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A Defenseless Regime With Indefensible Record

July 1st this year marked the culmination of a four-year, UN-mandated investigation into human rights violations in Eritrea whereupon the UN concluded that crimes against humanity have been committed by some government institutions and a confidential list of officials. The UN involvement in the case had its genesis in the Eritrean government’s 2001 crackdown on dissent and the trampling of civil liberties that ensued. The draconian measures of that episode had caused an international uproar that manifested itself in appeals, criticisms and denunciations targeting the regime and originating with a wide range of sources.

Regrettably, international pressure seemed to have only provoked further government actions the first of which forced the EU representative to leave the country. This was followed over the next few years by cancellations of accreditation of foreign journalists, expulsions of successive groups of NGOs and forced departure of donor agencies. These drastic steps paved the way for a decade-long international isolation that the regime had to endure until very recently and which, ironically, it blamed on “Western-led conspiracy.”

In the years that followed the crackdown, human rights violations continued to grow in scope, frequency and severity thereby precipitating a crisis that could no longer be ignored. This crisis galvanized an international Democracy and Rights activism that eventually built large enough momentum to impel, in 2012, UNHRC to intervene.

Democratic Legitimacy and Governance Record

A government whose political philosophy, organizational structure and governance policies are based on the principle of “government by law” is bound to enter into a covenant with the population it governs – a covenant on upholding a constitution. This along with a principled position that embraces supremacy of the law, respects the will of the people and recognizes the governance imperative of checks and balances are the hallmarks of a legitimate and lawful government. The existence of these conditions is the best indicator of good governance, and constitutes government’s built-in defense against possible allegations of domestic and foreign transgressions. But government’s ultimate defense ought to be the free voice of the governed.

Unfortunately, realities on the ground in Eritrea have been antithetical to the very essence of this ideal governance model. The PFDJ government has long instituted a uniquely ruthless governance system which is far from meeting even the lowest possible moral and legal standards that decent human beings could yearn for. It made wickedness and brutality the cornerstone of its rule as a result of which its governance record grew increasingly indefensible. The regime itself has been rendered defenseless – defenseless not in the sense of being vulnerable to external danger, but in the sense of having totally lost the trust, respect and loyalty of its own people.

Eritrea has turned into a police state where political, economic and social aspects of life are subject to intense government surveillance and control. The people continue to be enslaved and brutalized under this suffocating rule. But, with the boots of oppression firmly on their necks, the population seem to have found it a clever ploy to “fake surrender” until the regime’s tight grip on power begins to crack under the weight of its own tyranny. It is however unimaginable that they would lend the slightest support to this abhorrent regime on any issue other than the defense of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Stifling the Truth: Obstruction and Hostility

Faced with a serious UN investigation into its continued human rights violations, the government proved incapable of proactively countering allegations made against it. Its leaders lacked courage and political wisdom to pursue a strategy of constructive engagement that could have opened the way for rectifying problems and introducing reforms. Neither did they have the truth and the population on their side to be able to mount hard-headed diplomatic and legal challenges to the allegations and to the periodic findings of the investigation.

Thus, as the enquiry proceeded first under the Special Rapporteur (SR) and later under the Commission of Inquiry (COIE), the regime opted to respond with measures that combined obstructionism and hostility. Its leaders must have figured any support that could be coerced from the population is not worth the associated risks of affording them an opportunity for voicing their pain and agony, and for learning more about the regime’s troubles with the HRC. So, to stifle the truth, authorities not only muzzled the population, but essentially sequestered them by denying UN investigators entry into the country.

In a campaign of hostility to the investigation, government officials denounced the HRC mechanism as “politically motivated” and branded its information gathering and documentation process a “political witch-hunt”. Harassment of investigators was another component of the campaign. The government unscrupulously tried to sully the SR’s reputation by distorting her career record. Commission members were accused of serving as “a tool of the U.S. government” and their findings were branded “fabricated lies”. To assist in running the campaign, the government paid off unethical “journalists” and third-rate researchers, hired lobbyists and mobilized regime apologists abroad.

