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Mola Asghedom For Governor Of Ethiopia Forum

I am sure you heard that Mola Asghedom who was on a ten year visit to Eritrea decided to leave his guest camp and return to Ethiopia. I am not sure of his title, but Eritrean Arabic websites refer to him as “General Mola Asghedom”. Why not, anyone who commands an army thousands of soldiers strong is fit to be a general. But since I didn’t hear the Ethiopian media refereeing to him as such, I am not sure how to refer to him, I will just call him Commander Mola Asghedom.

Yesterday I finished going through the last of the clips of his interviews that I had saved. Honestly, I am convinced he is not a general; no general is that articulate. Regardless of his past relations with Isaias, I decided to look to the future and not dwell on it because I was touched by the way he respected the Eritrean people and the high regard with which he remembered my people. Anyone who describes Eritreans in that way has to be a good man—unlike Isaias who never mentioned Eritreans by name, just “Izzi hzbi, ‘zi…”

In almost all his interviews, Commander Mola Asghedom made sure to mention that his army faced tough resistance when leaving Eritrea, and that it “broke the enemy lines…” and entered the Sudan. The enemy is the PFDJ; it is amazing how an ally can become an enemy in one day. And the excited Ben spiced it up a little; he said, TPDM “pushed the Shabiya army through the border, and then destroyed it and returned to their country.” Termsms is the Amharic word he used. Therefore, all opposition to the PFDJ should rejoice, Shabiya army is destroyed, Ben has confirmed that.

Blame it on the Italians, whenever Eritreans hear “Mola” they make a mistake and visualize Mola, you know, the metal spring that the Italians taught us it’s called Mola. Okay, Mola sprung out of Eritrea because he couldn’t possibly penetrate the well-guarded Eritrean borders, he must have jumped over the border guards, that is if Ben’s explanation doesn’t appeal to you. But for now, forget what Ben said. reported that a high level Eritrean security team had arrived in Khartoum on Sunday. If that’s true, I believe they are there to discuss ways to have Mola Asghedom and his army extradited back to Eritrea because they are naturalized Eritreans—they have passports and ID cards that they issued to TPDM to prove they are Eritreans. They insist that Ethiopia, in contravention of international law, particularly its PFDJ doublespeak translation, has kidnapped its citizens, the TPDM.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister can threaten all he wants, but Isaias is rebuilding what is left of the Ethiopian opposition forces—the Gambella group has now increased by 1000%, to ten people. The Afari group that Mola said couldn’t bring one person is now an army of four people. Two brigades of the Eritrean army has replaced TPDM forces that were kidnapped by Ethiopia, until EPRDF extradites them, including Mola Asghedom.

An Opportune Time For The Eritrean Opposition

There is a great opportunity and the Eritrean opposition should make its move fast. The Sana’a Forum, which is supposedly a clearing house set by Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia to deal with the Eritrean opposition transactions is now a forum without Sudan and Sana’a—the president of the last one, Ali Abdella Saleh who made the deal, is now a fugitive and I don’t think any of the two contending Yemeni presidents, Abdo Robbo Mensur or Abdulmalik AlHouthi, know anything about the so-called Sana’a Forum. That’s is because so many seasons have passed since it became an Ethiopian sole proprietorship, and that is why I refer to it as such.

Oh, the move! The election for the position of governor of the Sana’a Forum, I mean the Ethiopia Forum, is due, or should be due—the term length is not spelled out but assumed because it has been a while since the last election. I will campaign for commander Mola Asghedom to run for the office of the governor of the Ethiopia Forum in the next (upcoming?) election. Why not? He loves Eritreans, he knows the ins and outs of Eritrea and the secrets of the ruling party. He knows the mettle of the “patriots” from Washington DC who are being fattened by Isaias to overthrow the EPRDF, and annex Eritrea to the Ethiopian Empire. And as a military commander, Mola doesn’t seem he is due for retirement any time soon. Provided he has a sense of humor, and he is not stiff, I am supporting Mola Asghedom for Sana’a Forum! I mean, Mola Asghedom for Ethiopia Forum!

If elected, I think Mola would vacate the Ethiopia Forum offices in Addis Ababa and move them up North, close to his camps in Eritrea that he left ten days ago. He knows how to organize an opposition force and he can help the few dozen Eritrean squads get organized. Importantly, he has an experience with the sort of opposition organizations that could not bring four people to a resistance army—he would identify the two-man and four-man Eritrean groupies that are wreaking havoc in the opposition. I think he will set strict benchmarks (and retirement benches) to help reorganize, and reorient the Eritrean opposition to the direction of Eritrea—reminder: from Addis, it is North, just in case.

In addition, commander Mola despises the Diaspora misfits, and those who are planning to run the Eritrean opposition through their two or three man delegations, from Europe and North America are the same. He might give them “mesenabecha wereqet.”  I am impressed by his mannerism which is still true to the original country boy character; he would love being in the field, pushing everybody up north.

The first governor of the Sana’a Forum was Hebur Gebrekhidan who was succeeded by General Mesfin Amare, the governor of the Ethiopian Forum—the two gentlemen served the Forum to the best of their abilities and everybody I know is so grateful for the services they rendered to the development of the Eritrean opposition to the extent I expect Ben will soon broadcast, “ye Telat serawit atteremamsew wede ertra agerachew temelesu.” And to bid farewell to the sitting governor of the Ethiopian Forum, Eritreans in Addis should organize a farewell party as big as the one they organized for September 1—never mind some Diaspora arbegnotch gave them (and the EPRDF) a violation card for holding a werebela party in Addis Ababa. I believe by now the ticket is cancelled, or settled.

Unfortunately Eritrea wins over Ethiopia: Isaias beat Ethiopia in the organizing of opposition and logistic generosity department. That is because, in spite of the wrong perception, “Eritrea, a small country in Africa”, is wealthier (and more committed to the cause of its guests) than Ethiopia—my assumptions are based on statements by Commander Mola Asghedom. Imagine an Eritrean opposition copy of commander Mola Asghedom returned to the laps of Isaias, what would he say?

The Great PFDJ Intelligence Outfit

Some Ethiopians are always in a competitive spirit and they were annoyed because they wrongly considered the last edition of The Pencil as a comparison of the intelligence units of Eritrea and Ethiopia. However, I am determined not to let them win, enough winning with the light rail, toll roads, and factories—a selfish bunch! But since they think they have the right to win in any trivial competition that they imagine, here is what commander Molla Asghedom said about the matter when he came to my rescue:

“Eritrea doesn’t have [strength on] anything else but on security. It’s weak as we have seen and assessed, But [its] strength is just in security, soldiers, police, [and the like]. That is [where its] strength [is], nothing else.” Begin at the 12:33 mark end at 12: 44 mark

That “small country” survives on intelligence and security for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and if you forget, a reporter who thinks he is giving a geography lesson will introduce to you Eritrea as “a small country in the Horn of Africa.” But size has nothing to do with that; sometimes it doesn’t matter at all. However, writers, particularly reporters, cannot avoid saying that. Then they spice it up with “Italian style art deco buildings, and sidewalk cafes, etc,”—good luck finding any context in the dull and boring reports. Never mind…

Since we are in a competitive spirit, facts indicate that out of 196 countries, Eritrea is the 99th biggest country in the world. Lucky for some countries, no one refers to Jordan as a small country in Asia, or small European country called Switzerland, or, Netherlands, or Belgium. Eritrea is bigger than these countries. Now is the time to state my own boring statement: Ethiopia is about ten times bigger and Sudan is about sixteen times bigger than Eritrea—big deal!

The following is a list of most of the countries that are smaller than Eritrea:

AFRICA: Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Burundi, Rwanda, Gambia, Cape Verde, Swaziland, and Djibouti.

SOUTH And Central AMERICA: Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Haiti, El Salvador, Jamaica,  Dominican Republic.

EUROPE: Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Slovenia,  Kosovo, Belgium, Albania.

ASIA: South Korea, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Comoros, Singapore,  Armenia, Mauritius, Taiwan.

MIDDLE EAST: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Cyprus, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Bahrain.

My dear Eritrean compatriots, don’t let the “Small Eritrea” remark annoy you, brush it off as ignorance. And once we get rid of Isaias and his deplorable regime, we can reclaim half the Red Sea and double the area of Eritrea–I am not sure what purpose that would serve, but we are in a competition!

Commander Molla Asghedom Enjoying His Country

The commander found his sanity when he decided to abandon Isaias and return to his country. Good for him because in Ethiopia dissidents can exist provided they stay clear of the anti-terrorism law that was copied from Dick Cheney’s diaries, or, was it Bush Junior? No difference. This should not be understood that the Ethiopian political system is comparable to that of the PFDJ by any stretch of imagination. Though it is not perfect, no rational person can argue it doesn’t provide maneuvering space for its citizens in all aspects of life. Now go ahead and compare it to Eritrea which is accommodating anti-Eritrean forces, but cannot accept caskets containing the cold remains of dead Eritreans.

The Ethiopian Diaspora groupies,  with their DC, London, Dubai, Asmara, connections should learn from Mola Asghedom and go back home, or forget it all and let Ethiopians live in peace.

