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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Cry my beloved country

Responding to the Scenario of ICG, is it ever possible to start, “a reconciliation with non-reconcilable devil”? The International Crises Group(ICG) is telling us that it is probable. But how credible, one might ask them! Let us see the scenario that our friends at the ICG are trying to draw to save the naked Emperor. See “Africa Report N°200, 28 March 2013, Eritrea: Scenarios for Future Transition”

‘Events in the last twelve months indicate growing discontent inside Eritrea’s tightly controlled regime, as well as deepening political and social divisions. While the mounting number of incidents suggests that President Isaias Afwerki’s regime is vulnerable, with increasing concerns over its ability to stay in power, the country would face numerous institutional, socio-economic and geopolitical obstacles during and after any transition.“ A careful assessment of these, as well as the role neighbors and the wider international community could play, is urgently needed to help avoid a violent power struggle that could prove dangerous for the Horn of Africa and potentially – as Eritrea is a littoral state – for the Red Sea region.”

For those of you who attended the University of Asmera, formerly known to those Asmarinos as The Santa Famillia University in the 70ties,  is to be recalled, what happened after some of the saints of International Crises Group were there as a president and lecturer in law. Soon after 1991 people were struggling to find assistance fund for the university from outside Eritrea. It was refreshing when nationals came from afar to work as volunteers to the mother country with a noble force to remold the youth in modern education. Some of you may also remember the difficulties when king Haile Sellassie was blocking any meager fund destined for the Santa Famillia Italian University in Asmera. Even the DERG was not friendly to the staff members, especially the Eritrean nuns who were teaching there.

Things seemed to be getting better when many locals were allowed to join the colleges, especially the arts section. Some even graduated with a law degree for the first time. I remember when some of my friends were studying there; I was wondering how long the holy Santa Familia College would survive without funds. Even the much loved, and  only University of Addis Ababa was struggling with its annual budget of 16 million Ethiopian Birr  at the same period , with its 3 colleges, 2 in Addis Ababa and the 3rd in Hararghe, the  Allemaya college.

Why am I recalling these comparisons?

In different periods of its history, Asmera University has seen a lot of authoritarian decisions by the different governments in Ethiopia & Eritrea until its final closure, thanks to those who already had the benefit of Higher education including at the Uppsala-Universitet, and Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

The article below from The International Crises Group is a contradiction to what was happening in Eritrea 15 years ago. Those who were collaborators in the destruction of the Eritrean education in Eritrea are now trying to educate the entire Horn of Africa region, and beyond that the Red Sea basin countries. Their methodical analysis of  reconciliation in Eritrea would be better served first by saving the neck of the tyrants and drawing a scenario of avoiding an uprising against the Eritrean dictator.

Alas, time is a little too late for the dictator and his men to seek reconciliation after what happened in Forto Baldiseira on 21 January 2013.

We should be aware of the deteriorating livelihood of our people during the last 21 years by the same person in power and his friends with whom ICG is asking us to reconcile. It is like putting an effort to reconcile with non-reconcilable devil.

In this Holly month of Easter holidays off course, I would like to bring some of the old spiritual quotations, because the spirit of Easter is in essence about reconciliation with our God and men. “Reconciliation  somehow served to justify the breach. Yet the government’s perceived lack of concern for the misery of the displaced We need to change methods fast not talk about reconciliation with the evils in power.”

There is also a quotation from an unknown author in

“All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ …”

…and in a seminar, somebody was quoted saying: We shall prepare the coffee of reconciliation through the filter of justice. Through reconciliation, streams of tears will come to our eyes.

The Gold Diggers

Imagine someone who has been in the Congo (formerly Zaire) in the late ninties and authorized to oversee the digging the diamonds and who puts 158 POWS and detainees in those holes and finally asks his boss: what shall he do with these wretched prisoners? And the boss tells him to “discard them.” He does what his boss wanted. On the contrary I expect  those two to reconcile with the Eritrean people and then proceed with the amount of  the diamonds dug to compensate the families of the victims. Let’s assume the families of the victims forgave them and said, “we all live together in peace and friendship.” That is really a reconciliation. Who knows what is happening with the blood diamonds in Antwerp (Anvers) Belgium, that was shipped from the Congo!

