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Sample Views On Ethiopian-Eritrean Relations

The following is a two part digest of some comments in two parts that appeared on the Awate Forum. The first part is by Abinet, an Ethiopian debater, while the next part is a comment by Shum, an Eritrean commentator.

Abinet says: This has been my stand from day one. I always ask why fight for a piece of land after we lost the whole of Eritrea. I know the sacrifice paid for it . But, I do not want it to hold us back. I like to move forward not to look back. The future is more promising . I like to forget about Eritrea. That is why I strongly oppose the use of Assab port or any kind of cooperation. I also believe time heals.

Now that I made my stand clear one more time, I like to tell you a very timely but very old Amharic proverb. “KeAbro adegih gar atsaded.

I found out that, “what we saw today is what we harvest tomorrow” to be very true. What Eritreans are harvesting today is what they saw fifty-years ago. You see the hate they saw is back to haunt them.

eritrean-students-doing-the-fascist-saluteWhat more do you expect from us other than dying in the hundreds of thousands just to keep them. They shoot their way out. If they say now, “we are brothers and sisters” , sorry, I do not trust them anymore. The free labor movement being preached, in Eritrea they call it “colonization ” . They don’t need that any longer.

I like to say only two things and leave the rest for historians

  1. It is absolutely right there was no war between Eritrea and Ethiopia in those years–1991-1998 were the causes of everything. However, we were still dying because Eritrea was sucking our blood .
  2. The Ethiopian mothers who carry Fire wood, I like to remind them that the better and brighter days are ahead of us. Soon there will be enough electric power for everyone. No need to use fire wood except for the fireplace. I tell them soon there will be a train station nearby, a university for the children, a factory to employ them, a hospital very close, their children can dream big, full of hope.

Can you tell me what you are telling the Eritrean mother? You can confidently tell her that her children will join SAWA boot camp. Or you can tell the children that they will be in the military camp until they get old.

Can you tell the Eritrean fathers the good days have gone in 1991-1998?

The only satisfaction Eritreans get is by comparing the two countries using World Bank reports. In Ethiopia we are working hard to change it . It is happening fast.

Everybody knows it is a win-win situation if Ethiopia uses Assab. However, for most Eritreans this is not satisfactory enough. What they call win is only when Ethiopia loses. I don’t know why they bother about cooperation, integration, etc. Some, including Haile are preaching the love that doesn’t exist between us. They thought they would choke us to death. Honestly, we thought that way since we were brainwashed by Derg. Most of us thought it was the end of the world when we lost the ports. We have proved time and again that Assab is not important any more. I tell Eritreans to get lost with them.

If they think Assab is the last umbilical cord that connect us , they are wrong. It has been cut in 1991.

The good thing is we have better neighbors who stood with us in dark times. I like to spend Ethiopian energy and time to advance our r/p with the others than think about Eritrea. We have got nothing to gain or lose with them.
Shum’s says:

I’m starting to see a pattern on this discussion board. Several articles go up about many topics having nothing to do with Ethiopia or very little, as in the case of Salyounis’ last article. Somehow, the topic turns to Ethiopia or a discussion occurs between Eritreans and Ethiopians about nonsense. There will be the usual Eritrean ostriches who see an Ethiopian conspiracy behind everything. Then we are treated to multiple barrages from the usual Ethiopian posters who carry one or more of this type of message:

  1. The young Ethiopians don’t know you. The older ones don’t care about you. You’re insignificant.Now, remember some of this is coming from some of the top posters on Awate, an Eritrean site. Who knows why they do this, bitterness, personal issue, ax grinding. The point is who cares. If they don’t know us or they don’t care about us, why are they here? What meaningful discussion can we have with people who don’t want to engage you?
  2. Here’s one that I like best for its utter stupidity: You have an identity complex from Italians. Oh by the way, since you’ve become your own country, please return our Ethiopian culture (food, clothing, language).The stupidity is that they can’t both be true. And politics and culture are two different things.
  3. Here’s a negative encounter I had with some Eritreans. Ergo, most or all Eritreans are like this. It is so UnHabesha-like. We, Ethiopians, behave in much better ways, blah, blah, blah.
  4. That Mengistu and Haile Selassie were good to us above all Ethiopians. All of our stories of hardship, oppression and desire to be our own nation is just made up or exaggerated. We’re just ungrateful, that’s all.
  5. You Eritreans are hate filled with empty pride. The only thing that brings you together is your hate for Ethiopia. Never mind, we occasionally get together for weddings, places of worship…

funerals, coffee shops, community activities, holidays, hanging out. You know, things that normal people do. Things that no one questions except bigots who stereotype people as exceptions to the human race. The point is why are we wasting time engaging with people who hold these points of view. Yeah, it’s weird that they keep coming back but tell us we’re not relevant to them. But that’s what trolls do. There are plenty of Ethiopians who favor rapprochement. Look at the postings by Horizon, Crocus, derbew, Amde and others. You don’t have to agree with their point of view, but they are presenting their proposals and ideas respectfully and again they favor rapprochement. Plus, they’re not repulsive. That’s a big plus. That matters when holding discussion on the web. So, please ignore the others.

Awate Team,

Since we’ll have these folks who can’t make up their mind if they’ve forgotten about us or not, I have a proposal that I’ve made before. Create a page for them. It’ll be sort of a virtual room with rubber walls where they can tell us 24/7 how much they don’t want to engage us or have any sort of relationship between our two countries. Give them a nice logo. They can have a feedback page where innocent Ethiopians can submit stories of terrifying encounters they’ve had with Eritreans. We can throw Nitricc in there to keep them company from time to time when he has the itch. It’ll help them build group cohesion which is important for these fragile individuals.

Editor’s Note: Italy colonized Eritrea for over fifty years (1880-1947) while it occupied Ethiopia for five years (1936-1941). Both Eritrea and Ethiopia had children who learned how to do the Fascist salute. The picture of the Eritrean children is widely spread in the Internet, while that of Ethiopia, we believe, is appearing here for the first time. It’s scanned from a 1935 Italian Magazine printed in Rome: Ethiopia (“Latina”). Rassegna Illustrata Dell’Impero, Direzione Amministrazione Pubblicita.

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  • dawit

    Dear Gud,
    What can I add to the above statement except to say Amen! I hope and pray Abraham and people like him could open their eyes, what the quensquence are Condomning and changing Eritrean accepting singing and dancing with poisonous ideas of Woyane or Ethiopian government current policies.

