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The Great Relapse

Many people pooh-pooh character assassination. And rightly so, but the same people are indifferent about the assassination on life. Both character assassination and life assassination are rampant in PFDJ’s Eritrea. But the moment one harshly criticizes a PFDJ or a former PFDJ higher ranking official, he is accused of character assassination: “that is low, aim higher, attack the policies not the person”.  This is a misnomer because as we have learned, when discussing and dissecting PFDJ, a person and policy are synonymous. My dictionary defines character assassination as: the malicious and unjustified harming of a person’s good reputation.

As long as when I came of age, as far as I can remember, both when Ghedli[i] was raging and after independence, Eritreans have been subjected to assassinations–on their lives and on their characters. And for some it got worse, they are character assassinated and then they are assassinated or they are assassinated and then their character is assassinated.

During the time of the liberation struggle, it was all “kosher”, it was all for the sake of independence. But even after independence, assassinations still remained ‘kosher”, because it was all for the sake of development, for the good of the country’s future. “Revolution feeds on its own children!” we were told, whoever coined that phrase must have been smoking something out of this planet, but Eritreas bought it and almost collectively showed nonchalant attitude towards both types of assassinations. Now in the era of the struggle against a tyrant, both types of assasinations are prevalent, still unfettered, still unchecked, still undocumented. Yet if you harshly criticize PFDJ, you are accused of character assassination.

As Saleh wrote in his postscript, politics is an evolving thought, when facts change you change your mind, former foes become friends when they redeem themselves and mend their ways, former nemesis become allies when they abandon the regime and right their old wrong. But have the Medrehkites[ii] only physically left PFDJ or have they really mended their ways, have they reflected on the very policies and actions that supposedly made them abandon PFDJ, or have they defected because it was fashionable, a trend, not to be left behind.

Andebrhan Woldegiorgis left PFDJ, he wrote a book, “Eritrea at Crossroads”, and in his interview with Dr. Russom of Eri-Spora, he articulated how he locked-horns with Isaias Afwerki when he worked to institutionalize the banking system. He reminisced about how he felt when Eritrea gained independence, describing it as a mixed feeling of sorrow about the dead who were left behind and the jubilation of finally accomplishing what Eritreans set out to do. He successfully curbed his true behavior in the face of hard questions from Dr. Russom. With practised politeness, with a fake joviality that hankered on the, old, good-times of Ghedli, he came across as a changed man during the interview; a changed PFDJ man was what we want and what we should embrace and encourage. We celebrated his defection. But anecdotes of his character slowly emerged and his treatment of Saleh is not the culmination of his character, it is harbinger of a slow relapse to a fully-fledged PFDJ outside the circumference of Isaias Afwereki.

Shengeb, a former student union leader is not well- known but  some time in 2003, Awate wrote this about him: “Muhyedin’s hands are bloody: he sits on a committee that abducts people.”

This report is very true, Shengeb was behind the disappearances of vocal student union members in Sudan even before independence. Still his defection was a welcome news, as slowly chipped away PFDJ machinery, is a triumph. And we celebrated as we should. Despite keeping silent for over a decade, he has recently emerged out of the woodworks as a leading member of the Medrekh that rubber stamped Saleh’s removal from the meeting, a meeting that was billed as a conference to unite the opposition.

Saleh decided against a showdown after Andebrhan vetoed to expel him from the meeting he was invited to, he wrote. His first instinct, like most first instincts was the right one, it would have become the litmus test of who genuinely espouses the ideals of tolerance, reconciliation, freedom of speech and inspiration. Had Saleh proceeded with it, it would have exposed those who rubberstamp on behalf a bully and a penchant of a dictatorial trait. Saleh chose the tried and failed “lbbi m’ebaay” of his former organization, whose big heart was so unfit because it was bigger than its size.

The biggest lie ever told during Ghedli and to Eritreans is the “lbbi m’ebaay”, yet again, instead of testing the Medrhkites on their tolerance stamina, practically quizzing them on their democratic fitness, Saleh succumbed to what ails Eritreans, the so called “big heart”

The moment one slightly criticizes the likes of Ambassador Andebrhan and Dr. Asefaw, one is quickly reminded that these people have abandoned their PhDs and their good life in the West to join the struggle. That is true, and for that, the Eritrean people handsomely rewarded them, bestowing upon them accolades and the unfettered trust and access to chart the posterity of their nascent nation, the best honor one can receive for his hard work. Besides, these people have it better than the rest of the people, the orphans and the parents who lost five of their children during the war. So the defence that they left their comfortable bed to sleep on the floor should not impress the Eritrean people much, as the Canadian Country singer Shania Twain put it:

So you got the moves but have you got the touch?
Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think you’re alright!
But that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night
that don’t impress me much!

Okay, so you’re a rocket scientist
that don’t impress me much
so you got the brain but have you got the touch?
Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think you’re alright!
But that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night
that don’t impress me
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else

Consensus, reconciliation, rule of law, freedom of speech, tenets that Saleh stood for the last twenty-five years were the victims of Saleh’s “wise” decision not to hold the meeting hostage. Belligerence, arrogance, intimidation, assassinations must be punished and how best to punish it than rendering that meeting a “failure”. It was not an august gathering to begin with, it lacked courage when it succumbed to the old and tired mantra of “stay away from Ethiopia”, its members among them, Shengeb and Dr. Asefaw showed cowardice when they failed to stand up to Andebrhan, even at the risk of rendering the meeting a failure. That meeting should have been the sacrificial lamb for truth and freedom of speech, its “failure” should have served as a courageous move for nipping the bully in the bud, for purging the budding despot that Andebrhan is from its ranks, for making an example that no one person should wield unfettered and unchecked power. The meeting might have concluded without split but it was a failure. Failure is success in this particular circumstance. But that required big men and women with “small hearts”. The Medhrekh leaders turned out to be small men and Saleh owned a “big heart”.

Everyone in the meeting relapsed: Andebrhan relapsed to his old PFDJ pedigree when he threatened to physically remove Saleh, Shengeb and Dr. Asefaw both relapsed to the old PFDJ mode of allowing a bully to get away with “atrocity”, atrocity on freedom, atrocity on liberty and atrocity on the ideals of tolerance that we dream to erect. Even Saleh Gadi Johar relapsed to “wisdom”. Semere Habtemariam also relapsed when his heart warmed up to Medrekh for reasons hitherto unknown. This was an affront to the larger justice movement as the actions are the “greenshoots” of the blossom of what epitomizes PFDJ.

[i] Ghedli, Tigrinya language reference to the Eritrean armed struggle for liberation (1961-1991)
[ii] Medrekh is the Tigrinya appelation of the “Eritrean Forum” also knows as Munteda in Arabic

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  • Nitricc

    Hi Ayneta;” African” is not nationality rather Mentality. With the exception of Somalians and large majority of Eritreans; the rest of African’s mentality is scary. No wonder why the Egyptians call you monkeys.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Nitricc,
      As a graduate of Awate, occasionally I tune in. Oh!, my friend Nitricc, you are so out of sight, I don’t even know where you are.
      We have an alpha male white elephant in the room and you are talking about monkeys. I hate to tell you what Arabs call you when they realize you don’t speak Arabic.
      Nitricc, what happened to your teeth? or tooth?
      The man you idolize goes to Ethiopia on the way to an opposition meeting, you give him a pass.
      Don’t you know or surmise that most likely than not he is passing “Hayat’s” and “papi’s” recommendations or a little variation of it. Is there no shame here to the sight?
      I thought I have heard everything, I guess not.
      Now, General Nitricc, what is this I hear that Asab is being “leased” to the Arabs. Prophet Emperor Haile Selassie is rolling in his grave.
      Mr. K.H

      • Nitricc

        HI K.H, long time; i am glad you showed up. you are the coolest Ethiopian,so, you should be more often to represent mama Ethiopia. I am glad to hear from you though. please participate more often.
        back to it, Arabs, well, it is Africans fault even the Arabs to call us Monkeys. like i have said the mentality and the i can do attitude is pathetic. to be honest with you, it hearts me.
        K-H, let the world know, i am stanch defender of the truth and i will not backdown from seeking the truth and at the some times, the truth not evident and readily present. so let me find it what the the truth is then watch me. you can’t not defend the truth with out knowing the truth. Regarding heading Hayat and papi’s plea; again let’s find out what is the truth is. no one is exempted from the truth in my book.
        regarding Assab, if it is true, i thought it is a good idea. i have been calling for the same action but i only wanted it to be like five to ten years. till Ethiopia and Eritrea work out on their own demons. the scary part is there are some Eritreans who wanted integration with Ethiopia only for the benefit of Ethiopian resources and there are some Ethiopians wanted normalization with Eritrea because Assab is part of Ethiopia. on both cases, both assumptions are wrong. we have no choice but we have to work together for equally, fair and just economical benefits, but not now. what makes me sick is that the Eritreans who wanted to integrate with Ethiopia with intention of to loot, it is already tried and the result was blood shade, why try again? the same token, Ethiopians fought believing Eritrea is part of Ethiopia and the result was 30 years blood shade. let’s try different, like i will respect you and respect me and let’s work for mutual benefit. how about we try that? anyway, I don’t believe Assab is leased for the Arabs. do you know why, PIA always declared that Eritrea is not for sell and i believe him.