Reconciliation  somehow served to justify the breach.
Yet the government’s perceived lack of concern for the misery of the displaced
We need to change methods fast not talk about reconciliation with the evils of power.

May the Alimighty bless you all !

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3. Eritrea: Scenarios for Future Transition” , International Crisis Group- Working to prevent conflict worldwide.

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  • Fiseha

    [Moderaotor. Read the posting guidelines, don’t use a misleading nick. You understand what I mean.]

    tefelasefu all day long. The lion of Nacfa will stay as long as he wants in power. I don’t know if you believe me or not the secret is, you have to show to the people of eritrea that you are working for them. You care about them. Isseyas and his leadeship they are just doing that. The reality on the ground is the Government is working tirlesly to change the standard of life everryday. It is working little by little. The poeple are the wintness. And the so called opposition, they go for vacation now and then to Ethiopia, with the Government who is acupying sovergine Eritrean teritory. Do you think Eritrea people don’know that.

    • daniel


  • Alash Abelnayom

    Happy Easter to those of you who are followers of the Christian faith.[Moderator: they are called Christians]

    1. Half of my brackets are busted but two of the teams I picked to go to the final four made it: Syracuse by winning the East regional (very happy about that) and Wichita State by winning the West regional. My Midwest and South brackets are busted, but no worries! Syracuse will still win it all. Go Orangemen!

    2. No matter what you think of PFDJ/EPLF/GoE you gotta give it to them. The opposition folks must envy PFDJ’s ability to organize at the grassroots level. Grassroots organization will beat any paid mercenaries of unemployed youths organized by an NGO. The level of passion and energy is with the grassroots organizers. The old EPLF mantra was, “Hafash Tewedeb, Teatek , Niqah.” Well today’s YPFDJ, the descendants of EPLF, are doing the same thing. They are organizing, educating and arming themselves with knowledge about Eritrea’s history, culture and contemporary affairs.

    Wonderful to see young Eritreans taking pride in their heritage and motherland!

    Much respect to YPFDJ!

    Awet n Hafash!

    • yegermal

      Money matters! DIA like most dictators has a bottomless pit of money from which he can draw to run his propaganda machine and brainwash innocent diaspora youth, whose parents have abdicated their role as parents and have given all control to PFDJ. The opposition is poor and therefore can’t afford to organize events like PFDJ does. It is as simple as that!

    • haile

      Selam Alash,

      Regards point #2 “PFDJ’s ability to organize” may not be what appears to the untrained eye. This “ability” is hard to attribute to PFDJ. In fact may only show PFDJ’s inability to Organize! Let me explain.

      What we see as Eritreans organizing in this way was curtsey of EPLF’s intensive organization and mobilization during the Ghedli era. And PFDJ, cleverly aligned itself with that to benefit fully from it. Some in the opposition forfeited that by trying to re-write history and also to mobilized by through negative campaigning that only focus on PFDJ. As you have clearly noted it in here (such as Semere) they are willing to re-invent the wheel, only this time by identifying the people as “komaro” “nazi” “zombie” “blind” … part of their justification could be that the same is said to them from PFDJ side. Sadly, PFDJ lives in an inherited home while the opposition has to build a home. There is definitely the case of who can afford what as a result. So far the house that the opposition built was divided into 35+ with rancour and animosity. It is a chaotic home, dilapidated and inhabitable. Desperate residents hope for an answer right out of this comments section, having wilfully refusing to listen to reason.


      • Alash


        The opposition has built a new home alright. Unfortunately, it is in Ethiopia. The opposition keeps going in and out of Ethiopia to participate in Weyane-sponsored and directed conferences. Don’t think Eritreans aren’t noticing.

        Ordinary Eritreans see Weyane going in and out of the opposition’s home (wishima) and don’t want anything to do with the opposition. As a result, the opposition have become “finfunat” as we say in Tigrigna. That is the simple truth. May be if the opposition drops Weyane as their “wishima” then they might have a chance with the Eritrean public.