    • dawit

      Please read ‘consequence’ instead of ‘quensquence’ a typo error

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Mr Dawit;
      Would you please tell me what you get from the PFDJ-dictatorship apart from extrajudicial and arbitrary arrests, killings and disappearances? Absence of rule of law, freedoms of speech, writting, movement, and organization. Indefinite enslavement of the Eritrean youth and People, forcing the People to toil without meaningful compensation. Even more painful, deploying the mercenary group of DEMHIT ( a foreign military group) to quash the rights and freedoms of the indegenous Eritrean People? A People that have paid such a huge price for their liberty and justice where there is a few that can rival its hardship for attaining Independence? A country that is being emptied for its youth because of endless slavery and poverty? And all these criminal acts are done under the guise of protecting the sovereignty and national security of Eritrea?
      How is it possible for a person like you, who enjoys all types of freedoms in the West, not to see all the injustices being committed by the Isayas-PFDJ regime on the Eritrean people?

      • Hope

        Dear Abraham,
        I believe dawit was talking about the destructive Ethiopian Policy against Eritrea and Eritreans,and irrespective of his view and stand about the GoE/PFDJ,he has a point, in my opinion.

      • dawit

        Dear Abraham,
        The national security threat of Eritrea is not some hypothetical but a real one. I cant see my self to align with Ethiopian rulers who declared to change the Eritrean government by force, occupying Eritrean territory by force and who are dreaming and plotting to take Assab by force. What you mentioned a lot of the problems and suffering in Eritrea are true and need to be changed but not to benefit Eritrean historic enemies. This Idea of an enemy of my enemy is my friend is nonsense, it is playing prostitutions. Most of the sufferings on Eritreans by their government is externally imposed as reaction to the national threat more than simply to maintain an internal dictatorship. My choice is to live with the Devil you know that the Angele you don’t know. In our case we know the angel Ethiopia, how nice it was for the last 50 years. Even the most democratic nations do unusual things when their national security is threatened against their own people, out of fear of the unknown. For example US has to put thousands innocent of its citizens, women, children, young old men in a concentration camps in deserts of Japanese origin, citizens who are born in U.S till the end of the Second world War. .So the democracy you are preaching is conditional on the circumstances of the national security status of a particular nation. The African American population have to suffer slavery for over hundred years even though the American Declaration and constitution clear indicated that All Men are created Equal, and deserve Liberty and equal protection of the Law. It took 100 years and a civil war before Slaves were freed in 1860s. And for the next 100 years blacks were subjected to segregation. It was only after 1960s of the Civil Right struggle lead by men like Martin Luther King Jr. that segregation was illegal here in USA. So my friend Abraham, I did not expected for Eritrea to have the ideal democratic nation after it achieved its independence. What kind of democracy do you expect in a nation that is talking “Crusaders and Islamists” in 2014. It is not my wish or desire the Eritrean people inside Eritrea no to enjoy the democracy and freedom of speech that I experience her in the West developed countries but I also recognize that it too several hundred years to reach this stage. How do you think I would have enjoyed the freedom as a black person had I came in 1940, 1950s in this country. Most of us came here and experienced the democracy after the struggle was ended. We are lucky we did not arrive during the years of the struggle. We have a ready made democracy and we want to judge Eritrean democracy by looking with our new lenses and apply the same you’d stick. .I hope Eritrea will overcome all its internal external security threats and achieve the full democracy that millions Eritreans sacrificed for it.

    • Hope

      Gud,Abraham and dawit:
      What was mentioned by Horizon,in fact, was one of the 5-point-plan PMMZ and his Parliament endorsed with the full back up of the USA and “great” Britain along with the Jewish State of Israel-of course, behind the scene, as usual.
      This was disclosed by a certain US Diplomat, even though its was said to be ” Classified”.
      And we all Eritreans know this except Haile TG-albeit deliberately for whatever reason and/or prob for an obvious reason..
      The old new book by the discredited Weyanay Ghebru Asrat,is meant to add fuel to the ongoing fire underground.
      But again, as Mr Yemane Ghebr’Ab said it prophetically,those who wished and still wishing Eritrea to be dead are either already dead and/or will die soon.

    • Gud

      Dawitom, Goita Akli,


      You see, there are three (may be 4) categories

      1. Woyanie itself and the new breed of unionists. Woyanies main aim is to establish a failed state Eritrea. If that couldn’t happen, then at least get Assab (possibly possible more) and establish a puppet gov. filled with unionists and narrow regionalist separatists. (of course Wouldn’t resist teaching eritreans a lesson too, as they would like to put it. Remembering the inhuman deportation of ERITREANS is suffice to say) . The border issue is one way Woyanie is trying to full fill its dreams

      2. SOME aging , hate and vengeance driven ELF members. These Eritreans, like their counter parts in EPLF, are aging now, and I beleive, deep down , the only thing they ( not the criminal ones) want to do is go home. The problem is their hate filled brain wouldn’t let them realize there is an easy and safe way of doing that. Hey, even blood sucking, flesh eating dogs are going in and out of Eritrea as they please, let alone these guys who are heroes in their own right! (Just ask Haile TG:)

      3. The blood sucking, swinging flip flops, with sick and twisted brain. These are the ones who wouldn’t shy away from initiating, leading ERITREANS to misery & horrible demise, only to turn and use these miseries as a political tool for their twisted agenda. I beleive these are the worst kind and number 1 enemies of ERITREA. To name some of these:

      – Those crooks who are playing games with ERITREA and its people in the name of human right.

      – Those playing games at the expense of and in the name of Eritean victims in high seas and deserts. The HaileTGs kind of blood suckers

      – Those luring Eritreans to cross to Ethiopia, human trafficking bastards. Those who are initiating musicians, sports men etc to abandon their nation. Those who are making money at the expense of refugees. Such hideous individuals, like Meron, Mussie, Selam K, etc

      – Thise messing up Eritrean communities and churches in diaspora. Testing Eritrean unity etc. These are also the ones who preach “Ethiopia good” and who are trying do break Eritrean core values, dignity etc. They project inferiority in the name of our Eritrea, initiating people to loose hope, establish MIS trust. You hear these people belittling our festivals, national days, our BAHLIS and our gatherings. All in the name of fighting PFDJ, but the actual fact is they are murdering Eritrean core values and proud Eritrean ness

      4. The naive.

      These are the misguided ones. These are the Abrham Hanibals (if I read this guy right)

      These are the innocent ERITREANS who are falling victims of the preaching of the actors mentioned above. These most probably are confused enaugh not to see the big picture. These are deceived by false promises and fancy words, such as democracy, constitution election Etc, comming out of the pretentious lots.

