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Isaias Wants A Bigger Role In The Yemeni Crisis

As many observers expected, the Yemeni crisis that has been brewing for many years has finally reached its peak. The Arab Spring phenomena that spread to most Arab countries had reached Yemen in 2011. Popular uprising culminated in the overthrow of the Yemeni strongman, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Yemen remained unstable due to the unrest that has plagued most Arab countries. Presently, the unrest in Yemen and other post Arab Spring countries is being manifested in two types of distinct conflicts: to fill the power vacuum that was created in the aftermath of the uprisings, and a much nuanced rivalry between the of Shi’a and Sunni interests.

South Yemen has been a base for several groups, including AlQaeda and an assortment of others. However, it is Iran’s support of the Houthis that finally brought the simmering crisis of the region to a boil.

Though the world followed developments in Yemen for many years, most did not appreciate the gravity of the situation just like Ms. Mona Omar, the Egyptian ambassador to Eritrea, who a few months ago told AI-Monitor, “I don’t think that the threat posed by the Houthis to the Red Sea countries could spark a war in the true sense of a ‘war,’”

Eritrea In The Loop

Last week, Yemeni and other unconfirmed sources indicated that a high level delegation visited Asmara and held talks with Eritrean authorities.

On March 22, 2015, Mohammed-Omar Mahmud, the Eritrean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia met the Saudi Crown Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud. At the same time Ali Ibrahim Ahmed, the Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar, delivered a message to the Qatari government.

On Wednesday night, Saudi Arabia launched an air bombardment of Houthi positions across Yemen. The operation, which is dubbed “Resolute Storm” (AlHazm), is a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and includes Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan and Morocco. Pakistan is the only non-Arab country in the coalition.

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia issued a warning threatening to bomb any ship trying to enter the Yemeni ports.

In Search Of A Role

Since it became headline news, President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has been trying to find a way to entangle himself in the Yemeni crisis, which basically has two dimensions: Internal Yemeni issue and Sunni-Shi’a rivalry. None of that concerns Eritrea, but the security of the Red Sea does.

On November 2014, Isaias Afwerki floated an initiative to discuss the security of the Red Sea with the countries of the region.

Though the Arab countries gave Isaias’ initiative a cold shoulder and politely hushed it, Fasil Gebreselasse, the Eritrean ambassador to Cairo explained that the failure of the initiative was due to the Arab concern about involving Israel in the security of the Red Sea.

In the same month, the Eritrean ambassador told that, “the Arab countries rejected Israel’s presence [in the meeting] but it is possible for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Yemen, Djibouti , and Sudan to meet and agree on a mechanism to protect peace and security in the Red Sea, without inviting foreign forces.”

Isaias has primarily invited Egypt and Saudi Arabia but he also sent feelers to several other countries along the Red Sea–none of them was interested.

A diplomat from the region informed Gedab News that the Eritrean president, “either thinks highly of himself or underestimates the Arab leaders to consider brokering any deal between the Arab countries and Israel, a feat countries with leverage failed to achieve.”

Djibouti has an unresolved border issue with Eritrea, and in December 1995, Eritrea and Yemen fought for three days over the Hanish Archipelago which three years later, the International Permanent Court of Arbitration awarded to Yemen.


The Yemeni franchise of the Arab Spring was inaugurated in the 2011 Yemeni popular uprising to unseat the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was in power in North Yemen since 1978, and continued after the 1990 unification of South and North Yemen, until he was deposed in 2012. He was 73 year old.

Tensions continued in Yemen when the Houthis emerged as a formidable force in North Yemen and challenged the central government. The situation was further exacerbated by Iran’s support of the Houthi rebellion. The Houthis, who are also known as Ansar Allah, belong to a small sect of the Shi’a, though they are the closest to the majority Sunni Muslims of Yemen who follow the Shaffie’ school of jurisprudence. Saada is the Houthis homeland, a region in North Yemen bordering Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia shares more than 1500 kilometers of border with Yemen, mostly on the Empty Quarter, a harsh soft-sand desert in Saudi Arabia.

During the last six months, the Houthis swiftly fought their way from the extreme North of Yemen and captured large territories.They were about to occupy Aden in the extreme South of Yemen when the Saudi bombardment stopped them.

On Thursday the Yemeni president Abdu Rabbu Mensour was airlifted from Aden to Saudi Arabia. He had arrived in Aden last month after escaping from Sanaa where the Houthis had kept him under house arrest in his palace. On Friday, March 27, 2015, he arrived at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to attend an Arab League summit.

Egyptian battle ships are in the neighborhood of Bab El-Mendeb, the southern gateway to the Red Sea which is the lifeline for the Industries of Europe and North America. The northern exit of the Red Sea is through the Suez canal.

Shipping insurances and oil prices are expected to climb higher due to the Yemeni crisis and it is unpredictable how many nations will send their battle ships to the region. The USA and Europe will certainly have more, and visible, presence in addition to the forces they deployed to combat piracy a few years ago. USA drones are located In Djibouti, as Russian warships are lurking around.

Eritrean and Yemeni fishing dhows are sailing in the volatile region and will continue to do so, unless the sea is also set on fire.

Meanwhile, Eritrea is still watching the Yemeni crisis from 25 kilometers away; its president is planning to use the crisis to rehabilitate himself; its people are worried of its effects on their already deteriorated existence. We know how the war started, but no one can predict how it will end.

