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Isaias’ State Visit To Sudan Without A Photographer

Almost ten days after Isaias Afwerki missed Omar AlBashir’s swearing-in ceremony, on June 11, the official Eritrean government website posted a 114 word report entitled, “President Isaias Leaves for Republic of Sudan on a working visit.”

This is the first time that news about a president’s official visit is not reported alongside fresh pictures. It is unusual for the government media reporters not to accompany Isaias Afwerki on his “working visit” to the Republic of Sudan.

Shabait also didn’t provide fresh photos showing that “President Isaias was accorded warm welcome by President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir.”

The official ministry of information website displayed an old picture with the news and didn’t indicate it was an archive photo.

The same photo had appeared on the a Danish website, politiken.dk on December 2014 with a story entitled “Portræt: Manden, der holder Eritrea i en jernnæve” (Portrait: The man who keeps Eritrea in an iron fist). Politiken had indicated it was an archive photo and credited it to Abd Raouf/AP.

According to the government media, “President Isaias will hold talks with President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir on enhancing bilateral relations, as well as on regional and international issues of interest to both countries.”

Shabait further explained that “as a reflection of their goodneighbourly ties, the Heads of State of Eritrea and the Republic of Sudan maintain regular consultations and exchange of views on issues of mutual interest to both countries.”

Until 5:30 am Asmara time on Friday, June 12, 2015, Google search returned news links mainly to Eritrean government affiliated websites which are based outside the country, quoting each other about the visit

A source from Khartoum told Gedab News, “it’s expected that the Eritrean government will report the news on television, but the way it was handled so far is an indication that something is wrong with the relation of the two countries.”

There has been a simmering rift between the two countries.

In a related news, Isaias Afwerki didn’t attend the third COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Summit which was held in Sharm AlShekh, Egypt. The Eritrean government media didn’t report the reason for his absence.

Reports indicated that on Wednesday, June 10, President Abdulfatah AlSisi of Egypt, Prime Minister Hailemarian Desalegn of Ethiopia and President Hassen Omer Al Bashir of Sudan met in the sidelines of the Sharm AlShekh summit and agreed to form a council for joint economic and political matters.

Links to the pictures mentioned in the news:
The picture as it appeared on the Danish website, politiken.dk on Dec, 3, 2014
The picture as it appeared on shabait.com on June 11, 2015

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  • Semere Andom

    Hi Shum:
    Long time man, show up often
    When I said that line in the tenured citizen, I did not mean it that the two issue are in their minds, I meant to say that, even if one offends our deeply held views he must not be stoned, and there is no more ways to offending many Eritreans than union and critizing Ghedli:-)
    About the provincial freedoms, you are free to drink to your hearts content, you can even invite Jesus to make your beer or Siwa, I do not care, I am not talking bout that. I am saying that the central government must be limited from running our lives from their head office in Asmara or wherever they are located, local provinces must be free to democratically enshrine laws. I am not calling for a bunch of Muslim volunteers to enforce laws. That is contradictory to my tenured citizen.
    I am saying government must be very limited and one way to do so is to empower local government to infuse their overwhelming majority culture in their provincial laws with the respect of the right of minority

  • Shum

    Selam Nitricc,

    Yes, Sudanese music is great. I do like watching the videos overall. My favorite is Mohammad Al Amin. I remember him from childhood and would always try to mimic his voice when I sing. I like the massive bands and when multiple singers are on stage. But one thing that gets me about some of these Sudanese videos is when they are shot in front of a Sudanese audience and not the studio. The singer can be singing an upbeat song, but the audience doesn’t seem to be responsive. I’m sitting on my seat grooving but they’re just sitting there staring into nothing or a few smile as if they’re going down memory lane. But no one is dancing or bopping their heads. Weird.

    • Saleh Johar

      There is something that is unique to our region. It is called Tereb (ask Saay fortranslation). You just sit and listen, enjoy without moving anything. These are similar to awlo and poetry recitals. Maybe Blues comes close. Most songs are Tereb, not dancing music. The famouse singers like Um Kelthoum, Abdulhalim, Kabli, and Muhammed Mustafa to name a dew, are mainly Tereb singers. I have one such Tereb that I will share here on the weekend. Stay tuned.

  • saay7


    You have stumbled into “Aghani wa Aghani” series and you may never get out:) what’s even greater is that our own cousin iSem will now be your translator and help you out. Win win.

    A couple of years, before I dropped out of Facebook because I got tired of the random “alligator eats sheep” videos, I was annoying my friends with this song. It is by the dynamic duo of SabaH Abdellah and Taha Suleiman. This is the very definition of harmonized voices. I guarantee you will be saying “yazazazahiya” and u won’t be able to shake the song off. For translation of what they are saying and why they are so obviously flirting, ask the great Semere Andom. No teeth required.



    • No Drama


      Thank you man for this marvellous song. I am listing to it on repeat as I write…simply bewitching! I don’t understand a word of what they are saying yet I can’t help mumbling “yaneanianiania” & “yazazazahiya”. I feel the urges to learn Arabic. By the way, my interest for French all started with a song from a brilliant Belgian song writer and singer, the great Jacques Brel’s, monumental theme called “ne me quitte pas” (if you go away). I do believe that some texts are only meant to be said and understood verbatim in the original language, period. Anyways, here’s a recent version of the Brel’s song covered by Céline Dion ( alas I can’t fine the original song in good quality on you tube).


      • saay7

        No Drama:

        Well, since you like it so much, here’s a solo version by Nisreen Hindi… I was hoping Cousin Sem would step in to do the translation but he is not feeling it. Ever hear of The Who’s “My Generation” where they do the stuttering act as a technique to rhyme words? The words here are simple “ana” (which means I) and “Zahya” (which means beautiful, name of a girl) and they are just ananananaing and zahahahzahying to elongate the word.

        Clearly you don’t like me because you repaid me with Celine Dion. Geez, No Drama, what’s next, Michael Bolton? 🙂



        • No Drama


          I have but love for you bro. This version is great as well but the duet is full of seduction.
          For sure Céline’s version doesn’t do much service to the original one. However, I disagree with you when you compare her to Michael Bolton, come on! Long before she lost her soul to the abysse of show biz, Céline was one of best voices of her generation in the whole Francophonie. But I got your point and should have known better about you’re all organic when it comes to music 🙂

          Let me try to make it up for with another poignant song by Jacques Brel:


  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awate friends,

    ኣብ ጉዕዞ እየ ነይረ -ኩሉ ኤሌክትሮኒክ ነገራት ክትጥቀም ዘየፍቅድ ጉዕዞ:: ቅድሚ ምንቃለይ ኣብ ምኻድን ምምጻእን – ኣብ ምጽባይ ዘሎ ብኹን ሰዓታት ከም ኣመለይ መጻሓፍ ወይ መጽሄት መሳሊ ጽሑፍ ከንብብ ነይሩኒ :: እታ ኣብ ‘ዛ ጉዕዞ ከንብባን ብዑምቀት ከስተማቕራን ካብ ብጻይ ዝተዋህበኒ ለበዋ ዘኪረ ነታ ጽሓፊት መኪናይ ክትጽሕፈለይ ኣዘዝኩ:: ዓጻጸየ ተበገስኩ – መኪናይ ኣጸጊዐ ብታክሲ !!! ክሳብ ኤርፖትር ምንባበይ ተተሓሓዝኩዎ መን ዝጸሓፋ ዓንቀጽ ኮን ትኾውን?

    “እቲ ኣንጻር ኣጉል እምነትን (ማሪት ) ንቀድዓወነት :-ውልቀ ምልክነትን ወይ ገባትነትን ኣተሓሳስባን ዝተገብረ ቁሩቅስ መወዳእታ ኣልቦ እዩ :: ብዝተፈላለየ መልክዓትን ኣብ ኩሉ ወሎዶታት ግድል ተኻይድሉ እዩ ” ብዝብል ጥቅሲ ናይ ክሮስቶፈር ሂቸንስ ዝጀመረት ዓንቀጽ ክቡር ኣማንኤል ወርቃውነት ናይ ኮፍ ኢልካ ተሕለፎ ጉዕዞ ሚሂራትኒ ::

    ” ንዓመታት ብዛዕባ ባህርያት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ተኻቲዕና ኢና – ገለ ብምቅዋም ካለኦት ገደብ ኣልቦ ሓገዝ ብምሃብ ፡ ብክልቲኡ ቁጠባውን ንያታውን :: እቲ ኣዝዩ ዝገርም ግን ወላ ‘ውን እቶም ተጣበቅቲ ሓፋሽ ኢና – ወነንቲ ልወጢ እና ብሃልቲ ነቲ ኣገዳስን ንኣድላይን ዝኾነ ብዛዕባ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ንጹር ተረድኦ ዘይብሎም ምዃኑ እዩ :: መሰረታዊ ጠንቂ ናይ ‘ዚ ድንግርግር ከኣ ነቲ ስራዓትን ባህርያቱን ናይ ምግላጽ ክእለት ስለ ዘየሎ እዩ :: በቲ ልክዕ ኣገላልጻ ህግደፍ ፍጹም ዕጹው ገባቲ ስርዓት እዩ :: ግዳ ነዚ ንሻገረሉ ዘለና ድንግርግር ንምጽራይ ነቲ ተረድኦታት ክሓቁን እሞ ነቲ ጽንሰ ሓሳባዊ ግንዛብ ክህልወና ክገብር እየ:: ብኣኡ ንብኡ ነቲ መርሃ- ግብርና ዳግማይ ንምስራዕ ነቲ ኣልዒሉ ዝጥምት ኣእምሮታት ንምልዕዓልን ::”

    ብምባል ከም ዕላማ ናይ ‘ታ ዓንቀጽ ዝተጠቀመሉ ክፋል ናይታ ጽሑፍ ኣድቂቀ ተዓዘብኩ: ብቅጽበት ከኣ ክም’ዚ ዝኣመሰሉ ዓንቀጻት ብትግርኛ ክትርጎሙ ከምዘለዎም ተራእየኒ ::

    እሂ ታ ንኺድ ዶ፧? ንኺድ በሉ ! እቲ ጽሑፍ ናይ ዓበይቲ መጻሕፍንት ጽሑፋትን ዝተፈላለይ መርትዖታትን ዘቅረበ- ነቲ ሓደጋ ዲቃላዊ ምሕደረ ዘለዎ ኣሉታዊ ሸነኽ ዘቃለዐን:: ኣንቢብካ ዘይጽገብ ዓንቀጽ እዩ:: ነቲ ይገዝእ ድኣ እምበር የመሓደር የለን ዝበሎ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ንዘለዎ ወተሃደራዊ ቀንጻሊ ባህርያቱ ኣብሪሁ ጉዕዞ ጸገንትን ሸርሕታቶምን ‘ውን ሸለል ከይበሎ እዩ ሓሊፉ :: ብዛዕባ ምሕደራ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ዕብየተ ሃገር (DDS) ውን ዝኣክል – ኣብ ባይታ ዝተፈተን ኣፍሪቃዊ ተሞክሮታትን መርትዖታት ብምቅራብ ግሉጽን ብሩህን መርገጽ ወሲዱሉ እዩ ::

    ኣብ ምዝዛም ጉዕዞይ እዛ ዓንቀጽ ድሮ ተርጉምኩዋ እሞ ገረመኒ : እዋእ ! ኣንታ እዚ ውን ‘ ኮ ናይ ኣእምሮን ልብን ምዕባለ እዩ :: ዳግማይ ኣጽኒዐ ምስ ወዳእኩ
    እተን ገጻት ክልእኸን እየ ::

  • haileTG

    Hello Awatista,

    It is interesting to get chased around like this news here, is this what is awaiting IA soon or as dawit predicted all “conspiracies” against him will be neutralized in Geneva*?


    * btw Eritrean asylum seekers are STRONGLY urged not to be duped into attending the PFDJ Geneva march. It will be morally wrong and legally dangerous to do so for many of their fellow migrants who just arrived on shore through hard to comprehend tragic circumstances.

    • Michael Tesfamariam

      Hi Haile
      No surprise this was the most expected outcome, but I wonder what signal might send this to his pal in Eritrea.

    • selam

      Dear Haile
      can the opposition demand to the countries to send them back? Just honest idiot question from selam. I tell you these you and me try to intimidate are more dangerous than we think. We better challenge them soon before it is too late.

      • haileTG

        Dear Selam, those bracing to go remind me milishia sirnay tewerewer and hzbawi serawit Qohayn during the Derg’s final days. When Derg lost Massawa to EPLF and the TPLF forced his army out of Tigray and were about to launch the Tewodros Campaign into Wello and Shoa, the derg wanted the Eritrean miltia sirnay to join his retreating army against TPLF. The EPLF then made similar calls like today, telling them not to engage against the comrades in arms of the Eritrean people at the time. Today PFDJ is making a desperate stand against truth and justice, it will sure lose the battle, yet we are offering similar advice to his mercenaries to refrain from inking yet another dark story in the annals of Eritrean history. To stand against their own flesh and blood that just survived a sure death ordeals is beyond morally reprehensible. I hate to see them stoop that low for nothing.