      Take for instance Abrhams claim “He will defend ERITREA if it is invaded by Ethiopia” Though you would appreciate his zeal and Eritrean’s habo, the fact that Ethiopia has actually invaded Eritrea and is still holding its sovereign land and messing us up like no other, seems to be lost to him. Add to that the fact that he is singing “”HGDEF” so many times, makes you wonder if he even realize hgdf, is just a collection of Eritrean human beings. But the more these kind of naive guys repeat the word PFDJ, the more it creates monsterstic image inside their brain or some thing

      So, you are right, these are the ones who need goidance from us and from God. Of course, this group included kids what SAAY, referred as “Victims of YG”

      And well, there is the last group ( may be not a group, just very few guys)

      5. The “SAAY”s – extremely bright individuals, strangely enough are working extremely hard to belong the the extremely wrong group for their intelligence, if you know what I mean

      For the love of me, I can not figure out why an all round genius guy like SAAY, would allow himself to be labelled and associated with the most useless, world class lowest grade, so called Eritrean opposition! Intriguing. Too bad, he would have been better off if he could have been an independent guy, giving his skills to ERITREA, with out distinction of grouping.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi Mr. Gud;
    I agree that it is basically wrong of the Ethiopian govenment to not fulfill its obligations under the Algiers Agreement it had signed regarding the final and binding ruling. I can guess as to why the Ethiopian government has chosen to do so:
    * As regards the town of Badme, the Ethiopian government,esp. the Tigray adminstration had invested a huge price and pride to convince its people that the town belongs to Ethiopia. To materialise this claim, Ethiopia had to pay a huge human and material price. This is in adition to the fact that Ethiopia was governing Badme, at the blessing of the PFDJ-regime in all those years before the war. Therefore, when they suddenly had to leave the town because of the ruling, it was a bitter pill for the Ethiopian government to swallow ( it is difficult to understand why they didn’t consider this scenario when they signed the agreement). They were simply not ready to face their people whom they had caused such an enormous loss and suffering to justify their false ownership of the town.

    *The long running power struggle and feud between the leaders of the PFDJ and TPLF can be another reason. The TPLF is simply using the border issue as a means of further weakening its rival, the PFDJ, and secure a dominant position in the Horn of Africa Region and beyond..

    *The increasingly ruoge nature of the PFDJ regime, and its unheard of human rights violations towards its own citizens has aleniated it regionally and globally, and it has lost the good-will of the international community.

    *The US and other Western powers see Ethiopia as a very important partner in their war against terrorism, and due to its size, as a very important trade partner. For them it would be much easier to lose the favor of the much smaller Eritrea, and hence they’ve let Ethiopia’s transgression of the agreement pass by without any meaningful pressure.

    Faced with this reality, what should Eritrea do? Insisting on the unconditional and blind demarcation without the concerned parties consulting each other has led to nothing. Except for endless displacement of the people in the affected border areas. This situation of no war no peace has ironically created an opportune moment for the PFDJ dictators not to respect rule of law , and basic human rights of its citizens. As far as I know it there is no any disagreement on about more than 90% of the border ruling. This means that 90% or more of the border could be demarcated immediately, without any delay. So we are talking here of a few villages, here and there around the border whose fate need to be negotiated by the two sides. It is principally wrong to hold the peoples, esp. the Eritrean people hostage for decades because of disagreemnets on a few villages. Eritrea could accept negotiations on the basis of conditions. It could agree on talks, on the basis that the status of the border ruling as final and binding would not be affected, and that dialogue would only be used to resolve issues of practical demarcation on the ground. The two countries could agree on a third country that may serve as a witness to these preconditions and their ultimate agreements. In case the dialogue doesn’t bear fuit, the situation would change to the status quo. I don’t see the border issue to be closed; it is not closed until the last border-pole is errected on the border between the two countries.
    Abraham H.
    Peace to the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia!

    • dawit

      Dear Abraham;
      I dont think changing the current Eritrean government will usher in democratic rule to the Eritrean people, worst it will may dump it in endless violent civil wars to will not bring peace to the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. That is my personal obsevation and opinion.


  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi Mr. Derebew;
    I agree with most parts of your input here. Any meaningful relationship and cooperation between the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia should be based on the basic truth of mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of respective countries. As the result of generations long animosity created by the governments of both countries, but mainly by imperialist approach from Ethiopia, today the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia are among those least developed societies on Earth. We’ve every reason to direct every cent we’ve in the development and emancipation of our countries. Endless enmity is not to the interests of both Peoples. We’ve every reason to live in peace with each other, and to make up for all the missed opportunities.
    I see that any future cooperation between the two countries as a complementary one, where both countries draw a benefit from each others potentials. I don’t see it from the perspecive of only one country. This means I’ve to disagree with your assertion that the port of Assab is doomed unless Ethiopia makes use of it. If one is to see it from a short time perspective; yes Ethiopia would be the major customer of Eritrean port services; but the long run development plans of the economy of Eritrea would envision to prepare the ports for international trade services. Furthermore, future economi plans of Eritrea would focus, like any other country, on all aspects of economy like industry development, communications, finances, fisheries, mining, agreeculture, tourism, etc. It is, therefore, not right to link Eritrea’s economic survival merely on port services.
    At the end, I feel that both Eritreans and Ethiopians should stand together to face backwardness, and challenge the corrupt politicians to seek reconciliation, and eternal peace between us. There is a need for such an organization as “Eritreans and Ethiopians for Development and Peace /EEDP” that would work for the common good of reconciliation, peace and development of our nations.
    May Peace be among us!

  • Admas

    እግዚያብሄ ይስጥልኝ የአባቴ ሃገር ልጅ…በርግጥ እኔም ራሴ የተወለድኩት ሻምቡ ወረዳ ዉስጥ ነው…ኤርትራዊያን ለራሳቸዉ ከጭቆና ሳይወጡና 5 ሚልሊዮን ህዝብ ማስተዳደር እንክዋ ሳይችሉ, የኦሮሞን ህዝብ ለማታለል የሚያረጉት ተስፋ ቢስ ምፍጨርጨር የሚያበሳጨኝም ለዚህ ነዉ…አንድ ለራሱ እንካው ያልሆነ ደሃ ህዝብ የኦሮሞን ህዝብ እንደዚህ ሲንቅ ማየት ያበሳጫል..ብዙ ግን አስትወለህ ከሆነ ከኦሮሞ ህዝብ በላይ ኦሮሞ ለምሆን የሚሞክሩት እነሱ ናቸዉ…ኤርትራዊ ምን ስለሆ ነው ስለራሱ ሳያዉቅ ስለኦሮሞ ጥናት የሚያደርገዉ ብሎ የማይጠይቅ ሰዉ ሞኝ ብቻ ነዉ..ይባስ ብለው ከዚህ በፊት እንደጠቀስኩት ኤርትራዊያን ኦሮሞ ሆነው ጥምቀት ጀምረዋል…thanks anyway last someone has come out to expose their cheap shot..

