The Struggle Ahead: A Matter of Perspective

It is amazing that Ghadafi is still in power. There can only be two explanations for this.  The firs is either his children are still loyal to him—remember when he told the World. ‘My Beable love me, all my Beable they love me”, nobody believed him. Even the hapless Susan Rice said he was then delusional.  So may be he was for once being honest.

The second explanation is that, may be as he told the World, it is al Quida that is fighting him whatever Al Quida is. We have always assumed al Quida was in Afghanistan six feet underground.   

Well what ever the reason the West( this time led by that extremist effete Hungarian Sarkozy , who once upon a time unleashed his storm troopers on the ‘banlieues’ to rid the area of the ruble or the “racaille”. The same  Sarkozy in case you have forgotten who made African immigration to France impossible with his new legislation but was recently willing to send French troops , the so called Legionnaires, to help his friend Zin Ben Ali in Tunisia.), has now adopted a resolution to get rid of Ghadafi under the pretext of protecting the civilian population of Libya. Of course even as we witness all the crocodile tears of our new liberators, nobody will lament the departure of Ghadafi, least of all the Libyans and we in Africa will be much better off with this evil gone whatever the outcome.

But there is a downsize to this. The compassionate West did not adopt the resolution out of any altruistic motive. Like they did in the ex-Yugoslavia under the guidance of that despicable now very very dead Ambassador Richard Holbrook, the strategy is again to bring a regime that is more amenable to the West’s interest.  This resolution opens a Pandora’s Box.

 For the last sixty some years our World has been in turmoil not because we hate to live in peace  but because the West especially those devastated by the rise of the Third Reich and the decolonization of much of the third World could not revive their economies without a new form of plunder.

This turmoil was given impetus by the rise of the Soviet Union and the ideological revolutions and wars that followed. But with the implosion of the former Soviet Union under the drunkard Yeltsin, the world entered what it called the new age of the ‘War on Terror’ which became a carte blanche to invade any part of the World with impunity.

Today we are witnessing in the “Arab Streets” a new face of the Arab World. The multi billion dollar Arab image of the Terror Industry propaganda is radically loosing its credibility. We did not witness bearded gun totting radicals and the stone clubbing and menacing Arabs in Tahir Squire or in Bahrain or in Yemen bent on spreading Islam or changing the US constitution to Sharia law. The Terror Industry and its terrorism experts have now been exposed for what they are.

But that is beside the point, the most crucial issue of the day is that although the despots and their henchmen are falling left and right the situation is fluid, flax and fragile. And with buzzards ,the Cameroon’s, the Sarkozys and even the weakling Obama on the war path, the omen that looms in these revolutions is becoming more and more gloomy.

The class war ahead is going to be decisive and life changing. We cannot allow to let this situations erode or be hijacked by the pro colonialists of yesteryear. The ruling class in the West is becoming more and more reactionary — from Portugal to Sweden from Italy to Britain. These reactionaries want to impose a new World order designed to ghettoize the poor, the underclass, the down trodden. The struggle to destroy labor unions and the downward race for cheaper and cheaper labor are but only two of some of the early signs of where things are going and how fast the transformation is coming.

If one of these Arab revolutions fails or is hijacked then it will be an assault on all struggles for justice for freedom, for civil rights and for our democratic or and human rights. So instead of clapping or cheering from the side lines we need to rethink we need to take stock of the events unfolding and on how we will also be part and parcel of this great struggle and of the great awakening simply because it is in our interest to do so. As the old saying has it ”We have nothing to loose and a World to conquer”


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