    • Amanuel

      Hi Nitricc
      Surprise surprise! The two people you mentioned the first don’t have government and the second no constitution.

  • Nitricc

    Greetings people! Speaking of relapsing; I am sure you are following what is going on in the TPLF land. There is chaos after chaos all over the country. It is getting serious by the day and getting out of hand gradually. I have predicted long ago that TPLF will ceases to exist by the people of Gonder. So, if I was TPLF I wouldn’t worry about the Oromo and others beware of Gonder. There was a story that Gonder jail caught on fire and the prisoners started to run-away and TPLF solders open fire on the prisoners; when asked why they are shooting; replayed the prisoners were escaping i.e. we had to shoot. Lol, mind you there is fire; why are the prisoners supposed do? Anyway, TPLF have to find a way to handle this mess, so, there is a fresh report that a bomb went off in the Grand Anwar Mosque wounding several people. This is a typical TPLF old and stupid work. Now, this will give them to clean everyone they don’t like in the name of terrorism. You Watch, the next few days, Agazi will be busy killing, arresting and terrorising the people of Ethiopia.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi Ayneta,
    Actually I thought Nitricc was born of African immigrants in the U.S. That means he is also African; so a bit surprised when he repeatedly contemptuously laments “you Africans!”. This reminds me the nature of some people in northern Africa, who’ve similar attitudes towards other Africans.

  • Ayneta

    Merhaba burukat:
    Meskerem is reporting that IA reacted to Medrek’s recent meeting in Nairobi, and he remarked how ‘useless’ Medrek is. It seems it has hit home and got the attention of the big guy. Perhaps he is alarmed by the union of his ex-comrades from both EPLF and ELF. Hope Medrek lives to the hype and evolves into something we have never seen before. Ofcouse time is the ultimate litmus paper, but the buzz it has created is a humble beginning, hopefully will morph in to a bigger catalyst of change.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates and readers
    Good Morning to all
    I will take you back again to the true and false version of our history
    and the way it is read and interpreted by some people to make your
    own reading and interpretations.
    Two questions first
    1. Why is that many people in Ethiopia/Eritrea think as if Eritrea was
    more under colonial rule than Ethiopia for some decades ?
    2. Why do the past two Ethiopian regimes or Administrations of HSI
    and Col. Mengistu think as if they know or have known Eritrea and as
    if they have administration apparatus there ?
    3. Third question may be added to say Why do they present it like that ?
    1. Many people Ethiopian/Eritreans are wrong when they think Eritrea was
    more under colonial rule compared to Ethiopia in the past Ethiopian/Eritrean
    history though the like to say it. Because the Italians are not as colonial rulers
    as the British, Germans and the French who subtly and systematically alter the
    identity of societies. In a more advanced form the US also is like them but in a
    neo-colonial method or system. Second reason is as I have recently found out
    in my research, Italy didn’t have a colonial agenda until as late as 1921 when for
    the first time came up with a colonial draft idea thus only not enough 20 years to
    introduce it in its occupied lands which mostly interrupted by war with the Allies.
    And in or around 1934/5 ( only after 13 years ) this project was suspended to
    implement it from Addis Ababa – a HQ for the new colony Italian East African Colony.
    2. In this part, as far as history tells us, Eritrean land and people reality and administration
    was like this – 55% Liberated area, 30% Semi liberated area & only 15% under Dergue
    Administration area due to the 30 years war of Liberation with the ELF/EPLF. Thus how
    can the Ethiopian military Dergue claim that as if they knew and had administrative
    apparatus there while it is/was only 15% of the whole Eritrean Nation under their control ?
    ( Next I will come to the Answers for question # 3 i.e. Why they do or like to state and present
    the realities and facts in this way )
    Thank you Awates
    Yours ,

  • Haile Zeru

    Hi Semere Andom,

    Great article as usual. Keep it up. I agree with a lot of things that you said.
    One can read (as you stated) dhanom’s article how Romodan was expelled from running to be elected leader of the organization that he served all his life at the whims of DIA. And compare that to the whole SGJ saga like you did in your article. Especially I like to draw attention to the
    following specific paragraph.

    “On Sunday morning, Andeberhan Woldegiorgis put his colleague in a precarious situation
    when he threatened to expel me from the meeting unless they take me out of the
    meeting hall silently. They had tried to dissuade him from that bullish
    decision for hours to no avail and they were afraid a conflict will ensue and
    derail the meeting if they rejected his decision or if he tried to expel me
    from the meeting. Looking so distressed, and embarrassed, they called me out
    for a word and explained to me the problem.”

    …and then

    “The atmosphere was scary and there was a risk the meeting would end in chaos.”

    ምእንቲ ሞጎጎ ትሕለፍ ኣንጭዋ፡ which resulted in SGJ withdrawal from the meeting venue.

    My riflections:
    …እታ ኣንጭዋ: ኣፍዑት ኮይና ናይ ምምላስ ተኽእሎ እንተ`ለዋ
    ምስቲ ሞጎጎ ምልካማ ይምረጽ:: In other words as far as I can see calmly from my home it was OK to end the meeting in chaos. Because agreements made in this way will not serve the purpose of the people but the individuals who are manipulating the meetings.

    -Andeberhan’s behaviour is symptomatic of a dictator (at present a “rat”- no offence intended, just to draw similarity to the proverb). In reality no rat will morph into a tiger or a viper in short time by the interval of human life cycle. But in the realm of human character that is entirely possible in relatively split second.

    -The years Andeberhan served Issayas, he learned DIA manners, behaviour, way of thinking and way of treating other people.
    In the logic of this present “rat” (just to draw similarity to the proverb) and potentially future “viper” the
    maxim “treat others the way you like to be treated” does not exist, it is not visible. Does Andeberhan like to be treated the way he treated SGJ? I do not think so.
    The behaviour he displayed towards SGJ gives hints that he did not disassociate himself, psychologically from what DIA did and is doing.May be thinks there are clever ways to save the tyrant’s legacy.

    -ዘረባ ሓደ ሰሚዕካ ኣይትፍረድ is a true maxim but the “second one” should state his/her
    case. Nobody has muzzled Andeberhan. He is not in Ela Ero.
    He should state his case if he has one. You can listen to what he has to say but you cannot force him to say it. “ትም መሪጽና” is not a defence of ones case. And will not forbid the observer from reaching a
    conclusion with the information on hand.

    -It is not difficult also to show –no need to stretch your imagination- that letting the rat pass for the sake of Mogogo, will not serve the greater good. Even though many individuals were
    acutely aware that Issayas’ character was undemocratic, dictatorial, in early
    70’s, they let him live (they let the rat pass) for the greater good which
    ended up to be, as we know now, the most horrible disaster. And Issayas (then a rat) morphed
    into a present dragon that is about to destroy the entire country.

    • Mesfin

      Selam at AT.

      I agree with you as well. SGJ could have done better. I am sure that some of the Medrek meeting participants are real opposition members, unlike Andebrhan. If SGJ had reminded them that what Isayas in the 70 ‘ s used to do, they could have stood majority together to reprimand the ‘lefties’ Andebrhan. There was a suggestion that the opposition should be lead by youth and guided by people with experience.

  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat T.T.

    I will keep reading you for you provide the next clues where sea shells are hidden. Once I find those shells then I can role the ZaEgol and gives a little feed back hype on my promise to Saay7 the proof to Honest IA.

    I would like to play the role of Mycroft Holmes now and ask you: Where were you at the time of the crime? I am a bit perplexed as to your motive. The battery was dead and you continued with your “mistirawit camera” rather than offer a jump?

    Sherlock Holmes older brother Mycroft an excellent read written by the Bruin Kareem AbdulJabar.

    Alah Kareem! Amin.


  • PTS

    Hey all,
    The American Chief Mission in Eritrea, Louis Mazel, had nothing but positive impression about his visit to the Bisha mining site.

