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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Unfiltered Notes: “I Am Thinking Now”

After a fulfilling career at Microsoft, Patrick Awuah returned to his native Ghana to start Ashesi University with the goal of cultivating ethical leadership and innovative thinking for a new

Africa. A month after starting the project, he received an email from a student which he says almost moved him to tears. The student’s email simply said “I am thinking now. Thank you”. Imagining the transformation the young man must be going through, Mr. Awuah describes the elegant simplicity and power such a short message can generate.

Recently, I saw the beauty and spirit of that simple yet powerful email put in practice by one group of Eritreans and trashed by another.  Three leaders of the Eritrean Community in Santa Clara, California, with the best of intentions paid a personal visit to the regime-affiliated group in San Jose to deliver an invitation for civilized dialog1. That is the “thinking” part. Unfortunately, this noble step was harshly rejected and boycotted by the San Jose group2.  That is the part where people are willing to let others do the bad thinking for them – remotely from Asmara. Both are listed below for your reference. Read them and judge for yourself.

To the best of my knowledge, I will describe the dynamics of what took place. Although obvious, I must also mention this is only my opinion and I alone am responsible for any errors or other shortcomings.

There are two Eritrean communities in the South Bay – one in San Jose and the other in Santa Clara. The Eritrean Community Center in Santa Clara is open to all Eritreans including regime supporters.  In other words, no litmus tests. The same cannot be said about the higdef group in San Jose as illustrated by their abrasive reaction to an otherwise friendly and timely call for action. One of the services I like that is provided by the Santa Clara center is bringing Eritrean and non-Eritrean speakers to share their knowledge and diverse experiences with the community. On top of being educational, these sessions tend to bring the best in people where ideas are shared freely. Windows are opened to a much bigger world with its infinite possibilities. And that is why I support the Santa Clara center.

The regime in Eritrea and those who serve it have routinely used fear and fabricated stories to demonize, intimidate and eliminate free-thinking Eritreans for decades. In line with these practices, the Santa Clara center is falsely painted as being “anti-Eritrea” for simply refusing to exclude anyone. Some have privately admitted they actually like what the center stands for but they are afraid to be seen in an “anti-Eritrea” establishment for fear of losing visitation privileges to Eritrea. Although this is a poor justification for inaction, the fear is not totally unfounded. Regime informants in the Eritrean Diaspora have been instrumental in getting innocent Eritreans jailed during their visits to Eritrea. Why? For exercising their individual rights to think for themselves and for attending gatherings the regime in Eritrea doesn’t approve of.

Unwilling to accept this disempowering status quo, the Santa Clara center leaders took the initiative to reach out to the community at large and to the San Jose group specifically. The three gentlemen from the Santa Clara center who took this worthy initiative have no problem with the existence of multiple community centers. They fully accept any individual’s right to think freely. As a result, the San Jose group’s right to affiliate itself with the regime is not in question. (I also agree it is their right but that does not mean it is the right thing to do. In my opinion it is a huge mistake to give unconditional support to a failed regime whose primary trademarks are total and complete abuse of power, active promotion of poverty and ignorance, unparalleled cruelty against its own citizens, mind-numbing propaganda and massive national robbery where no one outside a handful few know how Eritrea’s resources are being squandered. Support should only be given if and only if such feudal practices are absent).

The leaders of the Santa Clara center found the divisive environment and lack of communication among Eritreans to be unacceptable. As a gesture of goodwill, they took the admirable step of going to the San Jose group in person to explain what they are trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, their noble call to come with open mind and softened heart” fell on deaf ears. Worse, without a shred of evidence to support their claim, the good deeds were dismissed as “dirty tricks”. Unwilling to reciprocate the courtesy and respect paid to them in person, the San Jose group posted their rejection publicly in dehai instead. Of course they have the right to do that, but not a civil response.

By boycotting the event, the San Jose group actually deprived themselves of a good opportunity. If finding the truth was their objective, they could have used the genuine call for civilized dialog to ask questions and to clear their doubts about hidden motives and dubious funding sources they seemed to be concerned about. The motive was pure and it was explained to them in detail and in person. The venue was donated through the tireless efforts of an Eritrean who passionately believes in the culture of dialog. The cost of the water offered to participants was $15 or less. That is all — no dirty tricks, no hidden agenda and no CIA funding as they are so fond of accusing anyone who dares to think independently. The regime’s long history of sowing mistrust and ignorance in our communities has blinded us from seeing genuine acts of goodwill occurring right in front of our own eyes. Isn’t it time to stop asking for permission from others to confirm what our own eyes are seeing in real time?

The San Jose group mentions “true identity” and “dialog with whom” as if they don’t know the identity of those who came to them with the olive branch. I will have more to say on this insanity about identity another time. For now, it is sufficient to mention they know exactly who came to invite them – three thoughtful gentlemen any level-headed Eritrean would be proud of, ready to address the problems they see in their community. So why knowingly perpetuate the regime’s culture of division and backwardness? The undeserved harsh response will only strengthen the resolve of those who are determined to build the culture of civilized dialog. Efforts to build the much needed common ground will go on, the fear will be defeated and the healing process will continue.

The challenge to the community at large and specifically to the silent majority is this: do we have sufficient courage and self-respect to overcome the fear and to embrace good ideas no matter where they come from? Are we ready and willing to mend the fractured trust? It is time to go beyond empty slogans to solve the complex problems Eritrea and Eritreans face jointly.  Mr. Awuah’s goal of cultivating ethical leadership and innovative thinkers is not only good for Ghana. It is also good for Eritrea — or any place for that matter. Everyone should be able to say “I am thinking now!” because enlightened societies got there by rewarding their citizens to think. Why is thinking a punishable crime in Eritrea?


[1] – All-inclusive invitation by Eritrean Community Center in Santa Clara


Dear Eritreans in Bay-Area

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to attend civilized dialogue among Eritreans.

Upon private conversations we, Eritreans everywhere, discuss issues concerning Eritreans. However, our private discussions are limited to small groups that we rarely share our ideas outside of our inner circles. We tend to enjoy discussions with those who have opinions like ours. As a result we have refrained from coming together and have civilized and open discussion with those who disagree with our opinions. This undesirable behavior is forcing us to live in a divided society and hence it is preventing us from solving common problems for our common good. The division is so bad that we have two community centers in San Jose who hardly talk to each other. Our new Eritrean immigrants are disoriented and try to survive in their new countries without the support of a strong community. The list is too long and we feel it is time to stop this destructive behavior and come together for civilized dialogue

We are, therefore, inviting all Eritreans to an open and all-inclusive forum to share ideas on how we can focus our energies towards:

1)      Solving real problems that are common to all Eritreans
2)      Bridging the gap and bringing harmony among Eritreans by cultivating a genuine sense of cooperation

We strongly believe we can do great things together. And it is with this spirit we invite everyone for a free exchange of ideas. Please come with an open mind and softened heart to share your ideas and to listen to other voices.

[2] – Rejection of above invitation by higdef group in San Jose posted in

 21 መጋቢት 2013

ዘተ ኣብ ሳን ሆዘን ከባቢኣን ብጉዳይ ኤርትራን ኤርትራውያንን ምስ መን ?

