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Job and Jacob, Two Ungodly Men: Eritrea Needs More Hate Speech

Yes, you read that right, Job and Jacob are two ungodly men. Yes, God bragged about Job and allowed Satan to test him, when Satan alleged that Job’s faith is conditional as long as his barrel brims with wine, as long as all his wealth remains intact. Satan asserted, the Bible tells us, that the moment Job loses all these, his faith would wither away. And so, God authorized Satan to test Job and all his wealth, health, and children, perished. Job, although afflicted with disease, stood up against the counsel of his friends and wife; his faith never wavered. The reward came when all his blessings returned in multitudes and with an opportunity to argue with God.

Jacob, mama’s boy of the Bible and a shrewd investor, after maneuvering his brother out of his birth-right by conspiring with his mother, fled to hide somewhere in current Syria and put himself under voluntary servitude to wed the love of his life, Rachel. I guess the Kingdom of God, like the kingdom of man requires toil and moil and sacrifice; even betrayal and dishonesty, as long as it serves God, so to speak. And I suspect that, since nothing original emanates from of what they do, PFDJ/EPLF got their hint for stealing in the name of the revolution as a sacred act, from the story of Jacob, but I digress!

Reminiscent of the several passages in the Bible where men and women of God changed their names for one reason or another: Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel, Hadassah to Aster (Esther), this ungodly Job has changed his name from Job to Tesfazion: Tesfazion the Agaazine, a first class bigot, who has of late unleashed hate and bigotry against every ethnic group of Eritrea while canonizing the Agaazines as people of peace, civility, who never killed or raped or wronged anyone; a people with impeccably pristine history. His speeches, filled with hate against every Eritrean ethnic group, dubbing them clan based who do not even have table manners. This ungodly Job told us that since the Muslims and the reset of ethnic groups marry their cousins, they face a bleak future of extinction, that the Arabs implemented ELF to destroy the Agaazines, that the Agaazines liberated Eritrea under the EPLF vision, itself an Agaazine vison.

This argument disintegrates, fairly easily, because if Agaazines (Tewahdo) descended as he claims from the ancient people of the Old Covenant, the requirement to marrying a blood relative seven times removed does not hold water; as the patriarch Isaac married his cousin, his son, Jacob, married two of his cousins and worse yet, Abraham married his sister, Sarah. And we know that their descendants never became extinct, and the Agaazines still call their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. His other argument—that the Agaazine envisioned EPLF also can be shredded to pieces. Selfi Natsanet (SN) merged with PLF, the Ramadan group, the Arabic fluent Muslim group that abandoned ELF, “the Arab implement”! SN figured it had no future, so it agreed to change its name. Demography should be credited for the later dominance of the Agaazines and not their ingenuity. If only the Derg decided to be one shade smarter, the Hbrets, the Alganeshes and Belayneshes and Arefaynes and Mokrias would never have joined in numbers that tilted the power of balance in the EPLF.

Tesfazion the Agaazine cites many anecdotes to connect the dots to the Old Covenant and make his case. Now consider this: the Geeze Calendar, the dated measurement units like cubit (emmet), the distance from your elbow to your fingertips, the digit (sdri), the distance from your thumb to your longest finger, all came from ancient Egypt, so by this logic we can also claim Egypt.

Not to be outdone, those at the receiving end of Tesfazion’s hate mongering and meandering speeches, produced their own first rate bigot in Jacob (Yaakob Saleh). In a tit-for-tat response to Tesfazion, Yaakob unleashed his latent and seemingly simmering hate towards the Tewahdo priesthood and faith in a series of YouTube videos. He succeeded in matching Tesfazion to become an accomplished bigot. Whereas Tesfazion prophesized that Muslims and other clan based ethnic groups will be extinct because they breed among themselves, the “civilized” Agaazines will prosper and multiply. Jacob had a different take: because the Tewahdos mimic the “Whites” and only beget one or two offspring, the Muslims will reign in Eritrea. Both exposed their bigotry.

Yaakob Saleh believes that because of his 85% Tewahdo pedigree, he has the liberty and authority to trash the entire Tewahdo institution, an institution that played a positive role in nurturing Tigrinya literature and a healthy family unit before PFDJ destroyed the Tewahdo family because it posed a threat to its existence. One wonders, how he arrived at the 85% figure, I conjecture that he thinks in Arabic and he meant 58%, even that does not explain it, but I am willing to give him the 8% as extra credit for his passable knowledge of the Tigrinya language, even that is a stretch because he speaks with a heavy dose of  PFDJ Tigrinya, he could not even differentiate between the  words: “Minzrnna” (an euphemism for prostitution in Tigrinya) and “mzimmaw (promiscuity/adultery) when he lectured us on the nuanced cleavage in  the Tewahdo Church. In one of his Youtube videos, Yaakob boldly and shamefully insulted the Tewahdo priests as ungodly men who sleep with married and unmarried women when they meet in private for confessional spiritual mentoring. Like the arguments of Tesfazion, Yaakob’s allegations can also be easily shredded:  take the many reports of pedophiles in the Catholic Church, and the killings by Muslims and the rapes in Mosques, all these do not speak to these faiths, but the percentage of prevalence of these heinous acts in society in general.

Both hateful, both bigoted, both fluent in hate speech. But Eritrea needs them.

‘Free Speech at what cost?’, you maybe muttering and even cursing. Free Speech, even in the form of hate speech bestows us an opportunity because when such hate is exposed in the open it can be challenged with facts from history and science, when the hatemonger gives us an opportunity to expose their stupidity, we can use it as a teaching moment to correct the wrong, to shed light on the darkness that our job and Jacob create. Whether we like it or not, in a multi-ethnic society like ours, where men with unfettered power pull the ethnic and religious and regional strings, grievances, real or imagined, are prevalent, but they lurk underneath to one day explode and take us by surprise. Opportunities come in different forms, as one TV ad I watched once said, it may come saddling a white horse or in a forum of a pink slip or as a crisis. Free speech helps society to weed out stupidity and ignorance and falsehoods and bigotry by stopping them in their tracks.

Notions that cripple us with fear of hate speeches chain us in the dark, unable to gauge what lurks beneath unbeknownst to us. Let us welcome hatemongers to expose themselves, let us use them as teaching moments for our people, like what Saleh G. Johar has done in his article, “The Malignant Cancer of Eritrea”. We prohibit hate speech at our own peril, as one-day they will shock us when the simmering volcano explodes on our faces to wreak havoc as we would lack the wherewithal and the tools on how to deal with them. Let us supplant the ugliness of hate speech by the beauty of truth from history.

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  • Yosief Tewolde

    is hate speech better than a rule by FEAR? with which we are acquainted.

  • Paulos

    Selam Moderator,

    A comment I posted about 3 hours ago disappeared not sure why. My apologies if it is beyond your control. Tnx.

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat folks,

    I see we have been graced by the Agazian creator and the author of this article with the purpose of adding fuel to a flimsy nearly non existing fire.

    And I am glad he has heeded my warning to not continue on the topic. As for his latest coment, he is entitled to his opinion on how to describe me.
    The matter is settled then. As for the personal, gzioU alewo.

