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“Mistir Leyti”: Secret of The Night

During the struggle (Ghedli), the Tigrinya phrase for “password” was “misTir Leyti”: secret of the night. Usually, it was the name of a martyr, shared and circulated per whisper up to the tegadalay (combatant) serving in the frontline. Practiced throughout the whole Liberation Front and renewed on a daily basis, it was crucial for the survival of a military unit, especially during the night. It served to identify a comrade and rule out any risk of an intruder or enemy respectively. When darkness falls, the first thing you would ask any suspected moving person is “dew bel, men iKa,mistir leyti!” (Halt, who are you, name the password!) If the person in question cannot immediately render a correct response, he would be in serious trouble. So, you memorize it. The guards in charge for the night shift (Hares) are assigned alternately.

Since I never liked to be woken up in the middle of the night, I always preferred to be the first or the last Hares (guard), though it was common knowledge that the risk level of the last guard was high, since the probability of a dawn raid was significant. Maybe I was so young and naive to bother about or realize the level of danger. As the youngest in my unit, my comrades granted me this privilege. Our ganta (unit) used to sleep in one of the strategically best-situated hidmos (traditional dwelling) at the top of the village. The owner was an elderly woman whose home was now continuously inhabited by us. She slept in the wiShate (interior) and made the other parts of her house available to us. In the late evenings, it was customary to end up sitting in convivial gatherings chatting and cracking jokes, Hikiyatat. Some the jokes could be equated to soft porn. Whilst most of our male comrades obviously enjoyed them, we, the two female tegadelti (combatants), were either bored or made our objections known. Thus they would occasionally cut it off. If our objection was not heeded, we would ignore and evade further discussion, and simply fall asleep leaving them on their own, still giggling…it was the safest place for all of us.

The Other Secret of the Night

Prior to joining this particular unit, and after leaving it to join another one, I believe that many female combatants seldom had a chance for a good night’s sleep. Not that they suffered from insomnia.   Permanent alertness was in the nature of things due to the military situation– the marching of Derg soldiers, surprise attacks from our side, etc.  But there was something else. Sometimes, it was the male combatant who slept near his female compatriot.

It was not always possible to set where and near whom you would sleep.  After all, it is a military organization. The problem was that some “wise men” with whom you had had a very good conversation, those who cared to give you most valuable advice you could ever get – the gedim (veteran) advises the new tegadalay – turned out, at night, to be the same person they were warning you of.

So they start groping and harassing you at night. The endless night fighting starts when an intruding hand touches you. You throw back the long arm in strong disapproval of the impertinent behaviour.  Again and again anew you repulse the attack; you try to whisper your determined “gidef” (stop it!). For fear of a louder “No!” you hope he can’t go further since the place is surrounded by many others.  But he would also not give up… How I hated those nights, those sleepless nights. Kitinkifeni, mulue leyti, kiribisheni hadiru (he was groping and harassing me the whole night) is what you could tell or keep it to yourself the next day and retain it in your–and only your–memory.

It is unbelievable how far a slim arm of Eritrean men can reach out. Can you imagine that an arm can be stretched out for groping from the medeb (inbuilt village beds made of clay) for a tegadalit sleeping on the floor of midribet?  Another weird and funny experience was when a tegadalay tried to stretch his arm and reach out for me, crossing over a tegadalit who slept between him and me, thus depriving both of us of a good sleep. The plan of having her as a “protective barrier” didn’t work out. I think we used to call it Hatituni (in the minimized form of “he expressed interest”) when the concerned tegadalay had the guts to approach us the next day. Some would even bring “gifts”; KushuK (sarong) was the most popular among them, depending on where you resided, near the Sudan border or near Eritrean towns. The narration is much longer…however, this should suffice.

No doubt, there were love relationships, marriages following long years of waiting, abstinence and hope – Naxnet iyu meray, banderay gezmey (Eritrea’s independence equates to my wedding ceremony; its flag to my dowry.) But also cases of miqiTab (pairing off), abusing power to get hold of a girl, sexual harassment, sexual assault etc.  All of these were there. And still, relationships weren’t immune to the effect of Hameta (backbiting). There was always “big brother” watching you, and every man felt entitled to fit this qualification. You would get letters signed “kab ziHalyelki bixayki ,kemzi semiEE aleKu teTenqeqi“(from a caring comrade: rumours are circulating; be alert). But then exactly such a kbur bixay tells you “anewin niqumneger yidelyeki iye” (moreover, I’m interested in a serious relationship), meaning merA, hadar (marriage), which didn’t cross my mind. It was too early and inconceivable for me as I was still underage. I was rather dreaming of continuing my education as soon as Sewra is over.

At the time, when I was attending political course which lasted three months, a cadre from the women’s organization came and talked about the need for contraceptives to be distributed to women fighters. A heated and controversial discussion erupted. The opponents argued that this would encourage promiscuity. At the end of the day, however, the General Union of Eritrean Women endorsed the proposal. During a session of this same course a gedim tegadalit elucidated “how to prevent sexual assaults”; instructing us to avoid anything that could seduce and charm (keynesHtom); we should watch out the way we dressed. Since we used military uniform the clear message was “button up properly!”  Hmmm, we learned it was to be blamed on the woman…

Several tegadelti I knew had “unwanted” pregnancies. A young comrade, whom I got acquainted with just few months before she died, drank KuHli (eyeliners) with the intention of abortion (that was at least what I heard; no idea if it could have worked). She was a very fine girl, may she rest in peace. And then there was the case of a tegadalay at the Security Department who had raped several women who were arrested trying to cross the border to Sudan. It took a long time before he was accused of these repeated crimes. As far as I know the fall of ELF averted the pursuit of the proceeding. Again, the narration is much longer…However, this should suffice.

Justifying & Denying The “Secret of The Night”

We are in the year 2016 and I read an article in Tesfanews  (19 January 2016) written by M.G, “COI findings need legitimate investigation” where she argues that there is no rape in Eritrea, because Eritreans were never rapists, aren’t and never will be, since this is against the culture and the law. Phew! There is no such thing as a society of “rapists” or “non rapists”. A politically motivated general denial avoiding an open and frank discussion is hypocritical, though. If we are honestly seeking for “hard evidence”, well, then, let us create a conductive climate that enables the concerned, the victims, to speak out and share their experience.

Previous to this, the government of Eritrea launched a campaign against the reports of the COI, pressing Eritreans in the Diaspora to sign a petition with a specific “recommendation” for women to deny any sexual rape (no rape happens; only saHti (seldom); the law and the culture don’t allow this). Well, do PFDJ and its supporters think that sexual rape happens because it is not against the culture and the law of the respective countries? Is that a call for all women of the world telling them to go to Eritrea and live there, because it is the only country where such offences never happen, or if at all Sahti as they suggest? What does saHti–seldom— actually mean in terms of figures? 50, 500 or 50.000 annually?  There is no mention of any data about gender-based violence in Eritrea. As the NUEW told CEDAW in 2014, “… No gender based workplace violence was reported during the period under consideration. However, it cannot be assumed that there is no sexual harassment or sex motivated abuse in work places”. The same seems to apply to isolated and suppressive North Korea (not comparing Eritrea with North Korea!). Do we have data on sexual harassment and rape during the Derg time?

As Y. H. [1] (referring to Ghedli time) requested the Australian ambassador to help her find the perpetrators, his reply was “wey Yordanos siq ilki iki, ewe yegaTim, tegadelti indiyom, wetehader ab kulu Alem zelo kemu iyu zigebir…” (Oh, come on Yordanos.  Yes it happens; they are combatants; it is in the nature of a soldier anywhere in the world to behave like that.) He could as well have added “you know in our culture we settle such problems in a way that the rapists ends up marrying the raped “. Is he, PFDJ, or its supporters suggesting that Eritrean women should put up with it?

Eritrea is still one of the countries where gender-based violence starts at the very early age of a girl when FGM is conducted. In 2010, the prevalence of female circumcision among the young women aged 15-19 was around 68.8% according to the report of NUEW to CEDAW in 2014. Eritrea is a country where child marriage – by definition sexual assault – is rising as the government media EriTv [2] showed recently. And then we have the report of the COI with many cases of sexual harassments and rape. If you are dead-set against the COI report, then refer to the research work of Asia Abdulkadir [3), or Cecilia M. Bailliet  [4]. Cecilia quotes “Amnesty International has received reports that some of the new female recruits were selected by commanders for sex under duress, through being threatened with heavy military duties or being sent to the battlefront during the war or to a remote and harsh posting, or being denied home leave.” Lema gave similar testimony (22:55-29:59) [5].

If you should still have some doubts then ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man. Many a story is yet to be told. They may still be reluctant to bear witness or want to have it dealt with in confidence as they don’t know what the perceptions in society would be and thus eventually decide to keep it to themselves as their own “mistir leyti”, (secret of the night). They prefer to repress all memory of the issue.

PFDJ seems to have “discovered” the heroism of Tegadalit (which I am very proud of!). They are engaged in posting pictures of Tegadelti in accentuating their lip service for the glory of Eritrean women during Gedli. The new role of women in Eritrea is depicted in the “Sawa girl carrying AK-47”.

All this campaign of the PFDJ is nothing but a futile attempt to silence women, which is tantamount to turning the clock back to the 19th century. The duty of a government is not to regurgitate denial of abuses; it has the obligation of preventing gender based violence of all forms, bringing rapists to courts, and giving the needed support for the victims of sexual violence. Any women’s organization is expected to endorse this. NUEW has, thus far, failed in practicing it. A change of attitude in our society is much needed one that respects women and their dignity.


[1]  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuYtK60PyLM
[2]  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR4BJiJTZTs
[3] http://www.uni-koeln.de/phil-fak/afrikanistik/kant/data/AA1_kant1.pdf
[4] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/31235190_Examining_Sexual_Violence_in_the_Military_Within_the_Context_of_Eritrean_Asylum_Claims_Presented_in_Norway
[5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SCGLGFXhFk

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  • AMAN

    In other words ,
    Mathematically speaking
    the true correction of the vector quantity of magnitude absolute value / –25 /
    is not 0 but / +25 / for the period of t = 20+ years to be accounted to.
    And the expense of the gap ( area covered ) between points x=0 and x= +25
    should paid only by those who benefited ( unfairly ) in the first phase against
    us all.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates
    Because of the nature of Truth ( Always like a straight ray of light )
    it always impossible to bypass it , blackmail it and/or replicate it
    and create an alternate truth in its place. The only way to deal with
    it is only to face it head on and to learn the lessons that it produces.
    So what I am saying here now is that :
    1. We all know and agree that the struggle that had been going on for
    almost over two decades was on the wrong footing and wrong direction.
    Thus if we agreed it was so…….did it get corrected and rectified now ?
    Is it corrected to get back to point of origin/zero/starting point only or is
    it recalibrated to get to the opposite point of a magnitude that it travelled
    in the other opposite direction ?
    Let us say in 20+ years we had travelled a quantity that can be represented
    by a vector quantity –25 kms ( on the negative x – axis dimension ) ;
    So now we found it was on the wrong direction.
    Thus Is our corrective measure to take it to point (0,0) the origin going back
    25 kms to the opposite direction ;
    Or Is it to take it to + 25 kms point ( on the positive X – axis ) doubling the pace
    and magnitude to compensate and account for the time lost ?
    I need the result because I want to know
    where our new origin point ( 0, 0 ) lies.
    Because if it is the former we still need to hold on and recover the assets and
    capitals we dispensed for the last 20 plus years ; and if it is the later – a new
    origin as a result of consensus that compensated us , we will not require our
    dispensed capital assets back and will continue dispensing and financing our
    project. But it is a must we need to know our position first to continue financing.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear enda awate,

    ሕጂ ቁሩብ ህድእ ክንብል : ቅርጽን ሕብርን ጉዳያት ካብ መጠን ትርኢቶም ዝሓለፍ ወይ ዝጎደለ መግለጺ ክወሃቦም የብሉን ::

    ኣብ ልዕሊ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ዝወርድ ዘይቅቡል በደል – ዓለምና ኣዝያ ካብ ትጭነቀሎም ጉዳያት ሓደ ምዃኑን ትማሊ ኣብ ሃገርና ዝተፈጥረ ሃንደበታዊ ተርእዮ ከምዘይኮነን- ኣብ ኩሉ ዘመናትን ኣብ ኩሎም መንስታትን ዝተራእየ ጸገም ምዃኑን – ድኽነት ወይ ሃብቲ :- ዘመነ ናጽነት ወይ ዘመነ ቃልሲ :- ጀብሃ ወይ ሻዕብያ ኢልካ ናብ ሓደ እተስክሞ ጉዳይ ዘይምዃኑን ንሰማማዕ :: ኮታ ኣብ ባህላዊ ሰውራን መንፈሳዊ ጉዕዞን (spiritual journey ) ግርም ስራሕ ዘድልዮ ጉዳይ እዩ ::

    ዳሕራይ ንስለ ሓበሬታ ይውሓድ ድኣ እምበር ብደቂ ኣንስትዮ ዝፍጸም ሜላ ዘለዎ ዓመጽ ውን ታሪኽ መዝጊቡ እዩ :: ንዘለዎ ህውኽ ስምዒታት ወይ ገንዘባዊ ጸገም መዝሚዘን ነቲ ብዓቅሊ ክሓስብ ዘይከኣለ ወዲ ተባዕታይ ኣብ መጻወድያ ዝእተዋ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ከምዘለዋ ውን ክንፈልጥ ኣለና :: እዚ ውን ጥራይ ኣይኮነን ደቂ ተባዕትዮ ኣብ ልዕሊ ንኣሽቱ ደቂ ተባዕትዮ ዝፍጽምቆ ዓመጽ ውን ይረአ እዩ ::

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    ምስ ጥፍኣት ህግደፍ ዓመጽ ከልግስ ድዮ? ኣይፍል የግዳስ እቲ ዓመጽ ዝጠፍኣሉ ኣልያ (mechanism) ክጥረ እዩ ::

    ኣብ ሃገርናን ብሓፈሻ ኣብ ዓለምናን ግን ናይ ኣተሓሳስባ ለውጢ ድኣ እምበር ሕጊ በይኑ ‘ውን መፍትሒ ጸገማት ኣይኮነን :: ወዲ ሰብ ብሕግን ሓይልን ጥራይ ተገዲዱ ካብ ገበናት ምርሓቁ ኣብ ዝድለ ሸቶ በጺሑ ኣየስምዕን – ወዲ ሰብ ዓቢ ዝላ ናይ ኣተሓሳስባ የድልዮ ኣሎ ኢለ ይ ኣምን ::

    ንፋቶ – ንፋቀር – ንሰማማዕ ! ኣብ ሓቂ ንሰራዕ!


    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam Kokhebaay
      Well said brother. I wish the direction of the discussion took this well composed approach. This a deep rooted social and societal problem. It is depressing to see some awatistas competing for the recognition of the title: “defenders of women’s issues”, as if they are THE only champions of those issues around the block.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Kokeb and all,

      I am going to ask you and others in this forum a specif question with your response and the other comment respond to show which is the same thing.

      If I am not mistaken you are saying, abuse of women (to make it general) is a problem that we had yesterday, today and will have to tomorrow. And you indicated that this problem is universal and the world is trying to deal with it.

      I do not believe Eritrea situation is really quite the same with the problems of women abuse around the world. I believe in Eritrea, all our women are exposed to be abused at a tender young age. There for painting with the same brush as the rest of the world, I think is incorrect.

      Here is my question:

      Eritrea being the only country in the world sending it’s women to national service. It’s not 18 years any more, it’s when they are in grade 11, which is typically 16 years old.

      Two question that I need to ask:

      1) I heard a while ago, most Eritrean women (Muslims) from the lowlands do not go to Sawa anymore. I heard there was an apparent confrontation with few parents who refused to send their girls to national service. The government backed down and slowly (without making much fanfare announcement) they almost stopped the practice. Is this still the practice? I am not asking you specifically but to everyone who can elaborate.

      a) if this is the case, I want to congratulate these brave men who rather die rather than giving their young daughters to those gangster criminals (To me who are doing the same like those buka haram terrorist group in the name of national service)..and if there is anyone who can call him self a hero, these brave parents would be the ultimate heroes. I hope the Christian fathers, who are like herd sheep, who rather send their girls to sawa in the name of national service learn from our Muslim parents / brothers and they rather die rather than giving their daughters to the criminal gangs.

      2) Do you see that national service for our women should be eliminated or at least be voluntarily (with exception to those who wants to join voluntary for what ever reason if they chose too) making).,


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Berhe Y,

        I think all questions are answered in my post above.

        From the beginning I was trying to put the following points.

        1. Our national struggle is not responsible but a victim of this social problem. And I have clearly written here what we were facing in ELF and how much we work on the same topic.

        2. I have clearly said that this social problem was there and it is when you have a system that governs the nation that you will minimize the crime. PFDJ has failed to have the same.I don’t have to talk about national service when when I even reject the present of PFDJ in first place. the participation of women in national service should be decided by legally chosen admin by making sure the people support the idea.

        3. After having a mechanism that keeps the dignity of women, we still will have this social problem of such type even in low rate as rules and regulations are not enough and can’t assure freedom, peace but awareness over sensation and wide conciseness do.

        We are not only struggling for democratic nation we are also strongly standing against those who want to exploit our problems to say “Eritrean national struggle was wrong” blaming for all social problems.

        I hope I have tried to answer some of your questions. And let us wait others to say their say.

    • Peace!

