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Security Council Extends SEMG Mandate Until November 2015

In a report dated 24 October 2014, The UN Security Council (UNSC) extended the mandate of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) for one year ending in November 30, 2015.

The UNSC requested Eritrea to facilitate the entry of SEMG officials to the country, but it is unlikely that the government will provide a permission for SEMG’s entry. So far after many years of request, SEMG has managed to meet with Eritrean officials only once in Paris and another time in Cairo.

The UNSC welcomed the meetings including the, “Telephone conference from New York.” It also encouraged, “further cooperation, and underlining its expectation that this cooperation will deepen during the SEMG’s mandate, including through regular visits to Eritrea by the SEMG.” It also reiterated, “Its expectation that the Government of Eritrea will facilitate the entry of the SEMG to Eritrea, as requested in paragraph 31 of resolution 2111 (2013).

It also urged, “Eritrea to make available information pertaining to Djiboutian combatants missing in action since the clashes of 10 to 12 June 2008.”

Over the last year, the Eritrean government tried to manipulate and blackmail many parties, particularly the US government, to have the sanctions lifted; it counted on Russia to achieve the goal.

Russian Positions on Libya and Syria

Isaias Afwerki was once heard admiring the tenacity of Bashar Al Assad, Syria’s dictator, who, “Managed to stay mainly because he succeeded in getting Russian support and prevailed despite fierce attack on his regime by an assortment of US supported opposition forces.

In June 3, 2014, the official Eritrean ruling party website carried a news item about the Eritrean delegations’ visit to Moscow. It stated, “…the fact that the past 25 years witnessed a uni-polar world, wars, continued crises and deep sufferings attests to the need for a global change which is more characterized by equal participation.

In a move that was considered a foreign policy blunder by the Eritrean opposition, Isaias Afwerki chose the Crimean crisis to win the support of Russia, and in an unprecedented move, his delegates visited Crimea without the permission of the Ukrainian government which reacted by issuing a strongly worded condemnation of the Eritrean move.

In the summer of 2013, Russia had blocked the release of the SEMG report under the pretext that SMEG didn’t speak with Eritrean government though Russia knows the officials has been denied visas to enter Eritrea.

Isaias Afwerki was confident he will be able to convince Russia by exploiting its differences with the USA and NATO.

Since the beginning of NATO’s attack on Libya to oust Muaamar Ghaddafi, Russia has not been cooperative with NATO which it believes overstretched its mandate of no-fly zone over Libya and escalated it into seventy-thousand sorties in the pretext of self-defense of the attacking fighter planes. At the end Libya was bombed and its army destroyed, particularly its air-defense systems which were mainly supplied and maintained by Russia.

Russia also maintains a refueling facility in the port of Latakia on the Syrian coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Since then, relations between Russia and USA (and NATO) has been strained and a cold war style mistrust developed. Recently the crisis had escalated over the situation in Crimea and the manifestation is evident on both sides’ positions in relation to the Syrian crisis. But that is hardly enough to escalate the difference to the levels of the Cold War era as Isaias Afwerki contemplated.

The Eritrean president’s attempt to have the sanctions lifted by pitting Russia against the USA has so far failed.

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  • Peace!

    Hi HTG, (you still got my respect)

    Not surprised at all given you are an ex YPFDJ advocate and PFDJ jasus. But what really surprised me is despite all the help you getting here at awate, the PFDJ smell is still lingering all over your body, and it smells bad (read what you wrote), please leave that to YPFDJ thugs. And keep in mind, just because you are a 24/7 cyber opposition, doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you. Eziea We’da’hanka 🙂