The government’s final push to discredit the work of the COIE came just a couple of months before the commission was due to submit its report to the HRC. Deploying its diplomatic missions and party operatives abroad, the regime literally scoured the world in search of members of a fringe element that would provide a semblance of the popular support that it could not secure from its own citizenry at home.

One such target were refugee communities abroad comprising Eritreans who fled their country to escape repression. Members of these groups were coerced to sign a government-prepared, self-serving “petition” under threats of familial reprisals and withholding of identification papers critical to maintaining resident status. Likewise, the regime blackmailed an Ethiopian rebel group based in Eritrea into mobilizing its supporters in Europe to join an anti-COIE demonstration that party operatives organized in Geneva last June. Ironically, a large segment of the group’s membership and many of its diaspora supporters are self-declared proponents of reversing Eritrea’s independence.

However at the end of it all, the massive attempt by the regime and its supporters to obstruct, disrupt and discredit the process failed big time, the truth prevailed and the HRC endorsed the COIE report by consensus.

Criminality, Illegitimacy and Betrayal Exposed

The four-year UN investigation and the HRC resolution it engendered have exposed in so many ways the true nature of the Eritrean regime and that of its supporters. The legal technicalities of the enquiry aside and regardless of where the next steps of the UN mechanism may lead, there stands one undeniable truth: The HRC resolution is a political and moral victory for the victims and for all those who sought justice on their behalf. The regime’s criminality was laid bare for all to see and a “guilty” verdict was, in effect, rendered by the court of world opinion.

The regime debased the authority and prestige of government and downgraded its stature to that of a “special interest group” when it attempted to evade justice by gathering petition signatures from vulnerable and/or politically retrogressive social groups abroad. All the while, it tried to gag its citizens at home from speaking up on a governance system that has enslaved them and is the target of an ongoing international inquiry. Both of these willful, fraudulent acts (i) proved that the regime is guilty of the documented violations and (ii) established the regime’s illegitimacy as a governing authority.

As the world reacted in horror to the unfolding story of the regime’s brutality, some diaspora Eritreans chose to stand with the perpetrators and to defend the regime against so-called “international hostility and conspiracy!” Betraying their own people, they made common cause with the country’s traditional enemies to march the streets of Geneva in a futile attempt to stomp out the people’s cries for justice! The motive behind this betrayal was obsessive patriotism for some, and pure opportunism for others. But regardless of their motivating reasons, they all shall be judged by history; and hopefully there will come a day when they shall be forced to face the people and answer for their actions.

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  • Nitricc

    I think the author’s title “A Defenseless Regime With Indefensible Record” I the author was talking about this this illustration.
    Talk about defenseless people and indefensible regime.

  • G. Gebru

    Dear forumers,
    The problem is with the Highlanders. So before a highlander speak or write about solving the Eritrean problem one should work to know what kind of Eritrea they want to have. I personally strongly belive if this is done it will not be difficult to bring the other section of the Eritrean population into terms that can help to create a united front to fight the dictator.
    Tigrai Tigrigni is not and will never be in Isayas Afewerkis vacaboulary. I don’t think even the guy himself knows what he wants. He is simply a spoiler.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam G.Gebru,

      Absolutely, the problem is with the arrogance of the highlanders. They create a preceptions from no where and tried to make us believe. The highlanders are not accommodative and that is why where we are. The idea that Issayas want to create tigray -tigrigni is far fecthed and baseless argument. While we have enough facts as dictator to fight against him they want us to fight on non substantive issues and non provable make up statements of argument. Insults are not politics but conceptual, philosophical, and ideological arguments are.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Ismail AA

        Selam Aman and Gebru,
        I dream for a day at a national dialogue venue for trust building to have 25 highland compatriots with
        such allround enligthened minds like you guys. The starting point for the search for trust is getting an answer to the question both of you are asking. God bless you friends.

    • blink

      Dear G.Gebru & Mr. Amanuel Hidrat

      What is the high lander acused off . You people have been justice seekers and judges for so long trying to divided the Eritrean people. You people have been unlocking countless acusations and just to smooth your ideas of division just to get some invisible help from a dying partner .The Eritrean people are equally tortured by the PFDJ policies and yet you have the time to spew your hatful words . There is equalthings to blame from every corner of the opposition and yet you want to cherry picking pick nick.

