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Eritrean Strongman Blames Washington For Ethiopian Attack

Commenting for the first time about Ethiopia’s March 15th incursion into Eritrea, President Isaias Afwerki told Eritrean state media that the United States is behind the attack and that Eritrea would respond at its time and place of choosing.

He made his comments in an interview with state television on March 25th.

The Eritrean strongman dismissed the US State Department’s claims of befuddlement about Ethiopia’s attack as part of the nature of the “Washington administration” which include “lying, denial, pretense, and deception.”

The president claimed that “everybody except Washington” condemned Ethiopia’s attack on Eritrea.

Ethiopia’s incursion, he explained, is a result of “their” frustration after a 10-year campaign to “disarm, constrain and starve Eritrea” have failed.  The pretext which was being used to isolate Eritrea–its role in Somalia, Djibouti–and the subsequent UNSC measures–the sanctions of 2009 (Resolution 1907) and 2011 (Resolution 2023) –have all failed, he said, and the next step was to engage Eritrea in a war so as to justify these “unlawful and immoral” measures.

“But we will keep our focus on the big picture and we will not be diverted from the path we are on.”

Furthermore, he said, Ethiopia’s military attacks can be explained as “retreat forward”– a military strategy of assaulting instead of retreating in the face of threats– due to internal challenges the Ethiopian government faces from the Ethiopian people and “particularly from Tigray” [province in Northern Ethiopia which is the base of the core of Ethiopia’s ruling party.]

Isaias Afwerki also claimed that the decision by the Western media to report Ethiopia’s March 15 assault into Eritrea as “breaking news” was all “orchestrated.”

Asked about the conflict, the president said, “I don’t want to speak of the specifics.  Those who were there know what happened.”

President Isaias Afwerki categorically denied news reported by some Eritrean and Ethiopian websites that there are plans to have peace negotiations between Eritrea and Ethiopia brokered by Israel and Qatar:

“Let me give you a short answer.  There isn’t, there never was, and there never will be” a dialogue with Ethiopia as long as it is occupying sovereign Eritrean territories, he said.

He went on to state that in the last 10 years there had been nearly 70 such offers from people of goodwill and the answer is always the same: there will be no dialogue or talks of relocating villagers until Eritrean sovereignty is restored.

Qatar is one of the few countries with whom the Eritrean government has superb relations.  Israel has been receiving 1,500 to 2,000 African asylum seekers per month, most of whom are Eritrean youth escaping conscription without term limit.


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    I am wondering what wrongs have I done to face such unwarranted a barge of criticism. For the life of me, or should I say the ultimate irony, that I am a recipient of a warning the first in its kind in any capacity, comes from an Eritrean web-site defending the most criminals known to humanity, the weyane-TPLF. wow!

    Dragon lady
    You know what Dragon Lady, I was going to leave it alone and let it go for the reasons of your disrespectful manners you have displayed and for your pejorative conclusions. Regardless what I thought of you, I have engaged you with respect and absolute reverence. True, I could have entertained you with your choice of music but I have neither desire nor the time for such wasteful practice.
    Now, You keep saying I am shallow because I am mad as hell; I am infuriated to no end, I am exasperated like no tomorrow and I am totally incensed because of what happened to me by the so-called TPLF, and on the other hand you are defending the TPLF because ……
    You are defending them and their despicable acts of TPLF because your father failed to address the Tigryan’s housemaid in your house in their respective names. Am I right?
    Talk about shallow?
    If you were not too shallow and born with a sliver spoon on your mouth, then, you would have known and understood your house maids are treated no different, if not better, than house maids in Ethiopia or Egypt. If it wasn’t for your shallowness and I know it all arrogant and defiance stance, it is a common knowledge housemaids are treated the cruelest way possible in Arab countries exclusively. But since you were born in to privileges, shielded like pearl and protected like a gem; you have no clue what is going on this world. So much so clueless; you are convinced that it is the worst that can happen to a housemaid is that the failure of the master to address the housemaids on their own respective names? Seriously, Dragon lady?
    It pains me to see you judging the Eritrean people from your hollow and shallow point of view as ignorant, arrogant, condescending and conceited people. At list go out and see how the world functions before you can render your judgmental views on those proud and innocent people of Eritrea.
    You have a lot to grow up! As of loving the TPLF, don’t worry they will teach you a lesson you will never forget. They are good at it.
    In any case peace!

    [From moderator: We will make it simpler. You can attack a political ideology, or its advocates, to your heart’s content. You can say anything you want about TPLF (or any other political organization) and the advocates of an ideology. Just do not say anything about the people of Tigray collectively. And whatever bad qualities you attribute to the TPLF do not attribute it to the people of Tigray because that would be attacking millions of people. This is the very definition of bigotry. Are you seriously not getting the distinction, or you just like to argue for the hell of it?]

    • Eyob Medhane

      “….the most criminals known to humanity, the weyane-TPLF. wow!….”

      Ouch…Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Torquemada, Edi Amin, King Bokasa just said “…huh?!…” with your comment. I heard them all the way from hell..

      Any other stuff that you said don’t have a credence to be acknowledged.

    • T. Kifle

      “ke’malka i’leyo n’imni- seb mesiluni” goes our Tigrigna adage. B’Alti wiqatto-you have said it all. This man doesn’t deserve a reply. Time and age is the best known healer and let us give him some time to grow up.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      You finished your run-away tantrum where it sounds too familiar and almost overlapped if not paraphrased with the arguably the most famous line in a movie script where Don Corleone said, “I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The difference however rests on the fact that, when your “caveat” is an emotionally charged turn-off to the Awate audience, the movie line captivates the audience where a smokescreen tricks the mind into taking an art for real.

      I see you insulated with hate and bitterness as such however, I can’t help but wonder about a spooky scenario where a Tigrean or a TPLF member comes to see you as a patient. What would you have done? Would you have refused to treat him or her? Or would you have done the unthinkable? I leave that question to your troubled conscience.

    • Tesfamariam

      Dear Hillina with such kind state of mind and you are a dr. i will just say wow !!!! Please for the sake of reality just grow up….


      It is funny no self-respecting Eritrean came to dispute my characterization of the lady. These women have no clue. It is perfectly acceptable and in some cases necessary to oppose your government. This woman is opposing the nation. The nation man! It is not surprising that only the tigryans are tried to say something and they can even dispute my position, let alone defending her. I am instructing every Eritrean household to address their Tigryan housemaids not only by their respective names but they must add and use the word, Honey; my dear or princesses every time and all the time. That is an order, Eritreans!

      • ALHAGIGA

        Dear Hillina
        I have been reading your comments , you expressed your displeasure and anger the way your parents were treated , it is simply natural to feel that way because they are your beloved parents , casualty of war are not only those soldiers who are involved directly in a battle , but there are also casualties behind the front line , that usually we don’t hear about , but it’s effect is life long same time , taking as example your parents and thousands of others like them from both sides .
        Dear Hillina I have witnessed worst atrocities as a child growing up in Keren in comparison yours will look like people moving back home of course with rough treatment from TPLF, but what I witnessed in 1965 in keren is same thing which will remain in my memory for life, the bodies of 21 young Eritrean martyrs , they were the martyrs of the battle of Mihlab ,their bodies was for exhibition for more than three days , the martyrs of Halhal, 1968 their bodies were in display in the middle of the town , they were not strangers they were Keren boys most of them ,in December 1970 when Awna was bombed and the whole village was burned down and over 1000 people were killed women ,children , elders ,no one was spared it is at the outskirt of Keren ,after three days the Ethiopian army which committed this horrendous crime allowed the people to bury their died , the whole residents of keren were there burring the died , I was student and I was there , 1967 villages like Ad ibrhim , Ad kukui , Ad wad sayedna ,Ad omer , mugharieb, Ad jamil ,and many other villages in lowland Eritrea were burned and the people were massacred , in highland Eritrea especially were Saho tribes live in Akuluguzai in Hazamo-Hazo valleys and plains ,Dagat , idafale , Egela, Diyat,and many other villages were burned and its people murdered and those who were able to escape fled to sudan as refugees and till this day they live in refugee camps since 1967 , their only sin may be they supported the Eritrean Liberation Front for its quest for liberation from occupation . In scheme of things my dear Hllina your ordeal is minor comparing to what many Eritreans went through during the armed struggle , you were insulated by virtue of distance and geography , your parents were deported home while other Eritreans had to flee for their life to Sudan on foot for days if not weeks , be grate full to God almighty it could have been worse , you are young and educated no need for all this anger for your own good forgive and forget and look at the positive side of life .


    What is it with you people? I did not say I was in war and saved the battalion and I was awarded Medal of Honor or a recipient purple heart. All I said was I gone to medical school in Ethiopia. What so extraordinary about that? Try it, go to school and when you finish your schooling they will slap you with PhD, MD whatever, nothing to it. God have Marcy.
    Eyob, I am not TPLF basher, rather I am TPLF staunch hater, I hate TPLF. Do what you got to do with it. Since expressing your feeling has become an act of revolution, nevertheless, you don’t have to beat around the bushes to express what I have said. I have said I hate TPLF. Now, we clear at that let’s move on to the rest of your post.
    For your information I visit Ethiopia because not that I miss your evil TPLF run Ethiopia rather, there are people, real Ethiopians who were there for me when in the need of time and in the darkest hours of my life. I can’t betray or forget what they have done for me. So, I go there to take care of them and they are my family. When I am in Addis, I don’t even acknowledge the TPLF people, so, I don’t if they hide or they are out there. I go there and enjoy my time with the real Ethiopians and my childhood friends.
    Funny, Tigryans are bona fide Ethiopians? Right, it is okay to fantasize; the truth is….
    Beseferut Quna Mesfer Ayqerim.
    So, please spar me your day dreaming. There is a reason that you hold the power for 20 years yet, you antagonized every one, there is no one left to stand behind you. So, it is just a matter time the rest of the Ethiopians to come after your head. Me supporting Issaias? Forget Issaias, he is just another power starved dictator. After what The TPLF done to Eritreans he is training and arming anther Tigryans, why? Well, he that stupid. So, don’t even worry about him, he is one of you.
    Since I don’t acknowledge the Tigryans as Ethiopians i.e. the Tigryans can’t claim credit for giving me an education. I was educated by Ethiopia and I am thankful for mama Ethiopia. What is small is; people like you who support the Evil TPLF. The TPLF committed so horrific crime against humanity. Trust me, TPLF is a goner but people like you will pay for it. Don’t get fooled by some confused Eritreans, the issue is real.
    You are correct what you have said about Botswana and S-A. My two best friends are currently in Botswana and they love it. We took our test in Egypt and after that; everyone was acquired and so to speak, purchased by the head hunters. I supposed to go to Botswana; but fate has it, instead I came to the USA. So, you are right about that. Eyob, so why do you think the doctors are leaving Ethiopia? I don’t think you want to answer that, I don’t think so.

    [From moderator: Hillna, first and last warning: You can express your opinion about a political ideology or those who advance a political ideology. But it is against our posting guidelines to condemn a group of people on the basis of their nationality, race, religion, ethnicity. That is the very definition of hate speech. We are surprised you didn’t pick that up somewhere at med school. In any event: knock it off.]

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      I realize your comment is not for me but I can’t resist the temptation to drop few lines on your rather “walk in the park” take on academic achievement. You said, “Try it, go to school and when you finish your schooling they will slap you with Ph.D, MD whatever, nothing to it.” Nothing to it? Are you for real? You’re trying hard to give us the impression that, you were sort of strolling by a garden and you felt like picking an apple from a tree as you were walking by a medical school in a sunny day and you felt like enrolling and before you knew it, they “slapped” you with an M.D. Degree.

      One doesn’t have to go through a rigorous training in Freudian psychoanalysis to figure the small talk out when under-achievers usually try to belittle the years of hard work and sweat of others as they shine with the much deserved academic accolades (read: Ph.D or M.D. inter alia). If it was that easy as you try to put it on a rack for anybody to pick from, I am sure, everybody would have been “slapped” with a Ph.D or M.D.

      A tip for you: you better comment no more for you’re exposing your shallow self as you confuse it with your “deeper” self. Fallacy of the fools they say.

    • Eyob Medhane


      I am not going to argue with you, if Tigrians are Ethiopian or not, because, as Lady Arwe Tatoo 🙂 Perfectly discribe it, there would be no way your shallow personality can understand that. As the warning you hurled the Tigrians will be washed away and disappear, when the rest of Ethiopians rise up, well that has been said by many of your likes for the last twenty years, it’s kind of worn out by now. I guess, you didn’t get the memo. You asked me, why Ethiopian Doctors go to Botswana and South and Africa, the simple answer to you is, because they can. Because they have a choice. They can get up and leave the country at anytime and to any place they choose, as long as they find someone, who’d take them. And apparently, Botswana and South Africa take them offered them opportunities they thought better suite them, therefore, they go. When Ethiopia is able to offer them the same kind of opportunities they will stay. Brain drain and movement from one place to another is not a new phenomenon. It hasn’t started with Ethiopia and it will never stop there either. What’s most important is they have the opportunity, albeit limited in their own country in the field. That’s what you should have aspired for young Eritreans, instead of spewing hate. To have even that little opportunity. Let me quote you a giant personality in Ethiopia, who actually is an Eritrean born. His name is Teodros Adhanom. (If you went to JU, you certainly know who he is, because he is responsible for the expansion of JU and many other medical schools in the country. And the famous health extension program) He was asked by BBC (google his BBC interview) about the health professionals, who are fleeing the country. He of course talked about the salary and some other benefits that attract them in these wealthy countries. Then he said. “…In Medical school, we don’t teach only about medicine. We also teach about having social conscience, and we are certain that these young men and women always carry the burden, which poor Ethiopians paid for them to go to medical school, and when one day that rings at the back of their minds, they will look back to give back…” I guess let alone that sort of social conscience, a simple decency has not left in you, when you left Jimma University. They failed in their attempt to make you excel, not as a physician, but as a responsible and decent person.

    • Mequanint


      Wow! I am just figuring a person who is one of among some of the Kinjit supporters who were raged and ready to butcher the people whom they believe were their “enemies” back in those sad days of 2005 after the election was over. I can vividly see those people…clutching one or couple of the so called Netsa Gazeta papers (our “Radio Rwanda”s) and waiting with absolute patience like a wild cat until it slain its prey!! As a matter of fact I have encountered one back then, a woman at her forties and looks like among the middle class weizeros. We just descended in to the talk of the day. She started with decent talks for a few minutes but could not resist the nag in her to puke how she hates Tigries. She was in a total madness! She was drawing the scene with her words how she could slash and rip their body and splash their blood, had she got the power!! I am seeing that person in you. God knows what you would do, if …only if you got the power! God forbid.

  • Eyob Medhane

    It looks like this forum is getting arms and legs. Saleh and Sal, I think the volume of the participants in this forum indicate that there may be a need for an article over the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea and how the two peoples are perceived each other.

    I decided to chime in after I read a hot TPLF and Tigrians basher, Hillina, who said he/she was a former student of Jimma University. Hellina was very quick to proclaim that He/She “loves” Ethiopians just has a problem with Tigrians and TPLF, and added that her/his love is so strong she visits “Other” Ethiopians every to years. (..Just to do them a favor, y’know) So Hilina, what would the Tigrians and TPLF folks do, when you go to Ethiopia to visit the rest of Ethiopians? Will they hide, until you finish your visit and leave? It may not be a very hard truth to swallow for you, but Tigrians are a bona fide Ethiopians. There is no Ethiopia without Tigray and there is no Tigray without Ethiopia. PFDJ and it’s supporters like you worked so hard to break up Ethiopia by instigating other Ethnic groups, especially Amharas to rise up and finish Tigrians. You guys believed the rhetoric against Tigrians that you hear mostly from city slackers elite group of people is actually a representative sentiment of the entire population of Ethiopia. Alas, based that lousy information Isayas started war convinced that no one will fight along side Tigrians against him. Well, he learned the hard way, didn’t he? Yet, his supporters like you will never get it will you? What you know about Ethiopian people and their relationship with one another is just a surface. There is a lot of layer there, “Dr”. It’s very complex and incredibly intertwined. If you now become a “Dr”, it’s extremely, ungrateful of you to divide and condescend people and a country that gave you a head start to success. From what I know very high number of physicians in Botswana and South Africa are graduates of Jimma University. That fact tells me a country of the people that you belittle, (Tigrians) (Yes, I will tell you again and again and again that Ethiopia is a country of Tigrians, as well as many other people’s) Gave you a pretty good head start and advance for your success. However, unlike your grand profession, it shows how small you are to be ungrateful about it.

