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Massive Eritrean Resistance Rally In New York

This morning Eritreans held a major demonstration In New York in support of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea.

The rally was started with a prayer carried out by Christian and Muslim elders; a demonstrator explained, “we have to reclaim our traditions that are being destroyed by the Isaias regime.”

This has been the second massive demonstration carried by the Eritrean resistance movement after the Geneva demonstration they carried out last June.

The demonstrators flocked to New York in buses, airplanes, car pools and trains from cities as far as Seattle, Southern California, and Dallas.

A demonstrator from Atlanta who has been a supporter of the Eritreans regime until recently said, “I participated in many demonstrations, including the one that was carried out in New York to bolster the popularity of Isaias four years ago; this is the biggest crowd I ever joined.”

This afternoon, the 500 person venue of the port-demonstration seminar is overflowing with people, who have occupied even the walkways in the hall. Many are lingering outside for lack of space. The seminar is still underway and is expected to finish later this evening.

The famous Eritrean artist Yohannes Tikabo participated in the demonstration and offered a contemplative song to the demonstrators. Yohannes, better known as Wedi-Tekabo, abandoned the Eritrean regime two years ago and has been entertaining and motivating Eritrean resistance members in many events.

According to a participant, “the demonstration has been an inspiring representation of the entire Eritreans demographics.” He added, “young and old were present, but the considerable presence of women, is a game changer.”

Though many depict Eritreans are being polarized based on several fault lines, particularly the region and religion, the New York demonstration “proved that such fault lines are not as severe as the distractors of the Eritrean resistance to tyranny try to make it.”

A member of the ad hoc committee that organized the demonstration said, “this is the first event that doesn’t have football or music, and it is the first time I feel fulfilled.” A demonstrator from Seattle said, “my long trip was worth it, I am inspired and rejuvenated.”

In addition to the support for the CoIE, many placards carried messages to the European Union, which is “cajoling the drowning repressive Eritrean regime by offering it lifebuoys.” The EU is preparing an aid package to the Eritrean government.

Eritreans are apprehensive of the EU that provides the Isaias Afwerki regime with funds without putting enough conditions for the improvement of governance and respecting the human rights of Eritrean citizens.

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  • Fikre Selam

    Hello Awates readers,
    I see the comments below about some sensational things- I am not minimizing anything before folks starting charging me.
    I admire the Eritrean who participated in the rally and brought issues World Body or United Nation near month of December.
    If you ask what is the significance of Eritrean at United Nation in New York in December or near December?

    In December 1970, a group of Eritrean students came together to go the United Nations in New York to protest the Ethiopian Massacre of Eritean folks in Keren. These Eritrean activist wrote and sent a letter to U-Thant- the general secretary of United Nation. The letter stated from “Eritrean Students Aboard” with the fictitious name Fekri Selam(Love Peace).
    What did these activist ask for? Immediate UN intervention and demanded the withdrawal of Ethiopian army and release of Eritrean Political prisoners.(hepner)

    The letter or demonstration did not get much response from United Nation. However, it led to formation of EFLNA a student organization. It became “the most powerful Eritrean nationalist organization in the world, aside from the ELF and EPLF.” (hepner)
    That organization was effective when it was independent and one of our founding father Woldeab Woldermarim advised or told the activists that the revolution would benefit more if the EFLNA stayed aboard and maintained autonomy from both the ELF and EPLF(hepner).
    When the organization didn’t follow Woldeab’s recommendation and took side in the civil war… it swallowed by EPLF and lost its independence. The nature and structure of EPLF/PDJF is such that it doesn’t tolerate independent thinking or public criticism except following the party line.

    I am just asking myself how group of Eritrean students scattered around North America 45 years ago came together to form an independent organization who at its height was third most powerful organization for Eritrean independence.

    How do all build an organization from these rallies or any media that is independent and that can follow Father Woldemariam’s recommendation of staying out the PDJF(EPLF)-ELF(Vampire) or Governement vs Opposition divide/ baggage?

  • dawit

    Dear tes ;

    Here is the latest article by Anbesit Sphia Tesfamariam for your reading enjoyment. Yours dawit. http://www.tesfanews.net/eritrea-and-the-commission-of-inquiry-irreconcilable-differences/

  • tes

    Dear Wolde ab,

    I don’t hate Ethiopia but I know my history. No one can deceive me in this regard.

    Haha, do you have reception committee? Please do not be masters of crisis management. Be masters of conflict resolution. However I have a plan if materialized to come and teach university students in Ethiopian universities. I have something to be given in regard to food science. Just ask those who are concerned with Ethiopian development if they want my service.


    • Abi

      Your skills and services are badly needed in Ethiopia. Welcome to ethiopia. The honeymoon destination for eritreans with a French accent.

      • Eyob Medhane


        Speaking of welcoming people, do you remember Kiros Asfha, the Eritrean singer, who escaped to Ethiopia and gave one of the most damning accounts about what Shabia is doing there with tearful and heart wrenching interview few months ago? Well. I guess they (Shabia) missed the signs that he was to abandon their behind, when he released this wedding song completed with “Amora besemay siayish wale” and “Yitbarek ende Abrham”. Please Listen to it..I urge you..he released it two years ago, when he still was in Shabia’s grip…

        • Abi

          Beautiful! I guess he was auditioning since 2014. Mengedoch hulu wede Ethiopia yameralu.
          Roha band II is coming.
          All the best for him.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Abi, you are never short of educated people; what you don’t have is a true leader. If not you could have used your own, the likes of Dr Melaku, Dr Segenet and Dr Wondwosen, to mention a few are all renewed food scientists. Instead of encouraging and using your own people; you gave to the Indians lol Now, you wanted Tes? All you need is a leader! I laugh my head of when some say PMMZ was a good Ethiopian leader. Correction! Melles never led Ethiopia!

        • Abi

          Hi General Nitricc
          Leadership is where you come in to make the jigsaw complete.
          See you at Bole.

    • Wolde ab

      Dear brother Tes,
      The next ANDM meeting in Wollo will be in Desie. We will make sure your coming home and teaching at Dessie University will be on the agenda.
      Thank you for being willing to come to your roots. You will not be sorry.
      You remember the movie ” Come home Lassie” and the amount of yegorefewen inba?
      Ours will make it look like that drop in the Sahara.
      Waiting for your return with abated breath.
      Your long lost brother,
      Wolde ab.

      • tes

        Dear Wolde ab,

        It makes sense for me when you say “your long lost brother”. Indeed my family migrated from Agow-Lastaa after they lost their kingdom and left for safety. Still there are same family roots there, almost same dialect language and culture. Convey my greetings.