    • Dembelas

      Selam Tsase:

      1. I remember meeting you in Philly in the 80s.
      2. To the best of my recollection, I am the only one who has used the alias Dembelas as a blogger — I don’t blog now days.
      3. I am not from Dembelas nor herded livestock in Dembelas although I do think it’s a ancient and noble to engage in such activity; certainly not something to shame and denigrate considering livestock herding is the pride of majority of our people — I think the problem are people who never engaged in the activities of majority of our people.
      4. I used Dembelas as an alias because it’s my childhood nickname given by ELF fighters because I assume they observed a fearless, smart, direct and honest child — I am humbled.
      5. The choice of Dembelas is to pay homage to the ELF fighters and respect to the people of Dembelas for their courage — something I wish to emulate since I am connected to them in more than one way.
      6. Finally ‘Dembelas’ used/s a lot of interrupters in his prose — something to think about.
      7. That said I pray you only bring up the people of Dembelas in positive light and hope that you allow me to just focus in raising my beautiful children.

      • GitSAtSE

        MerHaba Dembelas,

        More than likely you were a member and one of the original founders of Hibret. After your first event, where the NYers provided the music until you established your own ’till this day is very memorable to me. The very young of both the ELF and EPLF who arrived to the city of brotherly love had had enough of the partisan divisiveness and formed Hibret. The theatrical play presented at that event had a lot of foresight.
        Unfortunately, along with the band, we came with an agenda per our directive, to disband your Hibret and incorporate you with the Hade Libi of ours. And we succeeded. It did not take me long after that that our EPLF was libi Tuwyway. When Hibret joined us in DC and they were ordered to rewrite their Theater Play minutes before they were to climb the stage. This because, they boldly were mentioning the ELF and of course the EPLF in a very well humane story, with their very talented actors as well as the director. Judging from Hibret’s debut in Philadelphia the much larger crowd in DC was in for a wonderful treat. I was looking very forward to it. But, I was greatly disappointed at the libi Tuwyway leadership when they gutted Hibret’s minutes before curtains up. I think that was the moment when I started to oppose from within.
        The play was very timely and healing as it was at the heels of the wugiE HidHid. And the Hibret group was a very dynamic and inspiring one that tackled the needs of the Youth and drew all the young from numerous States from the North East and farther.
        Just imagine where we would be today had The Independent Civic Org Hibret was allowed then to flourish.

        Now, I am guessing that you were the one who drove with his brother from Northern PA, Harisburgh I think. My apologies, you took me down memory lane as Saay7 is taking me to Buffalo. Which coincidentally is where I drove from for that DC event of the MaHber MenEiseyat resurrection in the USA even where Dr. Berekhet Habteslasie was the guest speaker. Though internally I was hurting, disgusted and feeling guilty for playing a major part in killing Hibret, I recallvl when Wudubey leadership singled me out to address the crowd of youngsters and tell about how we accomplished one of the first Eritrea Student Unions in a major American University. There I stood to the seated Dr. Berekhet and and the pannel and faces the Eritrea Youth in Congress with Dread locks and gave the warning that we are youth and should rebel against the seated crooked elites. The Hibret play purge was fresh on my mind. Shortly after that, I was asked to transfer my Student Union at the University chairmanship to a more Yes man/student. At UB and Buff State I had brought together ELF’s tSibaH students into the fold of the Student Union with very similar arguments and please that drew your Hibret. Only to handed to control freaks. So, withdrew and grew the Dread Locks to become a Buffalo Soldier and a Grateful Dead Head triping on LSD.
        Sorry I got carried away but I miss all of you Philadelphia cats!
        On your Dembelas, I agree with you. Trust me I do not believe in denigrating any living being. I love my friend and brother Tomas from Dembelas. I am just practicing my writing here. But your caution is noted.

        Hope you stick around. Now I have to work on converting Saay7’s head into a Formajob with in my hocus-pocus lab.

  • Paulos

    Selam Berhe,

    As much as the topic is fascinating and intellectually stimulating to a curious mind, the idea of sex from an evolutionary point of view is equally engaging as well. For instance, why only two opposite sexes? Why not three or more for that matter. Moreover, why are humans designed to wait 14 years till they reach puberty and why women reach monopause? These and other challenging questions are fascinating where I would want to comment on when time permits and of course when Awatistas are up for it. And we need to give Isaias and the Weyanes a break once in a while.

  • Robel Cali

    Hello all

    How is this Agazian crap any different than the Eritrean Lowland League? Why is one rightfully attacked by all Eritreans while the other is packaged as respecting lowland diversity by Islamists? Double standards run abound among Islamists, don’t they Semere?

    • jordan

      Hey >Robel!
      You know that this pretty much correlates with ethnic issues in the west? It’s pretty much the same in the west. That the Agazians resemble the white supremascists which are incredibly intolerant and awful meanwhile so many black people say things that would be seen as hate speech if it came out from a white mouth.
      Except in Eritrea it’s about ethnic groups & religion not about race.

      It’s all about structural and systematic racism (not that it’s as existent in Eritrea as it is in USA), and how in this context “Agazians” have the power in Eritrea and even Ethiopia and therefore an alliance between “Agazians” would be more powerful. They’re also the majority and seen as the “norm”, in Eritrea. In Eritrea it’s almost never happening that people are making fun of Agazians, but the muslims (etc the prayers) but rarely however I will not speak as if I know Eritrea personally, I have only spent time with a class of 12 year olds for about 1 month. They were so ignorant towards other ethnic groups, countries and basically everything but I guess that’s apart of being a child.

      I am Eritrean and I didn’t know there were any other ethnic groups in Eritrea than Tigrinya, neither did I know that there were any Eritrean Muslims until the year of 2011, when I visited Eritrea. I was so surprised when my Dad told me that many Eritreans are muslims and that I have met plenty aswell. (I mean I met an eritrean named Mohammed and still didn’t understand that he was Muslim.. sigh)

      Double standards always exist, but I haven’t really heard any crap from the ELL (Never heard of it) as I’ve heard from Tesfazion (who has pretty many views for such topics!)

      • Robel Cali


        You’re equation is flawed. You can’t equate this make believe thing of “Agazian” with white supremacy when the former has no followers among its targeted constituents. Just because we have read a few articles online condemning it does not make it a real thing. It’s still not a real thing. It’s just one man spewing/foaming hatred via Youtube videos.

        If you really search hard on the internet, most of the hate speech among Eritreans comes from so-called Eritrean islamists. This Agazanian thing is a blessing for them because for years, they have shamelessly owned a monopoly on hate speech towards Eritrean Christians. Historically speaking, they (Eritrean Islamists) are also the ones who have ACTED on their hate speech. They have murdered hundreds of Eritreans. Whereas we have yet to hear a single violent incident from the one-man Agazaian movement.

        • jordan


          Yes, of course it is flawed. It wasn’t meant to be a complete correlation with the both just a similarity. As I witness that part of the internet alot (on Twitter) I linked them both together and felt like writing what I thought about. After all, when I was in an eritrean class it was obvious what was the norm -> Tewahado Tigrinya, people pointed out that the guy was Saho to me so many times, as if really matter. Obviously wasn’t the discrimination severe but it still stands.

          I don’t know much about what Eritrean Islamists do in Eritrea, after all I have only been on vacation there and I haven’t googled it that much.

