Home / Videos / Negarit 45: መሰረት ዘይብሉ ጉራን ቶጎግን – تفاخر على الفاضي

Negarit 45: መሰረት ዘይብሉ ጉራን ቶጎግን – تفاخر على الفاضي

Negarit 45: መሰረት ዘይብሉ ጉራን ቶጎግን – تفاخر على الفاضي

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  • Haile S.

    Selam Pasteur Saleh,

    እዋይ ስብከት! ነዞም ኣብ ገገጽ-መጽሓፍፎም ኮይኖም ጌታ ተቐበሉ፡ ኣነ ዲሒነ ቢሎም ንባዕሎም ዘንጽሁን ዝፈርዱን፡ ድሓኑ እናበሉ መዓንጣ ሰብ ሰውጽኡ፡ ዝሰብኩ ሓሊፍካዮም፡ ኣወጻጺእካዮም። እንቛዕ ክኣ ባዕልኻ ተኣመንካሉ።

    ወይ ዘረባ! ሎም’ሲ ዝገደፍካልና የብልካን። ንዓና ነዞም ጭዋታት፡ ኣዕጽምትና (genes) ጽሩይ ካብ ወለዶ ናይ ወለዶ ዘይተበከለ’ሲ ሕውስዋስ ኢልካና? ኣይግድን! ካልእ እንተስኣንና እቲ ሓበንን ፈኸራን ክትከልኣና!

    ዝኾነ ኮይኑ ምኽርኻ ኣብ ልብና የሕድሮ። ከምቲ ዝበልካዮ ድኽነትናን ዕርቃንናን ብኣርሒቕካን ኣግፊሕካ ምርኣይን፡ ብትምህርትን ንፍትሓዮ ድኣ እምበር፡ ብዘየድሊን ዘየሕብንን “ጽሩይ ዓጽሚ” ምሽፋን ንግደፎ።

    ኣምላኽን ኣላህን እንተደልዮም ሓደ እንተዘይደልዮም ክልተ ይኹኑ። ኣብዘይንርእዮ ኣብዘይንሰምዖ ቦታ ኮፍ ኢሎም ከም ኣማልኽቲ ግሪኽ (greek gods) ሓኾት ይብሃሉ። ንሕና ኣብ መንጎኦም እንታይ ኣእተወና! ኣብዛ ዓለም እናተረኣኣና እናተሰማማዕና እናተኻባበርና ዘይንነብር!

    ሰላም መዓልቲ

  • Ghebregzi Yonas

    This is a major undertaking, I agree 99.99% with your input. Please, continue. Is it true “pray” in Arabic is also ሰሊ???

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Ghebrezghi,
      True, selat and ጸሎት are related. The geez ጸ become hard S in Arabic. The same with ጾም =ስያም , ጽብባሕ=ሱብሕ/ሰባሕ, Watch for any Arabic word with hard S and compare it with ጸ okay, I can’t give away all my future materials here 🙂 thank yiu

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Ahlan Ustaz Saleh,

    The word “Mus’Haf” mentioned in Quran many times, and it means a book. Later, specially at present, a magazine, journal, journalist are called “Mus’Haf” or “Sahfi”

    (قول تعالى 🙁 إن هذا لفي الصحف الأولى ,, صحف إبراهيم وموسى)

    صحف إبراهيم وموسى يعني الكتب المنزلة عليهما . ولم يرد أن هذه الألفاظ بعينها في تلك الصحف ، وإنما هو على المعنى أي إن
    معنى هذا الكلام وارد في تلك الصحف


    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan ustazna,
      Prophet Mussa had stone tablets, I don’t know what IBRAHIM had. But they certainly didn’t have a musHaf as we understand it now, a bound book (أوراق مجلدة) which is a later invention of humanity. SuHf could certainly have a different meaning than a bound book that humanity cane to know. Maybe the binder book had its origins in SuHf thousands of years before the day of the Quran. But the fact that the word is of geez origin is supported by many old historians and of Islam. But as in any scholarly findings, of course there are some who refute it but I have not seen any valid rebuttal. Look it up and the references are so many. Can you imagine the size of a book in per chamber? One book will need Gemel Truud 🙂

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        Ahlan Al-Ustaz Saleh,

        Geez and Arabic are one language. We should not forget the origin of Geez is Yeman, which is the source of all Arabs, Adnan and Qahtan.