  • Dear Ethiopians and Eritreans, is not a battleground and there is no war to be won. Unfortunately, free-thinking and speaking of the obvious makes you either a “ woyane messenger” or a “hypocrite”. As much as ultra-nationalists on
    both sides of the border are concerned, hiding the reality from the scrutiny of Ethiopians and Eritreans, is their modus operandi, because it serves their purpose, either to stay in power or fight reconciliation.

    We have to differentiate between the rule and the exception, and the objective reality from our subjective feelings. The individual does not represent the whole. Let us not forget that the feelings of an individual are not necessarily the feelings of millions of Ethiopians and Eritreans, a person’s truth is not the only truth, and when somebody says that he is honest, it might be his way of hiding his dishonesty. Some people cannot differentiate between their emotion and logic, and they do not acknowledge other people’s right to differ.

    There is dogmatism on both sides. “All Eritreans hate us” and “all Ethiopians are ready to devour us” are dogmatic, obsolete and not
    true. If we adopt such concepts, we will be missing the forest for the sake of the individual tree.

    IMO is an opinion super-highway mainly on Eritrean politics, and to a certain extent on Ethio-Eritrean politics and relations. As much as the second is concerned, reconciliatory messages and informed opinions are the things that should use this freeway.

    Nobody can defend the national interest of a country through hate and animosity, and more importantly, the virtual world of the internet is not the right place. We do not come to to win a debate or convince others (as pointed out by Amanuel Hidrat so many times in the past), but to put our two cents worth, so that people can ponder on them, and accept or reject them, accordingly. A tit-for-tat response is not necessary, and sometimes, a no response can serve the situation perfectly well.

    The “zeraf syndrome” both people still suffer from, and the “how dare you” mentality, is doing immense damage to the ideas of reconciliation and friendship. Unfortunately, Ethiopians and Eritreans have not added an iota to the idea of reconciliation and friendship, more than twenty years after their divorce. Ethiopians and Eritreans have no right to manifest the sentiment of hate and animosity similar to that of Jews and Arabs. I think that we must be the only people in all Africa who have the unhealthy priority of being enemies over the last half century. If Ethiopians and Eritreans are condemned to live side by side, for Christ’s sake, let it be peaceful and civilized.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Mr. Horizon;
      No decorated words would change your clearly stated ill-wish of making Eritrea to give up its Assab port for its Badme town. Furthermore you were mad-enough to suggest that unless Eritrea fulfills this bullying, there would never be Peace between the two countries. I and many other participants in this forum and the silent majority know exactly what kind of destructive, non-reconciliatory, and unfriedly thaughts you’ve about how the relations should be. In Eritrea, we’ve a nick for People like you-LIBI TGRAY.
      Mr. Abinet, who’s been mentioned as the “villain” in this article has far more less harmful standpoints of disengagement; that those mad and ill-fated comments of yours. You need to listen to your father Sebhat Nega, he was sending a message to people like to distance yourselves from the actions of your forfathers-the Zeraf, Assab or nothing mentality.
      My message to you is that you’ve to apologise to Eritreans for desiring and dreaming of something that doesn’t belong to you. Once you do that, we will consider how to deal With future comments that you come with. You need to do away with your poisonous agenda.
      -Eritrea is an independent country with defined borders.
      -Eritrea would never be bullied to give up any of its sea ports
      -Eritrea respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries, and expects others do also the same
      -Eritrea would like to resolve its border issue with neighboring countries peacefully, based on border rulings, international treaties and mutual agreements
      -Eritrea stands for peaceful coexistence with all countries
      -The Eritrean people would ultimately remove dictatorship and build a democratic, and just society
      -Eritrea would work for a closer relationships with its neighbors, and strive for the common goal of collective prosperity of the Horn of Africa Region.
      Thank you!
      May the leaders of the region have the wisdom and courage to take the necessary steps for peace and development!

      • Hope

        Dear Abreham Hannibal,
        Well said and well balanced, sir!

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Thank you, Mr Hope! ))Let’s hope and work for peace!

    • dawit

      Horizon Why do bring ‘Christ’ in this discussion? Do you know what Christ teaches about the Truth? “Only the Truth Make You Free” John 8:32. “So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never yet been enslaved to anyone; how is it that you say, ‘You will become free ‘?”…” Jhhn 8:32
      You can talk billion false ideas, you dont know the truth and when you multiply the billions false ideas by 0 truth, mathemathically every thing will end up with BIG ZERO. That is your message to Ethiopians and Eritreans try to preach “Exchange Bademe for Assab”.

    • Hope


      I regret to tell you that you lost your credibility as an Ambassador of Peace and I recall back that Nomination for ever and ever.

      By saying:” The only way for lasting peace is exchanging Badme for Assab .(Both Eritrean territories but, again who cares as we are powerful and we will get them back by force”),you are declaring War officially on Eritrea and Eritreans!

      Rest assured that Eritrea will get back what she deserves and will prevail and outshine.

      “Those who wanted and tried to kill Eritrea are either dead and/or will die off soon”.AMEN!

      Courtesy of Mr.Yemane Ghebre’Ab,the PFDJ Political Affairs Head/Presidential Advisor.

  • Rodab

    Yeah, I second Hailat. This is AT’s the bridge-to-nowhere Pushkin Statue:-)
    Weren’t you used to conduct interviews ages ago? What happen to that section? You can interview Ambassador Andebirhan. On slow days, you can even interview Senators TG and Andom:-)

    • Saleh Johar

      Anta regum, would you rather have a statue of Shakespeare? Someone told me he is Eritrean by the way, we should claim him before anyone else does. Forget the English.

      • Rodab

        Alora SJ
        ….and I was told it was Abraham Hannibal that is Eritrean. I guess kekem gezawtka’yu eti claim.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Rodab and Saleh:
          I also heard that M.Gaddafi’s father was Eritrean and he was alive after independence and they met along with interpreters sometime after independence . The story was long. I am not kidding.

          • Rodab

            Haha..Sem Arkey..ezi’a dma Hadash mai zeyHalefa…bokhri ezney.
            The only one we have proof of is Meles Zenawi (rip).
            Abraham Hannibal too, if you believe wikipedia.

          • Kokhob Selam

            እዋእ ! እዋእ ! ኣታ ከመይ ኢላ ድኣ እዚኣ ሓሊፋትኒ ? ብጃኻ እባ ወለድኡ ሕተተለይ ::

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Robab:
      I missed that senator Andom and TG: You know what they say in America, “every USA senator wakes up every morning and looks in the mirror and sees a USA president, so be careful 😉

  • haileTG

    hey hgdef teletubbie

    You wouldn’t know “insult to Eritrea and Eritreans” if they rub it all over inside your freaking nostrils. An Eritrean son of independence martyr sleeping rolled up in Ethiopia donated sack of grain some where in Shimelba is the mother of all insults….do your teletubbie thing, don’t let me interrupt your freaking lost balls. And don’t say “Eritreans and their government” we have no such thing just organ trafficking traders paying you to drool your piece of trash here.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi HaileTG, you e-mail is not working and you got a message, please check it

      • haileTG

        hi sal… please re-send!

