  • Amde

    I guess it is time to roll up that joint after all… Seber Zena… Seber Zena… the Renaissance dam will destroy the Kaaba by instigating a targeted volcanic eruption.

    so says this linkتقارير-وتحليلات/630326-فريق-علمى-يكشف-خطورة-سد-النهضة-على-الكعبة

    so in all seriousness, the psychological warfare is now officially on?

  • Amde

    I can tell who is on moderator duty lol

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Haile,
    Your link is from Pakistan, probably a section of the culture. In Eritrea, you do not go to the mosque, the wedding covenant is signed at the celebration and later authenticated by a court clerk. For example, Nikah actually means mating and using it alone sounds weird. It is a compound word ‘Aqd-Nikah’ as in marriage (mating) covenant. For the procedures and other cultural nuances, there are as many as the number of Muslim cultures, 1.2 billion of them who reside in different parts of the world. The only common this is the Mehar, dowry, or Gezmi as it is known in Tigrinya, and the Aaqd is the only commonality. I heard the word being commonly use in Ethiopia in the ninties, “NikaH tederege’ko!” I was laughing because I am used to Aaqd in Eritrea. We call it Aaqd zewaj, marriage contract/covenant. The term Nikah is not common in Eritrea.

  • Rodab

    Sal, Haile & Aman
    About that ‘the silent/reserved majority’….
    Three Tigrgna suggestions: ስቕታውያን (per Aman), ዕጉስ-ብዙሃን (per Haile) and I suggest ዕቁበ-ዝበዝሑ (ዕቃበ-ዝበዝሑ, noun). ብዙሃን/ብዙሓት indicates ‘many’ and not necessarily ‘majority’ thus the need for ዝበዝሑ. Also, not to confuse ዕቁብ (reserved) with ዑቁብ (social grouping). Now where is ኮኾበ ኣባ-ትግርኛ? Is his Jebena Town still underconstruction?
    Eyoba, Horizon,
    How do you say ‘the silent majority’ in Amharic? Have they coined it yet or are they waiting on us as they might have done with other Western phrases, thanks to PFDJ’s obsession with mirroring every western word/phrase to Tigrigna 🙂 While there, how do you say (in Amharic) ‘infrastructure’ and ‘double standard’?
    What’s with these one-liner messages and also with the every now and then show-up?
    Your reputation is fading away and you know what they say: ብዝሓለፈ ዝና ኣይንበርን’ዩ።

    • Amanuel9

      Hi Rodab,
      Though we will relegate controversial vocabularies to a peaceful Eritrea to settle their appropriateness of their application, I could see like “E’kabe” = reservation and “E’kabe’u amezghibu” = he/she registered his/her reservation. Also “e’kabe z’bezhu” = the reservation of the majority. So your choice is a little ambiguous. In any case let me ask you this question:
      Can we harvest without the weeds? How do you imply into Eritrean politics? If yes how? if no why not? Remember SGJ piece. How is your take?

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Horizon

      You made me feel helpless, because so many years have passed, and time is a bad factor when part of the brain that
      processed the Amharic language has been inactive over so many years. I am sure Eyob will come with a better idea than I. You made me think that after all it is not a bad idea that I start reading more of the news in Amharic.

      I think that knowledge of ግዕዝ would have helped a lot. In addition, the absence of a good Amharic/English dictionary for reference online is not helping either. Nevertheless, all I can come up with are the ones below. Please, do not take them seriously.

      ዝምተኛዉ ብዙኃን (Silent Majority), a term I am not really
      satisfied with, because it sounds too ordinary, and

      ድምፅ አልባዉ ብዙኃን (Voiceless Majority), which I think is a reasonable translation, but does not help the purpose you
      have in mind.

      As much as the words “infrastructure” and “double standard” are concerned, I tried my best, but I could not come with any useful idea.

      • Dawit

        How about : ዓባሳት ክፋል ሕብረተሰብና 🙂

        But does not identify whether it is for the silent majority or minority.

        • Horizon

          It is said that because of globalization,
          after a hundred years or so, the world will be speaking about half a dozen languages. Some of these are English or Spanish for the Americas, English for Europe, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and Russian (if I am not mistaken). I am not sure about Swahili. The rest will simply wither away.

