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Eritrea and Syria: Doha Pulls On Isaias Afwerki’s Leash

The League of Arab States, which has officially offered the Syrian seat to the opposition coalition (“National Coalition”), held a ceremony at the Syrian embassy in Doha, Qatar to mark the event and participating in the ceremonies was Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar, Ali Ibrahim Al-Uqud.

Eritrea is not a member of the Arab League, nor has its government taken an official stand on the civil war in Syria. However, this does not appear to have gotten in the way of Ali Ibrahim Al-Uqud of participating in lowering of the Syrian flag and its replacement by a National Coalition flag.

By virtue of seniority, Ali Ibrahim Al-Uqud is considered the Dean of the the diplomatic corps in Qatar. Last year, his non resident accreditation to Iran was denied by Tehran.

Returning Favor?

The Eritrean regime has been dismissive of the entire “Arab Spring”, which it characterized as a CIA-instigated movement whose sole intent is “creative chaos” for the purposes of destabilizing the region and installing puppet governments.

It is unclear, then, why the Eritrean regime is supporting the Syrian opposition.  What is clear is that the Emir of Qatar is a close ally and benefactor of Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki; and that the uncharacteristically forceful position the Arab League has taken against Syria, including is suspension of its membership two years ago, was spearheaded by Qatar.

The two-day Arab League summit, which commenced on March 26, 2012 in Doha, Qatar, issued a long list of declarations, some of which have been repeated in every summit for decades while the League has taken few, if any, practical steps towards implementing them.

One of the Doha Declarations welcomes “the agreement between the Republic of Djibouti and State of Eritrea of June 6, 2010 which was concluded under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, Emir of Qatar.”

Despite the terms of the agreement, there has been no progress in almost three years: the Qatar peacekeepers are still stationed on the border of the two neighboring states; Djibouti is frustrated that there has been no discussion of exchanging prisoners of war–following the June 2008 clash between the two Horn of Africa neighbors. The Eritrean regime claims that neither country is holding prisoners of war—despite confirmations made by the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea.  Moreover, Eritrean exiles to the West, who had been held prisoners in Djibouti for being undocumented aliens, confirm that there are Eritrean prisoners of war in Djibouti who have been abandoned by their government for nearly five years.

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  • filmon

    i dont know who to folw and who to believe. i make part of the confused generation. the so called ‘shinti’ generation who has lost it s dignity. some support the regime which they claim have persecuted them (PFDJ). some are suporting the so called oposition groups for regional and religion reasons. i dont know why the identity is very important. after all we all came from adam and eve. why this habesha arab bull shit? what we need is freedom. i pray and i cry for it. freedo freedom freedom…….

  • Tsegay


  • o:Hilal

    Why the Qater help the Eritrean Gavernment? who is suffring for the last 21 year,s are the peaple of eritrea,if the Qutar wont realy to help they have to help the voice less Plastinean in Gaza.

  • Simon

    The only thing that i agree with PIA is that his abandons for Arab league membership!!! We Eritreans are not Arabs and will never be in the evil Arab league membership!! I hope we will have a strong Habesha Identity! i wonder why this puppet ambassador attended in their meeting regardless of Eritrea’s stance on Syria! Long live Eritrea… with its long history as a great nation and part of the Great Aksumite kingdom!!!

    • Mahamuda Deneba

      Simon Arabs are not evils, it is you and the so called your grand habesha.Arabs are not beggars like Habesha, rather they support those who are begging..You will never, ever get a unity unless begging or fighting each other for the seek of day and night bread.
      As long as you are hatred to others,there is no doubt that you will keep on moving millions of steps toward poverty, hunger and all the bad things….so if you want improvement please improve your thinking level and be open.

      • Simon

        So you want us sell our identity for the sake of Arab bread!! zey semeo yebleyn.. surprising of some people’s opinion.. you know the first and most important is to keep your identity as an Eritrean for you got to have a root to grow steadily! as for the Arabs.. they are certainly evil! i can justify it in million way! end!

    • ahmed

      Simon , i agree with u . I believe in my country Eritrea and their struggle for freedom. At the same time i believe in the Habasha land as a whole(Eritrea and Eteopia) . About the arab and syria do u know that syria is one of the few arab countries that an eritrean can enter without visa. Again , i agree eith but syrian and iraq should be exempt.

