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“Mistir Leyti”: Secret of The Night

During the struggle (Ghedli), the Tigrinya phrase for “password” was “misTir Leyti”: secret of the night. Usually, it was the name of a martyr, shared and circulated per whisper up to the tegadalay (combatant) serving in the frontline. Practiced throughout the whole Liberation Front and renewed on a daily basis, it was crucial for the survival of a military unit, especially during the night. It served to identify a comrade and rule out any risk of an intruder or enemy respectively. When darkness falls, the first thing you would ask any suspected moving person is “dew bel, men iKa,mistir leyti!” (Halt, who are you, name the password!) If the person in question cannot immediately render a correct response, he would be in serious trouble. So, you memorize it. The guards in charge for the night shift (Hares) are assigned alternately.

Since I never liked to be woken up in the middle of the night, I always preferred to be the first or the last Hares (guard), though it was common knowledge that the risk level of the last guard was high, since the probability of a dawn raid was significant. Maybe I was so young and naive to bother about or realize the level of danger. As the youngest in my unit, my comrades granted me this privilege. Our ganta (unit) used to sleep in one of the strategically best-situated hidmos (traditional dwelling) at the top of the village. The owner was an elderly woman whose home was now continuously inhabited by us. She slept in the wiShate (interior) and made the other parts of her house available to us. In the late evenings, it was customary to end up sitting in convivial gatherings chatting and cracking jokes, Hikiyatat. Some the jokes could be equated to soft porn. Whilst most of our male comrades obviously enjoyed them, we, the two female tegadelti (combatants), were either bored or made our objections known. Thus they would occasionally cut it off. If our objection was not heeded, we would ignore and evade further discussion, and simply fall asleep leaving them on their own, still giggling…it was the safest place for all of us.

The Other Secret of the Night

Prior to joining this particular unit, and after leaving it to join another one, I believe that many female combatants seldom had a chance for a good night’s sleep. Not that they suffered from insomnia.   Permanent alertness was in the nature of things due to the military situation– the marching of Derg soldiers, surprise attacks from our side, etc.  But there was something else. Sometimes, it was the male combatant who slept near his female compatriot.

It was not always possible to set where and near whom you would sleep.  After all, it is a military organization. The problem was that some “wise men” with whom you had had a very good conversation, those who cared to give you most valuable advice you could ever get – the gedim (veteran) advises the new tegadalay – turned out, at night, to be the same person they were warning you of.

So they start groping and harassing you at night. The endless night fighting starts when an intruding hand touches you. You throw back the long arm in strong disapproval of the impertinent behaviour.  Again and again anew you repulse the attack; you try to whisper your determined “gidef” (stop it!). For fear of a louder “No!” you hope he can’t go further since the place is surrounded by many others.  But he would also not give up… How I hated those nights, those sleepless nights. Kitinkifeni, mulue leyti, kiribisheni hadiru (he was groping and harassing me the whole night) is what you could tell or keep it to yourself the next day and retain it in your–and only your–memory.

It is unbelievable how far a slim arm of Eritrean men can reach out. Can you imagine that an arm can be stretched out for groping from the medeb (inbuilt village beds made of clay) for a tegadalit sleeping on the floor of midribet?  Another weird and funny experience was when a tegadalay tried to stretch his arm and reach out for me, crossing over a tegadalit who slept between him and me, thus depriving both of us of a good sleep. The plan of having her as a “protective barrier” didn’t work out. I think we used to call it Hatituni (in the minimized form of “he expressed interest”) when the concerned tegadalay had the guts to approach us the next day. Some would even bring “gifts”; KushuK (sarong) was the most popular among them, depending on where you resided, near the Sudan border or near Eritrean towns. The narration is much longer…however, this should suffice.

No doubt, there were love relationships, marriages following long years of waiting, abstinence and hope – Naxnet iyu meray, banderay gezmey (Eritrea’s independence equates to my wedding ceremony; its flag to my dowry.) But also cases of miqiTab (pairing off), abusing power to get hold of a girl, sexual harassment, sexual assault etc.  All of these were there. And still, relationships weren’t immune to the effect of Hameta (backbiting). There was always “big brother” watching you, and every man felt entitled to fit this qualification. You would get letters signed “kab ziHalyelki bixayki ,kemzi semiEE aleKu teTenqeqi“(from a caring comrade: rumours are circulating; be alert). But then exactly such a kbur bixay tells you “anewin niqumneger yidelyeki iye” (moreover, I’m interested in a serious relationship), meaning merA, hadar (marriage), which didn’t cross my mind. It was too early and inconceivable for me as I was still underage. I was rather dreaming of continuing my education as soon as Sewra is over.

At the time, when I was attending political course which lasted three months, a cadre from the women’s organization came and talked about the need for contraceptives to be distributed to women fighters. A heated and controversial discussion erupted. The opponents argued that this would encourage promiscuity. At the end of the day, however, the General Union of Eritrean Women endorsed the proposal. During a session of this same course a gedim tegadalit elucidated “how to prevent sexual assaults”; instructing us to avoid anything that could seduce and charm (keynesHtom); we should watch out the way we dressed. Since we used military uniform the clear message was “button up properly!”  Hmmm, we learned it was to be blamed on the woman…

Several tegadelti I knew had “unwanted” pregnancies. A young comrade, whom I got acquainted with just few months before she died, drank KuHli (eyeliners) with the intention of abortion (that was at least what I heard; no idea if it could have worked). She was a very fine girl, may she rest in peace. And then there was the case of a tegadalay at the Security Department who had raped several women who were arrested trying to cross the border to Sudan. It took a long time before he was accused of these repeated crimes. As far as I know the fall of ELF averted the pursuit of the proceeding. Again, the narration is much longer…However, this should suffice.

Justifying & Denying The “Secret of The Night”

We are in the year 2016 and I read an article in Tesfanews  (19 January 2016) written by M.G, “COI findings need legitimate investigation” where she argues that there is no rape in Eritrea, because Eritreans were never rapists, aren’t and never will be, since this is against the culture and the law. Phew! There is no such thing as a society of “rapists” or “non rapists”. A politically motivated general denial avoiding an open and frank discussion is hypocritical, though. If we are honestly seeking for “hard evidence”, well, then, let us create a conductive climate that enables the concerned, the victims, to speak out and share their experience.

Previous to this, the government of Eritrea launched a campaign against the reports of the COI, pressing Eritreans in the Diaspora to sign a petition with a specific “recommendation” for women to deny any sexual rape (no rape happens; only saHti (seldom); the law and the culture don’t allow this). Well, do PFDJ and its supporters think that sexual rape happens because it is not against the culture and the law of the respective countries? Is that a call for all women of the world telling them to go to Eritrea and live there, because it is the only country where such offences never happen, or if at all Sahti as they suggest? What does saHti–seldom— actually mean in terms of figures? 50, 500 or 50.000 annually?  There is no mention of any data about gender-based violence in Eritrea. As the NUEW told CEDAW in 2014, “… No gender based workplace violence was reported during the period under consideration. However, it cannot be assumed that there is no sexual harassment or sex motivated abuse in work places”. The same seems to apply to isolated and suppressive North Korea (not comparing Eritrea with North Korea!). Do we have data on sexual harassment and rape during the Derg time?

As Y. H. [1] (referring to Ghedli time) requested the Australian ambassador to help her find the perpetrators, his reply was “wey Yordanos siq ilki iki, ewe yegaTim, tegadelti indiyom, wetehader ab kulu Alem zelo kemu iyu zigebir…” (Oh, come on Yordanos.  Yes it happens; they are combatants; it is in the nature of a soldier anywhere in the world to behave like that.) He could as well have added “you know in our culture we settle such problems in a way that the rapists ends up marrying the raped “. Is he, PFDJ, or its supporters suggesting that Eritrean women should put up with it?

Eritrea is still one of the countries where gender-based violence starts at the very early age of a girl when FGM is conducted. In 2010, the prevalence of female circumcision among the young women aged 15-19 was around 68.8% according to the report of NUEW to CEDAW in 2014. Eritrea is a country where child marriage – by definition sexual assault – is rising as the government media EriTv [2] showed recently. And then we have the report of the COI with many cases of sexual harassments and rape. If you are dead-set against the COI report, then refer to the research work of Asia Abdulkadir [3), or Cecilia M. Bailliet  [4]. Cecilia quotes “Amnesty International has received reports that some of the new female recruits were selected by commanders for sex under duress, through being threatened with heavy military duties or being sent to the battlefront during the war or to a remote and harsh posting, or being denied home leave.” Lema gave similar testimony (22:55-29:59) [5].

If you should still have some doubts then ask any Eritrean woman, no matter how old and wherever she lives. Ask her if she has ever been sexually harassed, assaulted or even raped by an Eritrean man. Many a story is yet to be told. They may still be reluctant to bear witness or want to have it dealt with in confidence as they don’t know what the perceptions in society would be and thus eventually decide to keep it to themselves as their own “mistir leyti”, (secret of the night). They prefer to repress all memory of the issue.

PFDJ seems to have “discovered” the heroism of Tegadalit (which I am very proud of!). They are engaged in posting pictures of Tegadelti in accentuating their lip service for the glory of Eritrean women during Gedli. The new role of women in Eritrea is depicted in the “Sawa girl carrying AK-47”.

All this campaign of the PFDJ is nothing but a futile attempt to silence women, which is tantamount to turning the clock back to the 19th century. The duty of a government is not to regurgitate denial of abuses; it has the obligation of preventing gender based violence of all forms, bringing rapists to courts, and giving the needed support for the victims of sexual violence. Any women’s organization is expected to endorse this. NUEW has, thus far, failed in practicing it. A change of attitude in our society is much needed one that respects women and their dignity.



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  • Asmerom

    Tzigereda Haile Attempts to hypersexualize Eritrean men, and trivialize Eritrean Women Freedom Fighters and the organization they decided to join and fight for. First, Eritrean Women Freedom Fighters are witnesses to massacring and rape perpatrated by ETHIOPIANs, upon seeing and experiencing such atrocities commited by Ethiopians, they made a choice to defend THEMSELVES and their Nation. Second, the author Generalized a whole society based on… stories, if you can even call them that. Third, Eritrean Freedom Fighters, EPLF and ELF, Women AND Men, were known for EMPOWERING Eritrean women all over the country from the rural areas to the urban areas, all of which has been heavily documented by countless journalists and foreign agencies.

    • Fanti Ghana

      “Tzigereda Haile Attempts to hyper sexualize Eritrean men…”

      No she did not. She shared her experiences as did many before and after her. I had a co-worker with a three old ‘fatherless’ daughter and many other friends who shared with me experiences of similar nature as Tzigerada’s. However, she nor any of my friends claimed ELF or EPLF condone such practices.

      “…trivialize Eritrean Women Freedom Fighters and the organization they decided to join and fight for.”

      How? Are you implying that her story would have been believable had those women were weak and stupid instead, or are you saying that the “Eritrean Women Freedom Fighters” were so fierce and untouchables that they could not possibly be harassed? Have you even read the part where she said she was young and thinking of school after the revolution?

      ” … Eritrean Women Freedom Fighters are witnesses to massacring and rape perpetrated by ETHIOPIANs, upon seeing and experiencing such atrocities committed by Ethiopians, they made a choice to defend THEMSELVES and their Nation.”

      I don’t see the relevance to what they may or may not have experienced later, but fine.

      “…the author Generalized a whole society based on… stories, if you can even call them that…”

      Although she did not claim all Eritreans are like minded, it is ultimately a societal issue. It is the violent nature of men, the indifference of those in power; lack of mechanisms to address issues of this nature that make these crimes persist from one generation to the next.

      “… Eritrean Freedom Fighters, EPLF and ELF, Women AND Men, were known for EMPOWERING Eritrean women all over the country… has been heavily documented by countless journalists and foreign agencies.”

      In fact, it was a well known fact those organizations took መሰል ደቂ’ንስትዮ and ምዓርነት ደቂ’ንስትዮ very seriously. But something is illegal does not mean it never takes place. Rape is illegal in the United States, but there is a rape victims every few minutes of every day. Does that have anything to do with whether the United States empowers women or not?

      there is no need to solicit reassurance from a foreigner journalist when your own sister is trying to share with you her experiences. This is not an attack on the Eritrean manhood. Nor is it an attack on any particular person let alone the entire Eritrean society. This is about identifying weakness as a prelude to finding solutions.

      I have a general idea about what you are trying to defend, but this is not the way and absolutely not the topic. This topic is about the plight of women in general. She heroically shared her personal experience so we may learn and improve.

      Most of what you said about Eritrean Fighters and the positive contributions Ghedlis made toward the empowerment of women is generally correct. However that does not mean the work is complete and the struggle is over. We have a long way to go.

      “A change of attitude in our society is much needed one that respects women and their dignity.”
      That was her last sentence, and basically her entire message. How can we possibly argue with that?

  • Qurashi

    Why did you remove my comments?
    Is it because I said Amma was a thug army?
    Not only was Amma a disorganized shift band,it was a fascistic pseudo Islamic but rather tribalist and a racist lowland er supremacist arab wanna be bunch.

  • Qurashi

    This type of non sense never kwhappened within TPLF rank and file.forst sexual relation between combatants or with a civilian was not allowed until 1983-84 .
    After cohabitation was allowed for fighter of the TPLF a new phenomenon emerged ,which was the seniot laders and middle management type cadres had all the
    Most attractive ,urbane and we’ll to do female fighters.
    A sense of entitlement and display of arrogance staŕed to show on the women fighters who were dating the senior ranking fighters.

  • habte

    … it was “Derar Leyti ” not Mestir leyti eventhough they kinda share similar meaning.

    • dawit

      Dear habte,
      Regardless of the similarity in meaning which one is correct Derar or Mestir? Can you prove that you were right and the author is wrong?

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Habte,

      Thank you for the correction, the article would have ended exactly with a question ” did we say Mistir Leyti or Drar Leyti”, but it was ‘ lost in editing’.

  • dariapizzajane

    This is a really interesting article. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I’m sorry you and many other sisters have had to go through similar experiences and still do.

    As someone who is 2nd generation Eritrean and has grown up in Europe, this – the treatment of women – isn’t a party political or global North vs global South issue or restricted to national politics. It is a global issue about the power men (and their behaviour) have over women in determining their lives; which transcends culture, time and location.

    I have seen and heard of violence (whether physical or mental) for myself here in Europe and in Eritrea. Of violence, discrimination and maltreatment against women in the military, in religious spaces and home-life, experienced by 1st and 2nd generation women. No one deserves to be mistreated, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, age, situation (in war time, prison, orphanage, hospital etc). There is no and there should not be a debate about that. (If there is a debate about this, your premise is that men need to be satisfied in whatever way they want, because they are primal animals who cannot control themselves. If this is the case, then how is it that men have intellectual capabilities to reason or lead a people, fight in a war, if they are at the same time a slave to their sexual urges because they are simply men, primal beings?)

    We must stop treating our history, culture and identity as something which is infallible; by doing so we are implying it is fragile and foundation-less. This is reflected trolling of anyone who is constructively critical and questioning of the authenticity of their Eritrean identity. Highlighting negative issues doesn’t take away from the achievements of Eritreans (especially those who fought for independence) or the richness of our various cultures. There are good people who do a lot of great things for society, a country, a people who do bad things.

    We must address and accept (without questioning or doubting) the reality of Eritrean women’s lives both in the past and present both in Eritrea or elsewhere as women tell it, to secure a bright and promising future for Eritrean (and all) women everywhere.

    If we don’t, women’s lives will continue to be ruined and our future in jeopardy.

  • Abi

    Hope Nebsi
    ” cheaper by the dozen “.
    Derdro, derdro
    Asra hulet zero
    Eyechohe meTa liyadenequr joro
    Milasu yefyel angolu yedoro

  • Hope

    It was too late ” lalemesseber or lalemesber”.
    Yeghoda biresa yetegodda ayresam.

  • Berhe Y

    Hi Abi,

    Then blame those who broke the promise and not those who want to uphold it.

    Personally there is no need to go back except to repair the damage and build a relationship based on mutual respect and be a good neighbor.

    Luckily the way God blessed us, we have something you need and you have something we need. With time and with levelheaded leaders, it will be fixed, as it makes sound business and economic sense inline with International laws and regulations.

    Eritrea is blessed with loving, God fearing and low abiding (may be too much to our determent) people and what God provided us naturally.

    We have more than what we need to turn things around.


    • Abi

      Hi Berhe
      Abet gura! You sound like the hopeless Hope.
      Eritrean is blessed with loving, God fearing….
      The same to Ethiopia.
      I think this is the problem. Same sides of a magnet repeal each other.

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Abi,

        If you think I indicated Eritrea is better than Ethiopia, you have misunderstood me. That comment includes Ethiopians as well.

        The problem has been with our politicians and leaders, who can’t see far beyond their noses.

        As to bragging, here you have been rubbing our wounds with your continues ridicule, sometimes you tell us the door is closed sometimes you tell us we are begging to return etc. The response is to you, telling you that Eritreans are blessed with the genes of an Eritrean sons and daughters the likes of Prof Fesseha that you should be familiar with. But off course you brushed off :). Typical.


        • Abi

          Aya Berhe
          Nowhere in your comment you mentioned Ethiopians. You bragged about Eritreans only.
          Yes, the door is closed. Why should it matter? It is my door. Guess who closed it? You closed when you left. Don’t play victim here. You shot your way out.
          Regarding Dr. Fesseha I didn’t see the link. If you are talking about Fesseha from Debre Zeit Vet School, I know him personally. When he was dean of that school, he brought me ” First among equals ” by Archer. Don’t brag like Hope. You don’t know me. I know most of the high achievers. After all they are Ethiopian Educated.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            I don’t think I am your Aya, but I will take it as a compliment. I told you what think and you can take it as you like. I never said anything thing bad about Ethiopian people and I never will. For me Ethiopians are my neighbors, my friends, my relatives and even first cousins to my children, so they are part of me. Even if I spoke the good characters of Eritreans I don’t know why it bothers you.