        • selam

          Dear Haile
          I try to understand them but i really couldn’t may be i am bad at it, but what they have in store is the money , money , money is making big difference , i think we should finance the good aple in the opposition and cut out the bad aple in order to compute with YPFDJ. They have vety unique organized groups with a very high level skill and also deceptions. We should really confront their points based on the true story of all Eritreans but also we should also accept the work of warsay on any level if it is a postive thing . We should not feel ashamed to accept that poor Eritreans have done some thing with empty stomach and also empty home and hungry children all over. All warsay think the opposition is no better we should bring a better alternative with open fields for them to debate the opposition ideas. I do not know all about the milisha thing but i have a very awful understanding of their evil work.

  • dawit

    Dear Awatistas,

    Just an information, Eritrean cyclist Daniel Teklehaymanot won “King of the Mountains” title. Now Eritrea not only “Number One in Africa” but also Number One in the World! Sorry AT did not allowed me to post the score table. But if any one is not afraid to visit Tesfanews here is the link.

  • dawit

    Hi Michael,
    Shame is for an Eritrean to fall to the coordinated by Ethiopian and US coordinated propaganda attack on his/her country Eritrea. Shame is betraying your country just you are eating Quarter pound McDonald Coors Beer! What a real shame!

  • Semere Andom

    A Memo To Future Eritrean Leaders
    Dear Readers:
    As impressive as the debates that were raging lead by Sabri and Sal, as educational as they were, the debates had one problem: the issues debated are not Eritrea’s problem, it reminded me of the old Eritrea adage, planning the wedding before securing the groom. Saleh Gadi Johar said it bored him because it reminded him of his youth, one is hard pressed to be bored when reminded about his youth, but Saleh’s youth is not and was not your average run of the mill, his was Ghedli and this debate reminded him all the politicking that was taking place and bored the young Saleh.To be frank, a phrase I am stealing from PFDJ’s ambassador, Girma Asmerom, but unlike him, I am really frank, I did not follow the debate in question in depth and my apologies in advance for narrowing it to Eritrea, and I have a sense that it was more far reaching than that.

    Eritrea under the leadership of PFDJ and more specifically under the “mafiaship” of DIA was designed to fail, destined to be accused of crime s against humanity and sexual enslavement. PFDJ is underpinned by the crimes that the world has awaken to. Whey? It was the implement of the precursor of PFDJ. The movements like the G-15 and individuals before them that tried to right the wrong would have oriented the country in a better place by learning from the past and paying the heavy debt they owned the people and victims, but our starts were not aligned and we ended up with a seasoned criminal, who perfected his art of deception in the hideouts of the mountains; eventually helming a regime worse than HS and Dergi. Making Eritrea a Singapore, or dubbing it DS or a mixed economy does not matter much and whoever leads Eritrea after PFDJ is removed must not be bogged down by semantics and models and experiences. It is easy; the future government of Eritrea if it succeeds to do the following; the many problems that bedevil us now and seem intractable will almost evaporate by themselves.

    A tenured Citizen: Eritreans must be free to think and say whatever they want without fear of losing their livelihoods and lives or being stoned by other citizens, whose emotions are hurt by the freedom of speech. Let the “tenured Eritrean citizen” advocate reunion with Ethiopia or separating from Eritrea or saying Ghedli was the worst thing that ever happened to Eritrea and not only make sure that nothing happens to him but punish those who hurt him physically. In short, the government must protect its citizens from itself and from other citizens whose hearts are broken by the freedom of speech.

    Leave the people alone: how to mourn their dead, how to conduct their wedding, who to marry and who to sleep with and where to go is not the government’s business.
    The government must limits itself to printing money, security of the nation and maintain a national army. As far as they do not physically hurt anyone, they can burn that piece of cloth called flag that they bought or they can wear it as a diaper like Larry Flint did and as far as they do not hurt anyone the government must leave the individual alone and must get out of the business of punishing people for wounding the feeling or pride of people.

    Stop romancing the mountains, rivers and the landscape of Eritrea, it is just a piece of real state that we all share, of course over the years we have developed a connective tissue that references pain, happiness and other emotions across all the country, but by in large, Eritrea is an artificial country like every country and by artificial, I mean man made and not God made. The people perform their duties and in return they receive their rewards. Keep it simple.
    It is Ok, if the government boasts of how many mosquitoes it killed to protect the people from malaria, but it should not go around and kill equal number of Eritrean citizens
    Allow Eritreans to learn and study what inspires them: do not relegate them to study only technical professions.
    Leash the trained killers: trained killers are the soldiers, policemen and former tegadalti.They are paid to obey and protect, obey the law and protect the people, but they carry guns and must be watched like a hawk and must be trained to be subservient of the law and to enforce it. This job must be for those with a passion for it and willing to be shackled by the law and not with a propensity to break it

    If you are obsessed with other experiences, do not go overseas, look next door to Ethiopia, suspend your pride and do the following:
    Allow every province to be free: free under the rule of law that trickles down to every province, if they want to close the bars and ban alcohol in Ad-Ibrahim because it offends their religion they must be free to do so and if in that village they want to ban Tigrinya, they must not be punished, but centrally the government must serve them in one of the official languages. Modernity and rule of law will solve the askance many are apprehensive of.

    Pay homage to the founding fathers of Ghedli, do not vanish them from history. Learn from the 40th anniversary of TPLF. Remember Eritrea has founding fathers and heroes before.

    Internalize that every job has occupational hazard: righteous screeds like this piece are the norm in any civilized society, so get used to it, if you want career in public life develop thick skin.

    • Dayphi

      Hawey Semere: i bow my head and back, not in a worshi style, but in sencere respect to your advice and the main things that you mentioned, on how the future True Eritrean Government should act. I specially praise and compliment your call for the right of any awraja to rule its area the way it believes FIT their area and people of that awraja within the union of Eritrea without the interference of the central government in Asmara or Dbarwa, in case we choose to move the offices of the deflates central government to its pre colonization location. I dont want to spoil your well presented call with more of my ideas too, BUT i would DEMAND from all opposition parties worth carrying that solemn title to adopt ALLpoints you propsed in their charter as of now and today, so we may support them with trust they won’t turn out to be another esayas and another AGDEF. or else, as our neighbors say, جِنًّا تعْرفُو ولا جنا لا تعرفو…. in my beautiful tigrinia, unless mistaken, كابْ زايْ تِفَلْطُو مَلْأَخْ، إتِّفَلْطُو شَيْطانْ

    • selam

      Dear semere
      under what circumstances is one citzen allowed to destroy the core value of a nation ? I mean do your freedom of speech allow to dispise any religion or any kind of that? Does your intention care about the privacy of a citzen over the root of a country. We have heard enough of western blown up balloon yet , we find them less important when it cames to , what ever you wish to say. There is nothing to be learned from TPLF who have traded their people’s live to get weapons. Weyane has nothing at store for Eritreans to take. Get over your weyenti style. What will you say if i told you weyane is a killing machine under cover. If the time coms i better wish to have cleaner waters than dirty weyane water.

  • tes

    Dear AT,

    Here we go:

    PFDJites ROARING for Injustice, voice of the rotten tomato junta on 22.06.2014

    ህጹጽ ጻውዒት ንዘየላቡ መኸተ! ንዕለት 22 ሰነ ኣብ ከተማ ጄኔቭ ፡ ሰፊሕ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ተመዲቡ ኣሎ። ሓየ
    ሃገራዊ ዝኾንካ ተለዓል። ኩሉ ኣተኮሮኻን ኣቓልቦኻን ናብ ጄኔቭ ዓቕናዓዮ ። በብዘለኻዮ ከባቢ ተወዲብካ ተበገስ፡
    ዝገደፍና ገዲፍና፡ ሃገር ንምድሓን ክንሳተፍ ዘገደደና ሃገራዊ ጻውዒት ድማ እዩ። ሎሚ ዘይከተተ፡ ብደዉ ከም ዝሞተ!


    TN – Turning Upside News of PFDJ on an high alert

    Dear Eritreans, knock them out from the land justice (Swiss) for ever these boiled eggs. They don’t deserve any piece of time to make their case.

    Dear sara, what DIA could have discussed with Al-Bashir before his diparture to SA? A criminal hosts a criminal, (The tangler vs Untangler relationship)


    • dawit

      dear tes,
      Good luck on your plan to stop the organized and determined Mekete of Hafash. The boiled eggs are rolling to Genève!.The hooligans may throw their insults to women and children from the sidewalk. The year long 500 page report will be smashed by one day Eritrean demonstration. Mekete.

      • saay7


        All the roaring won’t change anything. Because the crime that Isaias and his flunkies have committed against the people of Eritrea–women, children, elderly, everyone–is too big. The screams of the victims are louder and their megaphone, now thanks to CoI bigger, much much bigger than anything that the green, yellow, red flag wrapped, more coherent than your tacky placards, and more permanent than your one day off from work.

        This is on page. And there are 300 plus pages like it.


        • dawit

          There are million pages reports condemning the Eritrean people since 1940s, four-power commission etc. But all reports were destroyed by Eritrean people. The new report is not new, the helicopter, the container prison etc. Fabricated crimes designed to disarm the Eritrean people to reverse Eritrean Independence!
          Saay, I understand your bitterness towards the Eritrean government based on your personal case. But there is a difference between personal and national problem. Like it or not, European governments one by one and EU are bowing to Eritrea, regardless of those baseless fabricated accusations reports. What matters is the voice of Eritreans inside the country. The report is already dismissed by Eritrean government, and the demonstration is affirmation of those in diaspora including the refugees who are forced left their country. I know you are disappointed by Eritrean people because your opposition can not organize 100 true Eritreans supporting the fabricated report and opposing the Government.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Dawit,
            do you consider this is the continuation of that era (1940) ?

          • dawit

            Dear Kokhob,
            I had replied to your question earlier, but it must have disappeared in the cyber space. Why not? 1940s UN wrote report to divide Eritrea between British colony of Sudan and feudal Ethiopia. In 1950 the wrote 1950 to Federate Eritrea with Ethiopia. UN silently wrote a report of ‘Silence’ when Napalm gas rained in Eritrean sky for 30 years. The wrote 2 sanction reports based on fabricated lies. And yet another report.

          • saay7


            Can we unwrap this, one sentence at a time? Thank you.

            1. “There are million pages reports condemning the Eritrean people since 1940s, four-power commission etc.”

            There were reports done by Four Power Commission that accurately reflected that the people of Eritrea had, like all post-colonial people in the world, different desires as to what they wanted. Some of them said (you should be familiar with this expresssion) “Znegese Negusna” and wanted to be ruled by Haile Selasse. And some wanted to be an independent country. And the Four Powers accurated reportedly this. How is this “condemned the Eritrean people”?

            2. But all reports were destroyed by Eritrean people.

            I don’t don’t know what this means. If you mean that the Eritrean people overcame being annexed by Ethiopia, yes, they did.

            3. The new report is not new, the helicopter, the container prison etc. Fabricated crimes designed to disarm the Eritrean people to reverse Eritrean Independence!

            So hundreds of people who never knew each other “fabricated news” that they were tortured in the PFDJ’s only innovation: torture? Are you saying that this is all made up that all the Eritrean youth who claimed it happened to them are just making it up? They even all, miraculously, made up names like Almaz, helicopter? So, if these people are living witnesses they are just lying?

            4. “Saay, I understand your bitterness towards the Eritrean government based on your personal case. But there is a difference between personal and national problem.”

            A nation is a collection of persons. When it happens to negligibly few people, it is a shame. When it happens to every Eritrean family (I guarantee you that, statistically, you have a family member who has been arrested, made to disappear, or died in mysterious circumstances), then it is a national tragedy. Actually, tragedy implies that there is nobody to blame. Tragedy is an earthquake or a hurricane. This is a crime: somebody consciously made the decision to inflict pain on Eritreans.

            5. “Like it or not, European governments one by one and EU are bowing to Eritrea, regardless of those baseless fabricated accusations reports.”

            The EU was “bowing to Eritrea” (your language is very telling by the way) only because they don’t want to be flooded by Eritreans. Basically, they are negotiating with a hostage-taker and a terrorist. (Europeans have a long and shameful history of that.) But even they may have been shocked by the latest report. For example, the UK Home Office is reconsidering its decision to play footsie with Isaias Afwerki:


            The kiddie legislator from Norway, Jøran Kallmyr, may continue to embarrass himself. (the Thomas Mountain of Norway) but all Norway politicians are reading the CoI report.