    • haileTG

      I think as Sal once said cyber ink doesn’t run out, but what separates you from me is I say what I mean at the given point in time (regardless of support or opposition), look at you wolf in sheepskin! You dare to call an Eritrean a “sell out”!! That shows what kind of lowly you are. I used those terms before fully realizing the hopelessness of the regime you are a jasus for. You picked hgdef insult to hurl at Eritreans, and a dog also licks its sick…where is the difference? I am proud to be a sellout because that imply I represent a value and someone is prepared to buy me, what about you? You know how hgdef discarded Naizghi? Right? Stray dogs in Asmara would fare better in the treatment hgdef would give you and you have the audacity to call Eritreans sellout for nothing. You are ESSUB and have shown your true colors here several times I dealt with you. You are only fooling yourself to be a pretender, even hgdef doesn’t need your disposable lip service, they’re happy so long as you stay put with your leash. If you want respect you better deal it, else you will get what you deserve. That will be a lesson for you when you try to get through people with your useless hgdef inspired insults. Be a man, come up with your own. Wedhanka

      • Peace!

        Lol….you remind me a guy we used to call him” Wedi Komarit” Now, since you have no wife or girlfriend, try a dog or any kind of pet. Do us a favor please get a life.


  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    As they say, great minds think alike…or is it?

    Asmara, 06 November 2014 – Eritrean community members in Washington D.C and environs have asserted readiness to mount staunch resistance against external conspiracies on the basis of enhanced organization and awareness.

    Read more

    And now to the other side of the Atlantic:

    Asmara, 28 October 2014 –Eritrean community members residing in the Dutch cities of Utrecht and Campen have asserted readiness to mount staunch resistance against external conspiracies on the basis of higher organization and awareness.

    Read more

    In both of the above, and of course in all such meetings of elderly ghedli era supporters, the participants are said to do or say nothing worth mentioning. The PFDJ operative’s usless words and pontification are however summarized in a paragraph long sentence.

    What is funny however, is that any meeting that takes place in Eritrea is preceded with “A call was made…”, if it happens in Israel it, it includes “Citizens pledge to enhance role in the STATE…” (kinda nhna nsu) and when it is a meeting with EU or North America elderly supporters (who still think derg forces are regrouping to take over Afabet:), it is “to mount staunch resistance, however faraway we are physically or in mental sanity…”


    • saay7

      Haile TG:

      When we were launching awate 7.0, we teased awatistas that the new version of awate will come with a “Translate Shabait” app. I think you have just auditioned for the job and SGJ is taking notes:)

      There are many things that the Isaias regime does that embarrass me—as an Eritrean, not as an oppo Eritrean–and Shabait is somewhere in the top. And because Shabait is the granddaddy of Isaiasism, all the kiddie Isaiasist websites (Tesfanews, yelekhulan, madote, etc) mimic it.

      The kids at Tesfanews/madote probably want to “help our country” which, to them, means helping the regime. But since the regime is so secretive, even they don’t know how to help so they just guess most of the time. (It takes years of conditioning to know what is allowed and what is not and the websites in question are new.)

      So, this actually happened about two weeks ago:

      Tesfanews October 24: THE Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Executive Committee today announced the removal of General Kemal Gelchu as its Chairman and purged him from the organization effective immediately.

      Tesfanews October 25:

      THE Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) today denies media reports of General Kemal Gelchu’s expulsion as Chairman of the OLF-for-Change and accused certain disgruntled group of the organization for the baseless report.

      Now, most media outlets (including make mistakes. What is stunning about Tesfanews is that the “correction” is blaming “media reports” (of which Tesfanews was one) but it makes no acknowledgement of this fact. They are just two different incidents — he is expelled, no, he is not expelled– that live suspended, independent of each other.

      I think in post-Isaias Eritrea, we the people are going to have to mount staunch resistance against state-owned media and we will rebuff resolutely government attempts to control the media at a higher state of awareness, illu mKhri legisulom Harbeyna Tegadalai Semere T 🙂


      • haileTG

        Hey Saay

        I thought of something when you said “..that embarrass me—as an Eritrean, not as an oppo Eritrean…”, that there is something that doesn’t add up here. These are people who reside in one of the world’s freest capitalist society, why can’t they be embarrassed enough when such happens? Suppose you attend a Car Sales fare presentation (that was by invitation only), despite you not being willing to make an offer for the car in sale, the dealer issues a press release saying that you fell head over heels in love with his car and recommend it to everyone thinking of buying a car!!! That would surely be insulting you directly and most likely you would visit the dealer the next morning to give him a run for his money (or take away his car for free:). Now, why do these mekhete people be willing to be humiliated like this and intend to teach their children self respect???