    • Are Habesha people angles and from where is Asyas you you know the worst Arab dictator better than Asyas .It not fair ti hate people .If there are bad in Arab dictator and the other nations have the same .You the Eritrea regime has a hand in selling our beloved young Eritreans if your brother ready to sell you who is going to care about Yugoslavia so the Eritrean people is rare and unique suffer and it is Arab behind the Eritrean suffering again it good to be fair

    • Sebeti

      Yibel Zereba, you are too emotional in explaining our relation with Arabs in the fact that you can’t wait to have a habasha identity. Then you menstioned Aksumite kingdom. Thank you bro. I however want to remind you that none of the Ethiopian citizens or kings or even governments have ever been sympathized or help full to Eritreans. I know a lot of our fellow citizens are suffering in Arab countries right now unjustly but way better than Ethiopians, at least they recognized and helped our struggle for liberation.
      At last I want to tell you that all Eritreans are not Habsha or Habash descendants, if you respect our ethnic back ground and ancestors.

    • Tsegay

      Bravo Simon,
      The new generation has to read & know its own true history. Tyrannies are distorting everything in order to stay in power.
      Economically to be poor is temporary but to be poor in the way you perceive history and reality is a killer to your identity.
      Identity crises is a very dangerous thing.
      Let us all break our super ego and start to think normally.
      If Eritrea cooperates with its neighboring countries in a civilized way, our future will be brighter.
      Once more I thank you Simon for your perfect comment.


  • ali

    With resspect off. Eritrean polatic after 1979/80th the lost the idalogi of the notional polatic they lost today they don. Now. The. Nihanen yelamana regim the dustroy loven cantrey so the frmo the metahit or afar and saho the red sea regine ef ith we lost pefor we now the gret gad father for eritrea sabe

  • T..T.

    From this weekend’s Dardasha/ILAL , reminiscing the revolutionary days. ELF/EPLF/PLF veterans met, as usual, to discuss the past and current Eritrean affairs. Prompted by’s report of Isayas ambassador at Doha endorsing the Syrian opposition, the veterans try to define Isayas. One of the veterans, out rightly trace Isayas back by saying “like father like son.” He meant, Sabbe and Isayas, the two chameleons (with multi-skins) were the headaches of the ELF.

    The discussion agreed that the staunch enemy of the ELF was not Jafar Al Numeiri but his interior minister Omar Taha/Omar Al Tayeb (trying to grope for the correct name). The minister used to describe Isayas and Sabbe as “THE SECRET IN THE BOX” and considered them as mouldables. With the ELF, Al Tayeb found it difficult to shape them using his mould and therefore he used to call the ELF “Maneil” in Arabic (the cursed). Then, the table started to compare the son to the father (Isayas to Sabbe).

    The table agreed the “The secret in the box” nominated the two chameleons to be part of the new world order players. To most of the veterans, after the fact evidences, led them to believe it was impossible to eliminate Mengistu without eliminating Jebah and that’s why the new world order had to bring the two incompatible forces (EPLF and TPLF) together to complete the job. For TPLF, the ELF appeared their preferred future partner and towards it got Isayas involved in displacing the ELF from Baduma and handing it over to TPLF. That card was well placed for future political manipulation to discredit Isayas in the history of Eritrea. Well, well, well, such manipulation were linked to the weaknesses of Isayas: his love for power. Whereas, Sabbes’s weakness was in his believe in power of money and that killed his love for power. From what the table discussed, it concluded “The Secret in the Box” (the new world order) favored Isayas over Sabbe and that was the reason for Sabbe’s early departure from this world in Cairo.

    Dardasha continued to remember that the ELFers used to believe that Sabbe could produce millions of money any minute any place, if he wanted. That was why mothers and wives of those with Sabbe used to call Sabbe – “There is no man like Sabbe, i.e. man of the men.” Whereas with Isayas, the men with Isayas are abused by him and when they go home they take out their anger on their wives or mother. Then, when Isayas locks up their husbands, the wives say, “There is no man like Isayas, i.e. man of the men.” In other words, the wives are commending Isayas for being the abuser of the abusers. What a world!!!! History of Kole……. Until next Dardasha.

    • ali

      Sabe wos onley hop for eritrea bat the canser like isayas the. Cantrey teregema never sey like sabe. Gad father of eritrea thaks

      • meriem

        we lost everything because of the leaders like sabe and others who worked for thier families not for eritrean people.

  • Munir

    ..well elaborated, Khokeb, I agree.

  • gerima

    This website is not getting real news these days.

  • sara

    with all respect, this is not news it is an opinion of who ever is writing it at awate. shame on his irresponsible ineptitude, if he is a reprorter (writing news) he should act like one.

  • Kokhob Selam

    this shows how much PFDJ has lost in world politics and are trying to find an attention. yet, that all will not help them as the problem is deep rooted inside Eritrea. politics needs politicians and the politics of PFDJ still remains back in 70’s and 80’s good only assassination and arresting of own people secretly which can’t be done against other nations people. ‘you can’t teach an old dog ..” it is difficult for those old guys to deal in this modern world. they don’t have mind to coup with new world.