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Mr. President: What Do You Say To My Child?

Finally, we have got lots of snow. Thanks God, at least we can join those who talk about winter. For now, nature has replaced the snowflakes of President Trump’s impulsive and erratic behavior of “governing through twitter” style, and his barrage of executive orders. On the other hand, we have seen the good value of America triumphing over Trump’s bad order that banned Muslims from some countries to enter the USA legally. An Honorable Federal Judge, who was appointed by President George W Bush ordered a temporary halt to Mr. Trump’s executive order. Now, legal immigrants are literally pouring into the country, but they are LEGAL.

With the bigotry and filthy-mouthing coming out from the President and his small circle, targeting minorities and Muslims, immigrant families are finding it challenging to explain to their children how America has changed overnight.  Particularly, when you are a parent of black and Muslim children, it’s a double jeopardy. Our children are going through a tough time. The first casualty of the hatemongering onslaught on Muslims and other “bad people” coming from the White House (really, a white house sheltering dark demons and their sick ideologies) are not the “very…very bad” immigrants but our children who are born here in the United States of America. They are asking, “Why is the President so callous?” The old ones are comparing him with President Bush who did a magnanimous job when he stood up for all Americans after the 9/11 attack.

So, how do families reassure their children during this trying time? Last night’s heavy snow (by the standard of the North West) gave us an opportunity to huddle together and talk over this issue. My 12 year-old son thought that Mr. Trump sucks, and added that the President was not cool enough to be the president of the USA. My 14 year-old joined and said that the President needs a hot-line connecting him with President Obama. The rationale being, that President Trump should be given a chance to “make America great again,” while President Obama can help him out in making America great again, “but in a cool way”. Then my 18 year-old took the lead and gave us a lesson on how American political institutions are grounded on firm legal traditions, and that, unless the president reassesses his aspirations vis-à-vis the trajectory of American historic process, sooner or later, he will be in a colliding course with the other two institutions, the legislative and the judiciary branches, and the American public at large, with its media and civic societies. Our son added that, at this moment, the Republican Congress and the President are in a symbiotic relationship. The Republican lawmakers are mostly from traditional conservative pedigree while the President and his close advisers are leaning towards a far-right racist ideological sect. The Republican Congress needs the President for his signature of Republican bills, while the President needs the support of the traditional Republicans for legitimizing his egoistic and narcissistic adventures. And thus the governing by Twitter style begins.

The last person to speak was our oldest son. He said that the democrats made a series of missteps. Firstly, they did not pay attention to white middle-class America that had been hurt by the exodus of manufacturing mills. Secondly, the conservative brand of the Republican Party had been working quietly while democrats were celebrating the election of the first black president. These radical syndicates moved slowly buying rural radio and TV stations. He said that if you drive or stay in hotels across rural America, you watch or listen to mostly conservative talk shows. The democrats failed to reach out to these folks; they were busy advancing environmental, and other domestic agendas of narrow-group interests. They did not make advances in inner city poverty and the spread of drugs and crimes; they were not able to overhaul immigration laws that would matter to the majority of Latino voters. Thirdly, Democrats made a colossal mistake in the way they treated Bernie Sanders in the last primaries. Bernie would certainly have destroyed Trump in many ways.

In style of communication, Bernie was a firebrand who would destroy Trump’s image of “authenticity”. Bernie would compete Trump in image and style, in the sense, that he was a genuine anti-establishment candidate and a rich background of standing for working families. In addition, Bernie, 74, made history by galvanizing many young voters. He would appeal to the same white working families that catapulted Trump to the presidency. Had not it been for the Democratic Party’s unfavorable marginalization of his candidacy and followers, the democrats would have retained the swelling number of the young voters and other working-class folks who must have later switched their allegiance to Trump, thus making possible the improbable victory of the man who was accused to have been disparaging and insulting women, a man who openly and repetitively expressed his intention to treat Muslims and other non-white races in a way not compatible with American motto that we are one out of many; a man who ran on isolating America from its traditional European allies, and major trading partners. Our son concluded by saying, “It was a shock for the nation, and even a greater shock for Muslim communities across the nation and around the world.”