      Dear KS,

      ሕጂ ግርም!! ምሳኻ ኣለኹ ኣብዚኣ። ንኹሉ ነገር ብዓይኒ ፓለቲካ እንተ ሪኢናዯ መፍቲሒ ኣይክርከቦን እዩ። It is rather a social issue that we must deploy our good social values to eradicate ነዚ ጹዩፍ ተግባር once for all.


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Peace,
        again don’t forget social problems can be solved only when you create good administration. Administration with chosen style and administrator.

        • Peace!

          Salam KS,

          በቃ ብዋጋ ዕዳጋ ኮይኑ lol. ሻህዋት እዩኮ ትሽግር ንሱ ድማ ካብ ሕማቕ ምሕደራ ዝመጽእ ኣይመስለንን። ቢልዓክስ!


          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር Peace

            ጉዳያት ዝፍተሑ ካብ ውሽጢ ንደገ እዮም :: እቲ ትብዓትን ብስለትን ድማ ምስ ነብስኻ ኣብ ትገብሮ ዘየቛርጽ ግድል እዩ ዝምዘን :: ኣነ ተቃዋማይ ህግደፍ ስለዝኾንኩ ንቅድሚ ህግደፍ ዝነበረ ሕብረተሰብኣዊ ጸገም ኩሉ ብሓላፍነት ከሰክሞም ኣይኮንኩን ;: ግዳ ኸኣ ኣብ ታሪኽ ከም ውጽኢት ቃልሲ ዝፍጠሩ ምሕደራታት ብቀንዱ ነቲ ጸገማት ክፈትሑ እዮም ክፍጠሩ ዘለዎም እምበር ብኣንጻሩ ከጋድዱ ኣይኮነን :: ህግን ስርዓትን ይሃሉ – ምእንቲ መሰል ደቂ ሰባት ክሕሎ : ኢና ዝበልና ቅሩብ እንዶ ትርር ኢልካ ምስ ሕልናኻ ተዛተ ::

    • Abi

      I don’t know what you wrote that the up votes are shooting like a berari Kokob.
      Assuming you are talking about women here is a conversation that took place among Awatistas.

      Tsigereda: yalesetoch tesatfo gibun aymetam abyotu!
      Kokobe: enkuwan abyotu aynegam lelitu!
      Mahmud: endet teweledu sebatu?
      Kokobe: libe birhan new Tyitu!
      KaneTaTeru aysitu!
      Sem: legnam yinegeren bilhatu!
      Kokobe: saydekmu yichawetu!
      Tes: dersonal timhrtu
      Kim: ere bazagnitu! Yisewuren kemeAtu!
      Wardiya: mindin new huketu? Selam new beretu?
      Abi: yeregna neger! Endet senebetu?
      Negeru wedih new , wede lela yimelketu!
      Ay yeAbi neger qumneger kentu!!!!!

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Abi,
        በሳቅ ልሞት ነው :: ውይ ወዛው ቁም ነገሩ ::

  • ‘Gheteb

    Denizens Of Planet Illogic

    reasoning or thought that is not logical

    In Planet Illogic, logic has no place whatsoever. It’s denizens freely process their thoughts unconstrained by logicality. Any assertion or allegation is accepted as truth regardless of its logical validity so far as what has been alleged puts their competitor planet ( henceforth known as CP) in bad light.

    If a female denizen of Planet Illogic alleges that there is rampant sexual violence in CP, the denizens of planet illogic demand that it should be accepted as the truth. Any one and everyone who asks for evidence or proof is labeled as a denier.

    Even the magnanimous denizens of Planet Illogic will offer you another unsubstantiated testimonial to prove that sexual violence is so pervasive in CP. Moreover, the enlightened denizens of Planet Illogic will demand that you have to refute the allegations made by their compatriot of Planet illogic.

    Hell, yeah. You needn’t prove your allegation in planet illogic as the order of thing is that the onus is on the inhabitants of CP to confute any and all allegations made by the denizens of planet illogic.

    Those who make the allegations in planet illogic do not feel that they have to provide corroborative materials to prove their case. And if you insist that they must prove their allegation, then they will resort in deploying their most effective weapon which is EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILING.

    You will be either accused of being a rapist or a denier that rape exists as a culture in CP ( The competitor planet).

    If you think that the mindset of the denizens is otherworldly, you are thinking within the ballpark. In planet illogic, things are getting eerily freakish by the day.

    • saay7

      Selamat Gheteb:

      render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible

      You know that it is in the tradition of PFDJ to use the double negative to acknowledge a wrong-doing:

      ጌጋታት ኣይተገብረን ማለት ኣይኮነን (“it doesn’t mean mistakes were not made”)

      It is the standard evasive sentence designed to mystify and obfuscate. It is not saying:

      I made a mistake
      We made a mistake

      It is not even saying the classic “Mistakes were made” (No subject involved) that is used by all unaccountable bureaucracies all over the world. It is not even the Sudanese edition of car accident investigations: “Al Marhum Qaltan.” (it’s the fault of the deceased.)

      It is saying that “This does not mean mistakes were not made.” We are not saying mistakes were made, we are also not saying mistakes were not made. Allahu YaElem. As our Amhara cousins say “Amlak yawqal: sew yichenekal.” It is all unknowable. And by insuring that we never conduct an investigation, we will ensure it remains in the realm of the unknowable. Can you point to a single investigation–done transparently–in the entire history of the EPLF/PFDJ?

      Tzigereda has made an easy to refute claim and it is this: “If you should still have some doubts then ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man. ” It would be very easy for someone to talk to 10 women (possibly a representative sample), ask Tzigereda’s question and say, “refute your claim.”


      • Hope

        SAAY and Tsigheteds:
        “….ask every ERITREAN woman …”
        That implies that Every ERITREAN woman is and was raped??
        Meaning that we shall take it for granted that Every ERITREAN Woman,who is or will be asked this question will answer it as a YES answer?
        And this is coz of the PFDJ?
        Are we playing game with terms and words /Is there Language issue here or contextual meaning of the statement to say that “Rape” is not unusual in Eritrea,like any where in the world?
        Or are we bluntly and confidently saying that Rape is Rampant and a common practice in Eritrea?
        Like claiming that the ERITREAN Society is a Rapist Society???

        That is exactly what the biased and crooked Media is trying to achieve,like the Poligamy hoax Zena and like that of the ERITREAN Kidanemihret Church in Holland was tarnished!

        It is almost the same like what that the TPLF Gang claimed that the GoE plotted to bomb the AU Summit and that the Massacre of the Ugandan people in a Soccer Field was engineered by the GoE named as Asmera Code and reported as an Official SEMG Report.

        Is that what Tsigheteda et al and Prof SAAY are trying to convince the COIE that the ERITREAN Society is a Rapist Society?

        Isn’t it ENOUGH to say that Sexual Scandal and Misconduct is not unusual in Eritrea like any where in the world along with isolated cases of Rape and we have deal with it seriously and CLOSE the TOPIC for good?

        • Tzigereda

          Selamat Hope,
          Please read properly what is written : “…. ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man”, as simple as that. And see how many reply with yes or no.
          Thank you!

        • Semere Andom

          Cousin Hope:

          No!! You cannot have the last word and then say close the topic.

          First why are you spelling Tzigereda’s name as Tsigheteda, first I thought it was typo and then I remembered how you will act dumb and insult people, and so can you enlighten us why you are not spelling it correctly?

          You want to close the topic and then you make incriminating, stupid comments that do not encourage closing

          Why would Sal and Tzigereda want Eritrean society to be perceived as rapist, why would Sal and Tzigereda want their bros being called rapist

          And please if you have any shred of respect and honesty left do not call the rapes that go in Eritrea now as isolated. Isolated is like a woman happens sleep near dawit and dawit extends his hands and the woman say “gidef” and dawit takes it as yes and coerces her to have sex and he would defend himself by saying, it was ‘qelalem”. His words, not mine. He has no power and then he gets punished and any society from time immoral has those kinds of people. They do it in USA military, in the RCMP and in the governor’s mansions, but there are laws to punish them and the woman have ways to go after the rapists and the president or the party in power or the senate or the house does not protect the criminals.

          Now let us forget the Gheli for now and just talk about the Eritrea of today and the report and what happens in Sawa, where they herd under-age girls away from their home, these are vulnerable, adolescent girls who will be pressured by power to be coerced to have sex, ok , maybe it is not like the Ted Bundy or even Cosby, but they are sexual violence and you, your soul mate Gheteb and your friend dawit, if any shred of dignity and Eritreans is left in you, you must be on the side of Yordanos and the thousands of Eri women who are raped day in and day out by PFDJ, an organ that you 3 have defended and apologized for.

          PFDJ encourages, and looks the other way, the women’s unions that focuses on the isolated rapes and sexual misconduct has no power and guts to stand to the generals who are raping our women in broad day light. I do not consider you a rapist but if you keep apologizing and defending it you are accessory to rapes and crimes. Take it away or we can close the topic because it is the defender of rape victims, me, Sem Andom and NOT the defenders of the rapist (Hope and Gheteb and Gud and dawit) that should have the last word

          • Hope

            Thanks Wed Halo:for your usual mantra.
            In order to be respected,you should respect others.
            The rest is your usual fanatic mantra.
            I am used to spelling her name as Tsighereda and the other letter is due to the same issue from the smart phone as I do not have the time luxury to edit things.
            My apology Tzighereda,if I offended you in any way!
            But no apology,never ever,to the Fanatic one!
            As I advised you though,We WALK the WALK,not just talk!
            Do not try to be more Catholic than the Pope.
            Plus,do not try to instruct me as I am not your kid.
            I have been there:I have seen that,I have heard this and that,….!
            I REPEAT myself:
            Do not fantasize,exaggerate,read out of context ,demonize ,make a blanket generalization and accusation and throw words to people’s mouth as you wish!
            I REPEAT:
            Rape and sexual misconduct have or might have happened in Ghedli,The EDF,Eritrea Common and will happen until the end of the world like in any where in the world!

            Hence,STOP exaggerating and generalizing things as if they have happened exclusively by Ghedli and the EDF ,like your other younger or older brother,Haile TG tarnished our EDF by calling it a Rapist Force,destroyed by a Mercenary Tigreyan Group,endorsed by you and sponsored by Awate.com.
            Yes,indeed,it happens but let us look for solutions rather than politicizing it for secondary gains and a
            futile goal!

            What else is coming up next now to tarnish and demonize Eritrea from your cousins across the border ?
            Any updates about new propaganda manual from the TPLF’s MoFA?
            Or is it a classified Memo?


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Merhaba Saleh,

        I love when you catch their double negatives. That is epic of scrutiny.

        ” We are not saying specific mistake were made. But we are not also saying specific mistakes weren “t made.”

        Actually this implies as double speak of abstractism to leave the issue afloat without meaningful challenge.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • saay7

          MerHaba Emma:

          ጽሑፍካ ኣየንበብክዎን ማለት ኣይኮነን፥ ኣይተርዳኣንን ክብለካ እኳ እንተዘይደፈርኮ: ተረዲኡኒ ኢለ ደፊረ ክዛርበ ኣጸጋሚዩ ክበሃል ዶ ኣይካኣልን? ፍርዲ ንግዜ ንሃቦ ኢልካ ምስጋሩ እቲ ዝሓሸ ሕርያ ኣይኮነን ምባል ንዘይህሉው ኩነታት ምግናን ካብኡ ሓሊፍካ ድማ ናብ ወሃማዊ* ዓለም ምንባር እየ ዝብሎ ኣነ::

          Now, what the hell did I just say with all the double negatives and setting up strawmen and knocking them?:)


          *from Arabic word “Waham” which I just coined because, hey, I am in PFDJ land of obfuscation now.

          • Semere Andom

            First Cousin Sal:
            You remember Bokre-Aldin? We also have Woham-Aldin:-)

          • saay7

            Hey Cousin iSem:

            No, but I knew a guy–Canadian, of course–who used to say, “Today is my son’s Bruk day. Please wish him happy Bruk Day!”



      • ‘Gheteb

        Wo SAAY,

        claim or assert that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case.

        Now suppose that a denizen of Planet illogic (PI) runs by happenstance into a denizen of another planet ( not from the competitor planet (CP), but within the same galaxy.

        Suppose, also, that the denizen of PI told his interlocutor from the other planet that in CP ( competitor planet) sexual violence, rape is ubiquitously rife. To buttress his arguments the denizen from planet illogic, he proffers a testimonial by a female denizen of PI. When pressed for elaboration and further evidence, the PI denizen retorted:

        ” If you want to prove what I am alleging, then go ask any woman from CP (the competitor planet) if she been sexually assaulted, abused or raped” and, you will hear that a large number of them will tell you that they been victimized”.
        The interlocutor from the other planet would say, ” That CP must be a godawful place for its female inhabitants if they have to live with these kinds of sexual violence”.
        PI denizen would nod his head and affirms his interlocutors ‘perception’ by stating that “rape has become sort of CP’s culture”.
        Then, the interlocutor of the PI denizen asks: ” what if a person like me who is not from CP and can’t go there is going to ask a woman let alone any woman”? To which PI denizen replies as ” you can ask some members of YPFDJ. But remember that they speak in triple negatives”.
        The interlocutor, after a brief reflection, poses this simple and seminal question to PI denizen:
        ” Wouldn’t it make sense for the denizen of your planet illogic to have done the due diligence and asked if not any woman from CP, but at least a statistically acceptable sample and provide the result appended to the allegation”.
        To which, the denizen of planet illogic replies by saying: ” May be that how they do it in the other planets in our galaxy. But in Planet illogic our praxis is to make an allegation and we expect that it MUST and SHOULD be believed at face value.’
        “Your planet is indeed one kind of a planet in our galaxy. You just make a claim and just like that it is expected to be taken as a fact”, the interlocutor would say with utter bafflement.
        The PI denizen would reaffirm, again, by stating that the modus operandi in planet illogic is that we demand that those who don’t buy our allegations, how outré they may come across, have the burden of refuting our allegation or seriously risk being labeled as deniers, abettors, enablers and perpetrators of sexual violence and rape.

        • saay7

          Hala Gheteb:


          deliberately make (something) difficult.

          This includes using strawman arguments and reductio ad absurdum arguments involving new planets.

          You have dodged two challenges, 1 by Tzigereda: talk to a sample of Eritrean women and find out for yourself how widespread or how minimal sexual predatory behavior is in Eritrea; 1 by me asking you to give one single example of an investigative body that the PLF/EPLF/PFDJ has conducted in 44 years that has been described as transparent and fair.

          Your failure to take up the first challenge shows any number of things, not one of which is actually finding out the truth for youself. Your failure to take up the second challenge shows that you, as a documentarian of PLF/EPLF/PFDJ know that there is nothing in its history that shows that it is committed to “let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may” investigation. The “culture” that it brags about is a shrine to secrecy, subterfuge, and justice that rewards the powerful, which is Isaias Afwerki and whoever has been temporarily empowered by Isaias Afwerki.


          • Semere Andom

            I have to stop commenting now. Someone, my first cousin, a second cousin of Gheteb, a teenage friend of Gheteb and a boy hood friend of Sem is doing it on my behalf. Here is a perfect scenario when unelected rep can legally speak on your behalf 😉

          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

            re·duc·ti·o ad ab·sur·dum
            rəˌdəktēō ad abˈsɜrdəm/
            noun: reductio ad absurdum

            a method of proving the falsity of a premise by showing that its logical consequence is absurd or contradictory.

            Let me reify my assertions if they were too abstract. All I am saying is that for someone who ‘believes’ what she is alleging to be so true and valid to fail so abysmally in countenancing her allegations about sexual violence in Eritrea.

            Let me even vouchsafe and grant that all what you have said about the EPLF/PFDJ and Isaias Afwerki is true in that they are acutely allergic to conducting any type investigation its culture is shrouded in “secrecy, subterfuge, and justice that rewards the powerful, which is Isaias Afwerki and whoever has been temporarily empowered by Isaias Afwerki”.

            Let me even acknowledge and concede that I have failed in meeting the challenges you have posed.

            Now, can you tell me why the claimant or the person making the allegation has so far failed in backing up her allegation, by rendering her findings and presenting her data to support her allegations. If she is asking to ask any woman, how come she didn’t do it before she made her allegations?

            Hence why I have to use the technique of reductio ad absurdum to show that the tall allegation has yet to be buttressed and remains perilously close to being deemed as an absurd claim or allegations.

          • saay7

            MerHaba Cuz II Gheteb:

            Flucht nach vorn —
            German for “flight to the front”: trying to assault rather than wait or retreat while under threat.

            Tzigereda narrated her personal story as a female combatant three decades ago. Then, she segued to present day Eritrea and asserted that based on the testimonies of people she finds credible and the footnotes that she attached violence against women is much more pronounced than we think and–because she knows that in the current political environment of Eritrea what is the allegation is less important than who is making the allegation—asked that we remove the “who” in this narration and conduct our own research.

            Now, what did she get in return from some quarters, including you. The patented PFDJ “Flucht nach vorn”: attack the messenger. That people who point out the failure of our culture or our governance are part of some grand conspiracy to undermine the State of Eritrea, its history, etc.

            There is a reason why Tzigereda can write with absolute certainty that what she is saying is true: she speaks, on a daily basis, to refugees, asylum seekers–particularly females–who tell her horrendous stories of life in Eritrea in the 2010s. What has been the reaction from people like you and your fellow-travelers? It is the “Tzigereda Men Iya” biography of defamation where, in the case of Elsa Chyrum, they went to the extent of including in their “reportage” a google map of her residence. It is to go after the most vulnerable members of our society–those who depend on the kindness of the PFDJ for their living permits and work permits in the Arab Gulf countries and giving them a script demanding that they testify that there is no sexual violence or rape in Eritrea. The usual “flucht nach vorn” which, of course, has been translated into Tigrinya with no sense of irony.