    • sara

      hilina hates the tplf, he didn’t even mince a word saying he hates tigray people.

      • T. Kifle

        selam Sara
        please don’t comment before you read the threads


    Dragon lady,
    I wish your kid brother the very best. Tell him the journey just started. It is amazing how the future doctors are getting younger and younger. I work for Cleveland Clinic and specialized in Cardio; every other semester I am asked to give a lecture to med students and some of them they look like they are 15 and 16 years old teenagers, they are smart! The way I see it, in 20 years, the physicians market will be saturated, that is just my Prognostication. Six years ago, the clinic was offering $ 5000 signing bonus for nurses to join the clinic, now, the nurse are on waiting list to get haired.

    Back to the point! I am not denying the attitude of the older generation and the pain they may have caused in to the Tigryans physic. Although, I have never experience what you have experienced, nevertheless; let me ask you this, how exactly would you reconcile my experience to yours? Dragon lady, I understand but still you got to consider both ends of the extreme. You are advocating the wrongs done to the Tigryans by the Eritreans but you cannot ignore the wrongs done by the tigryans to the Eritreans. This is my point. As Eritrean you have the moral obligation to speak up for your Eritrean counterparts who are wronged by the Tigryans too. I get it, and I understand I am very sure my bitterness and grudge toward Tigryans will not solve or accomplish any positive outcome; I know that; but how exactly would you forget and forgive? I struggle with this every day of my life, they destroy my family nucleus.

    I know your stand and my stand will get us nowhere. You keep Bering the Aider tragedy again and again. It was tragedy, to was sad, it was horrific, no question about it but as tragedy as it was, it was collateral damage. In every war it happens. I am not making excuse for it, rather, the fact. Look what is going in Afghan? Every day civilians are getting killed, children getting killed, do you think the Americas are doing it purposely? I don’t think so, but in every war, there is unintended by product. Just accept it as such. In the same token the atrocity the TPLF gangs committed against Eritreans in Ethiopia was on purpose and meditated one. And there is a big difference.
    Regarding TPLF is allowing me to visit Addis, well, not really. I am US citizen and I don’t even need visa from Ethiopian Embassy. I just fly to Addis and I get my visa in Bole, I have never seen anyone being turned down, so, I am not really sure about that.
    Teweldebrhan, I know it is wrong for me to associate TPLF and Tigray on the same sentence, I know but that majorly of the Tigyans has benefited nothing out of the TPLF Gangs but I guess I to work on it.
    You keep blaming Issaias for making Eritrea a black hole, first of it is the business of the Eritreans and Eritrea, if not, if it wasn’t the TPLF gungs keep giving Issaias all the ammunitions to do whatever he wanted under the pretext border dispute and sovereign land of Eritrea. All the TPLF gangs have to do is take the excuse out of Issaias’s hand by leaving badime. Do you want put Issaias in the corner? Leave badme, simple. Anyway, Teweldebrhan, be nice to Eritreans who are in Addis.

    Whenever Ethiopians ask me where I am from, I tell them I am from Eritrea. And their immediate
    Response is that, we are the same. So, here you have it, which is the exact difference between you and me. In my culture and the way my parents tought me is, you don’t glow, you don’t brag and you talk about yourself. You stay on the ground and you make sure you put one foot after the other very carefully. Trust me; I had no intention revealing any of it, because no one cares, but why do you care anyways? okay, i am just Janitor in the OR. are you happy now?

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      You sure are stealing the lime light so to speak where almost everybody is gravitated to your otherwise provocative “insight” and apparent aversion to Tigrians in general and TPLF in particular. If I could re-activate your hippocampus, right before the Badme incident, Eritreans lived in Ethiopia particularly in Addis like a “prima dona” if you will where they abused the system to its fullest as the TPLF leaders kept a blind eye lest provoke Isaias as he threatened them of rendering Ethiopia a replica of the Balkan nations. Eritreans in Addis in the mean time bragged in a broad day light as if they were running the show behind the curtains.

      As that happened, the Badme war broke out. And then, Isaias unleashed his bravado when he said, “We know all the ins and outs of Ethiopia and its military prowess as well” where his bravado was translated as the Eritreans in Ethiopia were filling Isaias anything that he needed to know about the limitations of EPRDF or TPLF. The Ethiopian leaders were left with no option and frantically deported all Eritreans who had voted during the referendum to Eritrea. To their (Ethiopian leaders) credit however, they apologized time and time again where they are still remorseful about the dreadful historical blunder.

      I sure sympathize with you as you gush your heart out about the misfortune that had befallen your parents where you’re still holding grudges towards TPLF. But you seem to overlook the kind of investment the Ethiopian people put on you as you shined through medical schools where medical students are treated like super-stars in a country like Ethiopia.

      As you betray your past and the kind of opportunity you enjoyed in Ethiopia, the trend of betrayal seems to be too familiar where the present day PFDJ high priests (the two infamous personalities Sofia and Gideon) as well went to school in Ethiopia as they are determined to tarnish anything about Ethiopia as if hatred is a hobby or a calling in life.

      Please forgive me for being blunt but you don’t strike me as a person who had gone to a medical school particularly medical school in Ethiopia. Simply because, I know a considerable number of Eritreans and Ethiopians who had gone to medical schools in Ethiopia and they are all incredibly bright and they are anything but shallow. Again, that is just my impression.

      • shoan

        b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo,
        i believe hellina is infatuated with u, he is trying to impress u with his imagined/real achievement.

        nothing wrong with that. unfortunately he got a severe tongue-lashing for misbehaving.

        my advice to hellina is purge yourself from hatin. i’m amara, i’m being ethnically cleansed. i don’t hate tigreans. i know atrocities commited against amara soldiers by isayas but i don’t hate eritreans. u see, helina the truth is not simple. it’s complex.

        have u heard people say don’t be judgmental. there is morality that is to say there is right and wrong and u’ve to judge. when people say don’t be judgmental, what they mean is don’t shoot from the hip.

        what that mean is, the truth more often than not is hidden under the surface. you have to dig in and learn the details before u uncover the facts. even then that depends on the bias of the age, the level of understanding/development of society. so it’s always prudent not to pass judgement in a hurry.

        “I sure sympathize with you as you gush your heart out about the misfortune that had befallen your parents.” my sincere condolences to that. that is traumatic indeed.

        nothing to add.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          Glad to see that you’re making peace with yourself. You sure will live a long life. Hatred is like a neoplasm, it is a powerful entity that devours your soul from inside. If you notice, most people who hate with passion are miserable, gaunt-looking bereft of internal peace where their sense of debased living contaminates the people around them. As they say, misery loves company.

          On the other hand, as much as it is easier to hate than to love or to forgive, the latter is a heavenly food to the soul where a forgiving heart is a light to the people around her. I don’t mean to “preach” New Age “theology” if you will, but hatred, animosity, arrogance, prejudice, war and all the band wagons that come with it are things of the past where the younger generation ought to be a source of light amidst darkness instead. The essence of being human is so precious and priceless that, we need to preserve it with all the resources we are endowed with. God bless us all.

    • sara

      jst rtrnd frm … ACC12…….

  • Selam Hillina

    I can understand the pain in you and it is sad experience to say the least. I by no means defend wrong doings whoever has done them. My argument is there were many Ethiopians (most of them Tigrean origin) who suffered in the hands of EPLF as early as 1991 while every Eritrean in Ethiopia enjoyed double citizenship. If you care for “humanity” as you would have us believe, you could have condemned the unprovoked deportation followed the immediate liberation of Asmara. Still the wounds are not healed and the scars clearly visible. It is a double standard to dwell in own pain while ignoring the pain of others. But for you the entire Tigrean race means nothing. It seems you would be the happiest living person if some miracle washes away the Tigreans from the south border of your country you never lived in. Well, that will never happen. I encourage you to live with it.

    Hillina, the problem with you is you never know (don’t want to know) what it means to fall in the hands of Isaias’s and its goons. Don’t mix up things here. I respect every Eritrean fighter who paid in blood and sweat to liberate their country (which necessarily are not only EPLF members). By the same magnitude I despise those who willfully co-operate with the DIA rule in making Eritrea a black-hole for human misery.
    As to the “mentorship” of your EPLF, that’s not new. That was how the Eritrean mythology of “military genius” is being narrated (SAAY may volunteer for good backup). DIA has the audacity to teach a lesson to every capable learner including the USA. Compared to the mighty USA, we are only school “dropouts” far from qualifying to seat in the EPLF’s class. And if it were not for them we could never make it all the way to Addis. TPLF is just “kedamy”. The only problem now is the master seems the USA not EPLF. Though the masters changed over time, the servant remains just servant, as it was in the bushes. And it is said the servant must be handed over back to the original owner and creator, the EPLF, for the sake of justice. This is the narrow Eritrean nationalism in the making. I will tell you the pace of the democratization of Eritrea will depend on how fast Eritrea undoes this false nationalism. One cannot build a nation on false premises.

    You are smart at subtraction too. You very much love Ethiopia and hate Tigray. This is the area where you DIA and its mouthpieces toil to score political gains. You “love” the Amhara the very synonym with donkey in every Eritrean household. Tell this to the fools. On another note, who told you TPLF (just a front) and Ethiopia are one and the same? Are you such a naïve person that fails to make the distinction between a country and a political party?
    I am quite happy that you use to visit Ethiopia frequently. At the same time, think of any Ethiopian brought up in Asmara and wants to pay a visit to “kick start childhood memories”. What do tell him/her? The government you hate like hell allows you to enjoy your old friends. Wouldn’t it be prudent to be thankful no matter how small that might be?


    Greetings The Dragon lady; you are correct, I am done with my schooling and I am working as a physician here in the USA. However; just Hillina would be sufficient in addressing me, after all I am just your brother, ignore that Dr. thing!
    And I am sorry I got you lost in conveying my inquiry regarding your stand when comes to Eritrea. I have read most of your post on this forum and I have never encountered in your post remotely criticizing the TPLF gungs and the Tigryans. It is always, (from the posts I have read) Eritrea and the government of Eritrea are in the fault and the wrong doers. I am asking you, how is always Eritrea’s fault. Even the recent attack by Ethiopia; you said it was justified; you kind of lost me here. Again, is there any faults that are committed by the Tigryans. Why do you always support the Tigryans?

    Selamat Teweldebrhan
    Actually you forced me to reveal things normally I wouldn’t. The crimes of TPLF against the people of Eritrea are somber that may warrant dangerous consequences down the road. It could have been nice and comforting if ordinary people like you were to oppose and dissent all the evil actions of the TPLF, in contrary you people are making excuse for this evil regime.
    Anyway; there is nothing to do with my believe in the government of Eritrea. Don’t change the subject.
    You said;

    That the EPLF was a group of “thugs”
    You opposed to the fake apology the TPLF rendered to the Eritrean deportee.
    And you said the Eritreans were deported with dignity and their property intact.

    Like I have said if it wasn’t for the EPLF thugs you be speaking Amharic by now. The TPLF never operated tanks or 125 MM heavy infantry unit in its existence, without such mechanized force there is no way the TPLF could have advanced beyond HAMUSIT. The Derg had staged in HAMUSIT its best mechanized unit and the EPLF has lost its most mechanized squad in that place. Thanks to the Eritrean mechanized; they carried you all the way to Arat-killo. That is the fact. Besides it wasn’t for the EPLF thugs that rescued you in BAEKER, who knows what the Derg Army might have done. The derg has your base Dedebit and the TPLF was on the run, which is the fact.
    By the same token , it is True, the existence of TPLF has accelerated the independence of Eritrea, never the less the Eritrean independence was nothing but a sure thing after NADEW and MASSAWA. So, without the existence of TPLF the Eritrean independence could have delayed by three to five years. But TPLF would never make it without the existence and help of EPLF. So, when I say the EPLF thugs saved you, that what I mean.

    The deportation of the Eritreans wasn’t selective of by the list as you have us to believe. Because, my parents has stopped involving once Eritrea was independence. My father was arrested for five years by the Derg for contributing financial assistance to EPLF in late 80’s but once he was released from the prison he had no involvement what so ever. So, the deportation was completely disorganized, shambolic and chaotic, I was there I witnessed it.
    One thing you seem to confuse is that I love Ethiopia and there is a big different between Ethiopia and TPLF-Tigray. Till this day I go to Addis every two years. My parents are not there, I have no house to go to but I have my childhood friends, friends that I grow up with. At times I drive by our house just to kick start my child hood memory. My point is if I believed that TPLF was Ethiopia, I will never ever go back to Ethiopia. So, Teweldebrhan, be careful when you use the term Ethiopia.
    Teweldebrhan, what TPLF did to Eritrean in Addis is not something you can ignore, it a serious crime against humanity. As a decent human being you could have opposed it and offer an apology for the deeds of TPLF on your name but it is unfortunate for you not only you support the horrific crime but you even resented for the fake apology your prime minister uttered.
    At the end of the day what goes around it comes around, be careful. Teweldebrhan, it was your TPLF and your follow Tigrayans who made my sister and I orphans and homeless instantly!

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      Medicine is a noble calling where it is not only financially rewarding, it sure is a life time commitment striving to make our otherwise precarious lives worth living. My kid brother just passed his Board exam where he is elated for getting almost there of becoming a physician.

      Back to the real deal: I am really scratching my head to see or find any wrong doing perpetrated by the TPLF or the Tigrean people for that matter. Ostensibly, as an Eritrean my issue is with the regime in Eritrea as opposed to with the TPLF where the Ethiopian people are expected to have an issue with the latter if they have any that is. It sure is none of my business.

      Let me walk you through my life where it would give you some sort of a glimpse that would help you understand about my rather curious and “unpopular” stand on the mistreatment of Tigreans in Eritrea. I grew up in an intellectually charged household where my father was one of the handful highly educated (by the Eritrean standard) Eritreans who had always been armed to the teeth with bigotry, prejudice and an outright arrogance where he would take anybody non-Eritrean as less of a human if not a walking-useless.

      As we were blessed with a comfortable life, we were able to afford two or three housemaids where all of them hailed from Tigrai. My father a bigot that he was, I have never heard him even for once calling the housemaids by their respective names but he would call them “Ati” followed with a condescending look that would make them turn into a subjugated domestic animals. Moreover, he would say out loud a racist remark in front of them where it created a lasting thorn in my psyche.

      My father may had been a product of his generation where a generation came of age in an era Eritrea mistook Colonialism for modernity and a fertile ground of a newly found identity in an affront to the “lesser people”. As I grew older and broaden my horizon, I came to realize in a rude awakening that, the rather pervasive bigotry was not confined only to my father’s generation but it is embedded in the collective psyche where I am determined to represent the new Eritrea where again magnanimity, tolerance and mutual respect are the colours of Eritrea.

      The choice is deceptively clear: Either you belong to the past where you get stuck in bitterness and hatred or you could stride into the future where the new Eritrea is shining up on the hill. I urge you to opt for the latter.

      • sara

        two- three house maids!! in eritrea, and my father was an intellectual! wow
        are you sure you were in eritrea and your father was intelectual?
        i asked an elder i know who lived in asmara in the 60th and 70 th…..if there were eritreans with this life style, and he said yes and no…. means there was no educated (intellectual) eritrean who had the means to have a house hold which needs three maids, those who may have that capacity or need are those who were working for the ethiopian government… bureaucracy or army, be it eritrean or ethiopian. therefore you are making a story to make your point that eritreans hold that grudges towards tigrayans.

    • ethiopian with a hammer


      I bet my bottom dollar you are lying. Your visceral argument betrays your mental dissociation with the truth. Any way a doctorate has no face value in public forums. It is the power of your persuasion that matters. Whether you earn followers or become irrelevant depends on the weight of the facts and figures you add to support your claim.

      “brother, ignore that Dr. thing!” //read as : false modesty//

      not meant to be rough but it is necessary to call a spade a spade when appropriate.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Sometimes people like you make wild accusations without the trouble of substantiating their accusations. You claimed: “Awate always make that the eritrean and the eritrean govt is resposible to the famine and horrible action in East Africa.”

      Where did you get that crazy idea from? Evidence dear. Evidence. As for the Eritrean regime being the worst abuser in the Horn of Africa, no one is appologizing. Bring your proof that Awate stated Eritrean (sic) “is responsible to the famine and horibble action in East Africa” whatever that means.