At any rate, how do Muslim families discuss the rhetoric coming from the White House regarding the “very bad people”, a euphemism for Muslims? I think it is prudent that we discuss it in a way our kids are able to separate Trump’s tantrums from the good people of America. We have to discuss with our children the checks and balances built in the system that could restrain our president from getting a really…really bad president, and becoming a solo mad dog. We will have to emphasize the point that the majority of Americans (starting from their neighbors, teachers, and pediatricians…) are good citizens. Explaining that the free media plays an important role in keeping the President and his billionaire-Cabinet in check helps children know that there are forces of good intent allied and aligned with them. If there are local community mass media outlets, they have to take this role seriously. Parents and educators have to discuss qualities of good citizenry. We need to encourage them to become active in civic activities and discourses, because they are the agents of change.

It is imperative that parents emphasize the positive developments, such as the ruling of the good Federal Judge which has put a temporary halt on Trump’s irrational Executive Order that targeted the majority of victims, ostensibly to keep away the few bad guys. It’s also a helpful idea to discuss the demonstrations taking place all over America, and in world, in protest to the tyranny of the Executive Branch. It is reassuring explaining to our children to that they are not alone, besieged by this unusual administration; the current administration does not represent the feeling of the majority of Americans towards the rest of the world; and that there is in fact a sizable opposition to the president and his surrogates’ hateful diatribes. It is vital that parents reach out to the schools to see if and how aware and prepared the teachers and administrators are in this matter.

Although children are resilient, there is no question that they are experiencing a tremendous pressure and psychological adverse effects from the current unhealthy political climate. They will feel targeted by the country they plan to serve. We can offset the adverse effects emanating from the administration’s ill-advised and ill-intended policies by empowering our children to link up with local and national movements that aim to retake our country back from the hooligans and predators who are nurturing their egos by exploiting fears of ill-informed and unsuspecting Americans. We need to invite neighbors, media outlets and local officials to constructive discussions.

If there is any group of people who should fight back the barbaric terrorists, it is the Muslim community. Muslims have been the prime targets of terrorist organizations in countries such as Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and so on. Many victims are fleeing these countries, literally, for their lives; some of them happened to be communities and individuals who had helped American war efforts in those countries.

Ironically, the two countries which should shoulder the responsibility of the growth and spread of radicalism and terrorism are the USA and Saudi Arabia. The USA sow the seeds of the radical brand of terrorism, in the 1980s, in the mountains of Afghanistan, in a bid to halt Soviet expansion to that region. George Bush launched the war on Iraq for “democratizing” the Middle East. We now know how disastrous that war has turned out to be. The Obama administration added Libya, Syria and Yemen (indirectly) to the list of destabilized countries.

The second source of terrorism is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia encourages a brand of Islam called Wahabism that is extremely radical and intolerant. And SA has the means of disseminating and even outsourcing it; it has a community of wealthy financiers who are bent to spreading out their radical interpretation of Islam throughout the world. Most of the 9/11 attackers were from SA, yet it is not included in the list of the countries that are temporarily banned from sending their citizens to the USA legally. Well, that explains why the billionaire-cabinet of Mr. Trump is a tremendous disaster for America. Billionaires respect billionaires.

On the flip-side, Muslim communities in America need to discuss seriously and frankly the spread and threat of radical ideologies. It is real and imminent. The customary statement that Islam is for peace is not good enough. We have to make sure that our communities are not sanctuaries for radical elements. The Muslim community should be at the forefront of cleansing our communities from these radical predators. Today, the internet has made it easy for radicalizing quarters to penetrate communities. The key to defeating radical internet infiltration is sitting with our children and listening to them. Giving them a wider perspective of the ongoing domestic and global struggle is essential.

Moreover, it is important that we make sure that community members understand their rights and obligations within American context. Community resources such as psychologists, educators and legal experts need to step out forward and contribute in teaching their community members on how to fight for their rights, and how to engage if approached by law enforcement agencies.

There is no question that the first victims of the bad policies the Trump administration seems to be making its hallmark are our children. With first immigrant parents who have inadequate knowledge of American civic discourses, coupled with language barriers and cultural constraints, our children are becoming sitting ducks for the salvos of bigotry coming from the same President who should be acting as a role model and caring Executive-in-Chief. Therefore, it is the responsibility of those members of the communities who could navigate the system to help out with the burden our community feels with respect to shielding our children from the poisoning air of hatred. The marriage of efforts of parents, community resources, local officials and media are crucial in helping our children understand the political process and to make them feel secure.