ኩልና ፈሊጥናዮ ከምዘሎና ጸሓፊኡ፡ ኣዳላዊኡን መዋሊኡን ኣብ ዘይፍለጥ ኩነታት ንጽባሕ ቀዳም፡ 23 መጋቢት 2013 ኣብ ሳን ሆዘ፡ ካሊፎርንያ ኣኼባ ኤርትራውያን “ንምርድዳእን ምምያጥን” ዝብል ንክትሰምዖ ደስ ዘብል ዝመስል ግን ካልእ ኣጀንዳን ሸርሕን ከምዘለዎ ምርዳእ ዘየጸግም መደብ ተዳልዩ ኣሎ። ሓድነትና፡ መንነትናን፡ ተጻብኦታትናን ልዕሊ ኩሉ እዋን ዝንጸረሉ ኣብ ዘለወሉ ግዜ፡ ዝኾነ ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ከምዚ ዝኣምሰለ ምድንጋርን ዘየርብሕን ጉዳይ ብምእታው ክቡር ግዜኡ፡ ጉልበቱን፡ ገንዘቡን ከየባኽን ንሕና ደለይቲ ሓቀኛ ፍትሒ፡ ሰላምን፡ ሓድነትን ዝኾ’ና ኤርትራውያን ብትሕትና ነማሕጽን ኣሎና።

ሓቀኛ ሓድነትናን ረብሓናን ብመንነትናን ጽንዓትናን ይደልድል !
ዘልኣለማዊ ዝኽሪ ንሰማእታትና !
ወትሩ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ !
ኤርትራውያን ካብ ተኸታተልቲ ጉዳይ ከባቢና

March 21, 2013

“Platform for Civilized Dialogue Among Eritreans” with whom ?

We all know what is going in Eritreans’ affairs these days. In light of this, we would like to alarm and warn all true peace loving and justice seeking Eritreans not to fall for the dirty tricks of those who are pretending to broker peace among Eritreans of San Jose and environs, scheduled this Saturday, March 23, 2013, in the name of “Solving Real Problems” and “Bridging the gap and bringing harmony among Eritreans by cultivating a genuine sense of cooperation”. So far no body has openly disclosed where this “Civilized Dialogue” initiative has come from and who is sponsoring it.

Peace can only be achieved through true identity and perseverance !

Eternal Glory to our Martyrs !
Wetru Awet n’Hafash !
Eritreans who follow up real developments

About Tewelde Estifanos

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  • Semere Andom

    What a perverted logic, bless every Eritrean youth even if they are supporters of rape, torture in a container in scorching sun and beat them on the head so they cease thinking. No! God damn those youth who support the PFDJ as Pastor Jeremy Wright said to America. Pastor Billy Graham also said God will apologize to Sodom and Gomorra if He does not punish America, so God will not bless the PFDJ youth.
    Yes, I agree with you even the PFDJ youth, aptly named Africa’s Hitler youth by Asmarino are Eritrean, I am not PFDJ I cannot take their inalienable right of their citizenship unceremoniously, although PFDJ does not treat them as citizens but as disposable subject.

    YPFDJ is an organization created by ghetto nurtured Eritrean kids and probably serial failure, who make annual pilgrimage to Sawa to get intoxicated and participate in sexual orgy. These are easy victims for the predator called PFDJ. Better organized or better financed is irrelevant of right or wrong.
    An American by name Ted Bundy was a well organized murdered and a rapist who, meticulously, dedicatedly and flawlessly groomed his victims and performed sexual acts with the cadavers, the PFDJ youth are the Ted Budys of Africa,

    The YPFDJ reminds me of what the Sudanese used to say when they complained about the corruption of their police: “every one who failed in his life seems to join the police force


    • hizbawi

      Selamat Semere.
      Semere, let me tell you undeniable and incontrovertible truth, which is every Eritrean has the right to stand with whatever he/she believes. That is exactly what we fought for. True, for the moment PIA is holding us hostage but at the end of the day, we will have an election, we will have working constitution and we will strive to a meaningful nation and proud people as we are. To do that we are going to need to come together with every Eritrean I don’t care if she/he is PFDJ or PPPG, it does not matter. So, calling “youth of Hitler” young Eritreans who got together for whatever reason is ridicules.
      I ask you this, I get that you are for a change and for peaceful Eritrea, do see achieving that without including the PFDJ? I am really interested to hear your answer.

  • haile

    Dear Sal (also Aman)

    You are right my choice of word was not great and my apologies for that.

    It was made in moments of rage after just looking at the controversial article in When individuals like that who decide what goes on in an online media (website) are so irresponsible with what they do, it can be highly frustrating. I don’t mind an individual commenter here saying “hitler…” but for a news article writer of an opposition website, it is a major dereliction of duty in causing unnecessary tarnishing of the image it try to associate with, opposition.

    If you take my issue here as a case study, you guys completely side stepped my point and took the bull by its horn as far as my choice of word. Now, how does that be compared with what happens when the public interacts with the “opposition” and what it considers the voice of the opposition is engaged in such improper choice of words?

    Well, when all is said and done, the perception would have already been formed and be hard to shake off.


    • Serray

      Selam Haile,

      You seem to think that the opposition’s problem is attracting people, it is not. Convincing the brain dead , refining a message to attract those in the middle of nowhere is unproductive. The opposition can win the hearts and minds of every uncommitted eritrean and nothing will happen. Ours is a case tying the bell around the cat’s neck; of finding the courage to take the fight to the hyenas cage. When the head is gone, the zombies and their children will fall in line.

      I use to think we are fighting a system, now I am not sure. Isaias has dismantled the old system. It is now something held together by a thin thread of incoherent vultures who will suck the life out of the very thing that gives them life. Let alone those in diaspora, its supporters back home do not matter anymore. Spending any energy on them by reproaching or changing the message to penetrate their thick skulls is a complete waste of time.

      I get the feeling you think it is about momentum; it is not, it is rather about delivering one sharp decisive blow to the head of the vultures. If we follow your thinking, the opposition has to first convince the border obsessed, those in suspended animation, and then…I am frankly not sure when change will happen in your scenario. The opposition should concentrated on ridding Eritrea of the vultures. Wasting any time on the detached diaspora who have zero influence on the regime is pointless. Same with the zombies inside. As a matter of fact, the opposition should completely ignore the regime supporters and simply concentrate on delivering a deadly blow.

      But I agree with you, asmarino should find an appropriate name to call children of zombies; hitler youth is way big for these little hypocrites.

  • hizbawi

    Semere I hate to spoil it for you but there is no change or any kind of transformation that, it doesn’t include the PFDJ and the YPFDJ. You can scream and scream loader saying dictator and bashing PFDJ but no change is possible without the participation of PFDJ and YPFDJ. Moreover; it is plain stupid to call those brave Eritreans “Hitler youth” are not they better organized than you and your so-called opposition?
    They are Eritreans who stood for what they believe, right or wrong. At least they stood for something, what are you stand for? God bless every Eri youth regardless where they stand; they are Eritreans and they are my people.

  • haile

    Dear Awatistas,

    It is such a sad case to see Asmarino calling the “YPFDJ” youth Eritreans “The Hitler Youth of Africa!” That is just pathetic! How is that supposed to help the cause of the “opposition” by simply identifying one’s self as an “ignorant” and “emotional wreck”

    Regardless of what one opposes about their association, of all names on God’s earth why does some one has to come up with “Hitler”. I sometimes wonder if the opposition activity is a code name for “Unemployed idiot” who has nothing better to do.

    Negative campaign is a risky platform as it is, to be extremely negative and nasty is suicide in the same book.

    Asmarino, grow up and learn from Where you would find out that Clean means powerful!


    • Zegeremo

      YG himself had been a homeless for good five years before he start involving in NGO scheme with Weyane.

      • Saleh Gadi

        Any evidence for your allegation Zegeremo?

    • Semere Andom

      I am surprised at your ourage.The YPFDJ members should have known better than to associate with the PFDJ. Most of them born and grought up in civilized European and North American countries, this should induce outrage and instead of pulling a PFDJ line of calling the opposition unemployed Idiot for calling YPFDJ what they truely are: Hitler’s youth
      It is mind numbing to fathom that these westerdn educated and nurtured youth woulbe used by PFDJ and I would excpect you to be outraged at this

      • haile

        Selam Semere,

        There is a difference between being a media (website) of an opposition or just representing yourself.

        -“African Youth of Hitler” is not only factually or metaphorically nonsensical but defeats the purpose an “opposition’s” primary goal of mustering enough strength to unseat a government. We heard the “komaro” blunder, we heard the “agame” blunder (to Yemane Gebreab in NY) we heard the “we will grass on you to be deported” blunder…isn’t it time for growing up and taking responsibility of your actions? It is ok to criticize PFDJ here, and is a one way communication in that respect, but who criticizes the enemy with in? People shouldn’t spend their life time just talking, if that was all needed, God would have created us without brains but just tongues:)


    • Sahle

      YG had no career to speak of until he hooked-up with an NGO.