            As far as the door goes, you can close it as much as you like and I don’t think it will make a difference. When you decide to open it, do it because it benefits you first. But our door will always remain open, as is the case for you here at awate open 24/7.


          • Ted

            Hi Abi
            “as is the case for you here at awate open 24/7.” “Oh, snap!”

          • Abi

            Wardiya Berhe
            Let me do a big favor to you at this very moment. Since you seem to be bothered by my comments here , I will give you more space by resigning from Awate University. I had the most fun.

            Ras Abi

          • Ted

            Hi Abi Awate university won’t let you go even you try. Vet the greatest, KS, AH…..lost count….. they all tried in one form or another, most importantly, what do you think brought SJ back from the cliff;-)
            I heard from family of mine bragging about Dr Fisha when i was in Addis that the Dr was well respected professor, drive VW beetle and was chain smoker. What do you know more. Can you share.

          • Berhe Y

            Ras Abi,

            If I made your stay uncomfortable, it was not my intention. Sorry.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Mndnew Gashe
            I can’t lose two Generals at the same time. Becha, Tnsh Qoy, Google/Amharic translator yamral’nji.

          • dawit

            Your Excellency Ras Abi,
            How can you resign before you answer my most important question about your dad and PIA relationship. you dodged the question simply by telling me, that they are of the ‘same age’. I want to know more detail of those two former Qedamawi Haile Sellasie University students who are of the same age. if they were dorm mate class mates, study partners, before IA dropped out and headed to chaka and your dad graduated and went abroad for further study. You know many ELFites, believe IA was also sent to join ELF to destroy it from inside the front. I want to know the truth if they were friends and if so what is the chance, that PIA as your Godfather, some thing that best friends do to cement their friendship permanently?.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Ras Abi,

            የዓዋተ ፍቅር መች ይለቃል እንዲህ –
            ዳዊት ድግም ብቻ ድልን ትመታለህ ::

          • Hayat Adem

            Abi, don’t even think about it. I mean it. You can only leave without taking yourself away,

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Abi,

            Berhe is one of the niciest person in this forum – a person whom you could debate with, on variety issues with respect and decency, even if you are at odd each other, on the subject mstter. If you are enjoyong the forum, stay and grace us with your funny humor.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7


            I am waiting for the punchline. Of all the back-and-forth you have had over the years, Gentle Berhe Y is the one who pushed you over the edge? Was there something else and, as my Google Translate says, “but enough small fire” when I typed እሳትና ነገር ትንሽ ይበቃዋል?


          • Tzigereda

            Hey Abi,
            Hear the song of Fikre Addis ” Temeles” and come back soon.

  • dawit


    Poverty is not an excuse to steal or rob. I could easily generalized the great majority of Ethiopians and Eritreans are poor. One can escape poverty through education and hard work, just like your father and IA did. Many people now, make fun of young IA poverty, degrading his mother for selling ‘siwa’ or ‘tela’ to support raise her children. What surprised me even those who claimed for women right just ignored such comments here at AT’s forum. In my opinion IA mother was a wonderful mother raised a son who ended up to be well balanced, intelligent and brave. He was able to lead one of the best disciplined liberation movement in Africa if not in the world. tes could also overcome his poverty and other weaknesses if he is ready to take opportunities at his disposal to realize his potetial. The Eritrean government has a general amnesty to all who made a mistake to run away from their national obligation and duties. All he need to do to Eritrean Embassy in Paris, sign regret form and return home. I am sure he will be treated well at the Embassy, by the Eritrean Ambassador, Her Excellency Hanna Simon (Amiche), if he avoids politics, blaming PFDJ or Amiches for the problems in Eritrea. She is one of Amiche veteran Tegadeltis of many years under EPLF. She joined EPLF as a teenager after finishing her study at Lice Gebremariam school in Addis Ababa. As you said tes could reach his God given potential, and rejoin his family and child if he avoids his silly politics of blaming IA and PFDJ. He thinks or dreams that PFDJ would disappear from Eritrea soon not realizing the fact that if PFDJ I, goes PFDJ II, PFDJ III will follow, and in the mean time old age will catch up on him and will live for the rest of his life in exile.That is what I can do at this time giving him free sound advice. But as we say in Amharic ‘Mikerew, Mikerew, imbi kale Mekera Yimkerew’. I think you should also pray for him and his family.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Like Brother, Like Sister (ከም ሓዋ) ; Like Mother, Like Daughter (ከም ኣደኣ)

    Selam All,

    Saba Tesfaselassie, a veteran ELF fighter, shared her experience, opinions and views about Eritrea with Antonio Tesfay of Tv Dimtsi Hzbi. She joined the ELF in 1977 and was detailed as a fighter in the ELF’s infantry units (ሓይልታት), in Brigade 71. Saba joined the ELF right on the heels of her brother’s martyrdom. Her brother, Araya Tesfaselassie, was an ELF ‘fedayeen’ who was killed in Asmara. She has been through all the battles until the ELF was driven out of the Eritrean field in 1981.

    In her interview, I picked up a major recurrent theme. No it was not about sexual misconducts of male ELF fighters. Again, no she did NOT singularly focus on gender issues. No. No. I did not pick up anything about bad experience at the hands of some ELF male perverts.

    The main issue that Saba harped on was that all the Eritrean adults in the diaspora should work hard in bringing together those Eritrean youths who have recently fled from Eritrea. She emphasized and zeroed on this point and the importance that the Eritrean adults should be and become the role models for these recent Eritrean youth immigrants.

    Saba aptly uses a felicitous term when she said, ” ንሕና ኣርኣያ ናቶም ክንከውን ኣሎና” [ we, the Eritrean adults, must be the role models of the Eritrean youth]. As you may have noticed, she is using the term Araya (ኣርኣያ) both literally and figuratively. Literally to mean “role model” and figuratively to evoke the name of her martyred brother, Araya Tesfaselassie.

    Saba’s interview was redolent of the themes that the female ELF fighters underscored and talked about in my encounters with them both in Eritrea and later in Kassala, Sudan, in my teen years. Now you know why I said that I have a more favorable view of the ELF female fighters than their EPLF counterparts.

    Saba’s interview starts right after the 30 minutes mark.

    And another Saba, Saba Habte defended Eritrea as a Warsayit (EDF) in the Weyane instigated war of 1998-2000. Most of her peers in the EDF (Eritrean Defense Force, were daughters of EPLF’s fighters. Indeed many daughters followed their mothers’ footsteps and played a huge role defending Eritrea and thereby assuring it’s sovereignty.
    We know that the ELF was the mother of the Eritrean revolution that birthed the EPLF which brought Eritrea’s independence. The EDF is a direct descendant of the EPLF and has guaranteed Eritrea’s sovereignty. I am of the opinion that one can easily encapsulate ‘the central dogma’ of Eritreanism thusly: ELF——-> EPLF ———> EDF

    • tes

      Selamat Gheteb,

      And where is PFDJ in your equation? Are you purposefully injecting EDF to escape from the hard hits of anti PFDJites?

      Gheteb, EDF became a tool for PFDJ political agenda. It failed to protect citizens from the crimes and as institution of powerful military leaders it became the center of sexual violence. EDF today is the hub of military criminals. These criminals are performing cold blooded gunning.

      No matter how you try to reconcile with ELF female fighters, what you are all trying is to cover-up your PFDJ propaganda.


  • Semere Andom

    Hi A, Abi:
    that is a nice, humble and gracious comment. But I want to let you that dawit lied about the free education, he is talking about the free education he received in your only country of Ethiopia and his second country. There is no free education in Eritrea and higher education, PFDJ never pays for higher education. Dawit knows it so that is why he is a liar, compulsive on. Even for higher education that was paid by other PFDJ has stopped allowing students to go study abroad for 5 years.

    • tes

      Selamat SA,

      On the dawit thing; this guy has no shame to say what the pfdj propaganda machine reports. In Eritrea there is no free education but a free labour, aka forced labour. To share what I came across, before I was sent (here I am not saying before I went as it was not my choice to go to China but an assignment), I served for 6 years. After joining my college in 2006 as a graduate assistant, I was asked to do Community service for one year and then National Service in total they make up 30 months. Two types of services:

      1. Community Service – earned 441 Nakfa per month – August 2016 to August 2007

      2. National Service – earned 150 Nakfa per month – September 2007 to February 2009.

      I was registered in the National Service with the 13th Round. And as part of the Algerie’s agreement, all national service recruited were supposed to be exmepted/leave. For this there was an EU fund, which was used to establish Sawa School in 2003. For this, I was on those exempted list and got an opportunity to be exempted fully after I finished the National Service, in 2009. From that day on wards I was getting salary of Gross 2500 Nakfa/month (Net= 2011, tax 489 Nakfa). I had a chance to be exempted but those who went to Sawa after 13th Round but recruited as Graduate Assistant in the same year never got a full salary. They continued to get 500 nakfa per month.

      And this was for total six years (2006 – 2012). Then I was sent to China for higher study. It was not my choice at all. Before I had two times admission from Wagenignen University (Holand) for Masters Degree in Biosystem Engineering. The dean refused to sign a letter of recommendation and hence was not able to continue for any process.

      For Chinese Scholarship, the Eritrean Higher education Board and Chinese Scholarship Council had an agreement. Within the package agreement, Eritrean higher Education board (EHEB) covers the ticket for to and fro price and a 1000 USD in cash to be paid to student for Laptop, in total, 2500 USD. This comes from the EHEB and the rest, three years expenses including education fees, health insurance and monthly stipend (about 250 USD per month) are covered by Chinese government. This scholarship is meant for three years.

      In addition, during study leave, 75% of the salary is given to you (if you are married), about 1500 Nakfa. And this is supposed to continue until you finish your study unless you left from China, making a total of 54, 000 Nakfa.
      That is all.

      If we calculate in total;

      During Community Service: 441 x 12 months = 5292
      National Service : 150 X 18 months = 2700 Nakfa -monthly salary)
      Then a salary, 42 months (from 2009 to 2012) x 2011 = 84, 462
      Salary during your study leave = 54,000 Nakfa

      Total net Income ( August 2006 – August 2015) = 146, 454 Nakfa.

      If you use 1USD = 40 Nakfa)

      92, 454 Nakfa = 3661.34 USD,

      Add 2500USD which was supposed for 3 years study time in China,

      Then, a total Income of 9 years is 6161.35 USD. This is for 9 years.

      Then let me ask you a general question. On average, how much does an average worker in USA or Canada earns per month? Just for comparison.

      6161 UDA for 9 years, 108 months. Divide it per month, I am supposed to get 57.04 USD.

      57.04 USD per month!


      Then who was giving for free?

      Leave now these diehard PFDJites. I am quite confident to conclude that I was under force 9 years.


      • dawit

        You could get a lot of ‘birle’ mes’ or even more ‘wancha siwa, for $57.04/month in Eritrea than, with $5704 in France, US or Canada for someone interested in drinking leftover wine.

    • dawit

      Semere and tes.
      “PFDJ has stopped allowing students to study abroad for 5 years.”
      Who lied? Who is the compulsive liar at AT?

  • PTS

    Mahmuday and Jeb Bush are suspending their campaign:)

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates

    About AMICHES ?
    I know about Amiches.
    Contrary to what many assume about them , Amiches are
    apolitical (passive or indirect political players and unNationalistic (no boarders ) by nature.
    Thus when any regime ( as had been the the case of of Ethiopian political reality ) mis-
    calculates their political stock shoots so high upwards like Dow Jones. And anyone in
    opposition of the regime can easily tap into them then further shooting their holdings
    further upwards in a meeting or alignment of political common ground.
    And thus they have always been falling on the right side of Ethiopian politics
    so far.

    I like them they are my partners in Ethiopian politics to work together if they have the will.

    Their political vision is aligned with mine though their political method falls way to passive
    than mine. So I have no problem or quarrel with them but only common vision.

    • AMAN

      ( continued…)
      Thus having said that,
      Yes it is true, the moderate approach of Amiches to Nationalism
      can be the best ever choice to Ethiopian political culture if adopted
      by ruling regimes to the version so far advanced by woyane, Dergue
      or HSI feudal ancien regime.
      Though many think the woyane and HSI approach to ethiopian politics
      are different they are not. They only differ in style and both are staunch
      defenders of Nationalism ( one is centralized while the other is decentralized)
      while the same in content and both against Federalism.
      Their politics ( the AMICHES ) is in perfect alignment with the progressive
      elements or groups of Ethiopia’s politics.
      So I see the view of Amiches as one of a a political order of future Ethiopia
      and doesn’t endorse whatever Ethiopia had or currently have as political
      culture. Rather it seems forward looking view which may or may not happen.
      SO seen or viewed against the background of Ethiopian political experience and
      political culture, the Amiches can be categorized as enlightened, forward looking
      and visionaries ahead of their time and Ethiopian political culture.
      In short they are the progressive elements of the society. With a potential to put
      the country in peace with itself and its neighbors like Egypt, Kenya, Sudan and/or

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Hope,
    I will leave the conspiracy thing as a wise crack. Suffice enough to say that we failed in many unimaginable ways. As to the referendum, please note that I have only spoken to people I know and that is what they told me. Regarding the refugees; I have no idea what you were expecting but refugees are treated bad everywhere, as I such Tigrayans are not going to be any different. I was only talking about Eritreans having to be able to return, as citizens and not as refugees.

  • Hayat Adem

    I haven’t read Mibraq’s article. But if I read it and what she tells me is about what she saw or experienced, and if that is not an exceptionally rare or improbable, i wouldn’t challenge her. But if she tells I have never been raped therefore Yordi couldn’t have been raped, then I challenge her conclusion, not her facts/experiences. But that is not a news. Normal things are not news. No one is supposed to be raped normally so the news is not about those who are not raped, because they shouldn’t be raped. It is about those who found themselves to be victim. Those who were not victims or eyewitnesses should not try to shush the victims. That would like standing for the culprit instead of the victim, standing for the wrong instead of for the wronged. Tzegereda is within her write to share this story at any time and forum because of or in spite of anyone provoking or discouraging her to say it or kill it. It matters less to me whether it has anything to do with COI or PFDJ. As a personal testimony, I see it at face value just for itself.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hello everybody;
    I swear this is my last Hateta. I promise, I won’t bore you with long ones, but since I’m not fortunate with time, I will connect most of your replies to my “Great Hateta” of yesterday.
    I was cleaning my desk to leave this warm forum for ever. Because, I felt that even the few individual I felt were prudent and cautious appeared to play it unreasonably dirty. Here is what made those individuals go really crazy.
    “Ah, the paradox, the same qualities that had made Eritrean women the most feared women in the world (ask abi when he peed in his pants in Dogali, Fenkel Operation, and ask General Abdulahi, a division commander, when he was pulled out of his foxhole in Adi Elie, by an ululating tigress…), that shrilling voice of “hurrah” which sent waves of fear and terror down the spines of her enemies, the confidence, and the assertiveness she had cultivated in the field had all caught up with her when the guns fell silent.” Mahmud
    Now compare the above with how Tzigereda put it.
    “These heroes of the nationalist struggle are finding that the very qualities that made them good soldiers and comrades stigmitize them as wives and potential wives. Former women fighters are seen as having experienced independence, sexual freedom, and equality with men. They fought side by side with men and killed enemy men. Their morality is suspect. their feminity is doubtful, and their ability to behave obedient as wives is questionable. Although national liberation has been achieved, the emancipation of women is at best incomplete.” Tzigereda