      Time has changed the Eritrean people know it and your so called highlanders verses lowlanders is dead in 1940th . Go seek other issue that are true and we can prove it .There is nothing hateful than trying to find solutions based on false and evil ideas. Such people i mean people like you have been draging the opposition for ages while PFDJ murder and torture our people , Your idea is dead and go fitch other memo from a dying EPRDF . Sitting in EPRDF quarters and dividing the Eritrean people is no more an option . You want to fight the dictator , we have enough reasons to sit and create a strong opposition but people like you have been interest based people. Mr. Amanuel your party has been there on every converence and what you can do was and is just creating charters over charters until we forgot every thing you said . Start from scratch and say the truth. tell us the truth Mr

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear Mr. Blink,

        Just for your information I do not have a party nor do I have any ambition at this stage of my age. I gave my youth life to the liberation struggle, and at least the struggle gave you a free nation, if you are from the young generation. The rest of your scribbles are GIGO.

        • blink

          Dear Mr.Amaneul

          It is not a secret to any one that you had fought for our independence and you gave every thing for the cause . I will defnetly defend you if any one accuse you of doing to the opposit. You are an Eritrean hero and no one should quetion that . But I am talking about the current situation ., is not it true that we are at mess because the older and wise men like you are not able to agree even to sit on the same table?

          what happen to your EPDP . am i lagging information ?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Blink,

            Again I was not and I am not a member of EPDP. However, they are my compatriots like all justice seekers in the current struggle. Above all they were my colleagues in the armed struggle and that is why they deserve all my respects. Stop to guess when people tells you who they are. But your concerns about the current status of our opposition is the concern of all peace loving Eritreans.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • blink

            Dear Mr.Amanuel
            Please forgive me for blaming you on things you did not per take , I have been accusing you even with out commenting in this form because i believed that you are with them and know every thing in and out side . Sorry for being cheated by some wrong information on you . It will never happen again . Again I apologise for things i believed about you.

      • G. Gebru

        Dear blink,
        Thank you for your comments. If as you said the divission among the Eritrean people was over in 1940 one could have not wittnessed the ugly journey of the revolution. The civil war among the two fuction of that time, the hiring of merceneries to liquidate a national force etc. Ok let us forget that for the sake of national unity. After independence nobody took care or even bothered of the people who were the first victims of the strugle inocent nomads still lingering in forieghn land to mention a few. But how laudly we try to cover it for an ohnest obserber the divisions are there.
        Secondly our lowland compatriots have at least at different occassions openly declared different initiatives that show their stand that they thought can clear the way for a constractive engagement to clear the envaronment of suspetion and mistrust we as people are living. But to my knowledge no one was there to engage them constructively.
        EPRDF, defnitely one day they will fall but do not expect their fall will be a resuraction to Eritrea.
        As for those political Eritrean groups in Ethiopia that people are criticizing they have every right like all other groups to engage the dictator from a position they think is fit to fulfill their purpose. And if one is afraid that they will go for unity with Ethiopia, most of them are vetran fighters who were the torch bearers of the revolution that the highlanders followed them and who knows history may repeat itself and this time become the torch bearers for unity and there will be no choice for the highlanders but as usual follow them.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear G. Gebru,

          Well said brother. The deniers will continue to deny the realities of our sociopolitcs and the crises within us. Yes you are right that the mistrust took us to a bloody civil war, to the extent of allying with foreign forces to eliminate their own brothers. The mistrust that took the lives of many Eritreans, surely demands a serious round table discussions to bring us into a meaningful reconciliation.

          The grievances of our social groups out there are an open and serious problem that needs urgent steps to address them, before the mistrust become elevated to enemty. The grievances are serious issues that requires a careful handling.