      • jonah

        Haile I agree this hitler talk is just ridiculous. Why would you label Eritrean youths as hitler youth? I agree we have a one man or party dictatorship but what Eritreans got to do with Nazi and their concentration camps?
        Most these kids are from the west, so we should look at trying to win them over and show them their association with PDJF is not good. You know these kids are members not because of Issias or PDJF- they become members to associate with “Eritrea”. An Eritrea their parents were doing everything they can liberate with donation, helping, etc.
        Oppositions party should try to reach out these families and youth. Educate and Educate. The only reaction you get from calling them part of Hitler youth is defensiveness from parents and youth staying with YPDJF. In matter, any youth hearing these would think author’s a little off..
        Tactics do matter. What is old saying “when fighting a monster be careful you don’t become one in process”.

        Sahle, I don’t who this YG? But if he is good eritrean and he got a job with NGO.. I hope he knows about the importance of networking and brings several fellow Eritrean along to NGO.

    • Haile,

      The opposition is an “unemployed idiots”!!!! Wow!! you are back to your reminiscence way of interacting. I think the change you promise was a lip service by unsupported conviction. When you said “unemployed idiots” I am sure you took out yourself from the opposition side… a good hint to understand to those who claim in the opposition but “not real opposition of the regime.”

      • haile

        Dear Aman,

        Good catch, I give up Colombo:)

        On a serious note though, what does to be an “opposition” mean? To profess your disagreement with the PFDJ with the worst verbal cliché that you can find? To be irresponsible of the fact that the cumulative effect of the little things you do? If any comfort, let me accept your dismissal of me out of the opposition gracefully, the question is “does what I say help or harm the opposition?” Does advising people to be careful on the verbiage they use (unless done deliberately to tarnish the image of the opposition) amount to helping or harming the opposition? Are we about substance or style? Appearing to be an opposition may be easy with free dissemination of views in forums like this one, yet to be a true opposition committed to the betterment of his/her people by all means necessary and acting in practical ways to achieve that is something else. So, no love lost to not be associated with the first group that takes emotional gratification from fruitless discourses. But as terminator once said…I’ll be back:_)


        • Saleh Gadi

          Haile, the way you define the opposition includes you. How is it then that you use a broad brush to attack the opposition in demeaning terms? I am sure you agree the opposition is a broad term and talking about it as if it is one person with a thousand legs is disingenuous. How are you different than those you harshly criticize?

      • Haile,

        Your activity in this form is to despise the opposition as oppose to the evil man at the helm. If they are incompetent in your eye you better find yourself to be an alternative to them if you are one of those who oppose the regime. Saleh’s point is right if you opt to heed it… which BTW you should have known the nature and the composition of the oppositions by now.

        In fact let me give you an example: The so much you admire and adore “awate team” are at least part of the opposition themselves as I know. Are they unemployed idiots? What do you mean by the way “unemployed idiots”? As I understood from your comment somewhere in the other thread (in Semere’s review) you were in the army struggle. Weren’t the fighters in our armed struggle “unemployed” but were selfless individuals who were ready to sacrifice for the Eritrean independence? Sometimes we have to be careful the words we utter, for somehow those words in return define us in what historically we were doing at different time and space of our life. I hope you get the gist of my drift.

        One advice though, do your share a tangible effort to save your people, and don’t complain by the weakness of “others”….if that is the limits of the “others” specifically those you attack them as unemployed idiots. What I have learned from the Eritrean politics “derogatory words” are part in the lexicon of our political terminology.
        Amanuel Hidrat

  • T..T.

    People appear to re-think their relationship with the diaspora Isayasists. We used to consider them as supporters of Isayas but now as directly responsible for what Isayas doing on our people. I think, it is better to leave some doors open for the sake of coming together to save our people, which comes through more and more negotiations. We know that Isayas depends on the mothers diaspora because mother means the family: father and children. So, the opposition should re-focus on the mother diaspora in order to isolatet the Isayast bad guys from the good/open mind Isayasts.

    • samuel

      Yes you are absolutely right that’s what we all need to do. Most of the regime supporters are just ignorant. They don’t know the real story. Most of them are women who are on benefit sitting at home watching Eritrean TV to get matters worse poor of them they believe whatever TV-ERI broadcasts. To me even a baby who was born yesterday wouldn’t believe TV-ERI. So it’s time to educated our Eritrean sisters and mothers.

  • Semere ANdom

    What is your point? Who said Gen Sebhat has not been demoted? Or Philipos has not been arrested? The sad thing is when the intellectuals who teach the white kids to think for themselves, but tell the Eritrean kids that our people are living in paradize called Eritrea.
    So can you prove that Sebhat is still in power,he may well be drawing a general’s salary but that is not a proof?
    The grand gist of Aman’s point was that we all bicker un focused, while the thugs perform their crimes with singualr focus. That is the point
    Aman is trying to redirect the discussion or to use his diction (mqelas),but Aman is also good at “mklas”, like our “wohalalu” mothers used to do to the butter

    • Dear Semere,

      What we have to accomplish at this time is diplomat’s excellence of riding two horses. By that I mean messaging of “unity and trust” and playing the bridging diplomacy for the divided forces of change (inside and outside of our country), while at the same time creating normalization among the nations of the region (the horn) as a basis for building peace, regional community, and regional economic development. By doing that we can expedite to shorten the life span of the evil man that kills the hopes and aspiration of our people. I have no doubt we will prevail if we do our home work for this big strategy. Our hope is still alive!!!

      Amanuel Hidrat

  • rodab

    I thought I read somewhere about a number of Ethiopian troops defecting to Eritrea.
    Such hugely juicy news cannot possibly escape EriTV and since it didn’t broadcast it, I thereby conclude that the news was not accurate.

  • I think Tewolde’s message is to unite Bay area community (Santa Clara and San jose). What does this have to do with the Eritrean Government. The community is meant to serve Eritreans who are here (at least the priority is to serve for those who are here).

    But to understand his message I think that “we have to know that we are endangered species here”. If you don’t know this, then his message will not make sense to you.

    You don’t do business if you know that you will be bankrupt. The same applies for our community, if we are divided we will end up bankrupt.

    How many of us can understand this?.

  • haile

    Hi saay,

    The observation you made in your response to hayat was insightful. IMO a practical response from such us displaying thier visitor stats publicly may tip the balance of power by capturing the undecided constituency (whether to be “hagerawi” or not). Granted that I am entitled to interpret, what you said to mean may may be different 🙂

  • Alash Abelnayom

    Sweet 16 starts tonight. I’m now going to share my brackets with Awatistas.

    Midwest (tomorrow night): Louisville beats Oregon . Michigan State beats Duke. Michigain State beats Louisville and goes to the final four.

    West (tonight): Wichita State beats Lasalle. Arizona beats Ohio State. Wichita State beats Arizona and goes to the final four.

    South (tomorrow night): Kansas beats Michigan. Florida Gulf Coast beats Florida. Kansas beats Florida Gulf Coast and goes to the final four.

    East (tonight): Syracuse beats Indiana. Marquette beats Miami. Syracuse beats Marquette and goes to the final four.

    My final 4 teams are: Michigan State, Wichita State, Kansas and Syracuse.
    Syracuse (my alma mater) wins it all.

    Go Big East!

    Forza Syracuse!

  • Selam All Awatistas,

    Look what the regime is doing in the underneath link and observe about what we are talking and debating. The regime is doing its home work regarding forto-2013, by forming a committee to study, how it happen and who support to the event, and so forth. Here in this forum we are talking about anything unrelated to the things going inside Eritrea and the dire situation of our people.What is awaiting to our people form this committee mass incarceration from the civilians and the army. The whole strategy at this time is foil this evil conspiracy against the mutiny and the civilians and encourage the army to resist the committee and its project.


