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Eritrea’s King Isaias Afwerki Judges The World

Recall that in Part 1 of the interview with Eritrean state media (EriTV), President Isaias Afwerki addressed domestic issues and essentially said there is nothing wrong in Eritrea that a little more controlling and louder commanding couldn’t fix.  Alnahda’s commentary on that can be found here.  In part 2 of his interview last month, our unelected president and demi-god, Isaias Afwerki, passed judgment on the world.   He was asked about Saudi Arabian coalition against terrorism; the alleged Sunni-Shia race for influence in the Muslim world; military interventionism and international law; defeating the New World Order; Eritrea in the Hood; Ethiopia’s Millenium (GERD) Dam; Eritrea’s isolation and, finally, how he assesses Eritrea’s progress in the last 25 years.

Here is the short version: World, Isaias Afwerki is very disappointed in you: timeout is in order for you!

Here is the longer version: get on board as Al Nahda takes you on a scenic route of The Mind of Isaias Afwerki.

1. The Saudi-Islamic Coalition Against Terror

On December 15, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir told the world that Saudi Arabia has formed a Riyadh-based “Islamic military alliance” against terror. This alliance has 34 countries, he said, and it has “a duty to protect the Islamic nation from the evils of all terrorist groups and organizations whatever their sect and name which wreck death and corruption on earth and aim to terrorise the innocent.”

Whenever countries declare war on “terrorism”, they have a very expansive definition of what it is (Exhibit A: Refer to Ethiopia’s “Anti Terrorism Proclamation”) and Saudi Arabia is no exception.  Well, maybe it is.  After all, in Saudi Arabia, according to its proclamation on terrorism, atheism is a form of terrorism. Women who tried to drive cars in Saudi Arabia were tried in court using the anti-terrorism law. Anyone who advocates for a form of Islam different from the Selefi version advocated by the Saudis is a terrorist. And, oh, the Houthis in Yemen are terrorists.

So, Mr. President, why has Eritrea joined this coalition “without reservations”, asked the journalist, who was given the question so the President can give a 26 minute answer to one question. I swear.   Wait. I think swearing is a form of terrorism.

The short version is: dude, there are anti-terrorism coalitions all over the world, some led by the US, some by Russia, and it makes sense for us to join one which is from our region. He did use one of my favorite Arabic phrases that a dear friend uses—men Haba wa Daba—so that made the torture of listening to 26 minutes worth…no it wasn’t worth it.

2. The Sunni-Shia Divide

I have no idea why this question was asked: world-wide, there is no Sunni-Shia race for dominance; there is a Saudi-Iran competition for domination. Really, because, ummm, Eritrea is not a Muslim country and Isaias is not a religious authority, at least officially. Eritrea, as we keep saying without the benefit of a census in 25 years, is a country that is half Muslim half Christian.  Within the Muslim community, the Sunni-Shia divide has no relevance to Eritrea because the country is 99.99% Sunni. Maybe 100%.  Again, no census.   If you forced me to find a reason for the question, it is because His Excellency wanted to showcase his knowledge about the issue.  But in the process, he told us that religious orientation, and sects have no impact in people’s daily lives which can only be said by communists and progressive types but which is so very wrong. When you got nothing—no stake in governance, no stake in country and the State does everything to alienate and disenfranchise you—all that is left is religion and if he weren’t a Maoist, he would understand that and would make some effort to understand why so many of his own countrymen have gone deep-diving in the Selefi version of Islam that considers Shia Muslim apostates.

I didn’t even get a good phrase from him, other than his over-used vertical polarization.

And, oh, remember the aforementioned Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir who announced Saudi Arabia’s anti terrorism coalition? The Iranians (Shiites) tried to assassinate him a few years back: I wonder if he considers them terrorists and if we (without reservation) do too?

3. Eritrea Has A Long-Standing Policy Against Taking Sides and Coalitions: Why Did You Support the Saudi Coalition?

Well, good on you MoI employee who read a question from a list! This is where the prez makes the distinction that Eritrea has joined a Saudi INITIATIVE and not COALITION.   Now, in all the domestic affairs stuff interview (Part 1), you will remember that Auditor General Isaias Afwerki was critiquing the work of President Isaias Afwerki. Here, the prez takes full ownership of Eritrea’s policy to support the Saudi coalition without reservation.   ብኣኣ እየ እታ ኣዋጅ ኣውጺኤያ: that’s why I released the announcement. I, not we.   This confirms, again, that the whole show is Isaias Afwerki’s: sometimes using the MoI letterhead, sometimes Office of the President letterhead, and sometimes using the MoFA letterhead, but it is all from his head.

4. Military Interventionism vs International Law

Well. Well. Well, well, well.   This is the part where every Eritrean, anywhere in the world, will nod his head in agreement with President Isaias Afwerki and say, damn, I hate that guy but when he is right, he is right.

If you scan the world, the UN has created tons of “peace keepers” that never keep peace but find a way to perpetuate their existence (“…will remain seized of the matter” is what the UN loves to say).  Here’s what the world has now:

UNIFIL (since 1978!!!)


The president says that the United Nations Mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia (UNMEE) was going to be one of those things, (ከምዚ ዝኣመሰለ ውድብ ምስ ኣተወ ኣይወጽእን እዩ) and, in five years, these five thousand “peacekeeping group” had a budget of 200 million per year and would never have left and “we reached a decision that it has to be evicted and we evicted it, notwithstanding its ramification.” You got to give the devil his due: UNMEE is the only UN “peacekeeping” group in the world whose life has been abruptly ended.

But. There are some inconvenient facts. And they are public records. One: Eritrea was a very eager participant in the “Coaliton of the Willing” in the war against Iraq when the entire African Union was against it. Two: I can’t find it, but one of you (A.Osman?) will: Eritrea not only supported the US war against Iraq, it (Isaias Afwerki) actually said that the mistake the US made was NOT in going to war in Iraq but in seeking UN resolution for its war against Iraq: it should have unilaterally declared war.   Third: For three years (2002-2004), Isaias Afwerki and his minions were pitching Eritrea as a US base for the “war against terror.”  How many speeches to that effect did then-Eritrea ambassador to the US, Girma Asmerom, make pushing that?   In fact, isn’t Isaias Afwerki on record saying that US presence in the Horn of Africa (particularly in Djibouti) is a stabilizing factor?  His words were: “it sounds colonialist but….” US presence is necessary.  Of course, everybody can change his mind now and then, but here Isaias statements are presented as long standing Eritrean policy when in fact Eritrea was a cheer-leader for the uni-polar world.

5. So, That Unipolar World, How Is It Going To Be Defeated?

This is the part where Isaias talks about global resistance to the unipolar world and refers to Africa in the third person—as if Eritrea is not part of Africa—and considers Africa’s call for permanent membership in the UN Security council as inadequate call for “reform” when what is required is “sur neqel”—uprooting—the whole rotten infrastructure because the world can no longer take ከምዚ ብድዐ: ከምዚ ላግጫ (such arrogance and such scorn.)

It sounds a lot like the discussions we have here on what the Eritrean people should do with PFDJ–reform or uproot– doesn’t it?

So, basically, how Isaias Afwerki feels about the World Order is how we feel about the Isaias’ Eritrea Order. But Isaias Afwerki is blissfully unself-conscious.

6. Eritrea’s Place In The Neighborhood

There is no choice, none, to Eritrea considering itself a member of IGAD (localized affiliation), Horn of Africa, Greater Horn (an expanded regional affiliations), the Red Sea Nations, the Nile Basin, the Arab Gulf nations, he said. All of these identities are complementary, says Isaias Afwerki. But of course, all identities require prioritizing and this may be one of the reasons that our Southern neighbors are conflicted about us because they can’t relate to Eritrea embracing its identity as a Red Sea nation and an affiliate of the Arab Gulf nations.  Not just our Southern neighbors who give us occasional lectures on how we want to be Arabs but many Eritreans say that as well. Its like they have never seen Eritrea on global map.  They should be punished by having Isaias Afwerki as their tutor.

7. Ethiopia’s Millennium Dam (GERD)

I really can’t think of any reason why the journalist would ask this question unless he was told to ask. Before we go into Isaias Afwerki ‘s long rant, the short version, which has a lot of resonance in Africa, is this: the “Africa Rising” narrative–built on a lot of white elephant projects funded by Africa Development Bank–may give us a sense of pride but it does nothing to improve the quality of life of the average African.

But there is no short version with Isaias Afwerki, it is kolel so here it goes.  He assumes a natural role for him, that of the Ethiopian opposition, and talks trash of Ethiopia’s Millenium (ሺሓዊ) Dam because, he says,ባዕለይ ዝተወኣሳእክሉ ስለ ዝኾነ: I personally had a role to play in it.   This is very odd and extremely unusual for him because he never talks of unpersons and people he has declared enemies of the State.  Anyway, he says, the genesis for GERD was that Ethiopia’s former Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, went about it for totally emotional reasons: he, despite wise counsel from wise Isaias, approached Egyptians with the subject in 1993 and they (particularly Hosni Mubarek’s VP, Omar Suleiman) asked him: who do you think you are? This so offended the PM, says Isaias Afwerki, that despite his advice to him that this is not a priority, the PM pledged, “I will show them (Egypt and Sudan) just like Turkey made Syria and Iraq buckle under.”

Isaias Afwerki then goes into a comprehensive (what the late PM Meles once called “final exam paper”) list of questions to demonstrate that the Millenium Dam has not been sufficiently studied to determine its benefits to Ethiopia and its potential hydroelectric power customers, nor has a proper risk analysis been done (earthquake!)  In short, there was no cost-benefit-risk analysis.   There is stuff about transmission, distribution, megawatts, KWH for fuel-generated energy vs hydropower-generated energy down to the pennies, and how Eritrea started the Setit initiative and that it was set aside and “I have been following this closely”, and it is all PR.

It is a truly strange narration: you would think he was the former Governor of Wollo or an Ethiopian Minister of Mines and Energy who resigned his post in protest due to disagreement with his bosses.

8. On Isolation & Reengagement

The world is a strange and contradictory place, he says. In the Hanish Islands settlement, for example, we were told that the islands belong to Yemen but Eritrea can fish in Yemeni waters. How is that possible? I mean, I am not a lawyer and international law doesn’t make sense to me, he seems to be saying. Then don’t try to be a lawyer: hire some to explain it to you.

Then he dragged poor Colin Powel (again!) waving the vials that supposedly show that Iraq has chemical and nuclear weapons to say that placing Eritrea under sanctions is a continuation of those kinds of lies.  Not mistakes, but lies.   And nobody with a conscience can say that Eritrea deserved to be placed under sanctions in 2009, he says.  Really? Does anyone remember what 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 were like? I certainly do.  I think placing Eritrea under TARGETED sanctions was the most logical outcome of Isaias Afwerki’s adventurism in Somalia and Djibouti and, yes, I have a conscience.   So, yeah, the world’s decision to engage with us has little to do with our campaigns to challenge it because we did very little of that, he says, breaking the heart of everyone who thought they were making a difference by waving placards with Nehna Nsu and playing word games with UN (UNfair, UNjust, etc).   It is just that, he says, over time, truth has prevailed. Camels march and dogs bark and all these challenges have made us stronger, he says. Stronger…  

Then I think Kanye West came and sang “N-n-n-n-n-n–now that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger: I need you to hurry up now: harder, better, faster, stronger.”  Sorry, my notes say: I got bored and dozed off with music in my headphone.

When I woke up:

We all know we lost 65,000 lives to bring about Eritrea’s independence.   And how many did we lose to protect its independence in the border war with Ethiopia in 1998-2000? Well, Awate.com referring to leaked martyrs’ database, had said it was approximately 20,000. So did, on June 20 the subsequent year, the Government of Eritrea.  Now,  Isaias Afwerki contradicts us and contradicts his own reports and everything he told the world by saying that those who died were “half” of the 65,000 (which would make the number of those killed in the border war 32,500 making the total, according to him bout 100,000. Yeah Eritrean lives are just rounding errors to him.


9. The Dawn of 2016

So, 2016 is ነጥቢ መቀይሮ (point of departure) for bigger and better things, he says. And all you mekete types are invited to increase your productivity (so you can be told next year that your contributions were minimal.)

But from everything he said, 2016 will remain the same delusional year: one where we blame the US for instigating the Hanish Crisis; for instigating the 1998 border war with Ethiopia; and with Djibouti–so as to paint us as war-mongers.  It is not our fault and we take no responsibility.  One which refuses to recognize why Eritrea got only 1 vote in its push to join the African Union’s African Peace & Security Council this week; one which continues its self-isolation and doesn’t attend the AU’s session of Head of States last week (again).  I couldn’t reach the banana but it was wrotten anyway, said the monkey.  One which doesn’t prioritize which one of its identities–IGAD, HoA, Arab Gulf, Nile Basin–is most important and strategic and has to be constantly shifting directions South, East, West. One where we join crazy coalitions (which are not coalitions but initiatives), “without reservation” and without any debate, of a country, Saudi Arabia, which is the ideological and financial arm of Jihadism and least qualified to lead a war against terror  (it has not hit Al Qaeda bases in Yemen but is all over Houthis and thousands of Yemeni civilians) and has crazy ideas of what terrorism is and isn’t.  One where we forget that Eritrea was one of the few African countries that went against African Union position and joined the Coalition of the Willing and spent all 2002 and 2003 hiring American lobbyists at $50,000 a month to make Eritrea a US base, and then, when rejected, bragged that Eritrea is not for sale.   One where the two most important topics of 2015–the defection of Eritrea-based Ethiopian opposition TPDM, and the allegations that Emirates has a base in Asab–are off limits for debate and not to be asked by journalists.  One when our government said that US is essential to Africa’s stability but now calls it a unipolar nation set for world domination that must be challenged.   One that refuses to dislodge itself from Ethiopia’s internal affairs. In short, a country that is a mirror image of Isaias Afwerki’s gigantic ego and delusion.

No wonder Shabait.com, Isaias Afwerki’s mouthpiece didn’t even bother to present a reportage on part 2 of the interview: the two Yemanes are embarrassed: they don’t want the world to know what their boss truly thinks of them.

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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      Again, you missed the points. As bad as Iran is, at least they have elections and change their government. This, thereby, changes the mandate. We are not talking about whether they are gunuine democracy or not. Rather addressing of mandate and changing of the guard, which are critical to policy making.

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      I mean legally, not by force.we have been tried for a generation’s that and didn’t work out well .that is why govt Ethoopa never mentioned about Assab and recognize it as Eritrean sovereign land. to avoid vicious cycle of destruction for nothing.

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  • Hope

    Hello All and Dear Author:’

    Am going to make a try today!

    Over all,I am ok with the Article and its analysis,though it is sounds biased!
    No further drama on the persona of PIA as tones of things have been said but he is still kicking in,not sure why despite thevmulti-flanked war on him!
    For the sake of fairness though,I give him credit along with his SEVEN SIBLINGS for their positive contribution!

    As far as dictatorship is concerned,he has never been alone!

    Why surprised ?

    Isn’t that what Dictators do?

    As to the specific issues your raised :

    1)Foreign Policy and related issues:

    a)The Hannish Crisis:

    Not sure about your ” Mockery” on this issue fully knowing as to who is or was the VICTIM!

    Case in point:

    Colonel Menghistu should have been called upon as an Expert Witness as he /Ethiopia “owned” the Hannish Kebir Archipelago officially and used to pay a visit to those Islands,i.e., the Archipelago became Non-ERITREAN after Ethiopia became a country with out Eritrea!
    And you know why we lost the Hamnish Kebir!
    But not coz of PIA,though,right?

    So,no need of mockery on that issue!
    Yes,the Hannish Kebir belongs to Eritrea if Justice and truth were/are to be served!

    b)Ethio-ERITREAN Mess:

    We know the facts despite that PIA made mistakes and you spent more time and more Energy than any one else defending the facts and Etitrea on that aspect,and thanks for that!

    But do not REGRET or contradict yourself!

    Did u listen to Amb David Shin?
    Consult Gheteb,the Shaebia of Shaebians!

    c)The UNMEE Saga:

    Despite the technical mistakes made by PIA and his Agents,PIA is right about the cancerous role of the so called “Peace Keeping Mission” and its beyond repairable disastrous role,albeit by DESIGN”!

    You testified on that!

    PIA could have let the UNMEE go in a better and a diplomatic way but that is how he is,I guess!

    But do not also shy away from the CRIMES of the UNMEE and its Commanders and its Troops!


    Few Facts:

    -Eritra and ERITREANS owe a lot to Somalia and its people

    -Eritrea and the GoE did their best for a Genuine Unification of the Somala and the Somalis and to help themselves in a United Way by calling for an International Conference and created a formidable United Front or the Alliance for the Reliberation of Somalia but you know what happened,by whom and for what purpose !

    Al Shebab was created after the Alliance was dismantled and after the invasion of Somalia by the TPLF Mercenary fully backed by the West!
    Al Shebab became a ” Terrorist” Group in retaliation to the TPLF and the AMISOM Invasion,including by Uganda and Kenya !

    Since then, the role of Eritrea remained minimal as confirmed by all the ” Stakeholders”!
    Not only that,more than 80% of the Al Shebab’s help was from other sources including the. TPLF and the AMISOM!

    Here is the Dilemma and Hypocrisy:

    For the sake of fairness and honesty though,don’t you believe that Eritrea’s approach to the Somali crisis could have been better with better and constructive outcome of the ALS-the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia if it was successful peacefully?

    Yes indeed,if it succeeded:-

    -There could have been no Al Shebab,and by default ,no terrorism and no Ugandan and Kenyan Peoples’ Massacre!

    -There could have been a United,a Peaceful and a Strong Somalia but we know that some evil people do not want to see that!

    -The SEMG Report became NULL and VOID for various reasons!

    Case in point :
    -You were caught to believe that the TPLF sponsored and fabricated story of the alleged plot by the GoE to bomb the AU Summit,despite that the Eye Witness accounts testified otherwise!

    -The worst,you also believed that the Al Shebab bombing of the Ugandan people was by the help of the GoE ,the one the TPLF fabricated and reported as an ” Asmera Code”!

    Do you know about the saying :” Once a Liar,always a Liar”!

    e)The Ehio-Ugandan- Djbouti Drama:

    You know better about this drama very well as to who,how and for what purpose it was orchestrated !

    You turned down what Mr.Russel of the Inner City exposed by telling us that he is a PFDJ Paid Agent!

    But you also know about the Joint Ethio-Djbouti Security and Defense Agreement against Eritrea but you played it down telling us the Ethiopian Army was 70 Km away from Ras Dumeira,when in fact,the Elite Ethiopian Division has been stationed in Djbouti few Km away from the ERITREAN border !

    Please,do not forget the purpose of the Ethio-Yemeni-Sudanese Evil AXIS and the role of the same AXIS in successfully creating a serious ANIMOSITY between Eritrea and the Saudi Gov!

    The negative role of Yemen in handing over Ato Endargachew Tsighe should not be taken easily!

    3)The GERD Issue:

    Irrespective of what might be in his mind,PIA has remained positive about the GERD!

    He simply reminded us about what PMMZ said emotionally to him,which in fact,was and is. a GOOD ADVICE to go slowly and diplomatically on that sensitive issue to avoid the current unnecessary stalemate!

    4)the Eri-GCC Alleged Alliance and the Alleged Saudi led Coalition:

    I have found your analysis on the involvement of Eritrea in the alleged Coalition and Alliance very ” Amusing and Entertaining”:

    Here is why :

    a)You have been the advocate of the Sanction Regime against Eritrea,fully knowing the impact of the Sanction in its any form with ample historical facts and examples including that of Iraq,Libya,Syria,etc…. ,where more than 2,000,0000 died,including kids besides displacement of more than 4-5,000,000 poor people! in the name of Targeted Sanctions!m!

    b)The EDF has been severely sanctioned to the extent of even not to be able to buy minimum spare parts(I know U will tell me that you advocated only for a ” Targeted Sanction”)!

    c) Eritrea has been a de facto victim of economic sanctions!

    d)Eritrea has been a victim of NO WAR NO PEACE Policy!

    d)Eritrea has been a victim of Human Resources drain directly and indirectly-ask Amb McCullen and refer to Wiki leaks and to PMMZ’s Speeches!

    e)You know better than any one that ERITREAN Red Sea Security has been under serious THREAT and that Eritrea is a neighbor to the GCC, the Sudan and Egypt ….

    f) You also know that in the past Eritrea’s Neutrality has not helped Eritrea!
    Now and there fore,fully knowing the above and other facts on the ground,what do you think Eritrea should do ?

    If The Sudan and other Nations have joined the Coalition for whatever reason,why can’t Etitrea,for tons of Reasons?

    I summarized in my limited capacity the pros and cons before!

    But Eritrea needs this coalition better than any other country considering all things including the above FACTS I listed!
    -For Diplomatic Reasons
    -For Economic Reasons
    -For Military and Security Reasons
    You are only concerned about PIA getting some life line, which is only a Nano-fraction of what Eritrea and ERITREANS could benefit in the short and long terms!

    Conclusion :
    Despite of PIA ‘s mistakes,Eritrea does not deserve isolation,containment ,sabotage,sanctions,threats,etc….
    But mutual respect,cooperation,positive /constructive engagement,and rapproachment as well as support in all aspects !

    Breaking News!!!!

    BTW,did you read TN talking about the UNHRC /The UN Human Rights Council/ Team is meeting the Eritrean Ministries and the Respective Officials?
    That is a VERY,VERY NICE development!

  • tessema

    What is a big deal here about isayas .he is like any African leader running his country. I think you guys main problem is the guy couldn’t let you to destroy and massacres Eritrean people as you wish before. anyone want benefit Ethoppa by destroying Eritrea should discard his citizenship first and surrender himself to Ethoopa.after that we will evaluate your positions on Assab issues and will give you our honourable citizenship for those who qualify.

    • Abi

      HI tessema
      Ayissemam !

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam Gud
    Not really tata. Giving and taking advice is not a big deal. Is it? I receive advice from my children every day. I bet you take and give advice on daily basis, it’s just a human nature. Ntiricc? No, I have repeated it time and again that Nitrickay is his own legion (Notice: the word Nitrickay was given to him by me, a Tigrayet endearing form of the name Nitricc). I said that to Hayat many times when she complained SAAY and Mahmud did not chastise him for whatever reason she thought he deserved one. I repeatedly said Nitrickay is the mentor. The forum knows it, and Nitrickay knows it. Giving advice has been a reciprocal gesture between us. You too gave me some advices. Some of them insults. Today you advised me how to handle Hayat and Semere A. You remember that? Many times you became angry because I was “diplomatic” or something like that. Criticism is a form of advice. You have been criticizing SAAY today. When you tell someone how terrible he is in acting in a certain way, you are actually telling him/her to do the opposite. So to cut it short, it’s not about the substance matter of your views that’s being raised here but the behavior and style you follow in order make a point, and it’s not restricted to you. Many do it. It is an honest brotherly advice. There you go, another advice.

    • Gud

      Lol, ok cool. Let me try to explain this one more time, then I will give it a rest. Topic = The term “Old”
      No, giving and taking advice is not a big deal. But, you seem to be missing the point here. I was just explaining to you how the term “Old” came about in addressing you and AH. I am just telling you it never was about the actual age. It came about or it started as a joke (at least at the beginning) because of the way AH (And later you) give the advice, mostly to Nitricc. It is the way and not the advice that awarded you the title. The way AH puts it is (We are still talking about the continuous advice given to Nitricc) in such a way that it sounds like a father figure giving to a minor. The advice could be good or bad. Thant is not the topic
      About your advice for me today, well, I haven’t commented on that at all. I was going to say something about it, then I changed my mind. I know you meant it good, so even if I give you some facts, no matter how true or correct they might be, they will spoil your good intention. So I decided not to say any thing, except may be I should say, thank you?
      I want you to consider a couple of things and I will let it rest.
      – Please, pleas realize I have participated in this forum for many years. What that means is, I might have already passed or done the things you are suggesting at some point. And I kind of know what I am doing (I think so). I pretty much know who deserves respect who doesn’t (Including the moderators themselves). You have never been on the receiving end, for instance, hence there is the off chance that you don’t know how things work (or used to work, I should say). Like any body else the moderators might be improving now, but don’t you swear that views don’t matter (Or used to matter) here. Unless, you are one of the moderators, that is. Even so, you would only know only the times you have been here. When saay or any one else says there is no website like awate, you might have found your self nodding vigorously in agreement, but some of us we kind of suppress a laugh. Experience 🙂
      – If you pay attention, most of my comments are filled with humor. Or at least they sound as such to me :). Obviously they must have not been funny as you keep on saying I was angry or something. But, I can tell you whenever you see “:) ” it means I am laughing as I write them. Besides, this house is filled with regulars. So, it is not the first time me vs AH, (or with Semere A, Hayat, Meskella) go at it like this. We must have done it a million times before through the years. Meaning, why would I get angry for the same back and forth talk I have done many times.
      Enough about, me, I , me, I now ..:)
      Thank you for your advice and good intention

  • Ayneta

    Gud….ni sikado poletica tiagud:

    I don’t really feel oblighed to respond to your hateful and vindictive message. Just not keep your comment dry and high, few things:

    1. I am not AH, I have never met him in person or otherwise, but I have great respect for him because he is older than me and he is ex-fighter ( please save your EPLF/ELF lecture). For me, all ex-fighetrs, whether EPLF/ELF deserve great respect.
    2.I don’t put my faith on individuals, but rather on a system that puts due importance to rule of law
    3. I love Eritrea like any other Eritrean, pro or anti-the ruling party.
    4. I was a big supporter of IA until I realized that he was the wrong guy for the country. He owns all the elements of a classic dictator.
    5. . I put my people above and high more than anything: land, politicians, political parties, specials group interests, powerful individuals. In my opinion, anything that doesn’t put our people at the center is futile.

    Now Gud, how do you think all this name calling, blacmaling, foul mouthing will benefit our people?
    Intelligent that you are, think about it. Respect will take you a long way. FYI, I am positive I am younger than you:) Take it a piece of advice from a younger brother.

    • Gud


      Hey fool. I think you got some comprehension problem. What does your blubbering above got to do with your idiotic claim that I went personal on AH’s family?

      You also said this : ” I don’t really feel oblighed to respond..” Man, actually you are better off not replying to any comment here. Because the way I see it, you will end up misinterpreting it or twisting it. How about you go back to your shush land now?

  • Abi

    Gud, say what?!
    Ok , I clean my glasses you need a translator. Bring Ghetab. You see I call VF very funny. The ‘ funny ‘is VF not Ato Amanuel. I never put funny and Amanuel in one page much less in one sentence.
    You have to give him credit for what he did in bringing independent Eritrea. He went door to door, office to office, church to church , garage to garage in Addis to mass mobilize Eritreans. He studied Industrial Chemistry at Bahir Dar Poly Technical College, he kissed the King’s hand upon graduation, bowed infront of him, thanked him and wished him long life , and, and, and, run to Port Sudan to receive armament that killed some of his friends, church members, neighbors , coworkers…
    It makes me sick.
    ” mogn yetekelewun libam ayneqlewum.”
    Anyway, he did great for Eritrea on the expense of Ethiopias. I never forgive him. He did the utmost damage when it comes to the two peoples future relationship. You should appreciate him. Your anger is misplaced. He is the best tegadalay Eritrea ever produced.

    • Gud


      AH brought Eritrean independence? You need to fire your information minister, abi. If you ask AH where Eritrea is located right now, he wouldn’t do it with out his cane… Oops, I mean with out a google map :). If you mean to say AH’s independence from Eritrea, then you would be right. It happened in 1981 🙂 You can’t possibly bring independence by sitting 40years away and miles and miles physically away . Did you say he kissed the Kings hands? I see some trends here. The same AH – only the king replaced by Woyanie 🙂

      Kila, yiaklo izi sebay hijis. Abzihnalu mesleni (Hey, you should have brought your own translator. Fanti, any one:))

      • Abi

        Hi Gud
        I accepted your ADVICES and fired my information minister.
        Look, Ato Amanuel achieved a lot from a distance. He went to PMMZ to facilitate higher education for Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia. He shook hands with the PM. ( he advised the PM about the advantages of Centralized Unitary Government or the opposite I don’t remember.)
        I advise you read his articles and comments. That is where I get my informations .

  • saay7

    Alla Gud:)

    What is an “Eritrean” website? One where writers use phrases like “grinding your nuts?” One where they accuse everyone of being “agame”? One which is an extension of the government websites and government media?

    I think you equate “Eritrean” with “vulgar ultranationalism.” The latter maybe a subset of the first but it is not its replacement.