        I will be delighted to go back and study the culture which is preserved there especially on food cultures. Why not visit my ancestors and spend some years learning my original culture and modernize their culture to fit modern economy. Why not? if there is a need for my service, I will be delighted. It is much worth than staying in this developed country after I learned the richness that I have as an African.

        Your long lost brother can not forget his roots and still fascinated on learning about it.

        With Greetings

  • Dear All,

    According to the Minster of information (from the link by tes), the only problem of Eritrea is Ethiopia, and of course, her enablers. If there is a problem with the military service, again it is due to Ethiopia. Otherwise, there is no repressive government in Eritrea, no political persecution, there is nothing wrong with the economic policy, and no problem with the domestic situation. Even Eritrean refugees who are exposed to so many dangers and thousands have lost their lives and continue to lose their life, trying to reach safe havens, are unbelievably called tourists that come back to Eritrea after 3-4 yrs. According to the MoI the Eritrea government is the most ideal government in the world. The only problem is Ethiopia.
    Unfortunately, he more or less said that the key to peace is in Ethiopia’s hands; which means that until Ethiopia has the goodwill or the international community forces Ethiopia, things are going to remain the same in Eritrea, especially the open ended military service. This shows how far things are from regional peace and cooperation, and the danger of outsourcing the peace and prosperity of a country to the wishes of a neighbor, it cannot influence in any way imaginable. Simply, all the things the Minster said serves the purpose of keeping the people in bondage, and nothing else.

    • dawit

      Dear Horizon,
      Not only the problems in Eritrea, but the problems in Ethiopia and Somalia are directly all linked to the pseudo government of Ethiopia and its baby sitters UN and its fake agencies starting from the head UNSC, WB, UNHCR etc hidden policies against the people of the Horn of Africa. 15 millions, Ethiopians and 10 millions of Somalis and are going to starve to starve because those UN member states have allowed Ethiopia not to develop its economy, but rather build a military to bullying its neighbors. Now UN agencies are blaming the starvation in Ethiopia on global climate changes. The one year drought condition in the region is ripping apart the World Bank and IMF sponsored double digits fake economic growth rate statistics for two decades. Yes, I have been predicting that all the pseudo development propaganda was just one drought away from another great disaster greater than what happened in the last century under Haile Selassie 1973 and Mengistu’s 1984 famines combined. Meanwhile Horizon and companies at AT could sing and clap their monotonous song “Dawn! Dawn! Isaias!”

      • Dear dawit,

        It is said that each unhappy family is unhappy in its special way; Ethiopia due to famine and Eritrea due to mass exodus of her young with all its consequences, open-ended military service, an economy in shambles etc.. As much as DIA is concerned, do not worry, there are also other Ethiopians, not only Amiches, who say, long live DIA. Unfortunately, such is the irony of life.

        • dawit

          Dear Horizon,
          Except the Eritrean is temporary but Ethiopian case seem to be permanent which government is in power. That is the saddest thing to me. All it need to resolve the problem is a good will effort in the minds of Ethiopian to love themselves and their neighbors instead of being serving foreign interest for bags of corn from EU, US and Canada. How you ever asked how Eritrea, with less rain, less fertile land less manpower was able to avoid such catastrophes even facing all kinds of trouble by its neighbors and foreign super powers? Think about it.

          • Siraj Steven

            as always yalbelachihun staku…yesewun siyamrachu…stemegnu…you will never succeed in life..keep holding your grudge against Ethiopian people..we moved on..we building roads..trains..textile factories..big mechanized farms..schools in every county..colleges and universities in each city..hospitals and clinics ..clean water n electricity ..you name it..now Ethiopia is one of the top fastest growing nation in the world..the prove is there to see..i don’t have to tell you….you ask ….’how Eritrea with less rain,less fertile land..and manpower avoided..draught..?..”it has always been like that..no rain..no fertile land..no man power…..whats new to you..?..dry as ye aba joron ye-wust egir..yetesenetateqew….santim midebqew…dry…we know..you send pasta and tomato paste from all over Europe and america…THAST HOW YOUR PEOPLE SURVIVE……

  • tes

    Dear Readers,

    Yemane Gebremeskel (Minister of Information) confirmed that rape happens in Eritrea.

    For more detail follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-zxVEHAxvA&feature=share

    Nitricc, dawit and Hope, have your say.

    A strong proof for COIE report


    • Semere Andom

      Thanks for the link.
      You see the beauty of dictators and their robot followers is they will feed on each other, Yemane with this superficial toughness, confidence is in the same position where his predecessor was. But one day he will fall out of favour from IA and either he will be in prison or exiled suffering in both. A dead man talking said that there is rape here and there, but rapes here and there is not unique to Eritrea, there are thugs in all walks of life who rape women and many of these rapes unfortunately do not reported but society is burdened with it. But Eritea’s case is unique as it the systematic, state(PFDJ) sanctioned, dawit blessed rapes that is the problem and that is at the heart of the COIE report
      A general brings a teenage girl from Sawa school on his landcruiser to her father’s house and orders his father to keep her till she delivers, he tells the dad she is pregnant with his child and if he talks he will blow his brains
      and such reports are not here and there, not isolated incident,but common, deliberate attack on the dignity of Eritrean woman, the rock of the family, a thread that keeps the family together, if you succeed in breaking the woman, you break the family therefore you can break the nation and a broken nation is easy to lord over, where the thugs do things at their whim.
      People like both Yemanes are tortured souls, these guys worked in the PIA office and have seen all the dead bodies and once dust settles, Tes, you better be ready with your pen and paper, digital or physical to write about it, to tell the stories of the people who perished by Yemane and yes by dawit too. There are I am sure rapist in this very forum too, who get high by the proxy rapes whenever they are travelling in their other country or abroad to attend to their kids

      • tes

        Dear Semere Andom,

        You said it all and you have been saying for such long time. What shocked me (and sure it will for you and all Eritreans) while PFDJ Eritrea never reported about these incidences before Yemane Gebremeskel (I thank him a lot for speaking the Truth – I am feeling that now Eri-TV has started to serve the truth (confused))) stepped to the ministerial position and took the lead to proof for Rapes that Happen here and there*.

        I think he is still a mathematician knowing that in this world only maths is close to truth.


        *The world has never experienced so far rape that covers the entire nation. The truth being as said, PFDJ wants the entire Eritreans to be raped. Only then they can approve and accept the victims of rape.

