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Eritrean Opposition’s Pink Panther Show

I envy people who grew up watching the Pink Panther cartoon show; there was no television where I grew up. But as an adult, I avenged myself; I watched all Pink Panther shows.

If you find a strange word, run for the dictionary. If you want to check a location of a country, go for the map. Historical reference? The Encyclopedia Britannica. Google and Wikipedia are indispensable quick references. I knew of no reference to help understand the problems of the Eritrean opposition until I realized the explanations (not the solutions) are in the Pink Panther show.

I have complained enough about the Ethiopian handling of the Eritrean opposition portfolio, and at times I must have sounded like Isaias who always blames the usual USA, Europe, and “Weyane” without appropriating any blame to himself. There is always the other story.

Pink Panther Finds His Coin

The opposition to the PFDJ regime is as old as the PFDJ itself when some Eritreans tried to prevent it from becoming the monster it has become. Not many expected the PFDJ to change and it hasn’t. Instead, its disastrous policies are still damaging the nation.

Over the years, many individuals and groups joined the opposition camp in search of their own particular coins; they were not interested in the coins of others. For instance, a man named Mr. Pinky would join and ask the opposition members to stop what they were doing and help him find his coin only! Selfishness ruled and the meaningless wrangling has been going on unabated.

The reform coin of 2002 is the most recognizable mainly because it tipped the balance against the regime. In the beginning there was the Muslim teachers coin, followed by the coin of the Pentecostals and Jehovah witness. Then there came the coin of the Tewahdo Church Patriarch, the coin of the Sinai suffering, the coin of the penalized parents, the coin of the Mediterranean tragedies… The list of particular coins can go on forever, but let’s stop here.

Before 2002, there was the refugees coin, the land coin, the culture/language coin, the power sharing coin, the multiparty coin, the rule of law coin, and a myriad of other coins.

Very few realized there are so many lost coins and they are still searching for them in unison; others are still obsessed with their own particular coins, single issue opposition elements. And that is the reason for the unfocused struggle of the opposition camp, which is exacerbated by the coin of power struggle, the partisan coin, etc. In addition, the Diaspora has many lost coins: territorial coin, provincial coin, the best dancing party coin, etc. And as long as narrow mindedness is not shunned, the number of lost coins will increase.

At the end, a single person would work to demolish a house so that he can sift through the rubble to find his very own coin. Worse, that house could be Eritrea. Even worse, the cost of the house is much bigger than the coin which might turn out to be made of cheap metal, a fake coin just like the adventure illustrated in  this link.

Pink Panther Controls Pest

No struggling organization can survive if it neglects its security. Granted that Eritreans have a bad experience with the notion of security, it doesn’t mean an organization should underestimate the risk of being penetrated by some who would wreak havoc in its structures and discipline. That is exactly what happened in Hawassa. It started with what every veteran of the struggle remembers: the “anbibka aHlif” messages written in small slips that individuals passed to the next like-minded (or potential) person. With all of that fresh in my mind, I warned about the risks of today in my first article “An Office full Of Mice“, after my return from Awassa loaded with disappointments. The destructive activities are still going on; such political jockeying should be taken seriously and justice seekers should be informed about the ailment if they are to contribute to its solution. A few overly ambitions people should not be allowed to cripple the struggle of the Eritrean people.

There are a few annoying political parasites within the opposition camp. People whose main concern is how to control the opposition. They would do the undoable to achieve power through shortcuts.

I do not want to bore you, but it is better to be bored for a few minutes instead of remaining in the dark. This probably concerns Eritreans who live in the USA more than the rest because in the USA, it has reached epidemic proportions and it is demoralizing activists of good will. Therefore, let me walk you through one episode (just one) of the lame ENCDC, the Bayto, the Mejlis, if you will.

Since its formation in Hawassa in 2011, the ENCDC didn’t do anything of significance and it is still marred with internal and external problems that it failed to resolve. A group of ENCDC members who take themselves too seriously have been assuming paternal authority over all opposition activities. Of course, they have no achievement to show apart from the endless conspiracy meetings: Paltak,  public, and teleconferences. Some of the ENCDC members in the USA (and to some extent in Europe) are poised as an absolute territorial authority in a provincial manner. By considering themselves an autonomous leadership of the ENCDC, they practically declared the USA a  Raz Gez region–“self-determination up to cessation” gone awry.

The above group froze the ENCDC until an emergency meeting attempted to resolve the issues in December, 2014. In that meeting, all the leaders were forced to resign and an independent  preparatory committee was formed. While the preparatory committee formed a team of volunteers in the USA to help it organize and elect representatives to the “upcoming” second congress, the Ras-Gez group would not budge, they say the USA is their territory. Preparatory committee or not, no election or organization would be carried out by anyone unless they control the process. However, the thirty-person support group of the preparatory committee is going about its tasks, while the Ras-Gez group is duplicating the structure and the elections–and the ENCDC could be facing a major, ugly crisis.

Who has the final say about this?

Apparently, the preparatory committee is independent and it should have the final say. But the Ras Gez group is not taking any of that. They have a direct partisan connection to the chairman of the executive committee of ENCDC. He has overstepped on the council mandated powers of the preparatory committee and wants the Raz Gez group to manage the job of the preparatory committee. Conflict of interest is not suspected; it’s a fact. TekhleYohannes, belongs to the EUDC under the leadership of Yohannes Asmelash, and so do some members of the USA Ras Gez region. The rest, for all intents and purposes, are either members of that EUDC or members of the phony “civil-association” that unfortunately the Ethiopian believe is a mega organization. Here you will find individuals who use so many wildcard hats to ensure control of the USA activities and through that they aspire to control the opposition camp.

The Ras Gez spoilers have been demolishing anything the struggle builds; maybe they should be given nominal Gegnazmatch and Grazmatch titles, which somehow might make them useful, just like Pink Panther found a useful role for the termite in this clip.

The Pink Blueprint

Many elements in the opposition are busy positioning themselves for the post-Isaias era without doing anything tangible to bring that era about. It seems like they are telling the dedicated members of the opposition: Suffer, struggle and sacrifice, in the meantime, we will meet, chat, and design on how to be ready to take power (or crumbs of it) once you succeed.

In my last edition of Negarit, “The Smashed Eritrean Wristwatch“,  I listed fifteen groups, many of whom are good for nothing–nothing to show as an achievement, no vision, no experience, no integrity, no popular support, and no cause apart from the quest for power. I can live with entities that exist to guarantee that their rights are not violated in the future, and I do not expect them to bring about any change. Let them be; stay in the shadows where they feel comfortable: I live, therefore I am, sort of thing.