    I don’t know if this is an opinion or a fact but awate.com is by far the best Eritrean website:) It is the only place where people can have a civil discussion about Eritrean and Ethiopian issues and this is why your presence (an visit from the vulgar ultrantionalist websites) scares the regulars: they are saying it is fine if he wants to visit but please don’t approve his asylum papers. And you, more than VF, threaten to leave and always come back because, as you know, attendance at Awate University is free.

    That ultranational Semere Tesfai article….um… he is an able writer with a strong point of view, but he really was not able to defend his arguments here. He posted and disappeared:) Right, Sem buddy?


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear Awatista
    OK, I will tell you I’m old, OK, I’m just 52, too young to call myself a politician!!! Once my a young awatisra bro (I call him now manjoos, and he knows I’m talking about him) was high on using terms such as “you got stuck in 70s, 80s, 90s..” whenever my Newtonian Thunder got really hair-raising and things got a bit heated up. I felt that was a classic tactic of bullying. Hey, I’m raising teenagers and I know how these things are supposed to mean and how they work. Ok. I know it. I remember also sort of throwing the term “ageism” a couple of times just as a reminder that what he was doing was not right because harassing and intimidating people by repeatedly calling them “old” is not
    1. acceptable in all Eritrean cultures, and by the way, in most cultures
    2. It’s wrong because it shows prejudice and stereotyping
    3. It is distasteful and uninviting, it says about the person who utters it more than the targeted one.
    4. Therefore, your message will not go through. The forum needs to stop this nonsense behavior.
    Dear Amanuel Hidrat: I have had heated debates with you. I still find some of your ideas way out of my realm, but I respect you. Keep your collected behavior. We will continue to have differences but we will not resort to character assassinations and pity harassment tactics. That also goes to all who feel targeted. I like a clean fight. Gud, you seem to be smart and equipped to wage a clean fight. Why are you falling back into this street tactics. Please live up to your level. I read between the line how well versed you are. Keep your line of argument, just make it neatly. We can all benefit from you.
    Ghehteb: Qexlo, your style could be harsh to some, but that’s yours as long as you don’t degenerate it to substandard personal insults. I don’t see you doing it, just a reminder from the old man (oops).
    Hayat Adem: I see the boys ganging up on you; use your secret sidekicks borrowed from ykaalo, በልዮም ነዞም ኣወዳት፡ I’m looking for an appropriate song.
    The rest of you, I’m old, OK. Please don’t remind me next time you reply to me. I know it. I really have to say this. Here it’s: I was once in my twenties and thirties. I never said old man/old woman. Never. Besides, ages ranging 50 and above are perfectly suited for politicking. Younger ages are also fine, but if you believe a 50 or 60 year old person is too old to discuss his countries situation, then hit the basketball court. What I want to underline is the fact that politics has no age restriction, but as you get older you get better at it. Therefore, please be sensitive. You are just too smart and too intelligent to badmouth.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Ahlan Tegadalay Mahmud Saleh,

      Great advice and thank you. I agree with most of your takes. Your constructive criticism (ሃናጽ ነቀፌታ) and recommendation about me are well taken and again, thank you!

      But, here is one thing I disagree with you. You could be saying it with tongue in cheek, but it doesn’t comport with the tone of your post or piece.

      ” Hayat Adem: I see the boys ganging up on you;”

      Do you know how many “acting Hayats”, Cheerleaders, groupies and whatnots are in this forum ready to pounce on anyone exchanging with Hayat? Except for one or two females, they are all males. Now tell me which ኣወዳት are ganging up against Hayat. What I have unfailingly seen is that many more males are on the side of Hayat than on the sole male interlocutor’s side.

      As a rule, I don’t engage Hayat and that has been my considered stand. More often than not, Hayat responds to my posts posthaste. I rarely and reluctantly engage Hayat Adem. In today’s post, I challenged Hayat to refute the Ambassador’s testimonial and, I think, that failure has utterly discombobulated Hayat and Hayat declared that I will be ignored. That is fine and dandy with me.

      I foresee a second ‘hayat manifesto’ in the not so distant future. What say you?

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear ghehteb
        Fair observation. I also feel bad for singling out Gud, but that’s because he has the skill and the stuff to do it the right way. On Hayat, I know she has a band of notorious one-liners. Therefore, it should be meant to all. When you are rushing, it’s very difficult to make it thoughtful and all-rounded.
        Amanuel H is a gentle debator. Let’s give him the credit he deserves. You know Ghehteb very well this story. In 1989, when EPLF and the Durg negotiating groups met in Atlanta, Alamin and Dr. Ashagre?), both leading negotiators of the groups would have friendly chit-chat on the coffee break time. The facilitators would find this surprising because during the negotiation sessions those two men would not see eye to eye. Later, it was said both men went to school /college together. Collaboration of this account is left to you and SAAY. The thing is : discussion carries both the human and the substance matter dimensions. If you don’t see with someone eye to eye on the substance matter, you may still keep the human dimension live. Both you and Gud could really elevate the forum. So, yes, while I accept the neqefeita, you also Hsebelu.

        • Gud


          I am going to pull the 5th on you, on this one. Besides, one old guy per day please 🙂 ( I hear there is yet another older 1 here, I hear. Nitricc’s grandpa 🙂 No wonder he was saying too much “kiddie” like prayer 🙂

    • saay7

      Hala Mahmuday:

      I am a year older than you so I expect “aya” from now on. True story from an Eritrean in Germany:

      He is with his male friends having a good time and his wife calls to ask him to run an errand for her on his way home:

      “Eway nabra! qoluU kelena nla’ak nerna: hiji dma, ayay keytebahalna arigna, gena nla’ak alena.”


      • Gud


        There is a funnier version or more closer to truth version :

        This is an old guy (like you) saying it. It goes like this 🙂

        “when we were kids, any thing good is given to the elders first (as in the elders eat first, the kids get the left over), now we got older, the time changed and the slogan is “Tsesibuku. Ni Hitsanat” (Tame it away, LT 🙂 )

      • Hayat Adem

        Age related joke dedicated for Saay and Mahmuday.
        (Disclaimer: This is not an assault on independence. It is a joke I heard (improvised a bit!)
        A playful old man was asked to register his name in one of the Asmara so called social courts in 2011 just before he was his witness account on a dispute. So, he is giving some bio data to the registrar clerk.
        “Ekele Kisto”
        “Your age please?”
        “101 years old”
        “You don’t look that old to me? When were you born?”
        “When Asmara was also called Piccola Roma.”
        “Please give direct and specific answers. What year was that?”
        “In the 1930s”
        “I’m warning you now and I’m not going to ask you again. We are looking for a period. What exact year were you born?”
        “We are in 2011. That doesn’t make you 101 years old.”
        “diHri nesanet mimse’a endiyu emo, ab Hade Amet kilte Amet ke’arig SeniHe. bikilte arbaHayo. Since independence, I have been aging twice as much in a year. So double it.”
        “kid wiSaE kabzi, tekal aregit! kitmewut keman meHasheka! Get lost, doddering man! I wish you were dead!”

        • Ayneta

          Hayat, halewat, hiwet…..ain’t you all these :)?
          The joke does not end that way dear. When the old man told him he aged twice as much in a year, the fired back and told him, ‘kondaf aregit. Bel abzen terifenaka zelewa ametat, 5 amet ab hanti amet kitarig eka’- Get lost, so you know, you will age 5 times as much in a year in your remaining years.
          No offence to our hard earned independence. It is our history and our legacy. Kudos to those who made it happen!

    • Amanuel

      Hi Mahmuday
      52 is too young considering you joined the struggle in 1976 but could be totally a joke. Any way people and wine mature with age and don’t pay attention to those who calling you old man just give them Bernie Sanders phone number to get some wisdom.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan Amanuel
        Well, take that with plus or minus X-years,the African way. Therefore, SAAy7 demand that I call him “Aya” or big brother may need to be looked at. He may not be entitled to that. There is a story to “age ” and, hence, the 52. It was given to me by Fozia Hashem, despite my protest. In those days, it was known minors would give ages older than the actual in a bid to join the combat force, recruiter and teainers like Fozia were aware of it. Through the years, I might have changed it so many times. Later, my dad told me I was not that much off . I’d in bother to ask him.

        • Amanuel

          No worries Mahmuday
          It was an opening statement, after all age is just a number. Believe it or not my best friend right now is 68 old man who has a son one year younger than me. I have benefited immensely by being close to him. I learn new thing every day I see or speak to him. Mahmuday you just broke a golden rule that revealed woman’s age. That is terrible of you, FH is actually above 50!

        • Dis Donc

          Monsieur Mahmud,
          That was really funny. “Plus/minus the African way…” Simply, epic!

        • saay7

          Nice, Mahmuday:

          In China (and all of East Asia, I believe), babies are 1 year old—at birth. Makes perfect sense, as it accounts for the 9-month of gestation. And in the Tigrinya-speakers culture, “Hirsin-Tinsin” (giving birth-conceiving a child) is used to compare the age of two children as being real-close.

          There is a very interesting character, Omar Saleh, in the San Francisco Bay Area who, among many other things, makes fun of the generation (mine and yours) which didn’t exactly celebrate its birthday and is stuck picking a birthday that it can remember (usually January 1st.) One great thing about not knowing your birthday is that you can completely ignore the quakery of astrology:) No disrespect to New Age adherents.



  • AMAN

    Dear Awates,
    Thank you I wouldn’t regret you anyway whatsoever
    At least I learned what politics means and what politicians
    do and don’t. It was a new field of study for me who is
    more into Academics than to politics. But now I can say
    that I have acquired little knowledge of politics and social
    sciences. So hoping and looking forward to learn and study
    more about this vast field.
    Thank you for making it possible to me and other new Gen.
    citizens through your dedicated work and unflinching and
    principled stand for the inalienable rights of free speech.
    All what I had been doing was learning through experimenting
    and acquiring knowledge and new experiences from your forum !
    And I am so grateful to that anytime !
    Wish you all the best
    in your journey to the Future !!!

  • Ayneta

    It is so mind blowing trying to understand why pro-IA cant state their position without calling names. Look at you: you are hiding behind that fake pen name and you are trying your level best to degrade and demoralize AH by going to the most personal level one can get: his family. Really? The guy is stating his free mind and taking sides on a matter he thinks is relevant, and you are trying to break him just because you happen to know who and how old he is? You are so vindictive. You need help.
    It is your right to support IA whatever way you think fit, but name calling to this level just because AH was courageous enough to reveal himself is unfathomable.
    I am not sure what the policy of Awate.com is on this matter, but logically I would think this kind of comment obviously over steps the line and should be reprimanded.

    • saay7

      Selamat Ayneta:

      Agreed. But it is not just unique to Gud: like you said, it is the reflexive position of pro-PFDJ Eritreans (you can also read dawit’s response to me) and it goes something like this:

      (a) You, opposition, are criticizing the way IA administers the country!
      (b) But you, opposition, probably/likely/definitely don’t even know how to administer your families.
      (c) Therefore, shut up.

      If you noticed, every opposition figure that has stood up has had his person “investigated” which is followed by “_____ men iyu?” There is a nasty series that Tesfanews runs which basically writes an-always defamatory bio of every Eritrean oppositon figure. So and so was born out of wedlock. So-and-so lives in this plush neighborhood. So-and-so is really an Ethiopian, not an Eritrean.

      Sadly, many in the opposition, when given the chance, are just as awful. This is why some Eritreans are hoping for female Eritreans (as a collective, that gender has a civilizing influence over men) to jump in and own the opposition. But the language of the opposition is so misogynist, so horrible, that they are reluctant to do so. And thus our dilemma.


    • Music Novice

      Greetings Ayneta,

      You said: “you are hiding behind that fake pen name”

      1) All pen names are fake.

      2) Is your pen name genuine?

      3) In what way is your commentary better than Gud’s? You are always an appendage hiding behind someone. Why don’t you lay out your vision including your plans on how to implement them?

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Gheteb and Co.,
    Given the nature of the current governing part’s brutality, indefinite national service, money shortage, etc; how do you see going forward? Will there be a mandate, at least, as to how to consult the people of Eritrea, in decision making? Because, so far as I see it, the people is omitted from every decision making process. The youth is leaving in droves. Economic opportunity, they tell me, is very limited for an ordinary folks. And then there is the lack of political space. How do your party plans to run show? Because we have failing so far.

    • Hope

      Balanced and unbiased ” Appeal” or ” Challenge”‘
      But tell us your take as well through an Article as you are a very Articulate Intellectual!

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Hope,
        In all my writings I have depicted myself that I am not a politicians. I am a voter and hence I expect the politicians to woo me. This I write as a fact…. I just want to sell my fried chicken in peace whether for the Sudanese, Ethiopians, or a monkey for that matter.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear DD,

          I think you would make a great minster of culture and/or interior. Who then is going to build the ASO (Asmara Symphony Orchestra).


          • Dis Donc

            Dear folks,
            As ungracious as it may sound, I am no politician. I am simply in the money. But of course, I would be honored to form a symphony orchestra and tour the world with an all Eritrean youth. That, I would not hesitate!!

          • saay7

            Selamat Disc Donc*:

            You are going to sell fried chicken, tour the world with your orchestra AND correct people’s grammar? I like it!

            Elsewhere, you have created a binary world of a politician and a voter and you (as a voter) are entitled, you said, to have politicians come to you to win your vote? But is the world that binary? Isn’t there a whole world that is neither a politician nor just a voter? It is a pretty old group: Alexis de Tocqueville described it in “Democracy in America”, remember?


            * Your name reminds me of an Ella Fitzgerald song: “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead.” Hope your orchestra plays it.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear SAAY,

            These days businesses can run themselves; leaving owners little to do. One can use these idle times for the correction of misplaced words (I am not correcting spelling or grammar!) or volunteer for common cause. I once lived in the French Antilles where in the evenings I coached kids to play football, or what you Americans call it soccer.

            Sure I remember Tocqueville! He once wrote that “social changes come about as a result of human aspirations for equity.” This is the middle-ground between politka and voters. Alas, it could not apply to us. Because, as I read in this site, I only observe politicians and nothing else. As if that is not worse enough, I can’t believe the fact that there are people who support what goes on in Eritrea. That is very facetious..

            Sorry to disappoint but I know very little English songs and I play in symphonie orchestra not in an ensemble.

          • saay7

            Selamat Dis Donc:

            When I mentioned Tocqueville, I was referencing an observation that made a huge impact on him when he was touring the US in the 1800s: what we would now call the Civil Society. Beyond politicians and votes what Eritrea needs is civil society–and we don’t even have an effective one here in the US, much less in Eritrea*


            * Don’t even say it Gheteb and Gud: NUEW, EYSNC, YPFDJ do not count as civil society because they get their marching orders from the gov.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear SAAY,
            Couldn’t agree more. In fact, these civil societies and civic groups are one that make democracy look good.

            I knew what you were writing about but I didn’t want to get into that. I am sure that you are capable of handling that discussion but that is very complex. Let’s leave it for another time.

    • Semere Tesfai

      Selam Dis Donc

      Allow me to engage you and say a word or two

      – There is this harsh reality in life: when national security of a nation is threatened, the first casualty is democracy in all its forms. And it seems, most Eritreans are deeply concerned about Ethiopia’s threat, and because of that threat, they are willing to tolerate PFDJ wrongdoings to protect the nation they love. That is a fact.

      Indefinite National Service:
      Yes it is bad. But what do you do when 300,000 men-strong professional killer army is pointing a gun on your head? What do you do when your hostile neighbor is on a mission to strangulate your country (economically militarily and diplomatically) to have its way? What do you do when your hostile neighbor declares regime change on your government in broad daylight, and when it is actively doing everything in its power to achieve that goal? Well, I suppose, you keep fighting to the death.

      The youth leaving Eritrea in droves
      To me, to view the exodus of our young as something that is caused as a result of bad internal governance of the PFDJ regime is a very simplistic view of the core problem. It is not mere coincidence, that countries with exodus problems are countries that are at odds with Western powers. Exodus of the young which is also called brain drain is one of the well calibrated and well calculated effective tools of Western powers, that is designed to punish countries that are not in-line with their policies. For reasons that is not clear to most Eritreans, Western countries are taking young Eritreans 10-15 Kms from Eritrean borders to punish Eritrea. And the exodus is not going to stop until Western countries stop luring young Eritreans to come to the West. That is the fact. Therefore, the fundamental question we need to ask ourselves is, what policy (foreign policy) change on our part would make Western powers happy? Otherwise, no matter what Eritrean government(s) do/does within its borders, it is not going to stop the exodus of our young.

      The Hayats and the Opposition brand
      It is sad but very true, that the opposition political brand is muddied by Jihadists, Islamist, Regionalist, Unionist and ethnic politics – so much so, it is scaring the living daylight of the silent majority. Yes there are a million reasons that would make one oppose the PFDJ regime, but in the name of removing PFDJ, many don’t want Eritrea to end-up being another Somalia/Iraq/Syria/Yemen. And that is the only reason many Eritreans (“the silent majority”) are tolerating the wrongdoings of the PFDJ regime.

      Transfer of power
      There are many things I blame the PFDJ regime; but not transferring power to the “people” is not one of them. I think the art of transferring power peacefully is more complex than we think. I believe it is a CULTURAL thing. Look, most of the Eritrean community leaders in the West are there for life, most of the opposition leaders are there for life, so what is the rational for holding PFDJ leaders to higher standard? If Eritrean community leaders and Eritrean opposition leaders are not willing to give-up power easily, don’t you think the problem goes beyond the PFDJ regime leaders? I think so.
      But that is not the only problem, there is more to it. If the opposition are hell bent to kill PFDJ leaders, put them behind bars, dismantle their their organization, send them to the ICC….. why would they give-up power? Isn’t democracy when crooks (politicians) become civilized enough not to kill each other?

      Isn’t it a logical thing that – when you govern you make critical/tough decisions each day, when you make tough decisions each day, you make mistakes. Now, when does a politician’s mistake become a crime – as when does a physician’s mistake become a crime? Isn’t political immunity the basic ingredient of peaceful transfer of power – which is the cornerstone of democracy? I believe so.

      Semere Tesfai

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Semere,
        Good come back! Let’s see, now….

        Democracy: In this system all citizens participate in the running of their governing affairs. As such they address their national security issue by vote and consensus. Moreover, you have to let the people decide and address their national securitry issues themselves; not by you or Isaias or his party. As such, your national security deterence is sacrily detached.

        National Service: Eritrea is not the only country that claims to have existential threats. Belize, Israel, Armenia, Tajikstan, Cypress, Tibet, etc… do get claimed by their immediate neighbors. Yet you do not see them taking the productive youth and its national economy hostage. There are many other ways of addressing existential threats. Political diplomacy being one of them. Therefore, just because PFDJ failed does not mean that there is no other way.

        Exodus: Really? You mean to tell me that you Eritreans are very well educated with skills and are needed in the west to fill-in? Get a sense, man! Since the beginning of time, the world has seen migraion, as people are always looking for green pasteurs. Eritrea and PFDJ failed to provide them opportunities. Simple as that. Instead of crying about brain-drain, make an effort to keep them happy and let them contribute to their society, instead of subjugating them.

        Opposition: Here, you are fundamentally wrong in concluding that the opposition are dogmatic. But even if they are. it should be the people, the constitution and the rule of law that should chew and spit them like an ash. Remember, bad ideas do die away without popular support. Moreover, what is wrong with being Islamist, Regionalist, Unionist and ethnic politics? It is their right to be so, as long as they persue their dogma peacefuly. Let the peope be the judge of that.

        Tranafer of power: Listen, contrary to what your brain drain claim, many educated elites would prefer to come home. Provided that there are decent values in the society. Also you mentionrf about power struggle. Power is not given but bestowed to a winning party, for a given mandate, within a statute time frame. This power is to be accounted for every citizen, the constitution, the judiciary, professional and civic groups…. Democracy is a well balanced oiled machine if implemented wisely.

        PFDJ members: Many Eritreans have humuliated, drowned, organ-harvested, and died trying to run away from PFDJ. Many are yet to be found of there whereabouts. One can’t deny the fact that many wrongs were committed for a simple crime of passion. YOU HAVE TO LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE ABOUT THIS AS WELL.

        Last paragraph: Here you are mixing things. I will simplify it by saying…Usually ELECTED politicians have immunity but when they make mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly, they will be voted out or removed from power. Now, we do not have that, do we? We didn’t have election either, did we?

        • Semere Tesfai

          Selam Dis Donc

          Thank you for engaging. Let me respond:

          1. – You said: “Democracy is a system all citizens participate in the running of their governing affairs, address their national security issue by vote and consensus. You have to let the people decide and address their national securitry issues themselves; not by you or Isaias or his party. As such, your national security deterence is sacrily detached.”

          I Never heard such thing. People don’t run governments; political parties do. People neither discuss nor address national security issues be by vote or consensus; party bosses do.

          2. – “National Service: Eritrea is not the only country that claims to have existential threats. Belize, Israel, Armenia, Tajikstan, Cypress, Tibet, etc… do get claimed by their immediate neighbors. Yet you do not see them taking the productive youth and its national economy hostage. There are many other ways of addressing existential threats. Political diplomacy being one of them. Therefore, just because PFDJ failed does not mean that there is no other way.”

          Please explain to me: What other ways? The Woyane dominated Addis regime stated publicly, that their objective is regime change. And they have 300,000 strong army pointing their gun at Eritrea with the intent to achieve that goal. Now tell: what do you exactly do?

          3. – “Exodus: Really? You mean to tell me that you Eritreans are very well educated with skills and are needed in the west to fill-in? Get a sense, man!”

          What? I suppose you are educated and skilled man/woman with a good job; and I’m very happy for you. But let me tell you something: if I’ve to guess, almost 99% of the immigrants who came to the West have low paying jobs. They just work long hours or two jobs to make ends meet. And you don’t need higher education and competitive skill for that.

          The reason why Western countries bring immigrants to their countries is (a) to fine tune their desired regional policy (b) to compensate their declining population in order to have enough workforce for their growing economy. And whenever their economy start to decline, immigrants will be the scapegoat for everything – cause for crime, unemployment…..

          4. – “Opposition: Here, you are fundamentally wrong in concluding that the opposition are dogmatic. But even if they are. it should be the people, the constitution and the rule of law that should chew and spit them like an ash. What is wrong with being Islamist, Regionalist, Unionist and ethnic politics? It is their right to be so, as long as they persue their dogma peacefuly. Let the peope be the judge of that.”

          I think you got the very idea of democracy wrong. democracy is not about competing faiths. Democracy is not about competing ethnics. Democracy is not about competing regions. DEMOCRACY IS ABOUT COMPETING IDEAS. And the opposition we have are almost all ethnic, regional, Islamic parties who want to run the Eritrean state machinery, with the intent to interpret the ideas that serve their narrow constituents. And that is a recipe for disaster.

          Now tell me: in the absence of civilized nationalist political parties (that look like Eritrea and that compete on political/economic ideology) in the opposition camp, what good is it to blame the PFDJ regime for not allowing multiparty elections. Remember: this opposition parties are outside, the tampering of the PFDJ regime.

          Any way, thank you for engaging.

          Semere Tesfai

      • Music Novice

        Greetings Semere T. and Dis Donc,

        I have read your interesting exchange.

        Semere T. – On the National Service:

        Let us, for the sake of argument, assume that Eritrea is under perpetual external threat and requires an indefinite National Service to defend itself. However, it is the indefinite National that is one of the main
        reasons for the exodus of the youth. But the youth is not only a vital asset to the army but also to the economy. A county with a weak army and a weak economy will eventually collapse. Therefore, the
        assumption about the necessity of an indefinite National Service to defend Eritrea is a contradiction.

        Semere T. – Conspiracy Theory:

        Your assertion that the West is responsible for the exodus of the youth is not supported by the facts, but it is based on delusion and lies. In the first instance, Eritrea is not a superpower, a regional power or a power of any sort. Eritrea is not a threat to any of the World powers, economically or militarily. Therefore, there is no reason the powers that be to pick on Eritrea by causing an exodus of its barely skilled youth.

        The current government needs support. But this support does not imply a slavish repetition of tired falsehoods which will bring no long term benefits to the country. Eritrea should not seek an unnecessary confrontation with the World powers rather it should act and behave according to its pay grade.

        Dis Donc – On Democracy:

        Eritrea needs the rule of law, as opposed to arbitrary rule. However, for a country such as Eritrea that sits on many fault lines, Western democracy with its multi-party system and a provocative press will be a recipe for utter disaster.

        Do you know how long it took for Western democracy to arrive at its current stage since the time of the Magna Carta?

        Democracy has only a placebo effect on ordinary people, it is used as a safety valve, it makes them happy voting for someone and gives them the feeling of empowerment, nothing more. Real military, economic, and political power is always concentrated in the hands of the ruling elite.

        • Dis Donc

          Dear Muzika,

          Brain-drain: Imagine that poor and desolate immigrants, trekking across the desert and high seas, are recruited and lured by western powers!! What a nonsense!!

          Democracy: That is a very exhausted reasoning, really. Before Eritrea was Eritrea, the many races and ethnicity were living peacefully. Democracy doesn’t have to be implemented by force but the participation of every citizens, along their cultural lines. You have to wed these two.

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Dis Donc,

            Where did you get the idea of a Brain drain? You need to talk to Semere T., because it is his claim.

            What I am saying is that the loss of the youth is the loss of both a military and an economic asset (present or future) to Eritrea.

            Your idea of democracy is naive and fantasy based, a repeat of liberal leftist dogma from the West. Your claim that ” Before Eritrea was Eritrea, the many races and ethnicity were living peacefully” is a wish that needs to be proved, rather than an established fact. I know it is taboo to contradict this optimistic but clueless claim.

            We need a thinking and problem solving approach rather than purchasing off the shelf recipes from the West. Talking is one thing, facing reality is another.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Muzika,
            Brain drain: I am just against this whole idea of Eritreans being more than other humans. I find it sad and repulsive that the claim that the youth is recruited and lured by western powers to weaken Eritrea.

            Democracy: You got this one wrong. Even if you want to go in a ways of democracy, the culture will not leave you alone. Culture, good or bad, is like a stain in a society. You have to wed these two; in a way that the good remains and the bad dies out. Western democracies took long because of the fact that the kingdoms and/or the dictators resisted any liberty to the society. Visit London’s Tower Bridge museum and you will understand why. German’s Bundestag museum, the Smithsonian, La Louvre, etc…. So, are we supposed to commit past mistakes (of western democracies) and subject our people? That argument is inane and facetious, and you know it! Thus, I have to ask, where did you get the liberal leftist dogma, in the above argument?

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Dis Donc.

            You said: “Brain drain: I am just against this whole idea of Eritreans being more than other humans. I find it sad and repulsive that the claim that the youth is recruited and lured by western powers to weaken Eritrea.”

            You seem to be fixated with this issue. Talk to Semere T. about it; it is his claim.

            What I have told you is that the exodus of the youth will hurt the Eritrean military and economy. Do you accept this?

            Western democracy has only has placebo effect on ordinary people. It is used as a safety valve, it makes them happy voting for someone and gives them the feeling of empowerment, nothing more. Real military, economic, and political power is always concentrated in the hands of the ruling elite.

            What Eritrea needs is more clinics, schools, roads, communication networks and economic progress. Had Eritrea been an economically strong country, no one would have bothered talking about democracy and human rights. Look at Saudi Arabia and Iran, two notorious entitities none of the World powers bother them with these issues. The Saudis even chaired the UN human rights commission and the Iranians are allowed to continue with their civilian Nuclear programs. Every Western power is doing business with them.

            Western democracy has only a placebo effect on ordinary people. It is used as a safety valve, it makes them happy voting for someone and gives them the feeling of empowerment, nothing more. Real military, economic, and political power is always concentrated in the hands of the ruling elite.

            On the Eritrean opposition. There are two types of people in the World, those who enter through the front door and those who enter through the back door. The opposition are not better than the ruling party, they are just latching onto popular discontent to make a back door entry into Eritrea. I know they are suddenly professing to be born again democrats, but their credentials are very thin.

          • Dear MN,
            What really is democracy, is a question which looks easy but difficult to answer. Almost every government in the world says it is democratic, at worst a developing democracy; and it is really difficult what to make of it? Western democracy especially as it is practiced in some countries in the West, where a white police officer shoots a black young man and sues the victims family for 10m dollars for emotional damage, and most probably will get away with it, or where minorities live in reservation camps, plus all the points you have mentioned above, is the type of democracy (the democracy of the economically strong) that they are proud of and tell us to adopt.