        +He talked about law, my God, which law was he referring?

    • Nitricc

      HI Tes, I know and i can not expect you to know but i would be more concern of Yemane denis it. even in here,the US, rape is going out of hand. Rape happens in every country! again i don’t expcet you to know that. your mind is obssessed with PFDJ.take a look inhere you may learn something..

      “The Invisible War is a groundbreaking investigative documentary about one of America’s most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military. The film, a nominee for the 2013 Academy Awards, paints a startling picture of the extent of the problem: Today, a female soldier in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire”

      • Semere Andom

        forget the military, men rape in the parliament,in the congress, in schools and in corporations. The point is Yemane tried to make his rapes like the rapes you mention and I mention, they are not not. The brazen nature, the systematic Probably society will never cure the scourge of rape, it is as old as humanity and as entrenched as murders, the only thing society, a civilized society can do it create the tools to minimize and punish the rapists. But regimes like PFDJ, Libya and Saddams now defunct regime are built on compensating rapist.
        You saw the alleged drug rapes of Cosby was not revealed for decades, rapes unlike murders is not widely reported. I think they should stop the status of limitations on rapes
        Also the difference is, in USA, you can investigate, you can uncover the cover ups but in Eritrea you cannot that is also big issue so you cannot draw similarity. I think we should introduce the capital punushment for repeat rapist and castration of one time offenders and if that is the case most of the PFDJ leaders will be in that catagory

      • tes

        Dear Nitricc,

        Are you aware that the subject is about rape?

        As usual, you are trying to rationalize rape as you did to Lampedusa victims. Can rape be rationalized by any means?

        Sorry I forgot your model is Hitler. You have no shame to compare the death of Eritreans and equate as normal as what happened to the Jews.

        Anyhow Yemane Gebremeskel is a living proof for the existence of Rape in Eritrea here and there. This is what COIE was looking for.


    • dawit

      ‘rape happens in Eritrea’ What a brilliant discovery. Well Eritrea is not the only place that rape happens. Even the Catholic churches throughout the world are riddled with it. Then you have the UN Peace Mission known for its soldiers raping poor women and children who are supposedly to be under the UN protection. (The cases of the Democratic Republic of Congo is well documented) I think I would advise UN to investigate its own organization before pointing finger to Eritrea. There is no secret that COI is a politically motivated investigation. Just like any other crimes in the world, Eritrea must be the only country where rape is vigorously condemned compared to any other country in the world. But COI was collecting its data from so called “Eritrean Refugees” who are paid to lie or promised of political asylum, by UN employee protecting their fat salary by painting Eritrea with the worst picture they could imagine. UNSC should protect Eritrea from being raped by Ethiopia.

      • tes

        Dear dawit,

        the question that you are skipping is: under what circumstances does rape happens? The rape that we talk about is related with the rape committed in the army or by the army as a result of exposure to militarization. Beyond that do not try to rationalize rape.


        • dawit

          No one is rationalizing rape. That is your own fabrication to demonize Eritrea! No such thing happens in Eritrea.

          • tes

            Dear dawit,

            This is what you wrote (rationalization of rape in Eritrea by dawit – Zinegese Ngusna,

            1. Well Eritrea is not the only place that rape happens.

            2. Even the Catholic churches throughout the world are riddled with it.

            3. Then you have the UN Peace Mission known for its soldiers raping poor women and children who are supposedly to be under the UN protection.

            4. (The cases of the Democratic Republic of Congo is well documented) I think I would advise UN to investigate its own organization before pointing finger to Eritrea.

            Isn’t this rationalization?

            And this is what Nitricc said (rationalization of rape in Eritrea by Nitricc – blind supporter of PFDJ, ,

            1. even in here,the US, rape is going out of hand.

            2. Rape happens in every country!

            3. The Invisible War is a groundbreaking investigative documentary about one of America’s most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military.

            4. Today, a female soldier in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire”

            Isn’t this working hard to rationalize and trying to tell us that “rape” is OK as it is OK in other countries.

            Dear dawit, to tell you frankly, I don’t know whether rape happens in other countries but I do know in Eritrea. However rape is rape and I condemn it in all over the world.


          • dawit

            And I don’t know happens in Eritrea, but I know it happens every other country and I condemn it wherever it happens!

          • tes

            Dear dawit,

            Hold on: your minister is saying it. In case you can’t hear him (as usual); he said,

            “Yes rape happens here and there but please do not take it as a policy – (implies – it is normal in Eritrea not a policy but as a practice)”.

            words of Yemane Gebremeskel – Minister of Information.


          • dawit

            Dear TES,

            I left you this message last night, but you may have been sleeping. Here is the full response to comment above. Now if you cant read it you also need an eye exam.

            dear tes,
            You realy need a hearing aid. Did you really listen to the Honorable Minister of Information conforming that rape happens in Eritrea? Did you listen one or two words and run with it to AT to declare “Rape happens in Eritrea”. Do you know the expression ‘Quoting someone out of context’. I don’t know if you did it intentionally or accidently, your quote is absolutely wrong. Contextomy is always practiced on almost all speeches of His Excellency PIA and other PFDJ Eritrean government officials.

      • Abi

        Mama Ethiopia always protected Eritrea. Even today, there are hundreds of thousands eritreans protected from rapists, organ harvesters, human traffickers….
        There are Eritreans in business, government, universities, ….Even if most of them are in Ethiopia temporarily, they feel safe.
        “Mamsham edme new”

        Long live Ethiopia!!! The protector.never a rapper.

        • tes

          Dear Abi,

          Ethiopia never protected Eritreans. Rather Ethiopians raped our women. We can not forget what happened to us. Do not try therefore to compare one rapist with another rapist. Upto this date our women are victims.


          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            I am not comparing rapists. I am saying Eritreans are protected from rapists by Mama Ethiopia. Moreover, Ethiopians never, never rape your women. Do not accuse all Ethiopians. We are the most decent people under the sun.

          • tes

            Dear Abi,

            I wish you were though it is almost impossible.


          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            My wish is for you to spend 3 months in Ethiopia. You don’t know Ethiopians and Ethiopia at all . That cadre school damaged your thinking.

          • tes

            Dear Abi,

            Haha, we Eritreans lived (forced) with Ethiopians for 30 years. 3 months is nothing. Yet we know who they are.

            Note this, I don’t live a honeymoon life. I live a normal life.


          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            Are you declining my invitation?
            Eritreans used to live better than a normal life in ethiopia until some smooth talking, angel looking people mass mobilized them untill they lose everything. For some eritreans I knew , it was honeymoon everyday.

