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Eritrean Economy: Increased Control of Real Estate

A few weeks before the summer of 2017, the Eritrean ruling party increased its control of rental properties that are owned by individuals.

In continuation of its “draconian decisions, the government of Eritrea is now setting the rental prices that landlords should charge for their properties.”

Until the beginning of this year, visiting and vacationing Diaspora Eritreans used to haggle with landlords over the rental prices which was decided by supply and demand. But as of last summer, the government fixes the price that renters should pay. In addition, the new government regulations have fixed the square-meter price for house and apartment rentals.

The new decision requires property owners to sign the rental deals at a neighborhood government office, a relic of the Derg regime known as “Kebele”. In some cases, government officials collect the rent from renters and delivers the after-tax balances to the landlords. This practice has become a source of interference as well as as an opportunity to spread further corruption and bribing of the officials.

In 1991 when Eritrean territories were liberated, the then victorious resistance organization assumed power and soon declared all properties that were confiscated by the previous occupying forces as state property.

Beginning in 1974 when it assumed power in Ethiopia, the defeated Derg regime had confiscated properties from individuals and institutions. After the independence of Eritrea, original owners were required to pay huge amounts of back-taxes and fees before they could re-own their properties. The requirement also covered properties belonging to religious and other institutions.

Beginning in 1993 when Eritrea became formally independent after a UN supervised referendum, senior officers of the regime run amok selecting and occupying villas confiscated by the Derg regime and occupied them. Nepotism became rampant while the regime attempted to become a national government and establish itself.

Furthermore, the ruling party established new companies and infused heavy capital to the struggle-era companies that it owned, and began to monopolize all sectors of the economy while at the same time it systematically pushed the private sector out of the market save for a select few affiliates and loyalists.

Eritrean economists estimate that in the last 26 years, “only about 5% of what the country needs to accommodate the natural growth of population and the needs of the market in general were built.”

In order to solve the housing shortage, Eritreans had resorted to dividing their residential plots into two, selling half the lots to buyers who agreed to build two houses in the divided plot—one for themselves and another for the original owner as a payment of a portion of the plot.

Over the years, “due to corruption or to purposely to impoverish the citizens, the government seemingly turned a blind eye on the buildings that were being constructed…” However, every now and then it demolished some houses and left its residents in the open.

Three years ago, the government launched a massive campaign to demolish “unlicensed” buildings and razed hundreds of houses to the ground. And as of last summer, on top of being the major landowner in Eritrea, the ruling party assigned itself two additional roles: landlord and real estate broker.

Traditionally, particularly in Asmara, homeowners build additional rooms on the side to serve as servant quarters or guest rooms. But due to the shortage of houses the residents were let out the extensions known as “servizio”, to visitors and rake considerable revenue.

Tenant leads are usually referrals by previous renters or relatives residing abroad, and in most cases by local brokers.

Previously, property owners usually paid taxes based on a proclamation issued in the nineties though the government kept changing the rates frequently.


Land Law Proclamation NO. 58/1994

  • Haile Zeru

    Hi SAAY,
    Do you see your (just to piss you off),
    Land Law Proclamation NO. 58/1994”

    Does anyone see any of the rights of Eritrean lowlanders in this proclamation? If any of us, lowlanders, was present in drafting this crap must have been MS.
    That your (I am doing it again), Constitution of 1997 carries the content of this proclamation unaltered doesn’t it tell you something?
    Of course it was dictated by EPLF/PFDJ. I am not shedding any tears for its (Const.1997) death by pray it is eternal.

    P.S. pls focus on the main message and disregard the nonsense I am putting in between.

    • saay7

      Haha Haile Zeru:

      You mean you write just to piss me off? 😂

      MS was with me at the time (1994) you sent the “attention all lowlandets!” telegram and we were discussing what it means since it’s impossible to believe that all lowlanders, all 2 million of them — communists, socialists, capitalists– have the same view on land policy. I remember it like it was yesterday because we concluded that when people say “lowlanders” they mean pastoralists and since there are pastoralist folk in the highlands and farmers in the lowlands, it would be less confusing if people used economic terms. He then said Awet nHafash and left, that commie guy, and I remember saying “whatever, dude”. Ah good times.

      This was in 1994, which of course preceded 1997 by 3 years. The land proclamation of 1994 was written after a Land Reform committee (of the EPLF) conducted a through study and wrote its recommendations which are now in the Isaias drawer right next to the constitution. So, your argument is not with EPLF or PFDJ but Isaias.