  • haileTG

    Selam Guest Ethio

    Although I understand how you must feel by the external interference in your domestic issues as a citizen, however, peace or war are the work of more than individuals and I hope you turn your anger into real energy that solidify peace and unity in your cherished country. The man doesn’t represent my views and the views or interests of the oppressed people in Eritrea, so we shouldn’t judge the validity of the need for peace based on how we feel towards one or group of individuals.

    In the interest of Awatista, here is a 30 sec. chopped youtube of the point that propelled you to write the above comment.

    ከመልካም ምኞት ጋር፡

  • haileTG

    Hi Abraham, let’s you and me share the noble cause of freeing our people. With regards your approach to Ethio-Eri debates here, we have big differences, and that is not significant or relevant, as we need to free our people first and for most. With that let me quote Said from his comment above to close our migration from our urgent issues.

    ” Scientific and technological technologies are running way ahead of humanity’s intellectual and collective cognitive abilities to grasp, digest and contain for the overall constructive use: i.e. restraining the war monger system rampant avaricious motivation of the “How?” that has for long replaced the “Why?” reasoning of the ultimate purpose and intended for the enhancement of the general good of our neighbour people and beneficial utility

    whose benefit accrues and widely shared equitably with the human race”


    • Abraham Hanibal

      Hi Haile;
      I didn’t really think that there is a big difference between me and you regarding the Ethio-Eritrea debates here. My position on this issue is clear: both governments have to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and self-determination of their respective countries. This is the core issue for any meaningful relationship between the two countries. Once this is guaranteed, there is no any problem whatsoever as to foster further multifacetted co-operation between the two Peoples.
      I suppose that you agree with my position regarding this issue, or may be you’ve other viewpoints? Please let me know.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Hi Mr.Haile TG,
        First I thank you, for your up-vote of my comment, I take it as a complement:)) Now that I’ve clarified my position regarding Eritrean people’s right of self-determination, sovereighnty, and territorial integrity several times; I would like to see your version of the matter. I’wd appreciate it if you could present your views regarding how these basic issues should be in a clear. non-veiled and to the point formulation.
        I believe that anyone who claims to support the Eritrean people’s right for a just society should begin by acknowledging these basic rights of the Eritrean People.
        Thanks again

  • said

    Best to invoke philosophical thoughts in moments of analysis of issues pertaining to Grander
    Designs to wrap in Broader Framework of detached objectivity for purposes of gaining broader vision pertinent to Broader Objective Reality.

    The ills of the ERA/ETH are never a novelty as they always and forever stem from the very ills that
    reside deep in the make-up of mortals’ psychology and deep-embedded insecurities. Only this time around in a fast converging universe, the world of the Global Village, they are compounded and their reach and intensity of
    destruction are magnified by the advancement of the technology of wars and destructions.

    Humanity’s civility,except in the façade of things, are only collectively receding in comparison by humanity’s inability to harness the explosion in scientific and technological discoveries with the commensurate constraining legal and moral frameworks that ensure overall constructive promotion to the true overall general good of the ERA/ETH people .

    Scientific and technological technologies are running way ahead of humanity’s intellectual and collective cognitive abilities to grasp, digest and contain for the overall constructive use: i.e. restraining the war monger system rampant avaricious motivation of the “How?” that has for long replaced the “Why?” reasoning of the ultimate purpose and intended for the enhancement of the general good of our neighbour people and beneficial utility
    whose benefit accrues and widely shared equitably with the human race

  • Abraham Hanibal

    If Ethiopia was considered to be a viable at that time, why not Eritrea. Eritrea was, by the way, far more advanced, and had the necessary infrastructure. expertise and factories to stand by itself. But what the British did was to weaken the possibilities of Eritrea standing by itself by dismantling all the factories and infracture that was in place at that time in Eritrea. All this was done to pave the way fro Emperor Haile Selassie to annex Eritrea, citing the country was incapable of governing itself.
    The fact that Ethiopians themselves were “subjected to a backward feudal system” doesn’t give them the right to annex Eritrea, by any kind of reasoning. Although there might have been some marginal support here and there from some Arab countries, and non-governmental organizations, Eritreans had waged the war for their Independence largely depending on their own meagre resources and their sons and daughters, in addition to to weaponry they captured from the Dergue. No external force had exploited our emotions; we were the victims of oppression, killings and destruction by the occupying Ethiopian forces; and we didn’t need any outside forces to tell us that we had to stand against all the injustices and recliam our dignity.

  • dawit

    Gaddafi was as good friend of Ethiopia too. He sent his Mig fighter and pilots to destroy Eritrea. Enjoy your Menge dancing with your Friend Gaddafy. I hear there is electricity shortage in Ethiopia too.

  • haileTG

    Haha AT,

    As if this website is not graced with heavy weight Ethiopian participants as Horizon ( the pragmatic), T Kifle (the principled), Fanti Ghana (the humanist), Rahwa (the dignified)…but to mention few, who makes it to the Article? Yah..Abinet (one of the few Ethiopians who can’t forget to remind us that he has forgotten about us)!!! Hey Abi, we can’t forget you now, can we? This really waxes like the PFDJ erecting Pushkin’s statue of all those who fought and bled to have us the the right to erect whatever statue (even a shoe) in Eritrea. This reminds me Saay’s funny comment yesterday እንታይ’ሞ፡ እንታይ’ሞ እዛ ዓለም እዚኣ’ሞ or roughly translated to Amharic as ምን ይሁን፡ ምን ይሁን፡ ድሮም እቺ ዓለም እንዲህ ኣይደለች ወይ!

    So, what can one say except treat Abi for this song, to liven up this special day of him making it to the annals of Eritrean opposition history;-)

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Mr Haile TG,
      “The pragmatic Horizon”. Now, I know that you’ve your full right to make your own free judgements of people. But to claim that this person with a nickname “Horizon” is pragmatic is far from truth. This person was preaching the other day for the barter of Assab in exchange for Badme and “economic integration”, and “electricity” from Ethiopia. This is a person who, in his/her own, words believes that “landlocking Ethiopia was the biggest mistake” and who believes that “landlocked Ethiopia will never be at peace with Eritrea”. It is really surprising from your side when you endorse a person with such claims that doesn’t represent the interests of the Eritrean People whom you often claim to stand for.

      • haileTG

        Hello Abraham,

        Pragmatic is one based on practical steps rather than idealistic expectations. The proposal of a pragmatist may be acceptable to some or objectionable to others, but doesn’t alter the fact that it is a “practical steps” based rather than “idealistic expectation” based proposal.