        • dawit

          Abi, Tell that fiction to the Ogadenians or Somalis.

          • Abi

            I will do that after I tell to all eritreans. I mean incase they don’t know already.

          • dawit

            Abi, First clean your house before you try to help others. kersa belay nifas

          • Abi

            Hey dawit
            I have already cleaned my house . It is time for the guests to come in.
            Bet leEngda !

          • dawit

            Hey Abi,
            you may have swept the room with a broom, but the bed bugs, lice, flees and mosquitos are all over the rooms. Now you need to call an exterminator before you rent your room for any kind of guest. Given the speed of Ethiopian progress of 3000 years history, it may take another millennium to make your room ready for your gusts arrival.

    • Ted

      Hi tes, When my cousins in NY chanted IA is Isis, i know for sure the Saudis fund and enable ISIS:-) there is serious flaws when referring Eritrea as North korea and Isis. Then again the demo is not intended for Eritreans but for for COI and UN or US.That happens when vendictive and bitter people be incharge of justice movement. You also confused Rape and systematic rape ( Where Rape regularly committed as part of a broad and systematic attack to destroy, humiliate and degrade, a targeted group and this destruction is explicitly or implicitly encouraged by authorities, sometimes even ordered.), do see the difference my gullible friend.

      • tes

        Dear Ted,

        Did you say, “my gullible friend”? Well, those who are filled with pride out of ignorance have no shame to say what they want. Before you triggered me to speak what it was within me and now…

        Dear Ted,

        I don’t protect killers.

        I don’t excuses crimes

        I don’t try to rationalize death (like you and your comrades did and are doing)

        I don’t speak for the sake of words

        I don’t deny the facts. I am simply for humanity.

        Dear Ted, I feel sorry for your ignorance. Though you are trying to hide your empty head under the justice seeking camp, your heart is basically against humanity. You have no mercy and sympathy. You feel more comfortable to sit with killers and drink a blood as if it is a red wine.

        Dear Ted, what I shared was nor edited by me. I just attached the link. He is Yemane Gebremeskel who approved the existence of rape here and there inside Eritrea. I am not. In fact, I never raised this issue though I know how rape is committed by the military officers. Now, I just shared, just!

        Dear Ted, are you trying to play with words:

        Rape vs Systematic Rape

        This is none sense and stupid differentiation. As almost women above 17 are forced to go to Sawa, they all are exposed to such acts. Do not try to play with games, be it rape or systematic rape, rape is rape.

        And the word that you are playing with, “systematic rape” yes there is and I can prove you in a logical reasoning way. many women who joined the military ranks were exposed and are now exposing. I know why women were forced to join battalions after 2013. As men remained alone and for prolonged period of time, EDF decided to re-send women to the male dominated battalions. Now imagine if under 18 years old women are forced to live in remote areas among men, for sure 1 in 100 for a minimum of rape will occur.

        And this is what a systematic rape is. Send women to men and then let them be exposed to everything.


        • Ted

          Hi tes, you playing dumb? Rape is wrong in any shape or form. No one buys in to your “A strong proof for COIE report” Your handlers COI lied so many times to have any integrity but, lucky you, you never question any if it is to labile Eritrea.

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            I am not expecting a PFDJ advocate will buy such reports.A friend of killers!


    • dawit

      dear tes,
      You realy need a hearing aid. Did you really listen to the Honorable Minister of Information conforming that rape happens in Eritrea? Did you listen one or two words and run with it to AT to declare “Rape happens in Eritrea”. Do you know the expression ‘Quoting someone out of context’. I don’t know if you did it intentionally or accidently, your quote is absolutely wrong. Contextomy is always practiced on almost all speeches of His Excellency PIA and other PFDJ Eritrean government officials.

  • Hope

    Dear Hager:
    “Success” from what point of view ?
    From attending the Demo and out-crying?
    Time will tell but as Dr Sara lamented , we need to hold on the GROUND FIRML and keep the stamina,which we have not done yet!
    Moreover,we are missing a Centralzied,Accountable,Responsible and Strong Leadership!
    One way or another,the PFDJ is slowly being convinced that things might be working against its interest and will start manipulating the EU and the UN by making some cosmetic changes and false promises without substantial outcome !
    Its new diplomatic posture and joing the GCC Coalation besides the behind -the -scene Security and Defense Agreements with Cairo,UAE and the Saudi Kingdom,does have major implications!
    All the above factors will help in prolonging the life expectancy of the Regime!
    Plus,am not sure if the COIE will have a serious impact to bring the Dictatprsjip to the ICC’
    As Bethe Y mentioned it here,the Wedt rather might be interested to keep a stronger regime to avoid further regional due to the unknown factor !
    But the most important FACTOR and Game Changer could have been to create a well organized,United,a relatively Independent and strong Opposition with a Stormg Leadership,which does not exit to my knowledge even though the EPDP is or could have been a potential candidate had we had the courage to support it rather than sabotaging it and boycotting all its patriotic activities !

  • Gebre Amha

    Minim bihon we’re all childrens of the once great Axumite empire. No matter what has transpired between the decline of that empire and now, I wish you my very best for better things to come to Eritrea.

  • tes

    Dear Readers,

    I am sorry to do this but I would like to copy and paste this interview which I found it from my FB friend page named Yvonne Meyer. My objective is to share lies of Yemane Gebremeskel vomited during his interview with German news media published on 29.10.2015

    The interview was conducted in Germany and those who know Germany, please read the original report CLICK HERE

    The original material is translated using google (courtesy goes to Yvonne Meyer of facebok address name.

    I apologize for doing this but I wanted Yemane Gebremeskel, current Minister of Information to be exposed fully.

    Title: “I do not know what you mean”

    Tens of thousands flee the country. The information minister of the regime said in an interview that there is no torture or political prisoners. Interview by Stefan Klein

    Yemane Ghebremeskel, 63, studied in the Eritrean capital Asmara and then in London Mathematics, before 1978 the War of Liberation of Eritrea against Ethiopia joined. For the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), he took 13 years diplomatic functions true in Rome, Paris, Brussels and London. After the liberation in 1991 Yemane Ghebremeskel worked for years as a confidant at the side of President Isaias Afwerki. Since early this year, he is Minister of Information. He is regarded as influential. On arrival he said: “Here you can explore your own program.” Crashing the reporter is still, and in any case the clearance is valid only to the city limits of Asmara. For each trip inland a request must be made. For the interview in his office in Asmara, he takes one and a half hours.