        • saay7

          Selamat Haile TG:

          This was our report on September 30, 2001 of what happened in Washington, DC, two weeks after the G-15 were arrested:

          Begin Quote:

          September 30, 2001: Between 1200 to 2000 Eritreans are reported to have attended a meeting chaired by Ambassador Girma Asmerom to discuss the draft laws on elections.

          A resolution was passed—“unanimously and with a standing ovation”–to:

          “(1) in light of the Woyane threat, to show solidarity with the Eritrean Government and the Eritrean Defense Forces;
          (2) to work hard and hand-in-hand with the government in the efforts of demobilization, repatriation of refugees and reconstruction;
          (3) after observing, in depth, the campaign conducted by a few leaders and their supporters while we were engaged in safeguarding our sovereignty and reconstruction efforts, we conclude that the movement–which is not timely, diverts us from our national focus to other undesirable venues, endangers our unity and mutual trust, creates fissures that could be exploited and dilutes our energies from focusing on important matters—is destructive.

          This [issue] has been extended more than it should have. While we express our support for the legal remedies [used by the government] to address this matter that endangers our national unity, security and sovereignty, we recommit ourselves to foiling efforts that undermine our national unity, national security and sovereignty.”

          As a sign of commitment, the assembled group pledged 100,000 to the Eritrean government. Some residents of Washington, D.C. who did not attend the meeting reported to that in an effort to ensure that the meeting would have one of the highest turnouts, the Eritrean Ambassador’s office had spared no effort calling Eritreans consecutively for nearly two weeks.

          [End Quote]

          So, in this particular case, the 1200-2000 Eritreans were duped (or duped themselves) into thinking that the arrest of the “G-15” was temporary and, thus, legal. There appears to be a lot of self-duping going on in enda hgdef. In fact, one can say it is their modus-operandi.


          • haileTG

            Thanks Saay, this is very important. I wonder if such defining events can be presented in an article format. May be as a x-mass special or something☺ .

            Thanks again

        • ghezaehagos

          “…Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ahmed Imam, head of
          public and consular affairs in Canada, gave briefings focusing on the role of
          festival activities as regards preserving and bequeathing the nation’s values,
          as well as strengthening organizations.

          He also called on the participants to mount staunch resistance against external
          conspiracies on the basis of higher organization, and expressed appreciation for
          the manner in which the festival was organized…”

  • unedited11

    Any true Eritrean will hope and pray they do NOT let the crooks at the SEMG into the Country. This is war time and no self respecting nation would allow itself to be openly spied on like that. The SEMG has an unofficial and unwritten mandate and everyone knows it! Why any Eritrean would want to give them the benefit of the doubt is beyond me. It would only make sense for those so called “Eritreans” that want the removal of the PFDJ by any means, even if it means the destruction of the nation’s sovereignty. If they let them in, they will only ask to be allowed “deeper” into the nations’ national security and economic infrastructure, so that they may find ways to leverage Eritrea into “compliance” or weaken it to the point that it is ready to implode. This is a tried, tested and true formula that has been used before in other nations. Anyone who thinks this is for truth, justice or anything else altruistic is either ignorant or being willfully deceitful. But then again, this is

    • haileTG

      Hey unedited11,

      You’re absolutely right that there is no stopping for this. Once they enter, they would stop at nothing, including under IA’s bed and socks drawer. You’re spot on there. You can learn from every other investigation, including the WMD, and that is usually after the head of the targeted regime. One thing you seem to be at a loss is however, you can’t stand with this regime and prevent that. It would be foolhardy to do so. The regime has no weight in any international or regional platforms. It is a dead beat. The right strategy would be to change facts on the ground and remove the regime and effect fundamental policy change. This would change the balance of things fundamentally and breathe a fresh lease of life to the bleeding nation. Unfortunately, I have the inkling to believe
      that the arrogance and blindness of the supporters would require us to go to the extreme end to affect that. It is to be pitied.