          Oh well cheers. (((I don’t believe there is an Agazian movement either, but it might be a possibility if we don’t stop giving that much the attention he wants))))

  • Nitricc

    Hi Semere; for once I agree with you that free speech must be protected even if offends you. Practically free speech supposed to offend you. However; in your article you seem to mix the right to free speech with the right to be heard. The crazy guy you introduced to us, Tesfation, he has the right to say whatever he wants but you guys, the Semere Andoms, the Salih Gadis and others gave Tesfation the right to be heard. So, I don’t blame the crazy guy, I blame you, I blame SJ, I blame the radio station for giving this crazy guy the right to be heard. Again the right to speak it does not mean the right to be heard.

  • sara

    tsatsr daro..
    very zegerm points ,

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat Paulo’s err iSEM,

    You know what iSEM, notice how you refuse to engage me as either Semere or Paul. You do know why you avoid me, even a patronizing comment here and there like others do, despite their inability to make sense of my comments.
    Under Paulos l, you try to make it seem as though it is an upper echelon of the learned with the Fukayamas, Hegel and some cat you mentioned recently. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly wish I was as well read as you. But the Paulos upper echelon staying above the fray persona you are hiding behind us for a reason.
    It is because you personally fear to engage me. You fear to engage me because of your signinificant damaging injury to my personal. You also fear to engage me, because I am “unbound” and have busted you. More on the personal things later…But it is more than personal.
    Libi Tigray Tuwyway ybehal– don’t worry that includes you, me, SjG, Amde? Saay and Berhe Y etc..

    Here is the reason why I described in detail the background of the canvas on painting I intend to commence.The personal thing is as serious as Tombstone Billy the Kid shootout at the okay koral…. You are forewarned-“Stoner”.

    But here is the beauty of the Revelations from all of that plus. It provides me with original thought which will be forthcoming. And it is my proof that the Agazian and the Tesfatsion is in significant part time or in whole is your creation. I am afraid SJG is also as silent partner in the endeavour.
    And I shall proceed with Exhibits A through Z until you cease giving the platform for hate and warmongering which I whole heartedly detest. As a matter of fact just as you encubated and nurtutlred the viruses Tesfatsion and SaliHalDeen in YouTube and now you are spreading the disease through airborn, I ensist that you contain and kill it quickly.
    I ensist, yes trust me for I am equipped with Exhibits A – through… I know you will not engage and you will not give a response AND that all good! But make sure you kill the spread of this new twin Agazian and SaliHalDeen enterprise.Or at least take credit for your creativity iSEM and SJG and possibly others.. Kill it Or face the Exhibits.

    “Stoner” yeah you are evil trust me despite your athiest belier–you fear the evil you have done that you got busted on.

    Oh yeah Isayas Afeworki libu is Tuwyway just as you and and I and libi Tigray.


    • Paulos

      Selamat Tsatse,

      I wouldn’t play it safe for you have handed me a blank cheque including a free ride on a patronizing horse. And I say, if creative writing was an Olympic event, you would win not a but the gold medal. You could as well be the Eritrean version Jose Saramago. I confess, you finally guessed it. I dread in fear to engage you for you are way up in the league. Again, patronizing intended for you have lit the green candle.

      • GitSAtSE

        Selamat Paulos,

        Actually in responding as Paulos you are playing it safe. I expected the Paulos to respond. I mainly addressed the iSEM.
        You need not patronize, but I do enjoy your lreading list material when you discussion with others. I will not waste time on proving iSEM = Paulos. So you are safe as to hide as Paulos. My last comment was a demand for the elites not to feed the beast they have created. Call it creative writing if you will.But I have my Exhibits.
        And that includes Exhibits against you Evil Nitricay and your Legions of demons the PFDJ.
        Kill the beast or take credit for your work.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear tSAtSe,

          Just take the comments for what they are. I know iSem very well and he would not care much what you think and who he actually is. I know it’s tempting to give him the honor and making Paulos = iSEM, it’s a very good compliment but he wouldn’t care much.

          with iSEM, is what you see is what you get.

          Take it easy…you know it’s a while since you lived in Eritrea. May be a lot of things happened since…

          Paulos is another Saay or IsmaelAA kind. You know Eritrea is blessed with so many people, if they can only able to do what they can with their capacity.


          • GitSAtSE

            Greetings Berhe yeman,

            I told you before there are things that you are not pri privy to.

            At this change if your opposition to the twisted/Tuwyway hearted PFDJ demons, you have reached a point where you and the Ethiopians can discuss and iron out the border issue. The opposition is empowered more now to take matters into their own hand and challenge tplf lead Ethiopia on the border issue.
            So the Hyatt’s and Blinks are keeping you busy. Stick to that. I am rather enjoying the.young beauricrats “hawi hawi zchenuou” discussing the border issue with their counterparts Ethiopians. And there the dialogue is inclusive of the PFDJ misslead youth on how to coexist post the natural.or man made/induced change in Eritrea.
            This matter is betwixt yours truly and iSEM and a few others.
            I made clear on what I insisted on.
            Libina ewe Tuwyway.

          • Thomas

            Hi Tsatse,

            It would have been much easier to engage you because at least everyone knows who you are:) Since when did you start taking Nitricc’s job, guessing profile of commentaries here? That job description (detectives work) is Nitricc’s responsibility. He will tell on you to who? You guessed it to his master, PIA (sorry replace “P” with “D”) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat anta Eide Tomas Dembelas,

            Ultrasound! Yes everybody does know who I am. Just look at the mirror you dimwit Tomas. Who did you see? Nitric your trainer right!

          • Thomas

            Hi Tsatse,

            Lekawis temelisenaka do? I cannot make sense of what your wrote me above. Speak English or Tigrigna, please!! Are you typing your thing from your little Rov4? You need oxygen ma man:))

          • Berhe Y

            Selam tSAtSe,

            “I told you before there are things that you are not pri privy to.”.

            wow, we have to wait for the Russians to hack and leak it to wikileaks.


          • GitSAtSE

            Anta Hawna Abraham,

            Betri hasewsew AAteQ ab reisikha QuaH deA nay abokha meArka Isu ‘ndyu

            You were the one hasewsew zbelka… Again reread from the top!
            Aye za lbina Tuwyway!

          • Paulos

            Selam Berhe,

            Often times, Awate including the “characters” in it fascinate me to the extent where two movies come to mind—Milos Forman’s 1975* “One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest” and another brilliant Russian movie, “The Cuckoo.” What is so unique about the latter is that, the three characters where the setting is in Norway do not and could not understand each other for three of them hail from different countries in Europe. As such, the entire plot as in dialogue is based on assumption as they converse with each other in totally different langauges with no common language what so ever. The imagination of the writer is simply incredible as we in the corridors of Awate could not understand each other not because we speak to each other in different languages but we keep guessing who that person on the other end might be.

            *I remember when I first saw the movie back in Asmara at Cinema Roma and got lost in the translation so to speak but later on I learned that the movie is equivalent to Orwell’s Animal Farm for Milos Forman is a Czech emmigre who exposed the banality of Totalitarianism through cinematic prose.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Paulos,
            You mentioned several movies and books that are in my inventory–I wonder if I have delegated you to represent me here or we are clones 🙂

            Incidentally, I have a close friend whom I have been trying to goad into doing movie (and general art) reviews — he is an established artist, a well read intellectual, multi-lingual, and an avid movie buff. I hope he reads this and responds positively. Would you help me inviting him? I have decided to pressure him so much that he will yield. If not, I will steal his work and present it here as an extra pressure.

