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Tewekel Manages the New Al Jazeera Office In Addis Ababa

On Thursday AlJazeera opened its office in Addis Ababa. Mohammed Taha Tewekel, an Eritrean Australian is the manager of the Aljazeera office.

Tewekel has managed the launch of the Anadolu News Agency office in Ethiopia and managed it until his resignation to move to Al Jazeera.

The opening ceremony of the Aljazeera office was attended by many Ethiopian dignitaries and more than a dozen accredited Ambassadors from many countries.
Ato Negeri Lencho, the government communication minister as well as academicians, international and national media people, and Al Jazeera officials attended the ceremony.

Addis Ababa is the diplomatic hub of Africa and is home to the African Union Headquarters as well as many international organizations. The Ethiopian capital also hosts more than 100 embassies and consulates.

With its Addis Ababa office, AlJazeera is expected to expand its coverage of Africa in general and East Africa in particular. Mohammed Tewekel is one of the few experts in the politics of the region as well as its diplomatic history. His networks cover the Middle East and the Horn of Africa region and Turkey.

In a telephone conversation with Gedab News, Tewekel said, “besides its usual political and development news, Al Jazeera will cover African culture news and contribute in its promotion.”

When asked about Aljazeera general task, Tewekel said, “though Al Jazeera is relatively young compared to renowned news institutions, it has made its presence known all over the world and has contributed greatly in increasing the awareness of the people of the region regarding developments that affect their lives.”

Gedab News congratulated Mr. Tewekel and wishes him a successful career with Al Jazeera, and welcomes Al Jazeera to the Horn of Africa region to play its journalistic role.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Semere,

    I am sure you have some truth regarding representation problem with the exception of Adobha that was purely military and the participation of the highlanders to struggle was extremely low if not negligible in 1969. So representation to the Adobha conference is not at issue at all. I will agree with you on the two national congress.

    Semere, what I always baffled with your argument is you always create figures and percentages in your argument which you can not back your number with facts. Now let me ask you Semere. Before converting in to % can you tell us what was the numbers of the highlanders that participate in the two congress and the total number of the participants in the two congresses to check the % figure you gave us.

    Second, let me make my position clear that I was against misrepresentation back then and I am against now. Because ELF had not fair representation does not mean we will not fight for fair representation today in our nation be it the government or in the opposition. I don’t think anyone from ELF will tell you there was fair representation. ELF was a representative organization, but it hadn’t fair representation. What I don’t understand you in all your argument is why do you go always to the ghedli era to prove the current realities. If there was unfair representation then there is still unfair representation now. And if you are against unfair representation, show your argument against that. You don’t have to make these all tell us all the excuses of the past to prove the current.

    Third, if you are for change show your fights for change. Accusing the opposition only does make you look good other than a part and parcel of the problem. Look to your image before you read the images of others if that could help you to your approach.


    • Semere Tesfai

      Selam Amanuel Hidrat

      1. – “I am sure you have some truth regarding representation problem with the exception of Adobha that was purely military and the participation of the highlanders to struggle was extremely low.”

      Didn’t ELF had 5th Division (ሓሙሸይቲ ክፍሊ)? From where do you think the majority of that division’s Tegadeltis hailed from? Weren’t many, many Tegadeltis from ethnic Tigrignas on Division 2, 3, 4 and quiet few on Division one?

      2. – “Semere, what I always baffled with your argument is you always create figures and percentages in your argument which you can not back your number with facts.”

      The percentage may not be accurate but it couldn’t be that far off. Let me explain:

      A. – Few months after I joined ELF (1973), during a military seminar, I remember our military cadre telling us (paraphrasing) ‘we are fighting an enemy that has the strongest army in black Africa – an army 46,000 men strong

      B. – Few months after that seminar, in March/April 1974, from Barka LaElay, my unit was ordered to report immediately to Mamman (border of Sudan) to fight a unit (of 80 men) from the Obeleen group (civil war). Not expecting an attack from ELF units, the unit made a wrong move from its daily routine – one night it split in two groups. We attacked the first group (a group of 35 men) and out of that group only one survived (was captured). The other group of 45 men retreated towards Sahel and we followed them all the way to their base in Sahel.

      A month later, my unit was ordered, from Sahel immediately to report to Girmaika – Eritrea-Sudan border across Kassala. When we arrived there, we were handed a very important (knowledgeable) Tegadalay from the Obeleen group, a Tegadalay who was with the 45 Obeleen men that we escorted to Sahel. He was abducted by ELF security agents in Kassala, soon after he arrived in Kassala from Sahel to see his family and do some organizational works.

      In Kassala, he commited a crime no military man should. Unable to control his mouth, he talked a little too much – he talked about the Obeleen-ELF battle, he talked about how, why, where, for what purpose…. they came – to friends and families. But those information were not what attracted ELF security agents. What got them interested was, he said ‘they (the Obeleen) brought a lot of guns and ammunition with them thinking they were going to find many young recruits to arm. And when friends asked him, what they did with the guns they brought with them to Barka, he said ‘we buried them believing we will be back sometime soon.

      So, to make long story short, that is what brought him to my unit, and he stayed in my unit for a little over a month. Overtime, him and I acquainted with each-other quiet very well, and among other things, I asked him the size of the Quwat Al-Tahrir AlshaEbya (ELF-PLF groups) organizations. He said (our conversation was in May-June 1974), the total number of Obeleen was 220 men before the last battle with ELF, The total number of the Quwat Al-Messawieen organization (PLF I) is 480 men, and the Quwat Al-MesiHieen (Isaias group) 1,500 men. I asked him, their intelligence unit estimate about the size of the ELF organization. And his answer was – with confidence ‘about 2500 fighters, 2750 at the most’ and he said he herd this information in a top PLF leaders meeting.

      That shocked me to the core. Not the number of ELF Tegadeltis being 2,500 because I knew almost all of the units anyway, but the size of the Shaebya units. Because ELF military, political, and security cadres were daily telling us, they (the ShaEbya groups) were few men encircled by ELF Jesh (Quwat) Aremrem (demolition force or ጀሽ ዓረምረም).

      In October 1974, again my unit was ordered to report back to Filfl Selomona to participate an attack against ShaEbya units. This time all ShaEbya units were united in one front (Obeleen, PLF I, and PLF II). And ELF units were no match to the PLF units. After the first try to push them back to Sahel failed, our units trenched at Weki and their units did the same at Zager. Few weeks later, against the pleading and begging of the wider public, ELF leaders ordered a surprise attack. It was hand to hand combat. Later, ShaEbya units regrouped and made counter offensive. And ELF units fire-power was no match to their fire-power. After a bitter fight, our units retreated all the way to Rora MensaE.

      For a whole month our units stayed at Rora MensaE planning what to do next. ELF leaders from the vice president Huruy Tedla to the executive Committee chair Ibrahim Idris Toteel and many other leaders from the RC and EC, and all the military top mid-level low-level commanders were all there at Rora MensaE for a whole month. After day and night marathon meetings, our units returned to Kebessa through Adi-NeAmin and Adi-Bidell with – immediate peace negotiation with ShaEbya through Tegadeltis and leaders of both organizations – as their political platform (ሓይልታትና፥ ቀጥታ ናይ ሰላም ዘተ ብተጋደልትን መሪሕነትን ክልቲኡ ውድባት ክካየድ ወሲንና: ዝብል ፖለቲካዊ መርሃ ኣቐዲመን ከበሳ ደይበን).

      The point: ELF’s 2,500 – 3,000 fighters around October 1974 was there for all to see. And many of the ELF Tegadeltis that participated at the Weki-Zager civil war were from ethnic Tigrignas. They were so many, they revolted and created a movement to stop the civil war – and ELF leaders listened. That is a fact. And between October 1974 and June 1975 (Second ELF National Congress), the number of ELF Tegadeltis grew to about 15-20 thousand fighters.

      Now, two points (a) in ELF, Tegadeltis who joined ELF between January 1974 and June 1975 were denied from being candidates to represent their units in ELF’s Second National Congress – by the ELF 1-1/2 year experience rule. That is a fact. (b) ELF grew from about 2,500 armed Tegadeltis in January 1974 to 15-20 thousand armed Tegadeltis in June 1975 – which most of those who joined then are from Ethnic Tigrigna. That is also a fact. Now you do the math to see the ESTIMATE percentage of Tegadeltis that were denied to represent their units during the 1975 ELF Second National Congress.

      And tell me if a Ghebar who served in ELF zero days can qualify to represent his community in ELF congress, why a Tegadalay who served as an ELF Tegadalay for eleven months couldn’t?

      Aman, you can argue to justify the, rom-one to – one-and-half year-experience requirement rule, to deny the newly recruited ELF Tegadeltis from participating at the ELF Second National Congress, but don’t dare deny the percentage of these new Tegadeltis (about 90%) that were denied to represent their units because of that rule.

      Semere Tesfai

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Merhaba Semere,

        Still you did not answer my question. You evaded it. Estimation is not real empirical number. Instead of answering my question you spent your time to narrate the history of our civil wars. My question was: you gave us the % then Can you give us the real numbers that gave you those percentages. You failed to come with the numbers from the history books. That is why I told you don’t need the %s if you don’t know the real representation numbers. You love to create your own numbers that has nothing to to do with realities. You and me we can agree generally there was no equitable representation in the two congress. That was enough to make your argument to agree with you. But Semere is Semere who has fun to create his own estimation number to make believe his readers. Just look the estimation you gave us the number of ELF fighters in 1975 as 15k to 20k. First, It is a big gap of estimation. From this big estimation you don’t even give us how many were the Highlanders to even test your percentages. You see Samray. You shouldn’t speak about numbers and % if you don’t have the real numbers at hand. Avoid such make up numbers that dilute your argument. Just brotherly advice.

        • Semere Tesfai

          Selam Amanuel Hidrat

          1. – I told you the number of ELF Tegadeltis in January 1974 was around 2,500 Tegadeltis. If you are willing and able to challenge me with factual estimated numbers, I know all the ELF units and their leaders prior to January 1974. Put your money where your mouth is and tell me what the estimate number of ELF Tegadeltis were around the beginning of 1974.

          2. – If you are not disputing the number of ELF Tegadeltis at the beginning of 1974 to be around 2,500, well by mid 1975 the number of ELF Tegadeltis was grown to over 15,000 Tegadeltis – 6,000 of you in one batch graduated around June 1975 from the three military training camps of Ribda.

          3. – During 1972 and 1973 calendar years only few HUNDREDS joined the ELF organization – in 1973 ELF even made training camp for them to attract more – mostly the highly educated ones went to that training camp. Those who joined ELF between January – November 1974, were all trained in different ELF units (no training camp). At the the end of 1974 (after the civil war stopped), ELF was overwhelmed by the flow of new comers so much, on top of those who were being trained in every ELF unit, ELF opened military training camps at Nabagade in Akeloguzai-Semhar region, Bambqo in Seraye-Hamassioen region and Ribda in Barka. In 1976 very few joined the ELF organization and were trained in Sahel. In 1977 very, very few hundreds joined mostly very young and were trained in Kerkebet. In 1978 it was forced recruitment (Gifa) and were trained in Sawa..

          4. – Now, if you believe ELF at its pick reached 35,000 Tegadeltis or higher as I do, it has to be 1976. Mostly because of the wave of the new recruits that joined after the Weki-Zagar civil war and the 6000 Ribda batch recruits (December 1974 – June 1975).

          5. And any one who joined ELF between January 1974 and June 1975 was disqualified from participating the ELF Second National Congress (about 90% of the new recruits) because of the 1-1/2 experience rule.

          Aman: if you have figures and numbers to prove m wrong, I will respond to you. If all you have is more of ጓል ዘረባ, that is all I’ve to say. Thank you

          ሰናይ ለይቲ ንኹልና

          ሰመረ ተስፋይ

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Haw Semere,

            Repeating your answer doesn’t mean you are giving the right answer to my question: let me try again if it works. And let us take as an example the second congress.

            1 – what was the total participant of the congress?
            2 – what was the number of the highlander (Christians) who participate in the congress
            3 – what are the numbers of the Christians in the organisation out from the estimate number you gave us. Remember estimate number are not real number.

            The data should be from history records. Then I will test you percentage. Otherwise fake numbers are fake numbers and will only give us fake argument. If you can not come with the real numbers, I will ask to heed my advice and that is to avoid figures and percentages from your argument.

            Senay leyti Nikuluna,
            A manuel Hidrat

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Aman,

            Engaging with Semere Tesfai is, with due respect of course, like sitting atop a mountain and trying to locate a fox hiding in the thick of a jungle that makes manoevers to all directions non-stop. The debate was related to questions addressed to three individuals whom Ghezae Hagos wanted to know their views. Semere just thought it was fine for him to contribute his take. But to do so, he had venture to something that was not relevant, and digressed to the issue of representation. So, he took the ELF congresses and their outcomes on the leadership levels as departure point to prove that Federalism would not be suitable to Eritrea and its realities.

            When challenged on the views he had offered, he had to toil with calling back information from his own experience, which by the way I respect, and went on and on meandering without being able to address the challenges. The only reference he could find was the issue of the 5th Zone in Kebessa. Many of us do have some information about the fortunes and ups and downs of that zone, which was very much affected by problems such as defections to the enemy side. To be fair though there could have been in that zone many of our compatriots hailing from Kebessa but tabulated within the over all ELF liberation army their number was not as large as Semere tried to imply and use as an instance to substantiate his claim of of imbalances. Moreover, it is beyond me why Semere wanted the reader needed to know about the history of the Obel rebels and the PLF so that sense could be made of his claims and unquantified percentages he quoted.

            On the recruits who joined the ELF in masses starting from around February 1975 to the run up to the second congress of that year, they were still in the Reba area training camps. This information I am giving is first hand because I was there, as I noted in my rejoinder yesterday. It was even still difficult to complete the security related screening processes let alone talk about representation of lack of it. But still, the organization was judicious enough not to ignore them as trainees and allowed them them elect their representatives. The total was 120 delegates, and out of them only two were non-Tigrigna speakers because fellow Tigrigna speakers made up more than 90 percent of the trainees spread in three camps.

            To sum up, thus, his claim on the issue of representation in an endeavor to score points on the relevance or irrelevance of federalism that Ghezae wanted to discuss has turned to be liability that did not help his argument.

            NB: I am commenting under you rejoinder because I did not get yet his response to mine yesterday, and therefore, wanted to throw a few points to his response to yours, hoping you understand my point.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Ismail AA

            1. – Almost all representatives (inside and outside Eritrea) to the ELF Second National Congress were nominated before October 1974 (before the civil war). The few ones that didn’t were in Kebessa mostly Seraye. My unit (haili) nominated its representatives around July/August 1974, and everyone who’ve been with ELF less than 1-11/2 year was disqualified. Hamid Mahmoud, Khlifa Osman And Tesfai Degiga were the reps of the preparatory committee that came to my unit. I think the congress was scheduled to take place during the last months of 1974. It was interrupted by the civil war.

            2. – It is not rocket science. Let me be very conservative here. Let’s say in December 31, 1973 – out of 3000 ELF Tegadeltis, 1000 Tegadeltis were from ethnic Tigrigna. And let’s say the TOTAL number of ethnic Tigrigna Tegadeltis in ELF on March 1975 was 10,000 Tegadeltis – about 6,000 of them in Rebda alone (which is a whole lot more than that).

            The 9000 Tegadeltis that were added between 1974 and 1975 were disqualified. Is that complicated to understand?