            Nevertheless, if democracy is about the rule of law, human rights, equal opportunity, transparency, accountability, the right to choose who should rule over us or fire him/her, the security and the wellbeing of minorities, etc, then it is difficult to live without it. When undemocratic countries fall, usually, the harder is the fall (chaotic and catastrophic), and it is better to avoid such possibilities.

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Horizon,

            The following is my offering to those infatuated, such as Dis Donc, with Western democracy.

            Paradox, by the Rock band ‘Hawkwind’


            The story that I’m telling you

            Something that you can do

            Ask yourself and try to find the answer

            See the signs they’re always there

            But you know you never care

            You’re always looking for another reason

            Try to reach it’s not too far

            See it as you really are

            Ask yourself, to try and find the answer

            Always, always it’s the same thing

            Try it, try it, you just can’t win

            Circles, circles spinning round

            People, people always bring you

            Down and down

            Round and round, down and down

            Round and round, down and down

            Round and round, down and down you go

            Round and round, down and down

            Round and round, down and down

            Round and round, down and down you go

            Here is the music that goes with it:


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Muzika,
            They say that when people run out of ideas, for a denbate, they resort to name calling and belittling. When you gather your ideas and come back again, I will be waiting.

          • Ayneta


            I think MN is opposing the import of Western style democracy to fit the situation in Eritrea. I think it is a valid comment. I don’t recall a single African country which was successful in implementing such style of democracy, yet remain peaceful and viable.

            On the other hand, we can create our own form of democracy. We don’t have to succumb to the mainstream style that has been pushed by the West down the throat of African countries. Like you said, we can tap on our local knowledge and experience to mold a system that fosters the participation of local people in all matters that pertain to them. For Heavens sake, we even had a system that advocated for the right of domestic animals!

            At this point in time, democracy may not even be a viable variable that wee need to work upon. Forget the Western style of democracy of multi-partying, election, free press, what we desperately need is the restoration of the basic tenets of life: the right to work, the right to move, the right to basic judicial privileges etc, very fundamental necessities that define a decent life style.
            This is what the ruling party is depriving our people.

          • tes

            Selam Ayneta,

            Here you go! You wrote, “Forget the Western style of democracy of multi-partying, election, free press, what we desperately need is the restoration of the basic tenets of life: the right to work, the right to move, the right to basic judicial privileges etc, very fundamental necessities that define a decent life style.”.

            Well this is nothing but against any kind of democracy. In case you miss the word you are referring [democracy] is basically originated in the west. No matter there is no specific definition of Basic tenets The time we define basic tenets we put restriction as the definition will create its own environment. The environment created may fail to accommodate the people of concern.

            If we see PFDJ definition of “basic tenets”, which is democracy according to them (as they call it) includes: water provision, food security, health services and education. Then what is missed here? Are you then approaching from the same angle plus [may be] “Rule of Law”?

            Dear Ayneta, basic tenets for you might not be the same for me and so does for others. What we have a general and generally accepted norms of exercising freedom is having democracy. What ever you try to give a definition for democracy, still the core concept revolves around: “From the people, to the people and by the people”.

            I hope you won’t use the book of PFDJ to define democracy. Just hope so.*


            *I stressed this issue as I am reading between your lines a political thinking which resembles that of behind doors PFDJ political arguments.

          • Hope

            MN and DD:
            A Nice debate!
            I agree with both of you in Principle!
            MN voice sounds though a bit more Realistic and Practical!
            The midway compromised Solution?
            Say it!
            But if I have to have my say:
            Big BIG to the western style Democracy!
            Yes to to a Democracy based on :
            -Parliamentary and Equally Inclusive broad based Representation of the Stake Holders!
            Not Jude’s based on a Fake Election only based ” Representation”.
            -Equal Social Justice to all and equal and equtiable distribution o f Resources!
            National Service:
            Yes to a limited,well structured,well organized,well funded,and elite,effective and efficient one!
            All Citizens shall participate!
            This is a Supplement/Reserve to a well trained ,elite and well funded and compensated Standing National Army!
            The current one,though seemingly convincing and legitimate or made up to look so,is a deceptive,messy,unpleasant and unpersuasive and demoralizing one and it has or might have a hidden agenda !
            Any perceived or real threat cannot justify it as there are other constructive ways of handling the National Service!
            But remember that the GoE cannot immediately change it due obvious technical issues!

            -The cost of demobilizing the 100-200,000 soldiers takes and requires time,energy and finance!
            -Due to the perceived and real serious threats to the current Regime,it has no choice but to keep away the Youth and the Army at least for now!
            -The issue of the External Threa is LEGITIMATE as well but it might not justify the way the Youth and the National Service are handled.
            The WAY forward and Solutions:
            That is a serious TOPIC for a constructive debate by all concerned Citizens!
            There are the signs of the time:
            -The current role of the EU in engaging the GoE along with its four-year-plan to hp the above issues( Youth Empowerment by creating opportunities for Education and Jobs)!
            -The slow but hopeful UN Engagement with the GoE towards lifting the Sanctions and in dealing with the Humanitarian problems
            -The Diplomatic Success with the GCC/ Middle East and the Sudan and ongoing attempts to bring in Eritrea to the IGAD and other Regional Affairs
            -the Booming Minimg and Tourism Industry
            -The improving Trend of the Higher Education in collaboration with the Partners !
            -The issue of Migration Reversal and Refugee Rehab and Return will follow suit based on the above facts .

            -The Implementation of the Revised and Inclusive Constitution needs an aggressive but a Prudent Approach.

            Let us be positive and pragmatic as well as constructive as Citizens ,not just Opposition for the sake of it!

            But there is ONE Fact that we cannot deny:

            The PFDJ is not the only threat but the external factors are more dangerous and they are there in front of us!

            The Exodus of the Youth has multie etiologies and the approach to the solutions should have and should be a Comprehensive one!

            Just review what the wiki leaks says and the speeches of PMMZ and that of Amb MuCullen besides the overt Policy of the TPLF Gov,fully backed by its Masters!

            As far as those ,who believe otherwise telling us that Eritrea is not a Super Power and is not and cannot be a victim of the Consipracies,either they are ” NAIVE” by choice and/or Hypocrites!

            Yes,indeed,Eritrea is a Super Power and the worst target and victim of her high Risk Geo-political location and due to the same Geo-Political Interest’!

            This is a historical fact to this minute!

            Why have Libya,Syria and Iraq been the target and victim of all the mothers of destruction and conspiracies?

            Is that coz they are Super Powers?

            Come on folks,read history !

            Who messed up Congo ,S Africa ,Somolia and some /most Latin American Nations and for what purpose?

            Are they super powers?

            Don’t you know that:
            -:Relgious Fanatism
            -Human Resources Drain
            -military coups and installment of Dictators are some of the PART and PARCEL /Modus Operandi of Destabilization of the Nations trying to be Independent?

            Isn’t Eritrea a victim of this modus operandi since the creation of Eritrea?

        • Semere Tesfai

          Selam Music Novice

          Thank you for engaging. Let me respond:

          1.- “The youth is not only a vital asset to the army but also to the economy. A country with a weak army and a weak economy will eventually collapse.”

          That is absolutely true. And that is/was the Woyane’s plan; and that is exactly what Meles said.

          2. – “A country with a weak army and a weak economy will eventually collapse. Therefore, the
          assumption about the necessity of an indefinite National Service to defend Eritrea is a contradiction.”

          There is no contradiction there. The fact is: small/poor/weak nations governments fight foreign aggression to defend their country/people until they are unable to do so. If defeated, they cease to exist as a government. But still, the fighting goes on; but this time in different shape and form. Case in point: Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya. The point: governments fight until they are destabilized – which any big/powerful country can do to any poor/weak/small nation. And that was the intent of the Woyane – to destabilize Eritrea in order to install a regime that is favorable to Ethiopia.

          3. – “Your assertion that the West is responsible for the exodus of the youth is not supported by the facts, but is based on delusion and lies.”

          Starting from the Cold War, give me a nation that has gravely suffered from mass exodus, that the West has nothing to do with – and you win.

          In the US, there are more than twelve million illegal immigrants (some two generation immigrants) who live their life in hiding – none of them is Eritrean. How do you explain that? Had POVERTY and BAD GOVERNANCE been the prerequisite for getting sympathy from Western powers to reside in Europe Canada and America, Haitians would have been at the top of the list. But they are not.

          4. – ” Eritrea is not a threat to any of the World powers, economically or militarily. Therefore, there is no reason for the powers that be to pick on Eritrea and cause an exodus of its barely skilled youth.”

          Cuba was not either. It is not Eritrea’s power that is attracting all the unwanted attention from South North and West; it is its strategic location.

          The rest of your comment on democracy, rule of law, multiparty system…. may be next time.
          Again thank you for engaging.

          Semere Tesfai

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Semere T.,

            You need to read what I wrote and understand the flow of logic to see your contradiction.

            What I wrote was: “Let us, for the sake of argument, assume that Eritrea is under perpetual
            external threat and requires an indefinite National Service to defend itself. However, it is the indefinite National that is one of the main reasons for the exodus of the youth. But the youth is not only a vital asset to the army but also to the economy. A country with a weak army and a weak
            economy will eventually collapse. Therefore, the assumption about the necessity of an indefinite National Service to defend Eritrea is a contradiction.”

            Let me simplify it for you. You assume that Eritrea needs a strong army for its security and furthermore you also assume that the indefinite National Service is essential for a strong army. However, the fact is that this indefinite National Service is one of the causes of the exodus of the youth from the country, thereby weakening the army. Herein lies the contradiction.

            You assume ‘A’ is necessary for ‘B’. But ‘A’ results in ‘C’, which is the exact opposite of ‘B’ i.e. its negation. Therefore, the assumption that ‘A’ is necessary for ‘B must be wrong.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Hayat and Co.,
    I gather that you are an opposition who believes removing the current governing party by force, with or without the help of Ethiopians. The recurring theme with your appeal is the fact that your ideas revolve around Ethiopia. Whether that works or not, I will leave it for the people of Eritrea to decide. Ethiopia is quite a different country, as it stands, and their appeal will also be different. They now have a difference arrangement and joining them may or may not work. Again that decision should be left for the people of Eritrea. However, given the fact that we were Ethiopians in the past, by force or will, things did not workout, regardless of whose fault it was, how do you plan to convince Eritreans of your (your party’s) ideas? Also, how do you plan to convince Ethiopians, about the reversal of the past?

    • Hayat Adem

      Hi DD,
      Thanks for asking. That gives me a chance to explain myself. You see, the other day I felt prejudged and condemned by perception when you said something to the effect I was less sensitive to wrongs and injustices done in the past by Ethiopia. People should be given a chance to explain themselves. When I brought Tewhaba, and I will keep on doing in the future, I am trying to expand positive voices. Reasonable and positive voices are not in excess supply in our refion, particularly when you come to Ethiopians and Eritreans about each other. I always worry a lot about losing our future opportunities to exaggerated past grudges. Most probably, mistakes and injustices come in action-reaction chain, in that if someone was to sit down and make detailed inventory, chances are past mistakes will be equally shared between both sides (maybe, plus here minus here, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, it is now fixed at 52 and it is good enough for me to work it from for the better.) I am saying all these because I consider you as a well collected cool guy and reasonably detached except that you pushed a hard ball on me the other day. Today, I am claiming that I’m interdependent Eritrea than Mahmuday is.and here is how:
      1) on the fate and future of Eritrea, there is no one else but only Eritreans to decide. I have no 2nd thoughts on this.
      2) I only wish Eritreans’ decision is always for the better. Federation was. Ghedli was not.
      3) I don’t think it is any wiser to undo ghedli or redo in reverse any of the journey that got us here. Acknowledging mistakes and taking lesson would be enough for me.
      4) Independent Eritrea is a fact. Any plan should start from recognizing and accepting that fact. So, I’ve never said we should rewind the clock. But, we should recalculate for the best from here and now, from the reality of an independent Eritrea. An Independent Eritrea should be allowed to see opportunities 360 degrees and work for maximizing gains from every piece opportunity.
      5) If you think at a deeper philosophical level, I am pro independent Eritrea while Mahmuday and co are not. I truly acknowledge Eritrea has become independent for better or worse and should be totally free to go for the best. Mahmuday and cohorts ideas come from a mindset as if Eritrea is still fighting for independence and not free. For example, what is wrong if an independent and free Eritrea proposes a union to another independent and free Ethiopia for a greater good of the two peoples? Nothing. You only have to ask what are the gains and the net balance benefits. But if Mahmuday and cohorts see anyone talking about, they invoke unionism, abysseniyanism etc. If Eritrea is wanted to be free to separate ways form Ethiopia as a matter of right not as a matter of destiny, the same right shall be invoked to also cooperate and join. If Independence is meant a precursored one way endless journey of separation for ever, it is not a free choice but imposed.
      6) More explanation: A year or so back I brought the analogy of a “recalculating navigator”. That is to mean when you think of making rapprochements, clean up your past trauma’s and make a baggage free calculation afresh. Recalculating! If Djibouti proposed a merge with Eritrea, I’m sure the feeling is not going to be from a mindset of a defensive shock. Probably it is going to be about meticulous look into the gains from that. It should the same if it comes from Ethiopia and it shouldn’t be preempted by past traumas real or perceived.
      7) In short, independence should mean a freedom determine your world and future including by way of separation, not a freedom of determining your world by way of separation.

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Madam Hayat,
        I really am sorry but I cannot continue with this thread as I am in between job, trade, and family life. Thanks for engaging, though.

  • V.F.

    Awate staff and owners:

    Your website is devolving and becoming a trash.

    Gud to AH:

    “Ala nski! You are making me laugh. Somersault ! Abiet acrobatics at old age. I hope and pray your kids do not read you here. I don’t think there is more embarrassing than having a father ( or grand father) who swings like a long kelamitos in a heavy wind. No stand, no nothing…”

    You are okay with Awate? It’s disgusting. I bet you guys are enjoying this because you see Amanuel and SA as closeted Abyssinian fundamentalists.

    It’s sad. I am not surprised that even Tesfanews has much more participants albeit less diversity. This website has become a really depressing place to visit because of the people you guys cater for – Gheteb, Gud, guest2 (the same person*), Nitricc, Ted, peace, etc.

    It’s now become point of no return for me. This is it but let me make one last statement:

    *I am strongly convinced that Gheteb = Gud = guest2 = none other than SAAY!!!

    • ‘Gheteb

      Hi V.F,

      Are you out of your meds to spill such kind of a drivel? If you are ” strongly convinced that Gheteb = Gud = guest2 = none other than SAAY!!!”, then will put your money where your writing is, so to speak ? I bet you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Gud


      “…that Gheteb = Gud = guest2 = none other than SAAY!! ”

      Dude, how dumb can you be? You just insulted the two nice and humble gentlemen Gheteb and Saay. If nothing else, can’t you see hou prolific and how logistic these two are?

      But, hey! What else can we expect from you. Aren’t you the one who insulted the whole Ethiopia with your “Initito” unification story?

      • Abi

        HI Gud
        You have not been paying attention. It is not EnToTo unification. No Sir. It is ascending on EnToTo to concur Ethiopia for the purpose of looting.
        The game is called ” ascend and loot”.
        Tewaridna !

        • Dis Donc


          • Abi

            HI D D
            Dis Donc conquered Abi 1-0.

        • Gud

          Hey Abi,
          Lol, I guess I must have missed it, I was kind of busy smacking his mentor – the grumpy old chap Amanuel H :). He thought him Andinet 101 right here

          • Abi

            Hi Gud
            Ato Amanuel is the furthest to Andinet. Actually, he thinks those supporting IA are working hard to weaken Eritrea thus making it ready for annexation. If you only paid attention to his reply to Mr Kim, you would not have questioned his steadfastness regarding the independence of Eritrea.
            However, he might have already started the ” mass demobilization “process one funny person at a time. You know, people change.
            Mass mobilization in Addis, mass demobilization at Awate.

    • Peace!


      Have you heard people say “ሓባልሲ መጠመቲኣ ትኾኮሐል” Please don’t embarrass yourself although there is nothing wrong with Abyssinianism.

      Bye Felcia

    • Semere Tesfai

      Selam V.F.

      – Calling all to behave like adults and discuss issues that matters is a fair statement. I’m with you there.

      – “I bet you guys (Awate Team) are enjoying this because you see Amanuel and SA as closeted Abyssinian fundamentalists.” I think that exists only in your mind; because you can’t prove your claim.

      – “I am not surprised that even Tesfanews has much more participants albeit less diversity.” I don’t think you can prove this one either.

      – “This website has become a really depressing place to visit because of the people you guys cater for – Gheteb, Gud, guest2 (the same person*), Nitricc, Ted, peace, etc.”

      But you don’t have any problem with likes of Hayat, Abyssinian, Horizon………… Very interesting.

      – “It’s now become point of no return for me. This is it.”

      V.F., this is a battlefield in the war of ideas. Be a brave soldier for the ideas you believe in.

      – “I am strongly convinced that Gheteb = Gud = guest2 = none other than SAAY!!!” I think you are off the mark by a mile on this one. To say the least, SAAY his own unique brand.

      Semere Tesfai

    • saay7

      Selamat V.F.

      There was an Egyptian comedian by the name of Yunus Shelebi and he was famous (to me) for a play he was in where he keeps repeating one line: “Ana Khareg Wa Mush H’argaE”: I am leaving and I am not coming back. The humor in the joke is that, after the 17th time he says it, it is clear to all that he ain’t leaving and he is having what we call “Zgeber nediu neynegr” moment. You have threatened to leave so many times, left, came back and then narrated how you were banned by awate, you are a legend around here. Thank God Nitricc is not here because he would have a lot of fun accumulating all the times you have threatened to leave because at long last awate has reached a “point of no return” (Gheteb will tell us how to say that in Tigrinya Shaebia:)

      Here’s the thing: you have a side in this debate. When people you agree with behave badly, you are immune to it; and when people you disagree with behave badly, it offends you. It is hard to be Solomon in this environment so here goes:

      Gud/Guest 1/Guest 2 is soooo damn good in articulating his points and ridiculing the position of the opposition (almost as good as Rahwa calling us off-position) and he could only get better if he dropped his Asmarino put-down (“Ala nskhi”) and mocking us senior citizens (The discounts are pretty good, Gud.) Ehh! ileka aleku! Dude, it defies Eritrea traditions (the pre-Ghedli tradition, that is) to ridicule people just because they have lived longer than you. Ehh! ileka alekhu. Plus, dude, IA is 70 years old as are most of his peers.

      Gheteb is tmali ShaEbia, lomi Shaebi, tsbaH Shaebia kinda guy. Always was, always will be. If he can get past his obsession with Hayat’s person* and just engaged with the views she represents, those two would give us an intellectual feast. Gheteb is actually a metaphor for Eritrea: so much potential, so easily Enkif’d (TM)

      VF: Once you decide to stop sampling (YGist, unionist, expansionist) and actually buying and being committed to a product/ideo, you could also be a unique voice to this forum. But I think you are easily bored and you have an affliction that is common to Eritreans: paranoia. No, I am not Gud, Guest, Gheteb.


      * It is very hard to: I went through that phase:)

      • Ayneta

        With all do due respect to you, your response to V.F is not helpful either. You alluded to irrelevant issues without even mentioning AH in your response. No matter how many times V.F has threatened to walk out, his comment deserves attention, immediate one at that. I cant understand how Awate.com can allow someone (Gud) to disparage Amanuel Hidrat in the way he did? He was so intent to break him that he went to the lowest level he could: his family. Doesn’t this constitute violation of some commonsense, if not the forum’s policy? I would expect Awate to protect those forummers who reveal their true identity like AH from personal attacks by those who abuse the privilege under fake pen names. It only lends to commonsense.

        • tes


      • ‘Gheteb

        Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

        I will respond only to ‘Gheteb’s segment of your post. I couldn’t disagree more with you when you said:

        ” If he can get past his obsession with Hayat’s person* and just engaged with the views she represents, those two would give us an intellectual feast”.

        To begin, there is no “obsession” to be gotten past to or over to. None, nada, zilch, sifir ! In less than a year, I have concluded the person(s) Hayat Adem political outlooks. I don’t give a tinker’s curse to know about the “Hayat’s person” and as a result I know bupkis about the person Hayat Adem. The only thing I know is that the person Hayat Adem is the consummate avatar of Abyssinian fundamentalism and a peerless champion of the Weyanes. All of this is solely based on my readings of the pieces or comments penned by Hayat Adem.

        Then, you couldn’t be more wrong if you thought that ” those two would give us an intellectual feast”. What you will end up getting instead is ‘intellectual fasting’. Not for any other reason, but for the mere fact that ‘ShaEbiaism’ is the very antithesis of Abyssinian fundamentalism. Nothing to argue about anymore as ShaEbiasm has laid to waste one of the Abyssinian fundamentalism’s central tents. The right to self-determination which Abyssinian fundamentalists refer as secession [ መገንጠል: ተገንጣይ ] has been achieved and Eritrea is free from the scourge of this anachronistically outdated political outlook. Again, 1998-2000, its renascent version that was spearheaded by the Weyanes was foiled, yet again by the selfsame ShaEbiism.

        What is more, when you say here, ” Gheteb is actually a metaphor for Eritrea: so much potential, so easily Enkif’d (TM)” may apply to your 2nd Cuz ‘Gheteb, but as it pertains to Eritrea, it is singularly infelicitous. At least, be fair to Eritrea.

        Finally, let me offer you ” a 2nd-cousinly” advice here. Banish the thought of using this Hayat Adem’s person as your touchstone (yardstick) in assessing the political views of others. If your assessment of the push push radicalization of Mahmud Saleh Vs. Hayat Adem was not accurate, then your appraisal of this obsession thing misses the target by a mile.

        • saay7

          Hala Gheteb:

          By intellectual feast, I mean eavesdropping on two worthy opponents analyzing an issue from different angles. When it’s good, u don’t even want to interrupt the flow: u just want to listen. You have that ability, for your point of view, as does Hayat from her point of view.

          By obsession with the persona of Hayat I mean how u don’t address her fully, and how u go off tangent and go into Professor Correctos mode defining terms and concepts when u can easily address her points and rebut them.

          When I say both Gheteb and Eritrea (under the leadership of IA) are easily Enkefable, I mean they are unable to navigate around easy to avoid obstacles. Every obstacle is mekhete worthy consuming all energies to the detriment of all that’s worthy.


  • Hayat Adem

    Thanks Ayneta, I feel truly honored.

  • Hayat Adem

    Yes, I talk brotherhood and fraternity of peoples. I don’t talk hates, cows and milks.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Young Gud,

    Remember once the system is built in the way it is, whoever sit in a such a system the harness is in the hand who sits at the helm of it. So take a note that without removing the man who sits at the helm you can not dismantle the system that breeds Mimi dictators. By the way When you try to separate your real self (real name) from what you think and say we are talking with your ghost. Am I right brother. The reason why you are hiding with your ghost name is either lack of courage or you do not believe on the things you are saying. Either way it embarrassing if I were you.

    • Peace!

      Selam Emma,

      Speaking of nick names, I thought you had no problem with that given you defended Hayat Adem for that matter, and now you said: ” The reason why you are hiding with your ghost name is either it is of lack of courage or you do not believe on the things you are saying. Either way it is embarrassing if I were you.” I wonder if that applies to Hayat too, if not, you are obviously doubling down.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi Peace,
        For all intent and purposes, I hate pen names, whether they held views that I have espoused or not. As a matter of fact, I wrote an article a decade or more years ago at asnarino.com. No exception brother. I love people who express their views without fear. Courage starts with that intact being ” the mind and the body ” as identified by their official names given by their parents. If someone want to seperate who they are from the thought they held, it is simply out of fear or they don ‘t trust on their thought process. So it is not new of showing my disgust for pen names.

        A.anuel Hidrat

        • Gud

          Hey Peace,

          You need markers to identify which Amanue H is replying now. Next time you ask, you never know, it could be the upside down/inverted Hidrat, with a different reply. Particularly if you caught him kissing Hayat’s a** 🙂

          • Dis Donc

            That is very bad taste, man. Have some decency, for God’s sake! Children could be reading from this site, you know.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Cry Me A River, But Eritrea Nevermore To Knock On Ethiopia’s Door

    Exactly a year ago, I wrote a post entitled “The TPLF DID NOT Accept Eritrea’s Independence Out Of Conviction”. Below is a concise recapitulation of the post.

    “In summary, ever since then Eritrea has been involved in a defensive war that aimed soley in preserving it’s hard won independence that La Monde Diplomatique of July 2000 has cogently concluded. Eritrea has conducted its second independence war in those years. This is because the TPLF half-heartedly accepted Eritrea’s independence. When they thought they were ready to reverse Eritrea’s hard won independence, they did precisely that based on a flimsy pretext. All the seven years prior to the inception of the war, the EPLF was pretty much clueless and were convinced that the TPLF has accepted Eritrea’s independence wholeheartedly. Alas, that was not to be the case. It seems that Isaias and co. forgot the nuggets of wisdom that one can derive from a Tigrayan saying that goes like: Nihamashen Bimahla Niderho Bimashela [ንሓማሸን ብማሕላ : ንደርሆ ብማሸላ::] ( One can fool an Eritrean by swearing as one can entice and fool a hen (chicken) by offering some sorghum (cereal). ”

    If anyone is interested in reading the entire post, here is the link.


    Now here comes Ambassador David Shinn US Ambassador to Ethiopia 1996 -1999, rendering a first hand testimonial that the late Meles Zenawi on several occasions had told him that Eritrea and Ethiopia will be back together, meaning Eritrea will be part of either Ethiopia proper or part of The Greater Tigray ( ዓባይ ትግራይ ). Here is what the Ambassador said verbatim.

    “I would point out one thing that was mentioned to me on several occasions on meeting that I had with Prime Minister Meles, which I always found fascinating and I was never able to sort of get from him why he made those statements. But on several occasions during the conflict the 1998 – 2000 conflict, he said “Mr Ambassador ONE OF THESE DAYS WE ARE GOING TO BE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN” and I would try to press on that to find out how is this going to happen? What’s the plan here? He gave no time frame at all and he did not imply it would happen in his life time, but he made that statement on several occasions to me and I found it intriguing but was never able to determine why he though that was going to happen? But I am convinced he BELIEVED IT VERY SINCERELY!” —– Ambassador David Shinn US Ambassador to Ethiopia 1996 -1999.”

    ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>https://www.youtube.com/embed/gazILBiAK0E?feature=player_embedded” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

    • Hayat Adem

      Dear Gheteb,
      “Cry Me A River, But Eritrea Nevermore To Knock On Ethiopia’s Door.”
      This kind of thinking bothers me a lot. Why? Is it halal to knock at any Arab door and haram at the door of Ethiopian brothers and sisters? Do you want to erect a permanent wall along Mereb-Setit? Whether you acknowledge or not, Eritreans are going there in times of their hardships and getting a brother-sisterly help. As you can see here there aren’t other non-Eritrean people talking to you in this forum, and discuss political issues, music, and sport, punctuated by Amharic notes and poems and expression. Yemane Barya never sung any another country “neSela mendeQ”. Athlets like Zerusenay never mix as easily as they mix with famous Ethiopian athletes when fielded on International races. What is no more knocking Ethiopian doors to mean? Even if Eritrea was cruising on a high-towering success, you never say such stuff against a neighbor. Please, wise up and hold your hate pollution to yourselves. Hayat

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi HA,

        First, I apologize for contaminating the whimsically illusory air of your warped political outlook of Abyssinian fundamentalism through my “hate pollution” . Again, I am sorry you can’t forcibly occupy “this air” like what your Weyanes have done with Baduma (Badime).

        Second, spare me your sentimentally emotional foolish talk. I have presented a credible testimonial from a person in the know. Instead of sharing your take about what the ambassador has said, you literally barfed the full content of your pipe dream. ( Emama Ethiopia reclaiming its daughter Eritrea by way of annexation). I seldom fall for what is known in logic as the fallacy of argumentum ad passions.

        Finally, let me tell you this and I urge you to underline it with a highlighter in your NOTES. Eritrea knocking on the doors of any other country on this Earth is “Hallal and kosher” while it is the ne plus ultra of all “Harams” to knock on the door of Ethiopia. There is no other country on this God’s green Earth that has wrecked much havoc and has been the source of all the agony, misery and suffering that have visited upon Eritrea than Ethiopia.