            6. “The report is already dismissed by the Eritrean government, and the demonstration is affirmation of those in diaspora including the refugees who are forced left their country”

            Ha, whenever Isaias is running scared, he replies “The People And The Government of Eritrea.” Dude, you, Isaias and your government, are being accused of abusing the people so don’t try to hide under their Jelabiya. There government doesn’t have the luxury of “dismissing”: it will be forced to reply. Because, after all, it was ordered by the UN to provide access to CoI: it didn’t. The CoI could have visited prisons, and those released from prison and those who “fabricated” torture stories. When in doubt, lie” that is the government’s response. In prior meetings, it had said, the constitution is virtually completely implemented, now it is saying (just in time) that it has a new Civil Code and Penal Code. It will be asked to hand them over. Simply put, once it voluntarily agreed to be a member of the UN and to sign dozens of conventions, it is bound to them whether it likes it or not.

            About the demonstrations. They will fail to demonstrate anything because–and this is the part you don’t get, Dawit my friend–the CoI has told the world persuasively that these are (a) orchestrated from Asmara and (b) many, if not most, attending it are doing it because of fear of the government because it is holding their families in Eritrea hostage. This is what the 400+ page report was about Dawitom. (You might want to read it.)

            Then, when you hear the waterfall effect of this report, like the one just today about how Nevsun is running scared because reporters are asking it why it runs a conscripted labor force. Nevsun stock has been rated higher from “hold” to “buy”….just in time when we in the opposition who can’t “organize 100 true Eritreans” will convinced the world to “sell.”

            You actually think that those carnivals you hold that you call demonstrations are where the game is actually played. Keep thinking that Dawitom:)


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Damn good, you burst his all bubbled argument. You can’t make him naked more than that. Well done brother. They will face the “truth” and will not let them alone without rendering justice to the victim.


          • dawit

            Dear Amanuel,
            ‘Enda Aboy Hadgu, nenhidom yefakedu’

          • dawit

            Dear Saay,

            No Saay the actual game is played at Sawa, where Eritrean youth is shaped to defend and build Eritrea. The rest is a sideshows, the Reports and the carnivals. Thank you. http://www.madote.com/2015/06/video-meaning-of-self-reliance-in.html

          • Pass the salt

            How does criticizing the government on human rights reverse our independence? I am asking this because spokesman Yemane G. said that too. Would you care to enlighten on this point?

          • dawit

            Pass the salt,
            Criticizing the government on human rights does not reverse our independence, but using as pretext that as a reason to destroy Eritrean National Defense does. Yes it similar UNSC used Somalia to sanction Eritrea, to cover-up its failure not to condemn Ethiopia to leave Eritrean sovereign land illegally occupied which is the real cause of Eritrean National service and youth migration.

          • Pass the salt

            There is no sign of more sanction due to human rights violations. The UN doesnt sanction on human rights bases. So you and YG are using the resolution as excuse to run from responsibility.
            On national service, if Badme is the reason for making it indefinite, then what has been achieved? We wouldn’t have recovered Badme if there was no national service, we didn’t recover Badme now with the help of national service. So where is the benefit of national service in this regard?

          • dawit

            Pass the salt,
            You are mixing your words, please read my reply. Eritrea is still standing as an independent nation with 300,000 Ethiopian soldiers standing to invade Eritrea. The national service is not setup to recover Bademe by force. Bademe was ours before the invasion and its ours legally. The national service is to build an economy destroyed by wars of aggressions. The ghedli generation achieved political independence and the warsai generation is defending and building for economic independence.

      • haileTG

        Hi dawitom, ጉድ እኮ’ዩ፡ ተረኪስኩም በቃ፡) Well, everyone has chipped in by way of response, so I thought I would chose a piece of music for all you guys at the Meketket party:) It is the famous Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. This is super short finale (only minute and half), enjoy:)


        • Saleh Johar

          You are cruel. That is the only piece you could get! Now you forced some to look it up to learn sophisticated music.

          • haileTG

            Hi SGJ,

            Haha.. my typical music listening being between 75 – 90 minute, it would be more cruel to recommend symphony No. 4 Serenade for Strings Op. 48 instead for dawit. That would be longer than his upcoming hulum neger wede Geneva final stand 🙂

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam haile TG,
            It is interesting how different people have such a wildly different musical taste. Sophisticated or not it brought back memory of when our father sat through one of these for a long time and when completed looked at all of us and said. What is all this noise?
            As far as the music part I think I am with dawit.

          • haileTG

            Dear KH, my old teacher use to tell me never to turn down something before trying. Spend one month listening to classical. That is day in day out, wherever you are or whatever you do. Those noises will suddenly make perfect sense and everything else you knew before senseless:-)

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam haileTG,
            I will take your advice to heart, so to speak. I will be in that position soon to do that. Thanks again.

          • Abi

            Hi Kim
            Try professor Ashenafi Kebede’s ” the shepherd flutist ”
            The best music in the galaxy.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Abi,
            I recently acquired a CD by Girma Yifrashewa. It has the title of The Shepherd With The Flute as one of the piano music pieces. It must have been redone from Ashenafi’s previous work. It was really great.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello all of you who mentioned classical,
            KH, I concur with those who acquired a taste for classical music. There is also additional good reason to want to listen to classical music. There was a study done on a group of students who had similar GPA, and half of the class was subjected to listen exclusively for classical music way before a test and the other half something else of their choice. Those who listened for the classical music scored substantially higher than those who rocked and rolled. So, listen to classical music and you will be calmer and smarter. As a bonus, most classical radio stations do not have those annoying commercials if at all.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Fanti,
            I will let you know a little secret. To me classical music was the elevator music of the old rock & rolls of the 60s and 70s.
            The classical music you, haile TG and now saay, are talking about requires a little effort and time. I will do it. I am now counseling myself in preparation to keep open mind and go where it goes.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello KH,
            Okay. Now it is official that we are getting old!

          • dawit

            Selam Kim,
            I understand your father describing as ‘noise’.. Classical music was also a noise for me before I trained my ears before my friend who is cellist introduced me gradually. Now I appreciate it. I introduced my friend to some Eritrean and Ethiopian classical songs to play them on cello. They sound great. I wish also Ethiopian and Eritrean musicians adopted the cello than trumpets and saxophones, that blows your eardrum. I believe they would sound much better with cello. Our ‘wata’ or ‘masinko’ makes great music but limited in its range, being only one string. The Sudanese have adopted violin and the Congolese use guitar in their music. Eritrean musicians deserve credit for improving kirar sound by electrifying it.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam dawit,
            I have made a promise to Haile TG to try to train myself to listen to classical music for a month maybe even for 6 months. I will keep an open mind but if I don’t see any result, I will not badger myself with it.

          • saay7


            The following story is all true. Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

            Sele bought a luxury car. And somehow he associated luxury car with classical music. So in this car he wouldn’t allow his kids to play pop hip hop music. He would allow his wife to play her fave Tigrinya music. It came with satellite radio and all he played was classical music. After listening to it for 3 years, while he appreciated the craft of the musicians, he made no soul connection with it.

            Fast forward to last week. Where Sele lives, Andrea Bocelli had a concert. A friend of his came to town to arrange music to “get shit done” as he put it. Sele meets his friend, an accomplished composer mostly for film and video games, let’s call him, LARRY for drinks.

            Sele tells Larry his luxury car story. ” Oh yes” explains Larry, ” you must have been influenced by car commercials of the 1990s. All of them had classical strings. In fact I made a good living then composing strings. But now they have music libraries for those.”

            “So?” He asks. “So, no connection at all” says Sele. I wasn’t moved, he says. Larry makes fun of Eritreans. Then Sele says isn’t like classical music mostly a contest to see who does the best cover songs of old songs. It’s not like there are new classical music. He laughs. He says kinda. There was Luciani Pavoroti but u know he is 70 something now and the vocal cords give up after 65. Andrea Bocelli barely tours which is why people are willing to pay 500 to see him.

            Uh-huh sele says skeptically. ” I mean what are they paying for? For a cover song?”

            He says some of it can move u to tears. It might even move an Eritrean to tears he says. Like what Sele asks. Larry says “well, like Turandot.” Turan down the what, Sele asks. Larry says “just YouTube Turandot. And you will cry.”

            Of course Sele didn’t cry. But then of course Sele hasn’t heard nor is he ikely to hear Turandot. You YouTube it and tell me if u cried KH. Since you are in an experimental mode 🙂


          • haileTG

            Hi saay,

            Classical music is a hard sell in Eritrean circles (even any circle nowadays;). I had a friend who was frustrated by not being able to recall or recommend to a friend any piece of classical music that he’d heard (like I did earlier to dawit with the 1812 overture). He wondered why the heck didn’t the composers gave their music artistic name. It is like having to tell a friend to listen to Mozart’s K.620 [dawit this is the magic flute] or Beethoven’s Opus 60, Symphony No. 4 in B-flat major. They forget the enormity of the works accomplished by these composers and how it is practically impossible to make artistic name for each. The fact is however many of my friends love classical music, i.e. unknown to them as part of the background to the movie and theater they watch. Galileo found his way to science through his dad’s and younger brother’s work in music and mathematics that naturally inspired him ( i.e. the pitch of a musical note depends on the square root of the string’s tension). Classical music is a form of music art and one needs to enroll for a life long learning of this western classics to start to get the feel, i.e. the sheer magnitude, theory and history. That is why I am hoping KH to stick around for a month or so and see if he can let his heart marry it for life:)

          • saay7

            Hey Hailat:

            … Or what we associate the music with. For example, you can’t pay me enough to listen to Beethovens 9th because one of the worlds biggest jackasses, Keith Olbermann, made it his theme song to his show Countdown. Similarly, I can’t listen to one of my favorite songs, The Pretenders, “Went Back to Ohio (My City Was Gone)” because another jackass, Rush Limbaugh, made that his theme song.

            Ever seen Amadeus, btw?


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam SAAY,
            Sele sounds so much like a friend of mine.
            Yes sir, I will do the controlled experiment for classical music. I said controlled because I did a quick goggle of Turnadot and listened a little of what was presented. I was about to cry, not in a good way. Opera has to wait for a little while. Let me digest in small portions, what Haile TG and Fanti recommended, to develop that taste first.
            I am afraid now if I go into Opera, I will not come out alive. It will be suicide. I don’t want that to be on your conscience.
            I will report my progress about the classical music diet within a few months to you all.

          • Saleh Johar

            HaileTG, it would be nice if they go to Vienna after they are done with Geneva–they can listen to some angry symphonies.

            Since you are into classical music, I recommend to you “The Devil’s Violinist” if you have access to Netflex.

          • dawit

            Hi Haile and Saleh, when it come to classical music I am not fan of Tchaikovsky, my favorite is Bach.I enjoy to listen to Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite, played by Pablo Cassal and Yoyoma. I also enjoy Boocharini and Hyden Cello concerto played by .Rostropovich and Jacqueline du Pre. I love the cello next to the kirar.
            Enjoy Yoyo-Ma


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi dawit.

            This is good. At least we have one unimportant thing in common. I believe it will do you good if you forget PFDJ for a week and go for Vivaldi. Then we will be friends again.

          • dawit

            Hi Saleh,
            I must tell you I also enjoy Vivaldi’s Cello concerto. Actually my car radio is fixed at NPR stations the only classical music station in the country. I think we have some more things in common at least we are smokers something that we both need to give up. Give up PFDJ? well. That is a big question mark for me at this time. As Haile said I am an old fashioned, I like to stick with my king PIA.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi dawit,
            Now I will leave the rebels and line up with the loyalists. Saay, HaileTG and the rest, accept my resignation, dawit convinced me. He hates saxephone, what else can I want. I will pray that our group will have the loudest noise and the most colorful Qole rally. May all the rebels catch cold and sore throat so that they don’t over shout our side!

            On a second thought, may the loyalists get what they deserve, a leader who will oppress them so much they forget their names. Why did they leave the our leader in cold and flee to Europe? Can’t they go back now that they have their Jordans and iPhones. Ybonqussom da’a!

          • saay7

            Abu Salah:

            The saxophone is a mainstay of classical and jazz music. Pop and rock were introduced to the saxophone really late. I could give u great sax solos in classical music but you will deny they are saxophones. So. Here’s one that you absolutely positively can’t deny because she is the greatest in Arab music. Um Kalthum. Enjoy the sax. I know I just know it will take u back. Back to the rebel days.



          • Saleh Johar

            I must explain something here. Indeed it’s beautiful. Believe me here, I heard this piece many times but never paid attention to the saxophone because it was in harmony with the other instruments, seamless, mostly brief, interjections that you don’t even feel it is there–softly played. Okay, kab mesetata znewHet maashela, wey n’Ouf wey n’ winchif. Most saxophone sound in many songs in our region are like that maashela. That is when I have the urge to be the ouf and winchif in one. They just blow on it as if there is no tomorrow, ugly barking sound.

            I hope you get my taste regarding the saxophone. But thank you–I am feeling like filling the bathtub and soaking with that music. Ab Edaakha yewElenna.

          • saay7

            Here’s for Sgj, Hailat and Dawitom:

            Lots of Eritrean taxi drivers surprise Americans when they tell them that their favorite musical genre is country music.