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  • Stupendous Man

    There may be at least 2 reasons SAAY reacted strongly to Molla’s defection from his PFDJ handlers

    1. SAAY was one of the vociferous voices supporting the ethio-eritrea war (1998-2000) from shaebia’s perspective. The war did not end the way he anticipated or desired. Molla”s skirmish victory against Eritrean border guards brought back the traumatic events of 1998-2000.

    2. The Eritrean opposition groups have had a difficult relationship with the regime in Addis Ababa. The demise of TPDM will make it that much harder to be heard in Addis Ababa or Mekelle. Weyane may feel the threat from Asmara has diminished drastically that it might decide to lower the tempo. Hence, the Eritrean opposition has to talk up the threat from Asmara by downplaying the significance of Molla’s defection.

    • Amde

      Selam StupendousMan

      I am absolutely convinced the best thing that has come out of the Molla affair is that we have you as a commentator here. Everytime I read your name I hear it as a loud thundering voice coming from the sky, and I get a picture of a dude standing erect with chest puffed out, hands on waist, chin up. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

      Stay Stupendous my friend


  • Nitricc

    Hi All, I think Molla Asgedom is exposed. TPDM HITS BACK.

  • Agame guy

    TPDM is supposedly an Agame organization ,so it shouldn’t it be their a concern primarily? Don’t you think? Why is everybody but them dissecting this issue day and night? It’s like me going back in time and worrying about Teklay Aden’s defection ,why and how…..
    We know shaebiya or jebha you people suffer from that colonial self hatered racism towards your cousins south. Even try to come up with some bogus Ancestory narrative saying you all descended from Libya .lol lol lol. specially the Kebessa are a damaged race

  • Gud


    Of course the Tegedo* Geba will be hated by Ethiopians

    The term “defection” can only apply to the action of breaking away, deserting, abandoning or betraying ONES OWN. There is no such thing as defecting from the side which is considered as an enemy. So the Mola defected, deserted or betrayed Eritrea (or PFDJ, as some fools in this house would love to say), has no meaning at all. If you ask me, if any of those Ethiopian opposition groups wants to lay down arms and go back to Ethiopia or any other place, they can do so peacefully and even walk away peacefully through Eritrean airports. I mean, it is not like you can force people to fight against their nation against their will, can you? Meaning, Mola’t trouble was his own group. He was not happy by the result of the election, he tried to do something and he was hunted down by his own group.

    The Tegedo* Geba Mola, betrayed the following groups:

    1. The armed Ethiopian opposition in general and TPDM in particulate

    2. The Ethiopian people in general and the Tigray people in particular.
    a) This isbecause he sabotaged the fight Ethiopians are wedging against the (100% election thief) Woyanie. If you don’t think Ethiopians have a reason to bear arms, think about this: All Eritreans use Ethiopia as a transit to go to the West*. But, on the flip side all Ethiopians who cross to Eritrea go there to bear arms against the Woyanie. That must mean something. There must be a good reason for Ethiopians for deciding to fight their government. Therefore Mola is a traitor to them. Besides, he did it only because he did not get what he wanted/expected (Not elected chairman of the Ethiopian opposition’s merger)

    b) Does it ever occur to people that this could solely be Ethiopian and what Eritrea is doing is simply giving space for people fighting injustice in their country? Just being a host with no string attached? So, if you clear your head from the idea
    that these opposition groups are Eritrea’s tools, then you have to realize nobody likes a deserter. I mean anybody loves principled people, be it on one side or the other. Meaning, mola’s actions will definitely be hated by any Ethiopian (Even woyanie.) Nobody loves a flip flop

    3. Remotely, you can also say he betrayed the idiots (Or their stand in a general sense) who call themselves Eritrean opposition. Think about it, for a group who, without any shame tries to justify their choice of going to the place holding Eritrean sovereignty and as a just cause, to be against other nations right to fight injustice in their respective country is ridiculous. You would expect some solidarity (understanding) to exist between groups who claim to be fighting for justice,
    right? Not with our idiots.

    *The merger and election of Birhanu Nega is the reason that gave Mola to apply the legendary multiple and zigzagged heart in to practice J There is nothing “Wedo” here

  • dawit

    Dear Awatestas,
    Molla, the Italian word for ‘Spring’. Yesterday Molla was ‘wardia’ or bodyguard of PIA and today, the coiled spring shoot to the stardom to Governor of Ethiopia!. Waw I am amazed by your imaginations!
    PIA lifting the son of a peasant farmer from the gutter to stardom. Unbelievable!. Is Molla the next robot Meles II, made by Isaias in Eritrea to rule over Ethiopia?

  • V.F.

    Hi all. I am extremely sad to report (I am copy and paste) (I am sure most have heard this already). May the Almighty have mercy on their souls!

    MINA, Saudi Arabia (AP) – A horrific stampede killed at least 717 pilgrims and injured hundreds more Thursday on the outskirts of the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the deadliest tragedy to strike the annual hajj pilgrimage in more than two decades.

    At least 863 pilgrims were injured in the crush, said the Saudi civil defense directorate, which provided the death toll. The tragedy struck as Muslims around the world marked the start of the Eid al-Adha holiday.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear V.F

      ኣንታ እወ ዒድ ሙባርክ እባ :: ዒድ ሙባርክ :: እንታይ ጎዲሉ ክንደይ እኳ እቲ ልኡል ኣምላኽ ይመስገን : ንሕና ደቂ ሰባት ዓውደ ዓመታት ሙቅጻር ኣይሓመቕናን : ግን ዓመት ብዓመት ክትካእ ብዝሓለፈ ዓመት ዝሓለፍናዮ መቀረት ህይወት ምግምጋም ኣገዳስነቱ ብዙሕ ክንሱ ሸለል ኢልና ኢና ንሓልፎ :: ረቢ ድኣ ሃብታም እንድዩ – ካብ ሃብቱስ ዘርጊሑ ሂብና እንድዩ :: መዓስ ከም ልቃሕ ተመሊስና ክንህቦ ይጽበ ኮይኑ የግዳስ ነቲ ዝሃበና ብኣገባ ክንጥቀመሉ ጥራይ እዩ ዝደሊ :- ስለዚ ኸኣ እዩ ክሓስብን ከስተንትንን ዝኽእል ሓንጎል ልዕሊ ኣካላትን ኣቀሚጡ ዘሎ ::

      ኣብ ‘ዛ ክብርቲ ዕለት ኣብ መካ ኣል ሙከረማ ዝተረኽበ ድንገት ‘ውን መንቀሊኡ እቲ “ኣነ ቀዳምነት ” ዝብል ነብሰ ምስፍሕፋሕ ዝዓብለሎ ባህርይ ሰብ እዩ :: ኩሉ ግዜ ግን ንሕና ደቂ ሰባት ምኽንያታት ካብ ርእስና ወጻእ ምንዳይ ኣይስልክየናን እዩ : ብመሰረቱ እቲ ” ኣነ -ንዓይ ” ዝብል ባህርያት ንሞትናን ሞት ካልኦትን እናኾነ እዩ ዝቅጽል ዘሎ :: እዚ ናይ ትማሊ ሞት ቀንዲ ምኽንያቱ ውሑዳት ብኣንጻር ናይ ዝመጹ ዝነበሩ ብዙሓት ዝተፈጥረ ምጉናጽ እዩ ጀሚሩ – ብድሕሪኡ ኩሉ ሰብ ነብሱ ንምድሓን ንድሕሪት ክምለስ ይደፋፋእ ‘ ሞ እቲ ኣብ ስንኩፍ ዝጸነሐ ይወድቅን ክልእ ሰብ ንኽዕንቀፍ ምኽንያት ይኸውንን :: በዚ ኸኣ እቲ ዕጉግ ዝብል ኣንፈቱ ዝሰሓተ ምንቅስቃስ ንሕልፈት የዳርግ ::

      እቲ ዝገርም ኣዝዩ ጽቡቕ ምሕደራን ሰፊሕ መሬትን እኹል ግዜን ምንባሩ እዩ :: ወላ ሓንቲ ኳ ታህዋኽ ዘድልዮ ኣይነበረን :: ኩሉ ግዜ እቲ ጸገም ብውሑዳት ሸብድበድ ዝብሉን ዝህወኹን ሰባት እዩ ዝጅምር :: ካብ ‘ዚ ተላዒለ እየ እቲ ኩሉ ተረኽቦታት ካብ ነብሰ ፍትወት እዩ ዝጅምር ዝብል :: ኣመሓደርቲ ዝገበሩ እንተገበሩ ተማሓደርቲ ነብሶም ምስ ዘየመሓድሩ ስቃይን ሞትን ኣይክምሕሩናን እዮም ::

      እቶም ዝሞቱ ረቢ ንጀና ይበሎም ነቶም ዘለና ኸ ኣ ትርጉም ሕጃን ዕባዳን ረቢ የብርሃልና :: ኣሜን ::

  • Araya

    Hi everybody. I have this one and gigantic dilemma that I couldn’t solve. Of course on the last two weeks this Molla thing was the hottest topic in Addis, although it dying very rapidly. My predicament is that about 98% of the Tigryans I have chatted with, they despised Mola to no end. When I inquired the reason for disliking the man, none of them are welling to say this and
    that. They just distaste the man, why? I couldn’t figure it out.