    • Araya

      Mr. Aman make up your mind, is not the same web-site reported that Gen. Efrem demoted and Gen. wedi Phlipos arrested? It is indeed very sad when our learned intellectuals become hearsay and tittle-tattle experts.

  • rezen

    Article 2013/13, 28 March 2013

    Re: Unfiltered Notes: “I Am Thinking Now”, by Tewelde Estifanos, 27 March 2013


    For what it is worth, I sincerely believe that Mr. Tewelde Estifanos has an honest intention in the substance of his article.

    But, sad to say, a million words of appeal wouldn’t change Eritrea. Eritrea has been a dysfunctional ‘country’ ever since colonial Fascist Italy arbitrarily forged a land mass of diverse societies without the slightest consideration for the historical and sociological consideration of the people. Eritrea was never a master of its destiny. The semblance of peace and unity that may have existed among the diverse people was only a reflection of the effective control of the governing force of the Day – not due to the people’s awareness of sosciopolitical arrangements for the benefit of ALL.

    Parochially guided, Eritrean tribal societies could not fathom the concept of a common and wider interest beyond their little lots. Hence, the so-called ‘wholesome’ Eritrea was only an illusion. It does not even have a name that reflects the historical, sociological origination of the indegenous people. But it does not matter. Eritrea was even “better off with Fascisit Italy” — we are told. Ouch!

    Know Thy Problem
    Understandably, a number of Eritreans indicated their desire to see “SOLUTIONS” to the Eritrean problem articulated in the Internet. They had enough reading about the problems, problems, and problems of Eritrea. They are ‘hungry’ for a solution — and no sane person would blame them. But (and this a ‘big but’) there can never be a solution unless the depth of the problem is brought to the surface, openly discussed; understood; and accepted, without illusion.

    When a smal country like Eritrea has “more than 31 opposition parties and some 50 civic groups in the Diaspora”, it is a clear indication of the depth of the problem that Eritrea faces. When Diaspora Eritreans, seven thousand miles away from Fort Balidisera – under the safety and security of FREE countries of the Western World — act like ‘little dictators’ condemning and maligning others in the Internet for simply:
    a) excercising their natural rights to express their feelings and opinions; and
    b) undertaking an essential review and analysis of the ghedli era that consumed some quarter of a million young Eritreans with a devastated country, then Eritrea has a deep problem that should never be glossed over for the benefit of certain segments of the country over the others. If Eritrea is to retain the control of its own destiny by itself it is of paramount importance that Eritreans of all walks of Life have a free hand with their country for the benefit of ALL. Less than that, Eritrea will always find its age-old ‘comfortable’ place under the governance of outside forces!

    Eritrea’s deep problem requires seriousness, wisdom, honesty, deep knoweldge of the history of the country, farsightedness, but above all a willingness to come out of its SHELL and be part of the real interdependent World. Is Eritrea lucky enough to have such quality treasure? Well, it never had; it does not seem to have any now; and “the future is not ours to see – whatever will be will be”, so goes the old Hollywood song! The END.

    • Dear Rezen,

      I am always fascinated by you comment in this forum. Very thoughtful, honest, and direct to the paramount importance; pushing for solutions to the over-analyzed problems, and calling for seriousness and wisdom to avail to challenge the reality of our people, is the value of an individual of matured personality. Keep on with those lofty ideas until it finds traction.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Papillon

      Dear Rezen,

      It is just verbiage all over. You sure are telling us that Eritrea has multi-faceted problems but again, you’re not telling us what the nature of the problems are. Moreover, you indicated that, Eritrea’s problems beg for seriousness, wisdom, honesty and deep knowledge but these are mere generic terms if you will where they fall short of being reduced into specifics. Your “recommended” solutions can not be seen in isolation from your rather generalized take either.

  • Zegeremo

    Help: why are my comments not going through? I use both Mozilla and Chrome.

    Your help greatly appreciated!

  • rastaman

    Interesting, civilized discussion, without a moderator, just what the author of the article is yearning and asking for. Even those that are opposed to a ‘dialog’ are here except that only and only them want to be in it and not the rest of their people, who they think could be brain-washed by the dialog,thereby loosing them. They know they can’t win an open debate and therefore why ‘fight’ a fight they can’t win; and of course they have to have an excuse for not to look afraid of loosing and thus why the labeling and questioning the ” Who are they” and the Who send them” barrage of excuses. It is not surprising to notice that there are so many ways of telling the truth :-).

    Semere, you said it well. Weyane used EPLF to ‘destroy’ ELF for its own long term agenda of “Greater Tigrai”. The MLLT Manifesto, that Weyane has not denounced yet, defines Tigraway as all people that speak the Tigrigna language (regardless of geographical location). It aims at uniting all Tigrigna speaking people.It is based from the old agenda of Tirai-Tigrigni. This can be accomplished only and only by eliminating the lowland based ELF,and making sure that Eritrea has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Ethiopia, by securing its independence! When Aboy Sebhat Nega and other Weyanes said, Weyane cares more about Eritrea’s independence than EPLF, there is some truth to it. Weyane’s most nightmare is an Ethio-Eritrea union. The Amharas know this fact, and Weyane knows the intention of PIA (DIA rather) very very well. The deportation has something to do with it. Why do u think of all the names, DIA named it the “State of Eritrea” just like the State of Amhara,the State of Oromia and the State of Tigrai.That did scare the Weyanes, especially his interview with the Exclusive Interview of Isias with a Weyin Magazine in 1996, where he expressed his wish for a border-less nations of both people. DIA being the great grand nephew of Yohannes IV, has this grandiose idea of ruling the United States of Ehtio-Eritrea. Refer to

    I don’t believe DIA buys the Weyane’s dream of Abay Tigrai, despite his lineage, not on a short term any ways, but Greater Ethiopia, even including Somalia.

    I despise Weyane for their long term agenda of a divided Eritrea and despise DIA for his wishful dreams of using Eritrea as a step-ladder to rule a Greater Ethiopia!
    As to the Eritrean Opposition, as long as they (including myself) know the short and long term agendas of their enemies, they could use them cautiously. I have no worries of using Weyane’s(Ethiopia) help for now to get rid of dictatorship in Eritrea.

    Long Live the Eritrean Dream!

    • jonah

      Good history lesson but what does this have to do with Eritrean community in America or Bay area?
      How many Eritreans are going back to Eritrea?
      We eritrean-american can love our country of origin and culture and be involved in culture events and support and network with our people.. but all these ELF/ELPF, woyane, yohannes, etc.. (WHO CARES)
      How does this build a strong community center for youths and networking and business exchange? I might visit Eritrea but I have no plan of living there. I believe most eritrean-american if they chose to admit will probably not go to Eritrea to live.

      It seems the older generation are doing their community a big dis-service by dwelling in time capsule. If they genuinely interested in success of Eritrean-American community, they should ask themselves what can be done to build a strong center and community, what is our community lacking and how do we gather resources to bring them together, how do handover helm to younger generation, how do we bring eritrean business owners to give seminar, etc.. Here is an example
      I think there a lot successful Eritrean-American professional who gladly participate. If all these political non-sense of what happened in Afabet 1977 or what King Yohannes did to Menelik, where Meles mother is born or who is woyane…
      If you spend your mind thinking about the above- my recommendation is pack your bags and head home- there many immigrants from around the world that would die to come to America for the opportunities.
      I know our community is insular and this insular bubble allows to live in time capsule but come on.. Just because our home country is a disaster it doesn’t mean our Eritrean-American community have to be dysfunctional.

      • haile

        Dear Jonah,

        You said ” I might visit Eritrea but I have no plan of living there. I believe most eritrean-american if they chose to admit will probably not go to Eritrea to live.”

        Your assumption is actually a valid fact, that has been scientifically proven.

