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Two Eritrean Brigadier Generals, A Financial Manager Dead

Brigadier General Amanuel Haile (aka “Hanjema”), Brigadier General Mebrahtu Tekleab (aka “Vaynak”),  and Mr. Desu Tesfatsion were killed yesterday in a car accident on the road to Mahmimet.

The three were en route to participate in the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Eritrean People Liberation Front’s (EPLF) victory over the Ethiopian “Wukaw Command” (wukaw iz) of 1984.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that a fourth passenger, Brigadier General “Halibay”, was critically injured and is now being hospitalized.

Hanjema’s last appointment was zonal chief of staff and deputy to the late Major General Wuchu in the Dankalia zone.

Hanjema’s wife, accompanied by her daughter, has been in the United States for five months: her daughter is gravely ill and requires medical attention. She is now making preparations to return home.

Vaynak, an established member of the EPLF’s fedayeen forces in the mid seventies, had participated in many operations in the cities when the Ethiopian Derg regime ruled Eritrea.

(In the Eritrean context,  “fedayeen” was applied to stealth revolutionary units with a special mission to eliminate enemies of the Armed Struggle in urban areas or to liberate combatants imprisoned by the Ethiopian regime.)

In July 1977, Vaynak recruited members of the Ethiopian forces guarding Sembel prison in Asmara. With his team, he planned, organized, and executed a daring military operation that freed around 1200 Eritrean political prisoners from Sembel prison.

Vaynak’s official appointment was the inspector general of the army, though his authority was increasingly limited by the regime.

Desu was a close associate of Vaynak in the seventies when he lived in Asmara and was supporting the fedaeyeen by providing logistics such as information, preparing safe houses and transportation. He maintained his close friendship with Vaynak until their death.

In fact, all three were close friends and neighbors and they were often seen together.

Desu Tesfatsion was manager of “09” (Red Sea Trading Corporation, the ruling party’s economic arm) until he was charged with “corruption” by the ruling party’s “Special Court” and sentenced to 12 years in prison and 100,000 (nakfa) fine, despite the fact that the Auditor General had reviewed the financial statements of “09” and found no wrongdoing that warrants a 12-year prison sentence.

In fact, almost all previous General Managers of “09”–including the late General Ogbe Abraha–have been found guilty of corruption by the regime’s Special Court, an extraordinary process that doesn’t give the accused due process and is presided over by judges with no legal training but use “common sense” as a legal standard.

The Eritrean regime has dedicated this week as Wukaw Command Anniversary week and has been using the event as a means to galvanize the people to continue to support the policies of the ruling party, PFDJ.

inform. inspire. embolden. reconcile.

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  • Hayat Adem

    Haile The Great, You are right again. You have never been not right recently. How do you do it man? BTW, I am happy to declare that I got my future President or PM (depending if Sal or Emma is facilitating the constitutional process). This is not a joke.
    Well my excuse for bringing the cart forth is:
    1) My friend Semere Andom invited me to write my hatewketew
    2) I also thought some people need to be restrained from spoiling the foundations of future relationships

  • Hayat Adem

    Why would I hate Muslims? And then whom am I to love more than muslims? Where did you get that? atytH’Te ba!

  • MestewAli

    Eyob Medhanie,

    First off, when are you going to be promoted to a high-level Weyane Cadre? You have been mid-level for sometime
    now. Can I give you some advice? You have to ask for it. If you don’t ask for promotion, you don’t get it. Personally,
    I think you have earned a promotion. I mean you have been arguing Weyane’s case for many years. You haven’t persuaded any Eritrean but at least you tried. I also appreciate the fact that you disclose your identity and affiliation. Full disclosure is the way to go in my opinion. Please tell that to Hayat. She thinks she is being clever by posing as an Eritrean but she would do a lot better is she were herself and dislcosed that she is Tigrayan.
    Regarding these non-existent growth rates you and Weyane officials talk about, come on Eyob. Public Relations can only take you so far. At some point you have to produce the goods. If you consistently hype things, you eventually lose credibility.
    But ask for that promotion soon. Weyane only has two more years in power. You want to do it now. This can’t wait. Lastly, if you get promoted and end up as a real Ambassador somewhere (not the cyber type) you will have to learn to make your point without youtube videos. So why not start now? You see when you post youtube videos everytime, it takes a lot of disk space and it slows down the site for the rest of us. I am sure you don’t want to do that so please think about that.

    • Menkem

      [Moderator: insulting people will certainly get you booted out. Watch your words]

      Mestewali i rather read Eyob than Hidarat and Hayat. i love to read posts but I don’t even read them two. I have a lot of respect for T-Kifle though he never hide his identity unlike the xxxxx Hayat Adem, really? did you observe how she hates Muslims? read her posts and read between the lines.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Hi MestewAli,

      Actually, I just got demoted to ‘low level’ cadre, for wasting few seconds to read of what you wrote above. See, what you’re doing to my career? Woyane has only two years left? You don’t, say?! Can you please clue me in at what time two years from now I should be hiding under my desk, when you appear to finish woyane? Please…what are friends for….

      • The Oracle

        Yes, Eyob. Woyane’s power is being diluted for obvious reasons. The average Ethiopian’s reaction will be, “it’s about time.” It is about time that majority rules in Ethiopia and that the Ethiopian people are administered by the majority. Tigray’s only 5 million in population at most. The rest of Ethiopia is 95 million. So you see, only one out of 20 Ethiopians is a Tigrayan. You can’t have Tigrayans continue to dominate the Ethiopian State. It only makes sense that power is held by non Tigrayan leaders going forward. Woyane leaders have recognized the impending power shift and are parking their money outside of Ethiopia. Somewhere in the Swiss jurisdiction eventhough that is not as safe as it used to be either. You should do the same as well. That’s why I am telling you all this.

    • Woldai


      I see Tigrian in Eritrea running away from their brothers in Tigrai! It seems that to be an Eritrean one must hate Tigrian! You don’t have anybody as close as Tigrian in this world!

      You are trying to deny Ethiopia’s growth in the last 14 years!

      For your knowledge, Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing country in the world! There are 32 universities in Ethiopia now( many Eritrean are had/having the opportunity to follow their higher education) , every major city is connected with Asphalt, from 300 mega watt 2000 megawatts of electricity, light train in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has enough of its own ships to transport its import & export, a plot of land used to produce 10 quintal is now producing upto 40 quintals using advanced agriculture technology, farmers are producing three times a year, Ethiopia had created 500,000 jobs in the last couple years, Ethiopia produces its own sugar now, farmers are producing fruits in every corner of Ethiopia,….! Why do you want to hide yourself from Ethiopia’s development though?

      While woyane is beyond your reach you still brag weyane weyane …! Instead of crying weyane every time , you have better to ask “why do 5 higher military officer died in days apart?” & get an answer! Weyane has taught Ethiopian to live peacefully with out Eritrea!

      Remember the people of weyane are the closest relatives you have on this earth! If you are born from Tigrigna speaking family, you are Tigrian by nationality & Eritrea by citizen! Swallow this truth that works all over the world! Face the reality next to your door!

      • tafla


        “Remember the people of weyane are the closest relatives you have on this earth! If you are born from Tigrigna speaking family, you are Tigrian by nationality & Eritrea by citizen! Swallow this truth that works all over the world! Face the reality next to your door!”

        I don’t think the Eritrean Habesha need to be told who they are and you stated that the weyane are the closest relatives we have. You are mixing up weyane with Tigrayan, not good. We are glad that Ethiopia is doing well economically, but since we are 2 different nations, all nations need to follow their own foreign and domestic policy.

        Weyane are the ones that have stated that they want regime change in Eritrea and they are following the most cynical policy on Eritrea. You see, our only request from WEYANE is to leave our land (25 km buffer zone inside Eritrea) and drop the regime change policy. The Eritrean people will take care of removing PFDJ, the Eritrean people will stop the refugee flow to Ethiopia/Sudan and educate our young in our own universities.

        Sky is the limit to how much we can co-operate in the future, let’s not make things more complicated than they need be.

        • Woldai


          The saga of Regime change in Eritrea is a pretext that Eritrea’s gov & it’s supporters promote to cover their failure in all aspects! You know whatever in Eritrea is created by Eritrea’s leaders , unless & otherwise you want to deny it! There is no regime change policy that the Ethiopian gov follow at all! It is just the usual fabricated propaganda ! If there is one, give us the link so we can see for ourselves! What the gov of Ethiopia said was; we can only work with a sane gov in Eritrea who is willing to normalize our relationship!
          Badme has never been part of Eritrea neither during the colonial era , Emperor Haileslassie or under Derg! The border commission decision is totally wrong! I think it would be beneficial for you guys to follow the real issues of Eritrea than promoting fabricated propagandas to cover up the reality! Please, do better just for the sake of your people! You are taking to long to face the reality! If weyane wants a regime change , nobody could stop it! Eritrean soldiers are coming to Ethiopia nonstop with out fighting!

  • Horizon

    To SM and tafla,

    Yes indeed, the No-war-no-peace policy is strangulating Eritrea, not only because the Ethiopian government wants it, but most importantly, the government of Eritrea is exploiting it. Reducing the fate of Eritrea and the Eritrean people to the fate of a barren piece of land called
    Badme and the border, because it happens to go this way or the other for tens or hundreds of meters from the border line, is not love of a country and its people, but political Machiavellianism. The border issue is serving the regime perfectly well to keep in bondage the
    people of Eritrea. If the Ethiopian government happens to be stubborn on the border issue for its own political advantage, Eritrea should have the willpower to move forward, and leave it for a later date to be solved by sane minds. Dwelling on it is equivalent to supporting the No-war-no-peace status quo.

