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Tens of Newly Arrived Eritreans Flood Ethiopia

[Gedab News, Dec 26, 2021] Reports from Ethiopia indicate that since the beginning of 2020, more than 65,000 Eritrean escapees have arrived in Ethiopia, including some who abandoned the army.

According to our sources,  the number represents about a third of the actual number. Many new arrivals avoid reporting their presence to the concerned Ethiopian authorities but melt in the society and stay with relatives and acquaintances.

The same sources indicate around 75% the new arrivals are Eritreans, surpassing the number of newly arrived Sudanese, Somali and others.

Last month, The Ethiopian Administration for Refugee & Returnee Affairs (ARRA) that coordinates refugees affairs with the UNHCR, was told to freeze its operations. The above mentioned report is expected to be handed to the UNHCR as a yearend report and will be the last unless ARRA is allowed to resume its activities.

Concentrated around Goffa neighborhood, many of the new arrivals from Eritrea took advantage of an unannounced relaxation of exit visa and issue of Eritrean passports. A large number of Eritrean were smuggled to Ethiopia through the Assab-Bure highway and disembarked in the surrounding of Semera, in the Afar region, before continuing to Addis Ababa and other places.

Since 2018, the trickling traffic of Eritrean escapees and refugees through the central section of the Ethiopian-Eritrean border, has drastically increased during November 2021 unannounced visa relaxation by Eritrean authorities.

Two of the newly arrived Eritrean refugees said, “we paid smugglers to drive us from Assab to Ethiopia.” Asked about the reason for the one-month relaxation of exit visa restriction an escapee said, “I believe the higher-ups relaxed it to smuggle their children and relatives.”

A considerable number of Eritrean escapees and refugees have already established themselves, mainly in Addis Ababa and other major cities. They have started small businesses like restaurants and grocery shops. Also, thousands have also travelled to the West to visit or to be reunited with their relatives, while thousands more are hoping to be resettled by the UNHCR.

Reported by T.A. (Ethiopia) Abraham T (USA) and Awatestaff

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  • Mez

    Dear gedab news,
    This Is a surprising number!

    Can we project that in a year or two, there will be more eritrean in Ethiopia than in Asmarino?

    What would gedab think?


    • Ismail AA

      Selam Mez,

      Yes, the situation is a serious concern. The suffering under ruthless egotistic regimes has endured for far too long. People are not seeing any flicker of hope, and the young see no future before them. This becomes more compounded when parents see the only way of saving their most loved ones through doing anything to enable them cross borders alive and then proceeding to where ever fate leads them. I know no country in our region that is not suffering from this sad pattern of brain drain and loss of the young.

      The other dag, I read that there are nearly a quarter of a million of Ethiopian nationals suffering in Saudi jails, having no where to go. Sudan has had enduring migration problem of young Sudanese . They have been risking their lives by fighting as mercenaries in Yemen without any guaranteed prospect of enjoying their earnings. The Somali nation has had no better fortune.

      The point worth worrying about is that the loss of people has become a sad identifying pattern of the African Horen nations. They have become partners in a category of failed states thanks to bad rulers.

    • Brhan

      Hi Mez,

      If you mean more young Eritreans, yes, unless the regime limits the national service to 18 months as per the law, it is regulated. Mez, I am not sure if you are Ethiopian but put yourself in the situation: imagine your siblings, cousins and friends obliged to serve in unlimited military service time?

      Many Eritrean young men of the first round (1995) are still serving and hardly know when the regime will discharge from the service.

      What do you think these young men dream, believe and want?

    • Solomon Seyum

      Selamat Memhirey Mez & Gedab,

      Happy New Year!!

      I recall in the binary New Years Day, 010101 Memhir Mez: 22 in base ten, submitting and being published in the front page of, an article with the title Catch 22.

      Indulge me for a minute, as you can see a 10 year correlation of the the dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. In binary 2010 = 22 and 2022 = 22. This is inspired by your projection of nearly all Eritreans will reside on Ethiopia take. Granted Gedab could be confusing EDF for Eritrean refugees and or the war is causing refuge swaps of Eritreans and Ethiopians into cool spots on either side of the border, or the war could limit Eritreans to even think about seeking refuge in Ethiopia.

      Clearly I feel dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t, a decade later, with the website’s proprietor’s bias in informing. Perhaps we should subtract the I from the IER(inform, embolden, reconcile). If dammed either way in this Catch 22, then I might as well.

      So Catch 22 and indulge further with the matrix construction bellow in this year 22. The base in binary 10 = 2

      010110.-3+.+0+0++0. 32 16 8 4 2 1.-22

      Mez’s projection are not 4,8,18 or 20 years.

      I am simply projecting 10 + 1010=10 +2 in a Catch 22 way. Dammed if I do so I do…


      Ps. Matrix Resurrection Admiral, like Neo I now Chess.

      In Chess….

      GiE NOW!


      • Saleh Johar

        Disclaimer: I didn’t write the Gedab News so don’t assume stuff you don’t know–the insinuations are just high school girl’s behavior. Stop it. But if you think you are here with one mission, pls tell me the word and I will try to convince my colleagues to include it in pour slogan.