  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Yohannes Zere,

    Unlike those who received your post positively, I see no merit to warrant such reception. Wocho is wocho however many times you turn it. And as Albert Einstein is quoted to have said, that it is insane to repeat the same act to solve the same problem. So you can parade the impostor isaias afewerk’s savageries on our people for all ages but of course in vain.

    The Eritrean sudents and civil disobedience did not stop the Ethiopian colonial encroachment on Eriitrean-ethiopian federation. Had we been stuck with that kind of fighting tool, Eritrea would never have been independent. It was the new idea, the idea of armed struggle, initiated by a few insightful and bold individuals, that galvanized the people and eventually carried the day.

    For the last twenty five years, we have been characterizing the Eritrean problem as The tyranny of the impostor isaias afewerk. But as if adding insult to injury, there are also availablesome, who , despite the obvious to the contrary, maliciously playing the sectarian card, view the Highlanders as the culprit, and others , who are still fighting the ELF-EPLF war of 1981, flying ,without shame , the old Eriitrean-ethiopian Federation flag, which looks like its Primordial mama, the United Nation’s flag.

    To say the impostor isaias afewerk’s tyranny is ‘the problem’ is to mistake the intermediary cause for the root cause. The fact is, his tyranny is one of a series of successive means he has been devising and implementing to achieve his evil end, which is the decimation of our sovereignty and the establishment of tigrai-tigrigni. This is the crux of our problem.

    The series of causal connections he has been undertaking to achieve his evil dream-goal, of course including exploiting our folly and ineptness, are the following:……… handing over Badme to woyane; using Badme as a pretext for his 1998 war; using 1998 war to concentrate power under his Tyranny; and before our own eyes, his Tyranny along with our ever flowing folly, is medatinng the birth of his tigrai-tigrigni.

    Naturally, if you do not correctly assess and identify the root cause of the problem you are trying to overcome, barring luck, the most likely scenario is you pick the wrong solution and consequently, dance in circle for ever. This is exactly what has been transpiring in our struggle.

    It is not very long that we waged successful Thirty Year War against Ethiopian colonialism and it’s superpower surrogates, and yet, few years after Independence, the so called ‘Eritrean opposition, easily succumbing to woyane lip service flattery, flocked to Addis Abeba to reap the counsel and aid it had deceptively dangled to them to fight against the so called ‘ isaias afewerk tyranny’. But this folly is only the tip of the iceberg. Twenty five years later, not only the woyane promise never materialized but also, throughout those years, woyane has been putting them through atrocious degradation, humiliation and disintegration,while on the other hand, the impostor isaias afewerk and his tegaru cabals haven been perpetrating wholesale genocide on their people. And yet, it never crossed their minds thinkthat woyane and isaias afewerk might be coordinating their heinous against Eritrean people under the hood of theatrical animosity. In fact, to date, raising such a possibility to them remains a taboo, possibly for fear of losing the source of their livelihood.

    There is no doubt that our inability to identify the root cause and devise appropriate solution has taken us to the dead end. The fact that we miserably failed to benefit from the COIE, and ease with which the impostor isaias afewerk was able to wiggle out of it, attests that we must star anew. I suggest the following:

    1. Move out from the control of woyane.
    2. Dismantl all sectarian organizations
    3. Establish a unity organzation
    4. Declare Eritrea a Unitary State
    5. Declare the 1997 ratified Constitution as the Constitution of our Nation
    6. Call on woyane to implement the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC.
    7. Relegate the Eritrean-Ethiopian Federation flag to our National Museum
    8. Etc.

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Dear Tewelde gebremariam,

      Your comment provides a fresh perspective on the “bigger picture” by focusing on what may perhaps be at the root of many of the problems that presently afflict Eritrea and its people. To be sure, the theme of your comment – that the notion of Tigrai-Tigrigny is at the center Eritrea’s post-independence experience and that Isaias Afewerki and TPLF have always been allies dedicated to making this notion a reality – is not new. The idea/theory has been expounded in the last 15 years by several writers and academics notably Professor Tesfatsion Medhanie. Despite such a long history, however, the theory has yet to catch on in the mainstream political discourse on Eritrea.