    There is an existential problem in Eritrea not because Ethiopia the enemy is next door, but because the regime that rules Eritrea over the last twenty years has failed to understand and realize the needs of the people. Unfortunately, it has made the land much more important than the
    people. Ethiopia has no plan to invade Eritrea.
    She must be foolish if she has such agenda. Therefore, if Eritrea becomes a failed state, it is due to the policy of the regime in Eritrea, and not due to Ethiopia or the US.

    Both of you love your country (nothing special, everybody does). Sometimes this love is out of context and it becomes harmful. Have you heard of the adage, the Bear killed its cub out of too much love? That is when love is distorted and unnatural. You have every right to support the Eritrean government with all your heart and with every cell in your body, but this should not be at the expense of the people, because the regime
    in Asmara is not working for the good of its people, but only for its own political survival.

    If I can ask you both one simple question, which I think is very important; what is the Growth and Transformation Plan of the Eritrean government for the coming five years? Ethiopia’s GTP-1 is
    written in black and white and you can read it on the internet. Instead of having a plan to improve the life of the Eritrean people, the regime in Asmara is consumed on how to antagonize Ethiopia. Please, if you want to antagonize Ethiopia, do it on the field of building the Eritrean economy, on political stability in Eritrea and
    the whole region and by making Eritrea a livable place, from which nobody runs away risking their precious life. Invest in your economy, and not in proxy wars, or on an inflated army or wasting good money by hosting any would be LF, that is not going to make a dent in Ethiopian politics. TRY TO HAVE ETHIOPIA THE FRIEND AND NOT ETHIOPIA THE ENEMY. It is not in the advantage of Eritrea or Ethiopia to live in animosity. It is a zero sum game, played by stupid people (H.A), and Ethiopians and Eritreans have the obligation to prove to the world that they are
    not stupid.

    • tafla

      ” Reducing the fate of Eritrea and the Eritrean people to the fate of a
      barren piece of land called Badme and the border, because it happens to
      go this way or the other for tens or hundreds of meters from the border line,
      is not love of a country and its people, but political Machiavellianism. The
      border issue is serving the regime perfectly well to keep in bondage the
      people of Eritrea”


      I will give you my humble opinion.

      I think it would be a good idea to divide the issue
      between Eritrea and Ethiopia into different categories and let’s not baptize
      the actions of respective government as the action of the people (even if there
      are people who blindly support the governments’ policies)

      1. Political

      I agree with you that both governments are using the border issue to their advantage. All EPRDF has to do is accept the ruling and call the PFDJ on their bluff. I would say that EPRDF lost credibility with most Eritreans when they rejected the final and binding border ruling, because Eritreans had just been an independent nation for 10 years only and fought for so long before that to secure that border with Ethiopia (I know people are fed up of this issue…) and the second mistake is the outspoken mission of regime change by EPRDF. Regime change (by force or other means) by a foreign power is always an act of aggression, because it violates national sovereignty and ultimately a loss of control as to how to chart an independent future as a nation. It is the job of the Eritrean people to change the government of Eritrea.

      2. Economic

      Hayat Adem is right, we need trade and co-operation, but it needs to be negotiated when we have 2 governments that are in good terms, you cannot bypass the government in power and go to the Eritrean people and try to manipulate them to support a new gov. in Eritrea (a weak government) that’s to the liking of the EPRDF.

      3. Cultural/social

      Even if it’s not possible on the state level, there are no obstacles between the people themselves especially in diaspora.

      A few areas of co-operation;

      -Common Church/mosque
      .Language research/institute
      -Celebrate common holidays together
      -Common private schools (tgrña, Afar, kunama…)
      -Sports (shakwi tournament ? )
      -Awate forum 🙂

    • SM

      But just answer the simple question.
      Why are trying to Strangulate the poor people? In order to get the PFDJ?
      But then you will be absolutely contradicting by all means,albeit,deliberately and for a PUROPSE!!!!And that is our problem with you.
      You may try this and that but as usual ,you will fail. But at the same time you are creating more distrust between the people.
      But again, Do NOT forget that Justice will prevail at the end of the day.You already have enough experience and you have to learn from your mistakes before it is too late..It is just a matter of time.
      Good luck with your old but failed tactics.
      Eritrea will be stronger than ever and more prosperous than ever irrespective if your sabotage and sanction.
      At this time though,do not think that Eritreans will be forgetful and forgiving as before.
      Everything gas a limit.

  • Dawit

    It’s natural (“bahriawi”) for people to show or (to appear to show) reasonable (unreasonable) preferences or dislikes based upon their personal opinion.

    There is a clear consensus among the majority of Eritreans about the difficult problem Eritreans( the people and not the land) have faced both in Eritrea and outside Eritrea.

    Is PFDJ entirely responsible for the well-being of Eritreans both inside and outside of Eritrea? Most Eritreans would respond to such a question with an emphatic “no”. Since PFDJ does not want to be responsible for the safety and well-being of all Eritreans, it has to give all the powers of the government to a democratically elected body who is willing to take responsibility and has the best interest of all Eritreans in mind.

    • SM

      [moderator: SM, you are pushing us too much. Racism is not allowed and we are not going to negotiate with you over that. If you do not respect our policies, we will be forced to ban you. Please stop playing the role of an immigration officer here.]

      Are you telling me that you are so naive about the Ethiopian factor?
      We would live to have that money to be pumped into Eritrea.
      I thought it was Ethiopians who are sabotaging us not to use our ports and:/ or creating preconditions. ….including the – 5-point plan…etc…tightening the Sanctions etc…
      What are you talking sbout?
      Thus is the issue have with the AT, Haile,ERMIAS,AManuel Hidrat… thinking that all of you care about Eritrea not just hate the PFDJ.
      Why are you supporting the Students at the School of YG including the openly anti – Eritrea gang of Eyob,Abinet,Horizon and [xxxx xxxx xxxx ], Hayat?
      I mean hating PFDJ should be a different issue from Caring for Eritrea

      These are the facts that I know that you do not want to acknowledge:
      -The Weyanes threatened td attempted as well to change the Eritrean Regime by any means possible. Backed by the West officially
      -Planned to divide Eritrea and Eritreans based on region,religion and tribes …..oficially
      -Succeeded to sanction Eritrea and its people fully backed by the West and this has contributed fir the exodus of the Youth
      -It has renewed the above destructive policy in the worst possible way
      These are well documenred facts
      So,please help me understand as to why you are silent about this big picture and keep crying about the PFDJ crimes.
      Haile refused my appeal to address these issues and will see what the AT ,Wedi Memhir Hidrat,Rodab and Hayat if she cares about Eritrea.
      This silence will answer Haile ‘ s inquiry as to why some of us are blamed for labeling people as TPLF agents,Tigraway,Libi Tigray ,etc…
      If you do not clarify the above issues boldly then all of you will be labeled as TPLF Agents,one way or another.
      I will not buy the hankas/lame excuse telling me that all of these are due to PFDJ.

      • SM

        [Moderator: SM, you don’t run this forum, AT does. Stop acting as if you are in charge of this forum. You are not. You either play by the guidelines, or you will be out. In fact you are out as of now for a week. If you chose to cool off and return, you are welcome. But if you want to run this forum, you can’t. You can extend your leave to as long as you wish.. Your rude comment is deleted.]

  • SM

    By the way,Kim,please,do NOT forget that Eritrea did not,has not and will never push Ethiopia to use its ports.Plus, do NOT forget that Eritrea can survive with out Ethiopia at all.It is a matter of choice.
    It is Ethiopia,which has been sabotaging things believing that Eritrea will collapse,which has proven Ethiopia,WRONG repeatedly.
    Time will come when the Aseb Port will be one of the busiest shipping Lanes in the world–with huge economic potential.It was based on this fact the Ethiopian leaders has done their best that this thing will NOT happen.But definitely time will come–very soon.
    Long-term Interest is what matters NOT the temporary Geo-Politics of the day.
    The USA,the Middle East and the EU and for that matter, Russia and China/India will shift gears to that effect—mark my word ,and that is why the Ethiopian Min of Foregin Affairs is panicking to death currently.
    The current Regime in Eritrea is not as “dumb and ignorant” as most people may think.The “signs of the time” are proving this.

  • SM

    Good point Kim.
    We are just looking for a mid-way but a JUST solution here.We are human beings who went through HELL—We do NOT TRUST these people based on what they have done to us to this minute.If they respect us as people,as a country and as a neighbor,we do not need any thing but PEACEFUL co-existence.
    The Law of Nature will overide everything after that.

    • Kim Hanna

      We are looking for a just solutions too. The stream where both of us were fetching our drinking water from had been poisoned a while back. It will take many rainy seasons to clear the stream of the poison. It will take time for the trust. But each of us has to work towards that goal a little bit at a time. Now, I sound like a Sunday preacher, excuse me.
      There will come a time where peaceful co-existence is the norm. Some of us wanted it sooner than later. I don’t completely trust to leave it to nature though.

      • SM

        But why can’t we expedite it for the sake of the people?
        Why are we afraid of calling a Spade, a spade?
        What i said was that after we agree to agree on the peaceful co’existence,the law of nature will take over the natural interaction to follow.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Gash Saleh,

    Where are you? Sorry, I have to “gross you out” with this 🙂 It’s Sunday. Take a break from political debate and relax. I love this old man on the clip. He said he got to be where he is, because of……You know, just watch it. It’s only 1 minute and 16 seconds… 🙂


    • no youtube

      eyob, can u try making ur point without posting a youtube video. it’s possible u know. Try it.