      And as Dr Bereket explained many times, all laws that came before the constitution are null and void and the reason the constitution had no implementation date was to allow the gov to wind down the pre constitution proclamations.


      • Haile Zeru

        Hi SAAY,

        Issayas buried these documents because they were favourable to the Tigrinya. No doubt about that. After he delivered the goods the new Tigrinya generation is telling him to f. off. NedeKa Mai wuredela. They are abandoning him in droves. They see no good or fair to a his actions. As hliKegna as he is, he is destroying what he thought was his winning goods.
        I hope the Ammans of the Tigrinya will mend things. Otherwise if PFDJ persists either by a whimper or a bang ( def.’s as per Canadian dictionary) we will not have a country.

      • MS

        Hello Zagre….(SAAY and Haile Zeru)
        SAAY: you are wrong.The lands of the great Haiget, the two proud mensae including their ridges, plateaus ,low lands…from the bastions of knowledge (Geleb &Mehlab) to the farmlands of gerger…Aybaba, the creeks of QruH, the lashes of begessa…plateaus of Rora mensae and highlands of Ira-wara, &Debresina…all of them and everything within them belong to Haile Zeru…OK. Azmarino nab’au twezez keytblu,,, egrKum keyts’enu….this is proclamation H/z 2017
        I love your waza ms qumnegeher approach. Qetlbet ebakh wondmie….and we say hello zagre (it’s actually “hallow zagre)….and the story goes that in the seventies, all we had were walkie-talkies….they were crude WWII Communication radios. You would have to climb to higher ground in order to improve connections, “Hallew….could you move a bit higher, I can’t hear you…le’El bel….aytsmaEn zeleka…halew …halew….hallew Haile Zeru….could you please hear me…
        BTW, I attended Dr. Bereket’s “seminar” yesterday. It really sent positive vibrations to the attendants…he was in town for personal business but thanks to our ELECTED leaders of DEleyti-FitHi community, and thanks to the good D., he volunteered to meet with his Eritrean compatriots. He answered many of the questions we have discussed here, but overall, the energy and the optimism this 85-years old man has are just amazing. God Bless him. He said that, for the rest of his life, he is committed to encouraging Eritreans you narrow their gaps, to focus on reconciliation. He said he would be willing to avail himself to any group of Eritreans; he stressed on helping out the youth who are coming to Diaspora communities in areas of psychological counseling, legal assistance, employment, etc. I would love to make a grand Hateta worth of front page but time is a big constraining factor; and also I would need to borrow SAAY’s writing arsenals to present it in a way that is not too boring, considering that this is a subject that has been chewed to the last grain here on this forum, anyway, aleka’do haile Zeru….could you move a bit higher, Hallew Zagre….

        • Haile Zeru

          This is the art of divide and rule. It was already perfected by the Romans. No userper invented any new wheel after that.
          When, as per proclamation Kunama houses are demolished in Barentu and build your own on their ruins

          When you take potash from Dankalia and forbid the Afar from fishing.

          When the inhabitants of the environs of Bisha are no where to be heard off.

          When Zara is treated like Brasilian eldorado.

          Who can say ” idl aloni, grat (Hager) aloni.”

          Your only prayer is to have the stones of Debressina remain just stones and not harbor gold in them.

          • MS

            MarHaba HaileZ (Z great wesKelu)
            Ha..ha..divide and conquer….when was the last time i heard that? Anta Hawna, those who you seem to prep as supporters of “divide and rule” are actually coming up with unifying theme. Hello Haile…tsem”Ani ‘do aleKa? In case you want a reminder: we have been saying the land proclamation and many more of the wrong policies that have put us in this situation are all manifestations of a bad government. You want to bring fundamental change? Come up with a unifying theme. Don’t try to frame things in a “we versus them” fashion. PFDJ does not represent our Tigrigna people. PFDJ represents only its creator.
            And you missed the point. I just wonder if you share a some personality traits with my dear brother Emma. Both of you sack when it comes to humor. Soften up brother, relax.
            My prayer has long been answered. The large volcanic rocks and caves of DEbresina harbor something better than gold: it is the people who live there.
            Do we have fam-fam (harmonica) and drum….kes….hallow Hailat le’El bel…

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Mahmuday,

            Pls don’t make humour in politics as “atehbabae tseweta Qele’U”. When we debate serious issues debate seriously. People are suffering and dying because of the policy of the government. It is not a laughing time and humour time. Nekulu gegizeu alewo” brother.