      We note, on the one hand, the consistently destructive measures that Isaias has been taking against the country’s population, economy, infrastructure, natural resources, international relations, etc. On the other hand, we see Weyane’s machinations in action trying to fragment Eritrean society along regional, ethnic and religious lines, as well as their incessant campaign to defile the Eritrean people’s proud history of liberation struggle and defame the heroes that made it possible. In combination, these facts do lend credence to the claim of Isaias/Woyane-owned project of establishing Tigrai-Tigrigni.

      But many people also look at the devastating war that the two parties fought over the period 1998-2000, their seemingly unending mutual hostility as manifested at the regional and international levels, their proxy war in somalia, etc. and find it difficult to reconcile these facts with what you termed the parties’ “hood of theatrical animosity.” I would tend to believe that some evidence on the alleged duplicitous relationship of (or hidden alliance between) the two parties must be revealed to the public if the skepticism that lingers in the minds of many on this issue is to be removed.

      As regards the Woyane-sponsored Eritrean “opposition parties”, I am in complete agreement with the sentiments you have expressed. Their subservient existence under Weyane tutelage for more than a decade has produced not even a single, petty accomplishment; in fact, their existence consisted nothing more than conforming to the dictates of Weyane, waging inter- and intra-group recrimination and hostility and plotting to bring about each other’s demise. This pathetic history of the groups speaks volumes about their true political identities, their raison d’etre and, above all, their utter irrelevance to the genuine struggle for democracy and justice in Eritrea.

      Lastly, no one can quarrel with the importance of (and need for) the major tasks that you have listed at the end of your comment. But, barring some fortuitous development(s) capable of fundamentally transforming the status quo, it is not clear how anyone of these tasks can be implemented when the existing alliance of destructive forces is intact and remains fully arrayed against us. Obviously, we need to have a fairly good understanding of the “bigger picture” when planning and strategizing our struggle. But when it comes to carrying out the planned tasks of the struggle, we need to have a realistic view of our capabilities and those of our enemies. Most of all, we ought to make sure that we do not try to bite off more than we can chew.

      This rationale is the basis for those who prefer to focus on advocating a strategy of weakening Isaias’ grip on power as an essential first part of the overall struggle against the enemies of the Eritrean people – foreign and domestic. They see this task as a self-contained one the successful accomplishment of which would break the unholy anti-Eritrean alliance. This in turn would allow the struggle to advance to the next stage of defeating external enemies of the people. It should finally be emphasized that modeling, planning and executing a struggle in STAGES only makes the effort more doable, relatively easier to manage and more likely to succeed. Taking this approach does not have to lead to a neglect of any of the prescribed stages of the overall struggle, and much less so of the “bigger picture.”

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Tewelde gebremariam,

      For me it is always gratifying to read what others have to say about matters of common interest. I read your posting in that context. But it seemed to me that some points have escaped your sight, and did not receive the attention and thought they deserved. That is why they turned out utterly contradictory and reckless.

      What you referred to as “… a few insightful and bold individuals” who came with the idea of armed struggle, and compared to idle and good-for-nothings save repeating old ideas, had carried the national emblem as a symbol of legitimacy of their struggle , and which you want to dump in a national museum. Thousands of gallant fighters had spilt their blood for the sake of hoisting it on the soil of independent Eritrea. It is surprising to read some one terming the raising of that flag as source of shame!!.

      Actually if you would make a little effort to read the recent history of our country, you would surely learn that the Eritrean national flag was not an “Eritrea-Ethiopia-Federation flag”.

      Unlikely the flag of the authoritarian regime that you adore, this flag was a legitimate national emblem which was designed, debated and approved by the elected assembly of the Eritrean people. A decent compatriot would not hesitate for a minute and would express regret for the statement you made because it assaults on the conscience and feelings of multitudes of people. A person upholding such views on things others cherish cannot hope to create “unity organization”.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Yohannes,
    Good summation of the unenviable conditions the dictatorship in our country has come to. It is now both internally and externally recognized as a reprehensive regime that violates human rights and oppresses citizens under a ruthless and vindictive despot who must stand in the dock before ICC tribunal.

