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UN Sanctions Against Eritrea to Remain in Force

The UN imposed sanctions against Eritrea will remain in place despite the statements by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who said he will work to help lift it. Somalia’s president has also made similar statements during his visit to Asmara on July 28 explaining “the move would help the economic integration of the region.”

In its statements during the last two weeks, the Eritrean government has been giving the impression that the lifting of the sanctions is imminent.

The last chair of the Security Council, Ambassador Olof B. Skoog welcomed the first visit to the Horn of Africa by the Chair of the Sanctions Committee for Somalia and Eritrea. However, the chair was not able to visit Eritrea as was the case since the committee was formed almost a decade ago.

Ambassador Karen Pierce (UK) was replaced by Ambassador Olof Skoog as of August 1.

In a meeting report dated July 30, Kairat Umarov, the Chair of the Sanctions Committee noted that all interlocutors described the destabilizing effect of the war in Yemen and warned against a premature withdrawal of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) as Somali forces are not yet ready to take on full security responsibilities. AMISOM includes Djiboutian and Ethiopian troops.

Citing the recent rapprochement between the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments, Nebil Idris (Eritrea’s envoy), said, “it is inexplicable that the United Nations is discussing sanctions on Eritrea today…the most appropriate action should have been to lift the sanctions..” He warned that the [UN Security] Council’s credibility in the region is at stake.

While Djibouti’s Mohammed Doualeh (Djibouti) emphasized: “Eritrea’s refusal to invite him, and to cooperate with the Monitoring Group, showed an intolerable pattern of behavior characterized by obstruction and obfuscation.”

Welcoming the latest Ethiop-Eritrean rapprochement and citing the unresolved disputed between his country and Eritrea Doualeh said that Djibouti agreed with the African Union Assembly decision, adopted on 2 July, “requesting the African Union Commission to continue helping the two countries to peacefully resolve the conflict, which has been ongoing for 10 years, including six years of fruitless negotiations under Qatar’s auspices.”  And that, “Eritrea is defiantly ignoring Council resolutions… sanctions for noncompliance must stay in place as long as that country refuses to respect them. “

Also, Djibouti’s Ambassador to Somalia Aden Hassan and its Ambassador to the UN Abuker Osman, has expressed similar objections to the Ethiopian and Somali leaders’ statements and reminded them the border dispute with Eritrea and the case of the missing Djiboutian prisoners of war is still unresolved.

Djibouti is a hub of more than six military bases of different countries.

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  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear All,

    Everywhere, people make rules. You can imagine what the world will look without rule and system. Even with all those regulations, signed by the concerned still there are violations every time recorded. UN sanction first serves the world. Being inside the world we the people of Eritrea benefit first as everyone in the world. Hence, this sanction was not done because we are suffering and because the UN cares about us more. Yet, as I always say it bad or good is a chance to use it. Letting the world learn more about our nation’s problem can be explained using this chance to others and our people. But we must know change is always successful first when you work within.

    Yes, so the solution is to remove that caused the sanction? PFDJ make sanction on us and others make sanction on PFDJ. The sanction of others on PFDJ is affecting the life of PFDJ. Even if it affects me removing PFDJ’s sanction from our head will automatically remove others sanction as that sanction is not targeting us because you and me are not disturbing the world but PFDJ is.


  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Date will soon be announced for PIAs travel to the U.S. within the coming weeks.

    • Blink

      Dear FM
      Is he going to meet with people like Andebrhan, saay and his PFDJ or what ?

      • FishMilk

        Hi Blink. In regards to demarcation of the border, it should be happening soon. I hear that demining activities are being prioritized to enable/support the process. In the end, at this stage, all the pressure is now on Ethiopia to fulfill its part of the deal. We are now almost one month in the peace process and a lot has happened.

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. The Reporter has announced that Ethiopia has formally offered to mediate between Djibouti and Eritrea.

  • Kbrom

    Dear all

    What if we take this path? Would you agree, if not which number and why? What would you like to add for a pragmatic and win win solution?

    Government of Eritrea announces the following statement.

    1. As all the circumstances that necessitated for unofficial state of emergency that we have been living with for the last 20 years have been removed, the government of Eritrea herby declare that:
    a. the constitution will be implemented on agreed schedule
    b. all political prisoner including G15 will be released immediately
    c. A 180 Council of Transitional Government will be formed

    2. The Council of Transitional Government will be lead by Generela Sebhat Efrem; it will be formed from civic society, EDF, representative of all opposition organisations, activists, academic and intellectuals, and 7 members of PDFJ executive committee. The main objective of the CTG is to ensure a peaceful and legal transition of power and system by people to the people. Opposition group will be represented by the alliance plus the 4 organisation which are outside of the alliance.
    3. The Council of Transitional Government will be guided by the Eritrean constitution ratified in 1997.
    4. PIA will resign as president of the state of Eritrea within 180 days, and effective as of today he will act as a member of the Council of Transitional Government to ensure smooth transition.
    5. The Council of Transitional Government will not hold accountable the government of Eritrea and its officials on one hand, and the opposition group on the other hand, taking into account that the country is new and was in a state of war for the last 20 years. However, the task force will set a truth and reconciliation committee so the next generation can learn from the lessons of our history; all the finding shall be documented and recorded in the national registrar.
    6. All opposition organisations to denounce violence and express their readiness to support the transition and engage constructively. All ethnic based opposition group to suspend their ethnic based organisation and be an inclusive political movement. The task force will draft and announce new laws and regulations that govern the political parties and political candidates as key stakeholders in the new Eritrean political landscape. The new legislation will include registration requirements for political parties as organisations, and roles and functions that are attributed to political parties in the political system by Eritrean constitution or the political parties and organisational law.
    7. PIA to be given a secured exit and immunity from impeachment, but will be not allowed to participate in any political activity.
    8. Eritreans to hold a plebiscite to decide which agreement made by the government of Eritrea will be accepted as legal national agreements and which should be repealed as unilateral decision of the government of Eritrea.
    9. The Council of Transitional Government to set a task force for borer demarcation which will be mandated to work on the implementation of the Eritrean Ethiopian border; the task force will have people’s’ representative from controversially affected areas mainly from the environs of Tsorona area and Senafe area.
    10. The Council of Transitional Government to announce national election day with in 90 days which should be no latter than 1 year and 6 months.

    • Ismail AA

      Good morning Kbromay,

      Bidding for time to digest the points, there is one crucial point I missed in the list. It is human issue before being chip for political bargaining. It’s an essential element that proves the efficacy of national unity. Thus, recognizing from the inputs I have been graced in this forum your wisdom and commitment to human rights in every sense, I hope not putting the tragic cause of repatriating the refugee suffering and waiting in miserable camps in the neighboring countries at the top of the as urgent obligation of any national government had just escaped your attention and had nothing to do with (God forbid) political and social correctness.

      • Kbrom

        Guten Morgen mein Bruder Ismail

        I absolutely agree Ismail hawey. As you have eloquently articulated it in your post, the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all human being is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace.

        I thought since it is articulated in our constitutions, if we demand the immediate and unconditional implementation of the constitution then all human dignity issues by default will be respected.

        Article 19 – Freedom of Conscience, Religion, Expression of Opinion, Movement, Assembly and Organisation

        8. Every citizen shall have the right to move freely throughout Eritrea or reside and settle in any part thereof.
        9. Every citizen shall have the right to leave and return to Eritrea and to be provided with passport or any other travel documents.

        Article 2 – Supremacy of the Constitution

        1. This Constitution is the legal expression of the sovereignty of the Eritrean people.
        2. This Constitution enunciates the principles on which the State is based and by which it shall be guided and determines the organisation and operation of government. It is the source of government legitimacy and the basis for the protection of the rights, freedoms and dignity of citizens and of just administration.