          Can you imagine Ethios speaking Chinese?
          It looks unbelievable but it is already happening; and many more Ethios will be speaking Chinese in the future. The centre of the world is moving eastwards.

          Now, do you think that we can save the
          Amharic and Tigrinya languages, which have the same Geez root, from extinction by creating, for example, a single broader language out of the two? (I should confess that I really am not sure what I mean by that; if such a combination would work, or if it would end up being a repetition). Anyway, by the year 2100, there will be around 200m people speaking the language. Otherwise, the great grand children of today’s Ethios and Eris would be reading and writing in Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese.

          Dawit, the last part is meant for fun, although not entirely absurd. Concerning your question, I am sorry to say that I am not really the right person to give opinion on Amharic language, because of
          lack of contact for a long time.

          • Amde


            Minor pedantic correction
            It is not “…It looks UNBELIEVABLE …”
            It is “… it rooks UNBEREEVABRE…”

            Get with the program, man …. sheesh

          • Dawit


            If the projections come true as expected, not only many of the languages cease to exist, but also cultural domination of one race would replace the others.

            Languages and cultures are intertwined. I don’t see myself Ethiopians speaking Chinese 200 years from now. Ethiopians, and Eritreans would speak Arabic, replace churches with Mosques, and would become Suni black Arabs. They would adopt Arabic culture, tradition, and language due to their geographical proximity to the Arab world.

          • Amde


            I would agree with what you said about being Muslim and speaking arabic. I don’t think the local languages will dispappear, but they might be relegated to second or third class. As far as Mandarin goes though, it could be an important international commercial language. Much like US economy drove English to supplant French. So far the Chinese have not done much in terms of cultural exports so I don’t really see it becoming as dominant as English.

            On the flip side, in 200 years, machine translations and brain augmentation would be so prevalent and cheap that nobody will have to learn a different language. An embedded google-glass-ish thing could be the smart-phone of the day intermediating all our communication. I’d probably put my money more on that. At the rate progress itself is accelerating, 200 years is really an eternity and too far for us to properly imagine.

          • Horizon

            Indeed language and culture are intertwined, and if language change culture changes. That is what happened throughout human history.

            Proximity alone might not be enough. Religion
            is not going to remain static. The economy and not religion will be winning the heart of human beings; and religion will become a personal issue, where it would serve only as the means of communication of the individual with his
            creator, having nothing to do with politics. Religion and the state will continue to separate.

            The economy is a major binding factor. Technology indeed will continue to be a game changer. China is already a major technologically advanced country, and the Indian Ocean and not the Atlantic would
            be joining the emerging Newer World, while the Old World would continue to get older. After all, it seems that it was not the end of history, but the beginning of a new brave world.

            Therefore, is it right to say that our people start thinking and preparing for the future New World? Fifty years of the same destructive politics and stagnation is becoming tiresome. I think that it is time to take Ethio-Eri politics to a slightly different platform.

    • Amde

      Are there “silent majority” in Ethiopia? They all spoke – 99% they love EPRDF. They will speak again – 99% love EPRDF next year. So no need to coin a phrase. Especially until somebody understands the difference between Majority and Plurality.

      In the meantime, the new urban train fare will be ETB 9.99 in their honor, when it will also be 99% completed next year.

    • Saleh Johar

      Rodab and Haile,
      You seem to reward the fence-sitters for sitting on the fence 🙂 Silent Majority is misnomer, there is nothing that justifies silence when injustice is raging. My appellation for that group would be ‘Dead Conscience’. Please don’t trivialize their role when in fact, it’s clearly selfishness at best and cowardice at worst. There is three levels of a live conscience: rectify things if you can, speak out if you can’t rectify it wrongs for any reason, and finally have a clear position in regards to injustice. But waiting by the sideline waiting to jump in at the slightest opportunity is, well, opportunistic. We don’t have silent majority, we have1) a significant number dead conscience people, and 2) A helpless, large, segment unable to do anything because it is shackled by the PFDJ monsters. Please reject the self-serving silent majority misnomer, used by the dead conscience to describe themselves as morally superior to the rest and intellectually wiser that those who fight injustice. We have seen these kind of people in every stage of our long struggle and then they come and claim, “aneko wsTawi srEeet nera” and join the winning party.