            Please don’t try to deny it. Try to justify it if you can.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Anta Samray,

            Natka negersi “wahatiyo tebelkwas tigosmo” ember koynin. Why we debate history on assumption numbers? It is a recorded history. There are numbers of the representation on record. Why? Why on assumption numbers? If you are eager to teach us about it, dig out and find the record and do deligence to present it factually. Is this difficult to understand? You are man of Hilik. Help us please.

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Semere Tesfai,

            The point on which you are spending a lot of time is a side issue you raised in an endeavor to support your views on the matter our brother had Ghezae Hagos raised by way of posing questions questions – irrelevantly added spice that spoiled the taste of the broth. A relevant issue worth debating has been killed by uncalled for digression.

            By the way, what you have been saying in so many paragraphs wouldn’t have been so much “complicated to understand” had you been able to provide reasonable data. Unfortunately you have been moving around a circle stating big figures and percentages built on contradictory conjectures and assumptions which do not really add up to make sense of the assertion you havebeen trying to substantiate. Actually, I understand your ordeal because there are no credibly recorded sources you can quote from though I admire the power of your memory after the years that have elapsed. But it remains you have been relying on information stored by way of hearsays and rumors and person-to-person conversations that were not free from bias and mistrusts that were very much in vogue during those times.

            Moreover, the issue has nothing to do with denial or justification of the stories you are telling. What is lacking is hard facts that can help to establish credibility of the percentages and data you have been quoting. I am simply questioning the source of those figures you have been quoting and converting to percentages. As final note though let me add that your arguments are built on assumptions and unproven data that offer no ground to a person to either deny or justify them.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Amanuel

            “1 – what was the total participant of the congress?”

            I believe 996 (Tegadeltis who represented their units + Ghebar who represented their communities + ELF leaders (RC &EC) + unique individuals (Tegadeltis) + invited guests + musicians + logistics + security)

            #2, #3, I don’t know

            Semere Tesfai

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Semere,

            Okay you gave me the total participant. Actually, I agreed on this number. But this number in itself without the actual number of the Christian who participated or without the answers to numbers 2 & 3, will not help me to find out the percentage, to prove your claim of the percentage of the Christians you alluded in your first comment. Now you proved for me that your percentage was a guessed percentage.

            Semere, would it be fruitful debate to argue on baseless numbers and percentages? Why don’t save us from engaging on numbers and percentages that can be disproved with empirical studies in the future? We have enough subject for debate that does not require numbers and %. Let us deal and use our time on the political and social discordant among us.

            Senay MeAlti
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Amanuel H.,

            You are mistaken, you do not have to have exact numbers to argue a case.

            Estimates can be used with bounds i.e. you can have lower and upper bounds for these estimates, provided you can logically, with rational arguments can justify these bounds.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam SK,

            No estimate and assumptions on “History”. It is a recorded events. It has true numbers and percentages. Assumptions are good to show on future programs to convince your audience and to accept your project.

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Amanuel H.,

            Unfortunately, history is not bookkeeping. Some milestones in history such as wars, revolutions, epidemics and other natural disasters are chaotic. Reasoned assumptions and approximations in such situations must be allowed.

  • Ismail AA

    Dear Semere Tesfai,

    It is fine that the questions our brother Ghezae Hagos had addressed to Amanuel Hidrat, Haile Zeru and me also stimulated your interest and offered your views on the central issue federalism and its compatibility to Eritrea. Each of us has offered his views. But it is clear that you have ventured to raise some critical issues in your effort to reinforce your views. Some of them in my view are gross generalizations that call for comments..

    But before doing so, let me make a few points. Since what we write and say about past events, especially those of us who call ourselves veterans, could be taken as facts by those who seek to know, it is worthy to be extremely cautious and economical unless supported by credible sources. Telling stories that our memories had stored from hearsays and person-to-person narratives could turn to be risky and dangerously misinforming.

    Going back to your points, I agree with you that Eritrea and Eritreans do need organized and legally equipped opposition parties just like any other nations. But, personally I would not describe myself as fair minded observer to dismiss the current Eritrean civic and political organizations that are operating under the domestic and external realities and circumstances that we all know and understand are hopelessly bereft of vision and civilization. Such gross attitude purports incredible
    disrespect to the men and women who have been trying to do what they could. Actually, I do not know how many of the individual programs and collective charters belonging to organizations and umbrella’s (since 1999) you have properly read and studied in order to be in position to conclude that they do not project the vision and ideas of their owners. Not appealing to one’s ego and preferences does not warrant being recklessly judgmental. The oppositions’ success or failure
    to sell their ideas and programs to the general public is one thing, while dismissing them as mere “noises” is overstated self-righteousness to put mildly.

    On the issue of representation and relating it to the ELF as basis for scoring your point is amazingly disingenuous. During the events and times you have cited, the ELF was not operating as normal government controlling the whole people and the territories of Eritrea as the EPLF (PFDJ) did after 1991. It was simply an organization (broad front) that was functioning to organize and lead liberation struggle against an occupation army. And, for a reader that has no clue about the period you are referring to or the young Eritreans who were born and raised after liberation what you have written will be taken within normality that pertain to stable political status quo.

    The first congress and the congresses that the ELF held were reflections of the facts and areas of control that took account of working organizational rules, security matters and logistics. In representations you have mentioned starting from the General Command (Adobaha August 1968), the first and second congresses of 1971 and 1975, respectively, reflected the composition of liberation army and areas under control. Your emphasis of the word “national” in capital letters tells a lot about the message that you wanted to send.

    Objectively considered, thus, the imbalances in the leaderships out comes the realities on the ground had produced . It was after the post 1974-75 events in Ethiopia and broad ramifications thereof that had triggered massive rallying of our Kebessa compatriots to join the two liberation fronts in the field at the time. I do not know whether or not you have attended the second congress of 1975 as I did and followed the preparation. The preparatory committee was formed long before the months when thousands of new recruits arrived and had to work on the guide lines set in accordance to existing realities as I have mentioned above.

    The congress was held when the new recruits were still undertaking military and political training in camps. But, the ELF and its preparatory committee did make changes to its guide lines and let the trainees be represented at the congress with 120 delegates from the units in three camps. I attended the congress as one of them because I was also in one of those camps for training after having joined the front as full timer.

    Thus, the information you have provided that 90% of ethnic Tigrignas at the 1975 is far from truth. I can even testify as an eye-witness that individuals were nominated that barely had two to three months experience in the field. I know an individual who was assigned a very high office from the new comers. If you was not at the congress or at one of the training camps, I would assume that
    you have built your views on hearsay and rumors that were rampant at the time, especially after the congress.

  • said


    Ms. Nikki Haley: ‘Total-Destruction of North Korea Could be a Final Resort’

    Ms. Nikki Haley is at again. Probably no diplomat or political figure invites more disgust and the cause of a repulsive distaste than the current US’ UN Permanent Representative, Ms. Nikki Haley. The daughter of Indian poor immigrant parents, a lady of color that do not miss nowadays an occasion of staunchly posing condescendingly as the trusted guardian of the White Supremacists’ ethos and the governing crowds at the helms of power in Washington Notwithstanding using the limelight of her high visibility post to climb into the national notoriety as the Champion of America’s Extreme Conservative Right in apparent advancement of a hidden ambitious personal political agenda of one-day bidding for President, Ms. Haley is loathly overbidding her position playing More Royal than the King. Ironically, given Ms. Haley’s short memory, as once an applicant for participation as a teenager in the South Carolina pageant race, Ms. Haley was disqualified on the basis of race, of color.

    Appearing two days on the Jake Tapper’s CNN Sunday weekly program, ‘The State of the Union,’ Ms. Haley responding to questions on North Korea she did not find it way out of line, totally untenable and morally outrageous, to declare that if diplomatic options are exhausted dissuading the North Korean leadership, the US, along with the US’ Allies will attack and “Totally” Destroy North Korea. Just what a myopic stupid fool this Nikki Haley is

    As seasoned Democratic Senator from California, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein followed on the show responding most judiciously, most informatively, non-rhetorically and responsibly to questions on North Korea, the long-served former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee put things calmly in perspective. Of her long years serving as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Senator Feinstein made it clear that North Korea possesses the intelligence and the capabilities to develop its nuclear and ballistic arsenal to very sophisticated levels as they already succeeded in developing their nuclear capabilities already six times ever they started their nuclear program.

    As all intelligent people know, “There is no Military Solution to the so-called North Korean Crisis.” The Russians and the Chinese recently put it squarely, nearly bluntly, “A Freeze for a Freeze.” The Escalations of the North Korean story is intended to finally force the Americans, the bellicose anti-China Trump Administration’s intended military buildup in the South China Sea to be virtually halted.

    The Russians and the Chinese are calling on the Trump Administration to cease the provocative planned deployment of new advanced military arsenals in South Korea and the planned joint American- Asian Allies’ military maneuvers aimed against China in the region. In quid pro que, the Russians and the Chinese are proposing, in essence, to restrain and contain the North Koreans, especially with the further development of Intercontinental Ballistics; as the Trump Administration would need to cease its provocative escalation of the military buildup in the region.

    The Trump Administration is trying to emulate the Obama Administration’s creating a repeat to the Obama and the NATO’s violation of the Russian’s security sensitivities in the Ukraine and the former Warsaw Pact countries. This in reference to the US’ hatching of the destabilizing coup d’état in the Ukraine along with the placing of advanced military arsenals pointing towards Russia in Poland and the Czech Republic.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Solomon or Xsaxse

    I saw one of your posts but lost track of where it was.

    I’ve always thought that you’re either incredibly stupid or incredibly smart person but this post confirms it to me that you are an incredibly smart person. Quite an observant too! It’s true that most frequency bandwidth were un-utilized before the coming down of the wall. But that wasn’t because these bandwidths were reserved by the gov’t for the gov’t. Rather the technology was a highly classified material. I am mentioning both the internet and the wireless industry.

    Again you’re right here when you brought up the wall. So why were they not declassified before the 90s? Here, the patent law comes into play. In the US common and commercial laws, a patent lasts 20yrs. But for a gov’t the rule is a bit different than common and commercial laws. In short, a gov’t under threat can keep a patent for enternity. What if there is no immediate threat? That decision is left for a presidential discretion; meaning executive discretionary order. That fortune or misfortune came to pass for the democrats; by the name of Clinton. He capitalized on it. Thereby transforming a party that was playing a less mainstream politics before the coming down of the wall. Leaving the politics aside; that decision opened up for a new kind of industry, called the blue chip industry. Although, at first, this industry played a crucial role in transforming the US’ economy (in terms of fiscal balances) it turned out it is also its demise in many ways.

    I hope you understand that there are many things that cannot be written on the web, even on awate.

  • sara

    Sami dear
    Its a language thing…if you are a proffesinal jorno and you muster arabic regardles of your religion color you qualify to work in al jazira arabic the same with the english service, watch aljezra more and you will see this truth.

  • Peace!

    Hi All,

    W-e-l-c-o-m-e to Aljazeera and congratulations to Mohammed Taha Tewekel and his team. This is a good news for the Ethiopian people and the region in general.


  • Brhan

    Hello Awatista,
    Othman Ayfarah, Haji Jaber and now Tewekel are all from Eritrea working for this great TV channel. Also another Eritrean, Fatima Naib used to work there. Here are the links of her article:
    For Haji Jaber it is in Arabic and this is an example

  • said

    What can Ethiopian and Eritrean learn and the west from the legacy of the Nelson Mandela
    What struck me about Nelson Mandela – an unbending steadfast true leader until the end, A democratic and inclusive statesman. I fully subscribe to how true Mandela was to his justice principles and human rights convictions until the very end. The fables of dogma aside, it is one of those rare redeeming moments in history to witness, in the making, the final touches on a living legend that struck roots into the very consciousness of the human race at large. It is in the person of the first saint politician, Nelson Mandela.
    At time ,As Mandela passed the mantle of statesmanship to another statesman, president Mbeki, one could not help but muse: how fortunate for a contemporary to live the ultimate moment of validation, of the ascendance of the power of the soul to the realm of the boundless divinity. Mandela is the living embodiment of sublime goodness at its best functional utility. Mandela, the medium of ultimate wisdom, the miraculous near-instant transformer of the destructive forces of mass pent up frustration and inherent mistrust into legitimate forces of positive creative energies and construction.
    The bewildering brevity by which Mandela effected the smooth transition to a free civil society – from a recent past fraught with a potentially endemic heritage of hatred and wanton exploitation, and against so many odds- can only attest to the eternal wisdom: at the inner-self, resides the fate of the world.
    How ironically sad the truth of this adage observing the conduct of a fanatic leader, Milosovic, in the just ending destructions in the Balkans? How striking the contrast between the outcomes of the beauty of the soul, of which Mandela is an epitome, and those of a sinister mind and a wicked soul, of which Milosovic is a victim?
    Here Mandela brushing aside the natural urges of vindication and retributions at the moment of triumph, for life-long gross injustices befallen him personally, to rise to the great occasion, the once-in-a-life time call of history, to deliver his people. To deliver the tens of millions in today’s generation, and the many multiples of many generations to come.
    His immense wisdom and goodness of the soul guarded him against the narrow follies of the ego, to the constant reminder of the loftiness of the general purpose. His twenty-six years’ solitary confinement in the Robben Island, a very depriving life-long internment, never deflected his vision, but rather sweetened his resolve to attain the ultimate. Only political saints, humble superhumans, are those who can graciously extricate themselves from the pounding traumas of personal sufferings to advocate genuine reconciliation and forgiveness. In this, the real winner is Nelson Mandela. But still much more, the true winner at the end was the cause of freedom and justice, and the alleviation of suffering of the oppressed masses and the dehumanized perpetrators. For the latter, the prevailing cultures of Apartheid constrained the normalcy of their mind and the evolution of their soul.
    As he marched past history in handing over the baton of leadership to his successor in a stupefying entrenching tradition of democracy, prior to his death Nelson Mandela expressed the wish to spend his remaining years in Qunu, his childhood home, a highly congested and a poverty-stricken village. He lived in the same humble residence he occupied before incarceration in Robben Island.
    However, more significantly, in the larger context, “how the American public, foremost among the Western Countries, is self-righteously delusional of Adherence to Universal Values and abidance by political Ethics and political Morality.” the Truth remains that America is an Oligarchy – as equally affirmed lately by President Jimmy Carter – in full control as to its destiny and role in the world to the narrow vision of powerful interest groups dictating American policies and ensuring a stifling hold and control of the dissemination of information to generally poorly informed American public. The above conclusion is based on decades of closely following American politics as topped up recently with the readings of Three Exceptional Books, insider revelations of the making of the American Polity and the working of the American Politics. The Three Books referred to are two by investigative author Jane Mayer, both National Best Sellers that are entitled, “The Dark Side,” and “Dark Money;” as the third book by McKay Coppins that’s entitled, “The Wilderness: Deep Inside the Republican Party…”
    This leaves me utterly convinced, sensing the ever-increasing gap of inequality in an increasingly sharply divided nation that America is on the Decline for lack of general social cohesiveness and increasingly slipping guiding and motivating higher Moral & Ethical Framework along with the lingering deep social divide.
    Thus, no wonder, very rightly, President Barack Obama in his famous lengthy interview with Jeffry Goldberg of the Atlantic Magazine on March, 2016, right before leaving office, delineated the path the US must take to tap into the rising economic powers of the East, mainly those of the rising economic powers of China and India.
    Interestingly, Obama’s revelations resonated with the political strategist, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski’s views, who wrote on June, 2016, a few months before his demise, changing coat of once drifting into the path of the Neoconservatives’ calling for the dominance of a Unipolar US in line with “The Project of the New American Century.” Brzezinski wrote – as I shared and commented on the said article at the time – in the tone of a warning, sounding the alarm, that America must catch up and join forces with the rising powers of China, Russia and India so the US cannot be left alone as the Dollar Will Cease to becoming the sole World Reserve Currency.