      • Eyob Medhane


        • Dawit

          You sound like Gojame 😉
          no youtube is the moderator ‘u know’

        • saay7


          You can also try “Ech embley” or “Asqt” when dour people harass you about your youtube links. Speaking of youtube… here’s my all time favorite Ethiopian (Kuku Sebsebe) doing her thang with “Embaye.” Not relevant to the discussion but it is Sunday and this is my version of “people to people” dialog. If people don’t like this song, well, damn, they are just wrong.



  • SM

    My apology ,Mr Moderator,for duplicating it as I did not know how to delete the first one..Please help.
    Thank you and God bless you.
    Have a blessed Sunday/Senbet Abay.

  • SM

    kokeb Selam,
    Good for you on your new policy.But we have to be able to call a spade,a spade though.Hayat Adem is trying to point the finger on the PFDJ–in my understanding,.and also telling us that Eritrea should come to the terms of Ethiopia,i.e.size/power matters,NOT justice!!!
    .If there is no so called the USA,that bulloni idea could never have existed.
    Another fallacy Hata Adem is telling us,(now this toothless woman is irritating me as she is trying to be on the feet of the Eritreans),that it was Eritrea who refused to allow the Eritrean Sea Ports to be used by Ethiopia,when the FACTS are written in clear capital letters.She just has to rewind what her boss said and even now as we speak–as to what her MoFA is cooiking up.
    Why are you guys buying this none sense cheap propaganda, and at the same time calling yourselves” Eritreans”.?That is not the Eritrean cultrue—NO, Heavens NO,we never kneel down to any power let alone to a cheap propaganda,except when we “SHOOT and PRAY” as Ali Abdu said it .
    She is just expressing her desperation as she knows Eritrea will be,with or without PIA/with or with out her Ethiopia,the Star of the Star Nations in all aspects.
    PFDJ and Eritrea are two different entities.
    Mind you, her TPLF bosses have been,to this minute,working day and night to strangualte Eritrea by all means poosible but this toothless and ” naive” woman is telling us otherwise.
    Doesn’t she know that the Eritrean IQ has been proven to be 100x more than hers or her people?I..e,who is she to try to deceive us by using an old and obsolete propaganda?
    Yes,indeed,as Dawitom said it, she is here to create a havoc in the land of the Awate the Great.But,lol,she has to pack up her baggage before it is too late.
    May the Lord of the lords have mercy on her

  • AMAN

    I agree
    Eritrea has alwys been central to Ethiopia. And all Ethiopian politics since its formation as
    a a country revolves around Eritrea with Eritrea as the magnetic center or center of gravity.
    So it is for the best advantage of Ethiopia more than for Eritrea to understand this fact and
    and deal in a positive way and new thinking and use and benefit itself from this tremendous
    wealth of achievement and resourceful new political thinking.
    So it is time for Ethiopia to have new politics with new political leaders and throw the woyanes
    which are barriers and obstacles for peace, development and peace of Ethiopia and the Horn
    to the old damping ground with those before it so as to move on.

  • SM

    kokeb Selam,
    Good for you on your new policy.But we have to be able to call a spade,a spade though.Hayat Adem is trying to point the finger on the PFDJ–in my understanding,.and also telling us that Eritrea should come to the terms of Ethiopia,i.e.size/power matters,NOT justice!!!
    .If there is no so called the USA,that bulloni idea could never have existed.
    Another fallacy Hata Adem is telling us,(now this toothless woman is irritating me as she is trying to be on the feet of the Eritreans),that it was Eritrea who refused to allow the Eritrean Sea Ports to be used by Ethiopia,when the FACTS are written in clear capital letters.She just has to rewind what her boss said and even now as we speak–as to what her MoFA is cooiking..why are you guys buying this none sense cheap propaganda, and at the same time calling yourselves” Eritreans”.?That is not the Eritrean cultrue—NO heavens NO,wenever kneel down to any power let alone to a cheap propaganda,except when we “SHOOT and PRAY”.
    She is just expressing her desperation as she knows eritrea will be,with or without PIA,the Star of the Star Nations in all aspects.
    PFDJ and Eritrea are two different entities.
    Mind you, her TPLF bosses have been,to this minute,working day and night to strangualte Eritrea by all means poosible but this toothless and ” naive” woman is telling us otherwise.
    Doesn’t she know that the Eritrean IQ has been proven to be 100x more than hers or her people?I..e,who is she to try to deceive us by using an old and obsolete propaganda?
    Yes,indeed,as Dawitom said it, she is here to create a havoc in the land of the Awte the Great.But,lol,she has to pack up her baggage before it is too late.
    May the Lord of the lords have mercy on her.

  • SM

    Mind your business Ya Bipolar Parrot wahid.
    As I told you,go and fight if you have the gut.Why did leave Eritrea and live in the comfort zone of West Coast.Ya hadami wahid.

  • Hang in There Eritrea

    No need to rush. Eritrea should wait until Woyane falls from power. Only the fall of Woyane Tigray from power can bring peace to the people of the Horn. That day isn’t far. Hang in there Eritrea. You will not have to wait long.

    • SM

      No doubt.It is a Divine Prophecy,not just a human calculation.
      Hizbi Ertra–deserves the BEST—and will get it in due time—which is nearing.
      Praise the Lord of the lords.
      “Etom Ni Ertran Hizban kiketlu zehakenun zehalemun zifetenun—akedimom kihimomin moitomin”.Yemane Ghebre-Ab.What a historical FACT!

    • ህዝባዊ ግንባር الجبهة الشعبية لتحري

      The best kind of relationship Eritrea can have with Tigray or Ethiopia is to have no relationship at all for two or three generations. That is the best kind of relationship of all with respect to Ethiopia!!! Now, that doesn’t mean Erirtrea should not have relationships with other countries. The commercial and fratrernal relationship with the Sudanese people needs to be strengthened, for the Sudanese can be trusted and do not suffer from any of that inferiority complex that Tigray seems riddled with. Consequently, they deal in good faith. There are also other countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Kenya, Uganda, Sudan can be good trading partners for Eritrea. In the Middle East, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and others can be good partners for Eritera. In Asia, the number of countries that Eritrea can import from and export products to is limitless. So you see folks, Ethiopia is not the only country in the world. There are other countries in our neighborhood and beyond. We just need to improve the quality control of our products. May be this will force us to. Necessity is the mother of creativity. Where there is a will there is a way.

      • SM

        But do NOT forget the law of Nature bro/sis.It is a matter of time that those two people will be interacting somehow.

      • Yoseph

        You have no idea how the master minds of weyane have made Eritrea useless in any matters of the horn for the generations to come. You can count from politics to economy and others………. you are totally marginalized. Meles the great used his mind, not his tongue like your TSEHAY BIRAK Esayas Afeworki….. kkkk. It is unbelievable how a country that generates foreign currency at human kidney markets can compare itself with the 6th largest economy in Africa.

        speaking of integration, it is very low to talk at this level but let me tell you what is happening between the countries of the horn.

        Ethiopia just finished building part of a six lane road to port Djibouti, building other port of its own in Tajura there, exporting energy and to Yemen later, building clean water supply lines to them, we have given them wheat farm land to assist them in their supply,,,,,,,,

        With kenya;
        road, energy, and port Lamu access works to be finished in 2015. financed by the two gov, world bank and African development bank

        again port, energy and road constructions

        with Sudan, Uganda, South and North Sudan so many things going on.