          • Haile Zeru

            When you say humor you mean a fake one. Right?
            To react to real humor you have to be in the right mood. And given our reading of the reality we are on polar moods, at least with you.
            Now, you said something nice about Debressina. Not for real, nice purpose but just to circumvent my argument.
            The follow up is of course if your EPLF/PFDJ values people more than gold or other metal why then the Afar chose to find sanctuary
            On the other side of the boarder? And why the Kunama? Why the Beni Amer?
            I always try to differentiate between the group of Tigrinya that are showing the mess and the Tigrinya that are trying to make the country liveable again with their brothers from the other ethinic groups.

          • MS

            Ahlan Haile Zeru
            1. It depends on how you look at it. Just because it appeared to you as fake does not mean the source (I) intended it to be fake. Take down # 1
            2. Understandable, where there are poles, we tend to create them, and where they exist, we tend to conquer them…political polarization is not an act of God. It is manmade. We can avoid it, and if it somehow takes shape we can tear it down. All that we need it a calm conversation. You see if you would not mention me with an intent of malice (your initial comment), I would not go for humor, I would not care. Still, all I’m saying is “May the creator bestow us with patience and providence.”
            3. You see, on Debresina too you jumped to a judgemental conclusion. Why my friend? At least on one occasion, I told you I try to avoid judging individuals moral character. So, you are telling me I don’t care about the people? Huh, that’s harsh my friend. I would love to ask you many questions, but I will let it go. “Shelel belom” mode is on.
            4. I don’t represent EPLF/PFDJ or any other organization. I consider myself a private citizen. Hallew Haile Z, qrub le’El bel….hear me?
            5. You asked “why kunama, why Beni’Amer, Why Afar…”, my friend, I know these communities…I don’t just mention them for cheap political scores. There are policies that are hurting Eritreans on different levels, and we need to focus on unifying themes. The farmers and the villages of the highlands also would like to tell you their stories. BUt you need to climb a bit higher, Hallew Haile, can you hear me? Can you change the channel? Bahgi’leni….fetli fHiska gemed….Ok, replay Abrar and Fitsum new song…And relax, please.
            6. You said you don’t read most of my hagerawi Hatetas (please insert a smiling emoji), antum sebat….teKeK ember ilna “ezi daela eyu knbl”, Relax Emma, OK. Etimengedi Habirka eyu zfekus… Anyway, it understandable Hailat, I don’t expect you to read all my comments. Just like we have individual choices at picking genres of music we enjoy, individuals here also have choices as to who to read and not to. No bad feeling there. Probably, that is why you have no clue as to what my position is on the land law. Brother, wrong perceptions are taking the better of you. I’m firmly grounded in the belief that you have good intentions, but I don’t agree with your politics. I don’t pass moral judgment on you. Hallow Haile, tsem”Ani’do aleka?
            7. Halewa Sewra, you say. Well, my friend, there was a grand launch ceremony of a book written by Col. Tsegu bahta, here in awate. It was published by Negarit Media, which is closely linked to the site. Have you read it? No body knows Halewa sewra more than Tsegu, and what did he share with his readers about Halewa sera? None. Have you contacted him? I say this because it is the second time you are asking to do a “tenazez/telefalef” session.
            I have some time to kill, but I don’t waste your time. Forgive me for taking your time, you better pretend you have not read this comment too…haha…hgallow HaileZ!! Could chnge the channel or change location a bit? I can’t hear you….. Hallew…..

          • saay7


            You don’t want me telling you what you already know but it appears some of our compatriots think that if you are really really mad at what’s been going on in Eritrea in the last 26 years, then you have Carte blanche license to attack anyone and everyone whom you can accuse of not seeing the world entirely through their eyes.

            I don’t know if Haile Zeru just stumbled upon the 1994 Land Proclamation, if he doesn’t know that it is, like the Isaias replacement for the 1997 Constitution far worse than what it replaced, that there were EPLF veterans who were sitting on a commission that were overruled. All the terrible things which are happening to our marginalized communities are not your responsibility and it’s futile to use your outrage over them to blackmail people to agree with you on the way forward. I know you know all this; I also know that guilt-by-association canard is not the way to reconciliation.

            Thanks for remaining classy.


          • Haile Zeru

            Hi SAAY,

            You sound sorry for the wrong reasons, I am toothless remember, I won’t harm anybody.