    • dawit

      Hi Araya,
      Do you think would like the stigma of being referred as people ‘untrustworthy’. Eritreans trusted Meles, and he betrayed his friend Isaias and Eritrean people igniting war between the two neighboring peoples, with manufactured lies of border crisis.. Meles pledge to Eritrean people publicly on the eve of Independence to give them peace, not to worry about Ethiopia speakin in Tigrigna! And now Molla, boasting publicly how his army demolished, the very same people who fed him, clothed and shelter him for a decade. No wonder why real patriotic Tigryans should distaste Molla.

  • V.F.

    Dear all,

    If you think about it, it’s not too hard to figure out why Molla gave up. Ethiopia and its regime are stronger than ever, much more so than 2001, when he started TPDM. Shaebia is at its lowest point ever. The guy sat with himself, did some assessment. He figured Shaebia (his financiers and enablers) will be long gone before TPLF has a minor crack on its bone. So Molla decided to abandon his hopeless task of overthrowing the TPLF regime at least from Tigray. He decided it’s better to get out of the mengedi wihij fully understanding that the eventuality of PFDJ demise and lots of collateral cannot be extended much longer.

    • Dear V.F
      Indeed. The Ethiopian opposition hosted by DIA is not going to make a dent on the political reality of Ethiopia. They are using the wrong philosophy (armed struggle), in the wrong time (when armed struggle is equivalent to terrorism) and from the wrong place (Eritrea, which cannot fully arm, sustain or give them security). On the contrary, they are more of a liability than an asset for DIA, and a grave danger to the people.

      One should heed the rhetoric that is coming from Addis, from the mouth of PMHMD that Ethiopia has the legal rights to use force if a neighbor is a sponsor of armed groups that threaten the security of the country, and pre-emptive self-defense is legitimate, whatever that means. He also stressed that the aim will be to bring a permanent solution to the PFDJ problem. This means that the clouds of war are still around, unless DIA is cured
      from his gambler’s fallacy by avoiding a desperate move of provoking Ethiopia by using the toothless opposition forces.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear V.F.
      I had an email conversation with EPRP in 2011 regarding Eritrean governments support of Ethiopian opposition asking them if they will join too. their answer was clear to me “we are not going to go for it as PFDJ’s has ill intention first and the type of support they want to provide is not really the support needed.” I don’t have information if they have changed their Idea or not after wards. but their prediction was correct. PFDJ’s support to DMHIT was not for advantage of Ethiopian people, it was always to destroy and dismantle Ethiopia. if not possible, then at least it was to disturb the development achieved by Ethiopians.
      the slogan that was exploited by some Eritrean opposition “Eritrean problem by Eritrean solution” fits here “Ethiopian problem by Ethiopian solution” if Ethiopians have some problems, I think it can’t jump to military conflicts and they don’t need Eritrean ill intention to serve them. it seems to me Ethiopian government see things more clearer than of PFDJ leadership – what they have done so far is help the refuges from Eritrea and call opposition to solve their differences – they said have time again that Eritrean problem should be solved by Eritreans. if Ethiopia have done what PFDJ has done, we could have seen another Eritrean Molla (spring) to jump to Asmara but after creating mess and chaos in our people which could have lead us to civil war.

      Molla didn’t only decide to leave Eritrea after studding the struggle supported by PFDJ is not successful it seems to me, but he noted also PFDJ’s ill intention will hurt his nation and he should not continue.

  • Ted

    Hi All , Happy Eid day.

  • T..T.

    Hi L.T and all,

    Me too, I have two quotes of Molla that I have to share with you. I rather paraphrase his quotes in English:

    -Time in Eritrea has stalled and the Eritrean youth have been exploited ever since Isayasism in Eritrea has been installed. Everything looked at takes one back to 1960s, signifying no changes at all. Eritrea is not for those who look to the future. Because all those in the leadership do not believe in change, progress has become impossible even to the extent that if progress expressed in terms of new construction we still found Eritrea to be in zero progress. That is why I said there is no a single new construction.

    -Eritrea under Isayas has become a land of Crimers (those who commit crime) and Crimee (those upon whom crime is committed). Therefore, to deprive the system from committing further crimes and abuses we volunteered to become law enforcers clearing Isayas’s securities from the streets and replacing them. But unfortunately most Eritreans failed to understand our moves.

  • HayaT1

    إلى فريق آوات وجميع: شكرا لكم وسعيد عيد الأضحى لك

  • Zolam

    Dear Awatistas,
    Happy Eid Al Adha (Arefa) to you all. Keep enlightening us!

  • Dayphi

    May God Bless Your Time All Awatewyan.
    أللَّه أكْبَرْ، أللَّه أكْبَرْ، أللَّهُ أكْبَرْ،
    لا إلَهَ إلاَّ اللَّه، و اللَّهُ أكْبَرْ،
    اللَّهُ أكْبَرْ، أللهُ أكْبَرْ، وَ لِلّهِ الحَمْد
    Indeed, Amlah is The Greatest,
    No deity do we worship but The Amlakh,
    And all Praise due unto Him alone.
    O’ Goytana, Nissikha Ikha Z’kheberka.
    On the occassion of the advent of Eid-ul Ad’Ha for the year 1436 H. I would like to extend my congratulations and best wishes to ALL Eritrean Muslims, back home and in diaspora, to the Muslims of the Great Habesha Nation on both sides of Mereb, and to the Muslim Ummah at large on all corners of the globe, to have a happy and blessed Eid.
    May Allah accept your Tsom 3arafah, expiate our short comings of last and current years, accept your solat and qurban, and your sacrifices. Ameen.
    Keep your takbeerats after each solat till sunday afternoon.
    A special EID MUBARACK to the two Salihs, and the entire Awate Team. Thank you for keeping us connected via this gigantic Awate. com rope.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates
    You all from both sides of the isle seem to misunderstood
    my role, points and way of intervening in your Horn Africa
    politics with special focus on Eritrea/Ethiopia primarily and
    other neighbor nations and states.
    I never intervenied as Eritrean or Ethiopian to your discussions
    up until this time but only as an AU or UN or other world body
    representative politician to bring you closer and your engagements
    rich and valuable. I do not understand why you all jumped to find
    out what my country of origin or citizenship or passport is. As if you
    try to follow that line of identifying and classifying and as a base for
    your conclusion it will only be illusive and futile.
    Thus, I again want to tell you that as International and intergovernmental
    organizations and institutions political and economic consultant I and my
    group gave valuable consulting services to all without reagard to border,
    Nationality and their political orientation in African ( AU ) and World (UN)
    The only aim and/or objective of my group’s intervention in consulting services
    to all stakeholder political leaders and orgs. of the sub-region was only to bring
    them and their often bitter and hostile engagements closer to eachother to bring
    about the desired changes that their people need in an orderly and win win situation.
    And so I and my group of consultants always stand by this principle or sacred service
    to people working with or through their representative bodies. But it is also true that
    some crticisms will be from different corners always for various reasons.

  • saay7

    Hey Negga:

    When your wife busts you cheating on her with, refer to an article we have which says “How to please your wife”, then you can say you are just researching how to make her happy.

    Here’s what Molla tried to do, but it didn’t quite work out. He told Dr Berhanu that, as the new boss of the new alliance, it would be more appropriate if he were the one to be interviewed by VOA. Then, as Dr Berhanu would be advertising the grand unified force that will uproot the EPRDF within a very short time, Molla was going to have another interview with another media source that the era of armed struggle is over and it is time for Ethiopians to head home.

    It didn’t happen because God wanted to reduce the “snap! daaaaymm!” factor in this melodrama.


    • Rastaman

      Hey Sal, thanks for the “How to” link. I think it is already working.

      Molla should have used his molla to handcuff the Professor and take him with him. that would give the Shaebya he “hates” a big time nightmare. However I still suspect that Isaias has to do with Molla’s defection and might be working on getting the good professor the same fate as Molla. As desperate as DIA is, he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to get “Weyane”, (read EPRDF), vacate BADEME. Didn’t he use the Eastern Sudanese Rebels, as a leverage for his motives. Just thinking out loud.

    • V.F.

      Saay, but why did Mola want to say ‘the armed struggle is over…?’ No matter how he did it, he quit. Can you speculate why or if you know for some certainty, I am curious to know who or what got into his head.

      • saay7

        Hi V.F.:

        Just a page from our history of “Wedo Geba” to contrast it with the case of Commander Mola:

        1. Weldai Kahsai was the Commander of Zone 5 of the ELF. In 1967, he and (19 fighters, according to historian Markakis; over 100 fighters, according to Tekeste Negash) surrendered to Ethiopia. Weldai Kahsai explained the reason for his defection: the ELF discriminated against Christians and, according to Tekeste Negash, “the ELF was prepared to hand over the province to any neighboring Arab state.”

        2. Teklay Aden was an EPLF security chief who defected to Ethiopia in 1980. The reason he gave for his defection was that the EPLF was a killing machine: in 7 years (1973-1980) it had killed 3,000 fighters.

        Now, take the reasoning given by Captain Molla. I follow the news closely and I am pleased by the economic development of Ethiopia. And I am convinced that it is serious when it says it is fighting corruption. Moreover, it dawned on me that the Isaias Afwerki government has the disintegration of Ethiopia in mind.

        Does this mean if there is a big recession/depression or if there is corruption, people should raise arms and fight the government? Out with a whimper, in with a whimper.