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  • Kokhob Selam

    my country is free of Yemen problems. our government never interfere in other nations internal affairs.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear all,
    I think this is a worrying development.
    “News wire agency has recently reported that former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Hailemariam is in talks with Asmara based Ethiopian oppositions. The report indicate that the talks are in their advanced stage prompting Ethiopian government to send an envoy to Harare, Zimbabwe, Where Mr. Hailemariam is believed to be residing.”

    • Haile WM

      lol Mahmud Tu quoque!!

  • Guest

    It would seem you missed the whole point, Mr Hope. The point is when is the last time you solved your own problem to look down on others who probably are a much more bigger than you(us). You can look into the level of their education system, the extent and sophistication of the economy they run, their healthcare system …the list goes on. if you dare to label them that they are a bunch of playboys who could not think twice where does it leave you?
    Remember, this is not confrontational. It is just that I did not see depth and accuracy in your analysis in that particular comment of yours. And possibly, to draw your attention of our own position before taking-on on others. I also do not think a foul language does not make us knowledgeable. In fact it is a bad manner. One can do fine with out them.
    To your credit, I agree on your position with regard to the PIA initiation on the Red see security. It was a great Idea but a bit far fetched. Red sea does not belong to the countries it borders. It is also international. Forging modalities that involves international water could probably be extremely complex. It also requires leverage. Nonetheless,yes you are right, it was a great idea.

  • AMAN

    For those who ask
    ” what is your plan ? ” ; ” What is your exit plan ? ” so and so……..!
    There could and can not be any other plan except a struggle !
    A collective and just struggle that puts the voice of the people as its
    guide than the wishes of power hungry partisan elements and their
    My resentment to the struggle of the last 2 decades is on two grounds.
    First – It was not a collective all inclusive participatory struggle that comes
    short of calling or accepting it as the representative of the struggle of the
    people by the people.
    Second – is it was with no definite goal and direction. And any “struggle”
    no matter how much sacrifice is put to it or paid; if it is without definite
    goal and direction is futile and always ends in disarray and waste of time,
    resources and human life.
    Thus our relentless call from the beggining was to rectify this struggle which
    was put on the wrong rails and railway from the start and make it a functional
    struggle with the people and their demands and actions as its center than the
    wishes of powers and authority positions of individuals and ultimately lead it
    to its final victory and success.
    So the past struggle was a struggle that called for a determined opposition to
    both the actions of the pfdj and the woyane simeltaneously and not only against
    one. It was a struggle without option or alterantive to choose one from the other
    but it only was a fight against both at the same time.
    Only few compatriots have walked this tight walk while mercillesly getting attacked
    by both from both sides. But the won. They asserted their existance and they have
    been able to carry their vision on from the tunnel to the dark upper ground to light
    for us all. !!!
    They deserve our recognition, acknowledgement of their double sacrifice of their
    struggle and admiration !
    We wouldn’t be able to be at this higher ground and platform without their actions
    and sacrifices for us all to launch our second phase of our struggle and the final
    attack by decimating all our enemies and opponents and leading our long struggle
    to its sucess and victory liberating all the people and their lands and country from
    joint pfdj // woyane rule of injustice.
    So for those who ask what is our plan, they need to learn and reconsider what brought
    us thus far….
    My answer is a struggle ! A just and collective all inclusive struggle with set goals and
    right direction.! Nothing else.!

  • Hope

    The AT:
    Wether PIA wants attention or a bigger role,and irrespective of his motive,his suggestion were/are very constructive and if considered and taken into consideration, it could have a constructive role!
    History is repeating itself!
    What did they achieve from hectic bombardment of the Siveteign Nation called Libya?
    They could have achieved a better outcome and a better Libya if they gave time to Col Mo’amer Ghedaffi
    But we know why they did it!
    – The French felt threatened after Ghedafi paid off the Afro Satellite Program ,which the French were investing
    -The Zionists and the CIA have had an agenda of weakening Strong Arab leaders and Nations(declassified info confirmed where Iraq,Libya,Syria,the Sudan,Pakistan and ultimately Iran will be destroyed.
    -The IMF and World Bank felt threatened after Ghedafi created the African Development Bank where the poor Africans can get interest free debt
    The Arab Play boys are just executing the CIA and the Mosad and the M-16 orders without thinking twice and without considering the risks of bombarding the Houhis in the long term,when it can hit back the same Arabs and their Lords
    The Houthis should be respected and should be dealt diplomatically so as to consider a Coalition Government and try to resolve the crisis peacefully and diplomatically before it is too late!

    • Hope

      Pls read ” Sevetegn” as Sovereign!

    • Saleh Johar

      Thanks Hope,
      You really said everything I didn’t want to say 🙂

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hope;
      Gaddafi was not a threat, he was a moron. They offer the olive branch and then they get paid for their murdered citizens and then when the opportunity presented it self they acted.
      The 300 million Arabs and filthy rich with oil but they have moron leaders because they cannot create rule of law
      Your conspiracy theory is impeccable

    • Fnote Selam

      Hi Hope,

      ኣበይ ኣለኻ ዘይበሉዎ፣ ኣብዚ ኣለኹ ይብል፠


    • Eyob Medhane


      I hate to say it. I hate it, hate it, hate it, because I always like butting head with you.. 🙂 But I agree with most of what you have to say on this one…

      • Abi

        The last thing I want is butting head with an eritrean. You remind me a joke.
        An eritrean got into a fight with a gurage. The gurage said ” chinqlatun yazuligh lelawun alferawum”
        KeTigre testa yisewren.