        the only curse in the area = Eritrea: just producing refugees

  • Gherhi Libu

    What a maniac! Good thing your days are numbered here.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dearest friend Semere,
    Person A has half of the 100 dollar note. Person B has the other half cut. By the unintended conspiracy of the universe and by sheer miracle of luckiness, A and B happen to live in proximity. That means these two lucky people co-own a 100 dollar note together. Separate, they own nothing. The two men born of women are profoundly poor and that (100/2) is their only income. If both have any ounce of rationality in their respective brains, cooperation between them is a no brainier. It is only if one of them or both of them are thickly clouded with tones of stupidity they would disregard this must-live-in situation. But stupidity seems to have an upper hand and person A hopes that
    one day the other person will die and only then will have a chance to retrieve the other half of the note to make the parts whole all to himself. Then stupid A decides even to speed up the death of stupid B. Stupid B fights back for
    survival first and once securing that, he became tempted in turn to choke off stupid A. Stupid A runs now for his life but still focused on calculating on every option of surviving to fight another day.
    Of course this is way oversimplified and exaggerated. But it really zooms into the essence. Ethiopian and Eritrean economies and resources are perfectly meant to complement each other and not compete like the two individuals above. As this is a huge matter, allow me to take only two aspects as an example: one from inside, the other from outside. Let’s not forget it is a globalization era and as such no country can dream of developing without fast and vast influx of FDI. International investors first screening consideration for any investment abroad is no longer whether a single country has a favorable business environment but whether the entire regions sounds friendly and stable.
    Eritrea will never be able to attract foreign investment unless it has come to normal terms with Ethiopia. Well, there will be some surgical approaches like in the mining. Even companies such as those milking our mineral deposits would only come under terms and conditions heavily skewed to favor share and not the country because of the risky and rough environment coming from our abnormal situation. The other resembling situation we have with that of stupid A running away with his useless half-ripped dollar note is the issue of our ports. It is called FALLOWING! It is stupidity at its worst if you ask me. Governments work hard and invest huge wealth to attract port business from afar. Nowadays, waiting longer to exploit your minerals is considered to be a policy stupidity as the value of those mineral may change or vapor over time. Imagine minerals will stay there until you are ready for them. Every single day wasted without using the ports cannot be reclaimed in future times and therefore has to be considered as the altar of Eritrean idiocy.
    Ethiopia and Djibouti are jointly investing to build Tajura port and a connecting highway that cuts through Tigray to Ethiopia’s hinterland. This for me is one advantage minus to the Eritrean ports. Through the help of the world bank and WFP, Berbera port is semi-innovated to handle mainly humanitarian traffic and some private transits- another take away from the Eritrean ports. If security allows, they want to do the same with the Bossasso ports. Same moves in the direction of Mombasa. Everyone around us is eating our lunch. Any effort to catch up and regain our business
    place will be harder. Guys who are serious enough to read the urgency of redressing the political gaps, like Emma, are not equally sensitive on the consequences of falling through the cracks of the regional basket. People like
    Sal and SGJ are serious on guarding the sovereignty of the country but not paying enough attention to this aspect. Guess what, nor will a neither healthy national politics nor sheer sovereignty of the nation ever be sustained without
    addressing the issues I am concerned about. There is no tomorrow on this.
    If you advise a person addicted to unhealthy habits to stop that habit or else she will die of its consequence, she may not stop. But tell that person to stop whatever it is that addiction or else she will do the next day. Chances are very high that she will stop. Now follow me: if you ask 10 Eritreans how they would feel about independent Eritrea if the present state of situation (which is pillared by poverty and isolation) is to stay the same for the next 50 yrs, how many of the 10 would still prefer to stick with independent Eritrea? If you want to consider my guess, none of the 10 will approve it. That takes me to the following point: the only reason why independence has a majority vote now is because people have hope and anticipation that tomorrow will be better. Great, tomorrow needs to be better or else the alternative is worthlessness.
    The question now is there are proven ways to make tomorrow better; and there are proven ways to continue the road for more of the same or worse. For example, 1991-1997 was relatively brighter and promising. 1998-2014 doesn’t promise or confirm as a surest path to the kind of future we want. We can start from analyzing these two different periods to get some indication. Some people who advise are to wait and be patient about the diminisher
    period after 2001 have some justifications in mind. Texememi kiHalf’yu. That national security is at stake and everything else can be pushed to 2nd row until better time comes. They argue, then we can discuss of our options to tackle development and governance. Ask them, 1- why didn’t we have better security today than 2001 if we are progressing towards the light? 2- Even taking Security as supreme national concern, is the current way the best way
    among our options to secure security? And 3- what if the security issue continues to be precarious and shaky for some more decades, should we stay the course? The answers you will get is “believing is seeing”: you don’t see it
    because you are doubting not believing; we have come this far and we’ll prevail or, we have seen worse times in the past.
    The other argument you hear from people like your moKh’shi is even weirder than the above: Weyane’s line is closer in the death row than us, and once Weyane departed everything will turn around in our favor. We’re condemned not to hope for a better justification for their preach of “stay the course”. Even if you want to buy their zero-sum-game TifuSh mind-set, the paradox you see here too is, PFDJ has never tried to lubricate itself even in trying to create a situation that maximizes its chance of outliving Weyane. It is a derelict leadership that appeases itself because it has been cheating its own people and outfoxing the opposition. And the consequence of all this journey of recklessness is the atmosphere of uncertainty it has created on the fate of the entire nation. The fear that we might be inching to the cliff every single day with a lesser chance of turning around is justified.
    Why are people not sufficiently alarmed by the situation? First, they are being bombarded by the “Weyane is coming to take away the much priced country you dearly paid to make it free”. Secondly because majority of the 10 people are still hopeful tomorrow can be better while all evidence shows to the contrary. The challenge of all seekers of change is to show to these 10 people the fact that tomorrow will be worse if things continue the way they are. The
    other challenge is to convince these 10 people that the SECURITY FLAG IS A FALSE FLAG. Eritrea’s existential challenge right now is poverty and isolation.
    Eritrea has no pressing security issue so to speak. I am not saying for the sake of it. The country has no security issue as much pressing as the above two problems I mentioned. What is irony is even if there a security issue, PFDJ is most incompetent party to be entrusted for that task and it has put the nation to its weakest and vulnerable footing. The biggest crime this regime is committing is not in what it has been doing so far but in how it is leaving us with complicated and messy future.
    Thanks for your time and attention,

    • dine

      in other word ”there is NO future for Eritrea with out cooperation with Weyane”

      • SM

        But the historical and the proven FACTs are the other way round.

    • Gherhi Libu

      Weizero/weizerit Hayat. Can you tell us a little about yourself.

      I will start: I was born in 1979 in Asmara, grew up there. parents both from mendefera area. Came to USA in 1992. I live in the west coast. I believe in Eritrean sovereignty. PFDJ is the biggest threat to Eritreas existence but I take TPLF cautiously as they are Ethiopians and their priority is as such and not Eritrea.

      • Guest

        Hayat is a guy born in Asmara to Ethiopian parents.

    • Horizon

      Wow, what a courageous, heartfelt and insightful comment!

      Worse still is the fact that as time passes A’s half of the 100 dollar bill is losing its value, because others are coming to the forefront with a similar piece. A’ always believed that he will outsmart B’, and even now, weak and almost spent, he thinks that he will still be the winner. Egoism, empty pride, arrogance, and distorted perception of dignity have created a culture of sacrifice, living in an imaginary world far from reality and hoping against all hope, unfortunately, at a tremendous cost to his people.

      Ethiopia has cheap labor force, raw material and she is working to produce abundant cheap electric power soon. All
      these are fundamental aspects of economic development and important factors necessary to attract FDI. Absence of the above factors, and a non-stable political atmosphere, which drives away the young working force, is what we see in present day Eritrea. The regime does not care and the diaspora elites are complacent with Eritrean exceptionalism, and do not seem to understand that the whole region is leaving behind Eritrea.

      Regional economic integration is happening right before our eyes, and most diaspora Eritreans do not seem to be
      worried with the fact that Eritrea is continuing to live in a parallel universe more than twenty years after independence, forgetful of the countries around her by which she is being forgotten. At one time, the ports were believed to be
      a weapon of blackmail. Today, there are many who would be more than happy to let Ethiopia use their ports. If peace comes to Somalia, it is easy to imagine that this will still increase regional trade cooperation and port availability. Why shouldn’t Eritrea be part of the economic change that is taking place?

      Many Eritreans see any relation with Ethiopia (peaceful or otherwise) as a danger that will automatically reverse the sovereignty of their country. They want to keep Eritrea in a certain trajectory around Ethiopia to protect her from being sucked by Ethiopia’s gravitational force, through her
      bigger economy, her big market and the larger space she can provide (YG). For example, where would an Eritrean businessman/woman like to do business, in Ethiopia
      or Eritrea? Where is the bigger market and where would one expect more profit? This is just one example among many that make many Eritreans afraid that Eritreans would be drawn more to Ethiopia, and Eritrea might not be an equal partner. Therefore, many say independence, sovereignty, uniqueness etc should be protected by all means possible, even if this means the suffering of the Eritrean people. Two
      people with a similar fate divided by ignorance and arrogance are suffering, because their elites prefer to satisfy their egoism much more than committing themselves to eradicating the poverty of their people.

      I find it difficult to understand how tomorrow will be better, if Eritrea continues to be a lone traveler. I do not know if there are hidden treasures Eritreans are expecting. Somebody some time ago on this site was talking of billions and even trillions of dollars. Unless Eritrea becomes an oil rich country like the Gulf States, it is difficult to imagine that the future would be different, as long as she does not participates in the regional economy.

      There should be a true paradigm shift, if things are to be better. The regime is committed to do what it does. Therefore, the change of mind mainly concerns the diaspora Eritreans, so that they can lead Eritreans inside their country by making themselves an example of change to be

      • tafla

        I can tell you that most Eritreans do not hate Ethiopians as a people, remember that always (we are a forgiving people), but don’t come here and tell us about co-operation when the Ethiopian government is meddling in the work of the opposition parties, adding a new flavour of regionalism and ethnic federalism and refusing to accept the border ruling.

        EPRDF would not care about democracy in Eritrea if PFDJ would accept the ridiculous 5-point peace plan (not a pre-condition, doohh tbl adey). So EPRDF is making us choose between seeing our people scatter allover the sahara and the mediterranean and our hard-earned national sovereignity in the name of “globalization”. This my friend is not co-operation, it’s hostage-taking. We Eritreans are used to hostage-takers nowadays…just tell us the ransom please.

        • SM

          Haile the Great,Ermias and to some extent Kokeb Selam,did you get the above point?
          Have some balls and testasterone,men.
          DIA and PFDJ will be gone for good.

      • Abinet

        Miqegna lerasu kemiagegn lelaw biata yishalewal

      • SM

        But you are deliberately and ,in fact ,totally biased and partial here.
        You are deliberately hiding the FACTs on the ground as well.
        There is ,not only perceived but also serious and real threat–in fact existential one.
        So, do NOT think that Eritreans are that much naive any more to buy you bitter/ere covered honey.
        First, come clean, and with honesty .
        On the other hand, as Tafla said it ,Eritreans are very forgiving people.
        Why are you covering the well designed and official ” No Peace,NO War ‘Policy,which you seem to be very proud and boastful for “strangualting Eritrea but at the same time blaming th eGoE/PFDJ as soley responsible for the hell we are going through.

    • Rodab

      I am waiving my new policy* to quote the quote of the day:

      “…minerals will stay there until you are ready for them but every single day wasted without using the ports cannot be reclaimed in future times…”
      That’s so true Hayat, so true. Well stated!

      * My new policy is to abstain commenting on comments addressed to specific commenters (as opposed to all of us).