            Message to the artist: Are you reading this, my dear friend? If you are, the blackmailing has already started 🙂

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat SJG,

            A over a decade or so ago coherent and abstract warnings of the then opposition strategy was written. Warning that the last card to play will be the Agazian card. Unfortunately, non elite dynamic and emotional investments were disregarded and the papers we were told shreded- not archived do to capacity? Yeah, at the very least there is guilt of destroying public statements that can jeopardize lives in a land where the cause is to save hundreds of thousands of lives. My friend, in the halls of aware I happen to be a “resident expert” on all the participants prose. As for the White Mailing do include your last Federales escapade on Market Street.

          • Saleh Johar


            Honestly, I am dying to read your comments and understand them. We communicate message to others, but you seem to prefer speaking to yourself. No one understand what you are hinting–state them clearly for the sake of the unsophisticated mortals, please.

            Federales, Market Street, etc…what is supposed to mean, less understood? I am not a wizard and I have no way of deciphering your monologue. And kindly, get off my shoulders… you mentioned my name three times since yesterday–I didn’t reply because, honestly, I do not understand what you are driving at. Now you got my attention: shoot whatever is in your chest, clearly, please. I really do not enjoy crossword games, never played them.

          • Paulos

            Selam Kbur Ayay,

            To be your clone is a complement any Awatista would wish to be slapped with simply because you’re a brilliant story teller in a smooth tapestry of time and space with elusive but too familiar characters not only with the human condition but with an Eritrean element as well. Hope your friend graces us for if the rest of us have seen farther than others, it is because we have stood on the shoulders of giants if I could borrow Newton that is.

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Paulos,

            Newton was a thief. He published other mathematicians work as his including Hales Comet-the every 76 years omen of evil appearance.
            Did he say, we stand on the shoulders of giants! What an opportunity he must of had to pick pocket them while climbing. He is still a scholar as you are, but as for the gentleman thing, hmmm jury is still deliberating with your Hshukhshukh wegayo deliberations.
            I should start a brand new class Hood 101 for the classLESS (if I may borrow from kndi shiH nitricay) white colour always adored in their penguin suits. Waddle waddle along now.

            Yes our pants sag!

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat SJG,

            Oh yeah, speaking of movies and lawyers do take inventory of AL Pacino as the devil in the movie The Devil’s Advocate. It is about glass ceiling law firms where the partners go on a massive twentyfour hour paper shredding with industrial size shreders.
            Also, when you get the transcripts and reports from Trumpismo era Federales, it will read West Street. The collusion with thexl demons PFDJ knowingly or not is amusing.
            A well oiled machine where neither the victim or victimizer has knowledge whether they are the victims or the ones doing the victimizing-this because it works so smoothly without crinks and cranks due to the lubricant. Throw a small pebble/tSAtSE sized tSEtSEr, the entire machine comes to a grinding halt. Paraphrasing still, I my shelf is still disorganized.Rage against the machine!

            I see we have crossed the river in this avalanche of wuHuj. Right behind ya! We are on the same side of the Mereb after all.

            “What would you say to my child.” Is it a legit president or a tyrant? Though these days in the Trumpismo era, it is hard to tell which is which. A well oiled machine.
            See ya in the other side. Nice to be heard. It is the do that maters.!

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi All,
            Can someone help decipher what TsaTse is saying? I would appreciate your help. He seems not able to state his comment clearly.

            TsaTse, if you think anyone understands your comments, I bet no one is. You might as well speak to the mirror, it won’t make any difference.

          • Thomas

            Hi SJG,

            Many would reply to him with things “haha” and “lol” and he gets off their shoulders:) Attention is what he usually craves for:)

          • Paulos

            Selam Thomas,

            There was also this guy whose “name” escapes me of the same cut with Tsatse where we all had a hard time to make any sense of his comments. I think what he used to do was, he would write in Dutch or Germany then he would google-translate it to English. And I think that was the reason it always sounded messed up. He hasn’t been around in a while. I forgot his name.

          • Nitricc

            Hey P; hahahah leave alone my good friend L.T. lol. I wonder what happened to him? If I were you I will get pissed that Tsatse mixing you with Semere Andom. lol

          • Paulos

            Hey Nitrikay,

            Yea that’s the guy. He is so funny. Hope he is ok.

          • Thomas

            Hi Paulos,

            I agree with Nitricc that guy used to come with the nickname “L.T”. I think he repetitively refused to use salutations when commenting, he was made to go. I thought he was trying to directly translate tigrigna into English or something:)

          • GitSAtSE

            Hey Paulos,

            I thought you were the new guy. The fast tracker on becoming one of awate hall’s giants or greats. Saay7’s endorsement on your fukuyama grand entrance with your penguin suit. He also holds iSEM in high regard as the most resourceful person he knows. And yours truly believes in DA Saay7! Always welcomed to sag his pants in DA hood! He is part of the TRIBE who has untangled painstakingly his tribe Tigray Tuwyway, though he has to be lead from from the rear so that he does not go on triping and slip sliding AND most importantly despair.
            Yeah he is a sucker for the bookish learned but his soul is all the way HOOD! “You down with OPP? Yeah you know me!” FYI OPP here is not opposition thou I am down wid dat too!

          • sara

            Dear tSAtSE
            Did you watch a documentary on aljazeera about the “dark secrets of Canada” and it’s after effects?
            If you didn’t there will be rerun tonight and tommorow.

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Sara,

            I am tempted to say “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Like the movie (AGAIN/endegena) Contagion, as in those who don’t understand me. But, a more gentlemanly in DA response to Lady Sara is: No I have not watched the documentary you speak of. What is it about?

          • GitSAtSE

            MerHabs Tomas wedi Barjima from Adiyabokha Dembelas,

            Shakespeare on a Tuesday of this week Three in Trumpismo era is a lot like sushi. It is an acquired taste. Just try and read the Tempest, Romio and Juliet, Ceasar etc.. I have a pocket size old and a bit beaten up edition.
            At the very least you will sit down and devour old man Abi’s “pop corn” and ENJOY THE SHOW! Silence is golden while the movie plays. Don’t be like my homies in DA hood black folks and talk in the movie theater like you are in your living room. Oh, what’s that? Yes you are in your own home’s kitchen cooking fish and you are in dire need of a blow j err attention like no other man in history? Okay, I grant you that. I suggest you purchase fresh fish like Ahi Tuna, unagi, salmon etc and eat it raw with wasabi. In time sushi your favorite food. An acquired taste. For the love of your body, DON’T FRY THE FISH 🙂

            The curtains come down ending our Tuesday Theater. Thank you for your patronage and look forward to seeing you Week For when we shall feature:
            A message from The President to my Son Tomy Boy.