        • Hayat Adem

          Hi Gheteb,
          Well, I hear you. This makes it clearer: “Ethiopia=Haram; rest of the world=Halal”. Got you, knowing one in exact terms always helps. You are too fanatic and extreme even by the PFDJ standards. I don’t think you have a role in Eritrean politics as we are not looking for anyone worse than them. I think we can afford ignoring you here and leave you to feed your hate and poison to the snakes.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi HA,

            ” Cry Me A River, But Eritrea Nevermore To Knock On Ethiopia’s Door “

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Gheteb,
            I got you, It is clear enough. Please allow only a minor change: “Cry me a river, but Gheteb nevermore to knock on Ethiopia’s door; rather Gheteb prefers a non-stop knock on Arab doors”

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi HA,

            You said:

            ” [I] think [we] can afford ignoring you here and leave you to feed your hate and poison to the snakes.”

            Arabs = Eritrea Helpers

            Ethiopia = Eritrea destroyer

            No wonder, then, ” Cry Me A River, But Eritrea Nevermore To Knock On Ethiopia’s Door” rings so, so true!

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Gheteb:
            ” Cry Me A River, But Eritrea Nevermore To Knock On Ethiopia’s Door ”
            That is smarmy, empty, PFDJ inspired denial and arrogance. If your definition of Eritrea is the rivers that “cry”, the rocks that burn, and mountains that are called “awtaden” in the Noble Qurran, they will never do that because they cannot do not, they are non-living things. If you consider PFDJ and IA Eritrea, you are wrong because PFDJ’s whorish business manners allows that, they will even trade a piece of land or port access to Ethiopia if that serves their mafia underpinnings, this is more than begging, they will pay for the right to beg. They will pay for it by any means necessary, Eritrean blood and lives and a piece of land that you guys worship so much.

            If by Eritrea you mean the people of Eritrea, they are already begging and knocking on Ethiopia relentlessly, for safely for shelter and for the liberty to move away from the brutal PFDJ and there is nothing wrong with that, it is halala! “Ena arde Allah wassuatun fi erhal” (The land of God is vast, just move), as the Saudis whose door PFDJ is knocking on are fond of saying, or knock and the door shall be open for you. I am sure you heard both, I did not make them up or beg them from Ethiopia

            So stop your sloganeering, people do have brains here. I am begging you to stop for your mental hygiene

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Sem,

            These individuals do not represent to the humble Eritrean people who believe in peace, stability, and cooperation. Keep in mind, when the despot tells them otherwise, they will still ride his wagon. No common sense and no rationality. They are already programmed to his tune and his vulgarity.


          • Peace!

            Dear Hayat,

            Just curious who is “We”?


          • Hayat Adem

            Well, I had in mind you, I and others. Are you not in?

          • abrham

            Cry me a river, hate has no part in peace. But the so called peace is typical hate spewing person like getsab.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Selam Peace!,

            I think in HA’s warped political outlook the pronouns “I” and “We” are readily interchangeable. Here is the sentence where you can see clearly what I am talking about.

            “[ I] don’t think you have a role in Eritrean politics as [we] are not looking for anyone worse than them.

          • Hayat Adem

            Yes, “I” and “we” are interchangeable when the message is positive. Saying “I/we support peace and cooperation” would never be a problem as when you use the plural pronoun “we” and the collective name “Eritrea” for preaching hate and hostility.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi HA,
            Great to know that in your mind you can be one person [I] and then morph and become more than one person [WE]. Meaning you are at once and simultaneously one person and more than one person similar to the concept of Trinity. Wow!

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Selam Gheteb,
          While you bark empty brouhaha from your comfort zone thousands of miles away of the dictator; tens of thousands of Eritreans are “knocking at the door of Ethiopia” seeking protection from your monstrous gang leader Isayas Afwerki. This is the fact, get it and live with it.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Abraham Hanibal,

            What a terrible person I must have been to ” bark empty brouhaha from (my)comfort zone thousands of miles away of the dictator; tens of thousands of Eritreans are “knocking at the door of Ethiopia” seeking protection from your monstrous gang leader Isayas Afwerki.”

            You got a point there. I forgot about the recent trip of Medrekh’s leaders and their newfound “Weyane-philia” and here I am seeing its contagion through you and your unabashed brown-nosing and depraved apple-polishing of those who are peddling the Weyanes political wares in this forum.

            How fittingly it is so true that: ” በዓል ሓዲስ መተርኣስ ኣብ መንገዲ ይተርኣስ::”

    • V.F.

      Dear Gheteb, why do you care about Medrekh? If they are as you describe, then you should allow them to go to the gallows of the weyane and they do not deserve your compassion and concern. Just a thought. My opinion though is that in Medrekh, at least there are two individuals deciding (Andeberhan and Asefaw) unlike in the Eritrean regime which has one brain with a lot of damaged brain cells by alcohol and degression – of course that is IA.

    • tes

      Selam Gheteb,

      You are a frozen politician with your USA-hate vomiter adage group. If you were able to be free from the USA bla bla and start looking inside your own country I am quite confident by now you be a lively asset. Unfortunately you are a frozen asset full of linguistic skills.


  • Hayat Adem

    Guad Gud,
    You have no people; in fact, you have no you. All you have is anger and it is making sweat from inside. Stand for and save yourself from soul eater anger and then you speak for others. PFDJ is suffocating and extincting my people. If you support for PFDJ, calass, there is no way you can be with the people. Hawka/Haftikha abey allo/alla?

  • T..T.

    Hi dawit and all,

    dawit claims that Isayas “is the most experienced political leader in Africa, if not in the world.”

    The Chinese representative in concluding remarks at the Commission of Inquiry in Geneva said that the Eritrean government’s confrontational arrogance and economic failure was due to its leader’s incompetent governance (i.e. ineffective leadership).

    The EU classified Eritrea as a near-failed state due to its free falling economy and the growing dissatisfaction of the fleeing people, which indicated, based on the denied basic service and rights, that the cruel leadership of the country (Isayas) was putting Eritrea and Eritreans in danger of implosion.

    Let the Awatists not judge Isayas’s leadership by what other say about him. Since some of Awatists are anti-Isayas and some are pro-Isayas, judging him fairly here would mean a mixture of favoritism and partiality.

    Let’s take into consideration the whole spectrum of Isayas including his favored governance, physical, social, mental, and spiritual.

    Governance: Closed door system. Gives order behind the closed doors. Therefore, he is said to be disconnected and that is why he is shocked when fathers and mothers complain of no water, no electricity, and no food. Isayas’s pros, like dawit, say that people love Isayas, worship him and look up to be like him. Regarding economic failures in Eritrea, his pros put the blame squarely on the USA and the Weyanie.

    Physically: Both his antis and pros agree that Isayas has youthful energy to walk 15-25 kilometers a day from his home to where the dams are. As Isayas claims, he is healthy and does not complain of any illness. Awate-com always ranks his health status as excellent. His antis confirm and say Isayas is the only healthy person in Eritrea because he has access to everything healthy food and healthcare services. Others including the family members of his top generals have to walk to Ethiopia and the Sudan to see light, drink water, eat healthy food to look like humans before seeing care providers in those countries.

    Socially: Isayas lost his best and close friends to prison and disappearance. As a loner he is suffering from self-destructive behaviors taking his anger out on the people around him. In his special way of get to get closer to people, he finds no happiness because he enjoys more being loner in order not divulge any secret. His pros say Isayas is not secretive because a secretive person is one who is not open with the people around him.

    Mentally: Believing in sound body in sound mind, Isayas proved that he has youthful energy by walking 15-25 Kilometers a day. However, as a loner he may be an intellectual and paranoid of many things from suspecting the USA and Weyane agents are following him to believing that Eritreans hate him. What he promises today denies it tomorrow. His pros explain his behavior as just being firm on what he believes.

    Spiritually: If any, please add any fitting descriptions that can help the Awatists to come on best fitting title down from giving him the label of devil.

    • dawit

      Waw TT,
      Your hate to one person PIA and Eritrea is boundless! What about calling him the ‘Jesus Christ of Africa’, the leader who gave his life for the betterment of Africans, and was crucified by Woyane! You can not hide the fact he liberated you and gave you a country!

      • T..T.

        Hi dawit,

        I would rather call your Isayas the Pol Pot of Africa, who denied political space to the Eritrean people. Yes, he deserves to be called the Pol Pot of Africa who has militarized his rule to support his declared reign of terror. Yes, again, as Pol Pot of Africa who declared Eritreans currencyless society imposing upon them bartering system under which goods are exchanged for services and vis a vis.

      • Hayat Adem

        dawit, are you breathing in stupidity every time you inhale?

  • saay7

    Hi Addis:

    No sir, no clue. Also, at this stage, the “moderator” title that appears next to my user name is like one of those titles which once given is never taken away (like, say, “ambassador.”)

    So, what trouble is Addis causing awate and disqus communities lately?


  • Ayneta

    Whatever way you want to say my pen name, it is fine. But remember it is much better than yours-George- a complete alien name that has no ‘ Eritrean patriotic’ elements. Go get yourself an Eritrean name and I will see if you can qualify as the unsubstantiated ‘Eritrean Patriot’. Guys like you have difficulty to differentiate between defending a country/people and the leadership. Your blind allegiance to IA has twisted your worldviews and you dismiss anyone who challenges IA as displaying suboptimal nationalism, rendering him a ‘Woyane puppet’. You don’t see no wrong in him. He is the perfect leader who can do no harm. Parrots like you eco back everything he does or say with unfiltered jubilation. All dictators are self-absorbed people and no dictator is benevolent. But you are too uninformed, too unenlightened to know this. For the record, I am a proud Eritrean who is not proud of IA.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hi Hope
    When you reply to the acting Hayat (sorry my friend), use Tigrayt humor not complicated English. He is good at producing complicated lines of thought in English, but not reading replies by SHAHAN FOOL.

  • Gud


    When it comes to Eritrea, there is no more terrorist than all Erhiopian government. Woyanie being the “ISIS” of them all.

    As for Eritrean relationships with other countries, there isn’t and there will not be any thing worst than what he had/have with Ethiopia. And the damage that could happen due to any bad relationships, there can never be any thing worst than what the woyanie did to Eritrea

    So, Saay cut the crap

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing worst than Ethiopia to be in relationship with

    • Hayat Adem

      Guad Gud,
      Let’s see what Eritrea’s existential problems are:
      1) extreme poverty and abnormal economy
      2) security/isolation/sanction/bad image
      3) abnormal and suffocating governance
      4) exodus and demographic imbalance
      Tell me which ones are caused by PFDJ/ and which ones by Weyane/ which ones by God, and I will tell you if you are really Guad Gud or Gud Guad.

      • kazanchis

        superb piece, Hayat! 😀

      • Gud

        Ayte Hayat,

        Gud Guad? Ummmmm. እዛ ዳዋ ተምጽኦ ኣለዋ ; ይብሉ ዓድና (No, I don’t know that in Woyanigna J)

        Ok, let us see if the gate keepers of awate allow this one to reach you this time J (you are insulting people left and right as you please)

        The last time you said “Gud Guad”, the last time we talked – man to man, you were sent crying like a sissy,
        promising never to come back again (as if anyone cares what a despicable Woyanie does), and, boy, all the drama! Remember? But, hey a መዥገር is always a መዥገር J

        As for your questions, I can see you are still mixing up Ethiopia and Eritrea. Take for instance your “extreme poverty “thingy. Now, if you look for “Famine” or “acute hunger” in the dictionary or ask Mr Google, it would automatically puff out, without any hesitation, “Ethiopia” or “Tigray” to be specific. Or alternatively, if you say Ethiopia to a foreigner, he/she would automatically picture an image of that hungry mom and son used as a poster for begging. It was the case a long time ago, and sadly it is the same under your Woyanie. Really sad. We feel for Ethiopia. Same applies to the other questions.

        But I can tell you this, almost all or most of the problems or issues in Eritrea are either caused by Woyanie,
        or have Woyanie’s aggression on Eritrea as a root cause, or both, and most of all, get this: all can be solved with the removal of Woyanie/Ethiopia’s hideous/terrorist actions against Eritrea (By that I mean, ship Ethiopia far far away from Eritrea, with you inside it J ).

        Ayte Hayat, your turn to answer some questions (Read right to left, we are trying to part ways from your Guhaf Abbisinya J

        1) Eritrea told Ethiopia in unambiguous way; 30 years bloody war and an amazing referendum with 99.8 % “Ethiopia, get ost” vote that we don’t want to be part of you. But your Woyanie/Ethiopia
        is hanging on to Eritrea like a thick on a cow, or like hayat on awate.com J (Despite every one saying: Woyanie!, Woyanie!, ተባዕታይ!, ተባዕታይ!…ሰራቒ!, ሰራቒ!, Jerry!, Jerry!..). Why is that?

        2) What good came out of any relationship with Ethiopia, except war, death, poverty? What? What makes your Woyanie nation a friend to Eritrea more than Sudan, SA etc.? What? Actually what else do you call
        an aggressive entity bleeding you like forever except an eternal ENEMY? You keep on saying we are the same people, we are brothers and all that jazz, but brothers do not kill each other. The same people never bleed each other forever. Sudan are our brothers. SA are our brothers, all our neighbors except
        Ethiopia are our brothers. There is absolutely nothing you can present to show Ethiopia is really our brotherly nation, let alone to claim we are the same. NOTHING! Again, if past history is the judge, if what happened until now is th judge, what freaking thing can you bring to prove your despicable country
        Ethiopia is anything good to Eritrea? Remember, you only have past history as a reference, nothing more.

        3. What does Eritrea have to do for you to understand get lost means GET LOST?

        4. Why would we waste so much life in a 30 years bloody war to part ways from you, if we are looking for any special relationship with Woyanie land now outside the normal relationship of neighbors? Unfortunately you are our neighbor. You are a horrible, despicable and a terrorist neighbor, but still you are a neighbor. There is nothing we can do about it. Facts being like this, why in God’s name are you expecting a special treatment from Eritrea more than it offers the more brotherly and more peaceful other neighbors such as Sudan,SA etc.? Are you wacko?

        • Hayat Adem

          Guad Gud,
          As Diller would say, never go mad to bed; stay up to fight. I don’t mean with me though. It is obvious you are extremely angry at someone/something. You have every right to be angry. The million dollar question is why would Eritrea need your anger? Nothing good comes out of anger. If you were to hold power I bet you would be worse than IA. Nero wished all Romans to have had one neck so that he didn’t have to swing his sword on every neck. You got to have some way of releasing your anger short of swinging on someone’s neck. You are kindly advised to hung a punching bag in the middle of your living room and kick-box it three times a day.

          • Harestay

            selam Hayat,
            As much i admire you i feel bad you spend your golden time engaging with dawit,Guad,Gheteb , Nittric. They all are here to distract. In a book “Authoritarian followers” , they are described as , people who are aggressive, submissive and conventional. They dont deserve a reply and I dont think they understand you. The best thing is to ignore them and focus on the main idea (article) to debate. I am sad they always successfully are able to divert the issue raised in the article to ethiopia,and weyane. They are stuck in 1998!! Dont you think better to ignore them and move on.
            You cant engage them in decent debate they are aggressive. They will never ever admit change they are conventional. They do whatever it takes to please their master(DIA) -THEY ARE SUBMISSIVE. .

          • Hayat Adem

            Thank you for the comment and the advice. Don’t worry, they’ll always be check-mated. Actually, I don’t take them for serious. They are my toys to play with. I react to them when I want to, every single time raising their stupidity one bar upper.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Gud,
      You are still at it, aren’t you. Just to get the temperature up a little, I thought of something.
      I hope you know that we are applying to be a member of the security council of the United Nations. I have it from reliable sources that it is a done deal, what is left is a formality, so to speak. As you know we have been rubbing shoulders with the who is who of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make us a permanent member.
      Now, in a couple years when you come in to ask for the lifting of the sanctions, is this the attitude you are going to come up with or are you going to be a little humble and show a little respect ?
      Mr. K.H

      • Gud

        Hey Kim,

        Some where I think I read some thing good from you. I am not sure where. So, I will go in that like.

        Now, why is that most Ethiopians, not just those affiliated to the government somehow, but also the regular ordinary Ethiopians, never seem to talk interns or right or wrong, justice or injustice, legal or illegal but tend to think interns of power, bullying, intimidation, threat, terrorizing? It is really mind boggling. Isn’t it better or right or just to do the right thing? There is a legally determined EEBC ruling, wouldn’t it be right to simply abide by that instead of trying to over ride that using either force, chocking, no war no peace – and now you are saying using Ethiopia’s possible place in the UN?

        As for what I said above. There is nothing untrue regarding the past and the current Ethiopian governments. All of them were bad to Eritrea. Here is how they fare from bad, to worse and worst : Derg, for using brute force, HSlassie for his cruel divide and rule and perishing/hanging our youth by electric wire, and the horrible of them all – the woyanie who has this wicked plan of subduing Eritreans by suffocation, chock them to submission. Woyanie is the arsonist who torches our house just to pretend it is caring/accommodating those who are escaping the inferno. i.e the arsonist who pretends to be the fight fighter.

        We blamed only the Haileslassie government for the crimes committed on Eritrea during its time. We did not blame the Ethiopian people. Again we blamed Derg for the crimes and not the people. Now again, Woyanie is commuting a grave crime, and you the people are quite! AGAIN! We cant blame only the government like forever.

        And here you are Mr KH, instead of saying or doing the right thing – you want to add another intimidating tool?

        For the record, Eritrea did not ask for a favor, it did not ask for something not its own, it did not try to twist justice to suite it – it is just asking for the legally determined ruling to be implemented. It is just asking Ethiopia not to break the law. How is that interpreted as hate? how is that interpreted as disrespect? how is that interpreted as if Eritrea doesn’t want any healthy neighborly relationship with Ethiopia?

        It is mind boggling..

        Please note, I have this firm believe that respect is earned. Be it at a country level or as low as interacting in this kind of virtual forum. I am replying to you with respect because some how you seem to have earned that. The Hayats, the Horizons never have good intentions for any one, be it for Ethiopia or Eritrea.

        • Kim Hanna

          Selam Gud,
          Well Gud, how can I respond to this. I read your 1st post which I thought cannot be topped in its one sidedness. So I thought I will use a little mischief to challenge you and encourage you to go even beyond what you said. I don’t know how you could have gone beyond ISIS comparison anyway but I tried.
          What do you do? You sat down and turned serious and reasonable on me. You treated me as a gentleman. I was absolutely not expecting that.
          A western reporter is supposed to have said that about our two countries as two bold men fighting over a comb, that was during the 1998-2000 war. It takes two to tango. Somehow that statement rings on many fronts years after that event.
          I don’t find too much to squabble with your above 2nd post but the 1st post bleeds into it, you see. I sometimes read two Eritreans discussing and arguing a point and when disagreement surfaces the recipient of their insults ends up being Ethiopia, now that is mind boggling to me. In any case, I hope you did not mix me up with someone else. I hope to read more of the 2nd post type of discussions.
          Mr. K.H

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear L.T.,
    1) If you have to compromise, compromise the past instead of the future.
    2) If want to do political inventory and reassess from a hind sight, be honest about your good and bad contributions.

  • Dear AWGET,
    Who are the terrorists here? The KSA that was created upon terrorism and nurtures terrorism since its inception as a kingdom, or the poor people of Yemen? The Yemeni problem is an internal problem of power struggle. Unfortunatelly, for the KSA whatever happens in the region is a Sunni # Shiite problem, a struggle of regional hegemony between the Sunni Saudi Royal family and Shiite Iran. Without any provocation from the Yemeni side, the Saudis are bombing innocent citizens, hospitals, infrastructures etc. In addition, the people of Yemen are suffering from famine due to the Saudi blockage. What DIA is doing at the moment is cooperating in the war of aggression and domination by the Saudi Royal family against the Yemeni people. It does not matter in the least, if they are called Houthis or otherwise.

    • Peace!

      Dear Horizon,

      Obviously your worries is misplaced. As we speak, TPLF is killing peaceful Oromos and welkait Amahara protesters against looting. The problem is too serious that one may think the national question of the country is back to pending as the current ethnic federal system is failing to put the country together. Not only that the life of twenty million Ethiopians is in danger due to acute food shortage with no enough donors coming forward. As for Eritrea, DIA will go soon or later but rest assured Eritrea will remain forever.


      • Dear Peace,
        We are not denying that ethnic federalism will have teething problems until it gets mature. Nevertheless, we are not going to deny our ethnic groups their rights by saying that there is only one super identity for whose sake all the other ethnic identities should be sacrificed. We are aware of the excesses of the government and the sinister hands of some elites that exploit the ethnic feelings some social groups manifest. With time all will be solved.

        What can we say, this is an unjust world. Millions of Ethpians suffer from food shortage and more than 60% of Eritreans are malnourished, while the world throws away a trillion dollars worth of food.

        • Peace!

          Dear Horizon,

          I am even surprised that there is no food shortages in Eritrea, let alone malnourishment, given the country is under sever sanction and isolation.

          The only reason I pointed out the situation in Ethiopia is because I had high expectations from democratically elected EPRDF/TPLF government that now is killing its own people, arresting and disappearing journalists, and dividing the country into pieces to maintain its power. If you think the problem is because the ethnic federalism hasn’t matured yet, then I must disagree that a process of maturity doesn’t require killing of peaceful protesters and descendants.


          • Dear Peace,
            “There is no food shortage in Eritrea” is news that comes out of the president’s office, not confirmed by NGOs or the UN.

            C’mon Peace, you are pulling my leg when you say “I had high expectations from a democratically elected EPRDF/TPLF government”, as if you are not aware of the meto-bemeto and the vote rigging that takes place in almost every election. Simply, when you have an arrogant totalitarian regime who says “I am the state, and the state is I, you have to wait for forty years to see elections, go to the moon to find democracy, etc”, we have a government that carries out a sort of elections every five years as most African governments do, has successfully carried out transfer of power (many may doubt this), has not completely isolated its citizens, has set in motion the economy, etc. Even then, Ethiopia has a long way to go, but, she is not stagnant.

            Any rational person should condemn when a government is heavy handed and innocent lives are lost, because citizens carry out their grievances to the streets. As it is obligatory for a government to respect the rights of citizens to demonstrate, it is also the obligation of citizens to carry it out in a peaceful manner.

            We should accept ethnic federalism because it is here to stay. It is not perfect, but it is the medicine we have to swallow, if we are to cure the grievances of our social groups and survive as a nation.

          • Peace!

            Dear Hirizon,

            Regardless whether there is a food shortages or not we are holding the seating president responsible for Putting the country under sever sanction and total isolation. I am not making excuses.

            You could be right that ethnic federalism might be the best option, but the facts on the ground do no indicate fair ethnic federalism is evolving. It is not a secret TPLF controls the army, economy, executive powers, and even elections completely which by any stretch could not be a medicine for the rest of Ethiopian people to swallow inorder to live in peace. It is unfortunate that, given the nature of politics, the current minority government can’t sustain power unless it dominates everything which is agains the value of fair ethnic federalism.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear peace,
            but isn’t that should be the work of the opposition parties? You do not find it funny, that almost all of the opposition parties, along with their supporters, are based in overseas? Shouldn’t they be doing the ground work, back at home? Or are they opposition just to obtain a safe heaven and permanent IDs? EPRDF won, by hook or crook, and they will run the show as they pleased. That is until the people tells them no more.

          • Peace!

            Selam DD,

            Can’t agree more, but that’s not what Horizon is saying . He seems overly confident on the structures of the system and at the same time undermines the current unrest as a part of the process toward matured ethnic federalism which I found it totally different take than that of thousands protesters.


  • dawit

    Dear All

    I am wondering why so many ‘opposition’ and ‘Ethiopians’ are upset by what PIA said in his latest interview with Eritrean local media. Most of the analysis are fake and are all based on interpretation of PIA’s view taken out of context. On KSA he said Eritrea supports the Saudi initiatives to form an alliance of the regional bodies to combat terrorism, and naturally Eritrea being a member of the Red Sea basin support such initiative without reservation. This is a long standing Eritrean policy for regional cooperation. In fact this is PIA’s initial stand and recommendation preferring to establish such cooperation than to depend on forces from outside the region and he had covered same topic few years ago in his interviews. So there is nothing new. Now to jump to a conclusion that Eritrea is joining the Saudi military campaign in Yemen is total lie. Eritrea’s neutrality in the war in Yemen is firm, that is a war between two neighboring countries for political dominance. It has nothing to do with ‘fighting terrorism’ in the region.

    On GERD his stand is still the same as before, he repeated what he had said in past interviews, Ethiopia’s right to develop and use its resources to the benefit of its people. He also maintained that Nile is a regional resource that should be utilized to benefit both upstream and downstream people, for past, present and future generations. He is not favoring this or that to gain favors from this or that government, political prostitution is not an Eritrean nature. He also condemned to use the Nile water as a political tool. In this regard he recalled and revealed a private discussion he had with PMMZ in 1993, how he gave his seasoned political advise to the amateur politician who was getting emotional about the Nile water against Egypt and Sudan. Now as some of you alleged, If GERD was something that was thought carefully from the start, why do the three governments (Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt) are still are arguing about it with meetings every other week, including one right today in Khartoum Sudan. There has been meetings and sometimes wars of propaganda words throughout three Egyptian, two Ethiopian and one Sudanese governments! They are paying millions of money to hire experts from France to study the Environmental and other technical issues. Why is Ethiopia is bribing Sudan handing vast territory of land uprooting Ethiopian Farmers from their lands? Why is that Ethiopia has difficulty of raising the fund to build the dam from international financial sources? How is the poor Ethiopian people are going to benefit from the dam? Can the poor Ethiopian farmer get a drop of water to irrigate his land to lift l his family from the recurrent drought facing famine year after year. All the talk so far is how Ethiopia is going to sell electricity to Sudan, Egypt, Yemen etc at a reduced price, thereby gaining foreign exchange. Where will the foreign exchange be deposited, perhaps in Swiss Banks under the name of some corrupt Ethiopian government or private individuals. As PIA had indicated in his interview there is a chance that GERD could be another ‘White Elephant’ project in Africa. All you Ethiopians who are rushing badmouthing PIA, just relax and listen to his wise and free council. The race to finish building the dam is meaningless when all the studies are not completed and the political hurdles with the stakeholders are ironed out.

    ሲሮጡ የታጠቁት ሲሮጡ ይፈታል። የቸኮለች ኣፍሳ ለቀመች ። ይላል ያገር ልጅ ሲተርክ

    After all he is the most experienced political leader in Africa if not in the world. He is a man who lead one of the successful liberation movements in Africa for independence, winning one of the largest army well equipped and supported by two world Super Powers, USA and USSR. He successfully defended his country against Ethiopian invasion and won on world court. He maintained his country independence facing coordinated attacks and Economic and Military UN sanctions. He is successfully navigated Eritrea in the political minefields of the horn of Africa. He has maintained his independence, developing friendship, with, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Libya, Israel, Gulf Arab states, Iran, Israel, China, Russia, EU etc. Isaias was fighting for justice as young man, when Zenawi and his progeny were PMHM playing with mud running with their ጥብቆ: not even ቁምጣ Give the man his due respect, because he earned it through a life long struggle for justice to all people in the region. To all others, Eritreans pseudo political experts, who are criticizing PIA how he is leading the country, I bet you don’t even lead your families judging from the kind of foul languages you frequently use to describe the leader of your country in this forum. ኣሳዳጊ የበደለው። ይብሉ ኣምሓራ; Yes he may be a dictator, but for sure a decent person.


    • Amanuel


      It is getting quite embarrassing now. You are trying to put words in his mouth, however the man is necked. What do they say in Tigrigna “ኣደስ ኩሉ ትሓብእ ሓበላ ዓይኒ ግን”. Eritrea is for sale for any bidder as far as serves IA and helps keep him in power. Even Natricc has admitted IA is in the sloppy slop and desperate to save his power base.

      As per the GERD and PMMZ (RIP), he is dead wrong. PMMZ used the window of opportunity while Egypt was in its knees and executed a project no other Ethiopian leader achieved. I am sure the regional countries will benefit from it for long time to come after IA long gone. What does your man has to show for that? Adihalo and its tent. A leader who can’t defend the territory of his country. It has been more than 13 years since the decision to award Badme to Eritrea but the Ethiopians are still in control of it. As the leader he has two options, either to dislodge them by military force or make them leave peacefully diplomatically. However, he achieved neither of them. What a bonkers seasoned leader.