        • Ismail AA

          Guten morgen lieber bruder,

          Thank you Kbromay; my hunch didn’t belie me. My concern, and of all conscientious compatriots, the issue of refugees should not in any way be victimized by expediencies. We have seen, as brutally affected families, the cause of refugees being egoistically politicized. Kbrom Hawey, some of us buried our grandparents and parents in graves of soils they never accepted as home.

          When he passed away, my own father handed my younger brother an old household relic he had been keeping. That old token which modernity had depleted of its utility, is still precious and priceless. His will was that token should be hanged where it used to hang. He died without a remote doubt crossing his mind whether or not his home still stands. Thus, the cause of refugees has to an urgent obligation of any worthy national government before becoming constitutional requirement to implement.

    • Ayneta

      Merhaba Kubrom:
      Is this a simple wish list or an insider information? It appears the latter to me…gele do mis halefti kitrekab gemirka eka?

  • MS

    Selam Now Inc.
    You don’t have to. It was not a straight demand; it was a conditional statement: I just expressed what I would do in such a situation.
    Thank you.

  • DreadFool

    Selam, why do so many Twitter-Eritreans insist the military sanctions include nail polish?

  • Alex

    Hi Now Inc,
    Stop your juvenile ethnic comments that does not have place in Eritrea . I believe we better deal directly with Ethiopia not with Tigray based on what happen the last 20 years. We should treat Tigray as any part of Ethiopia and we should not do what we did from 1991-1998. Eritrea is not tigrigna it has 9 proud ethnic groups.

  • Robel Cali

    Hello to everyone:

    I just want to say no one in this forum has the standard of ethics and decency that MS possess. We can all learn from him, including myself.

  • MS

    Selam Now Inc
    These your second time bringing ethnic politics here. And these types of misrepresentations and wrong assumptions are what make me not to engage certain individuals. In short:
    1. I don’t dwell in ethnic politics, I don’t harbor ethnic or religious politics.
    2. I’m on record criticizing those who characterize the government of Eritrea as advancing ethnic (Tigrigna) agendas and interests. I have called upon them to criticize specific policies of the government and not the whole Eritrean Tigrigna population. I have strongly criticized attempts that fan ethnic or religious politics and hatred.
    3. I have criticized specifically the eaders of TPLF (Wayane) and did not generalize Tigray. I have actually repeated the fact that the people of Tigray are the prime victims of the predatory policies the Wayane clique had pursued; I called upon my readers to condemn any ethnic or racially inspired attacks of Tigrians;
    4. I have underlined on several occasion, and recently, that LASTING PEACE COULD NOT BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT PEACE BETWEEN PFDJ AND TPLF and THE PEOPLE OF ERITREA AND TIGRAY (both adjuacent Tigrignas)
    5. As recently as two days ago, I have replied to someone (I think, Girmay) that I feel comfortable that our Tigrigna people would not conspire on the rest of their compatriots; along the same lines, in the past; criticizing Wayane divisive agendas that had targeted to break the backbone of Eritreans (which in Wayane parlace means breaking the backbone of Eritrean Tigrigna, I said that the rest of Eritreans would allow that, that they would not gang up to hurt our Tigrignas compatriots and that Wayane’s attempt was futile, etc.
    6. Lastly, to those who are fanning fear among Eritreans that IA is selling Eritrea to the “historic enemies of Eritrea,” I asked them not to generalize peoples, I remember saying, in audio and written that our historic enemies were the regimes that declared wars of subjugation and not the peoples. I wrote, ” Amara or oromo did not rule us, the regimes of Ethiopia ruled us; Amara or Oromo did not fight us the regimes of Addis Ababa ruled us; even Wayane waged war war when it occupied Arat Kilo, it is not the people of Tigray that waged the the war of encirclement and siege for the last 20 years, it is the regime controlled by Wayane.”
    7. I’m happy because the divisive political philosophy and expansionist aspirations that brought the region to the brink of collapse has been finally defeated. I would not care if the leader f the new vison were Abiy Ahmed (Oromo), or Dr. Debretsion (Tigray), or any other person such as DemeQe (Amara or ShiguTe (from the Southern peoples alliance). I care about vision and political philosophy. I am happy that finally there is a regime in Ethiopia that preach regional integration through mutually agreed upon sets of rules, and through respectful rapprochement. I remember Hayat telling her that I was for regional integration but first the conflict between the two countries must come to end. I have comented days ago that if the kind of regime Abiy is leading were in power in Ethiopia, Ethiopia would have displayed the same disposition it is displaying now in 2002 and the demarcation of the border and thus the conflict would have been finalized 16 years ago. We would not have lost the opportunities that mutual cooperation could have rendered.
    In a nutshell, please stay away from unfounded assumptions. I could engage only two types of discussants: a/ those whose inputs entertain, and b/ those whose comments inform or inspire to reply. I have a day job, children to raise, and also want to make my stay on social media as productive as possible.
    So, please, be careful with such callous assumptions. That is not who I am. It takes time and energy to clarify one’s innocence. Instead of asking you to prove me guilty m wasting my time proving myself innocence and that is not fair. This goes with the rest of the discussants who throw unfounded accusations whenever they don’t like specific comment.
    PS: I see Fanti Ghana reply and I thank the great Fanti. I nominated him in the past for the post-conflict Ethiopian Ambassadorship in Eritrea but he said ንኻልእካ በሎ ኣንታ ሻዕብያ።

    • Now inc.

      Ok Mahmuday, thanks!
      By the way, I was upfront with you about this. Having failed to get answer, I was theorizing, and not misrepresenting you. Theorizing Mahmuday.There is difference between theory, assumption and misrepresentation.

      • MS

        Ahlan Now inc
        Please, don’t overplay it. If are to theorize, then you have already had patterns and observations you want to explain. My reply to you has made it absolutely clear that you don’t have the observations over which you would postulate your theory. It is clear you have not followed my writings, hence, you have no clue how I square on the subject you raised. Perhaps because of my name, you assumed I’m allergic to the peace and harmony of the two Tigrignas. You were wrong. You know, if I were you, I would apologize and move on.
        Thank you.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Selamat Now inc.,

    “Tigray and Kebessa have to be kept separate…”

    No! That is the one thing, maybe the only thing, MS cannot be accused of. The rest kem dilayka! Trust me, I know these things!

  • MS

    Selam ALL
    (and particularly those who get easily excited by Hayat Adem)
    1. I am just puzzled why you get disappointed in me because I have stated in this forum so many times that I don’t belong to your camp, I said that so many times, so I don’t know why you get upsetb
    2. I have firm principles that guide me. Remember the famous two signposts that denote the two extremes, they serve me as a reference to set course. So, if known wayanistas get headache, I know I am right. You remember this, don’t you? So, why are you acting as if MS has changed lanes?
    3. I don’t have to say this to such erudite folks, but I think it is good to remind you that political ideas could pop up as bubbles that touch a specific topic of the day, or they could be stringed along a wide spectrum. The human mind could see 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum we call light. There are other creatures that see a wider range. In politics to what is in my visual field may not be in Paulosay visual field, or my perspective may be different than that of Ustaz IsmaelAA, some may be due to biases brought by one’s background, some may be due to one’s political commitment to a certain ideological streak, some may be due to identity complex, etc. The point is: it is easy to dismiss some one and walk away. That’s fine, but why do you whine time and again? I never cared about Paulos position, never.
    4. I hate group think and conformity. And what annoys me more is when people demand that I speak their mind. I’m doing mine, just do yours. Thanks to the AT, this forum is wide open.
    5. If I speak on your behalf, or represent you, perhaps you would be mad because I’m breaching some organizational policy. But most of you guys have not even disclosed your identity. So, why so much sweat?
    6. I am flattered that you guys find some interesting stuff in me and care to read me, despite my repetitive reminders that I would never consider my self in the “opposition” you have in mind; I really am flattered.
    7.1. This is the beefy stuff, pay attention: Eritrea is intact, and has made it to a safe position thanks to those who have toiled to safeguard it and continued to maintain life under tough condition.
    7.2. There is one organized political force in Eritrea that could lead the country to the next phase, and it is PFDJ.
    7.3. There is one man who has enough credibility, tenacity, vision, and credibility who could lead the country to the next stage, and his name is Kboor Brezident Isaias Afewerki, the founder of the State of Eritrea.
    That is the reality, and if you think this is bad, it only shows how badder you are.