    • Peace!

      Hi U11,

      Good points!! When it comes to the unjust severe sanction our country is facing, no one should declar victory other than shameful hungry of power ” sellouts.” And it indicates also the so clueless opposition groups have no clear line in distinguishing between opposing the government and sovereignty of the country.


      • haileTG

        Dear AT, reeling back from storming anger against such blatant attack by this individual who obviously doesn’t mind his own business and wish to insult us for our views, can I authorize you to delete the previous comment if you find it too fired up. But peace’ provocation above is just a cheap shot by a PFDJ lacky.

      • Peace!

        Dear Moderator,

        Sorry if I violated the posting guidelines although I don’t know which part might be.


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Salam Awatistas
    A matter of point of order:
    1. Most debates are wasted on matters of personal attacks and perceived antagonism. I could simply skip those comments penned by writers I don’t follow. But when you see folks you like to follow at loggerheads over issues wherein any democratically minded person would register his/her view on without the fear of being labeled or chastised is just unsettling. For example:
    a. I want strong national defense…I am stronger on national sovereignty…
    b. We need to kill this militaristic attitude……
    We are living in democratic societies, and both individuals “a” and “b” have the right to express their personal view. In a democratic society, there is a mechanism that accommodates and arbitrates differing views. It has just happened here in the USA; democrats lost the senate (both chambers are now republican), and may well lose the presidency in 2016. That means either “a” or “b” is happy, but they will keep working together for the nation’s good. The point: it’s all about priority. Now is the time to help our people create a political climate where these specific political views could be expressed and dealt with in a democratic Eritrea through democratic process. We are putting the cart before the horse.
    2. I’m afraid, we’re not debating issues.Instead we’re wasting time on “exposing” weakness, debating errors of the perceived antagonist. Sometime, I’m taken aback when I see comments which could serve only PFDJ. Either there is a detachment between some writers and what the majority actually anticipates from those opining justice writers; or it is just a reckless crusade of proffering readers one’s own personal view.
    3. Please avoid infusing Ethiopian politics unless it’s necessary to explain a point while discussing an Eritrean issue, if possible. It is not because it should not be discussed, but it’s derailing debates to sour ends. Instead of becoming a medium of exchange, most debates have become so toxic.
    4. Let’s be polite and stop professing as if we are more just, more democrat..more this or that. We’re part of the diaspora, thousands of miles away. We should not pretend as if we have the key for everything. Currently, we don’t have pH test strips to see how “hot” or “acidic” our patriotism is. Let’s be humble, and admit that there is more we don’t know than what we know about each other. How many of us have really declared who they are; how many of us are currently involved in a meaningful organized activities ( human right fighters, political organizations, media organizations..)? And yet we act like politicians running for office. Our role is restricted by our distance from the theater, yet we are endowed with facilities and time to shape the struggle positively. The act of respectfully differing, by itself, could present our standing as compared to that of PFDJ. Please think about contributing to new culture of building confidence and security among our various social segments and political spectrum. It will be helpful if we load every sentence with hope and direction.
    5. When discussing Ethio/Eritrean, or any neighbor country concerns, I urge you to look at the people to people relation beyond this tough time. Nations, big or small have the right to defend themselves. Why we don’t comment in a way that contributes to the abolishing of that dire choice, by hinting for peace? Why we as citizens debate about who is bigger, who is tougher, who’s got the strongest stick…why we don’t lead by hinting what life could look like with normalcy? Politicians will always be politicians. But we should not be carried away by their rhetoric. That’s their life, they thrive in confusion. Do we have to be their victims, millennium after millennium? We have a choice.