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  • Nitricc

    Greetings Mahmuday; as usual great take and great read. Today, I am president trump and I would like to have few words with the children.
    Son, this is me, Trump, listen to me, I have not broken any rules nor I rigged the election. I run my election according the rules and laws of the nation. I run for election by openly declaring that I will ban the Muslims from entering America; I was elected and I fulfilled my promise what I have preached while I was running for election. I declared openly that I will erect a wall that will block the Mexicans from entering my country; I will deliver on that, just give me time, I have already started with the leader of the Mexicans, you see one thing at a time and one down one less Mexican entering the US. remember I was calling the Mexicans, rapists, criminals and M’F’S on national TV? well I still got elected. I did everything what not to do in a traditional American election process and I still got elected. Now, Son; what exactly is my fault? I run with the agenda I wanted to accomplish, it was open people heard it they must liked it because I am elected. therefore, I shouldn’t be a valine for keeping my promise to the people who elected me and I have delivered. in fact I should be commanded for running my elections with open agenda and for keeping my promise. son, all did was listened the voice of the people who elected me. where is your fairness son? never blame the bus driver but the one who haired him.
    the moral of the story is Trump is elected because he run his election with what is deep inside Americans heart is.
    in a serious not, I have predicted that Trump will win the election and he will be impeached within two years.

    • MS

      Hello Nitrickay
      I think I will have to agree that, yes, Trump is staying true to what he campaigned for openly. And I don’t believe all those who voted for him agree with him 100%. I’m sure the majority of Americans are decent. But they had to choose between someone who said that he would create jobs that would help them feed their families, and someone who run on traditional American agenda of globalized scheme. The first one was specific and folks, rightly or wrongly, had to rationalize between feeding their family or fighting for vague values such as sympathy and morality. We will see if he could bring economic renaissance. But remember these concepts are so difficult for average Americans. The counter argument would have been how could someone recover an economy on an isolationist policy? Let me leave that there.
      So, My sons would respond, Mr. President: yours is just a sprinting act; ours is a marathon. I remember your prediction. And I can only say you have outsmarted the folks who diagnosed you with a single-neuron-syndrome, including you know who.

      • Nitricc

        Hey Mahmuday; Well here is my response. I am normally skeptical but does this guy have a point?


      • tes

        Selam Mahmud Saleh,

        I wish you wrote a lengthy article, here in this awate/com addressed to your president Issaias (for many a brutal dictator) addressing this question:

        The counter argument would have been how could someone recover an economy on an isolationist policy?

        And to extend, if you were kind enough to include, on how a nation can recover its economy by keeping its own youth as slaves (for you, National Servic).

        I know you write articles to meshrefet and others when you address to Eritrean people. The irnoy of you is: you have chosen awate.com to address to the president of your second nation because it affects you directly.

        Shame be on you Mahmud for your double standard.


  • Amde

    Selam Mahmoud,

    What a tribute to yourself and to your kids.

    Great piece.


  • Tzigereda

    Hi Mahmuday,

  • Berhe Y

    Dear MS,

    This is a great article, that captures the reality today. Few weeks ago, I read somewhere that, California, Washington and Oregon states would like to join Canada instead of staying with the US. Their value is so similar to the likes of British Colombia that they are better off joining Canada.

    We have family members in the US and we make long road trips. Again I am bias here, but in Canada there is the government funded radio station (and TV) called CBC that has all day programming, some local but available in the whole country. There may be a legislation that support it. Along the private commercially driven stations..as you drive from place to place in Canada you get to hear the station, with some changes to fit the local station but for the most part it’s the same. Very well researched, very well articulated, very well argued presenters and guests…and it’s COMMERCIAL FREE (at least the radio). May be it’s modeled after the BBC and ABC (Australia) also seem to be similar.

    So when I drive the US, as we drive from state to state, I really find it hard to find a good station that last long enough..it’s usually the talk show radio where the host doing all the talking and they do not have almost no body to argue with…and people call it…and usually it’s for few minutes…there is such station in Toronto as well I use to listen before. Then I figured out, they only seem to pick a topic that boils down people blood and create tension…may be it’s for rating, may be it’s for commercials but the pick one topic…and the talk about it for an hour…non stop…same thing again and again….

    Now back to your topic, I find this US election quite an entertainment. I mean, all the reasons given, why democrats lost, etc…even though it’s valid but really..those are the two people the American people have to choose from?

    If you ask me, I think Bernie Sanders should have run independent or create a socialist party of some sort. Then that party if it manages to win 20 % of the votes, then America will be better off. Because none of these two parties can do what they wish without the support of the third party….

    That’s the only reason, EU and other places they have a much better functioning democracy compared to the US.

    They just finished the US election (well with Trump it’s different story) but they will talk about the election for another 4 years now…who is going to run, if he is going to run..whey he will not run…it’s a circus show all over again…

    So I think, if possible for your young kids,….please try to get them exposed to other parts of the world….may be listen to CBC via Sirius Radio or Radio Netherlands or Australia…they are a lot more important things to learn from rather than constant bombardment of the election..