  • Hayat Adem

    Mahmuday goes mejmuE again. Saay thinks I’m the reason. I revisited past discussion and it seems Saay has a point, and it seems pattern can be established. If so, it will be a good deal for me to get back the reason Mahmuday by conceding a bit in favor of ghedli and even pfdj,and even even IA. If not why not.
    Exclusively for Mahmuday: I think ghedli was spectacular and sexy; I think PFDJ is following that legacy in a much better way, and I think IA is getting more perfect, smarter, wiser, disciplined thinker and doer as he ages. The recent interview is show all that and his latest move on helping KSA without reservation; and his well considered comment on GERD.* Now, Mahmuday go to the kitchen and help your wife. And yes this is a complement and recognition of your modern urbanity as well as keeping you sane from radicalizing yourself up on reading my excesses on ghedli. Your bus stop ends here.
    I think we have a problem. I am reducing Eritrea’s foreign policy anchoring itself on hating and sabotaging Ethiopia.IA sided with UIC, alShebab, and then Dhere Aweys etc to get Ethiopia. Then IA upset Djibouti again not because Eritrea has anything with that but because of Ethiopia. And now the issue of Qatar, KSA and United Arab Emirates. Gains from these kind of alignment? Well, yes, some money and influence. But at the expense of annoying others, appearing reckless and unprincipled and opening up unnecessary cracks for radical and unknown influences.
    We could have gained more and solid geopolitical and economic benefits by mending problems with Ethiopia. The Saudis asked ports for military operation. We are reportedly contributing troops as well, to kill and die in Yemen for others. KSA and UAE hiring us for their dirty job, against Yemen and Iran.
    IA is being cooked for ICC. Sanctions will stay. The country will remain isolated. Eritrea’s economic dysfunction has no exit. There is no foreseeable end to the bad governance and exodus. Refugee age flunks will go more and more extreme to minors and seniors. We’ll see more numbers of 09 and 90 yrs old migrants. If you read the latest UN data, Eritrea is included in the most starving malnourished, that is one level worse than Ethiopia.
    There Eritrean problem that is not positively influenced with the start of normalizing relations with Ethiopia at this time. Mahmuday said Ethiopians should hurry to beg Eritrea for a good relationship or else countries across the sea will fill in the gaps. I wouldn’t hate if Ethiopians beg Eritrea for a good relationship. What is wrong with begging for a good peace and fraternity. But there is no reasons Eritreans should not beg for such a relationship, too. It is your future, if it is good you don’t have to wait until you are begged as that begging might not come anytime soon. Do the right thing now. If you are begging the Kings to be part of their game on Yemen and Iran, why do you ask more when it is about Ethiopians? If IA acts generous only 1/10th of what he is doing with the GCCs, he would harvest much more sustainable friendship and benefits from Ethiopia. The only condition the Ethiopians are asking to come to terms is dialogue followed by demarcation, or both simultaneously.
    Mahmuday’s views are not anchored on sustainable, principled and reasonably pragmatic geopolitical policies centering national interest. His views are totally clouded by the urge of acting contrary to Ethiopia’s interests so that Eritrea appears survivor miraculously. That is exactly the ghedli mindset. The gallant EPLF army was surrounded by the serious offensives of the Derg army. EPLF made history by surviving and prevailing with the help of countries in the gulf and TPLF. What a story! The story had become dramatic narrative which still is source of glory and pride for Yika’alo. It had to be repeated, only now the enemy at and is Weyane and the helpers are the GCCs and Ginbot 7. Ethiopia is again expected to give in, PFDJ is again expected to prevail. If you count out this inner running urge, there is no reason why Eritrea’s strange move to be part of the coalition (without reservation) in the GCCs ganging adventure against Iran and and Yemen be source of pride in stead of source of shame.
    Rennaissance Dam; not Millinium Dam

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam Hayat
      I think the antacids helped. As a good bro. I warned you early on. So much about Eritrea and its ghedli, because you could communicate with cutout Eskimo group only in Eskaleut, per a Sudanese friend who lives among them. Talk to them about Sahel, Barka, Rubda and the great serawit Harnet and Yikaalo, well, you won’t be appreciated much. Not that the story is not good but it’s not relevant to those communities. Saleh is wrong, and yes, he is mad as hell; otherwise he would not say that. The reason: you have already told me you don’t respect Eritrean revolution; you don’t respect Eritrean sacrifices…so much so that I have already identified areas in which I can have fun with you. Yes, Ethiopia’s greatness…and the GERD. I only differ with you when you insist Ethiopia’s interests should be maintained at the expense of Eritrea. And here is the dilemma: You think Eritrea doesn’t exist and your mindset is built around that false belief. You think Eritrea is an Ethiopian extension, the independence is a temporary hiccup…that leads me to believe all the cooperation and nonsense is purely a pretext for the old glory of Abyssinia, if there was any glory, anyway. Mine is different. Eritrea is gone for good. Its relationship with Ethiopia will be built around the notion that Ethiopia is just another neighbor. I’m not saying Ethiopia should beg to reinstate its relation with Eritrea. I have a guess why you are conditioned to the word “beg” but that’s not the topic. I’m simply saying Ethiopia should knock at the door, announce and enter when motioned to do so, meaning, it should respect international law that binds neighbor countries and the world at large.
      Again, Eritrea’s relation with the rest of the region is perhaps more appropriate for Eritreans who believe that the state of Eritrea is not reducible to a ruler, to IA or PFDJ; it becomes relevant when discussed among citizens who care for the betterment of their country. Here, the intention of the person is important to me. Saleh Younis, Ted and others are against Eritrea’s involvement in the so-called coalition. I’m for it. I can’t see myself more patriotic than those guys. Because I know their intentions is also for the betterment of Eritrea as an independent state. We differ on how we interpret the course of events. We fight it off, always cordially. I’m sure either we will agree on a unitary stand or will understand each others reservations and move on to the greater cause. For you, anything that doesn’t serve Ethiopia is a blood money. You were berating the GOE for wasting Eritrean ports, you were telling us the reason why you were crying so bitterly was because Eritrean ports were idle. Remember that. OK, now those ports are busy. At this moment 1o million Ethiopians are feared will starve if they don’t get aid by March. If I were you I would press the Ethiopian government to conclude the EEBC ruling and reconsider the boycott it imposed on Eritrean ports. Because it is the right thing to honor what Ethiopia signed at the end of the war, and it is humanitarian, aids could reach easily to the needy. It’s amazing how you were defending Ethiopia’s refusal in your reply to SAAY. Regarding the Gulf coalition, just wait. Ethiopia will join it indirectly.
      Additionally: also to the greatest Ted;
      Consider this: There are tens of thousands of Eritreans currently living and working in those countries. You know what happened in 1990 when a coalition was formed against Iraq to evict it from Kuwait. Sudanese, Palestinians were sent home because their governments either sided with Sadam or did not cooperate. In addition to the benefits I listed yesterday, Eritrea’s decision to join the coalition has the potential of giving Eritreans priority in employment allocations, and the assurances of security to those who already live there.
      PS: I want readers to understand that I mixed yesterday the benefits the government can reap with those broad national interests. For instance, number one, the arrest of the two Eritrean opposition leaders could be seen as a purely security gain for the government. I’m not saying it is related to Eritrea’s joining the coalition, but it’s something you would want to investigate.

      • Ted

        The greatest.; are you scratching my old wounds mentioning ‘eviction” ;-).You got my attention. Who knew Abi can be that cruel too.
        Eritrea need to have its own clause in this arrangement of coalition. From where i sit ,they make sound like NATO treaty, an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all. Otherwise i am with you and Hope the Pros and cons of coalition.

      • Hayat Adem

        I will only comment breifly on two quoted points of yours and leave it to rest on my part.
        1) “I have already identified areas in which I can have fun with you. Yes, Ethiopia’s greatness…and the GERD. I only differ with you when you insist Ethiopia’s interests should be maintained at the expense of Eritrea.” I am aware on what you are trying to implicate here. But I’ll stay focused on my positive message. I tell you this Mahmuday, if you are not blinded with the zero-sum-game, zero-sahel-gam: there are not many major Ethiopian and Eritrean national interests that are convergent and complementary. If you worry of things that happen “at the expense of Eritrea”, they are being done at multiple scale when you want to distance Eritrea in a miscalculation of mapping Eritrea’s interests as competing with Ethiopia’s while they are totally interdependent and complementary.
        2) “Consider this: There are tens of thousands of Eritreans currently living and working in those countries. You know what happened in 1990 when a coalition was formed against Iraq to evict it from Kuwait. Sudanese, Palestinians were sent home because their governments either sided with Sadam or did not cooperate.” If you could consider that as a good justification for the recent crazy moves of IA, why can’t you consider the reality that: many more Eritreans are in Ethiopia, many more refugees are Ethiopia, many more business and investment opportunities are in Ethiopia, the culture and other barriers are much easier in Ethiopia than the ones you mentioned; the chance of reciprocating other positive dynamics is much more likely from Ethiopia than those; sustain and transforming such positive spaces of cooperation are much more easier and realistic with Ethiopia than those countries; the absence of such positive spaces of cooperation are much more harming than the abstinence of them in the countries you mentioned.

        • Abi

          Hi Hayat
          I tend to agree with Vet Mahmud on #2.
          He is worried more about the Eritreans in the barbaric Arab lands than those in Ethiopia. Those Eritreans in Ethiopia are in good hands. Even the likes of Hope are vacationing in Ethiopia .

          • Hayat Adem

            Abi shikor,
            Your diminishing tenderness with me is being noticed: Hi yene emebet>hi qonjit>hi Hayat. Is my place in you helplessly southing?
            You don’t know Mahmuday, he would rather change his position rather than seeing himself being right the way put it.

          • Abi

            Hayat yene Emebet yelibe tirita
            Enqilf yemtneshign Tewatna mata
            Bravo! elalehu aTegebish qome
            StanqoraTchiw yanin aremene.
            Ajoki! Ajoki! Ajoki! meAre
            Asarun asayiw yan yeQera bere.
            Yegmelu eregna begru yemitsfew
            Likishin yiweqew neger endigebaw.

          • Guest

            This wonderful poem is to Hayat as much as it is to Ted. Yet, 3 hours later, none of you are around to up vote Abi for his creative and timely reply (after subtle complaint from Hayat).

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Abi,
            It is really a great piece, I hope there is a way you keep track of these.
            Mr. K.H

    • Ted

      Hi Hayat, my Muslim sister from my Christian mother, please note, sarcasm is not a good look on you. “acting contrary to Ethiopia’s interests” how so my bitter sister. Does it has something to do Meles Zenaw is Yemeni or Abay Tigray considers Yemen its territory;-) It gets better “so that Eritrea appears survivor miraculously” can you atleast say IA,PFDJ or ghedli , why Eritrea appearing survivor bothers you or Ethiopia. There is no easy way to ease your paranoia Eritrea is getting stronger ,we will either with PFDJ or without it.

      “ malnutrition ….. Eritrea…. that is one level worse than Ethiopia” .I am sure you brought this up Knowing Gen Nitricc is not here for appropriate response.

      • Hayat Adem

        1) Don’t act Nitricc in his absence: that Eritrea is getting stronger can not be a source of my paranoia. My paranoia, if any, comes from reading the opposite trend. I wish I was wrong and you were right, but our wishes are supposed to adjust to realities not he other way round. I don’t know how you guys read your world. Other than the yearly blubbering of PIA and then all the parrotings to follow from the “digem belo, digem belo” junkies, have you ever heard or read any good news of hope either from the very people living in Eritrea or from any serious independent researcher or reporter who knows well about Eritrea? It is easy even if you don’t have ground data as to what is happening.
        1) Always don’t believe good things come from any government and people have safeguard them; good things come from the people and the rle of the government is to protect them. 2) if there are good things happening or going to happen they are always knowable ahead or as they happen. There are no secretively hatched good things that you you wake up to them and be surprised in one shinny morning. 3) Nothing brings good things to any society or country but hard work and stability. If you don’t see these conditions visibly on the Eritrean atmosphere, don’t ever believe there could be good things happening in the darkness and unnoticed.
        All good things in the world have happened almost through standard ways: good peace, motivated and mobilized people, good government, good plans and policies, good internal harmony, good neighborhood, disciplined hard work etc. How many of these standard conditions do you readily witness in today’s Eritrea? Almost none.
        Also bear in mind, a failed political leadership is more likely than not ready to insanely lie to you. Some countries are with a better political system and when parties fail, they think admitting it and pledging that they will correct where they failed will help them revive and keep them in the game. In Eritrea, there isn’t such a system. PFDJ has failed and failed miserably but their only chance of extending their stay is lying, externalizing, guilting, pretending and diverting tactics, as well as acting merciless on those who are willing to buy their tricks. These are text book politicking in a bad system. The price of 100000 lives of young Eritreans was not to crown IA but for a promised better Eritrea. Did we get a better Eritrea? The 32500 lives we paid in 1998 was justified on protecting a border territory. Lets not ask if it was a genuine reason or whether it worths the price for now, but did we get what the sacrifice was promised up on? The entire project was up on freeing the people from oppression and let them live happy pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Do you see any of that in today’s Eritrea? A nation/society doesn’t transform into tranquility and development trusting few leaders, one or few parties, and groups but by mobilizing the entire human, physical and knowledge resources and opportunities of that country or society. Do you see other parties, non-pfdj individuals and intellectuals, private citizens experimenting on their God-given ambitions thereby contributing to the development of Eritrea?
        If the answer to all those is in the negative (instead, if you what you see is exodus, political suffocation, suppression, cultship, totalitarianism, absence of rule of law, extreme poverty, dispirited and resigned society), how is Eritrea to become stronger now than yesterday? Is there any magic way of becoming stronger fro any nation without the exogenous grounds in place? It is the absence of such conditions what is making IA and Eritrea going to great length to accommodate others to buy short-lived friendships, bad money and non-strategic influences.
        For my comment on the situation of malnutrition and crisis more sever, you might benefit to look at the following latest report. http://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/geo%2026Jan2016_0.pdf

        • Ted

          Hi Hayat, it is only you are wrong you wished we be doomed but the fact you think we strive to make it better for ourselves is to spite Ethiopia is humorous even knowing your malicious intent. You look everything we do in Ethiopia’s rulers lens; the desire to see your TPLF cling on power on our misfortune. How would you know this fact anyways, the only link you have to Eritrea is Semere Andom’s vindictive rant and some deadbeat tigray based oppositions. The martyrs number you mentioned, i blame Saay( not his brightest moment) regardless, it is worth it, every drop of the blood. It only twisted head like yours can make a connection between sovereignty matter and good Governance or a lack of it.

          Tell Semere Andom i understand you well and i am waiting what it means when he said “ SJ relapsed to wisdom”
          Don’t bother with the link, i can easly call home and check. Too bad you can not say the same.

          • Hayat Adem

            Ted, Ted, Ted:
            You believed in things you have no clue about and you don’t believe in facts staring at you.
            -you have never met me and yet you think I don’t belong to Eritrea.
            -you have seen IA barbecuing the Ertirea and yet think it is making it stronger.
            -You accuse me of wishing bad on the Eritrean people and standing for Ethiopian interest while all I did is exposing PFDJ as an enemy of Eritrean interest; and yet you are the one blindly supporting PFDJ while bad mouthing on Ethiopians as 90 million cows; and equally badmouthing Eritreans as milkers and parasites.
            -you have seen Eritreans voting with their feet and crossing to their brother-sisters and getting a better refugee and care there and you only want us to remember how you were kicked from Ethiopia years ago.
            How twisted and weird are you?

          • Ted

            Hi Hayat, i have a good hunch why i will not be able to meet you, see your image or watch you waving Eritrean flag. Thank you for your hospitality and won’t be long we do the same to you not as a refuge but a place where to earn a living. When that time comes, i promise we will not bring up the horrific act of TPLF. How is TPLF is doing, you could service this University better if you share what you know from TPLF panic room.

          • Hayat Adem

            Yes Ted,
            I am not surprised you said you own “a good hunch” that tells who is who. That is how supporting criminals awkwardly puts in a straight jacket. So, when you are at odds with the facts and logical views, you always say, “my hunch told me so”. When you don’t have the confidence of reading independent reports and judging them by merit, you would say, “I will call my family to ask them”. You would never call, any way, all you do is wait for IA monologues and take it from them. For everything in between, you go zaEgoal! My hunch! That is very honest and intellectual!

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Hayat:
            Ted was modest when he said he will call his family and hunch, because he used to say, we know who is cursing or blessing us at night let alone those who openly work to undermine us:-)
            But one deep, deep inside, I have a hunch tht he says: ” how does Haytat doe all these enemeies, Nitricc, dawit, Ted, guest all these supported by the supper powers like Mahmuday:-)

          • Gud

            Forget about Hayat, the Ethiopian, does the lost-at-13 poor wedi Andom has any one to call in Eritrea? I mean, what does this poor, poor soul have except his hate for anything Eritrean and deep grudge? Remember this poor kid wouldn’t even vote on the referendum because the ID said EPLF? That cursed kid has already voted for Eritrea to burn. Hate is cruel. Very very cruel. It kills the hater. Of course some family member must have destroyed this lost soul. I am crying….hawey, hawey, wedi eney….ey!


    Dear Awates
    I don’t think the ME political divide is along
    sunni / shia line rather it is pro kingdom
    royalists and republicans. Because if you
    try to view it thru that lens it sometimes
    shifts or rotates the whole reality and gives
    different outcome. So need to be carefull in
    understanding and unlocking it properly for
    good use.

    • T..T.

      Hi AWGET, Mahmud Saleh and all,

      Power struggle are driven by political goals and usually could be about gaining or retaining power. Since power struggles may sometime do not comply with moral principles, the involved parties should weigh their position. We know that previously Isayas got involved in power struggle to retain his supremacy over Ethiopia and that resulted in consolidating the power of AlShabab and making Somalia a failed state. As a lesson learned from this past experience, Isayas should avoid repeating the mistake.

      Although Isayas can sell his political support only and not military support for money, allowing the Saudi group to launch air and sea offenses from Assab is considered siding and militarily supporting the enemies of the Yemeni people. Which enemies of Yemen? Those enemies of Yemen may include Al-Qaida and ISIS who are also fighting in Yemen and Isayas’s enemies will happy to link him to the terrorists activities there in Yemen. So, the accusation will be the evil man is doing it again to fail another state. To many, these events of Somalia and Yemen as outgoing and incoming events of Isayas’s involvement in aiding terrorists will reinforce the pending case of Isayas-AlShaba in the UN. Our characterizing the events in both cases (Somalia and Yemen) to identify the key players and the associated groups, the case of allowing the Saudi group to use Assab will link Isayas to the key players in the Yemen civil war.

      Here, what Mahmud Saleh is missing is that once a name is labelled it is very hard to remove it, as in the case of associating Isayas with AlShaba in failing Somalia. That accusation is stuck with Isayas and his supporters are trying to free him from the labelled names without evidences. Some accusers don’t even care to interpret the labelled name. Some interpret and believe in what they are labeling not because they are guided by biased lens but there is no proof to reverse the accusation. Still some are out there who are blinded by hatred and would like to see the labelled name engraved instead of stamped.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Selam T.T.
        Just a reminder: The UN and most diligent analyst of the Horn have by now concluded that the allegations thrown onto Eritrea were in fact bogus. Do an honest search and you will find it. Tigrigna’s saying that goes “በትሪ ሓቂ ትቐጥን’ምበር ኣይትስበርን” holds true. The great L.T. would translate it: The stick of truth may thins out but it does not break. Interestingly, our opposition intellectuals have been magnifying bogus allegations manufactured in Addis Ababa rumor mills. And they are the last group to hold out on this issue. Yes, Eritrea and Somalia relation is complicated, and PFDJ had made blunder in its foreign policy by trying to annoy the US/UN. But there is no evidence that Eritrea backed alshabab, nothing except doctored documents of transits and intercepted chatters which turned to be nothing but made up logs. The reason why the opposition has been irrelevant for the past 15 years is exactly for the stands the opposition took in matters of national security. If they are parroting what the Ethiopians are saying, if they are serving it as the tip of the spear Ethiopian diplomacy is throwing at Eritrea while becoming moot on Ethiopia’s violations of Eritrea’s sovereignty, if people could not identify who is Ethiopian diplomat and who is Eritrean opposition leader, don’t be surprised why the opposition could not garner Eritreans’ support.

        • tes

          Selam Mahmuday,

          If I introduced you with a friend who saw an Iranian cargo landing in Asmara Airport carrying weapons which were directing Al-Shabab you would say, oh, it was not only what it was told but there are untold stories about PFDJ’s involvement with Al-Shabab.

          Dear Mahmuday, do not try to be an active propagandista here. We know the truth about their involvement and we won’t relly on UN’s cover-up remarks. If UN is tried to give such conclusions it is simply because the matter is more complicated than just accusing PFDJ active participation.


          • george

            Dear tes

            I have a friend who saw iranian plane drop ali babba, at asmara airport. It was done at night while you were busy getting drunk with sewa.

          • Ayneta

            You would have looked smarter than you actually are if you could dwell on substance than name calling. For the record, Tes doesn’t drink siwa, he does wine from the heart of the natives.

      • AWGET

        Hi T.T
        I am at loss understanding your point here.

        1.Yes, it is true that political struggle are driven by
        political goals. However, Are/were IA’s political goals
        what the Dergue and TPLF had already left them
        behind. I mean was IA laboring to achieve and take
        the leftovers of them while they move on to higher
        forms of social organization for their societies and
        he goes back to lower form to start from zero ?
        2. Also political goals without moral value and justice
        are less likely to survive and sustain the next level of
        social struggle against their peers or counterparts.
        3. Are you also saying and/or suggesting that Ethiopia
        is currently on good grounds and with sustainable political
        development ? If so why is it comparing itself then against
        or with “failed states” like Yemen and Somalia or Eritrea …?

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selam All
    I think there is some confusion here regarding the involvement of the regime in Eritrea in the the on-going matters in the mid-east. There are in fact two main issues going on:
    1-The war in Yemen: This is mainly waged by the GCC countries against the Houthis in support of the Yemeni Government. This war could be described in general as a proxy war between the Saudi led Sunnis and Iran led Shias. The Eritrean regime has not yet expressed its position in this war, at least not officially. But there were some unconfirmed reports that the Eritrean regime has given land, sea, and air access to the GCC countries. I think this alleged Eritrean involvement is the one most people are against; because it means Eritrea is taking sides in a religiously motivated war.

    2-The second issue is the so-called Saudi-led coalition against islamic terrorism. The Isayas regime has officially expressed its support to this initiative, through its official media. And in my view, most people would agree with this one as it is natural to support efforts that seek to tackle the menacing islamic terrorism that is wreaking havoc in the world in general, and in our immediate neighborhood in particular. The main problem with this initiative is, it is led and coming from a country that is the mother of all extremist islamism.

  • Gogo

    Dear Saay,

    Brilliant article as usual. Sometimes one is tempted to ignore the man and what he says in his droning interviews. However, in a situation where there is no publicized parliamentary debates, independent media reports, and alternative news/views sources, the only hope for discerning clues as to what the government is up-to or, to be precise, as to what new trickery its black magician-in-chief is hiding in his sleeves, is to listen to him. Listen, you did and unraveled his Orwellian doublespeak. Great job.

    You have raised a very important point about Eritrea’s place in the neighborhood and the need to prioritize its relations and affiliations. The news that Eritrea is warming up to the Saudi-led coalition raised eyebrows and provoked shrill responses from as different people as Herman Cohen to Ethiopian apologists and members of the Eritrean Diaspora opposition. Alarms were sounded, buried fears stroked, and the ‘Abyssinians’, whatever/whoever they are, were called to close ranks against the Arabs. It was made to appear as if hoards of Arabs are invading the Horn and Eritrea will be ruled by Sharia laws in no time. IA’s action was described as pandering, even prostitution, and the mere act of striking a security alliance was portrayed as selling the country to rich Arabs. There were even some people in the Awate forum who tried to alarm our Afar brothers that Isaias is selling their land. As much as I am apprehensive of the fact that the new alliance might strengthen the hand of the tyrant and provide him a new lease on life, and as much as I respect a bona fide attempt to subject foreign policies to ethical judgments, I found these reactions wholly unconvincing, if not out-rightly knee-jerk, dubious and self serving. I am all for prudent foreign policies predicated on long term strategies which put the interest of our country at the center. I am also for deliberations and serious discussions when it comes to matters pregnant with serious implications. However, I found the constant moralistic ad hominems thrown at the country frivolous. I do not know how morally differently Eritrea is acting from other states as far as foreign policy is concerned. I really need to read your take on this.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear Gogo
      As always, to the point. An excellent contribution to the forum. Thanks.

    • Hope

      Selam Gog:
      Your last paragraph and statement said it all!
      There is nothing perfect in this world ,specially when it comes to Politics and National Security Interest!
      Before indulging into serious and constructive debate,let us first review and consider the previous experience of Eritrea since 1993 in reference to this unconfirmed Alliance and Coalition!
      Case In point:
      -The impact/consequence (socio-economico-military and diplomatic aspects) for Eritrea refusing /turning down the USA to have a Base in the Red Sea!
      -The impact on Eritrea being singled out from “the Coalition of Good Willing” during G Bush Era!
      -The Impact of the Sanaa Forum,aka,The Evil Axis!
      -The role of Ethiopia and the Sudan in persuading the Saudi Kingdom to isolate Eritrea and it’s over all consequences on Eritrea!

      -The negative role of Eritrea siding with Iran!
      -The impact of Eritrea’s Isolationist Policy on the outcome and verdict of the Hanish Kebir crisis!

      In my humble and naive opinion:
      What we have to debate on this particular unconfirmed Alliance and Coalition and ” Tempting Time” is/are:

      -What are the best options for Eritrea?

      -What are the pros and cons or the short and long term negative and positive impacts of Eritrea’s alleged decision and stand, when it comes to Eritrea’s National Security Interest!

      On the same token,what would have been the pros and cons of being” indifferent” for Eritrea in this situation,specially considering the previous experience of Eritrea’s unproductive Policy and Diplomacy !
      Let us be reasonable and fair and balanced as well and view things from Eritrea’s over all National Security Interest by leaving /putting aside the PFDJ Factor to avoid bias and confusion!

      • Ted

        Selamat Hope.
        Does Eritrea benefit from this coalition now? definitely. The idea Eritrea refusing the initiative will be a disaster, we you might as well stick a bulls-eye on our back, plus the diplomatic gain is enormous ,we need it badly. That being said, to assume it is a coalition against terrorism is a joke. IA knows that so do SA and Iran. It falls flat even looking at the naming” Islamic and anti terrorism”. Excluding islamic countries, Syria, Iraq. currently fighting the worst form of organized terrorism, from this coalition should tell you the whole purpose of the coalition. SA has every reason to worry about terrorism in its own territory and there is nada, zilch Eritrea can help them in that regard that- there is nothing new we can do what we have not done before to fight terrorism. The fact is SA needs all the help it can get against stronger Iran in every possible way and Eritrea can help by distancing itself from Iran but what does it mean ?considering we are supporting the war of SA against our other neighbour Houthi- the fiercest fighting machines in Yemen where SA has a slim chance defeating them . Eritrea need an exist strategy as the war of dominance between SA and Iran for sure will be protracting.
        Go Panthers, they will win by 21 points. 31 to 10.

        • Dear Ted,
          The KSA feels that it is facing difficult times economically and geopolitically, and the future will be even worse. The Frankenstein monsters she created (Al Qaeda and ISIS) are getting out of control, ready to devour her. Moreover, Iran is no more at odds with the US, and Americans are gradually withdrawing the umbrella of security they used to give to the Saudi royal families. They are fed up of the behavior of the Saudis who continue to support terrorism, their oil is no more attractive to the US as prices are going to continue to fall in the future, and the US itself is now the biggest oil producing nation, and it sees no reason to play the guarantor of the power of the Saudi royal family.

          Therefore, the Saudis are scared and they are gambling right and left. The war they started in Yemen will never be successful, and moreover, lately, they are entertaining the idea of ground intervention in Syria, of course, on the side of the Americans, not because they are ready to fight or have a battle hardy army, but mainly to force the Americans to commit themselves in Syria with a ground force. They are afraid that pro Iran Assad may stay in power and the Americans have accepted Assad as part of the solution, which is a big disappointment to the Saudi rulers.

          As much as Eritrea is concerned, it is really interesting to read what some Arab sites (in English) have to say. They believe that Eritrea with a standing army of 200,000 and with her experience in the Ethio-Eritrean wars, will be the backbone of the coalition fighting in Yemen. This shows that there is a danger that Eritrea could be made the sacrificial lamb in the blunder of the Saudi rulers in Yemen. Therefore, I see no reason why anybody should be enthusiastic with Eritrea’s participation in this so-called Muslim anti-terrorism coalition.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Horizon,

            You bring an important point, that the KSA is not really in control of it’s domain. What we are assuming is, the KSA is strong and it will stand the pressure that’s coming. The fact in the ground is they are really in crisis of their own, which they do not know how to get out of it.