        • Selam Abi,,
          What do you make of AwrambaTimes’ report of the
          discovery of a huge reserve of natural gas in Arbaminch area? I could not find any other website reporting the same thing. Is the news reliable or what? I think that April 1 is
          yet to come.

          • Abi

            You called a wrong number. please call Eyobe at Awramba Minch. He was reporting the news last week . He said he heard it from the PMHD himself.
            You know Eyobe.he has good ears/ antennas.

          • Eyob Medhane

            Abiye, Horizon..

            Here is the excerpt of the PM’s interview by Reuters…


            A news that Sal is incessantly tweeting.. 🙂

            You guys also can watch it hear..


            (Sorry, I didn’t have time to chop it for you. I am at work)

            All these however the already known Kalub and Hilala reserves in Ethiopian Somali region. Nothing about Arbaminch…

          • saay7


            Every Sunday, I use #Afroptimist hashtag to take a break from Gloomy McDoomy news and publicize great things in Africa. These usually get a couple of retweets and faves. Unless they get retweeted by huge names; which is what happened here. A famous Harvard professor retweeted it and this is what has happened. I am not “incessantly tweeting”: everybody else is:)


          • Eyob Medhane


            Well, in any rate, it shows that y’all love us.. 😉

          • saay7


            And this is news to you….how?:)


          • Amde


            Someone who works in the petroleum mining industry had once mentioned to me that he felt the likeliest location for economic petroleum extraction was going to be that area. This is an interesting confirmation, except it is Natural Gas.


        • Eyob Medhane


          Ayeeeee… Yenesu tegrewoch enji, yegna tigrewoch eko testa aychilum. Yegnawochu be dula na’ew yemiyaqmsuh… 🙂

          • Amde


            This reminds of a story I had heard. I think it is true.

            There were these two old friends – minor gentry (balambaras or grazmach or such) on either side of the Mereb, both Tigrinya speakers. Story goes that the Eritrean stops by to visit his friend on his trip to Addis.

            “How are you my good friend?” asks the Eritrean.

            “Oh God be praised I am well. My children are healthy and the rains were good this year. How about you?” rejoinds the Tigrayan.

            “Oh I am doing well. I can’ t complain. I am going to Addis to pick up some pension money approved to me by the government. My kids are well. So God be praised.” says the Eritrean

            “Oh, that is indeed good. How is it you were so lucky to get pension approved for you?” asks the Tigrayan.

            “Ah, I can’t say for sure, but this started once our muslims started going to the bush.” replies the Eritrean.

            The Tigrayan is thoughtful for a bit and goes “Well it’s a pity.. our muslims are not so inclined.”
            (yeNa islamoch anshefit alu)

            Obviously this is a pre-weyane Haile Sellasie era story.


          • Abi

            You need a joke ? I got one for you.
            There was a question as to the major difference between derg and eprdf when it comes to killings. Somebody said it is easy to to figure out . His explanation is when derg kills it kills you like a qimal (Twa adrgo) where as eprdf kills you like qunicha ( eshit adrgo)

          • Amde


            Haha I did not expect that. That is a good one.


          • Eyob Medhane


            Still Tigray Muslims are not that much known to go to ‘Chaka’. Even though there were some, they were very few. The Muslim population in Tigray is less than 5%. Based on this Sal often argues that TPLF was benefited to succeed, because it came out from very homogeneous society. So, the joke can be applied for Mengistu’s era, too.

          • Amde


            That is true.

            But the real interesting thing is that while this is funny, it is a true story. I dont know how many degrees of separation i am from the characters in the story, but it is not very much. It can be told as a joke – but it can really stand in for a lot of the past 50 years of history.

  • AMAN

    Your opinions are always self contradictory which shows
    your conflict of interest and always dwelling on a conflicting
    twillight zone. This happens only when you are harboring and
    hiding something you do not want to say it openly but secretly
    working for its realization.
    Keep hiding it, though you might think it is also hidden to to others
    it is absolutely not. Actually it is an open secret FYI.
    Here are some of your self contradictory points which ultimately
    cancel each other with not meaning as a result and expose your
    hypocricy and blasphemy.
    1.You try to appease and reconcile both Sadam H. and US values.
    You said you stand for all US values of democracy; yet you said
    Saddam should be left alone hoping to fall under his own weight.
    ( which are irreconcillable issues other than for one mediocre who
    wants to wants to please both sides for survival )
    2.( I will continue ….ASAP)

  • AMAN

    How come one not ask an “Ethiopian” like you if he/she
    supports saddam or not ?
    Ethiopians under HSI and Mengistu have been known for
    serving Saudi Arabia and Libya and Algeria respectively
    happily. No other contry has been so happy to serve Libya
    and col.Gaddafi as Mengistu’s Ethiopia.
    No other country, as col.Mengistu’s Ethiopia has served the
    PDRY/Yemen, Libya, and Algeria in all their agendas and their
    dictatorial rules.
    No other country as King HSI Ethiopia has been in service of
    Iran, Morroco and Saudi Arabia in all its history.
    So what is new now. You look like one who has no clue about
    Ethiopian past history. Or am I talking with a novice ?
    But as to the I love I love // my country my country // Ethiopia Ethiopia
    everybody even the deadly enemies of Ethiopia say that. why should
    they be so foolish and say I hate Ethiopia when they work to destroy
    and bury it……? All they have to say is I love it ! My country Ethiopia !
    And then KILL & BURY it. So talking nice words is not a proof of good
    will at all. It could be a deadly killing tactic of a deadly enemy.