  • dawit

    Selam Haile;

    It is not the inconsistency of SMEG that bothers me, but rather its manufacturing of facts or lies in order to punish a country which started because of a hatred of few individuals towards one individual. SMEG did not produce till today that implicate Eritrea arming Al- Shabab, but regardless they passed Sanction on the people of Eritrea. You can dance with UN sanction music day and night, regardless of its effect on the Eritrean people, because you also hated one man to the point of madness! Don’t list me what Isaias said or did not say to justify a sanction purely invented and maintained in lies on Eritrean people. Al-Shabab was born and armed by the action of others and not by Eritrea..

    You also wrote “If the UN/US were bent on sanctioning Eritrea, why did they recognize its independence. Couldn’t have they bombed it to ashes instead?” Well they did for 30 years, and the present Eritrea was born from the ashes.
    My worry with the UN Sanction is not that it will shorten the life of PFDJ government, but it may last for a long time like that of Cuba, and needlessly impoverish Eritrean people without having any of the desired effect you are dreaming to see. If the leaders in Eritrea follow the example of Cuba, and never give up to external pressure, the could last for decades and every opposition leader drops dead in exile.


    • haileTG

      Hi dawit,

      Don’t count on PFDJ being like Cuba, it can’t even manage to hire a single young person for a real job in the entire country. So, you say that UN/US bombed Eritrea to ashes? Haha..short of memory there dawitom. It was Russia that did that…yep the guys who invaded Crimea that PFDJ went to congratulate and the guys who beat awate and welwel to erect their statue in Asmara (while passing every freaking sanction on hgdef mendef:) You may be right that the arms embargo may last longer than the life of dictatorship in Eritrea, but so would be the traumatized generation’s mental and emotional scars by the abuses of hgdef, so would the effects of a ruined country, polarized population, broken dreams and hopes…Hgdef’s legacy would outlive the current generation in its destructive impact for a long time to come. But hey, at least they had your blessing doing it:)


      • dawit

        Hi Haile,
        Oh Haile you know I lifted that ‘UN/US bombed to ashes’ from you own writing, I was not giving you a complete list of the countries that participated directly literally bombing Eritrea in to ashes. If you want you can add USSR, East Germany, West Germany, Italy, England, Canada, Libya, South Yemen, Cuba, Israel etc. All the countries and institutions that helped HS and Mengistu were participant in bombing Eritrea to ashes. Some gave arms, other gave food to feed Ethiopian army, other paid cash to help build schools , roads etc, freeing money to go to war, money being a fungible item that could be converted to other purposes. PFDJ reacts directly to your action, so you are also participant in their decisions. You cannot wash your hand and walk away from the crimes you allegedly accusing them. The Eritrean people are the football of your game of power struggle.

        • haileTG

          Haderka dawit,

          You never cease to amaze me (as they do most hgdefites) in the length you’re prepared to go to justify something that you know for certain to be wrong and immoral. Let me just limit myself to the logical analysis aspect of what could have been said in response to what you posed:

          freeing money to go to war, money being a fungible item that could be converted to other purposes

          So, if we take your reasoning to its logical conclusion, all Eritreans who built business and trade in Ethiopia in that time were bombing Eritrea to ashes because they were freeing money and creating profit and revenue? Even it can be extended to every single Eritrean who didn’t join the armed struggle or migrated out of the country? Now let’s reverse the logic, every single country
          in the world that accepted Eritreans into its soils, allowed them to work, politically organize as hafash wudubat, raise funds… every country like Sudan that freely let their territories be used to facilitate our struggle, every NGO and aid agency that provided relief, ever journalist that disseminated the Eritrean issue to the world (do you remember dimxi hafash had a weekly radio show – ertra ab ma’ekenat zena alem that showcased the glittering media coverage given to the struggle?), ever author that toiled to write books have all been helping to drive the Eritrean cause forward.

