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Ethiopia Occupies Adi Tekhlai And Sheshebit

On Saturday morning March 17, 2012, Ethiopian forces made a second incursion inside Eritrean territories and attacked several Ethiopian opposition and Eritrean security camps.

Though Ethiopia has, denied Saturday’s attack, Gedab News learned that, on Saturday, the Ethiopians have occupied the villages of Adi Teklai, Sheshebit and surroundings. These two villages are close to the village of Badme which was the flashpoint in the fierce border war of 1998-2000 where about 70,000 soldiers died from both sides.

Gedab News has also learned that on last Thursday’s attack, Ethiopian forces have occupied a swath of land east and west of Bada including the villages of Renda, Detsen, Alha, Gindab where the Ethiopian forces still are as of the time this report is published.

The military objective of the attack seems to be to destroy Ethiopian opposition camps that are backed and supported by the Eritrean government.

Reached by phone, Eritrean opposition leaders tell Gedab News that they were not only NOT informed about Ethiopia’s military operation, even as a courtesy, they actually learned of them along with the rest of the public.

Ethiopia has long threatened to take military action in Eritrea for the Eritrean regime’s role in destabilizing the region by arming and training Ethiopian and Somali armed groups.  Over the last few months, internal power struggles within Ethiopian opposition groups in Eritrea have resulted in many surrendering to the Ethiopian government and providing actionable intelligence.

According to those who have either surrendered to Ethiopia or those who have given up, the Ethiopian opposition groups are scattered throughout the Eritrea-Ethiopia and the Eritrea-Sudan borders, with many not too far from Sawa military camp, barely 30 kilometers away from Nevsun Resources’s gold mine concession in Bisha.

Since the last Eritrea-Ethiopia ground war of 1998-2000, the Ethiopian government has acquired long range missiles which have shifted the balance of power further in its favor, which may explain why it believes that the Eritrean government is not in a position to retaliate.

In a curious protest letter to the United Nations, the Eritrean government essentially quoted the Ethiopian press release without providing its side of the story, or chronology, of what transpired on March 15, 2012.

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  • Hameed

    Abudi habibi,

    If you go to burn the house of your neighbor, he will definitely attempt to stop you from setting fire on his house, or do you think will leave burn his house? Ethiopia was telling Eritreans and the international community that we should chain our mad dog. As you know persons like your father defended the mad dog for the past twenty years and created a division among the people of Eritrea. The difference between your father and the people of Eritrea is: whether we chain the mad dog or loose it to attack Eritreans and our neighbors. Persons like your father want to set free the mad dog attack all with out discrimination, even sometimes it attacks persons like your father who advocate for leaving the mad dog at large.

    As you know habibi Abudi, the mad dog is attacking the Ethiopians continually, therefore if the Ethiopians take certain measures against the mad dog to protect themselves we can’t tell them you are violating the sovereignty of Eritrea. It is the responsibility of Eritreans to lock the mad dog in cages from hurting neighbors and Eritrean citizens.

    Abudi habibi, a nation that respects itself all the international community will respect it. Eritreans to be a respected people among the international community they should install a government that is governed by a constitution and elected by the people of Eritrea.

    The mafia that has power in Eritrea now is ruling Eritrea without the mandate of the Eritrean people. The mafia has violated the sovereignty of Eritrea by ruling it with out the mandate from the Eritrean people for more than twenty years.

    Abudi habibi, we have first to claim back our sovereignty from the mafia that grabbed our sovereignty after that we can ask others to respect our sovereignty.

    Abudi habibi, what do you consider the ruling of Eritrea with out the delegacy of its people? Isn’t this a clear act of violating our sovereignty?

    • Abudi

      Hamid habibi!
      You sound the man you claim to hate so much! You and him can not replay to an idea which happens to be different to yours with out sneering at the person who holds it! Not at the Idea though!
      Any way! the point of our discussion was, weather Ethiopia’s action was an act of aggression or not? Let me bring this point to you. Did you agree to the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq? do you appreciate the changes that was brought about by the invasion? was it an act of invasion or self defense in the part of US? If your line of analysis is consistent with the stand you are taking now, your answer will be in the affirmative! Or is it not? Pray say some thing about this points!
      As to the question you raised at the end of your post ,about what to consider the ruling of Eritrea with out delegation of the people I would call it a blatant act of tyranny! But If I have to chosen between internal tyranny and an external one I would have to chose the former! And like I said in my previews replay to you If Woyane really want to help in democratizing Eritrea they have to unconditionally implement the ruling of the international court’s decision! what say you to this point!

  • Hameed

    Mr. Secular Socialist Republic

    When I replied to your comment and I said defending Isaias is a bad choice, I knew that behind this fat stand exists a citadel of ignorance. As I anticipated the second and third comments rendered the full picture that tells that behind the bad choice survives an answer machine or to put it more specifically retracts an old cassette. Really it is an answer machine of the olden times that its history goes back to the USSR era. It is funny to hear the old records: secular socialist republic, progressive unprogressive, developed undeveloped, emotional intellectual, read the socialist message – it is the most advanced machine, follow it, follow it and so on.

    When I read his comments I felt I am dealing with an old cassette. The problem he is a human being who has turned to a machine which is programmed by someone before decades and the specialist who has programmed him may be died before years or he is now a retired very old person. The problem we are facing now how we will format and upgrade the old machine and install compatible programs that can function in the modern world.

    Yesterday when I tried to make a check up through this old machine the result was “undeveloped mind” and when today I made a second check up it told me I have to read more. It is decades back programmed old machine that gives you a contradicting reading. Really it is a puzzling issue to fix such arrogant old cassettes.

    Dear Secular, come down from the fake tower of arrogance you have put yourself at and queue on where you belong so as to advance properly and halt from hurting the people of Eritrea by taking arrogantly wrong decisions.

  • wed. garza

    What happened to the bravado of the pharoah of Asmara? tehaghimka tim!! I think he understands the hard way better than the soft way like dialogue, round table discussions, give and take. He hates these items. However, treated harshly inside Eritrea, as is now, though sour it tastes, accepts it, has he any alternative than patience, exile inside himself, accepting the impossible? Otherwise, both options would cost him equally dear for his reputation which is already on the floor. Yet, a cowardice way of exit is known; dictator’s way, their mind set is almost one.

  • yohannes

    I don’t like a war between ethiopia and eritrea,after all who will suffer are the ordinary people of these countries. ethiopians and eritreans are brothers and they will remain brothers even if this leadrs are crearting enemity between people.
    there are wise people in both , that they will rifuse to go to war.
    the war of these people is only the benefit of others , if we are so intellingent let to work togther to obtain good things instead of insulting each other.
    we have to know to say no, when it is no and yes when it is yes toghther peacefully. why the ethiopians should go to arm against the regim in ethiopia and visversa, while all these regimes will go away by themselves. we have seen regim change in ethiopia, Haile go, mengistu came, mongusto go and weyane come, and weyane surly will go , so why the distruction to get power. power mongers should stopp to disturbe the way to progress, the same to the people of eritrea, Issa will soon go, so dont diturbe yourself.