  • As in the life of a nation a meaningful political change and socio-economic transformation could never be measured in days, years even decades, the Eritrean with the current ongoing historic resistance and eruption, understandably not very clear road map and could be chaotic and disruptive should be looked at as a sign of a critical “Search of democracy and Identity,” Self-Worth of a nation of a great history and a huge accumulated heritage. As always the case of the start of any major human enterprise, one starts by positioning one’s self in terms of one’s true competences and true inherent capabilities termed “Search of Identity,” to launch into a truly equitably promising future and a place under the sun. Thus, as the contemporary Eritrean generation commences the long taxing process for profound transformation to prepare for a better future, one should never be disheartened with the ongoing rising cost and inevitable sad and wastages, in both human lives and material damages, on the road to achieving those hefty and ideal causes. The recent Fortto military uprising is just the start of the Eritrea Uprising, have “renewed hope and aspiration , ” the “Awakening the Giant Within…,” the reasons of reckoning and encouragement in the face of despair and futility of stagnation and resignation to an untenable Status Quo. Put in proper historic perspective, and despite all the attendant deep sufferings and inconveniences, the current Eritrean generation is living a historic moment of the finding of self and awakening to its true value.

  • tesfa

    History teaches that dictators and/or totalitarian parties are not inclined to dialogue with those who think differently. People like PIA are not able to sit in a council or parliament to listen, discuss and compare. The only time they pretend to accept a confrontation is when they are afraid of not being able to soprimere a possible rebellion and feel the risk of losing control of the situation. This false availability lasts as long as they do not riorganize themselves. Democratic or parliamentary system is organized on the tomb of the dictator and his ideology by outlawing the totalitarian system as happened with Nazism and Fascism. No dialogue with a dictator and can lead to a transition to a pluralist systema.

  • The 11th hour conundrum
    The span of 11th hour in a day is quite defined. The span of dooms days of Holy Scriptures is not clear. Hence so many predictors proved to be wrong several times and definitely will be proven wrong in the future.
    Is there any defined span of 11th hour in politics? If so is it applicable to all kinds of systems regardless the time and space they represent? How long are fronts, movements, parties and unions destined to live? … I can add more questions but I am pretty confident that no one can give me a clear answer of any.
    If the idea is about Issayas… it is quite silly. He is human being and is mortal like any one of us. But what does his mortality has to do with the death of the front and the nation. Hey.. the nations is come to prominence and keeping its existence through the life of 85,000 and plus Eritreans. It is standing against the biggest army through the back of the people in the ground.
    Issayas is doing he share of contribution alongside of the members of the front, the people in the government and the public in general. If Mother Nature calls him Eritrea has sons and daughters to keep the clock tickling as they are doing it now.
    PFDJ is not one man and will not die with the death of any prominent person in the head. This 40 years old front is capable enough to set a landslide voyage of the country for the coming 100 years like Democrats and Republicans party in USA, Lobour Party in UK, chinese peopls’ communisty party, congress party in India…

    If that 11 hour will have 100 years span… then i will agree with what ever who love to spell it year after year – as lots of writers in the page doing.


    Dear Awatians,

    I could not resist 15 minutes from my treatment time to jot my concern about the dark clouds that is hanging over Eritrean people.
    It worries me that the power vacuum is still empty & it does not appear global world´s agenda to let Eritrea stand as a viable entity..what I worry is about fight between Eritrean generals power struggle to control the resources..hence instability.
    bye for now..I love you all
    Mehretu Habte aka Yugoslavo – Eritrean

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dearest MEHRETU,

      wishing you long life, I would like to assure you that our military forces are not to kill each other for those useless guys and things most probably will end in unexpected way right to the head god willing.

      I miss you. don’t forget to open Jebena and join us.

  • selam

    I don’t understand why Qatar is supporting
    dictator Isayas?