      • Dawit

        I share the same policy of engagement (and disengagement) Rodab. Some people only address to a select few. For them others don’t exist but the select few:-)

        As Hayat and you stated, the opportunity cost has continued to add up for Eritrea. (Tourism industry, port services , and Ethiopian markets would have brought Eritrea the much needed jobs and dollars)

        • Rodab

          Aman (thanks for the good advise) & Dawit (thanks for the support),
          I was mentioning my policy in passing, I didn’t intend it to be the topic in itself. I also didn’t mean anyone was ignoring anyone, it just means is someone is being called out as in response to ongoing one-to-one interaction.
          In any case, you both have convinced me to amend my policy. It is now my policy to give the addressee a chance to respond before I make myself present 🙂

        • SM

          But,with all due respect,folks,do we have that kind of environment or am I missing something?
          I just do NOT but this one-sided biased impression that the PFDJ is everything–and responsible for everything…..does not make sense at all.
          Can we balance things here?
          The school of YG and its students are having a free ride here.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Ahwat Rodab and Dawit,

        When certain comment is addressed to specific individuals, it only mean to address their concern or their questions. It doesn’t mean by any standard to avoid other participants in the on going debate . In fact I always see your contribution as valuable, educative, and at time very inquisitive. Please don’t disengage. Engage if possible enrich to the on going debate.
        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Dawit

          Selam Aman, and Rodab,

          Your points are well taken. The forum is not a wedding party in which only invited guests attend. I will reconsider my policy;-)

    • Kim Hanna

      Hayat Adem,
      This is such a concise bold and serious presentation of reality of today and the near future that everyone on both sides of the border better pay attention to it or else. (Notice, I am not afraid to make a bold statement)
      We, as Ethiopians, would never want to go back to the pre 1998 arrangement of use of port services. We must never be dependent 100% on anyone. We must cultivate as many as possible outlets for the different parts of the country as possible. I think Eritrean ports should be part of the mix too.
      The way it is going now with all these heavy resource investment in time and money to open lines of access to sea there will no reason to invent the wheel again just to use Eritrean ports in the future. There will be a point after which it will be prohibitively more expensive for Ethiopia to use the Eritrean ports.
      People of good will with capacity and ability on both sides of the border have to mitigate this gravitational slide now. I am not hopeful that we will.
      The conversation always changes to “who are you?” ” you need us more than we need you” “let us demarcate the FINAL AND BINDING border first”
      The puzzling conversation to me is the one where we have to argue about the history of the area as we slide into the unknown destination.

    • haile

      Selamat Hayat (and all awatistas are invited:)

      This would have been really great piece እንታይ’ሞ፡ እዛ ዓለም እዚኣ’ሞ!!

      I must be frank that the issue of Ethio-Eritrea collaboration more of putting the cart before the horse. The Eritrean people are fleeing the country en mass (a new wave has started again and hundreds are entering both Ethiopia and the Sudan – this time including groups of members of EDF with their weapons). This topic may tantalize PFDJ followers here by giving them some false sense of relevance, otherwise Eritreans can’t be said to be in any position whatsoever to objectively address such issues when the nation is faced with home grown existential threat. I also doubt that the Ethiopians have any illusion whatsoever as to the improbable nature of any discussion regarding this issues of development future relationship with a clear cut delusional dictator IA (rest assured that the EPRDF has probably the clearest understanding of the regime than anyone may hope to).

      There is nothing that one can expect from a parasitic group that has never attained a single milestone to speak of in 23 years other than mountain of insults and barrages of accusations of those who have. This is a regime that doesn’t even run a basic Airlines service a quarter of a century after independence. A regime that has blockaded its citizens from working, trading, building, traveling for over a decade now. The regime is raining hell on the people and on the edge of igniting a full fledged civil war and it would be way too early to discuss issues of future working together. Eritrea need to have a constitution, official economy and reasonable fiscal control, this is in addition to legal and jurisdictional framework for regional and international dealings and anchor for diplomacy.

      The time today is how to salvage the nation and stave off the possible ramifications to regional security should things get out of control. There is hope on earth that IA would somehow regain sanity and act as normal statesman for the rest of his walking days. He is a done deal and has also told us where to go too, the moon. Let’s be realistic here, and I believe that the TPLF dominated Ethiopian government is highly realistic about the matter owing to their over 40 years of dealing with this regime one way or the other.

      From the top of my head, I would think that all forms of cooperation is possible and the sky would be the limit for for the fraternal people to work and develop together. However, since you and me know our internal reality, let’s not invite an awkward attention at this time.


  • Kokhob Selam
  • Toast

    Woyane has sowed the poisonous seed of ethnic politics in Ethiopia that is going to disintegrate that country soon. Having accomplished its bantustization of Ethiopia, what is it after now? It would be stupid for Tigray to secede from Ethiopia because Tigray has no economy to speak of. There is nothing of economic value in Tigray.

  • Kokhob Selam
  • The force

    The Eritrean government did not mention where the generals are born and their age? Isaias recently turned 67 years old without proof of birth certificate.

    • Dawit

      Snopes.com, a rumor-checking website, recently found that Issaya’s great great grand father was born in Kenya.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Explorer, for me the dead is gone never to come and he is under the almighty completely. during his stay in this world every thing was recorded by God and God Knows better than you and me. again for me I will challenge my enemy when he is alive, I don’t like to challenge the dead. I am not among people who victimize them selves while the dead is in peace. in fact I don’t live in past at all. even I forgive every alive person on earth and ask to be forgiven. now, if you think those dead were committing crime and you were not, I don’t agree with you. those PFDJ leaders were shaped by you and me to reach to this level. and the home work remains first on self. you can’t change them before changing yourself. the way you think now will pull you down which makes you unhappy and always cursing the dry and wet. be kind my friend, and if you are hero win your ego first. did I dance with PFDJ? no my friend I didn’t even dance with EPLF. Did I pay dearest price against them? yes, I do not because I hate them but because I hate their system.

  • haile


    This is an age old issue, nothing to be started or initiated now at this late hour. I don’t know how much you know the EDF, but I can assure you there are many people from different sections of the society there. Promotion should reflect national make up, not just one section of the country. Simple really!

    • SM

      Let’s us close that chapter for now then and let the next elected Congress/Leadership/Cabinet decide on it when the New Eritrea is re-born again as this nonesense will not be productive now.

  • haile

    Thanks Eyob, great one. here is a speech (saay can translate some of the hard Tigrigna) of an ELF-RC Seyoum Harestay in 1992. It pretty much outlines where and how things went wrong. I wonder if this is the vid. that saay was asking us for few days ago?


    • Semere Andom

      Thanks Haile:
      I do not think Sal was looking for this, this is not ELF-RC retard, yes,he(Seyoum) is being partisan, but not retard. It was prophetic. And the apprentice kid needs to learn his history. Seyoum was one of the founders of our Ghedli and spent almost a decade in prison, so here you go apprentice land (Nitricc,where are you :-))
      As to Tigriniya, it is clean like our grand parents spoke it with the following exception:
      He did not need to use strategy,we have one in Tig, I am surprised given his command and passion for the language
      wodeAwi, borrowed from the Arabic alwadiE

      One difference between elf and eplf Tigirinya, the first makes the organisation a female, the later male.
      He was impressive on the following usage:
      mdkuan: to firmly establish something

      bdewe dew: without following proper procedures
      No lunacy such as “tsaeda harmaz” (white elephants) as DIA said in his last interview when talking about white elephant projects
      meqdim: good faith or preamble

    • SM

      What a Prophetic Speech.!
      Call it a “retarded ” or “paranoid”,that was our vision.
      No surprise about his Tigrigna as he comes from the “Source” of it.
      RIP Harestay.
      What a loss!

    • saay7

      Thanks Haile The Great. Yes, that’s the video–all hail Aida Kidane for compiling (on her youtube channel) the first draft of Eritrean history. Sem, you missed my point (must be the Canadian snow): I continue to complain about ELF-RC retardation because its retardation is by choice.(I would never pick on involuntarily retarded.) When you had great leaders like Seyoum Harestay and you continue to squander their legacy and lose yourself in petty projects…

      Speaking of languages, here’s a classic from Seyoum Harestay (circa 1979) when he was predicting the collapse of the EPLF (then a congregation of PLF1, PLF2 and PLF3):

      ብሓርጎጽጎጽን ደርጎጽጎጽን ዝተኣኻኸበ ሓይሊ ኣብ ጥንኩር ግዘ ክሽልተምን ክግልጠምን ናይ ግድን ይኸውን


      • SM

        I did not know that The EPLF that I knew collapsed.
        RIP,I felt bad that he was predicting the collapse of his own.

      • SM

        U love biting and provoking here and there.And what are your projects other than roaming around the webs ?
        Wake up Dude and make some sense and try to do some “mini projects” good for the people..
        I think Isaiasim’ makes some sense sometimes specially when he said that he would prefer farmers who could do some digging for good rather than the metaphysical intellectuals,who could do none but talking theories.

      • SM

        Uncle Asfaha et al,
        No further need of biting back about this childish hashiwiye as you loaded them with enough stuff already.
        Case should be closed as it is past due for closure.

    • Kokhob Selam

      I love you Harestay. R.I.P.

  • Back Burner

    The three generals left Warsay in their front line to do the job for them after the border war of Badme got too hot. the generals run for themselves to enjoy the luxury life they have as their President Isaias enjoys the fresh air of the red sea. Poor Warsay end up in Weyane prisons and unlucky ones killed. The Shagarab refugee camp in Sudan so crowded with young Eritreans boys and girls as young as 12 years old. Who thought so many people will come back to these refugee camps. we all want to live good life with generals running the country no chance.

  • Soulman

    Good riddance

  • Gherhi Libu

    SM, what are you, ignorant or stupid? He didn’t say Nazis, he said Naizghi Kiflu. Read before you open your wide-a** mouth.

    • SM

      Asha Libu,
      Are you idiot or dumb?Mind your business Read what I wrote as well.
      I did not say Haile mentioned Nazis but I am trying to make sure they -Haile et al, Will not label our patriots as Nazis and compare them with Nazis as some people tried to do so.
      Do some ES L Training Dude before U try teach people.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Haile and Sal,

    I got a nice chop for you two.