    • KBT

      Selam berhe
      CBS ,BBC or all meanstream media are fake news, you just like them because they tell you what you want to hear, lie
      As many her lie to manipulate innocent mind. That time is over from now

      • Berhe Y

        Hi KBT,

        And how do you get your news, information. Which one do you follow.


        • KBT

          Selam Berhe
          Well I watch them all
          And check Internet their many free and in recognized free media, I watch also rt is much better, because fact and debat with many different oppinion

    • Simon Kaleab

      Selam Berhe,

      According to you:

      “That’s the only reason, EU and other places they have a much better functioning democracy compared to the US.”

      Do you live in a parallel Universe?

      • Berhe Y

        Selam Simon,

        Why you always have a cheap shot. why don’t you present you case and argue like an intelligent person. All this one liner…what is this suppose to mean..

        I know you are banking on Trump..hold your horses..he has 4 years to prove..


        • Simon Kaleab

          Selam Berhe,

          May be you are a deep thinker, if that makes you happy.

    • MS

      Selam BerheY
      I agree. Luckily we have Canadian stations, CBC is available. My favorite program is “As it happens” on CBC radio. As you know the young people have their own way, and actually, they are ab;e to grasp the situation better than we think they could.
      Personally, I stopped watching cable news. BBC (both Arabic and English, RT, CBC, NPR are the sources I usually follow (and of course ERI-TV/Shabait…haha…I hope Emma is busy somewhere). Regarding the quality fo broadcasting , I agree. Some president, I don’t know if it is Reagan, got away with “fairness” law which precluded the same company not to own stations and papers in the same area, so we have now an open season for whoever wants to buy stations; it has become commercialized, therefore, the stations will cater to the subscribers.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear AT,

        I see that my comments were deleted? And my disqus shows removed. Any reason ?


        • GitSAtSE

          Selamat BerheY,

          The Agazian with the help Putin donated pudding did it. The US Senate is working on stopping propaganda from foreign news outlets. That includes building a wall on Canadian news outlets. Aparantly hacking America is broader than we generally think it is. Trumpismo just signed an Executive Order to ban the spread of foreign influence and your comment was BANNED. CBC will give you the Canadian response.

        • MS

          Selam BeheY
          It’s back now

  • KBT

    Selamat kulukhum
    Well trump would say ,we don’t care ,we can’t handle your misery while we have a lot of problems her, its American first from now so you and the terrorists sympathizer Barack Obama can go back from where you come from no welfare wast for so called refugees anymore
    Sincerely your friends


  • Paulos

    Selamat Muhamuday,

    Excellent article and you have every reason to be proud for raising great kids.


  • HayaT1

    Greetings Awate
    Mahmud Saleh’s piece correctly analyzed the new president’s strange political behaviors and the fitful policies, claims and shallow rationales behind to justify the unjustifiable. I must add, if the leadership fails to understand and ceases its corrosive impulse, the country’s interest will be in jeopardy.
    It has rightfully cited the failures of the Democratic Party leadership for failing to (1) treat equally all candidates so that constituents have the opportunity to hear unhindered political, social and economic arguments, and (2) by failing to reach out to the southern white Americans so that to assure them the democratic tenet is indeed wide enough to include and address their needs. The way Senator Bernie Sander was treated by the high hierarchy of the Democratic Party establishment was another shameful example that shun away many democratic voters. I seems the democratic party establishment was hibernating in its long euphoria, since Barak became the president.
    If I may add, I blame the US journalists for failing to ask the president candidate relevant questions, and ask him until he answers the question. Yet, in spite of many debacles, Trump has able to outsmart them brushing aside the so many important questions the people were able to hear before casting the ballot. Stated or unstated, Character, temperament, understanding of wide ranging issues, and conflicts of interests are part of the wide ranging issues the people should have heard and the media utterly failed to meet its particular role. The media should have continued asking Trump to release his Federal Tax return until he adequately responds.
    As Muslims have been in the US since the presidency of George Washington, the fear mongering tactics disseminating unfounded allegations to bud fear. Some of the mantras and the unverified claims the president is making are dangerous. The question is: have the democrats become cognizant their compounded mistakes to begin the real groundworks for the coming district, cities, and countries, congressional and gubernatorial elections?