    Unless one lives in planet illogic, there is not much of a difference one could make from the above paragraphs. Tzigereda wrote of a general observation, I put that within a context. Of course, the mention of abi was intended for humor, but it did not sit well with some Eritreans. tes put it as magnifying ghedli (ha…ha…magnifying11??), others would simply choose neglecting, refuting, or just downplaying the Great Eritrean Revolution that shook the horn. OK, wannabe, opposition elements, do it at your own peril. Go ahead and good luck. You think I brought that to magnify ghedli (by the way what does that have to do with the topic at hand?), well, if you think I brought that for spicing up things, then ask this guy; he might be around.
    Note: Dear, abi and Hayat, I don’t glorify war. I hate it and I have said enough about it. But sometimes, war and military history enter the discussion to make a point. War is launched by politicians for political calculations, the indignant elements of a society, the poor and the young fight it out; the brave die in it. However, its loots are enjoyed by the opportunists. This expression is taken from a classic Arabic poem (not translation but as I it comes to my mind; I do not remember the exact verse. Ethiopians celebrate Yekatit, Adwa, Ye Atbegnoch qen…we do celebrate ours. Because those dates are not merely numbers. Hayat is, by any measure, the most articulate and brave woman. Although I don’t agree with her views, I do respect her with her classic debating skills. However, in her reply to me yesterday, she was all caught up with the mention of the assertive and the confident Eritrean tegadeloit who pulled General Abdullahi. Since, in her mind, ghedli was an Arab inspired foreign entity which roamed Eritrea lawlessly, the mention of a disciplined liberation army where women led the bands of the “chauvinist male” could not sit right in her narration. That’s expected. What was not expected was the frenzied rush of individuals I thought should, at least, remain levelheaded. Dear tes, I have no war to wage against anyone. Private things private, but in this forum, you, abi, Ghehteb, Hope, SA AH…SAAY…Horizon..are all the same to me. I come to express my views the same way you come to express your views. If you have the energy and motivation to wage war, I can tell you where to go. I think you left the theater of war. I don’t come here to convert you and don’t ever think you can convert me. Let’s be respectful to each other. You can’t change a system by playing rough in this forum. I respect you, and I don’t expect anything more than that.
    Dear SAAY: I agree with most of your point. I understand that scientists cluster or break down big concepts to subsets..I only differ with you, in that, the courage of Eritrean woman you are familiar with and I mentioned in a passing remark (you called it physical courage) has not ended in the battle field. I think it is a trait of all women. I see women who overcome adversities of life. I see abused, neglected and battered women who raise their children singlehandedly. I see them thriving and adapting to new environment better than men. I see them serving the anchor of their families and husbands. I see them crunching numbers for the sake of paying their bills. I see them acting more pragmatic and calculating. At this moment while I read comments and I write this piece to you, my wife has finished laundry and getting ready to go out with her sister who is visiting us. When we, the men spend time on issues of global measure, they focus on what is practical, on what’s doable. I appreciate that quality. That’s why I’m with you that unless we are lucky to have unleashed the potential of women, whatever change we could speak of is not going to be the ideal one.
    Coming to your categories of courage, courage is something you nurture. Evolution has equipped us with two choices: fight or flight. If the size f your opponent is bigger than yours, you flight, but if it is smaller than you, then you fight it in order to devour it. Of course, we, human beings are different because we are intelligent. We can control fears and nurture courage. To have a physical courage, either you have it nurture it (through knowing why you are taking that risk, why you would want to lose the one chance of life you have…this could be moral indignation built because of oppression and subjugation…or on individual level, it would mean facing up the bully of a group or the tormentor husband…); at any rate, it would be a moral clarity that would push someone to take steps that others wanted to avoid. That happened in our history. It was not rare to see family members splitting to some who joined ghedli, some joined the Derg, and yet, others made it to refugee camps, and then to the West or the Middle East. Therefore, the physical courage you mentioned were expressions of firm moral convictions. Otherwise, it should be drug driven. It’s wrong to assume that tegadelti were running on raw adrenaline. It’s just wrong.
    Dear Kokhebay: You have raised important questions, I agree with almost all. I would have loved to answer them individually, but time is not permitting me. But Your view on the topic was remarkable, and we have to have to contribute towards making Eritrea a country where both sexes and all sections of society could proudly call home. This is not for me and for you, but for generations to come. I’m interested in empowering two groups: women and the youth.
    dawit: hats off for the reply. I want you to understand that I mentioned you in a humorous way. It was not intended to offend you. I like opposing views. I enjoy them. Your debating skills are to be reckoned with. I don’t see you name-calling, bragging and declaring war on imaginary enemies. This doen’t mean I have to agree with all your ‘Nsu nHna” or “znegesse ngussna” mantras. I know you resort to them to annoy people.
    Emma and Ted: Thank you. Emma, the respect is in place. Let’s have another get together.
    What’s for me: Nothing really, will join whenever I find it entertaining. That’s all. I have not been here to convert anybody. And I don’t need a reminder what to say. The day I lose my independence will be the day I die. I will keep my bearings steady. The truth is somewhere between the two signposts, the two irrational posts: regime diehards, and those who want to starve the nation in order to get rid of IA. My conviction is firm. We can do it without starving the nation to death. Today Eritrea needs
    1. Normalcy (political, economic…security stability)
    2. Rule of law where institutions govern.
    3. National reconciliation (e can’t do anything without breaking the cycles of hate and suspicion)
    There is a price to pay for the above. It could be life, political compromise…impulsiveness, name-calling, jockeying for attention are not going to do the job. A sober dialogue will do it. There are many issues, women’s issue being one of them, that need composed and consciously cautious handling. Assigning blames by itself won’t make the trick. Inward looking will help us to make a proper diagnosis, which will lead to proper remedy. Concerning women, ask yourself, “Why are not they involved in the opposition in number and passion?” Yep, I know, many would like that question buried. But…

    • Hayat Adem

      I respect you likewise. Just come back next week, you will find this forum in an entertaining fever. Actually, take a break but please get back. Hayat

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Mahmuday,
      I have no objection that you clean your desk…it is weekend so you get some rest, but I reject iti ” for ever..” zibehal neger.

    • Dis Donc

      Dear Mahmut,

      There is a song by Jacques Brel which is as follows. It is a fitting tribute as per this time…. It is in French and you can ask people (Tes) to translate it for you….

      Ne me quitte pas, il faut oublier, tout peut s’oublier

      qui s’enfuit déjà, oublier le temps, des malentendus

      et le temps perdu, a savoir comment, oublier ces heures

      qui tuaient parfois, a coups de pourquoi, le cœur du bonheur

      ne me quitte pas

      • tes

        Salut Dis Donc,

        Excuse-moi mais pas le temps pour tranduire parsque je suis très content aujourd’hui en raison de la décision effectuée par Mahmud.

        ç’est suffit!!!


    • dawit

      Dear Field Marshal Mahmud;
      Thanks for your complement on my debating style. I never missed your hatatas, I learn a lot from your first hand knowledge of issues in our country Eritrea. There are few Awatistas I enjoy debating, and you are one of them. The others include Hayat, the intelligent women, SJG when he is not smoking late at night and SYYA when he is sober (not intoxicated with COI and SEM Kool-Aid staff).
      On ‘dawit’s zewarit ayni’ yes I understood it pure jock and my reply likewise. On ‘znegese ngusna’, we have reached mutual understanding long time ago on our respected stands, as you said then we are ocean apart, but in most issues we stand together, I may say identical in many respects.
      Looking forward to your next hateta!

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Mahmuday,

      Thank you for answering my questions. but regarding your Hateta you are not allowed to stop it. (ma alakefek ya Marshal) in Ethiopia ladies say to their lover. when he want to leave them “ፍቅርህን ኣስጨርሰኝ ” the same with men “ፍቅርሽን ኣስጨርሽኝ ” non true awatista has gone even he swears and no one has stopped writing similar size of post if not longer even he swears…so as a Muslim you will have to fast 3 days. I will send you moyet zemzem the best holy water and Temer as I am going to be in Makkah starting today for next 3 months ( I swear if you send me your address I will do that).

      I can see our common ground is becoming wider than ever and I want you to say more. the more you write the more I will see the common land – Eritrea. keep it up ya marshal .

    • saay7

      Merhaba Mahmuday:

      On weekends, people should spend it replenishing themselves and doing silly things, not writing resignation letters. Here is one suggestion:

      Google Translate has added amharic to its list of languages. It is great fun to type a phrase, one of Abi’s poems in the google translate box in Amharic and out comes its English translation, as written by Yoda, by way of L.T. Here are some I tried and how they were translated:

      1. ኢትዮፕያ ሀገሬ የ ነጻነት አርማ => Itiyopiye country of freedom logo (Yep)
      2. እንደገና ፍቅር እንደገና: እንደገና አይገኝምና => Love again, prosper again. (poetic)
      3. ት ዝታ ዘወትር ወደ እኔ እየመጣ: እፎይ የሚልበት ህይወቴ ግዜ አጣ => Memories are always coming to me, I lost the feeling of relief (not bad, huh)
      4. የማትረባ ፍየል 9 ትወልዳለች፥ ልጆችዋ ያልቃሉ እስዋም ትሞታለች አረ ገዳይ => Despicable goat gives birth to ram 9, She said her children would die die, oh killer (Hahaha: but it did get the “oh killer!” right)
      5. ለመከራ ያለው መነኩሴ ዳዊቱን ሽጦ አህያ ይገዛል => The monk suffering and Gedeon rules and buy a donkey
      6. ከእለታት አንድ ቀን => Dates from one day. (which is obviously a new novel by Danielle Steel)
      7. ” ‘እስቲ እናያለን!’: ኣለ አይነ ስውር”: አሉ ትግሬዎች => “Let us see,” said the blind,” said Woyanes (Years of Ethiopian opposition using Tigrewoch and Woyane interchangeably tricked the Google translation bots.)

      And no: your resignation letter is hereby rejected. I expect more Hateta about Google Translate and when the Tigrinya version is coming.


      • Abi

        Hi Saay
        That is beautiful. Try to translate these two poems

        1- Yegimel eregna anjetu ayqorTim
        Betun Tilo ayhedim.
        2-Ewur bishefit eske guwaro.
        Temelso yimeTal betun zoro, zoro.

        • saay7

          Hey Abi:

          With pleasure:

          የ ግመል እረኛ አንጀቱ አይቆርጥም
          ቤቱን ጥሎ አይሄድም
          ዕውር ቢሸፍት አስከ ጓሮ
          ተመልሶ ይመጣል ቤቱን ዞሮ ዞሮ

          Amharic-English Google Translate:
          The camel shepherd, his dim
          The house will not
          Bishefiti blind to the backyard
          Ultimately, it will come back home

          A bonus: this is English-Amharic Google Translate:

          A camel shepherd won’t chop his neck
          nor abandon his home
          If a blind man tries to run away
          he will only go as far as his backyard

          አንድ ግመል እረኛ አንገቱን አይቆርጡም ይሆናል
          ጆሮውም ቤት እርግፍ
          አንድ ዓይነ ስውር ሰው መሸሽ ከሞከረ
          እርሱ ብቻ ነው ጓሮ እንደ እስከ ይሄዳሉ

          Hahaha. This stuff is completely addictive.


    • tes

      Selamat Mahmud Saleh,

      Well, very good decision. It is a worth take to stop bombarding us with your PFDJ style hateta that was adopted from your former front, EPLF. I wish you good time with your family.


      • Hope

        As much as U have a right to bombard us with your nonsense,why can’t other people have the right to teach us the very good stuff ,besides being entitled to their God-given right to opinionate and express themselves??
        It is the Moderator’s fault for allowing the nonsensical keidi -albo comments leading to the decent people’s frustration.
        I guess some people might need some Intensive Psychotherapy !

    • adarob

      Wo Hamoud,

      Honestly Mahmoud, your resignation was obvious since you started your religious mix and tricks.
      I am sure many Muslims and Christians are embarrassed by your hassle/nuisance with your example of Christian/Muslim marriage to defend the crime of the EPLF against the Eritrean women. The topic above is about the oppression of the Eritrean women by the Eritrean men during the liberation army. The ELF, EPLF and other organizations are all responsible for the wrong treatment of Eritrean women and not only the EPLF. I understand your decision to stay away for sometime, you need it, it is been hard for you to defend the undependable.

  • Hayat Adem

    Kokobay, my favorite Awatista,
    I don’t have bad attitude on marriage. It is possible I might end up marrying one. But it never occur to me it is the only mode of living to enjoy life. The truth I don’t have any criteria, reasonable or otherwise. But I am waiting to feel it. And if I don’t, that means I have no knowledge of missing anything.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Thank you sister.

  • Hayat Adem

    Thank you for the reply. I already said I am not married, and I don’t intend to as it stands today. If I change my mind, I have time and enough femenine gravities, maybe minus one if the man was Abi.
    I am happy to learn your kids did great despite poor parenting on their dad side. Maybe the gap was compensated from their beautiful mom.
    Well, you have every reason to be proud of them. I wish I could say they are of their dad.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Hayata,
      such a wonderful lady is not married! Why is that? at this specific point dawit is cleaver as he has trusted nature for getting married. you see, you don’t have to wait for perfect man, you will never get one . Put your reasonable criteria and go for it. God will help you.. to the maximum you are matured enough to take care of your kids.

      Trust nature, you have been nine months in side your mum doing nothing but nature has taken care of you from the very beginning till you came out to be such an intelligent Eritrean women.

      life is full of risks but that is all for good development. you need to experience it, if you don’t you will somehow so why delay!

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Hayat,

      Do you really need such disclosure as if you are in an election season where the public demand of it? Is it really required to satisfy to the insatiable urge of cyber commentator whose identity is not even known? I will not expose my family to such individuals who haven’t any boundary to their mocking and their indecency attitudes. Look how he has fun to the expression “slim arm of Eritrean men can reach out” to ridicule Tzegereda. I wouldn’t do it whether I am married or not to satisfy people like dawit. Absolutely Not!


    • dawit

      Ms Hayat,
      You are right my strong confident Eritrean wife has a lot to do in raising our daughters along their hard work, persisting nature of not quitting when faced with minor difficulties, perhaps a trait they inherited from their father. Ms. Adem, believe it or not they came to this world as the result of that persistent ‘long skinny Eritrean hand’ touching their mother, and overcoming that Eritrean culture of ‘Qale Alem’ ‘gidef’.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hayat:
      You, see while dawit counts in the eternal survival of PFDJ, as much as I hate PFDJ, I am not worried that they will last for ever, in any shape or form, but I do worry to share Eri with the cruel people like dawit. When you and I rail about how bad ghedli and is product turned out to be, people are confused when we tell them we also love it: what we are saying is ghedli was hijacked by people like dawit, who when IA ordered them to kill those two people they will go and kill 10 of them, breaking the order, but they do not get punished for it. the cruelty of dawit to put you down as an old, single, desparate woman is how he puts down women around him. You see how he address you as ms.Hayat, to remind you that you are single. I am sure his wife does not share his last name because Eri women do not change their names after marriage. I know his put downs do not phase you, you can break his slim and shallow mind, but I just saying.

      But after PFDJ is gone we cannot do anything with the people like dawit, because we will not know about them, but they will be the rapists, killers, criminals among us. that is what scares me the most, otherwise, PFDJ will be gone latest by the time dawit retires, when you and I are still having kids.
      And dawit again doubled down that he does not take “giddef” for an answer when he makes his advances towards a woman. Scary, I am sure is beautiful, Ivy league educated kids will be ashamed by this admission.

      • dawit

        Mr. Amanuel Hidrat and Mr. Semere Andom.
        It is amazing and revealing how your male chauvinisms character pops up the way you treat an independent and intelligent Eritrean women.

        1. Amanuel wrote “Do you (Hayat) really need such disclosure as if
        you are in an election season where the public demand of it to decide for their vote? Is it really required to satisfy to the insatiable urge of cyber
        commentator whose identity is not even known? I wouldn’t do it whether I am married or not to satisfy people like dawit. Absolutely Not!”

        2. Semere wrote “ the cruelty of dawit to put you down as an old, single, desperate woman is how he puts down women around him. You see how he addresses you as ms.Hayat, to remind you that you are single”.

        3. Did Hayat asked or beg support to confront ‘dawit’s skinny long hand’ comment?. She did it earlier without your support and made her position crystal clear to dawit’s question. Now you two come later to question and criticize her independent decisions.

        4. To tell you the truth I have great respect to Hayat even though we are at different political spectrum in many issues of the Eritrean politics. I have my independent stand and she has her independent stand and that is fine with me. She was not supporting Ghedli before or after, unlike you two, one day you support it and next day you oppose it depending which direction the wind blows and pretend as Eritrean women equalty advocates. Please fist recognize her independence in all aspect of life and stop your paternalistic chauvinistic behaviors.

        • Semere Andom

          Nice try dawit:
          I was not talking about Hayat, everyone knows she is independent, not a robot taking orders from others, the powers that be. But you cannot help it but twist truth. You were the subject of my comment, specifically to how you admitted how you will touch women without their permission, also to remind you Hayat called you a terrible father.

  • Abi

    Hope dehanDo?
    The Amharas also say,”leqebariw aredut”. Funny you tell a tegadelti about Gedli.
    You asked where were the Tes, Hayat, Sem in the Nadew, Fenqil… Victories? I don’t know. One thing I know they were not at Gonder University. Where were you?
    One more thing the Amharas say
    ” Aba bebelu emahoyin agesachew “

  • Semere Andom

    Waw cousin dawit:
    With every comment you rust, you loose your luster, you loose your humanity,whatever shred if of it is left after the what PFDJ has left you with. I say this because that is what PFDJ go after,as Sal says, who is so and so and in this genre that PFDJ is good at, when the late Wedi Vacaro voiced his opposition , responding to the siron calls of his humanity they reported that he is loner,with out family and hadar at this old age.
    If you must know, with some awatista I consider humans and friends, we exchanged the names of our children so much so that we used to call each other Abu-Duniya (Sal), Abu-Luwam (SJG) Abu-Noah (Sem). And I also I know about the children of AH. So if you think we are desparate old men, who have nothing to do, you are so wrong. I guessed your age to be 65, not bad. And speaking of age (60) my father is only 7 years older than you.
    And why do you think Hope jokes with me that there is a Tigrayit speaking woman besides me when I write in Tigryat? Thanks Hope for the compliment

    But your are right, we do not take our kids to Saw to be corrupted and to be touched by the PFDJ generals as you do. We protect them here

  • Hope

    Congrats Anbessa!
    You touched a bit about Psychology 101 on Sem and his older sister!
    I could have pushed more into it but decided not to judge lest to be judged.

    Guad Abi:
    Every rule has an exception.
    Few thousand Ex-Tegadelti going to the Arab nations is nothing compared to sending 50,000 prostitues per month to Saudi Arabia,not to mention a country with a “double digit” growth to have a quarter of its population starving to death and its Capital to be the Bangkok of Africa or the Capital City of World Prostitution despite relative freedom of Economy and an open Private Sector.
    Oops ,I forgot that Prostitution is part of Ethiopia’s Economic Policy / Private Sector.

    How about that Mr. Akaki Zeraf Gurregnaw?

    You cannot judge Eritreans coz of one man’s mistake or dictatorship!
    It is only a matter of 3-5yrs for for ERITREANS to reclaim what belongs to them and then the sky will be the limit.

    • Abi

      Let me guess
      You are not expecting a reply for this nonsense.

      Beqen sitifeleg tedebqeh wuleh
      Bechelema medfer man new yastemareh?

    • Dear Hope,

      Prostitution is bad, but moral bankruptcy is worse.

    • Dis Donc

      Dear Hope,
      really? do we have to go that low…?

    • Abi

      Hope Nebsi
      You sound like you know a lot about Prostitution. I don’t want to argue with you on this topic since I know where you are coming from.

  • Hope

    This is absurd!
    You want all Tegadelti to be Managers and Accountants?
    Parking lot attendance is a decent job including street cleaning as long as you do it with dignity !
    Who are you,after all or BTW,if I may ask?
    An alien?
    We have enough of the Abi s and Abbysinias and the Hayats

    • Berhe Y

      Hi Hope,

      Who are you to ask me who I am. Everytime when you can’t handle the truth, you resort to asking people who they are. Do you think you are any better than those you try to belittle. While you and your likes are dragging our people to the Stone Age, they are navigating the sky the world over. While on the subject Mr. K.H. there is nothing to learn from these thieves, and if you do not want to copy day time robbery to your people. If you are so attracted, please move there.