            The three of you may have surprised people when u told them your favorite musical genre is classical music

            So in tribute to surprises, here’s a surprise, by Liberian-American comedian. (Fans of “parks and recreation will recognize her): I heard this in the 1990s long before she became a star. It’s still a great story:



          • dawit

            Let me tell you about my own story about country music. This happened the Deep South. I was listening in the radio to a country music station from Nashville. An American ‘Red Neck’ asked me why I listen to ‘country music’ station. I told him it reminds me songs from my country, they all sing about every day life struggle, typical ‘peasant songs’ all over the world. He was offended by the ward ‘Peasant’, because I made him equal to a typical peasants in Africa. He asked me if I thought ‘Southerners as peasants. I tried to explain what a peasant means in Ethiopia, a person who owns the country ‘Bale-ager’ which means ‘native’. Again he didn’t like the word ‘native’ which is used to describe ‘American Indians’. Finally we agreed that is decedents of the founding fathers of America, and I am the brand new fresh American. Oh, I love the poor people of Dixieland, they are mostly simple and innocent, perhaps that was the reason why KKK manipulated their minds to hate their poor black neighbors and today they are manipulated to hate Obamacare for giving them free medical care. They collect guns, go hunting and fishing. Go to church service, church diners and church picnic, church missions, listen to county music and most never travel outside the region, unless they joined the military, that would take them to Vietnam, Afghanistan or Ayraq.

          • dawit

            Hi Saay, I did not say I hate the sax, in fact that my second best instrument especially when played solo. My childhood favorite was JR Walker. What I hate when an army of trumpets and sax blow up my ear drum in a band, in Eri and Eth music competing who can play the loudest.

          • saay7

            Hey Dawit:

            No, it wasn’t you who says he hates Sax: that was SGJ. He is legendary around here for hating that gentle and misunderstood instrument

            You, on the other hand, hate reason and rationality and, mostly, compelling evidence. You say the Eritrean government has expressed its willingness to welcome voluntary repatriates but then you refuse to read the compelling evidence of what it has done with previous returnees. Having discussions with you Dawitom is like a contest of cliches and on that you will always win. What does “give the Eritrean government the political space” mean to the thousands of Eritrean prisoners and to the tens of thousands of their suffering families? Nothing: it’s just a useless platitude.


          • dawit

            Selam Saay,

            I think Eritrean political music is similar to the horn section of the orchestra, where every player blow its instrument to be heard over the other. So instead of music it become noise. On the opposition side there is no Eritrean conductor, perhaps there is foreign hand ‘Yewch Ej Alebet’, so every player has his own music sheet, with very few notes in common. On the government side there is at least one conductor. As long as there is suspicion of foreign hand, the majority of Eritreans who have paid so dearly to achieve independence will not pay serious attention to the loud music played by the opposition parties. They are going to listen to the government side no matter how bad the music sounds. The thousands of Eritrean prisoners voice can be listened to when the Eritrean people in unison demand for it. I doubt it if foreign organizations and countries will resolve Eritrean internal problems. As intelligent political observer can you explain why the government organize “Carnival demonstrations” year after year inside and outside the country. Do you honestly believe to the kebero magic sound.

            By the way even though Awate is mute about this fact Eritrean are celebrating their victory on world stage cycling competition. Daniel Teklehaimanot, win the title of ‘King of the Mountain’, becoming the first African to win the title. He will also ride on the Tour de France next month. Eritrea is not only “Number One in Africa” but working to become Number One in the world.

          • saay7

            Morning Dawitom:

            You came out all inspired, it looks like. Congrats to all of us on Daniel Teklehaimanot. We are hoping that awate 7.0 will have an arts/entertainment section where this news would be published and discussed. Then of course just like your side politicizes everything (that Eritrean cyclists winning is a sign that Eritrea is well-governed) we probably would: that of all sports, the ones that an Eritrean can spent the most time away from government presence–cycling, running–are the ones Eritreans excel at. Imagine how many more fields we would concur free from the suffocating presence of the gov.

            On music, think of the opposition as fusion jazz musicians with long long improv pieces. Actually as you well know, the only reason a conductor is needed is because orchestras are huge. You don’t need them for small orchestras as anyone who has been tortured by high school orchestras knows. Also I am very suspensions of musicians who play their instruments while sitting and wearing a tux. The Sudanese sit but they don’t wear a tux.

            On demonstrations: the part of the reference for it as carnival is to the ransomness and saturation of colors not because, like a carnival, it’s a happy event. There are more colors at a pro PFDJ celebration than a gay pride festival. Have you seen what they do with the flag? A flag is supposed to be the most dignified cloth that unites a nation. The way your guys use it–as bandana, as any old merchandising swag is almost as offensive as the way they try to equate a country with a party and with one man at that. Hade Beleley. Second, I already told u that the collapse of the Isaias Party (let’s just call it by its real name) will come about from the weight of the lies and the absurdity of its cause. What’s the cause here? People are going to protest the fact that a team of investigators found evidence that the Eritrean government arrests and disappears people without evidence. They are not protesting that their government is arresting, torturing, disappearing, exiling people; they are protesting that somebody uncovered evidence that it is doing so. I know I know you are going to say it’s about independence and sovereignty but I am saying that’s not true: the minute Eritrea chose to voluntarily become a member of the UN and THEN chose to sign additional conventions, it became bound by them and it voluntarily agreed to a peer review of its practices. Just because the teacher flunks you doesn’t mean the teacher is trying to control you. The other foundation of lie here is that the news they will give Eritreans is that Eritreans in U.S. and Canada spontaneously rose up in unison to “rebuff enemies” blah blah blah when the whole show is orchestrated by Asmara down to the last detail of what placards to us. This is the sort of lie that can just eat at your soul. Third, what exactly was achieved in the last 15 years by walking from Point A to Point B while chanting and waving 20 year-old pics of Isaias Afwerki? I mean sure it’s a good excercise for those who never get out and you can always say “asmiEnayen” but when you have a 400 page document that laid out all the secrets—that you are demonstrating because you were ordered to and if you don’t there will be ramifications–and that somebody or somebodies from this particular demonstration will tell CoI Part 2 exactly how and when it happened—-how long are u going to kick the can down the road?


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Saay:
            I am enjoying the teasing, the tickling, the probing, the provoking, the punching and the knockdown of hagerawi harbenga Dawitom

          • dawit

            Good Morning Saay,

            ሓደርኻ ዓርኸይ ሳልሕ እንታይ እሞ ክንገብር ኹሉ ወዮ ኮይኑና ናይ ኤርትራ ነገር.ብሩኽ መዓልቲ ይግበረልና.

          • saay7

            መርሓባ ዳዊቶም

            “መርገም ኣይምጻእካ” ይብሉ ኔሮም ወለዲ. When I see news pieces like this:


            And this:


            I feel very old and helpless and ask “እንታይ ኢና በዲልና? ሓደ ዓቢ ገበን እንተዘይንፍጽም…” Then…then..then…

            I am hoping that even the atheists and the agnostics will help us in praying to God. If this is not an occasion to pause and think I don’t know what is.


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal:

            The heart that you are trying to make like yours, that is soften it, is made of synthetic plastic, the person who you are trying to make like you: the reason that you are involved in activity that you do not like, politics is because precisely of such atrocities is dead man walking.

            The criminals profiled in the links are the legacy of PFDJ and probably PFDJ profits from them.

            Now if people like me, in the immediate years after PFDJ is removed ask our government to make gun ownership a right, can you blame us 🙂

            The person, who you are knocking down and probing is someone who is so devoid of feeling that he will allow his teenage age daughter to be sex slave of predator IA and live without remorse, that is who you are knocking down, a sociopath, he has become an accomplished one after his successful budding years.

            Please do not use your moderator power to delete this, but use your power to ban me for life and I will still be your friend and would be in your wedding party if you were not married after banning me that is 😉

          • Ted

            Dear Semere, the “Ethiopian fairy”, You are puking all over the UN report. Of course you would ban guns for Eritreans how else it will be possible your friends from south to govern us.

          • Hayat Adem

            If you can’t be on the side of the victims and justice, at least be creative so that we can enjoy you. The Ethiopian card is excessively overused, boring and burring.

          • haileTG

            Hey Hayat,

            When we were kids, there use to be elderly men who use to squick and utter something like ተጠወቕ! or something less savory word if you suddenly say ጣጥ to them:) Many Asmarinos use to pull that squick from such elderly men. That is the problem with the regime people now, i.e. if you say ጣጥ suddenly to them, they would blurt ኢትዮጵያ instantly:-)

          • Peace!

            Dear Ted,

            Please stop: not fun when you ruin someone else’s job-;)


          • selam

            Dear Ted
            They can not even think of it.nhe with his evil weyane tried every angle and now they are back , lets wait what else do they have in their lies . You know they are born to lie but the Eritrean people at large know Weyane and their puppets, let them die on their dreams. We Eritreans do not need ugly stupid killers from south , not even for the two weeks as some indicated long time.

          • Ted

            Dear Selam, that is what worries me, they take the UN report to meqelle and kill it like all the other Eritrean initiatives.

          • Peace!

            dear Ted,

            Actually that will be going back to square one unless otherwise. As you know the Ethiopia based opposition groups have suffered enough from optical delusion; thus, it is time for Aboy Sebhat to retire from Eritrean politics and let his students go before their vision deteriorates further. Hope no DUI this time.


          • Abi

            Hi Selam
            If you don’t need ugly , stupid , killers from the south, next time we will send you beautiful, smart kings . I promise. We are working on it .

          • Peace!

            Dear Abi,

            I think she meant South Vietnam-;)


          • Abi

            Hi Peace
            Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes s whole lot sense. I don’t know how I missed it. I was thinking of South Sudan. Finally , we are in Peace!

          • Semere Andom

            First, they a r not my friends,they are yours, in my country we have a proverb that goes, “kab wedi gual mebay wedi lam” 🙂
            speaking of the report, what do u think about it Ted?

          • Ted

            Hi, semere, the report is for those who don’t know Awate.com exist. It is good working document for opposition if people like you don’t ruin it.

          • dawit

            I wish you buy some plastic tongue, to replace your rotten one.

          • Saleh Johar

            Saay (and dawit)

            Now I am sure dawit is not what he appears to be. He just plays the role of the contrarian for a reason. He thinks we are all sellouts and he goes through sleepless nights worrying about Eritrea which he believes (like I do) is exposed to great risks. The only difference is that I believe the risk is the Isaias and PFDJ rule; he thinks it is anything in the South. If one reaches to that conclusion, it is very difficult to sway them. But I am sure he recognized the injustices befalling Eritreans at home, I can bet on it.

            Dear dawit, you have to have some faith on your compatriots, a fraction of the benefit of the doubt that you give the monstrous regime in Eritrea. Don’t ever think we do not feel the risk to which Eritrea is exposed; but our fear of external risks cannot freeze us to blind submission. You have to defeat that fear, we all love our country and people. That is my honest feeling.

          • dawit

            Dears Saay and Saleh

            Dear Saay,

            Thank you for the two chilling articles, I think you should make it available to all AT followers, it deserves to be read and discussed especially the NEWSWEEK article. It is revealing as to grave situations of our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters migrants problems from the start to finish.

            Dear S.J ,

            Thank you for your kind and honest response. I am not sure if I am playing “the roll of a contrarian”. Yes we all spend sleepless night about Eritrea, whether we support or oppose the government. A deaf can see it and a blind can hear and feel it and those who of us with eyes and ears can see it, hear it and feel it. I never thought of you and many at AT as sellout, everyone here spend sleepless night about Eritrea. Our differences are describing the source of the problem and the searching the right solutions to our collective problems. I will write extensively my honest respond when I find appropriate time.

            In the mean time I want you two to think about two quotes from our founding fathers we all respect.

            “We have to fight together and show wisdom so that Eritrea will conserve her hopes in the future. She will not survive if we are divided”. – Woldeab Woldemariam

            “The Eritreans aim is independence. If we don’t achieve independence the country
            will remain under international protection. But Eritrea will not be a slave to anyone”. – Ibrahim Sultan

          • tes

            Dear saay7,

            Thank you for your valuable time for making dawit to listen.

            dawit finally wrote, “ሓደርኻ ዓርኸይ ሳልሕ እንታይ እሞ ክንገብር ኹሉ ወዮ ኮይኑና ናይ ኤርትራ ነገር.ብሩኽ መዓልቲ ይግበረልና.” This is dawit, the guardian of Eri-Tv, finally gave-up.

            The end of PFDJ has come.

            poor dawit, I feel deeply concerned but JUSTICE has no parallel. You can’t stand against justice. In fact, Eritrean stood for justuce before and now they are capable too. PFDJ should have known this. When call for justice, there is no barrier..

            Still you have a chance, stand up for justice and be the guardian of your people. We are counting on you dawit.