          Your logic seems to expect that since we wanted to fight for independence, the whole world should have instantly froze any dealing with Ethiopia? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? The US help to HS was indirect as far as the Eritrean case was concerned. Whereas, the Russian intervention was direct and obliterated our people with Napalm. And such acts against Eritreans was highly endorsed by PFDJ to the point of erecting their statue while burying those who fought them back like Awate and Welwel and even recognizing their blatant invasion of Crimea at a price of absolute dishonor of the nation. Admit it, PFDJ sleeps in and out with any devil, it doesn’t give a hoot about the Eritrean people. I only agree with you here in as far as our people are concerned, one gets what one deserves. If 500,000 people stormed hgdef tomorrow in Eritrea, the useless
          idiot would be nowhere to be seen the day after. So, it is down to Eritrean people in the end of the day.

          PFDJ reacts directly to your action, so you are also participant in their decisions. You cannot wash your hand and walk away from the crimes you allegedly accusing them.

          So, that is the ultimate then is it? Blame the victim for standing up? dawit, it is the violation of rights is the crime not the pushback to stop that. If there is anything I would admit fault and unreservedly apologize for to the Eritrean people and all other concerned, it is my stupidity in supporting a regime that was actively planning and executing the demise of my country. How
          stupid was I, how idiotic, how blinded!! Still, I know my support, however small, has helped the creation of the current disaster. I didn’t know isn’t enough, but a full and unconditional apology to the honest and upright people of Eritrea whom still are savagely attacked by hgdef dogs without any provocation. And apology is the next best thing short of being able to born again physically
          and start new again.

          Your logic of opposing the PFDJ is the reason for the current suffering shows the extreme loss of self-esteem on your part vis-a-vis the useless, habitual liar and retarded regime we have. In fact it is the opposite that would be a crime, one that you are doing right now, not opposing while our people are brutalized beyond imagination. It is funny however that despite having the knack to
          conjure up connections, you waste it on propping up a dead beat regime, why not supporting your people for a change? According to your logic here, opposing could be a source for creating the conditions that are being opposed in the first place!!! dawit, a man can run but sooner or later would hit a brick wall, but in your case you are way past that, you’ve already left an undeletable mark on that freaking wall too.


      • Rodab

        It just stroke me.
        There is no a single statue of Awate or Weldab Weldemariam or Ibrahim SulTan anywhere in the country, yet the no body Pushking got his statue erected in the center of Asmara. Notice the irony that Russia, who caused immense death and suffering to our people and who stood against what the above mentioned icons stood for is rewarded with such honor. It is a whorish-diplomacy indeed. Weygud! Eh dea hgdefsi dyu zbele shekortetino.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Eng. Rodab:
          It is with much pressure that PFDJ/EPLF that it accepted the role of Awate as a founding father of the armed struggle. It was purely “slti” in their part to admit just with words that the armed struggle and Eritrea’s quest for freedom was bigger than EPLF collectively. To PFDJites the Ghedli was designed, planned and executed by the great leader IA. On the Russian statu alone PFDJ, IA and his supporters should be found in contempt. Eritrea according to PFDJ has no founding fathers except IA. No Kabire, no Sultan and no Welwel and without the pride of those giants PFDJ and their supporters want to own the legacy of the struggle and its future. If they stay longer in a few years PFDJ will have the status of some PFDJ crony who killed 1000 mosquitos in Barka, you are an artist because there is some art in Engineering so can you an image of this status in your mind 🙂

        • Shum


          I was thinking the same when I read Haile’s comment. It’s not only their statue. Their legacy, words and values are never discussed or perhaps not known among the population. Also, have you noticed we have a Martyr’s Day which is equivalent to Memorial Day but we don’t have a Veteran’s Day where we honor those who are living. I think it’s a way of reminding the living that what they are doing is just what is expected of a subordinate.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    As they say, uninvited guests are are most welcome when they leave:-) Araya Desta of the PFDJ regime’s AU rep. has been all praises to the latest announcement of $8 billion earmarked for horn development initiative. Before we get to the specifics, let me also point out that he also complained to the dignitaries for change of venue of next meeting because IA’s FM (as if) couldn’t attend the Addis summit. In addition, he lamented his regime’s inability to be readmitted to IGAD and pleaded with the panel, including the IGAD secretariat who presided over the kicking out of Biniam Berhe few years back. It is to be noted that IA had bragged in Uganda that no one can prevent him from admission to IGAD.