      As to the tegadelti, yes I expected the government and all us should have taken care of them, and those who chose should have been cinverted to regular army which pays decent job with good standard leaving so slowly give them a chance to turn their lives around.

      You know the government build enda Korea, and those type of houses should have been build and given to them and all of us, should pay the burden by paying taxes etc., for example as West Germans do to rebuild East German when they United.

      I am sure there were millions of willing donors who would be more than happy to help them transition.

      There is lots and many ways, but Isayas Afeworki and his evil circles do not want nothing good for the country and the people. First they told them they have to work for free for 2 years, and second they demobilized most of them and have them only 10,000 birr to get lost, at that rate 5 dollar official rare, that’s equal to 2000 US dollars.

      What’s 2000 dollars for someone who spend years if their lives, and what are they suppose to do with it.

      So instead of blaming the society or the culture or what ever, they should have made those women as officers in the army, which I am sure they were more than capable of.

      As to parking and cleaning, no there is nothing wrong with it. What was sad is, they were chasing people that come from diaspora who probably most if them were parking attendants and cleaning workers. The difference is those because they have dollars, they are treated kings (like owning enda Korea) and the later are treated like their servants.


  • ‘Gheteb

    Selam AMAN The Great (ATG),

    No. No. No. I am not a lawyer. I can’t help anyone with a legal case and that includes me. The reference to a lawyer was made by Madam Tzigereda as a jab, a slight put down, you know, only her and her likes are capable of.

    BTW, I like your comments and I wish that you narrow the subject/issue/topic you cover in your comments. Your take on issues most of the time are quite unique. Hence why I kind like them.

    Thank you for your response.

  • dawit

    Dear All,
    Violence in Eritrean Society.

    Eritreans have been exposed to various types of violence over many centuries. If one looks back in historical time telescope, for the last 500 years, starting from the Turkish rules slave traders, followed
    by Egyptian, Italian, British and Ethiopian colonialism in the last century. In all those years they were exposed to rape, forced labor, decimations, military draft forced to fight in Libya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Then in 1991 they were able finally got rid of the last oppressors and formed their first ever national government for their history. For a brief five years they experienced peaceful period, but soon they were plunged in to another cycles of violence starting with the Hanish islands crisis followed by Bademe
    border war of aggression and occupation, aimed to reverse the Eritrean independence, by changing the first Eritrean government by force. After the war ended they went to court to settle their problem with Ethiopia pledging they will accept the judgement of the world body. But, the world didn’t want to
    settle their problem by bringing all kinds of issues like ‘regional spoilers, religion persecution, dictatorship, violator of human rights, rapist, murders, slave owners etc. Their centuries old enemies wanted to use UN as a cover to demonize Eritrea and its leaders, to prove that we Eritreans are incapable of ruling ourselves. For this they have convinced or bought few Eritreans to orchestrate their demonization, by setting opposition, web sites, newspapers, magazines and radio and tv stations, beaming false
    information in all corners of the globe. They abuse the UN system, NGOs and global religious institutions, system, setting up Monitoring groups, SEM and COI etc. . Since Eritrea is able to avoid food crisis and
    famine because of drought in the region. Eritrea’s food security policy of self-reliance, was ridiculed and its effort to protect and defend its national security effort was condemned and sanctioned.

    One cannot be surprised if a new UN commission protecting Animal Rights in Eritrea is formed. Eritrean farmers will be accused for using oxen, donkeys and camels to plow their plots to achieve food
    security. Under the worst scenario every Eritrean male could be accused for inhumane treatment for slaughtering sheep and goats by international Animal Right activists. Of course PIA will be referred to the new Animal Right Courts to protect Eritrean animals in addition to CCI for Crimes against humanities of
    murder, slave labor, indefinite military conscription etc.

  • AMAN

    That means then
    Aha I think I was right
    That is why you both wanted to accept me with
    a condition or some tag stripped of my freedom !
    Greetings Awate forma
    1. PFDJ ( Ruling Party )
    Executive report and/or work summary of the PFDJ of 20 years )
    That means then Ghedli Eritrea as defined by PFDJ was only an instrument
    to crown PIA and leave all the Eritrean peoples the same place HSI left the
    Ethiopian peoples in 1974 . May be at the hands of its TPDM military or any
    other fate.
    And all those groupings and subgroupings are his prisoners as a result of their
    infightings kept one group close at one time and the other at another time until
    they are all thrown after being used as red carpet and leaving the laundry work
    for the people and those groups who will wake up after the new reality sets in,
    That is here is Eritrea ——
    the 14th Teqlay Gizat or 7th killiL of Ethiopia. And those who were holding on to
    say their views later will be surprised by another new surprise before they say what
    they wanted to say. I mean those who were condemning us for speaking openly
    and were telling us to hold it on till later.
    All The disposable groupings and subgroupings that will be frozen and thrown
    very soon are all in the blacklist for many infractions of the PFDJ rules and laws
    deliberately or not set for them to keep them working until the due date while
    accepting them as felons, offenders and/or convicts to be disposable at any time
    of choice sooner or later.
    2. Opposition Party……..
    ( Executive report and/or work summary of the Opposition of 20 years )
    (coming soon)

  • ‘Gheteb

    Meanwhile, In Planet Illogic

    Selam All,

    I have said it before and I am going to repeat it now. However they deny it and how many times they swear/pledge in the name of The Eritrean Revolution (Ghedli), the denizens of planet illogic are nothing but Ghedli blamers. All of them may not be full-blown Ghedli blamers yet, but all are in the various stages of a metamorphosis. If one was to analogize it by way of the proverbial life cycle of a bee, some are in the ‘egg’ stage; others in the ‘larva’ stage; still some in the ‘pupa’ stage and the rest are full blown adult stage. All of them, of course, are kept within Planet Illogic by the centripetal pull of the queen mother otherwise known as [ወይዘሮ Queen Bee].

    Here is what I wrote about the farragoes of Ghedli blamers/bashers/doubters/revisers/deniers that are arrayed against the Eritrean revolution and its noble legacies:.

    “Accusing The Eritrean Revolution (Ghedli) Of A Culture That Wasn’t.

    For quite some time now, the Eritrean Revolution or the Eritrean armed struggle has been under a withering attack by all kinds of forces. From those who have incessantly interrogated it’s very raison d’etre to those who are fervently working to re-litigate it retroactively by bringing issues of sexual assaults and women’s issues, one espies a recurring leitmotif. To wit, to revise the Eritrean revolution to a point where it ceases to work as the central glue of ‘the Eritrean consensus’ or the Eritrean national narrative. These campaigns of ‘revisionism’ are waged by a mixed-bag of regime change advocates, Ghedli deniers, Unionists, Abyssinian fundamentalists and their Western patrons who have never accepted The Eritrean Revolution or the Statehood of Eritrea from the get-go.”

    Now they are coming out of the closet, so to speak, and are letting the cats out of the bags. They are asserting that the military heroism of the Eritrean female fighter shouldn’t be glorified. The Eritrean male fighter hasn’t evolved in his thinking vis-à-vis women’s role in a society. All the Ghedli talk about women’s emancipation was pure hogwash and in Sahel women were not emancipated. What is more, is the fact that it is now claimed that although the Eritrean female fighter may have shown physical courage, their intellectual, social and moral courage is, well, kinda of wanting, if not downright craven and cowardly.

    All I will say to the last assertion about the moral/social/intellectual courage about the Eritrean female fighter is: ጓል ሸንገብ: ኣይትስማዕካ :: This particular EPLF female fighter as a member of EPLF’s mass administration, has thrown to the slammers (jail) the Imam of a town in the liberated areas under the administration of the EPLF for refusing to let his wife attend one of the women’s meetings in that particular town. This incidence has raised many eye-brows as it cut against the grain of the conventional/traditional way of thinking. She caught so much flak from it and I am saying that there are many more incidents that show the moral/social/intellectual courage of the Eritrean female fighter in the journey of emancipating the Eritrean female.

    And, by the way, what is the big deal of ex-female fighters working as parking lot attendants? Aren’t oodles of Eritrean in the West, be they females or males, work as parking lot attendants? Who said that after liberation former fighters ( males and females) will be handed gold in the platter? No one promised a lush life style to fighters after Eritrea’s independence. All that was being said, then as now, is. sacrifice. sacrifice. sacrifice. The motto still remains, በጃ ሕዝብና. And no one should be under the illusion that the women’s struggle for equality and emancipation is like a walk in the park. Nor should anyone entertain the idea that the solution lies within what is commonly known as ‘the feminist state’ where the government tries to achieve women’s equality through fiats and diktats. It simply doesn’t work.
    But here below find if it is that easy in changing peoples way of thinking from those who were in the thick it and at the very tip of the spear head leading the Eritrean women’s struggle for emancipation.

    ” Amna Malikeen and Zahra Jaber traveled throughout the liberated zones talking in villages about women’s rights. They
    especially targeted the importance of educating women, access to adequate nutrition and birth control.By 1975, the ELF had firmly established schools and health clinics in the major towns in the liberated zones. Peasants were taught about hygiene and cleaning clothing, whereas the conventional nomadic lifestyle was not drastically altered. Traditional marriage configurations were also questioned, but mainly by more educated ELF women such as Amna Malikeen. However this questioning was met with great resistance, from men and women. Even some educated men and women, sympathetic to the inequities in marriage and divorce, were largely silent. As time passed, lengthy debates led to only limited change. The ELF leadership agreed that marriage expenses should be minimized and women’s voices recognized but that this was largely subsumed by respect for cultural and religious norms; thus,polygamy, child betrothal, lack of female consent and a related issue, female circumcision, were all tacitly condoned.”

    Finally, let me bring to your attention that an alliance is in the works between planet illogic and planeta abyssinicus

    • Tzigereda

      can you please specify whom you are trying to push in the corner of the Ghedli defamers. I need know this before I respond.
      Thank you!

      • ‘Gheteb


        I haven’t ” push[ed] [anyone] to the corner of the Ghedli defamers”. Since you seem to be in the habit of misquoting me here is what I said:

        ” ….. Ghedli blamers/bashers/doubters/revisers/deniers…” I haven’t used “defamers” at all. If it helps you in responding to my post, just assume that I was referring to you and your peeps, confederates and those who share similar views like that of yours.

        Go ahead and pound out your responses, but please do take into account the following:

        (A) Please respond in the intergalactic language ( English) and not the planetary one ( Tigrigna)

        (B) Please DO NOT misquote me.

        (C) Please, no guilt tripping.

        Other than that I say: አነሀለ ፈረስ አነሀለ ሜዳ:: And, I hope this is not one of your famous bluffs that goes like: ክምልሰልካ አየ! ክምልሰልካ አየ!!!

        I wish you a happy responding to ጠበቃ ትንፈር ኣይትንፈር ( ‘Gheteb).

        You are welcome!

        • Tzigereda

          Selamat Gheteb,

          please mention/quote a single phrase of mine that implies what you assert in “referring to you” as Ghedli/blasher/doubter/reviser/denier”. I shall leave out “your peeps, confederates and those who share similar views like that of yours” since I would like to limit the challenge in regards to my writing, statements and comments.

          blame: To consider responsible for a misdeed, failure, or undesirable outcome
          basher. An individual who is unfriendly and/or commits harmful acts to group of people or an individual due to prejudice and/or ignorance

          Second, you state in your long and futile attempt of elaboration “was rape so rampant in the ELF that one can safely assert that it constituted to be deemed as a “culture”?” Where in my article do you find a trace of a hint to state (I would be) “accusing the Eritrean Revolution of (such) a culture”? Read and re-read. Then come back quoting me as a“blamer/basher/doubter/reviser/denier of Ghedli”.This would suffice as a response to your allegations. But I’m inclined to continue.

          Third, time and time again, I stated my stand clearly; refuting revisionist allegations and denial of the fundamental goals of the Eritrean revolution. Check the records.

          Gheteb, yes I was “in the thick of it” as a student of the “spear leading the Eritrean women’s struggle for emancipation” (true for the ELF as well as the EPLF, for that matter). No one can deny me of the pride of the Ghedli time that strongly and positively shaped my political viewpoint on social justice and democratic governance. My present attitude and mode of life is a continuation of what I lived, learned and swore to aspire during these days; women’s rights being a parcel and part of it. No need for anyone relating to books and narrations to preach and teach me about the greatness of Ghedli and accuse me of blaming…

          Would you blame the attempts and struggle for the implementation of corrective measures within the ELF and the EPLF as Ghedli blamers, deniers and revisionists? The time will come when the/a NUEW in due course can gain independent working conditions and reveal as well as state the factual situation. Even heroic fighters like Leul Ghebreab among many, will come out with their stories and personal experience. God forbid, you may not conclude “Ghedli…”(you know what follows).

          I provided my experience (as an underage ELF-Tegadalit) in a measured manner with no need for exaggerations as a testimony that such ill-practice was a societal problem that existed before and during Ghedli and still exists. “Justifying and denying” was intended to be the subject of frank and open discussion.
          ” These campaigns of ‘revisionism’ are waged by a mixed-bag of regime change advocates, Ghedli deniers, Unionists, Abyssinian fundamentalists and their Western patrons who have never accepted The Eritrean Revolution or the Statehood of Eritrea from the get-go.” Ghetebay, wittingly or unwittingly, you’re mixing up things, as I never intended to be and am not within this party. Save and use your command of powerful “intergalactic language” towards abolishing an authoritarian regime, against misuse of power and arbitrary arrest, towards the rule of law, a democratic and just Eritrea. Endeavour to ensure that you and I have the right to entertain such diverse stands without fear of persecution or risk of suffering serious harm in our beloved country.

          izi wedHanka

      • Semere Andom

        Hi T.Tzigereda:
        Let me interpret cousin Gheteb for you. I do not blame you for not understanding Gheteb because his pink prose is distracting you. He uses words that sound like disease, hie writing is ornate, or to borrow from his PFDJ diction,”yblechlich” just like the gold from Bisha. so you could not read the blatant dishonesty baked in his comments.
        But do not be mistaken about it, by this comment and the other one when he argued about it with Sal, where he used Planet Illogic were all to refute and rebut you on your article. He he first said nice things about ELF female freedom fighters. So, I am telling you that it was directed to assertions weaved in your article. So go ahead and respond

        • ‘Gheteb

          Hi SA,

          First to respond, as ወዲ ማይ ኦንታሪዮ, once again proving my theorem about you. You did it earlier today when you came to the aid of your political soul mate, you know who. Now what I say may come across to you as effulgent, but if I were writing as ወዲ ማይ ኦንታሪዮ, I would have said, ‘Gheteb swaddles his comment with blatant dishonesty.

          Please quit this smoke and mirrors about ” Let me interpret cousin Gheteb for you”. You do it reflexively and I don’t think you can help it !

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Gheteb:
            Hahah, swaddle? I only used it once and it was on you, it is not my fav, it sounds like disease:-)
            But you have not proved your, there are wholes on it and if I was drinking hagga barda and I was in the mood I could have pointed you the fallacies:-)

    • Lamek

      Mr Gheteb, here is a quote from your hateta:

      ” These campaigns of ‘revisionism’ are waged by a mixed-bag of regime change advocates, Ghedli deniers, Unionists, Abyssinian fundamentalists and their Western patrons who have never accepted The Eritrean Revolution or the Statehood of Eritrea from the get-go.”

      Why are you putting a very large proportion of the Eritrean people in one basket? In your assessment, then, there is a consensus amongst all Eritreans that Ghedli was not good.

      We have problems in Eritrea and all are created by Isaias Afwerki. People’s mixed bag of opinions is not a problem for any country. Not every citizen is ultranationalistic, patriotic, ghedli romanticizer nor is it pragmatic, progressive, critical viewer of ghedli, ect. But none of anyone’s opinions are a threat to Eritreas existence.

      The only threat to our existence at this time is PFDJ. A unionist or a ghedli basher has never caused any Eritrean to suffer, not in nearly 60 years anyway.

      What are you fighting for? Emancipation of our people or preserving the legacy of ghedli? The good, the bad, and the ugly of ghedli will never be erased. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of eradicating the Eritrean people. What most of us are saying is that ghedli ended in 1991 and its means of running medda should not have continued in our towns and villages. Why is that hard to understand? As regards to Mahmoud, yet again he has been defending his beloved EPLF/PFDJ putting the poor Eritrean people under the bus. He scares me.

    • tes

      Selamat Gheteb,

      Let me scan your bravado. Here are two quotes extracted from your lines that helped me to identify your gibberish.

      1. “This particular EPLF female fighter as a member of EPLF’s mass administration, has thrown to the slammers (jail) the Imam of a town in the liberated areas under the administration of the EPLF for refusing to let his wife attend one of the women’s meetings in that particular town.”

      Well then, these uncultured freedom fighters did that stupid actions when they were in the field. And when entered cities, the executed Imams by the name of Jihad. They jailed the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. They prohibited the Jehova Witness, banned many religious practices. It is because of these uncultured and out of shame tegadelti that we are as we are today.

      Are you then proud for such barbaric actions?

      2. “They share one thing in common, which is blaming or questioning the Eritrean Ghedli for all societal ailments and maybe, who knows, in the not so distant future they may blame global warming on the Eritrean revolution ( Ghedli).”

      I want to take the last part of this phrase,

      “… who knows, in the not so distant future they may blame global warming on the Eritrean revolution ( Ghedli).”

      I am one who blames Ghedli and now PFDJ regime for deforestation of the natural resources of Eritrea. During the armed struggle, I could accept that there was no other option rather than depending on wood for all activities. However after independence, there were alternatives. Nevertheless deforestation has continued and is continuing till today. 100% of today’s energy resources (for cooking) comes from wood. And this is for 25 years. Today Eritrea’s forest are almost destroyed. Go to Gash-Barka, almost those old trees are cut daily. No replacement. And for this, PFDJ is contributing for the climate change, no matter how small it is. Because of such continues deforestation less than 0.5% of the total land surface is covered by trees. In the 1940’s it was about 30%.