    I really don’t like being a condescendence and downer; I wishing Ethiopia for better tomorrow ,not to avoid reality to Ethiopian situation .for sometime and Somewhere at the back of my consciousness I had been aware that the Ethiopia is NOT even a seem a democratic government but modern police state. As Eritrean I didn’t let it bother me though; it didn’t seem to interfere with my life over agenda. but it does bather me a lot. for one reason. Ethiopia as a true democratic government will advance Ethiopia and region Ove all.
    For the vast majority Ethiopian poor, they keep your head down, their mouth shut, about any state abuses they witness, and is being long time, the poor work hard for small amount, tiny minority Ethiopian remained oblivious to gross inequality and inequities in Ethiopian larger society is clear from day one . The Ethiopia state seemed to operate only in sleazy corners. Meanwhile self righteous, ethnic identity politics became an increasingly clear contentious issue and they are in control of the state and economy. When will Ethiopian who enjoy huge benefits of citizenship in the Africa ’s strongest growth economy as they their indicate . human rights should be conferred selectively. In their view, political leaders who push for universal rights do so at the risk of jeopardizing the rights of ruling party.

    As for my fellow Eritrean peoples know this intimately, nothing has changed all that since Eritrean independence. They are Witnessing first hand brutality of the regime, and murderousness by our own government. We have been living with this police terror for more than 26 years, the hands of police state reaching every segment of our society. in which Eritrean are living in state of fear and being forced to accept that, as Eritrean we have no control over their own destiny. our bodies, our lives and our property, no justice to speak of Eritrean and guilty until proven innocent. PFDJ sanctioned exercises in de-humanizing, humiliation and degradation with a complete disregard for human rights, privacy and human dignity. This are just the small, a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the indignities and abuses being heaped on Eritrean. PFDJ have no respect for the Eritrean citizenry’s. and ineffective governance from Asmara regime, PFDJ corruption-infected Eritrea. PFDJ is above law. Such is life in Eritrean today is considered as a normal life .
    Nelson Mandela remains in memory a leader who is forever Taller than History.

    • Selamat said,

      First, let me join those who have previously suggested that you should write, your timely excellent comments such as this one, as an article. I feel we are incurring numerous losses when the advantage the opportunity is lost due to their being embedded and filed under other topics. You may have your valid reasons, but please reconsider. Yours truly is appreciative to dig a new trenches at a higher plateau, as I had indicated long ago.

      Your ask an excellent question and I assure you it is a significant supplement and boost to the exact same line of thought I have been pursuing and contemplating. Not only:
      “What can Ethiopian and Eritrean learn and the west from the legacy of the Nelson Mandela[?]” In addition to Ethiopians, Eritreans, and The West, how can our passionate lead pundits in this forum utilize the lessons from South Africa’s Mandela, which I believe you expound more on, to steer and anchor the proverbial and fortuitous ship you have in mind.
      Allow me to only list some of the things I am certain you have given ample thought and then ask only a question or two.
      1. South Africa – Multinational, multiracial, multi faith —
      A) SA under apartheid and post apartheid…)
      2. USA’s President Bill Clinton and South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela, Madiba.
      3. Yugoslavia under Prime Minister Josip Broz Tito – Multinational, Multi faith, (multi racial*…)
      A) Christian Orthodox, Christian Catholic and Islam – Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (plus Montenegro, Slovenia, and Macedonia)
      4. Balkanization (balkanization in reverse more like anti-balkanization) Vs. Ethnic Federalism / Tito’s rule
      5. President Slobodan Milosevic and President Clinton

      At first I was hard pressed to connect the your jump from Mandela to Milosevic, but after a little thought I see your connect and it’s significant inviting qualities that I am hoping will draw others from their comfort resignation of their focused perspective for a new approach and flanking the TARGET*.
      Thank you for the references you have provided, including President Barack Obama’s interview with Jefery Goldberg as well as the political strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski.

      I am certainty hopeful President Donald Trump’s administration moves more towards this Win Win strategy you are alluding to as opposed to the Hawkish, a nightmare for all, that is festering with provocations and counter provocations. I do see the Qatar and Al Jazeera card as a catalyst to your current thought. And though I shall maintain my “known unknowns” pursuit to this current Gedab article, I appreciate your astute poking to all. I am hooked and until I search for the lessons to learn and collect questions for you, I will end by requesting for a list of the specific lessons Eritreans and Ethiopians should learn. Thank you.

      PS: I did take note of the sufferings both Eritreans and Ethiopians are under that you have highlighted.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Brother tSAtSE,

        Perfect you have said it ,

        “Thank you for the references you have provided, including President Barack Obama’s interview with Jefery Goldberg as well as the political strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski.”

        I have been reading his view now for long time and I have suggested him to write to come with his new article now long back


      • Ismail AA

        Dear gitSAtSE Solomon wedi Hawey and said,

        Thanks for the mutually complementary exchanges which made my reading of both in puts easier. Then I found pondering on the late Nelson Mandela. I think for those of us who grew knowing him as dedicated and conscientious nationalist for the cause of his people and beyond, the qualities that said has described were self-evident. I am sure both of you, dear gentlemen would agree with me those qualities in a human being are inherent and not variables. The good in a person always remain good.

        But in the “standard-setter” establishments of West and its all power opinion making tools had damned as terrible and irredeemable blood thirsty terrorist for the mere reason he fought for justice in his own homeland, and posed threat to the most despicable racist setter colonialist regime. That assessment and condemnation stayed unchanged for 26 years until the racist settler colonialist regime that even allowed to possesses weapons of mass destruction started to show unmistakable cracks and proved to become untenable which meant a big costly burden to those who protected. It was that fast approaching debacle that jolt them action.

        For redemption, thus, they could find no better actor except in good qualities of a good man. And for that project they had to eat their words, and admit that after all Nelson Mandela was not only a good man of South Africa but humanity at large. So, to prove their point they to reverse gears and deploy the very tools they had used to demonize him. In no time Nelson Mandela became a angel that could save the day for them on the basis of a kind but disproportionate win-win scheme. He did not fail them and took the blood stained hand of De Klerk and resolved a crisis that seemed intractable.

        Now, then here is my reason why I tried to scribble these few lines, which I will put in a question format. Knowing the brilliance of your minds well nourished by wide readership, would help me to understand why the long experience of democratic life could not separate the opinion-making tools such as the media from the greed guided political establishments that are able to demonize individuals, groups and even nations and turn around at will?

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Ismael,

          It’s rare that I disagree with you.

          You said about about De Klerk “he took the blood stained hand of De Klerk and resolved a crisis that seemed intractable at the time.”

          He become president in 1989 and Mandela was released in 1990, he started negotiation soon after taking office and help end the apartheid regime.

          He had held several ministry positions under P. Botha but I am not sure to what extent he was responsible.

          In my opinion, I thought he made peace possible by ending apartheid.


          • Ismail AA

            Hi berhe (kemey aleka),

            I understand your point. But I would not argue and judge whether his partnership with Mandela had absolved him of his past political and governing roles. The fact that he was a long timer in the racist establishment made him share responsibility because we didn’t see him protesting against the excesses and innocent blood letting and going to jail or rebelling and siding with justice loving whites who joined the struggle against their own white folks.

            Of course it would be gross mistake to rule out his awakening of conscience though it could have also been due to concern about the untenable future of the regime. His ascendance to the top function as president could have been calibrated with the change of winds in the West that needed a man who could match with the Great Mandela was needed. He could have proven to be the right man at the right time. But, I will agree with you that he had represented and achieved more than average interest of whites. What more could the white anticipate than holding their economic dominance and possession of land?

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Ismael,

            Your very last sentence amazed and amused me. I wouldn’t just say that is a trait to whites only because I’ve seen blacks and others racial groups doing it. As for de Klerk, you have your views and I respect them. But you can still travel to South Africa and see the man himself, as he is open to public.

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Dis Donc,
            Good to have you back, and the respect is Mutual.
            You are right that other racial groups including some black folks benefited from the settlement and enriched themselves at the expense of the multitude who suffered under metropolitan and later settler colonialist dominations. The settlement was actually meticulously tailored to share the benefit between the propertied Whites and the new upper classes hailing from various racial groups. It’s Fanon’s “black skin, white mask” groups emerging to dominate the political scene and thereby the economic resources of the country.
            As to Mr. de Klerk and his role both in pre- and post settlement life of South Africa, my views about him is limited to within the context of the apartheid system as a whole and his career as politician there in. His present status and role could have transformed favorably on which I cannot comment as you can because you have been there. Thus, I can take your assessment in good faith and can only commend de Klerck for ending his career in the way you have seen.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Blink,

    So are you telling me “Amanuel Mahdere” has lost compass of his society? Blink pls give time to your thought process. It is always reactive. If you hear to Amanuel’s message he told us to look to our image before we look to other’s image. And you are not checking your image.

    Second If the diverse Eritrean society has no say ( and hadn’t a say) about the “opposition” and nor do they had “in put” in to the work of PFDJ, why are you crying and defending on the divisive constitution? was’t it part of our argument that there wasn’t “in put of the people and wasn’t inclusive”? Now you eat your words. Since 1994 the formation of PFDJ, Eritrea was ruled by PFDJ. The constitution was drafted under the rule of PFDJ. If you want to twist an argument you have to have a good memory of what you had said in your previous argument.

    • blink

      Dear Mr.Amanuel
      I think i have good memory and i said like this
      1, these who oppose the 1997 constitution are some ex-ELF personalities who divided eritrea ELF for lowlanders and EPLF for highlanders and these who complain the highlanders benefited from PFDJ and complain their whole life while they sit in North America and Europe.
      2. These who wanted to divided Eritrea across ethnic lines
      3. These who has never been to Eritrea for 40 years but get their sources from fringe groups
      4. these who blame EPLF or ELF for their compalining behavior
      5.These with rigid head who blame every thing that has to do with ELF or EPLF

      Now what is that you want me to remember ,oh i forgot the constitution again , are you a constitutionalist ? do you have experience of drafting even a middle size company structure ? no ,you do not but you wanted to lecture people about the 1997 constitution which was drafted by brilliant minds who saw Eritrea as a secular one and choose to give a try in a very justice way , You will never ever find any good constitution that fits to our people than the 1997. The constitution was drafted by people who know how not by people who spend their life complaining. Relax I am not throwing every inch of your in put i am just throwning some of it because it is sour and do not work for my generation. You tried to bring the old wounds of some small sociaty in Eritrea , i am here to tell you that , it does not exist , it only exists in your own world . Once the dictator is gone ,you will see Eritreans are not as you always paint them.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Hi Blink,

        You don’t know this gentle man and you have now crossed the line of respect.
        The above post of your, has touched me also take care of your words..


        • blink

          Dear kokhob
          What are the bad words you find from my comment ? tell me , can n’t you see he overuse his caliber too. I mean who is lecturing who and about what ?He told me i am new to Eritrean history and i accepted his open insult as well as agreed to go to his classroom and yet he jumped again ? I am not new to Eritean history and i do not need some one telling me his way is the high way.I only reminded him about what i said and it has nothing to do with him , i just answered to his view about my memory .

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear blink,

            What do you think of people!!! do you still think the dead constitution will served?


          • blink

            Dear Kokhob
            I do not really care about any constitution as it is not my immediate concern , my main goal is to do my part on throwing PFDJ to trush bin and after that i believe with full confidence on the good Eritreans .We just argue about the 1997 for the sake of it unless the constitution thing at this time is just going to GYM .

      • Saleh Johar

        Hi Blink,
        A good student you are. Now in your zeal to support a dead constitution that never belonged to any Eritrean but the dictator, you are insulting people wholesale. If your fight is for a dead paper, go ahead fight for it together with the few because we didn’t see any reaction that reflect their numbers. But again, if your fight is for the dead paper, go ahead and ask Isaias to pump life into it and release it for you. If tomorrow Isaias adopts his dead paper–since that seems to be our main demand, are you likely to drop out? Have some respect

        • blink

          Dear SJ
          I believe issias will never ever see that book , I even do not believe he wanted to see it after 1997 . The only mechanism to remove any of him was the 1997 constitution and he knew it, that is why he burnt it. Now, am i insulting in a whole sale ? may be but i think i said some not all. Issias will not adopt it and every one knows this to be true , he will not. But i have full confidence on all Eritreans from every corner to narrow their difference and not give an inch to old wounds as well as nasty views . Do i disagree with the way Mr. Amanuel narret the Eritrean sociaty yes , because i believe Eritreans are normal sociaty in fact good sociaty, I do not blame Eritrean sociaty as manufacturers of dictators .The man in the video is narreting from his chair about the past heroic achievement of Eritreans from the front view of Dergi and Hailesilassie , do not you agree with me that our sociaty was giving birth to great minds who stood to evils in the 1960 too , Issiass is one person and he was just lucky enough to kill the other people not that the society produce dictators . And on the ELF and EPLF thing , I think i may overreacted still in the shadow of truth. Eritrea is not divided as lowland for ELF and highland for EPLF , I choose to believe that way because i have seen Eritreans at their joyful time .

          If you can allow me to google for one time , I can find that you signed( agreed) for that constitution too at certain times , why ? I believe because you thought it can narrow the difference between you and the other guys .

          • Saleh Johar

            Okay Blink,
            You need to move on. I gave the constitution supporters the benefit of the doubt. Developments that followed proved me right. Now I move on. Please do the same. Move in. Don’t hold people to a dead paper. He created it and he killed it.

            As for the society, every evil person came out of the society, so did every good person. They are part of the society. You can’t choose who belongs to society and who doesn’t. And we have to accept that. Isaias is a product of our society. He didn’t drop from the sky. Your political organizations came out of the society and fed on the contradictions and aspirations of segments of the society. The messages and agitation reflected the views of the society. Even the oppression and injustice is supported or rejected by the society. You cannot deny it

            If you were to do a genuine appraisal of our problems you will find it is rooted in the affairs of the entire population. And in a true scholarly study, you cannot avoid analyzing ethnic groups, sects, regions, and classes. It is taboo to us but it is not taboo to sciences.

            Blaming the mistakes and failures on factions does not produce solutions , truthful assessment helps pinpoint the problem. Thus, the solution.

    • Simon Kaleab

      Selam Amanuel H.,

      You said: “The constitution was drafted under the rule of PFDJ.”

      What are you going to do about it? Do you have any actionable plan?

  • blink

    Dear All awate family
    How much is too much ? do we choose the somalis over our brothers yemenis people ? The blindness of this forum and to that effect this website is simply not acceptable . our brothers the Yemenis are paying heavy price as we chat about aljazeera and some times about things that infulance our sociaty negatively. it is simply irrelevant what we all say about them but it is all when we see from cost of human being. The yemenis are dying every second in a very Horrific situation , where is our voice ? we have been slandering each other about things that matter to us and some times for things that matters not. What happen to us ? The yemenis are our brothers as any one , do we sentence them to die even by our words ? it sadness me really . The saudis , UAE and even Qataris will say not much , time will come when they breath fresh air and see our face .

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Awatistas,

    Today, I will entertain you with the speech of Amanuel Mahdere on

    “ጨቛኒ ሕብረተሰብ፣ ጨቘንቲ መራሕቲ ይወልድ” a quotation from a Somalian author and journalist “Nuredin Ferah”

    What is your take on the speech of Amanuel Mahdere?