  • Selam HILLINA

    Come down from the high horse and make sense. It is your God-given right to worship your dictator but you are not entitled to your facts. Yes, the blunder of DIA changed the rule of the game detrimental to the Eritreans who were enjoying a citizenship status at the time. Whom do you blame for that? On your own account you said “90% of Eritreans in Addis support EPLF”. Supporting EPLF in principle was not the reason for deportation but supporting a war by resources earned from the very victim of that aggression is a crime and many of them were culpable for their actions. By your own admission, there were people in thousands who posed a real threat to the security of the country. The only mistake is the deportation was summarily done with little discernment of the innocent from the guilty. FIY, the deportees were those found in the list of financial contributions for the war along with their families. IF your parents were among the well to do it is quite possible that they could be among the hard-core supporters who staged partying in response to the massacre of the Ayder school kids. Your bitterness is telling. BTW, Hillina you said you were studying medicine at JU. How much did you pay for your study? Can you tell me a single Ethiopian of Eritrean origin who studied at University of Asmara?

    Hillina you seem brain washed by the mantra of EPLF propaganda. I see the Eritrean question as a just cause that can overcome its enemies no matter how bitter and demanding the struggle could be. That’s why the TPLF, which is despised by many Eritreans and Ethiopians alike for different reasons, had and still have a clear stand on this issue irrespective of the behaviors of the EPLF and Ethiopian ultra-nationalists. As to the redemption of us (Tigreans) from slavery “By the Amharas”, well, deep down I believe otherwise. My take is that TPLF is the reason for EPLF to govern Eritrea. But I know this assertion is politically incorrect. The politically correct assertion is to claim that each fronts worked out to liberate their constituencies. But if we go by logic, in the absence of EPRDF/TPLF, Eritrea would have been still under the Ethiopian rule (of course under incessant war). So such empty bravado will take us nowhere. The consequences of such mind-set are grave and have contributed to the sordid state of affairs Eritrea is currently in. War is the last resort to resolve political differences. In this regard there was little that TPLF can learn from EPLF who used to worship mountains instead of the people it allegedly claimed fighting for their causes.

    And you said, “What if I tell you the Tigryans and the TPLF are my number one enemy of my life?” well, all I can say is you are not in your best on this issue. If there is a friend of Eritrea based on time-tested principles it is TPLF. For me hating the Tigrean people is tantamount to hating yourself. There is little proof that Hillina herself is not a Tigrean. These are common mistakes committed by green politicians and don’t last long. When the emotions subside and the dust settles the distinction between the people called Tigreans and “Tigrignas” becomes practically a wafer-thin and irrelevant. For me under any circumstances the common man of Eritrea is my brother irrespective of what the government in Asmara does. That’s why the social life with my Eritrean neighbor at Qera, Addis Ababa remained intact even at the height of bitter war and that was why my sister-in-law went all the way to Semera to see off her friends deported from Hawassa. And I am sure there would be many similar stories in every nook and cranny of our two countries. Yours is only an addition to the many Eritrean thinkers who opted for everything that is not Ethiopian.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


    I am assuming you must be done with your schooling by now and it is prudent to address you as Dr. Hillina. I am impressed to say the least. Back to your question, I seem to have lost you. What do you mean by “Is there any wrong doing by the Tigrians”. If you could elaborate, I would be glad to give my humble opinion on that.


    Gezzaee and the Dorgan lady;
    I guess we should have kept the thousands of Ethiopian solders that we deported to Ethiopia. Our bad, we should have put them in Denden camp. OMG!
    It is mind boggling!
    Gezaee, one thing about you though you flip flap too much. I read your article on Ethiopian review and your take not only confusing but contradict to the brim. Take stand man!
    Dorgan lady you are extremely book smart; no question about that. Unfortunately everything you read is not true and it is high time for you some real life experience. Don’t put too much weight the information from the books.
    Sal, please accept my standing ovation for your reason, logic, intelligence, empathy and simplicity you have displayed on this thread.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      It is understandable that soldiers of the vanquished part had to be repatriated. Again, there should not be an issue with that. It is also interesting to note on the side that, a lot of the Dergue soldiers who had been stationed in Eritrea married to Eritrean women where most of the women opted to remain behind in Eritrea right after independence where their children “signed up” for Sawa and also took part in the Badme war as well.

      The nagging issue is about the civilian deportation which was more pronounced mostly after 1998 where the rulers of Ethiopia kept a blind eye for a reason incredibly hard to fathom and the regime in Eritrea took out its vengeance and fury on the civilians as they were thrown out of their adobes and specific curfew is placed on their heads where they had to be at home not later than 6:00 P.M. in any given day. If have to state the obvious, it is a clear cut Fascism.

      As for your comment about Ghezae, I would think you’re confusing him with somebody else with the same name who frequents other Ethiopian websites where it is pretty easy to know that he is not our own Ghezae for the Ghezae you’re referring is shallow and a bore to say the least.

    • The chasm between your “Hillina” and your true-self is so wide that truth for you seems mean nothing. Those deported in 1991 had to endure the hardships of life in makeshift camps and plastic shades fore more than a decade. Post 1998 deportation is only an addition to the crimes committed in post-liberated Asmara.

      As to the Eritreans deported from Ethiopia first and foremost the blame goes to your DIA. Hard core EPLF supporters in Addis ( nearly all Eritreans) were conspiring against Ethiopia (spreading phony notes, contraband, spying, financing the war from contributors etc). How many of you heard about the party thrown in Green Hotel (Addis Ababa) to celebrate the bombings of school children in Mekele (Ayder) while the entire nation was mourning? Before pointing fingers to us (Ethiopians) check out the behavior Eritreans till the end of the naked aggression of Eritrea on Ethiopia. You people seem even mock the apology from the Ethiopian government (i am of the view that it should not have been apologized when the other side failed even to recognize our people were deported) on this particular issue.
      It quite possible there might have been innocent Eritreans deported on sheer suspicion given the the stakes of the war and the anger prevailed at the time. But at least, as to my best knowledge, they were deported with dignity and with their property intact.

      Your argument reminds our Tigrigna adage “zeyqoslikas e’ncheiti sidedelu” . We may forgive but never forget What happened to our people. And the best you, Hillina, can do to us is recognize the silent, untold misery of our people at the hands of the euphoric EPLF tags and fight the denials of the mighty Eritrean writers on this despicable human suffering.

      Arwe, Gadi, Gezae and the likes Hats off for standing for the truth.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Selam Teweldebrhan Kifle,

        I hear you loud and clear. If it is any consolation, I hail from Adi n’Amin (Ansseba) on my mother’s side and from Arezza (Seraye) on my father’s side. I believe I am a full blown Eritrean as I can be. But I represent the new Eritrea which stands for tolerance, magnanimity and striding towards a common future reined over by providence.

        We sure have been victims of our own manufactured consent to arrogance and prejudice where their roots go back deep into the dread of colonialism, in the mean time, it is a catharsis in itself as we reflect upon our regrettable past as we set out to redefine our future. That is, as we make efforts to make peace with our past, we expect a tone of reconciliation and magnanimity from our Ethiopian brothers and sisters where the era of bickering, hatred-with-passion, and vengeance disappear into oblivion. May God bless us all.

        • Dear Arwe
          When I said “we will never forget…” I don’t mean we shall resort to vengeance and bickering of the past. I am not from the quarters that try to reduce the entire Eritrea to its ports and am quite aware of the devil out there. Leave alone the Eritrean people under the iron rule of DIA, the people in the global icon of democracy hardly had a say on the wars in IRAQ and Afghanistan.

          In a special note, Eritreans during the early independence years were like worshipping EPLF and fell into the traps of extreme nationalism and exaggerated self-worth while they are only like any people next door with all the virtues and vices. I have no qualms if Eritreans have any feeling they see it fit but the sad part is they harbor this feeling with a condescending look on others. More damaging was the high-flying war mongering where they acted as a power that can make or break neighboring countries at whims. The Ethiopian government was sandwiched between two polarized views, the unwarranted self-declared superior “race” from Eritrea who practically had every access to every sector in the economy (and high offices too) and the “disadvantaged” Ethiopians who see Eritrea as a creation of the “Woyane’s conspiracy”. To be frank, Woyane was aware of all the issues save the sudden occupation of sovereign Ethiopian territories in May 1998.

          Woyane was silent on issues of deportation or other actions not because it was in love with EPLF (as Saleh Gadi insinuated in one of his threads) or it was weak to respond in kind. Woyane has never been in love with EPLF (read “Qalsi H’zbi Eritrea kabey na’bey). There were at times cooperations at tactical levels since it’s natural to do so in fighting a common enemy but always holding its nose high. But it was clear that war was (and still is) the last option in woyane’s agendas and opting for war only adds more deportations.
          So it is time to let bygones be bygones. Let’s grab the opportunity that a peaceful coexistence would bring prosperity to our two peoples and countries. This takes two to tango. Eritreans must stand for the realties unfolding in our region and recognize that a strong Ethiopia would not be a threat to Eritrea. Let us fight together the dictator in Asmara and the old guards chauvinists which have no guts to admit their past mistakes are still with unfettered appetite to go to war with Eritrea if they gain an upper hand in the Ethiopian political space.

          Let the Ethio-Eritrean people prevail!!!

          • HILLINA

            Greetings The drugon lady
            Well, it is your god given right to express your opinion, although, one wonders how the dragon lady managed to assign every wrong doing to Eritrea is beyond any once imagination. Your blind love to the Tigryans and all out protection of them is exposing your superficiality and triviality. It is okay to oppose the government of Eritrea but it is not okay to bend the truth and the reality on the ground to make your point. The Tigryans were silent in 1991 because nothing happened, if you don’t know by now the Tigryans are extremely gifted at making and telling a story. Like I have go ahead defend them to your heart content, all I ask is don’t make up story just to make your point, that is all. Regarding representing the new Eritrea; I don’t think so! Eritrea is represented by the who knows her pain, the agony, the ache and the grief that she went through; which you none of it. We can do that, you are too busy bending the truth and defending the Tigryans.
            By the way the new Eritrea will have nothing to do with the Tigryans; just a heads up for you. Let me ask you one question, dragon lady; is there any wrong doing by the Tigryans? Please answer that for me.

            I am sorry you have to use the word “thugs” in association with the great EPLF. I resent and object to that classification, for the record. If it wasn’t for the EPLF “thugs”; you are still being slaved by the Amhara and probably the next many years. If the worst word of choice wasn’t enough for you; then have the audacity to tell me that “they were deported with dignity and with their property intact.”

            Are you kidding me? You may fool the likes of dragon lady and some other gullible people but not me.
            What if I share with you that I was born and raised in Addis and I am up to date with everything what the TPLF up to.
            What if, I share with you that my parents were deported with nothing but shirt on their back.
            What if, I share with you our four bedroom house was taken and currently is occupied by Tigryan Brigadier General in Keftegna 18 kebel 17 by the old Adress.
            What if I share with you that the seven heavy duty construction trucks my parents owned were confiscated and auctioned to only Tigryans and sold at 85-95 % discount.
            What if I told you my parents spent 72 hours in kebele with no food and water before they were thrown in to trucks like a bundle of wood and deported?
            What if, I share with you my mother was severely injured while she was on a truck; the truck stopped for fuel in Adi-grat and the people of Adi-Grat attacked the deportation convey?
            What if I tell you the Tigryans and the TPLF are my number one enemy of my life?
            What if I share with you that over 90% Eritreans in Addis support the government of Eritrea.
            Do you know why? You can figure that out, you are smart.
            Back then, when my parents were being deported I was in Medical school In jima. I went all the way to Addis just to see my parents and till this day couldn’t shake off what I have seen in that Kebele. And I don’t think I will ever. So, Ato Teweldebrhan, take it easy you are fooling no one. The good thing is you have your country and I have mine, just stay on your side. We will be fine. Regarding the ethio-eri prevailing thing, no, thanks, just worry about your Ethiopia.
            P.S. you deported the Eritreans and now you are deporting the Amhara from their own land; who is next? just asking

    • ethiopiawi2

      Helina, what’s in a name. You’ve any thing but helina. Defending the indefensible: the little Kim Jong il of Africa. Do you know how many Eritreans perished in the Sinai, Libya desert running away from your cruel dictator.

      I think you’re a kid. Eat your dinner and go to your room. THAT IS NOW !!!!

      • Mequanint

        Dear Hilina,
        I think you are entitled to be enraged. But, better come down, for, extreme anger brings only the worst out of you…hate! Hate towards certain ethnic, color, religion, race etc. Please note that history is not deficient to provide cases of atrocities driven by such type of emotional fall. Why do you think Hitler and the Nazis acted like evil? What made the youth of Rwandan Hutus to be the hands of the devil? I am not making a parallel with you. However, when you are naming a whole society a lair and you make them your number one enemy, then my dear, pile whatever excuses you may have, but you need to check your “hilina”. Who knows what you are capable of, if you get any chance encountering with those “enemies” of yours? By the way, those whom you put your number one “enemies”, were the first victims of your regime, back in ‘98. Likewise, could you take it if they name all Eritreans as lairs for they suffered from your regimes brutality and you denied that?

        For that matter, this is not peculiar to you. Your government is also saying it. I have heard similar collective naming few years back on ERTV on your Independence Day. By then it was all Ethiopians …a country…a whole population who were called lairs!! It is one thing if this was only said in a private conversation, but broadcasting it on a state television is which I could not comprehend. The point is accusing any individual or a group of people for their act is sane and logical, but taking that and accusing a whole population is emotional insanity driven by hate.

        And you think if we the people in both countries only mind our businesses, then everything will be OK! How naïve you are! Whether you like it or not we need each other, Hilina! Unless hate prevails, it is not only both countries, but the whole region…the whole continent…the whole world need each other!! And for that we need people like b’Alti W’qatto Arwe.

  • Selam All,

    Sorry for budging with an issue out of topic, could someone kindly explain what is the reason that made the mother so mad to abuse her daughter like what you will see in the below clip.

    I hope the Ethiopian authority take the right measure, this is socking, no society should allow such a crime pass without appropriate action.



      It is quite disturbing , what a cruel mother even the girl with the video a psychopath , the two women should be taken to court for child abuse , this mother does not deserve to keep the child , the child needs protection and love .

  • Gobian Garibaldi

    selam Awate Moderators,

    A little while ago, I wrote something in response to one of Hameed’s talks about mafias, dictators of the authoritarian or totalitarian stripe, right and left. However, I tagged it to one of FM posts by accident. When I read what FM wrote there, I thought this is good accident for I would have written a response along the lines of what I wrote on Ali Salim’s page. This revisionist SG talk is nothing but an intellectual exercise in denial of what made Eritrea what it is. Eritrea is a creation of colonialism and like the rest of them it earned to keep its colonial formation as a new state like the rest of them. If your logic does not speak of the realities of what made Eritrea and Eritrea what Eritrea is and what Eritreans are now accordingly, you have your logic but it is a defective logic for yours truly. Today is what it is because yesterday was what it was. I have one life and I only can speak of Eritrea as lived it and was ready to die for it.

    Take Eritreans of today for what they are, a Ghedli society and they are proud of their two best armies who liberated them from Ethiopian colonialism. What went wrong and still remains wrong is Isaias and his PFDJ who have betrayed the Eritrean people who hailed them as liberators. Now, the other half of the Eritrean story is beginning to be told: the Jebha part of the story of the first best Eritrean army of Awate, the Eritrean Liberation Army. The Eritrean Peoples Liberation Army accomplished the task of liberating the Eritrean land, the apex of Eritrean territorial nationalism. The ffirst task which is the realization of an Eritrean Independent state, finally dawn de facto, in 1991, and de jure, in 1993. This should have been the end of the first task and the beginning of the second, the establishment of constitutional Eritrea and they tried to do that while the kept quite when their Shaebia or Isaias executed disabled veterans of Eritrea’s war of Independence. That was a national crime, a collective crime of killers, traitors, cowards, and opportunists, against them who liberated them from colonialism. The rest is nothing new for me for and the marry-go-round of Eritreans goes on and I hope the I do right for themselves and others at the end, if there is such thing as an end and at the beginning.

    That is good enough talk for an introduction to what I want to follow: Awate Staff, please let this post stand as is as I am trying to make useful of the talk we are having here.

    I tagged my rejoinder to Hameed to some of FM’s post by mistake. When I saw that, I read what FM wrote and I felt I had to say something that I said in Ali Salim’s page. I would like Awate Staff let stand what I am writing in this post that combines two yesterposts dealing with Eritreans, killers, devils, angels, authoritarian and totalitarian dictators, and, yes, mafias and Isaias. I also raised Cohen to Hameed about Meles being an authoritarian or, even totalitarian. Thanks in advance.


