Introduction to the ‘HOPE’ Column: Semon & Adam proudly introduces Adam Jahar and Semon Gebreyesus to the family of columnists in the website. Through their new column, simply named Semon & Adam, they will regularly contribute views and opinions to our valued readers.

These two fine young men are known in across the Eritrean electronic forums for their relentless efforts in initiating discussion topics and debating ideas with utmost civility and responsibility. They are also known as active community members. On behalf of its readers, would like to take this opportunity to thank the two writers for accepting our invitation. We have confidence that their contributions will be an added value to our visitors.

Semon & Adam do not need to be reminded of’s Mission Statement. In all their writings, they never clashed with the spirit of the statement as an idea. We are confident that their column will be a valuable asset for our website. We are confident that they will strengthen this site and attract younger readers.

Adam and Semon command a respectful character and an enviable ability to communicate. We hope that they will introduce ideas and topics that will connect them to the younger generation inside and outside our country. They will choose their own topics and they will co-ordinate their own pace and timings. would like to emphasize the need for them to remain focused and objective as they always have been. They are neither responsible for what appears in the other pages of the website nor should they be associated with it. We encourage them to disassociate themselves from old political grudges and resist the temptation to plunge into the murky ground of Eritrean partisan politics. We will morally support them to trek their own trails in forming an independent vision and initiate constructive debates especially among the younger generation. They are our hope in advancing a non-partisan, realistic and fruitful discourse that will encourage tolerance and understanding for the betterment of our country.

We understand that the role of the Diaspora is limited to the role of a catalyst and a support for what goes on in Eritrea. As such, we need connectivity with what happens inside Eritrea. We are sure Semon & Adam will always remember this fact. With this in mind, we want them to address the young generation inside Eritrea and create an intellectual link that can contribute positively to the wellbeing of our debating culture and that requires proper connectivity…

Finally, help me welcome these two brilliant writers to Semon & Adam, it is in your laps now…GOOD LUCK.

The Awate Team
December 16, 2000


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