    Now, how about that?
    Have a nice day (In a hurry, I may edit it later)

    • Paulos

      Selam Muhamuday,

      I can see that your espresso macchiato is to-go for you are in a rush. But if you find the time to read between say, two red traffic lights, I say this: At least you and I have something in common— Interest in the Sciences particularly in Astrophysics and the Quantum world as well. And if you care, I take to heart and serious in what you have to say in those areas.

      • MS

        Selam Paulos
        Outside of my day job, I enjoy music and science news, in addition to the normal sports matches. I’m particularly intrigued by the unity and harmony of nature. And where else can one find that beauty of unity and harmony than in the cosmos? Einstein’s General Relativity has again passed under extreme conditions, outside our solar system (in demonstrating its application in extreme gravity and the bending of space and time) in far away galaxies. I’m not a physics person but it just fascinates me; I can’t claim I understand it fully either. But it is a wonder of the creation. Both the atheists and the religious ones should appreciate and be humble by natures supreme beauty.
        Politics is byway of necessity for me.

        • Paulos

          Selam Muhamuday,

          I absolutely agree. What you and I have in common with the great personalities in science you mentioned is that, we have a sense of curiosity about the sense of reality we live in where the motto is “Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living.” Hope to meet you in person one day so that we can hit it off in those fascinating areas of course sans politics which sadly gets laced with unpredictable emotions.

    • Ismail AA

      Hayak Allah Ustaz Mahomoud, (ዪትሽከፍ መለሀይ፥ ዎ ደሓን ኣቅብል ልቤትካ ዎ ውላድካ).

      First, please bear with me; these lines represent me. Others mentioned in your entry can clarify their views a million times better than me. Moreover, there is no need for me to embark on point by point response. Much and more has already been written about the stuff covered by capable and erudite fellows in this forum. There is no need to risk uncalled for redundancy. Having noted this much then, let me jot down a few things:

      1. I already notified you and readers that I was not “easily” excited by what HA wrote in her entry. Nevertheless though, given her skills and intellectual prowess who does not get excited and voice admiration for her. Those who do either try to hide their sentiments or should have decided her as an adversary no matter what. So, in my case, irrespective I agreed with her or not (there were times I engaged her in robust debate), I have written in the pages of this forum that she is quality of a person in whom I aspire to see qualities my compatriot sisters and women in general: unquestionably liberated mind set, skill and courage in asserting her freedom and many more qualities.

      2. I did not write that since you belong to my camp you are violating my rules. Personally, I never thought for a minute that you had abandoned your camp to join mine. Thus, I would like you respectfully accept that I do not suffer from headache because you did not leave your lane and spoke or write what would make my camp happy. The only case in point was that without the need to sync perspectives, let us consult our consciences before we tell others what they should do in relation to conditions and circumstances that may arise. Lumping the opposition in one box and telling them to accept peace between our nation and Ethiopia on terms the regime spells out is not judicious judgement. This is constitutes relapse to what we already had experienced. You still recall ናይ ውድባት ሓሸዊየ histroinics, don’t you?

      3. Here is a big a big contention: “group thinking and conformity”. Well, were I in your position and read back what I have been writing, I would look more than a couple of times before I post such stuff on hate of love of these two prepositions.

      4. On your President and his party his party, the tone seem to have been promoted from the realm of politics to a kind of confession of fait. You and I recite at every opportunity that there is no God but Allah, and Mohammad (PBUH) is His messenger. Now, you seem you are telling us Eritreans that there is no leader but Isayas and PFDJ is his conduit to the promised land of freedom and liberties. No sir, Eritrea has thousands better than him had he been courageous enough to open the country. God, having in mind the PFDJ zealots and their state of mind, I couldn’t help but wonder what will happen to Eritrea if something happens to him: scatter just like sheep whose shepherd died before driving home and becoming easily prey to wolves and predators!.

      • MS

        Selam IsamelAA
        Hayak Allah
        I think we just need to learn to co-exist while being true to ourselves. I use niceties conservatively, but I must say that I admire your decency. I have said this in the past. I met Emma, and although we don’t see eye to eye politically, he is among the nicest people, we still communicate. I hope to know KS, he is my FB buddy, but was never able to talk to him; I never met SGJ, but he is among the easiest people to talk to. He commands Tigrayet better than me, and we do our conversation in Tigrayet.
        This is just to take the ELF/EPLF stuff off the table. I care about subjects/substance more than parties or groups. There are many EPLF folks who differ with me.
        As far as history is concerned, you are a student of history and I don’t want to lecture you, but I’m of the opinion that we should not politicize history.
        The reason why I chose not to reply in the order you put it is because I want to make it more personal and intimate.

        • Ismail AA

          Hayak Allah Ustaz Mahmoud,

          Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t frankly understand how the points you and I have raised are related to history. I have no clue why we tend to jump back into old ELF-EPLF whenever we face difficulties in tackling what we jot about topical current affairs. Anyway, a few points in passing if I may:

          1. My first preference is to use niceties profusely or liberally because I believe these are tokens of human essence.

          2. The gentlemen we have mentioned have proven their humanity before intellectual resourcefulness through what they provide us.

          3. In my humble opinion, personal intimacy does not contradict or pollute coexistence when making considered judgement on affairs that commonly affect us.

    • Ayneta

      Merhaba MS:
      Don’t get carried away here. Spare us of you sarcasm and contempt, trying to mirror your kubur wo hufur Brezident IA. I personally don’t give a hoot whether you have changed course or not, you are just the same ex-fighter who is showing his true skin after disguising under a ‘sheep’s fur’ for so long here at Awate ( kindly refer to YG’s masterpiece Dejen’s Syndrome”). What if I tell you this: Eritrea will never come to enjoy democratic system as long as it is ruled by ex-fighters, with guys like you serving as cheap guards behind the curtain. How about that for a change?

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Ayatna,

        We are not on talking terms with MS (well he is ignoring me) I think what I told him he didn’t like, I think he was repeating it.

        Last month when he was hakilu Kelo this is what I said about him, when he was not reading. Now that his Kibur Bresident is our only hope, I thought I write it again, which seem appropriate.

        I apologize if it’s insestive in advance.