    Here follow my two yesterposts:

    Of Hameed:

    Comrade Hameed, I agree with you and more. How more? Mafia is not enough to describe the regime of Isaias the Tembienite in Eritrea. I called it a Marxist dictatorship of the worst kind. I need to look for a word that describes them godless dictators who make themselves god through lies and murder. Not that I like those who profess to believe in God and still are dictators. At the end, they both do the deed of the devils, lies and murders, to usurp power, fallen angels after whose image fallen men are made.
    BTW, what do you think about Cohen calling Meles authoritarian even totalitarian? He called Isaias a military man and one who has grandiose thoughts about himself or something to that effect. While I am at it, what happened to your friend ‘sara’/woyini? 🙂


    What I wrote on Ali Salim’s page:

    There is nothing worse than doing nothing in the face of a national dilemma. However, the political actors of many stripes must understand that their brand of political stripe is just theirs. Personalities and events that make the talk of the day, week, month, year, decade, and whatever else, are just tools to deal with collective national issues if that is the mission they profess to have.
    Eritrean history is recent and fresh. First the Turks, the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians toyed around the Eritrea that was soon created by the Italians as their colony and Ethiopia accepted it in the 1890s. Around 40 years later, Italy invaded Ethiopia and sent Janhoi the terrible to exile. The Italians combined Tigray and Eritrea into one unite within their then larger colony of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Italy colonized Eritreans and Ethiopians for around half a decade. It was finally defeated by the Brits in 1941 who then governed Eritrean for one decade till it was federated with Ethiopia by American, British, and Ethiopian conspiracy. Then, Janhoi the terrible, the little last king of Ethiopia, annexed Eritrea to Ethiopia. A year earlier, in 1961, Awate and his army had already started resisting Janhoi’s Ethiopian army militarily in the Eritrean field for full Eritrean independence which was realized 30 years later in 1991.

    Now, Eritrea is a de facto and a de jure state and any sort of backsliding form the aforementioned historical facts of the formation of Eritrea and attempts at revisionism from any quarter will not do. Eritreans achieved their first goal, an independent state. Now, Eritreans are struggling for the realization of a civic nation and the emergence of the Eritrean civic citizen. What Eritreans are now trying to achieve, and claim to struggle for, is the realization of a constitutional Eritrea where all institutions of state will be governed by the rule of law for the unity in diversity and equality of all its peoples.

    Eritrea and Ethiopia, the lands, are homes to those they call them homes and each people should mind their own national affairs without interfering in the house of others. Intra-and-enter-state problems should be resolved legally and amicably instead of shedding the blood of innocent Eritreans and Ethiopians in wars run by their leadership. The leaders of these two countries have run out of their revolutionary fuel of lies and murder. People don’t want to go to war and die for the lies created by their leaders and the leaders have either to give the people what they want or will be history sooner or later by a divine and/or human sword. The people have managed to murder the lies that have been set by their murderous leaders. Now, they need to water the truth that should sprout from the burial grounds of murderers and liars that arrested the evolution of Eritrea’s organic societies into their modern form.


    • Hameed

      Brother Gobian Garibaldi,

      The heavy blow is conjoint and the destiny is one. When I hear the word comrade I feel squeezed with agony for it is the word that betrayed the people of Eritrea. They titled us with comrade to rip off our culture, unity and courage, and let us end up as dumb creatures who don’t feel the suffer of their compatriots. Don’t you agree with me that comrade is alien to our culture and it lacks intimation. The titles we use in our culture holds the flavor of closeness and it is dearly loved.

      I don’t like to pay attention to the cooking of others while mine on fire burning. I don’t like to tell me someone, mind your own business. Let us first concern with our own problems. Ethiopia has the population of eighty million who care after it. Let us mind our own business and not hurt those who try to help us.

      Thank you for reminding me about Sara. I was thinking I am the only one who is worried about her, but you proved for me there are many Eritreans who care about their compatriots. Really, I am worried. She is in dire condition, the voodoo has bewitched her to the extent if he told her your head is in my hands I am playing with it she believes him. I hope she has listened to my advice and is taking some treatments and she will appear to us a genuine Eritrean who worships the One God who loves justice and truth and not the god who loves injustices and lies. Please, pray for her to regain her mind from the voodoo.

      • Gobian Garibaldi

        merHaba brother Hameed and all,

        Hameed nebsi, :-), I understand what you mean for I have my own dilemma with the word comrade but have used it in some manner here and there. For me, this word can never make for ‘nebsi’, buddy, of our young days. I think comrade takes the human relationship into a political relationship of which one may not be very inclined to subscibe with his free and human values first to uphold. Man cannot choose for me what is good and bad and I cannot choose for him what is good and bad except each for himself. The only thing man can do for man is to let him find truth for himself and then be a good one. If man or woman cannot grow into their Individuality and live in their personalities, their little self governed by human and material gods or devils, they become like ‘sara’ our sister. I may not agree with your diagnosis of our comrade sara :-), but I agree that there should be a diagnosis of some sort for the behavior some humans exhibit when they are witnessing evil at work in broard day light for all to see.

        As with our neighbors, they should mind their house and respect the houses of others. Mutual respect and cooperation is good for neighbors and friends to have, but their friendship is personal whether it is organized or individual.
        We do not have the same relationship with each other let alone with our friends and what we have achieved so far is telling our people what they had and what they were meant to have, and what they are having and what they were meant to have now, both from inside and outside Eritrea. Now, it is up to the people to stand up and claim what was theirs all along and for which they have paid dearly in life and limb and material property.


  • Alhagiga

    Hi All
    I have been reading comments in regards to the deportation of Ethiopians from Eritrea in 1991 just after independence , however with great honesty my experience is quite different , the Ethiopians in Eritrea were looked after very well due to the strong relation which existed between the two fronts . Arriving in Asmara in October 94 almost after 20 years , I couldn’t but notice the strong relation between the two regimes , Eritreans were not treated like foreigners in Ethiopia, nor Ethiopians in Eritrea at that time , however those who worked for the Dengue whether bureaucrat or in military were deported after independence, I spent most of my holidays in Keren and I vividly remember the Ethiopians had an association very influential one, and its chairman was retired police colonel who is well respected and lived in Keren for a long time , his back ground is from tigray , I know the man very well because his children were my friends , they own nice villa in a nice area of keren which still, till this day they live in, most of the Ethiopians were from Tigray and actually were doing well , specially during Dergue era when many of the locals fled to Sudan they bought businesses and houses , even in Asmara there were many businesses bought by tigrians from the Italians and Yemens after 75, and they were there in 1994 , however things changed after 1998 , I am not insinuating in any way God forbid that this regime is incapable of such atrocities , but I am merely and purely stating what I witnessed during my stay that there were no animosity or hostility towards Ethiopians .

    • Alhagiga,

      There were thousand of Eritreans who were left in Ethiopia after the 1998 deportations of Eritreans, as there were Ethiopians living in Eritrea after the deportation of Ethiopians 1991-1992. Because your Ethiopian acquaintance in Karen was not deported doesn’t mean there were not deportation. Second you are witnessing the year 1994, but it was in 1991-1992.

      • ALHAGIGA

        Dear Amanuel & sis. b’ Alti Wiqattoo
        I vividly remember 1991 till 98 the relation between the regime and weyane was at its highest ,91-93 preparation for the referendum , I don’t believe in such sensitive time the regime could have done such stupid thing , however from what I remember it was the soldiers and their families and government workers were deported in 1991, but in 1998 as sis. b’ Alti Wiqatto said , I agree fully the atrocities that was fallen on both sides due to the irresponsible regimes, and a great share goes to ours . I say to my sis. b’Alti Wiqatto I understand how it feel when same one calls you Agame in derogatory way ,I know that very well I was born in Asmara near the grande mosque and grew up in my beloved Keren , however I spent school holidays mostly in Asmara , ironically it is the tigrnia speakers of the highlands who use such cruel and disparaging remarks against tigrians , Agame is a name of a region [ AWRAJA ] it was poor region , so what , aren’t we all poor , can any one differentiate in our appearance , we look alike , we Eritreans we have a problem exacerbated during our armed struggle with exaggerated self worth and feeling of superiority and self importance, and a good example of that is the leader himself Isaias Afworki Best wish for all for the Easter ,may you find peace ,joy and love .

      • Tesfamariam

        Thank you Amanuel for again and again standing for the truth.
        I think a time will come when the whole story of deportation between the nations will be told exactly as how it happened.
        I was surprised after Amanuel you pushed so hard that Saleh admitted his knowledge about the Ethiopian deportation
        Thanks again Amanuel I which we had so many of you.

        • Saleh Gadi

          Tesfamariam, the exact same thing was said since Eritreans were introduced with the Internet discussion, back in the mid-nineties. If you didn’t read it then, it doesn’t mean it is new. What was written before you became aware doesn’t mean it was not there.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      We are talking deportations mainly after 1998. One of the popular stories or should I call it sad event is that, in the early 2000, two Army Generals fought over one of the best Villas in Asmara (Down-town Asmara) which had been owned by one of the wealthiest Tigrean business-men in Asmara. Imagine, even though he is a Tigrean, he was born and brought up in Asmara. As greedy and rabid dogs as they are, they couldn’t even give him the time to have his daughter’s wedding in his Villa where they threw him out mercilessly out into the streets and deported him there after. This is just the tip of the ice-berg so to speak.

      Moreover, do you also know that, if somebody in Asmara calls you “Agame” it is the worst insult one could possibly hurls at somebody? That is, one would call one “Agame” if one hates one deep to his or her bones. This was of course more pronounced after 1998. Just to illustrate the magnitude of hatred spewed by Isaias and his goons.

  • Hameed

    Dear Amanuel,

    I see using terminologies the ordinary person can’t understand is unhelpful. Mobilization of masses requires simplified ideas and easy expressions. Sitting on towers and using sophisticated academic terminologies will never mobilize the masses. And sometimes the sophisticated academic terminologies may hide behind it malice and treachery.

    Wikipedi defines totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

    – The term ‘an authoritarian regime’ denotes a state in which the single power holder – an individual ‘dictator’, a committee or a junta or an otherwise small group of political elite – monopolizes political power.

    – A totalitarian regime attempts to control virtually all aspects of the social life including economy, education, art, science, private life and morals of citizens.

    And Wikipedi compares them as follows:

    – In Totalitarianism the end of power is the public. – In an Authoritarianism the end of power is private

    When comparing legitimacy:
    – Totalitarianism gets its legitimacy from the public.
    – Authoritarianism has no legitimacy from the public.

    Does stressing to define the regime in Eritrea as a totalitarian regime insinuates that we want to legitimize some of its decrees and works later in this way or that way?

    Any political terminology that legitimizes some decrees and works of the regime is totally unacceptable.

    • Dear Hameed,

      I agreed with the following definition : A totalitarian regime control “virtually all aspects” of the social life including economy, education, art, science, private life and morals of citizens. That is exactly what the Eritrean people are facing….. a totalitarian regime.

      But there is one more clarification to you: There is no election as such. The power is always transferred either Within the family members like Syrian ruling family, the Kim Il Song family, or if there is an election, it is only within the ruling parties in their congresses, like the old USSR communist party, The Cuban communist party, and The Chinese communist party. There is no legitimacy by the general public at all.

      I fully agree with you on the issue of simplified idea.

  • zigerim

    Saal is a typical Ghedli romantic.Funny of him to say”What Menelik did to Eritrean POWs was savage. The Eritrean revolution spent a lot of time telling its fighters: remember, the Ethiopians coming to fight you are a conscripted army, so yes, fight to win, but remember they are not your enemy. ” Saal believes whatever the ghedli propaganda machine produced pre 1991 & sell out forever ,just because he doesnt see it. POW both in Ghedli and Badme are treated savagely.Read YG for the former.I witnessed POW’s killed with a spade not to dispense “valuable bullets” during the Badme war.

    • FM

      Its overdue that ghedli propaganda be rexamined not reinforced as SAAY does when he writes that ghedli told its fighters fight to win but keep in mind your enemy is a conscripted army, show mercy.
      Not mentioned, and denied, that Ghedli was the master of conscription as well. YG wrote a great piece on the army that marched to Asmara; he concluded the 70s fighters were made up of volunteers but the 80s saw full out–and I might add vengeful–forceful conscription. By vengeful I mean that when the eldest of a house hold in the villages went into hiding or seeked safety in Ethiopian occupied cities–common in the 80s–Ghedli took the next youngest, many times without regard to age or sex. I suppose the Ghedli romantics have some way to go to catch up with the truth.

    • Gobian Garibaldi

      Comrade Hameed, I agree with you and more. How more? Mafia is not enough to describe the regime of Isaias the Tembientite in Eritrea. I called it a Marxit dictatorship of the worst kind. I need to look for a word that describes them godless dictators who make themselves god through lies and murder. Not that I like those who profess to believe in God and still are dictators and at the end they both do the deed of the devils, lies and murders, to usurp power, fallen angels after whose image fallen men are made.

      BTW, what do you think about Cohen calling Meles authoritarian even totalitarian? He called Isaias a military man and one who has grandeous thouths about himself or something to theat effec. While I am at it, what happened to your friend ‘sara’/woyini? 🙂


  • Teshome

    In today’s Eritrea patients are asked for an Eritrean ID to get treated in hospital.Why? So that ethiopians will not get medical service.What about snatching their property and give to the colonels?What about their restriction to their home after 6:00pm? Saal dont be rediculous.It started in 1991 and still continuing.A high time to appreciate what Meles is doing to eritrean refugees.

  • Saleh Gadi

    Dear Rodab and others,

    Let me volunteer and tell you what I witnessed concerning the deportation of Ethiopians from Eritrea.
    In June of 1991, a few weeks after independence, I travelled from Addis Ababa to Mekelle by air and then with eight other travelers on an old Landrover to Zalambessa where we arrived late at night. We couldn’t find a place to sleep. The few villages hotel rooms were occupied. Every bar, teashop and street corner was full of people sleeping on the street. I was not prepared for that and I found out they were Ethiopians flooding from Eritrea. The next morning, we had to walk a few kilometers to cross the border. Now, as far as the eyes can see, old, young, women carrying babies, limping men—some in tattered military clothes, some carrying bulky bags, dirty bags containing what seemed like clothing and personal belongings. Tired, weak and lost. They were trekking towards Ethiopia. I was told they are Ethiopians who worked or lived in Eritrea. Telling from their tattered uniforms, apparently some were ex-Derg soldiers, they looked like farmers who were forced to carry arms and fight the Eritrean combatants. In short, it was a sight that would make one cringe with sympathy for the common citizens, victims suffering from a cruel political situation they didn’t create. Thousands who were either forced to leave, left because they were scared of the new situation, or any other reason. But the hand of the regime cannot be absolved from that human tragedy.

    Back in Addis after weeks, I saw hundreds of ex-employees of the Derg who were forced to leave Assab (port, refinery and others) demonstrating to find a solution for their predicament. They complained that they lost their job, livelihood and were left to wonder around with no help, or restitution. Those who suffered most, including emotional torment, are families of mixed Eritrean and Ethiopian marriages. They were literally torn apart—mostly an Ethiopian man with his confused Eritrean wife who had to follow her husband anywhere, yet feeling guilty for a tragedy she had no role in creating.

    One of the main reasons that I stood against the Badme war was that experience, that human suffering. I was tormented imagining all that I saw in 1991 would be repeated again, with additional loss of life. I had to pay for that position heavily and still do.

    I can fully understand if people say they didn’t know. It was not in the media because the EPRDF was treating the transgressions of the PFDJ with silence. Silence to the extent that in the mid nineties, the PFDJ had a free reign in Ethiopia. In the nineties, PFDJ security officers were picking Eritreans from the streets of Ethiopian towns with ease. Remember Zekarias Negusse whom they killed in Dessie? Remember Gebreberhan Zere whom they kidnapped from a bus in a local route? Remember the businessmen (over two dozen of them) whom the PFDJ picked from Addis and whisked to Asmara? Remember Tesfamichael Girgio whom they killed in Addis? Remember Qeberecho, the owner of the famous restaurant on Bole Road by the same name? They kidnapped him from his house in Addis and nothing was ever heard of him until now. Milkias Mehreteab wrote an excellent article telling the story of how his uncle (?), a mechanic who owned a garage in Addis and who was Milkias’ mentor, had simply disappeared after he was picked from his house by a deceitful and cunning operative. He disappeared…like many others. Remember the dozen or so senior cadres of the ELF-RC who were jailed in Addis for months and then exiled to third countries? It was all done at the request of the PFDJ who had asked the Ethiopian government to transfer the custody of the jailed combatants. The EPRDF refused and allowed them to seek exile everywhere—some are now in the USA, Australia and Europe. The reason many didn’t hear about all of that violations and many more is because the relations between the EPRDF and PFDJ was so strong they looked the other way. People were afraid to say anything bad about the PFDJ in Ethiopia. And certainly the Ethiopians were not saying anything. One time I asked a connected man why the EPRDF was so soft on the PFDJ? He said they had them blackmailed—according to him the PDFJ was waving the Oromo card, the Asseb card and others to threaten the EPRDF.