      Because ,it has already been decided to rescue President Isaias….eventually eritrea will be what has been planned for it.
      The American Foreign policy think tank said it about 6 weeks ago……¨We want to see a powerful ,strong & developed Ethiopia ,a stable Somalia & a quiet Eritrea..quite as in (shut up ). Always look to washington ,when you think Eritrea. USA said in 1991 ,We are not infavor of Eritrea separating from Ethiopia…exscept…¨What Washington wants Washington gets ,if not washington frustrates what does not go it´s way.
      እቲ ኤርትራውያን ከነተግብሮ ንደልይ እንድሕር ብተዛዋዋሪ ኣንጻር ዋሺንግቶን ኮይኑ___መፋሕፋሕ ዝባንና ክኸውን ይኽእል እዩ።ኣብ መጨረሻ፣ህዝቢ ምስ ደኸመ ናይ ዋሺንግቶን ለበዋ ይቕበል።ፓለስቲንያንንዘክር።

      • Zegeremo

        ….but the thing is Ethiopia will never be a strong country given the potential social tensions and the nature of puppet government. Strong Egypt under Mubarak can be taken as a good example.



      Dearest Kokhob,

      i miss you too. I hope you are all right.I am really worried, because everything I heard before, eritrean would never do that has proven to the contrary.One thing I know is the religion card will never work.
      I hope you arec is just I have this engraved believe the 60 s America & now the global order does not want to see Eritrea as a viable entity by itself..not personal or hatred ..but due to fear only Eritrea weaker & part of Ethiopia is needed. I can not explain eat ,but, the global world believes Eritrea may end up another Somalia a Disney land of foundamentalist terrorists. My mind does not go there.But, not having an organized replacement & Isaias becoming irrelevant a bannana that only it´s peel is left..would be narranged to be overthrown by one of his Generals….I hope I am wrong.

      I think I need Jebena more than emotional issues right now I will join.

  • What always amazed me about most of writers in it is been long since their clock told them the life of the government in Eritrea is over. Since 2004 a number of writers in this web have declared the government is in the 11th hour and the way forward is for the opposing. I think we deserve to be informed if they are analyzing their dreams.
    – In 2001 a number of international organization and puppet writers declared the national reserve of Eritrea was Zero… but the economy is still surviving.
    – In the same year the case of G-15 and the action taken on them will demise the ruling front and the president… contrary to that strong YPFD is in the process of conducting its convention here in London now.
    – Then when the government of Eritrea ordered UNMEE to leave the country a number of you declare that Ethiopia will be in Asmara soon… what happen after a decade.
    – 2009 when that naughty sanction passed by Security Council your pens declared the regime is almost gone… is it gone.
    – And now you drummed the 21 January case… the handful plotters simply caught and sent to serve their deal and the deceived soldiers back to their trenches
    – Apart from Saleh Younis, he is always pragmatic in this case, all other proven to be wrong…
    Please tell us when you are analyzing your dreams about the 11th hour of the government… for the situation in the ground is till early in the morning for the government of Eritrea

    • Zegeremo

      Lol…how would you define the term government?


    • yegermal

      As we speak DIA is on his death bed. Why else would a so-called president would disappear 3 weeks at a time, if not to undergo medical treatment (the best money can offer, that is)? This scheme of disappearing and reappearing can last only so long. At some point in the near future, even the most advances medical treatments won’t be able to keep a rotten body and soul alive. And that is when his spinners will start saying “ewa ay seb indyu kem sebu”……



      In my humble ,yet almost always brilliant opinion…EPLF´s/PFDJ´s govt. is going crumbling. But, the idea of treating people like crap in order to respect you will continue. It has worked since the Italian colonization time. The Generals will go against eachother ..and to get support..they will give their warlord fights regional structure..that is easier to exploit in Eritrean case. I do not believe the religion card works .It is very easy to start a war..but ,to finish it …wow, I do not have to insult people´s intelligence.Isaias is blacklmailing the global world…sending his ambassador to Arab league is a message to them.THE ONLY REASON THEY (globalists) LIKE ISAIAS IS HE IS DETERMINED TO DISMANTLE THE IDEA OF A VIABLE COUNTRY..AND SO FAR HAS IGNITED ALL FIRE SENSITIVE POINTS.
      EPLF/PFDJ has been on it´s 11th hour for 9 years & may continue for 5 more.Too many motivators no devoted revolutionaries.
      mengsti bpaltalk ayfersn iyu !!!

