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“ The Mercy” Project carried out by Ethar Relief, continues at the refugee Camp of Um Gherghour.

About a year ago Ethar Relief started the project to build a secondary school for girls in Um Ghergour. However the project was not initiated due to lack of sufficient funding at the time.

We would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who participated. Especially to the family of Monirah Altaeib, May Allah allow her soul to rest in piece, for their generous donation.

School Project changes from Girl’s secondary school to Boy’s secondary school.

We like to inform all brothers and sisters that “Alfajr foundation” (may Allah give them the best reward ) was able to find funds to build a secondary school for girls in the same camp (Um Gherghour). Therefore on that basis, our trustee board in Ethar has decided to build a secondary school for boys instead. This school will be called “School of Mercy”. Following the other two projects “Well of Mercy” and “Mosque of Mercy” which was build by Ethar Relief in the past few years.

Our pleas Continuous.

No projects will succeed unless people cooperate to support them financially and morally. We therefore, ask all our brothers and sisters to continue to provide Ethar with the good support that has made it possible for us to help our brother and sisters in the refugee camps.

etharFoundation stones for the Secondary school project was laid, with the help of Allah, at the 14thof March 2013. This school project is still in need of your contribution. It is necessary to provide the school with it’s basic elements and requirements. The students need to use chairs, tables, adequate facilities, and we need to ensure provision of necessary aid for teachers and school administration.

A private word to the Eritreans who have suffered and still suffer today.

When Ethar relief introduced This school project for the first time, we were expecting to receive funds from all Eritreans worldwide, due to the noble cause it would be to defeat ignorance. Now, the weak response we got will force us to ask ourselves this question. Is our Eritrean nation unaware of one of the biggest threats that risk to destroy our society, ignorance. Is it acceptable to have illiterate whole societies in these refugee camps?. What has befallen upon us Eritreans to accept such realities?

We have certainly the ability to help our people come out of their misery.

If every Eritrean, only in London, was to pay 5 pound each towards this cause, the problem would have been easily solved a long time ago.

In contrast to this situation of poverty and ignorance in the refugee camps you find a different reality for those who have escaped this refugee camps and come to settle in Europe and west.

How many Eritreans do not wear the trendiest clothes, take their children to the best restaurants and drive the finest cars? We do not want to be misunderstood. We are not intending to interfere with our fellow Eritrean’s good life style. We are merely trying to reach out to our readers conscious. How many of you, fellow Eritreans, think of your Eritrean’s brothers and sisters in these refugee camps?. Does anyone think of the hungry, thirsty or the disabled?! What about the lonely widow, the lost orphans and the weak praying elderly. Who will help your own people if not you? No one can be more merciful towards them more than you. If you choose to forget them, they will remain forgotten as they have been the last 40 years.

We fear that Allah will hold us accountable at the day of judgment for lack of support to our people. We fear that we will be branded with shame that is impossible to erase. We fear that our people will become the most humalitated people on earth, enslaved of criminal gangs abducting them for human trafficking.

Each time to approach charities to support us we are asked about our population in the west and in the rich gulf countries and what measures they are taking to elevate the problem.

If we count the numbers of Eritreans who are able to help and those who are in need we will conclude that we own the solution to our problems into our own hands. But where is our interaction with the problems? Is it difficult for you to donate 10 or even 5 dollars that will help improve the situation of our people?

Does it please us Eritreans that we have to stretch a hand to others who rarely help while we can solve our own problems internally? We really disapprove to do so if we have a choice. Today we are forced to do so because we don’t find enough support from you. We cannot leave our people suffering while the majority of us do not care for their pain. On the other hand there will always be merciful hearts that works for humans without any preconditions or direct links to them.

We have great believe in our people to fulfil their responsibility as we know how much a small group of Eritreans have contributed with all their wealth and efforts to the success and progress of our work.We shall not mention names but we have not forgotten them and even if we did Allah will not.

The school of Umgerghour needs our support until it becomes a reality and fulfill it’s mission. Hence we were not able to  raise funds solely on Eritrean contributions, as we had hoped and marketed for, we were forced  to ask people from outside the Eritrean community to donate. With the help of Allah we have now commenced the building work but we still need your generous contribution to  finalise the project.

You all know the virtue of spending on students of knowledge. One might die and yet you contribution will lead to graduation of thousands of students who will educate and benefit others. You will receive the  reward, of all the good they continue to make, in your grave cause your contribution was the initial reason for this good to happen.

For any information on how to get involved in any capacity, please contact us on:

Telephone: 0044 1213090230
Website: <>


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