        There is a field of study called Diaspora Studies. “Diaspora studies is an academic field established in the late twentieth century to study dispersed ethnic populations, which are often termed diaspora peoples. The usage of the term diaspora carries the connotation of forced resettlement, due to expulsion, slavery, racism, or war, especially nationalist conflict.” (Wikipedia entry)

        According to studies in that field of expertise “…it is rare for the complete diaspora population to migrate back to the homeland, leaving a remaining diaspora community which often retains significant emotional attachment to its foreign kin and homeland.” Hence we are here to stay and do well to establish something permanent and worthwhile with the long term in mind.


      • rastaman

        Jonah, your frustration is understandable. I was trying to shade light on the thread at hand, as to where the arguments are coming from. You are absolutely right that we can’t bring politics and hope to build a strong, vibrant Eritrean Community. The G.o.E wouldn’t allow any kind of community development that it wouldn’t have a hands on; never did never will. That is the only reason for why there is no organized Eritrean Community to speak of any where you go. The illness that divided Eritreans in North America in the 70’s (Association of Eritreans for Liberation in North America-Eflina), whose Tigrigna accronym was “Enasa” had tried to stay independent of the arm wing EPLF without success. Eritrean Community Centers every where received not support but blows from GoE. I’m just saying that you learn from why Eritrean Communities fail to organize. Non-hgdef affliated communities are not welcome. Period! I had once a dream of a huge building of an Eritrean Church on one side and a Mosque on the other with a large conference room or dinning room in between, where they would converge for entertainment and for discussions to develop a prosperous community after they nare done with their prayers. I would have to win a lottery or win the heart of Bill Gates as it would be impossible to raise any kind of fund from Eritreans for that kind of cause. You have all my support in your attempts to form a non-political Eritrean-American Development Community. I already see hgdef members laughing even at the idea. Please do not get discouraged and aim high with a “we can do it” attitude despite all the obstacles.With best wishes and willingness to support your idea all the way.

  • haile

    Selamat Tewelde,

    That makes me feel a whole lot better, if I may borrow a remark from IA (when he made his embargo busting trip to Libya-Gaddafi was recovering from a fall injury at the time ) “I am here to be assured of the well being my brother and Leader (_____)” (just as a side note, do you see it all means nothing after a while…what Gaddafi, what falll, what embargo… all long forgotten!)

    The point is this, some Eritreans are becoming incredibly daft and we are tittering on a soon to come, almighty heck of a disaster.

    PFDJ is couldn’t care less. If people are not attending, that is good to the PFDJ. Why would it wants them attend? To ask questions, to talk about obvious things as developing the community?….those “not attending” people are only needed to comeout for “fetivals” and “shows” ($$$$$), for long lines demonstrations ($$$$-politically!), for external funding and assistance ($$$$). Now, you want those “not attending” to come together and let’s say discuss the idea that…hmmm….our community raises about $$$$$ from socials every year, how about using those funds to open a child care center to free up single moms in our community to hold jobs…and even rent/purchase a Gym for our youth…even scholarships ….

    So, you think it is a “better” – tac & Strg – for the PFDJ side to have people come out on the wrong times, to discuss the wrong issues and then do the wrong things – from PFDJ’s perspective. It is sad to see many Eritreans are engaged in an intentional or unintentional act of their destruction as people and and one’s great people at that.


  • Ghirmay Balay

    Does any one know who the “SUPER ERITRAN” Amanuel Tesfamariam is? he seems to think that no one is Eitrean besides him. Can someone who is close to him give him some advice before the mad man’s hand lands on him.

    You poor Amanuel WATA

  • rodab

    The message by the San Jose group has the hallmarks of PIA’s commentaries/editorials/statements under nicknames of MoI or MoF Affairs where one question after another are piled-up. It would be something like this: ‘Where did this initiative come from’? ‘who is sponsoring it’? ‘Who is inviting and who is being invited? by who? for who? for what purpose? Why at this time?…
    I thank the author for the timely information and I hope he keeps us posted.

    • Alash Abelnayom

      Greetings Rodab:

      What, who, where, when and why? These Five Ws are always good questions to ask. They are considered basics in information gathering. They are not limited to just PIA or MOI either, although PIA is far more analytical than the average Awate.Com participant or even the average world leader for that matter.

      I encourage you to ask those Five Ws in your daily activities before you consider something or put your John Hancok on any document. It is called due diligence.

      So don’t disparage PIA for wanting to get the complete story on any subject before he considers it.

      • Hayat Adem

        Dear Alash,
        The answers to your W questions were there. There seems there are a few who have a habit of copying the bad habits of PIA. One such bad habit of PIA is asking already answered questions, redundant questions, too obvious questions, junior-school level questions, irrelevant questions…etc. Of course, his is aimed at confusing others. Yours is aimed at confusing yourself. The saying HimeQ kab dirEto yimewiQ explains your case well. Otherwise, all answers were there for anyone to see them. If you are too lazy to read and analyze, I can reproduce them for you in a much simplified way.In doing so, I’ll use the letters from both groups as my info base. Here we go, lazy consumer:
        What: The purpose of this letter is to invite you to attend civilized dialogue among Eritreans.
        Who: Eritrean Community Center in Santa Clara
        Where: ኣብ ሳን ሆዘ፡ ካሊፎርንያ
        When: ንጽባሕ ቀዳም፡ 23 መጋቢት 2013
        Why: [because] The division is so bad that we have two community centers in San Jose who hardly talk to each other. Our new Eritrean immigrants are disoriented and try to survive in their new countries without the support of a strong community. The list is too long and we feel it is time to stop this destructive behavior and come together for civilized dialogue.

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Hayat Adam:

          That was exquisite– well done, really.

          Isaias Afwerki’s endless questions (what Meles Zenawi once dismissively called “comprehensive exam questions”) remind me of the “Al Fas Men Seregu” riddle from childhood, where the answer to a question triggers another question. It is sad that in this day and age there are people who think this is analysis and “deep thoughts” when all it is is just stalling and obfuscating.

          The most telling part of the letter that the San Jose Community Center wrote is not the content (same o same o) but that it was sent to It was really what Americans call a CYA (can’t spell it out: the moderator might bounce me:) For posterity, the San Jose community center wants to show that it was a “hagherawi” organization that doesn’t associate with “traitors.” So it wasn’t a letter as much as an alibi.


      • yegermal

        Superb! What were the G15 accused of? , who accused them? , where are they incarcerated at? , when will they have their day in court? and why aren’t they allowed family visitations?

        These Five Ws are always good questions to ask. They are considered basics in information gathering. They are not limited to just PIA or MOI either, although PIA is far more analytical than the average Awate.Com participant or even the average world leader for that matter.

        These Five Ws are always good questions to ask. They are considered basics in information gathering. They are not limited to just PIA or MOI either, although PIA is far more analytical than the average Awate.Com participant or even the average world leader for that matter.

        I encourage you to ask those Five Ws in your daily activities before you consider something or put your John Hancok on any document. It is called due diligence.

        So don’t disparage me for wanting to get the complete story on any subject before I considers it.

    • Kaddis

      rodab –

      The last time Isaias went to school was in Ethiopia, where the exam was always ‘ Choose the best’. Its not his fault being incapable of anwsering analyticaly – but Ethiopia’s education system.

  • The bottom line is “we have to be united if we want to survive here”. Let us not fool ourselves, we are not living in Eritrea. We are living here in the bayArea, Ca”. We have to face reality, if we are divided we will always remain bancrupt. In short unity is absolutely a must and important for our success and it is a “common good”

    In a nut shell “Absolutely we can not afford to be divided”. That is the bottom line.
    It is a quetion of survival in this environment. If we want to survive here, we need to be united. If we don’t, we will be always buncrupt.

  • T..T.

    To Tewelde Estifanos
    More explanation and study are needed about the whole story of the Isayasist community members’ conscious desire not to include other people other than their members. No doubt, if one is not attracted to them is because they know that person will not make personal sacrifices like they do. They don’t openly state and defend that sacrifice because they are not proud of what they stand for. The personal sacrifice, repeat the personal sacrifice to protect the regime of Isayas is the distinction between those who fall in-group and out-group and not as you perceive the belonging to the community. Isayas, from his get go of his organization he depended on blind supporters and got them embroiled in trivial ethnic and trust issues to further isolate them from the people of the nation.