          • Justice Now

            I agree with your fact-based analysis and lament.The reason U R picked up as a favorite Cousin by many is coz you boldy testified about my own Grand-Pa,Sergent Tewelde Beyin.
            Sregenti Tewelde Beyin was NOT only a Patriotic Nationalist,who stood firm for National Unity by challenging PIA in Keren in 1977-78 Meeting,which costed him his life,but also a Veteran Hero Tegadalay.
            I was there with him,have been there and have done that with my Hero Abo-Hagoy Tewelde Beyin.
            Abohagoy was there with the EPLF Jegano fighting with them in his own house back-yard in the middle of the night when Keren was ready to embrace the EPLF Gallant Fighters.
            He was the one,who located the Derghi Soldiers ,who were hitting the fighters hard with their Machine Guns from their cave right across from Gheza Enda Abohagoy.
            It was Abohagoy Tewelde Beyin,the Fedayeen for the ELF,who was feeding the ELF tons of info.
            Me and him buried an EPLF Fighter right behind the yard of Enda Abohagoy Tewelde Beyin.
            The Hero Tewelde Beyin was executed along with his Friends in the caves of Sahel simply for challenging PIA legitimately but only to be vicitms of their own Heroism and Patriotism….under a disguise of being Ethiopian Agents.
            Mind you! 5 of 8 deki Tewelde Beyin were/are tegadelti,one became a Martyr but their own hero and Father was killed cold-bloodedly in front of all the Tegadelti Dekku!
            That is why I always open the youtube to listen to your Testimony.
            I miss Abohagoy dearly so as to THANK him for what he did for me,as I would NOT be who I am now had it not been his unique fatherly support.
            I hope Ms Lete’Ab and Wedi Ammar are not reading me!
            My own uncle,Col.Zeru B. was stoned to near -death by the EPRP’s Death Squad somewhere in Keren and was found half-dead by someone,who picked him and brought him to Keren Hospital but only to be dumped in the Juffa Prison,where no body knew where he has been for yrs until he was brought back to Keren Hospital after yrs of torture,simply coz he was associated with Petros Solomon.Now,he was dumped to his family to die officially.
            Vet Zeru B. was an ELF Senior Security Chief,well known to PIA,and was hand-picked by the same PIA to help hin as one of his Security Chiefs and was immediately promoted to a Colonel by Petros Solomon for his achievement.
            It was the same Col Zeru” ,who was roaming in the middle of Addis Abeba during the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eri War under a cover up of being of a Saudi Citizen with a Saudi Passport.
            It was the same Col Zeru B,who was smuggling all the SAM-7 Manpads from Algeria as a Saudi Trader,which destroyed more than a dozen Ethiopian Migs and Helicopter Gun -Ships but,poor guy, only to be stoned to near-death coz of who he is/was…..for being a unique Hero Kerenite/Blenay Jigna!Coz PIA thiks kerenites and Bilen are a threat to his power and survivial.–simply coz they have ELF background.
            Let me ask you a basic question:
            What would you feel if you were the son of Sergent Tewelde Beyin or Col Zeru B?
            It pains me when my Uncle Zeru’s kids were crying when they saw their father semi-concious,half -dead,who could not recognize them due to his severe TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury)/PTSD.
            That is what we are talking about,dawit et al, when we are talking about the Human Rights abuse in Eritrea!
            Forget about the exaggerated sex-slavery or slave labor or helicopter style torture-the least of the problems…,which is NOT new in Eritrea–as 40% of US Army Women in Uniform are reported to be victims of sexuall Harrassement and Rape.
            We are talking about innocent people,Religious Leaders,Senior Commanders/Generals,Colonels,Pastors,Sheiks,Priests,Bishops,Intellectuals,Scientists,Students,Farmers,Teen Adolescents,FathersElders,,Moms,Kids,etc….being tortured in communicado with no access to their beloved family members.
            Dawit et al :
            Are you blind,deaf,dumb,ignorant and cruel to that extent?
            Dawit et al:
            What about the 300,000 Eris,who fled the nation?
            What about the more than 5-6000 Youth,Teens, Moms,Fathers, babies,Pregnant women with their Feti(fetuses),sisters and brothers,who died in the high seas and deserts; and not to mentions the victims of Gang Rape,and oprgan harvesting?
            Dawit et al:
            Here is my stand:
            Despite its fallacy,errors,exaggerations,etc,like its predecssor,the SEMG Report,the COI does have plenty of Truth and it is an Eye Opener –the last hope for the silent Majority to wake up and to do something.
            If it is going to bring a real change and Constitutional Governance,let it be the final blow to the Regime.
            The Hypocrisy though:
            -Why would it take us 15 yrs to make it a reality despite Gross Human Rights Violations and Abuses–and after losing 300,000 people as Refugees,5-6000 Deaths,tens of thousands as victims of Gang Rape and Organ Harvesting??
            -Why would the same UN sanctioned Eritrea,which has contributed to the mess we are in and at the same time crying fault and finger-pointing at its own faults?
            Mind you that there are plenty of evidence that the UNHCR has been involved in creating a condition for the Refugees to flee Eritrea–with their Land-Cruisers and Helicopters,not to mention the USA and the same UNHCR providing the Eritrean Youth with “Fake” Hope and Moral Support and encouragement to leave Eritrea?
            Review wikileakes and the case of the US Amb,promising the Eri Youth with more than 10,000 Visas from Kenya .
            My point:
            Not just the PFDJ,but the UNHCR,the USA,the EU,the Ethiopian Gov,etc-should also be brought to justice for contributing directly or indirectly to the mess we are in.
            Let us call a spade,a spade!

          • selam

            Dear justice Now
            please come always we need you , especially i need you to come , here in awate.com people like MAHMUD SALEH , SAAY, TED are the minority who call spade for spade please i urge to give us 20 minutes of your time. It would be a great service to all of us . Please come

          • Abi

            Hope nefse
            In case you forgot you told us the whole thing before. Some of us never forget what we read.
            Why don’t you stay with one nick?
            So far you have used Hope, Hopeful, Jemal ( your cousin who died last year. Yes you used that nick for about 2 weeks in memory of his death).last week you were truth, today you are justice now. I’m tired now. I will get back with more of your nicks later.
            You know why I’m the best student here? Because I never forget what I read.

          • dawit

            Dear Saleh,

            There is one point that I agree with Human Rights Council and Commission on Inquiry
            report. I have not read the 400 page report, but I have watched the Press release in Geneva. They don’t want European countries to deny Eritreans political asylum. I completely agree with that recommendation. The Eritreans are political refugees who are driven from the country because of UN political decision to sanction Eritrea deliberately designed to extend Ethiopian occupation of Eritrean sovereign territory. It is UN political decision that should give Eritreans the moral right for asylum as political refugees status. Every Eritrean should have that right because of UN abuses since the end of WWII. All other fabricated lies about the Eritrean regime is nonsense. Why do those Eritreans join the ‘Koboro Junky’ party as soon as they get their Jordan and IPhones?. Eritrean government have said publicly that it will accept any one who want to return to his/her country on their own free will, but do not accept those who will be forced to be deported. That is a noble stand. The Eritrean government should be allowed a space to deal with its political prisoners, without complicating their case with external political sanctions directed to bring regime change in the country by external plots. It is the external plot that is delaying and complicating the case of all political prisoners in the country.

          • haileTG

            Thanks dawit. Baroque era music (predating classical era and following Renaissance: 1600 – mid 1700s), during which Bach was the renowned late Baroque, is more stately, over decorated with tiddly bits. Tchaikovsky is late romantic (just before the dawn of 20th century classical music and the modern one we have now). This tells me that you may be more old fashioned and I see why you hold on to zenegese ngusna zbereqe xehayna:)

          • dawit

            Dear Hailat Another Cello classical music for your listening enjoyment. There is no string instrument like the Cello, it makes sweet music, not too high like the violin or too low like the base, just the right pitch for the human ear..

    • sara

      Dear tes,
      thank you for the info,see you in Geneva, have a placard with your name on it so that i could say hi to you
      hi! tes, i am sure selam will be there too watching from a distance, i am sure you want miss that site/view of us
      saying… long live eritrea,dawn to amerika.

      • selam

        Dear sara
        I am living so do my eyes and ears. Can they also tell the man to give the power to the people? I mean what does he really want us to do? We need justice to rain in Eritrea. I could care less who brought the rule of law but i demand to have it. I hate bluffing on empty boxes but to tell you the facts , these young people are really dangerous to our existence if they do not ask PFDJ for justice. I am not like the other guy on the wall , i am sensitive to my people’s lives.

        • sara

          antee selam, what is going on over here, now the discussion has moved to music, god forbid they may start play koboro here.. the problem is no koboro will be left around as they will be
          taken to Geneva come this sunday.
          btw, president al bashir has safely returned to khartoum few minutes ago… from attending the dictators club meeting in south africa.

          • Ted

            Hi sara, it is good too see classical music has become a watering hole for all.


          • selam

            Dear sara
            what do you think will happen when people like Amanuel hidrat come up advicing Eritreans to learn from weyane, well music is there to interven. Who in his right mind will think serious about Amanuel old rotten play book. Classical music has better say. Enjoy the music. Well the dictator is back home . Europeans should start asking tony Blair to be arrested first. Bush and Tony are criminals, murderers . The iraqi people are yet to speak. ICC has used 1,2 billion Euro to arrest only two leaders , can you imagine 600 million Euro per person , waw , they sake and they are there just to say , hi we are here and we call to intimidate African killers only. ICC is a rotten water mellon.

          • sara

            Dear selam
            do you know, more iraqis died from the cruel sanction un imposed on iraq during saddam hussein
            time, than now after the invasion by amerika.yes we do see more violence now than then, but the
            number of deaths of women and children was immense, thanks to bush senior and junior and the
            puppet tony blair .
            the bushies and blair have retired to their respective vacation spots , while iraqis and many people
            of the region are still suffering from bush/blair unjust un sanctions.
            may peace reign our region.
            Ramadan Kareem! its 1st day.

          • selam

            Dear sara
            Yes , even I remember George galowey test money in the American congress, all about the money of ail, the contractors and the medicine shortage for all iraqi children, the blame game all they tried , every thing about iraq is going to live with me , i still remember the legal rangering. Who could forget the death of hundereds of iraqi children at the hands of western sanctions. Human rights or UN organizations really do not care about human right or even aboutvthe victims rights. They have never cared and even now they will not care. We have been at the end of their heinous decision.

  • sara

    Dear folks at awate… the story goes on about AL-BASHIR and the rest of afro leaders (dictators)
    let me share with you all the ongoing rumors in our continent africa..
    -omar al bashir is at the au gathering in south africa, and the icc through a local court has secured an arrest warrant , but
    no way the south africans are not not heeding the request and al bashir is having a field day meeting his friends .
    -one witness on the recent un report was quoted “when i was in eritrea i feel i can’t even think because i am afraid that people can read my thoughts
    -the russians and chinese have cracked the wikileaks coded communications of america (the NSA and CIA etc) and all those we all know are pulling their operatives (spies,crooks,spooks) from around the world , the worst is it also includes local crooks.

  • Haile WM

    Dear awatista,

    on a side note i hear Albashir is havig some trouble in S.A.


    Iseyas might have some problems in the near future… no more travelling to the only place he could go i.e. Sudan his tea partner might soon face the ICC …

    • Dayphi

      Merhaba Haile……..
      The good hearted brothers and sisters of neighbouring Sudan are known for accepting ” God’s Decree ” with grace and patience. Many Sudanese families consider it to be shameful and inappropriate to accept دية, gar nefsi, or blood money, of their deceased relative by vehicular or any other type of tragic accident. My guess is, if Al-Bashir is apprehended and handed over to The Hague court, Sudanese will gracefully accept the fate of their ” ex prez ” and will repeating their famous saying, المرحوم غلطان. It was no one’s fault. In Amreekan way, ” He was [ caught ] in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” And life goes on. If my memory serves me fairly, the nation of Sudan never experienced the death of a sitting president/ dictator since their independence in 1956. This, if apprehended, will be another way of fulfillment of their timehold tradition of saving the nation from ” mourning ” the death of a sitting leader. ولا عزاء للمجرمين. Again, in American way, ” Fry’em ! ” نْتَّسَعْرَ تَسَبَّلُّو

  • haileTG

    Dear Awatista,

    There is an oft repeated misnomer of “knowing” that is currently being used in regards to the COI findings on Eritrea. It is too common to hear people say “for us this is something we knew all along”. In my opinion, there are two types of knowing: factual and relational. The first, i.e. factual awareness, is different to relational understanding (as used in this case) because it lacks the concept of the meaning of the facts and how they relate to factors that control your situation.

    Take the example of the often publicized cases of some Priests/or those in places of trust abusing minors. Their crimes is mostly revealed decades later, even if it lasted many years. sure enough, the minor knew the facts about the abuse but didn’t recognize those as such. If you asked them at the time they would probably say the abuser is kind, decent, caring and their best friend. But when the same facts become known by the law enforcement or other concerned adults, the latter don’t subscribe to the perceptions of the minor. They would proceed with challenging the abuser and bringing them before the law.