            1) They are not decreasing oil production thus going on price war to force the US stop/ decrease their production as it will be unattractive to the US to continue their production. The US is not backing down so in the end, it’s making many countries angry.

            2) I read somewhere where Putin/ Russia said, “They will bomb SA to stone ages”, assuming if they continue their destructive policies / actions in Syria.

            3) As you said, Iran is mending it’s ties with the rest of the world and I think it’s on the right pass. The only country that would be pissed of these development will be Israel, which the US seems not to care so much.

            4) There is currently internal issue within the royal families. Because of the current king actions, war, low oil prices, etc, some members of the family are calling a regime change of the current king.

            So this coalition may not last long…


          • Indeed Berhe;
            What the Saudi Royal family failed to see is that they could not continue to have their way forever with the power of oil money. When more than 90% of their economy depends on oil, removing the oil factor will bring everything crumbling down. The era when the Saudi Royal family got their way through intrigues and through buying everybody and everything is coming to an end. Therefore, the future of the KSA is really bleak, and unfortunately, they are worsening the situation by their economic and military gambling. They are naive to believe that they can win a price-war with the first world economy.

            It is said that ISIS is going to survive for a long time to come, Iraq and Syria do not seem to be viable in the future, being replaced by IS, and without the Americans (who are in a hurry to disengage themselves from the Middle East and the Persian Gulf quagmire) the Saudis will find themselves in a tight corner and could be overrun by a coalition of ISIS and Al Qaeda. As you very well said the Russians, whose economy also depends on oil revenue, are feeling the effect of the fall of the price of oil, and they would be happy to teach the KSA a lesson, either themselves or through Iran.

            Some people are also saying that Turkey and Iran will be the only Muslim powers who could stand on the way of ISIS, which means that these two countries will be the regional powers of the future. Therefore, when one makes an alliance, one must first study very carefully the future possible outcome of a situation, and not jump on the bandwagon with the first chance available. This seems to be what DIA did.

  • kazanchis

    Hello! The president’s rhetorics about GERD is simply disgraceful and embarrassing. in my opinion, I’m not a big fan of Meles Zenawi but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to assume that Meles was smart politician and he couldn’t have carried away by his emotion during 1993 when Ethiopia itself was in a crossroad and period of transition and serious risk of stability. Confronting Egypt back then would be the last thing he would ever wanted. Even if he wanted to use Abay river, that was just premature back then. Ethiopia couldn’t just afford to dream of building a dam of GERD size in early 90s or even in 00s.

    The benefit of GERD, is crystal clear even for a 4th grader. It would be be a propeller of industrialization and attracts investment and those creates jobs, Mr. Presidents. You know jobs, Sir? Jobs for the youth. 😀 There would be extra power expected from this and other dams and which will be exported and earn hard-currency and also boost cooperation between neighboring countries. Deep down, though, I believe President Isayas is fuming that Egypt and Ethiopia are getting along and the dam is nearing completion and after all these years the project is going as per the timetable set.


    • ‘Gheteb

      Hi kazanchis,

      I disagree with your post or comment hook, line, and sinker.

      I am probably among the very few in this Forum who finds PIA’s ( President Isaias Afwerki) take on the GERD dam eminently plausible and convincingly believable. Not only that both Meles and Isaias were very close and consulted with each other on almost every issue in those years ( early to mid 90s), Meles and his TPLF were calling Isaias to discuss and consult issues with even while Isaias was on his plane en route to Washington.

      What makes Isaias’s assertion about Meles’s emotional reactions even more credible is Mele’s reactions and feelings about Dr. Alturabi ( late 80s to early 90s), one of the influential leaders of the Sudan. Asked about what he thought about Dr. Alturabi, Meles described Dr. Alturabi as an arrogant know-it-all who thought that ‘no one knows as much as he does”. I think Meles felt that Dr. Alturabi looked down and dissed. Herein, I think, may lie that telltale speck/element that is at the root of his inferiority complex vis a vis the Arabs and the emotional outburst that Isaias was talking about in his interview.

      There is no reason for Isaias, or for that matter Eritreans, to “fume” about Ethiopia’s good relation with Egypt or the GERD or whether Ethiopia builds castles in the stratospheres. I mean whatever you build is primarily for your own benefits and Eritrea’s relations with Egypt is rock solid going way back to the 1950s that has withstood the vicissitudes of the political upheavals of our region.

      • Solomon T.

        If Isaias’ story about Meles’ claim was true, why didn’t he reveal it when Meles was alive? As you know, construction of the GERD begun in March 2011 and Meles died in August 2012. If I remember it correctly, Isaias was asked about the project when Meles was alive and he never mentioned they had such a conversation then and there was no love lost between the two men. Instead, he is reported to have said Ethiopia has the right to build the dam on the Blue Nile. The fact that he is talking about Meles’ claim now (when the truth can never be known since the only person who could have verified its veracity is dead) is another proof (not that a proof was needed!) of how small and foolish Isaias’ is. If Isaias had any credibility left the Egyptian news media would have been allover his claim but no sane human being (including the Egyptians) believes Meles would ever say something like that.

      • kazanchis

        Hi Gheteb,
        I wish I could agree with your arguments but Isayas’s opinions about the dam is changing every minute. He gave numerous contradictory statements about GERD. Therefore, I really question the relevance of his opinion as well as its credibility. I wanna highlight again that Ethiopia by no means could dream a multi-billion dollar project in 1993 by then Meles was more concerned about solidifying his power and dealing with risk of instability or perhaps disintegration. Ethiopia was expected to become the new Somalia, after the downfall of Derg. You seem to overlook these dynamics of Ethiopia and lionize President Isayas by just taking his deluded views without questioning.

        I suspect Meles felt the anger against Egypt and its greedy approach towards Nile, these anger and emotion shared by all Ethiopians, to be honest. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if he really was emotional and Isayas’s claim would only be a positive testimony for Meles, then. The president unintentionally just confirmed that Meles lived up to his promises. I assume Meles’s decision to build this dam won him many Ethiopians’ heart and he also knew Abay is a sensitive issue. That could be the reason of an overwhelming consensus and support among Ethiopians about GERD.

        Well, about Egyptian relations you mentioned, I can only say Eritrea is a sovereign country. It’s entitled to have strong bilateral relations with Egypt or any other country. I got no problems with that at all. I said Isayas is fuming because Egypt knew threatening Ethiopia wouldn’t solve their problems and they are discussing and trying to reach an agreement. Only Isayas Afewerki is an isolated old man who still fancy war as a solution.

  • Ethiopian_one

    May God bring eternal PEACE to the Horn of Africa!

    • Dis Donc

      Dear Ethio,
      Judging, reading around and here in this site, I am afraid that your prayers may go unnoticed by your God, my Ethiopian friend.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Salyounis (aka saay7) vs Mahmud Saleh

    According to saay7 the conflicting claims between the two sides (Saudi group and Iran group) is not a religious difference that based on the existing schools of thought. Therefore, if the name of game is Sunni vs Shiite and if that is not religious thing, then what is it?

    Evidence: It is for sure not about terrorism because Isayas is accused of backing AlShabab and the Saudis are known for siding with the other all.

    Indeed, the conflict is between two types of leaderships: kingship and Mullahship (Imams). The kingship system is about kings and their dutiful subjects. And, the Mullahship system is about leaders and their followers. In the case of Mullahship, the system accommodates interchangeability of the titles or positions if one educationally qualifies for the higher position, which interchangeability conflicts with that of the Isayas’s system in that Isayas is a forever king and his subjects can only go as high as “frozen” when forced to take vacation from subservience.

    Therefore, after conducting goodness of fit analysis, saay7 found that Isayas best fits into the kingship side. Based on the outcome of the analysis, the kind and good saay7 honored Isayas with the title “King” because his current system is about him as a king and his dutiful subjects, which is similar to that of the Saudis.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam T.T.
      Our hate of the regime should not cloud our judgments.
      a/ You need to understand the evolution of Alshabab. Alshabab passed through stages to reach its peak of notoriety. Eritrea did have relations with the precursors that had morphed to Alshabab. Its alleged relations with alshabab has not been proven. Eritrea’s only blunder was to swim against UN sponsored direction, not supporting the Somalian government that was recognized by the UN. Recall that Eritrea played a role in the attempts of reconstituting forces that evolved into the recognized Somali government. Again its blunders were to host individuals that were sought internationally, and then when it lost the cause to Djibouti/Ethiopia, it kept its relation with the branch that eventually merged with the youth who were fighting Ethiopian interventions in Somalia and later evolved to Alshabab. From this point on, there is no information that Eritrea supported alshabab. Of course, its earlier blunders did not help, and it was easy to be picked out as “alshabab sponsor” by NGOs and envoys whose job is to protract such jobs of stoking conflicts.
      b/ On considerations, as to whether Eritrea should join coalitions led by Muslim countries: Geography condemns us to work with what we have. Geography puts us in a sensitive area between two huge and unfriendly countries (Ethiopia and the KSA). Although the Saudis are the source of today’s unrest, Eritrea has no option but to engage reality as it exists. It would have been cool if Ethiopia were our ally. For the time being, that possibility does not exist. It’s up to Eritrea to safeguard its national interest from the intrusion of the coalition into its internal affairs while engaging it for its own interest. As long as Eritrea, solves its internal problems including political, social and civil rights issues, I think there is no danger of external intrusions into its internal affairs. External intrusions find way through existing social faults, and any government that rules Eritrea should be apprehensive of these.
      At this point: we have to ask ourselves the following:
      Does the threat of terrorism and its expansion exist?
      Do we have friends who are ready to deal with it?
      If we answer the above positively, then it’s a matter of being diligent in setting clear agenda and cooperating on areas that interest you, keeping your independence.

      • Tesfu

        Hi Mahmud Saleh,
        When you write to mislead this website or have no knowledge about something it is better to utter no word or I have no knowledge about it.
        U wrote, ” there is no information that Eritrea supported alshabab.”
        Let me give you what one Erittea Konerel, who left his position, leaving in Canada now told his brother-in-law. I could have stayed in my position /place if my superior had not order me to go to Somalia, in order to train u know who.( his brother -in- law was my best friend, co-worker)
        Ur whole debate is to romanticizes gedli and to cover up the dirty of that era. First, consume truth and let it go the status quo. that u are know for that

      • T..T.

        Dear Mahmud Saleh,

        This is going be off-saay7 analysis and his honoring of Isayas with the title “king.” Also, in the eyes of the world, the civil war in Yemen may go as far as partitioning Yemen into two. That should not be to the liking of every Eritrean. If it does go that far, it may boil down to accusing Eritreans and not Isayas in the Yemen’s partitioning. BTW, all the neighbors of Yemen have taken Yemeni refugees with the exception of Saudi Arabia and Eritrea. This too, is going to be added to the hatred of Isayas to the Yemenis for the sake of money.

        Well, we all know about Isayas’s tendencies and policies and as to why he allies with any, even with the devil to cover up his crimes. Based on Isayas’s previously declared stand of neutrality in the Yemen’s civil war, his moves against his brother Abdulla Saleh is like inflicting a finishing blow to his own stand of secularism and neutrality. Indeed, his move damaged his image that he is a craze-revolutionist to some political sectors, while to most, who know him well, are not in disbelieve because they know Isayas as one who does not follow the wisdom of, “Do and tell the truth, even if they force you to lay down on the tracks to be run over by an oncoming train.”

        Accordingly, Isayas’s positive and negative viewers are now on the same page as reflected by Nitricc’s new stand. His supports, I don’t know about you, used to believe that Isayas used to live with guilt for the sake of standing for the causes of his Isayasism and its aims. Now he proved that he sees things differently in that what are nasty things to his supporters, they are good things to him so long his interest is protected. You know what this means, his diehards will no more fight back the jerks on him because they will join the world in seeing him as a devil and not as a good person wrapped up by the USA & Ethiopia in a bad man, as a devil.

    • Tensae

      Hello T.T. and others,

      Putting aside the debate about the role of Eritrean government in the current Middle Easterner conflict, I strongly agree with Sal and others that the current conflict in the Middle East has little to do with religion. Religion is only being used as a means to a bigger end – the end being the revival of old empires or the creation of new ones. It is basically a Geo-political conflict.

      Iran and Turkey have a long history of empire building. In the case of Iranians, as the inheritors of multitude of Persian empires and dynasties, their psyche is such that, as one political commentator put it, they think of themselves and their land not so much as country but rather as a concept or an idea – incidentally not very different from our Southern neighbors, who believe that they have a God given right to rule over other people. With a new found wealth and a booming population, the Iranians think that the time is ripe to revive their old empire and expand their influence. The dream of an Iranian superpower stretching over a fast lands including a large part of the Middle East, Euro Asia, Central Asia and the Caucus has been the dream of the current Iranian regime, hence their desire to acquire armaments of destruction, including nuclear bomb. On the other hand, the Turkish equally with a long history of empire building including the Ottoman Empire, strongly feel that they are in a position to revive their old empire not only over Turkey but in all Turkish speaking societies such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and even the Uyghurs in China so much so that current president of Turkey, Erdogan is acting more like a Sultan rather than a leader of a modern republic dispensing wealth in faraway lands including Somalia. On the other hand, unwilling to be left from this empire building race, the Arabs of the Gulf, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and with a new found wealth and a growing population, feel that they can create their empire over most of the Middle East and Africa. These competing interests are at the center of the conflicts and religion is being used only an an ideology to achieve their goals. Although time will tell as to who will be the winners and losers of this race, one thing is sure – that our region will be battered with a political tsunami live never in the recent past.. But if one proof that the conflict is not about religion only is the fact that Sunni Saudi Arabia is in a bed with the Jewish state of Israel while Shiite Iran is trying to pass as the defender of the mostly Sunni Palestinian people.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam Ustaz Saleh

    Good reading. Just some minute points that I want to bring to your attention. You subjected me to Re-listen to Bxay Issays’ long interview. I was commenting on WP while listening, and I ask the reader to forgive me for the ragged indentations and margins; that’s what happens when you copy from Word Perfect to this forum. I’m sorry, but it will be a lengthy one. I think in general terms, this interview (both parts) was better than previous ones. Bxay Issaya, please try to shorten it next time.
    II. There is an international definition of terrorism, and there is country-specific definitions (since countries are thought to be sovereign, they have the right and obligation to define what would constitute as terrorism. In societies where The Third Estate (common people and their civic networks including media…) is poorly equipped to challenge rulers due to:

    a/ duress, as happened in the US after Sep, 2001 attack where congress passed sweeping laws which were vaguely and broadly defined; where the Executive branch wielded much more power over the other branches;
    where citizens consciously acquiesced government’s overreach on civil liberties as a tradeoff for security,

    b/ due to absolute monarchy (from the traditional to constitutional monarchism) were the ruler could proclaim anything that he/she wishes

    c/ pseudo-democracies or fledgling ones where all branches of governments are controlled by the ruling party (in some cases 100%)
    d/ Countries at cross roads such as Eritrea where the ruling regimes try to explain their legitimacy as stemming from their in bringing change or independence; where they are still vague as to where to fit in the above categories….
    The KSA, of course falls within “b”. Therefore, it could proclaim and revise penal codes as needed.

    The above article gives a glimpse of the broad clauses intended to trap instigators of any political or civil rights questions. I have not yet found Eritrea’s definition of terrorism. But there is no question that
    Eritrea had faced terrorism starting from its early days, a real terrorist
    assault which was inspired by Afghan experiences but exercised in its most
    horrific forms. I lost friends who were taken off of buses and shot at point
    blank (because either they were not Muslim enough in their answers to some
    Muslim basics, or were found to be Christians. I remember some village elders
    who used to head villages during the independence struggle, and then remained
    representing their villages in the nascent National Council, or their local
    councils, where they were slaughtered in broad daylight, akin to what ISIS is
    doing….Yes, I remember poor government workers who were assigned in the deep
    North to provide education and health services….their clinics bombed and
    their schools raided….girls threatened not to attend schools…night
    traditional dance gatherings bombed. People who wanted to stage such ceremonial
    wedding dances would literally notify the security forces and they would be
    guarded through the ceremonial nights/days….This was in early 1990s to mid-90s
    when the Islamic government of the Sudan was waging a Holy War in the South,
    and its spiritual leader, Dr. Atturabi was at the helm of spreading Jihadi
    ideas and movements throughout the region; where OBL found a refuge in the Sudan.
    Of course, the criminals of those atrocities have now put on a different hat
    that of “justice seekers” thanks to reasonable elements who fought the faction
    wreaking havoc from within, and other nationalist citizens who encouraged it to
    abandon violence based on religion. The GOE was fierce in fighting back, and
    frankly, it was alone in the fight. As is the case anywhere in the world where
    governments “fight terrorism”, innocent Eritreans were caught in
    between and many mistakes (may be, even crimes) were committed b the security
    forces. Add, the latest spread of terrorism inflicting the wider region and the
    excuses of superpowers to meddle in the lives of countries (where countries are
    effectively reduced to rubbles and left on their own to pick up the pieces)…Considering
    its past experience, Eritrea has an interest and even an obligation to join any
    initiative or coalition by member countries of the region which aims the
    fighting of terorism. Do the definitions of terrorism given by each of the
    countries have to match? No. They can cooperate where they match and
    divert (or keep their independence where the laws don’t agree). I need to
    raise some tactical (could also be strategic) points why Eritrea joined the

    1. Dismantling the Sanna Forum established to fund and
    coordinate Eritrean opposition in which Yemen played a disguise for Ethiopian
    policies. The other one is Sudan, which has recently arrested two notable
    Eritrean leaders. Could it be the beginning of reaping the fruits of
    the KSA led coalition/Initiative?

    2. The resumption of engaging the world. Remember, the
    so-called coalition that is led by SA is the result of a long process where
    Muslim leaders and scholars have been discussing. The Muslim leaders, backed
    and pushed by the State Department of the USA, and considering their political
    survival, have been deliberating on how to face the menace wreaking havoc in
    the region, which also threatens their political foundation directly…it has
    been clear that they have to do something. Their counterparts, the Muslim
    Scholars, have been debating this issue in the light that the current
    terrorists are hijacking Islam. In some cases, they made some Fatwas (Islamic
    edicts) condemning the practice of ISIS, AlQaEda and their subcontractors. In
    this regard, Eritrea has immediate national interest in joining the coalition
    to control the spread of real and imminent danger. Of course, SA is the source
    of the problem going back to its genesis. But as long as the role each member
    state plays is defined, then they could cooperate on areas of common interests.
    I believe, there is a condition when Eritrea enters the coalition, and I
    believe the consultations took so long to hammer out a clear delineations of
    the role SA could play. One of it, SA will not interfere in religious affairs
    of other countries; no wahabi DaEwas (or missions).

    a/ its past experience makes it better apprehensive about
    the situation and it could help on consulting role. Eritrea’s aging Generals
    have a vast experience in fighting Guerrilla wars, and staging

    b/ It’s its backyard. Remember the Tigrign saying “ when,
    in a line, your partner is being shaved, prepare your hair/wash it and get it
    ready.” Yemen is our neighbor. Although the Houthis hold historical grievances
    against the centeral powers in Yemen, there is no question that they are armed
    and organized to serve Iranian interest in the Gulf, another Huzbullah. Their
    slogans and literature attest to that. Such minority factions who are bent on
    revenge have no popular support to mitigate the danger of an already existing
    Alqaeda in the region. If the UN backed legitimate government is not installed,
    to Eritrea, Yemen will be a stone-throw-away fortress of AlQaEda and ISIS. The
    last time Eritrea swam against international current was in Somalia, and it
    paid heavily for that. It was accused of being isolationist and a pariah state
    by international bodies and our opposition. Now, when it seizes an opportunity
    which is vital to its interest, and in accordance with UN/USA strategy, it’s
    being accused. I repeat, this is perhaps the first time PFDJ has picked the
    right choice.

    c/ behind the coalition exist the backing of UN, USA and
    EU. This could lead to the reintroduction of Eritrea from the “cold”
    despite IA denial of this existence of such cold as far as his country was regarded.
    That may lead to the relaxation or even annulling the unjust Sanctions placed
    on Eritrea. That, in turn, may signal to the Ethiopian leaders that
    there are options for Eritrea to link up with a higher and wider
    orbits which carry the potential of making them recalculate their policies that
    have been built on pressuring Eritrea to surrender.

    d/ The potential of
    rehabilitating Eritrean coastal real estate is another gain: money…money…money.
    Not the type of money gual Adem calls “blood money” but money that
    comes through the availing of Eritrea’s potentials, just like anywhere else, because
    up to this point, all Eritrea is doing is availing its air, land and sea facilities
    to the coalition which is said to be fighting to reinstall the recognized government
    of Yemen. There is no credible information that Eritrea has intervened
    directly (also, remember Meles’ expression: let Asab port be a water hole for
    the camels). I think, Ethiopians need to engage Eritrea constructively in
    solving the border issue. They have to come through the door:
    knock…announce…and come in when prompted positively to do so, not through
    bullying…intimidating…encircling…and the acts of behind-the-scene
    twisting of arms of countries which want to see the sanctions lifted off. In
    that case Ethiopia is going to be another important neighbor.

    II. On this one, I was
    expecting people who are better equipped than me to correct you. I have not
    seen any.

    You transcribed IA “ብኣኣ እየ እታ ኣዋጅ ኣውጺኤያ” but left out the
    continuation…” ክብለካ እኽእል እየ።” It’s clear he was
    not telling us that he did it alone, on his own; but, he was retorting to the
    confusion between calling it a coalition or an initiative. That segment went
    like this, paraphrasing, “If you ask me to tell you if this is a coalition of
    an initiative, all I care about is this is a positive initiative (fighting
    terrorism by member states of the region), and it should be supported. I could
    tell you that I announced the proclamation based on this….” You actually hear
    him saying the ward “We” at the start of this same segment.


    On Religion: I don’t think he was acting Mao/Marx….He simply stated that religion has been used to
    expand the interests of the forces controlling the superpowers. Religion has
    been instrumental in widening social faults in the region, which is true.


    On interventions
    Eritrea’s seeking USA support in early 90s and 2000 vis-à-vis UN: They are
    totally different items. The nature of the relations sought are totally
    different, their objectives were also different. Eritrea’s seeking a USA
    bilateral relation is different from its kicking out the despicable UN. On
    issues related to USA/Eritrea: it was a bilateral issue of two independent
    countries. It’s not different from countries around the world seeking to host
    the USA on mutually benefiting grounds. You made good points on elucidating the
    role of the toothless UN around the world.

    • Semere Tesfai

      Selam Mahmud Saleh

      Simply the best; I take my hat off to you. You’re truly our prime minster/our president.

      Please make minor changes (from addressing to SAL) and post it on the front page. I’m sure you’ve spent a good amount of time writing it. Thanks.

      Semere Tesfai

    • tes

      Dear Mahmud Saleh,

      You wrote, I think in general terms, this interview (both parts) was better than previous ones.. Well all I can say is your EPLF mindset can’t let you free even after 25 years. How can you say this when he totally acts as a naked dictator of everything in a plain say?

      I thought you are living in the land of free thinkers and I was wrong.


    • saay7

      Selamat Mahmuday:

      There is an interesting dynamic in the push-push between u and Hayat Adam: you are both in a mutual radicalization path. The harsher she is on Eritrean ghedli and its aftermath, the closer u embrace it. Bitsay Isaias now, Kbur president hagere Eritra later? 🙂

      Respectfully, I disagree with your take on terrorism (reminds me of how Rumsfeld visiting Eritrea defined “human rights”), your ambivalence that crimes “may” have been committed in the name of terrorism in Eritrea (this essentially ignores half a dozen testimonies from witnesses, former security members, who said that it definitively happened); the mixing up of the timeline of how long Eritrea publicly supported Al Shabab long after they had crossed the Rubicon into terrorism; literalism of the interview to give the impression that there is institutionalism and consultations in decision-making in Eritrea…

      I will get to it all “gizen kunetatn ms afqede”:) But it was great reading u and we are having the debate that the gov never did. After all, debate in the era of King Isaias is a top-down seminar explaining the past–“objective facts on the ground”–and never discussions of choices the future presents.


      PS: u still haven’t address the “without reservations” words included in a short press release.

      • saay7

        Selamat Mahmuday:

        Happy Superbowl! Panthers have a 60% chance of winning; Haqi will give you the spread.

        This is my promised follow-up and because it is Sunday and superbowl, I will just write my rebuttal in the order of fun and not importance:

        1. Mahmuday says that when I quote IA saying “ብኣኣ እየ እታ ኣዋጅ ኣውጺኤያ” (“that’s why I released the announcement”) and leaving out ”ክብለካ እኽእል እየ” (“I can say”) , I am not faithfully translating because the latter renders the former a rhetorical: a hypothetical argument.

        Well, now. I am glad I have both Gheteb and Mahmuday as my witnesses but ”ክብለካ እኽእል እየ።” and “ማለት እዩ” are standard escape clauses even in answers to the most fundamental questions. If you ask and EPLFite “what time is it?” S/He won’t way, “Time now is 9:21 am” but “One may say that time now is 9:21 am.” (In the one radio broadcast Awate.com did making fun of this mehdemi phrase we used “malet iyu” a dozen times.) So, Mahmuday, the second phrase adds nothing to or changes from the first: it is an EPLF linguistic glitch. Malet iyu::

        2. Terrorism: You gave what ethicists call “situational ethics” to describe what it is; which is why I said it reminded me of the answer Rumsefeld gave in his press release with Isaias Afwerki in Asmara when asked about the latter’s arrest of journalists: “Eritrea is a sovereign nation, and they arrange themselves and deal with their problems in ways that they feel are appropriate to them.”

        Now, then, how is it that Eritrea has “arranged” itself to deal with terrorism? Is your claim that it waged a lonely fight in the 1990s accurate? Did Eritrea pull a Putin-in-Chechnya in its fight against Islamic extremists and Jihadists? Is your claim that when Eritrea supported Al-Shabab they hadn’t devolved to terrorism yet accurate? Let’s not even use right vs wrong to answer these questions; instead let’s use “real politic” “national security interest” (We are all Kissingers now) to answer them:

        (a) The claim that Eritrea waged a “lonely fight against terrorism” is a continuation of the “Eritrea waged a lonely fight against Ethiopia during the armed struggle” mythology. Remember the phrase “frontline states”? Who was it given to? And, notice “states”–plural–and not “state”? Wasn’t it phrase bestowed upon Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda in their fight against terrorism, which was then also known as “Islamic fundamentalism”? Why is there always this urge for Eritreans to always present oursleves as lonesome fighters (against all odds.)

        Here’s a reminder:


        Do you not remember how the Isaias-Meles letters of 1997 revealed that the two had entered into an agreement where each was allowed to pursue each other’s declared “terrorists” inside each other’s territories? (The Isaias letter was not a complaint that Ethiopia, in pursuit of Afar “terrorists” had crossed to Eritrea but that it had done so without notifying Eritrean security.)

        (b) Putin in Chechnya: Its widely believed (by the West) that Putin firebombed an apartment complex in Russia to rouse the anger and to outrage Russians sufficiently so they could put up with any measures he took against the Chechnyans. Once you terrify people by creating an anxiety disorder, then they will allow you to do whatever it takes to eliminate whatever is frightening them. (US is still debating whether torture is REALLY torture.)

        Our Eritrea is, sadly, not free from that. I have heard testimonies of former intelligence/security officers of the Eritrean gov, now exiled, narrating how they were responsible for some of the bombings and explosions in Western Eritrea so that the government can have a free hand in rounding up any “CheHamat.” I find those testimonies very credible: in their level of detail; and I am sure they will find their way into CoI’s report on whether crimes against humanity were committed.

        (C) Crimes “may” have been perpetrated?

        A former guard (Mehari Yohannes, who helped Semere Kesete escape prison) and a reporter for Zete TV (Mehari Abraham) also testified of how Muslim Eritreans were rounded up and executed. Here’s how awate.com summarized their testimony in a report it entitled “The Executed”

        On January (Tiri) 23, 1997, with a secret order from Abraha Kassa, the chief of the National Security Office of Eritrea, and under the direction of President Isaias Afwerki, security forces rounded up 150 Eritrean Moslem men under the guise of being collaborators with the Islamic Jihad movements. They were picked from their homes and workplaces. News coming from Asmara has confirmed that, six months after they were taken in custody, with the knowledge of both [Abraha Kassa and Isaias Afwerki] they were executed on 18 June (Sene) 1997 from 8:20 PM to 2 AM the next day. With due considerations for the security aspects of this information, we will release a follow-up [on the news].”