    • MS

      Dear Hayat1
      You have expounded it beautifully. Thanks. You know, the democrats thought they have won once the moderate republicans were eliminated from the race. They thought Trumps surge was just a sort of a fluke. And Trump played it well. He ran as an underdog. Just like the Tigrigna saying zebei’s ksab zTe’Emo yHinks ( A hyena feigns limping until it gets ready).

  • saay7

    Dear awate,

    This so-called article, total disaster. Believe me, it’s a disaster. You have no idea how terrible it is, so dishonest, so not fair. Big league. Bigly.

    We have been so stupid for so long, and its not going to happen anymore, believe me. Its not going to happen, that I can tell you.

    I am going to serve and protect the United States. Believe me, I will. You have no idea!

    But what this loser has written, and believe me, he is a loser, I mean who would talk to his teenage children? Sad. The failing Mahmud Saleh, and I am doing him a favor by mentioning his name, believe because some people, important people, have told me all about him, and if you knew what I know, it is incredible, absolutely incredible. Sad. It is the worst article I have ever read, since I started reading, by the way, that was when I was 3 months old, unbelievable…

    I have written an executive order about Mahmud saleh, some people, important people, have told me it is the best executive order I have written. The best, it is tremendous. Let me tell you, its absolutely tremendous. Read it, it is in my facebook, which has 12 billion likes, the most in the history of Facebook…


    • Thomas

      Hi Saay,

      That is really funny. This is a joke coming from unexpected writer. I was so lost until I get the point of braggin (the 12 billion likes at Facebook). I said to may self, this bragging/lying cannot come from saay, it got to be a joke, a really funny joke!! I tell what I cannot believe. I is so unbelievable! Saay cannot do this to us!! Someone must have used his user name. I am speechless and it is so frustrating, so devastating…………………

      • Mesfin

        He stated reading at the age of three month.

        • Thomas

          Hi Mesfin,

          That is funny to:)

    • MS

      What’s up SAAY the great
      Yes, and we’re gonna drain SAAY’s swamp, and we gonna make this forum sooo..great that you won’t be able to recognize it. But folks, we need to keep the bad SAAYs away from our forum, they are soooooo bad and so DISHONEST, AND FAKE. We’re gonna build a great wall, a beautiful wall that keeps SAAY away and the SAAY’s are gonna pay for it. Have you seen SAAYs fake news on his FB page? It’s a total disaster.
      A nice satire, dear SAAY. But you forgot to alert brother Emma it was for fun/joke!!!!!!!!!!

      • Abi

        Hi Vet, Saay
        Please don’t forget to tell Berhe it is a joke. He is as good as Ato Amanual to miss a great sarcasm.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Abi,

          I don’t I am that bad:). Sorry Emma, it’s a joke.

          I just don’t get some of your qine..


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Saay,

      The so called debate in this forum is absolutely fake. This forum is for jokes to entertain for people who have no clue about the plight of our people. It has never been serious debate and it will never be. God mercy to our people.

      • Paulos

        Selamat Emma,

        I pretty much agree with most of what you said but I say it is prudent to keep in mind that people come to this website for different reasons. I sure am not privy to the exact traffic of the website but I say Awate is pretty popular. As such, the audience varies in terms of reason to visit ranging from engaging in a serious debate, to learn and contribute and some visit just to have fun with the flow. What I would like to assure you is that people do actually read the articles including yours even though they don’t comment on them for a reason only known to them.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Saay,

      Come now! We all know that you are a good man. The whole world knows that you are really a very good man. Putin loves you. The media, the democrats, and the naysayers are twisting your words. You didn’t say all Weyanes, didn’t you say except Fanti? See how the corrupt media twists your words? Mark my word, the Clintons are behind this. And the CNN. And the New York Times. And… never mind, as you brilliantly put it, they are all corrupt.

      • GitSAtSE

        Selamat (Tokhrir) Fanti Ghana,

        I wonder if I should now consider Saay7 to be the next Abdulahi “Frmajo” MoHamed of Eritrea and stop pressuring him to get on with the Nobel Prize Peace and Governance Formula.

        Wait, he can do both. Obama did it., and his zer is Kenyan even worst(read more)debub than your Tokhrir land UmHajer.

        • saay7

          Hey Tsatse:

          Do you know that the new prez of Somalia is not also a US citizen but also your homey: from BUFFALO, NY

          Were you his campaign manager? He had a very TsaTse like slogan for his campaign: Dalka Danta Dadka (people, needs, land). Whoa.

          Meanwhile the western media is using the one word it uses for African election: corruption. Just because some money was exchanged in the election. How is that different from serving your constituents?