      Hence, here I am the one who blames Ghedli and now PFDJ for his negative role in the climate change.


  • Ted

    Hi the greatest, PFDJ often characterized as having the habit of “ we talk , you listen” that allegedly making them rusty and unpracticed and coencidentaly resort to look defensive, at times foolish and angry, attitude when confronted with even a menial challenge from foreign media journalist .We are not them, right?What gives? that people are criticized for discussing women issue beyond Ghedli era and the aspiration of equality in the days yet to come. Aweticians have discussed issues from small to controversial regardless how sensitive they may be, religion, region…. The women issue is no different from what we consider sensitive.The more diverse opinions , the better, even dawit’s abrasive saying”boys will be boys” . Tsegereda presented her account what happened in her days of Ghedli.and i applaud her for that. It is understable some to show reservation since she narrate the issue from the point of view of Ghedli to PFDJ,sawa and COI to make the deep rooted social affliction somehow appear related to Ghedli’s dysfunctional approach and failure of current Gov policy . Thankfully she made is very clear in her subsequent responses that the plight of women does not revolve around Ghedli, didn’t start with Ghedli nor expected to end with Ghedli but only her’s mere recounts of incidents happened in a supposedly progressive organization. That being said, Personally i believe Eritrean women will be well equipped to deal with all kind of unwanted sexual advances, not by the grace of men, but ONLY with their economical independence, awareness and educational achievement.

    PS. It is good to see the Vets(KS,AH and Tsegereda) are on your side as opposed to the midnight cowboys,SA, tes, Saay questioning the “intellectual and moral courage” of the almighty ghedli and its achievements;-)

    • saay7

      Selamat Ted:

      Ha, I see what you did there. Well, since “Midnight Cowboys” is a movie about male prostitutes in New York, I am sure you have contributed greatly and elevated the discourse we are having about women’s rights in Eritrea. Yay.


      • Ted

        Hi saay, If you were critic of this Dustin and Jon epic movie, you would have failed miserably. Could it be, naive at first, later transformed to protect a friend, shady, at any cost. .

      • Tzigereda

        Dear Saay7,
        well, maybe his intellectual capacity is limited and blinded by the incessant propaganda of his educators. ysterena!

        • tes

          Dear Tzigereda,

          Haha, are you surprised by Ted’s reaction? What less do you expect from the guardian of PFDJ legacy? Just go and expose them. We have nothing to loss but gain when we simply expose them.

          When I oppose someone here at (Ted has been my opponent from the very beginning), it is not for a simple reason. I don’t want to exaggerate myself but I am very detective in identifying die-hard people like Ted. Ted seconds Abi in trying to defame me and it is not without a reason as they want to spew their toxic talks here and there.

          Stay therefore focused and do not get surprised.


          • Ted

            Hi tes, i apologize to you too for what Tsegereda fan the flame. Don’t blame me or others for that You are your own worst enemy. In the beginning when you were sane, You defended Ghedli, you opposed TPLF, you opposed regional and religious organization…….and now what?

          • tes

            Selam Ted,

            You are simply listing your wished lines. Here is my narration:

            1. About Ghedli, it is our history, we can not deny it. And within it, there is black and white. All is about history. I don’t live on history but I learn from history. Point that can be learned: from Tzigereda’s article (KS, AH and MS also agreed with here lines), I can see the black historical narration of our history. Am I defending then or saying “this is our history”. I am not denying as you and likes are doing. What happened has happened. In fact there are untold stories about Ghedli that can shock the entire world.

            2. On TPLF, well, this is your screwed imagination. I see TPLF as part of Ethiopian government unlike you who labels TPLF as Gov. Ethiopia. If this is what you call supporting TPLF, let it be. But one thing I am confident to say, “I have a tremendous admiration for the late Prime Melles Zenawi”. PMMZ is a double minded person whom Ethiopia was blessed to have him as her son and to be a prominent leader of transforming Ethiopia from Dictatorship and near to be fragmented country to some how a stable and fast developing country.

            3. Regional Organization: who are you talking about? On the Afar people, these ancestral people who are denied to even sail on their own sea? Afar people fought for Eritrea and are always for Eritrea but not at the cost of their freedom and life. Afar people should unite and remove PFDJ from their land and they should reclaim their dignity on their own ancestral land. If you call this regional, let it be. But I call it people’s grievances beyond imagination.

            4. Religious organization: Eritrea had never had any kind of religious organizations. This is purely PFDJ blackmailing against dissidents. ELF members were labeled as Jihadists when they are not.

            On the religious issue: if you are claiming that there are religious organizations, then I will react by saying, “PFDJ is a crusaders organization. Even We & Our Objectives manifesto reveals that.”.

            If you have more screwed imaginative defamation drop them.


            + On your apology: apologize the Eritrean people. For me, I care less for what you say. If was too much caring for what corrupted minded people (like you) would say, I could’t stay around. I am on the politics of justice and I have a capacity to absorb insults as you did without having any damage on my conscience.

          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            Could you please tell us these untold Ghedli stories that can potentially stop the earth from revolving around Eritrea?
            You can tell us as Tes or tes.
            Hizbe Adam Tigihin yaz!
            Gud lifela new!

    • Tzigereda

      Selam Ted,
      you wrote “It is understable some to show reservation since she narrate the issue from the point of view of Ghedli…”. Is that so complicated to understand? Ghedli was there before I was born. I was UNDERAGE as I joined Ghedli, the age where actually ዕርክነት ምክቻች starts. ቅድሚኡ ሳላ ደርግን (ፍርሂ ሲለዚነበረ!)ዕድመይ ስለዘይፈቅዶን ሲነማታት ወይውን ጎደናታት ናይ ኣስመራ ምስ ዕርኪ ከምድላየይ ዝዛወረሉ ኩነት ኣይነበረን ፣ተሞክሮ ናይ መብዝሕትና። ነዚ እየ እቲ ዕላል ካብ ገድሊ ዚጀመርኩዎ። ናይ ግዜ ደርጊ ህይወት ካልእ ኣርእስቲ ኢዩ። እንቿዕ ሓለፈ። Dont disappoint me more than I already am.

    • Tzigereda

      Selam Ted,
      “midnight cowboys,SA, tes, Saay questioning the “intellectual and moral courage” of the almighty ghedli and its achievements;” you have no moral ground to call the three forumers as midnight cowboys. This is disgusting!!!

      • Ted

        Hi Tsegreda, i explained the theme of the movie to saay, Prostitution and drugs are nothing but plot device ; the ending carry the weight of the movie regardless if he feels that way i apologize. Back to you, you expect people to fill the blank for what you didn’t write. You started with night time abuse in your days in Ghedli then you elaborate the trend in the young recruits in Sawa and to top it off you presented COI as your iron clad evidence /ELF/EPLF , now PFDJ is all the ills what women face in Eritrea. Sure know throwing blame around.

        • Tzigereda

          Hi Ted,
          please read my reply to saay7, that is the main problem, nothing else. And please dont talk about “people”, most forumers understood me very well, since the article is about sexual violence against eritrean women in the society, during Ghedli und under the PFDJ. And I provided different references.

          • Ted

            Hi Tsegereda, exactly my point, you rather refer me to your original article than what you responded to “people”. In your responses, you broadened the discussion , i give you for that but your article is full of pointing fingers than what deemed to be the problem of Eritrean society at large.

          • tes

            Selam Ted,

            haha, then Tzigereda is pointing to PFDJ/EPLF/Ghedli, right? Are you then denying for the issues raised simply because PFDJ? This is funny!!!


          • Tzigereda

            Hi Ted,
            Our Ghedli is part of the society.

            It is PFDJ who is telling us “there is no rape in our society because it is against our culture…” and I am saying this is not true.Period!

  • dawit

    Dear Mahmud,
    In the English or American language they have a saying. “You can take a boy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy “. To solve the gender inequality bias to be fare they have created an equivalent saying ”You can take the girl out the trailer park / ghetto, but you can’t take the trailer park / ghetto out of the girl”. So boys will be boys, at Ghedli or in town and girls be girls, the boy girl paradox.

    Therefore, what you described in your analysis of ex-teghadelti, problem of reintegrating into the society, after their brief Ghedli experience must be true. After experiencing and adopting the Ghedli culture, where many of traditional cultural values such as religion, languages, class or other
    cultural difference didn’t matter. But then when they returned triumphantly to the greater society they have to face those issues. Some resisted the old tradition pressure and other simply gave up to the traditional pressures. It is not easy to write off the centuries’ tradition of backward evolutionary thinking just because one is exposed to a brief revolutionary and progressive

    Here is a true story that I am familiar with. My aunt had three of her children joined the Ghedli. Two of them returned with their wives and children while one didn’t make it. Both wives were of different religions. My aunt insisted that her daughter in laws have to convert to her religion and the children have to accept her also accept the religion. One couple accepted her demand and they live together, but the other couple didn’t, so they separated. Now one may ask why my aunt insisted her religious demand. Well my guess is tradition. We live in a Moslem and Christian tradition, and both religions accepts life after death, so she wanted to meet her children and
    grandchildren in her corner of the paradise. She didn’t want to separate from them even after death.

    Now Mahmuday, in your recent piece, you joined the heard adding a new accusations to dawit for his “ ዛዋሪት ዓይኒ ኤርትራዊ, (wandering/ Roaming Eritrean Male Eye. You wrote “I know dawitom’s arms (I mean our awatista dawitom, are not that slim and long, but the eyes, well, if the typical Eritrean male is our reference, those eyes were/are on constant lookout”. Well Mahmud, What can I say. dawit is guilty as charged, perhaps he is the only Awatista Eritrean male who admits his sins, and ready to accept whatever punishment Awatistas jury deems appropriate.

    It is time Mahmud defend his ‘wondering eye’ or accept his gilt and move on. Awatistas heard pressure is building against him. He will know soon it is not enough to be against PIA and PFDJ, but one has to deny and condemn Eritrean Ghidli experience and achievements in order to be recognized as a member of Eritrean opposition ‘Justice Seekers’ camp.

    Regards and Good luck


  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡር ማሕሙዳይ:-
    ብንጹር ቀሊል ቃላት እዘን ዝስዕባ ነጥብታት ትሰማማዓለን ምዃንካ ከተረጋግጸለይ ብትሕትና ይሓትት :

    ፩ – ሃገራዊ ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ኣማራጺ ኣልቦ ምርጫ ከምዝነበረን ግድልና ቅዱስ ምንባሩን –
    ፪ – ኣብ ገድሊ ‘ውን ብዙሕ ጌጋታት ከም ተፈጸመን ኣብ ምፍታሕ ካልኣዊ ግርጭት ከምዘይተዓወትናን –
    ፫ – ከም ውጽኢት ሓያል ግድል ጸረ መግዛእቲ መሬታዊ ናጽነት ሃገርና ከምተረጋገጸን ፍጹም ዘይቅየር መስልና ምዃኑን –
    ፬ – ውጽኢት ጉጉይ ኣፈታትሓ ካል ኣዊ ግርጭታት – ሎሚ ኣብ ትሕቲ ብሕግን ስርዓትን ዘይተመርጸ ገባቲ ስራዓት ከምዘለናን ብሰላም ወይ ብሓይሊ ወይ ብክልቲ ኡ ኣገባብ ተቃሊስና ዲሞክራስያዊት ሃገር ከነጥሪ ከምዘለና –
    ፭ – ኩሎም ናይ ወጻኢ ጸገማት ዝፍትሑ ውሽጣዊ ጉዳይና ምስፈታሕና ምዃኑ –

  • saay7

    Hala MaHmuday:

    As you well know, social scientists have now differentiated courage into subsets: Physical, moral, intellectual, social…

    Everything you are describing is the kind of courage that was encouraged and celebrated in the liberation fronts: physical courage. The other forms of courage–intellectual courage, social courage but specially moral courage–were heavily discouraged unless they conformed to the Front’s definition of what they meant. Thus intellectual courage meant intellectually challenging Ethiopian scholars; Social courage meant to reject society’s definition of right and wrong; moral courage meant to engage in the ritual of “criticism and self-criticism” but only in a manner that strengthens the front, not the individual’s moral fiber.

    Thus, and unsurprisingly, the Front’s veterans were very ill equipped to challenge their leaders definition of intellectual and moral courage when it mattered most. One can be physically courageous (bravely ululating) and be a moral coward. Not limited to Eritreans; not limited to the Fronts. It would be good and intellectually courageous and liberating, though, if we fessed up and explained things how they are.

    Now, on the “saay lament” you describe, oh, absolutely, sir. An issue-based opposition would identify all the weaknesses of the PFDJ–including their terrible treatment of women–and come up with its antithesis and empwer women in a way the PFDJ would never dream of. Unfortunately, our Opposition believes it doesn’t have to do anything beyond proving that the PFDJ is “illegitimate” and unfit to govern. Proving that, in the real world we live in, will not even get you a Starbucks coffee. Maybe Norton or whatever it is Cousin Sem drinks in Canada:)


  • Hayat Adem

    Mahmuday, it is already Spring. Reclaim your agility, sooner than later. What you wrote above is totally below your pay grade. You accuse the society onstead of ghedli, or eplf or pfdj.
    You glorify female tegaselties for killing and bing feared, and not for dying for a cause and being respected for that.
    BTW, what is with killing and the ghedli? Is there any sacredness and glory in killing? There is sacredness and glory in dying for a cause. But this point is totally lost even in the national anthem. In Mahmuday too when talked about the Doghali killings and distructions.
    You said ghedli created an assertive and confident teghedalit and you gave us an unfit tegadalit who cleans cars and unwanted for marriage.
    You said the ghedli men who saw the heroic bravery of teghadalit dumping his jigna biseyti for a greener body and submissive partner.
    Tegadaly has been bothering and abusing, raping and using tegadalit and betrays her in town? What has ghedli made of you guys? Why would you blame society for such deculturedness instead of your comrades as these values are from medda and not the towns.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Marhab gual Adem
      I know, ghedli, the annihilation of Nadew, WuQaw, MenTr Fenkel operating…independence…the mention of the ululating confident and assertive tegadelit pain you a lot; they cause the exacerbation of the acid in your stomach. That’s why such comments need to be read with a bottle of antacids ready. For Eritreans, for those close to the topic discussed, this is not contradictory. What it means is that the problem is so deep rooted that few articles and good wishes are not going to solve.Worse giving the wrong diagnosis, as if it is something that was brought by ghedli is not going to lead to a solution. Many ghedli achievements have either been slowed or totally derailed because of bad solutions.One of them is women’s issues. Eritrean women will never bash or defame their sacrifices. Never. You read it from the author.She is a woman, a fighter today, and a fighter yesterday. She got a totally different outlook and approach than the one you want have been chosen, bashing ghedli. I hope that helps.

      • Hayat Adem

        Merhaba Mahmuday,
        I have anticacids with me. There is a lot to be angry about. You might need it too. I don’t how you sleep knowing the mess we are in. The only difference is it was a mess those of us in towns didn’t make. But, frankly, all the problems you told us around female tegadelti are not because the society brought them. Hence, the disconnect between the problem and your attribution.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Hayat and Mahmud:

          Hayat: This was very powerful comment, breath taking and fast, not only the content but the style. I read it before drinking my morning coffee and I will not need one 🙂

          But here is what Mahmuday got right: he admitted how Eritrean men, the Ghedli men who preached about the equality of women in miedda betrayed their beautiful wives, they relinquished their vows for younger, softer Amarion’s. But where he got it wrong is to attribute the betrayal as succumbing to the backward societal problem. This is counter intuitive, Ghedli was supposed to fight that backward societal norms by either convincing the society or forcing it to abandoned those so called backward customs. So all the talk in Sahel about the equality of women, all the NUEW gibberish about the right of women was travesty, was strategic and not based on principle.

          Hell, ya, Gheldi had a lot to do with the non-emancipation of our women. Yes, it did not go out of its way and tell us men are superior to women, but in their actions they told us even worse, they told that Ghedli men were superior to Gheldi women. So the façade collapsed months after independence as an alarming number of Gheldi men chased non Ghedli women, the Ghedli women were heart broken. Well, you can defend this by saying the government cannot do anything about individual tegadalay’s dalliances or infidelity. And you can point to some Ghedli men who are still married to their Ghedli wives. But we can easily accuse PFDJ and win in a true court by proving that PFDJ, a Ghedli incarnate and its precursor the EPLF stood on shaky grounds when former female freedom fighters became parking lot attendants for their former comrades who drove brand new cars with a new bride besides them. And some of them were shipped to the Middle East when PFDJ acted as employment agency and took cut from their salaries. The backward society that he blames could not have won over the emancipate mind of the tegadali man had we emancipated women in Saleh

      • Abi

        Hi Vet Mahmud
        If you are summoned at the principal’s office, the best way out is to admit your mistakes.
        I was also shocked by your below standard comment where you equated a tegadelti to a “use and throw ” paper cup. You sounded like you admired a tegadelti as a mere killing and ululating machines other than a life long partners.
        When the victors are back in the city, the brave tegadelti relegated to the basement, the long skinny hands of the tegadalay moved to the fresh bodies of the Asmara Tsbuqti. The killing machines of the struggle era tegadelti shipped to Arab countries .
        I expected this from a Hopeless person not from a would be President.

        Sitinedaw noreh nadewun kemeda
        Stiweqaw kermeh wuqawun kemeda
        Ketema sitgeba minew weneh keda?

        • Kokhob Selam

          Lol , Abo,
          bimeslm legzew yedekeme anbesa
          tayew aleh dagmay jegnaw sinesa

          tewageo tefagto yametatn neTsanet
          edatwesdbet meTenQeQ alebet

          • Abi

            Kokobe jeganu yewendoch anbessa
            Meda yewededatin ketema ayresa!
            Talaq kibir enji yelegnim weqesa!