    The concept of Crimes Against Humanity had not been known in relational understanding of the facts we knew about the brutality of the regime in Eritrea. There are many abused victims who still feel their abuser had reason to do what they did to them and it was out of concern and best interest for them. Violating the human dignity of Eritreans has resulted in the type of fractured and in name only citizenship. That is one tell tell sign that some horrid abuse has been and still is going on.

    There are people in charge of those mentally disabled who end up abusing the latter. That is crimes against humanity. The victim doesn’t know relationally but only factually of what is going on. So, the oft repeated “we knew all along about the Eritrean violations, nothing new” is really a misnomer in the use of the term “know” in this case. Even regime supporters really don’t know despite being aware of the facts (unless they are complicit). In the victims or opposition side the knowledge has also been limited to political interpretation of rights and the likes. Crimes Against Humanity was never ruled in nor analyzed in relation to what was happening by way of the rapes, killings and jailing that was happening. The people were being abused and primed to protect the abuse. This revelation and raised understanding is new and should be extensively studied and analyzed before taking the misused route of “we always knew about it”. No, actually we didn’t knew about it that a dirty form of abuse as crimes against humanity was connecting all the separate facts that we came to know.

    The reason Eritrean youth are trafficking each other and couldn’t care about each other’s welfare in this great tragic times could partly be explained by the crimes committed upon the their humanity, the abusing hand that molested them and impacted their persona and psychology to lower their views of themselves and fellow citizens.

    Let’s correct the wrong usage of “we knew it” and really analyze what is before us, it is really serious.


    • tes

      Dear haile TG,

      Indeed it is a wrong usage though I think it is not stated intentionally.

      Bro. everything that happened is to us. We are the living testimony. We are telling them what happened to us. And they collected the information from us to present to the world community. If they present any new thing, then there could be some wrong within the report. Nevertheless, COI findings are correct as they are presenting what we knew and what we know.

      Eritreans relentlesly continued to expose the crimes committed by PFDJ. Until recently, the world community was aware about the human crises but never identified the cause. They didn’t know the source, the PUSH factor. Now, they investigated, the gave a fact findings task force and they got what we were saying.

      In science, there are accepted procedures.

      First, Problem – Eritreans were leaving the country in mass.

      Hypothesis – cause

      a. Economic, (as countries like Denmark tried to portray it)
      b. political – like UK and EU en general tried to look into.
      c. Humanitarian – UN assigned COI to investoigate the fact – special rapporter

      Observation/fact findings – (c) – UN special rapporter (COI) – came out with its research findings, 484 pages.

      For Eritreans, this is a cup of water from the ocean.

      To the world – it is a universal humanitarian crisis. Can we be surprised if the report is huge to the world community but a 2 cent for us? Big NO NO.

      Now, we made the world to listen us, to hear our voice. Those who stood for justice we talking on behalf of the VOICELESS peopel, 6 million people. What COI contacted is less than 0.1 % (1:1000). Multiply the report they did by 1000, and we will have 484,000 pages of crime testimony. this will be enormous. Could we be still satified with this 484,000 pages, had all Eritreans were contacted and asked for the crimes committed to them? Big NO NO NO again.

      The crimes committed to Eritreans and hence to humanity by PFDJ is infinite. In this modern world, after Nazi, not a single goverenment committed such huge magnitute of humanity crimes.

      I was shocked when some of our esteeemed writers responded by saying, “there is nothing new in the report”. I interjected on time to correct such things. It is belittling your own work. A person who worked for more than 15 years, 24/7, to be voice of the voiceless has lots of things in his shelf. But finally what matters is, “IS THE VOICE HEARD OR NOT”. This is the success of the advocators of justice seekers.

      I will be very happy and indeed I happy too, if UN just ruled in a single sentence, I don’t want even the 484 pages report, this is a scientific methodology, all I want is to be known for the world community

      “PFDJ is a criminal junta” point. This single sentence has everything within it.

      Remember, after this labeling, everything will follow. A case will be made against them.

      What matters after is, “the fate of Eritrean people after”. Well, as people, we have an experience on how to come out from disaster. And now we will make it. The good starting point is, the world knows, we have been slaved by criminals for tha last 20 years, write after the world accepted us as independent people with a sovereign land. Even for the world community, it is a shame, shame of shame not to recognize our problems for such long time. For example, EU is still channeling his aid to support this criminal junta. This much was the world ignorant about our humanitarian situation.

      Thanks now, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmak etc, even debated at the level of parliament for our cause.

      Therefore, those who say, “we knew it”, all I can confirm is, “YES” and it is not because we did investigation but it is what it happened on us. Every single Eritrean has 1000s of pages to say about crimes committed on him.

      Just let’s think this:

      The Patriarich of the Orthodox Church:

      How many pages who could give a testimony for the crimes that are committed and are continuing to be committed on him since 2006? just imagine this?

      Just imagine

      A mother and her new embryo (born in the sea while drowing), who drowned in the sea while crossing the sea could have said if she was alive among us now?

      Just imagine:

      The Jehova Witness, simply because of their belief, are imprisoned, tortured, prohibited and finally forced to exile could have said about the crimes committed to them just because of their belief?

      Just imagine:

      Our Moslem brothers are just suspected as “Jihads” and arrested since 1995 and never went to court?

      Just imagine:

      A 13 year old young kid, future of the nation, is gunned just because he tried to cross the border.

      Think all this and build an imaginary report page. How many pages we could have written about?

      Yes we knew it and it is just a cup of water from an ocean to us this 484 pages report. But to the world, it is HUGE, very huge indeed. UN is all meant to protect humanity. If a UN member country is committing such crimes, then, the case is open to UN too. How can UN allow such brutal junta to sit in their meetings? HOW?

      is it for engagement?

      is it for political descency?

      No, UN is basically to protect humanity. That is the core pillar. Eritreans should ask also why they are allowing a criminal junta to represent them?

      I call on this occasion, UN to condemn any current Eritrean representative enrolled in the file rank of the ruling government. An alternative, even be it, exiled, should be established and rrecognized as official representative of the people. And we as people can handle our cause.

      Yes, we knew it but to the world community, it is how we can make our voice heard. The rest, it is upto us, to document and keep it for generations to come.

      Yes we knew it and that is why we advocated for the voiceless people.

      Lets continue to be Voice of the voiceless people.

      Justice is a must to own. This is universal declaration. UN is for it and any member who violates such declaration, there is a treaty. This treaty should take now place against PFDJ government.


      • haileTG

        hi tes my reply is pending with disqus.

    • teweldino

      Hi Haile,

      Great analogy. We did not know it all. We only knew tiny bits of the picture. But, crimes against humanity was the full picture!

  • Global Mekete

    awate.com you are a Disgrace to Hamdi Idris Awate’s Name.

    It’s good you brought to the attention of our readers @Ambassador. I too was surprised by the shallow analysis and the profoundly cheap argument used by the poor Awate team writer. Reason that I used the June 11, 2015 photo from AFP/Getty, with all its copyright mark, for the above news article. This reminds me of a certain Ghanian proverb, that goes like this:

    “Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege.”

    Courtesy of TesfaNews.

    • Haile WM

      hey global mekele,

      check out this .. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33125728

      apparently albashir is having some trouble after his travel to S. Africa… your master wedi berad might soon face the same fate, tell him not to travel much outside asmara….

      • Peace!

        Dear Haile WM,

        Thank you for the link. Any thoughts as to why the U.S. hasn’t said anything yet?


  • AMAN

    Hello Awatistas
    Why are you always misguided and unfairly hard on
    Libya and Ghadaffi ? Do you, by the way know, what
    the leader has done for the nomadic and largelly illeterate
    Libyans in economic and social growth ? Almost everyone
    has a free housing from the government without working
    and doing any work in return. And unlike the people of Saudi
    Arabia or anyother Arab countries the people were free from
    religious fanatics to impose their harsh doctrines on them.
    The people has been relatively more free economicaly and
    socially compared to any people of the Arab states. Thus
    is it fair for economically poor Ethiopia to bash on the Libyan
    government and people without providing and having even
    1/1000.000 of that of Liyan government provide to his people
    and what the Libyan people actually get or have ???
    I think the only reason the country and the government got bad
    media picture and portrayal is only because the citizens of the US
    AND western Europe didn’t get a chance to get a share out of that
    wealth or money.

    • Global Mekete

      awate.com you are a Disgrace to Hamdi Idris Awate’s Name.

      It’s good you brought to the attention of our readers @Ambassador. I too was surprised by the shallow analysis and the profoundly cheap argument used by the poor Awate team writer. Reason that I used the June 11, 2015 photo from AFP/Getty, with all its copyright mark, for the above news article. This reminds me of a certain Ghanian proverb, that goes like this:

      “Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege.”

      Courtesy of TesfaNews

      • saay7

        Hey GlobalMekete:

        Again? Every year you guys say “this is it! This is the final mekhete! We won! Enemies destroyed!” And every year the size of the hole you are in is bigger; the size of corner you have painted yourself in smaller; and the quicksand quickens. Here’s some brutal reality that you can have the biggest demonstration, the hoarsest chants, the boldest-colored flags, the biggest “we are the government” placards but since the Human Rights Council published its report, the tears and cries of those your government disappeared, those it sexually abused, those it killed, those it raped…all their cries, are heard by the world. And your government. Is a colony of lepers: funfunat.

        Now, instead of scrutinizing pictures and like a parrot repeating what the ambassador to Twitterland says, tell us why:

        Isaias Afwerki didn’t attend the Free Trade Area meeting in Egypt?
        Is he going to South Africa to the AU Summit?

        Don’t pretend to know things above your payscale. Your job is to say eshi goytay to the rapists of PFDJ who have reduced Eritrea to a wasteland. Copy and paste this to the kiddie website.


        • Eyob Medhane


          I now pronounce you a chief destroyer. That was an EXCELLENT response. Thank you. “Those, with ears should listen, then pass it on to those, who may not have heard it” (An attempt translation of the first line of the kings’ declaration of yesteryear’s Ethiopia. Awaj, Awaj.. Joro yalew yisma, yesemaw lalsema yasema.. 🙂 )

          • saay7

            Hey Eyobai:
            It’s no big feat destroying the self-mutilated. That was me with kid gloves and still patting the slow child on the head
            Your “kings declaration” apparently survived to the tradition of the Town Crier. Back home the Town Ceier began all his announcements with “Uyyyyy, Uyyyyyy, Uyyyyy” then the specifics, followed by the appeal: “the family of ______ are asking: help us bury our dead.” This is how I think of all the Mekhetes that have been organized by Isaiasists since 2002: it’s like the Day of The Dead in Mexico. Isaias Afwerki is Dead Man Walking and he is, like the chicken, more dignified when dead than when living. You know, in Habesha culture, when the chicken is alive, you are just shooing her and throwing pebbles at her; but when did, she accompanied by boiled eggs, is fit for a king :). Isaias is the dead chicken and all his mekhete kids are they boiled eggs.
            Anyway u know my position: all these ministers, colonels, infantrymen, cavalrymen, kiddie websites…all of them I consider victims of Isaias Afwerki and Isaiasism. And u can’t have Isaiasism without Isaias…so I have no hatred and no contempt towards them: just pity. But when they get in the way it is useful to remind them that they are just, for as long as they serve the Creeple Isaias, just cogs in the machine.

          • Eyob Medhane


            Have a glass of water…and breath…. 🙂

            Now, I consider that the greatest crime of Isayas Afeworki is that he managed to brainwash a large number of people…a number of people that’s worth a generation. But also, you have to understand the kiddie website kiddies are also frightened. He is the only one that they attach their identity to. What Eritrea for them is not what Eritrea is for you. Y’see for you Eritrea is the people. The rich, the poor, the homeless, the catholic, the Tewahido, the Kenisha, the Muslim, the highland the lowland, the street crier, the shop keeper down street, the taxi driver, the village Hussler, the strict teacher, the ‘mean’ lady, who tells on your parents, when she saw you cat calling girls, your home, your neighborhood, your roots…For the ‘kiddies’ Eritrea is a vacation spot, where they can do things they don’t normally do away from the European and American cities they live in. Every summer they go, cheap beer provided to them by Isayas with endless guyla..a place they take picture wearing fatigues and holding Kalashnikov for their face book page to be posted under the newly idiotic phrases. The difference is your Eritrea is being destroyed by Isayas and their Eritrea will still be there as long as Isayas is around. So they hold on to him and protect him to preserve that and you want him to go away, because he’s destroying the Eritrea you know before your eyes… Yes. You are right. They are to be pitied, because what they attached their identity to is an illusion and fake, but what you have real and everlasting…

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Eyob Medhane,
            Live long and you will see everything, said an old wise man. Eyob and SAAY are speaking the same language.
            Do you know if Y.G writes any article other than at Asmarino.com. I haven’t seen any new article from him for a long time.