If you are expecting a positive result from the ENCDC, I advise you to lower your expectations to avoid disappointment. Only a little hope is left; if that is consumed, then the hopeful will have to wash their hands. That mule is going nowhere in its circular journey. It was started wrong, it stayed limping wrongly, and now it is on its deathbed. Judging from the last five years, not much is expected. I wish the Ethiopians realize that and save their money and goodwill. The way it is going, the ENCDC is a dead project. No national project can succeed when it is led by political bastards, or by hallow organizations that cannot list fifty people, or by conglomerates of a few persons who, combined,  could not rally two dozen members.

Similar stories to the above has been boring and demoralizing Eritreans enough; let’s move on and see what needs to be done?

First, the entire opposition camp must realize that such political gymnastics must stop. And the only way to stop it is to demand transparency–no more phantom organizations and entities talking on behalf of Eritreans. Every entity that decides to speak on behalf of Eritreans should be scrutinized; the first step is to demand the disclosure of names within that organization. I will go first: Let’s see who-is-who in the USA and Canada. Let’s give all of them a chance to come out and make a disclosure–anyone who claims to be a member or leader of any organization must introduce themselves to the public and disclose their multiple affiliations. It would also be nice if they could provide a summary of their achievements (let’s call that activities) over the last five years. I believe the people should be informed and make a judgment  if an entity is really worthy of leading the struggle; that would save many from living with false hopes.

There is enough information around about most “associations” but it would be nice if every entity defined itself before others define it.

Activists are not zoo ponies that anyone can just mount at will. The opposition camp needs to  lead a mission of transparency to make the so-called organizations and groups that carry flashy names accountable. That includes the political opposition organizations that should make the names of their leaders, public. Eritreans should not be treated like dummies; they should be able to tell who is claiming their leadership. Alphabet soup organizations should be exposed to the bone; fake groups should be stripped naked to be either accepted or shunned. And the slogan of this campaign should be “No Curtains Allowed”.

Only after such a house cleaning task can the Eritrean opposition convene in a successful congress–ENCDC or otherwise. And I declare my position: political activities should be left to political organization, not to amateurs and piggyback travelers. If the opposition camp fails in taking that challenge, the maestro leading the orchestra could be unlike what it appears, just like this Pink Panther clip illustrates.

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About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of awate.com. Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism Awate.com was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of awate.com is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear friends I am having conversation with my lovely pink panther.

    …….ዕላል ምስ ፒንክ ፓንተር ……..

    ፒንክ ፓንተር ሮዛ ዝሕብሩ :
    ‘ቲ ግርማ ሕብርኻ ከመይ ተቀይሩ:
    ኣዛብዕ ዘሰንብድ ጸሊም እንድዩ ነይሩ:-
    እቲ ንያትካ ከመይ ተቀቢሩ:-
    ብጽንዓትካ ክንደይ ዘይባህረሩ::

    ……መን እኻ ታ መንጸርካ ቀይር :-
    …..ሮዛ እኩያለ ጌርካ ትደናገር :-
    …..እቲ ኣነ ታሪኸይ ዝምስክር :-
    …..በዘን ኣህባይ ተኸቢበ ምበር:
    …..ኣይምሰልካ ደቂሰ ዝሓድር::

    እንዲዒሞ ኣነ ‘ታይ ፈሊጠ :
    እቲ ህድሞኻ ቀደም ተረገጠ:-
    እቲ መሬትካ ቀደም እተሓርጠ:-
    እንታይ ክብለካ – ኣፍካ ምስ ኣጽቀጠ ::

    …..ኣንታ ኣነስ ብልቦና ሓሲበ :-
    …..ብጾት ኢለ ወኻሩ ኣኪበ :-
    …..ተጋገኹ ፈራሕ ተዋሲበ :-
    …..እንሁልካ ብዕላል ዘቅቢበ::

    …..ድሓር ከ ኣ እምብዛ ምጥርጣር :-
    …..እምነት ኣልቦ ብዙህ ምምስጣር :-
    …..ምድብላቅ ፖሎቲካ ምዕጣር :-
    …..ምልክት ሞት እዩ ምንባር ዘይምንባር::

    ….ወዮ ህግደፍ ነዚ ረኺባ :-
    ….ሾሊኻ ት ኣቱ ሓሶት ደራሪባ :-
    ….ትምዝምዝ ድኽመታት ወሃዮ ሸሪባ :-
    ….ንንኡሽተር ነገር ትገብራ ክንዲ እምባ::

    ኣካን ከምኡ ሓቂ እዩ ትነገር:-
    ድሕሪት መሊሶምኻ ብዓል ፈገር መገር:-
    ሞት ሕጹይ ዓው ኢልካ ዘይንገር :-
    በል ድሓ ናይ ሕጁኻ ምኸር::

    በቃ ነዚ ድብልቅልቅ ኩነታት :-
    ሕውስውስ ዝበለ ጀግና ምስ ሃሱሳት:-
    ርሓቅ ‘ሞ ነብስኻ ወኪልካ :-
    ናብ በረኻ ውፈር ብረትካ ዓጢካ ::

    እምበር !
    ኣብ ትማሊ ዝነብሩ እናሓኸኹ ቁስሊ :-
    ደስ ዝብሎም ከሳሕዮም ምዝካር ትማሊ :-
    ዓቅሎም ዝሓዘኣ ኣነ እየ ብሃሊ:-
    ምክሳስ ምንሻው ገርይሮም እዮም ባህሊ ::

    ኣለኹ በል ግደፎም ተበገስ :-
    ሸቶ ዕላማኻ ነቲ ጎቦ የፍርስ ::

  • Pass the salt

    Thanks L.T
    Now tell us about Sirakn AbaHagu’un, a popular mini-drama in the 90’s.
    This was after you fled Eritrea. So you probably don’t know about it. But then you somehow know this kinds of things.

  • Pass the salt

    Selam kogne,
    What does ‘midada’ mean? I know it refers to shaebia, but I don’t know it’s meaning. Thanks.