    • derebew

      It is halo bolo, it doesn’t warrant an answer. sorry.

  • dawit

    To isolate Eritrea was your dream, but Eritrea is every where. Eritrea busted the isolation trap in May 1991. Today UN agenda is full of Eritrea with false accusations coming from right and left who are desperately to isolate it..

  • selam

    This Yemen issue is bigger than any single country solution and the great game will play out from different courses. The saudi can claim a short victory by bombing the housiths but they will not claim all out victory as the war will not be ended by air. The saudi and the others are making the problem more worse because as the air bombing continues the civilians will suffer more. This is not a place where PFDJ lunatics have any say. So it is wise if they stay away. Housiths are not going to wiped out from yemen and they will stay in any form. But IA can take money from saudis if he can help them that is what saudis do . You help them they pay you .

    About the oil market it is just not like the war with Iran or any major player of the oil market so the oil market will not increase unless the rout is closed. Oil market will just stay low because the main player is the Americans and the saudis.

    • wedi genger M. Idris

      keep aside from the issue, the case is not the unionist case.

      • selam

        I am not one of them and i really do not understand where you get the unionist issue related to me

  • T..T.

    In Salahta Misto games, “the messers become the messies” (a quote from Chandler of the show Friends)

    In any play card games, the players never disclose to each other what card they are holding.

    For some time now the game of Sunni-Shia has been played in the Middle East without knowing the name of the game and how it is won. The game is usually played between the Middle East royal families and the imams; however, sometimes the targets could be anti-royalists Sunnis, like Gaddafi of Libya.

    Although the Abadi of Oman and the Salfis (Wahabis) of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are considered sectors of Islam that predate the Sunni and the Shia, the game is allegedly played between Sunnis and Shias.

    Because the name and rules of the game are unknown, the involved Western countries get confused what card to hold or what card to throw next? As an example, in a game played on the same table, the ISIS (a derivative of Al Qaeda) in Syria and Iraq is a card said to be discarded, whereas the Houthis despite their anti Al Qaeda stands are to be tossed away. Realizing the confusions in the game, Oman as non-Sunni and non-Shia chose to stay away, while some of the Dankils of Eritrea are stunned and they don’t know what to say because they are welcomed in both Yemen and Jazan of Saudi Arabia and consider themselves as nationals of the two countries besides Eritrea.

  • Saleh Johar

    Please do express yourself, vent some steam, it is goof for you. But never make outrageous claims you cannot prove. I will not debate on the merits and demerits of language. I just want you to show us your evidence for this: “Didn’t Awate say Arabic can unify Eritrean?”

    Take the challenge and prove if this is a lie you chose to spread, you dreamed about it, etc… or maybe you have seen it somewhere. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Just show it here. ……On to you accuser-in-chief.

    • Mesie

      Lol he made me doubt myself too. I had to read it again if I read it wrong or not. This guy is clearly not here for healthy debate. But pissed the fact PFDJ has no place everywhere.

  • Ted

    Derbew, . Your existence revolve around serving your bosses so don’t panic the job”best pimp” is all yours. Your country has the fatter resume than ours, Somalia, South Sudan , god knows where else.
    Eritrea can only get protected from spill over by staying neutral since there is no practical solution Eritrea can offer others can’t.
    Note. PIA, please don’t go nuts for the people’s sake, if you ever care.

    • derebew

      [Moderator: keep it clean.]

      Indeed my bosses are far civilized than many of your bosses.
      Shall I name them you know how many Arab xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
      All your masters are one by one disappearing from the face of the earth and the remaining are in shambles. Thanks to the Desert storm and Arab spring.
      Now the xxxxx is looking to renew his service to some of his old masters who had ignored him. He has a character of the abused he pouts and throws anger tantrum unless they use his service and abuse him. If they reject his offer this time he will say the Arab conspiracy and may be, may be we will get a break from the old and tired “US and CIA conspiracy….to hurt Eritrea” mambo jumbo.

      • Ted

        Derebew, “Indeed my bosses are far civilized than many of your bosses.” It looks you are right.
        “Zenawi told me that he is Yemeni’– Gaddafi: In televised speech 20 years ago this month (June 1991), Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi told a cheering audience that Ethiopia is an Arab country and that the new leader, Meles Zenawi, is a Yemeni:”
        This time you have legitimate reason to pack and join the Arabs.