    I am happy specially for the 1400 citizens who are employeed there. Good to hear this but my doubts are that this is an orchestrated show by the embattled regime. The fact that diplomats are not allowed to wander ouside Asmara without weeks’ prior notice (which by the way may or may not be approved) should tell the reality.
    The report says 30-40 trucks travel daily from Bisha to Massawa. Daily! That is huge quantity of gold, copper or whatever it is. Mr Mazel should also talk about transparency and inform us where all this money ends up. Because as it happens, living conditions for Eritreans back home are now worse than before Bisha. Bread, water and electricity are today more scarce than they ever were, and only getting worse.
    In the meantime, the minerals are depleting fast.

    • Ted

      Hi PTS, this guy is breaking every diplomacy protocol US is accustomed to. Remember he got all giddy up to our comfort with the success of Eritreans cyclist and athlete. Something smells fishy . It is my guess the Gov must be baffled too. I heard Eritreans are getting Visa to USA with few preconditions and the zinger, the Gov is OK with it. It looks the Gov is wanting to take the relationship slow thinking it won’t last. The Bisha mine visit is HUGE(as D.Trump would say) for GoE propaganda. If this trend continues he will be riding the MS’s camel on 25th independence celebration, he already have the Jalabia and sword to go with it;-)
      We don’t need to count trucks, it is all in the company’s revenue report. All we have to worry is how they spend it. Good luck finding out;-)

    • Nitricc

      Hi PTS; this is the exact problem with you Africans. Unless the white man says it,things are not true. Dude, wake up,the only problem with the Eritrean gov is not implementing the rule of law when it comes to nitty gritty; other than that I can’t complain about the gov of Eritrea. Not only they are feeding their people with the greates drought in recorded but they are importing heavy machineries and every developmental equipments there is to import. I bet you that you are disappointed that Eritrea is not begging.

  • AOsman

    Dear Adarob,

    Why do you think my comment is referring only to the two gentlemen?
    Did I say awate are responsible for what assenna say, or just you are listening to your own HISHIKSHUK and answering without reading properly.


  • Haile Kidane

    Selam all,

    I know this comment is not relevant to the article, my apology, but it is worth of reading.

    Bruk Malti

  • T..T.

    Hi Fikre Selam and all,

    According to victims of Isayas, any official who served Isayas is considered to be a tool and diaper of the system. And, as tools and diapers they are involved in bleeding and diaper-absorbing Isayas’s dirties.

    These defectors, as top officials of Isayas, no one is free from the crimes committed unless cleared by court. For sure, so long they were serving Isayas they served him to their fullest potentials. The scars of the victims have stories to tell for each victim is still suffering from wounds or scratching where it burns.

    These ex-top officials of Isayas, as defectors, their history is full of doubts that need to be clarified. Each secret they know enhances the fight against the regime and their silence about each secret they know boosts Isayas’s evil policies. Unless Isayas is running their lives by blackmailing them, they should speak out and be on the frontline to take Isayas to the international criminal courts for every crime committed. Yes, unless blackmailed they should have vivid memories of the crimes they saw committed on the victims. Fikre Selam, you may forget and forgive but I don’t think the victims, who a suffering each second and minute.

    If these ex-top officials, as defectors, do not want to acquire their ability to take full possession of their own memories, the court will force them. Until then, these ex-top officials, as defectors, legally have no right to join the opposition for they are accused to be on mission to fracture the fight against Isayas, their blackmailer.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Selam T.T,

      I totally agree with Fikre Selam on his reply to you; this is not time when we can bring anyone to justice. That will be done after the fall of dictatorship, under a constitutional government and in a free court of law.
      If the current consultations between Medrekh and others do not succeed, then i think any ex-EPLF/PFDJ people should not waste a lot of time in the process. The so-called original opposition can continue with its paralysed state of affairs, a situation it has been in for almost two decades. The Medrekh people, and anyone who believes in the notion of Eritrean solutions for Eritrean problems by Eritreans should continue to co-operate with Eritreans inside the country to remove the dictatorship.This is the only way forward.
      All sides should refrain from interfering in each others’ affairs; they can pursue whatever path they wish, but they should not hinder others struggle the way they choose. This is not time for competing for power; that time will come when we reach the objective of free Eritrea through whichever means we believe in.

      • T..T.

        Hi Abraham Hanibal,

        The question is about furthering a clean fight for a clean outcome. Cover ups to keep the Isayas’s egg intact will only hatch in a surprise of another Isayas. As such, the question is: what was their contribution in divulging Isayas’s crimes. Their silence is qualifying Isayas as crime less in the awaiting UN action. Just mention one of their condemnation of Isayas for crimes committed that can be used by the UN against the regime.

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Selam T.T,

          There is no one who wants “to keep the Isayas egg in tact”; such claims are raised by those who see the “new arrivals” at the opposition camps as “rivals”. Such claims are raised by those in the “original opposition” who do not have self-confidence in their plans and ability to bring the people to their ranks. They are also claims by those who actually dream of power, while falsely crying for rule of law and justice; these are people who believe that they can offer the Eritrean people a freedom on silver-platter without actually involving the people in the process.
          As to what information those who left the regime might have given to the UN; I don’t know, but I guess they must have contributed to the COIE investigation as the COIE haven’t revealed their sources publicly. Also I don’t think most of them have very secret information; we know the EPLF operated with a secret party during the struggle era; who knows there may also be such a party in the current regime.

      • Solomon Haile

        Dear Abaham,

        1. After the,
        Then the Eritrean Constitution.. Rule of law in Eritrea.,,For the prosecution of criminals.,
        2. Eritrean law with prosecutors and defendants with full access to the Press..
        What are these “regrouping EPLF/PFDJ” to do? Take “amnesty” and tell of their involvement in crimes worthy ton the International Court?
        3. How large or small should be tried by IC And what does that do for law and sovereignty in Eritrea in post the change of powers,
        This meeting did occur giving weight to the level
        Of crimes in Eritrea. The Adi Abeyto video release was timed. But what did it really show? The drawings insertions does “not make it “msTirawit.”
        This Take Isayas to ICC will never materialize in my humbled opinion.
        I am hoping GhezaE Hagos and enlighten me a bit.. I need a shell.

  • Nitricc

    Hi LT the great! I am going to get it your great work of translation but I can’t help but laugh my head of at the following script.
    “Fat can die quickly and early but those who have no one to eat on the table,he thank God!”
    Fat can die quickly but who have no one to eat hahahahahah I can’t wait to know what in Tigrigna you have said.
    I am nominating person of a year in LT!

  • Amanuel

    Hi Sam
    Sorry for the interjection but I have a short question. SGJ told his side of the story but it has been more than a week we haven’t heard from Andebrhan about the incident. Why?

  • L.T

    Before that Meskerem said Dr (?)Andebrhan and and Saleh will be fought in Kenay and they done so Meskeerem have someone inside who briefed averything but if Saleh has been in contact with Weyane,what the hell do I know? but one thing one thing is obvious Saleh met before with their big boss Meles so I do not think it can do anything to play major role i he met someone General.You know what will surprise me?If he met Isaiash,then all should be quiet and stay off!!

    • Nitricc

      Hi LT; that will be the true reconciliation day; the day SJ and PIA sit down and talk. It could happen. If you can’t talk with a person you disagree then how is it possible for reconciliation? Which the motto of this web site.

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, I just read what is reporting. They are saying SJ held a meeting with Gen. Mesfin Amare of the TPLF. Well, with out having this information, I stated yesterday that the only way I would expel SJ from the conference is if he had any contact with unwanted elements. If what reporting is true; then, the action of Andebrhan to expel SJ is justified. He has a duty to protect the organization, not that I believe SJ will harm the organization but as a leader AW can’t take that risk.

    • dawit

      Hi Natricc,
      Just follow the money. drip by drip it is going to flood.

      • Nitricc

        Hey dawit; it is complicated but it is as simple as that SJ have the right to meet and speak who ever wants and Andebrhan have the duty and obligation to shield his organaztion from what he thought is a risk. But if the story is true, MEDREK scored big and finally MEDREK is the voice of the silent majority. The key is stay out of Ethiopia.

        • Saleh Johar

          Stay away from the “toothless” speculation, they will make you bite your thumb. Don’t spoil it, I am having fun reading all the foolish conclusion built on prejudice and lack of information–which is privileged. I don’t want you to fall in the trap, keep your teeth.

          • Nitricc

            Hi SJ; advise noted. As you can see I am struggling to stay objective which is impossible with out knowing the whole truth. So, I accept your advise becouse I have no idea what is going on I.e am staying away.
            Moved on.
            Thank you SJ.