      • asmara

        And then the head moderator, known for his iron clad sharia law, comes along and B**** slaps Haile, the spoiled kid of the house! BOOM!

      • Michael Solomon

        Saleh -for your information -the silent majority are Eritreans who uncontrollably throw up whenever they hear the words HEGDEF, Woyane and the Eritrean sellout opposition managed from Mekele. The silent majority travel to Eritrea quite frequently as they do not allow anyone to stop them and they do not believe Eritrea belongs to HEGDEF!!. They are highly respectful of all Eritrean patriots be it ELF or EPLF – Always they wish the best for their people -no matter who is mis-ruling them. I hope this is not to difficult to comprehend.
        Hawka Michael

    • Amde

      Deleted.. repeat post my apologies

    • Nitricc

      Infrastructure in Amharic is Tahtay Mewaqir
      For double standard is Dagme Bidela ( I just coined this one my self) once I told SGJ that I will write my own dictonary and he loughed at me. 🙂 here we go SGJ, take my first one. Lol
      I had the best Amharic teacher. I miss her.

      • Abinet

        Where and when did you learn Amharic ? I thought you grew in the west watching Cartoon Network .according to your story you watched a lot of TV and write some kind of sammary for your father to read since your mother does not speak English . If you grew up in Ethiopia /Eritrea 1) there was no all day tv Available 2) no need of the English language for your mother. If you grew up in the west what kind of Amharic teacher is that who teaches the word you just used . That word is used mostly in “political economy ” or in qebele meetings . Could you please clarify. Thanks

    • Papillonn

      Dear Rodab,

      I miss Awate my second home so much. I miss you all so much. I have just been very busy lately. As for the “reputation” of mine receding into the thin air, how about you make sure I remain on the spot light against the drift of time that is pushing me into oblivion. I see new faces (read: Saba, Ethiopia) to mention but a few and please walk them through my “legend” in the grand palace of Awate.


  • Amanuel9

    your clarification will make us to be on the same page. Good enough for me.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Dawit

    Selam Aman,

    You gave a detailed explanation of self-sufficiency. First, let me make myself clear here. It is seldom that a given country may become entirely self-sufficient. Self sufficiency is to some degree similar to Eritrea’s tried and failed economic policy of self reliance.

    Here is how a dictionary defines self-sufficient (self-sufficiency n). A self sufficient person is one who is “able to provide for oneself
    without the help of others; independent.”

    Adam Smith and David Ricardo do not advocate against self-sufficiency but argue that a country is better off importing those goods
    and services it cannot relatively produce efficiently. Take Ethiopia and Eritrea for Example. It is apparent that Eritrea can produce salt at a lower opportunity cost than Ethiopia. A comparative advantage gives Eritrea the ability to sell salt at a lower price (than Ethiopia) and realize a whopping profit, thanks to the salty water of the red sea. On the other hand, Ethiopia makes salt from the Afar region at a high
    opportunity cost. Ethiopia is therefore better off importing salt from Eritrea than produce salt on its own. This theory of comparative advantage still holds true in any market system including in a partially state controlled economy such as developmental states.

    Developmental state, as I understand it , is an economic system in which the state as well as the free market play roles in the economy.
    There are private as well as state-owned enterprises in the economy; yet, the state controls the direction of the state’s economy using macro-economic policy, and its enterprises. Basically, developmental state is nothing but a mixture of free market capitalism and government controls, a control characterized often by luck of civil liberties.

    According to Charles Johnson who formed the idea of
    developmental state, a developmental state is “a
    state that is focused on economic development and takes necessary policy
    measures to accomplish that objective.”

  • Amde

    Holy Ganja Fumes!! This piece is clocking at 126 comments? Is this an Awate test piece to see if tabloidization would drive up traffic?

  • Saba

    This is poor journalism at its best. This proves what i said before: “awate team is like ab adi iwurat beal hade aynu yineghis”.