  • dawit

    Nice cut and paste article. PIA the longest dedicated leader in the region new long time coming in the Red Sea depression and now every one is wakeup to face the music in Yemen and PIA is going to watch the horror movie of Arabs killing Arabs from his comfortable home in Asmara or Massawa.
    Now the introduction of Iran and Israel will give the movie make it spicy, but it will not affect the fact that “Eritrea is not For Sale”. Both parties know it as long as PIA remains in Eritrea. The other historical myth that Eritrea joined the “The Collation of the Willing’ is another conspiracy that US State Department manufactured to show that the invasion of Iraq had a wide support in the region at a time when there was resistance against the invasion. As PIA stated in his interview that “We didn’t ask to be included and we didn’t ask to be removed from the list”. If anyone of the actors in Yemen venture into Eritrean waters of the Red Sea then they will face the gallant Eritrean Naval Force that uprooted the Ethiopian Naval Force Operation Fenkil in 1990. So Awatistas relax, PIA is not to entangle himself or his people in the horror movie of the Arab world. I think the group is wasting too much time watching Aljazira and BBC instead of ERiTV that has the patent to “Telling the Truth”. God gave only one licensee, to tell the truth and everybody else, to fabricate lies and confuse the world. Always depend or ERiTV for the ‘Truth’ don’t attempt to mine or fish it from any other source.

    • saay7

      Selamat Dawitom:

      The Arabs say of a bad make-up artist “he thought he was beautifying her but he blinded her”. You thought u were defending Isaias from critics of his participation of the coalition of the willing by saying he wasn’t consulted when Eritrea was put on the list.

      1. Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda were the only African states listed in the coalition of the willing. This means the other states either refused or protested the automatic enlistment. Why didn’t Isaias?

      2. He met with Donal Rumsfeld (public record) in Asmara and offered Eritreas help in the war against terror. One he now says is all manufactured by US.

      3. He told an interviewer, when it was discovered that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction that the mistake the US made was not in going to war but in attempting to seek UN approval for it.

      So, my friend, your case is weak. As for Eri-TV being the only source of information one needs, well, can you tell us when Eritrea agreed to have Qatar mediate the Eritrea-Djibouti conflict? What are the mediation terms? Did EriTV or for that matter any PFDJ media cover it: to this date? Did Eri TV cover UN naming a HR Rapparteur? And 100 other events that never happened according to EriTV?


      • Semere Andom

        Cuz Sal;
        Dawit’s IA also said in an interview about Saddam and his WMD to the effect of, we have been telling/warning them about the dangers of Iraq for a long time

        • dawit

          Your Source? Awramba Times? Tigraionline? Ethiopian Review? Asmarino or Asena? Pick your choice!

      • dawit

        Selam Saay,
        I am actually surprised that you care to respond to what I wrote. Lately you have been avoiding my comments. Anyway how often do you watch Eritv? Any news relevant to Eritrea is disseminated by Eritv right on time. About IA and the list of the collation, I quoted from his interview given publicly. I have no information if others were asked to be on the list and they refused or if there was such choice. As to Eritrea to cooperate against Terrorism with US or any country is not a proof that Eritrea supported the
        Iraqi war. Actually US extended the War on terror that was aimed at Osama Biladin and his associates. Remember Eritrea was the first victim of Biladin from his base in Sudan. 9/11 happened after he relocated to Afghanistan his former Associates. So Saay don’t mix different circumstances just to win an argument. Actually Donald Rumsfeld came to Eritrea to learn from its experience in fighting terrorism. He had a lot of praise for PIA and hoped to cooperate with him, but unfortunately, the Susan Ric(s)es , Jenday Fraziers and McConells etc. sabotaged the prospect of US/Eritrea cooperation and turned it into a hostile relation which seasoned Diplomats like Secretary Warren Christopher and Donald Rums were trying to build in the region. Now since these Amateur Diplomats took over the US foreign policy, we have clan wars Somalia, Tribal wars in Sudan, Yemen, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. If the main media ignore those wars doe not mean the don’t exist. I don’t have to build PIAs image, he has built it over his life time and his records are out for anyone to see. He
        has kept Eritrea free from the Muslim Anarchists like Bock Harms of West
        Africand, and the Alshbabs of Somalia terrorist groups and their Christian
        counterparts the kind of The Lords Resistance Armies of Central Africans, and
        the Al Quida affiliate of North Africa. You know the crisis in Yemen may bring
        a regret and repent on the US administration for the mistake they did over the
        years, isolating and sanction Eritrea believing the Meles and Awramba Times
        reporters. Saay just look to Eritv archives and watch videos of Eritrea’s
        Independent days celebrations and Sawa graduation, how young Eritreans screem
        and rush to touch and dance with IA. I am sure you must have followed his visit
        to NY how adult Eritrean were enthusiastic to meet him and don’t forget the ‘Nihina-Nisun’ crowed who show up with their T-Shirts on every Mekete Eritreans Rallies. Are you not surprised a leader of any country to keep his popularities for decades in spite of local and external campaign to paint his with the worst image possible. Truly he is a legend!

        • saay7


          If I don’t respond please don’t interpret it as lack of respect. Sometimes it is time constraints. Sometimes I do scenario analysis: I will say this then he will say that then I will say this… For example, the info we gave u on Isaias (me and Sem) is true: u say is it awramba times? Then I say no. Then u challenge me to find it. Then I find it. Then u dismiss it. Feel me.

          On Eritrea-US: Isaias told them that the new runway in Massawa and the ports deep waters can handle any need the US military has. So he courted them, they rejected him, and he got pissed.