          • saay7

            Selamat Haile:

            You come across very toothy around here, accusing people with zero evidence of being part of Halewa Sewra. You, I am afraid, are part and parcel of what ails the opposition: demanding total conformity with your views, instead of looking for common ground.


          • Haile Zeru

            Hi SAAY,
            I have Zero proof and I did not accuse anybody. I asked only to condemn, disassociate mentally, verbally, right on the keyboard to say HALEWA SEWRA was wrong. And no Eritrean should go thru that experience again.
            If verbally you cannot condemn something as wrong and inhumane like that then kind of opposition are you. OK, no body needs to repeat my words but the minimum one can do is show some sense of disapproval.
            Those are the minimum threshold that you need to unite. Otherwise forget it.
            The opposition is not United, may be they are searching for fake unity.

          • saay7

            Haile Z:

            What you wrote THIS TIME, not counting previous times, was ” I hope you will add HALEWA SEWRA was also wrong. Ah, sorry this was a low blow, I retract it.” If you are sorry and you were retracting it, why didn’t you just delete it?


          • Haile Zeru

            Hi SAAY,

            Still that is a request for statement of declaration. Not accusation.
            I put it at the level of Constitution and proclamation that is why I said a low blow. Nothing more.

          • MS

            Selam Haile Zeru
            Please let us have respect for each other. When did I say Halewa sewra was good? When did I say that? Just tell me that now please. If I did not say Halewa Sewra was good, then why do you ask me to declare Halewa Sewra was bad? Who told you that I’m even remotely associated with Halewa Sewra? It just shows your shallow understanding of how organizational structures function, sorry. EPLF was a huge quasi government organization my friend. It was not a church congregation whose members met each Sunday and delved into familial issues. You come out of the blue and ask me to condemn Haewa SEwra? What if I tell you I don’t know it? And could I ask: who are you to be the moral judge? Please stop this nonsense. I’m not going to reiterate my stand on all forms of inhumane treatment just to invigorate your ego. You think you are the registrar-in-chief of who is opposition and who is not? Have fun with that delusional fluke. If what I read is your totality, and I hope it is not, I pray for Eritrea not to fall in the hands of individuals who entertain such attitudes. I could never be a member of an opposition that harbor the attitude you and individuals like you are displaying here. NEVER. I would greatly appreciate you if you just drop me as a prospective candidate of hagerawi demokrasiawi Fithawi hadnetawi wudum Haile zeru
            PS: There is no joke or humor mixed here. It is as dry as Emma would like it to be.

          • Haile Zeru

            Hi MS,

            That is fine with me.

          • Berhe Y

            ዝኸበርካ ሃይለ ዘርኡ፡

            ናይ ሓሳባት ፍልልይ ክህልወና ንቡር እዩ፡፡ ህዝባዊ ግንባር አስመራ ክአቱ እንከሉ፡ ልዕሊ 90000 ሰባት ሒዙ እዩ አትዩ፡፡ ኩሎም ተጋደልትን ዘይተጋደልትን ናይ ህዝባዊ ግንባር፡ ብወንጀልን ገበንን ናይቶም ውሑዳት መራሕቲ ተሓተቲ እዮም ማለት ዓገብ እዩ፡፡ ብፍላይ እካ ከም በዓል ማሕሙድ ሳልሕ ብከንደይ ጅግነንትን ተወፋይነትን ሃገር ነጻ ዘውጸኡን፡ እቲ ዝተቓልሰሉን ዝተወፈይሉን ዕላማ ብሒደት ጋሓሉ ምስ ተጨውየ፣ አብ አደባብይ ብሑብእ ዘይኮነስ ብጋህዲ፡ ምእንቲ ፍትሕን ዲሞክራሲን፡ አፎም ከፊቶም ስጋብ ጎሮሮኦም ዝልሕትት ዝጭድሩ ዘልዉ፡ ሞጎስ እምበር፡ ውንጅልና አይግብኦምን፡፡

            እቶም ጎሓሉ ስርሖም እንዳ ሰርሑ፡ ንሕና ግዜና አብ ዕንክልል ከነሓልፎ ክነብር ኢና፡፡ ብፍላይ እካ፡ ንስኻ ዜጋ ካናዳ ስለ ዝኾንካስ፡ እቲ መዓልታዊ ትነብሮን፡ እቲ መዓልታዊ ትርእዩ ሰናይ ምግባርን፡ ምርድዳእን፡ ምጽውዋርን፡ ከም አብነት ወሲድካ፡ ንስኻ አብነት ኮንካ፡ ንኻልኦት ዘይፈልጡ ኧንተሃለዉ ድማ አብነት ክትከውን ሓላፍነት አለካ፡፡ አይተሓዘለይ፡ ከምኡ ማለተይ አይኮንኩን፡ ወይ ይቅረ በለልይ ምባል ነዉሪ የብሉን፡፡