    But the focus of the struggle should be directed towards how to galvanize the overwhelming internal grievances and potentially supportive external public opinion in to a proactive and meaningful movement of change. Eritrean have now
    reasonably gained the ground on which they could harness the cumulative solidarity support. What they need to do is how they could gather their acts together internally and externally under a national coalition driven by a unifying leadership. This is what the Eritreans lack, and putting it in place is an imperative burden that falls on the shoulders of the elite who should
    lead the way. Needlessly, the elite, by and large, have so far proven failure, which of course encompasses the sectors in the ranks of the opposition organization and outside. History is once more calling upon them to act before the Eritrean people miss the opportunity, and the favourable conditions existing now dissipate and international public opinion diminishes. Then, the dictatorship would go on ruining what is left of the unity of the land and people of the young nation which has not so far been graced by chances to grow and progress.

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Hello Ismail AA,

      1. I thank you for both the weighty issues that your comment raised and the civility with which you presented them. If your message were to be stated bluntly, it would take the following form: “Enough has been said and written about how repugnant the present tyrannical government in Eritrea is. So, we do not need more of the same; what the struggle for democracy and justice needs instead is moving forward and begin to take steps that would change the situation for the better.” I am sure we all agree that this same idea could well have been expressed rudely and even disparagingly as is sometimes observed in debates. But you opted to put your message across in a language that is much softer and gentler than many of us are capable of. I can only hope that this will set a standard for the desired quality of future debates on this forum.

      2. In reference to the substance of your comment, I must confess that it was with some feeling of uneasiness and hesitation that I posted my article precisely because I was mindful of the reality you alluded to in your commentary – enough with government bashing; on with taking steps that could help bring about change! But then I decided to go ahead with posting it in the interest of serving two important purposes: (i) There have been obvious attempts by some quarters to manipulate the significance of the recent UNHRC resolution by pointing out it did not recommend referral of the case to the ICC. As such, they argue, the outcome of the UN investigation was a victory for the Eritrean government and its supporters. I therefore found it necessary to clarify what exactly came out of the UN investigation, and what the outcome means vis-à-vis the interests of the various stakeholders in the case: the Eritrean government, its supporters, the opposition movement, the international democracy and justice movement and the international public in general; (ii) given the usual put-down of the opposition movement and despite its limitations, it was important to stress that the movement must be acknowledged and credited for the struggle it waged and for the success it registered.

      3. In a discourse that followed my earlier post (of July 27), Saleh Younis had implicitly advanced the same forward-looking idea by posing a challenge that went as follows: “The Eritrean government has developed a coherent, intellectually defensible worldview. As an opposition movement that rejects the government’s philosophy, what alternative strategy/philosophy have we developed to serve us in a post-change Eritrea?” His question was, of course, a rhetorical one; but it did clearly point to a major task that needs to be accomplished as part of the overall struggle that must be waged to ensure a better future for the country and its people. Needless to say, we all agree that that is where all our future efforts need to be focused.

      • Ismail AA

        Dear Yohannes,

        Thank you for your response to my brief comment of yesterday. I appreciate your personal decency and intellectual clarity. My comment did not absolutely meant to voice complaint about repetition of already
        familiar stuff. On the contrary, the quality and substance you article contained are always welcome. They refresh the memories and broaden the insight of readers. Perhaps I should have stressed better the point I made in the opening sentence. Otherwise I must just reiterate my appreciation for the good and useful job.

        To be sure, I was trying to address the general readership that we should focus on efforts of thinking about ways that can help us extricate ourselves from the deep hole, and create a national framework that can harness our scattered endeavours in to coherent mass action. I needn’t stress that this task has eluded us so far.