    Any way, the $8 billion is split between several actors and is intended to be rolled out over several years ahead. The bulk of the funds is allocated to cross border trade (east Sudan contraband not included). For example: the WBG has allocated &1.8 billion of it, out of which $600 million is to develop the Kenya-Uganda pipeline project. Similarly, the rest is earmarked for regional security (not insecurity and armed groups training) and peace building. S.Sudan is a big part. The main beneficiaries of this part of the funds are refugee hosting countries and major IDP supporting NGos. All in all, the PFDJ regime is unlikely to see any of it and it has to swim out of sanctions and isolation.

    So, what is all the hoopla of the news thirsty hgdefites about all these recently?


  • Abe z minewale

    I hope and wish the US and Russia will solve my problems
    There is no mention in the report about the suffering of our people. no body gives a hoot

  • dawit

    Selam to all;
    Letter dated … November 2006 from the Chairman of the Security Council Committee established pursuant to
    resolution 751 (1992) concerning Somalia addressed to the President of the Security Council

    “ (n) On 26 August 2006, three (3) dhows transporting 2000 fully equipped combat troops from Ertirea arrived at Warsheikh, located north of Mogadishu, along the coast. On arrival at Warsheikh, the troops were re-located to an area in north Mogadishu for ultimate re-deployment to different ICU held areas. They were re-deployed as follows: 500 of the Eritrean troops went to Baledogle, 500 to Hilweyne training camp, 500 to Lower Shabelle, and 500 remained in Mogadishu and were stationed at Villa Baidoa and the former Police Academy, Bolisiya”. That was long before Al- Shabab was born in Somalia in 2008!

    On Christmas day 2006 when Ethiopian military was given the order and invaded Somalia to get rid of ICU (Islamic Court Uninion) that brought relief and law and order to Somalia, non of the 2000 Eritrean troops were to be found they disappeared in thin air by magic. There were only Eritrean Journalist caught in the country and the two journalists still languishing in Ethiopian jails. Al-Shabab was UN Christmas gift to Somali people delivered through Santa Close PM Meles and Mrs. Close Ambassador Janday Frazer, that also played putting the foundation of UN Sanctions on Eritrea.

    Therefore the UN sanction on Eritrea was plotted long time ago, and nobody will be surprised if they extended it indefinitely. There is nothing new it is the same continuations of UN hostility against the Eritrean people that started in the 1950s, long even before the PFDJ or Isaias were born. Why is the Monitoring group insisting visiting Eritrea? It is obvious the group desperately wanted a régime change in Eritrea? Do they want to establish some inside contact now they have lost Ali Abdu the former minister of information who was supplying them with the information to add spices to write their colorful reports on Eritrea?. Can we imagine the Forto incidence one of their projects that failed? Are they planning Forto II by visiting Eritrea? Haven’t they inflicted enough damages to Eritrean people enough damages they wanted extension of Sanctions on the people of Eritrea? I wonder

    • Asmerom

      Dear Dawit
      You are living in your own world of lies and deception, no matter what you say and do you will not be able to exonerate your PFDJ from the crimes they committed to our people in particular and to the surrounding neighbors in general
      Keep on falsifying and dreaming illusions to the best you can till the time comes where your PFDJ makes you disappear like they did to their comrades.

    • haileTG

      oops! disqus has gobbled my post. Let’s see if it appears 🙂

    • ghezaehagos

      To err is human and hence one vowel mistake…and please to continue to…..wander.
      Ghezae Hagos

    • Haile WM

      so you telling us Ali Abdu was the one working for regime change with the help of Wedi Ali’s forto operation and all was coordinate by SEGM?!?!
      PFDJ supporters are prone to this kind thriller-fantasy like plots and ploys just to remain relevant and obviously justify their boss actions, but hey you.. You are the king!
      Please update us with the latest development… last time you told us the woyanes were kidnapping our kids … now we a have a new chapter to the PFDJ fantasy saga!
      can’t wait to read the next chapter 😉