            እቶም ንፍትሒን ዲሞክራሲን ንቃልስ ንብል ሰባት፡ ፈተውትናን ጸላእትናን ከነላሊ ይግብአና ኮይኑ ይስመዓኒ፡፡

            ምስ ምሉእ አኽብሮት፡


          • MS

            Selam BerheY
            Thank you for the gracious gesture. All I ask for is basic respect. I don’t demand anything more than that because there is nothing extraordinary that I have done. And I don’t believe that the time someone had spent in the field should be considered in favor of the individual for reasons of preferential treatment. Just basic respect. It is not good to pass a moral judgement on people simply because they don’t agree with your political view.
            Thank you again.

          • Haile Zeru

            Hi MS,

            I am truly sorry for harting your feelings. I do not won’t to delve or go back to the previous posts. The fact that you feel offended is enough for me to stop this conversation and say sorry.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Haile Zeru,

            Thank you! Your pleasant response to Berhe Y and your brotherly apology to Mahmuday is a great lesson to all of us and a sign of your maturity. ክቡር ከቢሩ የኽብረካ፤

          • MS

            Selam Haile Zeru
            I find your “sorry” even more perplexing. So, you are sorry because you thought you might have hurt my feelings, not because your attitude and accusations were not appropriate?
            Please rest assured my feelings are hurt but they will be fine. I feel a bit down not because of the baseless insinuations and straight accusations you kept throwing on my way, but because I still have a good impression about you, and it just throws me off whenever I see you fixating on the wrong target. We don’t know each other HaileZ, so it would be a gross blunder on my part to pass a moral judgement on you just because I don’t like your political position on a certain issue. attacking someone politically on a certain issue is fine, but passing a moral judgement is quite different. But that is what you have been doing. For instance, when you say that I don’t care about the people of Debressina, you should know you have crossed a line. You said you have not read most of my comments, how is it possible for you then to form your opinion about me based on my comments on the constitution? It was obvious either you did not read my inputs on land issues, or you wanted to skip them for convenience. I said many things critical of the land law, and you did not have to fish for them; you could just ask me to elaborate things. I have said many things critical of the current and past human record of the government.
            So here is where everything boils down to- and please don’t feel you have an obligation to respond to me, or even correct your current position.
            You made a presumptuous judgement on me, that I don’t care about the people and justice. I want you to correct that. My feelings are fine, they rebound quickly. I have lived with diverse people all my life, so I’m fine.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Mahmuday,

            I am very sorry to interfere here, but I strongly believe he meant it in a positive way.

            I think you may have understood him as saying “my action/statement is fine, but I am sorry if you are hurt by them.” In that case, your perplexity is understandable.

            The way I understood him however is like so: regardless of what I may or may not have done, if I injured you, I am sorry. In other words, no proof of my guilt or innocence is necessary; if you are hurt, that is reason enough for me to say “I am sorry.”

            So, kimbl bele’mbr ayfesesen nbela!

          • Haile Zeru

            Hi BY,
            Thanks for the wise suggestion I was thinking to end this thing on the previous post. And stop dragging it. For me it is case closed. But obviously as things stand I am not the aggrieved part. So, my answer is below in response to MS.


          • Haile S.

            ሰላም በርሀ፡
            ድሕሪ ቁምነገር ናብ ዋዛ። እዛ ‘ኧ’ ኣብ ኧንተሃለዉ ኣደማምጽኣ ካብ ‘አ’ ዝተፈለየ ድዩ ውይስ ዕንቃፈ ኣጻብዕ እዩ? እ ክትከውን ነይሩዋ’ዶ ኸ?

          • Berhe Y

            HaqKa Enqafe eyu. Ezi’K

          • Nitricc

            Greetings your Majesty: I am not that all but from what i understood and judge; the difference between ELF and EPLF that ELF failed to obtain its objective and EPLF able to secession is EPLF has Halewa-Sewra while ELF it doesn’t. So, when you say ” When did I say Halewa sewra was good”
            No you didn’t said that but i am saying it. With out the disciplinary weapon such as Halewa-Sewra; Eritreans still will be still in Sahil. Halewa Sawra was the must and the necessary things for Eritrean revolution. I.e. if it is necessary then it is good!