    The Ethiopian government, it seemed had to put up with all that until it was well established. Once it did, in its worst action that seemed like revenge, it kicked out tens of thousands of innocent Eritreans. Indeed, I can also testify that I have asked this question to Meles Zenawi and he apologized characterizing that move as an unfortunate mistake (along these words) but I felt he was sincere and by then I knew the political rivalry within the TPLF which manifested in the Seye and colleagues crisis. I also happen to know someone who was deported–one time he threatened me with dire consequences if I didn’t stop criticizing the PFDJ! That was an Eritrean in Addis. Why was he so emboldened? You guess. Why was he deported? You also guess.

    The deportation of innocent citizens is intolerable and it will remain so in our collective memory. That is why I believe the people of our region deserve a closure. That closure can only come when tyranny is eradicated.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Much respect. Really. If few lines in your testimony. Two men, who are very much despised in Ethiopia are Dr. Endrias Eshete and Nebyu Samuel. One a well respected academic the other a well respected business man. They led a “fact finding mission” to Asmara to “dispel the “rumors” that people were getting deported from Eritrea. When they came back, the went on national TV, and said that everything that was said was false, and no one was deported. Many people knew, someone who was forced out at the time. People were very angry at these two men for being a tool of PFDJ and EPRDF. Endrias, I heard that he had a personal friendship with Esayas and Nebyu had just became a business partner of Sheik Al Amoudi and both did not want to ruin their connection and business interests by telling at least a veiled truth. I don’t know Endrias, but I personally know Nebyu. He is a decent man, but until today 20 years later, he is stigmatized by that TV interview. I wonder, if they both regret it. And after I read your testimony, you went way up in my list of dignified people with very high integrity. Twenty years later those two men got what they wanted (Power, fame and money, but not integrity) I am not sure you have those very desirable things (Power fame and money) But I see you have plenty of integrity. Thank you~

    • Mequanint

      Regarding Expulsion of Ethiopians from Eritrea.

      Ethiopians were also expelled brutally immediately after independence of Eritrea and following the ’98 war. We had places like Sidist Kilo and Mekenissa, till recent years, where some of the victims from ’91, ye eritra tefenaqayoch, were living on a street. These were ordinary people. Yes the story was not on the Ethiopian government media, but you can’t miss it on the private news papers and the people’s talk back then and the victims are still alive. This remains one of the issues for some people to hold grudges against EPRDF who down played the issue and kept silent then. The story of the victims following the ’98 war, that, you can find it on the archive of ETV.
      The story of Eritreans expelled from Ethiopia had been on the news worldwide for the reason Ethiopia did not hide it. It was done officially and publicly. Was the handling and expulsion of innocent people from Ethiopia wrong and unacceptable? YES. And we, the people of Ethiopia, admitted that it was a grave mistake and apologized for that through our government and PM Meles again and again.

      At least for now we do not expect the same from PFDJ, but we deserve the recognition from you, the people, like Saleh Yonus, for our side of the story. Stories untold on the media, be it local or global, does not imply they are non- existent.

      We all were victims of the suppression and brutality of our former regimes and we are not only sorry for that, but we also fought and bleed along with you for communal goal.

      Hence when it comes to the same heinous act committed to Ethiopians by your regime, it seems that some of you celebrate and say, but holding to yourself, “ …yebelachew… yegebachewal ” (they deserve that) and but loudly you deny such crime ever committed.
      Even to some of you the bombardment of Ayder Elementary School, in Tigray, was debatable whether it was accidental or deliberate, because,” No…Eritreans would not that”…“we are not like Ethiopians”. That is this notion that holds you back from acknowledging the crimes that government of Eritrea did back those years.

      Saleh Gadi, b’Alti W’qatu Arwe and Amanuel

      Thank you for your courage to stand for the truth and acknowledge that Ethiopians were also victimized. We need people like you on both sides to bring peace and define the future of our countries based on mutual respect and understanding. We do not need to forget the past, but we can draw the future positively with good intension. Our people deserve to live like others…beselam…betsegana…bedesta! I want to see my Eritrean classmates and friends… I want to take my tea sitting with them be in Asmara or in Addis!
      Tenayestelegn wodajjie,
      Thank you for being a voice to us and our side of the story. I have never failed of my hope that our country will push forward one day, and here we are witnessing that. Thanks to the people who brought this flickering hope through their sacrifice. It is the duty of us to keep and maintain our country’s new course. I hope one day we may enjoy it with our Eritrean brothers and sisters. Let us pray so that hate will not prevail.

    • Saleh Gadi,

      Thank you, you have brought some lights to the despicable deportations of innocent people by both leaders at different circumstances. A friend of mind told me at that time, that they didn’t even take their property. They were going house to house and loading them into buses. Women and children were crying. The rumors, as to the the reason why they were doing that, was to avoid any interference for the long awaited process of referendum. I don’t know whether the deportation of Eritreans in 1998 was a retribution to that of the early 90s. But it was reality booked into history. For whatever reason they did, it is inhumane. One sad thing though, may be it is our nature, there is no any apology from our side. The Ethiopian government did apologize several times if we can learn something from them.

  • rodab

    Dragon lady and co.,
    Where did you get the idea that Ethiopians were being forcefully deported from Eritrea starting in 1991? I know Meles & his enterprise made, in many occasions such provocative statements, but that was immediately after the war broke out. How convinent! They didn’t utter a single word about any of that BS before the war started. Mele even went further to create anger by telling his people “they have comtempt on you”, “they call you beggars”…. He was doing all that stuff to motivate the public to fight against the northerns, and it worked. I am afraid it sounds to me that’s what shaped your view. That’s your source of information which you seem to have accepted at face value.

    I know that many Ethiopians, specially the Tigrayans harbor bad perception on the EPLF for a long time starting from during the armed struggle. I don’t know what the basis for that is but I would bet dimxi woyane’s big mouth may have something to do with it. Anyway, there were many Ethiopians who left starting in 1991 due to business opportunities in Ethio (there were not that that many employment opportunities in Eri, sadly it has gotten worse today), negative perception of the GoE, to join family members, or other factors. Infact I personally know many deki gezawtey who left in May 91. But nobody asked them to leave. Trust me these were my closest friends and I would know if they were ordered persona non grata.
    I think it is time to stop being ‘xela’e xelelo qeba’e’.

  • Dear SAAY (Sal),

    I can’t believe Sal to say, that you haven’t any knowledge or clue that the Eritrean government was deporting Ethiopians (especially Tigray origin) in early 90s. Wow! Do you know for years, I have been saying Sal is a reference for any info. Look what you are talking the origins of individual African leaders with Gazea ( by the way Gezae great rebuttle). Unless you are not trying to defend your old position during the war, I can’t say Saleh could miss this information. It was like one way bus-charters to the border of Zal-ambessa. I can’t tell you the exact number, but it was a story in every Eritrea house hold. To my knowledge unlike me you were going back and forth to Eritrea. As much as you are one of the few good investigative reporters we have, I don’t think you miss this information. I will let you to talk with your conscience.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

      Dear Amanuel,

      As you have aptly put it, Sal wouldn’t miss any information pertaining Eritrea and its political reality or its paraphernalia if you will. As he kept a blind eye however this comes to mind:

      “First they came for the communists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
      Then they came for me
      and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

      Martin Niemoller.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Dear Ghezae,

    I am not sure if it is a “confession” or not but I sure read Haddas Ertra pretty much everyday (of course online edition). My favourite is the “Entay T’mekh’runi” weekly section where mostly young people ask questions ranging from relationships to facing myriad challenges in life. I am not sure why I am telling you this but here is my point. Every time, I watch Eri-TV, I see something seemingly irrelevant but with a profound reflection of the aberrant nature of PFDJ.

    Get this: Right after the news, a meteorology would pop up on the screen to update on weather patterns in the entire region of the Horn. Imagine, we are talking about weather patterns. As it finishes giving weather conditions of the Horn, what is being skipped over is Ethiopia. There is no mention what so ever about the weather conditions in Ethiopia. It tells you how politically immature and pathetic PFDJ goons are.

    To come back to the ever die-hard issue of Eritreanism, it is really amazing the fact that, PFDJ high priests indoctrinated the young people to refer the Ethiopian Calendar as Geeze Calander in a bid to dissociate anything Ethiopian from the collective psyche of the people. For instance, as much as Christmas is celebrated or New Year is celebrated in Eritrea in tandem with the Western time line, Ethiopian New Year (Q’Dus Yowhans) and Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated as well but again, it would be veiled under Geeze New Year or Geeze Christmas as opposed to Ethiopian New Year or Christmas. That is another pathetic push-over identity by subtraction.

    I am not sure but I could as well be older than you (I was born in the early 70s) but I truly believe that we belong to a new generation where our motto should be to live an authentic life bereft of cosmetic identity where anything Ethiopian is taken for a contagion with a super-antgen viral load. It is not only politically prudent to debunk PFDJ myths and empty bravado, it is morally imperative to stand up for the truth where we will be better off with it (the truth about our true selves) than with out it.


    • Ghezae Hagos

      Dear Sis Wuqato Arwe,

      The details of the disfigurement of Eritrean culture are extremely sordid and macabre. The loss of Eritrawit Geez that has withstood thousands of years under our very eyes is profoundly sad. None of us are mourning.

      You are a bit older than me as I was born in mid 70s. You said it well on hyper interpretation of Eritreanism that is hurting us to astonishing levels.

      Do you know that the once every 1000 years moment of the millenium was passed without any special mention in Eritrean side? why do you call that. We have gave up too much too early; we are now paying the price. All the best

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam All,

    Here is a real ‘wow…what!!!!! come again…wowow!’ version from the ‘plethora of accounts’ on construction of Eritrean identity. Here is this certainly interesting theory regarding Eritrean identity. It starts with the fact that Kebesa elites that led the Eritrean independence movement were mostly of Tigray ancestry. They relocated to Eritrea after Tigray was politically defeated by Menelik. The sudden exit of Tigray after the death of their beloved Yohannes the 4th in Mettema in 1889, was too much of a shock for these warriors. Thus, when the question of Eritrean independence and identity arose, the and their children vocally and tirelessly led the movement. They of course, were primarily motivated and guided by their distrust and hatred of the ‘Amharas.’

    So, Eritrean identity (at least from the Kebesa side) was constructed by Tigray elites who held deep-held grudges against ‘Amharas’ and could not accept the reversal of fortunes, and used Eritrea to keep ‘Showa’ at bay. If-not-Tigray-then-this-side-of-Mereb’ (which they also consider their own backyard btw, Asmara and its environs were garrisons of Alula’s army.) The proponents of this theory further allege it is no most Eritrean leaders, including el Capo, trace their immediate ancestry from Tigray….Did I mention one of the main fathers of Eritrean identity, WelWel (who also hail from Tigray), named their son..Alula.

    That is the real ‘wow’ moment for us, dear Sal. So there you have it. Modern Eritrea is born out of rivalry between the Amhara elites and Tigray elites. In that case, the main milestone is not Adowa 1896, but Metema, 1889. History is certainly ‘wow..’ It is like what you thought of your father is your uncle; your uncle is your father of all-time-favorite show, Arrested Development.

    • Saleh AA Younis

      Hey Ghezae:

      It is “wow” only if you think this is unique to Eritrea. It is “meh” if you know that it happens all over the world, particularly Africa. One of Africa’s Big Men, Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda, was actually from neighboring Mali.(Their version of deqebat, I think, were trying to disqualify him from running for office:-) It is “meh” if you know that Welwel’s political life is probably the most chronicled because he was among our most prolific writers. It is “meh” if you know that the tip of the spear for Eritrean nationalism was not with “Kebesa elites” but the “metaHit elite.” Which is to say, outside of context (i.e. if we assume everything is static and nothing is dynamic) then anything can become a wow. It is “meh” if you agree that ethnic identity is not destiny. (Dwight Eisenhower’s family migrated from Germany due to religious persecution. General Eisenhower was in charge of the US army that destroyed Germany in World War II.) In short, I guess what I am saying (same defense I have whenever people tie themselves in a knot wondering what Eritreanism means) how does our situation compare to the rest of Africa and the entire third world?


      • Ghezae Hagos

        Yes, Hitler is from Austria; Stalin is from Georgia; Meles is from Eritrea, most intense current one is Jospeh Kabila ( most Kinshasans had no qualms about his Rwandese ancestry) etc..

        You also meant, Kuanda is from Malawi (typo), in fact so funny (as in bizarro) that Chaluba prevented him from resuregence by making constiutional ammenedment.
        The facts of Welwel (my idol, demi-god) being Adowan and Issayas’s supposed links to Tembien have always been known, that is not the point here, Sal.

        What is new in these theory (if it is) that these Tigrayan elites, according to the narratives, are more influenced by the centuries old power-struggle between them and Amhara, making their struggle, by extension ours too, an offshoot by-product of Amhara-Tigray rivalry.

        Obviously, identities do change over time and we have a country called Eritrea. Questioning Eritreanism is certainly healthy. Think of it: we have people who might be wiped from the face of the earth, instead of confronting their tormentor, just because if we do that, then Ethiopia is going to come back.

        • Saleh AA Younis

          Selamat Ghezae,

          Yeah, I meant Malawi, thanks for the correction. The Kaunda story is truly bizzare: one of the Big Men of Africa who was basically was a synonym for with Zambia woke up one fine Monday morning to learn he was not Zambian. And I thought of it, and I am not following, could you help please: how is questioning Eritreanism healthy? What I see from many of our “Magellan Eritreans”, the ones who endured years of unimaginable agony trekking out of the hell-hole Isaias has made of Eritrea is to associate Eritrea with Isaias and all their tormentors. Doesn’t questioning Eritreanism, and all that navel-gazing, get people to just give up on it all: if something (like an identity) is not precious, why fight for it or give up anything for it?


        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          You nailed it. That’s just brilliant.


          • Ghezae Hagos

            Oh.. you are so sweet, dear sis.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Dear Sal,

        Are you for real? Are you saying that you had no idea that Isaias has been deporting Ethiopians mercilessly since 1991? Abeyenay alem t’nebir alekha malet eU, I have no idea. Not only that he has been deporting them left and right, they have been humiliated with virtual captions which read “Z’bel’U’lu tsaHli z’sebru” and other pathetic hurls at them.

        Do you also know that every year during the week of May 24, Ethiopians in Asmara are not allowed to be seen any where in the streets? If any one of them is caught roaming around in the streets, they would be put to jail where they would need to pay either 600 Naqfa or they would need somebody with an Eritrean ID to bail them out. Now, I will give you a multiple choice format to pick the right answer to describe the sad event-every-year: A. Fascism B. Fascism C. Fascism D. Fascism E. Fascism. I hope it is not too difficult for a guy like you to pick the right answer.


        • Saleh AA Younis

          Hey, b’Alti W’qatto:

          [pinch], yep, I am for real and, no, I had no idea that Isaias had been deporting Ethiopians mercifully or mercilessly since 1991. If the intent is to show, “why, this was widespread information and how come you didn’t know!”, then I would appreciate help with any link, any source you can show that it was reported anywhere between 1991 and 1998. Then I can do a mea culpa.

          I don’t think I am bright enough to answer your question, so how about credit/no credit:-) But I have one for you, and everybody else; it is open book and it is a real multiple choice. Let me set the scenario: something major is happening and these are your feelings and actions:

          A. You think what is happening is wrong, and you speak out against it.
          B. You think what is happening is right, and you speak out for it.
          C. You think what is happening is right, but you do not speak out for it.
          D. You think what is happening is wrong, but you do not speak out against it.

          Which category of people get to climb first on everybody’s favorite horse, “Moral High”? This is not a timed test, and consulting with conscience is encouraged.


          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            Dear Sal,

            You reminded me my undergrad years where I had to take Psychology 101 as an elective and we had to do all the psychological survey questionaries for credit.

            Anyhow, your question is a little vague where you formatted it as “something major is happening”. What is this major thing?
            If the major thing is the sad political situation in Eritrea, I would pick A. Not only that I think it is wrong, I know for sure that it is dead wrong. And I set out to voice against it.