          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahalan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

            ad ho·mi·nem
            ad ˈhämənəm/
            adverb & adjective
            adverb: ad hominem; adjective: ad hominem

            1. (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

            I have already made TWO concessions so far and here is the third one. How dare those depraved folks from planet PFDJ resort to such vile ad hominem attacks by penning pieces entitled ” …. Men Iya or Iyu ? “.

            So far as I am concerned, I haven’t written one syllable regarding the claimant or the person who made the allegations. You can check all I have so far written. Not only that, I haven’t mentioned the claimant by name. Not because of anything, I find that name particularly hard to spell. All I can say is, my bad! As you will find out, I have ‘uttered’ nary a peep about the “who” side of this issue.

            All I have been ranting about is why the person who has made the allegation DID NOT live up to her own command and do the asking herself and append her findings. Mind you that she is the one who is making the allegations and not the inhabitants of planet PFDJ or me, for that matter.

            The ball is still in planet illogic as the other fluff is just a mere red herring ( ጓል ነገር). The expectation from the ‘logical galaxy’ is for the claimant or the one making the allegation to prop up and support it with reasonable evidence.

          • saay7

            Hala hala Gheteb Cuz II:

            Fallacy of illicit transference:

            an informal fallacy occurring when an argument assumes there is no difference between a term in the distributive (referring to every member of a class) and collective (referring to the class itself as a whole)

            Hey, Gheteb, remember a teacher from UNESCO who was famous for his “ገለ ገለ ስባት ኣብ ገለ ገለ ቦታታት”? Well, sir, that’s what you did: you penned not one, but two, but three ገለ ገለ ስባት ኣብ ገለ ገለ ቦታታት where “the author” is part of the distributive and the collective:

            1. Accusing The Eritrean Revolution (Ghedli) Of A Culture That Wasn’t
            2. A Soupcon Of A Pars Pro Toto Fallacy? You Be The Judge.
            3. Denizens Of Planet Illogic

            What they all have in common? They are not written in reply to someone but to a collective, including the author. They demand a high standard of evidence which is admirable, except those demanding a high standard are VERY willing to accept, at face value, the very low standards of evidence when the ruling party is brutalizing its victims or crying foul.

            So, yes, there is a certain logic to that–if you want to convince me the PFDJ is guilty of something I demand proof without a shadow of a doubt; if you want to convince me the PFDJ is not guilty of something, I demand nothing more than the words of officials of PFDJ. And, oh, I will not volunteer to conduct any investigation of my own; I know the PFDJ will not conduct any meaningful investigation but I will come down like a ton of bricks to any party that dares to open the can of worms.


          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

            Fallacy Of Division

            A fallacy of division occurs when one reasons logically that something true for the whole must also be true of all or some of its parts.

            In one of your responses you said:

            ” There is a reason why Tzigereda can write with absolute certainty that what she is saying is true: she speaks, on a daily basis, to refugees, asylum seekers–particularly females–who tell her horrendous stories of life in Eritrea in the 2010s.”

            To which I would say: ነገር ሮጎደ. You see, those of us who don’t hail from Planet Illogic are so agnostic about such tidbits. I was thinking that it may incur undue burden on the author to conduct an investigation by ‘asking ANY Eritrean woman’ to flesh out her allegation. But now that you are telling us that she is so, so close to the source, then I will say again things are even getting better ( ነገር ሮጎደ ) and let her bring forth her findings and her data.

            Otherwise, why should the denizens of planet illogic be constrained by the fear that certain investigations will open a can of warms or open ሳንዱቕ ፓንዶራ (Pandora’s box). Let’s just say that is what the inhabitants of planet competitor (PC) should worry about. The author is not presenting her case to the inhabitants of planet only. Remember that there is the whole logical galaxy that is asking to see the evidence by saying in unison: Where is the beef?

            Regarding the teacher from UNESCO you were referring, I guess that got to be “ገብረ መድህን (ገረ)” who ,en passant, I would like to mention that when got married to an ELF Social Affairs cadre, he shared with his students the male/female relations in the ELF. Well, what can I say except that it a small world indeed.

            Until our next encounter

            Comradely greetings (ብጻያዊ ሰላምታ)

            2nd Cuz ‘Gheteb (ዞባ ደቡባዊ ምብራቕ)

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        ሰላም ሳልሕ (ጉነይ)

        ኩሉ ጊዜ አታሐሕዛኻ : ሰው አብሎ ቆብ ከብሎ ስለዝኾነ: ነዞም አሉ በሃልቲ ዘቅርብዎ ኢስነመጉታዊ ከትዕ እላለኻን ፍትግ አቢልካን ንዓወቲስታ ከተቅርበሉ ከለኻ ዝስመዓኒ ባህታ መጠን የብሉን:: እዚ ኾይኑ እቲ : ጽጌረዳ ዘቅረበቶ አገዳሲ ሃገራውን ባህላውን አርእስቲ ጽብቅ አስተብህሎ ተገይርሉ ስለዘሎ እቲ ዘድሊ ፊታሕ ንምርካብ ጸዓት ክግበረሉ ከም ምኾኑ አሸጋሪ አይመስለንን:: ስለዚ በቲ አተሐሕዛ ሕጅካዮ ዘለኻ በርትዕ ጥራይ እየ ዝብለካ::

        አማኑኤል ሕድራት

    • Tzigereda

      ክቡራት ኣሕዋት ገተብ፣ ዳዊት &…

      ነቲ ንዘቕረብኩዎ ኣርቲክል ሓቅነቱን ኣገዳስነቱን ንምቕባሉ ሽጊሩኩም ቀንዩ።

      እቲ ዛዕባ ብጉዳይ ጾታዊ ዓመጻ (sexual violence) ኣብ ልዕሊ ደቂኣንስትዮ ኤርትራውያን ኢዩ። ብዛዕባ ታሪኽ ሰውራ ኤርትራ፣ተራ ደቂኣንስትዮ ኣብ ገድሊ ወይውን ብዛዕባ ባህሊ ተሓኤ ኣይኮነን። ኣብ ግዜ ገድሊ ካብ ዘሕለፍዎን ዚረኣኹዎን ግን ጠቒሰ። ዝኾነ ኣርእስቲ ኣልዒልና ክንዛረብ ከለና ጅግንነት ገድሊ ኢናሽዕ ክንገልጽ ግድን ኮይኑ ኣይረኣየንን፣ ማይ ዲጋመት ስለዘይኮነ። ታሪኽ ገድሊ መሰከፊ መፈራርሂ መጽዓንያ ክከውን ኣይግባአን። ልዕለይ ገድሊ ተኽብሩ ኢኹም ኣይብልን። ኣብ ገድሊ ይኹን ኣብ ኤርትራዊ ሕብረተሰብ ጾታዊ ዕመጻ (sexual violence) ነይሩን ኣሎን፣ ፈጠራ ኣየድልዮን። „ጎረቤት ከይሰምዓኪ ትም በሊ ውሓጢዮ“… ዘዕበየና ባህሊ እንተኣሰኪፉኩም ግዳያት ካብ ምድፋንን ምዝላፍን የአዛንኩምን ኣእሙሮኹምን ኣስርሑወን። እዚ ኣተሓሳስባ ብመሰረቱ ቸፍላቂ ኢዩ።

      „ካበይ ተበጊስኪ ናበይ ኪትበጽሒ“ ዘብቀዐት ኣይትመስልን፣ እዚ ዓይነት ኣተሓታትታ ትሕዝቶ የብሉን። እቲ ናይ „ቃላት ጨለነት“ ናይ ሓሳባት-ኩብለላ ገይረ ተረዲኤዮ። ረዘንቲ ቃላት ንትሕዝቶ ናይ ሓሳባት ኣየህጥርዎን ኢዮም። ንመባእታዊ ፍልስፍና ናይቲ ዛዕባ ዝበቅዕ ኮይኑ´ውን ኣይረከብኩዎን።

      ኣበይ ኣሎኪ እቲ data ተሓቲተ፣ እዚ ሓላፍነት ናይቲ ኣብ ስልጣን ዘሎ ዚምልከት ኢዩ፣ ሰርሑ ስለዝኾነ።ምሕታት፣ ምንቃፍ፣ ምዝኽካር፣ ምቅላዕ ድማ መሰለይን መሰልኩምን፣ ሓላፍነተይን ሓላፍነትኩምን ኢዩ። ንድህሰሳ ድማ „..Ask any eritrea woman…“ ኢለ ኣተንቢሄልኩም፣ ቁጽሪ ናይ ፐርሰንተጅ ዘይብሉ።

      መልኽተይ፣ ባህገይ፣ ናይ ኣኽብሮት ባህሊ ኣብ ሞዕባይ ኢዩ፣ ኤርትራውያን ካብ ግዳያት ምዃን ንገላገለሉ።

      እንተ እቲ ኣብ ልዕሊ ተጋደልቲ ደቂኣንስትዮ ኣለና ትብሉዎ ክብሪ ምስሉይነት ጥራይ ከይከውን ተሰኪፈ። ኣብ
      ባህ ዝበለኩም ኣብ ዘድለየኩምን ግዜ ጥራሕ ስለትዝክርወን።

      „…እዚ ግን ንብዓት ኢዩ ኣይትገደስሉ..“ዲዩ ዝደረፈ ዑስማን ዓብደልራሒም?

      • saay7

        Nicely done Tzigereda:
        There was, there is, there will always be those who see criticism of a subset as criticism of the set. There are many reasons why we have a dictatorship lording over us and one of them has to be that people are willing to give it the benefit of doubt at all times, and to deny that to their compatriots.

        And, oh, the last line? It was Alamin Abduletif and not Osman Abdulrehim:)


        • Tzigereda

          Dear Saay7,

          ሽታሕ ዶ ኢለ…”…ይቅረ በለለይ ኣይትሓዘለይ..” በለለይ ን ኣላኣሚን..his own song.

          Thank you!

          • saay7

            Hi Tzigereda:

            it’s all good. The lines I remember from Alamin’s song–which are very, very apropos for the topic here:

            ጌጋ ምውዓል እዩ ክብድል ንዓኺ!
            ስሕታን ምውዓል እዪ ክብድል ንዓኺ!

            We used to think it was a BOLETIKA song because it also had this line:

            ደቂ ጎሮቤትና ምእንታን ከታልሉ
            ጸብሒ ጾም ይብሉኺ መኣዛ ዘይብሉ

            In response to Abi telling us that Eritrea is a desert where nothing grows. Remember?


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Tzigereda;
            Abayki gual my haweshayit;-)

          • Tzigereda

            Thank you! deHan iye.
            Actually it is him who shetaHtaH zibele..he made an new remix ( Osman/ Alamin), but dont tell him.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Teg/ gual Haylat
        Ybel…ybel…chele zereba. NSaleh Younis abzi tref ilkyo. Naay kaznaat Hope and Ghehteb gn Hsebelu. I think your article was not their target. I thought the thrust of their debate was not that there was no sexual abuse or violence but that it was not restricted to ghedli. The problem is much more pervasive and it has a strong societal anchorage. Cousin ghehteb went a bit off of his way when cousin SAAY pushed him to the realms of stubbornness or radicalization ( saay expressions, wink,wik).
        Anyway, ab lbna yeHdro. Xbuq zereba, entaay kwexo.

        • Lamek

          Mahmoud Saleh, you should have ended yet your another hateta after the second sentence. When will you stop saying good things in the first sentence and completely opposite past it? Are you defending Tsigereda or Gheteb and Hope? Tell me with plain black and white talk. Their target was not only Tsigereda’s article but also Tsigereda and other women like her. These guys have made an axx out of themselves and you can’t help but defend them because they are showing great loyalty to your EPLF. Needless to say, I don’t even know why I keep defending Tsigereda while she refuses to read between the lines of what you are writing and keeps agreeing with your twisted ideas and agenda.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam ambesa
            Think differently.We are not in a mortal confrontation. Be interested in promoting and processing dialogue, embrace a world of divergent opinions. The Issues that surround justice and particularly women and minorities demand multiplex approaches. I actually agree with most of your comments. You made really good points in showing that it is a societal problem, and that we will still need to strive on that front simply because it’s a complex problem. So please, focus on that gist. I’m sorry that you can not understand me, but it’s nothing of my making, I owe you no extra explanation. For some, the world and its problems are multicolor, multitexture, for others its simplistic and boring black and white.
            Take care.

          • Ted

            Hi the greatest, does Abi know we are celebrating Fenkil , once for all we liberated Dogaeli and beyond. Now he knows , it is time you explain what you did to the dogali memorial monuments Abi consider precious.

          • Abi

            HI Ted
            I like to stay quiet when it comes to your celebration days unless it is May 24 . It is our Independence Day .
            What is Fenqil for the ordinary Eritrean?
            You removed derg only to replace it the worst kind the world ever seen.

            Hey Vet Mahmud,
            What did you do to the Dogali memorial? Feel free to do anything with it. It is in the brave Ethiopians hearts forever. Don’t tell me you replaced it with Mengistu’s statue.

          • PTS

            What is ‘fenqil’ (weed-out) in Amharic?

          • Abi

            Hi PTS
            Good one!
            Jegnoch nachew Alu Ertrawiyanoch
            Medhanit fenqlew merz tekayoch!

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam abi,
            I can not believe my eyes. In two lines you wrote a modern Shakespearian book.
            Mr. K.H

          • Ted

            Hi Abi, it only took you 55 yrs to know we are “merz”, better late than never.
            I was being serious about the memorial. You/we deserve explanation.Those hot headed Mahmuds blew up everything, what a shame, if only they knew Ethiopia is Eritrea’s history and vice versa. They think the world revolve around them, me me me, .

          • Abi

            Hi Ted
            What can I say?
            “Bere karaju yiwulal ”

            ” bere hoy, bere hoy
            Sarun ayehna gedelun satay !”

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            Yes you are celebrating Fenkil while the makers of that day are either prisoned, exiled or tortured until death. Shame for you.


        • Tzigereda

          Dear Mahmuday,
          Sala Gedli is my tigrinya better than…
          Thank you!

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        ብጸይቲ ጽጌረዳ ,

        አብዚ እነሄልካ መጎተ ! ግርም መጎተ አቦታትኪ : : ዘኹርዕ አተሐሕዛን አደቀራርባን: ይበል ዚሐብተይ: እንታይ ክወጾ:: ነቲ ጉዳይ ንምቅባል ዘሸግሮም ኩሉ ጊዜ ክህልው እዮም:: ብዙሕ ዘተሐሳስብ አይኩነን:: ነቲ ቃልሲ ጠበቂካ ምሐዝ ጥራይ እዩ::

        አማኑኤል ሕድራት

        • Tzigereda

          Dear Amanuel,
          …ናይ ኣደታተይን…
          Thank you!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            ክብርቲ ጽገሪዳ,

            ይቅርታ ዝሐብተይ:: እቲ ባይቶ አቦታትኪ እንድዩ አዛኻኺሩኒ የግብእ ክብሉ ከለው::

          • Mahmud Saleh

            ኣማን ዓርከይ

            እቲ ናይ ወዲ ተባዕታይ ኣእምሮ እንድዩ ጉድ ገይሩ። ደሓን እዩ። ሸታሕ ኢልካ እምበር ኣይወደቕካን። ግን ክሓተካ። “እቲ ባይቶ አቦታትኪ እንድዩ አዛኻኺሩኒ የግብእ ክብሉ ከለው” ኢልካያ ንገዲምን ኣንበሲትን ጽገረዳ። ሕራይ፡ ግርም። ስለምንታይ ባይቶ ኣቦታት ኮይኑ? ስለምታይ ባይቶ ህዝቢ ዘይኮነ? ጸቕጢ ደቀንስትዮ ነዊሕ ሱር-ዝሰደድ ማሕበራውን ሕብረተሰባውን ሽግር ሰለዝኾነ ‘ዶ ኣይኮነን? I love the way Tzigereda corrected you. You apologized but you repeated the same mistake by saying: “እቲ ባይቶ አቦታትኪ እንድዩ አዛኻኺሩኒ የግብእ ክብሉ ከለው:: ናትኪ አተሐሕዛ ከአ ከምኡ ኮይኑ ረኺበዮ::”
            “ገደደ” ኮይኑ ነገሩ’ዚ ዓርከይ።
            I would expect you to say sorry and then correct yourself by saying “It reminded me the way the confident, assertive and the most feared Eritrean woman debates….” or something like that, you know what I mean. ተከኽ ከብለካ ደልየ እየ ኣማን ዓርከይ። ኽልተ ግዜ ዝሓተትኩኻ ሕቶይ ኣይመለስካለይን። ሕሳብካ ከይዓጸኻ ማዕጾ ኣይርገጥን እዩ።

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            ማሕሙዳይ ዓርከይ,

            በዓል ቆሊባ ዶአ በዚሕኩም እምበር እቲ መልእኽቲ ከመሐላልፎ ደልየዮ ዝነበርኩ ንብጸይቲ ጽገረዳስ ነቲ ናይ ሞጎተ ዓቅማ አብቲ ናይ አቦታታና ደረጃ በጺሑ ምህላው ንምሕባር እዩ ነይሩ::

            አቲ ናተይን ናትካን ጉዳይ ግን መዕጸዊ ገይርናሉ ስለዝኾና ሐጂ አይንኸፍቶን እና ዓርኩቻ::

          • Mahmud Saleh

            ኣቶ ኢማ
            ካን ተዓጽዩ?
            ውራይ ከይተወገነ ማዕጾ ኣይርገጥን እዩ። ሕሳብካ ከየደቓቐስካስ ካን ጉዳይና ዓጺና?