          • Thomas

            Hi Tsatse,

            You seem to enjoy your writing. I am very happy. The following take aways from your above writing:

            – Shakespeare on a Tuesday of this week Three in Trumpismo era is a lot like sushi.
            – Just try and read the Tempest, Romio and Juliet, Ceasar etc..
            – Watch the movie and Silence is golden while the movie plays
            – Don’t be like my homies in DA hood black folks and talk in the movie theater like you are in your living room.
            – Yes you are in your own home’s kitchen cooking fish and you are in dire
            need of a blow j err attention like no other man in history? Okay, I
            grant you that. I suggest you purchase fresh fish like Ahi Tuna, unagi,
            salmon etc and eat it raw with wasabi. In time sushi your favorite food.
            An acquired taste. For the love of your body, DON’T FRY THE FISH 🙂
            – The curtains come down ending our Tuesday Theater. Thank you for your
            patronage and look forward to seeing you Week For when we shall feature: A message from The President to my Son Tomy Boy.

            Ok, I get it. So, tell me do the things you write just pop up on your TV screen or you just jot down things as again pup up on your head so that you won’t forget them. If you happen to see “Fernelo” and you write a blurb consent handling it. I am just trying to see the seen that is prompts to write what you always write:) Sorry, I forgot, lol

          • GitSAtSE

            MerHaba THOMAS,

            I told you more than once that I do not own a TV. My first five years, yes I was glued to the TV to learn American– accent and all.

            In fact I had to knock on neighbor’s doors to watch the Supper Bowl on Sunday, reminiscent on the Kesela Sudan and early Khartum days. At the Gombolo household we were fortunate to have a TV and a Telaja…
            Reading Reading Reading is where it’s at!!! Read my friend.

            As for my writing it get better so long I keep reading stylish and various prose of the pens at awate hall’s with greats such as Paulos, iSEM, SJG, Amanuel Hidrat, GjezaE Hagos, Saay7 etc..even you Tomy!
            The takeaways you have bulleted were meant for you and many other takeaways for others that have filtered them. It is intentional to keep you reading and entertained due to your afliction if ADD and brainwash induced by others. I don’t need TV though I suggest several hours a day for you until you absorb all the nuances of ALL American HOODs language including the philharmonic of Cleveland in the Buckeye State! I know barinet Hisret and abb sdet and chasing the dollar driving Lift or 12 hours of dukan clercking does not allow you to turn more than three or four pages a day. But do read! It’s an acquired taste as well. Even if it is only here at awate that you can only afford the time to read anything in order to alleviate your aches and pains from being home sick.
            Niw, you didn’t have to come back stage after the show was over for more attention but you are welcomed to as I do have love and empathy for you my brother. And thank you for the flowers you have brought me in my backstage dressing room. Red Rose! How thoughtful… You remind me of my days with Abraham Afeworki in 1978 Telata.
            As long as you have authentic content, your writing too will get better as will mine.
            Now try telling USA story at least three paragraph long without bulleting other’s takeaways. Don’t be shy!!! You must learn to express yourself. We all are practicing here! You never know you may get a job as a writer on SNL spoofing Don Diddy The Duck Donold within these looonnnng and hopefully four years of the Trumpismo era.

            Here, get a copy of the Alchemist by PAULOS KuHli eyni err Coelho. I believe it is fitting for you need to expand your horizons beyond your goat herding on the Andalusian Plains all the way from Dembelas to Badume. There is an entire world out there. All you have to do is open the pages of Macbeth.
            See you in week four. READ!

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat oh Great one SJG!
            That is a much better strategy. I liked your tearing apart Semere Tuesday the Fedayeen amongst hero’s past when you told him that is a very vocal not so silent member of “The Silent Majority!” Now, contemplate the under decipherable noise silenced by Dembelas Tomas and I believe Hyatt the Original strategy.
            At least it is not as draconian ad Nitric’s You do not have a right to be heard, though you can speak all you want. Well oiled machine collusion where the antagonists intersect almost all the time! Hey ho chi Minh what’s with all the camaflauge green! Why hide behind the bush. Just come out and fight wearing bright happy colors.
            We are on the same side.

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat iSauloP,

            One flew over the cuckoos nest is a great movie with the legendary Jack Nicholson. He did another movie that I like it’s title. And it is: This is as good as it gets.
            Well, recall if you would your conversation with MaHmooday “The Best” SaliH and your Bgd. 72 head and now incarcerated Petros Solomon. The astute reader can sift through the entire hypothetical and the tells. Recall also Nitricay response to you and the very thread… It is called familiarity and style of communication between two or more. Despite your change of mode of addressing Nitric from the frustrated barking.

            72, my dear iPeSemlos, as you may know already “I have been every where man” as lucky #13 Johny Cash… you may continue “as you were” with UBI, and FiQri Hindi Tum Hara bderfi, fQri libi tuwywayy Tigrai btSerfi Cinema Empero Amy Chinua is it? Things indeed do fall apart. But they can also be put back together meticulously by the capable even if there are 10,000 pieces to the puzzle.
            My point is clearly stated. Just as the Sewra youngsters lied to the gullible hzbi with their tarikh hzbieirtra is one of megzaEti ChiQuona starting from the Otaman Turks and now we a monster Ethiopia that are so different from us and fascist that we must pick up arms and spill blood, the elites are now creating another one eyed Cyclops of the Highlander Agaziian HopeofZion.

            George Orwell you like ha? Have you swiftly read his The Burmese Days/years?
            Hey, in the movie one flew over cuckoos nest, I like the Giant character that helped JN character to get over the fence. Don’t worry this gitSAtSE will help you get over your fence. KHingireka iye just like that movie.

          • Paulos


            As the dudes in da hood say it, you’re trippin’. Things Fall Apart ain’t Amy Chua. It is Chinua Achebe. Lol not as in little old lady.

          • GitSAtSE

            Hey Paul Peter Jessus and Mary!

            At least for the love of all the above! You ain’t as dumb as you sound. Is you? Lady Himanalin’s name sounds like the great Ibo from Anabra State-TheDelta.
            If you don’t know da hood don’t come today hood! We ain’t triping.
            I simply couldn’t recollect her name– and it is called creative writing dum dum. Any who we have crossed the river. This strategy of the Agazian WILL BE ABORTED! Do something creative and constructive with your blessings and access ANTE DEDEB DILDIL AFRASH WENBEDE 🙂

          • GitSAtSE

            Dear MOD,

            As I broke the rules, you deleted the best context with what I think was the best line to my friend Paulos. Okay, my acquaintance. I have to rationalize why that one?
            But here is the line of friendly banter we call waza Ms qumneger. I suppose I have to suffer the consequences… I just wanted Abinet the Example to to reappear. Beatlejuice beatlejuice Beatle juice. And the line was:

            I will head the authorities warnings. You are doing a superb job otgerwise. Thank you.

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Paulos,

            Ghedim iye Ilka baElikha. And I got a warning and my Chinua Achebe the Ibo from Anabra State the Delta! whose name sounds like your lady Himamalin Amy got shreded err – deleted. Since it is our collective goal I will adhere to the rules by correcting my errors I will remain SQUARE and Bounded. So, that all my brethren like Paulos, Semere Andom, and all the Fukayamas adhere to the righteous path.
            My Dear Scholar Paulos.
            I give permission for you to call me “L.T.” Peter, paul, Joseph or Mary. You can call me anything you like but never call me late for dinner. Even if it is pasta. My favorite is go go with shiro. Hold the onions and the Mayo.