          • MS

            Ahlan Nitrickay the great
            I love you so much that I would not want to see you being sent to halewa sewra. It is not about Halewa Sewra, a prison system, but about how that facility was used. I don’t know it to give you details, but judging from the people who were taken to it from my premises, it was used to silence people. That does not mean there were no legitimate inmates there. The current justice system is the extension of Halewa sewra. Now, go ahead and take it any way you want. Telling the truth does not hurt us. EPLF was way bigger than Halewa sewra. Peace!

          • Mahmooday “The Best” Saleh,

            I will say it. Halewa Sewra was exactly what the name says. True there were excesses. It was a product of the the time and the extreme circumstances of the time. Any thing and all things are not all bad nor all good. On that basis, I am not afraid to say Halewa Sewra is good.


          • MS

            Ahlan Xaxe
            I love you so much that I would not wish you spent a nigh in it. I don’t think we need to make excuses for the circumstances. If we admit there were excesses, then how much is too much? I know some people raise it for political reasons. I know they try to make Halewa Sewra as a conclusive definer, or as a total sum of EPLF. This is done deliberately to tarnish EPLF. No problem brother. This should not put us on defensive mode. EPLF will stand on its record, and when the history is written people will know Halewa Sewra was not a defining quality of EPLF. Just patience.

          • Peace!

            Hi Haile,

            With all honesty your tone is slowly becoming unhealthy and clearly not contributing to advance the discussion.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Saay,

            “demanding total conformity with your views, instead of looking for common ground.”
            This is an article worthy statement (I will wait until you forget you said it first and I will use it some day).

            However, in defense of Haile Zeru, it happens to be a regional disease in need of everyone’s effort to find the cure.

            Does anyone remember the last time, if any, they approached those with opposing views to honestly and carefully listen to what they have to say and made a genuine effort to apply/accept their views?

            I don’t know whether it is the air, the water, or the elevation, but we find it incredibly difficult to simply say “I like your idea better on this or that point.” We are conditioned to think of these types of maturity as weaknesses and/or defeats.

          • Fanti,

            Now I know you are busy and not reading everything. Good question though.

          • blink

            Dear haile
            Yes you are toothless , we knew long time ago but you are trying to pull great people down to your level by accusing them for false things , this is not smerr1 paltalk room where you lie and make heinous claims ,People like you are nothing but residual of the defeated old once.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat (HZ)

            Just bring them the facts and we shall see who will come to defend to the acts of dispossession by the government.

  • Thomas

    Hi Awate,
    To get rid of the Issayas regime what we need is have an army or the regime will keep making about us as in the video joke by Dave Chapelle:

    • blink

      Dear Thomas
      what kind of army ? are not you making jokes now .who is going to take orders from who , from people living in canada? change is only possible from inside and these inside has enough army .

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Awatawian,

    Organized by UNDP and UNSMILE discussed the establishment resettlement commission, reparations, and funding tools with the Libyan Supreme Committee for displaced Libyans. One Unique thing they want to do is to facilitate local reconciliation before they make national reconciliation. Do you think such reconciliation approach is warranted in our case after the despot is gone? What is your take on this matter?

    Amanuel Hodrat

    • blink

      Dear Mr. Amanuel
      Who is going to reconcile with whom ? Just for clarification the libyan issue is quite different from ours .Local reconciliation , which one are you looking in Eritrea ?

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear Blink,

        So, You don’t think the Eritrean people need reconciliation, haw Blink. You have a big problem to understand our people and their civil wars. Before, you argue the need or no need of reconciliation, you have to go to a history class for sometime. You sound like an alien to Eritrean society.

        • blink

          Dear Mr. Amanuel , I accept your offer of going to class and where could it be than awate forum with you ? I mean lets see it , you are the one trying hard to inject your view on me and i am learning by finding out what is real and what is assumed real.I am just trying to have an understanding on your view , the civil war happened between two political parties ( which two brother bleed on the opposite side of each, I think we all know that) not like the libayans , second I do not believe we will be dictated by 1980th horrible mistake of our grandfathers and fathers in the next generation ,my understanding of this issue is not different but i reject the notion of reconciliation to be linked to locals .ELF and EPLF did not reconciled and they both are gone for good, doing the unthinkable. There is no one losing sleep remembering ELF and EPLF mistakes now except very few and powerless. From your long time reading and knowing the Eritreans which locals are you saying need to reconcile and with whom ? it is a simple question unless you want to go another way . I believe the eritrean people does not have a bad feeling of each other , they just need to remove the dictator and lock the few horrible people in the opposition on their life long cell of complaining .

