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ነጋሪት ቁ20 – ተማሒርኩም ኣለኹም! You’re Pardoned!

  1. ኣብ ናይ ሎሚ ክፋል ነታ ንተማሒርኩም ኣለኹም ትብል ዝጥቀመላ መዕጸዊ ትርጉማ ክገልጽ እየ::
  2. ነቶም እሱራትና ኣብ ፍርዲ ይቅረቡ እትብሉ ድማ ኣይፋልኩምን: ነውሪ: እብል ኣለኹ::

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  • MS

    Thanks, Idris. I will link the video in question, but you can view three raw videos, no editing done, just starting. They are on

  • MS

    Selam Saleh
    Funny entertaining and educating, I like this video more than the past ones. I’m also ተማሒረ ኣለኹ for saying “ነቶም እሱራት ኣብ ፍርዲ ኣቕርቡ” Actually, I said “ኣብ ናጻ ቤት-ፍርዲ”። My rationale was for folks to ask exactly the question you asked and then process the fact that there is no independent court system in the country which should encourage them form an opinion. My audience was primarily PFDJ supporters. I kniw you don’t mean to specifically comment on my video, but I was one of those folks who said that and I am surely ተማሒረ ኣለኹ። I understand your point, and I agree that the thrust should be on the absence of justice. But for today, ተማሒረ ኣለኹ። ያ ኣቡሳላሕ፡ መሰጋገሪ መድረኽ የብልናን እንዲና? ቅሩብ ከ credit ኣይትህበናን ነዞም ኣብ ትሃድሶ ዘለና?

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Ustaaz,
    Thank God your humanity won the day. In 1998, when the border war broke out, former tegadelti and National Service women who had little children were not immediately called up. After awhile, they were all called up and had to report to a gathering hall where buses would take them to the military camps. There was much crying as they had brought most of the children with them for a final goodbye. The women left the group outside and went to the hall. The children and relatives who stayed behind cried their hearts out but still waited to see the buses leave. At some point a decision was made for the women to return home and wait for further instruction. As the mothers returned, one of them quietly came back picked her little boy and carried him on her back, and the little boy loudly asked “ተማሒርና ዲና?”

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear SGL,

    Days has gone since I heard this phrase from you and I was almost to ask you, And I think their are more people around this site who are asking the same…

    “ተማሒርኩም ኣለኹም! You’re Pardoned!”

    since there is no system in our country, I think you are right,,,

    Thank you Sir.,


    • Berhe Y

      Dear SGL,

      I really enjoyed this episode, like all the others. I understood when you said “ተማሒርኩም ኣለኹም!” as you explained it “Ok. bye. you have enough of me” kind of, but I am glad you shared the story behind it. You are not only good at telling the story but you add a good graphics that helps the listeners imagine the story and the place and the people and sometimes with humor.

      It would have been really nice if you had told him that. It would help him reflect what he has done in his life.

      I agree about the plea to IA to bring them to court. I think MS said last time when I saw the video and I was feeling the same when he was asking the regime to bring Berhane to court.

      The demand should be “Release all of them unconditionally, because all of them are innocent”.


      • Paulos

        Selam Berhe,

        Cabinet Ministers convened today according to Charlie that is and was hoping one of the discussed agendas was to the very least the release of political prisoners but it was about roads and bridges and the other same ‘ol same ‘ol stuff.