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        ብጻይ ማሕሙዳይ,

        ስለምንታይ ኢኻ አብ ዝኾነ ይኹን: ንገድሊ ዝምልከት ይኹን ዘይምልከት : አብ ገድሊ ዝተገብረ ዓወታት እንደአምጸእካ ሃውተት ተብለና ዘለኻ::
        ንሓሳብካ አኮ ካብ ኩናት ወጸኢ ወዲንካ ከተቅርቦ ትኽእል ኢኻ:: እቲ ዘገርምከአ ናቱ ዓቅሚ ትውንን እንዳሃለኻ እዩ:: እንታይ እዩ እቲ ምኽንያት ኩሉጊዜ ናብናይ ገድሊ ስሪሒት ትውጥጠና? ናይ ሑሉፍ ገድሊ አስተዋጽኦ እኮ ነዚ እዋናዊ ሽግርና ሙግለጺን መፍትሕን ክኾኖ አይክልን እዩ::

        ብጻይ መሐመድ አብ ፍታሕ ነቲ ገጢሙና ዘሎ ናይቲ ጨቆኒ ቅርጽታት መሓውሩን ፓለቲካዊ አምሩን እንተነተኩር ክንደይ ጽቡቅ ነይሩ:: ብሐቂ ነቲ እትውንኖ ፖለቲካውን ሃገራውን ንቅሐትካ አብ ምዝዋርን ምልዕዓልን ነዚ ዚጠቀስክዎ ዓላማ እንተዝዋፈር ነቲ ቃልስና ትርነዔ ምሃቦ ነይሩ:: እሞ ዚሃብሮም ሃየ አኻ ዚሐደራኻ:: ገድሊ እቲ ዝተሰከሞ ሓላፊነት አብ መዕረፊኡ አብጺሕዎ እዩ:: ናብ እዋናዊ መድረኽ ዝጠልበና ዘሎ ንዋፈር እየ ዝብል ዘለኹ::

        አማኑኤል ሕድራት

        • tes

          Selam AH,

          Mahmud Saleh assumes himself as a defender of EPLF values and he can’t come out from this corrupted mindset no matter how he tries to be a nice justice seeker.


      • tes

        Selam Mahmud,

        I can see your mission now clearly. In case you are missing the root cause of our current miser is the Ghedli. You are here to be the witness of this corrupted heroism. YG was challenged and equally you will be too. YG tried to eradicate Ghedli and you are trying to exagerate Ghedli. Both of you on extreme ends but all in all a parallel mission.

        No other option therefore rather than dumping you with your Ghedli saga. For the last two years I tried my best to call you to be in your humanistic value. However I failed terribly. I was not engaging with human being but with Ghedli glorifying machine.

        Let this robotic machine be non-functional therefore. For now on wards, I am openly at war with you. Who will win, we will see. I know you will try to say something that goes as…, mangus bla bla. Kkk, living in USA but still hitched

        Let the Ghedli magnifiers (not romanticists) vanish as those of the Ghedli de-romanticists.


        • Abi

          Hi Tes
          This is surprising considering you wrote not one but two articles defending Ghedli.

          • Ted

            Hi Abi, can you be sure which tes?

          • sara

            Dear abi,
            It Friday evening, he is writing while his other hand is holding a glass of water .

          • dawit

            That was when tes received checks from PFDJ signed by IA for his graduate studies. But since he liked the wine in France he decided not to return to Eritrea as he promised, then the check stopped coming and tes turned against PFDJ and IA. Now tes work in French restaurants as dish washer, drinking leftover wines from the glasses before he wash them. Why would anyone prefer to be a dishwasher in exile, than to be a professor in Eritrea?

        • saay7

          Selamat tes:

          At the risk of provoking your considerable ire, your reply to Mahmuday is exactly what is wrong with the “justice seekers” camp which is not often about tolerance, but degrees of outrage. Instead of conforming to PFDJ, we are now required to conform to the justice-seeker’s definition of a justice-seeker. I think someone once wrote an article about that here at awate called “Conform To The Mean”


          • tes

            Dear saay7,

            Hmm, do not worry, I am very conscious for what I am doing. My anger has no limit when I see people rationalizing our grievances (especially the youth). These days, people who justify the acts of PFDJ to be right through different means can be categorized into three .

            1. Those who say, we were EPLF tegadelti but exiled in the early days of 1990s plus graduates of revolutionary school
            2. Amiches – as a revenge to woyane deportation victimization
            3. Diaspora young people whom they have a remote and romanticized love of an imagined great country.

            These three forces are the worst sympathizers of PFDJ these days. Unless these dead-soul minded people are challenged the time expected to bring justice will be elongated. Mahmud Saleh is not an exception and is a perfect example of type-1 people. My move is therefore in line to this perspective.

            Before I have confronted MS on several occasions and now I will do it more often. The simple reason I do it because he should know his bravado of politics.

            On the Conformity issue, I wish there are more angry people. If we were by now we could have removed PFDJ. My approach for 2016 is, “let all PFDJ institutions and systems be turned into ashes” by all means.”

            Stay safe therefore.



          • Lamek

            Hi tes. You hit it right on the nail. That is exactly the way it is. You could put in a fourth group in your list which is the old guard. The people who were never EPLF tegadelti but for greedy and selfish reasons, they keep supporting PFDJ but that number is fast dwindling and PFDJ is kicking them to the curb one by one because they are becoming a liability slowly due to a big rejection in their respective diaspora communities. So your list is incredible. That is an astute observation.

            The amche classification is an intriguing one. That group of people, specially the ones born and raised in Addis Ababa or other cities, were never Eritreans before 1998. Now they are more Eritrean than you and I and you will rarely find Amche’s opposing the Eritrean regime. In fact, the regime has used them really well in particular in the Orthodox church. These ill-informed and hate-filled people burnt sacred books in Asmara some years ago. I am sure you know about this more than I do. I have been away quite a while. Even in the West, they are the ones PFDJ is using as tools of propaganda in the church and other organizations. You will see them posting many things on facebook that are sensitive to the Orthodox Christians who are opposing the illegal arrest of Abune Antonios.

            As for Saay – not sure why he has to go out of his way to defend Mahmoud Saleh everytime he is called out. I called out on Mahmoud myself a day or two ago telling him to be honest with us and pick a side and stick to it. He comes here to confuse the issue and take with him the naive people like Ted. Saay himself is a PFDJ sympathizer in my opinion. His writing in the last few years has been that he holds only Isaias Afwerki responsible. To me that is intellectual dishonesty. IA is one person and yes he does control more or less everything in Eritrea. But the people who are putting our people in dire situations have a choice to not do what they are doing and free themselves like Andeberhan Weldegiorgis did, as an example. He was as mean as anyone but he saved his soul.

            These guys here are meaner than junkyard dogs, as the rednecks would say. Look what they are trying to do to Tsigereda and they actually succeeded to some extent. She has been knocked left and right until she got short of defending her own article which is based on true story. Gheteb is one super frustrated and cynical human being with no compassion for anything except ghedli and MS is being influenced by him, vary unfortunate.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Lamek,
            Amiche: That surprises me as well. I have no idea why they are so PFDJ. By the way, I never understood how the word applies as I have never gotten around to it. I was born in Kassala-Sudan then from 5 years on, I lived in Ethiopia, until 1996. So am I Amiche?

          • AMICHE

            Correct. I am AMICHE myself. The only distinction you need to make is between those who actually lived under pfdj and experience the tyranny and those who do not live in Eritrea. Clearly the former are opposition and dont sympathize. Infact they are the very first victims of the regime scoulding them as unnationalistic and corrupt elements. The tyrant IA himself said it once.

          • tes

            Selamat Lamek,

            I agree with you on the added dimension of these guilty people. On those who brought them on table, yes, these are people who are unable to differentiate between government and PFDJ. Well PFDJ General Sibhat Efrem doctrination: Peeople – Goverment/State – Front (PFDJ) are three but one (trinity concept) has fooled many who blindly observed the PFDJ governmental system. As people are now getting more information on what these three entities are it is not a surprise if the number of people who support under your added categorization are decreasing.

            On the Amiche and their involvement in taking on religious divisions (Orthodox extremists) is well observed. When I was in the university I witnessed many Amcihes involving in such dirty divisions and hate speeches. I remember people influenced by the Amiche teachings and disturbing the brotherhood that lived together for centuries between Eritreans. Especially the Catholic-Orthodox hate mongering lectures given in Sunday Schools run by Amiche Diacons was at the center. More than that the open hate speech against Pentecostal Church has helped PFDJ to extend his criminal army to prison followers. My home town was a victim of these Amiche Preachers.

            Dear Lamek, here in France, almost all Amiches support PFDJ. Even I have witnessed this during my visit to Swiss. Degol might have a reason when he tries to differentiate between those deported and who left Ethiopia early. I might agree slightly but all in all I can say with significant observation that almost all Amiches are diehard supportres of PFDJ.

            Lamek, I was shocked to know that when a friend of mine (Amiche) who came to Eritrea in 1993/4, when he was young, now living in France, found him a supporter of PFDJ. I did a telephone conversation with him as we live in different cities. When we came to politics, he told me that he supports PFDJ simply because the others are divided and unable to form a united opposition camp. I requested him at least to refrain himself from supporting and then he can be himself. Sadly he tried to lecture me on fake politics.

            Another Amiche whom I found in Swiss told me that he supports PFDJ simply because Woyane did wrong for him during deportation. And the only means to take his revenge is by opposing TPLF and for this PFDJ was a perfect house to be hosted for his opposition campaign. From few hours conversation I did with him, I found that he is much knowledgeable on what he calls “corruption done by TPLF” and he talks with full certainty on end of TPLF of rule in Ethiopia. When I asked him about the end of PFDJ regime what all he said is nothing but a zero acknowledgement of the crimes committed to Eritreans by PFDJ inside Eritrea. He goes further on the narration of Economic reasons on the refugee influx.

            Dear Lamek, to know who supports PFDJ is a must to tackle them in all phases. Lets therefore be well informed/ lets inform on who is who.

            On saay7, I can not agree with you on your characterization, “saay7 as PFDJ sympathizer”, rather he is a favored opponent according to PFDJ perception of opposition outlook. He is a reformist. What PFDJ hates is the “Weed’em Out Camp”. Saying that saay7 is the one who gives PFDJ a hard-time.

            On his brother, as former official of PFDJ and a minister of information, he became the master head of brainwashing campaign for the youth. He built Eri-TV to the center of PFDJ propaganda outlet. He popularized European football matches and even a free TV channel was opened to broadcast Sport matches. And those who worked under his leadership consider him guilty for many acts. Hopefully one day he will be asked in the court house for what he was responsible. Personally I know almost nothing about this former PFDJ official thoug I was an end receiver of the propaganda TV he worked for. On this occasion, I encourage the victims of his administration to sue him in court house. By the time they do either he will be free or found to be guilty. Till then, we will see what he will say too. And before it is too late, he should come and apologize the Eritrean people and be ready to hear for what he can be accused for.


          • Degol

            Thanks tes, Acute observation of the pfdj supporters.
            I am AMICHE who languished under pfdj for nearly 20 yrs. I cant believe meeting AMICHE in US stuck in 1998/9 , cheering the poisonous pfdj. It almost is impossible discussing with them current day Eritrea. What they all care about is woyane and how pfdj stood on their way to Asmara. MESAKIN!! We are 20yrs ahead of them.

          • dawit

            Dear angry tes,
            And who are in opposition of PFDJ?
            1. ELFites who quite their armed struggle in the middle of the Eritrean life and death battle against Ethiopian occupation. Those who broke their promises to the Eritrean people to liberate them from foreign invaders
            2. Woyane and their stooges who broke their promises to Eritrean people, that gave them shelter, food and arms to liberate themselves from feudal ‘Amhara’ oppression.
            3. Eritreans who took advantage of Eritrea’s free education and scholarship opportunities, broke their promises to return to Eritrea after finishing their studies. According to PIA description they are ‘Thieves’ of Eritrea’s meager resources..

          • Abi

            Eway wurdet!!
            Your points
            #1 no comment
            #2 The Amhara thing is as the great Amharas say in the great Amarigna ” yetebela equb “. You can’t cash it anymore. Sorry.
            #3 . It is just beautiful. Thieves? OMG!!!!!!
            That makes the disgraced bereket , sabe , MIT and many more Eritreans including the mass mobilizers who betrayed mama Ethiopia after they took advantage of her. These modern Judas are wanted criminals . I’m sure the guilty feeling is worse than hell. No amount of prayer cleanse their collective sins against mama Ethiopia.
            I’m on my way to church to pray for them.
            Good Sunday.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Abo ,
            መሳቅ መድሃኒት ነው ኣስቀኝ ኣስቀኝ –
            ሀ ሁ ሳይሉ ዳዊት ለሆኑ ቅጣልኝ ::

          • Abi

            Enezih hodamoch hulun yemishamu
            Agerina dawit yemidegagmu
            Andu aybeqachewum hulunim kalqemu
            Dawitin anbibew eskileq qelemu
            Min fayda alachew bisotin kalsemu.
            Ante Tigihin yaz nitsuh neh kedemu.

          • dawit

            On No. 2, its not my word that is why I put it in quotation mark. It was TPLF propaganda that used to mobilize the poor Tigrians. Go and read TPLF pamphlets from 1970s and 80’s.
            On No. 3, you can be assured dawit is also one of them who got free Ethiopian education under Haile Selassie, during the ‘Jet Age of Ethiopia’. Now Abi don’t tell that to Semere and Amanuel Hidrat, they will hung themselves of jealousy because dawit claims two countries. (by the way your dad must have gone to Haile Selassie I university and not Addis Ababa University also during the ‘Jet Age’ and not during Mingistu’s Monkey Age. . By any chance was he a class mate of IA? Just curious.
            Good Sunday Praying.

          • Hayat Adem

            That is a let down to anyone. the judge killer is to be quarantined in a solitary memory, not to be associated with anyone, as a classmate or otherwise.

          • Abi

            My father went Qedamawi Haileselassie University. I didn’t want send a shock waves to people with recovering heart.
            My father is about the same age as IA.

          • dawit


            “Qedamawi Haileselassie University” and ‘Haile Sellasie I” are equivalent representation of ‘Giez’ and English. that is just for fun.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Abi,

            On point #3 I think it’s not black and white as you always want to make it out. But you only seem to pick one side, the side that advocated for Eritrean people’s rights but you never give credit for the Eritreans who helped and contributed to the well being of Ethiopia. And for the record, there is no single Eritrean who bleed Ethiopia from inside. If you are going to give example of those students who were organizing, their actions is nothing more than what Melles, Sibhat Nega and others were doing.

            Here you will find two example, you will be the judge.

            Professor Feseha Gebreab who is arguably called father of veterinary education in Ethiopia!


            And his brother: Prof Habtu Ghebreab documented the massacre at Wekidiba.



          • Kokhob Selam

            sometime I don’t agree with you but you are very energetic, I don’t know from where your energy coming from. what is the sources !

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            dawit (The new naturalized Eritrean citizen),

            It is not your fault, it is the fault of the regime in Eritrea that they gave you the citizenship without giving basic Eritrean history (especially about ghedli). But I will give you a hint, that will either help you to make your own research or ask your mentor from the regime.

            (a) ask them if there were civil war between ELF and EPLF (especially 80-81 the time ELF was pushed out)
            (b) ask them if there were any alliance with TPLF to push out ELF from the field.

            (c) ask them how many Eritrean youth was killed from both sides during in the two years.

            (d) ask them why they need outside force for help them (which now, are telling you that force is the main enemy of Eritrea) in order to control the Eritrean field.

            (e) Ask them why badume was given to the control of TPLF after ELF was pushed out from badume.

            (f) Ask them why TPLF and EPLF were killing or kidnapping the leaders or the cadres of ELF splinters inside Sudan and Ethiopia who were still continuing their struggle.

            When you make this research and perform some assessments, you will find out ELFites have never quit their struggle then and now. That is your homework in order to be a naturalized Eritrean citizen. [just a hint an Australian – a friend of the Eritrean revolution who was given an Eritrean citizen is better in Eritrean revolutionary history than you an Ethiopian who is naturalized as an Eritrean citizen]. Ezi wedehanka.

          • dawit

            You made a great error again about ‘dawit’. He is the original Eritrean, before you were baptized by ELF. About ELF/EPLF civil war I am aware of the history and that was my main reason why I didn’t join the Ghedli. Any other question you like to know about dawit? In the mean time can you defend or admit, that Abi is accusing you of stealing Ethiopian properties? Not me.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Aha dawit,

            Speaking of stealing Ethiopian properties, can I tell you that it was “widibawi haliot” to strengthen the Eritrean revolution that you now become proud of it – a term or a phrase, I learned from EPLF in the late 70s. How about that? could you agree on that

          • dawit

            Ah Amanuel,

            ‘widibawi haliot’ ! Please stop your nonsense, you are not talking with Abi or TT, you are talking to dawit, the Eritrean who was an Eritrean before you became Eritrean. Which widibawi haliot are you talking about, igniting civil war in Eritrea, claiming that there should be only one liberation front in Eritrean meda or field. So ELF leaders thought they can eradicate EPLF by force. Well your calculation didn’t work, EPLF fought you and beat you in you game plan. Now you bringing various reasons why you were defeated. TPLF help or my mother skirt etc. You blame me why I was not plunged into the civil war you ignited. Well courage was also needed to stand on your ground and fight to the end, instead of running away with you arms and handing it to Sudanese forces. You also once told AT that ELF had to destroy all the heavy armaments before they run to Sudan, so that EPLF fighter will not have access to it to fight the Derg army. Why? and your reason for destroying it as “Gorilla Military Strategy”!. (Dhirey SiAr Aybuqel illa Adgi yibehal) or in Amharic my other language (Ene kemotku, Serdo Aybkel alech Ahiya).