  • ‘Gheteb

    “Badmnesia” And The Albatross Around The Necks Of The Eritrean Opposition Groups

    For those who want to touch base on what I have so far written about the Eritrean Oppositions groups, you can check my post entitled, “The Pathology Of The Eritrean Oppositions Groupings Et Al”


    First things first and let me say the following by way of disambiguation about the term ‘Badmnesia’. The term is a neologism I coined to mean ‘the amnesia of Bademe’. Yes I know that some will take exceptions and say that the issue of Bademe or Baduma is an almost forgotten issue and doesn’t loom large in the popular Eritrean political imaginations. And I hasten to counter that you couldn’t be more wrong on this issue.

    Here is what I have contended in my previous post:

    ” Well, the two years between 1998-2000 were literally a watershed years, not only because of the Ethio-Eritrean war, but also because it was during this very same two years that the Eritrean opposition groups committed strategic blunders that they have never admitted nor have even tried to rectify and they have been blundering in that path to nowhere since then.”

    Again, I know some would not waste a minute to aver that the Bademe issue is overtaken by other urgent and far more important issues that the Bademe issue is literally a moot issue and should not be even mooted these days at all. Again, I remind and warn them by saying you can keep wallowing in ‘Badmnesia’ at your own perils as if your political senescence and morbidity is not bad enough, in and of itself.

    Well, your political stances and other steps you may have undertaken has literally put you beyond the pale in the eyes of the Eritrean people. I have been saying this for the past fifteen years and now here comes Ambassador Andeberhan Welde Giorgis rendering a testimonial about ‘the Eritrean reactions’
    , I mean the visceral reactions, of an archetypical Eritrea vis-à-vis Eritrea and the Weyane facor. In his testimonial, the good Ambassador anecdotally narrates his encounter with an Eritrean family somewhere in the Southern Zone of Eritrea right on the heels of the Weyanes Third Offensive in 2000.

    The ambassador said something to the effect of that an Eritrean father told him during the coffee ceremony that when some members of the Eritrean oppositions groups came to their village in the shadow of the invading forces. When the members of the Eritrean opposition groups told the elderly man that they are “his sons”, the man retorted and unequivocally told them you are NOT my sons. My sons are back in the mountains fighting back and will return to us soon.

    Please, check the video link specially between 45 -50 minutes.

    What is also interesting about Ambassador Andeberhan and his Eritrean Forum is that they held their congress or conference, mind you, not in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia or Mekele, Tigray which the Eritrean oppositions figures are notoriously known to be habitués of, but in a far and not so far city of Nairobi in Kenya.

    The good ambassador not only seems to have learned a thing or two by listening and reading ‘the Eritrean mind’, I think he has saved and spared his Forum from perpetrating one of the strategic and cardinal sins. Well, the sin that has, for all intents and purposes, first emasculated the Eritrean oppositions groups and now has literally rendered them to be supinely in senescence.


    • Semere Andom

      Dear Gheteb:
      Let me take you on the following:
      Those who have ears must listen and those who have eyes must see, the eriteran opposition was not creared in the watershed years, they are as old as Eritrea. So, cousin the hallmark of an intellectual is telling the truth, it is the ony thing you need said a philosher of your caliber, so dear Gheteb tell it. The Eritean opposition not only did not commence in 1998, but it was I Ethioipia since its inception But those without ears and eyes could not see it, they were running for their lives.
      The hate against Ethiopia and the opposition is legendary, and I have yet to figure out what is it all about.
      Now, do me a favour can you ask the ambassador to ask the fathere if he would have the same feeling about the opposition 15 years after his teenage war raped in Sawa and fored to bay 50,000 when his adult son, who was snatched by PFDJ deserted.
      You want theopostion to be in Sudan so the men who wear sun glasses in the dead of the night otherwise known as “amne al-dewala” to hunt them and hand them to PFDJ, say it cuz
      You want the opposition not to be in a country with the second largest Eritean population.
      The albatross may kill the opposition, but it has nothing to do with right or wrong

  • Saleh Johar

    Make up your mind. You thought I was a member of an organization. Now you know (belatedly) I am not. Then you say that I am affiliated with Deleyti Fithi. But still you ask if I have tewelawali mergetz! Make up your mind. Until then, I was delay Fithi before the word Deleyti Fithi was popularized. Where were you Kogne? Anyway, welcome.

  • Mizaan1

    Gud, it is gud that you are being critical. I have no issues there. Nitricc does have a point and I wish he would come to defend his claim. But I will do it for him. Have you heard some people say ‘you put yourself in that position’ usually a losing position? The opposition is putting itself in a losing position by its utter failure to connect with the Eritrean people. If one or the other wins (IA v Opp, in a hypothetical election today), it is because in the eyes of the Eritrean people, it is the lesser of two evils or an evil is better than an unknown thing (could be angel or evil) or an unknown thing is better than a known evil. So there are many people who resonate Nitricc message not because IA’s popularity but because of the unpopularity of the opposition organizations.

  • haileTG


    Actually, last night. How close is that for you. Now go and ask Sophia/A Beisemariam when they were in Eritrea last. That would give you the logical answer and go from there. Don’t just let them take you on a ride.

  • Mizaan1

    Selam Gud. Haile goes to Eritrea frequently and I understood from a post somewhere that he has been there in the very recent past. Time is relative, I understand, but most people began formulating their stance against the regime in the early to mid 2000s, so even if he was there eight years ago, I would say not much would change in his conclusive findings that IA is not popular. This is no mystery to anyone but my earlier assertion was based on the mistrust Eritreans have on the opposition groups but haileTG is implying that IA is mistrusted more than the opposition groups. Hence he wouldn’t win an election as we speak.

  • tes

    Dear Awatistas,

    I am wondering if SGJ wrote this article to ENCDC when ever I read comments from Awate Forumers?

    @hailetg:disqus, I think we need to start ‘the heart-and-mind strategy” right here in this room. As I can see, we are using only our mind.

    @salehjohar:disqus I am so sorry when I read most of the comments. It is almost out of the topic. If Awate Forumers can disagree to this level, there is no wrong with the leadership of ENCDC.

    Let’s learn the art of Heart-Mind Strategy.


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear tes,
      I think this strategy will go with us everywhere. Here also the games were between heart and mind.
      Hey,I am going to put more poems under that article. don’t forget to read the poem titled “the pink color heart” Lol–.

    • Saleh Johar

      I have been saying that forever. People tend to throw their individual and their social weaknesses and shortcoming at the easiest basket, that of the opposition. I have a problem when one claims to be part of the opposition and then makes statements along “we” and “they.” Immediately after that, they lecture, “the opposition is fragmented and must unite to inspire people.” There are individuals who find it difficult to be inspired and do not want to own their weaknesses. Justice seekers have to do what they do best, fight with whatever they have, stay focused, and improve their performance. At the end, justice triumphs.