    I wonder how many people watch this, look back and rethink….almost everything about….eh…almost everything of what they thought of Isayas, Ethiopia and Eritrea…

    Please watch and reminisce…


    • saay7

      Selamat Eyob:

      I don’t know how much rethinking people will do because this is classic Isaias: I can imagine him giving the same answer now–the only difference being that whereas, in this debate he was aiming to person, now (uncontested power does that to men) he has achieved that certain IDAS* smugness.

      When I say classic Isaias, I mean classic debating style with its built on fallacies. This one is called Petitio Principi, more commonly known as “begging the question” or “circular argument,” a staple of Isaiasism. Examples:

      Accuser: you are quick to start wars
      Isaiasim: we could not have been the ones to start wars because we know intimately the evil of war because we suffered from it for 30 years.

      Questioner: what will you do to ensure the rights of your citizens and diverse nationalities.
      Isaiasim: We will respect the rights of our citizens and diverse nationalities because we suffered for 40 years due to our rights being denied and our nationalities oppressed.

      My favorite form of Isaiasim was never even uttered by Isaias but by Ambassador Girma Asmerom. It was 2002 and his government had issued a decree requiring all religious institutions in Eritrea must register (entire membership, organization chart, funding source) and then used the edict to find creative ways (we are still processing your application) to effectively ban Pentecostals, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovahs Witnesses, Evangelicals…(their paperwork is still being processed, 12 years later.)

      Interviewer: You are discriminating against religious minorities in Eritrea.
      Girma Asmerom: We can’t discriminate because our constitution respects all Eritreans right to worship without exception.

      Whenever I think of Girma Asmerom, I always think of a guy in a sweater vest being pulled over by a police officer for moving violation (speeding, drunk driving, whatever) and Girma telling the officer: “Officer, I couldn’t have done what you are accusing me of because, here, I have a valid drivers license!”


      • Eyob Medhane

        Sal & Haile,

        Terrific! I want to apologize for not chopping the unnecessary parts, as I wanted to. I just wanted to show you guys only the 3 minutes exchange of Mekonnen Dori (RIP) vs Isayas Afeworki. (I fixed that, by the way)

        About Isaiasism and Girma Asmerom, your metaphor is very expressive of the man and very funny. Now I know that, if I told you that I had a chance to listen to Girma Asmerom speaking about ‘Citizens’ participation and youth development for vision Africa 2065′ (Ironic, right?! 🙂 You wouldn’t be surprised. Interestingly, the way he speaks without reading a prepared speech was very impressive. The man seems to know how to talk a good game, and it’s also appalling to see how what he says and does are two things that are diametrically opposites……

  • said

    SM, It seems you are one of those who survived dark
    era of ignorance and of those of the Black Death of the 14th century. It seems you are admirer of the Mafioso gangster , Capo di tutti capi, to get us to where we are today, Eritrean youth is an endangered species. Eritrean Man and woman are dying out, I am of my time.

    • SM

      You sound like as if ayou are still living in the Stone Age.
      Forget about being a cyber politics expert.Go and fight then if u have the gut.

      • said

        SM: Since you are not able to understand the whole picture the article above and you have shown your idiotic mentality .In short, I would qualify all your statements as pure bulls*** and would tell you are nonsense with a wide open mouth: go and get lost
        with Your murderer Mafioso.

  • Almost all the commentators marked the failure of the generals to shoulder their task properly. The “heroes” some say too, can we frankly say a hero turned to a bandit is still a hero? Maybe they were in that time and that period. Are they hero when they enslave our youths to work freely and build their vilas, ranches, farming? Are they hero when they oppress our people by forcing them accept any order uttered out of law and order? Is once hero is forever hero, even if he/she commits crimes, accepts criminal orders that criminates our people? Where does a hero should stand on issues related to peace, freedom and rights?
    Old merits hardly legitimates them to be called heros when they deliberately betrayed their purpose. Yes, they live in a luxurous vilas/houses rents paid freely at the expenses of the enslaved brothers of yours and mine;Are these really heroes, I doubt. Rather they are parasites on the shoulder of our people, but now leave one by one or in droves, don’t they deserve that?
    why would we lament, just from what we have seen; objectively not emotionally?

    • SM

      And how can we judge you Mr.Judge if you are sitting in a comfort zone and living a better life thatn those of the Generals?
      I cannot judge you,lest to be judged, any way as you might have “contributed” for Eritrea “more” than those generals.

      • Is not how much you contributed, but are you still contributing? Past merits are for past if they are not relevant , then you need not kill your time and energy on it.
        You seem to have problems regarding how to judge someone? By his words and deeds. Especially if he/she is politician then go more on his/her DEEDS. At least they both should be compatible and clearly seen. You know the deeds of the generals blind following orders against the people and youths, tramping against searching for change and supporting for brutal totalitarian regime, oppressing values against martyrs and denying them law and rule. This forfeits their legitimacy as higher posts suposedly serving our people. Thereby it’s easy to judge them.
        but I try to change that. Though in comfortable and, luxerious life, yet am joulous of where I live.democracy, oppensess, freedomof expression (and right to say no, brother)

  • Rodab

    In a mater of days, EDF lost a Major General and two Brigadier Generals.
    Per Tesfa News list, there are still 42 Brigadier Generals, may be more…
    That’s quiet a large number for a country the size of Eritrea. I wondre what that number is in neghboring nations. Just for fun comparison.
    (Did Disqus eat my other comment?)

    • Dawit


      You have given quite interesting (relatively detailed ) answers to my Rhetorical questions. Egypt and Sudan might also play pivotal roles for obvious reasons. The Major Generals as well as the Brigadier Generals may not be as battle tested as we might think. After PFDJ, It’s these generals who would probably vie for control of economic resources. They could become the War-lords of tomorrow. We might even see small factions forming/forging alliances against other factions. Having a dominant control over economic resources guarantee the factions (the generals) existence as a contending force.

      • SM

        But do you know well the of the bio of the remaining generals those of –Ghedli and post Ghedli Era Bio/experience in detail so as to judge them as bad or good ?
        Plus,try to be optimistic as the young Officers might even do better than the “old” ones.

    • haile

      Hey Rodab,

      I don’t know if ‘Hanjema” came back to life, he is still on the list. The second observation is that ALL of the list includes “Christians” and no “moslems”. The final one is Simon Gebredingle was Col. must have been promoted recently. And if colonels were promoted, why not Wedi Ali? hmmm…gele do mebrahkalna?

      • SM

        There are Muslim Major Generals as well.While you know the answer well, it is unafir to initiate -Christian Vs-Muslim Religious War here.We exhausrted this ajewjew during the Ali Salim Plunder/Ahmed Raja’s kiwwed Statistical Analysis period.
        We should earn it as well rather than quotas.If 70-80% of the EPLF Senior Veterans are “Christians” then why would you expect to have 50-50 % Quota?
        The injustice is UNIVERSAL and, as such,we have to approach it in a universal way.

    • SM

      Rodab Hawey,
      There should have been at least twice as many as 42 Generals based on the experienced patriots—-30yrs of liberation war and 23yrs of post-independence period.We should have at least 10 warsay Generals as well.
      The corrupted leadership picks up its favorites—plus,the facts on ground–economic,might not afford promoting those ones who deserve it.This has caused lots of stress and disatisfaction among many deserved veterans.
      Just a common sense rule.

    • Sabu

      We have warsay’s too

  • SM

    May God bless you and your honesty,bro.

  • said

    This so called generals of the 15th -century hard-core fanatic mindset they run out of enemy and confrontation
    and the beast turned internally
    ,and spicily to the innocent setting
    duck ,the captive Eritreans who sacrificed so much and everything they had ,
    possessed and give their most dearest and precious belonging their children
    ,in order to see the country be free and independent in dreaming and hoping one day to live in liberty , prosperity
    , pride , dignity ,peace, freedom and democracy. and the rule of law .The so called general violated of these god giving and bestowed human rights and basic principles of rules .DIA regime and his gang idiotic generals that came to power, is in total gross violation of human rights and violation of the most important of democratic basic norms, the list is long,today’s main concern among many is our youth and spicily vulnerable captive youth turned their life upside down, nowhere to run , for many youth they hate system and the generals who humiliated them and condescendingly enslaved them, for them “This is your grandfather’s war of liberation .” they understand the regime bestial nature and they paid the price ,they are suffering nightmare of the sever serious consequences of their life and face ugly brutalizing and inhuman miserable treatment and their hopeless situation they experience first-hand on
    daily bases by regime generals , a “nightmarish” years of DIA rule unabated .Many are fleeing for their life to unknown death destination. The nation faces the uncertainty and desperation .the generals that had sent Eritrea into a death spiral and never to see it born and shine. Why, one must ask, is this an
    Eritrean interest? Did they really and truly fight for Eritrea, Is this really the bright future—they expected to see. With a terrible economy. Where is “Eritrean heroes ? “ and “Eritrean aspirations?” Truly it is hard to phantom, imagine anything more ignorance,stupidity or total blinds to the facts that surround them ,they would not deal with real issues like economy, progress , health, education and jobs, extras . With no expectation and exception, no Eritrean institutions function well. “I wish it is a dream or short-sighted”. “We know the truth and the facts, the only real enemy of Eritrea is the regime .Eritrean are looking forward for inclusive society and yearn for an open society of harmony and peace and truly service their country that is for another day.

    • haile

      Selam Said,

      When a nasty person who made someone’s life a living hell dies, normally the victim experiences a fits of anger immediately following the abuser’s departure. You notice such outbursts in Eritrean social media whenever such servants of the brutal regime die or are found dead.