          • dawit

            This is not a “toothless Speculation” but rather based on circumstantial evidence, You left your finger prints allover the place. The invitation, the air tickets, the stopover, the delays, the fight, the pleading and begging to attend the closing ceremony etc, And now people filling the missing gap, meeting with ‘Woyane general’, visiting PMMZ grave at Silassie, placing flower on the grave the briefing and debriefing etc. I am also enjoying the guessing and counter guessing show.

  • AOsman

    Dear Solomon,

    You know you make us struggle to understand you, on purpose. I wish you a speedy recovery as it sounds you broke your arm from a car accident? Also from the multiple postings of your that I read, you need to take my chillax pill and head to The East :). This episode of Nairobi will be forgotten and we will move on, all people care is the man at helm of Eritrea’s ordeal is first removed. There is too much paranoia in the air, Medrek or Mendef, who cares as lost as our people get relief, restore their dignity and control their destiny.


    • Solomon Haile

      Dear AOsman,

      You are wrong on this one brother. TT knows the “misTiraeit Camer” video is doctored. Unless the pencil drawings of “helicopter”, people relivieving themsleves “ab Shiekha” etc.. are pencil drawings by a”misTirawi” artis at Adi Abeyto prison.

      I did not have a car accident, I did not break my arm. I am with all limbs and chatting between beeaks at work.
      Brother AOsman, what if I tell you we can make Nairobi event an unforgettable event. Stick around for the next “finjjal bun” reading. It is not my fault even if the great iSEM is not a good speed chess player:-)

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The silence of these regrouping ex-Isayasists is still considered betrayal of truth. Their silence upon and after their defection is encouraging Isayas to continue act like nothing criminal ever been committed in Eritrea.

    The regrouping ex-tops of Isayas have duties to be eye witnesses in all cases against the regime. Their non-exposal of Isayas is not freeing them and cleaning their hands in cases such as bringing pain and death to many innocent Eritreans. Accusations for turning Eritrean lives upside-down are everyday thing whenever their names mentioned. They are blamed for couching indoctrination on how to inflict pain and humiliation and on how to make innocents obey hellish commands to become fearful of their shadows, trust no one and never fight back when ordered frozen or imprisoned.

    Prison life shown in the video can be used as evidence against them in courts unless they play Testa by passing on to Isayas through their exposal reports.


  • Abraham Hanibal

    Dear Ayneta,

    You wrote, “t is easy to trash Anderberhan’s action to dismiss Saleh from the meeting as a form a bully. Worse, the other members had to plead with Anderberhen to get him change his mind. That is not the right way to manage an organization which purports to facilitate change process in Eritrea. The incident is a reminder of the way IA was pampered and groomed to develop in the monster that he has become now. It is a painful reminder.” You then followed by that we do not know the whole truth to pass a “definitive judjement”. What I wonder about is haven’t you already passed your judgement on the case according to your text that I’ve quoted?

    • Ayneta

      Kubur Abraham Hanibal:

      My apology if I didn’t deliver what I intended. What I meant in the first paragraph was to emphasize the fact that based on particular incident ( it looks bad as reported by saleh)), one may dismiss Anderberhan as a bully. That particular incident may make Anderberhan look like a jerk. If you add the way the other Medrek members tried to get Anderberhan to change his mind, it looks really alarming, and thus one may think Anderberhan’ s behavior was reminiscent of IA in his primordial days. It was not a judgment from my side but rather a possible rushed extraction by someone who read the report by Saleh .

      In the second paragraph, I meant to say that despite this particular incident and possible backlash pursuing it from other people, it is not fair to characterize Anderberhan the way Semere did.

      So the idea I tried to deliver was not to run into conclusion about Anderberhan unless we have concrete evidence that the characterization is a true depiction of him.

      Hope this clarifies it……

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Zkeberka Ayneta,

        you’ve nothing to apologize for, as you are, of course, entitled to your opinion.-) My comment was to point to the contradiction I saw; and if that was because of your ” rushed extraction by someone who read the report by Saleh “, then I understand you.


  • Sam

    Hi Semere,

    Please chill out and let the other side have their say before siding with one party against the other and write an article about it. It is easy to fall into the trap of our individual and collective perception of once PFDJ always PFDJ because we feel we are armed with past experiences to prove our claim. Understandably, PFDJ has that effect on Eritreans. Here, the expression “Once bitten twice shy” comes to mind. Every time we witness something that remotely resembles what we suspect, it triggers a reaction that may not be the right one for that particular incident that provoked it. Then we say that we knew it all along because any incident plays into the prevailing narration that they cannot be trusted because our mind is already half way to be convinced.

    When you read what SGJ wrote about the incident, I am sure you formed an opinion about Medrek and its members as most of the readers, myself included, because of the past history of many of its members. The difference is you have already made up your mind as to who the guilty party is and you are not afraid to show where you stand vis-a-vis that fateful incident. Forming an opinion about someone and something is one thing but writing about it is a totally different thing especially if you end up realizing that you jumped the gun should evidences coming to light later on suggest otherwise. I am saying this because I have been reading your articles and comments for sometime now and you strike me as a no nonsense guy and a straight shooter. From what I have seen in you so far, you could be accused of a lot of things, but pandering ain’t one of them. And the fact that we reside in the same country is also a plus 🙂 I hope you won’t let your friendship, at least on the cyberspace, with SGJ blind you to other possibilities and explanations that may be out there. But please strive not only to shoot straight since as far as I am concerned that is already an established fact but also make extra effort to be a sharp shooter. The best way to do it is to wait and see where things go and time is the ultimate judge. Please understand that I am not saying this because I have insider information that debunks SGJ’s account of the event, far from it. I am just saying let’s wait and see wherever the chips may fall because I know nothing bad will come out of waiting. We need it probably more than anyone on this planet as we have completely lost a sense of normalcy as a people abused for a long time. Please take this as a friendly advise from someone who has nothing on you when it comes to dedication and clarity of idea.


    • Semere Andom

      Hi Sam:

      Thanks for your comment, Semere Tesfay and SGJ have invited each other to “abaEke” after independence, so I invite you for a pure Canadian maple syrup 😉

      Here is what made me right the article:

      1. SGJ was in the prepatory committee with his friend Sem H and he made it to the conference to be dismissed by one man, after this team begged him and he gets away with it, sound familiar. I hear you about the other side, but in this case as member who collaborated to organize the conference, as an Eritrean justice demander, nothing short of plans of bombing the venue should have allowed them to dismiss Saleh, this is an assault on the struggle against the tyrant

      2. to impress on you that failure is success in this case, did I succeed;-)

      3. To tell Mahmuday about Shanaia Twian, because he only knows the Eritrean country song ንቅርጸት ክብዲስ ማሕጎማ;-)

      But seriously, If Merdrekh had something damming to say, the article was damaging, they should have responded in 5 minutes.
      4. To criticize SGJ for not heeding what he told them first to challenge them. Walking out of a meeting with agreement, tapping each other others shoulders for the job well done is nto success. Has this meeting advanced the cause for justice or has it mocked it
      I believe the old guard from PFDJ?ELF has a lot to offer to the new struggle, but with one caveat and that is to purge themselves from all the things they learned in the jungle when they offered sacrfices to god IA

  • ghezaehagos

    Selam S’muur and all,

    Haw Mahmud, if I may interject, Semere is being Semere, finding a semi-humorous take on the unfortunate incident. I don’t see any anger vibe.

    Rarely discussed to my knowledge is what Medrek is ‘evolving into.’ In my opinion, in London’s opening, Dr. Andeberhan probably failed to impress the audience when he said the goal of Medrek is to ‘neutralize Isayas’ implying they would like to see the rest of the system intact. That is I guess where most people thought they were ‘xigena’ ‘reform.’ Due to its pronounced ‘anti-Ethiopia’ stance, and its leadership being so-close to the current Eritrean regime until recent, matters didn’t help.

    I believe Medrek had never clearly defined itself and that has been very much a mystery to many. It has loads of money of course and it doesn’t disclose its source and in terms of its mission, you can check its public press releases, little can be said about it. Frankfurt and Now Nairobi.

    Leaving aside, Dr. Andebrehan’s spat with Saleh Gadi, the contents of the meeting should be scrutinized. We have yet to fully hear the results of the meeting. But so far, we have the VOA interview. Mahyedin Shengeb is the one who startled even the interviewer, Tewelde.