        You know Paulo, God (or call it Karma) works in mysterious ways …I have a prediction that he will not live long to see and enjoy the peace around the corner or what ever that come about.
        Here is from MS and Gheteb melqes:)
        እዋይ አንታ ኢሳያስ፡ ሓደ መዓልቲ ሰለም ከይረኻ፡
        አብቲ ትሕጎሶሉን፡ አብቲ ትዓርፈሉን፡ ቁጽይ እባ ኢልካ፡
        ነዞም ወያነ ምስ ሰዓርካ፡ እዋይ ተዘሚትና፡
        እዋይ አነ ተካል፡
        ኤይ ኤይ ኤይ

      • iSem

        Hi Ayenta:
        I am not even sure what is the saddest thing that happened to Eritrea, whether it is May 24, or the peace process or th war of 1998 or MS saying that IA as the credentials to stir us in the right direction.
        Think about it from the 5 million ppl, from all the learned and experienced freedom fighters for MS to say that a thug, a murder, common criminal who disappeared his childhood friends for 20 years MS chose IA and he is cocky about it and we know what happened to the cockiest creation who invented cockiness, he was thrown out of heaven, with no chance of redemption. MS does not believe in that story, he fasts sometimes and goes to mosques though
        MS has instulted the entire ppl of Erit for saying that and he knows it, he is just kissing the ring
        And YG’s classic will outlive the Mahmudays because after his generation die, they would have no good legacy, but they will make sure to build their own monuments before they kick the backet

        • Ayneta

          Merhaba iSem:
          My beef is not with MS personally, but with all ex-fighters who try to convince us that Eritrea without them will turn to ash. He is just one of the pack, trying to put on his EPLF-wey-mot coat now after he has been showcasing a pro-change attitude. With the new reality unraveling, what is worse is he is oozing this last minute false bravado as if he is trying to tell us ‘Go screw yourself, EPLF will live forever”. Once a twisted EPLF, always same!
          My stand is clear: Eritrea needs to get clean off ex-fighters as leaders and start afresh with new leadership that is not tainted with the old and irrelevant, nepotistic culture of EPLF. Mark my words, there is no other way around. We have seen and done them for 30 years and look what we have got. And now MS is prescribing another 30 years under the leadership of IA!

      • Blink

        Dear aynta
        So you think YG and his minions are the gen of democracy? As all religious zealots are blind all unionists like YG are extremely evil people who can not speak about democracy. MS didn’t adress from ex/fighters perspective why do you need to fart as such .All ex-fighters didn’t benefit from PFDJ rule , infact they suffered to a great length yet here you are referring a coward YG symbol of a disgraceful human being.

  • Peace!


    No. Paulosay is smart guy እዛ ማርሻ እንዴትሮ ገዲፍካ (reverse gear) man! He is quick and swift 🙂


    • Paulos

      Selam Abi Seb,

      ትሕሾ ትሕሾ of course on the smart thing and will deny you the ማርሻ እንዴትሮ for your car is on a steep downhill 😂.

      That said, here is a thought experiment: Imagine that the Awate Forum is the Eritrean Parliament–we have hard core extremes on both ends as in one extreme subscibes for PFDJ is the only legitimate party and the other extreme subscribes for PFDJ is a mafia organization. The rest are somewhere in between. The Speaker Of The House happens to be Ayay and went grey hair prematurely to restore order. If you ask me where I fit in in the ባይቶ, one of the extremes is questioning my citizenship much less to be a member.

      • Peace!


        Lol…but I am in a train though:) As for the rest, ንኹሉ ዝሐዝል ማሕዘል የለን- time to get real and practical, seriously!


      • Haile S.

        Selam Paul,
        ኣይተስተማስል። ወረ ከምዝብሎ፡ ኣቲ ናይና በረኸት ምሽ ሚኒስትር ነይሩ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ? I hope it is not me the extreme you mentioned. BTW ረሲዔልካ ትማሊ ዝበልካዮ። Rabies is rare in tigers. And, this is personal opinion, rabies makes the calm aggressive, but I expect to confuse the already aggressive.

        ሓኔታ ጳውሎስ ከመይ ዒልካ
        ካብ ሳይንስ ርሒቕካ’ዶ ብዳሓንካ?
        ብሎቲካን ስነ ፍልጠትን ሓዋዊስካ
        ኣቢይ ካብ ዝመጽእ ነይ’ድሓንካ
        ደንጽዩኒ’እኮ ሓሳባትካ ሃለዋትካ
        ንዓ ተመለስ ይሓይሽ ከም ቀደምካ
        ንፉዕ ሃዳናይ ዶ’ይነበርካ።

        • Paulos

          Bonsoir Monsieur Hailat,

          You never cease to amaze me and of course you are among the few others that I get gravitated to the Forum. Thank you.

          Didn’t know that Rabies was rare in Tigers. That is really interesting. Here is something related to it I read somewhere I would like to share it with you. I ask you to bear with me for it may take longer comment.

          In the 1990s, a lady, British researcher found something profound that shed light on the theory of fear whereby the idea of heroism particularly in battlefields put in an awkward position so to speak.

          What she did was that, she prepared four small bowls, each containing urine. First bowl cat urine, second bowl rat urine, third bowl rabbit urine, fourth bowl dog urine. Later on, she made 10 mice or rats smell the four bowls and what she found out was simply remarkable. All the mice have never seen a cat in their entire lives and when they sniffed the cat urine, they run away while they lingered around the other three bowls. But there was an exception. Three out of the ten mice, instead of running away or getting disgusted like the other 7 mice, they seemed to like the cat urine and stayed near the bowl instead. The researcher found the exception intriguing. She repeated the experiment and the results were again the same.

          Before I get into the reason, let me say a couple of stuff about the brain. Amygdala is part of the brain where it is responsible for emotions particularly responsible for fear. And it is considered as one of the primitive parts of the brain.

          And a couple of stuff about parasites. Toxoplasma gondii is a deadly parasite where it infects the brain particularly it infects Amygdala. As it happens, cats are main carriers of the parasite where it lives in a symbiosis relationship inside the intestine of cats without causing any harm to cats that is. If for instance, a pregnant woman comes close to a cat’s feces or litter, her baby can be in danger of having a brain damage and that is the reason doctors advise pregnant women to stay away from cat’s litter.

          The researcher did a brain CAT scan on all the mice and to her surprise, she found Toxoplasma gondii in all the three mice who seemed to like the cat urine when they were supposed to be fearful of it like the other normal 7 mice. The parasite destroyed the Amygdala and the mice became fearless. What was remarkable was that, when other researchers, examined the brain of men who had been in a reckless car accidents, most of them turned out to be carriers of the parasite which had damaged their Amygdala and subsequently, they became fearless. Should we re-examine our admiration of certain heroes in history, say, could it be an infection with the parasite as opposed to a gutsy daring of danger? Perhaps!

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Paulos,
            I am hoping you can explain this:

            Is there a virus that makes people docile and fearful, and sometimes dishonest even when they are safe? Why are people dishonest to even express their true feeling behind a nickname? Is there a urine they come in contact with? For the dishonesty, and cruelty, I am thinking that some might have come too close to NSU’s urine, which I am sure contains such a virus. And you have to explain it to us. If it is not researched yet, it’s on you and ou can do it. Look closer and many might have been contaminated because they lived close to NSU. And I have a suggested name for the virus you will find: Toxinosias.

          • Paulos

            Selam Ayay,

            It is safe to say that I have “known” you long enough to expect such creative sarcasm coming from you. You should see me laughing particularly the Toxosiasis is spot on! Again, thanks for the laugh.

          • Haile S.

            Voilà Monsieur Paul,
            ብኸበሮ ከሎስ ብሕምብሊል (ብሕምብጢጥ)። ከቦሮኻ እንሃለ ረኺበያ 🙂 🙂 🙂 ። The story is so beautiful that I will leave the close questioning on whether CAT scan observation is pathognomonic for toxo etc etc. Thanks

          • Paulos

            Selam Hailat,

            Of course, the Gold standard is biopsy but as you know biopsy is invasive including in animals. For instance, in patients whose CD4 count is less than 100, particularly HIV-Aids patients or any other immunocompromized patients, they are susceptible to Toxoplasmosis, and one can see a well defined image on CT that suggests the invasion of the parasite.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Sanctions: Djibouti, Yabooti, My Pot And My Money!