  • Solomon

    Selamat Mr. Yohans Zerai,

    Your reminder of the real debate to be addressed with the utmost seriousness, honesty and pragmatic rational with candid honesty without the viel of pretentious belief in our individual selves as a completed and dignified specimens is the human rights concern in Eritrea, the alleged some credible and some not so credible criminal transgressions against the Eritrean citizen, which culminated the four years compilation effort with COI’s report at the UN in Geneva.
    To all Eritreans and concerned global citizens, a new chapter has opened. All vested parties have and are in the process of designing and drafting their roadmaps according to their respective visions of what is progressive and victory for Eritreans and Eritrea.
    The Good and aging Dr. Legesse, has declared to lead his own investigation and scholarly sound research to rebut his rejection, clearly full of cognizant denials as well, to COI detailed charge of Eritrean Government’s Crimes against humanity. He vowed to self finance his Post COI/ICC, surely biased, investigation through his utility of sound academic tools, which include pen’s, pencils, papers, tablets, and monkey wrenche’s and definetly his favorite The Katchabite or The screw driver! Let me suggest to the Eritrean Senior great grand father age a fitting title for his The Uprooted -;The Sequel papers to be this: The Chained with Sturdy Nuts and Bolts – (Every citizens screws tightened in a Chain Gang with his personally mail ordered from China Katchabite and Martell. Shishini Sense Legesse. Tzo. Extra Soy sauce please)

    The pro conviction and complete defeat and erradication of the PFDJ the current GoE rule, fell short of blowing to smitherines the reminders of the statues of the Shida, Lennin–no no- Alexander Pushkin, and PIA/DIA/King Isatass Afeworki of Eritrea’s “Presidential” Library housing his personal collections of Commrad General Mao The Tung’s written, audio, and video lessons in leading a Billion China men Five Thousand miles to victory after same distance strategic retreat– So, the defeat and destroy from the Eritrean history pages and memory any and everything the Commrad Isaias Afeworki has lead as head of Front, State, Chancellor of University, Commander in Chief, mine and every Eritrean indidual personal god father, after betting a lot if not all on Blue on our globes preatigeous Blue Helmet Casino Rulet, after a very erratic and short time direction less shock, are declaring, drafting and strategizing for Post COI/ICC “klte sgumti niQudmit”‘despite an in all direction step and a half back retreat. Their mobilizing and consolidation battle cry title: EDA The Umpteenth Sequel again. It is all about the gXs where X ranges from 1 to 52.. Acronyms for the opposition minded organizations utilized all permutations of the alphabets, sanscrit characters etc… Its all about the Gs I mean gees geez! Geez Wiz!
    The PFDJ lone official state party/, veteran pro Eritrea Government faithfulls and, who after undergoing Independent Eritrea’s their first strategic “one step back”, for sure of the mental kind, but also perhaps as rummored, an almost irriversible ordered strategic million steps back strategic withdrawal from the Port of Asab had it not been for a disobedient General who rejected Mao’ Tse Tung’s one back two forward wisdom, ironicaly nick named ” China” – I believe. Post the first inter-state conventional WAR against Ethiopia, The PFDJ mental strategic withdrawal was all the way back to the philosophyies and EPLF Dejena “Metkel” of relying on the very few inner sworn base, reminiscent of the ten year long EFF’s SaHel defensive Trebches, reverting back to instituted conscriptions, purging their commrads for insubordination and treason/dereliction of their post and duty, building numerous secret underground jails and training new ferricious and incensitive Halewa Sewra – The Sequel prison guards who executed orders and possibly adding their own criminal and sadistic due to power trip and lacking first hand Eritrean Revolution experience and enlightenment/niQHat as their predecessor generation, the anti-Imperialist /USA and Western powers hegomony and anti-Eritrean Independenct State conspiracy theories were dusted and reprinted and constantly bombarded to the inner circle core and the population via a complete firm state control of official and unofficial media and circulations. Self Reliance was back in full force with tight national security agents, and relying first of the firm believers of the the Sewra days Merkel and the capital sacrifices of the heavily emitionaly and matterial investments of decades long Eritreans diaspora supporters. Now in the Post COI and after repelling all anti-Eritrea conspiracies from their one step back culminating with COI crimes against humanity “rebuffed” offensive, the two “steps forward” is on full steam which could prove to be as easy as the down hill blitz to the “good, bad, and ugly” supporters vision a “we can live with this” short of the Sewra ideals compromise. The Two Steps Forward Post COI/ICE battle cry banner phrase is: “I Stand With Eritrea!” Albeit from tens of thousands miles and step back patrons who religiously visit their beloved country on a flying Haji Luftansa floating bus . The momentum, and wind on their back is further reenergized by the without equitable benefits massive man power-cannon foder Ethiopian nationalist standing up for their just pay and shaking up of the EPRDF and TPLF top heavy authoritarian rule. Much like the war tired TOR who saw their Zombie military life post sixth offensive.
    My debate utilizing all and ample data available for which I am calling TwgaH ‘Mo: The Sequal (After paying with bit coins to Saay7 for title rights) will illustrate the unscrutinized visual productions with state of the art set designs and directors in the studios of the refugee camps and in the west that has netted losses as much as the PFDJ die hards retreat. We like the Good Dr. Legesse are equipped with tools better than a his Screw Driver as well as the added advantage of youthful energy of a reasonably less than fifty percent accomplishments Dr. Legesse has amassed in his long productive lifetime work as an educator. To disprove manuplated data eschewed to fit own narration is always the responsibility of future honest with integrity independent scholars en rout to earn their letters PhD.
    All Eritreans have the ability to transform themselves, their people, and heal the shell and then some shocked aging GoE leadership with only one requisite of honestly examining and defining who we are and perhaps “against all the odds” of internal and external conscious and subconciousc prison guards and wardens, including our very selves, who have arrested our young nations development.