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            ተቋይቅና ተቋይቅና ብወገና አብ ሐደ ጭብጥ ነገር ተሰማሚዕና አሎና:: እቲ ዝተረፈ ጉዳይ ግን ምስ ህዝብና ኮይና ክንታሐሐዞ ዘለና እዬ:: ንዓኻ ዝምልከት ጉዳይ ዝሐተትኒ ኩሉ ተመሊሱ በሃሊ እየ:: ንዓኻ ዘይምልከት ሕቶታት ግን ክምልሾ ድልዊ አይኮንኩን :: ብዝሃብኩኻ መልሲ ክትዓግብ ተስፋ እገብር:: ልዋም ለይቲ ይግበረልና::

            አማኑኤል ሕድራት

          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር ማሕሙዳይ

            ኣብ ኣገዳሲ ጉዳያት እኮ ኩልና ኣብ ሓደ ኣለና :: ብዓብዮ ሓልዮት እንደኣሉ ዘዛርብ ዘሎ :የግዳስ ንስኻን ኣማኑኤልን ትገጥምዎ ዓበይቲ ተጻባእቲ ኣለው ::

            ፩፡ ሕጂ ዘሎ ስርዓት ኣብ ምሕደርኡ ስለ ዝፈሸለ ቃልስና ተዳላይነት ከምዘይነበሮ ዝገልጽ ጸር ልዕላውነት ሃገርና ዲዕ ኢሉ ዝዋጋ ኣና ሸነኽ

            ፪፡ ውሽጣዊ ፍሹል ኣካይድኡ ብናይ ደገ ሸርሕታት ዝተፈጥረ እዩ እንዳበለ ዕድሚኡ ዘናውሕ ዘሎ ገባቲ ጨካን ጉጅለ:

            እሞ ሕጂ ንሕና ዶ ክንቛይቅ ግዜናን ኩሉ ዓቅምታትና ኣጥፊእና ኣብ ስቃይ ንንበር ወይስ ዘሎ ክእለታትና ብግቡእ ጠራኒፍና ንመክት ! ሃየ ሕጅስ ይኣክል ኢድ ንኢድ ተተሓሒዝና ድኣ ሕድሪ ስው ኣትና ነተግብር ::

    • tes

      Dear Gheteb,

      Remember that here at Awate University, knowing is much appreciated than knowledge and conscience is much respected than thinking. Of course you possess knowledge without doubt (though it looks more of professional knowledge than free knowledge) and your thinking is good but directed. Nevertheless you luck knowing and conscience. I do not think therefore you will be appreciated and respected here in this great university.

      Par contre, saay7 possesses knowledge and knowing, thinking and conscience. Such quadrupled characteristics of saay7 is what Eritrea needs today.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Haw Mahmuday,

    I think I have closed the argument with your own statement I quoted you the other day which will I agreed upon. I don “t understand all this terki – merki and this all unnecessary hateta. We do not need to defend ELF or EPLF on this matter period. We are not here to quantify the percentage of the incidences. We are here either to deny or acknowledge the occurance of the issue. And I have acknowldged the prevelance of the issue in both organizations as well as in our society. What is this right and left. Just accept the matter as you did in your earlier comment and move on. I am not here to compare the prevelance between ELF and EPLF. It is not my job and will never intend to do that. What I intend to do is to fight the issue as national issue. Is that enough my friend? I have enough to say about the subject. The rest is yours.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Hope

      Dear Ato Amanuel Hidrat:
      A Classic Emma!

      Mess up and even ” screw up things” then after being caught,make a U-Turn and blame others and show up as ” A Winner and a Leader”!
      Mimitsidak diyu zibehal or like ” Condenscending” or self-aggrandizing”?
      Will check with Gheteb on that.
      You are the one looking for some isolated loopholes and come back and try to…..
      You told Mauday that ” This will be my last comment on this with you” three times but then you come back with some weirdo issues and restart again things .Check back how you have been dealing with SAAY by picking up on few words and terms …..arguing for the sake of Arguing.

      Debate should not be only to sell yourself and your Arguement for the heck of it but to persuade and to convince people objectively and constructively ,at least inn opinion.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hope tartara,

        closed with him but not with others. When I say “Our debate” in my reply to him, it only refers to him and myself.

  • Berhe Y

    Dear Ayetna and all,

    While these people, the Gheteb, the Hope, the Gud, the Mohmudy are hair splitting and defending the indefensible regime of Isayas Afeworki, the justice seekers are moving, although a bit slow but the gates are getting narrow by the day.

    CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), did a full hour investigative report on Nevsun and the pending lawsuit. It also incriminate the regime and its ties with AlShebab.


    This may not direct Nevsun operations in Eritrea but sooner or later it will impact its pocket books, if it is found guilty of using slave labor for its operations.

    But the biggest gain is discouraging other western companies who want to do business in Eritrea, which in a way will hurt the regime.

    So I think our focus should be preparing the downfall of the regime and what we should do to that end.


  • Dis Donc

    Dear Hope,
    I really am sorry but every time I see it, I laugh to death. “Think, it is not illegal yet.” That just is epic. It has a deeper meaning than what it look; I suppose it says a lot about what goes on in this site.

  • dawit

    Sara Ogbay,

    Asked a question. What is it that you think of us? A bunch of liars!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Hope,
    which Tsighe? do you mean the writer of this article? if you mean the same I think she is using her real name. I even think I know her because I know one with the same name with level of honesty.
    Now, if she is not the same still I don’t believe it is Yesief as he is playing against our heroic history. And I don’t think she is Hayat as the style of those two is different – even if they don’t differ in their principle.

    • Abi

      Still waiting to here about your trip. Tell us something.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Abi,

        Did I promise here I will tell something about my trip? Why don’t you allow to keep somethings personal? Lol, do you want me to tell you I have visited your city?

        • Abi

          You didn’t promise to tell us about your trip .
          I’m glad you are back in one piece after swimming in a shark infested ocean.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Thank you Abo, what shall I do with you?

            But do you know that dolphins have excellent detection skills and are wiser than sharks ? they even protect other animals ecluding humans from danger inluding from merciless Sharks. and hey, we Dolphins trust nature and most of the time all movements are controlled by the almighty. do you do anything to born in this world? you stayed in mothers womb and things were going without your effort . sometime let things go naturally except when you confront devil as devil have been given freedom to move without rule nature governs. Lol what shall I do with you Abo? I really love you.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Tzegereda & awatistas,

    Yemane T/Gherghish was a veteran EPLF fighter and a member of the secret party (EPRP) the lead the organization up to independence, akin to that of LP – the secret party in the ELF organization. In the link below , as part of his interview (part-II), Yemane talks about the issue you raised in your article. His interview supports your arguments and disproves the deniers of the issue. If you do not want to listen the whole interview, you could only listen between 24:26 up to 30:40 .


    PS – Mahmuday, I brought this link just to remind the deniers of the issue at hand (Tzegereda’s article) like Gheteb, Gud, Hope, dawit..etal. No other reason beyond that.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Abi

      Ato Amanuel
      Thank you for the link. It is really helpful.

      • PTS

        Lol Abi. You don’t even understand Tigrigna.

        • Abi

          You ain’t kidding. The link just came. It didn’t have a link before. I was pulling his legs.

      • Hope

        Did you pass the GRE in Tigrinya?
        If so,Congrats!
        You may need some Internship though so as to understand the. EPLF Tigrinya.

        • Abi

          Hope nefse
          It is time to learn Tigrinya. You know we are coming back to rule over Eritreans one more time. This time we won’t be nice like the Great King of Kings and Guad Liqemenber Mengistu HaileEritrea. No Sir.
          Beje chebche
          Begre regche
          MeTahu ligezah
          Enkuwan des aleh!

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Abi,

            Au contraire to your claim of not being nicer you seem to display different outlook. Even your own response proves me that you have improved a lot. That is because the last you ruled over us you were forcing us to speak your language and now you are learning ours. Your stand on women and minority issues are also encouraging to observe. Thus, I conclude that you guys are not just doing economics numbers and so called fake democracy but also learning to be good governors.

    • Hope

      Ustaz Aman:
      Few observations:

      Contrary to your intended message of rebuttal,what that corrupted and biased EPRP Member declared ,in fact,is consistent with what we are trying to say that there has been Sex scandal and Misconduct and isolated Rape incidents,which he did not mention,btw!

      -He gave credit to PIA,even a big time one but he tried to escape from responsibility and liability crying crocodile tears.

      If I were Wegahta(rings a bell to U-Wegahta Radio??),I would have asked him the following question:

      “As a member of the EPRP Leadership,were you involved in such a kind of Sex Scandal and Killings and Rape?”

      Dear Emma:

      As much as U try to advise people to read people and understand their comments before they judge them and respond,on the same token,as Dawit advised you bluntly but correctly ,read people and understand their comments before jumping into judgements and conclusions!

      Case in pont,to spare you some time ,ignore those comments of some of the ” Deniers and defenders of Rapeand focus on Mahmuday’s crystal clear and to the point Commentaries and Analysis,which might represent the position and the attitude of the so called ” Deniers ” as well as the “Defenders of Rape.”!

      With all due respect,Sir,try to limit along with younger brother,Sem Andom,your bogus claims and unfounded allegations and your authoritative style and tone of throwing words to people’s mouth.

      • PTS

        Nobody gave Isaias credit. What was shown was his typical self-serving move where he pretended to be concerned about sexual abuses when the congress was about to be held. And the brave lady confronted him saying that she didn’t know he knew about it, but if he knew about it, where was he all this time. The capo didn’t have answers.
        Btw, Yemane is not EPRDF.

        • dawit

          Please read clearly EPRP and EPRDF are two different organizations.
          Thank you.

          • PTS

            oh what’s the difference…tomatoe, tomietoe.
            The point is, Yemane is an EPLFite and not any of the EPRites.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Selam Hope
        My reply to Amanuel is on hold, something I’m getting used to nowadays. Anyway, I’m challenging Amanuel to present if Ghehteb or Hope denied the presence of rape and sexual abuse in Eritrea. I’m also telling him not to do hairsplitting and creating wages between me ad you guys the trueTBS members. “ኣልሚምካ በለና” እብሎ ኣለኹ። Let me give you the bigger picture. And t will be a get-your-antacids-ready moment. Emma team does not like setting the background. They want to use an unverified story, or an isolated incident/incidents to paint their favorite canvas, “you see, Shaebia was Hingugu…” All we need to do is presenting the setting, the nuances of living as the confident and assertive tegadalai/tegadalit. I owe it to the brave men and women of Eritrean ghedli who had lived a short but purposeful life. They were actors, not passive whiners. They observed, criticized, and brought powerful commanders and leaders to their knees. They were not a lawless band, not an aimless and chaotic crowds. They were members of the most disciplined army, working around the clock in sync. Eritrean women had lead men, for the first time, in battles and other professional departments.
        Yemane and some forumers here state that IA launched the ጎስጓስ or educational/corrective seminars for his own interest (to be elected in the upcoming congress. Let me take up this narration.
        1. The seminars targeting excesses (Halefatat) took place around 1985 (I know, the other side does not like presenting a back ground surrounding an allegation, that’s why I call it get-ready-your-antacids moment. The congress took place in 1987.
        2. Why Halefatat mushroomed in mid 1985? Because, EPLA was restructured in divisions, and commands. Most Brigade commanders were promoted to division commanders. With that comes HQs, personal vehicles, an entourage of radio operators, intelligence and technical staffs….they got farther away from the main body of the combat units. They started settling in one command post for years, with that comes relative luxury, and delinquent practices, because they have time to build networks of friends and “pimps” as IA put it. In rear/support departments, the picture took similar trend, but not as bad as it played out in the active combat head quarters. Because department heads were close, and there was quality to the staff tegadalai in terms of education and experience.
        3. Now, any sensible person would ask how pervasive was the practice, or what percentage of the bulk body of tegadalai got ensnared in it? Was it a defining character of the organization or something that circumstances created and was later confronted head-on? Do the few women who got involved in it represent the most feared Eritrean female fighters?
        3. Now, here is where they fall flat. If the argument is that IA did it because he wanted to be elected, then we are talking about a system where its members’ votes carried weight. That means he was trying to convince members that he was the best to be elected. But just wait. Don’t these same folks tell us EPLF was a one man organization? In that sense, why would IA take up the powerful commanders. I would say much regarding the discussions that took place during that time, the big guys who were put on public trials…some memorable confrontational stances of big names, but I must admit this is not the place to do so.

    • dawit

      Ato Amanuel,
      If there is any denier in this AT forum, you are the number in the list. Tzigereda wrote about sexual misconduct at ELF hidmo. Up to know there is no one from ELF side that came forward the support her allegation, except Semere Tesfay who wrote in general the history of the problem of women combatants at ELF and the organization effort to deal with it.. Mahmud described the environment at EPLF and completely dismantled what Yordanos allegation based on her inconstant interview, mixing dates and places. Now you bring another lair from EPLF and you declared it corroborates with Tzgeredas allegations what happened inside ELF. What a logic? No wander that ELF was dismantled an organization lead by people like you can not add one plus one to be two. Be a man and defend your organization or stand by your sister and defend her allegation. What you have been writing so far, it is logically illogical.

      • dawit

        -number one in the list
        -Up to now — inconsistent–For what happened inside ELF–who cannot add 1+1=2

    • Kokhob Selam

      Thank you Amuni,

      Here, the most practical man is you. believe me I mean it. you are the man who can talk while he is proud. you have been always in the right side…not only now I am the witness right in front of Kalashnikov you have said what you dream of Eritrean national struggles result back in 70’s. the field is full of memory about your practical work and your all comrades great heroism, I respect and trust you.

      Dear Teacher, I am wondering when you try to convince some who don’t want to be convinced. you don’t have to spend your precious time to someone who don’t want to correct the wrong – he is not really sleeping he is just pretending. remember, right in the field there were such type of people leave alone here where everyone can say hidden in the back of this stupid box called computer. I have stopped replying to them even I am not reading some of the comments.

      Truth is right here and clear and everybody already has seen it. the fist step of solving problems is accepting the real situation. Rape is only one problem we are facing, didn’t we experience when our Eritrean daughter sinking in Mediterranean sea with her new born child (while she is sinking). if some one is not feeling she is his daughter,mother,sister and wife and cry and also take action, what else do you expect from him? will you Amanuel (that I know) in your young edge even stay where you are today while this kind of tragedies are taking place in your people? you will never.

      now forget convincing deniers and keep your work in teaching us as usual.

  • ‘Gheteb


    Congratulations! You lived up to billing as “a person brimful of red herrings”. You didn’t disappoint at all. But, before your session is over, if you know what I mean, let me show you yet another example that indubitably shows how tenuously flimsy your grasp of terms/concepts and words is and how you have been spouting them so, so recklessly.

    You said that, ” Ane yigedid mis ‘metshaf-netek’ zizareb.”

    ‘metshaf-netek’ (መጽሓፍ ነጠቅ) is NOT the correct and appropriate term here. Actually, it is very bad term. In English it’s equivalent is “book snatcher” a term that is very common in college campuses which means “one who steals books to sell them for money”.

    What you really wanted to use is the word “ጥራዝ ነጠቅ” a Tigrigna equivalent for the word “pedantic” in English.

    With you and your ilks, it gets mind bogglingly curiouser and curiouser by the day. Well, what else can I say to you Ayneta, save this:

    ባዕልኽን መምፃእቲ ደርፊ: ባዕልኽን መጥፋእቲ ደርፊ::

  • dawit

    Dear Tegadalit Tzigereda,

    First, Thank you for responding to my enquiry, but to tell you the truth you failed miserably. I was not expecting a glossary list of definitions, I thought you would elaborate on the points I raised as part of
    the discussion about the problems you raised in Eritrean communities.

    Second, let me confess to you, if I was a Tegadalai in that ‘hidmo’ setting, I would have touched you with my skinny long arm at least once i.e. if I was attracted to you. If you said ‘gidef’, maybe I would have stopped right away. But given our culture of ‘QAl Alem’ I may have tried second or even a third time. If the answer was ‘No’, then I would have stopped completely and move on to another Tzigereda or Saba. Certainly I would not have bothered you the whole night. But given difference in human characters, some people insist until they get what they want. I have two daughters and they have different characters even when they do their school work. One of them is not persistent, if she is not able to solve a problem after few trials, she stops trying and go to bed. The other one, she will try the whole night till she get it right. She had set a goal to be a valedictorian of her class starting at 9th. Grade and she achieved it. I am like my other daughter who would give up if the probability of success is low. I imagine those who gave trouble the whole night might be those who keep trying till they succeed. Now I admire you from your story that you had educational goal even under such difficult Ghedli environment.

    Back to your article. When little (smart) sara asked you why you wrote the article after such a long time, your answer was “This topic is an issue I wanted to write long time ago. The saga “… there is no rape in
    Eritrea..” was the straw that broke the camel’s back”. In your article you also wrote that:

    “ We are in the year 2016 and I read an article in Tesfanews (19 January 2016) written by M.G, “COI findings need legitimate investigation” where she argues that there is no rape in Eritrea, because Eritreans were never rapists, aren’t and never will be, since this is against the culture and the law”. Therefore I assume Mebrak Ghebreweldi’s article written responding COI report as Eritrean women. She was
    offended by the content and believes in her opinion like many Eritreans that it was politically motivated which tried to denigrate Eritrean as a culture of rape.

    Here is an expert from Mebrak Ghebreweldi, article published in Tesfanews.

    1. “The Commission (COI) made a historic mistake against the Eritrean women and this needs a legitimate investigation”.

