A Matter of Perspective: Nationalism

I, as a devoted Awate reader,  most times scan the pages of this site in the hope that I will

Forto 2013: A Matter of Perspective

There has recently been a spate of articles about the recent rare phenomena that occurred at Forto Baldisera, the building

Meles Zenawe : A Matter Of Perspective

Meles Zenawe is dead. Long live Meles Zenaw! Looking back at his life one can with no exaggeration say that

The Referendum: A Matter Of Perspective

I was reading the excellent article by Mr. Mesfin Araya on the trajectory of the Eritrean nationalism when of all

The Digital Age. A Matter Of Perspective

The other day I asked my son to get me a ‘smart phone’. One of those Blackberries: i-pads, i-pods, or

The Diaspora Ethiopians: A Matter Of Perspective

Mengistu H. Mariam as we all vividly remember was one of the most brutal dictators in Africa during one of

My Life Story In A Nutshell: A Matter Of Perspective

I was not born in Asmara, although I considered myself in that modern parlance an ‘Asmarino’. I came to Asmara

The ‘Slaying Of Osama By Obama’: A Matter Of Perspective

As I was reading the current pages of Awate I came across Mr. Semere Habtemariam’s well written article “The Slaying

Fighting for France: A Matter of Perspective

Ghadafi is still in power. It is amazing that he is still in power considering the amount of firepower and

The Struggle Ahead: A Matter of Perspective

It is amazing that Ghadafi is still in power. There can only be two explanations for this.  The firs is

Middle East Quagmire: A Matter Of Perspective

Ghadafi has refused to go. He claims he holds no elected Office. That is no news.  Libyans never had elections

The World Cup And National Anthem: A Matter of Perspective

I love to watch the World Cup. Who doesn’t? It is entertaining. It is dazzling. It is emotional, riveting and

A Matter of Perspective: Ali Salim, the Thorn in Our Side

In the recent past it seems to have become fashionable to write (debate perhaps will be a better word) about