            Yes dawit did not want to be caught in unnecessary civil war, dying for nothing to satisfy somebody’s hunger for power. dawit was reading (dawit) when you and your ELF compatriot were trying to learn the alphabet counting ha, hu, hi…ho of Eritrean revolution! Yes dawit is smart, he does not want to take unnecessary risk or sacrifice. Listen Amanuel I could teach a lot about The Great Eritrean Revolution, much better than what you got at your ELF cadre school.

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            The following statement : “Speaking of stealing Ethiopian properties, can I tell you that it was for “widibawi haliot” to strengthen the Eritrean revolution that you now become proud of it – and a term or a phrase, I learned from my compatriot EPLFite in the late 70s” was (a) in response to your question you asked me to answer to what Abi had said about our ghedli (b)The statement was also is “general” in regard the “revolution” that include both organizations (c) I gave you the answer because instead of answering yourself to Abi you throw it to me, and I gave you the answer and by extension to Abi.

          • dawit

            You have this ugly habit of classifying Eritreans into various categories, of your choice. If someone uses a nick name, well he must not be an Eritrean, ‘Look I use my real name, bla bla..) I challenged you to put your passport or birth certificate to prove you are using your real name, you never did it. Once we were discussing about Abona Woldeab Woldemariam, I said he was a friend of my grandfather, and you wrote that cant be true, I am lying. You challenged my statement and demanded proof. If it was true I should tell AT my grandfather’s name, so that you will ask you family or parents if they know such a name. I provided you and you never came back to tell me if you proved it or not. You just disappear after I did my part of the bargain. Yet you still blame me for not being a true Eritrean. And now you claim that I became Eritrean after 1998. Your new campaign is broaden to blame ‘Amiches’ as if they are less of Eritreans. You know Amiches are as good as any Eritrean like those born in Eritrea or Sudan. They contribution to the Eritrean Revolution the same as any Eritrean, many joined the Revolution from the start to the end. My own brother was martyred gave his life and his wife for Eritrea! Guess who is taking care of the children they left behind?
            You can have your last word and don’t expect me to defend you from Abi’s accusation.

          • Hope

            Selamat Vet Aman Hidrat:
            ….having said ,which I agree or concur with,btw,you should have added the mistakes and weaknesses of the. ELF as an organization and its Leadership.
            Do you know,who said:”Eritrea does not need another “Widib” in the field”?
            Who was isolating and sidelining the Highlanders and the Christians-to be the EPLF Leadership?
            This is not to justify the joint EPLF-TPLF criminal act against the Gallant ELF !
            Blame the CORRUPT ELF Leadership
            for the major reasons behind the failures of the ELF .
            It was a Darwinian case scenario,the survival of the fittest!
            Why was My Favorite Hero,Melake Tekhle murdered cold-bloodedly?
            It is a past history now and we should not dwell into our past mess but to learn from those deadly mistakes and to reconcile and to build a New Eritrea independently through a United Front of Justice Seekers through the mobilization of our silent Majority but not through the help of our same Enemies with a record of working against our Unity.

          • tes

            Selam dawit,

            read my reply to Semere Andom. I was supposed to reply here but you unworthy to have such response under your name.


          • dawit

            Waw! tes,
            You are afraid to meet me face to face at AT forum, so you decided to send your message through AT’s errand boy from Canada!

          • tes

            Selamat dawit,

            hmm, don’t think so. You are just unworthy to have a lengthy response. I have never being afraid of diehard people but from the wise. You are too light straw man for me in all aspects to be dealt with.


          • dawit

            Dear tes,
            I sent you express message through Abi. Try to read it and answer when you are sober. It is late in France. Good night.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Tzereda,
    take care reading this poem.. you need to be strong to feel what I am feeling.

    ……..ኣነስ ሓፊረኪ …………..

    ብጸይተይ ዋዕሮ መስዋእቲ ዝኾንኪ-
    ኣብ ግዜ ገደልና በጃ ዝሓልፈኪ-
    ትዝ ኢሉኒ ኢቲ ጀግንነትኪ-
    ትዝ ኢሉኒ እቲ ለዋሕ ባህርያትኪ-
    ሕጂ እንተትመጺ እንታይ ኮን ምስ በልኪ?

    ኣነስ ሓፊረኪ እምብዛ ሓፊረ-
    ስክፍታይ በሊዑኒ ኣዝየ ተሽቅሪረ-
    እንኳዕ ኣይትርእዮ ዘይንበር እየ ነይረ-
    ምሳኺ እንተዝስዋእ ምሓሸ ከቢረ::

    ምሕፋር ‘ሲ ሓፊረ ካብ ኩሎም ስውኣት :
    ናትኪ ግን ድርብ እዩ ኣሕዲሩለይ ስቅያት:
    ዓቢ ነውሪ እዩ ገሃነም ብህይወት:
    መሕወይ ነይብለይ ብጀካ መስዋእትነት:

    ጽበቅተይ :-
    ክንዲ ቁንጅናኺ እኳ ዘይሓሰብኪ:-
    ሓዳር ንቡር ናብራ እኳ ዘይፈተንኪ:-
    ባህርያዊ ትዕድልቲ እኳ ዘይሰናኸልኪ;-
    ማዕረይን ልዕለይን ጎቦታት ሓኺርኪ:-
    ምስ ኣጻምእ ጎልጎል ቅጭጭ ከይበለኪ:-
    ብረት ተሰኪምኪ መኪትኪ ኣትኪልኪ:-
    በጃ ዝሓለፍኪ ናጽነት ቀሪብኪ:-
    …… እንታይ ኢኺ ክትብሊ ሎሚ ምስ ሰምዕኪ:-
    …….ኣይከኣልኩን ኣነስ እምብዛ ሓፊረኪ :-

    “ኮኾባይ ተጠንቀቅ ቴንሽን ሒዙልካ ኣሎ:-
    ተጠንቀቅ እቲ ኣብ ‘ታ በላሕ ታባ ዝትኩስ ዘሎ:-
    ድፋዕ ቀይር ብረትካ ናብ ጸጋምካ ኣብሎ:-
    ኣይዋ!!! ጽቡቅ ኣለኻ ሕጂ በሎ በሎ :
    ዋው !!ወዲቁ !!! ዋይ ትሓምሸኒ:- ኣቤት ክትክእሎ”::

    ክትብልኒ ከተድንቅኒ ጸኒሕኪ:-
    ሕጁም ምስተባህለ ከፊልኪ ግምባርኪ::

    በሊ ኣነስ እነሀኹ – ሓፍሽና ይስደት:-
    ህግደፍ ትመርሕ ብዘይ ሕጊ ስርዓት:-
    ናተይ እዩ ሞት ዝብሃል ሕስረት :-
    ነዚ እናርኣኹ ዝነብር ብህይወት :-
    እምበር ንስኺ ‘ሲ ኣብ መንግስተ ሰማያት:-
    ትነብሪ ኣለኺ ብማዕረግ ኣብ ገነት::

    ሓፊረኪ ሽኮር ናፊቀ ግዜና:
    ግዜ ጭርቃን ዕላል ዋዛ ቁም ነገርና:-
    ድሕሪ ናጽነት እወ ነበረ ሕልምታትና:-
    ኣንበሲት እንታይ ይግበር ኩሉ ነይረኽብና :-
    ንሱ ምስ ተቀብልኩዎ — ምእንቲ ህዝብና::

    ….ናይ ሕጂ ገደደ ኣስካሕካሒ ዛንታ:
    …..ጥንስቲ ከይተረፈት ኣብ ውቅያኖስ ሞይታ::

    እቲ ድቂ ህጻን እኳ ካብ ውሽጣ ምስ ወጸ :-
    ገሪምዎ ኣስደሚምዎ ብረብሻ ተነወጸ:-
    “ኣደይ ኣደይ ! ኢሉ ብ ኣውያት ኣድመጸ;-
    ግፍዕታት ህግደፍ ድቂ ‘ ውን ሃወጸ::

    እሞ እንታይ እዩ ፍርደይ ኣብ ዓለም ምንባረይ:-
    መስዋእቲ ዘይኮንኩ ከማኺ ክሑለይ::
    እንታይ እየ ክምልስ እንተሓቲትክኒ:
    “ኣበይ ኣሎ ድኣ እቲ ዝበልካኒ”::

    “ድርብ ወጽዓ ድርብርብ ካብ ኮነ:-
    ሓንቲ ኣይገበርካን ኣይፈትወካን ኣነ::”

    እንታይ እየ ክብለኪ ብኣየናይ ድፍረት:-
    ኣነስ ኣይከኣልኩን ትውሕጠኒ መሬት::

    ምውሓጣ ዘይተርፍ ትለክም ህግደፍ:-
    ህግደፍን ናብ ገሃነም- ኣነን ምሳኺ ዕርፍ::

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Mahmuday,

    Lucky you, for talking with Tesfay Degiga – I wish I have that chance too. although it is unfortunate to see most of our great politicians confused in some eras of the struggle but the man is one of democratic elements who stood for truth long time.

    congratulation Mahmuday on this post you have covered everything – one step more – moving to the fine world I will say something about it on due time.

    the most difficult minute I face reading your post is when you mention the heroism of our women fighters – specially those who are are not around – shame on us that we couldn’t manage to install democratic government. really that is painful remembering who sacrifice their soul in general and our sisters in particular. I really shame I had a poem under “I am shame” I hope you remember it. if not I will attach for you.

  • Manna

    Comment to Mistir Leyti:

    I would first like to applaud the writer, Tzighereda, for eloquently presenting one aspect of women’s ordeals that has been best kept under the rugs – sexual violence. Thank you to all who contributed to the discussion, even those who stated that unwanted sexual advances were heroic; it lets us know what we have to deal with.

    Since a lot has been said, I will try hard not to repeat. Although anyone is free to express themselves, be it two pennies worth, it is well and good, however, it is even better to focus on the subject matter and make it an educational experience.

    Speaking of education, the issues of rape and all other of sexual violence nature are women’s issues. Because it is, it was stated as such and condemned as an overwhelming crime by most nations and many international organizations such as the International Women’s Organization and the United Nations. I am stating this as an argument to those who were raising the issue of men being used by women as a rebuttal to the raised issue of violence on women. The issue of men being used by women can have its own forum for discussion – even if it does not have enough weight to go to the United Nations.

    Women’s issues are best represented by women. No man can say “I know how you feel” the way a woman would. For this simple fact, the active listener man only is capable in contributing to possible solutions. Besides, men have dominated the whole spectrum of governance in nations, communities, and families. Let us lead you in matters of women’s rights – this is ours.

    So, how do victims of rape and sexual harassment feel? Listen to the testimonies. Just as an introduction though, it is physically and emotionally damaging – some for lifetime. There was one commentator who dared for rape allegations to go to court and prove their cases. We all know that and in the land of justice, women mostly win – such dare is muted by facts – it works the other way around. Most importantly, it has been said over and over again that such experiences are not spoken of enough because of the embarrassment it causes. If any woman is bold enough to tell her story, it probably happened because it is very hard to speak of experiences that are demeaning, shameful, embarrassing, hurtful that left you defenseless. It only comes out with courage. Especially in a nation of unfairness where a women’s organization is paralyzed,

    Lastly, let your mother, sister, daughter, friend speak for themselves, while you listen patiently and actively. It is said that the more it is spoken of, the more possibility of healing for the victim – as in cathartic.

    Hoping to hear more testimonies.

    Thank you


  • AMAN

    Dear Awates
    Greetings :
    I’ve received a fresh message right now
    that I would like to share it with you from
    On board the Maritian spacecraft MCX16
    (A radio text monitored at HQ from inside the
    Audiobox of the spacecraft )
    commander :
    Pilot ! where is this little planet we are
    passing through now located on the cosmos ?
    Pilot :
    It is located on the Ursa minor section 100k
    nautical miles SSE OF sirus sir !
    commander :
    We MaRITIANS have been at that stage exactly
    1000 yrs ago. All these scientific knowledge and
    tools they are using now had been disposed 1000
    yrs ago in our planet Mars.
    Pilot :
    I understand. sir ! I can see it .

  • Hayat Adem

    I came late to all the heated discussion on this thread but skimmed through many of the comments and I felt I should say the following:
    I think dawit belongs to a different league. It must have been an awkward moment of his life to have given us the best of him in public. He effortlessly and proudly envisioned himself being one of those slim-long-handed-sleep-depriving nocturnal men artistically described by the author. Advancing on sleeping woman for a sexual interest without prior agreement is an assault, and it has a name- Blitz sexual assault. Not stopping when met with a reactive “no” is a determined act of crime. Confessing on such a behavior at a senior age after the fact is another level. That shows the urge of marveling at becoming part of the crime story. If his age is as old as what SemA told us, I find his confession very disturbing and troubling. Have you noticed how he compared becoming persistent with an act of sexual assault and becoming persistent with a habit of finishing school homework? In a bizarre way, he used his daughters as an example. What kind of father would bring his kids into the middle of a discussion of such a topic? Also, it was such a telling when he told us that he is a quitter when it comes to a normal work challenge and ironically a persistent person in making sexual advances who must hear at least 3 times of gidef before he considers collecting his hand back. Dawit, it is time for you to be disgusted of yourself. Please seek a professional help to get your inner balances to a level of acceptable sanity.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hayat;
      Also, dawit said that he would not take “giddef” means “giddef”, he will said it is “qelallem’ or as they say in his other country, “medderer’ or something that rhymes with it
      About his age, I calculated it by basing it on teh discussions he has with Abi, who is younger and who knew Dr. Gideon, who is way alder than Abi so that gives you give or take, 65, as old as.
      Do me a fav, I want your comment to stay so can youu salute us as Hi awatista, or Hi All

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi Sem,

        “Megderder” not “medderer” if you are looking for amharic.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi SA,

        First to respond, you know as “ወዲ ማይ ኦንታርዮ”.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Gheteb:
          What is QED?
          You cannot prove that statistically I am the first one to respond when Hayat Adem (HA) writes. If you that I will endorse your for Elias Amare’s or Yeman G.Meskel’s positions.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi SA,

            What is QED? Here …

            [[ Q.E.D. QED is an abbreviation of the Latin words “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” which loosely translated means “that which was to be demonstrated”. It is usually placed at the end of a mathematical proof to indicate that the proof is complete.]]

            I contend that you are the first to respond to ANY and ALL posts penned by a female, only as “ወዲ ማይ ኦንታርዮ” and not in either of the other two forms (states).

  • Peace!

    Dear hope,

    Easy on them:) they are having fun here; perhaps because they are not interested on debating with their fellow Ethiopians to discuss on why the TPLF government is killing peacful protesters using HUMVEES and snipers. ይገርማል።


  • AMAN

    Dear Awates
    Recently you have brought this powerful thought provoking
    article by Tzigereda in your forum for us readers.
    Here is my points on the Article of discussion.
    First I would like to applaud and appreciate her for here courage
    and stand to come up to openly confront injustice on fellow citizens
    and companions while most not dare to do so. It is a pioneering act
    of courage and standing on the side of justice and justice seeking.
    Injustice on one is injustice on us all !
    Second –
    While it is hard to say there should not be rape case in Eritrea, It is
    still uncommon due to the compact nature of the society and due to
    the relatively conservative culture of the country relative to larger
    neighboring countries and societies.
    But no matter what and how it is done it is still a crime that needs
    But here is the main point I want to make.
    And that is to say what makes this unique is the place,time and environment
    this had happened. So I put it in the category of out of ordinary cases.
    That is it is not in the category of the ordinary cases of rape crime due to
    the circumstances and environment the issue took place morally and legally.
    Legally, I would assume that Military environment is administered with higher
    discipline than a normal civilian area or environment.
    Morally, It is uncommon for someone poor to face injustice at the hands of
    another one poor like him/her seeking the same justice from unjust system
    as long as he/she is in the struggle willing to sacrifice him/herself for the
    common cause.
    So due to its double tragedy it falls in the category of out of the ordinary cases.

  • umawate

    Dear Tzigereda,
    I really greatly applaud your courage to bring gender based violence issues to the forefront of this forum’s discussions. It is a timely article, it Valentine’s Day and Love shouldn’t hurt.
    As it is already stated by you and other contributors, violence against women occurs across cultures. You know as women when we gather we reveal and share our own experiences of incidents of gender based violence whether at home, in the community or in institutions such as schools, including religious schools, the military and so on and often we keep it there. So well done for speaking out
    Your article reminded me of various incidents of violence that I either experienced or witnessed. When I was a child I use to hear a statement that says ‘yefkr dula ayam’m’, ‘zeywekie seba’y seb’ay aykonen’
    ‘Nsu hawi K’khewn kelo, ane May Ykhewn’
    ‘Kebdi eko nmblae tray aykonen tefetiru’ ‘Wahatiyo’
    ‘Ab mongo Seb’ayn Sebey’tn zeymietaw’ …etc

    When I was in my 4th grade, there was a male teacher that ‘fell in love’ with one of the students and he use to beat the poor girl in one of the vacant classrooms.

    I also remember that some male tailors were known to sexually assault and harass young girls and women during taking measurements for their dresses. As you mentioned, molestation such as groping breasts, bottoms etc be it in the military or outside of it were and are very common sexual assaults that are experienced. As a child or teenager, I use to hate and dread to go some tailors for dress measurements.

    Gender based violence is a societal issue. It is also a well-known fact that violence against women, sexual violence and rape occurs more frequently in the military including in the most advanced military institutions.


    Like you Tzigereda, I could also give an eye witness account from a Gebar experience.

    Therefore, in view of our long history of wars, conflict and the present situation of militarized state of our country is in, one shouldn’t be surprised to hear historic and current stories and reports of sexual violence against women.
    Our struggle for independence be it in ELF or EPLF is what we all feel proud of. However it has its dark sides one of them being failure to address gender based violence in all its forms except FGM. ( I think some progress was being made in addressing FGM in both the fronts).
    It is now history. We can only learn from it. We may not be able to know the scale and extent of the problem during the armed struggle period for various reasons.