      But getting out of topic is the nature of such forums, but it is better here and we have to learn to live with it.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Here is a link to a paper that just came out in the academic circles, which deals directly with what’s being discussed in this space. Hope you find it useful.


    • Tzigereda

      Dear Bayan,

      This article has been quoted by at least three Awatistas in the last weeks.
      But there may be still some who might have also missed it.


      • Bayan Nagash

        Dear Tzigereda,

        My bad to think I can outpace Awatistas – the disadvantage in being part-time reader. As you kindly put it though, “there may be still some who might have also missed it.”

        Thanks dear.

  • dawit

    Dear Awatistas;

    I am having broblem understanding this “Pinky” staff. May be Guad Semmere Andom will explain it to
    me. From my limited knowledge of the opposition, and reading this Pinky writing of Mr. SJ imply that Eritrean have lost some coins and are supposed to look for it using flash light from the opposition camp. I understand there are different
    coins in this pinky parable; there are those who lost real gold coins. These are the Eritreans who were driven by Haile Sellasie genocidal war in the 60’s, 70s and 80s. Those are who lost their golden coins and have been suffering with their children and grand children in refugee camps in Sudan and others scattered around the globe. Then there are those Pinky Kegnazmatch and Grazmach who lost theie golden coin in exchange for fake or counterfeit coins they are holding, these include the EX-ELF bosses and Derg-cadres who are struggling to snatch that golden coin they lost. Those are also in charge of the opposition movement in the Diaspora. They want to restore their old titles, which they lost under the new Eritrea lead by PFDJ. Then we have the third group that lost an imaginary golden coin, the kind of electronic currency, which you can’t see it, smell it and touch it or feel it, but exist in the form of electronic signal of bits.
    These group include those who complain about the lack of democracy, freedom of speech, religion etc in Eritrea under PFDJ rule. They know they cannot get their in Eritrea, so they are flocking to Europe and America.

    Those who lost the real golden coins know exactly where they can find it. They can pack their belonging today and move to Eritrea, but . There is plenty of land and sea resources that can accommodate all Eritreans at home and in exile. But Kegnazmach Pinky would not let them go but help him find or recover his coin i.e exchanging his fake coin for the real coin from PFDJ. (to be continued)


  • haileTG

    Dear SGJ,

    With your deep knowledge of the opposition organizations and also the ENCDC, I find your presentation deeply educational and I hope they take notice. My one other observation here could be considered outside the thrust and theme of focus (which I respect) but and addition. If a child is struggling in their fractions work at math, it is not highly creative to suggest to them to sit down for fractions exercises one hour every evening. That could go either way. The child already dislikes fraction and has personalized sense of inadequacy in that particular area. Calling them to do more what they hate and know to be a failure at may end up causing them to be demoralized even more. It would be creative to first identify where their strength is (art, language, music, soccer basket ball….). You then set up one of those activity for one hour a day planned in a way that involves the skills of solving fractions. Say the kid likes soccer. You can mark a mini scale soccer field in your back yard to play on. The design would involve a lot of fractions calculations, but the child`s mind would happily engage because it is helping to make something the heart is on.

    I know those who hate everything about the opposition and dictate it to be everything they want it to be while they stare down at it with wielding their judgmental sticks. It won`t yield. What is the one single strength of the opposition and can we suggest the opposition to do more of that in a manner that it progressively gains ground on what it lacks.

    The good thing about PFDJ is you can`t be a PFDJ and regurgitate a mouthful about it day in day out (you are not that type by a stretch of my imagination btw). However, the opposition is bad camp uses this to further its destructive approach. The problem with that is only looking inside the opposition and then ending up with neatly and perfectly organized two dozen men. That doesn`t look at the big fight, i.e the very purpose of their existence. If we believe we can pressure PFDJ, why not the opposition. It may be best to define and make public calls for a ground that the opposition need to fight on (like the current issues of youth) and in doing that they will not only help the situation of the beneficiaries but also necessitate them to do many things that they are not doing now.

    Or it`s back to one hour fraction a day:)


    • Saleh Johar

      You are right abut the fraction. But what do you do with a kid who doesn’t learn fraction, he know it but the teacher and observer know it. He insists that you teach him while his earphones are plugged in his ears and is listening to something while you explain. After a while, the adviser screams and tells the student, hey, can you play the “saxophone”? Now here, take this instrument, and go to the furthest place on earth–blow it from sunrise to sunset, just leave the fractions alone.

      That exercise was done repeatedly for over a decade. If someone does not have a knack for fractions, he should find something else to do. If his skill and passion is in endless discussions, I wish he freezes his activity and after change comes, I promise to give him my vote to help him get into the parliament to discuss day and night. But if he cannot calculate how to get us there, he shouldn’t be in the way as a sore tskki 🙂

      Thank you for recognizing I am not into stereotypical opposition bashing business; I only sniff for the rotten potatoes. To me, exposing the opposition is Catch-22. When the foolishness reaches the rim, then there is no excuse., This time is has… for the umpteenth time. That is the dilemma HaileTG. Sometimes ignorance is a bliss, I am not lucky to be ignorant of what is happening because I made this my life calling and it takes its toll on me.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear Saleh,

        My question will be based from the last sentence you share with Haile-TG. From the last sentence I have understood that you made politics your life calling.That is exactly I see you by the way. You also told us that you are reporting as reporter – what you know in the opposition camp (not as opinion but report).

        • Saleh Johar

          Dear Emma,

          Please stop picking randomly. My last sentence in my response to HaileTG is “Sometimes ignorance is a bliss, I am not lucky to be ignorant of what is happening because I made this my life calling and it takes its toll on me.”

          I am not ignorant of what happens because I made following the opposition and the regime my life calling. Now help me understand: where did you get “you made politics your life calling”?

          Dear Emma, if you have to quote me, kindly do it properly.

          Finally, I am part of the parcel of the opposition camp. I report what I consider important information, I give my opinion as a person. There is not contradiction there, the contradiction is with some people having several hats and affiliations.

          I never said

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear SGL,
            But we can see some are exploiting this article.

          • Saleh Johar

            Of course! You didn’t expect that? Of course they will when their political “suq-bderetye” are exposed–they are not even a decent alley shack shops.