    • Daranka Mohmud

      Selaam. Aman. it is a great speech – I enjoyed it.

    • Ismail AA

      Dear Aman H,

      Thank you very much for sharing this interestingly down-to-earth analysis by Amanuel Mahdere. It is even more interesting that he had departed from a telling conclusion by an equally concerned Somali author very concerned about his nation-state as unfortunate as our own and build his views about the political and socio-cultural set up. Though the social and cultural set up in our country is more diverse and fragile the centrifugal forces that affect the cohesion of societies in the so called underdeveloped and developing national states are more or less similar without of course ruling out variation influenced by capacities and social capitals and the success or failure of performance in organizing and harmonizing societies. As Amanuel’s diagnosis and the Somali author’s summation suggest, the performance of the social and political forces in the nation-states of the both gentlemen could be listed under the failure category. We, as ware Eritreans, would not be doing justice to our cause and nation if we try to play complacent or shun blame to others for any reason. The tragic part of out lot is that while we know, on personal and groups’ level where the malaise rest, we have so far failed to find our way to the right medicine and are leaving the disease wreak havoc on our body politic until the nation passes away.

      Now, to return back to the narrative of Amanuel Mahere, for whose follow him reading his text it feels that he doe not face difficulty in pinpointing the sources of the malaise on the political and social set up are to be found. He had to just follow the track record of the performances on the political and social arena from the liberation era to the current circumstances under the dictatorship. Any neutral observer might not have come with a different picture except perhaps variation on emphasis here and there. That is why I would add my private voice that sadly that is the nature of problems tearing us apart and knocking us down to feebleness and paralysis.

      But having said that much, however, attentive following of the audio lets one jerking and awaiting whether Amanuel would be able to come end the narrative with solution out of the dilemma that has elude us. The anxiety intensifies watching the end while he continues to add more sources of problems, and at the same time it feels that he sounded desperate and facing ordeal in suggesting solution. That is of course very much understandable understanding the difficult task he was engaging in. Thus, the only thing he could find and suggest is that since all the borrowed or abridged ideas such as leftism and liberalism did not serve the solution, he zeroed on returning back to roots of the society in all its diversity and variation and explore the norms and values that could be used to harmonize the social and political set ups.

      The great challenge such an outlook could generate is how would such values and norms forge to form a political-cum-ideological platform capable of cracking down the political and social infrastructure that Amanuel has described as failures and open way to emergence of new structures rallying cross-section of available but dispersed capacities and social capitals and empower them to do what their predecessors could not do? Perhaps, Amanuel might be thinking about this part of his engagement and might grace us with more narratives like the one I have enjoyed.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Ismailo,

        Your in put will make me to say something. You see, I didn’t add my comment when I post his speech. But even bringing the u-tube for the awate forum you saw Blink how he react and painted me with all colors of blames. Anyway I am busy now and will get back to you this evening when I get home after work.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Ismailo,

        Amanuel Mahdere’s systematic analysis to the socio-political failures of the Eritrean people in general and to the failures of the Issayas’s government and the opposition’s leadership in particular, are true and realistic in all accounts of his argument. By absorbing the word’s of Nurudin Farah, Amanuel is telling us “to look our leaders in our image”. The way we act, the authoritarian languages we use to each other, the arrogance in our communications, and our attitudes to each others, is a microcosm of the big picture of the society that created a dictator at the helm of the government. Let us know ourselves and our behaviors, then we will find out that we are not different from those who are ruling the nation.

        To illustrate the above argument and in supporting Amanuel’s argument, I will give you a simple observation from the discussion we are making in this forum. And let us take this small forum as microcosm of our society that reflect our “Eritrea as a multi-cultural society.” Because we are the product of our society, the interaction in our communication reflects to who we are as Eritreans. in short we are the image of the Eritrean society. If we agree in these basic assumptions, I will tell you that we have the same characteristics and attitudes to our brothers and sisters in the PFDJ circle. I will give you few examples:

        (a) Undemocratic characteristics – we are intolerant to different views, we believe in centralized governance -the antithesis of freedom..etc.
        (b) We are not judicious – we don’t listen to the grievances of our social groups and try to address them.

        (c) we are arrogant, we like to dictate on our terms. Example of the dictation or orders, don’t organize this way or that way. Just organize this way or that way. Don’t ask self-administration we will administer you.

        (d) chauvinistic character – We undermine each other by claiming more patriotic than our fellow Eritreans.

        Therefore, a society that exhibit such characteristics can easily breed an authoritarian dictators. Looking our leaders in our image will surely help us to modify our struggle.

        Second, Amanuel gave us his solution implicitly, that by correcting those abnormalities in our behavior and in our politics, we will redeem our struggle and our people from the current fiasco.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Ismail AA

          Dear Aman,

          Our peculiarities are as varied as our diversity. We as Eritreans bonded together by an alien decision-makers’ designs under a politico-geographic entity had come with a lot of the things you have mentioned. We have been unfortunate and lacked respite and stability required by durable transformation on various levels that could have helped us to forge common values that could have served to us to sift out the good from the myriad negative traits and characteristic that hinder harmonization of our society. Chauvinism and arrogance are some of the nasty traits that patraiachal reactionary conservatism noursh and celebrate as social pride and status.

          It is from that perspective that what Amanuel Mahdere read in the youtube audio made sense to me. His boldness to venture on that taboo land reflected what is said in private and evaded in groups and collectivities.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Ismailo,

            I will give a good essay for reading to awate forum from Dr Nicole Hirt a German political scientist about the dream that does not come true to Eritrea and the social anomie in the current Eritrean society, in the coming week end.

          • Tzigereda

            Selam Emma,
            Dr. Nicole Hirt is a woman, who has written several excellent articles about Eritrea.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Thank you Sis Tzegereda. Corrected.

        • ghezaehagos

          Selam Aman, Haile Zeru and Isamil,
          Last time, we discussed part of this and I have a question for you and supporters of federalism in Eritrea. Knowing federalism means different things to different people, what do you think best suits Eritrea?
          A. Keeping the 9 regions or now 6 Zones intact and confer on them federal status? I heard some argue to this narrative, invoking the historical status of these regions before re-arranged in mid 90s. If that is the case, the status of minorities within these newly minted federalist states wouldn’t change much as demographically arguably they would still be minorities? Such as the Kunamas in Gash-Setit and possibly Afars in Dankalia (though we need clear stats on each one inside the 9 administrative regions). The only difference from decentralized government is you will call yourself federalist state and more autonomous from the center.
          B. Ethnic Federalism:- Rearranging Eritrea according to the 9 or so ethnic federalist states; which makes each ethnic group its own state. From geographical demarcation point of view, this is clearly very difficult as many ethnic groups reside in many adjacent regions. It would certainly arise issues of land dispute and grabbing; historical animosity and possible reprisals on other minorities inside the states. But again, you may have some ideas how you want to go about doing this sort of federalism.
          C. Any other format you have in mind.
          In terms of the powers, there is dual federalism (where the central federal government holds more power as in USA) or confederation (towards very loose arrangement). What do you seek for Eritrea?
          Ghezae Hagos

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Ghezae Hagos,

            Just questions well arranged! ..Let us wait now for proper answer..


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Ghezae and all,

            I think personally, from pure technical / engineering point of view, this topic with regards how we suppose to govern ourselves and what type of government we need is really not an argument / focus we really need to have at this moment.

            My main reason:

            1) It’s never a good thing to re-do (re-invent the wheel) knowingly. By this I mean, we never have had the opportunity to self govern ourselves and have a government that’s elected by the people. With a very small windows (during the federation, even it has lots of interference by the government of Ethiopia).

            2) The current PFDJ system is not a government that has the mandate to rule the country the way it does. No body in his right mind endorsed, gave mandate or even agree with the way the country is run. It’s basically a country that’s owned and operated by the whims of a single individual who has total control over the country future.

            WHY do we assume then (a big assumption) that we have to change the system as if we already have a system we tried and doesn’t work.

            Shouldn’t we just focus on how to remove the system and when the times come, setup a transitional government and agree to leave the future / of the country to those who are given the trust to do so.


          • Haile Zeru

            Hi Ghezae,

            I do not think I advocated for federalism specifically, even though I would have preferred it from what we have now.
            Secondly at this stage the best one can do is to have all Eritreans majority/minority, individuals engage the best of themselves to find a workable solution.
            To come up with your own blue print and say take it or leave it, is not a way to make a Constitution. I mean you make constitution to hold a country/people together willingly. You do not make a constitution to splinter a country. Even though a constitution can be used for amicable divorce in some cases.

            Thirdly which is equally important, all interested people should be able to move in our country to see objectively the state of our people. Objective and accurate data should be available. This cannot happen while the PFDJ security disappearing people for innuendo.

            Fourth, avoid the way the 1997 Constitution was drafted, which is disgusting. I do not have better words to put it differently. And the failure of Dr. Bereket and all the other “well meaning elders and educated people” was just there. The constitution should have been debated freely between peers in Eritrea. Peers in all its meaning. Including free press that airs every bodies views.
            Concurrently to the Constitutional drafting EPLF/PFDJ was hunting, killing and jailing opposition leaders and members. Both in and outside Eiritrea. It is totally absurd to have Constitutional dialog/debate in such kind of situation. EPLF failed to compensate its bias by not inviting free and fair debates by the other organizations. I know there are some gimmicks here. they are flat out lies. If Ahmed Nasser or Abdella Idris had set foot in Asmera at that time probably would not have lived to tell the day after.

            Fifth, Dr. Bereket and his ‘constitutionalist’ Colleagues should not have looked themselves above the society (I know you disagree with that). They should have looked themselves as members of the society with their inherent interests and biases. This could have saved the day. If you know your bias and you want a better product you try to compensate for it. I think they failed to compensate their bias by not inviting a)the elders or/and educated individuals of the minorities that were completely (totally) sidelined by the 1997 Constitution. There is nothing for them there. Were they blind folded?. To make it short Dr. Bereket should have said I am a member of biher Tigrinya, I hail from Hamassien, I lived most of my life outside of the country. Let us Find others who can compensate for these biases. He cannot speak for everybody. If you disagree, fine see what product he came up with.

            ..This thing never ends. Let us leave it at that.

            Just to make it short, just make a table of all the possible combinations (Constitutional systems). List the advantages on one column disadvantages on another and third one include the inherent bias of who is filling them. If you get that filled by as many people as you can. You might have a better picture.

            Last I do not have a blue print, I do not like what I see. I doubt there could be any worse. I am sure the minorities are ripped off. No doubt about that. I am not repeating here what I said on other posts either.

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Ghezae, Haile and Aman,
            First thumps up to Ghezae for posing the questions. But if I were to write answers to the questions, it would be no better than boring repetition of what Haile has written. Let me just vote for him, noting in passing, and for the sake of honesty, that I am committed to an opposition organization’s political program that defines clear vison of what in its members’ views the future governance system is aspired to be, and of which federalism does not make part of it. If interested to have a look at the program you may log in and find the ELF-NC program as well as the current program of the ENSF. The latter is an abridged version.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Ghezae (Abi-Seb),

            I think my position and the kind of governmental system I have been advocating for the last ten years is clear to all awatistas. I advocate for “decentralized unitary government” with our provinces as units of administration. I don’t advocate Federalism to our realities , for the following reasons:
            (a) in order to have a Federal states, the administrative units must must meet three requirements (i)they must be fiscally independent to run their states (ii) they must be administratively competent to run their states (iii) they must be politically matured to understand the role of states and the federal government that centralized them, and able to defend the interest of their states in the central government.

            Now Eritrea is not feasible for Ethnic or regionalized Federalism. Why not ethnic Federalism? Because (a) our social groups are to small to constitute them in to states (b) most of them are not concentrated in a specific locals. So ethnic Federalism is not practical for us. Then why not Regionalized Federalism? First the current regional administrative units are done to ruin the geographical identities and administrative identities of the former province. The Eritrean people is against it. So my argument is we have to retain the old geographical identities as we are proud of who we are. You don’t erase the identity of people, we should respect them. So can we have nine admistrative units with a Federal strucure? Again, my argument is no, for the reasons I stated above. The nine administrative units can not have viable fiscal independence. In other words they can not be economically independent. Therefore, we can give to the nine administrative units political and administrative power to run their affairs. The fiscal responsibilities should remain with the central government in appropriating their budgets equitably. This kind of arrangements will give “decentralized unitary governance” where certain power is devolved to the administrative units.

            In your comment you have said that whatever government arrangements we devise, minorities will remain minorities. Yes minorities will remain minorities in size. But it does not mean we can not give them a fair share in the politics of the nation or in the economic distribution to their constituents. So to give a fair share to our minorities in the politics of the nation, I propose a bicameral parliament or legislative bodies in the structure of the government one by proportional representation from the administrative units and the othe by equal representation of our social groups. The number of the two legislative body should be determined by the constitution. Don’t you think this will give them fair share or equitable sharing? I believe so. The other two branches of government will be given (a) the executive to the national political parties (b) the Judiciary to the legal experts.

            I hope I am clear as to what my position to build an equitable nation that respects the interest of our social group. If we don’t that the prospect is clear and that the “Tyranny of the majority” and you will agree with me tyranny is tyranny whatever shape or form it is.

            Amanuel Hidrat

    • Haile Zeru

      Hi Amman,

      I think the Tigrinya translation is messed up. Or the author wants to stress, emphasize something, I do not know what.
      I would rearrange the English sentence and then translate it. That is, “an oppressive society nartures oppressives leaders”.
      Yefri, and not yweld. Yweld is biological while yefri is kind of narture.
      My point is, a person becomes dictator by nature or narture?
      The idea seem to mean by narture. If it is by nature then let us give up. We cannot do much about it. But if it is by narture, we can mend our ways of raising our kids.
      Mind you I agree on most of the points. But the words are irksome.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hailat (HZ),

        The English translation is mine from his tigrigna version. So I will accept your correction. The tigrigna translation as a title of his message is his ( belong to Amanuel Mahdre). I think he mean it by “nurture”, and if we are right, then again I will agree “Yefri” which is more appropriate. I wasn’t into language focus, I was completely in to his message, which gave me to make another look to the nature of our society. He did a good job to explain us in my view.

        Thank you for the corrections, and keep up.


  • Aron

    I am happy for mr tewekel, and i hope many more succesful indviduals emerge from our region and change its bleakness to bright and hopeful. Congratulations to tigrigna speakers and eritrea in general.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Aron,

      Why in “particular” congratulation to “tigrigna speakers” if the pride of his success is to all Eritreans? Am I reading differently?

      • Aron

        Hi Aman,
        I do not want you to misunderstand me at all, I said to all Eritrea. The reason why I said tigrigna speakers is SJG in his response to mr Kim said he worked with tplf Hard and long and build good relationship with them so i included them in there since they work with him. I wish him luck and succes in his next venture.

        brother blink,
        I dislike the tesfatsions, ali salims, ghetebs, yosefs and the rest of the revisionists of ghedli history. Say what ever you want to say about me but i like kool heads like mahmuday, aman saay,sjg and the rest of them awatians regardless of their diffrences. Also next time try to seperate tesfasion from agazian. Agazian is simply decendant of geez so if i were you i would not use it as a derogatory term. Sorry for not editing.

    • blink

      Dear Aron
      try it with Tesfatsion and his agazian lunatics , The person is not representing any group of your imagination , We are celebrating his success as individual Eritrean .