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Blink,

            Read my comment carefully before you jump to answer. There is no my opinion there. I just asked the forumers what their views is as to whether it is applicable or not to our reality. Instead answering with reasons you went turkey and spoke kids talk. Could you talk gentlemen’s talk pls.

          • blink

            Dear Mr.Amanuel
            Amuzing , i admitted ,i am in your class and the student is not required to repeat his teacher’s word. Gentlemen’s talk ? Ok i confess, i will not talk 40 years diseas , as i told you there is no one that needs to reconcile with any one. Do you think and believe you know Eritrean people than me ? we have moved 40 years forward .We have different Eritrea sir , Eritrea is changed ,

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam blink,
            As you know, you and me seldom see things the same way. It is almost guaranteed that I will disagree with you when I start reading your post. It has happened so many times before. But this time, surprise, I agree with you completely.
            First I have to make a confession about the level of my knowledge. I make a lot of statements about Ethiopia. There are times upon reflection I face the fact that I grandstand and make bold statements about Ethiopia. Almost half a century, over 40 years have passed without any personal life experience as an Ethiopian.
            I base my statements exclusively on information acquired from limited publications and opinion of others. It is like looking at land from 36,000 feet in the air. That view , of course, is different from those living it day and night. So when I make my statements about Ethiopia from 36,000 feet above, I have less connection to those living on that land. Now, when I talk about Eritrea……I hope you get my drift.
            Let me pull out my crystal ball, gaze into it, and tell you what I see.
            There is one man in uniform that is going to lead Eritrea after PIA. I can’t read his name tag but just the same he appears to be a serious man. As you might know, the hope of Eritrea rests with the military. It is the only organization where a certain degree of cohesion and discipline exists. Besides, they have the guns.
            This leader gets the CALL and decides to risk his and families lives to take the reigns of power. None of us really know him but few weeks after he gets to the chair the critiquing will begin immediately.
            What is hoped for and preyed for is he comes to power for the right reasons. It is, of course, hoped for that he will be a good dictator, like Meles, and not a bad one like PIA.
            My crystal ball is crystal clear about this, a good dictator is a must until the country is back on track.
            All these theoretical political systems being discussed, appear to me at least, as a feel good intellectual exercise from 36,000 feet above, in the business section of the plane.
            When you bring in intractable a century old conflict reconciliations and REPARATIONS, I think one must be above 40,000 feet. When you go out shopping for models to use to achieve that goal from South Africa or other places at this time is lunacy.
            There were and are revolutionaries who always want constant revolutions until all the ills and intractable social problems are resolved. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes you might have to live with some of these ills for some given time.
            (By the way, one ironic observation, most of the revolutionaries, who escape the fire they lit, flee to the US and Canada.)
            Mark my words, a month or so after the new leader risking everything comes to power, prior to making any substantive decisions he will be labeled with bad names and arrows will start flying in his direction. It should be our collective prayers that he has wisdom, strength and persistence until the country is led to calm waters.
            (my goodness such a long hateta, it looks like I am hanging out with MS, I am not.)
            Mr. K.H

          • Selamat Mr. Kim Hanna,

            Pardon the interjection and the following cajun spice I will add to your crystal ball which also doubles as your Bubba Gump Shrimp Gumbo soup:

            “Tezeweri Manchina tezeweri ‘ye Shoan Hamman koynu kekhewn iyyu….(I forget the rest.)”
            But rather than a crystal ball Mr. Bennighannas “shishini” Kim Hanna, in Ethiopia and Eritrea it is the CHINA FINJAL that provides foresight into the future.
            I believe the Admiral is entreating you to Awel @ Jebena with the melodic tune song and lyrics titled “SELAM” and as for the KID Blink he should smell the coffee and open his eyes as well.

            Oh Brother where art thou Oh brother Gheteb where art thou with your Chief Architect angle. 2nd que.
            Adelusian Coast Shrimp Gumbo will be the main course of course: [Petros Solomon 9/17/17]
            SELAM @18 better tomorrow!