    “ዕርቂ ክብሃል ከሎ ሰፊሕ ትርጉም ኣለዎ። ግን ኣብዚ እዋን እዚ ኣብ መንጎ መንግስትን ተቃወምትን ዕርቂ ክግበር ኣለዎ ኢልካ ክዝረብ ኣይከኣልን እዩ ምክንያቱ ኣብ መንጎ ኣሳርን ተኣሳርን፤ ኣብ መንጎ ጨፍላቅን ተጨፍላቅን ዘሎ ዝምድና ኢዩ። ስለዚ መጀመርያ እቲ ስርዓት ክእለ ኣለዎ። ብድሕሪኡ ናይ ዕርቂ መስርሕ ይጅምር ማለት ኢዩ። ናይ ዕርቂ መስርሕ ክኣ ብዙሕ ሰብ ብቀጥታ ኮነ ብተዘዋዋሪ ኣብቲ በቲ መንግስቲ ዝግበር (ዓመጽ) ከም መሳርሒ ዝጥቀመሎም ሰባት ክህልዉ ይክእሉ ኢዮም፣ ብፍላጥ ኮነ ብዘይፍላጥ ገበን ዝፈጸሙ ሰባት ክህልዉ ኢዮም፣ ስለዚ ናይ ግድን ኢዩ ክከውን ኣብ መንጎ ኢቲ ተበዳልን እቲ ከም በደልኛ ዝርአ ኣብ ውሽጢ እቲ ሕብረተሰብ ዘሎ ብደረጃ ስድራ ቤት ክኸውን ይኽእል ብደረጃ ሰልፍታት ክኸውን ይኽእል ብደረጃ ብሔራትን ኣውራጃትን ክኸውን ይኽእል ኢዩ፣ ነዚ ኩሉ ኣብ ግምት ዘእተወ ንብምሉኡ ኣብ ሰላምን ኣብ ምክብባርን ብሓባር ናይ ምንባር መንፈስ ዝመርሕ መስርሕ ኢዩ ማለት ኢዩ፤ ኣብ መንጎ ተቃወምትን ኣብ መንጎ መንግስትን ዕርቂ ዝበሃል የልን፤”

    ስለዚ መጀመርያ እቲ ስርዓት ክእለ ኣለዎ። “First the regime has to be changed.” In wording and spirit, this is a clear departure from London’s Andebrhan’s ‘neutralizing Issais’. It is also clearly a regime change mantra not reform mantra.
    Now, it could be that Medrek evolved its views knowing in the light of reality, reform is not possible and it has little currency. Or it could be to satisfy the whole bulk of Nairobi congregants, longtime ELF and Kidan members who don’t even think of reforming the regime in decades. Or it could be genuine roundabout. Or it could be reaching out to the most of the ‘youth’ groups that are anemic to ‘reform’ idea. (you can say across the board.) At any rate, it is a ground breaking announcement and Medrek is expected to follow it up with clarity, given its ambiguous stance in the past. It remains to be seen.
    At any rate, engagement and rapprochement, anywhere by Eritreans is noble and we should encourage it. We have enough problems, existential problems and salvation of our Eritrean identity is at stake in our very eyes. This is the very core of our being as Eritreans and every Eritrean’s contribution is deeply needed.
    All the best,
    Ghezae Hagos

    • Solomon Haile

      Dear Gezae Hagos,

      You are on point. Time to put away the ZaEgol on this one.
      You are right, Medrekh has to define who and what they are all about. And they should be allowed to do that, without the dragging force of Kenny Rogers’ song “know when to hold’em and know when to fold ’em”! To a certain degree, MaHmud SaliH has been defining who And what Medrekh is all about. “Tsigenai” or Reform is part of it.
      Medrekh’s strength is its significant presence inside Eritrea. It has access to all the Eritreans inside. Anyone from EDF Bootcamp in Sawa to the National Minuster if Health can be a member of Medrekh. And Medrekh is trying to consolidate the diaspora political parties and activists etc.,
      iSEM set up multiple chess boards and he is tilting his king piece in each and every game he tried to play. There is one potential win for him possible. Now that he recognizes the futility of his “bloodshed and chaos method”with his humbled statement of: “ELF has a part to play in the new movement” I am sure he will be asked to step up to the plate sooner or later. Then after some of my grand daddy Kush (for I have lineage to Kushite kingdom,the late Dizzy Gilespi left a tune that can prove this claim) we can all munch on “hanza” with Canadian Maple Syrup Semere will provide.

      I Tthink I will role the zaEgol again.

      To The East!


  • Adulis

    Hi Mr. Semere,
    Good job, wedi Andom ! Your pen is terribly painful than any explosive materials. But nobody tell the reason why Mr. Salih Johar dismissed from the conference that lacks respect and tolerance of each other for the sake of the poor Eritrean people who have been paying the bill of the PIA some nonchalant creatures.

  • Solomon Haile

    Dear iSEM,

    Ever played Texas Hold’em,

    Consistent you are with your pursuit of “Chaos and Bloodshed” method of change in Eritrea. So as the Heavy Artillery commander General Andom the Second that you are you gave the first long range missiles and mortars bombardment. Since, it is said and (miss) understood by manny thus far this “Medrekh is a regrouping PFDJ/EPLF defectors..” It looks like they should be commended for their “Hijum” strategy. We’re as you sent your Bishops, Nights one the Chess War Board you laid out for us, MedreKh counter moves was the Pawns “Hijum” consistent with EPLF legacy which as you may have gathered yours truly is guilty of some affinity for.

    So my formula is to control the center of the board en rout towards what promised to prove to you. How are you doing with the reading list I suggested by Professor Newton Garver of the State University of New York at Buffalo? After your response I have a “guE” Lemon and “tTsimqa” Lemon story for you.

  • Solomon Haile

    Dear SaliH Ghadi,

    I must learn your friendly lingo. I will try not to lean on a single issue when I read any of your responses going forward. I am too preoccupied with understanding the overall picture to read and make sense of the chaos then interpret all the details or lack thereof as a personal exclussion of me by you. You must agree, that a rebutle phrase “a denial by a politician” is a cliche as old as human competition for political power.
    So hopefully we will not have to resort to any narration of me from the 2002 March for Justice in Eritrea, our first meeting, where we shared a peace pipe, consistent with the customs of Native American Seneca Nation in the East Coast, and I walked up to you and asked you: ”
    Where are ELF’s “Dawn Stars?” You were almost shocked to see me and even more shocked of my question. You did not have an answer. The entire GYM was noisy with chatter of some five hundred to a thousand grey haired ELF veterans. The average age was low fifties and that is because you and a little more I pulled this aversge age significantly.
    So I have picked up a few more shells in my reading Semer Andom’s article and the discussions and battles raging in the thread.
    What I learned thus far post the Nsirobi conference and your experience. See my concluding remark.
    I learned
    1.To thank those who post in this forum and add to the overall value of my understanding I seek as well as to the overall cause and goals and my health. Thank you Gezae and well as thank you the Medtekh Members who for your posts and rebuttals you are offering in this forum with regards to the topic. The additional “zaEgol” thus far revealed to me that
    1. SaliH Ghadi is a Peace Diplomat shuttling back and forth between the two Eritrean Political Parties Caucuses. Gorbietn Mekele Caucus and Gorebiet Nairobi Caucus.
    2. Medrekh through Ambasador Ghadi extended their invitation to SaliH G-Mekele Caucus.
    3. G-Mekele Caucus and The Ethiopian Government sent their message of support to G-Nairobi as well as the Co-sponsorship gift fund and a counter offer to the new kids on the BLOCK.
    4. Ambassador SaliH Ghadi was afforded all the diplomatic hospitality protocols and took part in observing and possibly participating in all but the closing session where Political Party Decissions and short/long term direction(s) were to be made. The G-Nairobi Caucus decided for to hand their response for Ethiopia and its temporary resident Caucus. Thanking Ambassador Ghadi they drove the him in a motorcade to the Nairobi International a day early.
    5. Ambassador SaliH Ghadi may have been disappointed for not being able to wear his Journalist Hat at the Last Session.

    I will take this opportunity to the thank SaliH Ghadi for his tireless efforts and contributions for Eritreans quest. The postscript has contributed to this forums’s quest.

    A quest in for you SaliH: Was the Ethiopian Offer decent? And will Medrekh gobble a big slice of the Ethiopian Fund or Will the Ethiopian Fund get bigger shiould Medrekh have agreed to the G-Mekele Caucus? Do you foresee future counter offers and shuttle diplomacy by you?
    Unto the next “zaEgol” role!