  • sara
    • Abraham H.

      Dear sara, thanks for this additional info: Osman Ayfarah in action for Al-Jazeera Arabic:

    • Daranka Mohmud

      Selam Sara,
      Thank you for sharing the pic of a great journalist Mr. Osman Ayfarrah.

  • sara

    eritrea is well represented in aljezira long time ago….
    one of the star Anchors at aljezira is othman farah who has a long experience with other global news media like BBC. for those of you who don’t know our shining star othman here is his pic…

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Sara,

      Do you mean “Othman Farrah” is an Eritrean? New to my ears.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Yes Sir ..

        He is an Eritrean.


        • sara

          haw kokob selam…
          edel zeytehbena ms ayana ato Amanuel k’n elel….

      • sara

        ato amanuel…
        i even attended his marriage in the recent past… eritrean by all measures.
        he even wrote a book that has a wide readership among the diaspora young generation that we are asking him to translate it to tigrnya.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Sara,
          Othman AyFarah is not the one who wrote a book, I think you are confusing him with Hajji Jabir, another Eritrean who who worked at Al Jazeera.

          Ammanuel, yes he is an Eriteean-British who grew up in Ethiopia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and was also educated in England,

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Sara & Kokhob selam,

          While I am proud on the individuals success of Eritreans, I am always sad to see the Eritrean talents and know how’s are scattered all over the world. Imagine if we had a nation that welcomes its sons and daughters with all diversified talents and specialities, imagine the bright prospect Eritrea would have been. Imagine…imagine all the potential progress in the last 27 years have disappeared in front of our eyes, with a government that despise education and educators of all disciplines, undermine scientist and researchers to build a ravaged nation from wars. The dreams of our young and our old for their nation deferred for decades and continued to defer. What a waste of human potential and their know hows to be utilized by other nations. It pains for the true patriotic nationalists.


          • Haile S.

            Selam Emma,
            The disdain of our country’s leaders towards those not educated by them and their to-the-letter principle of bxfrna (ብጽፍርና) makes me think of a Neenderthalian busy cutting silex with a headphone on the ear.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat,

            Indeed they have “Neanderthal man’s” behavior – defined as ill-mannered, coarse, and contemptible behavior. Actually, It is an anomie to the Eritrean norms and cultures.

        • Kebessa

          Attending in one’s marriage is not a normal thing. It’s called polygamy.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Kebessa,

            Wouldn’t it be wiser to correct her, if she was to mean it “attending in his wedding.”

          • Aron

            Hi kebesa,
            I thought polygamy was allowed in the moslem religion and some types of christianity.

  • Zkheberkum Awatista,

    Abzi bayto knerebareb inna. Think the strategic withdrawal of 1978 and the causes and effects of ELA EPLA clashes of ’78 in gobotat SaHil.
    Kab lemem lemem Hasakhu WaEla HadiQua Kartum Telata ’78 Jedis

    Abbu AAshera Weapon X – Evolution
    AmEritrean GitSAtSE A40 A40

  • tes

    Dear Gedab News,

    Thank you for providing us this good news. I am so happy to see my fellow Eritrean to represent Alazeera in Ethiopia. And I have no doubt for his fairness to provide the world the best and factual news.

    My call to Tewekel;

    I hope you will give due coverage to the Eritrean suffering living in Ethiopia by bringing fresh testimonies.

    Afar people need Aljazeera voice badly

    Kunama people needs Aljazeera voice badly

    Saho people needs Aljazeera voice badly

    Tigrigna speaking people needs Aljazeera voice badly

    And do not forget Eritreans who are living in Sudan refugee camps. Visit them please. Give them hope and be their voice.

    No other service is noble than voicing for the voiceless people.

    And I have no doubt you will do for others too. What I am reminding you about Eritrea is because we need our voices to be out so that the world will know our suffering.

    Thank you again


    • Selamat tes,

      Welcome back to visibility in the forum.
      Allow me to hitch and emphasise on the The Saho Seven of Adigrat as as specific reportage Mr. Tewekel could utilize his good offices with Al Jeezera in dispatching reporters right away. … ….


    • Ismail AA

      Selam tes,
      Nice to see you back in this forum. Your sojourn was pretty long. I hope it was due to mundane preoccupation. This forum needs voices of young Eritreans like you to reflect its services to the broader audiences who have interest in changing the sad situation in our country. Do try to take part in the debates in the useful way you did in the past.

      • tes

        Dear Ismail AA.,

        I think I am in a mission of what i started here. And I believe that I am scoring some good achievements.

        I am just engaging with a different audience.

        May be I will share more developments.



  • kazanchis

    Hello everyone,

    I am less impressed with these rubbish news network, Al Jazeera, focusing on East Africa. It seem as though they have accomplished their mission in the middle-east as many dictators crumbled leaving behind devastated countries. Millions became refugees and lost their homes; terrorists have gotten safe heavens in the process. If there is anything to learn from the past decade or so uprisings and coups? The lesson would only be stability is priceless.

    I don’t rate AlJazeera as news outlet as such, it lacks the very basic journalistic integrity. They tear apart everyone except Qatar. Qataris engaged on the agenda of influencing big countries through their rich and inflammatory media and so on. Yet no one seem to question their moves.

    Africa needs a responsible media of its own that puts first the interest of Africans. Why are we always look up to foreign media outlets, which seem to tirelessly advocate bloodshed and incite violence. U.S in itself have Fox and CNN, that’s very telling that there is no such a thing as free press or media, whatsoever! In Africa, the main obstacle for progress and prosperity is our corrupted and power thirsty leaders. Therefore, it’s all doom and gloom, either foreign hegemonic mouthpiece will come to get us or the beast we created within will.


  • mt girm

    A News agency that the Gulf collation is demanding for it to be shut down, and just recently has been shut down by the Israeli Gov, is opening up in Ethiopia and is run by an Eritrean. If it walks like duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a Hen!

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Awatistas,
    I just read the news here now. I must get out more.
    I am not exactly jumping for joy of this news. I think it is a product of naïve at best or corrupt at worst to allow a sensationalist news organization with an agenda to ingratiate itself with the Government and set up shop in the middle of the nerve center of Ethiopia. To be sure, I would oppose the opening of CNN and or BBC regional headquarters in Addis. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT?
    These organizations run deep roots by any means necessary to achieve their goals. They thrive on conflict, hype and entertainment at the expense of the country. The Ethiopian opposition, oh my God the opposition, now have their own organization being represented for all the fake news to come. They will cultivate this relationship, each for their own narrow benefits to harm the country.
    These news organizations work, in effect, as a spy agency within the country with a lot protection from the Law against their activities. All those who wish ill to the country line up behind these news organizations to spread their own fake news and exaggerate all the hiccups. All our shortcomings will be presented as a terminal illness.
    I am pretty sure, the Eth. Government want to show their confidence in what they are achieving and want to display it to the world. What is missing from this confidence, is the realty and made up events can overwhelm even the big nations of the world let alone Ethiopia at this moment.
    I wish they didn’t do it. I hope they have a mechanism to close it down quickly if circumstances arise to warrant it.
    I just don’t get it.
    The only person happy about this most likely will be PIA. He has one more avenue for his surreptitious attempt to derail Ethiopia from its tracks. It is unfortunate.
    Mr. K.H

    • Berhe Y

      Dear KH,

      Aljazeera may not be the best fit for Ethiopia according to you and that’s ok. But to generalize all the journalists, writers, are nothing but servants of the spy network is not right. A lot of them really worked hard to become journalists and have lots of pride in the profession and their integrity, even sometimes by paying the price professionally and with their lives.

      Do you believe the US would have been better off today, it Trymp would shutdown all the “fake news” organizations.

      I think this is good step for Ethiopia and in the right direction. Personnaly I think Tewkel has a long good relation ship with ruling party and hope it doesn’t affect his impartiality or his independence. But it a sign that the Ethiopia government have build confidence in its governance that it’s willing to put it in line.

      Isayas is no body, he can’t do any harm to Ethiopia that they are not able to do themselves.


      • MerHaba Ayya BY,

        Allow me to add fuel to the fire so that we all can be warm and cosy. As you are my favorite at awate forum, ewwe qurub nay sga wnn Hamed alEila tleAAl diyu zbehal, to Mr. Tewekel and Al Jazeera Addis Abeba newly hatched birdy, I will the barn cow is positioning to lay a nice warm slushy cow dung to keep it nice and warm so until it develops wings to fly.
        Here the link, TGISatudrdays about known unknowns yada yada is fitting, methinks.


        • Berhe Y

          Dear Tsatse,

          Adding fuel to a fire and adding wood to Bon fire are not the same thing. The first is with malice intention while the later is to keep the fire going. I don’t know I was being part of any fire.

          I don’t think Aljazeera opening office in AA had any direct impact to Eritrea or their intention and target is Eritrea. Eritrea is just too small and is a Micky mouse compared to those in the region.

          Rumisfield is lying to his teeth when he said that, he knew via all the intelligence they had including CIA operative Valery and her ambassador to Niger that there was no WMD.

          The whole thing was an excuse to invade Iraq, and distract people from 9/11.


          • Ayyani,

            Kemza KitCha AAtern Shahin qorisna azillo kfli fidel knqotSir zeyweferna Habirna. Fighting fire with fire is also a tool utilized by fire fighters, from OFD Engine 17 Two blocks away from my home on High Street, to FDNY!…particularly in wild forest fighters.
            In Spring of 1977, when ELF and Derg’s Tor Serawit in a pitch battle for Teseney, our entire DenQeb fenced straw top mud huts was engulfed by wild fires, I recall vividly how our neighborhood elder/leader Sheikh utilising the method by intentionally burning a couple of huts ahead of time. I am confident of your abilities to deduce and visualise how it works…. The known unknowns rumsfeld, you and thinking person reading know exactly what I am alluding to. The known unknowns will be known within our immediate collective and determined mission.
            The Admiral, Ali Salim, #1 “The Best” are on a walkabout with very sharpened pencils. Here, perhaps from the long video you will disregard the EriIA, EthIA, CIA, JamicaIA etc.. and focus on Rumsfeld’ personal accomplishment as a good old American Boy! It is Individual Liberty Vs. Social Groupings..ahhh Ayya Shig keneQbilomm ‘ba to the YOUTH, AshkaaElal ngdefo Habirna.

            The Cow Dung and my fuel added is of the latter kind. Yes “you are not wrong” Ayya BY.


    • Selam Kim Hanna,

      If it is about al jazeera, I am looking at the news from a different perspective. Qatar is at odds with eritrea and I think djibouti too. She has been alienated by all the countries under the influence of the quartet, and ethiopia is the only country holding a neutral ground in the horn. Qatari officials had been visiting addis repeatedly recently, and I think that they are trying to find a foothold in the region, from where they can continue to function. Moreover, addis is the capital of the african news .
      I believe that qatar is not burdened by either wahhabism or terrorism as ksa, despite the fact that she is being accused, and she is not going to create a problem. May be Qatar is more liberal than the others, and that i think is her sin.
      In addition, the ethiopian government has its own security apparatus, and it can handle the problem, if the news organization tries to destabilize the country.

      • kazanchis

        Hi Horizon,

        Qatar is as problematic as if not worst than KSA.

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Horizon,
        Maybe I was stunned by the news and my immediate cost benefit analysis showed a decidedly negative balance. Maybe few people like you, Berhe and Amanuel can bring me back a little.
        Just a reminder, a few years ago, Ethiopia broke its diplomatic relations with Qatar. The reasons appear obvious but were not laid out. The action Ethiopia took is unprecedented, it must have been very serious.
        Now, not only we are friends with them but are going to bed with them. I smell a rat here.
        Everything Qatar touches has some under the table dealings and fondling. Remember, the FIFA world cup bid Qatar won in broad day light. Few months later FIFA executives were running away wobbling with bulging pockets full of U.S dollars. They have no timidity into buying into everything, why should I think there is no worry here. Sooner or later they will do it, that is their mode of operation.
        I guess we have to wait for the 1st crisis and see how they behave and more importantly how we react.
        I hope you are right and I am wrong but my ledger is still tilted. I have to sleep on it for several days.
        Mr. K. H

        • Saleh Johar

          Kim Hanna,
          What applies to diplomatic ups and downs apply to Qatar, Ethiopia and any other country. You present the ups and downs as if unique to Ethiopia and Qatar. Even the US relations with other countries goes through similar hiccups. There is no guarantee what will happen to any relations that Ethiopia have with any other country. Its continuation (in any form) depends on developments based on national interest. Therefore, though I understand your skepticism, you could be skeptic about any relation between Ethiopia and any other country. But too much skepticism is not good. Besides, AlJazeera has offices in many other countries around the world. Ethiopians should rejoice they have a city that hosts world diplomats. Not having news media to cover all that happens there is a lose and the Ethiopian decision to allow Al Jazeera to have a presence in Addis Ababa counts for the government not against it.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Saleh Johar,
            I appreciate your reasonable response. As I told Horizon, I have to digest it a little more…and perhaps I might have to take Alka-Seltzer and sleep on it. What can I do.
            Today, I went on Ethiopian websites like Aiga Forum, Walta and Eth. News Agency. I couldn’t get any more information, they must be still asleep.
            One of the information I was looking for was about the new head, Tewekel. I just read your response to GitSAtse. Do you have a little more information on his background, schools and his past associates.
            Thank you.
            Mr. K.H

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Kim,

            If it helps, he left to join the struggle when he was very young. Then he ended in Qatar, and established himself from zero preparation to become a reporter. During his stay in Qatar, he was helpful to both the TPLFand EPLF in gaining ground in the country. While the Isaias considered him an enemy once he refused to be his cheer leader, the TPLF veterans never forgot his help when they needed it the most. Yet, throughout the years he kept his friendship in tact and expanded it. He was tasked with opening an office in Addis for the Aanadulo Turkish news agency which he headed for over three years now. He was approached by Al Jazeera and now he works for them. Some individuals think that Al Jazeera will become the mouthpiece of the Eritrean opposition or the Ethiopians–this wishful thinking because he has to abide by the policies of the institution. See the decision by the government as opening up to the world and the region, and see Tewekel as a professional who works for Al Jazeera. We shouldn’t read too much into it because the process to open an office started long before the current Gulf crisis.

            I am afraid I cannot offer more than that

          • Selamat SJG,

            “While the Isaias considered him an enemy once he refused to be his cheer leader, the TPLF veterans never forgot his help when they needed it the most. Yet, throughout the years he kept his friendship in tact and expanded it.”
            The revisited file:

            My grammer a tad bit above poor. “was being groomed” was pertaining to the past, independent of his recent achievements.