    2. “Whilst I cannot say that Eritrea is without a few sick and evil people, it goes against our culture to suggest that this type of crime is widespread”.

    3. “We have achieved an equality to die for and it will develop further to full economic social and political equality for generation to come”

    4. “We the Eritrean women are not compliant. We know that equality is earned and not given. We are working hard to make sure that Eritrean government support women in all aspects of development”.

    5. “We work hard to pass our history to our young generation so they can achieve full equality socially, politically and economically for women”.

    6. “The Government responsibility is to put a policy in place to empower women, which they have, the rest is the responsibility of each and every Eritrean women to use their rights to develop personally and professionally first for ourselves, then for our nation”.

    Looking the above excerpts I don’t understand why and how you wrote the article. I don’t think you read with clear Eritrean lenses, but rather your ELF or opposition lenses. Even then you could have written two separate articles. One that dealt with your experience at Ghedli and pointing Eritreans to discuss the problems of the status of women in our culture, its short comings and suggestion to deal with problem. The second article could have been written as opposition to the Eritrean government and its institutions in dealing with the problems of women issues. When you mixed the cultural and political problems the discussion boiled down to ELF/ EPLF/ PFDJ going back to the period of the Eritrean Civil War of
    the 1970s and 1980s.

    In conclusion, Tzigereda,I suggest to you to read Mebrak’s article with sober and open and mind set and also read some programs of PFDJ policies in dealing with women issues in the country and write a new article that will be useful to all Eritreans in dealing with the problem you raised.


    Howki, dawit

    • Semere Andom

      Hi All:

      Let us take this comment from dawit as an admission if he is in close proximity with an Eritrean he would not hesitate to touch and grab that woman. And to top it he also admitted that he would not stop if she told him so, that tis he would not take NO for NO, but he will take that as yes. Also this is a circumstantial evidence that he has done it before and he also refused to heed the cryies of “giddef” of the woman as wanting to be touched

      Let us first thank him for his admission before we put his handcuffs on his long 65 year old arms and reduced his life time sentence without parole to 25 years eligible for parole in 20 years.

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Dawit,
      you tend to imply that anyone who doesn’t support and endorse the policy of the regime in Eritrea spreads untruth and fraudulent misrepresentation. Every story testified by non-PFDJist is to be abondoned, because it is told by the ” None-citizens citizens”? You own the truth, the only truth. Aye Dawitom, me, I am far from defaming Ghedli, a glorious Eritrean history. I lived it. It’s my own history; the history of Amanuel Hidrat, Mahmud Saleh, Saleh Ghadi, Kokhob Selam and many more Awate forumers. No need for anyone to preach to us about what we experienced first-hand.
      There is no generalization in my article. The sentences you quoted ” ask any woman…many have..” should be understood as stated. I didn’t mention or provide any presumptive percentage or number. Find out for yourself. Find out your own truth. Then be honest enough to share it with us. No tnfer aytnfer attitude. Since I assumed you are smart enough to figure it out I equipped you with the prevailing basic definitions of the three phrases. Ask the gedim tegadelti, ask those who left for the Sudan during Gedli time (Gheteb’s maiden) if they know the term “visa do awqiEKn” (were you granted exit visa – meaning did you have to expose yourself to sexual assault); ask female Sawa graduates if they experienced or witnessed priviledges and advantages occasioned by enforced sexual service; ask women in our society if they know of untold stories of Amex…Not talking of numbers; not of percentage…Talking about existence versus denial and justification. Talk to Eritrean female refugees arriving in hundreds in Europe, Australia,Canada and the USA.
      The qoutation from Tesfanews compiles with what NUEW reported to CEDAW ( please read it in the article) and what PFDJ circulated to be signed by Eritreans ( campaighn against the CIO Eritrea report). Thence, herein lies the core of my criticism: no justification, no denial, downplaying of sexual violence against eritrean women that still exists. A solid critique against all the current continuation of ” there is no torture, no political prisoners in Eritrea… ” It is not explicitly a cultural problem, but a sociopolitical one “.
      It is difficult to decide whether a cynical laugh or mere boredom would be the appropriate to your futile attempts at explanation of sexual groping – you, a male, trying to elaboarate the phenomenon to me, a female. “Intay alo yimesleki…xin imo beli..”, boring, boring, boring!
      BTW, you didn’t read me well. There was no talking or discussion in the Hidmo you have been citating many times .

      Now, consider what Gheteb, (nay tnfer aytnfer TebeQa) omitted in his quotations, the following content:This is what Saba had to tell to Victoria Bernal:
      ” after all we did in the struggle. We contributed more than men. now women firghters have many problems. After we did, it is like being throwns away.”

      These words were spoken to me by Sabab, a woman who spent fourteen years in the eritrean People’s Liberation front ( EPLF) fighting for Eritrean’s national independence. Hervfeelings echo those of many other women who risked their lives and gave their youth to achieve the goal of national liberation for Etitrea
      Women ex fighters lack resources, skills and jobs. They feel that they are being devalued in the new society of independent Eritrea. Some women have been divorced for civilian women. These heroes of the nationalist struggle are finding that the very qualities that made them good soldiers and comrades stigmitize them as wives and potential wives. Former women fighters are seen as having experienced independence, sexual freedom, and equality with men. They fought side by side with men and killed enemy men. Their morality is suspect. their feminity is doubtful, and their ability to behave obedient as wives is questionable. Although national liberation has been achieved, the emancipation of women is at best incomplete.”

  • Dis Donc

    Dear davy,

    I don’t think it nice to name countries for negative connotation; right or wrong. You should argue with logics and facts. In those countries you mentioned, they do not speak English and hence, English speaking tourists are low in number. But you should at least site your sources, instead of blanked accusation. That is very uncalled for.

    PS. I am still waiting for your smart PFDJ parallel currency system.

  • aklilu zere

    Dear Dawit.
    Isn’t it mockery of nazy proportion to write fun about rape? Don’t you realize to rape is to mmurder? Don’t you have a mother? A sister? A daughter?


    • dawit


      I have all the above, but I don’t pretend like you. No, rape is not a murder ask Tzigereda the AT expert on the subject on the definition of rape and its difference with murder. Sensualizing the subject does not lead to a solution to the problem.

  • aklilu zere

    Dear MN
    You are a disgrace to your Good mother, Good sister and Good daughter (if you have any).


    • Music Novice

      Greetings aklilu z.

      You are a disgrace to Eritrean ex-guerrilla members who now profess to be born again democrats.

  • dawit

    Abi Credit Card or Cash? That is an old 20th. Century transaction system. We have 21st.Century system developed in Kenya, electronic payment and settlement system using you mobile phones. No need to swipe you card. Just your fingers to enter the amount. Transaction is made in real time. I suggest sex venders in Addis adopt the mobile phone system.
    Speaking of cash transaction when I was growing in Addis I use to read in every kiosk a hand written poster right visible in front of the shop, which read in Amharic ” Dube Befitsum kilkil new. Zare ej be-ej, Fiker indi-derej”

    • Abi

      You are too modern for your age. Anyway, make sure to press the right buttons when you use your fingers in any kind of transaction. Wrong button means automatic rejection of services. Besides, don’t leave your fingertips all over the place.

      YetesheTe eqa ayimelesim !

      • dawit

        Abi, Thanks for the complement. Don’t worry about my fingers, you see Abi as you age various illnesses creep on you before you expire. Arthritis being one of them, which include joint inflammation, and swelling of your fingers. I have stopped using my fingers, I keep them tuck in my gloves. Now a days I use 20st technology voice activated devices.

        • Abi

          I am sure you have a voice activated cane as well . My voice activated car GPS understands me only when I say ” home”. Other than that I have to use my young fingers to use the gps or the phone.
          Edme tsega new.

          • dawit

            Abi, Yes I have the voice activated cane, I use it occasionally at home when I work on my flower garden.
            You said “Edme tsega new”. I am not sure these days. Semere Andom want me to go to jail, because I touched an Eritrean girl longtime a ago who then became my wife. The women right lawyers are after me. I don’t deny it that I took the first move touching her and then she reciprocated and we got married and we have two children. My lawyer is working to dismiss the case because of statue of limitation. I hope he will win, I don’t want to go to jail for some crime I did years ago at my younger ages, just pray for me.

  • Tzigereda

    Dear Show,
    I hope you didnt stop reading in the middle…
    This article is about yesterday, today and tomorrow.It is about you, her, him, us and me. I wish you wrote earlier than me on this issue.

  • L.T

    Dear Dr Sarah;it’s good that you came up with an idea that a Eritrean woman will make a “no to sexuel violence” om the street in Germany without her clothes ..neked,itäs good ,I think,but this idea came from you so you can start yourself and if you do ,maybe other women can follow you.You can be their role model.I like that idea.

  • Music Novice

    Greetings Sarah,

    Have you witnessed Isaias groping women?

    Who initiated the dirty dancing? Did the women complain?

    I suspect some of the women might feel honoured.

    • Berhe Y

      Hi MN,

      Yes I have. It was in June 2001. We were with group of people (sat night) heading to shamrock, after having dinner in a restaurant.

      He got out of a house, not far from across the restaurant and a grocery (modern) store next to it, I think it’s called alaskala, I could wrong on the name.

      He was drunk like a fish and fighting and arguing with his body guards and handlers. He was insisting in walking and it seems they were embarrassed to let him walk like that in the view of the public. They had two land cruiser green/olive colours parked right out side facing to go towards the city and he was instinct in walking the opposite towards shamrock night club. They had to make a u turn parked close to the curve, opposite side of the road.

      We walked to shamrock and soon after, few of the security guys come in made their rounds. I happen to be in the washroom and I didn’t understand why they were knocking the doors if anyone was inside.

      So went back and my friends told me the president was just come in. Music was going on and the place was pretty much packed. After a little bit he come to dance, and his security was around him guarding, not only from what ever threat but including to prevent him from falling flat on his face. He was grabbing some young women, who did not ask for it but going from one after the other and sometimes saying words I didn’t hear too close. Done if the girls pretent like everything is normal and smile and like to give him a hug but I saw his hands touching / grouping their behind (at least two girls).

      Then his guards took him inside in their private seating and I don’t know how many women had them followed back with him. I had a friend who was with a girl that day told him, in one event in similar situation, she was one of the unlucky girl who was taken inside to “have drinks with”.

      What choice they really have in that situation, but it’s really embarrassing as hell to witness that from a seating president.

      So music novice, who ever you are, these events and the places should be all familiar to you. Someone mentioned later the place where he come out was a residence of one of his minister or general.

      But why should we expect better from a man who grow up an enda swa where such occurrences are daily routine and that he may have practiced such behaviour and biElgina at an early age.


      • Music Novice

        Greetings Berhe,

        You said:
        – He got out of ahouse

        – He was drunk like a fish

        – He was arguing with his bodyguards

        – He was insisting in walking and it seems they were embarrassed to let him walk like that in the view of the public.

        – he was instinct (?) in walking the opposite towards shamrock night club

        – We walked to shamrock and soon after, few of the security guys come in made their rounds.

        – I happen to be in the washroom and I didn’t understand why they were knocking the doors
        if anyone was inside.

        – So went back and my friends told me the president was just come in

        – He was grabbing some young women, who did not ask for it but going from one after the other and sometimes saying words I didn’t hear too close

        – Then his guards took him inside in their private seating and I don’t know how many women had them followed back with him

        – I had a friend who was with a girl that day told him, in one event in similar situation, she was one of the unlucky girl who was taken inside to “have drinks with”.

        Berhe, you observed all of the above sequence of events, one after another, being in the right places at all times. You are such a lucky person or a dodgy story teller.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear MN,

          Thus whole thing happened in the same day, if it wasn’t clear.

          I saw him outside the house I described and we went to shamrock and soon after he come to the same place.

          It was comon knowledge that he was drinking and partying every weekend during that time.

          So I don’t know what the point you are trying to make.

          If I can come up with this story an hour after you posted the question, you should find lots of holes, lies to disprove me wrong, places location, people etc.

          All you did was, you try to construct what I said, you may be believing and thinking your self in hulucination world, as Oliver Stone making movie JFK.


    • PTS

      Elsa Chirum saw him drunk and groping young women.
      Do I believe her? Yeah, 100%!!!

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Dr Sarah,

    You are wasting your time and energy to respond to these 3 – 4 deniers. They are programed by PFDJ to do what they are doing. They know the reality of Eritrean women, but they are here to defend the statusque of the current PFDJ political culture. I will look a documentary intreview what their boss DIA has to say about the issue of our women in the frontline during the war in the late 90s.

    Dr. Sarah, we will face such kind of resistance even at the pick of the emancipation stage. They are the representative of the patriarchal hegemony in the Eritrean society. Just engage with the open minded Eritrean men who are ready to the emancipation of Eritrean women.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Abi

    Hope dingirgiru
    One of my favorites bumper stickers reads
    “Think, it is not illegal yet.”

    • Dis Donc

      Dear Abi,
      This guy turning into a funny man. You are cracking me up, man!!

      • Abi

        Hi D D
        As a habit I read bumper stickers. Here is another one
        ” Don’t steal. The government hates competition.”
        Here is my all time favorite
        ” God, please protect us from your followers .”

        • Dis Donc

          Dear Abi,
          Geez, where do you find these jokes.

          • Abi

            Hi D D
            Growing up I used to love watching the behind of girls. Now I like to watch the bumper ( the behind) of cars. Old habit, I guess.
            If you pay attention, you will find funny sayings on bumper stickers. Regarding “paying attention ” here is another one
            ” If you are not angry, may be you are not paying attention.”

        • Hope

          Do not do that thing of looking at behind the girls here as you will be sued and out in jail as iyou can be considered as a ” Pervert”!
          A Habit is not easy to …” Give it up”!

  • Dear All,
    What is going on lately in Awate.com University? Does the new trend worry you at all? These are: to write in a bombastic grandiloquent language style that does not add value to the discussion, comments are article-length few would have the interest to read, education and experience is equated to old age and senility, a person is disparaged for telling his/her past painful experience, character assassination has become a common phenomenon, obscenity is portayed as a virtue, etc? An SOS call from a person who has benefited a lot from this university.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Lamek,

    It is heart touching story. every Eritrean family has something similar story. What do we learn from this story? great lesson, awaking us that we are connected and we can’t solve problems individually. Keeping your sister arrested in home didn’t help much ether. those who did it through Libya risking their life didn’t succeed – even those who reach alive to democratic nations. those in middle east even from the very beginning and who have daughters didn’t get peace of mind. No one is happy with his situation as the problem is all from one source but the source is the root problem to every alive Eritrean.

    by now, we are supposed to have a prosperous nation who can deal with all our social problems and we are supposed to be on the way of cultural revolution, but it is unfortunate that we are unable so far. I hope we all will stand united soonest and solve the entire nation’s problem.

    The first thing to put in mind is we are very much connected. we need to reach the stage that your sister’s problems is also my sister’s problem. we shall overcome all! this will pass too.

  • Guest

    Most of them(Eritrean girls) claimed that they left SAWA as Virgins,even the two ones,who were tortured physically and psychologically in Tio (sent there as a punishment after being caught escaping from SAWA)returned ” Intact”! Hope Gerageru. The longevity of Pfdg is dependent, among other factors, on how many Hope alike are around in the Eritrean community.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear awate friends,

    what about reading very old poem, ጓል ሃገርይ don’t you think it is valid even now? let us try to express our respect of mothers,

    ………..ጓል ሃገርይ………….

    ምጭውቲ ፍዮሪ ናይ ወይኒ ዘለላ:
    ባህሪያዊ ተፈጥሮኣ እንከይሰናኸላ:
    ድሕሪት ከይተረፈት ንሓዋ መሲላ:
    ኣብ ሃገር ኣብ ሜዳ ዕጥቃ ኣደልዲላ:
    ዓወትና ዘቅረበት መስዋእቲ ከፊላ:
    ትረባረብ ጀግና ኣብ ድፋዕ ተኺላ::

    ጓል ሃገርይ:—
    ኣብ ሰደት ውን ኣይሓመቐተን:
    ንግዝያዊ ርብሓ ኣይተታለለትን:
    ንጸገማት ሰደት ኢዳ ኣይሃበትን:
    ንጉዳይ ሃገርና ሸለል ኣይበለትን::

    ጓል ሃገርይ:—
    መከራታት ህዝባ ንዓለም ነገረት:
    ወጽዓ ናይ ዚ ህዝቢ ተንቲና ገለጸት:
    ምስ ተበልጽቲ ዲያስፖራ እናተጋተረት:
    ዋዛ ኣይኮነትን ንቅድሚት መረሸት::

    ጓል ሃገርይ:—
    ምስጋና ይግበኣ እታ ኣደይ ወላዲተይ:
    እታ ሓብተይ ፍንጫሕ መሰንገለይ:
    እታ ክብርቲ ብዓልቲ በይተይ ኣፍቃሪተይ:
    ክብርኺ ላዕሊ እዩ ጀግና ጓል ሃገርይ::

    Kokhob Selam

  • dawit

    Dear Tegadalit Tzigereda,

    Can you elaborate further on the following quotes from your article. If you do not want to answer or deal with them, don’t worry.

    “No doubt, there were love relationships, marriages following long years of waiting, abstinence and hope – Naxnet iyu meray, banderay gezmey (Eritrea’s independence equates to my wedding ceremony; its
    flag to my dowry.)”. What kind of estimate % could you attribute to such relationships? Could those also be the result of “Mistir Leyti”?

    “If you should still have some doubts then ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man. Many a
    story is yet to be told”. Well I have doubts, can this generalization imply all marriages in Eritrea are result of ‘Rape’?

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Dawit,

      Sexual assault includes rape, groping, forced kissing, child abuse, or the torture of the person in sexual manner.