        (d) Al-Shabab. Yes, there is a lot of excellent reporting (including by Bronwyn Bruton) of how Al-Shabab morphed from a nationalist organization to a terrorist organization. We really don’t have to split hairs on this: you would agree with me that once Al-Shabab’ Fifa World Cup Final tv-viewers in Kampala, Uganda, it had become a terrorist organization.That was in July 2010.

        Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember condemnation of this by the Gov of Eritrea (remember, this is the same government that found the time to condemn Iran’s attack of Saudi embassy in Tehran.) There was the usual meandering itnerview with pres Isaias on zobawi gudayat and his reading of Somalia–that it is a problem complicated by the US and its proxy-power Ethiopia–hadn’t changed an inch: no adjustment was necessary due to the developments in Kamapala:


        There were other editorials written essential mocking any accusation that Al-Shabab were terrorists. Time allowing, I will list them for you.

        5. National Security as a Yardstick: This relates to a question Gogo had asked and I will use this space to maybe consoldiate my opinion. Gogo says, paraphrased, that world governments are either amoral or immoral so isn’t it unrealistic to hold the gov of Eritea to a higher standard than that practiced by even those countries who hold themselves as paragons of virtue? I am not a moralist, an ethicist or a human rights activist: I usually argue from the stand point of what is in Eritrea’s national security. And it is within that context that I find Eritrea’s stand in Somalia objectionable (it is entirely based on the ego of Isaias Afwerki that he knows whats best for Somalis more than Ethiopia does and more than the US does); it is for the same reason that I am objecting to Eritrea’s joining the Saudi “initiative” against terrorism “without reservations”: its like joining a US Coalition Against imperialism.

        Finally, Mahmuday, you made a prediction that the alliance will be short-lived. I will go one further: Isaias will say that he was begged to join the alliance and he rejected it. I think he truly thinks we live in a world which is fed on Dimtsi Hafash: After spending all of 2002 and 2003 begging the US to establish a base in Massawa/Asab, he told us in the mid 2010s that the US had begged him to establish a base in Eritrea and he had said no.


        • Fnote Selam

          Hi Saay,

          If I may interject, I would like to push you a little bit on #5. If we had a proper foreign policy institution that plans for long, short and medium term eventualities, Eritrea would be in a position where it can remain neutral or even reject the advance from SA without much consequence. But in the situation that it finds right now, I am kind of relieved to see the gov go with the Saudis. I might have missed it, but i have not seen you address what would happen if Eritrea has opted to remain neutral….In the first few weeks of the Saudi campaign, many EPDRF cadres belonging to addis based think tanks, were all over twitter, retweeting numerous ‘news’, ‘intelligence report’, ‘rumors’…most of them from several years back that Eritrea was supporting the houthis (no pics, vids, or personal accounts of purported support…). This makes me think, everyone was out there to find Eri in the ‘wrong’ side and punish it for it….But, I would like to hear your argument on this….


          • saay7

            Selamat Fnote:

            Thanks FS. Why don’t we answer in Q & A format the Saudi coalition against terror. Just two questions:

            1. what is its objective?

            It is to enforce the Saudi Defense Doctrine.

            2. What is the Saudi Arabian Defense Doctrine.

            This: http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/files/Saudi%20Strategic%20Doctrine%20-%20web.pdf
            (Notice that one of the goals is to prevent a nuclear Iran.)

            3. How many sub-Saharan African countries are members of the Saudi coalition against terror?

            Jordan, the UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Turkey, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Senegal, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Gabon, Guinea Palestine, the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros , Qatar, Cote d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Yemen.

            4. How many anti-terrorism coalitions are there?

            There is the US-led one. There is the Russia-led one. There is one in West Africa against Boko Haram.

            5. What is your problem against Saudi-led coalition against terror?

            Same one I would have against a Sicily-based coalition against Mafia. Kingdom of saudi arabia gave birth to Al-Qaeda AND ISIS.

            6. What would have happened if Eritrea had passed on the Saudi-based coalition?

            Well, first of all, my objection is that there was ZERO discussion about this in Eritrea. Nothing. I know the EPLF/PFDJ flunkies are ok with this because they have essentially placed their brain in a trust and have given full permission to Isaias Afwerki to make all their decisions for them, but it is not acceptable at all for one man to make our decisions. Period. Second, even if it was decided that it is in Eritrea’s interest to join this particular coalition, nobody has yet explained to me why it was necessary to announce that Eritrea is doing so “without reservations” because everybody knows we have lots of reservations.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Saay,
            I want to pick the answer you gave to question #4 and partially disagree with you. I know, it might have been thrown in as a little sweetener for the discussion, but it left a bitter taste in my palate.
            There is no coalition in the Horn of Africa.
            May I remind you that initially Ethiopia alone against the advice of U.S and others sprang to action against the so called Union of Islamic Courts. Factions of several terrorist groups were in the midst of that organization. They were gaining strength and territory by the day. Al Shebab is the last die hard group reduced to still doing what they do best, car bombs, suicide bombers and assassinations. We avoided a big catastrophe for ourselves and our neighborhood.
            We deserve appreciation from all our neighbors and others in the fight against terror, not insults. It is a vindication of our action, proof positive, that now most of our neighbors are with us in a coalition including BTW the Somalis themselves.
            What was Eritrea doing at the time and later on? It was assisting the terrorists as some kind of proxy war game. I have the U. N resolutions and sanctions to prove my point.
            I would like to see you exempt Ethiopia from your criticism of being stupid on the matter. Time have proven that Ethiopia was smart, in fact very smart, thank God.
            Mr. K.H

          • Peace!

            Dear Kim,

            Sorry can’t resist I am laughing hard. Now I am convinced you are a nice Mr. Speaking of terrorism, you are right that the Ethiopian government was smart to quickly identify journalists ops! terrorists and have them Jailed indefinitely.

            “Reeyot Alemu, an Ethiopian journalist who was unexpectedly released from prison last week after being convicted on terrorism charges, vows to continue her work as a reporter.”

            “I am sure I will continue my writings because it’s my job, and also its my passion to write,” she said. “And also I want to serve my country. I want to make Ethiopia a democratic country, it is my responsibility as a citizen and as a journalist also.”

            Was she linked to Al Shebab or other terrorist organization? Would you mind sharing the terrorism charges she had faced before unexpectedly released?

            That was 2013, and now, in 2016, the new terrorist demons, according to smart government of Ethiopia, are peaceful Oromo and welkait Amhara protesters, and who knows TPLF supporters might be considered terrorists tomorrow when …


          • saay7

            Selamat K.H.

            Discussing Somalia is a lot like discussing Palestine: the challenge is in finding the beginning to the story. You decided to start your narration on the year Ethiopia “sprang to action” against Union of Islamic Courts. In this good guy vs bad guys narration, you leave out the role of the good guy in the creation of the bad guy. Pre-Islamic Courts Somalia was a world of the corrupt TNG, the more corrupt TFG, the Ethiopian puppets competing who is a more loyal puppet (Gedi and Abdella Yusuf), IGASOM, cabinets bigger than that of the US; the CIA-installed ARPCT… Of all these individuals and acronyms, the Union of Islamic Courts (later Supreme Council of Islamic Courts:SCIC) was the only one that had grassroots appeal and actually provided social services to its people.

            So, when Ethiopia decided to attack Somalia, it was to protect the TFG which had 0.000% support among Somalis (they were called daba dhilif, which was not a compliment:) but was extremely loyal to Ethiopia in creating a buffer zone. As happens when there is external occupation particularly from a country considered a “historical enemy” the more radical elements defeat the moderates. So, in essence, Ethiopia empowered Al-Shabab and destroyed the moderate SCIC.

            So when I said we take turns being stupid and sometimes at the same time, I meant exactly that: Ethiopia helped create Al-Shabab, and Eritrea–sensing an opportunity to create a quicksand for Ethiopia–supported SCIS and later Al-Shabab. The smartest thing Ethiopia did is to give ownership of Somalia issue to IGAD (wink, wink); and the smartest thing Eritrea did is to cease and desist from its proxy war in Somalia–long after it had been sanctioned.


          • Music Novice

            Greetings saay,

            What is your problem against Saudi-led coalition against ‘terror’?

            As you can see, Iran is already controlling Iraq, Syria and Lebanon by proxy. Step by step they are advancing forward. Now they are trying to add to their portfolio Bahrain and Yemen.

            Irrespective of liking or disliking the Saudi regime, it is only natural for them to use their ample resources to defend themselves from encirclement.

          • saay7

            Selamat MN:

            The guys at vox (link below) did a good job at explaining the dilemmas the Saudis face in leading a war against terror. It is, by Vox standards, a short article but for those pressed for time, here is the dilemma of the House of Saud:

            (a) The only legitimacy to power the Royal Family has is based on the endorsement of Salafi (aka Wahabi) religious leaders who entered into a grand bargain with them when Saudi Arabia was established as a kingdom: we won’t challenge the right of your family to rule if you, in exchange, don’t challenge and indeed promote only the Salafi version of Islam;
            (b) Salafi religious leaders are strong advocates of Jihadism: they are the ideological crutch of (and, therefore, the financial source from the faithful to) ISIS, Alqaeda, Nusra Front and every Jihadi organization in the world which, among many other things, does not understand how corrupt princes and kings are the Custodians of Mecca and Medina.

            Or, as Vox put it:

            So it’s a Catch-22: The Saudi regime promotes Wahhabism in order to stay in power, but the more it promotes Wahhabism, the more it indirectly bolsters ISIS and other jihadists, who want to remove the Saudi royal family from power.

            Which is how you get bizarre situations like the Saudi regime issuing a royal decree that makes it illegal for Saudi citizens to give “moral or material aid to groups including Islamic State and al Qaeda’s official offshoot in Syria, the Nusra Front,” while more than 50 hard-line Saudi clerics issue a statement calling on Sunni Muslims to unite against Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime in Syria and referring to those fighting the Syrian regime as “holy warriors” — widely seen as an endorsement of the extremists fighting there.


            A Saudi-led coalition against terror cannot work because the Saudi state is a compromise between princely-rule and the ideological fuel of Jihadists. To defeat the Jihadists, one must also defeat the oversized global influence of Selefist and to do that will endanger the chokehold the Saudi princes have over political power in Saudi Arabia.

            Basically, it would be like trusting the PFDJ to lead a coalition of nations committed to civil liberties, free press, contested elections, and independent courts. One leads to the demise of the other and there hasn’t been a political entity that worked hard to bring about its demise.


          • Music Novice

            Greetings saay,

            The point I am trying to make is that the Saudis, whether we like them or not, are resisting encirclement. Furthermore, every piece the Iranians win on the Chess Board is a time bomb in the sense that Eastern Saudi Arabia will get encouragement to explode.

          • saay7

            Selamat MN:

            I understand your point. But the encirclement wouldn’t happen if Saudi Arabia and, for that matter, Sunni majority Arab Gulf countries treated their Shia minority as human beings with full citizenship rights. (Syria is the exception of Sunni majority brutalized by a family of dictatorship who belong to Alewite sect of Islam.)

            What is Iran “encircling”? It is, rightly, protecting the interests of Shia Iraqis (who make up 65% of the population), Shia/Houthi Yemenis (who make up 35% of the population), Azerbajian (65%), Saudi Arabia (15%), Lebanon (35%), Kuwait (35%), Bahrain (70%), Emirates, Oman, Qatar (10%). And it is wrongly emboldening a dictatorship in Syria whose leader belongs to (and whose power base is of) a tiny sect.

            Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has planted dangerous time bombs all over the world with its selefi schools who, with tiny inflammation, can become Jihadi selefis obsessed with an apocalyptic vision.


          • Music Novice

            Greetings saay,

            I do not believe that religion based systems will ever implement democracy because these systems seriously believe in the monopoly of the truth. So it is either the Sunnis or the Shi’ahs who is going to be boss; it is a zero-sum game.

            If given the chance, the Shi’ahs would also oppress the Sunnis. For example, Hezboallah in Lebanon and the various Shi’ah militias in Iraq, which have ties with army, are terrorising the entire Sunni population. Within Iran, the Balochis, who are mainly Sunni, feel oppressed by the Shi’ah dominated Iranian government.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Saay, there are only two conditions I would support Ethiopia on any military theater outside its own territory: if it is totally in self defense and if it is to enable Eritreans be ready to deal with the looming disaster in Eritrea.

          • Gud


            Let ma adjust it this way so that you understand what Saay said:

            “…imagine if it was Ethiopia that had joined the Saudi coalition Hayat would have found its brilliance in it 🙂 ” (Just replace Eritrea by Ethiopia in the news or announcement) And what did you reply?

            1) “If it is totally in self defense”. Exactly Saay’s point. You just found a sexy excuse with out even thinking 🙂

            2) “.. to enable Eritreans be ready to deal with the looming disaster in Eritrea..” huh? what does Eritrea got to do with Saay’s “if” condition? You were told to replace your country in place of Eritrea. And Ethiopia is Eritrea’s guardian or protector now? You are hopelessly lost
            And finally, “..Looming disaster in Eritrea…” is just your bad wish for Eritrea and only exists in your sick Woyanie brain. Thanks God, Eritrea is ok and will definitely be ok in the future. Worry about the consistently famine and drought stricken poor Ethiopia. That is where disaster is looking. Worry about your fragile ethnic based shaky and fake government who is leading that country to a total disaster

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Hayat,

            The first condition is make understandable and Ethiopia or any other country is within its own rights.

            As to the second condition, what would be legal justification be for Ethiopia to take unilateral decision to use force against another sovereign state. How would it justify its action to the AU and its. Charters, and the UN and SC?


          • Hayat Adem

            Dear Berhe,
            As you know, I have run into trouble over this idea and it is one agenda I noticeably feel lonely about. But for the sake of explaining my mind, my justification would be on some sort of humanitarian intervention grounds and up on a clear invitation from the Eritrean people through a collective voices of the opposition. Again, this is if you believe, as I do, Eritrea is heading to a dangerous crisis, possibly, civil war and you think other options are not optimal; and if you also believe a limited Ethiopian help is better than leaving things play out resulting in an Eritrean Somalization.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Hayat also Berhe
            We discussed this before and it was very divisive, but it should not have been. First, NO one called for invasion , this is just the spin from those who oppose the idea.The help from Ethiopia is taken out of context
            First the Eritrean people have the inalienable right, the irrevocably God given right to wage war on PFDJ to take their dignity back, so not AU, not UN, or any body on this planet is going to take that. This is the same concept when Eritreans waged war on Ethiopia during Ghedli, was this waging ware on Eritrea, if you believed then that Eritrean did not need the legal permission, you should not worry about it now. Whatever happened to consistency?
            Now when Eritreans get their act together, like they did during Ghedli then they can enlist the help of Ethiopia to wage war on PFDJ, the same way Ghedli waged ware on Ethiopai in Eritrea by enlisting the help of others, then it was halal and now it halal, it is in this configuration, when the heavy lifting is done by Eritreans that Ethiopia is needed. So Hayat you need to hammer that point when people confuse your stand and call it Hayat or Sem Andom called for Ethiopia invasion. I know Berhe did not say that, but dawit said that, Nitiricc said that and the acting Nitricc, Ted, who after imbibing whole milk as a kid clouded the innate truth that lurks in every human

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Semere,

            I don’t think I misunderstood Hayat but what you are saying and what she said are the same thing.

            I did not say, UN or AU had any role in the internal affair of any country, unless the loss of life reaches beyond reason that they can’t ignore. It’s not that they can’t say it, but no body would listen to them.

            What Hayat said was, what she supports military intervention beyond Ethiopian boarders.

            We can call it what ever we want, but the fact is going to another sovereign country territory and use of force.

            And that’s what I am talking about. For Ethiopia aiding and arming Eritreans to fight the regime and Ethiopian government forces go inside the country to remove the regime is not exactly the same thing.

            Because Eritrea has a seat at the UN and it can call emergency meeting of the SC and tell the world that it’s invaded. Ethiopia can ignore it and continue but it needs to answer to the SC.

            The question I am asking is, why would Ethiopia be willing to do so, for the benefit of Eritreans, which according to many Ethiopians, not popular and on top of that to the un thankful Eritreans.

            Not to mention the bad publicity and negative impact it will create for its economy and for the investors its willing to lure.


          • Gud

            Hey Saay,
            Hold on, Horizon? what? the “Assab for Badme” guy? really? You got to be kidding! I am sure you meant to say : Addis or Kim Hanna and may be remotely Fanti. Horizon the lowest of the low among Ethiopians here to criticize the Ethiopian government? That is funny. And I would say an insult to Abi 🙂

          • Gud,
            Me “the lowest of the low”? Wow, you are going mental, my friend, and ready to jump over a cliff. Unfortunately not aware of it. Hopelessness, frustration, going to depression. What a dangerous mix. You are barking at everybody and biting everybody left and right. All these for the sake of a bum dictator DIA. Have pity on yourself. Adios poor chap. I have no more time for you.

        • tes

          Dear saay7,

          This is a superbe rebuttal but I am afraid they are directed to a consciously made never to hear person, Mahmuday.

          As we know by now Mahmud Saleh has two major grievances that are raised by justice seeking Eritreans of accusing PFDJ. These are:

          1. Stop Nationaly Slavery – aka National Slavery – who tried his level best to justify the rights of Eritrea to implement national service. Sadly his point of argument never included Eritreans’ grievances on this issue.

          2. Sanction: he opposed any kind of sanction imposed to PFDJ. Again his argument was not people’s centered but simply pride based.

          As far as MS is arguing against these two it is very hard to reconcile with his political line of thinking.


        • Mahmud Saleh

          Hey SAAY
          A refreshing hagerawi rebuttal, just wait for my Hateta. I promise I will make it short and it will follow Cousin Hope format: “Are you denying THAT….WHERE IS the gut and HONOR? ARE you telling ME…” These days I’m spending quiet some time with a lady who is so dear to me, a lady who babysat my children, and also taught them some Amharic phrases which they confuse with the little Tigrayet they have…she is in hospital but doing better.
          Till then Enjoy the game.

          • saay7

            Hala Field Marshall Mahmuday:

            No rush: take ur time and take care of your loved ones. Meanwhile, just to save u time, in ur hateta, please substantiate (with independent source) the bold claim u made to TT:

            “Just a reminder: The UN and most diligent analyst of the Horn have by now concluded that the allegations thrown onto Eritrea were in fact bogus.”

            To save u time, the UN made no such conclusion at all. In fact, what it (and by it we are talking about SEMG) said was: Eritrea used to support alshabab, then reduced its support, then it stopped. It don’t retroactively exonerate it for years preceding 2009.

            So, do include the “most diligent analysts” that u are referencing.


          • Semere Andom

            Cousin Sal:
            Almond milk astikani, Mahmuday keysemani ember:-)
            Yes our folks always have the antynom of every proverbs such as this

            ምስላን ካብ አሟቅ ማይ ድማ ካብ ዓሟቅ
            ዘይምስል አብዲ ዘይኾምስዕ ድማ አድጊ

            ዘይተማህር ነይድሕን ዘይተውቅረ ድማ ነይድሕን
            ካብ ምህሮስ የእምሮ
            They will celebrate with 7 ululations when a boy is born and only with 3 when a girl is born but then they have this to say to criticize the shallowness
            ብዓል እዳይ እቲ ልበን ክቀልል
            ወዲ እንተወልዳ ይብላ ዕልል
            ጓል ተወልዳ ይብላ ዝህልል
            ግን እቲ ወዲ ሓደው ይኸውን ኮንቶ ሓደው ዛህላል

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Saay,

        Since we (Eritreans) become submissive to any power politics, be it dictated by sane or insane people, our people will continue to bleed in any political adventurism by the obsessive compulsive behavior of the despot in our nation.

        The Current coalition with Saudi Arabia (SA) and its satalites is part of the long held strategy of military intervention, designed to kill the moral of our people and to satisfy his personal ego. We have paid the ulimate sacrifice to his adventure in Zaire, South Sudan, Sudan (Darfur), Yemen, Somalia. Now a batalion of 400 Eritrean army are landed in UAE to fight in the dirty war between shites and Sunni in the pennisula. It suddens me when I see his supporters in this forum to defend the despot ‘s ploy to anhilate our young in this unholy war. I do not think that such kind of adventurism will have an end while this psychopath is at the helm.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Gud

          Wedi Hidrat,

          That is interesting. I mean like “acrobatic flipping in air of a gymnast” interesting. Another person may translate that simply as “Flip flopping” (at an old age, if I might add :))

          So the problem in Eritrea now is (According to this still old, but upside down A Hidrat) this “despot” or this ” psychopathic idiot is at the helm” and not the S.Y.S.T.E.M? What did you do to our old and equally confused A Hidrat?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Mr. Gud,

            I don’t think you could miss it, but you are from those who needs reminding at all time. Hence here is what a helm is in a system. A system is a pyramidal governmental structure that shows the flow of power from the top to the bottom. Now the helm is the power sit at the apex of the governmental structure. So Gud , there is no contradiction of saying a helm and a system. There is no flip tapping from Ayaka Amanuel. Take a note at least indirectly if not directly. This is awate university a site of endless learning.

            Amanuel Hidrat

    • Fnote Selam

      Dear Mahmud,

      Great as usual, you made some excellent points with regards to Eri’s interest. Only thing is that we need to be careful not conflate interests of Eritrea vs that of pfdj vs that of IA. As I said, your whole analysis is from the point of view of what is good for Eritrea and it seems you have reached a conclusion that agrees with IA decision, but we dont have any evidence IA reached the same conclusion through the same line of thinking that you provided us here. And I have noticed that recently you have done similar analysis with respect to salary and currency changes, i.e., you come up with justified (and excellent) reasons for salary increase and currency changes and went on to support the decision of the gov (the implied assumption being that the gov is making those decision based on the excellent reasons you provided). However, from experience it is more likely (and now at least with the currency changes, time has made it very clear) that the gov made those decisions for its crooked reasons.

      in short, what you are describing as Eri’s decision is most probably ia’s whim and was driven mostly by other reasons than what you have listed here. As such any apparently rational (from Eri’s interest point of view) decision by ia should be taken with a heavy, heavy dose of skepticism, and that is what, i think, is missing with ur analysis of recent issues….after all, all that benefit of the doubt we gave ia ended with bitter disappointment.



      • ‘Gheteb

        Selam Fnote Selam,

        You raise good points and ,as usual, I tend to enjoy your takes even when my understanding of the issue at hand runs counter to that of yours. But here can you kindly amplify a little bit by way of elaboration on these two question?

        (1) You say the “that the gov made those decisions for its crooked reasons.” about the Naqfa currency (note) change or replacement.

        (2) You also aver that Eritrea’s joining the Saudi coalition/initiative ” is most probably ia’s whim”.

    • Gud

      Hats off for this and the reply you gave to Gheteb I mean really supper!. Regarding terrorism, indeed Eritrea was the first to fight it and yes, all alone. Bin lading was restricted to engineering only then in Sudan. Turabi was flying high. Like you, I also lost some one due to terrorist attack
      On the reply you gave to Gheteb, and the way you narrated Eritrea’s heroism destroying nadow, well, when you are in your element, no body can do it the way you do. Again, supper.
      Saying all that, it wouldn’t be me if I did not offer my view on one matter (It is just a feed back, nothing more). In replying to Gheteb and also in other times when your are about to talk about EPLF, Gedli and Eritrea in general, you tend to apologize to the lost souls like Hatyat and CO. I know it could be your way of being polite, or being humble (Or may be it is a diplomatic way of smacking them hard, while being polite at the same time. But smack them all the same :). But, Eritrea is Ghedli, Eritrea is EPLF/ELF, there is no Eritrea with out those. They are our history that we embrace and protect dearly. So, I say, no freaking apology is needed. When it comes to these core values of Eritrea, the motto should be “Im Zibele Yitehagom”. If any one do not value out gedly, he/she is nothing to Eritrea.
      Again, the hat is still off
      Supper !!

      • V.F.

        *Super. I am filling in for Dis Donc today.

    • Ted

      Hi the greatest.ጎሰጻ meeting is needed for this ” no reservation approval of Bitsay IA”
      It is not a surprise SA want a coalition of countries to fight “terrorism” now that the situation in Syria and Iraq is not unfolding the way they intended it. For SA, it is a high time to make a dramatic shift to protect a home turf in the realization the chickens are coming to roost. It open secret SA was not always so strongly against foreign fighting; in fact, they encouraged it. More than 2000 fighters in Syria and high % of sympathizers than anywhere in the world, the so called “moderate” and the unapologetic ISIS group has more ties with SA than they have to the countries they fight in, and in the event of a relocation, where else be a preferable place than SA. One should ask, why the change of attitude of SA now and why Eritrea be involved in this dubiose project. It doesn’t mean Eritrea won’t be affected if terrorists take a hold in SA but there is a good chance it will be evolved to regional and political wrangling ; the reason why they want us with them in the first place. You can argue and i agree, GoE is looking for a temporary release valve for the situation we are in but in this fluid situations, it is not worth it. It should be more in anticipating the worst and choosing your friends wisely. SA is the loathed Gov in any standard by most muslim and non-muslim community that it has a potential to be unifying enemy for radical census for their ties with the West and for their unsavoury involvement middle east and Asia- were does Eritrea fit in this. The West are looking for stronger ally in the middle East, SA is not it. Once the coin flips, we will find ourselves, once again, in uncomfortable positions.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Selam The great
        This is a much wider project, and each country is in it because of its specific national interest. Geography upon us to live alongside what we have. There has always been engagements with SA, and other neighboring countries. Yemen and SA are our neighbors. Of course, many are reducing Eritrea to IA and concluding everything that has IA signature to the oven. Well, fine; but come in and govern. I mean, the country needs a government, and what we have at this time is PFDJ. Now, we can only compare what PFDJ has done in the past, and what it’s doing until a legitimate government replaces it. I tend to think these issues free of emotions. I ask myself, what would a prudent government do in the face of egregious bullying and encircling of a bully neighbor who thinks Eritrea could not survive without its good will?
        SA past history is well known, its destabilizing role in Syria is well known, Qatar’s ruinous role in Libya is known….But the time is changing. They are feeling the heat. If for some reason their new strategy and initiative complies with Eritrea’s interests, why should not we take the alliance per its retail return? Remember, there is no coercion here. Countries will define their role and engage accordingly. I look at these issues by removing IA and his regime from the equation and replacing it with what would a prudent government do? SA will be there, and if not today, we will have to engage it tomorrow. And, actually, we have been engaging it.
        PS: wHEN i

    • Peace!

      * Simply immaculate!

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Breaking news:

    At long last Nitricc successfully crossed over into the other side of the river, where the opposition camp is. Nitricc always believed that sooner or later the fortress of Isayas was going to fall to the opposition. His only problem was the ineffectiveness of the opposition. But now, a new event hastened the change of stand.

    As it became harder for Nitricc to continue cover ups, the gap between the big liar and the truthers (the people) got wider and almost Nitricc died after being buried by piles of distortions by Isayas. This time, after Isayas colorfully misstated about GERD and his siding with the Saudis against the Yemenis, attempts to cover up and to ease the punches against Isayas’s policies became difficult for Nitricc. Therefore, as of today, Nitricc, looks ahead with clear conscience to stand with the people and for the people, while condemning all the inconsiderate pro-Isayas people.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Selam SAAY and All,

    Earlier I noticed that the term/word( ነጥቢ መቀይሮ) ‘mistranslated’ as ( point of departure) and I thought it may just be a slip or a mistake and therefore didn’t make much of it. However, two corrections were suggested as alternatives. One was ‘pivot point’ and the other being ‘tipping point’, which I, also, think are not equivalents to the term ( ነጥቢ መቀይሮ).

    What I think the correct equivalent to the term ነጥቢ መቀይሮ is [turning point]. And, I think it is ( ነጥበ መቀይሮ) and NOT ( ነጥቢ መቀይሮ). The term “turning point” is quite prevalent in Marxist literatures, such as in Marx’s The Communist Party Manifesto and in Historical Materialism. ( ነጥበ መቀይሮ) — Turning Point — found its way into Tigrigna literature during the days of the Eritrean armed struggle when both Jebha and Sheabia were busily engaged in translating Marxist literatures.

    Here is one entry from an English Tigrigna dictionary:

    turning point [noun] መቐይሮ meq̈eyro

    I tried to find the equivalents for both “pivot point” and “tipping point” , but the entry produced: “No Translation Found”. Hopefully and without giving the appearance as being overly captious and without coming across as hopelessly pedantic, I think neither ‘pivot point’ nor ‘tipping point’ are the correct translation for ( ነጥበ መቀይሮ). The correct term/word is [turning point].