  • T..T.


    Sometimes, because you are a human being, only “CONDOW” thinking or “what if” thinking can help you realize what is wrong with you. Suppose someone calls you “AaFAF” and you respond by checking your nose. If you find mucus draining from your nose, it would be wise to run a “CONDOW” analysis if you were allergic to a change of the environment or sick with infectious disease. This is not a runny nose, it should be something serious. Similarly, if ICG says Eritrea of Isayas if not healthy any more, the least that you should do is not denial but a “CONDOW” OR “what if” thinking. If I were you, my emotional and immediate reaction would be – mind you, many African leaders ended in prison. Do you want my Isayas to end in prison? And, for those whose loves are for the country and not Isayas, their worry is reflected by the ICG’s report, to say the least.

  • Sahle

    The ICG report was pure trash! Garbage. These people don’t know anything about Eritrea. They just go by what Weyane lackeys and some diaspora politicians tell them. They tell them what they want to hear.

  • Of all the scenarios described in the report, Ethiopian intervention seems to be more plausible given the long standing border dispute between Ethio and Erit. War weary Eritreans won’t fight to settle the dispute. It is also in the interest of Ethiopia to appoint a government whose affairs are readily monitored, whose politics is closely aligned to that of EPRDF. Total chaos is also possible given the divisions along religion, region, political-ideology, so and so forth. Eritrea just like Somalia might become a divided country, say between the low land and the highland.

    • sara

      that is shortsighted, not to say a mercenary view of things. i don’t understand why we have so many (Here) ill wishers to Eritrea.could that be because awate is open all, i.e ethiobians.

      • Calm down Sara! Besides, moderators don’t need to see what appears to be abusive languages, as far as I know that is. 🙂

        BTW: I am as much an Eritrea as you are, assuming you are an Eritrean too. If you want to selectivity read and/or hear what you like, you can do so by tuning out everything else you don’t like.

  • T..T.

    There is no a legal case if there are no two opposing parties. Also, there is no a master unless the other party accepts the dominance of the party (the person) who is behaving like a master. And, there is no or any reconciliation is not possible unless the difference is reconcilable.

    By now, there is no any Eritrean that has blinders that limit his/her ability to understand whether the case in Eritrea is reconcilable or not. Eritreans are daily blooding and the blood is on the hands of the other party. All those in higher offices and all those generals are not the same because some do not have blood spill on their hands, as evidenced by Forto operation. So, the reconciliation is possible with the exception of the master against whom the Forto emotions felt the bitterness and anger.

    Hopefully yet cautiously we may accept his only mediators (the Qataris) as they lately stared talking about opening up the Eritrean case in their Doha-forum for discussion. No one can discuss the safe passage of Isayas to a third country because that goes only to the victims of Isayas.

    • Saleh Gadi

      You stated the following: “e may accept his only mediators (the Qataris) as they lately stared talking about opening up the Eritrean case in their Doha-forum”
      1.Could you provide the source of your claim the Qataris have done so?
      2. Who is “we” could you describe the “we”?

      • T..T.

        Hi Saleh,

        The Doha-Forum offer was made public by Farajat, Meskerem and Adulis. According to those sources, the offer was turned down by Isayas. There was mention that letters were exchanged between the two leaders not to close the door of opening up the discussion but delaying it to an agreeable time to Isayas.

        Should Isayas be doing some arrangements of governance improvements nowadays it should be read to be in line with improving his position on Doha-forum. Do I believe that?? I would say, nothing impossible with Isayas. He might do that as a project financed by Qataris in order to help the Qataris to improve their circles as people are questioning their stands against Isayas. The Qataris with their money power can mould Isayas into an innocent devil should the Eritreans opposition accept that offer. Isayas is really in a constricting opportunities to be taken for granted by the Africans. And don’t forget, the Africans have had their bad experience with the Qataris in Lybia and the Qataris are trying to improve their side that includes taming Isayas towards the Africa politics.