          • Ted

            Selamat SJ, you didn’t say any thing new what Eritreans don’t know or assume about opposition from outside. The difference is the acknowledgment of weakens of some groups from the man who knows the working of the opposition intimately. It is like a breath of fresh air to those of us who hang-on on the flickering light of opposition hoping some day it will come out from its long stagnation. You may have offended a few who still insist they are on the right path but you have touched positively far and wider audiences(Eritreans) by your candid and honest informed opinion who are dying see more efficient opposition. Don’t be insulted by those who try to kick you when you are down. It is not time to have thin skin. It is not Viliniki clique, did i say it right?

          • Saleh Johar

            You are right. I am not down, Eritreans are down. I just want people to act what the say. Believe me, I have a very thick skin otherwise I would have thrown the towel long ago. I am toughing my skin, it is taken from a crocodile, don’t worry about that. Do you want what frustrates me most? Untrue statements that are not even close to the truth. I think the worst challenge we have is to wrestle against our perceptions. We shouldn’t be stubborn–we should trust each other particularly when the motive is for the good of all of us. It just makes our endeavor unnecessarily difficult.

            It’s Valineki, “may you not be painted by their smell.” or “may their wind not hit you” Semere Andom will simplify that for you 🙂

          • Ted

            Hi SJ, Here is the quote from KS,” In fact I ask my leadership to be totally closed to the mass since the mass is confused.” i don’t know how much KS can influence his group but if he does, it is bad way of refuting or dealing with ” Untrue statements” or perception about opposition by closed out people understandably so making wild assumption. It is the two way street, i am glad your got your thick skin handy.
            ” Trust each other ………when the motive is for the good of all of us” It is all about tolerance, can we integrate thick skinness as a virtue in Heart/Mind discussion. After all skin is the largest organ in our body and also sense organ , it must count for something.
            Speaking of the devil,( semere the Gangsta), he already categorized me with satanists. If you count on him for simplification, my fate is sealed for good. I appeal you opt for different reference:-)

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Ted
            Thanks. I had those and similar other statements in mind when I replied to KS. Unfortunately, some areas are reserved for the chosen ones.

          • Saleh Johar

            I do t know KS’s influence on his party. But I do not agree with his remark on that specific issue. Ask him to explain.

            Semere is cool just like you. You need to loosen the tension and you will like him. He also needs to do the same I think.

            The skin is on me. I can’t change even if I wanted to. Rest assured dear.

          • Peace!

            Dear KoKhobai,

            As you may know we have rich culture with equally rich bank of proverbs and sayings, and one of the many useful sayings is “Haba’e Kuslu, Hab’e F’ewsu.” I wouldn’t worry so much about what “some” think of the article as they are stakeholders too.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Peace
            How did you read my mind? I just used that proverb in my response to KS!

          • Peace!

            Dear Mahmuday!

            What a coincidence, I haven’t even read it yet! Perhaps it is because I have found my voice, a million thanks to SJ!!


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Peace,
            that is nice one. he show to doctor and cure it. He should not be demoralized and tell the people he is going to die. and someone should not burn the wound to make it worst, don’t you think so. if I have a wound I will not tell everybody if that will not help. I will directly go to concerned and solve it scientifically… it is my body, you guys are not talking if opposition is part of you. even some of say the status qua is better —,PFDJ.

            as far as I know SGL brought this article from what he thinks and ask show what we should do. which I agree in most.

          • Peace!

            Dear KS,

            The patient belongs to people; therefore, public awareness is required when the patient’s issue raised for everyone to participate on its fate. In other words, the owners are the doctors, not a foreign doctor you have in mind. He is not even Ferenji!


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear KS
            That’s an unfortunate one. The only person debating you is selam, and she seems to be more logical and articulate. Tell me why you feel those oppositions belong to you more than to selam. Selam is calling for a stronger and united voice, and she is critical of their performance and rightly so. So why is it OK for some to criticize the opposition while it’s a “no…no…” for others? Brother face it with all the courage you summon; they say ሓባእ ቑስሉ ሓባእ ፈውሱ/he who hides his wound forfeits its cure. Therefore, KS be yourself, relax. If you feel people are exploiting the article, then go to your artistic self and give us some poems. I don’t need to tell you that but you know that selam is an innocent young lady willing to contribute under the right circumstances; she is just frustrated. It seems that she could not understand why some remnants of the oldies clog the opportunity of her generation. And everything is done behind dark curtains, in foreign lands, and funded by foreigners. Why she should not be frustrated? I completely support her. I wish we had many of her types. Unfortunately all of your answers seem to be defensive, dismissive, and at times arrogantly out of touch (as if you are the only one in control of the situation). So, please, this is not a business left to the “chosen” ones. Every Eritrean has the right to express their views freely since the subject affects all of us.

          • Saleh Johar

            Ahlan Mahmouday

            This is my last unsolicited advise on the matter, I will not do it anymore because you are bent on making such statements. And you sound so sure of your statement regarding what age group is the culprit in your statement. Your perception is totally wrong and I wish I could say more at this time. I also wish you could trust me on this. Partisan and age differences have nothing to do with it. I know that. You are doing a disservice to the opposition that you want to be cleaned when you are hindering even those who are attempting the clean it up. Please, at least refrain from making unfounded remarks. “T’khormyeni” you are wrong.

          • Semere Andom

            Abu Saleh:
            Sega Gadi,Sega Philip, sga AbdulKader, even sga Semere hawey will do. Not Thamsheshi
            and since you were once tasked to read abune zesemayt, Maryam adey will do as well 🙂

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Ustaz Saleh

            Thank you for the last unsolicited advice. I have to admit that it’s with deep sadness that I am reading this. I wish all my assertions were wrong, unfortunately, they are not. You have written an article and I consider it as a bold move. My comments are solely mine. The last comment you are replying to was not addressed to you. It was addressed to KS who said that some were exploiting your article. Regretfully, you agreed with him in a mocking reply. I am at loss here. Let me start with the central line of the reply.

            You are telling me that “partisan and age difference have nothing to do with it.” It seems this is the one that got you to write that reply.
            But here is what you wrote in your article:
            “the “anbibka aHlif” messages written in small slips that individuals passed to the next like-minded (or potential) person. With all of that fresh in my mind, I warned about the risks of today in my first article “An Office full Of Mice“, after my return from Awassa loaded with disappointments. The destructive activities are still going on;”

            If this is not partisan then what is it? You also said this to Amanuel, “Yes, we all claim to be working within the opposition, but some of us are partisan elements and others are not. In my view, partisan politics is damaging the opposition”
            So, clearly, you are stating that partisanship has killed the opposition, which is absolutely true.
            Well, It becomes a taboo only when it is implied by poor Mahumuday. The only stereotypical reference I mentioned is “oldies”. Now, tell us if the political leadership forum is open and enticing for the youth and women. Tell us if it is dynamic, transparent democratic…friendly…trusting…You can go rewrite your article. But that’s what I have been saying all along since I joined this forum. And now you are telling me my perception is wrong!