    Djibouti is SUBMERGED in debt. I mean it is literally drowning in debt. With the Chinese debt to the tune of NINE BILLION dollars and the 2.5 to 3 billion dollars that they have to cough up now that DP World won the arbitration case for Djibouti’s Doraleh Terminal is making the financial pinch that much painful. That is what it is like to be inundated with debt. And, to add insults to injuries, the burgeoning Ethio-Eritrean peace deal, doesn’t augur well for Djibouti’s financials because of the reduction of port services revenue from Ethiopia using Eritrean ports services.

    Some officials from Djibouti are claiming that this Ethiopian use of Eritrean ports will cost Djibouti revenues to the tune of 3 million dollars a month. To any unbiased observer, it is quite limpid that the financial part takes the lions share in Djibouti wanting not to see that the sanction in Eritrea is not lifted.

    In order to achieve the goal of Eritrea remaining sanctioned, Djibouti unfailingly raises the issue of POWs in the hope of moving the goalpost, so to speak, by rendering contradictory claims. Here are some snippets from the record.

    A) Qatar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, HE Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi said, in 2015 that:

    “Eritrea has released all Djiboutian Prisoners of War and there are currently no Djiboutian POWs under Eritrean custody”.

    B) ” In 2015, in official letter sent to SEMG, the government of Djibouti claimed that “there are 18 POWs in Eritrean custody.”
    – The 19 March 2016 Press Statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Djibouti claimed that “there are 13 Djiboutian POW in Eritrean custody.’
    – In a letter dated 31 March 2016 to the UN Security Council, the Permanent Representative of Djibouti to the United Nations claimed that “there are 15 Djiboutian POW in Eritrean custody.”
    – There was also a claim that there are 19 Djiboutian POWs in Eritrean custody some two years ago.
    – So far as I know, Djibouti has never revealed the names and ranks of those POWs it is wildly alleging to be in Eritrean custody.

    C) “The Government of Qatar, however, clearly stated that the four POWs released by Eritrea on 18 March 2016 “were part of a group of seven in Eritrean custody, out of which one has died and two others fled.”

    D) Now the million dollar question is: how does Eritrea remaining under a UN sanction helps Djibouti?

    Djibouti is counting on the UN sanction on Eritrea to help it accrue more revenues from port services is simply counting on making the Eritrean ports less attractive to Ethiopia. This is so because all cargo vessels heading to Eritrean ports are liable to intrusive inspections and has to face other hurdles thereby costing time and causing undue inconvenience to ships heading to Eritrean ports. So, the Djiboutian political calculus is banking on these analyses.

    But, the lifting of the sanctions on Eritrea is all but a matter of time and Djibouti’s RECALCIRANT attitude vis-à-vis Eritrea’s sanction will come with a hefty price tag in the newly emergent region of the Horn of Africa.

  • saay7

    Selamat all:

    On the sanctions:

    1. The Eritrean MoI argued that the real question is not whether they should be lifted but why they were placed to begin with;

    2. I would argue, as Ambassador Andeberhan wrote in his book, that the Isaias Gov “virtually dated the Security Council to sanction it.” I would go a bit further and say it practically begged the Security council to sanction it;

    3. In a continent whose member states instinctively recoil at any Western or UN sanction of an African country and when it happens ignore it (Libya, Zimbabwe), the Isaias regime did the unthinkable: it somehow managed to get Africa to set a precedent and sanction a non-apartheid country;

    4. It wasn’t done getting Eritrea sanctioned. Its continuous defiance ensured even tougher sanctions in subsequent years. Whereas the first sanction was specifically targeted against the regime (arms embargo travel bans, asset freeze on “individuals to be named), the subsequent sanctions carried with them the stigma of discouraging investment (in theory at least; although given the fact that country is always ranked dead last in world ranking of Ease of Doing Business, none would have come anyway);

    5. This ተለኻኺምና ንጥፋእ cowardly policy of the regime was consistent with the policy it pursued during the war to ensure its officers are not targeted while the National Service were spared;

    6. Despite all its protests, the Isaias regime brought the sanctions upon itself when it allied Eritrea with armed Somali extremists determined to overthrown an internationally recognized gov (Somali prez Formajio is a product of that) and its refusal to acknowledge its conflict with Djibouti and deal with it

    7. Despite all its protests, the sanctions were not fully enforced as the US intervened to spare the “individuals to be named later” who were going to be listed (as it would later do by preventing the UN from disclosing and bringing to trial officials at “the highest level of government” for crimes against humanity.)

    8. As it often does, the Isaias regime only makes things worse. While the Somalia issue is largely off the table now (one of the two causes of the sanctions), the Djibouti case remains, supported by the Africa Bloc;

    9. The only outstanding issue is that of prisoners of war and the Isaias regimes refusal to be forthright about the issue. It is entirely possible that it has accounted for every POW, but because it had been caught in a lie before (whereas it claimed it had no POWs, 2 escaped and testified to the Somalia Eritrean Monitoring Group, then later 4 were released) its credibility on the issue is shattered.

    10. Its refusal to give access not only to the SEMG but the Sanctions Committee Chair (whose recommendations are decisive) show it continues to bumble its way through this. As does its miscalculation that once Ethiopia and Somalia sign off (thus the hurried invite to the Somali prez) the sanctions were guaranteed to be lifted. Thus the MoI editorial that the question is not whether it should be lifted but why they were imposed to begin with (hint: because you are politically so inept you should not hold any power higher than traffic cop)

    11. Finally, here’s something that is a shame of not just the government, not just its supporters, but the entire population of Eritrea. In all the talk of whether there were 6 or 12 Djibouti POWs there are long descriptions of their names and ranks. Meanwhile, the Djibouti government has said that it holds 17 Eritrean POWs. And it has released their names. Nobody, except 2 opposition-affiliated individuals and orgs, has ever raised their issue. Their names are as follows:


    • Blink

      Dear saay
      Just as expected

    • Hope

      Selam SAAY :

      Basically, it sounds like U R celebrating as if U were BEHIND enforcing and RENEWING the Sanctions by coming up with tons of excuses and “ Justifications”!
      Wouldn’t be surprised if u guys and your co-sponsors contributed to this as you did it before directly or indirectly,in the name of Justice Seekers.

      Not sure if one would call this “An intellectual bankruptcy or “Pseudo-Political Acrobatism”?

      The Al Shebab Saga:

      -U are still obsessed with Al Shebab and as I already lamented and guessed ,you have conveniently omitted the other facts including the facts S Africa testified about the Al Shebab thing.

      -Eritrea does not have an obligation to accept the so called “ Internationally accepted or recognized” Somali Gov.
      If you are honest about real solutions for the Somali problems,it was the One,the GoE attempted to put together,which REALLY represented all Somalis .
      But again the PFDJ MESSED UP in the way it did it!

      -The nominal support to Al Shebab by the GoE was only as part of proxy war to counter what the TPLF did to Eritrea by recruiting all kinds of Terrorists ahains Etitrea,which U conveniently ignored for your convenience and propaganda purpose.
      Be that or this ,the UN and the SEMG CLEARED Eritrea for not having any relationship with the Al Shebab at least for the last 7 years .

      This is not to mention that the Ethiopian Factor playing rather a positive role now!

      So,in the real world and by common sense,one would expect people with your caliber to rather argue against Sanctions rather than apparently “ celebrating” the sanctions at this stage as you et al FULLY know and witnessed the devastating outcomes of sanctions,irrespective of their kind,quality or magnitude and /or their target .

      The Djibouti Saga:

      -The issue of POW could not be a serious justification to sanction a Nation.

      -Worse,you conveniently ignored the other factors that led to the Eri Djibouti ““Conflict”.