        • Semere Andom

          Hi Sal:
          Then why was Woldai Kahsai killed with his comrade Ghidey in Kassala if he surrendered to Ethiopia or is this a different WK

          • saay7

            Hey iSem:

            Different. Very. 🙂


          • Saleh Johar

            Those who were killed in Kessela were Welday Ghidey and Kidane Kiflu–the one who surrendered to Ethiopia was Welday Kahsay

        • Abel

          Dear Racist saay7

          Are you trying to say betrayal is in the nature of Tegaru?
          I am wondering how the so called Eritrean opposition would be deeply disappointed because one has defected HIGDEF. Visit all Eritrean web pages and every one is slurring racial insult on Tegaru, How Does This Add Up? Do you really oppose HIGDEF?

          Tigray is saying” Kindi zekolesku Edey Tenekesku”

          • saay7

            Selamat Abel:

            No, sir, I am not racist. Racism is a belief in the superiority of a race: I don’t believe any race is superior to another. I know humanity’s understanding of “race” has been evolving, but:
            (a) there is none that I know of that doesn’t place me and a Tigrayan in the same race;
            (b) how modern Tigrayans are in Tigray and how modern Tigrinya-speaking Eritreans are in Eritrea is a complete accident of geography: it is like that game of musical chair, where people migrated back and forth in times of drought and, at some point, completely arbitrarily, some Europeans came and said, “hey, you guys stay put here; you guys stay put over there.” So it is laughable if one wants to claim superiority over another because some random Italian, some random Brit, and some random Ethiopian king decided where to draw borders;
            (c) When my cousin Semere A writes my biography (long after I am dead and only if I have done anything worthy of a biography, which is the condition I will leave with my family), you will learn that I am the last person who can say that because of where my ancestry is from.

            Moreover, you won’t find me in the “Warlord so-and-so betrayed Warlord so-and-so in the 19th century” approach to psychology as that is the most boring way of having an understanding of a people. I actually associate that kind of analysis with the culture of pre-literate and backward societies.

            Teredadina do?

            Now, can I criticize a person who happens to be Tigrayan or praise a person who happens to be Eritrean without being “a racist”?


            However, I do believe some cultures are more developed than others.

  • Saleh Johar

    Hey Rastaman,

    Take a break, don’t annoy the lady. Don’t miss the villa burghesi in Rome.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi Awatista,

    I wonder when they called Mola Asghedom for “Mola”, when he started to spring back and forth between the two sides of Mereb or before? Anyway we would like if all the TPDMs, Ginbot 7s, etc leave our country immediately; they were even never invited before.

  • Asmera

    Dear Writer,
    You have mentioned so many countries, but you forgot to mention Afar region will join Ethiopia, and then actually the size of Eritrea you put is wrong after Afar secession

    • Saleh Johar

      I write about real situation, but if i chose to do wild dreams, I would Ethiopia is only four times its size after the creation of the Afar nation and the Oromo nation. But I am not talking about evil dreams.

  • SenaiErtrawi

    Selamat Awatistas:

    Eritrean opposition groups go to Ethiopia –> their leaders fight with each other –> issue online declaration of splitting –> stay in Ethiopia or come back to their homes in the west

    Ethiopian opposition groups go to Eritrea –> their leaders fight with each other –> get killed/jailed in Eritrea or go back to Ethiopia

    If Eritrea was as tolerant as Ethiopia, our Eritrean Molas (opposition groups unhappy with Ethiopia) would be giving interviews to EriTv. Fortunately for us, our strongman can never understand the benefits of giving some room for tolerance … 🙂

  • Nitricc
  • sabri

    Where is your theories Saay and Addis?

    • saay7

      Hey Sabri:

      Are you talking about why did Molla tell that not only do those EPDM/DemHT members who left with him but even those who remained in Eritrea hate “ShaEbia”?


      • sabri

        Yes, Saay. I wrote and posted my hypothesis after you asked me. I was expecting to hear yours and addis take.

        PS: by the way I’m enjoying Andebirhan’s book. Thanks again for recommendation.

        • saay7

          Hey Sabri:

          The reason I am reluctant to offer my theory (or hypothesis) and I invited you and Addis–and anyone who wants to volunteer one–is because after all the interviews, we still don’t have the answer to one question: how big is TPDM? The closest we got to an answer was when when Australian community radio, SBC, asked journalist Senay that question and then, as journalists do, before he could answer the question, he followed up that question with another question and the question was left un-answered.

          Answer me that question and I will give you my theory. Right now, I am sticking with my Molla is a high value Wedo Geba. The ELF and EPLF had high profile Wedo gebas that damaged but did not destroy them. Because those who decided to stay far out-numbered those who didn’t. Is it the same with TPDM?

          I have a friend I respect greatly who tells me “it doesn’t matter! The head is gone, the limbs will follow.” This I can only answer with “time will tell”, the ultimate safe answer:)


          • sabri

            In answering your question it is not relevant to know how big tpdm is. It is known some are left behind. Thus, you can theorize if you want.

          • saay7

            Selamat Sabri:

            Are you, by any chance, in Sales? You don’t take a “no” or a “maybe” for an answer, huh?

            Ok, here goes:

            1. WHEREAS, the Ethiopian government went to some length to celebrate the U-Turn of Molla;
            2. WHEREAS, nations talk about espionage, military operations is inversely proportional to its success: (success = quiet because you don’t want to reveal sources and methods; failure = verbal diahrrea because you want to pre-empt criticism or ridicule by the opposing side)
            3. WHEREAS, Captain Molla could have chosen to say, “I have no comment to give on my former camrades; everyone has to act on his/her conscience” but instead said that those TPDM members in Eritrea all hate Shaebia;
            4. WHEREAS, surprisingly, because the T in TPDM stands for Tigray, some of the soldiers who return to Eritrea are of other nationalities (Amara, Oromo);
            5. WHEREAS, Captain Molla brags explains that it was his idea to convince Gnbot 7 to elect Dr. Berhanu Negga and further boasts elucidates that it was his idea to convince them that an elected leader must be based in Eritrea and not in the US, and then gloats offers that he convinced Berhanu Negga to be the spokesperson of the new United Front in his VOA interview so that he, simultaneously, can offer an interview that directly contradicts what Berhanu was saying–a plan that didn’t materialize;
            6. WHEREAS, Captain Molla, in explaining that virtually the entire TPDM has left and by way of example, the TPDM Cultural Troupe and virtually its entire media support in his offices in Asmara and Massawa ended up accompanying him.
            7. WHEREAS, citing two sources, the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group said in its last report that there were at least 20,000 TPDM combatants in Eritrea.

            NOW THEN, be it resolved (theoretically:)

            IF there was 20,000, it means there are 14,000 still left in Eritrea. And by saying that all of them hate Shaebia, that is Mola’s “Operation Chaos”: he wants to keep the GoE really busy for the next few months, interviewing and assessing the entire army. Thus, the message is for Eritrean government.

            IF there were 2,000 and he managed to leave with 700, then the message is for the Ethiopian government: he is telling EPRDF “I didn’t fail in my mission. Those who I left behind won’t be tools of the Eritrean government because they hate it as much as I do.”

            This is only a theory. Now, have at it: poking holes is encouraged.


          • Nitricc

            Hey SAAY good take. for me, i am still don’t know what to make it of when Mola declared Dr. Brhanu has no passport and uses Eritrean passport. i am trying to figure it out what Mola is trying to say.
            if that is not intriguing enough, Mola was proud of it to be a deputy to a doctor being a son of a farmer. i thought that was a telling revelation.
            I can understand why he was elected to be a chairman of an organization that was set by PIA. PIA picked him so Mola can serve him unquestionably. it is not new. educated people are opportunistic and at the same time trouble makers, they won’t serve you unless there is something in for themselves and when time to desert; they go silent . on the same token; literate people, like Mola, will serve you as long as you make them feel powerful. once you take that power, they will leave you high and dry and they have no ethics and are loud. look how Mola deserted PIA an throw his Tegadelti under the bus. when he said TPDM tegadelti hate shaebia while his Tegadeti are under shaebia, that will tell any one what this man is all about. the word is disgraceful.

          • haileTG

            Hi saay,

            Yes, the number is conveniently side stepped. Since all are interested parties and have reason to make it bigger or smaller to fit their bigger narrative, I sought for an alternative evidence. I haven’t ever seen more than at most 2000 supposedly TPDM fighters congregating in any one place based on their many video clips. Most clips seem to have been continually re-running one segment several times within the clip to give the aura of greater numbers. He also said they had three bases and that means more than 6000 per base if we go with 20,000 which would be a very large garrisons. These are alternative observations. I put the numbers between 1500 – 2500 at max. What do you say 🙂


          • Nitricc

            Hey Haile, so you agree the UN sanctioning committee sanctioned Eritrea on lies and deception?
            if intact the UN lied on this TPDM thing, can we assume there are many lies that the UN used to sanction Eritrea?

          • haileTG

            Hello Nitricc,

            UN didn’t sanction Eritrea based on TPDM troop size. The SMEG report that saay shared said that they received that number from someone close to the regime. However, the sanction terms apply regardless of TPDM being 200 or 20,000. It is the purpose and intent that is under sanction not the numbers per se. Now, what is “lies” and “deception” exactly?