        Seriously though: why are you here Tsatse? If you have an ulterior motive, it’s not advisable to stay just to poke at the website and those behind it. But if you can manage to be a normal member of the forum, you are more than welcome. I mean it. So, which one will it be, Tsatse?

        • Solomon Seyum

          Selamat SaliH,

          Let me just state to you that I am a true proponent of private enterprise, free market economy and great entrepreneurs such as your self. Why one word? Eritrea.

          How about I add another word, if you will allow me that is? Why am I here? Another one word: Awate.

          Shall I continue? I have been here and will continue to be here because, in one word: contribute.

          If you only see me here to poke, then it is because you do not know mathematics. Another one word reason for my being here is: Teach.

          Much like your self, I am teaching young Eritrea minds and in my post above there is a mathematics lesson for young Eritrean minds, and as usual, have responded in a negative.

          There is a debate raging among Eritrean Justice Seekers where the divide is whether or not to rely on the TPLF to rid of the PFDJ. I believe, whether you write the Gedab article or not, this website is biased and has been for a very long time to tow the TPLF narrative. I have been here for 010110 years. Yes, that binary number is equal to 22 in the base 10 number that you are familiar with. And 10 is equal to 2 in base 2. And the year 010110, 12 years ago I wrote an article that you or whomever approved it published it on the front page. The title is: Catch 22.

          Now since you know diddly squat about mathematics, I ask you to either learn or let young Eritrean minds learn how to be critical thinkers.

          In the Eritrean struggle for Justice, I could be considered your grand father and a true sincere veteran. On the contrary Mr. SaliH Johar Ghadi, it is rather you that is being a child and not I that is the child. Now study the table I constructed above… and you will find hidden gems, some things you should know about data and the Information age.

          We are both Eritrean with different choice of the path in order to restore justice in Eritrea. Your path with a pro TPLF bias is WRONG!

          Temahirka Allokha,


          Ps. In the 2010 New Year’s Day article: I concluded with this sentence: “I am Ali Salim!” Yeah the Uturn dude people swore it was SJG.

          Also, dear SaliH, though I can pose this question in your AWliAEy Negarit, allow me to ask it here:
          In your book Of Kings and Bandits, does the cover have only HIM’s flag or was the bandits’ s AWliAEy on the cover also? I know it was a marketing thAng, right?

          Now if you could teach me something, please instruct me how to find the 010110 Catch 22,article. This is for all readers.


          I know Chess,

          GiE NOW!


          • Saleh Johar

            This is the last time I reply to your pestering.
            1- you are not qualified to judge anyone from your leagues let alone me.
            2- you are here to pester me, cut out that I want to teach none sense. Teach what? Indecency?
            3- this new cycle started with the dictionary you offered as a contribution to Awate and then you insulted me and boasted that the dictionary Beyan bought was contributed to Awate. I feel you had a buyers remorse and I offered once, now offering again, to reimburse you with the cost of the dictionary. I am sure if I asked Beyan, he will return the book to you. Just let me know.
            3-on Ali Salim, I know who was peddling that rumor. Stay clear of that ancient defamation for I have many such accusation and it’s sad you joined the crowd of urchins.
            4-the Siafu ant sting doesn’t kill me, it just is annoying.
            5- now, behave and if you are planning to be booted out so that you can boast , “I was kicked out because I am a loyal patriot” just ask and we can even try to announce your banning on the New York Times.
            6- do I need to mention your picture paranoia and that the PFDJ is after you? No, it seems you fended fences.
            7- Get off my back, for the last time. Try to teach as you claim, and stop your pestering. Is this forum not tolerating you excesses and everybody here know it? Please, I really do not want to be in the cycle of nothing that you seem to enjoy. Change the subject, find a worthy character for your crusade. I owe you nothing. Nothing!

          • Solomon Seyum

            Selamat SaliH,

            You are clearly perturbed. Which one of us indecent. I gain absolutely nothing to pester you.

            My political stance in opposition to yours is clearly stated. Where from is it do you think I will be booted? Is this not what we accuse the PFDJ? Their silencing of decanting views. Lord help us you are not part of the GiE. On a second thought, we, as we have always done, help our self.

            One last question: are you not a patriot? Do you not boast of your patriotism. Nearly 200 Negarit productions can attest to that.

            No I do not plan to be booted but maybe you are planning to boot and then boast with your fly swatter purchased from Amazon.

            On the league comment, yes I agree we are clearly not on the same league. Yes, I too will not respond to your scattered comments.

            On Ali Salim, it has nothing to do with the rumors or who initiated them. I was addressing my front page article published on on 01/01/2010 or on 010110 with the title Catch 22. What nonesense gual meggedi diversion..,

            Temahirka allokha!

            GiE NOW!


          • Saleh Johar

            Respectfully, get lost

          • Solomon Seyum

            Selamat SaliH,

            Now the above response of your is what I call teaching indecency.

            From where? From Eritrea, from awate, from the face of the earth, from my duty as an Eritrean Justice Seeker?

            Sorry but no can do.

            GiE NOW!