    Süddeutsche Zeitung: Mr. Minister, why so many Eritreans flee from their homeland?

    Yemane Ghebremeskel: Because Europe invites. Eritreans in Europe almost automatically get asylum, which is a great incentive.

    SZ: Is it not rather the case that many Eritreans found the conditions in their country unbearable?

    YG: We had a war with Ethiopia that holds still occupied parts of our territory. This has forced us to extend the National Service, which is a burden for many young people.

    SZ: It’s no wonder that people flee, when they have to make this forced labor, which often takes many years and is paid so miserable that no one can live on it.
    YG: Yes, the National Service is arduous, but this is not a policy at our discretion. It was forced upon us by an existential threat.

    SZ: They make it easy on yourself, you blame everything on the conflict with Ethiopia. Be driven out of the country but also by the Eritreans serious human rights violations. Come in Europe, they tell of arbitrariness and torture.

    YG: That they have to, otherwise they do not get asylum. You would have to see how many thousands of Eritreans each summer from Europe come to visit, including many who have been given asylum. Do you seriously believe that would qualify her if they were fleeing persecution?

    SZ: You want to argue in Eritrea there was no torture, no arrests without trial, no suppression of the fundamental freedoms?

    YG: Eritrea is not Guantanamo. Torture is prohibited by law from us.

    SZ: And this law is also being followed?

    YG: I assume.

    SZ: Thus would the nearly 500 page report of the United Nations, which lists such human rights violations, a fairy tale?

    YG: Yes, he’s a fairy tale. The was written by people who were never in the country.

    SZ: Because they have not been allowed into the country. Is Eritrea not even a heavily armed military state, which outputs three times more for the army than for health care?

    YG: Wrong, just in the areas of health, education, irrigation, we have invested enormously. As for the army, so we take care of their maintenance. More we can not afford, moreover, the UN has imposed an arms embargo on us.

    SZ: Can not an army of more than 200 000 men out of a population of about three million?

    YG: No no.

    SZ: Again to the refugees: What do you do to get them to stay? Or do you escape all right, because they then expect even more remittances from the diaspora can as you get already is?

    YG: Eritrea is a proud country. Forget about transfers, let’s not even so development aid. To put it bluntly: we do not want our people to go, there is a loss of blood, which hurts us. But there are also those who want to make their master abroad. , ,

    SZ: I’m talking about those who settle secretly at night across the border.

    YG: Whoever does this is illegal. Those who are caught will be punished with two or three months in prison.

    SZ: Only two or three months?

    YG: Normally. Maybe even less. The aim is to discourage the escapees. But the decisive factor is that Europe ceases to grant asylum Eritreans automatically. And that Ethiopia frees our country and ceases to beat the drums of war and destabilize us. We could restrict the National Service immediately to 18 months if Ethiopia would no longer threaten us.

    SZ: Again Ethiopia …

    YG: I think you underestimate what we’ve been through. In the war of liberation, we have lost 60 000, later in the border war with Ethiopia another 20 000 troops. Each family here has to deplore deaths. We do not want a war, but we must be prepared.

    SZ: Eritrea has a terribly bad image. What do you do to improve it? Why not let more journalists into the country?

    YG: We had a presence of international reporters, but then so were many negative reports full of prejudices that we have introduced restrictions. It is not helpful when people come with certain intentions.

    SZ: Journalists are not there to be helpful.

    YG: I only want that is correctly reported. Those who come here because he believes, Eritrea was the North Korea of Africa, a land of demons, of course, is finding people who acknowledge him.

    SZ: But not the facts speak for themselves? Your own predecessor fled, national football team have not returned from away games.

    YG: Yes, because they have been enticed with false promises.

    SZ: Had the player was happy and content in Eritrea, probably the most beautiful promises have been of no avail. And what your predecessor Ali Abdu?

    YG: This is a political matter.

    SZ: He should have had a close relationship with President Isaias Afwerki, yet he fled.

    YG:Let it be.

    SZ: Mr. Minister, your government have something to hide?

    YG: No.

    SZ: Why the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) must then not visit where people are detained, the various camps?

    YG: Because the ICRC has no mandate for this.

    SZ: The ICRC looks different. But you would for Amnesty International make it?

    YG: Probably you also are among those who believe that there are in Eritrea 10 000 political prisoners. I’m telling you, we live in a constitutional state. The first common law in Eritrea in 1492 written. Since America has just been discovered by Columbus.

    SZ: Would you allow Amnesty to visit Eritrean prisoners?

    YG: We will not call Amnesty because we have a problem with those. But if the question should be whether a third party pursues allegations, which were raised, then I say, we are open to it.

    SZ: Are there political prisoners in Eritrea?

    YG: We have no political prisoners, but we have politicians who are in detention.

    SZ: Even journalists?

    YG: Yes, but as it comes to complicated operations, which date back a long time.

    SZ: 2001 the “Group of 15”, which denounced irregularities in an open letter

    YG: Those were our comrades, our heroes who became traitors.

    SZ: Could they defend themselves in ordinary proceedings?

    YG: The case was heard in the National Assembly …

    SZ: … where only the State party was represented.

    YG: It was a sort of impeachment, with the result that they were detained.

    SZ: They are still in custody?

    YG: Yes.

    SZ: Are you still alive?

    YG: I do not know that.

    SZ: Are there other political prisoners?

    YG: Listen, in this country anyone can express his opinion about the government, without fear that he will be arrested.

    SZ: Why then do so many people are afraid to talk to a foreign journalist?

    YG: I have no idea what you mean. I live in this city, I can see how people sit in the bars and over a thousand and one thing to talk without any restraint.

    SZ: The people of Eritrea have the right to speak their minds, whenever and wherever they want?

    YG: Yes, they do. I do not know anyone who had been imprisoned because he has spoken to a stranger.

    SZ: Is Eritrea a democracy?

    YG: This is a question of definition. We have no opposition, no private media, and we also have no constitution, because the war prevented. But now we have the Constitutional Commission reinstated.

    SZ: And what will come of it?

    YG: We think that it needs political parties because the company should not be monolithic.

    SZ: And then there will also be elections?

    YG: If our constitution is, yes, of course.

    • tes


  • AMAN

    Where were all these people ?
    Are they trying to replicate our great NY demonstration of 2011 ?
    That brought the woyane regime and its sympathisers and functioaries to their kneels. And completely shattered and dismantled their system. GTP. Since that time , they are only adopting, repeating and replicating our works.