      My quest for understanding is not in that particular direction. Let’s say Eritrea has a history of struggle for independence and successfully concluded one at that. Now, like any history, this history is made up of People, Places and Events. For example, when it is time to celebrate certain memorable battle victories, the regime only relies on the Places and Events aspect of the history (because the People have fallen out of favor).

      This would be awkward for Eritreans in the future, the People component of our struggle is too messed up. What should we be doing? Should we honor and recognize in blanket anyone who participated and exceptionally contributed to the struggle for independence or should we give many a dishonorable discharge from our living (trans-generational psych) memory and only acknowledge them strictly along their roles in the crimes of independent Eritrea against its people?

      I hope you get my quest here, it is more of owning the problem both in perspective and timeless dimension. What say you?

      • Rodab

        What say me? Funny you should ask and here it goes:
        Since you have AT’s all four+ ears, could you ask for progress report on that news piece you were whispered to? Keep in mind Assenna is a serial ‘lilo’ and it won’t do any good to cry ጫቝተይ ጫቝተይ after the snatch:-)

      • said

        Selamat Hail,
        Thank you very much for sharing your thoughtful opinion and for accepting our reality and you always strongly opposed the regime ,I always truly admire your well balanced
        opinion as is case today .In today’s Eritrea our sympathy and condolence goes
        only to victim of the most cruellest regime and we stand with in solidarity with our oppressed people. My condolence goes to all those who perished and disappeared by regime, put
        in another term if is fitting for who lost their lives ,may god mercy on them. As all humanity differs in giving a common exact definition and a description of the Lord, God, the Divinity that we always supplicate; the superpower, the supernatural, the omnipotent and omnipresent we, fallible mortals, vulnerable and ever insecure,seek to assuage our fear of the unknown by invoking his blessings at
        challenging moments of our existence, however, ironically, mostly of the extreme unwarranted excesses of our fellow mortals (in this case the death of the generals) , God is finally united into that one single definition, one single description, “boundless Goodness” the boundless mercy, compassion, love and caring that his grace touches the soul of every mortal with its blessings either directly, by the mysterious intervention, the invisible hand of the Lord in myriad inexplicable manifestations; or, often, the acts of kindness extended by an earthly vicegerent, a fellow mortal in this ephemeral life journey who is ensconced with the visit of the good spirit. God is Mercy and Love; God is the Unified Singular power, enshrining and encompassing every minute aspect of a mortal’s existence, all humans regardless of the artificial distinction as to backgrounds and man-made earthly definition of ranks and worthiness.

    • SM

      15th Centuary Generals? I beg your pardon? Are U from Venus or Mars?
      And you are what?
      A 21st centuary Fanatic Extremist?

  • haile

    To the “hero is always a hero crowd”

    Is Naizghi Kiflu a Hero? Is he always a hero in your heart?

    • SM

      Anta sebaay nab libicha temeles.
      Use common sense.
      Everything in this world is relative.
      No one and,NO ONE IS PERFECT in this world.
      You have told us,Saay includrd;that everything is done in Eritrea is done by ONE person.
      This does not me to sympathize with crimes of the dead ones ,who at the same time sacrificed their life time for the liberation of the country and its people.
      Do NOT give me the example of the Nazis here as it is an incomparable issue.
      It is Fine and reasonable to prosecute the ones who are alive but let God judge the ones who are deaf.

      • haile


        I “liked” your comment in case that bribe you enough to get off my file 🙂 [old habits die hard – that is how business is done back home:] Ane weriduni nazi aybelkun! Seriously though, I have a fundamental confusion on this matter that heros turned villains, where does that leave us and our history for posterity?

        • SM

          Wedi mKiel ane,anta sebaay zeitetsaafe aitenbib. I added the Nazis thing by myself.I did not misquote you on that.Read what I clarified .
          My point is about the deaf,man
          KAB asha Libu ghedidkana hiji.
          But seriously,please check on the The political aggression by the TPLF about tightening the sanction and give us your input.
          Show me your Balls of being a true Eritrean rather than debating about the dead.
          Show me your patriotism rather than trushing the patriots.
          Dude, be a man now.Otherwise,I will trush like you are trashing my Martyrs.

  • Ermias

    Selam Haile, I was watching Eri-TV last night, celebration of wiqaw iz victory. I was feeling quite unsettled. Per SAAY’s one degree of separation theory, anyone of us can easily have someone we know or we are related to that was martyred in that war. IA (Alamin and Sibhat) on either side of him, oh dear my dear. They look so frail. I kept asking myself, with age people gain lots of wisdom and I was wishfully thinking all these old men would sit together and say:

    “We, the EPLF fighters and now PFDJ and the Governement of Eritrea leaders have concluded that we failed the Eritrean people after independence. What is done is done. We cannot die one by one without delivering what we promised to the Eritrean people. Since we have learned that we are incapable of doing the nation rebuilding tough task, we would like to transfer power to any capable Eritreans peacefully. We apologize sincerely for all the wrongdoing we poured on our people knowingly or unknowingly. The Eritrean people do not deserve such attorcities. We are ready to accept any punishment from the great Eritrean people per legal findings of all our misdeeds. At the moment, we invite all Eritreans from inside and outside the country to come help us transfer the power to its rightful owners, the Eritrean people. After that, we will report to the appropriate facilities to receive our sentences, but we do sincerely hope that the forgiving people of Eritrea can yet forgive us, as they did to previous wrongdoers, for the sake of our innocent children and families. God bless Eritrea and zela’alemawi zikri n kulom suwa’atna wela b’edna z’halefu!”

  • yohannes

    When some one has gone for ever and ever, we have no discusione to say good or bad. But something of us eho are still alive we can say something.
    a person in his life time changes sevral tines, some times if he go back he will never did again what he have done in his life, ore if he reapit what we he have done, he would like to do it differentlly .
    the destiniy of human birng is to born and dai. The happines of born is closed by ssrrow death. This the defention of human being. What happen in his life span is only history and news.
    Sorry for this three guys of thier death, history eill remember them of thier deed during thier life span.
    Almighty God Recieve them in heaven

  • Dawit

    Rhetorical questions:

    Who will these “ghedli firiyat” be replaced by as they depart this world one or two at a time? Will they be replaced by Eritreans (possibly Y-PFDJ) who had no direct involvement in ghedli? Or, will they be repalced by the sons and daughters of the “ghedli firiyat” who would continue the legacy of “PFDJ”?

    A similar freak accident can happen to the dictator as he drives from a mini-dam to a mini-bridge. What would be the likely outcome of his death: the fragmentation of Eritrea? What will Ethiopia’s role be in such a likely scenario? When someone punches you in the nose your eyes immediately begin to water. What ever happens in Eritrea affects Ethiopia directly or indirectly. For example, Refugees will probably swell in Nortehrn Ethiopia as factions (war lords) fight for influence upon the death of the dictator. .

    • Horizon

      You can take it as a rhetorical answer or otherwise.
      If chaos follows after the death of DIA or any other time (let us pray it would never happen), most probably, the West
      will give the green light to Ethiopia to intervene. Ethiopia would be forced to do so for two main reasons. Nobody wants to see another Somalia in the horn of Africa, and Ethiopia will simply be overwhelmed with the influx of refugees, and she would be forced to do something about it.

      Ethiopia has learnt a thing or two from her incursion into Somalia in 2006. She should have a clear-cut picture of
      the situation in Eritrea, who is who, which group is the old and which the new; who is part of the the present status quo and who pro-change. Her role should be precise; i.e. get in, change the power balance in favor of a pro-democracy pro-change Eritrean political group, and get out of Eritrea as soon as possible. Ethiopia should not get stuck in the quagmire of Eritrean political upheaval. The million-dollar question is, where that pro-democracy Pro-change Eritrean group is, which would fill the void. This will complicate and make things difficult and uncertain.

      The above is the only situation in which Ethiopia should intervene in an Eritrean affair. I am against those who say that Ethiopia must intervene to change the present status quo. This is an Eritrean affair that has nothing to do with Ethiopia.

      In my opinion, the most probable scenario after the death of DIA, is for the military (the old guards) to take over and continue the present state of affairs, for the simple reason that resent towards the regime is seen from outside and not from inside. If young military officers with democratic aspirations snatch power from the hands of the old guards, that could create a set of events that would give hope for the Eritrean people, and most probably, there would be mass participation. In this case, Eritrea might not see major upheaval, and the oldies will be put under control in no time, Eritrea will not go into chaos, and Ethiopia’s intervention will not be necessary.

      • Kim Hanna

        Dawit and Horizon,
        In my humble opinion, green light or red, Ethiopia should not get involved in the Eritrean affairs at all.
        In Somalia we were directly threatened and self interest dictates that we look at the cost benefit ledger and act accordingly. In Eritrea no one is threatening us. Furthermore we should not be party to anything that might go wrong there. We will earn the blame for the next succeeding generations if we do.
        My belief is an army strong man or men will surface to lead their nation. Let us try to deal with him or them in the best way we can. As for the rest of the story let us work through the U.N and A.U., even then don’t stick the head out too much.

  • Kokhob Selam

    we can’t just blame or accuse PFDJ for every accident although we all agree that PFDJ can do any type of crime if needed. we should all know PFDJ is in trouble more than before and needs his military experts. And we should pray for them as we don’t know if they were happy with PFDJ and had some other plan and also we don’t get any benefit if they go to hell. I think, our problem is the system not with dead general or any dead supporter and we should all know once up on a time most of us were dancing with PFDJ.