      -You also conveniently ignored the joint conspiracy and evil agenda by Djibouti and the TPLF Janda.

      The IGAD/African Factor:

      You know EXACTLY as to why and as to who was behind that “ African Initiative”

      The Over All UN Factor:

      -Irrespective of what Dr Andeberhan said and the PFDJ’s mistakes,the UNMEE’s corruption and its interference in the internal affairs of a Soveriegn Nation,not to mention by acting as the TPLF de facto Agent against the National Security Interest of Eritrea,and for acting as a MAJOR HUMAN TRAFFICKER !which u know better than me,are serious offenses by the UNMEE to justify to “ deportation” of that CORRUPTED Entity.

      The ONLY mistake was the way the GoE did it,which is its usual erratic habit not exclusive to the UN.
      Since u believe in links and evidence,refer to the Wikileaks !

      -U shied away from mentioning the whole Dr Susan Rice et al Factor

      -U labeled Mr Russel,the Resident Journalist in the UN as an Eritrean Paid Agent despite his Eye Witness Account and Factual Reports about the insane sabotage and evil acts by the UN and its Masters and Mercenaries .

      -The WORST of the worst,U et al took at face value and believed the fake and false Reports by the SEMG against Eritrea; embarrassingly,u even believed what the Hanquelti claimed and reported that the GoE was behind the Uganda Stadium Massacre and the fakely attempted AU Summit bombing,which was,in fact,executed by the same Hanquelti.
      Nothing personal is taken or given but a naive opinion and reaction!
      With respect!

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        Salam Hope,

        As far as there are contempt for human rights, exodus of refugees from Eritrea, no constitution and lawless shifta still encompasses Eritrea, prohibition of UN bodies and other international organizations, barring freedom of expression and free press, arrogance in dealing with international community and Eritrean citizens, etc., I think as far as this conduct is the norm of Isaias regime, sanction will continue. If the regime wants sanctions to be lifted, it should shift from mafia/shifta square to a responsible and respected government level same as the civilized nations.

        You have to remember Isaias has imposed sanctions on the people of Eritrea before the UN imposition of sanctions, the G-15 are an example. Though Isaias has made a peace deal with Ethiopia, but still he didn’t lift the sanctions from the people of Eritrea. And I will borrow from brother Saa7 “PEACE NO PEACE” as the best description for this kind of situation and sanctions. Hope without hope.

    • Mez

      Dear Saay,

      Furthering your list of challengs, I want to add:
      a) the faulting againest American interests by jailing the embassy staffers in Asmara, b) restriction of US citizens from freely moving around in Eritrean territory for whatever needs, c) not opening up for sustainable bilateral business and commerce, d) being one of the top five refugee source country on the planet.

      Now reading history across our globe, the American will not settle down short of removing PIA; and destroying pfdj.

      With this in mind I am thinking the removal of the sanction is unlikely to happen soon. The new modus operandi of PIA with PMAAA and the two Mohameds across the Red Sea, will help–but for the global players it mean not much.


  • MS

    Selam All
    1. Hats off to AT for the professional news presentation, no politicization, no spin off, just as clean as someone would expect it presented by an independent news outlet.
    2. The sanctions are unjust, they should have not been placed on Eritrea in the first place; they will be lifted without Eritrea doing any concession; Eritrea and Djibouti will restore relations in the not too far future, and that will be the last hurdle for the sanctions to be lifted.
    3. The effects of the sanctions on Eritrea’s defense capabilities is lessened to negligible margins with the restoration of relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
    4. Investment follows peace, and as long as peace prevails in the region, its effect on investments will be minimum.
    5. Ethiopia is so strategic to Eritrea that the next generation of leaders must do everything possible to make peace durable, including by contributing positively to the stability of Ethiopia.

    • Hayat Adem

      Dear MS,
      Observation: there were few occasions when you gave strong statements against the tones of crimes the IA regime committed against its own innocent citizens; and there were many occasions you praised the regime for its nonexisting good performances. The pattern observed here is so funny:
      a) you tend to be critical of the regime in the month of April more than in others; other than that you remain a blind confirmist for the most and best part of the year;
      b) relatively speaking there is a clear pattern of you that you tended to criticize the regime when there was a perception that it was losing the conflict game with Ethiopia/Weyane and you tended to support it animatedly when you felt Ethiopia/Weyane was yeilding a bit. In other words, your grant or denial of support has had nothing or little to do with how responsively the regime is handling national affairs at large.
      c) there is a clear pattern of your comments in picking any opportunity or silly excuse to bash at the opposition forces while they are at their weakest point. This is so important to say it because a weak opposition is harmful only in so far as it is not salvaging the nation when there is the most potent criminal regime incurring an untold misery evey single day. That is only the case, when you are in a position somehow to give the opposition the benefit of doubt as forces of good. But when you think they are the sellouts, (like you always tell us) and when they are weak and in disarray (like you always tell us), and when there is an Eritrean government strong at defending the national interest (like you always tell us) you should count yourself as the happiest person and go to sleep most assured.
      Why are you always so nervous and come shooting recklessly causing several friendly fires? My theory is: deep down, there a small part of you that recognizes something is not right and it must be fixed soon before it is too late. It nags and wrestles you everytime you think of your country and your people. It is a struggle between an inner sanity and insanity that wears you out all the time. And it is my hope one day, you will cone into inner harmony with the good in you than otherwise.
      Yours, Hayat

      • MS

        Ahlan Hayat
        Thanks for the “observation.” The way you presented your “observation” it looks like your observation is based on some statistical data in front of you, and you are interpreting (reading) it the “Hayat” way. Anyway, it is too late on my side of the world, but good to read from you. I have been working hard to make sure not too many axes fall on the fallen tree, you know as the Tigrigna goes “zwedeQre gereb msar ybezHo” (I hope HaileS is gonna correct me).
        Depending on my mood, I may reply to you tomorrow with a warning of siren to take cover, if not, all I will say is “I reject your observation.”
        Lighten up, everything is gonna be OK.

        • Amanuel

          Hi MS
          It is her observation and I is also open for others to judge. BTW she is spot on and put it eloquently.
          My honest and direct opion is that you have been flip flopping and very hard to predict like London’s weather.

          • Blink

            Dear Amanuel
            Who is observing who ? Hayat the number factory? Ismael oh do not even let me start .

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Blink,

            If you meant to address me and not the honorable Sheik Ismael Al-Mukhtar, I just would like to ask you why you burn your blood and nerves for anything people write on the regime and every persons you think they think as you do. I did not address you, and if you are trying behind a loophole in my allusion to “dear all”, and dared to have free ride, your behavior of slighting others cannot in anyway cover you. The only hurdle is personal conduct and humility stands as harness to restrain others not to go down you the low level you seem to have chosen for yourself. Please watch out what you write. Expressing an opinion in a free space does not give you right to behave rude.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam blink,

            I thought you would hold your ground as you tirelessly assert. You have edited your entry and removed the blunder you committed. But you know, a comment in this forum is like a bullet fired from a gun. Once the bullet bursts you can’t retract it and fire it again. You will to pull an new one and think before you pull the trigger. Sir, my comments in response stand. Slighting fellow humans for no reason is ugliest form of rudeness.

          • Abraham H.

            Selam Ismail AA, that is his mo in this forum, this blink guy is so dishonest and naughty. I’ve caught him before doing the same; first writting something nasty, then he edits it after he is confronted. Please ignore him, he is not worth your time.