            – That Eritrean regime doesn’t actively recruit and arm foreign opposition forces
            – That the regime has not colluded with al shabab (it refused to recognize international efforts on Somalia)
            – That it doesn’t engage in illegal weapons transfer and people smuggling (don’t the army officers smuggle people)?
            – That it doesn’t have the option of letting investigators to verify first hand inside the country?

            I think, on the whole, the regime is engaged in lies and deceptions. Don’t you say?

          • Nitricc

            Hey Haile, i am not saying the Eritrean gov is saint but, on the real rule of law, the Eritrean gov will be free on the ground of technicality. the point is, according to your take, when the UN lied when the 20000 TPDM are in Eritrea and that is not the fact, then, the inquiring mind will discard any other the so-called evidence. that is what i am saying. just my take.

          • haileTG

            hey Nitricc, that could only help the regime to win over its own converts if you consider that the TPDM is a small fraction of the weight and content of what it is accused of. Exact troop numbers, size and extent of resources deployed and networks established can’t be firmly established without access to the country and going through all evident leads. Hence, the minimum standard of proof suffices, i.e. the proven existence of TPDM is necessary and sufficient proof that the allegations are valid. This is what I am trying to convey here.

          • Amanuel

            Hi Nitricc
            As haile TG has said it, the number is irrelevant. Be very afraid. We are in Sep and the next yearly report is around corner and Mola will provide the UN a big stick to beat your man. SEMG members might be already speaking to him in Addis right now.

          • Gud


            Actually you and Saay are right. You just can’t pull a number (as huge as 20000) up from the sky and think you can keep on misleading the world. Somebody has to explain the blunder. The SEMG report is shaky as it is, with lack of evidence an all. It is standing only because it is linked with the interest of top guns of the world and Ethiopia, the Puppet. Add this blunder now, the Amanuels and his likes would be left with just a wish.

          • saay7

            Hey Hailat:

            Great to see you. I refer the honorable gentleman from places unknown to the answer I gave Sabri:)


          • haileTG

            Haha..I thank you for the warm welcome the honorable member of the debate chamber extended me upon my return. In the interest of fair assessment, can the honorable member review the one minute exhibit attached and tell us if it is indeed rational to imagine that many TPDM are in Eritrea? 🙂


          • saay7

            Honorable Gentleman Hailat:

            The esteemed member of the Awate Parliament need not have gone to Vermont and subjected us to Bernie Sanders as we, every year, are told what 20,000 soldiers look like: The rounds of Sawa. Here’s the 28th:


            In fact when SEMG said 20,000, that was my point of reference: TPDM is as large as the annual Sawa rounds. I found it stunning (but credible, given that Ethiopia’s pop is 80 plus mil.). Now, the definitive mea culpa will come from SEMG after they interview Mola.


          • haileTG

            Hey saay (Hon.),

            Don’t trust my friend dawita’s rooting for ERiTV:) I wanted to get you an independent account/count. But your last statement is correct. The strange thing is that Ethiopia knows the same thing already. Why don’t they spill the beans:) – I know you’re asking the same thing, I am just keeping you company:)

          • Amanuel

            Hi saay
            What the mater with you man. Yes, ELF & EPLF had high profile defectors but they were not comparable to Mola. Mole is equivalent to the IA of EPLF & Abdela Idris of ELF.
            You have been very sceptical to go along with all the interviews and press releases we have heard so far. If you have a better and convincing alternative explanation please tell us.

          • saay7

            Selamat Amanuel:

            Thanks for your concern but nothing is the matter with me (to my knowledge.) My skepticism comes from this:

            DemHT according to its own propaganda (5/2013):

            DemHT that accompanied Mola (9/2015):

            Once I get the explanation I will tell you. And, Amanuel, you may have accidentally made the point by equating him with “Abdela Idris of ELF”: the force he was left with in 1983 was a tiny fraction of ELF 1980.


          • Michael Solomon

            Hi SAAY – If I was to put a guestimate -TPDM might have numbered from 500-1000 at best -this is if you add Issias,Monkey,Hagos Kisha and their likes – HGDEF is a master of manipulation so any inflated number thrown by TPDM /HGDEF was intentionaly to terrorze the Eritrean people!
            Mola the wodeo gheba is intentionaly using the word shabia interchangeably to degrade the Eritrean people while he knows he is not dealing with the EPLF. His dealings and associations were strictly with the fandia HGDEF.
            Sorry… we have lost a lot of precious ones and please for Gods sake do not repeat and associate HGDEF with EPLF – I am not sure which God gave us this useless mafia-or what we have done to deserve this!!!

    • አዲስ

      Hi Sabri,

      As I said before, I am left confused with this whole thing and have no theory at the time.


  • Mark

    This is a joke, I am surprised that Awate became this garbage. A hero to so many became a joke in the Awate Market This commander if he was an Eritrean coming out of Ethiopia in such a way, Awate and company would have been bitting the drum. So please be respectful. If you have noticed I did not even mention the Author name. Since Saleh is one of the Awate admin. group members.
    Just So you guys from Awate Know, when all this event happened you have posted Zero links, or even said nothing about it. I guess Molla and guys pissed you off for leaving the hgdef elites or atleast for serving them. I just don’t understand your stand at all. Make your position clear on Eritrea and stand firm. Awate should be a servant of the Eritrean voice for the voice less.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear The Master Writer
    You have made a swiping coverage of the horn. Mola for SanAa, or is it Ethiopian forum? That hurts the land of Awate.
    The PM whose cabinet members have just walked away, I mean the toothless PM, suggests the formation of Asmara Forum. Requirements for the commanding officer include:
    1. Endurance of long treks
    2 . Endurance of hunger, thirst…
    3.Must be able to negotiate life with reptiles…no 25K per month Villa.
    4.Must be able to have peace with the idea that he could die at any moment, just like the founders of our ghedli.
    5. Someone who really loves Eritrea that she is ready to die for it, and I mean the complete Eritrea.
    6 . Someone who outlaws saxophone, and instead plans to upgrade the tonality range of MeleKet, improvise the stringing of Rababa, and who declare swords-dance-day.
    7 . someone who posses the ideal of Awate, the inteletual and diplomatic skills of Sabe the charisma of IA (strictly:their ability to influence and mobilize thousands).
    Any applicant?
    Let Mola be known for what he is: Dalala.
    Mola dalala, unfit to command Eri-Affairs.
    The above has been strictly for entertainment.

    • saay7

      Hey Mahmouday:

      You drive a very hard bargain but I think I have found your guy. Here is the 2 minute Q & A:


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ya Hala Abusal

        OK, don’t share this with Semere, because he is going to come loaded with his Hishkeb/Gyrmayka/HM…but your candidate is rejected. I have not heard him saying፡
        ነዓይ ኣይብልን፡ ንህዝበይ በሃላይ እየ;
        and also the great Awate Nation will not accept an Ethiopian Mola replaced by a ferenji Mola. We need ማይ ዘይጠዓመ reincarnation of the great ኤርትራዊ ተጋዳላይ። But; how abut reciprocating your offer with the great Eritrean guitarist Tecle Hewket? Where is Ted anyway?

        • saay7

          Hi Mahmouday:

          Ted asked me to tell you he is reading a manual he got from wikihow on how to tune a saxophone. “this may take some time,” I heard him grumble.

          Since you rejected my candidate the only other suggestion I have is to give it to L.T. All we are saying is, give philosopher kings a chance.


  • ephrem

    When i saw the commander standing beside mola metal i started to lough. Comander mola dominated this month news and headlines even more than the september hero Awate (the founder of Eritrean revolution) not the website. I dont want you to blame me. At the end of the day አቶም መልሓሶም ዝሓየኹ ተሃዊኾም ሓቆም ኢዮም ነይሮም። Mola operation makes it clear that they cant rely on this fractions but they can use them for propoganda.

    ኣነ ከኣ ካብ ጸባ ዘይ ተረኽበስ ካብ ማይ ጨባ ምበልክዎም። ሓያል ሰራዊት ካብ ቅኑዕ መሪሕነት ኢዩ ዝውለድ።

    • Tedi

      Hi ephrem,

      Overall your writings were not clear for me especially I can’t understand about your last sentence *why you wrote it [I am asking about its content not about the type of language you used], Could you give us your explanation about it what you mean that? In general I couldn’t understand what is the point you need to address, can you make it clear please ?

  • Saleh Johar

    Signor Lucky,

    Molla us spring in Italian, as in “Molla Metallica” for metal spring. Soften is
    “ammorbidire” in Italian. Rinfresca la tua lingua italiana caro, ricarica 🙂

    • Rule of Law

      Was that you or someone else who wrote a few years ago that your dad addressed you “Dr. Khashab” due to your credential in the field of agriculture. If that’s you, you can imagine how long I have been reading you. Anyways, you have a great command in the english literature and I was delighted with your satire which was quiet refreshing. I almost didn’t want to see the end of your last paragraph as I was engrossed in it and came to abrupt end but then “what goes up must come don” is the case. I have a question on what commander Molla has said on the “strong” side of the Isayas-regime i.e if the regime’s strength was on security and intelligence, how in the world could this mega-secret-plan have crossed Al Tewil’s intelligence apparatuses which in fact proved its achilles heel. I suppose Molla doesn’t mean the physical strength of the Eritrean army per se, given the fact that the army’s fighting capacity has been weakened considerably since the 99-2000 war. Can you comment on this Mr. Johar? Thanks,

    • Haile WM

      Hello SJ
      How many languages do you speak ? you surprise me with italian

  • Tzigereda

    Dear Saleh G.
    I really enjoyed it!