          I watch eriTV everyday (we have a division of labor at awate and that’s my curse I mean duty). It covers nothing nothing at all that puts Isaias regime in bad light. So please Dawit, pass it. The only reason eritreans know about the terms of the Eritrea Djobiuti mediation is because a. We broke the news (you are welcome) and later on it was made part of UN documents. I could give you dozens of examples like that. But I wont: because you will dismiss it all.

          Isaias celebrity… That’s from decades of cult of personality cultivation. He is not into statues and posters but he was always (40 years now) into cultivating his image and liquidating any and all who can give a narrative different from the one he wants. Massive brainwashing is achievable: consider all the North Koreans who were hysterical and unconsoluble when their Brother Leader died. Not impressed, but I see that u are:)


          • dawit

            Dear saay,
            I am really sorry for not responding right away, like you I was busy with other
            matters. I completely understand that you have time constraints to respond to
            every comment people make at AT and from your description duties you have to watch eritv and you didn’t find any news that put Isaias regime in bad light. WaW! what a discovery! Please tell me which Govt owned news agency put its
            government in bad light, BBC?, NBC?, CBC? or Algezira? VOA? Don’t fool yourself they all serve protecting the image of their governments, they are funded by the state to spread bad image of their governments, and eritv is not different in that respect. I imagine your unfortunate assignment by AT to watch eritv is not to collect news but to dig some dirt about Eritrea and its leaders. Well my brother saay you are looking in the wrong place. There is an Amharic saying ‘ከብት ካልዋለብት ኩበት ለቀማ!. Since you looking for dirt, you cannot see or observe the great quality programs of eritv, such as the news on construction of dams, ‘eritrean “renaissances dams”,roads, schools, clinics etc reported daily you don’t see the great educational entertainment program ‘Wari-wari, Sidra, the doctor in the studio etc, the festivals that try to forge unity among the various nationalities of Eritrean societies. You don’t watch the different town hall meetings reported daily Eritreans discussing issues that affect their communities’ water, power, mekete projects. I think you would collect more dirt about Eritrea if you spent you time collecting it from, AwrambaTimes, Assena or Tigraionline in a day than watching eritv for the whole year. I will stop here for today I will continue on the rest of your allegation about eritv and PIA on the Djibouti and the UN sanctions since you bragged your coverage to Eritrean people about it.

        • adhanom

          i am too surprised why ppl bother to respond to your post. i automatically dismiss when some one presenting ERi tv as source of truth and reference. ERI tv audience r z most mis informed and misguided part of society in z entire world.

          • dawit

            On the contrary ERiTV audience are well informed about their country, unlike others who are force fed with irrelevant information, regurgitate and vomiting all over the places. ERitv inform what is going around their country and the rest of the world. They are informed about projects accomplished in the country, such as construction of schools, health centers, water supplies and energy, road and dam constructions etc Eritrean people Mekete projects inside and outside the country. in their country. They are well informed what is going, in all troubled spots of the world, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan , Yemen etc. The only news they miss is the scandals, with whom President Clinton slept, Monika Lewinsky blue dress, or Prince Charles latest girl friend. If you are not watching ERitv, you are missing a lot about your country (assuming you are Eritrean) and you are confused when you get fabricated news of the death of PIA or the Bombing of Bisha mine from your Asmarino and Awramba Times or Tiraionline or Ethiopianreviews or Assena trash news sources.

          • Abi

            Hey danny
            Long time no talk
            I have never watched From your description it sounds like derg tv. You remember ” yeArba gugu geberewoch mahber missile amrtew amarican asTeneqequ”
            Kind of news. And when there is drought that consume thousands of people we hear it from voa or bbc. When the eritreans perish in the Mediterranean eri tv will tell you some african immigrants….

          • dawit

            Ya long time! Well you are right they both are government owned except they differ while serves the truth, derg tv was disseminating fears and lies to its audiences. To start with derg tv. starts the day with ‘yefyiel wetete’ and end the day by listing the victims of its ‘Red terror’ .Big difference. Eritrean that perish in the Mediterranean sea, of course, they were African illegal migrants, that is still the truth. Those eyewitness account described the victims as ‘Africans’, they didn’t mistake them for white Europeans or Asians, they were black Africans, and eritv repeated what was reported by those who witnessed the tragedy. Still the truth, unless someone wanted Eritreans their African heritage.
            You claim you never watched! well as Ethiopian you should, otherwise you would be surprised like the 1991. If you had listened to EPLF news source “Dimtsi Hafash” in those days, you would have learned that Mama Ethiopia was in coma in intensive care unit after the Battle of Afabet in 1987 when EPLF gave a big blow to the central command of Ethiopian occupation army operation Nadew in Eritrea, followed by Operation Fenkil in Massawa when the entire Ethiopian army was wiped-out in three days! You wouldn’t have caught when EPLF thanks showed up at Arat Kilo giving TPLF piggy ride to Menelik palace. So my friend Abi, watch eritv, that could save you a heart attack in 2021 when shabia visit again with Ginbot 7, Arbegnoch Ginbar and the rest of Ethiopian opposition rebels coming from all directions of Ethiopian killis. .
            Don’t rely on AwrambaTimes for the truth about Ethiopia. Trust eritv for the Truth always! eritv is the legitimate child of ‘Dimtsi Hafash’, it is the real news source for the Horn of Africa.