          • Paulos

            Selam Tsatse,

            Glad you’re avoiding the damn carbs. Recent data has it that even in the land (read: Italy) where it is treated like mana, pasta consumption has decreased by 20%. The debate however still rages on between those who press on with Atkins and those who go-life-in-the-caves on us as in the paleo-diet. Here is the interesting part though: Was our body designed to process sugar for the longest term when life was not a luxury but a question of survival against predators? Here is a juicy part that gets you to the Oprah moment as in aha! Prior to the 1950s, in one of the Pacific Islands, the incidence or prevalence of diabetes was only confined to the erderly but later on as American companies started to pour in with more soda drinks and other sweets, the epedemic of diabetes was catastrophic where over half of the population became diabetic. What really happened was that, the gene pool with in that population was designed through evolutionary process to save energy for meager years where the supply of food was sporadic not continues. As such, the gene which is otherwise known as the thrift-gene didn’t know what to do with the extra sugar only to covert it to fats when the population was exposed to a new way of life. The rationale goes, our ancestors lived off on a long lasting energy supply as in fats or proteins as opposed to carbs or sugar which is a short fix.

          • Amde

            Selam Paulos,

            So.. on genes and diets…

            I have been musing lately that since we thrived on Teff and such for possibly thousands (ok…hundreds) of generations, why shouldn’t we maintain a Teff heavy diet in the West? You can put any other food type ancestors adapted to in place of Teff, but you get my point I hope. It is well and good to Eat Local, but isn’t it better for your body chemistry to Eat Ancestral?


          • Paulos

            Selam Amde,

            That is precisely the rationale behind the Paleo-Diet—as the prefix indicates paleo as in ancient with less carbs and more physical activities. Interestingly enough, in recent years, Teff has gained more traction in the media and including in the high-end medical journals as a super-food and of course gluten free as well. However, there are confounding factors where it seems to defeat the purpose in the sense that if Teff by extension Injera is a super-food, why do Eritreans or Ethiopians don’t enjoy longer and healthy life? Obviously, the plague if you will in Ethiopia or Eritrea is not metabolic illnesses as in hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases as is the case in industrialized nations but the otherwise preventable infectious diseases.

          • Amde

            Selam Paulos,

            Aha.. that makes sense.

            It is interesting you bringing up mention of Teff in “…including in the high-end medical journals as a super-food …” I have a naggig suspicion the whole Teff-as-superfood thing was more marketing hype than anything, but this comment gives me pause. So it’s superfood benefit is recognozed by the professionals as well. That is interesting.

            Wonder what ድርቆሽ as breakfast cereal tastes like? I will be happy to report.


          • Paulos


            That’s funny. Would be curious to know. Here is the downside of recent meteorite rise of Teff with an economic angle to it. With in the multi-billion dollar industry of diet and its paraphernalia, the world is turning to Ethiopia for massive import to the western world where it is making the policy makers in Ethiopia a bit nervous for a valid reason. When the market for Teff abroad is too tempting, exporting Teff will make it expensive for local consumers in Ethiopia for it will cause shortage of supply. The leaders are in a dilemma.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Paulos and Amde,

            I think they should stop exporting it in raw but only finished product or as in flour.

            I am really skeptical about this multi billion dollar companies, they will destroy the market and the lively hood of millions of people.

            I think Melles was correct in banning export.

            I read a book by the tennis star Novak about his diet (gluten free) and he has Teff in one of his list.

            If you remember we had similar discussion and how skeptical I am in the Ethiopia flour Teff they sell in the stores.


          • Dear Amde and Paulos,

            I believe that Teff indeed has some superior qualities when compared with wheat and rice, (quality amino acids, rich in iron and calcium and of course, gluten-free, a good thing for the millions, who suffer from gluten-sensitivity), but naturally, not enough alone for a healthy life. I do not like the term superfood, because it is much more marketing than anything else.
            As you know sufficient balanced diet, which contains all the necessary ingredients proteins, carbs, fats, vit. and minerals, in the right amounts are things most Habeshas can not afford back home. Injera with ቁርጥ ጮማ and berbere, or overcooked stew, in which the vitamins might have been destroyed, may need to be reevaluated and improved. Green vegetables and fruits are items that are absent on the table and people should be taught, especially in the countryside.
            Can you believe that their is malnutrition, even in the children of well-off families in addis, due to nutritional ignorance, if i may say so?
            I remember a friend who got himself into a quarrel, because he called an other person a “leaf-eater like a goat”. As a country boy he could not believe that human beings eat raw vegetables. Of course, he had no idea about vitimans and fibers. He would remember his foolishness sometimes and he would laugh. Poor hygiene, communicable diseases, malnutrition and industrial pollution now, will continue to play a major role for sometime.
            The opposite seems to happen in diaspora habeshas. Picture of ethiopians we see, especially those from the usa and canada, show beautiful men, women and children, but at the same time, it seems that some of them have adopted their surrounding environment, the result of which is getting fatter the american way.
            Last time I read that ethiopia now produces more than 1m tonnes of sugar, and sugar import will be curtailed. One can imagine the “sugar-addicted children” of the future. Children should be taught to handle their sugar consumption the right way. It is the main cause of overweight and obesity, and if society is not to face a sort of diabetes epidemic in the future when they grow up, it has a lesson to learn from western societies.
            I hope you have read the weird story that the first dietitian was a british undertaker of the 19th century, who was forced to teach his clients (the community) before their death, how to diet and lose weight, because they might not fit into his coffins, and he might not be able to help them. A gruesome story indeed.

          • Amde

            Selam Horizon,

            I had never heard of the undertaker dietician. That was both funny and gruesome.

            I am not surprised with what you describe as nutritional deficit due to ignorance. I wonder if with slight modifucation, the tsom vegetarian diet with Teff injera and dairy might not be more or less sufficient. Won”t make you look like the incredible hulk; but keep you healthy. But the veneration of meat is off the charts. I remember one guy saying he loves meat, eats anything called ስጋ, and accordingly objects to the use of the term የስጋ ዘመድ as that means he cannot take a bite out of them.

            The whole sugar industry thing has always been a mystery to me – especially when they put one of the political heavyweights (Abay Tsehaye) in charge. I mean it is just a commodity after all, and like you said not a particularly healthy one.


          • Paulos

            Selam Amde and Horizon,

            Hope we are not boring Awatistas to a deep sleep for the usual suspect as in politics and what have you is not in the menu but if we find one or two in the class with a perked ear, that will do.

            What is the whole purpose really? Why can’t we enjoy life with all its sweets and fats instead of watching what we eat and drink to add a mere an average 20 years to our life span? I think there is a fundamental psychological hung-up about an excessive love of life to the point of refusing to let it go including the dread of an old age and ultimately death as well. What makes it more interesting is that the envelope is being pushed further when a series of scientists are starting to consider an old age as a disease by itself where the question why do we die of an old age takes a center stage not only as a philosophical curiosity but with in the basic unit of life as well. The cell.

            Consider this: There are an average of 15 trillion cells in the human body and each cell has an average of 100 mitochondria in it and the number of mitochondria becomes outrageous when you do the math. Why mitochondria? Why so much interest in it to the extent more scientific articles are being published about it when the nuclear DNA carries the genetic code of life? For a number of interesting reasons. As you all know, mitochondria is not only the power house of the cell where all the macromolecules as in starches, proteins and fats are converted to the energy-currency as in ATP in the body, more importantly mitochondria used to be an independent entity as in a single cell bacteria before it started living with in another cell through symbiotic process in evolutionary adaptations.