    To be their member is to have blind eyes and deaf ears to the truth and sufferings of Eritreas back home. And, worst would be to become a tool of the regime. So, if you have plans to crowd out the bad guys from the Isayasist community is through their enlightened members who are ready to cooperate for the sake of bringing the two communities together. Organize and organize from the outside into the inside.

  • jonah

    Tewelde thanks for being part of team to organize this event. I am not sure what is motivation for boycott except usual narrow-mindedness. I lived in San Jose area for sometime. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to check out the Santa Clara Center.
    From what I can see it seems center is doing some good stuff.
    We always have had a politically factious community and compound that with minimal education and refugee nature of diaspora experience it is hard to make collective progress. Growing up in America 80’s and 90’s, I remember the ELF/EPLF divide in the community and how that played a strong role in dividing the community- small petty things. In those days, people used to go out of their way to find another Eritrean.. but the “elder/parents” always couldn’t wait talk about their dislike for so-so because in 1978 he was this or that..
    Little did they are realize that animosity was been passed down to youth.. but most youth were immersed in American culture to take it too seriously.. But these animosity never really helped to build a strong community center, or eritrean chamber of commerce, or Eritrean business association, etc..
    I find that most of community center are eritrea-centric and instead of america-centric. Basically, we should work with each other so we can be successful in America.
    These centers never went from pre-independence day mentality into centers that cater to Eritrean American born here in 80’s, 90’s, etc..
    After Eritrea got its independence, I never thought I would associate Eritrea/n with refugees. Now it seems there are more Eritrean Refugees after independence than before independence?
    Anyway, my point Tewelde keep doing what you are doing. Keep your team focus on doing what is best for the community. I am not sure what real issue with SJ community center leadership who said your dialogue is “pretending to broker peace among Eritreans of San Jose and environs” You can check out forum and make up your mind.

    My whole thing is most of these people who are that closed-minded are generally of the older generation and time is not on their side. Ignore them and spread the word of Peaceful Constructive Dialogue. Try to reach the younger generation- I believe they can Still think.

    • tewelde

      Thank you Jonah! well said. We are in a catch-22 situation. The communities are too Eritrea-centric to attract the younger generation in sufficient numbers and the older generation with its historical baggage is too rigidly set in its ways. We are busy fighting each other while thousands of our brothers and sisters are perishing in the Sinai desert. It sure is hard to see Eritreans so incapacitated to act but giving up is not an option. And that is why civilized dialog where we can disagree without being disagreeable is so essential.

      • jonah

        Tewelde, I agree with you.
        My advice from limited experience is focus on Eritrean professional and most of older generation will slowly disappear. Your team extended the olive branch and it got ignored. You have to understand the Eritrean that came in 80’s and 90’s went work immediately and most of them are not educated. Their mentality is worst element of village culture of highlands. There is nothing wrong with it but it just doesn’t help in the most advanced nation in world(USA). Some of their kids are now educated and working professional and some adopted element of ghetto mentality.
        But beyond that do the center have training on community organizing..
        It doesn’t hurt to get leadership some certification.

        But I understand every Eritrean hates to see what is happening to his brother/sister in Sinai. What can Eritrean in bay area do at a practical level? I know the open discussion are supposed to come with some answer and healthy discussion but as you obviously see there are some people who don’t want to discuss anything. Some of people are in time capsule of pre-independence days when the Eritrean were not supported by anyway and when we felt the whole world was against us our independence or existence. This mindset still exists except now it Eritrean gov. against whole world. We fought 30 years to assert our existence, to tell the world hey We are Eritrean and then became one of the most isolated countries in world. We went from “Rome” of east africa to debre Bizen of the world. For some the world is Mieda and an olive branch will be seen as dangerous stick.
        I say all above to give you an idea of mindset of certain part of our community and like debre bizen it is chose some people have made to live in mountain avoid the real world. Ignore that stupid comment in dehai with regard to meeting- when I see language like “Eternal Glory to our Martyrs”, etc.. what about 200,000 Eritrean refugee, 100K+ in Ethiopia, or ones in Sinai and libya.. They are more worried about the dead then ones struggling who we can do something about..

  • Dear Semere,
    Please disregard my previous posting for it is full of errors,
    You said no one asked Issayas to lead the nation in defense of its territorial integrity form the Ethiopian aggression – actually it is my emphasis, I know you can’t dare to say Ethiopian aggression for the obvious reasons. I have to understand it, yes I did.
    As you rightly said no one asked him to defend the country from aggression but his job as the president of the state of Eritrea. As you know no one asked President Bush to declare invasion against Iraq and Afghanistan; no one asked Meles to invade Somalia and by the way even Ethiopean people had never asked Meles to wage and later on to declare open war against Ethiopea…but I know that you don’t like this fact.. I have to understand you.
    ‘No one asked him’ is a very nice move taken by you. Let me tell you this…you know that no one asked Ibrahimi Sultan, Wel. Wel. and others to speak in defense and for independence of the nation but their conscience, think over it.
    No one asked the founders of ELM and ELF to found political organizations for the liberation and independence of the nation but their conscience and national responsibility.
    No one asked Hamid Idris Awate to fire the first bullet at Emba Ada but his conscience and the brutality of the imperialist regime on day light in front of his eye.
    In the first hand, no one asked Menisey Issayas Afewerki to join ELF from Addis Abab but his national consciousness and unbearable atrocities of the Imperialist regime.
    No one, Neither Abdala Idris nor Huruy Tedla, asked Issays to secede from your loved ‘Jebha Abay’, but its poor sectarian leadership and parochial politics.
    No one asked the Eritrean People to join EPLF over ELF in mass but its desire for independence and the quality of EPLF leadership.
    Yes, no one asked Issayas to lead EPLF and the country to Independence, neither you and me nor your father and my mother, but the readiness of the mass to scarify ‘kulu entena’u’ for the nation, the readiness of Issayas to walk through the adge of the razor, and his overwhelming determination and foresightedness.
    Have ever questioned Eritrea independence just because Issayas had led EPLF and the Nation toward Independence without having any permission from you and your likes.
    If yes, you are with the 0.02% who vote against independence… and if you believe in democracy… the majority – 98.2 has to rule…
    If not, so why are you now questioning Issayas while you were approving his motives and swilling to take risk and lead the nation for independence.
    Integrity, be it intellectual or simply personal, is highly required.

    • T..T.

      I think you misunderstood Semere’s view. Semere is saying that we Eritreans do not have a binding contract with Isayas to reward him with what he is assuming for what he voluntarily did during the revolutionary period. He paid his share like each of those who participated and nothing can be claimed back as a compensation. Otherwise, his contribution is valued and he is respected for what he contributed during those days. Should Isayas think, like what he is claiming by asking a stsrange question: Where were you??? All and every Eritrea was there: some living in ditches, some fighting the enemy, some supporting those engaged in their mission, some living in the villages/towns/cities with the enemies and reporting of the enemies movements and that was the worst of the worst because they were living in open hell of the enemy.

  • Zegeremo

    Weyane is the dirty enemy of Africa. Erhiopia is now a home of drones that are responsible for the lives of many Africans including women and children. The ironic is the unionists continue to defend Ethiopia and advocate for it’s colonia policies just because the victims are Muslims. What a shame!!

    • yegermal

      Do you know that joke about Taaaf? It goes like this: “one day DIA was passing by Enda Mariam and noticed lots of people in netsela praying on their knees. He stopped and asked them what they were praying about, and when they replied ‘we are praying the Lord for some taaf (nafikomo)’, he told them “taaf? that’s horse food!”. They went right back on their knees and prayed “dear Lord turn us into horses” . Now back to your drone thing. My response is “please Lord make one of them drones fall on DIA’s head”. oops just realized I used a metaphor (sorta) . It’s contagious!:)

      • Zalambessa

        Brother yegermal,

        Drones are not funny. They may be funny if ur Ethiopian because Woyane has volunteered to make Ethiopia their home base and launching pad but they are not funny if ur a Somali or Ogadeni because they visit u while ur having dinner with ur family and then drop a bomb on ur ass, wiping out ur entire family. Not funny at all.