          • Abi

            Hey Dawit
            What is this 2021? Another Mayan calendar? I thought it was 2012. Anyway I will try to watch if it is in Amharic. I want it translated .
            Yih yeEritra dimts new.
            Chiqun yeEtyopya hizb tenes, taTeQ weyanen demsis.
            Woyane sigelegelbet yeneberewun yeradiyo Tabya chiqun tagay teqoTaTrotal. Gunbot 7 , 2021. I can’t wait.
            BTW, it looks like the only thing EPLF doing right is to give free ride to addis whoever fight against ethiopian government. Talk about lived experience.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ኣንተየ :- ጉራ የሚያስተምር ሰው ኣስፈለገህ እንዴ ?

          • dawit

            It took 30 years 1961-1991 to change the Amara government and 2021 complete the second cycle 1991-2021. Not yeEirtra dimts, it is called ‘Haddas Eritrea’ or in Amharic ‘Addis Eritrea’. On I guess you are right, oppressive Ethiopian rulers are changed by movements that started in Eritrea. The Italian Facist government was when Simetrue Eritreans joined the fight against Italians (zerai Deres, Abrah Deboch,, Loenzo Taezaz etc). Cheers!.

          • selam

            which channel do you think is the best news organization to watch ? can you give us advice ? as you simply stated all Eritreans in Eritrea are ignorant on knowing the truth

    • Haile WM

      “God gave only one licensee, to tell the truth and everybody else, to fabricate lies and confuse the world. Always depend or ERiTV for the ‘Truth’ don’t attempt to mine or fish it from any other source.”

      Man really ?

      this line made me lough and cry at the same time. I wonder how much dose of opportunism and dumbness to say something this skewed to nullity ? or is it a ratio, dumb over opportunism ?
      tell me what did the eritrv said about the lampedusa tragedy ? they told us eritreans actually are africans ? did you enjoy the geography lesson ?

      remember if you believe the whole world is telling lies and you are the only one telling the truth then you are fooling only your self or you either you have a parallel world and you belong in St Mary’s Psychiatric Hospital Sembel.

      • dawit

        Lampedusa passengers? were they Europeans? Asians? Latinos? Chinese? Didn’t they were all Africans? Were they Cruse ship tourists sailing the Mediterranean sea? Eritv was not at the spot when the ship sunk, and those who were there they reported to the world describing they eye witness account about the passengers as ‘Africans illegal migrant workers’ and Eritv repeated what was reported. Only the traffickers Elsa Chirum and Aba Mussie Zerai merchants of evil knew who they were. The opposition chew and regurgitated ERitv for weeks, months for repeating the report about the victims as ‘African illegal migrants’ which was the truth!, Eri-tv always ‘Serving the Truth’!

        • Haile WM

          hala dawit,
          indeed you trying to fool yourself. eritrv knew what all eritreans already knew. The international media told the world that they were africans illegal migrants and that almost all of them were eritreans and somalis, eritv “serving the truth” just dropped the word “eritrean” from their copy paste in order to fool the gullible like yourself. Yewah kibleka mifeteKu, gin tebelatsi miKuanka beti kisab Hiji tiblo zeleKa yifileT.
          Your PFDJ let alone acknowledging they were eritreans didn’t even care to mourn them officially, not a single day was dedicated to them, not half mast flag no nothing. the world was in grief and shock for the slaughter, your PFDJ and Eritv were indeed serving their truth they didn’t care !

          • Kokhob Selam

            Why blame Er-Tv (serving the truth) or PFDJ ? as IA had said
            it, do we Eritrean people and PFDJ had any contract? No my friend.
            enjoy the poem read the complete poem go to

            …….ቲቪ ኤረ!!!!!…..

            ቲቪ ኤረ ‘ ምበኣር ፈሊጥክዮ?

            ሕጋውንነትን ዘይሕጋውነትን መምኽዮ:-

            ነቲ ግዳይ ዘይሕጋዊ ኢልክዮ:-

            ነቲ ህልውናኺ ሕጋዊ ጌርክዮ:-

            ነቲ ገበነኛ መንግስቲ ሰሚኽዮ:-

          • dawit

            waw should eritv and pfdj put half mast flag for every Eritrean who run away from home and commit suicide? Those people died when they crossed Eritrean border, that was the time Eritrea lost them and mourned their loss. Still pfdj offered to transport every Eritrean body for free and the opposition sabotaged the effort, trying to turn the tragedy as a political opportunistic tool. It didn’t work.

          • Haile WM

            “Those people died when they crossed Eritrean border, that was the time Eritrea lost them and mourned their loss” according to your own statement you are dead.

            For me you are morally dead.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    The Eritrean despot may be contemplating of such a “golden opportunity” to capitalise on the crisis traspiring just 25 miles across the Eritrean shores. He may exhaust all possibilities to be welcomed into the “coalition of the willing” and make the best out of it to save his increasingly deteriorating existential circumstances at home. We hope that he would not be taken seriously, and kept out of the coalition against the Houties in Yemen. This crisis has nothning to do with Eritrea, and the Eritrean people should not be decepted by any miscalculations of the dictator and shouldn’t draw their attention away from dealing with their own debilitating internal affairs.

  • sara

    every country in the region is contributing to the fight against huthis , even our sudanese brothers have sent 3 jet fighters
    and president bashir dashed in to give his an equivocal support to the saudis. i am hoping we don’t entangle
    into this cises considering our previous conflict with yemenis and the situation is very complex and no one knows where and how it will end.