          • Blink

            Dear Ismail
            I just wanted to give up to your lousy style of silencing people. You and second another guy in this forum wanted to ban people from this open space provided by awatecom . I know I can click your button and make you angry but I respect you sir , just know that I know when it hurts . Remember you are becoming more and more intolerant.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Blink,

            I am neither trying nor can I silence you. All I am asking is have some decency and respect yourself before you respect others. In fact I tried to ignore you. I am just responding when you cross lines for the sake of not taming you but you tarnishing the good image of this forum. The rest should be left to the monitors, and I have accepted the good advice of brother Abraham. Dear, I am done with you and enjoy your world of rudeness.

          • Blink

            Dear Ismail
            I can see you are enjoying the bossing and for me no bad feeling about it . Your comment was addressed to all and I mentioned your name unless there was nothing negative . You accuse people if they didn’t fall to your side and that is normal when ever you do it but if others hit back you can not take it . You bring words like crossing the line and many things. If it was addressed to hayat or MS I wouldn’t mentioned your name but you call for this forum to read you and I did. You felt bad for mentioning your name I removed it , what else are you demanding? What exactly do I say to you ? You see you are not a fair game player sir . You never ignore comments actually I don’t read yours because I know I do not agree and If i reply I know you can not handle it sir . You will always accuse me of rudeness or other things and that’s way you are not a fair game player . Look at saay he addressed to awetistas and I replied and he usually doesn’t reply and for that I don’t care but this forum is an open forum and if you adress to all someone will reply .

      • Ismail AA

        Sela dear all,

        Lest I be accused as a “Woyane” appendage, I have up voted Hayat not because I agree with everything she writes but what she has observed under this entry resonates with my feelings about my dear brother Mahmoud. The last few weeks, I stayed as a quiet reader of what he has been writing in the pages of this forum or in the pages of other sites. In fact, I chose to stop responding to him as I used to do and just watch on.

        Recognizing him as good debater, friend and patriot as many in this forum, I candidly voice my feeling about his extreme commitment to what the EPLF and what relate This state of mind disadvantageously constrain his judgement in discriminating offenses the regime commits and gains it claims it has achieved. Looking at the recent and ongoing events, he could not conceal his overjoy, and simply put himself on judge’s seat to demand those who might hope to prove their patriotic credentials should recognize the government and prove loyalty by proceeding on terms it sets for them. Those who refuse to ride the “train” that puts on the siren before every stop would deny themselves of the mercy this golden advice would rain on them, and end an incorrigible enemy (Woyane) enablers, and deserve to diminish in irredeemable oblivion.

        This is just what I felt and mean no ill intention towards MS and my respect remains intact. If he feels offended, sincere regret is expressed in advance.

      • Blink

        Dear hayat
        How is the downstairs doing these days ? Your organization built fake roads and buildings to milk Ethiopian people by looting using loans . Ethiopian economy under the 40 billion dollar.The frustration must be killing you.

      • Paulos

        Selam Hayatina,

        I remember, every time Tefabirhan or Tesfiit [Great Awatista–hope he is well] came down hard on Muhamuday, I used to get puzzled for I took Muhamuday a reasonable person with solid principles. Obviously, Tesfit saw something the rest of us cared not to care if you will. I am sorry to say this but I lost respect for Muhamuday and other a couple of library-dwelling lunatics here in this forum when they failed to call the regime out when it said demarcation is not a priority as if it hasn’t been a rallying cry for the last 20 years. I suggest not to take them serious anymore.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Dr. Paulos,

          I 2nd you on this..

          He is doing fine I see his talk all days from his blog..Tesfiit..very recently in face book.


          • Abraham H.

            Selam Kokhobay, I wonder why Tes is no longer commenting here, I hope he is ok. He had always something new or new ways of looking at issues, I wish he comes back to enrich this forum. I also miss Thomas

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Abraham H and beloved Kokjobay,

            I too miss tes. I enjoyed his input and exchanged views on substantial matters for prolonged time so much so I began to address him as “son”, which he kindly reciprocated with admirable humility. In fact, I was encouraging and goading him to develop a good idea he had proposed on something useful as premise to the opposition politics before he suddenly absented himself from this forum. I hope he is alright. The guy knows the geographical and political terrain of Eritrea like the palm of his hand. He indeed missed.

        • Peace!


          Do you think it is a big deal what tes or Hayat said when apparently ደለይቲ ፍትሒ Eritreans are divided between Anti-Issayas and Pro-Eritrea Oppositions? ሐደ ልቢ ሐደ ተቓወምቲ doesn’t exist. Tolerance, too, has its limits. ግፍጥፍጥ ኣቢልካ ሐደ ኢና ምባል ኣይሰርሐን Time to get real and practical.


          • Abraham H.

            Selam Peace!, “ግፍጥፍጥ ኣቢልካ ሐደ ኢና ምባል ኣይሰርሐን”. Don’t you think that is axactly what the guy in your avatar is doing right now as we speak?

          • Peace!


            Not at all. That’s flat out reconciliation. Ethiopians are famous for their Ethiopianism unlike Eritreans full of identity crisis- 33 opposition groups for 3.5 million people. Come on!


          • Abraham H.

            Selam Peace, let’s be fair; you cannot talk about Eritrean opposition’s make up when the fact is that no political activity other than that of DIA, not even that of pfdj, is allowed in Eritrea. If there was an atmosphere that allowed fair participation within Eritrea, then we would not have so many groups. Many of the 33 groups you mentioned probably do not have members more than a dozen; so they cannot be perceived as true reflection of the politics of Eritrea.
            BTW, this so-called Abiy reconciliation is very questionable and dubious because he cannot reconcile while alienating others, and worse, bringing known criminals and killers to his medemer nonsense. Just wait and see where this madness is going to lead.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abraham,
            Those who quote the 30 and 40 opposition groups have that information from one of Awate’s articles in relation to the Hawassa conference of 2012. In that piece, what we tried to show was the scam used to give participation rights to individuals and in fact we explained how the registration and attendance was secured just by paying $100. That is why many paid the fee and participated under fancy names when they were individuals. Now that information is so twisted as if we have that many organizations. Simply, we do not. And that is why the Hawassa conference was born deformed for many reasons, mainly interference and plots. I was laughing at individuals who told me they registered under this or that name when they were one or two persons. They have all disappeared from the scene shortly after the Jamboree. Finally, we have no more than 18 groups–and some of them were hastily formed by the Ethiopian handlers. So, deal with it, we have not more than ten groups according to my knowledge–civic associations, human rights groups, and the like can be a million and I have no objection.

          • Peace!

            Hi Abraham,

            I support him for he is making peace, not war or embracing criminals, and the rest his and Ethiopians business. If he fails, then the peace will fail. There will be no winner.

            But what matter is not what we as individual support or oppose rather address our challenges realistically. I only stated an obvious fact out of frustration.

            The stake is too high just to focus on how Abiy is wrong. If people disagree with the peace deal, then they have to convince the people with a better alternative, very simple.

            Generally, I am not including you, proving wrong one to another is the culture of this forum ክንሪኢ ኢንዲና ኣበይ ከምትበጽሓ then ኣይበልናኩምንዶ. This has been the case for the last 18 years how many more years before the debate contest ends?


          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Peace!,

            “I support him for he is making peace, not war or embracing criminals…”

            I don’t have any doubt that he means well and his heart is in the right place, but I am seriously worried about his personal security because of several unknown groups lurking around who think they have a free reign these days.

            Ironically, one of the leaders of the suspected group who tried to assassinate him is someone who was released from prison based on the recent amnesty.

            I hope that his personal security detail is checked and rechecked every 48hrs. He must stay alive now more than ever!

          • Peace!


            I hope not, If happens, we have no choice but to wait for another one, hopefully an Eritrean.

            As you can see we are still debating how many opposition groups can properly breath and with normal heart beat as opposition out of the thirty two or three or four. ወይትዕድልና!

            Please pray for peace!