            You may say, how is it related with the issue at hand or an old age? Well, the whole theory of an old age is centered on the idea of wear and tear of the mitochondria where it continuously leaks free-radicals as in oxidants (read: super-oxides, peroxides among other highly reactive molecules) through out one’s life time. That is, if an old age is taken as a disease and if the root cause is the leakage of free-radicals from mitochondria and is the culprit, the rational goes, if we are able to patch up the hole of the leak, we will have found the holy-grail if you will or the fountain youth. Multi-vitamins.

            Vitamins are magicians with an incredible ability of multi-tasking where their main function is to neutralize free radicals and hence the whole buzz and media frenzy about them including anti-oxidants. It all started however in the early 60s with the brilliant with tremendous energy a two time Noble Prize (one in Chemistry and the other in his advocacy to ban nuclear armaments) winner Linus Pauling. He not only introduced quantum mechanics into chemistry but also became a controversial figure when he claimed that vitamins particularly vitamin C is the panacea to all diseases including cancer. Him and his wife took vitamin C everyday through out their lives and he died at the age of 90* and some changes. Here is the catch though. As much as we need vitamins to neutralize free-radicals, nature has the reason in its design to make mitochondria less efficient as in leaky if you will. Again consider this: when we get infected, inflammatory process starts in our body where inflammation is a mechanism our body uses to fight an infection. As such, white blood cells fight and kill the bacteria or viruses by releasing free radicals from the mitochondria. That is, if we take anti-oxidants or multivitamins at least excessively not only to prevent a potential disease but to stall old age, we are rendering the white blood cells helpless under the merciless onslaught of the bacteria. We lose something to gain something. To be more precise, we have to let life carry on its course by living life in moderation and accepting old age with grace. The beauty of life as they say is not aesthetics but it’s contradictions.

            *Interestingly he died of cancer.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Paulos, Horizon and Amde,

            I hope my friend iSEM join this discussion. I am sure tSaTse will have a closure to his conspiracy theory because his opinion on longevity differs from that of Paulos.

            One day we were discussing similar topic about a book I read Transcend by Ray Kurzweil. There is a netflex movie of the same topic. This guy takes I don’t remember but over 100 pills of vitamins a day. He predicts a lot of what will happen in the future and he thinks humans will live over 120 years in few decades by integrating nano technology with the human body, and he thinks he is on his way to do that.

            So my argument was, how this is terrible for the planet and how horrible it must be to the economy, to the next generation, to the expense and burden of medical bills and completely unsustainable. My guess is anyone who is over 80 year (at least today) is pretty useless to the society and it may not be a bad idea if people accept a gracious death and depart from the world. He said was, don’t worry about the future generation, they will take care of themselves like all generation before them did and they will find a way (like all humans are) to solve their problems..who knows may be the concore Mars, just like the Europeans did when they sail to North America. We can’t just give up and be passive about it..the humans will always find a way..

            I don’t know about that..but I find it is really sad, when you hear some people at work talk about their in laws…who are taking too long to be departed…and so they can get a hold of their inheritance There is this guy at work, his mother in law is old and he has her 60 years old son lives with her. And his wife (after the mother passes away) is warning him, she will have a cut / say on her mother property…and before the mother passes away..(and he thinks he owns the house etc) that they don’t even speak anymore….and consulting with lawyers…

            Basically they can’t wait for the parents to die so they can get hold of the property ….and all those old age business, basically take the old people and suck dry their life worth of savings in such a small time the get to live…in the last hour…and all this assisted death is coming into play and some governments…I think also in Canada are looking to open the door for such possibility and this brings the moral question…will some children push their parents…etc…

            anyway interesting topic…may be for another time.. But I like what you concluded…and I agree
            “To be more precise, we have to let life carry on its course by living life in moderation and accepting old age with grace”.


          • Dear Berhe Y,

            Life would have been easier if large doses of vitamin supplements or all the other chemicals, super foods etc, taken for longevity or a healthy life could do the trick. Unfortunately, it seems that that is not true, for nobody has yet proved to that effect.

            Recently there was a report (I think on the bbc), where a long-term study of supplementation with large doses of vitamins, showed that those who took these supplements lived less years than those who did not. This shows that a balanced diet, exercise and psychological well being are enough, and tricks with chemicals, whether we call them vitamins or whatever, as long as there are no deficiencies in the body, are not going to bring a change.

            There is a limit to how long a human body can live and function. I think that that age is around 120yrs, beyond which it is impossible for any cell, tissue or organ to function properly, and life should simply stop there.

            The world population is not going to increase continuously, and I think that it is going to level off at about 10.5bn, without of course considering thermonuclear wars. People live older, but at the same time less babies are born even in third world countries, due to more education and gradually improving standard of living. Therefore, I do not think that we should worry about over population.

            Dear Berhe Y, what counts is the quality of life and not the age. There are people in their 80s and even 90s, who are physically active and intellectually bright. There are many of them who are useful to themselves and to society as well. Therefore, a gracious death or an assisted death, because these poor old people are going to consume a life-long economy, somebody is in a hurry to inherit, is terrifying. After all, these old people worked all their lives to live a day longer in this world, and not to be pushed out, because somebody can not wait to inherit the wealth that is not created by him or her.

            Assisted death has taken place in few countries in very difficult situations, when the quality of life was no more worth living, for example, unbearable and intractable pain and suffering that does not respond fully to medication, etc, and even then when the patients insists, the law approves it, etc, and old age alone can never be a factor. Can you imagine children having their old parents and relatives on a waiting list? God forbid.

          • iSem

            Hi Berhe:
            Here an incoherent comment jsut to mimic Tsatse:-)
            Remember the reason Ray K takes all these supplements is because he dad died at young due to diabetics, so Ray is challenging that genetics should and can be defeated by science.
            Orwell is known by most as a writer, but he was a social thinker too, he gave us A. Farm and 1984, a less known work is his booklet: The Road to Wigan Pier, he talks about the lives of coal miners who would crawl for 2 miles underground to just start working/hacking on the coal and then crawl back out, they lose their teeth in their thirties and die in their forties, now 80 years later, we have social programs and miners do not have to crawl 4 miles and they do not die at 40, literally their live spans doubled. Despite Luddites tech and innovation in every aspect of never stopped and when Natan and Noah are our age, they will not drive a car, they will ride auto driven car, and their car will not run oil, so Saudia Arabia be obsolete and irrelevant.
            For humans to settle to die at 80 to give away for future generations a Luddite mentality, a fallacy the industrial revolution will kill all jobs, it did not, it created more jobs. Now accepting death sounds like it is religious but the Bible says people like Methuselah lived for 900 years, so how about settling for 900 instead of 80
            Every innovation will bring its own challenges and problems, you solve one problem and you create an other one
            And the whoever told you that future generations will solve their problem by settling in Mars etc., I agree with him or her-)
            But the problem defeating death entirely or living to 800 creates its own problems, if you just elongate the lives with out the other social aspects, if you are imagining all this homeless 200 years olds, living with dementia and barely clinking to life that is a different problem. How about if you are 90 years old and your body functions like you are 50 and you can work, run 10 km, pay taxes and contribute to society, how about if humanity makes that possible

          • Berhe Y

            Dear iSem,

            You made tSatSe his day, I think. But who knows…he has his own way, and who can figure out what other conspiracy he will come up with.