            Dear Saleh:

            I have an utmost respect for you. But I am not willing to entertain paternalistic attitudes. Either I am a full person free of mental bondage or I am not a person. I am deeply offended by your “…you are bent on making such statements….sound so sure of your statement … Your perception is totally wrong and I wish I could say more at this time…”

            Let me be clear, as long as I continue respecting the rules of this forum, and as long as I enjoy the good will of the administrators, I refuse to be treated as a lower caste. The opposition is the result of violated citizenry. I feel equally violated and I have equal right to voice my opposition the way I see it appropriate. There are no licensors, as far as I am concerned, that I look up to decide my “membership” or “belonging” status. The reason why I get involved in this forum is because we are talking about a national project. Any person who writes under “Eritrea and “Eritreans” should expect that Eritreans will challenge them, criticize them, even condemn them when they do wrong. There is no sacred cow here. The notion that we should trust few privileged in dealing with matters that affect our future is disastrous. We have been down that road before.

            Last point: I am here because of my believe that something good might come out of the existing oppositions. Every comment that I make is devoted to emboldening readers to ask more, not to trust few self appointed opportunists who have hurt our nation by “demoralizing” (your assertion) our youth and sapping up their appetite to play their role in challenging the regime; I care because as you said, ” No national project can succeed when it is led by political bastards,” The era of “trust us” must end. ዘመነ እመኑና ምስ ህግድፍ ክቅበር ኣለዎ።
            In conclusion: With all due respect, my comments are mine, and the last thing I want to see is coercion. I will defend my independent positions fiercely. Either I am a full participant or I am not a participant.
            Thank you.

          • Saleh Johar

            Allan Mahmouday,
            A few clarification: when I say partisan you understand it as ELF-EPLF, you always have that prism. To me that thing is dead. I meant to tell you the eggs ha hatched. You insist on bringing the hens.

            When I respond to KS I never had you in mind. If I want to say something to you I will say it. Read my comment specifically a response to KS. It was not to you. I wish you believe that.

            You tend to load social grievances on the opposition. I say it is unfair. The entire society is responsible for the state of women and youth. By the way, I am not into appeasing youth, women, or “oldies” in social issues. Don’t throw it on the opposition as if you are not part of it.

            The rest in unnecessary fat and I prefer to skip it. If you do not accept fires ion, what makes you believe I accept blackmail?

            Let’s cool down Mahmuday. We are fine.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Saleh
            I never mentioned nor implied anything to that extent (EPLF/ELF partisanship). We are talking about the opposition and I am using your own assertions.You accuse me as if I am using EPLF/ELF prism? That’s unfair, to say the least. That’s your interpretation not mine. Believe me, I read the attitude all over the wall. Furthermore, I’m not that arrogant to try to blackmail you, nor have the motive to do so, but again, you are saying it; nowadays, strange things just happen. “The rest” have nothing to respond to. They are anchoring personal beliefs around which I form my opinions.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mahmuday,

            The real culprit in the politics of the opposition in particular and in the public in general is “Mistrust”. Others as pointed out by brother Saleh are symptoms that exhibit from it, including “partisanship”. Remember the accusation in itself is partisan. As long as pluralistic politics existed partisan politics do exist. Partisan politics are manageable and are easy to resolve them. But mistrust which took generation to take roots in to our politics is not that easy. So our focus should be on finding basic solution to our mistrusts. The rest is the game of politics of multi-parties and multi-organization.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Amanuel
            Thank you, I do agree. Although, Saleh wants us to believe that Mr.Rolex has long died, we are still suffering from the ghost. Time permitted, I will reply to you, see also HTG reply.

          • saay7

            Selamat Emma:

            I actually agree with you that the core issue is mistrust. Further, I also agree with you that as long as there are parties, there will always be partisanship: why else would parties exist then.

            But I think you limit the mistrust to that among Eritreas social groups. I think the mistrust is layered here:

            1. Mistrust among opposition leadership who had a long history of keeping score. In many cases, its like a divorced couple forced to live together and be nice “for the sake of the kids.” What kind of relationship is the EPDP going to have with ELF? What kind of relationship are the Islamist going to have with one another? What kind of relationship are those who have taken diametrically opposed positions going to have where there is no parliamentary tradition of people having fierce debates in the parliament and then meeting for drinks afterward;
            2. Mistrust among what you call the social groups (directly related to the above, I think. And some from maybe eons ago.
            3. Mistrust that they will take the opposition and tell foreign nations and organizations: “I am your man. Partner with me and let’s destroy our mutual enemy.”
            4. Mistrust they they will take the opposition and tell PFDJ “I am your man: let’s partner and defeat our common enemies.”

            What we need is WaEla Bet Giorgis II where everybody meets and issues a joint declaration that they will never place any other agenda (ethnic, religious, ideology) over that of National Socereignty. They do that and they don’t have to write a 5-point plan on how they will defeat the PFDJ. The fact that they have listened to the people’s concerns, that in itself, will be a telling contrast with the PFDJ which never listens but lectures.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Saay,

            Good moring. I am glad you find something we agreed on, in our dirty Eritrean politics. Not that I like it, but I will give my prediction as to how we will end up after the demise of the dispot, if it will happen in the near future, in the coming edition of “tebeges”. On your comment I will get back to you later this evening.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Nitricc

            Hi Aman; I don’t think it is the mistrust that the major problem on your comp is; rather, it is the lack of understanding the mentality and the real desire of the majority Eritreans. Let me give a clue; if open, fair and clean election to be hold in Eritrea’s today; PIA will beat any on your toothless opposition leaders by landslide margin. This is the very fact the opposition failed to chew and understand.

          • saay7


            The real question is not whether Isaias Afwerki would win a landslide election in a free and fair election. The real question is whether, knowing what u know about him, would you vote for him. Take your time answering it. The wrong answer and Mahmuday will get sole custody over your mentorship.