    • Explorer

      You wrote: “we should all know once up on a time most of us were dancing with PFDJ.” It is not strange to see people like you (who once danced with PFDJ) defending his bosses dead or alive. If they were part of the regime and committed crimes (either directly or indirectly) I pray Almighty God tro burn them in hell fire. It is not up to people like you to pardon and forgive for crimes committed by PDFJ… it is the orphans, the widows, the mutilated, the refugees… who received the criminal acts. Due to PFDJ crimes Eritreans became victims either dead or languishing in prisons in a horrible inhuman conditions or are dead in the seas or are in refugee camps. The crimes committed by these brutal criminals are immense and severe. They did critical and serious damages to our people and country. I do not generalize and say all (but specifically those were involved directly or indirectly to the regime’s criminal acts). Our problems is with the system and these dead bodies were part of the system (if they committed crimes, even if dead still are accused) and all those are supporting a criminal regime also are partners in the crimes committed.

  • sara

    the comments here reminds me the debate when some one of the opp.. said things about our hero AWATE … the father of our armed struggle. what ever said a hero will remain a here in all Eritreans heart.R.I.P TO awate and his followers.

  • silent

    A hero will always be a hero what so ever.

  • suspicioud

    Suspicious indeed.That is why the AT gave us a hint by saying that three of them were close friends going out together….planning for their final fate.
    This reminds me the conspiracy about the death of Ibrahim Affa,OONE of the BEST and Super Intelligent elite Eritrean Military Strategists/Commanders.besides being an Israel trained Navy Commando..
    The suspicious role of Gen Philipos should not be ignored in all these atrocities.
    Gen Hanjema/AManuel Haile was und er close watch due to his association with Gen Saleh Osman,the man alleged for Op Forto.
    The Current Governor of Zoba Anseba ,Ghirmai Ghergis, survived a similar car accident , allegedly plotted by Gen Philipos in 2001
    Hope Gen Eyob/ Halilat survives if at all injured.
    His survival may bring up further questions being a close ally of DIA.

  • sm

    Why in the world would this kind comment be allowed hete?
    Another serious double standard..

  • sm

    Reasonable comment.

    • SM

      The above comment is NOt to the coward/flip-flopping Unprincipled Ermias,but to the,at times, reasonable Haile.
      This is to give the credit where it belongs to.

  • Sad Day For Eritrea

    Good thought.
    Consider the heroic role of Gen AManuel Haile along with Gen Saleh Osman ,the alleged man behind Forto Op, in defending Aseb from Haile ‘ s favorite Weyanes.
    There is no way of ruling out the conspiracy here considering the paranoia after Op Forto.
    The restructuring of the PFDJ and the Army Ranks has a big meaning..
    It is so sad that the brains of Eritrea are vanishing for nothing.
    FYI:Han Jem a was under close watch

    Gen Philipos is a very dangerous man and has to be watched closely.
    Redii Meharl clarified the role of this Gen in the disappearance of Wedi Affa.
    The current Angela Governor survived a similar car accident plotted by the same Gen.
    Yew tse’ ana eyu kabzi’atom

  • T. Kifle

    May their souls rest in peace

  • Semere Andom

    So if we have a scale and put the contributions of theses thugs to the counterfeit independence they have brought us and the diabolic crimes they have unleashed and in the way setting up Eritrea for a future of chaos, profiting from our servitude, which way will the scale tilt?
    Whatever contributions they were behind was for themselves, although I appreciate what you are trying to strike,their heroism,they toil and moil, their so called selfless sacrifices were for themselves and no matter what the eulogies by their master will say the last 20 years were enduring testament of their colossal failure and betrayal
    Sem Andom

    • haile

      Hello Semere,

      In deed, you have an interesting way of contrasting the relevant issues. However, this is seriously contradictory matter. Think of wuchu for example, he served the independence struggle (and did well at that). Now, the independence of Eritrea is a historic legacy that would transcend generations, outlive systems of governance, will be handed from one generation for posterity. It was not only those who were at the fronts that made this possible but almost every Eritrean from all across the society and non-Eritreans who sympathized, allied to or partnered with our cause and struggle.

      IA created a disturbing setting and put in motion a situation where the nation and the people are dangerously hanging on the balance, the standard of life of an Eritrean plummeted far below that the worst colonizer to ever set foot in the country, Eritrean’s bond and trust with each other turned to betrayal and polarization against each other, even forced many to ponder and write volumes questioning if it was all worth it. None of these can change the reality however that at a specific time in history, Eritreans came together to assert their shared interest in becoming independent and these individuals served well in the capacity that they were put to serve the cause.

      PFDJ, having become politically bankrupt, with nothing new to offer is always to blow these deaths out of proportion (especially the favored one’s – this guys seem to get less and Gen. Oqbw abraha was buried at night by few nameless and faceless men while Naizgi was left on a freezer for over a month and his citizenship made posthumously persona non grata…). However, IA and his Nhna nsu brain dead aside, this is a national issue, an Eritrean issue, a generational issue. Is Eritrea going to honor its independence Heros? or Not? A very unenviable and sad situation really.


      PS: This is for the “Nhna Nsu” band, are you guys going to cease existing when “Nsu” is dead or is it going to be like a case of the body of the chicken rattling after the head is cut off 🙂

  • Yeman Gebregiogis

    It just saddens and killing me from inside out to see these shefatu expire one by one without facing justice for the unimaginable and immeasurable atrocities the committed against our poor people for years.Then again,it doesn’t matter whether they are assassinated by the emperor they served loyally or killed by the said accident,I am glad they are gone and hope the rest follow soon.Eritrea will be a better place without these shefatu that didn’t blink their eyes to serve an atrocious dictator at the expense of the nation and its poor people that they claimed to have fought for.These shiftas and their living partners died long ago and many times when they choose to serve the emperor with utter loyalty not out of conviction but cowardice and there is nothing worse than that.
    “Nimen alewo ezgi alewo” God seems to have heard the loud and painful cry of the people and he is acting. Hallelujah,

    • Death

      One should never rejoice in the death of his enemy for it may find a home at your doorstep.

    • SM

      [From moderator: SM, you are showing all the signs of a person who will soon be shown the door. Stop talking about AT in every post: it is a distraction to the debate. Debate, if you can, commenters. If that is your only agenda, get a blog which says “I hate Awate Team” and have fun.]

      Anta Awan,or nai shefatu shita-to use your own word(let’s see what the moderator will do),these are the heros of the heros in the world of liberation movement history by any standard.You are sitting behind computers in a comfort zone and you are cursing the DEAD?
      This is beyond insanity and I am more than amused as to why the so called “moderator” is allowing you to express these words,which are far beyond vulaar language,unless the AT has its own dictionary of defining words.

      • SM

        Please be so kind to stop your discriminatory rhetoric.
        I do NOT hate the AT BUT I am expressing my grievance and frustration about what you are doing. Why in the world would you tolerate people who curse the dead?
        What would you feel if your own ones are treated the way our Martyrs are being mistreated here?.
        Plus,if you cannot tolerate the opinion of others,then put it in your posting or commenting policy.
        Not only you are allowing people to say this and that,you yourself,as Moderators,have used the worst words and terms;case in point,I am one of the victims.

  • haile

    Selamat Awatista,

    First off, RIP.

    It so often appears to be the case that many Eritreans who are disgusted by the the regime of IA and its attendant brutality, find themselves confused on how to react when people who were once the hero’s of our independence have long fallen through the cracks to live a life of servitude and disposable tool of the dictator in his wanton crime against our people and country. While I feel genuine sadness and sense of violation when thinking people like the G-15 and others who made it with honor and dignity through the embattled journey of our country, it is hard to have any thing more than crocodile tears for life time servants of a dictator who have left with much blood on their hands.

    It is just hard to balance, but we need to keep fair mindedness as much as possible. These people have played a pivotal role in our independence struggle. As much as that part of their history is concerned, they indeed accomplish the mission albeit with many ups and downs. In as far as the destruction of Eritrea following independence (especially after 2001), the way they turned on our peaceful and kind population as wild animals, their bestial crimes, their total loss of sense in inflicting the worst form of atrocity upon the decent people of our country is hard to imagine. And I believe it is also fair to call them out to judgement on that too. Most PFDJ supporters are beholden by individual benefit and their belly can’t really process the tragic reality of their lives as Eritreans. However, as a fair minded and balanced person, one must feel comfortable to recognize the struggle era contribution of these persons and also condemn the heinous crimes that they perpetrated by abusing trust and taking advantage of innocent and defenseless Eritreans.

    These people are indeed leaving not only with the honorable acts they accomplished in the realization of our long dreamed about independence but also with many innocent blood on their hand that they shed in a brutal crescendo of killing everything we had prided ourselves on as Eritreans. Nay edom aysAnu 🙁

    • SM

      The above comment will suffice without further stumbling for me to express my concern.
      Thank you Haile the Great(now without ” “).I just want you to read Ethiopia’s MoFA destructive rhetoric and to come back to your sense and officially condemn it,if you are really Eritrean and care for Eritrea and Eritreans.
      By the way,where is the AT’s Investigative Report and Ghedeb News about this open political aggression of the Weyanes,.Unless they were/are part of the campaign,how in the world would they miss this Public Secret?

  • What would be worth a general if he fails to protect his people from their daily abuses? Yes, every soul will taste the death, with no exception for those too. However, the huge question is whether they fullfiled their obligations to defend/protect and thereby be name worthy as generals, the bagdes they wear and the tast they were mandated.
    Yet, with all their ovious defects I tend to learn one big lesson and urge the remaining generals to stand up and save our diving nation to the cliff and limit your barbaric leader who caused the nation to its deplete of its human resource and future leaders-the lost generation.
    Said this let me give my human sympathy to their families and let their soul rest in peace.

  • Habte

    Did they really die off car accident or or is there something we should know? Remember Mohammed the OMO factory owner? We were told that he rolled over when he was traveling to Massawa

  • rr

    It aches my heart to realise that he is finishing them one by one.