    That is how to reclaim and retake our rightful claim of leadership without begging anyone anybody but only thru determined struggle for justice and leadership of Horn Africa !!!

    taking it from the corrupt Woyane/tplf et al !!!!!!!!!!

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear AMAN,

      I fail to capture what you want to say. do yo mean the NY2011 is different? are you trying to say this demonstration is organized by TPLF? what is your point? do you say “Where were all these people ?” do you think all people will start at once? if you see 3000+ people in NY today, you will see also 3M after some time, so what? are you going to say where were they and reject it? everybody will participate one day and you are supposed to be happy.

      • AMAN

        Dear Kokhob Selam,
        Just the same way you failed to capture my point, I was also at loss
        with the pace and point of the people on the Awate forum you are
        advocating for. I was only just curious which group they are and where
        their position was and where now ! It seems to me they or their leaders
        had been draining the valuable resourses of the people in their name.
        Unlike your understanding of my point , It is my happiness to see 3M
        own their wishes and fruits of their sacrifices but they should not be
        victims of opportunist leaders and functionaries is what my point is !
        Because as we have already paid the price for them and their freedom
        as epitomized in NY 2011. I didn’t say it is different but late and suspicious
        of too much wasting and loss. Did you get my point now ?
        Please stop putting your own words on my mouth ! If you say you have
        failed to capture it, how come you come up with all I wanted to say ???

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear AMAN,
          Okay, AMAN. Okay. Just one question, what you and me should do so not to be victimized by opportunist leaders you think?

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awate friends,

    ሸጥ መዓንጣናስ -በሉ ኣብ ጀዚራ እንሀልኩም https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35uHIZBhNuo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • dawit

      Dear Kokhbai,
      When it come to organizing a “Massive Demonstration’ or a Party, leave it to the expert PFDJ. The organizing committee of the ‘Massive Demonstration’ they should have subcontracted it to the NYC PFDJ branch. They could have added few ‘Keberos” and turned the dull party into lively occasion to be remembered .Miskin Wede Tquabo, he became ‘Zwedeqe Kokhob’ in less than two years.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The New York rally raised many unanswered questions by the UN and many issues neglected by the EU about how Isayas misuses international aids in destabilizing the neighboring countries and in strengthening his grip on power. As the result, Isayas is becoming increasingly brutal and repressive against the Eritrean babies, mothers, youth, and the elderly. The people are fleeing their country to avoid slavery for life and the extremely harsh treatments under the regime’s repressive rules.

    The UN must also answer the question as to how some people such as, dawit and Nitricc, as members of Isayas party, are allowed to freely be the eyes and ears of Isayas against the Diaspora Eritreans. The UN should investigate whether they are involved in the crimes committed by the regime against their own people in Eritrea.

  • fysg

    I have the utmost respect for those who participated, it was pleasuring to see the numbers who turned out to seek justice and be the voice to the voiceless. It had to be a slap in the face to the dictator and his gangs . As for the dictator’s pathetic human leech followers time will come when the oppressed Eritrean people ask you for supporting the killer. Eritrea has already lost almost full generation and now its verge of losing its identity. We have to work hard and even push more to dismantle this lunatic as soon as possible. Governments/leaders come and go but the people will always be there

  • said


    What there is, and in abundance, is Eritrean desperation and Eritrean despair. It is about whether we take a stand on the side of an oppressed people or with their oppressor. In this regard we must give thanks to Malcolm X for washing the bullshit from our eyes: “If you aren’t careful the newspapers will have you
    hating the people being oppressed, and loving the people doing the oppressing.
    The prison imprisons the guards as much as it does the inmates.

  • Ali

    To all Eritrean brothers and sisters
    Now funeral of the dictator is accelerated and facilitated by the unity and organization of Eritreans against the dictator. So, let us unite and facilitate the death of the dictator and come up wit reconciliation and build up our country and implement our dream of Singapore of Africa. Death to HIGDEF

  • dawit

    Yonus, who said it is Chinese government award? May be you are smoking something reading what is not written!

  • dawit

    Thanks for your help. Actually I was busy watching the “Massive Eritreans demonstration in NY” and studying the Space Photograph of Assab. It seems Assab port is no more watering hole for camels, it is going to become great naval ship center on the Red Sea, for Iran, Israel, SA, USA, UAA etc..

  • Ayneta

    dawit niEshto:

    Ab tsuhftoka ziferahka timesil……

    No wonder why your name starts with small letter ‘d’ and not ‘D’ as the norm. You write and think small.

    Tell me now, do you really think Mugabe deserves any reward? Who in the right frame of mind rewards Mugabe? The Chinese are also getting to the old games of the West, namely crediting anyone who doesn’t oppose them, no matter how unpopular he is, as far as he lets them do what they want. It sounds familiar, right? it is called ‘the West way’.

    I won’t be surprised if IA gets the prize. This prize is just Chinese way of upholding dictatorship. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Dawit

      Just for you Halloween Special. You seemed obsessed with alphabet ‘d’ and ‘D” Here is a big idea! “Down, Down, Isaias”
      Happy Halloween ayneta!

      • Solomon Haile

        Selamat dawit oh I mean Dawit.
        The real monster big D chants D D I. Down Down isayas. Lol,

        The demo number wise yes good turnout however, though I believe the organizing committee was preoccupied with turnout mostly, their placards and slogans or chants were not delegated to capable experts for maximum gains or effect. I am thinking about starting a company to do just that for all sides of Eritrean Demonstrators. It seems it can be lucrative as there is a market for it world wide evidently.
        I have to admit I was cringing as I always do with “down down isayas”. Next time try these there:
        1. Dictator Isayas must step down now
        2. Dictator Isayas hand over power to the people
        3. Power to the Eritrean People
        For starters.
        My favorite chant of this NY demonstration was in Arabic that started with ” al Muslim al MesiHi…” Can’t make out the rest but I am sure it was a full sentence. Please abandon the “down down Usayas” as it does not communicate any thing to the listener. You would have been better off with ” Trick or Treat ISAYAS” or “we have Treat for you Isayas” followed by “this is real and Not a trick isayas” you can even add “come down and get your treat Isayas” this would have certainly got the attention of pedestrians as well as cars may have stopped to listen and even honk in support.
        This one is always good: “honk for justice in Eritrea” “honk to to free prisoners of conscience in Eritrea” in the form of placards. Also solidarity with other people’s similar misery adds to your objective success. “Eritreans support peace in Syria” … You get the idea. Otherwise “little dawit” will laugh at the “big idea” He even made me laugh with him. But in all seriousness Thank you Jusice Seekers of Eritrea. Would you please always have this placard in any demonstration you organize: “Biteweded Abraha for President of Eritrea!” TsaTse