      The term groping is used to define the touching or fondling of another person in a sexual way (including through clothing), using the hands, without that other person’s consent.

      Sexual harrassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.

      Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercoure or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s concent.

      This might help you understand what I mean.

  • ‘Gheteb

    As your wont, you couldn’t help but regurgitate your pointlessly superfluous exhortations.

    I asked and challenged you and your ilks to show that the claim is conclusive.

    But, instead here you have opted to pontificate sanctimoniously hot air that is extraneously irrelevant to the issue.

    You are asking and appealing for people to jump on the bandwagon based on an unsubstantiated claim. Well, that would amount to committing a grievous logical fallacy otherwise known as “bandwagon fallacy”.

    And, I ain’t down with that, if you know what I mean!

    • Ayneta


      Hopefully, you have watched the presendial debate where Chris Chrstie totally decimated Marco Rubio by bringing to light the robotic response of the latter to questions raised during the debate. You are actling like Rubio, regurgitating every difficult word that you so memorized some timein your life time.

      Take stock here: You are coming back to the same language and reasoning to make your point. Earlier you talked about Soupcon Of A Pars Pro Toto Fallacy, now bandwagon fallacy. What is it with you and your obsession with these fallacies that don’t have practical merit? Why cant just use simple English and logic to air out your opinion?
      Sexual violence cant be totally explained by these fallacies that you are so infatuating with. We are talking about personal experiences of individuals. Would you resort to these academic based, meritless fallacies if the victim was dear to you like your sister/mother/daughter? I dont think so. Show some empathy Tsubuk wedi!

      • ‘Gheteb

        What is it with you? Are you that hopelessly inured to peeling off tangent and spouting a red herring whenever you respond? Or, this a mere aberration and anomaly? Well, I don’t know. You

      • dawit


        Tzigereda article include the following quote about sexual harassment Mistir Leyti,

        “The problem was that some “wise men” with whom you had had a very good conversation, those who cared to give you most valuable advice you could ever get – the gedim (veteran) advises the new tegadalay – turned out, at night, to be the same person they were warning you of”.
        Could you identify yourself and some of your compatriots, like AH, SEM, Lamek etc with the above statement, giving sound advice in day time and end up totally sex harasser at night? What do you say ‘Wise man’?

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Ayneta,
        I am sorry to inform you that you are wasting your valuable time and energy. He hides behind words and splitting hairs to fudge issues, particularly if he feels it is going in a direction he doesn’t like.
        My good friend, Nitricc, has explanation for such people. He said in the past that these people major and study only the Dictionary and are anxious to spit it out in mass. Sometimes their ego is such they even make up words to impress others. You can spot them when they really don’t comprehend the meaning of reason, respect and logic, it is all words to them.
        Mr. K.H

  • Dis Donc

    Jesus, what has this site become to?

    • dawit

      Why? Disappointed? Because there are honest Eritreans supporting PFDJ?

      • Semere Andom

        Honest and PFDJ cannot go together, and your most inner part knows it. There maybe naive, or mislead PFDJ supporter, but not honest PFDJ supporter
        And to the link about Mela that you linked, with her back facing us as if she is hiding something. She went to all the trouble of writing the article and she hid her face. Yes, she is crazy youth if indeed what she said is right.
        But for all we know she could be one of those YPFDJ lunacits consulting the Old PFDJ on the latest techniques of rape and inflicting suffering on her people and when the going gets tough she can go back home to here fall back, Switherland.

        • dawit


          I really don’t want to respond to your vulgar comments. If you want to discuss with me issues on this forum, please learn some rudimentary manners how to communicate decently without using abusive languages. You like it or not PFDJ rules Eritrea, and the Chirumat or Keethruthites have no place in Eritrea

    • Hope

      What happened to your rational mind?
      For God’s sake,whose fault is that ,putting the poor girl in an odd situation and blaming the PFDJ?
      Unless you believe that this site belongs to only a ” Certain Group of people”,who are only anti-PFDJ!!

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Hope and dawit (for that matter),
        But think about it. While you are here defending PFDJ (which is fine, by the way) we cannot even defend our sisters. In our culture, we do not send our girls to where we have no control about. And that option does not exist. If my sister did not want to go there, which means she cannot get education. Does not that bother you? So, I had to ask where is my citizen ship right? The right to learn, to prosper, to worship, to travel, etc? Should we have to be at the mercy of PFDJ? Jesus, man!!

  • Semere Andom

    that is moving and what u said about our women and our men is true. We have no choice but to come to terms with what u wrote, with our society with our PFDJ. then we can find solutions. The women, here, take it way

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Lamek,
    I have a very similar story to tell but until the marriage. But we just leave it at that. We have a very unfair and draconian Eritrea.

  • Semere Andom

    To the down players, Deniers and Rapist.
    Hi Awate:
    When Sarah O gave an example of her eye witness to a woman slapped in public by high ranking official, Hope countered that just because he slapped her in public does not make him a rapist. Yes, Hope we cannot arrest him for rape, because we do not have proof to that, but his audacity to slap his wife in public is a tell-tale of a control freak who would not only rape but probably kill as well, probably he has raped and killed and has gotten away with it before in the jungle.

    What Berhe Y shared it true and disturbing and the higher ranking official who shared the story was telling the truth because he told many truths before regarding PFDJ’s and EPLF’s inner working.

    Also MN gave his profile of men who would likely rape but if we look at the notoriously infamous rapist like Paul Bernardo of Canada, Russell Williams also of Canada and a colonel in the air force, Ted Bundy of the USA and, Domonique Strauss- Kahn (accused of rape), we see that more often than not these are stunningly good looking, smart charming, successful who would do not have problem charming many beautiful women out of their pants. But they do what they do for power and control, they are sick, undiagnosed psychopaths. So, Hope, stop your flip flopping and embrace the facts instead of holding the stick in the middle and swinging it to both the victims and the rapist, having it both ways as usual

    Yes, we know rape has been here since ancient times, even the Bible wrote about Dinah, and Tamara, who were raped. The later raped by her own brother.

    Rape is committed mostly by those who have access to the victim or by those who are in close proximity to the victim and random and opportunity rape is less common.

    And there is Gheteb, who seeks proof from everyone except his beloved PFDJ. With his Latinated, pretentious, pink writing and diction he cannot find a sentence or two to condemn the rape and he wants data, he wants to tell us rape is so rare that it cannot even be quantified. Well, I understand Gheteb, he cannot break away from his almost 40 years shackles, and they have penetrated his entire DNA systems that apologizing for PFDJ crimes has become part of his personality. But he demands facts, and videotapes from the victims to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they were raped.

    When I am president of Eritrea, I will introduce the death penalty for rape crimes, we cannot go wrong and execute innocent people as the advent of DNA and forensic are sold. I will need support from our women to report any rape or sexual harassment so we can follow the due process to prosecute criminals to the full intent of the law. But first you need to vote for me

    No, one is saying Ghedli introduced rape in our society, it was there and Ghedli did not make a dent in weeding out the rapist, they flourished there and they are in power now, slapping their wives in public, taking teenage to their rape camp, making them they “mahyo”, concubine with “dumumudm” as their aphrodisiac

    Sarah, Hayat and Tzigereda: this article must the beginning of the documentation of the abuses, all kind of abuses against Eritrean women, so build on it, share your true experiences, from the too common and open slapping and beating that Sarah witnessed to the most insidious rapes and rape attempts that go unreported.

    Gheteb, Hope and rapist in waiting, the unprofiled sociopath God, you get to be ashamed of your selves to defend and blame the victim.

    Gheteb and Hope, just because I put you in the same line withGUdm I do not count you as rapist just defender of it, Hope most of the time and Gheteb consistently.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Semere Andom,

      Now you are outlandishly claiming that:

      ” Gheteb and Hope, just because I put you in the same line withGUdm I do not count you as rapist just defender of it, Hope most of the time and Gheteb consistently.”

      Sir, seriously you must be out of your meds . Otherwise, in one and only one word the inanely vacuous assertion or claim you made is: RISIBLE.

    • Zinar ArStar

      Selam all,

      It has been a long time since I wrote here:-) Anyway, I will only briefly deal with what the sister says happened to her and others in the field around forty years ago.

      Authers says:

      {{{The endless night fighting starts when an intruding hand touches you … Again and again anew you repulse the attack; you try to whisper your determined … (stop it!) … since the place is surrounded by many others. But he would also not give up… How I hated those … sleepless nights … (he was groping and harassing me the whole night) is what you could tell or keep it to yourself the next day…

      … Another weird and funny experience was when a tegadalay tried to stretch his arm and reach out for me, crossing over a tegadalit who slept between him and me… The narration is much longer… however, this should suffice…

      … Another weird and funny experience was when a tegadalay tried to stretch his arm and reach out for me, crossing over a tegadalit who slept between him and me… The narration is much longer… however, this should suffice…}}}

      The lady says all these endless night attacks happened to her while surrounded by other comrades! Why didn’t she bring the issues to the attention of her unit leader and deal with the culprit she is accusing of harassing her in a legal manner? So, sister, why didn’t you bring the problem to the attention of your unit leader instead of suffering endless night after night of night-fight with an intruding hand?

      It seems that the house was used as a foster home for sheltering runway kids than liberation fighters:-)

      The rest of the talk is about “a cadre from the women’s organization” telling the women to use contraceptives and a hearsay about a security man raping escapees from Eritrea to Sudan and that can’t stand in a court of lawn:-)

      Well, I may say more about a similar event that happened in the unit I was in while part of Jebha Abay how it was dealt with forthwith:-)

      PS : DIA’s regime is not a government : Shaebia now called Mendef was DIA’s instrument of Eritrean destruction from the get go:-) I wouldn’t call DIA’s regime that is run by local and imported pimps and walkers a “government”:-)


      • Abi

        Hi Zinar ArSrar
        First, you asked the Author why she didn’t report the endless abuse to her unit leader? And you concluded your comment by saying “Shaebia was DIA’s instrument of Eritreans destruction from the get go.” My question is if Shaebia’s purpose was to destroy Eritrea, why do you think it would have defended/ protected the women serving under it had they reported these incidents to their unit leaders? I’m kind of confused. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • saay7

    Selamat Lamek:

    Thank you for sharing the story of your own family. One of the things that the PFDJ banks on is on Eritrean culture that our comrade (and founding Awate Team member) Dawit Mesfin called “quietism” in Michella Wrong’s book, “I didn’t do it for you…” In this hierarchy:

    The Executive Committee can discuss failings and shortcomings, but not the Central Committee;
    The Central Committee can discuss failings and shortcomings, but not the rank and file of the EPLF/PFDJ;
    The rank and file of the EPLF/PFDJ can discuss failings and shortcomings, but not the Gebar (civilian);
    The civilian can discuss failings and shortcomings, but not with Eritrea’s enemies;
    Eritrea’s enemies is an ever expanding list that always includes UN (for what they did to us in the 1940s), the US (for what they did to us in the 1960s-1980s), Ethiopia (for what they did to us in the 1940s-1991 and 1998-present), and other rotating cameo appearances by any random country at any given time. Right now, testimony from Djibouti is suspect because we are at war with Djibouti (except when we say we are not.)

    Now, lets take the case of your sister and the decision of your family to prevent her from going to a military school high school in Sawa.

    The African Development Bank has documented that the gender parity in education gets worse as we move from elementary school, to high school, then to tertiary education. There are three reasons for this:

    1. Eritrea is a poor African country and in some areas there are no middle schools or high schools. I don’t blame PFDJ for that.
    2. Eritrea’s culture (despite all the bragging we do) treats males and females differently. As former University of Asmara professor documented:

    In the lowland areas where the Muslims are majority, many families tend to withdraw their children from school early because they do not want them to go to the same school with the boys (Rena, 2007). There is also an issue of underage marriage. Many prize-winning students tend to stop their education due to cultural and religious barriers. The absence of middle schools in Molki, Shambiko, Logo
    Anseba and Barka also has its role to play. The male students can rent a house in towns and go to school.
    Parents do not allow their female children to do same. Above all, the parents do not have faith in their female children to be as productive as their male counterparts even after education.

    Again, I don’t blame the PFDJ for centuries old culture that treats males and females differently and has different expectations of them. For example, the government imported bicycles to make it easier for students (in the Ghindae region, I think) to commute to school. What is our culture, even in bicycle-crazy Eritrea, when it comes to Eritrean females (notwithstanding the professional cyclists) when it comes to females riding bicycles.

    Ravinder again:

    Furthermore, as they grow older, female students get weaker due to home related works. In Zoba Debub for example, female enrollment is 35-39 percent in middle school. It drops to 27-28 percent in high school. It further declines to les than 20 percent at tertiary level. The distribution of middle and high school is lower than elementary which forces students to travel long. Parents do not allow their
    female children to rent a house around the school; they do not buy them a cycle either. This ultimately, encourages early marriages. Besides, cultural stigmas, economic problems are additional reasons for their low enrollment.

    Again I don’t blame the PFDJ for that–except when it just talks endlessly about our “civilized culture.”

    Then there is the third reason, and the one that was crucial in the decision of your family and that of many girls to deliberately fail classes: Sawa. One can argue that a poor country like Eritrea cannot afford to build high schools all over the country and a central location saves money and ensures that regardless of your background, region, ethnicity, you have equal opportunity to go to high school (assuming there is a middle school within easy access.) Great and noble. But why, oh why, oh why, must it be in a military compound, over seen by a military officer and whose curriculum is integrated with military training?


  • tes

    Selamat Gud,

    In case you are not aware about the statistical data of students who went to Sawa since its inception was more than 20,000 per year except in 2015, where the number of students fell down to 11,000. This is a 50% reduction than the previous year. What is your take on this student enrollment dramatic decline?

    For ever it happened the first and fundamental reason for his sister to fall on this life complication is the FEAR installed in the family about the futurity of their beloved daughter. Lamek’s case is just one but there are thousands of families who faced the same problem.


    • dawit

      Does this mean thousands of Lamek’s families are abusing their own children by keeping them under house arrest? Do you support such child abuse by parents?

      • AOsman

        Dear Dawit,

        Hopefully this one gets through as I am using guest to post. I have not read all comments, am only responding based on your response to Tes.

        The issue is not about families abusing their children, most of the time the decisions to stay at home are taken by the youth themselves. When they see those who are older than them spending most of their time on service with the hope that one day they will be released, they have decided not to fall in the same trap. Both boys and girls know what awaits them in sawa and the national service and look for ways to avoid it. You may be aware that many were failing school early on purpose to avoid heading for sawa and the government changed the final year to sawa to catch them on that. Recently, on graduation they were told they can only receive their certificates in sawa so they do not dissapear after the summer break.

        The risk for girls is much higher, so they opt to stay at home, sometimes by accepting early marriage or at times they come up with fake marriage.


  • tes

    Dear Lamek,

    Here is what I read today about a horrific sexual abuses done by an Eritrean who is living in Uganda. It is really shocking information. Hopefully this monster to be arrested as soon as possible.



    • dawit

      Dear tes,

      Why do you waste your time in trash dump looking for some unsubstantiated material that could tarnish the image of you and your country in garbage cans? Is this part of another coordinated campaign “Eritrean Rapist” “Eritrea Rape Culture”. EDF Rapist Institution, SAWA Rapist camp etc.
      Look below an Eritrean Young Lady’s Love to her history!

      • Semere Andom

        are you also defending this rapist, who two Eritrean youth accuse of raping and enslaving them and his own 8 year old daughter. What does this guy has to do with EDF and Sawa, or you have inside info that he was send by PFDJ as ambassador of their rape? By the way, defending a rapist is the beginning of becoming like him?
        Are you prepared to defend accused rapists in the name of not tarnishing the image Eritrea and PFDJ? How far are you willing to go to protect

  • ‘Gheteb

    A Soupcon Of A Pars Pro Toto Fallacy? You Be The Judge.

    In a pars pro toto fallacy one commits the fallacy of overgeneralization. That is to say one assumes what is true for a part is also true for all. For instance, if you know that one banker didn’t pay his taxes on time and if you conclude that all Bankers don’t pay their taxes on time, your conclusion is not valid or is fallacious because you are overgeneralizing.

    Now, here is the author’s claim with an implicit overgeneralization.

    ” If you should still have some doubts then ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man. Many a story is yet to be told. They may still be reluctant to bear witness or want to have it dealt with in confidence as they don’t know what the perceptions in society would be and thus eventually decide to keep it to themselves as their own “mistir leyti”, (secret of the night). They prefer to repress all memory of the issue.”

    (A) Ask any Eritrean woman irrespective of her age if she has EVER been sexually assaulted , harassed or even raped by an Eritrean man.

    (B) Many a story is yet to be told.

    Before I go any further and for the sake of clarity, what does the phrase “Many a…… ” mean? Here is the meaning.

    many a ——
    phrase of many
    1. a large number of.
    “many a good man has been destroyed by booze”

    The conclusion, albeit stated implicitly, is that a LARGE NUMBER of Eritrean women regardless of their age are VICTIMS of harassment, sexual assault and even rape. Of course, the unavoidable corollary is that a LARGE NUMBER of men have committed acts of sexual assault, harassment and even rape.
    And one may ask what is a LARGE NUMBER in the Eritrean context? A large number is an indefinite number above the average.

    Therefore, the author has “concluded” that sexual offenses and misconducts ( harassment, assault and rape) is pervasively rampant as it is committed by the majority (above average) or the plurality of Eritrean men.

    But the author of this article did NOT proffer substantive evidence to substantiate her conclusion save one or two testimonials and hence why I have noticed not a soupcon but a WHOPPING pars pro toto fallacy.