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam Semere
    With all due respect, the most toothless article you have written.
    – MedreK needs to improve its communication and its internal rules lest not be marred by similar incidents. Nairobi meeting has ushered the beginning of new voice. MedreK did not and has not opposed working in Ethiopia, and if you think those organizations based in Ethiopia which participated in Nairobi did not consult with the Ethiopians who fund their operations, you are wrong. They could have attended only with the consent or acquiescence of Ethiopia. Because Ethiopia is more important to their existence than any enticing offers that MedreK could offer. Those who oppose these types of consultation between Eritreans are parties which put their bet on Ethiopian move; that’s all. Otherwise, this is a preliminary consultation, even if some sort of unity or consolidation comes, Ethiopia will still have an importance for many organizations. But the more Eritrean front emerges the less the Ethiopian direct interference in our national affairs. As far as I am concerned, the question has never been about whether having relationship with Ethiopia, but about the nature and scope of that relationship. A solidified Eritrean presence is the deterrence we have against unfettered Ethiopian intrusions in our affairs. Therefore, kudos to the parties and Medrek. The reason why I’m angry at the Ambassador is because he should have understood the consequences of his order to evict Saleh. With all due respect to the hardworking members of MedreK, it was Merek in a pool of “strangers.” It was Andebrehan who was in a meeting with organizations of similar experience. How could not he understand this?
    Many of the points you raised, including MuHyedin are utterly out of rage. If you knew MuHyedin was an abductor, a murderer why would you welcome him when he separated from PFDJ? Those types of crimes have no statue of limitations or other excuses. All I know is he was a member of the executive committee (one of the hot-blooded members picked by IA), he served PFDJ; it would have been a smooth transition for him and for us to have made interviews prior to taking center stage in Nairobi. That was another PR failure on the part of MEDREK. THEY SHOULD HAVE PREPARED THE PUBLIC BY INTRODUCING HIM EARLIER. Other than that, his prior relationship with PFDJ, could not be as an excluding factor. No need of get keepers. We will judge him by what he does as much as we are judging you by what you write.
    My general take is this: let the discussion continue, let Eritreans prepare such venues independently (places don’t matter). What is important is that the invitation was sent to all. The fact that 11 out of 19 made it to Nairobi, the fact that future mutual projects have identified….are all positive.
    On Andebrehan: I have quoted him repeatedly on this forum, I have had positive impression about Medrek….I’m happy with what they have accomplished. But when a person is reported have made something detrimental to a cause, he needs to be criticized. In this incident it is Andebrehan and not Merek who is criticized. I may not be a member of medrek, but by virtue of being an Eritrean, I am a stakeholder in the success of these sorts of dialogues.
    Ato, Semere, again with all, respect, all I read is anger. All I read is a toothless article. Sorry.

    • AOsman

      Dear Mahmoud,

      I have been wondering what makes the Nairobi meeting special, all I can see in the last few days discussions in Awate there is the underlying ELF vs EPLF tifoso that is making some excited or others not so. Seriously, I can say without difficulty who likes/leans to one or the other organization….

      In your comment you are stating that those in Ethiopia are not free to decide or partake in any meeting without the blessing of Ethiopia, you are undermining them without evidence and others are rejecting Medrek with similar suspicion…whats changed then….where is the glimpse of hope, where is HOPE when we need him 🙂

      As I write I am listening to Assenna Amanuel’s commentary (am lost halfway on the long winded analysis) but he is saying if these guys cannot decide without Ethiopia’s permission, what is there to discuss with Medrek apart from going there to rubber stamp…..bAwet tezazimu thingy

      For Dawit – The first part of the news covers the successful currency replacement in line with his last feed – Awet Nhafash :)……..Wedi Afom has release the Bank Manager (a record that has buffled observers – is that weird to assume once a person is in, he is doomed)


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Selam Aosman and joseph
        Dear friends/brothers;
        All I’m saying is that the meeting in and of itself is a positive undertaking. The incident is a small hiccup. What should have been highlighted is the fact that MedreK members themselves tried to intervene to council the Ambassador. What’s also worthmentioning is the fact that the Ambassador undermined his own part in making the meeting a success. It should be mentioned that he worked hard and played a decisive role in making it happen. Some say that without his dodged persistence the meeting would not have happened. That’s why I’m a bit mad (If one might want to describe it that way) at him. Semere Andom criticized “libi meEbay” or greatening heart, which is ludicrous. Greatening heart or libi meEbay is another word for compromise (majamalah/ijaad Hal waseT…) in politics. Who has greatened his heart is now criticized for giving in into “bullying.” No, all I said is, and unless I hear a convincing explanation from the Ambassador, a man I have defended and quoted extensively in this forum, depending on my sources, there was only one man to be criticized for this specific incident, not MedreK. There was no rubber stumping; there was the act of greatening heart in order to make the greater common cause successful. They have to bild on it, and we have to encourage them on that. I’m not cheerleading one or the other.
        Long before Saleh came up with his article, I hinted that the current leaders need to relinquish the front seat for the young generation, since the young generation has no luggage that mar it with ghedli era feuds and grudges.
        This is also not about ELF/EPLF. Incidentally, Nairobi meeting should be remembered as a harbinger for crossing that perception, I hope it gathers energy and put us beyond this crippling perception.
        Brother Aosman, all I’m saying is Ethiopia knows about the meeting and at least it did not object it. Otherwise, many of the participants come from that region, and depend on Ethiopia’s goodwill. I also mention that Ethiopia’s role is obvious. What we should look for should be the nature and scope of that role.
        Joseph, your comment has merit. I understand it. Please understand that I’m commenting only to direct the discussion to a more important direction: taking this incident as an incident out of a meeting that should be commended for hosting parties whose difference seemed irreconcilable a year ago. This should not be seen as an ELF/EPLF living and festering squabbles, rather a meeting where those perceptions have been tested and found to be crossable. For God sake, EPLF/ELF cadres sat in one room and gave recognition to each other. Saleh has softened his position on Medrek, which of itself, is a bold move…
        I see these gathering as positive steps to the right direction. I supported Medrek, Bologna, and DC meeting of ENFD in that vein.
        Finally, I judge these come-together venues by the message they give to Eritreans. Any initiative that sends positive currents of unity of purpose should be commended, and judged on its objective accomplishments and failures, not by who is the face of that initiative (which, unfortunately, has gotten us get used to be pessimists on the get go). So, there are many positive aspects coming from this meeting that we should have discussed as talking points. The fact that some want to define the meeting by this incident is predictable, although regrettable.

      • Solomon Haile

        Dear AOsman,

        I see now the wisdom and reasonings of your we should adapt the “To The East” sloagan. I agree.

        To The East!

    • Semere Andom

      Dear Mahmud:Thank you
      I am not sure where you sensed anger. I have no more rage than the average Eritrea?
      On MuHyedin;
      Well, I celebrated his defection because I have a bigger fish to fry besides status of limitation allows me dharey kerkibelu 🙂
      I am not sure about the hot blood of Shengeb, I know him as a back room boy, who was spotted by IA for his family connections when he was a student union leader. I am not saying he shot people, but he was behind kidanpping of vocal students union members who spoke against the merging of student union and youth union in 1989, that is how trivial is PFDJ and EPLF. Some of us are desensitized about arrests and kidnapping, some of of are sensitive to it, even arresting and kidnapping for a few hours. No tolerance
      Question for you;
      why is that you are not bothered when freedom of speech and liberty are casaulity when Andebrhan just pulled IA by threatening his team to remove Saleh, they beg him, he refuses and gets away with it, like IA did with Romadan, why is that so underwhelming to your thinking. I know some people talking about the other side of the story, but if Saleh was not going to detonate a bomb in the meeting there is not justifiable reason to be removed and Andebrhan to get his way, that is what he perfected in Sahel and I abhor that and i wrote about it and I am willing to make that meeting a failure, ending up in division to protect the liberty and avoid the bully.
      About avoiding Ethiopia, I am just saying that, it was cowardice to fall into the trap of PFDJ, there is not genuis in holding the meeting in Nairobi. The issue of going to Ethiopia is no issue to the Eritrean people anymore, now they flock to it, before they took risk to go to Sudan, why try to solve a problem that does not exist by avoiding Ethiopia

    • Nitricc

      Greetings Mahmuday; stupid and irresponsible cheer-leading aside, I put myself in SJ shoes and I admire his decision to let the conference conclude peacefully. It is tough for a guy who fought from the get go, constantly to be excluded from the issues close to your heart. I feel it for SJ, tough!
      Then I put myself on Andebrhan’s shoes. What exactly will promote me to expel a person with SJ caliber? A person who doubted my organization but convinced and realized our organization is good enough to for him to join. Further more; my organization could use the medium for my straggle. What did SJ do for AW to go that far? For me, the only way I will act as AW acted is, if SJ contacted some unwanted elements in Addis before heading to Kenya. SJ told us he was in Addis and we don’t know why SJ was in Addis. So, that is the only thing that makes sense. Obviously; SJ got his tickets, if they didn’t him they will never extend their invitation. So, something happen while SJ was in Addis that AW did not like at all. So, like I have said, it is sad what happened but even sadder when the likes Semere exploit in to EPLF and PFDJ hate. I hope they learn some self respect and have the discipline to wait to hear the whole story.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Mahmuday,

      I think having the discussion and the meeting is important but the unilateral action taken by Andebrhan, in my opinion says it all. The culture of intimidation, harassing and terror the EPLF/PFDJ group implemented for ethernity is still in tact. If this meeting was NOT in Kenya, I would think Saleh Gadi would have been sent to Era Ero, by Andebrehan and company. This is the main issue…I personally do NOT see any immediate benefit to the Eritrean people if the meeting had concluded in peace or NOT. It makes absolutly no difference, Semere gave you the example how IA have Romodan M. Nur removed from the PFDJ meeting and forced him to resign.