    • saay7

      Hala Cousin Gheteb:

      Welcome back.

      As readily as I will yield to you on EPLF literature and word origins, I think perhaps all of these options should be seen within the context of Isaias Afwerki’s annual speeches/interviews.

      As a leader, he has an obligation to tell the followers that brighter days are ahead and he uses various metaphors to bring that hope to life. Two that I remember are the metaphor of a plane ready to take off and car changing to higher gear. The difference this year is that he is no longer talking about a one year plan (what will happen in 2016) but a three year plan (2016-2018.) So, within that context, what is neTbe meqeyro? The translations you gave are, in my view, technical and not political.

      In popular culture, made famous by Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell in a book by same name and a match stick to dramatise the point, Tipping point is how something that has potential energy can, with tiny push, change into life altering kinetic energy.

      The non-technical Pivot point, in history and political science (listen to every American politician every election year telling us we are at a pivotal point, critical point) is meant to indicate that we are at some cross-road and we can rotate (redirect ourselves) anywhere we want to go. This is what I also meant by departure point.

      Anyway, beyond the definitions, my point was that His Excellency makes the same promise every year and, every year, we appear to be stuck with no motion forward. And the only way to appear that you are going forward is to show how everything else is going backward: thus his emphasis on drawing an image of a world falling apart.


      • ‘Gheteb

        Ahlan 2nd Cuz* SAAY,

        I understand why you have opted “point of departure” in your translation. However, the most important point to keep in mind when you are translating a text, a term, a phrase or a word, is that you need to find an EQUIVALENT term in the language you are translating to. I mean in the target language (English) the source language being Tigrigna in this case.

        What is also important, is for one to understand the culture/background of the person speaking the language ( in this case Isaias Afwerki, in this case), a library of dictionaries and other reference materials. Otherwise, it may end up missing the target and all guesses will be valid. Here I am not even saying that you didn’t do justice in your translation. Actually, you did a swell of a job indicating again a hint of your linguistic perspicacity (discernment, understanding)

        Point of departure has nothing corresponding to ( ነጥበ መቀይሮ) save the word “point” translating to ” ነጥቢ” to make it a good choice. It is not equivalent to the source word and that is why I think it is a mistranslation. Not that it doesn’t capture or impart what you were saying, actually from your point of view it makes sense. One can also make a valid point for ‘pivot point’ and ‘tipping point’ based in ones political outlook. However, would these other terms be deemed as equivalents to ( ነጥበ መቀይሮ)? My answer is a resounding NO.

        Well, I think we need to give the man ( Isaias Afwerki ) his dues. He is linguistically gifted as he speaks/writes more than 4+ languages. I am not merely making this assertion to praise the man. Believe me, I have my own observations since my teen years which is another story altogether.

        But imagine how I would have felt lost and clueless had the person giving the interview was, say, president Ahmed Nasser or president Hiruy Tedlla Bairu or president Melake Tekhle instead of president Isaias Afwerki. The ELF’s and EPLF’s Tigrigna terms and phraseologies differed quite a bit. In the ELF’s parlance Economy was ምጣኔ ሃብቲ to EPLF’s ቁጠባ and ሓብረተ ሰብኣዊ was ELF’s equivalent of the term “Social” to EPLF’s ማሕበራዊ. I would have been one lousy translator, if I were to try to translate any ELF materials because I don’t understand the nuances of ‘Jebha ELF) speak’, so to speak. That is the point I am trying to make.

        Regarding that 2nd Cuz* thingy, mirabile dictu, I may get my hands on a document of genealogy written by our great uncle the late Ustaz M.S.A.

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Selam Ghehteb
          I agree. Caution: Hayat &Co. please have some antacids ready, because Ghedli stuff will be discussed. According to my fading recollection, I heard, and I think the term NeTbe-Meqeyro (ነጥበ-መቐይሮ) was first used in 1979 after the counter offensive the great Eritrean People’s Liberation Army (Jigna hzbawi serawit) unleashed on Nadew Ez (not to be confused with the last overrunning of the Commnad in 1988). This was the first time. the EPLF survived 5 major offensives, reorganized itself and launched a massive counter-offensive dislodging Durg’s best divisions from the heights of Naqfa, pushing them all the way to the subarbs of Afabet, the Commands central HQs. At that time, that offensive was viewed and narrated as NeTbe-MeQeyro. There were commentaries, on the organizations organs (both press and Radio Dimtsi Hafash…songs were written about it…and EPLF officials described it as a turning point in foreign media, one that was decisive enough to tilt the balance in favor of the Eritrean ghedli taking it from a position of defense to a position of offense. Later the trenches were pulled back to their original positions to the heights guarding NaQfa in anticipation of the 6th offensive in which the deployment of poisonous gases was anticipated, because the new positions were mostly in low grounds in the valley of Hidaay (Ruba Hidaay) where defending gases would not be optimal considering poor air circulation.
          Origin: I believe it was taken from the Arabic term “NuQTat a’ttaHawul” and as you said IA has introduced many Arabic words into Tigrigna. Some of the words that ring hints are:
          sawra , IlHaQ (annexation), TmooH (aspiration), dfaE (trench)…inseHab/later mzlaQ (retreat)….Hjoom (offensive/assault)…jamhoor/jamaheer/later Hafash (people/masses)…etc. If you read any piece of Tigrigna, you will find many terms introduced from the Arabic language. Some may find this objectionable/questionable, but it is a fact for many languages. Languages die or live based on how they adopt to emergent forces of technologies and social interactions.
          The rest of the definitions are also valid depending on what one is referring to. Saleh has translated it correctly, because a turning point embodies the message that the “turning” is towards positive territory similar to when you say “a point of departure” in the context of the president’s interview.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahlan Mahmud Saleh,

            What an edifyingly informative feedback! This response yet again corroborates my initial assessment and appraisal of Tegadalay Mahmud Saleh as “the veritable walking encyclopedia” of the monumentally epic EPLF history.

            Many are fecklessly engaged in a futile campaign of sullying and besmirching our noble and resplendent history of ‘Ghedli’. However, in due time and like all their predecessors campaigns, we will see that all their endeavor of dragging the history of the Eritrean Revolution (Ghedli) through the mud would have been for naught.

            Once again, Thank you so much for such an instructive response.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Cousin Gheteb and awatistas.
            Welcome back!
            In 1942 FDR translated into English the following memo from his own government.

            “…….. Such preparation shall be made as will completely obscure all federal biding and non-federal building occupied by the fedal givemnet during an air raid for any period of time from visibility by reasons of internal air external illumination.”

            FDR’s translation:

            “Tell them that in buildings where they have to keep the work going to put something across the windows.”

            Now Sem Andom, the future editor of Himot magazine, for the benefits friends will convert Gheteb’s comment into English as follows:

            What an edifyingly informative feedback! This response yet again confirms my initial assessment and appraisal of Tegadalay Mahmud Saleh as “the real walking encyclopedia” of the monumentally epic EPLF history.

            Many are irresponsibly engaged in a futile campaign of tarnishing our noble and impressive history of ‘Ghedli’. However, in due time and like all their predecessors campaigns, we will see that all their endeavor of dragging the history of the Eritrean Revolution (Ghedli) through the mud would have been for nothing.

            Once again, thank you so much for such an instructive response.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Monsieur Andom,
            I never knew that English was FDR’s 5th language.

  • Ted

    Hi Hawe Saay, Call it initiative or coalition, it raises eyebrows, first for the fact it is called islamic and doesn’t include IRAN, syria and iraq ;secondly, representatives of several countries were unaware they had been enlisted as coalition members when it was announced. Out of many irregularities, even though we are all sunni, What this coalition does is deepening the already tense situation in countries having both sect of islam and Eritrea being secular country, it should join neither an Islamic nor a Christian coalition. It is my guess Eritrea’s involvement revolve around how fast they can clear the check. Furthermore , Saudi Arabia accused of spreading extremist and radical terrorist ideology, how can we be sure it has the competence to lead the coalition. It all boils down to serving Saudi Arabia’s cardinal foreign policy objectives against its arch rival, Iran and All the fighting terrorism BS aside, for Eritrea, using the opportunity to be in the good side of the foreign policy of Saudi arabia is all it matters, hence we clearly see through IA struggling to sell the bogus “terrorism” idea to avail. You pointed out were he said ” ብኣኣ እየ እታ ኣዋጅ ኣውጺኤያ”, what else is new,Good or bad, we live with the decision of IA, how sad.
    PS First time in decades, the current information minister managed to use a zapping collar when PIA goes off topic.:-)

    • saay7

      Selamat Ted:

      I see you point about the need to have an ally and how sometimes pragmatism requires holding your nose and supporting the lesser of two evils. However, even here:

      (a) there is no justification for supporting the Saudi initiative/alliance/coalition “without reservations.” Remember each word of the press release was carefully scrutinized by Isaias Afwerki, according to Isaias Afwerki;
      (b) There was zero debate on the subject. If Isaias wants to exlude Eritreans who are not supportive of his presidency when planning national strategies I suppose that is to be expected. But even within the PFDJ, even within the ministries, even within the PFDJ elite, this was never discussed/debated;
      (c) Saudi Arabia was, is, will never be at the forefront of fighting Jihadism for the simple reason that the ideology of Jihadism is born and raised and funded in/from Saudi Arabia. To repeat myself, this “initiative” of Saudi Arabia to fight “terrorism” in Yemen, for example, has left Al Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) intact while there have been massive bombing raids targeting hospitals and Yemeni infrastructure because the Houthis are, according to Saudi Arabia, “terrorists.” We support this “without reservations”?


      *Speaking of “without reservations”, you STILL have your reservations about the GSW?

  • dawit

    Selma Dear Cousin SAAY,

    I am really intrigued by your latest title of your article, “Eritrea’s King Isaias Afwerki” a radical shift from the usual titled you have been using for ‘Dictator Isaias’. It seems with age you are getting wiser and reality is
    sinking slowly, and soon you may be singing ‘Znegese Ngusna’. I expect that on the 25th, Silver anniversary of Eritrean Independence, the Eritrean Hafash people are going to bestow the title of ‘Bahre Negasi’ on PIA. It seems PIA did his homework with all the countries relevant in the Red Sea Basin. The Saudis are spreading the Red Carpets, the Yemenis are ‘Thank You PIA’, Sudanese are singing
    ‘ Akuwan Akuwan Eritrea we Susan’, Egypt, Iran and Israel are calling him a true friend. So he is entitle of the title ‘King of Eritrea’. I predict the new and wiser SAAY would lead the Diaspora opposition delegation at the coronation ceremony, carrying his placard ‘Znegese Ngusna, Zberqe Tsehaynw’!



    • saay7

      Selamat Cousin dawit:

      It has been a long time; hope you’ve been doing well.

      You just noticed but I think there was an article here called the “The Haileselasization of Isaias Afwerki” from over a decade ago which was noting the concentration of power in the presidency. In this interview, he dispenses with the pretense that there is a government or even a ruling party in Eritrea, but that it is all about him. This was also noted by Ayneta in a comment: It is “I”, “I”, “my”, etc. As a true king, I expect him to start using the Royal we.

      Also, I think you once wrote that Hamid Idris Awate should post-humously be given the Bahri Negasi I title, which would make Isaias “Bahri Negasi II”? He hates any position except first, so let’s start with him: I am sure admirers of HIA would not mind.


      • Ted

        Hi Saay, i don’t know if you notice, i saw video clips a in the tes/madot website front page the Houthi punishing the Arab army in Yemen. is it miscommunication or the editors going rogue.

        • saay7

          Hi Ted:

          Tes/madote is taking the PFDJ position which says that Eritrea has joined the Saudi coalition against terror but it has NOT joined the Saudi coalition against Yemen. They haven’t drawn a Venn diagram and looked at the overlapping circles of the two coalitions:)

          This is not to say they don’t occasionally go rogue. My favorite one is TesfaNews breaking the news that the Eritrea-based OLF has fired its chairman and then, the next day, publishing a press release from OLF criticizing media outlets that published unfounded news about the chairman being fired:)


  • saay7

    Selamat Nitricc, Abrehet, George, Hayat, LT:

    Thanks to all for your feedback.

    A consolidated response: I am sorry it will disrupt the thread of the discussion; to compensate, I will try to give a one-line summary of the issues you disagree with me. No need to discuss issues we agree on, as I do with Ayneta and Ertra. So, in reverse order:

    1. The great LT is unhappy that I am disrespectful towards the president and obsessed with him. I am obsessed with Eritrea and right now, Eritrea is whatever the president says it is and it is impossible to understand present day Eritrea without focusing on what the Prez is thinking, saying, doing.

    2. Hayat: On UNMEE, I have heard the argument (made by T.Kifle) that Eritrea’s eviction of UNMEE is a breach of the Algiers Agreement and, therefore, Ethiopia is not bound by the Algiers Agreement. In the interview, the prez says he took a calculate risk knowing there would be ramifications to those actions. The Witnesses (UN, US, EU) do not support T.Kifle’s position (that action renders the Algiers Agreement null and void) because the Agreement had what lawyers call a “severability clause.” Moreover, the whole reason Ethiopia insisted on a 25-km buffer zone inside Eritrea monitored by UNMEE was to stop potential artillery shelling and nobody has complained of that in the last 15 years, so it is a hard case to make.

    The issue was compulsory UN/AU presence to pacify countries and, as you saw recently with Burundi, it is seen as a violation of state sovereignty and states fight back.

    One more thing: at the time UNMEE was being formed, that there were so many countries were willing to contribute forces to it was seen by Eritrea that there is a lot of goodwill towards it and wants it to return to normalcy quickly. It took five years from Isaias and Company to reverse course and see it as another form of neo-colonialism.

    3. George feels I didn’t capture the essence of the interview and what is preventing me from doing so is because my vision is clouded by my paymasters. George, I wish you would share your take. And I have no pay, no masters so whatever may have clouded my vision can only be the mind-bogglingly boring nature of his manner of speaking where every question is an opportunity for a history lesson.

    4. Abrehet corrects me with my New Tigrinya fluency: “neTbi meqeyro” is “pivot point” and not “departure point.” Correction accepted, Abrehet. Let me use your correction as a pivot point to point out that Semere Andom doesn’t know how to say “within quotes” in Tigrinya is “wishTi Tiqso.”

    5. Nitricc is unhappy with the president’s statements on GERD and the Saudi Initiative. Well, for those who never understood Nitricc, this is why some of us have an affection for him: he is truly an independent mind. It is impossible to hear such statement from your typical PFDJ supporter who supports ANYTHING the PFDJ says and does as a matter of habit. I am sorry you are leaving, come back soon. I think you are leaving to avoid making a prediction on the Superbowl. I will assume you will take the opposite of whatever Haqi picks?


    • V.F.

      * “neTbe meqeyro” according to Abrehet anyway.

      Saay, sorry for playing “Dis Don” on you (ironically, it’s likely that I am misspelling his nickname here).

      • Dis Donc


        • V.F.


    • Tensae

      Dear Sal,

      First of all, as a new member and long time follower of this discussion forum, allow me to extend my greeting to you and all my Eritrean Compatriots on this forum. Next, I would like to let you know that I am a big admirer of yours (despite some reservation which I will come back in a moment) especially your writing skills, your fairness to others and most of all your love of your country. If memory serves well, it was your reply to the Tigray irredentist and outright anti-Eritrean Abraha Belay, the current editor of Ethiomedia on Seattle Times that first caught my attention. His article was about his prediction or more likely his wish that the recent Weyane instigated war between Eritrea and Ethiopia will be an Armageddon for Eritrea. Your reply was so brilliant that I remember literally jumping from my seat with joy as I felt that it was a silver bullet for his hate filled article.Since then, I have religiously followed your writings first at Dehai and then at this web site and through your twitters. I must tell you that I have become very concerned about your recent writings as they all seem to react to events and personalities and this post is no exception. Most of your recent writings seem to be governed by anger. While you have every reason to be angry at the GOE, including its leader and its followers for the tragedy that has befallen your family, IMHO, it is counter-productive to react in the way you have been reacting lately to the point of looking obsessed as others had pointed. Writing in anger besides consuming our energy has the negative effect of impairing our ability to reason or to be objective. Moreover, it does not always bring the desired effect. I would therefore kindly plead with you to consider going back to your more rational self – the Sal that many
      have come to admire for his wonderful and education writings. Thanks.

      • V.F.

        Tensae, how else can anyone write about IA and his regime? What is there to be rational about? Saay is simply telling you what IA said on the interview and what its implications are. If you simply say somethings are not even worth writing about, I will agree with you. This second article doesn’t have much valuable content and should have been lumped with the first one but to be fair, who in his right mind could listen to IA interviews in one sitting. I think saay had to listen to it in two parts hence two articles.

      • saay7

        Selamat Tensae:

        Thanks for your kind words and constructive criticism.

        I must say that as many of you as there are who think I am too angry, there are people who think I am no angry enough or serious enough, just because I celebrate life in all its glory, particularly the arts including comedy. My mind doesn’t have the discipline of the ideologue to be a monomaniac (one issue person) which, I think, is the shortest cut to insanity and despair. The neurons fire too randomly for me to be angry:

        For example, do you know that your pen name, Tensae, translates in Arabic to “Ba’ath” (resurrection) and is very close to the name of my column Nahda (renaissance)? 🙂 See, everything is less than 6 degrees of separation.


    • George

      Selam Saay,
      Did I read you right? You are writing all this ON THE HOUSE! Who does that? Getting pimped for free or are they secretly blackmailing you? maybe they, state department (satan department) got some dirt on you. If so I fee you man. Gee, bro please get paid for it. Why put down your own people that gave their life to appease your master, American Evil Empire for free. You keep mocking PIA like there is no tomorrow. Or maybe , maybe you are doing it to stay in practice as to appease your BEGTOPIAN friends on this fourm. Either way as stated above it is getting old. Leave our beloved leader alone. One more thing leave your one liner jocks to ABI, the resident, full time hater of anything Eritrea.

      • Fenomeno

        Dear George,

        PIA might be applauded for his extraordinary leadership during the armed struggle.

        However, portraying him as some anti-imperialist hero is biggest joke ever.

        Do anti-imperialist support expansionist drifts of regional/super -powers? (Iraq and the support for the Saudi coalition).

        PIA has been headache for Eritreans, for imperialist elite he has been annoying ant on the face at most.

    • Hayat Adem

      Dear Saay,
      Thanks for the reply, Saay. It sounds more of an innocent commonsense explanation, though, rather than legalistic. APA has 6 pillars, of which cessation of hostility is the overriding condition, which has never been achieved beyond absence of direct war. The other one is peace making/peace keeping of which Unmee and TSZ were an integral part. Both are no more in place. The other pillar is arbitration of the border up to (physical) demarcation. And you know where it got. The other ones are the issue of inventory and compensation, and determine root causes. As you may see it is not one item at all. Claim of significant severability can be invoked here. The only think you seem to be counting on is the fact that Ethiopia doesn’t seem interested in turning back the clock. I don’t know if that mood of disinterest will hold for long. I see complications. Let’s say Ethiopia agrees for physical demarcation tomorrow. Is he going to invite back Unmee, because demarcation is a task given to Unmee. Let’s say the King invites Unmee back and Ethiopia as a co-hosting partner agrees to that re-invitation of unmee, is he to reinstall TSZ back because TSZ is the operation ground of UNnmee. What if Ethiopia said there was an irreversible breach because Unmee took TSZ from Ethiopian forces not from EDF. And the king is bragging about kicking out UNMEE and reoccupying TSZ without caring how it will complicate the agreement he signed in Algiers and the EEBC ruling. The Ethiopians have every ground to declare breach by Eritrea, and even take it beyond as null and void. They are saying nothing now for reasons they only know, and it would be naive that they wouldn’t in the future. That aside, what is the advantage for the king to brag about kicking unmee, ipmlying a deliverate state decision in breach of agreement, and endangering whatever high legal ground Eritrea has had? There was nothing that can be gained by speaking about kicking Unmee now except unforced admission. Remember, Eritrea never officially said it did it deliberately and that was for a reason. It first restricted movements of the forces, then fuels, then subtle harassment, then restriction of flights, then selectively dis-inviting peace forces of selected western countries etc…It was systematic of wuSae aytebelo, kemziweS’e gibero. Now IA cam and talked foolish, and you applauded for that foolishness: “… damn, I hate that guy but when he is right, he is right.”. Well, I say, he is so foolishly right risking the resetting the button of legally settled issues to Eritrea’s disadvantage.

      • saay7

        Selamat Hayat:

        All agreements, no matter how pithy or comprehensive, assume one thing: good faith. That the parties entering the agreement will not cheat, because if one is determined to cheat, one can always find a way to nullify it.

        Your narration could benefit from the following:

        (a) in the prelude to the peace agreement, Eritrea wanted the UN (not AU) to be the peacekeepers as well as the party that would investigate the origins of the conflict. It prevailed on the first (UN peacekeepers) but not the second (investigating origin of the conflict) which was given to the AU, which found other priorities.

        (b) Its agreement that UNMEE was be hosted in a 25-km buffer zone INSIDE Eritrea was predicated on a calculation that this would take place for a very short period: until such time that the border is delienated and demarcated.)

        (c) After agreeing, in advance, that it would be bound by the ruling of the judges impaneled by the Algiers Agreement, Ethiopia reneged and said, no we won’t. The delay in the demarcation resulted in the extension of the mandate of UNMEE.

        (d) UNMEE’s routine mandate extension every six months gave every indication that it would be one of those “peackeeepers” that camp out for decades and, in the interview, IA says “it was decided that they had to leave the country and they were made to leave.’ (All of it in passive tense.)

        What is most worrying about all of this is not that T.Kifle (Where is he by the way?) said that the forced departure of UNMEE renders the Algiers Agreement null-and-void. That would have been something us amateur lawyers would argue about here. It is that he said that he was accurately reflecting the views of the Ethiopian government.

        In fact, if Isaias Afwerki’s intended audience when he was discussing GERD was the Egyptians, he shouldn’t have gone into a long diatribe about technical issues but said something like: “it appears that this has the potential to work out to be great for the peoples of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. It’s too bad that Ethiopia’s government has a bad habit on reneging on agreements it signs.” 🙂


  • Nitricc

    Hey SAAY; this is the first time PIA clear “Shetahtah” when he tried to answer the case of Saudi Arabia. He was all over.I was also perplexed he answers to the Ethiopian dam. I mean, he never did that before. Anyway i was waiting to your 2nd part and respond all together but once again i am forced to attend to the duty at hand. Last time i was absent from this forum was May 2014. i was absent for almost two months. Once again i have to be absent for a little while to face the challenge head on come out on the top which takes me One step closer to where i needed to be. I am saying this to inform the awate community that i did not back away from this forum rather i have things to get done and as soon as I feel i can spare the time, then i will be back. Mahmuday; I have not forgotten the answers i owe you. sit tight i will be back.
    till then please tell Semere Andom Nitricc has gone to transplant one more cell so he can have two.
    Ted; take it away!
    Nothing but love for my awate community.

    ዘለኣለማዊ ዝኽርን ክብርን ንሰማእታትና !

    ክብርን ሞገስን ንሓይልታት ምክልኻል ኤርትራ !

    ወትሩ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ.
    Signing off Nitricc.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Nitricc,
      Gee, he is absent for a couple of hours I already miss the bull in the china store.
      But good luck, see you soon with multiple transplants of cells.
      Mr. K.H

    • Hayat Adem

      Dear Nitricc,
      Once a huge musical concert was organized in honor of Einstein. All people, except Einstein, the guest of honor, were clapping and applauding when every singer finishes performing their songs. All the songs were so great except one. Einstein clapped only one time and it was only after that bad song was performed. One guy sitting next to him asked him in curiosity, “you didn’t clap for all those great singers and you did for this no-so-great. Why?” Einstein answered, “I clapped because I was glad she finished.”
      You will understand what i’m saying here after you get your cell population enough but I want you to know I’m now clapping for you, Nitricc:))

    • Ted

      Hi Nitricc,”One step closer to where i needed to be.” wish you the best.

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Hi SAAY,
    Thank you. You need to share what you take to be able to follow the Auditor General’s spiel. I get a full blown attention deficit once he starts to peak. By the way, “neTbe meqeyro” is “pivotal point”. That is why he is always pivoting and turning in the same spot.

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Abrehet & dear Saay,
      I thought ” neTbi meQeyro ” is ‘ tipping point’.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Dear Tzigereda,
        You are right; hence Saay is also right with his definition of “netbe meqeyro” as a departure point or a tipping point.
        tipping point definition. from dictionary.refernce: the point at which an issue, idea, product, etc., crosses a certain threshhold and gains significant momentum, triggered by some minor factor or change.
        In contrast “pivotal point” is defined as vitally important, critical (Merriam Webster).

      • V.F.

        Tsigereda, I pleaded with you and Sarah Ogbay to participate more and show us the sane way but you both ignored my call. I see how it is.

        Anyway, let me chime in a little here.

        See, the difference between tipping and turning is direction. Tipping is one sided. A series of events going the same direction, the cumulative effect of which results in a bigger event, still going the same direction.

        Turning implies change of course. For example, IA has been a monster and crazy all these years. If he were to suddenly make changes in his world view and, say, implement the constitution, release prisoners etc., that would constitute a turn not a tip.

        Therefore, turning point can be said of netbe meqeyro in Tigrinya.

        I don’t want to pretend like my Tigrinya is all that good but it’s just putting 2 and 2 together.

        • Tzigereda

          Dear V.F.,
          I really appreciate your appeal, never meant ignoring it, but I prefer to write only if zeytebahle intehalyu.
          Thank you!

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Tegadalit Tzigereda
        Tell PST you get upvotes even if you are wrong cus you are charming, even Sal noticed that cousin Sem is at his best when you are here, but he will not remember, he said that and if I pressure him, kidayeqq eyu:-)
        Gheteb is wrong, Abrehet is wrong, even Tzigereda is wrong, you are all wrong, Sal is right, with his initial translations, I also thought about it but then I remembered that Sal hates literlalism, and he was translating what IA meant, he was no translating the word, he was translating wwat IA was saying in the context. Terjema weffia cousin Sal

    • PTS

      Hey all,
      why does Tzigereda get upvotes even for sneezing:-)
      The good old days (never mind there was no disquis), people used to get upvoted for effort and hard work, not for showing up.
      Now, where is Mahmuday, I got him a nice Sahel song. Gomida or as Americans call it Rambo.

      • Tzigereda

        Dear PTS,
        The upvotes may mean kemey qeniki…and I share it with you.

  • Hayat Adem

    Hey Saay,
    Thanks again. Thanks for keeping your word to come back with this part. And I think it is fair to say it has covered all there is to be covered. Good analysis, as usual. This part was a bit less-dosed with the witty side kicks and mockeries we have enjoyed on the previous one. I am assuming the time distance from the airing to the posting could have killed some of the intuitive flashes and flavors. The 1st part was more powerful. Good take on the new number 100K. But, I agree almost everything and allow to comment on few extraneous points.
    1) On UN. You are right and IA is right on the peacekeeping operations launched by UN. The other half truth is they don’t always end up in failure or permanence. So, it is a mix picture there, and I can provide examples. In fact, the failure has been much more uglier in the failure of deploying fast and big enough peacekeeping missions. So their absence is not necessarily a good thing always.
    2) UNMEE. Don’t you think it would undermine APA, undercut the EEBC’s ruling and Eritrea’s legal standing now that now IA has officially admitted that he had unilaterally kicked them out from the commonly agreed TCZ before demarcation effected? As you know, the APA provisions assume UNMEE and TSZ must stay intact until border demarcation.

  • L.T

    I know Sal Younis is a cultural person and has a good track in the arts like music and have a good memory when it comes Asmera,Geza Banda Talian,Daniel Kombini school so forth…but when will Isaias in the picture,he just throw and jump over Isaias.I have some times wondered about you as you are against Isaias and this has irritated me for a long time and I think it’s so uncomfortable to read your bearings,I see it as a very impolite openly spit on other people.To talk about Isaias throughout the day and walk around this buzz in your head every day really can not be good for your health.You know what?why all his battle companion and old friends have died early?Mussie,solomon,Tewelde Ibrahim,Zemiciel,Abdela,Meles?It is almost impossible to read any positive news and commented here without getting a headache,it can be read-sick when you read that Isaias is dead and then he is awake and then you can hear that he is no longer visible”Lom zemen Hadia ala”(now our turn to take power from him)..so it is not fun many people spitting at least 20 times in short time.