    • Pass the salt

      Hello Tzigereda,
      You really enjoyed it because,
      a) you learned new information
      b) no new info, still it was good read
      c) only because it was timely
      d) just for encouragement
      e) PTS, none of your business, so shut up!
      f) none of the above

      • sara

        Dear pts
        e will suffice i guess…
        with all that non stop comments (most of it interesting) on the forum many of us are busy
        reading instead of writing, and i guess it is good, like in any event whether sport or drama
        etc you have few players and many watching the games.
        good day to you.

  • Agordet

    Dear Saleh,

    “ reported that a high level Eritrean security team had arrived in Khartoum on Sunday. If that’s true, I believe they are there to discuss ways to have Mola Asghedom and his army extradited”

    Where Mola and his soldiers not already inside Ethiopia by that time? Or were they discussing kidnap operations?

    Apart from that, Mola might be a good commander/leader/general, but that is not of any significant value for Eritreans. He can maybe share some intelligence, as it seems that he was in a position in which he could obtain a lot of valuable information. But there is nothing more he can do, regardless of how much he seemly loves the Eritrean people. One should not expect him to struggle for the Eritrean people.

    If the change in Eritrea is going to be sustainable and remarkable, then the likes of Mola might have some minor supportive role, but nothing more than that.

    • Saleh Johar

      A little sense of humor will solve your concerns. Please read it like an entertainment piece, not a legal paper.
      Thank you

      • Agordet


        Ok, I got it. Some times it is hard to differentiate, especially for matters related to politics in our region.

        Just a month ago, the defection of Mola itself could have been part of a piece of satire.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Agordat,
          I understand. But we have to admit we are stiff and lack sense of humors when politics is raised. And that is not our nature, socially, as I know our culture. We make fun of everything and that’s why in Keren and Agordat, the per capita consumption of tea is probably the highest in the world. I believe we have to be alert to arm ourselves with our natural easy going humorous character. Only then we can have productive dialogue instead of the zero sum circles. Thank you for giving me the chance to say this.

      • Yoty Topy

        Hi SGJ,

        For a minute , I thought a mutiny was in progress on the Awate Ship , since the message seemed quite a departure from the rumblings we have been hearing this week. I was ready with my tissues to wipe off any blood splatters but I guess that has been in vain and would have to wait for another day for this was all in good gist from the Malimu.

    • Hope

      Wed Akordet:
      It is full of Sarcasm,Humor and Satire; and Ustaz Salih Ghadi Johar excelled over Mr Sem Andom..
      As to the Commander Molla being “nice” to Eritreans,it is the usual “Honey covered with Erie ” crooked old weyane style speech,as per a new old Aboy Sibhat Nega’s Propaganda Guidelines”.
      Nice to Eritreans?R U kidding or so naive to that extent?Read President Mahmoud Salih’s to the point Analysis.
      He and his Demhit Gang are the most HATED Gang in Asmera,not to mention being the NUMBER ONE(NUMERO Uno)Top Security Guard of PIA…..Eritreans are NICE by nature,not coz Commander Molla said so…and he should have treated them as such rather than raping them and guarding their Numero Uno Enemy.
      Be that or this,I am GLAD he left Eritrea before causing further damage,as Mr Nea’min Zeleke,the Foreign Minister of The New United Ethiopian Salvation Organization said it!
      Molla leaking security info about the GoE/EDF? Not a big deal…If any,you just change the “Code”.and the crooked PFDJ already has done that.
      Any impact on the COIE and SEMG?Nothing new he will add….PIA has done it officially and it is already part of the obsolete SEMG Report.
      The Hypocrisy:
      People here, as usual,are ignoring albeit deliberately the destructive role of Ethiopia in destabilizing Eritrea including its Official Threat to change the GoE by all means possible,not just by creating,nurturing,recruiting,funding,baby-sitting,arming,etc., all kind of Opposition Groupings including well documented Terrorists fullybacked up by the CIA to weaken and to destroy Eritrea into pieces through and based on:
      -Ethnic,Religion and Region based Divisive Politics and Destabilizng and Terrosit activities
      -Continously lobbying for further sanctions and sabotaging Eritrea and her people in the name of weaking the PFDJ but with a rael Agenda of Destroying Eritrea and her people…by “DESTROYNG THE CHRISTIAN HIGHLANDERS”.as officially and publically endorsed and declaered by the Treacherous and Opportunist TPLF
      -Maintaining its de facto Policy of No War and No Peace,again fully backed up by the CIA
      The worse Hypocrisy:
      And despite of all these FACTS and as Mr Gud mercilessly alluded it,the likes of Mr Amde and Hayat and her twin Sister,Pappi, are telling us other wise that the Ethiopian Gov and the Ethiopian people are ” Indifferent” towards Eritrea… insulting Intelligence and by forgetting as to “with whom they are talking to and about”.
      The worst Hypocrisy:
      The lkes of haile “TG” told us that the EDF is Rapist (quoting the new COIE)and Mercenary Force,now crashed by Commander -in-Chief of Opportunism and Treason, Molla and its Mercenary and Rapist Gang!
      Yes to Inclusive Constitutional Governance!
      NO to Dictatorship!
      National Reconcilaition NOW!
      NO to Neo-Religious Fanatism,Extremism,Colonialism!
      Yes to Mutual Regional Peace and Economic Integration but NO to BULLYING and Mercenary-led Hegemony!
      Yes to True Pan-Africanism!
      Africa for African by Africans!
      BTW,do you know what Vet Ghebrehiwot,aka,Abu Ashera said to Gen mesfin ?
      Go to front page!
      That is real Eritreanism /Patriotism in ACTION,not the Boot-leaking” Style “Eriteanism”,aka,Pseudo-Eritreanism!!

      • Tedi

        Dear hope,

        Did you mean that IA (EPLF) destroyed our country and our population now? or TPLF and CIA destroyed our country and our population now? thank you in advance for your answers.

  • Agame guy

    You have talent for words and wit.Satirial analysis at its best.You probably are one of the top 10 Habesha literati.( and don’t tell me you are not Habesha but Eritrawi 🙂


    • Saleh Johar

      God forgive you Agame guy!
      In fact I am disappointed by those who try to find new terms for their Habesha identity. Don’t worry, I will not tell you “I am not Habesha but Ertrawi,” instead, I will tell you “I am Habesha Ertrawi, and a set of other identities in between.” I have no problem as far as one identity doesn’t come at the expense of another. gna qurub wddase abziHkaley do?

  • saay7

    Abu Selah:

    Great article…it reminds me of your circa-Dehai articles: funny and poignant.

    You said “Termsms is the Amharic word he [Ben] used.” Well, Ben is an excitable guy (remember his “yesterday, there was no sleep in Eritrea!” intro for the alleged bombing of Bisha. I am more interested in the words Commander Molla uses and the amazing reaction of Ethiopians to him. More on both below.

    Commander Molla refers to his combatants as “tegadelti.” He refers to the EDF, as you noted, as “enemy.” And what he did to the “enemy” is “Tsrgrg” (clearing the path.) You saw a humble country boy; I saw…well, he had just come from an event where he lost some of his “tegadelti” but there is no visible sadness for it.

    Now, here’s the stuff that amazes me (in a good way.) Molla and TPDM have been “tegadelti” in Eritrea. Presumably, if one believes a fraction of the exploits they listed in their military communiques over the years (2001-2015), they have inflicted damage on Mother Ethiopia: they killed and they destroyed property. How is it that there has been a single Ethiopian (including AigaForum) asking him to apologize or asking him to express remorse? Compare that with the “Apologize Now!” that our “deleyti ftHi” place on anyone who leaves a civilian post at PFDJ. It seems to me that the Ethiopians are much more accepting of the meaning of reconciliation than Eritreans are.


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Saay,
      Probably I never shared this story with you before.
      You know when people are shocked, angry, or sad, sometimes they become dizzy and pass out? That happened to me once in Lafa, the entry place to Sudan from Tessenei and Kilo 14.

      It was in 1977 and the Derg assisted by huge army including Russians pushed everyone out of the way. It was a rainy season and I was stationed in Kilo 14 at the border. The ELF army blew the Gerset bridge and retreated and we were left with panicked civilians fleeing towards Sudan in a terrible triangle: one side of the traingle was the roaring gash river that was difficult to cross, the other was teh Sudabnese boundary, the third line was the Tessenei-Umhajer road thatw as occupied by the Ethiopian army. And I, litteraly a kid, was left to take care of a handicapped camp, underage girls camp, Ali Gheder properties, a store of European donated clothes, and stores of grain–and a arms that were left in Kilo 14 by everyone entering to Sudan. I deployed everyone to haul the grain and tractors from Ali Ghider and carry it to Sudan–no problem there. But I was worried about the arms which I thought degrading to take and hand over to Sudan. The late Abdella Nasser arrived, much senior than me, and we decided to bury the arms by the border. We did and we entered the Sudan as Derg soldiers occuppied Kilo 13, a one kilometer distance from the border. At mid night, we received a tip that some Rashaida were circling the place where we hid teh arms, somebody must have tipped them. We took a few peoiple and sneaked back to Eritrea, unearthed the arms and again, someone tipped the Sudanese border guards. We were between Sudanese security and advancing Ethiopian army. We had no choice but to hand over our arms to Sudan. At teh station, as the officers led by Colonel Ali Mejzoub were recording teh arms, I was so angry, sad and shocked that I fell to the ground unconscious. To this day I remember a Sudsanese intelligence guy named Hashim Abdelrehim who made fun and stared to mock us. I jumped at him and we were rolling on the ground. So, handing over your arms is very humiliating and don’t expect Mola or anyone to take it lightly.

