Fighting for France: A Matter of Perspective

Ghadafi is still in power. It is amazing that he is still in power considering the amount of firepower and the number of forces arrayed against him.

I have always wanted Ghadafi to disappear even more than I had wanted Isaise to disappear even though I am and never was or has been a Libyan or had any Libyan friends who brainwashed me. I simply cannot stand someone who would stay in power for over forty years or twenty or even ten for that matter regardless of how benign he may be. It is amazing how much the last week had changed not my feeling for Ghadafi but my perspective on the biggest farce perpetrated by the West on us Africans

In my last article I had mentioned that the buzzards where circling. Now the buzzards are sweeping down and destroying the Libyan Nation. Well as I have always said, you don’t need to climb a tree to see daylight.

The rational as they have repeatedly stated is to protect the Libyan civilians from Ghadafi.   The whole theatre started with that insect Sarkozy. Sarkozy as we all know had become very unpopular in France. His rating has plummeted to less than twenty percent and there is a looming election that he is deservedly poised to loose.

So his dear friend the pseudo intellectual Bernard- Henri Levy concocted this civilian massacre scenario the way that despicable Holbrook did in Bosnia. Levy on March 4 traveled to Benghazi and convinced his friend Moustapha Abdeljalil to travel to France and ask Sarkozy for assistance to destroy Ghadafi. Once Ghadafi is gone Abdeljalil would assume the mantle of Head of State and it becomes a win –win situation for all. To realize their end game they have to sell the war to the World and as Jeff Sparrow writes:

‘The war was sold – as these things always are – by neatly uncoupling the undeniably awful situation in Benghazi from the real world and its history, like one of those thought experiments in Philosophy 101, where only two choices exist to save someone from a runaway train. Here’s Obama: ‘Our military action is in support of an international mandate from the Security Council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by Col. Gaddafi to his people. Not only was he carrying out murders of civilians but he threatened more.’

With Gaddafi at the gates, the dismal record of previous humanitarian invasions – all of which were, of course, launched for equally pressing reasons against equally despotic regimes (remember, Saddam Hussein and the Kurds; the Taliban and women, etc) – became of interest only to pedants or cowards. You were for a NFZ or you wanted Benghazi to burn. The massacre looming in Libya bore no relationship to massacres of the past, nor, for that matter, to other massacres taking place elsewhere (say, at the hands of US-backed regimes in Bahrain or Yemen)’

And to add insult to injury Sarkozy in defiance of all international laws recognized the rebels as the legitimate Government of Libya. The arrogance these racists have for us Africans is beyond belief. As Diana Johnston writes in a magazine article recently

‘This recognition was an extraordinary violation of all diplomatic practice and principles. It meant non-recognition of the existing Libyan government and its institutions, which, contrary to the magical notions surrounding the word “dictator”, cannot be reduced to the personality of one strongman. A major European nation, France, swept aside all those institutions to proclaim that an obscure group of rebels in a traditionally rebellious part of Libya constituted the North African nation’s legitimate government.

But this is not all, in their greed to gobble up future Libyan oil they have now promised to rebuild the infrastructure they have destroyed, that belonged to the Libyan people under the guise that it belonged to Ghadafi. And they have even suggested that Ghadafi could be tried under their very kangaroo court the one they call the International Criminal Court. It is amusing that the International Criminal Court could try Ghadafi were there is not a single shred of evidence that he massacred civilians when there is more that ample evidence of war crimes committed by Western leaders. But both the detestable Tony Blair and shifty eyed Bush are still at large.

In Foreign Policy Magazine Dickson a Western Foreign policy hack, has written that Ghadafi has been able to buy, I repeat the word ‘buy’ many leaders in Africa with his wealth.  Yes Ghadafi has provided Africans with money when Africans were under siege from brutal European colonialism and Apartheid. Those were the days when US imperialism was playing a very destructive role in maintaining the Botha Government (Ah! we all remember Dick Cheney negotiating to sell the South African government Nuclear weapons for limited use) and millions of Africans were being massacred by our Colonial masters. Well as the great Mandela told the wimp Clinton ‘We know who our friends are and who our enemies are’.

What is transpiring now is not new and is not unexpected. Those who are shedding crocodile tears have claimed they have a UN mandate (what UN they are talking about we don’t know. I guess the Security Council is the UN) to invade any country with impunity.

Ghadafi is supposed to go. But he was supposed to go under our terms and not under the terms of our Colonialist. That is what makes this tragic. But what makes it even more tragic is that their brutal friends in the Middle East from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain from Yemen to the Gulf Sates are still in power in spite or the hundreds of civilians they have slaughtered. But what makes the whole event of these last two weeks the biggest joke of our century is that it is these very Sates that are the major members of these so called grand coalition.

What is to be done!!



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