            I go to Addis pretty much once every two years and I meet a lot of (pick a number) Ethiopians who had been deported from Isaias’ Eritrea and I hear sad stories which are not politically motivated grudges but genuine heartfelt stories that had been betrayed by the ruling class in Ethiopia lest not provoke Isaias any further. And it was one of the reasons you haven’t been able to see news items to that effect with in the government sanctioned news outlets.


          • Saleh AA Younis

            Hi Dragon Tattoo:

            I hope our conversation does not come as abrasive in anyway to our readers because I have, like practically everyone here, very high regard for your ability to speak fluently about what you believe.

            What some of us were guilty of was believing people, who happened to have been our personal heroes. In the absence of a free press, all you have is people you trust and the only thing I knew about deportation in 1993 (my only visit to post-independent Eritrea) was the deportation of Eritrean spouses of Ethiopian soldiers/civil servants who, I was told, were being “re-unified” with their husbands. Fast forward to June 8, 2000, when the BBC reported that Eritrea is detaining Ethiopians in a camp, which I found outrageous. I am sure I have told this story: Voice of America interviewed me and Elias Amare Gebrezgheir: he took the position that it was prudent to do so in a post-war situation; and I took the position that it was morally reprehensible to do so.

            None of the people you have issue with at Dehai (a topic you keep coming back to) were “intellectuals.” They are what we are: working stiffs who have an unyielding fixation with Eritrea and want to do the right thing. The Eritrean intellectuals then are where Eritrean intellectuals now are: hidden, out of sight, out of mind, and completely silent.

            The point I was trying to make in that vague test was this: from my standpoint, a YPFDJ type who truly believes that Isaias is a great leader and works day and night in support of that cause is, given what we all know about the Isaias regime, an idiot: but still morally more defensible than a person who thinks that Isaias is a monster but does absolutely nothing about it. Similarly, a person who believed that Eritrea was in the wrong in 1998-2000 (or knew for certain that Eritrea had deported thousands of Ethiopians) and said nothing about it, is morally more culpable than a person who wrongfully believed that the Isaias administration was in the right, and innocent, and was loud about it. I am not directing this at you; as the Arabs say, Algred yefham who I am talking about.

            Of course, now, there is nothing you could tell me about the PFDJ that I wouldn’t believe. I have heard and seen enough testimonies from enough victims to know that it is capable of anything and proves it every day. And this website that we are participating in, is one way we are making sure that the world knows what is happening NOW.

            I am sure we will continue this exchange, ciao for now (oh, boy, hope Eyob didn’t read that)


          • Ghezae Hagos

            Dear Sal,

            On similiar note on Kaunda, I give it to the Congolese (especially from Kinshasa) to put all the ills of younger Kabila on his alleged Rwandese family roots. He was adopted son, you know…

            On questioning Eritreanism being healthy, I could rant and unload musings in stream of consciousness form. Yes, there is nothing profane about a healthy introspection about what you once you thought were sacred.

            I recently met a very old Eritrean and I was so excited to talk to him as he represented sth outside the suffocating and deliterious world of PFDJ and its forerunner. My hopes quickly dashed as he was adding ‘malet iyu’ at the end of his sentences. Small example; hope pithy though. No real nation would sacrifice its language, its calendar, its age-old traditions, its innate instinct to protect for its young, its very existence on an altar of tyranny just because Ethiopians might come back if it confronts the leader. No matter how much injustice we suffer under the hands of the worst regime in the world, many still cling to the regime just because it brought independence.

            A good chunk of the nation just gave up on the idea that it can even be salvaged. Trust me Sal, if Eritrea is lost today, it is us who have, miraclously kept the faith, that would be shocked. A lot of the young who are leaving Eritrea have long known it can’t survive Isayas and those would not be shocked at all.

            And then you have the weirdest group, the Diaspora (the group I hate with passion). They prefer to support or keep silent simply because they hate the opposition or fear of Ethiopia.

            The opposition’s deep divisions and its inabilty to even forge some united block, in spite of Sinai and Mediterranean and late Naizghi factors in one’s headache and dose of exasperation.

            In the light of daily crushes and tortures, yes, it is very healthy to question Eritreanism. What does this identity entail, really? what does it mean for us?

        • Dear Be’Alti W’qatto

          I thank you very much for your honesty and boldness to challenge the once DIA giant defenders like SAAY. SAAY as polemic writer as he is evades the reality when it comes to the “Weyanes” and Ethiopia for reasons unfathomable to me. Yes, Ethiopians (mainly of Tigrean origin) were deported in thousands following the immediate liberation of Asmara leaving their belongings behind. This had been the single most issue that challenged the TPLF establishment(at that time) as the Front deliberately ignored the plight of the deportees for the simple reason that a good relationship with Eritrea would bring better future for the bigger Ethiopia. EPRDF inner circles knew well that Isaias’s deliberate involvement in many illicit trade activities through its agents in Ethiopia. This issue too, was coalesced to bitterness and resentment among the members of EPRDF in general and that of TPLF in particular for utter inaction . But the leadership had to resort to the same mantra of “seeing the big picture” that the long term benefit of the country would be in the patience and understanding of the psyche of the ruling party in Eritrea. SAAY, don’t forget Eritrean independence is partly EPRDF’s making and they wanted to justify that works to the benefit of the two countries. Those were the reasons for their silence be it amidst a flagrant violation of the right of the deportees or the indulgence in illicit trade activities of the Isaias regime.

          B’alti W’qatto I see a glimmer of hope in you and the likes of Ghezae. So Keep up challenging those who willfully try to deconstruct their identity of anything Ethiopian.

          wedehanki haftey

          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            Selam Teweldebrhan Kifle,

            As they say, time is the hidden factor and with the drift of time the unravelling of events is irresistible. There were times where one would be hard pressed to travel an extra mile in a bid to own Eritraw’net as it was taken a license for anything and everything. The sentiment however carried with it a baggage of arrogance, sense of superlative complexities as the rest of the world practically fell under the par of what Eritraw’net was all about.

            We all have come a long way since then where the test of time was incredibly painful where we had to swallow our erstwhile pride and accept the harsh reality as the people we thought were second rate in everything set out to build a nation out of the ashes of poverty, marginalization and prejudice.

            Eritrea that was built on the pillars of PFDJ is no more. What you see and read in this thread is an Eritrea that is born out of growing pains where arrogance and sense of entitlement lose their meanings.

            The fact however remains: Eritrea is to live in peace and harmony with her neighbours as her people walk with their chins up for her pride is restored not only on the blood and sweat of her fallen children but on the new beginning of the new generation as well. May God bless Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    • Semere Habtemariam

      Selam Ghezae,

      I’m a devout student of the subject and what you’re saying is news to me. Where is the evidence my friend? The Tigrian rulers, after the death of Yohannes, have–willingly or not–most if not all submitted to the Amhara’s rule and you could not mention any significant exodus of Tigrian rulers to Eritrea who played a role in the evolution of Eritrean nationalism. There were Tigrian migrant workers like WelWel and family who came–much later– to Eritrea lured by the economic–mainly construction–boom Eritrea witnessed after the establishment of Italian rule. You’re right about Isaias’ (wedi Hafti: grandma being from Tselot) ancestry but there is no evidence to show that his father, uncles or grandfather has played any positive role in Eritrean nationalism. In fact, his paternal uncle, Solomon–according to some sources might allegedly–had played a major role to stem out Eritrean nationalism during the shiftnet era that saw the assassination of prominent Eritrean leaders. During the first “weyen”–in the 1940s– when Haileselassie bombed Mekele, some Tigraians have fled to Eritrea, but there is no evidence to show that they have played any role in Eritrea’s nationalism. Let’s not forget that Tigrai, when power shifted from Axum to Gonder was dominated, for a long time, by the Zeazega dynasty of Hamasien. Michael SHul, the man credited with the rebirth of Tigrian nationalism was a “blata” of zeazega who rose to fame in the Habesha campaign against the “Gala”. The deqi Teshim dynasty (represented by Zeazega and Hazega) is probably the longest–unbroken continuity–ruling dynasty in Habesha history. There is no blood or political ties between Yohannes, webe, segebades and michael sHul and one can’t really talk about modern Tigrian nobility where the evidence shows none.

      Eritrea and Eritrean nationalism like all colonized countries is a product of a colonial power, and if there is one segment of our Eritrean population that played a significant role, then, the credit goes to Eritrean Muslims who did not see any redeeming value in being part of the so-called-Christian Ethiopia.

  • Saleh AA Younis

    Selamat Eyob, b’Altii arwe, Ghezae and all:

    I am sorry I am disrupting the chron of the thread; the only alternative is to provide a reply to each writer… which I should do really, but since all these threads are intertwined, here goes:

    Eyob: that “wow” moment you had when you were told that Ethiopia should have prosecuted the Battle of Adwa a bit differently, that lament, as you put it of “if my father, great grand father and great grandfather were enslaved and just gave up, damn them!!”, that blaming all previous generations for your predicament, that trust-fund-baby syndrome of “if only my father hadn’t squandered his money on bad investments, damn, I would have been set for life”, that is what many Eritreans and Ethiopians have been cheering in yg for his “truth telling”. And that disbelief you had, that, to quote you “If there is a nation or people that would say that, they don’t know the meaning of dignity and self worth” is what we have been telling them. As amazed as you were, now consider how exponentially more amazing it is to hear that not 116 years later but 20 years after the fact, when the wounded walk among us. And now consider that the High Priest of that movement is not as nuanced and as sensitive and as scholarly as Ghezae Hagos.

    Eyob, how I got involved in this thread is partly as a result of your reaction to Mohammed Aderob. You saw in his statement a dismissive attitude of Ethiopia (the people) when all his ire was directed at the Ethiopian government. To quote him:

    “…[Eritreans] stay warned and don’t think that Ethiopia has a good will towards Eritrea and Eritreans! Therefore, all true Eritreans must be united and put our ideological differences aside and give priority to our nation. The only genuine way to stand by our own hands and legs is to overthrow the HGDF and its cruel leader. Let’s influence our brothers in the military ranks to overthrow this crazy man and to restore our lost dignity. Isyas will not go unless he kills Eritrea . And our country will be under woyane’s indirect control and we will live in total regression. Let’s overthrow Isyas and stay away from the dirty heart of Woyane!”

    I think I know who Aderob is and he (or a composite of him) has lost family members in Besekdira (Haileselasse), Ona (Haile Selasse), She’Eb (Mengistu) and had family members deported from Ethiopia (Meles) or victimized in the last border war (Meles.) He was calling on Eritreans to remove our cancer, because if another doctor comes, the consequences are less predictable. Why do we have to go to deep psychoanalysis to measure the impact of Italian rule on the Eritrean psyche, when the easier and more obvious answer is that people have been going from grief to shock to grief to shock for the last 50 years? fara at’hun ibakeh:-)

    b’Alti arwe:

    As much as I enjoy your prose, a lot of times I feel…let me see how to put this, I think I will quote what Reagan said about liberal democrats: “It’s not that liberals don’t know much. It’s just that what they know just ain’t so.” You described the Battle of Adwa as one owned by all Ethiopians, you ascribed ill motive to Eritreans refusal to celebrate the Battle of Adwa: that it is a result of our “hyped up and deluded self worth” resulting from Italian colonization; that to see this hateful attitude towards Ethiopians (“the people down south”), one doesn’t have to go far but read “the plethora of articles which were penned by Eritrean intellectuals during the Badme war” and then, for good measure, told us that “Eritreanism is what Ethiopia is not (read: identity by subtraction).”

    To quote Eyob: wow. This month in Eritrea, two dates were marked: Battle of Afabet (which we call our Dien Bien Phu) and the liberation of Nakfa. We Eritreans can have bittersweet feelings about the Battle of Afabet (because the commander in charge of that epic battle, Mesfin Hagos, has been made stateless), but we certainly should not expect Ethiopians to celebrate their loss and be happy for our victory. The Battle of Adwa is the reverse: our reluctance to celebrate it has to do with the fact (annoying I know) that we were brutalized in that war. The Italians forced us to fight Ethiopia against our will; and the Ethiopian king amputated one leg and one arm when we became POWs. And we are supposed to celebrate that, and if we don’t, it just shows we hate “the people down south”? As for this business of “identity by subtraction”, please tell us why people who were forcefully incorporated into a geographic entity called Ethiopia by Ethiopian mesafint (warlords, princes, kings, kings of kings) don’t have to explain what Ethiopianism means but Eritreans who were forcefully incorporated into a geographic entity called Eritrea (like the rest of Africa) by Italian kings and parliamentarians have to justify what Eritreanism means? As for the “plethora of articles” that allegedly show hatred to not the Ethiopian regime but the Ethiopian people, I am afraid it is put-up moment: provide a link to one, it shouldn’t be hard, really to make that case. So I can apologize on behalf of all those you are accusing. Or failing that, it is time for you to have an “I erred” moment. But we shouldn’t just go in circles on that.


    At some point, if you insist on pursuing this thread, you are going to have to provide quotes and links. Or you will continue to suffer many cringe-worthy moments. If your authority on this is going to be the EEBC’s jus ad bellum, just remember that all that hinged on one thing: the incompetent Isaias Afwerki administration, namely, and I will quote the EEBC here: “Eritrea did not report its use of armed force against Ethiopia on May 12, 1998 to the Security Council as measures taken in self-defense, as it would be obligated to do by Article 51 of the Charter in case of self-defense against armed attack”, a mistake that Isaias Afwerki continues to this date as is evidenced by his horrific letter to the Security Council regarding Ethiopia’s March 15, 2012 foray into Eritrea and his rambling, incoherent interview which, to bring it full circle, is our topic here. In other words, it wasn’t the proportionality of the response that is at issue (2 brigades, 10 battalions, etc), but that the Isaias Afwerki administration FAILED to notify the UN when it was engaging in what it called response to provocation.


    • Ghezae Hagos

      I will be brief, if I can.

      Sal, an eye witness account of the fateful days of early May 1998 is provided by a fine writer, and better story teller; Micheal Embaye, Aranchi. He wrote an alena-like series at

      Part-1 refutes the official line, the dismissive ‘skrimish’ arguement. The serialized accounts also prove Eritrean regime has long thought of going into war as it had called the demoblized 1-4 ‘zurs’ and report to the army a month before the start of the war.

      2. Past can’t be changed but it can be interpreted in the light of new facts. Ato Eyob, at the risk of haughtiness, I thought I did good job of analogy of Adowa and Versailles to drive a point home that Adewa victory is not all what it cracked-up to be for the reasons I mentioned.

    • tesfamariam

      Saay say whatever you want to say but the fact is not going change that Isaias deliberately started the war and the real cause was not Bademe it was the economic issue. Tell us what happened with Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen who was the aggressor? Sometimes i wonder why Saleh the great patriot try to defend the savage deeds of Isaias ?
      To be honest when you where clapping with the regime at the early stage of independence when the regime threw out majority of civilian Ethiopians from Eritrea have you said anything? they didn’t even gather their belongings they where literally thrown at the border and when it comes the other way you curse and curse the woyanes, I am not trying to justify what has been done is right what I am trying to say is both regimes should be condemned equally . If Isaias really cares about his people he should have told all Ertirean to move out of Ethiopia before he started the war, but he was full of bravado and he thought Ethiopia was going to kneel down as soon as he strikes, poor judgement.
      We Eritrean are not saints we do have our share of mistakes and we shouldn’t just point fingers to others. The past is past its history it shouldn’t be forgotten but we shouldn’t dwell on it for ever we should try to find a way to mend the relationship between the two nations and go forward for the best interest and peace for both nations.
      thank you

      • Saleh AA Younis

        Selamat Tesfamariam:

        “To be honest when you where clapping with the regime at the early stage of independence when the regime threw out majority of civilian Ethiopians from Eritrea have you said anything? they didn’t even gather their belongings they where literally thrown at the border and when it comes the other way you curse and curse the woyanes, I am not trying to justify what has been done is right what I am trying to say is both regimes should be condemned equally.”

        And how would I have known that, Tesfamariam? As I told Exciter in another thread, Isaias’s deportation of Ethiopians was not reported in any news media outlet, not even Ethiopian media. On the other hand, Meles’s deportation of Eritreans was given wide coverage. When I learned of it, I condemned it. I am still waiting to see a single Ethiopian writer who condemned the deportation of Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean ancestry. Got a source for that?