          • Mizaan1

            Sal, I think Nitrcc is making a good point here. Rightfully or wrongfully, IA probably would win in a landslide. The opposition parties have not even remotely been able to make a case for themselves with the diaspora Eritreans who are much better off and probably substantially more informed than the people back home. So if the oppo groups cannot even make a point with the people right next to them, how in the heck would they talk to the people in Eritrea? IA would make them look like idiots from Mars or something.

          • haileTG

            Dear Mizaan,

            One of the big problem in diaspora is not knowing what is it like in Eritrea. In this day and age anyone who thinks IA would win (forget in a landslide) in Eritrea is from mars. That also betrays deep underestimation of of Eritreans in Eritrea. The most credible and with a depth to reckon with opposition to IA that I ever witnessed was in Eritrea itself. If that didn’t convinced me, I would never have hoped for better days for Eritrea let alone oppose the regime. IA would lose with embarrassing result in Eritrea. Zura emo hagerka, TemT teazeba..:-)

          • Mizaan1

            Hailat, that’s great to hear and I am not going to argue for the sake of simply not conceding. I like to ask you and also Saay, however, how would we overcome the deep mistrust Eritreans have on the diaspora organized opposition groups and intellectuals? Ab wetsae dilayom yibeliu yisetyu nerom hiji n siltan yigoyu alewu. That’s my speculation of how people would react. Like Haile said, what do we go and tell to someone in emni haili or shambko because we don’t know what their everyday issues are except the general economic hardships.

          • haileTG

            Hey Mizaan,

            Here is the order of priority:

            1 – Oppose the regime at home and diaspora

            2 – support transitional government in Eritrea

            3 – Support and work for peace, democracy and development to take hold in the building the country after that.

            No one is entitled, everyone have to work to earn their position. If a diaspora man/woman holds better promise, they will be elected, if a local man does so they too stand equal chance.

            Our problem is declaring a diaspora fifdom, assuming the opposition our legitimate government of this fifdom and spending our time opposing the opposition than the regime in Eritrea. When we give a little space to each other and see each other through the heart’s eye, you will find there is less to mistrust and more to unite us. If we can’t find unity by our mind alone, lets try it by our heart. Encourage opposition to get into what matters to the current youth and the hearts will pull us towards each other. Too much behind the desk politics is rendering the mistrust you see.


          • Mizaan1

            haileTG, now I am going back and blame Nitricc for all these because he put the cart before the horse in suggesting that at the moment “IA would win in a landslide…” You have convinced me otherwise citing your visit in Eritrea and I trust the guy who has recently been to Eritrea than the one who has never been there. Case closed. IA loses by a landslide.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi HTG,

            You say:

            ” When we give a little space to each other and see each other through the heart’s eye, you will find there is less to mistrust and more to unite us.”

            heart’s eye? What are you saying here, HTG? well, you may say it is a neologism straight out of “Heart Politics Central” under the leadership of HTG. But, but, but. The claim of a new coinage won’t hold water here. The term is already spoken for to mean something else. Here is one of them:

            “heart eyes

            when you stare at someone fondly and people who doesnt know your relationship can tell that you are attracted to her/him

            random person: ah, are you two dating?
            jim: no, why do you ask that?
            random person: because you were looking at her with heart eyes”


            Well, that was the cardio version of the eye. Now check what the neuro version of the eye rendered below.

            ” The phrase “mind’s eye” refers to the human ability to visualize, i.e., to experience visual mental imagery; in other words, one’s ability to “see” things with the mind.”

            Mind’s eye – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Again with apologies HTG, I find all your heart/mind politics to be highly undigested and utterly difficult for me to even commence chew on it !

          • haileTG

            Dear Gheteb,

            I beg to differ. You’ve actually chewed on it well and raised some credible questions with your previous comment. I was a little busy because I was in a middle of discussion with saay and time didn’t permit me to address your questions properly. I tend to manage few long answers (1 or 2) per day and several short one’s as needed. The longer answers tend to take more time naturally.

            Thank goodness that people don’t go around armed with Wikipedia and other dictionaries on an average sunny day. They relate to the topic and fare reasonably well with assigning contextual meanings to what is said to them.

            The heart politics as you put it and as it relates to what I am saying goes back long way back. If it wasn’t mine being exclusively related to the current problems, it would have been understood as what is pejoratively known in political circles as populist ideology. But my use of it doesn’t go beyond the current miseries to propose a way forward for national political philosophy.

            As a matter of fact, there is no valid political premise to wage a struggle in Eritrea other than through identifying the current hardship of the youth and people and center the movement there.

            I can’t struggle to motivate Eritreans to invest and prosper their country, because that avenue for free enterprising is cordoned off by the regime. I can’t struggle to motivate Eritreans to only use migration to better themselves and their country in a safe manner because their right to movement is cordoned off. I can’t struggle to motivate Eritreans to develop institutional approach to peace and democracy, because they were told to go to the moon to that or wait half a century. I can’t struggle to motivate Eritreans to focus on progressive social reform through education, because their right to better themselves through choices of their free will has been cordoned off. The only venue open to struggle to motivate Eritreans is stand together in support of one another to overcome the perils of refugee camps, deserts and high seas. To use the opportunity to forge alliances among each other through doing so. And, to transform that alliance into mobilizing force to solve their challenge for once and for all. That requires recognizing the problems of your fellow people, organizing to mitigate their problems and uniting to deliver bigger results by having organizational network even at the level of practical initiatives that would be too much for one small organization or individual. Such an approach has a driving and fueling need that is organic and authentic. If you see the video of Bologna, you have the luxury to ponder if those helping really mean it or are serving some grand designs. However, if your sister or mother is one of those being assisted you may have a different perspective. If you don’t trust me, look at the public response to the video, look at how wedi vacaro pulled more people (one of his main focus was opening offices to help refugees), look at Abba Mussye and the youth and the same with others. It is organic and you will be able to deploy nothing, short of matching it, to change its course.

            Most popular political leaders are known for their work in the field of heart politics (to use your term). I can’t remember the last time I heard of a smart politician elevated to their level simply for being smart. The essence of fighting oppression is rooted in identification with sufferings. Please read the history of 1980 Latin American movements, examples abound. But the scope of what I am saying is we need to challenge the PFDJs evil of hiding the worst catastrophe befalling our people. And the politics of centering at the suffering of the people is what such politics has always been (although the regime forgot its recent history. too bad power corrupts).