  • Dawit

    Aman ,

    Philosophers such as David Ricardo and Adam Smith have advocated that self sufficiency is a road to poverty. Self sufficiency has never worked in the past for Eritrea (or any other country for that matter) nor will it work in the future. What Eritrea lucks (or inefficient in producing goods and/or services) imports from outside ( from those countries with abundant resources or efficient way of producing those goods and services ) while it produces and expors those goods (gold for instance ) and services (tourism) which Eritrea is abundant with or produces efficiently, thereby making use of its comparative advantage. Rahwa is therefore right when she said Eritrea woud never be self sufficient. Eritrea has to rely as much on import as Exports to become self sufficient.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Dawitom,

      I don’t know how David Ricardo and Adam Smith advocate against “self-sufficiency” but keep in mind that Adam Smith’s and other neo-liberal theory of economic development (trickle down economics) for the third world countries or the under developed nations is challenged by the new economic theory “Developmental states and secularism”. So their argument might not hold water. Theories always evolve with time and circumstances. But for purposes of brevity read the argument of Habtamu Alebachew eloquently presented in the link below and I hope Hayat and others will join.

      But let me go back to the concept of “self-sufficiency”. The word doesn’t mean other than a condition that explains of not requiring aid. These could be by using and exploiting all the resources you have, and exporting to exchange for goods and services from outside to serve your people. Self-sufficiency doesn’t imply for whatsoever as of “not to buy foreign products”. For instance Japan doesn’t have that much natural resources, but they changed their country into an industrial hoop and became the economic power house of the world. Can’t we call Japan a self-sufficient country? It is all how you use your human power (human know how) and the resources you have efficiently. If Eritrea and Ethiopia collaborate, they could challenge the economic hurdles.they face. Remember self-sufficiency means using your abundance to fill the gap of insufficiency. Or be sufficient with what you have and add aids to fill your shortages as a launching pad for economic development.

      As to the analysis of YG, though I agree on certain issues with him, I disagree on his premises, because he doesn’t see the future from the reality but from his dreams. He forgot the new reality that Eritrea is a new independent state. If his argument doesn’t base this reality, his argument will not be realistic to the end. so I disagree to the accolade “brilliant” you gave him. Brilliant is one who knows the reality and advance his argument from that reality.

      Amanuel Hidrat

  • Samuel N.

    Weedophobic awatestaff, Is this an anti-weed campaign!

  • Nitricc

    It is very interesting phenomena. I have no idea what Zegeremo has to say about the Tigryans ( it has been deleted ) but to provoke haile to come down hard on innocent Eritreans like that, i don’t get it. What ever Zegeremo has to say; I bet you with anything you want he did not insulted the 7 million Tigryans as they are crazy and mentally retarded. i know becouse no Eritrean will say that. however when a Tigryans insulted five million people;
    I did not read any self respecting Tigrya to go ballistic like Haile did on Eritreans. Where were you Haile when the Five million Eritreans were insulted to the core by none a Tigryan? Where you Amaniual Hidarat, where were you TPLF agent Hayat?
    Interestingly I was among the few who cried foul while others looked the other way. i did so becouse i do beleive i am not better than the Tigryans.
    What is amazing is the once who cried what ever Zegeremo has said, believe that they are better than Tigryans deep down but to hide that they have to come out publicly they have to come out and claim moral ground.
    You see, have you ever wondered why the black Americans say what ever they want about the whites and no one cares but as soon as the whites say one word; like the N word; not only the blacks come out screaming but the whites goes out and blast their own white for saying it.
    Are the Tigryans are equivalence of black Americans in the US while Eritreans are the equivalence of the whites. If not why is that when the Tigryans come out insulting the entire Eritrean people and no one gives a hoot, not Haile, Not Aman, not Hayat mind. Yet, when An Eritrean say something about the Tigryans; The Haile, the Aman and the Hayat come out up in arms?
    Baby Rahwa; my love, we can stop this things and bring the two people together if you are welling to wear Hijab and I am welling to marry you. get your butt in here.

    • Rodab

      I may disagree with some of your views, but I like your free spirited attitude. you are an asset to the forum. You could even be better if you try to eas-up a little on being too critical to some of our good friends.
      And if you two (with Rahwa) decide to tie the knot, I will approve it 🙂
      are you still having difficulties with disqus? Try this: where it says login, select disqus from the drop-down menu and it will take you to a separate window. There, enter your username & password. After that when you go back to the Awate fourm, you should be ready to rock and roll. Hopefully that should do the trick.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        selam Rodab,

        I have only difficult from work. I am okay from home. Once I established from home, it doesn’t recognize me with the same username and password at work. I tried to establish at work and it seems working but my last comment to Rahwa disappeared in thick forest of the comment section of the forum. I don’t know from where the glitches is, but it is really annoying. Thank you anyhow. Keep your debate you are one of the few sensible and civil awate forum has.