      • Zegeremo

        you just flipped DIA’ s logic around: if you call Meles a puppet, if you ask Ethiopia to withdraw from Eritrean territory, and if you question Ethiopian complicit in recolonizing Africa, you must be a DIA supporter. How silly is that? As for that funny joke, what do you think the Smalis women and children should be praying for so the drons won’t harm them?


  • Dear Semere,

    You said now ask Issayas to defend Eritrea from Weyane.

    Right now one ask him to defend the country but his job as the president of Eritrea. In the same token no one ask Meles to declare war officially against Ethiopea… but you don’t want like that question.

    ‘No one ask him’ is a very nice move taken by you. let me tell you … no one asked Ibrahimi Sultan, Wel. Wel. and others to speak in defense and for independence of the nation but their conscience.. . think over it.

    No one asked the founders of ELM and ELF to found political organisation for the liberation and independence of the nation… but their conscience and national responsibility.

    No one asked Hamid Idris Awate to fire the first bullet at Emba Adal… but his conscience and the brutality of the imperialist regime on day light in front of his eye.

    In the front hand, no one asked Menisey Issayas Afewerki to join ELF from Addis Ababa… but his national consciousness and unbearable atrocities of the Imperialist regime in Adisa Ababa.

    No one, Neither Abdala Idris nor Huruy Tedla, asked Issays to secede from your loved ‘Jebha Abay’, but its poor sectarian leadership and parochial politics.

    No one asked the Eritrean People to join EPLF instead of ELF… but its desire for independence and the quality of EPLF leadership…

    Yes, no one asked Issayas to lead EPLF and the country to Independence, neither you and my nor your father and my mother, but the readiness of the mass to scarify ‘kulu entena’u’ for the nation, the readiness of Issayas to walk through the adge of the razor, and his overwhelming determination and foresightedness…

    Have ever questioned independence just because Issayas led EPLF and the Nation toward Independence without having any permission from you and your likes…

    If yes… you are with the 0.02% who vote against for independence… and if you believe in democracy… the majority – 98.2 has to rule…

    If not, so why are you now questioning Issayas while you were approving his motives and swilling to take risk and lead the nation for independence…

    • yegermal

      “No one asked the Eritrean People to join EPLF instead of ELF” you ignorance about Eritrean history is concerning! It is obvious you do not know that ELF had more tegadlti than EPLF until its annihilation by CIA-sponsored EPLF/TPLF conspiracy in the early 80s.

  • Dear Ogbi,

    What unity are you talking about. Is that the unity of Mahber Andnet that is now perpetuating by the good Dr. Bereket, WG,, Simerr, Bereket Simon, Hawasa, Bihere Bihere Sebat politics… or unity with politically irrelevant and empirically non-existent factions of traitors, civil and political criminals who want use the idea of opposition to wash the black dots… or some power dreamers who want to came to stage without paying any relevant sacrifice for the nations under the flowering terms of rule of low, constitution and human right?

    Eritrean people will make no mistake agains…. ‘Afra ayregixin iyu mesiluwo emni’.

    If you want to talk about rule of low … show us your commitment in defense of the international border ruling and sovereignty then we will show you our position in differences of your right to oppose us in a country which secured its territorial integrity. If you to talk about the human right…. talk about the 600 thousand Eritreans desplaced due to the border war and continuing occupation of Ethiopea to their very feeding land… then we will show you our position of differences of your rights even to run a human rights watch and Washington babies NGOs.

    • Zegeremo

      Merton, you rock!!

  • haile

    Selamat Tewelde;

    I must admit that I am confused @best and concerned of your well being @worst 🙂

    So you are saying that…hmmm let’s see…you went to a competitor and asked them to close shop so that you CONTROL the market. They said nop! and it surprised the life out of you!

    You asked all the right questions, i.e. to start with. Then you went the wrong way to do it and now…well what can I say? kab saEsaEka teqotsatse gerkayo you are doing everything wrong in the books of tactics and strategy.

    To be fair, let me explain. PFDJ/homeland would like to have CONTROL of the diaspora. That is the hired guns in the so called ‘community’ have their jobs cut out. Eritrean diaspora must be prevented from developing self organization that would divert their hard earned money from going astray (community development in the diaspora). There is only one bag of money, and every effort to self organize, would make the party that is now holding the bag to carry less and less weight in that bag. So, a nice guy like you writes a letter saying that they would like to focus in their community, and cut down their control, and reduce their income, and be in a better position to influence them… and they told you..what?
    Ethio-Eritrea border conflict…no wonder there, as it is the only commanding hight in the terrain. So, I am sorry to disagree, but they did the right thing as per their job specs.

    • Zalambessa

      Brother Haile;

      What’s the matter with u? Why u so confused? Tewelde is correct. Both Woyane and so-called opposition groups are on the same page when it comes to starving the Eritrean people and weakening Eritrea’s ability to defend itself through unlawful and illegal sanctions.

      I ask you haile. Since u belong to the opposition camp, do u support the sanctions on Eritrea that were written by Weyane and handed to Weyanita (Susan Rice) to pass at the UN. Please answer me. If your answer is yes you support sanctions on Eritrea, then the fact that you are Eritrean makes no difference to me. You are the same as Woyane to me. Pure and simple!

      • jonah

        Zalambessa. Nothing new here. Just another Eritrea vs the world gibberish. Except now Susan Rice is woyane? The Mountain Goat needs to come down to real world. No one is against Eritrea they are just securing their interest. It is just realpolitik ( and the Mountain Goat doesn’t understand basic international diplomacy. This happens when you spend 30+years in battlefield and you got no basic education and all your know is how to shoot and human life is not precious but a means to glory. To a carpenter with hammer everything looks like a nail. When your brothers tell you it is not a nail… they get hammered.

    • tewelde

      Thank you for your concern about my well being but it is probably a case of a pr-existing condition. Seriously though, here is another way to look at it. There are roughly 5000 to 10,000 Eritreans in the area. Due to the divisive environment, both centers are poorly attended. So, no one is controlling anything. Better “tactic and strategy” for both centers would be to expand the base. Which would you rather have – 100% of a very small base or 10% of a bigger base?

  • semere Andom

    Meron and Helwa Isaias

    Any legal government is duty bound to both protect the land the people; PFDJ has failed in both areas. PFDJ does not have the wherewithal to protect the land, it does not have the will to protect the people. Get this: PFDJ is an illegal government and everything PFDJ does is illegal including waging war to defend the country in our names. No one asked Isaias to fight for Eritrea, he did it with his own violation and for that he has rewarded himself with the top job. PFDJ has no legal power to defend Eritrea; it is a degenerate regime that poses grave threat to the very existence Eritrea
    Isaias did not use Woyane, they used him to destroy ELF, there by weakening Eritrean power and for his help they allowed him unfettered access to Ethiopia temporally, the guy believed he will be the king of both countries, but when the time was ripe, when their stars were aligned they humiliated him forcing him to make a prophesy that came true: `The sun shall never rise in Badme. `The sun never rose in Badme, dragging along Eritrea with him.
    The current threat for Eritreans is not Woyane or the Eritrean opposition, it is PFDJ. PFDJ is occupying the largest chunk of Eritrean land. ብዘመን ውበ ዝጸመመስ ዝባን ውበ እንዳ በል ሞተ


  • Tewelde

    dear awatistas;

    personally,I don’t differentiate between woyane and eritrean opposition groups. they are one and the same.

    they are both enemies of eritrea.

    • tewelde

      Nooooooooo! this can’t be. Is that really your name? I normally wouldn’t respond to such provocation but I am amused someone called Tewelde is actually behind this.