            And now, albeit light weight, I can’t help but take issue with “refused to be his cheer leader.” I don’t quite remember it to be that way exactly. Yes, the plan for Mr. Tewekel to head an Eritrean “Al Jazeera” did not get off the ground way back then. It could be more like, his expertise and personal preference was more like a back of the office guru as opposed to a front office, in front of the camera and spokesperson as in MOI. Hence your “did not want to be a cheerleader.” His relatively significant quite profile, considering his early head start, until now, is either indicative or I am wrong and his ship has finally just arrived.
            The more important questions now is “does Mr. Tewekel view Isias as an enemy?” How and when was he helpful to the EPLF and TPLF when they needed it most? Just to add more consternation to Mr. KH in our group talk therapy sessions, the common denominator which is Qatar the GCC state is what has me combing by bald head, okay scratching my head with comb.
            The early resurrection announcement of Gedab news as well as the spotlight on Eritrean Journalist in this thread is a positive by product.
            I recall having coffee with young SJG in Temescal only a week before his interviewing the late PM Meles Zenawi. My motive now is will I read shortly Gedab announcing the release of the Saho SEVEN of Adigrat? As well as defining the Organic Hybrid Unitary Decentralised Federal State of Eritrea vis a vis TPLF’s Ethnic “Decentralised” Federalism?
            Just saying…


        • Selam Kim Hanna,

          I think that we are equally right and wrong. The litmus test will be ethiopia’s national interest, and therefore, only time will show the outcome of this relationship. We hope that it will be to the benefit of ethiopia.
          On the sidelines (this could be for Kazanchis as well), I would like to mention the following.
          The KSA wants to play the role of the big brother in the region, and if I am not mistaken there is a sort of family relationship between the ruling gulf sheiks and the saudi ruling family, and therefore, saudi arabia wants to be listened to, and the gulf sheiks are expected to align their internal and external policies with that of the saudi government. For the time being, qatar is the prodigal son, and it is required to repent and return to the fold, which it refuses to do up to now.
          You may remember that some years ago, a group of ethiopians were jailed, because they were caught in a house while praying. On the contrary, one can see on youtube thousands of ethiopians gathered together celebrating meskel and timket both in qatar and the uae. This shows a different worldview on both sides.
          The fact that qatar has somewhat a free external policy that is not under control by the saudi royal family, especially in relation with iran, shows again that qatar is more open and forward looking compared to the ksa.
          Finally, there are still people in the usa (relatives of victims), who do not want to exempt the government of the ksa or some individuals in high places, from the list of possible culprits for 9/11.
          These are some of the reasons I dared to say that qatar is more liberal than the rest. Al jazeera may be obliged to function mainly as a news provider and not a destabilizer. Of course, sometimes it may be forced to say things the ethiopian government might not like, or does not want to be known by the outside world, but this is expected of a self-respecting news organization, provided that it is not a fake news. If it has a sinister plan against the ethiopian state, the ethiopian government has the right to show it the exit door anytime it thinks is appropriate.

          • Selamat Horizon,

            Good rational. However, same same superficial school of thought. Refer to my Rumsfeld “known unknowns” video. Ali Salim sure is taking his time with 3rd and 17 titled “Information is power.”


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Kim,

      It is good news and it is a sign of progress. This shows the confidence of the government in what they are up to. From my view, it will serve to the government of Ethiopia in the international stage as well as to the Ethiopian people to make accountable to their leadership.

      If Ethiopia become the center of AU and other international offices, the Ethiopian government should be open to international media. I don’t think the Ethiopian Government will open to big international media, without preparing themselves to the effect of the international media that could influence positively and negatively. Above all they are confident to the economic progress they are achieving in general without going to specifics. With the openness to media and press, then will follow the democratic infra-structures to flourish slowly to build the democratic institutions in order “civil societies” and “private sectors” to play their role, to build a strong “State” that could be an exemplary to the rest of African countries. So Kim don’t be pessimist to what the government is intending to do. Just welcome it and help them to work out.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Brother KH,

      It is unusual for me to have a different opinion than yours about almost anything, but this is one of them.

      I AM DELIGHTED Al Jazeera is now at the heart of where the regional action is. If Al Jazeera conducts its news business professionally, there is a good chance that it will, it has the potential to become a continental news media that can counter balance others that are acting, more or less, like political organizations.

      Africa must have a news outlet it can rely on, and Al Jazeera is a good candidate. I hope our regional governments will have the wisdom to see beyond today and give it genuine support as well as guidance.

      I understand your worry about the potential problem false and sensationalized news can cause in a region as volatile as ours, but I believe it can be controlled. for instance, by timely providing counter facts and/or proof of the truth.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Fanti,

        When aljazeera English wanted to broadcast in Canada, there was some resistance from Israel supporting organization Andy including pro Israel Canadian government at the time. But the government body CRTC that is responsible for broadcasting granted the application. That was few years ago, I personally do not watch aljazeera or any cable networks (don’t have cable) but I have not heard any problem with the network (all the fears amounted to nothing) and the network operates almost independently of the mother network.

        But I think publicly funded network from Ethiopia but operates independent from the ruling government is important for Ethiopian democracy and the region. For example, ABC from Australia, BBC from the UK, CBC from Canada and many European networks are public funded networks but operate totally independent of the government in power. I think the main problem with US media is lack of properly publicly funded network.


        • Legacy

          Hi Berhe,
          I think Aljazeera was met with the same fate here in the States too. I remember there were protests from both the right and left but what sealed their demise was not an embargo but anemic viewership. They have now ceased broadcasting. However, RT seems to be thriving at the moment, which according to some pontificators it played some role in disseminating fake news in the 2016 US elections.

        • saay7

          Selamat BY:

          Leaving aside the debate about Aljazeera, I was struck by this statement you made:

          ” I think the main problem with US media is lack of properly publicly funded network.”

          Say it ain’t so BY. We already have publicly funded media NPR (radio) and television (PBS). The raging debate in the US is between self-described progressives and self-described conservatives, each with deeply-held beliefs. Each presenting its beliefs as immutable facts. And the field of journalism tends to attract the former, smugly presenting its opinions as facts.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saay,

            You see, here in Canada we think, everything Canadian is better specially compared to America :). It’s called inferiority complex. I said “properly publicly funded network” and I didn’t say they weren’t any.

            I know about NPR and I know about PBS. What I remember about PBS from the 90s were always asking for donation, pick up the call, make a payment similar to those AID organization who do for Africa. At some point, I use to watch the 6 PM PBS news hour as someone told me it’s the least bias TV station at the time.

            I don’t know much about NPR but when we drive to the US, and we do a lot (at least we use to) I can’t seem to find any public radio that’s free of commercials. May be I don’t know the station and I haven’t not done enough to search but I don’t seem to find a station that is public that has programming and focused on the topic. It’s usually the talk shows, or some commercial filled stations.

            In Canada CBC is the dominant station, both in Radio and I think television as well. Anywhere in Canada when you drive it’s the first station you can find and it’s commercial free. They have TV adds for television as they had years of cuts and they wanted to supplement the cut. As per my wiki search, it says “they get $34 dollars per Canadian per year budget, and they are asking for $40 dollars from the last budget.” Their budget is over 1 billion dollars a year.

            The CBC claims for the justification of increased fund requests, BBC from the UK gets $114 dollars per person.

            The US is usually 10 times of Canada, in almost everything. So PBS and NPR or what ever public broadcaster there are, they should have a budget of 10 Billion dollars.. if they are to be at equal or more of that of the private broad casters.

            What’s the budget for PBS and NPR annually?


          • saay7

            Hi Berhe:

            For your next trip to the US, the public-radio stations are in the lower frequency modulation on your FM dial. As you know, in the US, the FM dial is between 87.9 and 107.9, and you will find the public radio (NPR) in the high 80s or low 90s, next to college radio, classical music. (If you want to have a discussion as to why radio frequency is limited to a range of only 20 Mhz, please join some conspiracy group: they are very entertaining.)

            The shouters are usually in the AM dial. Again, if you want to know why the FM stations are odd-numbered and the AM stations are even numbered I invite you to join some conspiracy theorist: specially the ones who are really really into their conspiracies 🙂

            NPR gets 15% of its budget directly from the government and another 15% indirectly from the gov (universities.) The rest is why it is always asking for funding. I think it is the same with PBS.

            There is a huge disparity between the values of journalists and the average person which is why the media is among the least trusted institutions. On all the big issues–US role in the world, immigration policy, social issues–the journalists are on the far left, the people are moderate but because the journalists really think their opinions are facts, they tend to annoy the people. Thus, the proliferation of the shouters on the AM dial. If we were to give money to the publicly-funded radio and television stations, they would do exactly what they are doing on steroids. That is: CNN’s “Breaking News” would happen every 5 minutes instead of every 5 hours:)


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            I will remember the stations next time around.

            Saay the journalists in the US can not possibly be any different than those around the world (almost any western countries).

            Do you think the public network would be similar to the cable network if they get more money?

            What I think is, CNN and others need to have breaking news so they can attract viewers and make money. If public funded network, they don’t care about viewers or “breaking news” and focus only on the topic at hand.

            Years ago, I use to work on night shift (grave yard). And I use to listen to the CBC radio. Usually after midnight (may be they don’t have programming) but they broadcast from other public radio around the world. May be they don’t have agreements but I rarely hear any programming from the US. I think “This American Life” is the only one I hear it once in a while.

            But usually there is Radio Netherlands, Dutche Valley, BBC, ABC (Austria), Radio Prague, even radio Russia. I can say all of them are really wonderful…they stay on the topic…

            Please try Sirius Radio 137 (CBC) for your next long drive. Specially Ideas, as it happens, the current, and the Sunday Edition and since you are in music, Q.


          • saay7

            Berhe Y:

            As usual, you make an excellent point. I do not have a ready-made-rebuttal from my libertarian leanings which tends to be very suspicious of govt funding so I will ask Simon K to step in an explain my hesitation 🙂


          • Berhe Y

            Anta Saleh,

            You see how much you are brain washed by the for profit private media:).

            I agree with you, I do not trust government operated secretive agency like the Fed or the security agency, they need over sight.

            What we mean public funded network, we mean public funded media who are not accountable to the government and the government have no say in how they operate their business.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Salih,

            Conspiracy of Range: Radio frequency is an ingredient of electromagnetic spectrum. Beginning from gamma, x, ultraviolet, infrared, visible light, Microwave, and radio frequency. None exists outside this spectrum and the beginning rays are more energetic, with higher frequencies and lower amplitude, going the exact opposite as you go upto radio frequency. For communications purpose radio frequency is the only range possible. Radio begins at 3 Hz up to 3 billion Hz. Of that only a segment of it is used, which is a range of only 3 – 3000 Hz. Depending on the number of users you have you divide up to give them ranges. The more the applicants the lesser the ranges. The more you pay the larger the range will be. Hence the less range for public stations.

            Conspiracy AM/FM: AM uses the amplitude of the wave to modulate (transmit its signal to its listeners) whereas FM uses its frequency to modulate its transmission. In most other countries there is no such thing as odd and even number division. Contrary to that the US divides them to avoid overlapping, given the high volume of stations.

            No conspiracy, except of course some have you believe in it!

          • Berhe Y

            Dear DD,

            Thank you for the crash course of spectrum. I have taken this course but I must not have paid attention reading Saay at dehai.

            I think Saay is aware of the difference but the conspiracy is why the way the US /FCC divided them the way they did.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Berhe,

            I was only explaining it as well.

            Deutsche Welle. Its direct translation is German Wave (sound)….but you know the rest….

          • Selamat Berhe Y,

            Disc Donc will could hopefully confirm this intuitive answer to your question.

            General in the AM stations, in the US, are utilized by talk shows ranging from politics, local news, sport matches like baseball, automobile etc…
            Each station broadcasting at it’s designated amplitude with relatively equal constant ideal for the listeners I presume is low range frequencies. Unless you have frantic, screaming and high pitch voices talk hosts, the constant frequency low frequency wave makes transmitting by adjusting only amplitude for the numerous channels broadcasting makes sense in more ways than one. Cost effective. Notice how the AM radio talk hosts are selected and they usually have the same sounding voice.

            And the FM radio, in the USA, are music broadcasters like Rock, RandB etc… Well need I explain beyond how many musical notes are there. And notes and tones are have a wider range of frequency. Hence, the necessity for each FM broadcaster for wider range of frequency transmitters. And they are grouped accordingly.

            Now of course, the more I read the select upper echelon memo communications at inaudible frequencies, the more they contribute to the innovations of the finest of filters for the embedded signals. But my intuition is solely based on the mathematics of signals analysis, chip design with and, or, nor, nan …gates of digital principles, wave energy conversion from DC then storing in capacitors for long distance and for greater consumption by the MASSES… ahhn nah… reaching greater markets…. Only the mathematics for tSAtSE because I did not own any electrical gadgets other than a black and white TV I may have hauled into my room and watch shows holding an antenna and patching it with reynolds aluminum foil. But to share the real reasons why well, let me mark this paragraph with an **** for the impending asteroid on steroid …

            Maybe I should read Shakespeare Julius Caesar? Why? because Eh tu Olive Oil said Popeye who powers with Iron from Spinach.

            Perhaps the real Muhandis Disc Donc will provide you the answer. And, American culture is heavy on respecting authority. Respecting the authority that is relevant to one, though those governing authority are not recognized by the main stream media AND THOSE….

            at the moment only gathering data for the purposes of forecasting the positive as well as negative effects….


          • saay7


            Since I often complain about how cryptic and incomprehensible your posts usually are, it is right and fair that I compliment you when you write and lucid and educational post that advances the debate. Very well done.

            On the Voice of AM Radio, do you think it has to do with people adopting to radio frequency limitations or it is a case of copycats mimicking their heroes? I think it is the latter. That, and some convention which says that is how one must speak on the radio, some kind of convention. For example, if you watch all 1930s and 1940s public service announcements and movies, you will notice they spoke with some strange accent–a hybrid between British and American (sorta like Madonna trying hard.) I came to learn that was called the “Mid-Atlantic English” and mercifully it is dead.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saay,

            May be the accent has been changed but I still think, most of the news personality in the US, they have similar accent. It’s actually very similar to the Canadian accent spoken around Toronto. I understand fully most of what they say…

            Going down there and speaking with people, it’s different story. And I remember asking someone about this “I don’t recall the whole thing” but he told me, they do focus on certain geography for those type of jobs.


          • saay7


            It’s the Midwest: flat accent, like the land.

            I can bust Canadians only when they say houss when they want to say house


          • saay7

            Dis Donc,

            Obviously, you haven’t spent any time with the conspiracy theorist. Their point is, if radio frequency begins at 3Hz and can go up to 3 billion hz, why are we the people who own the signals being given only between 89.1 – 107.9 (range of 20)? Is the government using the rest to communicate with itself, the Illuminati and aliens? They are intense people:)


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Salih,

            I never and don’t ever plan to. But I gather that they are nuts. The core of my message was that there is no such thing as conspiracy theories except the lies created by some folks and …. Gov’t benefits from it.

            I tried to explain the frequency thing but if ever needed there an engineering reason to it. Radios, in order to receive signals the receiver should have capacitor, inductor and resistance combination. The limit of frequency receiption is limited by how small you can produce these nonlinear electrical elements. Bear in mind that resistance is linear whereas the rest aren’t.

          • saay7

            Selam Disc Donc:

            That’s too bad…you should. If you study the history of radio and TV licensing in the US, it is the established media and the government (Big Business & Big Government) fighting for their monopoly and slowing down innovation: whether it was AM against FM; broadcast against cable; cable against streaming, it is always about creating scarcity to create a cartel. Behe Yeman’s favorite, the public broadcasting corp, was the loudest whiner against proliferation of FM. As they say in Latin, cui bono? The answer is “out there”:)


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Salih,

            Only if you knew…. let’s just leave it at that. I only write about how things work and not how they are run.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            I really don’t know what the conspiracy is about but I was surprised that there are no Chanel other than what’s locally available. We use to have short wave radio and we use to listen to programs from far places? Why are those radios in the US. Canada have only those channels?

            You have bought the idea that public run institutions are bad.

            How about NASA, the fire department, the police, most schools, public hospitals etc.

            Why is that public funding is bad when it comes to broadcasting. and there is no proof to suggest that, Americans are better informed or have better democracy compared to many western countries.