      On the apology part, I totally agree the justice camp should be magnanimous, just like the Ethiopians are. However, had Mola been an arrogant SOB, he wouldn’t have received all the accolade but the wrath of Ethiopia. He was humble and that encouraged the people to be magnanimous. At the end, we all need solutions to this ti-for-tat, but dignity and pride, though many might not consider as important, play a big role on how we react to events.

      • saay7

        Ahlen Abu Salah:

        I completely understand why Commander Mola was reluctant to disclose that he and his army were disarmed and I said so a couple of times. I was making fun of those who think so little of the Sudanese that they thought they would allow a foreign armed force in their country. Remember the “you are wrong!” and the “there are conflicting stories, so who can you trust?” pushback I was getting that Sudan disarming an armed foreign force is sovereignty 101.

        Again, great story.


      • Eyob Medhane

        Gash Saleh,

        “…..ELF army blew the Gerset bridge ….”

        Ende..ende..ende..woche guuuuud…dildiy Afrash neberk ende, Gash Saleh…. 😀

        • Saleh Johar

          Eyob. It’s a bridge in Gerset and it belonged to us, why should you care:-)
          By the way, wars are not a stroll in the streets of DC, let alone bridges, lives get destroyed. It is human nature since the days of Caine and Abel. Carrying rises and demonstrating are the facade that covers the real face of human fate. Then what Eyob? Soldier killer? 🙂 by the way, I didn’t personally blow the bridge but was locked in a dangerous place due to that. Did the bridge blowing help? You bet it did, the marauding Derg army was delayed enough for the people to get away to safer places. They teach that in the college they call life, I am not sure if they do I. High point 🙂

          • Eyob Medhane

            Gash Saleh,

            Well I grew up being told the worst insult to Eritreans was “dildiy Afrash” 🙂

            There was an alcoholic guy, who used to threaten an Eritrean family, who moved to my neighborhood from Asmara that he would call them “dildiy Afrash” in public, unless they give him money to get his nightly drink. 🙂 For sometime, his extortion worked for him. Then, when the family started getting to know everybody in the neighborhood they stopped becoming easy to be blackmailed, and his income dried up pretty quickly… 🙂

    • አዲስ

      You said : “How is it that there hasn’t been a single Ethiopian (including AigaForum) asking him to apologize or asking him to express remorse?”

      How did you arrive to the conclusion that not even a single Ethiopian didn’t ask Molla for an apology? In my observation, the reaction was(is) mixed. Apart from those who take their respective sides(EPRDF and Ginbot 7 et al), most in the middle have been quite puzzled and have voiced their concerns in anyway they can; social media, among themselves,.. on how he can be labeled a hero overnight without a hint of apology or remorse for whatever he did. What else can they do when the proper channels to voice grievances are stifled ?

      Expecting AigaForum to depart in message from such a high profile circus orchestrated by the government is a bit silly. May be they will come out and say something in the future once the dust settles and they will probably do that in Tigrigna 🙂 (Cue some people here rushing to label me “Yekedmo Serat nafaki Amhara” because of my last statement 🙂 )

      All in all I truly believe that Ethiopians are very much accepting of the idea of reconciliation. They are just tired of tit for tat.


      • saay7

        Selamat Addis:

        Well, if they do, then just yawn at them. Respectfully of course (type yawn in lower case.)

        Sabri shared a link of a DW report so I should have extended my media search before I made my definitive statement.

        Speaking of Aiga interview:

        1. Two years ago, Awate had reported that DemHT was involved in the round-up campaigns in Asmara.(The “mewesawesi” episode.) To Yosief Gebrehiwet, our report was further evidence that the Awate Team are trying to create enmity between highland Eritreans and Tigrayans. It was, according to him, part of our Arabist/Islamist agenda. Well, Aiga asked Mola if his organization was involved and he indirectly confirms it: that his organization was most trusted (a trust earned by work and discipline) and viewed by the Isaias regime as an extension of its security and that it participated in assignments so long as it didn’t conflict with its mission.

        2. He says that his troops (EPDM/DemHT) hated Shaebia. But he doesn’t stop there; he says that even those that are still left in Eritrea hate Shaebia. A commander doesn’t ordinarily leave his soldiers behind and then tell the enemy that those whom he left behind hate the enemy. I have a theory why he said that… but I want to hear your theory:)


        • አዲስ

          Hi Saay,

          Yes I listened DW’s report thanks to Sabri. That’s my gathering too.

          Coming to your points:

          1. I haven’t read Aiga’s interview with Mola but I thought his closeness to IA’s security apparatus was public knowledge. I have no clue if he actually involved in the round-up campaigns in Asmara but if he confirmed it, then Awate is on the right side of reporting the story.

          2. This whole scenario is like muddy water to me. I rather read your take on it than speculate here 🙂

          The question of “Who is terrorist in Ethiopia?” remains open. But I can simply answer it by saying whoever EPRDF decides whether justified by law or not. I hope Eyob and I can at least agree that the Anti Terrorism Proclamation is being used as a political weapon by EPRDF to stifle dissent as much as it’s used to prevent terrorism.


          • saay7

            Hi Addis:

            First, you missed your chance to say “yawn” to those who equate criticism of EPRDF with criticism of Tigray. I will say it for you now: yawn.

            Second, I didn’t say he “confirmed it”; I said “he indirectly confirmed it.” When you say the government saw you as an extenstion of its security and round ups are matters of security, then that’s indirect.

            I am going to wait for Sabri to give us his theory as to why Mola felt compelled to say that the EPDM that remains in Eritrea hates “Shaebia.”


          • አዲስ


            I have been doing a lot of yawning that “mengagaye lilakek new” . Thanks for doing it for me 🙂

            We’ll wait Sabri’s theory then or others too for that matter.


          • sabri

            Hi Saay and addis,

            I didn’t follow closely the Molla saga. But this is my hypothesis. I prefer to call my take hypothesis rather than theory

            Mola said so for this simple reason: to create animosity between the rest of TPDM members in Eritrea and the regime in Eritrra. Consequently, Molla probably wish to see the newly created Ager Adin coalition dismantled that will leave Ginbot 7 alone with its handful army.

            That is Molla’s wish. And my wish is to hear your theories. Lol

          • Eyob Medhane


            Ante yeqedmo sireat nefaqi… :-)…. I don’t know how many times I said this and have to keep saying this. To me, Mola ain’t a hero. I applaud his decision to lay down his arms. My applaud ends there. There seems to be a lot we don’t know about the guy, and even if we eventually know what we don’t know now about him, I don’t believe that I will elevate him to hero status. Anyone is entitled to their opinion, however, therefore I don’t begrudge those, who make Mola their hero.

            The anti terrorism law is in my opinion one of the most effective and BEST tool to keep the country and its people safe. Do laws at times get to be interpreted in a wrong manner by police and some authorities? Yes. Does that happe. As often as many people like Addis and Sal think it does? No… They are just hyperbolic bunch… 🙂

            Now Sal,

            Demtsachin Yesema, do not do their “protest” outside mosques. They do it INSIDE mosques. While people are praying. In fact, their thugs go to the preacher and snatch a microphone from him in several mosques. Their aim? Bringing a violent ideology that is born and nurtured in gulf Arab countries and wreck as much havoc and blood shed as they can manage, until they achieve a caliphate, ala Sheik Bagdadhi. Hence, they are terrorists….period…

          • አዲስ

            Eyoba 🙂

            For now I acknowledge our difference in our view of the use and reach of the ATP. I am too tired to open another round of debate on it 🙂 I will leave you with these jokes intended for the newly inaugurated AALRT.


            Choose your favorite.


          • አዲስ
          • Eyob Medhane


            I think a Chinese dude, who recently learned how to speak Amharic wrote these things… :-)…. I thought they are funny and I don’t understand why people are jumping up and down about it… It’s a spelling mistake and it will be fixed…. Now Sal and Gash Saleh will have a field day about this on their ultimate King Nemesis “Jwagmawi Minilik”…. 🙂

          • አዲስ


            But this shot will make you forget any of the small stuffs. Enjoy.



            p.s. the people I read are really not making it a big deal. Rather making fun of it…

          • saay7

            Hey Addis, Eyob:

            Addis, I see “transportna”…whatever follows the na must have taken a day off.

            Eyob, is Menilik station wheelchair accessible? What, too soon?

            But seriously, all Ethios, congratulations! We are proud of you.

            Now, about that North-South corridor you are building with last station in Shire. Hmmmm. Just hmmming for now.