      So, not to let this stand here is a different perspective from another Tewelde. Eritrea’s worst enemy is the regime in Asmara. Why? The list is long but will limit it to just one. The regime could have stopped the Sinai smuggling ring in a matter of hours if it wanted to. Eritrea has hundreds of thousands in the military and it is hard to believe they are no much to a few smugglers. And it probably knows all their names too. And who said the young who are fleeing Eritrea’s modern-day slavery and facing these horrendous crimes are going for a picnic?

  • Hello! Eritrean, brothers and sisters
    I wonder about the concern that the move of the Eritrea Cummunity of Sant Clara, California calling for dialog with the Snta Rosa California. I am so sorry after more than 33 years of the deaf ears,and blind eyes of the Dictator and his fellowers to achief unity is impossiple. In my veiw the only solution is to deaffit them through oter means ones for ever then we will have strong united community.

  • Halewa Sewra

    I trust PIA. I know he will not sell Eritrea to anyone. It is true that PIA used Weyane once. But this is different.

    Weyane has proven to be untrustworthy, a backstabber and a determined enemy of the Eritrean State. Weyane doesn’t respect Eritrea’s sovereignty and still harbors the impossible dream known as Greater Tigray.

    So as the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Never again! Eritreans will never again be fooled by Weyane or its anti-Eritrea dirty tricks. Therefore, the San Jose Community is right to reject any overtures from opposition folks. They can’t be trusted and shouldn’t be bothered with.

    • Yodita


      He was gonna sell it to Rmasfeld and Bush for the having but they turned him down because they felt he was not a stable guy!!

  • Noting is doom and gloom here.

    Ethiopia is in violation of Eritrea’s sovereignty and international border ruling for the last 10 years. As any government’s in the world the prime task of the Eritrean government is to keep the push or keep the occupying enemy at bay or at least defend the aggravation of that occupation. That is what any sensible and responsible government in the world do … and that’s why Winston Churchill has postponed England’s scheduled national election during the II W.W.

    In such a situation any one who set foot in the Weyane Invited meetings by and large is escapologist and nothing can differ him/er from the occupying army in our land.

  • semere Andom

    Dear Helewa Sewra:
    I think it is time to ask the most potent question of all regarding the opposition. Why are the Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia. First of all no one has proved that the Eritrean opposition fought against the sovereignty of Eritrea, you should not take PFDJ`s word for it. If you are talking about their physical presence then, this is not their fault, because PFDJ has betrayed the yearning of the Eritrean people for justice. The Eritrean revolution was not ignited just because of territorial disputes with Ethiopia; it was fundamentally a dignity issue. PFDJ has yet to liberate the land let alone the people.
    If PFDJ has allowed political opposition to function inside Eritrea, then we will be right to condemn the opposition and we will also be right to condone PFDJ for accusing them for sleeping with the Woyane. Woyanè hands are bloody too, when Isiaias was really in bed with them they allowed the murder and kidnaping of Eritrean opposing figures by PFDJ
    As to the Eritrean people not embracing the opposition due to their presence in Ethiopia, then they will do that at their own peril. Eritrean`s should know better and ask he right question: `Why is the opposition not here in Asmara.
    Eritreans are going to Ethiopia in droves everyday, there are about 80, 000 refuges in the ever sprawling refugee camps and many of these refuges are those who were humiliated by the deportation during the border war. It is fallacy to entertain that Eritreans do not support the opposition because they are sleeping with the enemy. First PFDJ are the ones who invented sleeping with Woyane, not only sleep with them, but they collaborated with them to destroy a national organisation, putting the Eritrean revolution in jeopardy. Some estimate that the Eritrean revolution lost about 100, 000 fighters when ELF was pushed. So PFDJ and their supports have neither the moral or historical reputation to pontificate about sleeping with the Woyane, they have invented it. Eritreans still supported EPLF, so this argument is as ridiculous as the demarcation issue. As to the question why are Eritrean`s giving the opposition cold shoulder, there is a noble prize to be had on the making this discovery
    A veteran fighter was once asked if the masses will win, he has always recited the partly line `ናይግድን. But one day when dimudum lubricated the conversation he reportedly said ` ሓፋሽ እንተ ነፊዑ ክዕወት እዩ እንተ ሓሚቑ ዽማ አብኣ ይረኽባ! I echo these words and say we have no choice but to support the opposition transcending the stupidity of the two imbecilic arguments: demarcation and where the opposition’s command center is

    • Araya

      Semere, you are holding poisonous grudge for something that happened 40 years ago. Please let it go and concentrate on current issues. I read the same unproductive and grudge loaded article on the other thread. Let it go and stop dragging us in to the past. ELF is dead. For that matter EPLF is dead too. The end of the story.

      • Kokhob Selam

        semere Andom,

        “ሓፋሽ እንተ ነፊዑ ክዕወት እዩ እንተ ሓሚቑ ዽማ አብኣ ይረኽባ!” this is clear and plain truth. I support this since ever. to add even more- what we are paying is only the price we should. DIA didn’t kill people by his own hand people do to each other. DIA didn’t bring TPLF inside Eritrea to fight against our own national organization, those in prison and those who are talking day and night against DIA play the more role on that war. it is time to be honest and say we have done mistakes and accept to correct it first.

  • Halewa Sewra

    Apples and oranges. Ghana has its own set of realities. Eritrea has a different set of reality to contend with.

    The problem with the opposition folks is that they don’t seem to understand that associating with Weyane and attending Weyane-sponsored conferences makes the rest of the Eritrean people suspicious toward them.

    You choose to get in bed with Weyane then don’t be surprised if you are rejected by Eritreans who reject Weyane. It’s a zero-sum game.

    • yegermal

      Much like the way DIA appeared when he conspired with Weyane to dismantle ELF – a national liberation struggle as opposed to an outsider? Huh? If DIA one day wakes up half-sober and agrees to dialogue with Weyane, you will be the first to label his move ” diplomacy at its best”. ” Ahwatna indyom” will be you rationale for the change of heart. And if he sweetens the deal by allowing Ethiopia unfettered and free access to the ports, boy, you will call it “the pact of the century that will bring harmony to the Horn”. You will hop on the first flight to Addis to celebrate with your long-lost buddies. Truth is you DIA’s lackeys do not have a mind of your own and as a result you’re condemned to tailor your talking points to be in sink with what the madman utters in his inebriated state.

    • tewelde

      Halewa: Really? So, you think Eritreans reaching out to each other is wrong? The theme was about thinking and you managed to come up with a rather thoughtless response. Sorry to disappoint you dude. I attended the meeting and all I saw was decent Eritreans whose love for Eritrea is second to none. Yet, you were not even there and you are so sure (and so wrong! of course) with your Weyane-sponsored bit. If you have specific disagreement to what was said, let’s hear a coherent rebuttal. Injecting random and irrelevant noise only dumbs down the conversation. Do you really want to limit your contribution to that level? Come on, there are better and more intelligent ways to express your disagreement. Here is a challenge for you: take a deep breath, and ask yourself “why would I (Halewa) reject an offer from another Eritrean who wants to have civilized conversation with me about things we both claim to care about?” Think about it. I am sure you are much better than your first response. Stop being so afraid of ‘woyanes’ or CIA and start listening to your fellow Eritreans. You are giving them way too much power and failing to see the massive mistakes we have made all by ourselves.

      • Yodita


        You sound like isayas the menace when you say ‘provide evidence’, you were probably in deep sleep while this was going on. Wake up! Are you unaware about ‘part of our country has the same physical charaterstics like Afghanistan’?

    • Yodita


      I repeat, Isayas was ready to jump to bed with (CIA) Neo Cons (with W Bush at the helm) when he offered them our country as their base but Ramsfeld came in person, examined the man and doubted his being normal. They dropped him dead. What is your opinion on that before you accuse the opposition jumping into bed with Weyane? If you have coherence, reply to this question.

      • eritrean

        Provide evidence….