        • Solomon Haile

          One more, considering the date and the abundance and inexpensive monsters masks at K Mart.,. You could have bout lots of masks and chant ” isayas you are a Monster” lots of cars would have thrown candy or sweet attention. Considering the overwhelming task of trying to get as many people as possible however Good Job and Thank You once again. TsaTse

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, Well, congratulations to those who screamed in the streets of NY. You got to be one of the two; either you are job-less that you have to attend on this shameful events to occupy your time and to feel a sense of purpose in your wasted life OR you are simply put a gutless coward. You don’t appeal to a hyena because you got beaten by a dog. Give it time the hyena will come to finish you off. Can I ask one question; why not convince the people; the people of Eritrea, instead of wasting your time in trying to convince the clue-less a bunch of white people? What do you think your accomplishment is that now you screamed on the streets of NY? What a bunch losers!

    • Sembel

      Selamat Nitric wrote you “why not convince the people; the people of Eritrea..” one of the purpose the demonstration is to show the people inside the majority people are not guayla addict Nihna Nisu crowd (As EriTv would like them to believe).

    • tes

      Dear Nitricc,

      Warm greetings from the land of justice seekers people of New York.


    • Solomon Haile

      Selamat Toothful,hurtful, and joyful Abatreg Nitrikay?

      If I may ask you a question, though jobless New yYorkers maybe able to attend a NY demonstration for it would be a great opportunity to panhandle considering the number of gathering HOW do you explain the other jobless that traveled from the north west, southwest, Midwest, Canada etc., were able to afford transportation, lodging and food?
      Don’t know about the “gutless” you could be right. I wish you used your favorite suffix with leg because the demonstrators were certainly not leg less, then I could have rhyorted LEGFULL for the marched their azzzzes of ha?
      Now how about you AbaTreg the gutful, tooth full, jobfull convincing that the Eritrean people are suffering from more than a dog and a hyena as a first step. Your homeless, jobless, toothless, gutless, leg less friend Tsatse my good friend emotionless Oh you are always full of it let me correct my self Emotionfull Nuitrikay. TsaTse

  • drebew

    Hi Hope
    It is hard to defend the indefensible, is it not? Your argument although shrewd with an intention to make nationalists feel guilty and create conflict in their heads at the same time trivializing their cause for the struggle is an old PFDJ tactic, which was played on the psychi of the Eritrean people to make them acquiesce and submit to the multitudes of abuse and mistreatment.
    You see the people prefer to starve PFDJ and shorten its life and remove the horror. Isias has single handedly destroyed Eritrea and what ever price has to be payed including asking the EU not to fund PFDJ is important so more lives can be saved and the nation can be rescued from total destruction. The 220 mil. Euros from EU will only harm the people, if it prolongs the life line of PFDJ.
    PFDJ is the source of all the misery the people of Eritrea are facing and it needs to go. The trickle fund from EU is too small to bring a positive fundamental change in the people’s lives. It will only fatten the pockets of the PFDJ goons.
    Who cares, who participated in the demonstration? If there are Woyane in the demonstration they should be applauded because they are standing toe to toe with justice seekers. It is never wrong to stand with the oppressed and fight for justice. What is shameful is to denigrate a struggle of your own people for emancipation from tyranny.
    So save us the crocodile tears and show your support if you truly love your country and people more than one man or one front.

  • dawit

    Selamat All,

    Every time the poor souls in NY Street shout ‘Down, Down Isaias’, his profile keeps rising among the 99% sophisticated
    New Yorkers. Every time they hear his name, they will Google him and learn more about him and conclude that he is the leader of the 99% will dismiss the noise of the 1% street “Massive” demonstrators.

    President Robert Mugabe is the 2015 recipient of the Confucius Peace Prize—China’s answer to the Nobel Peace Prize. According to a Thursday statement from the Chinese judging committee, President Mugabe “has been trying to stabilize the country’s political and economic order ever since the country was first founded,” and is therefore deserving of the award. Other world leaders to win the prize include Cuban leader Fidel Castro (2014) and Vladimir Putin (2011). Now guess who is next in line to receive this prestigious Peace Price. Yes you guessed it right, Bitsay Isaias Afworki!

    • Saleh Johar

      Thank you for bringing the Confucius Prize, that is great. But you forgot Isaias was the winner of our own Gabir Deraanto Prize. We never away from our motto of self reliance, even in creating prizes. Keep up the voice of truth alive tegadalay Dawit 🙂

      • dawit

        Thank you for the positive comment. Actually I am planning to change a profession. This telling the ‘Truth’ is not paying much. I heard Imbeity Sheila is looking for body guard. I am planning to join her escort staff. She claims that she was not getting the kind of protection she deserves from Eritreans opposition, so she appealed to IA and he has recommended me for the post. I have started to learn the song ” down,down, dictator-down, down, Isaias! I really like the song. Do you know who wrote this great song?

        • Ali

          To dawit:
          I do not think you are fit for bodygurd. From your words you are good for nothing.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi dawit,
          the pleasure is mine, no need to thank me. The song was composed by a man named Wedi Ali, he was about to announce it over the television when some shefatu killed him.

          • dawit

            Hi Saleh,
            My sincere condolences to the man named Wedi Ali. How was this Wedi Ali to lead a nation, when he couldn’t able to announce a simple song over the television? I thought he was one of the shefatu called PFDJ.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi dawit,
            Leading? Did I mention anything about leading a nation? I didn’t– you are reading what is not written, dawit, it’s a bad sign! You asked who composed the song, and I told you the name. The rest is your own questions and your own answers, I know nothing about it. Besides, who would lead the nation but the only Janhoi we have around, with a guarantee from “god” to lead for another century?

        • Semere Andom

          I agree. Imbeity Sheila needs protection and you are so qaulified , but you will not be able to get it as your are still under invistigation from the incident in Genev

    • Amanuel

      Hi dawit
      Can you go that low? You remind me comical Ali of Iraq. For your information Robert Mugabe has turned down the prize once he learned it is not connected to the Chines government.

      • dawit

        Well if you insist I could go low to accommodate you. How low do you want me to go to reach to your level?

        • Amanuel

          ዓሻስ ክሳብ ገበጣ ዝውዳእ ይጻወት። Game over dawit!

    • Abi

      Hi dawit
      Is Guad Mengistu Hailemariam a recipient of this prestigious award? How about Wendim Gadafi? What is the minimum requirement to be considered in this extraordinary club?