    To those who are arguing in support of the authors claim, here is what I am saying to you:
    You can believe the author’s claim to be persuasive, but please do NOT tell me that it is conclusive.

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Gheteb,
      What is your own perception of sexual violence against women in Eritrea? “.. Ask any eritrean woman…”.

  • Music Novice

    Greetings All,

    The survival rate of new born females is higher than that of males. But nature corrects this imbalance with an increase in the probability of the number of males being born. Thus, in a given population, where war, famine, disease and other natural disasters are not at work, the number of males and females is roughly equal.

    On a different subject, females choose male partners on the basis of criteria such as financial resources, power in society, good looks and physical strength. Some men who do not satisfy such criteria try to correct this apparent imbalance by choosing to mate with females by force. On the other hand, some men have a desire to mate with as many females as possible for the the sake of their egos in order in increase the list of their female conquests.

    • aklilu zere

      Good day MN.

      In our previous discourse you presented your argument s in mathematical theories and now you became psychologist. How will you explain a culture of arranged marriages and where sex is a taboo?


      • Music Novice

        Greetings aklilu z.,

        This is more of Biology than Psychology.

        Where sex is a taboo?

        Sex is a taboo only in public. It is a case of Public morals and Private vices or one may call it keeping up appearances.

        In an earlier post Tewelde G. mentioned the separation of the genders in mosques and monasteries. What goes outside mosques in private, and within monasteries outside public view may be otherwise. Nothing is as it appears to be.

      • Music Novice

        Greetings aklilu z.,

        This is more of Biology than Psychology.

        Where sex is a taboo?

        Sex is a taboo only in public. It is a case of Public morals and Private vices or one may call it keeping up appearances.

        In an earlier post Tewelde G. mentioned the separation of the genders in mosques and monasteries. What goes outside mosques in private, and within monasteries out of public view may be otherwise. Nothing is as
        it appears to be.

        • dawit

          MN and AZ

          You two are in a deep philosophical discussion examining sex and marriages from
          Biological and Psychological point of view. Let me join you to expand the
          subject from the Economist view.
          First let me tell you a story that I learned in one of my Economics class when I fist learned about Adam Smith’s economic philosophy of “Self interest and the Invisible hand”.
          A young economic student wanted to study about prostitution in his community by
          interview different people of the community with various socioeconomic backgrounds.
          He was interviewing a well respected lady in the community. He asked the lady,
          if she would go to bed with some stranger for $ 1,000,000 a night. The lady thought about the question and confirmed again the amount of money. Then she said yes I will do it for
          $1,000,000 a night. The student recorded her answer and moved to the next question. Would would you go to bed with a stanger for $10 a night?

          The lady was furious. “What for $10? Do you think I am a prostitute to sell myself for money”! The student told the lady calmly. Mom we have already establish that fact, we are now
          negotiating the price”
          So you see from the economist point every thing is for sale we are all potential prostitute depending on the pay-off or the bribe.

          Now about arranged marriages from the economist point of self-interest it could be
          considered as an auction market where parents sell their son and daughters to
          the highest bidder. Parents with children of marriage ages send their scouts in
          the community looking for potential mates for their sons or daughters in their
          community or outside. In the Eritrean Christian communities there is a seven
          generation limit, while in the Moslem communities that may not apply. Some may
          look first preference could be within the close relatives, nephews and nieces. Parents
          would consider monetary economic values and non pecuniary returns such as prestige
          etc including the biological values of procreation i.e. continuation of their genetic resources to the next generation. Once a deal is reached the Auctioneers (Shimagles)
          will announce SOLD! After that a marriage contract is signed and weeding ceremony will seal the contract based on Church, Sharia, or Civic laws and the bride and groom will start as a couple their ‘Happily Married’ or Miserably Married’ lives..

          • Abi

            Gashiye dawit
            Joke about prostitution

            A prostitute went to a court alleging she was rapped.
            Judge: when did you know you were rapped?
            Prostitute : when the check bounced.

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Abi,

            Most of the women in Addis Ababa are addicted to the good life. If they will find a man who will part with his hard earned cash, spin them around in a flashy car, invite them for kitfo (raw meat dish) and some alcoholic drink, they will readily comply.

          • dawit

            I don’t think there is geographic boundary restriction for the ‘Oldest Profession’ on earth.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Music Novice,
            Aklilu Zere……VS …..Music Novice.
            In the vast majority of topics and discussions, I found myself agreeing with you. You spoke for the most part what I was thinking. Not in this case. I am shoulder to shoulder with Aklilu Zere, whom I disagree on numerous occasions.
            The degradations, intimidations, humiliations and serious crimes being committed against women should not be treated in such a smart-alecky way. Shame Shame shame.
            Who are these women we are talking about? They are our sisters, daughters, mothers and wives.
            I hope I don’t see such callousness in you, you have a better upstairs than that.
            Mr. K. H

          • Dear MN,
            Some thirty years ago, young beautiful girls walked the streets of Addis. They were beautiful Habesha girls, Ethiopians and Eritreans, friends, schoolmates etc. They were the women of Addis.

            For Christ’s sake, know what you are saying. If you do not respect Ethiopian women, you cannot respect Eritrean women, and you cannot respect any woman for that matter. People do not grow on trees, or sprout from the ground like mushrooms. They have mothers and sisters, the other fifty percent of human beings. They brought every one of us to this world, including you. Don’t you think that they deserve some respect?

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Horizon,

            I only stated the facts as I saw them.

          • Abi

            Novice indeed!

          • dawit

            Dear Abi,
            That is a classic jock. Don’t you think it confirms the economist view! I think she is write she was cheated and rapped, because the man didn’t honor his contract. The judge should allow her to collect the sum including pain and suffering as the result of the bounced check. Also rapist and cheater should also serve prison time as lesson for future potential bad check writers to break the contract. Otherwise how can a society functions if people break their contact left and write. I think Women Right Advocates should take her case in support of the poor prostitute. What do you think Abi?.

          • dawit

            Correction ‘right’ instead of ‘write’

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Abush,
            I never heard of that before. That was funny, lol.

          • Peace!


            Very funny! What if she were ኣልማዝ ባለ ጭራ?


          • Abi

            HI Peace
            Almaz should be paid in cash , in advance, in full.
            Now, can you find me “Almaze” by MerAwi Yohanness?

            DD, I am glad you liked it. This place is very tense these days. I really thought the article would bring all human beings together not just Eritreans. The reverse proved to be true.

          • Ted

            Hi Abi, all i hear is oink oink oink

          • Abi

            Hi Ted
            It is because you are in the basement. You hear only your own eko.

          • Music Novice

            Greetings dawit,

            At the end of the day, it all boils down to getting a fair price for an asset.

          • aklilu zere

            Dear MN;

            So at the end of the day [to quote you] all human rights [we are all born equal women and men alike], dignity, humanity, respect, equality, true love, individual freedoms..etc.. boils down to economics and economic assets. According to you [the economist],a woman’s body [her dignity; her individuality; her choices in life; her needs, her womaness..] is a commodity.

            Now I know why you chose “novice” as a garb. It is to cover your shameless, brutal, beastly and crass thoughts and believes. You really need rebirth but you have have to start it from your heart because your mind is polluted beyond redemption.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Aklilu,

            The purpose of nick names is strictley to hide behind their crass ideas and their abussive characters. Nothing else, especially those who support the regime and have no any threat for their life from the regime. They do not want to be identified with the idea they have espousrd. If they were proud with their ideas there is nothing to hide their identity and of course they are not here for solutions.

            Amanuel Hidrat

    • Dear MN,
      What you wrote is really interesting. Can you please tell us where you got the information that a male who is poor, not in power, not good looking and physically weak, is prone to commit rape, because indirectly, this is what you are saying. On the flip side, it is more logical to say that it is the male who has the qualities you mentioned above that has the tendency to feel that he is entitled to have whatever he wants, and could easily commit rape, among other things.

      In nature sex is simply the means by which genes are transferred, from the male to the female. Naturally, the female will choose, if possible, the best quality genes that are usually the attributes of the strongest male. In many animal species, one sees that the strongest male (supposedly with the best quality genes) has many females around him. He has therefore a greater chance to transfer his genes to the next generation compared to other males. It is only in humans that sex acquired all the other qualities, good and bad.

      • Music Novice

        Greetings Horizon,

        As I said above, it is not only those males who lack some of the attributes I listed who commit rape.

  • Gud


    Please explain the reason for deleting this specific post. I am sure it doesn’t break your rules more than any of my posts. Actually this one was sent to Sara, the lady I respect greatly.

    So please post my comment and let the forum members judge.

    Your choice of comment to delete is my concern here

    • Ayneta

      You have been served! But then you are too self-obsessed to realize you have been served. I hope you use it as a wake call and at least be mindful of other people’s position. If not, halengi Awate newih eyu….:)

      • Gud


        Hush now. I am talking to the door keepers here.
        On a second thought, let me use you a “tea-time” boy to deliver a message to them, cool?
        1) The deleted comment is the only one in the whole comments I posted here during the years that started with “Dear”
        Dear Sara……..and it goes. Because, like I said Sara is a respectable person
        2) Normally, I describe people (You can call it insults if you want, I call it describing a person developed from through long reading them. I consciously do it. Meaning they don’t come from anger or something.) but, in this specific comment there was no such thing, except, well, except….
        3) Except reference of Amanuel Hidrat, and a new addition, well the owner of the website Gadi. But it was not like what you thinking. I mentioned the two to represent ELF or people who were in some kind of responsibility in ELF. I just used them as “Place Holders” or representative of ELF.
        4) That comment, was more of a support to what Sara said above. The core message? a question rather, is: should the slim arm of ELF be considered by the COI, and similar to what is being done in accusing the leaders of EPLF/PFDJ , should the leaders of ELF (Represented by place holders AH and Gadi ) be also implicated? And I concluded with Sara’s last sentence to encourage Tsigereda to testify
        That was all!. If I have to guess, I think it is the mention of Gadi (Not the first time by the way) is what initiated the moda, but the choice of comment to delete is the shrewd work of the Moda (That I very much know from before, very well)
        Why I am asking for re-posting or an explanation of why it was deleted:
        a) Because it was done under Sara’s comment, I did not want Sara to get the false impression that I am throwing insults at her or disrespecting her
        b) Heck, that is my first “Dear” to a respected person, so I am furious 🙂 (Kidding, kidding)
        As for the, go or we will shoot you to hell, kind of threat, well I am kind of immune to such things, and we have gone through this cycle many times and the house got to do what it got to do. They might consider it my loos, I consider it their loss, or at least nothing. There are many regular forum members here, why should they care, and there are many other Eritreans that I am part of and doesn’t mean a squat to me if I can post here or not. They say the house has a right, I say the customer is right….and we do this all over again once in a while…for years. They cite their fake “No Eritrean left behind”, and I cite ” No website ignored, as long as it is mentioning my Eritrea” They lie or they pretend as if they have something good enough for people to worry whether there are Eritreans who can and can not post here. And I say, hey you need to improve 10 folds, clean up your house, be an Eritrean website, don’t call your self idiots (Opposition to you) and may be we will put you in queue. I say, don’t brag while you are a dwarf

  • Abi

    Hi Gud
    You knew exactly where to meet Ted the former Bul from qera. Sadly, he has been relegated to the basement ever since weyane performed a successful casteration procedures on him. Now, he is left with a long tongue to curse weyane.
    Meet him at the basement. You ain’t kidding.
    Milas enji senber yelewum. Miskin

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hey dawit,

    I didn’t write about this issue, but I am acknowledging the existence of “sexual violence against our women” in both organization in particular and in our society in general. Otherwise, I will refer you to read the comment of “Lemak” few comments above , if it helps you to understand the issue and consequently to be a “good” man***.

    *** please read the explanation of Aklilu Zere for “good man” and “Good woman” including the markers and identifiers for them (truthfulness, directness, and courage).

    • dawit

      Hey keshi Amanuel,

      I was not requesting you to refer me to a cliché, of writing of pretentious people who claim that ‘Yes rape is bad’. There is no soul on earth who will claim that rape is good. Those two you referred could be rapist themselves in spite of their sweet talks and writings. What I asked was to give your insider information about Zigereda’s claim of sexual harassment inside that ELF hidmo!. Now if you are a ‘good man’ stand on your own feet and tell the truth. Here is the quote that you wrote to Hope about Mahmud

      ” He can go to refute her if it is convenient and assertive about it. That is all his prerogative. What I am saying is to show clearly his stand by either disproving her claim or by standing on her predicament and ready to fight against those behaviors. That was all my point”.
      I am not asking you more or less than what you demanded from others.

      • Amanuel Hidrat


        “Those two you referred could be rapist themselves in spite of their sweet talks and writings.” This clearly shows your character and the seeds of PFDJ culture. Blackmailing to the individuals whom you do not have any clue who they are is insanity. Because I mentioned them on the comment they have made , and you call them “rapist” is ridiculous of the highest order. Keep doing it, that ultimately will shine your character to the public.

        • Hope

          You see Ato Aman Hidrat how it could be dangerous to ” misquote” and misrepresent comments and commenters.
          Per my understanding,Dawit phrased things that in general,some can be the sweetest under the Sun during the day time but could be the Devil’s Agents!
          It was just a “saying”!
          Hey ,guess what?
          Why did you miss your ” younger brother,Sem Andom calling people Rapists?
          Let me give you two case scenarios that personally witnessed:
          -When I was in College,I witnessed few Senior Stidents acting like the Best Pastors under the Sun but womanizing and sexually abiding those well selected pretty “Fresh Man” Stidents to the extent of making them drop Colleges,whose parents worked hard for them to be MDs and RNs(Registered Nurses”!
          -I have come across in the Heart of Asmera few “Wuhabists” Leaders acting like the best Sheiks but messing around in darkness with the Asmera Beauties besides drinking the best whiskers and dressed up well in suits with No Jelabias…..
          I crossed the red line about the Catholic Church Scandal but the Top Evangelical and Presbyterian Pastors and Boshops were reported to the worst womanizers and abusers,not to mention allowing officially Gay Marriages and Gay Pastors!
          This is not to judge people but to give you a glimpse about the Human Nature’s weirdness and wickedness.
          But we are cursing few Tegadelti ” Rapists and Abusers” as if these few wicked human beings represent Ghedli and the EDF in particular and the ERITREAN culture in general.
          “Mimtsidak” should not have a place here.
          We all have our own skeletons under…..!

          A piece of reminder for all of us:

          -Let us not be too much judgemental lest to be judged.

          -Let us take out first the speck from our own eyes before we try to take the speck from other people’s eyes.

          “Let the one,who believes to be free from sin cast iunto her the first stone.”!

          I admit that I have made mistakes and sinned as a wicked human being and I am not entitled to judge others …,coz they made mistakes and sinned,rather ,will try and do my best to be positive and constructive genuinely.

          Dearest Vet Tzighereda and your female Comrades including Yorda and her friend and all other women,who have gone through this hell:

          Sorry for what you have gone through and may the Lord of the lords give you strength and courage and ENLIGHTEN you to teach and console others that have gone through this hell and that others shall not go through this hell!

          Please ,FORGIVE those,who made you to go through this hell and PRAY for them and you will feel rejuvenated and much healthier if you do so!
          Folks,a take home message:
          -Now that we have learned OFFICIALLY about this cancerous and deadly culture and practice let us work hard together that NO CHILD an NO WOMAN in Eritrea will be left behind in any aspect!

          Done on this Topic!

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Take a note on this two statement: (a) “Those two you referred could be rapist” is not the same as (b) “some can be the sweetest under the Sun during the day time but could be the Devil’s Agents”. Read it again and again Hope Tartara, you are jumping everywhere. If you see the difference of the two statements, the former (which is his) is specific, “those two” which means the names I mentioned in my comment, while the later (which is yours) is general indicated by “some” unspecific. Can you notice the difference now. Do not rush to comment before you understand the comments. That is why you are always flip flopping. The good thing is you know that you are.

          • dawit


            ” Those two you referred could be rapist” or “Those two you referred are rapist”. Can you see the difference? I don’t expect you to see the difference. A person blinded with hate does not see the truth.

            Here is a direct quote from Tzigereda, and see if you can identify with the characters I was referring to you, when I wrote “Those two you referred could be rapist” !

            “The problem was that some “wise men” with whom you had had a very good conversation, those who cared to give you most valuable advice you could ever get – the gedim (veteran) advises the new tegadalay – turned out, at night, to be the same person they were warning you of”

          • Hope

            Wed Aboy Ustaz Hidrat:
            Let us be fair to each other.
            U understood it the way you want it and I understood it the I way I felt it.
            No need to force me to have it your way.
            Is that why Sem Andom is your younger brother.
            We r Habba habba.
            I have never seen you admitting your “mistakes”.
            Am sorry .

  • tes

    Dear Hope,

    You wrote, “Things happened but let us work HARD so as to avoid this mess from happening again and move on.” Well that is all what we are saying and exposing. The only difference is you don’t want such exposure to happen but blindly mentioning the mismanagement. We go much farther (no need to be sad when we do) to bring the mismanagement and discussing them so that such mistakes to be halted in the future.

    You asked me if I were in the front-line? I was not but nothing was able to prevent me to take my observation. Parallel to that I was part of the 13th round(those who went to Ghahtelay) and 15th round national service members. Two times trained soldier. After adding that of Cadre School training, who else better can make such a close observation on our women’s predicaments?


  • tes

    Dear Gud,

    I appreciate you when you discovered that my lines are in total chaos. Let me tell you this: The highest and mysterious theory of the 21th C is the Chaos theory. In a state of static condition, a condition favored by PFDJ and his cult followers, such concepts are beyond comprehension. And any disturbance, be it self contradicting or counter-argumentative approach, are not welcomed. A simple and plain political propaganda are what is favored by your cult house.