          • saay7

            Hey Berhe:

            Today was Constitution Day in the US. I was asking some young people some questions about Constitution 101. Hard questions like “who was the first president of the United States?” I can tell you the answers I got but I don’t want to shock your buddy iSem: he loves the US constitution.

            Its not government. It’s never just government. It’s government PLUS culture. And the US culture encourages skepticism of govt and the govt routinely lives up to the skepticism. In some countries (like China) the culture is very respectful, almost reverential of government, because they see it as the agent of their progress.

            Never mind theories: where do you think Eritreas (and Ethiopias for that matter) culture falls between the two: reverence or skepticism of govt. Question addressed to all. And Fanti when I say Eritreans and Ethiopians I mean the people as a whole: we already know about Raya-Azebos rebellious ways.


          • Ismail AA

            Dear saay7,
            “Mafhuma we hiya Ta’ira”, as the Egyptian common folks say. In many oriental societies authority and, thereby, government is revered and feared. In Habesha land it’s fait accompli “zebereqe xehayna znegese ngusna” conventional saying answers the question without of course excluding other faith or tradition based peculiarities.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            I don’t think the American would be skeptics of their government if they were fed the right information (e.g. Global warming), they would be just like Canadians:). I don’t think the Chinese would revere their government if they tasted freedom and economic growth just like their neighbors (Japan and S. Korea).

            In other words, I think all people are the same regardless where they are born. It’s the education system and the value of the political elite that shape the society where they are headed.

            To answer your question, I don’t think Eritrean and Ethiopians are any different. Any average Eritrean or Ethiopian knows what’s right from wrong and they too, as people would have enjoyed the fruits of freedom and democracy if they would have led by people of concise.

            I don’t think they would care much for their government if they are left alone to mind their business.

            So my answer is I don’t think the revere it and I don’t think they are skeptics either. But they both agree (at least in Eritrea) the people do abide by the rule the government sets out, mostly out of FEAR (because they know, all the rules the government makes are totally and completely wrong and given the have a choice they would trash it).


          • saay7

            Berhe Y:

            “Fed the right information”? aytbke indiyu zebkyom zelo.

            But seriously, you think culture can be overcome by feeding people the right information? What if part of your culture is to resist being fed the right information? 🙂 What is culture but hard-wired education which has become custom, tradition and faith. Lots of people who want to feed Americans the right information about things counter to their culture–including things as simple as the benefits of public transportation–have run into the hard dry wall. I recommend you read “Bowling Alone”, for starters.

            But gudayne ngber: what is the prevailing Eritrean culture when it comes to government? Is it skepticism? Is it reverence? Is it obedience? I actually consider this crucial in our search for effective opposition.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Saay,

            Thanks for the recommendation. I have bought the explanation of George Carlin description of the American government and who owns it.

            If your question is based on our current and past experiences, it is obedience. When I say, this obedience not out of choice but our of fear, all of them, PFDJ, DERG, HS, the British, the Italians, etc.

            I think if the question is for future government that comes by people choice, I think the question is not relevant.

            For example, in Canada if you ask me what’s the Canadian culture towords their government and if you give me those three choices, I would say NONE. They are not skeptics and they don’t revere or obey. I can say the same thing about most other western European countries,

            In other words, it depends how the government came to power. In Russia I think they obey it. I would say in China as well they obey it more than they revere it (may be recently because of the economic progress).

            In Ethiopia I think the majority are very skeptics and they obey it (out of fear – unknown or the current government).


          • Selam Saay,

            A long time ago, in the age of AM radios, I had read (heard) that FM radios were the only ones that were produced and sold in the USA, because americans believed that america is the world and the world is america, and there was no other news coming directly from foreign stations worth their attention. They cared only for news coming from local FM stations, which also rebroadcasted national news. Was it true, or just an overblown assumption, for one reason or other?

          • Selamat DD and S& 9Physicist Captains and Admirals),

            Couldn’t resist the obtrusive and uninvited interjection. I beg your pardon, but someone did say “If they did not invited you bring your own seat.

            On the contrary folks it is not a conspiracy at all though those who conspire via oligarchies, monopolies tell you and all of us “those are just conspiracy theorist.”

            Circa 90s, the release of reserved for military frequencies, thanks to “Tear Down This Wall” ending the cold war, (Ronnie was prophetic with his Trickle Down Economics– for what do you call clicking on internet adds for pennies, (and what of Al Gore)) gave the private industry to design and innovate at a rate the grew technology and machine power at an exponential rate. For those younger than 25yrs old, only dorks carried bulky cell phones while you were an astronaut dangling in space with your umbilical cords in your mom’s belly. Yes, babies do come from outer space and the stork delivers them.

            So ask yourselves this: wouldn’t those who released, grudgingly, restricted frequencies a few several decades ago reserve a tiny bit if not the greater range of frequencies for themselves? And what do you suppose the current era “Build walls more wall more walls” xenophobia and global powers realignments eerily feeling like a time machine instant teleportation of all to the cold war times?
            Ahhh I just don’t want the laymen to be intimidated by high frequency physics communications as they are aliens or migrants. oh MIGRANTS who Eritreans????? Ahhh as old as the “Chicken or the egg” and kettle and the pot episode.


            PS: Bro said, on Balkanization please? and AS set the stage with your 3rd and 17 choreography, please come out from the Bomb Shelters as the Jedis are tuned to all frequencies–you know there ain’t sirens.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Berhe Y,

            I traveled throughout Canada in the early 90s. I had made up my mind then that Canadians are a lot more civilized than “Americans” (notice the arrogance), because of one simple fact: Food and medicine is cheaper in Canada. Alcohol and tobacco is cheaper in the USA. That is telling, so, just go slow in your transition from inferiority to superiority complexes.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Fanti Ghana,
            I want you to be my ‘amalaje” and ask BY in your normal nice way the following. If I ask it will sound it came from a ..negeregna sew.
            Why does Canada have a Defense Department, with a big budget? Tsk, Tsk Tanks, air fighters and training and all the things that go into it. What is the theory behind it?
            I asked that question in High School, I don’t remember the answer.
            Mr. K.H

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello KH,

            Because, agam gar yeteTega qulqual siyaleks yenoral!

          • Berhe Y

            Dear KH,

            You are one of my favourite Ethiopian, please feel free anytime. The word Amalije, when I heard first I didn’t know what it meant. If you remember when Tsehaye Yohannes released his first album I think, he was telling some one to tell her. And they said “fiqir amalije aysfeligewim” so tell her yourself. So if you like the way I like you to borrow KS, Amalaj ayesfeligim.

            Back to your question, why Canada needs military. I don’t know if I can answer that, North Russia south the US, there is not really much it can do.

            When I come first to Canada I was working in typical habesha favourite job, parking. So the manager was a retired capitain from the Canadian armed forces. During the Christmass break he took us for lunch and wanted to go to Habesha restaurant. We chose Red Sea and went there. The guy was familiar with world map but never been to habesha restaurant. So he looked at the menu and he wanted to order fish. The waiter puzzled and said we don’t serve fish and being Canadian, asked politely what she would recommend, and he went along.

            I happen to seat next to him and he asked, how come there is no fish. He said something like this “you have a long costline and the restaurant is called Red Sea and he thought fish would be the speciality of the place”.

            He was telling us the places he had been as part of peace keeping force. I was amazed by the number and thinking how large Canadian millitary it must be “what is the total number of milltary personal in Canadian forces”. He said and be prepared to be shocked, 70,000.

            That is it. He said yes, that includes everyone including the admin, the secretary, the janitors. But the fighting (active forces), 5000. And out of that, more than 50% are deployed in peace keeping missions.

            As to why it needs the army, I think mostly for peace keeping (its Canada brain child) and the rest are just contingent and provide / sell services and technology to the US military.

            But, but Canadians have always supported UN mission and did really heroic deeds. Notable one are, WWI – Vimmy ridge, WW2 – free Netherlands, Korean War.

            More importantly, never been part of any American ventured wars, Vietnam, Iraq etc.

            Eritrea with 300K army, makes me sick everytime to think about it.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Berhe Y.,
            I appreciate the information and your friendly statements. I went to High Scholl in the 60s at Teferi Makonnen High School, the Canadians who run and taught in that school called it TMS, for short. No wonder, I didn’t get a memorable answer. I still remember half a dozen of them with fond memories.
            I make an attempt at humor here at Awate on occasion. Sometimes, the way it splatters and offends so many people made me look for ‘amalaje’ just in case it explodes.
            I was looking for non-plausible deniability.
            Mr. K.H

          • Berhe Y

            Search KH,

            You know they say humour is the best medicine.

            One thing I come to realize is that, people have to take it, specially when making public statement on behave of their people.

            My suggestion would be, you know better what’s right / wrong and feel free to comment as you wish. And if we make a mistake, as long as it is not done intentionally with malece then it should all be good.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Berhe,

            Chile is celebrating its annual festival called fiesta patria. It lasts all the way till Wednesday. hence my constant presence today and may be for the following two days.

            Speaking of Tsehai Yohannes: his aunt (by the name Tibletz or something) used to live in Holeta where she used to send goods to her sister (Tsehai’s mother) thru me. I was a good messenger and used to bring money on the reverse direction. But Tsehai and I, we never got along well at all. I have no idea why but he never liked me and me neither to him.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear DD,

            You deserve the vacation, with continues travel, and I am sure AT family appreciate your company. Sadly I have not been to any part of S America, but I hope one of those days.

            The advantage of living in Canada is you have so many places to visit without leaving the country. And the disadvantage is, you are so far from the rest of the world that it takes a lot of effort to go away.

            Tsehai must be a lot older from you and I don’t know why he wouldn’t get along. May be because the moment he saw you, you reminded him that he will have to send / pay money.

            You are like mr. Credit Card calling for late payment. No body likes those calls:).


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Berhe,
            I admit I laughed hard by your supposition of money and credit card. Yes he was very older than me. Actually you are very right that our animosity has its beginnings with money. He was just beginning to sing and I was about 10. He was given money to hand over to me. But he took out some for himself and claimed that he gave me all. From then on, we just disliked each other. I hated him for cheating me and he hated me for telling on him.

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Fanti Ghana,
        Glad to hear from you.
        Ever since the news broke, I have stayed on the couch getting counseling, thank you.
        I have a feeling we will be talking about this sometime in the future. I hope what you are hoping for comes to fruition.
        I see how CNN, FOX and MSNBC, the role models, are turning news information almost as entertainment shows. The “journalists” sometimes sit around a table and talk like a wine connoisseurs. They are more interested in their clever ways of saying things and show each other how intelligent they are. I put journalists in quotes because most are really activists and advocates. They never give you clean information.
        They turned me off and finally I turned them off.
        I was looking for comments from those folks like, T. Kifle with no luck. I hope they are not entirely focused on money business and left the public square.
        Mr, K.H

        • Selamat KH,

          Oh you too. I can relate is stating it again I suppose.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Brother tSAtSE,,

            You R managing it !!


        • saay7

          Selamat Mr. KH:

          Do you know that old Jimmy Cliff song “Give The People What They Want?” He explained what he meant: food, shelter and medicine. The media, unfortunately, is giving people what they want: conflict and entertainment. The CNNs and Foxs have completely changed the media landscape after they realized people are not interested in news, but the opinion about the news–as expressed by people whose opinions they agree with all the time. The news reader (anchorperson) will usually say something like this:

          The Committee On Something today called on so-and-so to testify at such-and-such. For more on this, we have brought our stars, who will give us blanket-wall-to-wall opinion until you completely forget that we gave you no news, but rumor about some news:

          Expert 1: Well, this is a big deal. This is a breakthough. This changes everything.
          Expert 2: This is no big deal. It is a continuation of nothing. Until we hear xyz, I advise caution.
          Expert 3: I will have to agree here with Expert # 5, who hasn’t given his opinion yet.
          Anchorperson: We are out of time, we will have to continue this debate at a future date.

          I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon. The only salvation is statistics: under the name of the “expert”, they should disclose how many times he has been right and wrong in all his prior assertions announced with maximum certainty.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam saay,
            These news organizations use the same research outfits and utilize similar marketing agencies. The BBC has changed completely to catch up.
            In the Al Jazeera Addis Ababa case, I don’t think the news will be prepared for Ethiopia or the neighbors at all. My fear is that the news from the area will be produced with the wider bored audience in mind.
            It will be said: Direct from exotic Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi …this is happening and that will happen tomorrow at 8.
            If the wondering cameras catch 2 guys fighting ..testa style, that will be the lead story in Los Angeles. (split screen…Rams) All these will be the entertainment part, that is fine by me.
            What about the not well understood conflicts. My fear again, it will be fanned, encouraged and outside operatives with bad intentions have acquired a ready made weapon.
            Mr. K.H

          • saay7

            Mr KH:

            Speaking of BBC, did you hear they are coming out with a new broadcast service directed at Ethiopia and Eritrea only. Journalists who speak Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrinya are being encouraged to submit their resumes. Their rationale: the two countries have a large diaspora community which relies on virulently anti gov media and the domestics have no choice besides gov-owned media. So, the Brit-funded BBC will be competing directly with the USA-funded VOA will be competing with Ethiopia-funded Ethio-Tv and Eritrea-funded EriTV.


          • Eyob Medhane


            BBC Amharic has already been rolled out. The first radio broadcast is on December 21st. If you plan to apply, you missed the deadline… 😀 Here is the first new items…


          • saay7


            Hmmm, let’s scan the headlines to see how badly it will suck:

            ከባድ አውሎ ነፋስ ወደ ካርብያን ደሴቶች እየገሰገሰ ነው…

            Really? This is what’s going to make the average Ethio-Sat junkie give up the pipe? I don’t think so.

            I am also seeing things. I imagined you thinking that I would plan to apply at BBC. I just checked my calendar and I have book a root canal and colonoscopy appointment for a year.


          • Eyob Medhane


            Ha!…I actually thought you were going to pick up on ጥበብን ከቆሻሻ.. 🙂

            Honestly, BBC hired really good professionals…I am surprised with a team they have assembled. You should have been one of them.. 🙂

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello and Welcome back Eyoba!

            It has been a several years since I stopped reading BBC, but now curiosity alone will force me to read the Amharic and Tigrigna versions at least for a while.

            Nice to hear from you. Please don’t go away for as long as you did last time.

      • Selamat Fanti,

        “If Al Jazeera conducts its news business professionally, there is a good chance that it will, it has the potential to become a continental news media that can counter balance others that are acting, more or less, like political organizations.”

        What are your thoughts on the “unfortunate” “divorce”? I am considering doubling up on therapy for my being amongst children of frequent divorces in perpetuity. Qatar and Qatar’s Al Jazeera’s play in the region, in recent history and now, I am having a hard time, maybe, viewing it as an autonomous bold altruistic MFT (marriage and family counselor) or as a Trojan Horse galloping player partner power broker without regard for Africa’s poor nationalities. Please pardon my “leading the witness.” Oh dear God, am I becoming a politician?

        I am upvoting you for the conditional statement I quoted. Wise Hippo rules RULES!

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello (pounded my chest three times) Brotherey GitSAtSE,

          I am gambling on practice makes perfect!

          Yeah, the multiple divorces and the head of household will be a concern to some to some extent, but let’s consider that a private “family feud,” with a serious need of “family counseling” and hope for the eventual “growth.”

          Al Jazeera is relatively a new comer to the seriously monopolized international media ownership, and naturally, prone to multiple errors, but let’s hope the last X years has been a learning curve for it.

          No doubt, it will need all the regional help it can get to succeed, because there will be attempts by the competition and grand planners to discredit it at the first sign of success.