          • tes

            Dear Saay7,

            “Isaias is the dead chicken and all his mekhete kids are boiled eggs” – Excellent

            + (PLUS) the rotten system. Perfect.


          • Abi

            Hi Saay
            You are dead serious today .
            Let me help you summarize this beauty for you.
            “Kemote anbessa likiskis wusha yishalal. Wey qiTa wey dula ayaTam.”
            QiTa hiywetun lemeTebeq
            Dula sizanef lemareq
            Kemote gin qebro ejin meleqaleq.
            Lemin ensaqeq?
            You welcome.

        • Pass the salt

          Araya Desta is the Ambassador to AU. Ambassador Girma moved to UN after PIA thought Girma was having too much fun with Ambassador Berhane and other Ethio officials at every ‘diplomatic occations’.
          Now the picture, you guys brought all this up and is subject to scrutiny.
          I have no objection to the rest of the content.

          • saay7

            Hey PST:

            Oh yeah: the Swapper swapped them. Regardless where Girma Asmerom is stationed, he will always be posted to the State of Bragistan: he is always bragging although the last time he had anything to brag about is when he was like Eyob an Ethiopian playing soccer for the Ehiopian flag

            Also he once told a U.S. Congressman why a particularly elderly Muslim Eritrean was in prison, “I don’t have the specific case but most likely becUse he is a Jihadi.” This was in 2003 when he was ambassador to the U.S. And he and his regime were prostituting themselves to make Eritrea a U.S. Base (remember “even our landscape looks like Afghanistan”?)


        • farnelo

          Hi Saay,
          I hope you don’t mind that i copied and pasted your comment to the “kiddie website”.

          • saay7

            Sekamat Farnello:

            No sir I don’t mind at all; I should thank you. In fact since the kiddies, conventional order-takers that they are, have most likely not read the 400 page testimony of their own brothers and sisters, I would help them by uploading it one page at a time. Theres one I shared with Dawit today, you can share that. it’s very important for people to know what kind of monsters they are supporting because “I didn’t know” will not be a good excuse tomorrow.


          • farnelo

            Hi Saay,
            They removed it (comment) after 30 minutes! I guess, it indeed is a powerful message narrating the naked truth and rubbed their their consciousness (as if they have any …).

            I think, the “kiddies” very well know they are supporting a savage monster. Every Eritrean family, neighbor, friend (including the very people who are beating the support drum), … is paying dear for their incompetency and heartless actions. I just don’t understand why they would behave like PIA remotely programmed organic robots (humans with no consciousness and a fraction of humanity).

          • saay7

            Selamat farnelo:

            Wow, that’s amazing—I mean that your comment lasted for a whole 30 minutes! That is eternity in Isaiasawian clock of how long a truth is allowed to survive before it must be chocked to death.

            Heres’ another one that you can tell them. Ambassador Hannah Simon (be gentle, she is gwal gezawtey) was interviewed and she said that all Eritreans claiming asylum and talking about violations of rights are lying. Of course the ambassador knows better: her sister never spent a day in court, never had the opportunity to defend herself: she used to work for AFP and when Bull-in-China-Shop declared that the Eritrean army is fighting alongside the Sudanese opposition against the Sudanese government she, naievely thinking she was a journalist, reported it. This was in 1997 and Isaias Afwerki’s neck hadn’t gotten as big as it has now so back then he at least replied to RSF and the UN about her case.

            When Ruth was arrested she was a new mom. So, no problem, dad would raise the child. Right? Wrong. Dad, Ruth’s husband, Mahmoud Herui, an EPLF veteran, was also in jail. (of course, no court, no sentence.) Not too far from him was his brother, Saleh Herui, another EPLF veteran. (Special court, special sentence. But the sentenced never know how long the sentence is: not knowing is part of the sentence.)

            So who took care of the child? Grandma of course. All of this didn’t happen, it is all erased from memory because it serves no good purpose when you are ambassador to France. Move on, nothing to see here except hundreds and thousands of Eritrea’s youth:



  • T..T.

    Hi all and thank you Gedab News,

    According to IzaEt WaqWaq of the Eritrean opposition, the Sudanese president confirmed that he intentionally did not invite or alienated Isayas at his re-election inauguration because they (he and Isayas) are no more birds of a feather.

    The Sudanese president added that at his age and responsibility he could not allow dishonesty to tell that Isayas can form flocks with normal people. Yes, Isayas can only flock together with people like him, people who are in political delirium and don’t understand what they are doing or saying. The Sudanese president joked that the severity of Isayas’s crimes has become the cause for the tornado “Khamsien” in his country.

    Despite the country’s zero-ization (reducing its population to zero) through mass exodus and the policies of JDK (jail, deny and kill), the Isayasist are well speaking of Isayas. Now, it is believed that they are able to see that they, too, are in political delirium from the global condemnation, loss of 2% from the poor, the totally illegal sales of human organs, etc, etc. Hopefully, they will come to their senses.

  • dawit

    Dear Gedab News,

    Congratulations on this fantastic article of the year about PIA visit to Sudan. Who needs a photographer when we have Photoshop artists who can manufacture any news and a photograph that can produce an instant brilliant and creative architects that could produce a toilet in the middle of a living room. What about a new article that describe when PIA uses the rest room at White House or Buckingham Palace? I am sure it will be an interesting story.

  • Dean Moe B

    Lol…this must be a slow Eritrean news day.

    Awate you guys need to wake up. Own up to your mistake! You jumped the gun coming up with various reasons as to why PIA didn’t show up for a photo opp for Bashir’s coronation. To make matters worse you come up with all sorts of imaginative explanations as to what would happen next, unfortunately you didn’t factor PIA visiting Sudan/bashir prior to June 30. And now to make matters worse you keep digging your own grave even deeper.

    Let’s play a game called “can you spot five differences in these [“near identical”] pictures:

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but you got sloppy…these are not the same pics. Its the same couch…the same two guys (who near as I can tell seem to like wearing the same type of clothing most of the time)…

    • Abi

      Hi Dean Moe B
      Is the picture taken at a fancy hospital? IA in his pajama visited by the Sudanese president. He looks pale. I hope he is fine.

    • Saleh Johar

      Dear Dean, Welcome back,

      You can celebrate because for bursting an imaginary bubble. Please check the following link which is from Dec 2014 on a Danish website. http://goo.gl/lb4mun

      Of course with a little honesty, we can see that the photo on the link and the photo of shabait are one picture. If you are contesting that, then there are two possibilities. Pick one and I will make sure that Gedab News appologize to you. 1) Isaias and Omer Albashit didn’t change their clothes since they last met over a year ago in Khartoum, AlBashir even has the same pin still on his left collar and since then no one gave him a necktie. 2) AlBashir is doing so bad financialy he has only one sofa set in his reception area which I am guessing is a one room with matching sofa and curtains.

      Also, I am sorry the commission of inquiry rascals implicated Nevsun, I am sure they are in cahoots with the Weyane only this time hundreds of Eritreans seem to have become sellouts and cooperated with the commission.

      Finally, on the photo issue, please take your pick and tell me,and I will act. But if you are here to defend the regime at any cost, like you always do when it gets hot out there, there is no point in pursuing this with you.

      Thank you for coming back and my regards to your friends at Nevsun,

  • Pass the salt

    Ya Senait,
    Don’t irritate the hosts now. 15 years of a website is like 75 human years. After 15 years of uninterrupted service, the website, like all Eritrean websites, is aging and with aging comes impatience and with that, ‘lol’ becomes latest entry to the long list of ‘can’t say’ words. I hope you behave and don’t deny us more words.
    Now what were you saying about the beleaguered President? The world doesn’t see anything in Eritrean Presidency other than one causing misery and refugee crisis every which where.
    Now look at the editorial photo. Is that the work of photoshop, or does Albeshir actually has a divider brick wall between sofas where he receives his dignitaries?

  • Semere Andom

    The Sprit Of June 13, 2015.
    Dear All:
    June 13, 2015 is a historic date for this forum as it is a date where Sal and your truly completed gentlemen’s deal of 40 day fasting. The deal was to comment without mentioning TPLF and Ethiopia by name for 40 days, but the deal was badly negotiated and hastily worded that it was veiled with vagueness and Sal declared victory early on and I was supposed to sing the Eritrean Anthem in Tigriayit, but I want to do better and instead wrote this little poem depicting our strength as people and nation, our endowments and slights.
    So today on the eve of June 13, I am conceding defeat of the terms of the deal with Sal

    ደቂ ኤረ እንታይ ኣለና ዘጽልእ

    ንጸላእትና ሓዊ ንተፍእ

    ንፈተውትና ንድስቕ ብዱላ

    ኣብ ዳስ እንዳማትና ባዕልና ኣባ ጓይላ

    አካይዳና ክም ጎብየ ለመም

    መደሬና ስንእንእ ሰመመም

    ዝተዛረብናዮ ይሃፍፍ ክም ቀለም

    ዝረገጽናዮ ደም

    ዕላማና ክይ በጽሓና ዘይንብል ሰለም

    ንስንትቆ እቲ ስሃራ

    ጀመርቲ ሰውራ ብኣቡ ዓሸራ

    ንሱ ይርሽነና ምስ ኮና ሓራ

    ደቂ ኤረ እንታይ ኣልና ዘጽልእ

    ሕተትዎ ነቲ ታባ

    ተወክስዎ ነቲ ኩጆት ኩርባ

    መርምርዎ ነቲቲ ጎቦ እምባ

    ክምስክሩ ነጻ ክም ዝወጹ በብተራ

    ምስ እዝግሂር ተዋጊአና እንስዕር

    ምስ ሰብ ተላዚብና ፍጹም ዘይንመክር

    ነርኣያ ስላሰ ከይፋሕተርና ንቀብር

    ህጣሙ ነጥፈኦ ብዘይ ምስክር

    ኤርትራ እንታይ ኣልዋ ዘጽልእ

    ምዓር ትኽውን ምስ ወለላ

    ጣፍ ትኽዉን ምስ መሸላ

    ብጋይት ንኸዊን ምስ ዕሙር ጣላ

    እኖይ እቲዮፒያ ከይትበልዕ አምላኽ ጸሊኡላ*

    እንቛእ እብ አብ እርትራ አይተኽላ

    ወደብ ንኽዉን ነፍሪቃ ሞስኮታ

    ባሕሪ ኣለና ንብለሉ እስይ ኮታ

    ነኹድደሉ ወዲና ኩታ

    ንሱ ግን ብቀትሪ ብለትይ ኮውታ

    ይገብረና ድራር ዓሳ

    ማይ ንዓቀብ የገርመና ነስተንትን

    ረሲዕናዮ ሞያ ናይ ንውቶን

    ዝሃርመ እኳ ዝደግም

    ዝምሓለ እኳ ዝጠልም

    እንታይ አለዎ ንስርሓሉ ሓወልቲ

    ጎረቤት ክኾኖ ንቡሽኪን

    ዘረብና ክምታ ልብና ሓንቲ

    እምነትና እንኮ ዘይብላ ካልኣይቲ

    ብሄርና ትሽዓተ ነኪኻ ንጀበርቲ

    ደቂ ኤረ እንታይ ኣለና ዘጽልእ

    እርትራ እናይ አለዋ ዘኽፍ እ

    * Please do not translate
    this for Abi:-)

  • saay7

    Selam Senait and all:

    Obviously, some are not reading our previous report attentively. This is what we wrote on June 3:

    It’s unpredictable whether the relations between the two almost-three-decade-presidents will be further strained or it will only be a temporary boycott.


    Which part of that is unclear? The on-again-off-again relationship between the two dictators is, as the Commission on Inquiry reported, a decades long affair. Here it is for those who need a refresher or those who were too young for the period in question:

    161. In 1989, though, Mr. Omer al-Bashir had seized power in Sudan with the help of the National Islamic Front (NIF) led by Mr. Hassan Al-Turabi. The latter supported the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement (EIJM) that led campaigns against the EPLF and Eritrean military forces, and called for the establishment of Islamic governments throughout the Horn of Africa.[1] In spite of his influence, in August 1994 Eritrea and Sudan signed a joint statement aimed at ensuring non-interference in each other’s affairs. Soon afterwards, though, the Eritrean government accused Sudanese authorities of allowing EIJM fighters to infiltrate among Eritrean refugees returning from Sudan. In December 1994, Eritrea broke its diplomatic relations with Sudan. In June 1995, the PFDJ hosted a conference of Sudanese opposition forces in Asmara, during which the dormant Sudanese National Democratic Alliance (NDA), a coalition of parties opposing the regime of President Al-Bashir, was revived to launch an armed struggle against the NIF-controlled Sudanese Government.[2] In a symbolic gesture, the NDA was hosted in the former Sudanese embassy in Asmara and NDA military training camps were set up in western Eritrea. In January 1997, the NDA opened a front on the Eritrea-Sudan border. In June of the same year, the Eritrean government accused Sudan of an assassination plot against President Afwerki.