    We too would like to inhabit again in the very house or hut that we were born in. For me it is An Arkobkobay branches Dankab enclosed single rotunda hut in Hilet Sudan, Teseney Arrd Awate Land.
    And for Younis Ali Salim inspired timely honest and decisive progressive winning strategy, was by The Eritrean Low Land League who without a low profile has registered significant and dignified victories in the past several years.
    The repetition of my introduction narration is same as your edited and reminder current editorial.
    I do suggest to you Mr. Yohans Zerai, for you to have a health distance of utilizing academic curves that fit a determine conclusion and in examined with academic integrity data.
    TwgaH ‘mo – The Sequel

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Yohannes,

    You have always a refined, tasteful, and digestiful ideas for those who have an open minded Eritreans. Your articles are food for thoughts even for those individuals with chemically infested tongues in this forum. Please continue to grace us there are always students out there.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Solomon

      Selamat Aya Amanuel,

      With all do respect Sir, your statement of phantum “with chemically infested tongues” individuals in the forum is contrary to the Eritrean Opposition’s Trust Building priority initiative of honest self definition. Please name them and present your case Aya. It is ironic, that as you have dispensed tons of legal farmasutical chemicals for the purposes of subdoing and controlling outspoken and radical individual tongues, you would make an unbecoming of an life time Alchemist. Good sir, I have been chained, institutionalized and my tongue infested by legal chemicals for some time, and in the Spirit of Streets and free sha men, I feel nearly complete liberty with the Rose Budds growing thru the pavements of my Concrete Jungles. It could be I, you may very well be speaking off.
      I as a life time student, look forward to your promised article. Abrukh is over..It is Tebeges Time Sir. Feeling butter flies? Over counter pepto would take care of that.
      With respect and love,

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Solomon,

        First you are on the safe side of the debate style in this forum. You should not worry about yourself. Second we are all life long students to know the unknown. No one has a complete knowledge let alone on all rounds even on one specialized discipline of knowledge. Those who believe they have it, they do not know that knowledge is elastic and infinite. As to who are those with chemically infested tongues, they are there armed with derogatory languages behind pen names. Third as to why pharmacists make customers wait (a) b/c the profession demands accuracy and precision not to commit errors that adversely affect the life of the patients, they take enough time to ensure that (b) As in any business it also bears the secret of business, may be our Saay can give you a hint pertinent to it.

        Amanuel Hidrat

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Selam Amanuel,

      I thank you for your appreciation of my modest effort. I firmly believe that if WE ALL throw ideas into the mix, we would eventually come out with a more rational understanding of the true state of our country. That in turn will hopefully enlighten us on the most effective and beneficial way of dealing with it.