          • Selamat Fanti,

            This: “with a serious need of “family counseling”” is done by confronting deeply “The relatively new comer to the ….” Yes, the attraction to the branding and rebranding of Q’sA.J. is natural. And we wish the A.J. Addis Ababa management the best of luck and support. The idea of a regional media power house to rival the “monopolized international media ownership” is not a new one. Though, the anti-ghedli and anti ghedli romanticist as well as their anti long suffering due to perpetual wars would hate to admit, the EPLF and TPLF in the early 90s were determined to build such. Perhaps, through Mr. Tewekel as a liaison and with Qatar’s Capital, the revolutionary era brainstorming ideas, seeds planted then, became reality with AJ’s predominantly ownership and investors.
            Yet, nearly everyone is avoiding honest revisiting on how the “human engineers”, the powers at be done it and are doing it. Why? …. well… before I revert back to abstractions I will let you, Oh Wise Hippo and the fastest swimmer of the Tekeze River guide with more of your measured thoughts.

            I see AT are flirting with Egypt’s thirst. “In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty.” And I am amused by the “Baby Bells” flanking the goal post with their flirtations. And the Admiral, the high soaring eagle’s eye view, he is naturally endowed favors the natural group dynamics over his bemoaning (yoQzemzolu) of lacking abled organizers barring the PFDJ. The Admiral still remains the MVP but he is not necessarily exempted from constructive criticism. And he does deserve for making the call, though inaudibly in a whisper……
            Are you at all getting traction with the commencement of a new chapter in the new book?

            My upvote this time is for this ” it will need all the regional help it can get to succeed..” And I think you mean inclusive of Eritrea. Would you please poke the Admiral Saay7 and ask for his thoughts on comparing and contrasting Qatar’s Al Jazeera with The Late Mumar Qadafi’s Lybia. He once indicated interest on Bob Marley’s Redemption song and this particular phrase: “How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?” Yes, he is a Ghedli Romanticist, I know.


            P.S. The Algorithm utilizes stochastic processes. Have you received the file yet Admiral Saay7? AS will set the stage. And yes, Shakespeare said it best: “The world is a stage and each plays his part.” Ah I have only read Sonnet #29 why should I read Sonnet #30. 29 is a Prime number, and the next Algorithm will be to sort all the prime numbered sonnets and read consecutively. #29 and #31. ZaEgoal Analytics Efficacy Consultants, Est ’17.

            And I concur Fanti, industry secrets may dictate. Hence this revert to coding — (To all haters YAWNING!) but the objective and mission is DELTA as in the Delta in Tekeze amongst our Eritrean, Ethiopian, and Sudanese Tokhrir that are the perfect symmetry with the DELTA in Nigeria’s Anambra State amongst the Fulani, Hawsa, …and Ibo.
            GitSAtSE is rooted in Teseney, Humora, Kesela….Ankra…Ogidi. “Things Fall Apart.”
            And I dey go fo watar. I dey cross the river with my watta. @18 Better is of course Better.

            AmEritrean GitSAtSE Azzilo40 Agniyeya40 – Arkobkobay Gergur of the Jedis
            Abu AAshera Weapon X – Evolution!


    • Peace!

      Hi Kimm,

      Your tumultuous reaction is fake and has no basis. Why don’t you say I hate Arabs and I am nervous. When are you going to move out of the emperors circle and leave the majority of Ethiopians alone. I am hoping the network will help you reshape your politician and social consciousness.


    • Nitricc

      Hey Kim; I wouldn’t worry about this Jazeera thing. How do you think is going to work out when you restrict and put your own journalist in jail, yet, the kind of Jazeera to do their job? No doubt, TPLF made a good choice electing the Eritrean man to lead it. He is their best friend and loyal servant and he will follow and the orders of the weyane. I will give it a year before Jazeera pulls out of Ethiopia if not sooner. unless Jazeera bow down to weyane and betrayed the Ethiopian people. I don’t see it working. You ask what the benefit for having Jazeera; well, if they get to do their job, it is good for the people of Ethiopia. they can protect the people from the naked abuse of the government.

  • blink

    Dear All
    I see Sibhat Nega in the picture , is it from the ceremony ? if mr. tewekel could give every inch of his will, we will expect to see the full report of our region news plus the horrible things that is happening over oromo and other Ethiopian people. can mr.tewekel instruct his road journalists to travel out side Adis Abeba and report direct to the world as aljazeera did in egypt ? let’s hope he will and see the EPRDF run country.

    • Hi blink,
      Unfortunately, such killings have been happening for decades, if not centuries. They have been happening during the the emperor’s and derg’s era as well.
      These are pastoral communities who are fighting over wells and grazing land, and it has been difficult to disarm them by different ethiopian governments.
      The new development is that they are implicating the liyu police and the olf this time. Don’t worry it is going to be solved, as it has been solved so many times, and ethiopia is not going to disintegrate.
      Nevertheless, you forgot to tell the gentleman how to penetrate the iron curtain and bring the news from pfdj’s eritrea.

      • blink

        Dear Horizon
        We all know the killing between the Oromo and somalis is not new and what i said is not only about that , You know and every body know this is not dergi , or haile time too. I am not saying or wishing ethiopia to disintegrate and i have no clue why you jumped over such . I am justing saying since aljazeera are in Ethiopia and opening office, i expect they will drive and report from out side addis abeba .
        The tight control of PFDJ is not going to be cracked by aljazeera office in Addis Abeba . Nothing is certain about mr.tewekel , he can do nothing to get the ear of Issiass. Even people in Asmara know very little about day to day of the man.

  • Abraham H.

    Dear Author, we congratulate Mr. Tewekel for reaching this milestone in his career, we also hope he uses this postition to shed a brighter light into the issues of our increasingly disturbed region, particularly our country Eritrea. I cannot even grasp the length of time we have been languishing under the tyranny of Isayas Afewerqi; it is soon to be as long as the time we spent to rid ourselves from foreign occupiers and declare our national independence. Think over this: someone born on May 1991; today she or he is probably a doctor or even a minister, my GP is only 27 years old!

  • Admiral Saay7,

    I will provide you now the source which is part of the Algorithm I mentioned earlier. And it is: Actuarial Trend Analysis. I could hear you say “well naturally.” And so, now that we are all aware the beaker containing all the elements, with a few isotopes even, both the full court press, pressure, and temperature or positively correlated. Resignation and other maneuverings of the chicanery kind or otherwise we all agree will not only be counter productive but also futile. Quid pro quo, though not completely obsolete, I am confident its effectiveness in the majority noise producing through the “wires and lights in a box” plus the internet handsets, laptops etc… has been and will overnight significantly be filtered out.

    I will start by restating the objectives for yours truly as I work my way to give even better lighting to the Constitution, Unitary State Decentralized Eritrean Federation as well as why the 1997 Eritrean Constitution will be a significant base for…. There are also legitimate reasons why yours truly and the Eritrean Youth to be immediately awakened and united through poignant narration and argumentation should and will exert pressures on the all the Captains and Admirals in command of navigating the fleet of Eritrean Merkebna, sort to speak.
    And its efficacy I can guarantee you with my formulae which the basis is A WIN WIN as opposed to the zero sum game thus far utilized, and though undesirable has as of the starting date of FY, 9/15/’17 overall is a Gain. The overall valuation of Merkebna, you will agree is far from a total loss or any loss at all. It is a positive gain…. “Kmbew belet ‘mber aytekhaEwotnn”
    Having said that, THE IMPERATIVE NARRATIVE as of this significant and infamous date, one can not over emphasise.
    And #1, The Tone in the scale of E Major is our collective duty and obligation. I am humbly pointing to the “Anter F Flat” notes that need your personal focus ASAP…, much like spit shining your boots and polishing all accessories of the uniform worthy of the Officers, Gentlemen and Scholars the leaders should strive for. [I can hear it even in your tone to Kim Hanna.

    The applications of the theory and formulae is in fact universal…. And the Admiral’s request for capable organizers, (disregarding a detected tone and pitch..) when addressing Ayya Amanuel and Ayya Ismael, I assure him is already gaining responses and fast. I do have a first irrevocable demand, for the sake of checks and balances purposes which is the Admiral prepare a counter address with due mutual respect to the trends he can view from Fifty Thousand Feet High birds eye view. This for Efficacy of progress and ascertaining the inevitable victory or the long journey.


    PS: Admiral Saay7 and all, and yes with the Actuarial Trend Analysis, you will agree this on of the many AmEritrean GitSAtSE Jedis has ample data collected for nearly a half a century now. Jebena @ Tripple A’s folks.

    Abbu AAshera Weapon X – Evolution. STAND ON 17!

    AmEritrean GitSAtSE A40 A40

  • Wakti Numu

    We greatly welcome the move by Aljazeera network. And Mohammed Taha is a right person to mànage it.

  • Ahadu

    Dear Awate !

    Minor correction Negri Lencho not “Teferi”, the communication minister.

    • Wakti Numu

      Negeri Lencho.

  • Memhirey Mez,

    Evidently you were partially right with your GCC connect. What are we to make of this shift given the ultimatum and USA position on Qatar and Ethiopia?

    A long trek for Mr. Tewekel, who was being groomed to create and or run an Eritrean/East African conglomerate media outlet some Three Decade ago. It appears he has succeeded, though he will be running a gulf state owned and more massive than planned long ago.
    Somehow, the entire hype headliners of the past several years, I feel, has duped us all on what is really going on in the region. But, I will say my theory still holds. And Gedab news has apparently got the first scoupe huge story.
    What thinks you?


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Tsatse,
      It would have been nice if you recognized that it took Tewekel “three decades to get were he has reached, and you should have been happy for the success of an Eritrean journalist. Instead, you belittled his toild as “groomed to….” I don’t think you can prove he was groomed, because I know his demeanor, his smart moves and his dedication to what he does. He has always been cultivating hiis relations with policy makers and media personalities for decades and it is paying. But it is an Eritrean quality never to admire the success of their own.

      And Gedab was not the first, it was aired on Al Jazeera itself and many other international news outlets. I think we should be happy one of us has registered a modest success–belittling success and vilifying successful Eritreans should be left to the PFDJ who do not want anyone outside their fold, and outside their loyalty measure to achieve anything..They are simply marinated in envy.

      And why would you object to some Eritreans presenting their CVs to him to help them get a job? Isn’t that what any employer would do? Haven’t you presented your CV to people hoping to get a job? Why can’t he receive a job application? Or, maybe being an Eritrean doesn’t qualify him to do that???

      By the way, Tewekel has created jobs and trained many Eritrean who otherwise would have been forgotten in refugee camps. His trainee are all over the place working in many media people–I know many of them, particularly women. He is known for his fatherly care of his employees some of whom he encouraged to marry and start families.

      • Selamat Saleh Johar Ghadi,

        Wrong. Please reread my comment and quote by cutting not from where it suits you how you would like to dictate the narrative. This too I shall file under “to be revisited.” A Gual mengedi I will step over for now. Was it not I who recognized who he was right away. I doubt half of your readers under 45 years of age, Eritreans and Ethiopians, know of this Eritrean Journalist. Also, quote how I suggested to aspiring Eritreans journalists to take advantage of this new opportunity to reach their goals with the added dividend I am sure you can fill in.
        Okay Ayya Ghadi, I will acquire proper etiquette and make it official per your suggestion. Congratulations to Mr. Mahamed Taha Tewekel on reaching yet another personal goal he has set for himself long ago. May he keep rising even to greater heights.


        • Saleh Johar

          Don’t make it sound as if I misquoted you. You need to reread your comment.

          Then, pls stop this quasi tahdid, of this file or that file.


          • SJG,

            This response is simply a kettle and a pot episode. We, i.e the Forum, are now defining Free Press and Freedom of Speech. Perhaps, I should revert back to abstractions. If leaders are not responsive, how can we expected those following to be responsive. I suppose, the safety net that is “incremental gains” is an accidental collective victory, equally distributed to each individual, product of group dynamics. It is a balancing act in that its coordinates are between those seeking a quick fix and the snail’s rate affecting the resigned attitudes in our respective comforts. Mr. Amanuel Mahdere’s speech has some resonance.
            We both have a lot to thank one another for, on a personal level that is. Hopefully we shall have more. Iron sharpens iron. You will figure it out.



    • Mez

      Dear Memhier Gitsatse,
      This is an interesting development indeed. The Ethiopian local medial landscape is dominated by government funded news outlets. This news company may serve the local and regional audiences very well; there is a good niche market for them; with a potentialof reaching the wider African audience.
      1) Having such a major news agency facility locally will help i) to promote business, ii) create a sort of , more detailed awareness of local events and happenings to a wider audience–both local and global, iii) is a window of opportunity to present oneself to the rest of the world–with an open ended outcome and cosquence, iv) it means job opportunities to the local graduates (I would assume about 90% of the staffers could be local origin). 2) it may seem possible to feel that the Ethiopian government is leaning towards Q…, albeit not pronounced. 3) The Hosting government may well use this effectively in the coming election to its advantages & against the opposition; as a cosquence the foreign based EAST Satellite TV station may also get revamped by the other side.
      4) The financing of this news agency, is an appropriation from the Q… government; Q… is an absolute monarch– and alien to liberal democracy, personal liberty. That money is i) neither tax payers money like BBC and VOA, NPR, ZDF, ARD,…ii) nor an incorporated for profit news company like FOX, or CNN. iii) No clearly mandateand responsibilityis are delimited at all. This makes this news outlet, inherently, a very DANGEROUS and PERVASIVE one–in termsof its outcome, with a fuzzy and inconclusive long term impact.

      If you see retrogressively what this news outlet reported (in the past decade) a) about ex-Libyan long time president, Libia–then and now, b) the Syrian civil war–in all its forms and spheres, c) the Egyptian social and statehood dynamics since 2010, d) How it handeled/ handling the Tunisian revolution and it’s slow but incouraging political evolution–in the wider sense, e) its role tackling the root causes of social ills in the wider Arab nations, f) the fundamental role this news agency played to promote basic individual and human rights in its own host country and beyond:–at most shaky.

      It is is a news agency which is always ready to grind any newsworthy happenings–irrespective of their benefit to the local community at Large, at times even Against the value and interests of those communities.

      So it is very scarry.

      Thanks Memhier

      • Selamat Memhirey Mez,

        Most grateful for your excellent analysis. I am sincerely appreciative with all your efforts. Your tenure is indeed earned where as mine, consistent with my generation, is obtained through coercion and appointment.

        Pardon the belated response, I will have more requests forwarded pleading for your expertise, diligent and resourceful and generous responses. Thanks again.


  • Thomas

    This is great awatista. The Horn of Africa dictators will be exposed I hope. There was a desperate need for this development!! The horn people need to talk now, it was a long waiting though. I wish Aljazeera continues the way it has been conducting its news & other coverages, down with higdef megdef!!!

    • Thomas,

      I doubt it very much an Edward R. Murrow high stature in journalism figure will rise, in the foreseeable future, to bring down Joseph R. McCarthy equivalents of the region. But this is only my opinion at this moment. We must first expose the chicanery and or very low level of Eritrean media in recent years.
      On a brighter note, perhaps some of our ‘journalists’ perhaps submit their CVs to Mr. Tewekel to secure positions of field journalists under his regional management with the Al Jazeera Corporation. Get the feeling IGAD has expanded into a much larger regional union to rival the OAU or the Arab League.

      Also Tomi, the first question you ask, I suggest, should be WHAT. As in What just happened? …… hope Memhirey Mez will jump on this and respond quickly. The viscosity and fluidity volatility ya da ya da has a very high index…..


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