          • Girmay

            Hello Peace, you stated ” Ethiopians are famous for their Ethiopianism”. What do you mean by this? I have a different opinion regarding this issue. 1. The Ethiopiansim that has been commercialized by Addis Abebam elite is exclusive. For Addis Abeban elites, who might be direct decedent of feudal lords, Ethioianism is comfort , and privilege. For those Ethiopians who are from the villages, Ethiopianism means misery. You see, the singers of Ethiopianism are an exclusive club. They use their status to commercialize an Ethiopianism that is not clearly defined.
            I will ask you and anyone else in this forum to find me 10 Ethiopian intellecuals who have written the marginalized history or struggle of Ethiopian minorities?
            Brother peace help me out since you know about Ethiopianism. I think you are lacking intra-infrastructure. What do you think?
            If you dont like my comments you can blame Mitiku.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Hi Abraham H,

            “ግፍጥፍጥ ኣቢልካ ሐደ ኢና ምባል ኣይሰርሐን” How true..Nice..Peace has to correct his stand really..


        • iSem

          Hi Paoulo:
          Yes Tes came hard on MS and mind you they went along so well before, something happened and every time MS commented Tes was irked.
          But if you remember when he commented against PFDJ, MS always hedged and then out of the blue he came hard on the opposition ,calling them Woyane stooges and mind you some of the opposition he was talking about were the teachers of his leader IA, the founders of the armed struggle itself, who were unable to visit their beloved country. He was careful and my theory for his pattern of attacking the opposition and putting them in one basket was his sources, high ranking PFDJ official were telling him that the peace deal was coming, because this deal was simmering for a long time. Mahmuday Hafash as he is known to the Seattle Eritreans MS never really abandoned PFDJ and he will never do as you see him pivoting. He called the justice issue that Eritrea suffers from, the untold suffering that his org inflicted for a long time now, “house keeping”, that is a metaphor for the lowest priority. It is house on fire issue, not house keeping issue and to my mind the he description of house keeping is telling , it is what IA and PFDJ think.

    • Abraham H.

      Dear Mahmud, I’m just wondering how on earth a sanctioned country/arms embargo, could be allowed to host a modern military base with state of the art weaponry such as modern fighter jets, artillery, tanks, helicopters, armored vehicles, corvettes, etc in its territory? What gurantee does the UN have some of these armaments do not change hands in Eritrea?

  • Blink

    Dear Hope
    It took many years for you to know this guy. I have been denying his existence for the sake of truth.

  • Blink

    Dear Acria
    You have been reading many our regional history books and if have a market while reading please mark the rivalry between the different leaders we have in our region. You will find the rivalry was between the people who claim Habesha leaders . Amhara vs Tigray vs Eritreans , or Amhara vs Eritreans vs Tigrians
    It has been like that sir. I believe TPLF are thing of the past but the people of Tigray are not . The people of Tigray are vividly victims ,yet someone is using their banners to go to muzzle others and if you agree pls raise the red flag. If the Tigray people have the chance to express their wish and TPLF let them do that , hi why not let’s join because Abiy is bringing Dergi and for that there is no reason why we should not but we need time.

    That military sanction is not important to stop for purchasing military hardware but it is a poison to stop investment.

    • Acria

      Selam Blink,
      Let’s not forget that there is no embargo on civilian economic investment. PFDJ needs to come to terms with the Eritrean people and start fresh again. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they will first establish democracy and rule-of-law inside Eritrea and try to exist cordially with neighboring countries. The restrictive and secretive nature of the PFDJ is what is crippling the economy, not the arms embargo. What have we done the last 27-years under the PFDJ?

      We need to replicate what PMAA did and start bilateral relations with both Djibouti and Sudan. First, let’s get out of Ras Doumeira and Doumeira Island so that we establish the status quo before the skirmishes of June 10-12, 2008. We have an independent country! We need to get out of the ‘Gedli’ mentality and start rapprochement with every country. We need to see some action from PFDJ. It is the duty of every Eritrean to pressure the PFDJ to show real democratic results.

      • Blink

        Dear Acria
        Again you still have no clue about PFDJ , they will not move an inch unless natural call comes . Issaias is a man with the biggest ego ever created on this earth and I don’t believe he will lose to democracy. I have no hope what so ever since 2001 . But since our people are more important than the fake election they need peace at any price . Ras dumera is Eritrean land and Djibouti needs to know that .

        Any sanctioned country is in a great danger to loose tourists happiness and sanctions have an wanted consequences and these consequences never ever bothered the people on the top . People like saay are just blinded by hate of the man and since they are so blinded they don’t see the consequences of sanction. The sanction was built on lies by lairs and what ever you bring sanction is not the right way . We need peace not only for live but even for air .

  • Blink

    Dear all
    This small house of Djibouti must be feeling the danger then . Eritrea must work hard to gain the market share of Ethiopian containers even by giving Ethiopian importers and exporters a maximum 1 year free of charge to use both ports excluding few service fees . Then build military post in Ras dumera by inviting UAE to have another post there . The sanction without Ethiopian diplomacy on the table will not block investors from investing in to Eritrea. Up until now Eritrea did nothing to get this sanction. It was all lies made by weyane. Now there is an Oromo who has good heart for our region. Oh I forgot the Twitter in Chief will go on again .

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Blink,

      Can you be on their shoes please for a minute? You are asking what are they doing in Mekele. What I think you should be asking, where should they go instead?

      First I don’t know why you have to bring their names when you are discussing the sanctions. Fair enough it’s your right to discuss what ever you want.

      Let me ask you this honestly, what would you advise them to do instead of calling them, dead men walking or what ever.

      Let’s be just a little fair. They have families, they have lives, they have choices like all of us but they decided to fight (how ever wrong you believe they are) for the cause they believe in. That’s honor if you ask me.

      At least let’s learn from our new found love with Ethiopia and how they are solving their problems.

      Can the ERITREAN government offer such deal?


      • Peace!


        “At least let’s learn from our new found love with Ethiopia and how they are solving their problems.” Thank you!

        እምበር DIA እንጀራ ይበልዕ እዩ እሞ እንጀራ ምብላዕ ግደፉዎ ምባል ጥራይ እዩ ተሪፉ ዘሎ.


      • Blink

        Dear Berhe
        You said “They have families, they have lives, they have choices like all of us but they decided to fight (how ever wrong you believe they are) for the cause they believe in. That’s honor if you ask me.” NO these guys spoiled our opposition by going underground with weyane. They are responsible for the failure of opposition. They didn’t fight for Eritreans but for their pockets held by weyane.

        I am happy to see the darling of weyane go rotte. They played with Eritreans chances.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Blink,

          aTeHagomi Kelo TeHazi yTerT:)

          You didn’t answer what I asked you.

          “what would you advise them to do instead of calling them, dead men walking or what ever.”.


    • Peace!


      Well, those with dual citizenship may have left already and joined their families, and of course the poor ones do not have place to go. Please understand the circumstance 🙁


      • Blink

        Dear Peace
        I am just saying these people should save their people ( the soldiers under their name ) first . They have to plea in 4 kilo not with weyane at this hour .These guys have many poor souls under their name . They have to sit with UNHCR or any other party that can help . Weyane can’t do the job of saving. I mean it is extremely dangerous to associate with weyane under any name at this hour. We all know they were the darling of weyane at the expense of other brilliant Eritrean opposition but since they were wrong and weyane bet on them not on the good once. Kerenolos spoiled many things and he will spoil many things to the poor souls .

  • Paulos

    Selam GN,

    Many thanks for the great report. I guess the honeymoon is officially over and we are back to the cruel reality where a run-away መኸተ is in full swing. The young PM seems to parrot title of a book as in “I Didn’t Do It For You.”