        I am all for normalization of relationship with our Ethiopian brothers and sisters. But normalization, to me, begins with we the people recognizing that we have never had, in our entire history, representative governments who spoke on our behalf. We either have both people apologize to each other for the dreadful things their self-appointed governments did to the other; or both of us should to ignore that subject completely.


  • Endawit Obahara

    I was writing under my “I” name, my current real name to the nth degree and switched to Edawit Obahara. Endawit is a very memorable place in Barka, Eritrea, for me. Obahara comes from my ELA friend, Oba Hara or Oba the free. Now, I got me an Endawit, the wife of my youth and the so Endawit, a memorable place for me, and in Edawit, my soul mate, take over my male name and Oba talks still to me in freedom as the old Kerkebet and Lokayeb, again a place in Barka, Eritrea. You are reading a Habasha who grew everywhere except in Ethiopia. All thoughts are good if they are useful to life. But trying to portray your own view of life as superior to that of others is rather myiopic and narrow. We have made ourself or made to be worrior people and the in that regard, Jebha, the organaization, and the ELA, its Army, the Army of Awate, the best Army in the world of then. We are talking recent military history in the world and the ELF can pride itself on its retired Army, including yours truly who was there to fight and die to free my people and my land. Our second Eritrean best army, the EPLA, EPLF’s military finished the jobe of his old hero, the Army of Awate. Eritrea is free but its people are in bondage, a collective fate, Eritreans reaping what they sowed, a Marxist dictatorship of the worst kind. The only problem Eritreans have on their way fulfilled in life is Isaias and his PFDJ of lost souls. Etiopians are the ones who have problems with the Idea of Eritrean and Eritreans. Amhara cannot understand the Eritrea of Awate’s Army, first and second, the ELA, first berst, and the EPLA, second best. The EDF? I don’t know the EDF, and so, Ethiopians should not think their engagement with it as having faced an Eritrean Army really. Isaias was honored by Eritreans of may stripe but he chose to loose his honor for the power and that is sad.

    Anyways, we have to understand that things come into being and become and Eritrea has become what it is because of of something called PFDJ, the creatures of Isaias whom I don not understand. One way or another, things will change and Eritreans will live in peace with themselves and with others. Let all the people of the Horn mind their own business first and then the business of their neighbors to do for the common good and let history stand when and if it comes bearing the stamps of truth.


    • kaddis

      Endawit Obahara

      The problem with Ethiopia was – we have lived for Eritrea but not for ourselves – meaning other regions. Haileselassie appointed the best minds and Mengistu spent all he had & borrowed to retain Eritrea . Sharing half the attention Eritrea got to the rest of Ethiopia would have actually solved the problem. Ethiopia would have been interesting to live with. The last 10 years Eth started to live for itself. The result is obvious.

      Since Eritrea left – we found the people of Gambella, Benishangul, Southern people, Afrar and many more …….

      So the current situation is much better for most Ethiopians regardless of accepting or not accepting Eritrea as a nation. Nobody wants to go back to where we were 20yrs ago. So do not worry so much. Eritrea/Ethiopia was there and will be there (under different names or administration) – worry about us, humans, with limited time on earth. Do not support a government or a wrong attitude which makes it even shorter.

      • Endawit Obahara

        kaddis, you said that “The last 10 years Eth started to live for itself. The result is obvious.” I donnot know what and of what result you are speaking of. Excuse my ignorance and tell me of what and what is the result that you are talking about so that we understand each other as properly as possible!

        Continuing my quiry, I would also like to know what you mean by, “Since Eritrea left – we found the people of Gambella, Benishangul, Southern people, Afrar and many more …….,” in with clarity. Don’t assume that those you exchange ideas with know everythinging that you say. I don’t revise what I have made myself to be except before Him who created me, Lord God Almighty!

        My friend Kaddis, you also said, “worry about us, humans, with limited time on earth. Do not support a government or a wrong attitude which makes it even shorter.” I do not know what lead you to believe that I support the government you have in mind, whichever it is, for I support no government on Earth currently. I live in my “I” and live with and let live others. I talked about Isaias and his misteress, the PFDJ, and said that PFDJ is a Marxist dictatorship of the worst kind. So, you cannot call me as supportingsomething that I abhor. As with the military history that you want to forget about, it is there to stay for the very people that made that recent history, good and bad, great and smaill, wise or fool, are still there. What was has to be set, what is has to be well lived, and what is to be should be molded from what was and what is, good foundation and good life. Truth is an enemy of lies as death is an enemy of life. Liars and killers die at the end not matter how far they can humanly go. Let truth reign in one and in all, individually first and then collectively second. One has to know what the truth is for themseves before they can join those who claim to be the people of truth, many people whose truth have found unity and are joined in diversity. Anyways, let us understand that a people can be arrested by historical development like Eritrea. Now, Eritreans are reaping what they sowed and they are trying to find themselfves in many different ways each of which was already there except that they put at the backburner of territorial nationalism, Eritreans who who faced Ethiopias illegal annexation of Eritrea as Janhoi the terrible, the last king of Ethiopia. Now, we are two countries de facto and de jure and Meles has to settle his problem with his cousin Isaias instead of playin god with international law that recognizes Eritrea as one of the worlds states. It is useless to use border disputes that have been legally resolved by the highest court of the world and the earlier the Eritreans and Ethiopians work toward settling the primary goal of Eritrea’s war of Independence from Ethiopia, the better it is that they start to live as good neighbors and nations, as kins and friends, as brothers and sisters. Let us deal with things that should have been done long before and then build on them toward a common goal in whatever manner provide that it benefits all.

        I will come with another Pen name that is more remote but nice and I wish to keep it that way henceforth for writing here. You don’t have to know what name I will use till it comes and you may or may not recognize me then. This name that I am using now is a name of a place and what I call the wife of my youth, my rose, so to speak, and they are both real. And real is great. May God give peace, wisedom, and rain to Eritrea and its neighbors.


  • Guest

    Eyob Medhane Ya mu’alim!!!

    You are absolutly right;enquiring the past in”IF” leads us into vertually un helpful answer to the present problems we faced.We end up in kill my grand pa the idiot, I mean the Grand Father Paradox.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam Wuqato Arwe and Sal,

    I find Sal’s stubborn version of the the border war disconcerting. 14 years after the war, I think we owe it to ourselves to admit we were very wrong on the measure aspects and resist the urge to tamper our soulsearching with ‘but Woyane started deportation or escalated the war.’

    As our nation is daily suffering the effects of our stupidity (from the unresolved nature of the war being the sole excuse of Isayas to stay in power, to the deaths of the youth in Sinai and the Mediteranean) and in fact to the extent of the fact that we are on the verge of losing our very existence (next war will annihilate Eritrea), we should be super-guilty (if there is such a thing) for our conscious or inadvertent role we played during the war. I know I am.

    Sal’s previous assertion “Eritrea started the skrimish and Ethiopa started an all out war” is cringy-worthy. Information reveals the dark corners. Micheal Aranchi of Assenna for example exposed how a well-prepared Eritrean army from Corps 2000 of Wuchu was sent to start the war even though it was Corps 161 was the one traditionally stationed and patrolling the Badme area. Besides, when does exactly a skrimish start and war start if one attacks with tanks and hundreds of soldiers?

    On deporation: Eritrean strategists should have weighed in whether to go to war against a country where half a million of your people live comfortably and in relative economic advantage. Not that deporatation is not ugly and henious, that it is; Eritrea is the one most hurt by it; thus should better had thought of dodging it by totally avoiding the war. You shouldn’t expect any mercy from one you just labelled your mortal enemy.

    Generally, as Adowa defined Eritrea-Ethiopia dichotomy, Badme has the potential not only to be the final resting place of PFDJ, even of Eritrea itself. With such a terrifying magnitude, I think it is fair to assess every bit of our resident, left-over thoughts of the border war and the Woyanes.

    • Selam Gezae,

      I saw the evolution and the maturity growing exponentially at you very much. Wow, I wish the rest of Eritrean would have been like that. From our debate I saw some silver lining and that is, (a)our young are better understanding what is good for our people and our nation than the generation before them (b) the importance and need of good neighborliness(c) the desire to create a condition for peaceful co-existence. Sis Arwe and you have the right grasp on the necessary attitude on how to deal with Ethiopia and other issues.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Dear Amanuel,

        We can not possibly afford to carry on the old wagon where divisiveness, hostility and an outright scoring points between the two nations own the day. We need to cut ourselves off the residue of the ugly past and kick start with vigour and stamina where tolerance, magnanimity and respect reign the day.

        I am absolutely elated to see a drastic change in the younger generation where again, the era of bickering and animosity lose their meaning. Great and promising days are ahead.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

      Dear Ghezae,

      Sal sure enough was not at his best when he said, “Eritrea started the skirmish and Ethiopia blew it into a full fledged war”. If he doesn’t lose a good night sleep over that, that is perfectly fine. But with all the facts on the ground and beyond a reasonable doubt, it has been written, sealed and delivered that, it was Isaias’ Eritrea which started the full fledged war that had claimed circa twenty thousand Eritrean souls.

      It sure is his prerogative to deny the existence of the Pink Elephant in the living room. By the same token, as much as it is his patriotic zeal to defend Eritrea, it sure is sad to see him traveling an extra mile to stand for Isaias’ Eritrea instead. History however has rendered its verdict. No number of articles could change it.


      • Sis Arwe,

        Yes indeed, history has written its verdict and proved that Eritrea had started the full fledged war. Besides, no plethora of articles will change that reality nor did any patriotic zeal could defend the indefensible reality.

        • Ghezae Hagos

          Dear Amanuel,

          I deeply thank you for the vote of confidence. I certainly moved away from the early 2000s and I learned a lot from my mistakes. Official versions, especially coming from PFDJ, is a suspect for me and like many of us, I strongly feel betrayed.

          Sis Arwe,

          what can I say about you that is left? All I can beg of you is to join your brethren at EYSC and other face-book pages and beautify us with your infinte wisdom and grace.

      • “Sal sure enough was not at his best when he said, “Eritrea started the skirmish and Ethiopia blew it into a full fledged war”.

        Selam :- sister b’Alti W’qatto Arwe, i can confirm you that not only brother SAAY but we all the peace loving Eritreans saw how Isayas started to throw out one Ethiopian after another from our country Eritrea just before the war started. Some were of Amharan origin, some were of an Eritrean-Amharan mixture and finally some were of Tigrayan origin. This is how it started. People like me argued that this is against the human rights but the likes of Isayas Afewerki in the 90’s thought it was right and this is why they supported the dictator. Comically, when the war started in 1998, when the Ethiopians threw out our compatriots from Ethiopia, we found their behavior as abasement although there is a saying: respect the others in a way you want to be respected. We didn’t so we can’t expect the Ethiopians to do so, to be honest.


        • Saleh AA Younis


          you said, “i can confirm you that not only brother SAAY but we all the peace loving Eritreans saw how Isayas started to throw out one Ethiopian after another from our country Eritrea just before the war started.” Who is this SAAY because he shares my acronym; I sure would like to meet him:-)

          I can’t speak for “we all”, but if by SAAY you are referring to me, I had no knowledge of that. Not saying Isaias is incapable of that, or even that he didn’t do that. I am saying it is was not public knowledge for those of us living in the West who rely on the media. Was it even reported in Ethiopian media, much less Western media?


          • Selam :- Brother SAAY, when i read the quote: “Sal sure enough was not at his best when he said, “Eritrea started the skirmish and Ethiopia blew it into a full fledged war” by sister b’Alti W’qatto Arwe and because i don’t have much time, i thought that you are like me, who visited our country in 1994/95 and i have to admit that i went to every corner to ask where my friends were. After the independence we always met and have had a good time and those were the guys who were born in Eritrea, so my brothers and sisters, doesn’t matter of their ethnics or religion. The result was that they were gone away forever. I found out that they were forced to go away and it really made me very sad because you can not force people to go away against their will. It has nothing to do with respect. I thought that you also made such experiences. If you didn’t made such experiences, than I have to say sorry. I think that one can not expect pity from others if one never felt pity for others. The truth is that it stank for me and even when my compatriots said that we are liberated, my answer was: no. If you don’t respect the dignity of others, you can not proclaim to be liberated because one time it will hit you. This is exactly what is happening since 20 years now.


  • rodab

    On a lighter note,
    We have exhausted this blog. Time to move on and get new Gedab news edition and new topic 🙂
    Good job Awate for opening the discussion forum. What took you 10 years to figure this out?

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Dear Sal (Memh’rey),

    I sure don’t have an illusion of putting my feet into Karl Marx’s shoes as he challenged his mentor and teacher Hegel where he turned him “up-side-down” when he injected a new paradigm in dissecting the forces of history.

    I came of age in my intellectual journey as I sat under the DaEro reading with an intense intent to what you had to say about everything and anything in the cyber Lyceum where the likes of Beyan Negash, Moba’E Afewerki, Afewerki Paulos, Paulos Natnael, Yonas Araya, Dawit Mesfin, Gideon Abbay Asmerom and other brainiacs graced the zeitgeist of intellectual flare up as if there was no tomorrow. The trophy however, always belonged to you. Simply because you’re second to none. Even though my area of expertise is in Biochemistry and a bit of Bio-technology, I said to myself, if Eritrea had created the above mentioned pride of a nation, it must have created a female version of them as well and I was determined to find her in me. And I read with a voracious appetite in the areas of humanities, arts, literature, philosophy and history to that effect.

    It is rather interesting to note that, you sort of drifted off on a tangent to illustrate the victimization of nationalities on the “periphery” (Oromos) by successive Ethiopian rulers when the issue was about Eritrea’s rather perennial aloof reaction to the Victory of Adwa. You even went as far as invoking the cruel reaction of Menelik on Eritrean conscripts as he amputated their body parts on account of treason. That kind of tasteless talk was precisely utilized when high priests of the present regime in Eritrea mobilized the people to foster a deep seated grudges towards Ethiopians when in fact the accusation was taken totally out of a context.

    Moreover, you alluded Meles’ unfortunate decision in deporting Eritreans of an Ethiopian of an Eritrean origin right after the Badme war as an extension of the enduring legacy of Ethiopian rulers. Again, that is what I call an intellectual dishonesty where Meles not only apologized time and time again, he even went further on providing a crucible of opportunities so that the young people would not be lost in translation.

    If you remember a while back, Adhanom F’twi made an astounding claim in his last article where he shared with us his experience during his year long stay in Addis. By his unscientific estimation, he asserted that close to 80% of Eritreans residing in Addis seem to sympathize with the regime in Asmara. If you really think about it, if the same assertion was made when Menelik was in power, I am sure, we wouldn’t have been surprised if he was to take the same cruel measure as he had taken towards the conscripts. The times maybe different but the magnitude is not that different. But again, even though we need to take Adhanom’s assertion with a grain of salt, we can’t help but be grateful to Meles for being too good to us despite our masked persona.

    Ethiopian rulers’ atrocities particularly during the reign of King Hailesellasie and Mengistu Hailemariam on the Eritrean people is cruel, sadist and heinous to say the least but if we are to be honest with ourselves, the heinous crimes where not only confined to the counties, villages and towns in Eritrea, rather, it was pervasive in Ethiopia as well.

    For instance, King Hailsellasie systematically rendered Tigrai the poorest province in every account with in the entire country. That is a crime of the highest caliber where the design was not to set villages on fire and killing mothers, it was meant to dehumanize people ’till they lose their sense of dignity and pride. I don’t have to narrate what Mengistu had done during the dark era of his reign when he summarily executed young students in every corner of the country where their parents had to pay for the bullets “dispensed” that had killed their daughters and sons.

    Eritrea can not possibly sustain her uniqueness by evoking at times hyperbolic victimization and victory against all odds and by the same token, Ethiopia can not over-sell her unique place in the Black history. As much as we are destined to be neighbours till Kingdom comes, the only way forward is to respect our differences and capitalize on our commonalities. At least we owe it to posterity.


    • Saleh AA Younis

      Selamat Lady Dragon, Eyob, Ghezae:

      No teachers and students here, bAlti arwe, we are all peers (I was going to say patriots but I think that’s a dirty word now.)

      Quick notes:

      1. We tend to be all nostalgic about dehai, but that is because it reflected an era of relative innocence. Content and sophistication wise, all the names you mentioned including me have got nothing on you and the new generation of writers. Put our feet to the fire, I say!

      2. Yes, there were a lot of off-tangent trips here. From our strongman, to asmarinos and faras, and the battle of adwa and then on to your favorite subject, the dehai years.