        Based on the above, which is pragmatic?

        – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans need to shed their alien inspired identity

        – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans need to reject Ghedli

        – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans need to give up on Arab instigated fake independence

        – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans can guarantee sea outlet and Ethiopians guarantee security on the border and engage in favorable economic partnership with Eritrea.

        The first three are ideology based proposals and the last one is pragmatic proposal. If you find it unacceptable, you have reasons and if you find it acceptable, you have reasons too. What you can’t do is re-define its basic nature as being a pragmatic than the three above.

        PFDJ is proposing to nullify mine and yours citizenship by expiring our IDs and declining to issue new ones. You can accept or reject its merits, but it is a pragmatic undertaking at least from its point of view. We really don’t have the capacity to attach new meanings and concepts to operative terms that were coined generations ago, because we feel like it. The British proposal of Highland/Lowland partition was a pragmatic proposal to its initiators that was rejected by the subjects. So, pragmatism also includes the reality that it is something considered sensible and realistic to the initiator.

        BTW I believe that we are independent country and I don’t feel insecure to live in peace and harmony with others.


        • Abraham Hanibal

          Hi Mr. Haile TG;
          Here is the definition of “pragmatic” from the merriam-webster dictionary: ” dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories”. So you believe that Horizon’s claim of Assab or no peace is reasonable and logical? Eritrea can guarantee sea outlet to Ethiopia; but that doesn”t mean that Eritrea has to relinquish its sovereign land in return for security and economic partnership-that is unheard of.
          I also believe that we are an independet country, and that we’ve paid a price,there exits few rivals as regards its size. And, of course, I don’t feel insecure for my country to live in peace and harmony with all neighboring countries, why should I. But I should stand against anybody who dreams of imposing their dream and desire on my people.

          • haileTG

            Hi Abraham,

            Here is what you shared that I also thought to be the meaning:

            ” dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories”.

            I agree.

            The idea was that of Horizon and is supposed to reflect what is “reasonable” and “logical” to him. As far as logic and reason goes, he would be right to think so. What is illogical and unreasonable point of view is the views as:

            – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans need to shed their alien inspired identity

            – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans need to reject Ghedli

            – For peace to take hold between our countries, Eritreans need to give up on Arab instigated fake independence

            Because there is no “reasonable” and “logical” way you can implement such demand. It is “unreasonable” and it is “illogical” and hence non-pragmatic. As I said, you can object or accept it, but based the various Ethiopian positions we see here, it is a “pragmatic”. As you shared in the dictionary meaning, it is not “…depending on ideas and theories” of Colonialism, Ghedli, Arab conspiracy, self image gone wrong… or whatever.

            Now, I should commend you on “I should stand against anybody who dreams of imposing their dream and desire on my people.” Because, I kinda feel the same way here:-) (If you replace “my people” with “me”)


      • Hope

        May be Horizon is Haile TG–just kidding.
        Would you be so kind to call a Spade, a Spade–always, not just sometimes?
        I am anxious to see your response to Abraham about your “Position Statements” in ref to Eritrea per his invitation.
        Moreover, can you clarify to us as to why you seem to “love” the Ethiopians more than the Eritreans?
        is it a mere “diplomatic gesture or something else?
        Beyond the excuse of avoiding weyanization of the Eri politics,is there any other reason as to why you have been avoiding the negative role played against Eritrea and Eritreans by the Ethiopian Gov,please?
        For God’s sake, leave aside the lame lecture saying:” They are embracing and helping our refugees”.
        if you insist on that lecture,with all due respect Sir,you have an obligation to admit and declare as well the negative role of the Ethiopian Policy that have contributed to the mess.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Thank you for the video. It is a good threat for me. I heard the voice of peace and I hope peace will reign soon to these brotherly people.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Kokhob Selam

      If only all feel it, if only those who live in the past wake up this is the best natural and international voice. everything is to found here. make your goal to reach peace between those sister countries and you will start to enjoy life allowing others to enjoy it. tks Hale .

  • Gud

    Correction on the link above:

    One of Abnet’s memorable and genuine comment, the article purposely side stepped

  • dawit

    Awate Team Why did you post this Article? In defense of Abnetawian Ethiopians. This is one of a unique article I have seen her at Awate. It picked few words from an idividual’s responses and some of them out of context and some cut and pest remarks by others to make it appeal the individual they picked Abnet as some one who is Anti Eritrean people. I don’t know the purpose of the article, but it was not to foster reconciliation of the two people. I may be one of those individuals that may have provoked Abnet. My responses to others who distort Ethiopian and Eritrean people history to create or perpetuate their hidden agendas. In my harsh responses sometimes I use a broad brushes that touch other not intended. So some times Abnet picks those and he responds with some of the languages of war propaganda, that has been hammered for decades by HS and Mengisu’s regimes. The antagonism continues back and forth each responding on the bases of their limited and often distorted image and knowledge of the other side. Now sadly AT want to make Poster Child of Ethiopians who are Anti Eritreans,
    Abnetawian Ethiopians are those who have accepted and recognized Eritrean Independence without precondition. They have learned the lessons of the thirty year of distraction of their country to hold on an outlet to the sea,, and they can live side by side with their neighbors without a war for a port. They don’t understand why Ethiopia is holding Eritrean territory and would rather see Bademe returned to its rightful owners. Unlike others NonAbinetawian Ethiopians, who speak in two tongs, yes we wont Eritrea to be independent but we want Assab in exchange for Bademe. They want to make a hostage exchange, Bademe for Assab? To me those NonAbnetawians (Gebru Asrat, Siye Abraha Aboy Sibhat and their Cadres her at AT Horizons and T. Kifles) are the groups who spew a hidden dangerous ideas that will cripple the two nations, present and future relations. They think they can forge alliance by painting Isaias and PFDJ as the enemies of both Ethiopian and Eritrean people. They dangle their fake democracy and election by promising Eritreans to have if they get rid of Eritrean government. They justify for the Sanction on Eritrea to be economically and militarily weak to satisfy their sadistic appetite seeing Eritrean children suffer with their agenda of .no war no peace policies. They hate Isaias for supporting Ethiopians opposed to their tribal rule. I think Abnetawian Ethiopians should support and recognize as a legitimate leader of Eritrea, who tried hard to avoid wars between Ethiopians and Eritreans. They need vigorously that dry piece of land Bademe to Eritrea, oppose the no war no peace policy replace it with Peace-Peace policy.

  • Binieam

    That was simply Italian military men attending a church festival at the Holy Mariam Zion of Axum. The picture you linked has no description, how did you come to an unfounded claim?