            “And the whoever told you that future generations will solve their problem by settling in Mars etc., I agree with him or her-)”. that was you, you see you are getting old already…forget 120 years old.

            I have no problem if i can live up to 90 and work and pay taxes and contributing to the society.. I can’t run 10 k now, or even when I was 20, i don’t know how I can do that when I am 90…but I am still on target to do a marathon in my life time:).


          • Amde

            Selam Berhe, Paulos, Horizon, iSem

            Interesting topic, and I am glad to see some people express interest in this topic as well.

            If you want to see some provocative ideas on longevity, look up TED talks and other lectures by Aubrey DeGrey.

            Ray Kurzweil’s and Aubrey DeGrey’s thinking (both come from computing background) is I believe summarized as below:

            1. Death by “old age” can be summarized as an accumulation of cell death and damage.
            2. We don’t know all the metabolic processes by which cells die and/or cellular damage creeps in.
            3. While these processes may be many (perhaps in the thousands) but they are not infinite.
            4. As time goes on, our knowledge of these processes increase.
            5. As time goes on, the speed of our acquisition of knowledge of these processes increases as well, driven by the momentum of already discovered information, and exponential improvements in analytical methods and information processing technology.
            6. As we discover new things, we will start using the already acquired knowledge to develop treatments and countermeasures.
            7. The application of these treatments now will work to increase lifespan with good quality of life.
            8. So, before we talk about people living forever, we will see people living longer than the currently accepted 120ish limit of human lifespan.
            9. So based on that, in one of his lectures a few years ago, Aubrey DeGrey declared the first person to live to be 1,000 is already born.

            Ray Kurzweil estimated it would be about 30 – 40 years before we get to the point of completely understanding cellular processes, at which point we will know enough to make death through aging a preventable disease. That is why he is taking a lot of supplements – he thinks he is within that window, and he is maximizing his chances of staying alive to that day.

            It is interesting that both these guys are basing their predictions on the basis of exponential growth. Kurzweil made his money on mathematical modeling software.

            I was discussing this point with a friend of mine who works in banking, and I told him the good news that our generation could live well into the 100s on average because of these very points. I was smug, considering I had delivered good news to him But he got mad instead – he said he had set his retirement up to 85 or so and he didn’t want to envision having to struggle beyond that.

            In any case, it is hard to overestimate the nature of challenges in a world where people can choose to live – if not forever, at least for a very very long time. What would a profession be? A job? A family? If a woman lives a thousand years, but is only fertile for the first fifty, what does that mean? Overcrowding? Imagine an artist who craft his skills for generations. Would politicians get wiser / more just or will the art of autocracy decisively beat the craft of democracy?


          • Dear Amde,

            It is possible that some human beings could be made to live much longer than their natural biology allows, but the question is if they can be called real human beings. Human beings cannot carry out interplanetary voyages in their natural form. That I think is the one of the reason the so-called cyborg (half human-half machine or half human-half gadgets) idea came.
            Artificial kidneys, hearts etc could be the size of a cigarette pack and could be carried around in the streets in the future. The point is if these half human-half gadget are real human beings with the psychological makeup of today’s human being or more of a machine, remains to be seen. Moreover, this chance is not going to be available to everybody.
            Giving supplements of one sort or the other the body is not really in need of, in my opinion, most probably will not work.
            DNA engineering by adding new artificial bases, similar to the x and y bases recently added to the DNA of e. coli bacteria to produce an enzyme (protein), i think, might lead to tampering with the basic human DNA, with unknown results. The final point, in my opinion, is to live a life with quality, even if it is as short as 120 yrs., and to give this chance to everybody in the future.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Amde,

            I agree with you, and lucky for us, here in the city there is three times delivery direct a week. We buy twice a week but for sure every weekend.

            If possible I would eat it everyday.


          • Amde

            Haha Berhe,

            You are such a show off.

            Please have an extra one on my behalf this week.

            Still blows my mind people can make money selling perishable food made in Addis acros a continent and ocean in Toronto.


          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Amde,
            (Oh Pillar X)
            Man this dude Paulos is hella talented/gifted. You see how he is educating us with nutritious does the body good healthy, the. Paleo diet! And telling us with love to be cautious with the quick fix diet that is covered with fats, not long lasting body that lacks endurance and perseverance. I have taken notes of his recommendations with regards to reading materials. I skipped out library hours one to many times in order to perfect my jump shot and crossover ball handling while having a lit sigaret in my mouth. It is never to late to learn from those who share from the heart. How sutlbtle and Noble of our resident scholar and almost gentlemen. I bwf of you Sure and tlthe gentlemen Paulos to dig up a fantastic theatrical movie by the Brits called To the End of The Earth. It is about their migration on British Flag Navy ship to Australia. You will not be disappointed. Very educational as well.
            Two DVDs to be watch in at least two sittings.
            I have a long day at the library to look forward to tomorrow.

          • Paulos

            Selam Tsatse,

            Akh’bid’kalay Tsatse arkey. Many thanks for those kind words and I am sure it is in all of us. Again grateful.

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Paulos,

            I knew the difference. Her name sounds like chinua. Hope you readed the centinels have shredded two responses to you. Damage control perhaps but I will remain SQUARE and BOUNDED.

            You are not new to Awate halls by your own admission. I am and would like to remain awatista. We are “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”
            I ain’t dirty Hary though you can call me any thing you like but never call me late for dinner.
            Happy super.

        • Abraham H.

          so you’re claiming Semere Andom/ iSem is Paulos? I wonder how you could prove that?

          • GitSAtSE

            Hey weri Afom bri,

            Negger gedifkis gual negger aytiHazi.

            Do you know how ultrasound or the rada in submarines work?

            I clearly said above, that I will not waste my time proving iSEM = Paulos.

            On a second thought gual negger ain’t so bad.

          • Abraham H.

            Selam Tsatse metkekh, okay, i get it. What you’re doing is neger d’liyliy betri hasewsew, isn’t it?

          • GitSAtSE

            MerHaba Abraham again,

            Kab ruHuQ tehandidu zmetSaka gasha AAsha ATTbuiQka seAmo indiyu negeru, wedi ayay Paulos Arkikha baEla tefediHA. Some thing we call The Flaw with the ever believing they are FLAWLESS.The SQUARES is what we call them in DA hood because they are not as well rounded as hood rats. The beauricRAT Santa Antonio or LaSalle alum from Paradizo or Embagaliono Mazungus wana be has admitted he has been around for a long time in the halls of awate.
            Fukayama yo gentrimication and “brain wash education to education, yet you reward for our love telling us there is God above” we know God is HERE!
            Ghedim iye ybleka alo saHibka.
            Yeah aytiAshu wedi akoy tSilima diyu tSolot. The curtains came up for an anchor. Good night folks.

  • Brhan

    Hello Semere,
    Our hate speaker/s live/s in youtube and obviously die/s there too

  • Salah Ejail

    Semere has nailed it superbly to say the least. This is the article I was looking forward to see, but I am sure Tesfa-seool is cooking something regarding this article as he did for the last article, hey! it is a good advertisement for him.