      3. If a man is beating me, and your best defense is, “oh, he beats his kids,too”, that is not a great defense. Certainly not for those who wanted me not to complain for refusing him as a father when he wanted to adopt me. I, and his children, can form a partnership to deal with him (which is what the EPLF and TPLF did), but I will be damned if I won’t be shocked when my partner starts acting like his dad.

      4. What Menelik did to Eritrean POWs was savage. You can search high and low for similar savagery from north of the Mereb, but you won’t find it. While the rest of the world celebrates him as a great African (he is on every top 50 list of great Africans), I have my reasons to see him as a savage. That is not intellectually dishonest or cheap sentimentalism, it is human reaction. Eyob, you keep forgetting that the Eritreans who fought alongside the Italians were CONSCRIPTS. The Eritrean revolution spent a lot of time telling its fighters: remember, the Ethiopians coming to fight you are a conscripted army, so yes, fight to win, but remember they are not your enemy. (I so enjoy bursting the bubble of our Ghedli-haters.)

      5. Eyob and Lady Dragon, I included the story from Oromia because when you say “Ethiopia”, the “Ethiopian people”, my suspicion is that you are narrating Ethiopian history as told by the ruling class (Amara and Tigray.) There is a completely different narrative from the rest of Ethiopia that never gets told. Certainty not by the Ethiopianist historians.

      5. Ghezae, Skirmish? War? Read this fine piece in the New York Times (from yesterday.) It is worth it just for footnote 10.

      6. Lady Dragon, there is only one thing I regret about “the plethora of articles…” from my dehai days. I wouldn’t change anything I wrote, not a thing. But I would have added a footer under every article: “the PFDJ must release all Eritrean political prisoners now!” In any event, all of that was EPLF/PFDJ writers battling TPLF fighters with the rest of the Eritreans and Ethiopians just looking awe-struck. Like I said to you before, if you had a different perspective, there was nothing preventing you from screaming “STOP!” and presenting your more enlightened viewpoints.

      Gotta go, but this is fun.

      PS: To whoever it was who told us what took you so long to open up the comments section, we were waiting for moderators to moderate the threads. We didn’t want it to deteriorate what happens with other un-moderated comments sections.

      PPS: Arwe, whenever you say “many thanks” it reminds me of that horrific left-wing creature from MSNBC (now with Current TV) Keith Olbermann. Just saying.

      Keep the conversation flowing.

    • WegaHta

      Adorable b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo)

      I am not exaggerating, I got real ‘high’ reading your post! It is the wisdom that emanates between the lines of your superlative writing that intoxicates. Will we all return home sooner than later? and will I see you in flesh and blood in a leading position? are the questions gnawing at me. Thank you for giving so much joy. I now wait with anticipation of you addressing the issue of highlanders and deKi metaHt, christians and moslems and ELF and EPLF in the same intellectually honest and at the same time responsibly wise way you have handled the shared sufferings of Ethiopians and Eritreans under certain regimes. Some equally bright people like you in are tilting the balance on pure vicitimization, in my view. Even on this very crucial subject to us and/or, I dare say, the whole humanity, the wisdom lies in what you say ‘….the only way forward is to respect our differences and capitalize on our commonalities.’
      My adored lady, may God bless you infinite times. You most definitely speak for me and I believe for millions and millions who crave a free and just world starting from here and now, overcoming yesterday. I am always looking for potential leaders, and I see one in you.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tatoo).

        Dearest WegaHta haftey natey,

        I see precisely the same thing in you. Your flawless English of a substance and your “I dare you” attitude armed with the truth and facts to the teeth is a sign of character, integrity and principle. And that is what potential leaders are made of.

        The home-return is not far. It sure is around the corner. As we see the horizon from a distance with a sense of optimism and the need for a new beginning, Eritrea will not be disappointed anymore as she is left heart broken when the likes of Askalu Menqerious and Fawsia Hashim opted to sell their hard earned integrity to the man at the helm. Instead Eritrea is to rise up with a flickering eyes as she finds hope in her people like you. God bless us all haftey natey.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Hello everybody here, especially the Ethiopians here,

    I just couldn’t resisit the temptation to write my thoughts as the topic of Adowa, the ever-lasting identity questions regarding Ethio-Eritrea are too enticing.

    1. Adowa victory should be reassessed especially by the post-Dergue Ethiopians. The long-term impacts in the generations to come of crucial milestones, like Adowa, shouldn’t be left as innocous victory of ‘Atse Menilik be General Dobrmida or Bariateri’ or of ‘black people’ against a colonial power. I suggest it is time for Ethiopians to have more naunced, less jaundiced, less romantized version of the long-term effects of ‘Yekatit 23 shih sm’nt MOTO (yes, my ‘intil’ is shopped off) semanya sm’nt. That is what good historians do: you don’t revisit the history itself; yet its cumulative effects that is still reverbrating today and even tommorrow. For every question of Assab, Badme and our wars, certainly Adowa is responsible.

    2. There were two long-terms effects of Adowa that I would like to briefly delve in.

    A. Adowa further gave Menilik the power to undermine the Tigrignas. By dispossessing the Tigray Ras’s of their power, he only kicked the can further the road. The 1943 Woyane rebellion (which unsurprisingly was supported by Eritrean Tignrgna elite of that era) culminated in TPLF’ rise and its kicking of the can under Federalism circa 1991. (Trust me, Meles’s alter ego is Yohannes the 5th or Alula the 2nd.)

    3.The second effect is towards Eritrea. Looking back 106 years ago, Adowa victory could be seen at best a pyrric one, if you are a real Ethiopian. Yes, Menilik won but his victory came home to roost in the 40s, 50s and even 2012s. Eritreans of Kebesa, the Tigrignas especially had been left with a mangled identity apart from the chopped off limbs. In the very essence of Ethinc affiliation as structuring a society, we Eritrean Tigrignas still feel greater affinity, unrequited hate-love (but never indifference) towards our kins down south. It is no surprise in this line of thought to remember that YG’s subtle reference to Ghedli’s failures and questioning of the the Eritrean revolution was favourably accepted by many Eritreans, especially the Tigrigna Christians as he touched a chord(food for thought for Sal.)

    4. So there Adowa as each one of us are not just its beneficiaries as are its victim should be revisited. What if Menilik lost, let just say, what if he lost Adowa and Ethiopia became a colony of Italy. As much as it is humiliating to think so about it then, it wouldn’t be too scary now. Just remember 52 countries in Africa. Worst case scenario in the early 1950, Ethiopia would be free and poor. Kenya. Libya, Sudan, Ghana, etc…In fact, Ethiopia is an abberation (unhappy one as it turns out.)

    At least, for what ever happened since then, Ethiopia would have the excuse to blame European colonialism.
    Al least, however things could get worse, it would not be as worse as for the average African countries.
    At least, for what ever happened, North of Mereb would not have seen the hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    I know the dice was cast long time ago. Yet, when the two most backward nations still kill each other over the effects of ‘Yekatit 23’, sane people would like to question the wisdom of celebarting the victory of Adowa. Saddest thing is nobody knows when mutual remicrimation and killings by thousands will stop. So not so much history, but the future too, the near future at least.

    • Eyob Medhane


      I always try have a measured, consistent and not temperamental response to everyone here in awate. But, I am going to have to say to you, sir with all due respect, what you just said above is a total BS.

      In any kind of hindsight, no nation on earth would have said “….Emmmm, My ancestors shouldn’t have fought of those, who came to subjugate them, because their resistance is my problem, today. I would have been less poor, if my father, great grand father and great grandfather were enslaved and just gave up, damn them!!…” If there is a nation or people that would say that, they don’t know the meaning of dignity and self worth, and I don’t care k how much you think you know them, but that is not Ethiopians! I don’t think that is Eritreans, either. Eritreans wouldn’t have fought tooth and nail with more sizable, resourced Ethiopians, who they thought as occupiers, if they have a same kind of logic you seem to entertain, which is “…Hummmmmmm, if I fought these people today, my great grand children and their children might have a problem with poverty and too many ethnic complications…May be I should drop everything and give up…” No nation, no people no dignified entity would have that kind of logic.

      You said,

      “….At least, for what ever happened since then, Ethiopia would have the excuse to blame European colonialism….”

      What? Who told you that we are short of excuses? Where did you get the idea that we want to blame someone and somebody to blame for our problems? Huh?

      The stagnating problem of Ethiopia was the war with Eritrea and the inability to solve it with amicably. That was the reason for so many deaths for thirty years. When that subsides, there now is a window of opportunity to emerge from poverty. Period. Adowa has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      The African countries that you mentioned, would do anything to exchange their fate of being colonized by being a victor over their colonizers. They would do anything to regain their lost culture, language, religion and self worth. I can’t believe there are people like you, who say “..Darn it, I should have been colonized by some foreigner, and should have become a second class citizen in my own land. These darn ancestors of mine got me lost that “wonderful’ opportunity..”.. If there are those people, who say that, they should get their heads examine.

      • Ghezae Hagos

        Selam Eyob Medhanie (the Ethiopian),

        “The stagnating problem of Ethiopia was the war with Eritrea and the inability to solve it with amicably. That was the reason for so many deaths for thirty years.” You said.

        Well said, it is not just history and we will just go to another war again before we finish, I mean interrupt each other’s sentences..Why? brother, your victory at Adowa did manage to keep Italians at Bay for another 39 years but DID start the cycles of wars you mentioned.

        It is very true of what you said that later generations can’t say if our grandfathers did or didn’t do this or that, we wouldn’t have this or that problem. But later generations have every right to reevaluate and see it with new eyes what they learned to be their defining moments of history in terms of the current and future impacts. You should, for the sake of better understanding of each other.

        I believe you have read history and I will recite one example that I believe is fitting to ours. The Treaty of Versailles of 1919, just as the Treaty of Addis Ababa of 1896, was hailed a big thing for the winners of world war 1. Now, the victors of the both of these wars were elated and thought they had done huge favour to their subjects, and even future generations.

        In 1920s and 1930s or even 1940s, the zeitegist of Europe could be one of looking the Traty of Versailles with admiration and pride, just as Adowa was for Ethiopians. But now historians don’t see Versailles that way. Its punishing and retributive terms are now seen not just as overkill but mistakes that even contributed the rise of the epitome of all-evil, Hitler and his Nazis.

        Now, dear Eyob, does it mean the battles of Somme and Verdun and the million heroes who died were wrong. Of course not. But what it means is, time gives one the future generations to see the true face of such milestones as Adowa and Versailles. As I said, “Sane people would like to question the wisdom of celebarting the victory of Adowa.” So celebarting victories of the long-past should be tempered with their effects of today and the future.

        Again Germany and France are now all Euro-bros, and there is no current fear of renewe hostilites as a result of Versailles, the later was not so much celebrated..Now why real Ethiopians should think of Adowa when its long tenacles reaches to the fate of a Habesha baby born this evening?

        Yes, Adowa is upto Ethiopians to feel what ever they want. It just that we are all feeling its smoldering heat from this hundred-year old volcano.


      Well as you people on your filed would say, structure defines function. The way Eritreans structured all those years are the direct results of what we think and how we function today. In other words; there is a good reason and facts for our mentalities. I though Sal did a marvelous job explaining to you. However; I thought you were a bit insensitive and at times completely without empathy. I am 32 years old Eritrean; till this day I can’t get rid of the image in my head about the children of ShiEib. I will carry a gun protecting Issaias and die for, not to happen what happened in ShiEib. My dear Dragon lady how about we see things with a little empathy? Imagine in your head what happened on all those places Sal describes. I wasn’t there, but I can see and feel what those people went through.
      With respect!

      • Eyob Medhane


        Come on! A lady wouldn’t say her age. (I bet you are only 24 🙂

        Lady Arwe and I never said that what happened in those villages were not horrible. What we said was the same thing by the same governments happened in Ethiopia. Therefore, we should be equally outraged and sympathetic for both peoples….That’s all….

        Thank you~
        [moderator: we have our readers covered Eyob, we already corrected it on our own. It was obvious.]

    • Alhagiga

      Dear Ghazae Hagos

      It is quite improper to suggest that the battle of Adwa should be reassessed ,the Ethiopians they had all the right to defend their country ,if it is good for the goose it is good for the gander my brother , we Eritreans we fought against occupation for thirty years against our neighbors , people we share a lot with them , it would be hypocritical and double standard of you my brother if you are suggesting they should have welcomed the white man and his Eritrean recruits with out any resistance , we should accept same moral responsibility for our ancestors becoming accessories to the white man’s ambition to conquer and subjugate the natives , not only in Ethiopia but also in Libyia, as far as your affinity to your brothers in the south , it is normal human feeling however, this affinity of yours and your likes also brought nothing except disaster to Eritrea since 1950s . Eritrea today is independent country after hard and long fought war , I am sure the Eritrean people in the future would like to have good neighborly relation with Ethiopia for mutual benefit , and also we share many ethnic groups with Sudan and the Afars with Djibouti and Ethiopia , it would be wise of us if we could resolve our differences through dialogue and negotiation rather than rushing to war . thank you all

  • Hameed

    Dear Sara,

    I am speaking about Nesu Nisikhi and Nisikhi Nesu, the twine of Lucifer. The One God loves justice and truth, but Sara’s god likes injustices and lies.

    From your comments I understood that you like injustices and lies, therefore you are not a believer of One God. You are the worshiper of Nesu, the twine of Lucifer. You hear about innocents rotting in dungeons and you become happy. You hear about the perishing of innocent youth in seas, borders and deserts and you yell with delight. You hear the people of Eritrea are in misery and youth are enslaved and you make a feast for that. You see refugees suffering in camps in neighboring countries and you say let them suffer, Nesu has done well. The One God has bestowed you with a mind that realizes between things, but you make your mind inert. After all these examples, are you now on the side of the One God who loves justice and truth or on the side of Nesu, the twine of Lucifer, who likes injustices and lies?

    It seems things are complicated to you. You don’t know which god you are worshiping plus your forgetfulness are serious signs of the disease which I told with you last time. It is better to do with my advice and urgently consult a physician. I am stressing on this issue for it is dangerous if you didn’t treat it early. Once a friend told his friend. I am forgetting too much. His friend asked him, when did this condition stat ? He replied, which condition? You see this is similar to what you are repeating in all your comments. I am writing this just to help you, I don’t want to lose even one Eritrean whether he/she worships Nesu or oppose Nesu, the twine of Lucifer.

    • zegeremo

      dear Hameed,

      Sara is hypocrite, and her version of reality is different than most.

      • Hameed

        Dear Zegeremo,

        I am trying to repair the machine that has gone wrong at some point of time. Sara is an Eritrean and should be repaired to function properly. If every human being is dear to us then our siblings will be more dearer to us. The loss of one Sara is the loss of all. Sara affects us negatively or positively, therefore Sara should be rescued from the state of mind in which Nesu has thrown her. Those who perished in the Sinai desert, those who are suffering in dungeons, refugee camps and inside Eritrea are dear to us. Sara also who is bewitched by the voodoo, Nesu, is dear to all of us.

  • of Course DIA DicTator isayAss AfeberQi wont have Peace with Ethiopia cuz if There is Peace in Both Countries he Knows he is Goin To lose his Power. cuz There are lot of Good well Educated Eritreans who will Take His Power and That is why he is always Against Peace. and i Hope The Ethiopian Army will Destroy His Power once and For all inShalah!! am Just Fed up To Hear From DIA Jumpin To USA Every Time He Got Kicked his Azzz By Woyane lol. Down With DicTator isayAss and His Dogs Peace To all PPL of Ethiopia and EriTrea!!!!!

  • shoan

    please calm down, relax reread and tell me:

    where upon did i endorse afeworki. afeworki and the midget are apalling figures.

    read, finish the sentence before you get upset, because it is not meant to upset u.

    fake democracy is not better than no democracy. they are equivalent. while equally opressive, fake adds insult to injury.

    i was totally against any coperation with afeworki from day one. i don’t believe in guerilla war.

    the cycle of violence must be broken. we don’t have infinite amount of time. while we fight the population grows, the land degrades, the climate changes and hiv spreads. poverty will be irreversible and our fate will be perdition.

    “who will liberate us from our liberators” still echos in my mind, though i forgot who said that. i think it was the chilean writer nicanor parra.

    i see on this page new recruit mainly woyanized-eritreans masquerading as good fellow tigrians, trying to convince us. no doubt there are eritreans enchanted with the promise of being liberated from afeworki’s grip by woyanie.

    the mafia regime in addis is cornered, he is looking for a new turf, learn from tigrians, your welfare is not his concern.

    that is why i empasize ethiopians/eritreans must unite in their struggle to eject both criminals from their country.

    nothing further.