  • Nitricc

    AT, how dare you! You place me with an Ex-Derg soldier. This guy Abnet is a character. I think Shaebia bend him for life. Lol. He so bitter and revenge driven; the Azz-kicking he got from Shaebia is hunting him for life. People like him will never catch up with current time and development. They are things in the past; they can not move with time and move forward. So, it is kind of waste of time to engage with likes of Abinet, old, outdated and stupid.
    Abinet! This is Eritrea and we fought for 30 years and we got the whole Eritrea including the two ports while whipping the likes of Abinet, take that!!!! Look at all the places and have an ulcer!!

    • Dis Donc

      Stupid? Really? Do you have to get out of your way and label someone as stupid? Last time you referred the prime minister of Ethio as a stupid wolamo!!! Over and over I read your writings which are nothing but a defecation on the face humanity. What’s more is that the awate site and its team seems to culcates and encourages it. In the face of all this, you make the awate site and its team look like a school for brats. And this is down right shame! With this, I can safely say that my last bastion of contact with Eri is done and dusted.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Cool down; man! The comments and ways of expression of ONE person should not turn you away from Eritreans.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        If you leave this page because of Nitricc, I think, you must reconsider it. A stupid person is stupid and he will be every where. The good choice you have at hand is to skip his every comment and keep engaged with the many good soul people. The world is not only with sinners but with garbage too.

        • Destaa

          I agree with u. I don’t know why but we tend to give more weight to people who are from other countries and think the idea of one man is shared by many of his country men. For me NItricc represents just himself and will not generalize for the many nice Eritreans. Similarly, you can make a hater Ethiopian powerless taking him as a single individual. Cheers from Ethiopian

      • Haile WM

        last time you said you are Eritrean… now how you can say “my last bastion of contact with Eri is done and dusted.”
        I think you are a little confused on your identity 🙂

  • Admas

    sorry mod, I realize I posted my comment without clearing a nick I was using for another site…eh

    I like the positive energy in the summery, but what is all hula hoop
    about Horizon or Derebew being better Ethiopians than others just because they chose to be hypocrytical and overy detached from the real feeling on the ground? at the end of the day, It is unlikely that sugar-couting
    problems will bring a lasting solution but an honest discussion
    does…why are we denying too many innocently ignorant people the chance
    to learn from their past misconceptions and mistakes becaue the fact is,
    Eritrea is a result of a misguided self-image that was brought about by a
    brief colonial exposure in relation to ethiopians . It can be argued
    that the historical incident backed by popular support might just give
    it enough justification for Independence but nothing can justify the
    disproportional bitterness and animosity they showed throughout the
    struggle, and it is by now clear that even the best Eritreans can achieve
    from now will never justify the price they have paid for the
    Independence. cos surely if one spends 3 decades plus thousands of
    precious lives just to prove ” being different” then the difference should
    be clear enough to compensate the price paid, and you can not attack
    people for making those logical arguments..

    • Abraham Hanibal

      The 30++ years of struggle, death and hardship was not the Eritrean people’s free choice. It was imposed on them by the Ethiopian government, after Ethiopia decided to abolish the federation and illegally occupy Eritrea without the free will of the Eritrean People. Even the federation was enforced on the Eritrean People to satisfy super powers’ vested geopolitical interests in the Horn of Africa region during the Cold War era. Eritreans needed to be awarded their Independence just like other African colonies after the end of European colonization, after the Axis forces were defeated.

    • Tade

      Had Eritrea had the potential to be a nation the would not have needed a care taker for ten years and it wouls have been a blessing for all including ethos who lost considerable lives and resources but the truth is duDe Ethiopia only en voted a curse on itself and gave u the time opportunities to educate u against itself..without the time u had with Ethiopia u wouldn’ny have even gained a sense of identity let alone to harm Ethiopia the way you did with the help of your Arab sponsors.

      • dawit

        Tade, Still singing that old song Eritreans fighting Eritrea to sell for Arabs. This is 2014 not 1960’s and 70’s. There are new songs up date you collections, Todays songs are ‘Isaias Dictator, Shabia our enemy, change regime! Bademe dinberachin! Assab yebar Berachin! Tade u are behind. Better Catch-up!

    • dawit

      “Eritrea is a result of a misguided self-image that was brought about by a
      brief colonial exposure in relation to Ethiopians” I respectfully disagree with that statement. All the 54 countries in Africa including Ethiopia are the result of that brief colonial exposures. Ethiopia was defined by British, Italians and French colonial treaties.

  • Abinet

    Mr moderator
    I said all in response to other debators not just out of the blue as you wanted it to appear. Newton’s third law of motion applies here.
    You also left out some of my comments . I have said,
    — ethiopia yegarachin , eritrea yegilachin did not work except 91-98
    — Eritreans were the creme of the ethiopian society
    — ethiopia is a mother who gave everything it has to her children including the adopted ones (Eritreans ) . Actually she gave more to the adopted ones to win their hearts. She failed big time.
    — derg was an equal opportunity killer
    — don’t blame 18th century ethiopian kings while you have a slave owner as your president in 21st century
    — you have the right to wish to be like Singapore as long as you don’t use as as your ATM machine
    — eritrea Han never been colonized by ethiopia
    — 1998 is ethiopian independence year from eritrea
    — the one sidedness of our r/p b/n 1991-1998 is the cause of the current problem
    — don’t blame ethiopia for every predicament eritrea faces
    AWATE is a university with out a wall
    YES , I have said all these and more and I stand by it.
    When I signed up at AWATE university, I did not expect to listen only to what I want to listen .
    I also believe there is no trust and love left b/n us .
    Peace for both people . I hope they live independently forever. Yes, I’m anti union , cooperation , integration of any kind.
    Thank you

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Hello Abinet;
      You can say that you are anti union; that is welcome; by the way, the majority, 99.9% of Eritreans had accepted to be separated from Ethiopia and be an independent nation. Therefore, whether you like it or not, the Eritrean Independence is a fact, and non-reversible. But to say ” I’m anti-co-operation is out of date in the 21st century. Today, let alone neighbors that share a 1600+ km of a border, even remote societies are trading, cooperating and exchanging experiences. Thanks to the communication tecknology and economic globalization, the world is getting smaller and distances between People shorter. Whether we like it or not, the Eritrean and Ethiopian Peoples will be neighbors for ever, and cross-border trade, exchange of experiences, goods, and services would be impossible to avoid, the day the political atmosphere between the two countries allows it.