    • AOsman


      Sudan and Egypt will contribute to show solidarity and may offer boots on the ground, as they see it as an opportunity to collect $$$. On the other hand, Eritrea is working with Iran and trying to act as a peace broker showing that it has influence on the Houthis, the same old game that was played in Sudanese civil war. As Gedab news presents DIA thinks he is important, but he will be ignored. Then what? He will rant and give lectures…

      An interesting article follows:


      • Ted

        Aosman, the lecture, we can handle. What we can’t handle is he going after the coalition in defence Houthy, don’t say never with IA.

      • sara

        ato osman, you made it sound easy about $$$ . i think it is more than that if you happen to follow the middle east situation for the past 20+ years. Iran is flexing its muscles and many countries are being threatened by its expanding influence in the region, and many see it a treat to their national security.that is why most of them are in this war against huties by extension against iran.
        as for eritrea’s role i think if it is as you said it wants to play a peace making role, well and good and if that
        gives our president a chance to brag about and they ignore him let it be.
        our dia president is very important (if you live in this part of the world) he leads a country in the red sea
        and that country is eritrea,and there is a lot going around the region and no one will ignore eritreas existence.

        • AOsman

          Hi Sara,

          Yes I follow Middle East politics and I have a good grasp of the Iran vs Saudi politics as presented in Shia vs Sunni competition for influence.

          The nuclear deal that will be struck between the West and Iran will

          The Iran or Shia problem is not an issue across the Red Sea, Egypt and Sudan are not as allergic, their position in the conflict is $$$ driven. Of late SiSi has been quite active in trying to attract the GCC countries to invest in Egypt, he has been calling for some kind of common military strategy, basically he is selling them his service and creating employment for his people. Boots on the ground will be from that objective, not because he fears Iran or terrorism.

          On Sudan, the link provided by SAAY is more telling, they are under sanction and at the moment they are dealing with Iran, but are willing to opt for the highest bidder. I have extracted relevant snippets for your read:

          Sudanese Director General of Intelligence and Security

          “Iran trained for us a hundred officers in advanced
          technological fields and areas like de-coding, spying, in addition to M.I.
          [Military Intelligence]—and supplied us with all the necessary equipments for
          that information war “

          Sudanese State Minister of Defense

          “Two third (2/3) Gaddafi’s sophisticated armament is in our
          hands and he didn’t use it, because he lack some technique, but our experts in
          collaboration with the Iranian experts managed to develop some missiles. ”


          “Regarding Eritrea, we have a good coordination with them
          that cover all fields including the security ones, and jointly with Iran. We
          are the ones who nominated or recommended them to Iran and that gained a lot
          from the relation with Iran, military, economically.”

          “Regarding Saudi-Arabia the relation is generally good, but
          strategically is not good, due to their fear from our relation with Iran and
          the Muslim Brothers and the Salafi-Jihadist movements that are financed by Iran
          and Qatar. Also the majority of Arab countries are counting on the West and
          counting on the Western countries is a loss and we cannot change our relation
          with Iran and our brother with useless relations.”



          • AOsman

            ignore second paragraph, I wanted to say something on the factors that will exacerbate the conflict, but forgot to go back to it after commenting on Egypt and Sudan. Since I am using my Discuss access (laziness to remember my pass), I cannot edit – so it is line that says nothing…

          • sara

            sir, thank you for the feedback, i see you have so much valuable information about all those countries involved in the regional conflict, but allow me to tell you the details are much more complex and different than what is perceived by those western intelligence and their think tanks, specially if you happen/live to be here in the neighborhood. having said that what i don’t
            agree with you is you still insist its all about $$$, with my limited knowledge political science i think
            this is all about power, politics,economics,regional rivalry ,influenced by the global powers.

          • AOsman


            I agree with you that it is indeed about power, politics, economics, regional rivalry, influenced by the global powers even though we might differ on which factor is more influential.

            Going back to the original post, Eritrea is entangled and not free from the conflict and if a quick resolution is not on the horizon, the conflict is not like Iraq where DIA can rant from distance, but it is next door and it is will come to bite him.


          • sara

            oh..oh, no no ato osman, our man has that knuckle-dusters handy, and he has shown it many times to those who want to threaten eritrea, such is what one of my friends from our neighborhood repeatedly tells me and many think so..infact here at our forum he is repeatedly accused for being fast bully (teethy) and this time its not going to be different though i don’t wish my country be involved.

          • AOsman

            Not only that, there is rumor that former President of Yemen Ali Abdella Saleh zeraye delyu nab Isayas kikheyid iyu yebehal allo


          • dawit

            Do you think PIA is a fool who does not learn from past experience? Once Eritrea gave a refuge for Somali leader Sharif Sheikh Ahmed when he was hunted as wild animal. He left Eritrea and became the accuser and witness against Eritrea Al Shabab connection that lead to UN sanctions.

          • sara

            any way it is all rumours, but the most likely place he is said to go is ethiopbia not eritrea,at least many i know from that country say he has related families already settled there and the last time he was seen in addis ababa was sometime in august 2014. therefore the news link you mentioned may have ulterior reasons to mention eritrea instead of ethiopia as the ultimate destination of the x-president.