      Assuming EPLF made decisions based on broader consensus as we are told to believe, and in that same meeting PFDJ was born. If that meeting have failed, and failed miserably, if the people in the meeting didn’t succumb to IA demands and refused and hold their grounds, who know today we may have a different country. Sure the EPLF may be split and it would have been the best thing to our nation and our people, who knows we needed the break the group think more than anything else.

      I am sorry you do NOT see the parallel in those two meetings…
      I don’t know if you have read it, but I read this article recently related to Seyoum Tsehaye and interview where Haile DruE was qouted, it’s from 2001 I believe.

      Here is what Haile said:

      “We have to suffer from what we have done before. In following one line of thought, one school of thought, there are costs that one has to pay,” he said, referring to the propaganda campaign the liberation movement had run throughout the war.

      “But it is not without a cost and it is particularly after independence that you start realising the cost: to not be very open, to not be very critical.”

      In my opinion, from the whole former EPFL/ PFDJ leaders, I think Haile DurE was the only one who I think have understood the consequence and the danger we faced as a nation. And I think had he been the one outside the country, I think he would have made a great deal of a difference.

      The reason I am saying this, from all the former EPLF leaders, no body has ever been on record and told the story of the secret party and how it operated. I saw a youtube video a while ago, from this professor from Holand I think. He said the party was made up of 15 people and it decided anything and everything about the revolution. He said, out of the 15 members, all of them are either in prison, in exile or dead except IA.

      I don’t know if you were member or not the secret party, but I am surprised if you weren’t. No body who have the ability to articulate his thoughts, like you do would survived the Halewa Serwa if you were not member of the secret party.

      To me if we do not understand this party and what it did during the revolution, it’s secretes, its recruits, it’s crimes then there will NOT be any reform or otherwise will be possible. To me it’s like Mafia organization…..can you imagine a Mafia organization, organized under too many secrecy and committed so many crimes expect it to change to democratic institution, even if the big brother is dead?


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Berhe
        I have yet to hear an organization which struggles on the platform of reforming PFDJ. None. It’s a matter of red herring, dear Berhe. I’m not a member of Medrek, apart from some of its senior members having members of PFDJ, their current platform is clear: dismantling of the regime and its founding ideology, if any. So, let’s be open and see how things move on. I totally agree we have been prisoners of our past. The topic of the moment is: OK, that being true, how do then proceed? My belief is that such venues create opportunities in learning each other, and building confidence. Let’s highlight the positive aspects and learn from the negative ones as we are doing it here.

        • ghezaehagos

          Selam Mahmud,

          I hope all is fine.

          I think you know and you can do better. People wouldn’t bring the reform mantra just to spite them. Mederk said little officially. Their launch was unclear and raising more questions than answers.

          ” We are a bridge between the diaspora, who are important, and our colleagues inside Eritrea. But the Forum is led from inside Eritrea.”- Dr. Andebrehan “…Our focus is inside Eritrea and we will try
          to strengthen their hand. We don’t want to lead or guide them.” “..( Isaias Afeworki) cannot be any part of any renewal. He must be neutralized.” declared Andebrhan. “All attempts at change have been met with brutal repression, so the president cannot be part of any change agenda. We cannot dialogue with him,” said Andebrhan

          Look they said the Forum is led from inside Eritrea and the emphasis was on Isaias being alone can’t be part of renewal without mentioning what happens to the PFDJ system.
          The problem they were never clear and they were also secretive. It fed to the negative perception people had about them. Now that Shengeb said something akin to regime change, we need clearer platform and announcements.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Gezae
            Thanks for this reply and the interjection. This would have been a good moment to continue this thread. But I’m not going to be able to do that due to time. Again, I understand that Medrek has not done an impressive launching nor did it have a consistent public presence apart from its radio broadcast. I think, however, we both agreed that any effort that attempts to bring Eritreans together, without imposing their agendas or infringing upon the rights of others, should be welcome.
            On Semere, consider it a public megnaHti. He understands it. We will be fine.

  • Tafla

    Dear Semere Andom,

    You should have brought your pom-poms to Naiobi.

  • PTS

    Hello all,
    For me the puzzling question has been as to why Medrek invited Saleh, have him help organize, provided him with accomodations to only endup attempting to dismiss him from the gathering. That didn’t make sense. Now I have a theory. Or assumption. Ok so Medrekh enlisted Saleh’s help to invite groups and he did. Saleh helped greatly and everyone seemed happy and on the same page. However, Saleh had a plan he didn’t share with the orginizers upfront (at least with the ones that matter). He didn’t tell them he wasn’t to attend the opening day because he has to be in Addis. He surprised them when he proceeded with his plans. That generated misunderstanding.
    PS. Sem, Shengeb is not less known, he in fact is one of the well known personalities in Eritrea, specially the youth and middle-aged.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Nice to know that these x-top-tops of Isayas are re-grouping as members of Medrekh, but the question is: as defectors, what have they done to weaken the tyrannical system of Isayas? How much time did they yield to exposing the horrors of Isayas tranny? Although evidences tell us that they instead are regrouping to weaken the opposition.

    When every Eritrean is saying Isayas is not interested in reforms and that’s why he must go, these people are telling the world that Isayas is ready for reforms and can allow people to live without fear. It is evident that they defected with tight mouth confirming they cannot be first witnesses to testify on stories of those who were starved to death, those who died in prisons in inhumane ways, disappearances, killings, and tortures at the hands of isayas’s security personnel.

    Regarding SGJ vs the host of Medreskh-Nairobi-conference, the regrouped defectors expressly declared their arrogance and non-willingness to respect the norms of balanced politics as obligation towards becoming part of the reconciliation. Yes, again they failed to notice that when on invites a guest there is fine line between disrespect and dignity, hostility and hospitality as well as tyranny and control freakiness.

  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat AT,

    Any accusation I put forth I can backup. I don ‘t want to pick a fight. I will take note of the flooding does feed to my opinion and.critique of Eritrea media role on the chaos and retardation it fuels regarding political progress. I admit and can provide numerous weapons that can be pointed at me. I just dust it off correct what needs to be corrected and move on. Techies and their defense trenches, not out of malice of course, is penetrable by… We can remove the clock and not play speed Chess. Speaking of Chess, what an appropriate graphics for this article and its title… I see the check. As for the check mate, it has been reached yet. A few more moves left. The small chit chat will be dropped going forward. As for leaving to exile, answered me this: have the Eritreans in the diaspora really left home? The Eritrean Chess Board has been set for us( all moves have not.., ( see graphics of this article–…) tSAtSE

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selam Semere,

    Your article of defamation of Amb. Andeberhan and Medrekh is based on a one-sided history full of holes, and that doesn’t fit into events relating and prior to the Nairobi meeting. Hence this fact renders your article, nothing but a useless chearleading.
    The only factor that leads you and your likes to go this low is your eternal grudges and hatred agaisnt those who’ve been part of the EPLF/PFDJ, regardless of their current stance. I think such events are really good, as they will enable the confused or silent majority to see which forces REALLY care for bringing rule of law, and justice,; and which ones are simply there to enjoy life by collecting funds in the name of the Eritrean people at least; and to come to the helm of power at best.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Abe:
      You are falling on the same trap you are accusing of me, you are defaming. I defined Ch. assassination for you, it is the unfair harming of ones good reputations, so my harsh criticism on Andebrahn is based on his removal of Saleh from the meeting and I gave him 4 days to rebut Saleh’s article. So no matter the reason, that meeting was shouded in secrecy and bullying.
      So can you prove your grudge thing? PFDJ/EPLF has done nothing to me personally nor my family, so you are wrong and do not fall in the trap you are accusing me, your is unfair and malicious attack.
      How is this cheer leading when I criticized Saleh and Semere for warming up to Medrekh, how is this cheer leading for calling Saleh’s wisdom not to fight relapsing and unwise
      You can call my article whatever you want, that meeting was a gathering where the cowards and brutes forced their dominance de javu
      Also I gave you a back ground of Shengeb as former PFDJ memember who was in a committee that disappeared people, I quoted Awate on that, but I knew that fact before Awate reported it, in fact before awate was created, actually I knew about it at the the same time Tim Berger Lee created the web:-)

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Selamat Semere,

        What I’m saying is your article is based on a story told by one-side; you do not know the other version as yet. Saleh Johar has only told you, and me his version of the story, in a bid to win our sympathy. I don’t see any reason for Amb. Andebrehan to react the way he did,, without any triggering issue.