        Amanuel Hidrat

      • Nitricc

        Redab you said there are some views of main you don’t agree with; should you care to name a few of them?
        I say this because if you are what is the best interest of Eritrea then it is very difficult to disagree with my positon. I am asking you this because I belive you do belive in what is good for the nation.
        Regarding I am being harsh on few people. No really. They started it when I gave them back they went crying.
        Thomas said I insulted the dead? When where, let him produce the evednce.
        Ermias started giving me names and identities. I am just tried of it. When I answered he went crying.
        Hayat, she nothing but Weyane stooge. She kept calling names and I did not even respond to her. I don’t think much of her.
        So, I have nothing to do with those people. And I have done nothing wrong. I challeng them to prove it.
        Regarding my love Rahwa, I am shopping for few Hijabs and you are invited our wedding in the mosque 🙂
        Right baby?

        • haile

          haha Nitricc…so the mosque told you to just bring your bride and a hijab to perform the wedding? are you sure they’re real mosque or a PFDJ qebele 🙂 Here is a quick guide on the basic facts about Islamic wedding tradition, it is short and to the point.

          • Nitricc

            Haile shihhhhhhhhhh.
            I have three agenda for the love of my life.
            You I love Rahwa, she have three phobics
            And Erieatro-phobic.
            My mission? I will cure from all those phobics my love Rahwa.
            Right baby? I got your back. -:) you know I love you.

    • Rahwa

      Nitric the acid. I thought you were studying lunatic Isayas’s interview from last week. Are you done yet?

      • Nitricc

        Baby Rahwa, I have not finished listening because you keep interacting me. I day dream about you. And I am going to shopping. I got buy some Hijab and make all the necessary preparations. Please make a list who you wanna invite to the wedding from the awate community. 🙂 I am inviting all Muslims in awate community. You? Lol

        • Rahwa

          I have no fear. I am an Ethiopian. As for the other staff, I will consider it if you bring me your boss on a plate.

  • Hayat Adem

    If I’m Eritrean…
    (This piece is not for the average smart and above. So, many of you are not encouraged to read it as it repeats the very obvious. This is my last effort of disambiguation targeting the unsuspecting naive)
    Rules of Thump (civic 101):
    1) Eritrean- (as referred to as a political citizenry-) you are Eritrean by birth or naturalization. The first is natural and automatic. The latter involves process and effort. Eritrean citizenary happens 100% from birth. Many born Eritreans hunt other citizenship, never been the other way. For known reason there are none who want to switch from other nationality to be Eritrean at this time. Nobody envies us. Lets hope we’ll change the future.
    2) You can always run through criminal experience, bad history, bad credit etc… but never bad citizenship. Bad or not bad, if you are Eritrean, that is what you are. it is not to be earned, accumulated, removed or spent. You are the only one* there to say or do anything about it. Unless you want to write it off your self, no body can deny you that: nor IA or even courts. Courts can suspend some election rights and limit your freedoms on very exceptionally rare cases invoking dangerous criminality. But even the courts that have a power of taking your life through capital punishment, can not scrap off your citizenship entirely.
    3) ERitrean as referring to the values and characters is a collective reference, and therefore open for public scrutiny. If someone is spotted behaving against standard norms set by our society (such as disrespecting the dead), we can symbolically criticize the individual as an unbecoming member of that society or nationality (nisikHama Eritrawi aykonkan).
    Don Quixote represents illusion but he was very realistic one time when he asked his captors, “please leave me alone for a few minutes so that I can do what I do when I am only alone…you guessed it right- he meant answering nature’s call.

    • Henok7

      It was fine and good even sounded an opinion of rational Eritrean , in fact very Eritrean, till the point you mentioned the word nisikHama in the nisikHama Eritrawi aykonkan sentence. I appropriate you though for your enlightenment