      • dawit

        Hi Abi,
        NO! This is an award for liberators and not murderers. There is a special prize called ‘Noble Peace Prize’ for those who use dynamite to kill millions!

        • Abi

          Thanks dawit
          So I believe Putin got this prestigious prize because he liberated Crimea. Right? PIA will receive the award because he liberated Ethiopia.
          Bidir melash yargen.

          • dawit

            Bidir Bemidir teblual

        • Ali

          To: dawit
          Aye dawit how is your heart bit? I understand yesterday no Dinner and today no going Job.

    • haileTG

      hey dawita,

      IA aiming for Confucius Peace Prize? What is wrong with this guy? Can’t he aim a bit higher:) Gosh, this is like your middle schooler kid getting prize for finally memorizing their a-b-c alphabets [and of course getting a candy]! Did you not expose your low expectations of him inadvertently? 🙂

    • Semere Andom

      Hi dawit:
      I second Bitsay IA of Tselot to receive this prestigious award that will put him in his rightful place with the giants like Castro Muggaba, Mengistu and Gaddafi, but I have one condition:when he attends the ceremony I want dawit of Hashella to witness this historic event inperson, standing the right side of IA, taking notes when IA motions to some thing that his heart desires

      • haileTG

        hi Sem,

        Here is IA’s acceptance speech (till you edit and post the final draft:)

        “We, are accepting this Confucius Peace Prize today, not because we believe on the fairness of the selection criteria nor the incessant provocations and hidden agendas that were put against Eritrea in the way the whole process was handled. We also are disappointed with the mandate and composition of the selection committee. Nevertheless, we are receiving this Confucius Peace Prize out of our desire to play constructive to engage and not out of gratitude to those handing it out in such brazen and provocative way.” 🙂

        • Semere Andom

          HI HTG:

          Perfect,captures their logic. But I would add this it the following;

          This delayed, well deserved honor only proves what we were saying all along, although we are unphazed by the delaying tactics of the award giving body as we are well versed in delays, our independence was delayed, our demarcation is delayed, our central committee meetings are delayed and we admit even our justice is delayed because we know after a prolonged delay, as disappointing as delay is there is gratification. Although we are dismayed by the delays we cherish the fruits of delays and this occasion is no exception.

          But we still ask why the delay, why did it take so long for Eritrea to be awarded with this honor, scores of questions can be asked, but for the sake of engagement, for the sake of coming in from the cold, lonely we accept this award, registering our regrets, our disappoitment. A world that delays well things does not have the right to ask ask us why our constitution is delayed, why democracy is delayed. We are number one, we will be number one, we were number one but when it comes to awards and accolades we are not and the reason is because someone controls them. So in 2016 we will create a new award, that gives award to us and it is called “Mo Yan”, a living, breathing Chinese artist who won the Noble prize in 2012. Our anthropology department of the College of Ela-Ero discovered that Mo Yan’s great, great, great, great, great, great aunt was born in Eritrea. This award will be given one year to Chinese or Eritrean. The committee will be made of the special court and some Diaspora Eritreans

          • haileTG

            Hi Sem,

            Very nice. I actually think that someone need to set up “The Most Confused Prize” and IA will be the record holder in no delay 🙂

  • tes

    Dear Hope,

    I also specifically answered regarding your talk. Haha you tried by all means possible to glorify what you call “achievements” while Eritreans who live inside eritrea call it destruction.


  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    The Eritrean people have come a long way. At last, we can sure say the era of silent majoritism is receding fast behind us. Today, the turning fortunes for the people’s advantage are clearly visible. Only five short years ago, not more than 30 justice seekers stood in honor and courage against thousands of blinded regime supporters. I remember the regime cadres mocking the numbers of the brave justice seekers who were doing the heavy lifting for all of us. IA was cheered into the NY hall with wedi Tkabo’s ximblali’E song. What a change!! Today thousands chose to trek the the footsteps of those less than 30 brave justice seekers. Wedi Tkabo was right in there with them. The penny has finally dropped. So shall the ultimate victory of peace and justice to our people and country. If 30 can stand and usher the way for thousands to follow, then the thousands will do likewise for millions and a new dawn will break for embattled mother Eritrea.

    Let’s raise and salute for the great march to a certain victory!!

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi HaileTG,
      I agree with you we have come a long way. Very long way. However. The journey to today’s destination didn’t start four or five years ago. It started in the first few years after 1991. The 30 that you mentioned was just a station among many stations. If fact, this is very important and I am kind of disappointed you would miss that. I wish you take my comment as a correction from a brother.

      • Abi

        Ato Saleh
        I think Haile is comparing the two New York events and how people are forthcoming in their opposition this time around.

      • haileTG

        Hi SGJ,

        Indeed, you are very right. And I fully think your observation is warranted. I was only trying to sketch the dramatic change of places between NY I – pro-regime and NY II – pro justice. However, I kind of inadvertently stepped on the wrong side of the big picture that one sees outside of the scope of the frame of the field that I tried to zoom in. Put it down to excitement induced faltering bro.


      • tes

        Dear Saleh Johar,

        What you saying is true but haile TG’s intention was to bring just of very recent reference. Almost 100% of Eritreans were blind to PFDJ in the early 1990s and was a taboo to stood against. In the 2000s, people started to distance from PFDJ but were afraid of to stood openly. Those who stood firm knew that one day people will come in the forefront and they never gave-up* and this happened until the beginning of 2010. Now it is time to harvest the yield and reach to the right destiny.

        Even raising the blue Eritrean flag was considered haram by most until very recently. Today, those who carried this flag, Flag of Peace and and Determination relentlessly must be proud of.


        *Indeed your list comes first

        • Saleh Johar


          Make sure our resident truth teller doesn’t see this, throw his view.

          Indeed, the revival of the true Eritrean flag is amazing and impressive. I can only remember how many people hated awate.com for making it part of the website’s logo–some have not recovered from that to this day. Maybe we can distribute mini Gabir Deraanto prizes for the also 🙂

  • tes

    Dear AT,

    As I can see the people are now roaring. It is now time to push a little bit further and weed-out PFDJ. PFDJ no more exists in the diaspora.

    Thank you for the report


  • tes

    Dear Hope,

    No one is accusing PFDJ for not creating jobs and for not improving education rather he accused for destroying jobs that existed and education. More than that PFDJ is more accused for his anti-humanity and criminal acts. Therefore, do not try to minimize the crimes committed by PFDJ into job creating bla bla.