    162. The two countries resumed peaceful relations in late 1999, thanks to a mediation process led by Qatar.[1] The entente, nevertheless, did not last as during the Eritrea-Ethiopia border conflict, Ethiopian troops were allowed to use Sudanese territory and airspace to fight Eritreans. In response, Eritrea revived its support to the NDA, and provided assistance to rebel forces in Darfur and to the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in southern Sudan.[2] The Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Sudanese Government and the SPLM in January 2005, which Eritrea helped to mediate, favoured the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries by years-end. These relations grew even closer when President Afwerki became one of the first Heads of State to invite President Al-Bashir for a visit after the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted him for war crimes in Darfur. President Al-Bashir visited Eritrea in March 2009, a visit reciprocated in 2011 by President Afwerki in October 2011. Later that month, President Al-Bashir officially announced the end of border tensions between Sudan and Eritrea at a road inauguration meeting.[3] In June 2013, talks between Presidents Afwerki and Al-Bashir resulted in an agreement to establish a free-trade zone along their common border, to extend a highway from Eritrea to Port Sudan and to bring electricity provision from power stations in Sudan to towns in western Eritrea. In May 2014, during President Afwerki’s visit to the Al Jeili oil refinery in Sudan, the Sudanese news agency announced that Sudan had agreed to supply Eritrea with fuel as part of its plans to boost economic cooperation between
    the two countries.

    It is ok for some people to remain un-informed about the disaster Isaias is for Eritrea. In one of the worst cases of bad-timing, for example, Norway’s Jøran Kallmyr (who is trying to restrict immigration to Norway) was sipping capucino in Asmara and watching soccer on BBC and saying, “what? what do you mean Eritrea is a predatory state? Why do people leave this slice of heaven. Nothing wrong here!”–the exact same time that Commission on Inquiry was reporting that only a few miles from where clueless Jøran Kallmyr was sitting, pregnant Eritrean women were losing their children due to being beaten on the stomach; new lactating mothers were screaming from pain because they weren’t allowed to nurse their children, and young Eritrean men were dying from the brutal beating that was inflicted on their testicles. And this is only one page from hundreds of pages of horror.

    So, people, ridicule Gedab News, Awate: we can take it. But your God-given right to remain un-informed is making you a minority not just in Eritrea but in the world.


  • haileTG
    • Hayat Adem

      Hi haile,
      Do you have Bruton’s email? But again, she will send me back another one, probably the one that shabait posts for congratulatory messages every year, every last week of the May.
      There was an Asmarino smart, taqiyan, kid who was sent to endabanni to buy four pieces and get back. at a light speed. He came back but at a snail speed and not with four pieces but with only two because the other two became victims of fateful bites on their way home. His mother confronted him.
      “What took so long?”
      “No, it was not that long.”
      “duh, where are the four banni?
      “here they are.”
      “these are two, where are the rest two.”
      “here are the two.”
      “listen, i’m not asking you about these two, I’m asking about the remaining two. let’s start it over: did i ask you to buy four?”
      “yes, you did.”
      “good, we are making a good progress now. you bought two. where are the remaining two?”
      “but, these are the two.”
      “okay, take these two back and give me four.”
      “Hirrray. o n e, t w o…”
      “Don’t stop until you count four. where are the two?”
      “Those are the two. one, two..”
      [the mother was utterly defeated and all she could was shouting: GET OUT OF MY FACE AND DON’T COME BACK!!! When he run away from the shouting mother, he also had the two last pieces in his palms. Poor mom!]
      “This is Isiais. He looks 85 at 70”.
      “No, this is him. He looks 50 at 70.”

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    The world has been formally awakened to the horrors that unfolded and continue to unfold on the Eritrean population from their brutal regime. Such formal acknowledgement has come in the form of a UN Commission of Inquiry’s report and the face it revealed was one that depicts the possibility of “Crimes Against Humanity”.

    It is yet to be seen how the UNSC would handle such grave accusations, but it has already sent shock waves throughout diplomatic, political and NGO bodies across the world. The media is ablaze with the story and opinions are already being formed. As far as PFDJ regime is concerned, it has suffered a major massacre with far reaching implications. Basically, when the puts its name to such allegations as possible “Crimes Against Humanity”, it is not just about the accused party, but the rest of humanity. It would be incredibly difficult, for example, to reject refugee claims from Eritreans unless the host country withdraws from the 1952 Convention all together. Charges of Crimes Against Humanity makes ALL members of the government under whose watch it happened responsible. And, any association with that government under charges of Crimes Against Humanity would also be under intense scrutiny (third parties don’t want to be involved with it). Even if specific entities within the GoE and IA are singled out for the charges, this doesn’t really limit charges of complicity to them alone. The whole of the regime and all of its official and clandestine arms, all of the military leaders and diplomatic corps are potential suspects and their roles would need to be ascertained before being cleared from responsibility from participating in acts of Crimes Against Humanity.

    The above potentially renders those ex-members of the regime liable to charges of having roles in acts of Crimes Against Humanity. The period covered by the investigation of COI is from independence to present. That means anyone who served as part of the regime during that period is vulnerable to be litigated against. They also owe it to themselves to clear their names, because this issue would likely be part of Eritrea’s history from now on. They owe it to their children and their legacy not to hide themselves and leave it stuck to their names. Crimes Against Humanity “… are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or
    more human beings” (Rome Statue) .

    Hopefully the AT would have analysis related to this on the pipeline (not dissection of the actual document but rather a plane view analysis of implications and ramifications). But for now, this constitutes a serious reversal of fortunes against the oppressors of our people.


    • Semere Andom

      Hi HTG:

      The crimes against humanity will rightly become part of PFDJ’s legacy, which many Eritreans knew for a long time. Remember the Muslins from keren, the Adi Abeyto massacre and many, many others that are easy to corroborate incidents that speak to the crimes against humanity.

      The report is excellent but it does not capture the depth of the crimes and it is not the fault of the commission, it is the fault of our culture, not to come forward. They could have easily interviewed 10,000 victims who were subjected to crimes, if they spent time in Ethiopia, Sudan and Israel. The momentum should be built on this, I am not sure how, but the potential to take some of the high echelons of PFDJ has not become clearer. The Kunama and Baria (Nara) who were victims of deliberate ethinic cleansing by PFDJ can strengthen the case against PFDJ.

      There are many former PFDJ leaders who are in the west and know about the untold crimes and they are not cooperating so far, but if the noose continues to be tightened they might cooperate to save their skin. It will be sad to see this report collect dust without adding to it to reflect the true nature of slavery and crimes and ethnic cleansing that goes on in Eritrea.

      But I am still shocked that foreigners are more shocked than Eritreans are.

      The terms of reference of the report re also encouraging, going back all the way to the beginning of independence is sweeping, now it is up to Eritreans to tell the rest of humanity their enslavement for the last 24 years. The report could not have come at the right time, when EU is flirting with its package for Eritrea and the ever bourgeoning of the refuges in Europe, the report may stop the former on its tracks and it may stop Europe from deporting those who escaped the horror that Eritrea has become.

      • haileTG

        Dear Sem,

        I get what you’re saying. Remember though, that we are talking about a legal status of the regime’s acts from the perspective of what is formally placed on the table. Charges of Crimes Against Humanity have been formally levied and these charges will only escalate as things are standing now. Some may wish to add to it or mitigate it, but the reality is that there is now formal UN document that materially implicate the regime in Crimes Against Humanity. The reason outsiders are shocked is because it has implications for them too. Crimes Against Humanity raises a responsibility to protect (RTP) (please read here: http://www.un.org/en/preventgenocide/adviser/responsibility.shtml) and has wider implication. So it might be better if we look at this beyond the domestic interpretation. This is simply the worst it can get.


      • selam

        Dear semere
        You have said it all, i think it is fair to say all eritreans are silent and i do not understand why . Do you think we can take some ex pfdj to justice ? I know for a fact there are some i know they have committed ugly crimes and yet they are on the welfare systems of Europe. I feel rage to see them walk on day light. Still the number of people who participated in this are very few that surprised me. AID well let it flow to Eritrea because PFDJ cronies are eating our gold, let the European money flow incase they crack some wall.

    • derebew

      Hi Haile
      You have put it rightly.
      Isias has joined Idi Amin, Mengistu, Pol Pot, Mussolini and Hitler in the annals of history ( there is a list of the most brute dictators that existed, in the BBC and all of the above names I mentioned are in the list and for sure Isias will join them).
      Way to go! 40 years of struggle for “freedom & justice” wasted and oportunites lost.
      The thousands of dear lives sacrificed, hundreds of thousands disabled and billions worth of property and resources wasted, livelihood of generations of families and people devastated and finally to the dismay, frustration and hopelessness of the people, the so called “freedom and Justice” has become a nightmare of torture, abuse and crimes against humanity.

      The PFDJ is like an F5 hurricane it causes death and tragic destruction in its path.
      Enough death and destruction.
      Isais and his cronies need to be dragged by their neck to the ICC and may be meet the fate of their mentor Sadm Hussien.

  • T..T.

    Hi all and the Eritrean youth,

    Let me tell you about a place,

    Somewhere in Egypt’s Cairo Shari’ Al-Tahrir way,

    Where a scene got an Eritrean tourist look or gaze-scornfully at all Eritreans.

    This Eritrean tourist flew into Cairo airport at night. Next morning he stepped out of his hotel room to the street, where he was caught off guard by a surging number of thousands of military officers.

    The Eritrean tourist asked an Egyptian standing nearby, what was going on? Imagine, this is in 2002, the Eritrean was returning to the USA and had to make a two day stay in Cairo to see family members.

    The Egyptian explained that there, in Egypt, because every Egyptian hunted the president, the president was always heavily guarded. The Eritrean was shocked by the explanation, imagine the day before he was in Asmara, where Isayas freely walked in the streets of Asmara – seemingly without any guard.

    Indeed, the Eritrean tourist was shocked to discover that the Egyptian president was heavily guarded because he (the president) considered every Egyptian a criminal. Every year many Egyptians were convicted on charges of attempting or threatening to kill the president.

    After some minutes, the Eritrean tourist saw some thirty identical in color and brand cars speeding by. The Eritrean didn’t even see any inside the cars with tinted glass and windows rolled up. The similar cars, colors and tinted glass made impossible to identify the car the president was in.

    The Eritrean tourist was shocked to find out that the president, Mubarak of Egypt, always rode into any place in about 30-car motorcade guarded by over 100,000 police and army. To make sure, the Eritrean tourist asked the Egyptian bystander if there wasn’t any guest to the president. The Egyptian bystander assured the Eritrean tourist that if there was a guest the number would only be 100,001 or the 100,000 plus 1 (the guest). Always samo samo, fear fear and driven by fear.

    The Egyptian bystander, out of curiosity, asked the Eritrean tourist: what about in your Eritrea? The Eritrean tourist replied: well, in our land the president (Isayas) always walks freely with no guard in sight?

    What! I don’t believe, said the Egyptian bystander and then asked, are you sure you don’t have there in your country even a single one with a shaft and balls to make your president think twice?????

    Well, well, well – that day just arrive today! Thanks Awate-com for the great news.

    So, at long last Isayas got it that the Eritrean youth got what it takes to make Isayas think twice.

    Like Mazaan said, this is another bad day for Isayas to think that there is an equal and opposite threat from our youth. Yes, so now we have not only one but many with shafts and balls to scare Isayas and make him think twice and for that, let me tell you about a place where there are people like other people can now be feared: Enjoy the song in celebration of the day.



  • AboyTesfay
    • Peace!

      Dear Aboy Tesfay ( welcome back)

      Thank you for the link. I don’t know why the photo seems an issue when the news reported by awate.com was accurate. I think the whole concept of the news was not about the absence of IA, but rather Sudan, in an effort to end isolation, is taking new diplomatic initiatives which potentially can lead to divorce with IA. May be awate.com needs to focus less on photoshop as it is obviously causing readers to divert their attention.


  • sara

    Dear all…
    nothing new for me, because i already new our president (dictator ) is visiting sudan. the only interesting aspect of this
    reprort is the accompanying picture of the two presidents and the sopfistication of awate.com photoshop artists.
    good work.

  • Pass the salt

    AT’s unofficial spox here. What would we say? We still maintain he missed bashir’s party. Now that he is there, we report back ‘oops the suspect is there now’.
    Don’t read too much into our speculation about the photograph thing.That is not the point here. You can find fresh from oven photos on eritv if you want.

  • erty

    The president is visiting Sudan for several days, says the report. What is several days? Is the president visiting family member? It is bizarre.

  • አዲስ


    That’s a very strange picture. A brick wall between the two 🙂 It may be is telling

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear ኣዲስ,

      really it took me almost five minutes to remove my eyes from this picture. If it is an art look at the sofa never changed and look the faces. think about the massage , ከልብ ውጭ ፍቅር የለም ኣንጀትንም ኣይበላም::