    In the current situation, (under PFDJ) one of the main concerns that The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) raised was the lack of data regarding women, violence against women and girls, child marriage, not having a legislation that addresses Marital rape as well as lack of an independent Women’s organisation in Eritrea.

    For example; On the 11/2/16 Some of my colleagues and I attended a lecture organised by PFDJ and NEVSUN in London that stated to discuss an Extractive Industry, Gender & Empowerment. One of the speakers was Seble Ephrem who reportedly is the Chairman of ERA (UK) actively involved in the resettlement and integration of Eritreans in the UK with an active interest in the role of gender and Eritrea. Her presentation regarding the role of Eritrean women past and present status was not only rosy but it portrayed Eritrean women as if they come from another planet.
    ( carrying AK-47 appearing as fashion accessory)
    When she was asked about real issues of women, data regarding incidents of gender based violence, FGM, etc she told the audience that she has no data, but she will provide that in her next trip to Eritrea.
    With regard to marital rape, she told the audience that ‘marital rape is considered rape if the couple were separated and he raped the woman’
    We were all shocked to hear this from one that lived most of her life in a free democratic society. The propaganda lecture was very poorly attended.

    For those enlightened Eritrean women and men, there is so much that we can do in our diaspora communities to address such kind of societal issue.

    1) acknowledge that violence against women in all its forms is an issue (consider soul search)

    2) find out information in your local area regarding identifying gender based violence training, workshops

    3) look out for the victims or those at risk of violence in the hands of their husbands/partners/ including family members. Some women that come under spouse visa appear to be at higher risk of violence and oppression.

    3) offer support to the women survivors of violence.

    4) encourage the women you know to organise themselves or join the ones organised.

    We must start doing something now. The culture of denial does not get us anywhere.
    We need coordinated and organised approaches to tackle this very important issue.

    Thanks a million Tzigerda!!


  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Abyssinia,
    Abyssinia, of course you are a guest. It has been 4 plus years since I was enrolled here at Awate, as a guest. I don’t mind it. ( I consider it a kind of scholarship) I cannot retrieve my past post information, that is a small burden to carry.
    Listen to “PTS” below.
    I missed your bombastic statements. Even though for the most part I don’t agree with you, I can clearly see where you came from and where you are going. That should have been worth something, unlike others.
    In any case good to hear from you. I am glad you are not a quitter.
    Mr. K.H
    I see one day in your future a duel with that Getab guy. You will be the winner. It will be similar to saay and T. Kifle debate over a couple years ago.

  • PTS

    It is your right to hold tough views against Eritrea and Eritreans. Wether you admit it or not, you are a hardliner. That is all good. But be smart on how you express yourself.
    Hint: argue to convince, not to antagonize.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Hope,
    No sarcasm or pun intended, here. The world is not flat, as observed. Considering the amount of Eritrean refugees and diasporas that are heading there, they might yet acquire a chance to have a say over us. I speak to folks, within Eritrea, and they all dream of returning back to Ethiopia. As an observer and as things stand right now, if you give the Eritrean people a chance to vote, I am afraid they will overwhelmigly vote to join Ethiopia.

  • dawit

    Dear All Awatistas . “Ask Any Eritrean Women Experiment” Case Study.
    (Strictly for entertainment please no politics!)

    Part I. Researcher proved Sexual Misconduct of Eritrean Male !!. The Tic-Tack-Toe Game.

    After reading all the Awtstas debate on the subject of Eritrean Rape culture, I decided to do an experiment of “Ask any Eritrean women”. So I did a case study with a convenient sample, because it was much
    cheaper than doing a random sample and deal with statistics of regression analysis. etc. By chance I found an Eritrean women close to where I live. After explaining to her the purpose of the experiment, I got her to sign ‘consent agreeing the human subject experiment following the NIH protocol. I submitted my research proposal to IRBNet and was approved by the Board. The experiment started by explaining all the terminologies of sexual harassment and rape as furnished by experts on the subject Dr. Tzigereda and Professor Hope of AT

    After the researcher read and explained the first questioner , “have you ever been sexually harassed or raped as an Eritrean women?” After thinking about it for few seconds, her answer was definitely Yes!

    Can you explain the detail on this harassment? Covering the detail, when it happened, where and by whom? After thinking on the matter again for few seconds, her answer was.

    ” Let me tried to remember hard, you know this happened long time ago, it is hard to remember everything. But if I remember it correctly it started long time a go at my high school graduation party. A boy was sitting across the table, he winked at me with his eye and I didn’t know how to respond but innocently I winked back at him in retaliation to his wink then when the music started he asked me to dance? I accepted the invitation and we went to the dance floor together. Since that was my first dance, I tried to watch the other dancers and tried to imitate their steps. He complemented me for my steps. In the middle of the dance we exchanged few personal information like names and where we live. We were dancing the new dance called ‘The Tango’. That was when the actual sexual harassment started for me”.

    Well can you elaborate more?
    ” Sure, in the middle of the dance he grabbed my hand with his long, skinny and sweaty hand and he squeezed my hand”.
    Then what? “Well, I squeezed back his hand too”.
    Why? ” I don’t know, I think I didn’t wanted him to have the last squeeze on me”

    “After the end of the dance we left the dance floor he accompanied me to my seat, he pulled the chair for me and I sat. Next thing I know he left his table and sat next to me. We dance few more times and we were both getting better on the new dance steps. But the place was getting hot and the music was getting louder, it was hard for any kind of conversation. I suggested to go out to have a fresh air to cool down so he followed me outside, he was sweating. We started strolling in the garden and he grab my hand, so walked holding hands under the moon light. Then I suggested to sit on one of the stone benches in the garden, because my feet were hurting I was wearing high shoes for the dance. That was when he first pull me closer to his chest and kissed me in my chick first and then gradually moved further and kiss me in
    my lips. Then what? I kissed him back, that is when the real sexual harassment begin for me”.

    Why did you kissed him back?
    “Again I didn’t want him to have the last say on this game”.

    Interesting, Tic-Tack-Toe Game. Please continue.

    “Then we started to see each other and for few months, and one day he asked me to marry him. And I said yes! I became his fiancé, we both told our parents our intention to get married and we stopped the Hide and Seek game, we started to see each other often whenever we wanted, finally we had a wedding and we became husband and wife and the real Sexual harassment and misconduct started” .

    So why do you think that was sexual advancement? It seems to me it was mutual move.
    “Why? I am surprise you ask me that question. Didn’t I told you that from the start he was the one who was making all the suggestion as an Eritrean man, and I was merely responding to his harassment as a poor innocent Eritrean women. Think about it Mr. Researcher, don’t you see, he started the move first, he winked at me, and then he grabbed my hands and squeezed them fist and kissed me first, then he asked me to be his wife!. All fit perfectly the sexual harassment criteria according to your experts. He always made the first move, so he must be guilty of sexual harassment.”

    So this whole harassment started with that first wink! I think you have proved it well. Thank you Eritrean women till we meet again for the second session of this scientific experiment.

    To be Continued Part II “Lets do it again”.


    • Tzigereda

      Selamat Dawit,
      This was my reply to you I posted yesterday, I think you didnt read it because it was at the bottom of the page. Here it is,last one:

      Dear Dawit,
      you tend to imply that anyone who doesn’t support and endorse the policy of the regime in Eritrea spreads untruth and fraudulent misrepresentation. Every story testified by non-PFDJist is to be abondoned, because it is told by the ” None-citizens citizens”? You own the truth, the only truth. Aye Dawitom, me, I am far from defaming Ghedli, a glorious Eritrean history. I lived it. It’s my own history; the history of Amanuel Hidrat, Mahmud Saleh, Saleh Ghadi, Kokhob Selam and many more Awate forumers. No need for anyone to preach to us about what we experienced first-hand.
      There is no generalization in my article. The sentences you quoted ” ask any woman…many have..” should be understood as stated. I didn’t mention or provide any presumptive percentage or number. Find out for yourself. Find out your own truth. Then be honest enough to share it with us. No tnfer aytnfer attitude. Since I assumed you are smart enough to figure it out I equipped you with the prevailing basic definitions of the three phrases. Ask the gedim tegadelti, ask those who left for the Sudan during Gedli time (Gheteb’s maiden) if they know the term “visa do awqiEKn” (were you granted exit visa – meaning did you have to expose yourself to sexual assault); ask female Sawa graduates if they experienced or witnessed priviledges and advantages occasioned by enforced sexual service; ask women in our society if they know of untold stories of Amex…Not talking of numbers; not of percentage…Talking about existence versus denial and justification. Talk to Eritrean female refugees arriving in hundreds in Europe, Australia,Canada and the USA.
      The qoutation from Tesfanews compiles with what NUEW reported to CEDAW ( please read it in the article) and what PFDJ circulated to be signed by Eritreans ( campaighn against the CIO Eritrea report). Thence, herein lies the core of my criticism: no justification, no denial, downplaying of sexual violence against eritrean women that still exists. A solid critique against all the current continuation of ” there is no torture, no political prisoners in Eritrea… ” It is not explicitly a cultural problem, but a sociopolitical one “.
      It is difficult to decide whether a cynical laugh or mere boredom would be the appropriate to your futile attempts at explanation of sexual groping – you, a male, trying to elaboarate the phenomenon to me, a female. “Intay alo yimesleki…xin imo beli..”, boring, boring, boring!
      BTW, you didn’t read me well. There was no talking or discussion in the Hidmo you have been citating many times .

      Now, consider what Gheteb, (nay tnfer aytnfer TebeQa) omitted in his quotations, the following content:This is what Saba had to tell to Victoria Bernal:
      ” after all we did in the struggle. We contributed more than men. now women firghters have many problems. After we did, it is like being throwns away.”

      These words were spoken to me by Saba, a woman who spent fourteen years in the eritrean People’s Liberation front ( EPLF) fighting for Eritrean’s national independence. Hervfeelings echo those of many other women who risked their lives and gave their youth to achieve the goal of national liberation for Etitrea
      Women ex fighters lack resources, skills and jobs. They feel that they are being devalued in the new society of independent Eritrea. Some women have been divorced for civilian women. These heroes of the nationalist struggle are finding that the very qualities that made them good soldiers and comrades stigmitize them as wives and potential wives. Former women fighters are seen as having experienced independence, sexual freedom, and equality with men. They fought side by side with men and killed enemy men. Their morality is suspect. their feminity is doubtful, and their ability to behave obedient as wives is questionable. Although national liberation has been achieved, the emancipation of women is at best incomplete.”

      • dawit

        Dear Tzigereda,

        Please Tzigereda, I said no more politics. I already wrote you my frank opinion about your article. Sorry I don’t know how to pretend to please people. Dear sister, if you are really interested on Eritrean problems inside and outside the country focus on real problems instead of hypothetical sexual problems. I am interested in real Eritreans problem regardless of their sexes. This is the latest sad tragedy reported from England about Eritreans man and women, both dead.

  • Abi

    Hope Nebsi
    Never heard of it.
    You mean the New York of Africa?
    Mengedoch hulu wede Addis yameralu!
    YimTu bezna !!!!!!!

  • Dear Hope,
    Don’t you think that Addis could be a safe destination for Diaspora Eritrean capital? Ethiopia is becoming the best place to invest, a magnet that easily attracts foreign investments. I am sure that many Eritreans are looking for a safe place to invest their hard won capital. After all, Addis is near home and their money is safe.

  • saay7

    Hi Tzigereda:

    You are on a roll. So this is what I think happened: remember when Osman Abdulrehim accused Alamin Abduletif of “stealing” his song? The song was “TsebHi tsom” and it is because of this song being “stolen” that Osman sang “ayfalken grh’netey.” It was Alamin who make the song famous and Osman Abdulrehim only covered it a decade later as a “this is my song and I am singing it!” gesture.

    I could be wrong and I leave it to the over 50 crowd to correct me.

    I am putting “steal” within quotes because the people who actually write the lyrics of these songs are almost always never the singers and they never get credit for it. For example, do you know who wrote the lyrics for Osman’s “NefaHito”? Or Alamin Abduletif’s “Seb nKebdu tray aykonen z’neber”?


    • Tzigereda

      Dear Saay7,

      Oops…” IntezifeliT neyre izi Kulu xegem..”

      No I didnt know that story.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Tzigereda;
        I am sure you knew, bu tyour forgot because like MS you think that this was also “sewrawi Srqi” -)
        I am on your head to day as LT would say: ab reEski;-)

        • Tzigereda

          sewrawi and Srqi doesnt go, lol!

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Good morning Saay,

      The Eritrea singers never give credit to those who wrote the lyrics of their songs including the well known singers like Yemane Baria. I have a friend of mine who wrote about 75% of the songs in ghedli (ELF), no one give credits to his work. Even after the eviction of the organization from the field, he wrote many songs that are used by Baria, wedi awaalom, wdi ghebru…..etc. so the issue you mentioned about the recognition of the lyrics writers must be brought to our singers to exercise some courtesy about it.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Kokhob Selam

        ክቡር ኣማኑኤል

        ደረፍቲ እዛ ሃገር ብደረጃ ቁጠባ ክንዛረብ እንከለና ድኻታት እዮም ዝነበሩ:: ልዕሊ ‘ቶም ድምጻውያንን ነቲ ቅኒት ዘዳልውን ‘ውን እቶም ገጠምቲ እዮም ዘሕዝኑኒ – ዳርጋ ከይተፈልጡ እዮም ዝሓልፉ :: ኣል ጅንድ ኣልመጅሁል ድዮም ዝብሉ ዓረብ ከይተፈልጡ ቅያ ዝሰርሑ ተበጀውቲ ::

        እቶም ናይ ጀብሃ እሞ ኸኣ ኣደ የብልና ኣቦ – ዘኽታማት ኮይና ኢና ተሪፍና:- ክኸውን ክኸውን ‘ቶም ጀብሃዊነትና ዘይቀየርና :: ኪር ኪር ዶ እልካ ስሒቅካ! ዝገርመካ ሕጂ ‘ውን ገጠምትና ናይ’ዚ ኹሉ መሳጢ ስውራዊ ደርፍታት ፈጠርቲ ክንሶም ኣበይ መንን ምዃኖም ዝፈልጥ የለን:: ዝበዝሕ ግዜ ፍቃድ ከይሓተትካን ቁሩብ ቅይር ኣቢልካን በል ኮይኑ ሎ :: ግን ንህዝቢ ክሳብ ዝጠቀመ ከም ሻሙ ኢልካ ምሕላፍ ::

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          ብጻይ ኮኸባይ,

          ዝሐለፈ ሐሊፋዩ:: ካብ ሐጂ ንመጸኢ ግን ሐድሽ ባህሊ ንኹሉም ከከም አበርክትኡም ተፈሊጥሎም ዚዝከሩሉ ምትእትታው አገዳሲ ኮይኑ ይስመዓኒ::
          እዚ ጉዳይዚ አብ ምሉእ ዓለም በዚ ዝጠቀስክዎ አግባብ ጌይሮም እዮም ዝተሐሕዝዎ:: እንተዘይኮነ ግን ፍትሐዊ ኮይኑ አይስመዓንን::

          አማኑኤል ሕድራት

          • Kokhob Selam

            እወ ክቡር ብጻይ:-

            ሕጂ ነዛ ዓለም ከምዝረኣናያ ስራሕካ ኣፍልጦ ክረክብ ግቡእ ምዃኑ እ ዩ – ንባዕሉ ቁጠባዊ ድንፈዐ ውልቀሰብ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ምርኮሳ (መርጀዓ) መዝገብ ‘ ውን እዩ :: መጻኢ ወሎዶ ተመሊሱ ምስ ህያው ቁም ነገር ፈጠርቲ ግዳ ሓለፍቲ ደቂ ሰባት ዝራኸብሉ ድልድል ‘ውን እዩ :: ነዚ ናይ ከማኻ ውርዙያት ሰብ ልቦና ምኽሪ ብምስማዕ እየ ኸ ኣ መጽሓፈይ ኣጻፊፈ ዘለኹ:::

            ብጻይካ ኮኾባይ

  • G. Gebru

    ዝከበርክንን ዝከበርኩምን፣
    ወፅአ ኤሪትራዊት ካብ አብሜዳ አብከተማ ይበዝህን ይመርርን ኔሩ። ስለምንታይ እንተበልና እቲገድልታት ናይ ፀላኢ ምስቲር ንምርካብ ምስ መኮንናት ኢትዮ ንክብእልጋ ይገብርኔሩኢዩ። ብሀደወገን ከአ ፈትየንድዩ ከይፈተዋ ወተሃደር ተእተዋ ወተሃደራት ደቅና ይእምፁን አገዲዶም ይምርአውወን አለው እንዳበሉ ፕሮፖጋንዳ የካይዱከምዘይነበሩ አብ 1991 ግን አስመራ ምስአተው ነተንብሽመን ዝሸቀቱ የህዋት ነብሰንን ደቀንን ገለምርጫ ከይሃቡ ምስቶም ካብሃገር ዝሰጎግዎም ወተሃደራት ተሰጊገን አብኢትዮጵያ ዘህለፍኦ ሽግር ዝረአዮ ይፈልቶ።
    ስለዚ እዛተባእ ሀብቲ ነዚዘቅረበት ምስጋናኢዩዝግበአ።
    ቁስልካምፍላት ፈውስካ ምንዳይ እድልስለዝህበካ።
    ነቶም ፅሁፈይ ዘይትእሞም አቀዲመ እቅርታ እሀትት።
    ኩሉዘይሰአኖ ይተአረቀና። አሜን።

  • Lon Adi

    Dear Tzigereda,

    Thank you for reflecting the bright light of reality at a time when some still favor the darkness of denial which is pressing on them for different unfortunate reasons.
    I hope many Eritrean women will be encouraged to share their experience and bring Eritrea in line with other countries in accepting the truth that no woman is to be blamed for the sickness of a monstrous man who assaults her!