  • Abdat

    Dear Semere: Thank you for pinpointing the core issues of this event.

    Andbrehan and Saleh acted according to their respective Values and let us exclude them from the equation.
    What about the people who extend the invitation Saleh (that Saleh trusted).
    Where is the ethics of trustworthiness? Where is the ethics of fairness?
    Where is the ethics of defending the rights of others?
    No courage to stand up to the Boss? at least they should have walked away with Saleh.
    The organizers have ethical obligation to express their regret publicly.

    If this group can not defend the right of one individual, what is chance they will be capable of defending the rights of Eritrea and its people?

    • Saleh Johar

      Just one small info. Semere tesfamariam stayed out with me is solidarity.

  • Gash_setit

    selam Semere Andom; I agree totally behavior like the one of Andbrehan should not be tolerated anymore.
    “Belligerence, arrogance, intimidation, assassinations must be punished and how best to punish it than rendering that meeting a “failure”. It was not an august gathering to begin with, it lacked courage when it succumbed to the old and tired mantra of “stay away from Ethiopia”, its members among them, Shengeb and Dr. Asefaw showed cowardice when they failed to stand up to Andebrhan, even at the risk of rendering the meeting a failure. That meeting should have been the sacrificial lamb for truth and freedom of speech, its “failure” should have served as a courageous move for nipping the bully in the bud, for purging the budding despot that Andebrhan is from its ranks, for making an example that no one person should wield unfettered and unchecked power.”

  • Ted

    Hi SA, you got all this from SJ’s article. Nonetheless all your nonsense, just fix this”Even Saleh Gadi Johar relapsed to “wisdom”.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Ted, very funny how you said it. Lol even Gadi relapsed to wisdom. Speaking wisdom; can you guess who said
      ” the best thing to happen to the minority is to be to threaten by the majority”
      Who do you think he said that? There is a price lol.

  • Fenomeno

    Dear Semere,

    All this worrying about the potential of Ambassador Andeberhan becoming a new Isiais is truly a joke. For one to even raise that as a relevant issue shows a complete misreading of the current (and possible future) political situation in Eritrea.

    Isiais, whether you like him or not, is more than just a few personality traits. He strategically crafted his position and the way to it through the years. This was not only the result of smart planning, but also provided by the environment that enabled him to do so (both in the field and after independence. To believe that Andeberhan, if he would go back to Eritrea, could even be in a position close to that is unimaginable.

    Therefore, yes do focus on the content and idea’s, the expelling issue is relevant to discuss. But portraying Andeberhan as some new Isiais, and charachter assinating him, is in so many ways useless. This is not only targeted to you, but refers to coverage of the meeting in general.

    Another joke is Amanuel (Assena) being mad/surprised/finding it unpleasant that the meeting was not held Addiss, pff seriously?

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Fenomeno,
      Amanuel of Assena has said it. That was totally true. may be none of us has put it in such perfect way than him. we don’t need to swap people we need regime change yes ended. in fact we need to delete the idea and system not the men if possible. replacing Medrek leadership in the place of PFDJ is nonsense.

      • Fenomeno

        Dear Kokhob,

        I do not read Tirgrinya, so I will respond to your English part.

        I will restate what I said in my other comment. Believing that Medrek could just go in and ‘claim the throne’ in any post-PFDJ situation is ridicilous, regardless of whether they are aiming to do so. If you interpret this consultative forum as a step in that direction then I believe you are wrong. Currently we are still living in a time that Ghedli reminants are relevant in Eritrea, whether you like it or not, so these agreed that they will try to cooperate more, it is nothing more than that. Where parties possibily excluded? Probably. Were only political parties invited? It seems so, but no one said that the goal of the meeting was to deliver on some all encompassing solution for Eritrea. Just try to understand as a step taken in a process in which many more are still to be taken (by different people and in different ways)

        I do not see any reason why an Eritrean would not applaude that (except from the Saleh issue), unless someone finds it more important that every move by ‘the opposition’ should be taken from Ethiopia. But then someone obviously has wrong priorities.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Fenomeno,

          I don’t know well english too. come with Arabic or Tigrinya. “ኣዲኣ ገዲፋስ ሓትናኣ ትናፍቕ ” smile.

          you could have enjoyed if you hear the Tigrinya version of Assenas article. I believe practical people will make the change do you think Medrek is practical? I believe the man who couldn’t challenge and correct his own mistakes will not help the society, do you believe those guys were and are able to say sorry for their past mistakes?

    • Solomon Haile

      Dear genome no,

      What you said makes a lot of sense to me. “Another Isayas” is a phrase that maybe used to exclude any Vereran and qualified Eritrean future leader/presudential candidate,
      This is sort of the Primaries in a future national elections in Eritrea. It seems to me that the coalition Eritrean Opposition Parties (The “Gorbbietna” Caucus) primary campaign platform for the Eritrean People is “ggedli meriHu hager intayy rekhibka hzzbi Ertra. They will tell the people “A vote for an EPLF tegadalay is a Vote for Isayas! Potentially the best they got to ward off their Weyane assistants in the last Eri-Etho war.
      So my first guest on what I thought was a slice of the Ethiopia/Weyan government funding pie is was not all true After my “zaEgol” was not a bulls eye, SaliH Ghadi was right about my “zaEgol missing a few shells.” That role of the “zaEgol” did however reveal two sources of funding sponsor these two sets of Eritrean Political Opposition Parties. So with that I will go up top and after I role the “zaEgol” with my new added Shels I will give my list. tSAtSE

  • Kokhob Selam

    Thank you Sir, my two minutes poem is here..

    ክንዲ ተዓጢቆም ንነብሶም ዘዐርዩ :-
    ተመሊሶም ጭቃ ጥረሖም ተራእዩ::-
    ትምክሕቲ ኣነነት ምስ ኣካሎም ዓብዩ:-
    ኣመል ምስ መግነዝ እዩ – ኣብይዎም ምጽራዩ ::

    ልዕሊ ‘ቶም ወለድቲ ጀጋኑ ስውኣት :-
    ልዕሊ ‘ቶም ኣናብስ ኣካለ ስንኩላት :-
    ክብሪ ብምሃብና ንገለ ምሁራት :-
    ወነንቲ ኮይኖም’ሲ ጸፋዕፋዕ ኣብ ቅርዓት ::

    ብቀደሙ ግዳ ነበሩ ምስ ህግደፍ :-
    ንስልጣን ንሃብቲ ዝበሉ ጸደፍደፍ :-
    ተራ ምስ በጸሖም መህረምቲ ካብ መንደፍ:-
    ዲጊዲግ ዝ ሃደሙ ፈሪሖም ካብ ምጽዳፍ:….
    …… .መዓስ ክዕረዩ ጽገና እናዘመሩ :-
    ……..መዓስ ክቃለሱ ቃላት ዝኾመሩ :-
    ……..ይደግሶም እንሆ ሕማም ዘይሩዘይሩ:-.
    ……..ተጻውርነት ኣልቦ ፍጹም ነይተማህሩ::

    ይንበር ድኣ ጀግና ካብ ቅድም ነበረ:-
    ተረፍ ‘ቶም ስው ኣት ፍርቂ ኣካል ዝቀበረ::-
    ዘይንሕፍ ዘይንምብርከኽ ሓንሳብ ምስ ዓተረ:-
    ንሱር ነቀል ለውጢ ዳግም ዘመስከረ ::

    ኣበይ ኣለኻ ብጻይ ነጋሪትካ ህረም:-
    ኣብ ቆሎ ጥጥቆ ምስ ንዑቅ ኣይትለከም :-
    ተጸንበር ምስ ጀግና ክብርታት ተሰለም :-
    ዓወት ናይ ግድን እዩ – ክግላህ እዩ ጸላም ::

  • Araya

    Dear Semere: you are too shallow. For you to write such one-dimensional and insubstantial article, then you must know and you must tell us; the reason of Andebrhan to expel Gadi from the conference.

    “The biggest lie ever told during Ghedli and to Eritreans is the “lbbi m’ebaay”

    Because you don’t have one, it does not mean a lie. You will say and do anything to please your master, YG. It is sad Eritrea owns the likes of you. Besides; Gadi was given a gift of vacation, paid; what right does he have to resent the order?