          Fanti Abi Horizon: I heard from reliable sources that Ethiopia is very depressed about SOMALIAs election results. Why is that?


          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Saay,

            I read that too, but I have no clue whether Ethiopia have any ill will toward Frmajo or it is just showing solidarity with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud out of a sense of integrity.

          • GitSAtSE

            Oh Captain Saay7,

            Yes he is my homie as we did roam rbbing elbows in the halls of Capen, Boldy and Acheson. And Obama also I knew in the halls of Columbia University as I grew up across the street of the campus and took Calculus AP course as HSer at C.U.. And now for my trifecta I am rubbing elbows with you.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saay,

            I hope this election will set the stage for better election for next one.

            I heard they have this amazing Mayer of Mogadishu, who moved from London and how he was cleaning and helping build the city.

            I heard a lot of amazing things that are currently being build, like malls, hospitals, parks etc, but I have no idea this much in such a short time.

            If you haven’t seen it, look a YouTube video
            “Somalia Mogadishu 2017 Original”. I don’t like this no link policy:(

            Do we even have a Mayer of Asmara?

            In 25 years, what have they done, these fiTret Arawit.


  • tes

    Selam Mahmud Saleh,

    I wished you wrote something to Eritrean Issaias such thoughtful article. Instead of supporting policy of Eritrean National Service, aka National Slavery, you could have dropped some lines to remind Issaias what it mean to kids when their parents were forced military conscripts.


  • Hayat Adem

    That is grt. Your kids sound so confident, well balanced and mature. Due credit for raising curious and analytical kids belongs primarily to their Dad and Mom.

  • Millennium

    Hi Mahmud:

    A great read. Brilliant!


  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Mahmud,
    They say the best way to defeat evil is to raise great children. You are on the right track. I will share this with my extended family.

  • GitSAtSE

    MerHaba MaHmooday “The Best” SaliH,

    I was under the impression that you made your home with the Bull Dogs and played Cady in Georgia Peach like Will Smith in The Legend of Bagger Vance. Above I am reading you are with the Huskies and Honorable Judge James Robart skying the slopes or at least joining the kids with their card board as they slide down the steepest mound in their hood with the fresh snow. May you step on white or tSaEda rgetS! TsunuE rgetSe teTenWueQ kab Afra Trumpismo! Okay okay I am getting carried away. Man I was rooting for The Falcons because I thought The Crow, with its majestic beautiful blue BLACK colour, flew with the Falcon. So you soar with the Sea Hawks.

    Your Eighteen year old nailed it. This election, the Dems were a lot like the Falcons that BLEW A Twenty Five Point largest point difference both in the Supper Bowl and the election. Yes, your American children are sharp eyes and privy to all the intricacies of the ground game in these home of the braves lands of the USA, that we zero generation Americans are not tuned by the nursery rhymes that we arrived late for.
    I have dined with the radicalized and disenfranchised Klan members almost every night all of last year. Their infiltration to blue States and making their intimidating presence felt through out the election year and the tensions across tables in the mess halls and the entire ground game within touching reach. Many were won over…. Hope fully it will be chronichled late later… I was held up in my theater dressing room…
    I thought this was about the other tyrant. I will wait for the class to arrive as I need to rest a little. Week four came early.
    Thank you Harbegna/Brave MaHmooday “The Best” SaliH the (Red) Sea Hawk rgtSe ykeAlo for writing the first article on a very important topic! How fitting to initiate a win for the true citizen Patriots!

    • MS

      Ahlan GitSAtSE
      BTW, how is the campaign of TegenTayu California? Well, indeed, like the the Falcons, the Democrats blew it big time. As in the last Superbowl, the family was divided during the Primary. The boys were for Bernie while my wife and I went for Hillary. The American electoral college system did its magic, and we had a surprise. But I really expected president elect Trump to become presidential once he assumed the presidency.

      • Hayat Adem

        I think your kids may have a better grasp on American politics. You brought them this far and they seem better reading. If I voted, I would vote for Bernie. I am sure your kids showing this much maturity would never vote for IA/PFDJ. You better review your position on politics and kids in Eritrea.

        • MS

          Hello Hayat
          I thought I was making history for the second time, the first one electing a black president, and the second would be electing a woman president. This is in addition to her experience. Well, the third reason was that we may finally be able to collect our Zuria now that it has failed doing its magic. Thanks for your beautiful attitude towards kids and family. You have always expressed beautifully your good wishes whenever I mention my family/children. And I would never ever vote for bxaay IA.