          • Eyob Medhane


            I hopped you had some jab about the misspellings, which seems the Chinese messed up, but you are sparing us… :-)…About Emye Minilik’s station, I think it is the only station that is underground… (Fancy, huh 🙂 ) So next time I see you in Addis wait for me at Jwagmawi Minilik Square.. 🙂 and we will go together to Tor Hai Loch… 🙂

            The North line to Shire…it has a future plan that will be extended to Asmara….. We just think ahead…that’s all… 🙂

          • saay7

            Hey Eyob:

            Well, hmmm, again.

            About the misspellings, I really don’t worry about it. Didn’t you also have a “Wellcome President Obama” sign or did Nitricc make it up. I wouldn’t sweat that stuff: it’s the African thing.

            The standard the First World strives for is “Good.” The standard the Third World strives for is “Good enough.”


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Eyoba,

            I didn’t know Addis was “yedero serat nafaqi.” It fits him so well I am self criticizing now for almost calling him “zemen ametash nafaki.”

          • Eyob Medhane


            Ende…Addis is getim yale adhari…. He is hiding his title from us, but I think he is a Bilata… 🙂

          • አዲስ

            Haha Fanti,

            Only thing was left your blessing. Now it’s here, all is in-order 🙂


          • Saleh Johar

            Believe me you are in trouble, tell your government to include a clause in every agreement to prevent the Chinese from doing your ads and branding, I laughed hard when I saw the blunder with the station signage.

            Years ago I worked for a company that imported canned food from China–the Chinese insist on sending someone to the market, get rudimentary education on the language, and they believe they have mustered it in a few months. They started to design the ads, the posters and the branding of the products. That is what they did: all the Arabic lettering they designed was horrible, worse than what they did to Amharic. Their self-confidence is disaster. But I like what they did dot Jagmawi Minilik 🙂

      • Yoty Topy

        Awate’s anti eprdf mascot , you know the adage, if it quacks … Right? You are always angling for cheap shots at EPRDF under a daylight disguise of human rights and democracy wozete tereffe… and then plead innocence.

        • አዲስ

          Hi Yoty,

          Nice reading you here again. Keep following me everywhere I go. Good boy 🙂


    • sabri

      Dear Saay,

      Indeed Erhiopians are asking who take responsibility for the damage inflicted by TPDM. Of course it is not reported by aiga forum or similar websites. But here DW reported about it.ትግራይ-ሕዝብ-ዴሞክራሲያዊ-ንቅናቄ-ደሚህት-መሪ-ወቅታዊ-ሁኔታ/a-18723483

      • saay7

        Hey Sabri and Addis

        Thanks for the link, Sabri. I really should have qualified my statement with “to my knowledge.” Or I should have limited it to the reaction of Ethiopians here.

        This does beg this question: “In Ethiopia, who is a terrorist, and who is not?” I believe when Addis asked Eyob that question, he came with an implausible explanation; and the DW report makes his explanation even less plausible.


  • V.F.

    Dear SGJ, a very good read.

    Every time I declare “Alas, there is no pragmatism in Eritrean politicians and pundits…,” you prove me wrong. I like to be proven wrong. I think in essence, you said, Molla is no devil because he has a lot of genuine respect for Eritreans but he is no angel either because he may have done a lot of damage even if collaterally.

    I will need to re-read “An Opportune Time For The Eritrean Opposition” because I am not sure I understood the message there.

  • Amde

    Dear Saleh,

    I lost it on the spring.

    Great piece.


  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Alemgena,
    Smile dear, it is supposed to be light reading. A little humor won’t hurt. Area wise, is your answer. Now for my turn: Eritrea is bigger than the listed countries. Just accept it. 🙂

    • Esayas Gebrekidan

      The past is the past,
      The right decision you made at last;
      On the forked road you chose the less traveled path,
      You elevated peace over brotherly blood-bath.

      By rejecting war, by dropping the knife,
      You vanquished death, you embraced life;
      We are happy, we are very proud,
      Our joy extends from here to the cloud;
      Before I forget let me say this finally,
      Thank God you came back HOME safely.
      ( a feeling expressed in verse-form upon hearing his interview on aigaforum..)………Saleh–humorous and delightful piece….)

  • Nitricc

    Hey Pass the commonsense; i have no idea where the General Molla is coming? this guy is not only literate but he got the gig because he was uneducated and hand picked by PIA to serve unquestionable. it worked till PIA striped him his position to an Ethiopian Gurage who is educated. Molla didn’t like that and he bolted out of Eritrea. Even the Tigryans know this and they don’t want him and they don’t trust him. here a script what the governor of Tigray he has to say
    ” We can’t have a former Traitor Twice in Tigria area, Mole Mola will be more than ever threats to our organization of T.P.L.F.Abay said “we Tigrian need be vigilant and look after every move he does”
    Abay Woldu wants the disgruntled former leader to live elsewhere in Gonder, Gojam or Addis Ababa Not in Tigray.

    here you have it PTS. that should tell you everything you need to know.

    • Sembel

      Nitricc, look like the illiterate Mola outsmarted the visionary PIA. By the way how come the visionary president isias didn’t visualize about Mola’s escape plan?

    • Rule of Law

      Obviously this is a weak line of argument and notably, Shaabia’s version of assessment on Commander Molla who demonstrated his military prowess when he broke the heavily fortified positions of the Eritrean army at Barantu during the 2000 Ethio/Eritrea war. Bear in mind Molla was a war-hardened TPLF commander when he defected to Eritrea right after the war. Nonetheless, I don’t expect you to be truthful because pro-shaabia Eritreans are hardwired for lies.

  • Azazi Mehari

    Well, the Comoro islands are in Africa 🙂

    • Rule of Law

      The author also forgot to mention Lichtenstein, the smallest nation in the world with no army.

      • Saleh Johar

        Rule of Law,
        Why are you treating this like a strictly geography lesson? Of course there are 97 smaller countries and I just mentioned the known ones.

        • Rule of Law

          My fat apology….

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Azai,
      You are right but it will not make any difference, the place could be swallowed by the ocean before you finish reading this. 🙂

  • አዲስ

    Hi Saay,

    Somebody said on twitter ‘ሞላ ጎደለ?’ 🙂 oh well…


    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Addisu,
      Molla Godele Birhanu Tefa
      manew feTanu manew Kerfafa?

      • Abi

        Good one. Here is my version
        Molla wetaderu Tibeb tamratu
        Birhanun aTfto geba wede betu.
        Asmara ketema birhanu demqoal
        Yemola bigodil belela yitekal.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Fanti,
        የታመቀው ችሎታ ወጣ ! ታድያ ፊደሎቻችን ተረሱ ? here is my version,

        የሞላ ቢጎድል የጎደለ ቢሞላ :-
        ሽቦውቹ ሞቱ ኣቅማቸው ሲላላ :-

        find the gold and wax..

        • አዲስ

          Dear Kokhob,

          Is “ሽቦውቹ” the key word here? As in the gold: “Shaebia” and the wax the obvious?

          Forgive me if I bungled your wax and gold, I used to be good at this thing long time ago 🙂


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Adiss,
            the key word is “ሽቦውቹ” yes. let us wait for FG once again.

      • አዲስ

        Fanti, Kokhob, Abi

        Super funny. Keep’em coming 🙂


  • Hayat Adem

    Nice read, thanks SGJ.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awatawyan,
    for those who want to lough,there are reasons to lough starting Mola;s being tourist, title, and go down reading his war with Sha’ebia, and don’t forget that spring- thing ( I still use the word Mola to say spring. etc. for those who want to cry there is, if you want to learn while crying and laughing there is, don’t miss this article and if possible read it more than three times.
    Abysina, are you there. watch this small country bigger than those mentioned. Hey, it is not how much space you own it is how much you use it.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Kokeb,
      What is the Ethiopian word for Mola, except it’s definition, yeteTemazeze all neger like they call it. 🙂

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Memhir Saleh,

        It is more interesting if you start from scratch.

        small: shibo
        medium: Temezmaza shibo
        medium large: Temezmazaw slk
        large: Temezmazaw biret
        very large: isu neger


        • Saleh Johar

          Dearest Fanti, now you proved you can beat the Italins, or, eneza mech neger sewoch.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Saleh,

        In Amharic it is also know world for spring. you can see Amharic definition here for the sme

        but the reason parents give the name to male baby is to say full, or to show their hope for richness and happiness. some also put to say the dream was accomplished.
        at early stage of my life I was hearing the song —
        ኣባይ ሞላልሽ ሞላልሽ — ማሻገርያም የለሽ :-
        ኣባይ ቢሞላ ቢሞላ ——-ማሻገርያው ሌላ ::
        and after time it was developed a little ,

  • Kaddis

    Merhaba Gash Saleh –

    This is why we Ethiopians hang out here. Ded Mastat bewelew kefelek. Many thanks for this master piece. Since we are in a competitive mood – go ahead and compare any Ethiopian website ( even print ) with Eritrea wins. You win.

    Just to add a line about Mola – I also found him believable in general terms ( despite the propaganda details mostly by others ); he changed his mind after assessing Shabia’s handling and Ethiopia’s situation. Fair enough.

    Many more blessings to you and your lovely nation

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Kaddis,
      Thank you for the nice words but you will annoy Eyob, the man cannot stand losing for Eritrea, he can’t concede that the dam Isaias is building is bigger that all Ethiopian dams combined, no ? 🙂