    • Mohammed

      There is a big misunderstanding between Abinetian Ethiopians and we Eritreans besides being ultra nationalists off course. the misunderstanding starts from a simple idea that we tend not to remember that Ethiopia and Eritrea are two different entities.being neighbors do not necessary mean that we have to be friends or share what we have.the previous history of both countries as one entity is no longer worth to mention.Not like what Abnit mentioned it, Ethiopia was a burden to Eritrea for more than thirty years.It was a negative inertia for Eritrean
      social and economic advancement. It restrained Eritrean potential for four
      decades. Imagine can you feed 500 poor guests in your home for a year. It was
      the same thing if we see in small picture. Ethiopia has never been a colonizer.
      Yes true, Ethiopia was far back in every aspect in comparison to Eritrea, say
      it social, political or economic advancement . Ethiopia was
      a pure feudal and had traditional economic system while Eritrea was enjoying
      ultimate laissesfair type of liberal economic way of life. What did Ethiopians brought
      to Eritrea, poverty and they killed our people. And they took all the industries
      and productions which Italians established in Eritrea. What did we benefit from Ethiopia,
      may be white TEff and Amharic language. Do we need Ethiopians now /? It is the
      same like asking do we need friendship with Ghana?. Yes, we need because
      proximity and globalization can force us to work with any country.

      • Nitricc

        Mahmuday, forget Abinet i am waiting for you with my boat ‘Yohana” to show you around
        Red-C. something the Abinetawian don’t have it.×1280/50967293.jpg

        • Hope

          Prof Nittric,
          –ooh,he/Abi will die of/from jealousy.–from a sudden heart attack as we speak.
          Add these FACTS:
          The Red-C,aka Red Sea(Keyih Bahri,mare erythree)) :
          keyih bahir min bedir bahrna-alem kulu——-keyih bahrina hoy keyih bahrina—
          -is one of the BEST Seashores, in all aspects, in the world
          -has some of the BEST Fish in the world–with a potential of-more than a $billion annual income
          -has the best NaCl(sodium chloride-salt) in the world-with a potential of more than $500 million annual income
          -the cheapest but the cleanest and the best Energy Source(Red Sea Dam),which can cover the whole Africa and the Middle East—talk about a Multi-billion dollar cheap business
          -A $trillion worth potash Industry with a mine life of more than 200yrs(just Culluli only—without considering Bada and other sources-kept/classified as secret to avoid—-)
          -A Multi-billion worth, as of yet classified, huge Petroleum and Natural Gas potential(said to be more than that of Saudi Arabia and Qatar per the Western Economist Intelligence report)
          -A Multi-Billion Precious Metal Mining Industry where 60-70 % of the Eritrean Land is covered with-with a minimum of 50 plus years of Mining Life
          -and—guess what? what about the untapped diverse Eritrean Human resources from all over the world?
          Take a deep breath Hailat–we are talking about a new Eritrea)

      • Abinet

        I’m very disappointed at you . You haven’t said anything new . You have been singing this for 50 + years. We have heard it all . I got something new just for you.
        The modern Eritreans you are talking about are back into slavery. The children you proudly brought independence for , are in refuge camps in every continent . The rest are dying to live ( literally ) and leaving to die.
        The backward ethiopia is standing tall as never before , she is shining, with better and brighter future. In short she is roaring .
        WATCH OUT!!!!

        • dawit

          Dear Abnet, I know you were provoked by remarks made by Mohammed, but you could have picked better words to counteract. The words you used to describe the Eritrean current misfortune are not appropriate.

      • dawit

        Dear Mohammed
        You have a big misunderstanding of your own history. Eritrea and Ethiopia were both feudal nations in 1950 and most of the 20th. Century. Yes it has few buildings and roads built by Italians compared to Ethiopia, there were Piasas and Kazanches, Popolares in Ethiopia, like Kumbushtato and Geza Bandas in Asmara. All those were built for Italians to enjoy and not for Eritreans or Ethiopians. Worst there was open racial segregation imposed on native Eritreans not to walk in some Italian streets. Stop this nonsense that Eritrea was better than Ethiopia madness. The Italians had a plan to rule both peoples and we should not be proud with something that was not ours.
        On your statement Ethiopia was a burden on Eritrea for more than 50 years. I agree, but so Eritrea was a burden on Ethiopia for the 50 years. Both countries killed each other throughout the period you mentioned.
        Abenetawin Ethiopian learned from that and want not to repeat that 50 years mistake and Eritreans need to recognize that and live with their desire to be independent nation. I believe had Eritrea was granted by UN in 1950 just like any colonized countries in Africa and elsewhere, that 50 years burden would not have mentioned. I blame primarily the UN for creating that fake Federation between the two countries and sat idle when they killed and destroyed each other. Not even bother to intervene and stop the killings and suffering of the two people..
        We should be proud of our joint history when Ethiopians and Eritreans joined together fought to get rid of their common colonizer Italy. That is something both people should use as their model for past relations when the settle at Bademe.

        • Rahwa T

          Thumbs up for your comment, dawit.

    • SenaiErtrawi

      Both Ethiopian and Eritrean people never had governments that truly represented them. So, if you were using “Eritrean regime” and “Ethiopian regime” instead of Eritreans and Ethiopians, many of the things you say are facts.

      — Haile Sellasie tried to colonize Eritrea and Isaias tried to colonize Ethiopia
      — Eritreans were the creme of the ethiopian society –> like the Jews, they are creative and hard working

      ethiopia is a mother who . . . -> no mother-vs-adopted child here, just a kings trying to colonize neighboring country
      — derg was an equal opportunity killer -> true
      — don’t blame 18th century ethiopian kings while you have a slave owner as your president in 21st century -> true
      — you have the right to wish to be like Singapore as long as you don’t use as as your ATM machine -> true
      — eritrea Han never been colonized by ethiopia -> false
      — 1998 is ethiopian independence year from eritrea –> from Isaias
      — the one sidedness of our r/p b/n 1991-1998 is the cause of the current problem –> partially true
      — don’t blame ethiopia for every predicament eritrea faces–> true

      One thing I can tell you, you hateful views are minority among Ethiopians these days – most Ethiopians listen to Tedi Afro and Josi, and try to marry an Eritrean woman named Fiameta 🙂

    • Hope

      Congrars for getting the Awate Univ Attention!–that is too much for you!
      Sayterut abiet,Saylikut wediet—yetebalew ende ante aynetin sew new.
      why are you here then?
      Make No mistake:
      Eritrea will be Super Singapore of the world
      -A super Swiss/Geneva of Africa
      -Super -Israel of Africa
      -Super old Beirut of the Middle East and beyond Qatar of the Middle East—
      Refer to my response to Prof Nittirc about the Red Sea–about Electricty,Education,Industry,Food—etcc–
      it is a matter of few years.
      Just stay away from us and leave us alone.That would be well appreciated, Sir!!

      • Abinet

        You know what is funny, Hope? You are dying to be someone else but eritrean . try to be just eritrean. A proud one . Try it for a change .
        BTW , I do not like the attention . People are stopping me for a quick selfi and autograph .