          • MS

            Selam KH
            Haha…KH, that’s a heck of a Hateta. And don’t feel bad about admitting that you have received betre Hateta from me. It is a rare privilege that one gets when Angafaw amde is busy arranging the logistics of “mezmur Selam” (with lots of tsk…tsks). You just want to send Emma into one of those nerve-breaks with your “strong man” proposal.
            BTW: you appear to be more realistic than most of the people who think they know the situation better than you…but that doesn’t mean your proposition is the only one left out for Eritrea. It just means it will be amongst the few viable ones in case the forces vying for change refuse to position themselves to come up with choices that lead to better conclusions than the one you are prescribing for us.
            And yes, lately, you have been hanging out with MS more than you are used to (insert a smiling imoji).

          • Nitricc

            Hi Kim, I was hoping one day you will understand the difference between good and bad. When you say ” It is, of course, hoped for that he will be a good dictator, like Meles, and not a bad one like PIA.”
            hopefully this clip will help you in understand what the real deal is and what the bad dictator had to what he has to do.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Nitricc,
            Oh! Nitricc, You are such a good architect at redesign of reality to suite you. You, yourself told me you do it on purpose.
            I wish you and me establish a final and binding border line between Truth and False.
            You said you were hoping one day I will understand the difference between good and bad. You took the words right out of my mouth.
            Question: Did you redesign what is in the pictures or did you get help from Awate graphics people in expressing your world view. It is classic.
            Look at PIA: I have seen the video of where that picture came from, the moment was less than 30 seconds, probably his most photogenic, best picture of him ever.
            Look what you chose of Meles: Funny looking, disagreeable sinister looking to complete your world view. The others are background materials to highlight the two.
            Good bad job.
            Mr. K.H

    • Haile S.

      Hi Emma,
      Good idea in principle. However, I am not sure on whether the gap that exists within the ethnic factions of those vocal ones at the leadership position and the gap between the ethno-colored ordinary people is equal. I suspect the gap in the former case is huge and is very narrow in the later case. Reconciliation in this case needs different approach and prioritization in order to avoid the bitternesses that exist within the former percolates down to those innocent later.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hailat,

        Just consider the following (a) the Eritrean commando what they did to our people in the Barka area in the sixties (b) the conflict between the Asawrta and the christians in the highland of Akeleguzay (c) the conflict between the Mineamir and the Kunama people, just to mention few. I am mentioning that, because the grievances of the society to each other is not limited to the political organizations, rather it reflect to the societies,

        Second the psychological representation of the two organizations of ELF and EPLF also divided our society in two. The lowlanders think ELF represents them and the highlanders think EPLF represent to them. This psychological divided of belongingness can only be healed through reconciliation. Just think in the loop of these circumstances to know exactly what kind of reconciliation we need.


  • sara

    Dear awatians
    back from Eid Al Adha holidays….i hope you also enjoyed the Eid aladha, maaltee sewra, and qudus
    yohns holidays…. insha’alah.
    Also thanks to Gedab news for bringing this GOOD NEWS to the forum….
    this is actually a good response to those who complain awate forum only brings bad news , in-fact just to day on a different thread some one was accusing Gedab and by extension the oppo… that they are only after bad news of Eritrea.

  • Kalihari Snake

    Dear Awate Team. Part of what you have mentioned in the article is correct while part appears to be fabrication. The Government is setting reasonable rental prices to be charged by landlords as many landlords have for long underdeclored monies received from rent in order to avert taxes. Many developed countries adhere to the same practice; just ask the IRS. You say that in 1991 the EPLF took control of several houses and buildings that were vacated by the Derg. So what? It was the practical thing to do at the time. You say that starting in 1993, that Eritrean officials started occupying villas confiscated by the Derg, So what? It was the practical thing to do. You quote “only about 5% of what the country needs to accommodate the natural growth of population and the needs of the market in general were built.” Please provide a source. You say that a few years ago the Government launched a massive campaign to demolish “unlicensed” buildings and razed hundreds of houses to the ground. So what? If they were unlicensed it was then the correct thing to do. Eritreans resorting to dividing their residential plots into two, selling half the lots to buyers who agreed to build two houses in the divided plot—one for themselves and another for the original owner as a payment of a portion of the plot? So what? That happens in many countries to include those that are developed. In Ethiopia they are selling detached toilets for new houses to be constructed upon. Do you wish to now talk about how great the TPLF/Ethiopian Government has been in regards to land/housing control to include properties before that were legally owned by Eritreans?

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