    Let me introduce you with Chaos Theory.

    Chaos theory concerns deterministic systems whose behavior can in principle be predicted. Chaotic systems are predictable for a while and then ‘appear’ to become random. (source: wikipedia).

    in my political argumentative approach, I am guided with this concept. And for more concrete concept, here it goes:

    Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. (source: wikepedia)

    For more details read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_theory


  • sara

    Dear awate
    This was presented as an article by the writer, but it could also be considered a testimony or statement, that a person or a witness in criminal proceedings gives before a trial.
    Now assuming the COI allegation goes to the Hague, is the writer prepared to stand in court and face all those alleged to be the rapists, harassers from the elf/plf/jp.
    even if the COI thing doesn’t go that far, still this will be an issue that will be discussed around the diaspora for long time to come, the worst is from what was written every man who was part of the armed struggle is a suspect ( specially those who live near by to the Hague-Europe,the USA is not a party to ICC) and all the women are maybe victims.
    let us help her get a support group.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Hope,
    Thank you. so far I was just putting what really happened during our Ghedli while explaining that Ghedli has nothing to do with it but in fact Ghedli was against rape. supported facts are written I think clearly. Now, I didn’t still say anything about why rape appeared in our world, I will come with fact supported view. than you.

  • Lamek

    Dear Awatinos!

    Let’s state a few facts here:

    Rape or any unwanted sexual advances to any human being is a crime everywhere in the world.
    One rape is one too many.
    Tsigereda is not claiming that ghedli was full of rapists.
    We, Eritreans, do not see rape or sexual violence as a very damaging and violent crime. Stealing probably carries a much more negative connotation. A raped woman is described as ‘she brought it onto herself, ay kelbi endya, etc.’
    No matter how terrible or a liar (pick your adjective) a woman is, her body is sacred and it is not meant to be used for sexual assault, never under any circumstances.
    Beyan made a great post stating that this is not Tsigereda v. Ghedli rapists nor is it about the culture of ghedli exclusively. It is about our entire society.

    This is not exclusively about sexual violence only.

    What Tsigereda brought about is an extremely important and far-reaching topic. It is about entire attitude towards women and each other. An Eritrean man stretches his ‘slim’ arm past another man’s torso and grabs a woman! That speaks volumes. Why does the other man condone such an action?

    How many Eritrean men are there who discuss our current affairs with their wives or female family members? They prefer to go to the local coffee shop or Eritrean center and we turn around and say ‘kla sak’t eyen welahanti interest yeblenin nay bolotica.’ We exclude them systematically and we accuse them of being apathetic. That is pathetic!

    Without having our women in leading roles in all aspects of our struggle to bring about change, I can tell you we are doomed.

    In short, sexual violence is a part of the big picture. It is our attitude towards women that needs to change. Whatever Tsigereda and Yordanos are telling us should be simply taken virtually at face value and tackle the issues.

    What Mahmoud Saleh, Gud, Gheteb, and Tewolde are trying defend is beyond incomprehensible. Their beloved EPLF/PFDJ has been accused and they are jumping up and down to exonerate it without feeling any remorse that such acts happened. Again, a single such incident is one too many – there is no defending it. Nobody is going to jail over this, not any time soon anyway. But I can tell you this – I would be very scared if Mahmoud was to be in charge of Eritrea right now. He would do the same thing that IA/PFDJ are doing. To these guys, the legacy of PFDJ is much more important than the wellbeing of Eritrean women and men and children.

    • saay7

      Epic Lamek:

      It’s really quite simple bro. The question to all fathers, all whose beautiful daughters call them “dad” is this: would you trust the future, safety, honor of your daughter to the PFDJ and its empowered predators?

      Whatever ur answer is happens to be an endorsement or damnation of the PFDJ as an institution, as well as its “civil society” including NUEW, YPFDJ, and NUEYS.


      • tes

        Dear saay7,

        With full respect I would to remove YPFDJ from the Civic Society category. YPFDJ is nothing but YPFJ. Point.


        • saay7

          Selamat Tes:

          The reason i put civil society inside quotes is because neither YPFDJ, nor NUEYS nor NUEW meets the definition of a “civil society”; they are actually “mass organizations.” Here’s the difference between the two and why PFDJ has been trying to dilute the difference since it committed itself to getting out of its self-imposed isolation and diplomatic leper status:

          Difference Between Civil Society & Mass Organization

          A civil society is an organization that exists independent of the government for the purpose of advancing the values, causes of its membership. It does this by applying pressure on the government to modify its behavior or to risk losing power. In contrast, “mass organizations”–the brainchild of Vladimir Ilyech Lenin– are created by the communist party (the ruling and sole party) to mobilize the masses into executing fiats passed by the communist party.

          Both ELF and EPLF were led by communist-parties and, thus, there was nothing remotely organic about the mass organizations–of women, of youth, of workers, of peasants–that they created. Notwithstanding all the soap box sermons you will hear here, they were all copy/pasted from the communist bloc.

          Why the PFDJ has decided to repackage the mass organizations into civil society

          A dictatorship committed to showing the Mzungus that come to visit Eritrea and, after a short stay, announce “Eritrea is not hell!”, “There is no legitimate case for asking for asylum” can do so by “showing” that there is grassroots support for its rule. After all, a country that has a vibrant civil society cannot be a dictatorship. This is how NUEW became a “civil society” advancing the cause of women; the youth had two organizations (YPFDJ and NUEYS) advocating their cause; the union of workers was activated. That’s the key word “activated”: because these organizations are entirely dependent on the PFDJ for their existence and their mission, they are frozen and thawed at will. You can prove this to yourself by google searching the phrase “National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students” and “National Union of Eritrean Women” between 2002-2010 and then between 2010-2016.

          The cosmetic changes are enough for the Mzungus: recall a few years back we were told that EU parliamentarians met with their counterparts in the “Eritrean parliament” (activated for a day); in all the MDG reports the PFDJ brags about, the Mzungus report that parity for women is achieved because Eritrean “parliament” (activated for the purpose of the report) is made up of 35% women. Buried deep is the status of girls in primary school, in secondary school (abysmal and NEVER reported by NUEW.) If women made up 35% of the fighters in the EPLF; and if Eritrea has been independent for 25 years, why is it, now, as I write this piece, there are only 3 female cabinet members? Why is there only 1 ambassador that is female? The numbers show a dismal record and no Sermon from Mt Nakfa by reaching for the nearest soap box is going to fix it.

          Now, finally, Tzigereda wrote an informative piece, using very measured tones. Her argument is that sexual abuse in Eritrea is more rampant than you men think. Then she made a bold challenge: “If you should still have some doubts then ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man.” Unless our flag-wavers and soap-box climbers can meet this challenge and rebut Tzigereda, it is all fogs and fumes.


          • tes

            Dear saay7,

            I know you had something unsaid when you put that remark. And my objective was to call you for clarification. Here the comes even way beyond my expectation. Thank you.

            One minor remark may be: there is a difference between NUEW/NUEYS and YPFDJ. While The former is considered as mass organizations the later is a second generation of PFDJ, PFDJ being the mass organizer. Even on the hierarchal system and power YPFDJ is much more stronger. I know this because I was trained to be member of YPFDJ. Had I continued to serve them I could still be a branch head officer in the college of agriculture or promoted further.

            With the birth of YPFDJ, NUEYS became almost powerless in political terms. NUEYS main task was restricted on conducted festivals, conducting student campaigns etc while his leaders were registered members of PFDJ and later YPFDJ.

            This is just additional remarks.

            I thank you again


          • saay7

            Selamat Tes:

            Thanks for the additional information. Yes, of all the mass organizations, YPFDJ is the only one that uses the PFDJ charter as its own charter, particularly on the Six National Visions. It has taken over from NUEYS the profitable franchise of “Zura n’hagerka”. These are two strange youth organizations who had nothing to say on one of the most traumatic experience of Eritrean youth: indefinite conscription and exile and human smuggling and organ trafficking… They should change their accronym to B.L.A.S.H.

            If you visit NUEW website, it advertises its role in the drafting of the Eritrean constitution. It hasn’t gotten word that is nothing to brag about anymore since Emperor Isaias Afwereki (EIA) proclaimed it dead.

            I would love to hear the perspective of Gogo on this. He has been drafted to chair the Truth-Bound Society and a moment of clairfication is needed from him as its membership is wobbly now.



          • dawit

            Dear SAAY Is this a crazy Eritrean Youth?

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Saay and all,

        I absolutely do not trust. Let me tell you a true a conversation I had with one of the senior members of the government who is in exile. We met at airport and we were on the same flight. We sat together and had all kind of conversation. She asked me if there is anyone left from my family back in Eritrea / sawa. I told him about my yonge sister and she was still with them for the past 6 or so years. She was stationed in sawa.

        I told him when I visited couple of years ago, she vibe to visit me and spend few weeks. I told him her boss is niece, she is god mother to his child and she is doing ok considering all we hear.

        He laughed and said “arku eya and awSaya – she is his girl friend, you should take her out”. And then he went on to tell me about another colonel story where they went for “baptism” and saw this beautiful girl in the house making coffee etc. And they asked who she is and he told him, she is in his unit and she come to help. We laughed and told him, “ata leba feliTNaka alena”. He then told me a meeting the senior military and political head they had with the president. So the topic of women in the army come and the increasing number of pregnancy come. Some suggested that they should release the women. One of the colonel said “lemi ayfanewa TsibaH ayfanewa, kegelgla alewon, kigbera kea alewon, kabeu halifen dea entay kigebra”.

        I just mode my head and told him “nblash eikum tegsdilkum. Kem sebkum tesedudkum taxi zewirkum ente timebru muHashekum”.

        His attitude and his tolerance shocked me.

        So I really concur this whole attitude needs to change.

        And the first thing I suggest and I have been saying this ever since this whole “ERITREAN women hero none sense and like everything related to EPLF/PFDJ is full of crap”.

        This whole national service needs to be completely scraped out, specially for the women. We do not have the mechanism to prevent abuse and we are not willing to investigate and punish those who commit.

        So it’s needs to be completely stop.


    • Bayan Nagash

      selam Lamek & Awatawyan,

      I could not just leave this one at up-voting level, because you make your points lucidly, notwithstanding, what I felt was a below-the-belt-blow (considering the subject matter, no pun intended here) on Brother Mahmud, in which you not only equate him to the aberrant, anomalously erratic system we have in place back home but that you wouldn’t even entrust him with becoming a leader based on the conversations and discussions in which he shares his views in this space or other threads – now, that was uncalled for. I do agree with you, however, the old and tired ELF/EPLF divide must stop and that Eritrean people are all what matter now. We are part and parcel of the nations in the world and irrespective of how badly it is being managed today. Eritrea will remain as a nation-state come hell or high water. If we can just get out of that ELF/EPLF mindset and try to address issues and their broader implications to our society rather than getting bogged down in this my ELF was better than your EPLF and vice versa binary conversation, the path of which is nothing more than a blind alley that is leads to a conversation cul-de-sac.

      This is my first time reading something written by a name Lamek, quite interesting observation that you lay-out.

    • tes

      Dear Lamek,

      Your point is strong and valid. I concur with your narration.


  • Hope

    Hello Yt:
    I respectfully disagree with your assertion claims that there was RAMPANT Rape.
    News to me!
    May be.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Wo Melehey Cousin Hope,

      This nonsensical claim about drugs used by Eritrean fighters or combatants was part of Ethiopian propaganda grist deployed primarily against the ELF.

      I remember that Araya Belay (ኣርኣያ በላይ) propagating this big lie from Asmara radio station.

      Nothing more to it, cousin Hope.

  • Amanuel Hidrat


    He can go to refute her if he is convenient and assertive about it. That is all his prerogative. What I am saying is to show clearly his stand by either to disproving her or by stand with her predicament and ready to fight against those behaviors. That was all my point.

  • tes

    Dear Semere Andom,

    It is impossible to read truth (even exceptionally put) from Gheteb. His heart is so hard to be inclined to truth. By the way he is a PFDJite therefore no naivity in reading him plainly.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Gud (not good man),

    My position is crystal clear. And it is, “there was misconduct of rape” . That is why I applauded Tzegereda for her bravery to come up with that article. A sound mind can not deny the predicament of our sisters. They will prevail in challenging the deniers like you.

  • tes

    Dear Tzigereda,

    I thank you so much for bringing this first hand testimony of revolution era life challenges. Nothing comes without a sacrifice and here you proved what it means. Your testimonials are nothing but an enforcing lines for statement that goes “Ghedli Gedel”.

    on the same talk:

    Today PFDJ is trying to challenge COiE reports that accuses about a recurring rape cases in Eritrea. And to make his point valid NUEW is in the forefront to condemn the report. The sole reason brought about is “it is not in our culture”. This is funny argument. What PFDJ forgets in his argument is that dictatorship and slavery were also condemned in Eritrea before, way before the revolution era. With revolution everything was born.

    I am one of those who say, “whether it was black or white, ghedli was our history. I can not deny it when I don’t concur with it (YG’s denial approach) or admire it when I see the roses coming out of the ashes(like many die-hard PFDJ supporters).” Everything that happened has happened. What is missing is undocumented narrations of our history. And here you are giving your lines that expose the other part of our untold historical narrations. You are brave to share with us.

    Dear Tzigereda, I might not much about the struggle era, but what I can give you my observation during the 1998-2000 war time was nothing but a prove for a systematic rape that happened to our Eritrean women who were part of the national service members. After the 2nd war of aggression ended, many women searched a means to get away from active military forces. The only means they had at hand was to get pregnant and go back home.There was a famous say during these days. Here it goes:

    “ንዓይ መፋነዊ፡ ንዓኻ ድማ ሓድጊ”

    This phrase was nothing but a strong prove of undesired sexual exercise that was done for a situation out of control. Women did not want to die but there was no means to stay safe unless they decided for obligatory sexual discourses. During normal situations such kind couldn’t happen. It was not love driven but problem.

    Because of this almost all women in the national service got pregnant. Now you can imagine how life can be challenging to single mothers. Had they have choices, at least they could have married. Unlike the struggle era, during the 1998-2000 war time, there was no institutional marriage system among the national service recruits.

    This is best example of systematic rape.

    Dear Tzigereda, I won’t talk on how many beautiful women became sex-servants of military officers. It is shame to narrate here on how our women became vulnerable to such acts. I remember the debates that was going between NUEW, lead by Askalu Menkerios, who was against recruiting women in the national service, and diehard PFDJites, like Luel Gebreab who were in favor of militarizing women. NUEW was in a cross-road on this issue after they finally removed Askalu Menkerios from NUEW office and replaced here by Lu’ul Gebreab who later approved without reservation for women to join national service.

    For a brief period of time (2000-2005), almost all women were removed from active military service members (ሓይልታት). However behind doors debate was going to restart sending women to military forces. The reason that was giving here and there was, “men are fleeing from the front lines simply because there were women who can enjoy with.” Then sending women was approved again. Now our women are exposed and forced to a systematic rape.

    My central argument is: according to current military configuration, women join the military service to fulfill the missing part of basic men desires. And this is nothing but a systematic rape. Of course ours might not be like that of Japan’s history, a black history that recruits women for sexual slavery. However what the end outcome is not different.

    I could extend a counter argument of women as equal partners in Eritrea’s all phases activity. Nevertheless what I observe is a total betrayal of this noble mission and instead converting women to sexual materials.

    This is why I call “Eritrea’s national service is nothing but national slavery.”

    I thank you again.


    • Tzigereda

      Dear Tes,
      Thank you so much for your input! It really pains to hear such stories.

    • Gud

      You need to seriously consider going back to grade school of something and re-learn all over again.
      Wait. You where a lecturer or assistant in one of the Colleges? Oh, sweet mother of Jesus ! That is really a crime.

      • Ted

        Hi Gud, the best export of PFDJ to diaspora ever. No seasoned PFDJ infiltrator can play havoc with opposition as tes does .His thinking process really is out of wack that every other sentence contradicts itself.
        Women afraid to die , they get pregnant. How demeaning from the man who “advocate” for women.
        Behind door,women were to be sent back to front line for men’s satisfaction. key word ” behind door”. Only tes come up with this detestable smear. It is most probable in his twisted brain he thought if he brings up “Japanese used Korean comfort women” can have shock value or might stick with some gullibles somehow. If only he knows of his kind “Eritrea North Korea of Africa” continue to have an egg on their face. Sadly tes know no shame to notice it.

        • tes

          Selam Ted,

          You are still around, right? The opposition camp has been infiltrated by pseudo-justice seekers like you and Peace!. I am here to expose you simply because I know your line of thinking. No matter how much you tried I will knock you out.


          • Peace!

            tes my man,

            When it comes to rape issue

          • Hope

            Bingo Peace!
            Case closed !
            Then move on and work hard to have a Socio-Cultural Revolution and Intensive Education so as to minimize and even to ” weed out”, this cancerous/backward culture and mentality.
            Walk the walk and stop politicizing this global bad culture.

          • tes

            Dear Hope,

            This later statement was at least what it was expected from your chicken head. Better than not anyway.


          • Hope

            xxxxxxxx deleted by moderator

      • tes

        Selam Gud,

        I can not keep silent for what I observed. Sorry for that. Unlike you, a man/woman who denies everything PFDJ does, I am here to expose what I observed during my stay under PFDJ administration.

        I read your lines that try to silence Tzigereda’s first hand testimony. And now I am here to support here case. I won’t be surprised therefore if you are in a naked denial of facts.