            Supporting or opposing EU aid to Eritrea (regime, depending how you see it) has its own rational. All opposition doesn’t take the same position on that. But, as far as morality is concerned, no one expects to trust PFDJ to loosen its grip because of the aid. If it can then there is no reason to wait for handout to do it, it can start right away. Some people don’t want to be fooled twice.


          • ‘Gheteb

            Hello HTG,

            Here are my takes on your rejoinder.

            (1) I take exceptions and couldn’t disagree more. Don’t be so sure that these days people don’t carry a dictionary or Wikipedia with them with the ubiquity of smart phones and tablets and virtually all the needed information is at their fingertips. The point I was trying to sensitize you to was the importance or paramountcy of using appositely correct words for someone trying to flesh out certain notions such as what you have dubbed as “strategic concept”. I have to admit also that you have already overburdened the heart with erroneously assigned tasks and here you were erringly adding more tasks to the poor human blood pumping machine, the heart, with the information that the optic nerves carry to the brain. No wonder that the correct term is “mind’s eye” and not “heart’s eye”.

            (2) You say:

            “The only venue open to struggle to motivate Eritreans is stand together in support of one another to overcome the perils of refugee camps, deserts and high seas.”

            Of course, I read all the encumbrances and hurdles that you have rattled off in ‘motivating Eritreans’ in myriad pursuits. Even if I was going to vouchsafe that and concur with you that is the case, I still disagree with you that social works and communal help and what have you, to be the centerpiece of a grand political strategy in the struggle against the PFDJ. I maintain that social works and helping those in need in your neck of the woods is one thing and political works and struggle is quite another. Both can’t and should never be conflated and must be pursued separately. That is my main beef with ‘cardio-politics’ or ‘heart politics’.

            (3) Those who are trying to extend a helping hand to Eritrean refugees for whatever it is that is impelling them to embark on those endeavors, let me state this simple fact. Now don’t tell me that there are NOT a plethora of charity oriented organizations in the West who are well equipped and financed to handle issues pertaining refugees and whatnots. I mean why don’t you guys and gals concentrate on your primary political mission of struggling to overthrow the PFDJ regime by galvanizing the Eritrean diaspora so that they will rally around your political causes? Again, why are you literally politicizing a humanitarian effort? Well, could it be that the shortest line between two points being a straight line that you are trying to use these ‘refugees helping thing’ and transform it into some sort of political activism. Well, here it is and you are saying it.

            ” It is organic and you will be able to deploy nothing, short of matching it, to change its course.”

            “Change its course”, Hmmm…. is that what you are saying, HTG?

          • saay7


            Well there is the Tunisian model and the Egyptian model.

            Egyptian model: Mohammed Al Baradae, returns to Egypt after its revolution. The West said he has a great resume: UN arms control, home in Geneva, fluent English, wears a suit. The Egyptians said Mohammed who? He was Prime Minister for a week, then when things turned sour, he went back to his real home: Geneva.

            Tunisian model: exiled moderate Islamist Alganoush returns home. Thousands receive him at the airport. His party, Alnahda party (no association:) wins a plurality, forms a unity government, they write a new constitution.

            As I have said to Emma many times, Tunisia is least like us, least like any other Arab country. My point is ask yourself which exiled Eritrean would be received by thousands at the airport? Who has grassroots support?

            All this assumes of course that the leaders and the party won’t come from within.


          • Mizaan1

            Good explanation Saay. I think SGJ would be received very well in Eritrea because he promotes tolerance, equality, and restore and respect your roots approach and he is compassionate. I have the same values. You can practice your customs and religion in any form you like so long as you do not violate others rights. Even national service, to those who can prove they cannot carry arms, you just simply have them do the civilian portion of it. I am sure Emma would be great too because of very similar qualities. I do not know many other personalities in the organized opposition but the activists in this website would be extremely popular too.

          • Nitricc

            Ato Haile; since you know it all, I rather shut the hell up and let you satsfay your ego. However; it won’t be me if I let you flip flap on this one. When it suits you; you go all out rant how the Eritreans are dehumanized and right outright killed by one man and you lash out how the people failed to do anything and the again; when it suits you; you have no problem declaring “That also betrays deep underestimation of of Eritreans in Eritrea”
            Which one is it Haile? if I am underestimating and disrespecting the people inside Eritrea; why are they remind in silence when their kids are shoot to death; drown in high sea? If there is the deepest opposition inside; why is the government standing and in full control? So, which one is it, Ato Haile?

          • saay7

            Mizaan: that’s why I added the “free and fair” qualifier. When u do that, many dictators have been humbled (the Sandanistas in Nicaragua, for example.) if it is free and fair and he wins, that’s where “the people have the right to be wrong” comes handy. In any event, to go all Rumsfeldian on you, “there is the known known, there is the known unknown, there is the unknown known, and there is the unknown unknown.” We file your hypothetical in the last category. I am actually more interested in whether Nitricc would vote for Isaias even if his opponent is a sack of dentures.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Hala Hala Nitriccay,

            ኣየ ኸ — “መሬት እንተትግምጠል ክዑንቲ ምበላዕዕና በለት ህበይ” famous proverb of the day.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Mahmud:
            The foreign land will protect the opposition from going to Ela-Ero and the foreign funds is halal, please do not make it harem.
            There is mixing up criticizing the opposition and their incompetence they have exuded so far. It is not the opposition of our dreams, rem when we were young and glamorized that we will be on our feet to grill the government as opposition:-) but it is the opposition we have. Some Eritreans took a great risk and stood to PFDJ from day one, from the first speech and against the first speech. The opposition that we have today as Saleh said is riddled with secrets reminiscent of the ghedli era. Saleh a I am paraphrasing 🙂
            Intellectuals must tell and warn, artists must use their art to also tell and warn and the public must listen and remember, celebrate dissent, celebrate freedom of thought. If this freedom of thought is not internalized by Eritreas 1000 Bishas will not solve our problems. I know that you know this, I am just acting like “muAzin”, reminding people that “ena al-selatun kannat ala ala-almuemnunin kitabeten muweqta”, but Al-Jemhuriyun will interpret that differently 🙂

          • Saleh Johar


            Since you made me laugh, you deserve Beqshish. here is the lead news from shabait of today (the guy tasked with monitoring PFDJ media has absconded). Read and pick the quotable quote on the first paragraph, the insightful data on the second paragraph, and more insightful quote on paragraph three. Good luck finding any useful information on it:

            Massawa, 01 June 2015 – The Administrator of the Northern Red Sea region, Ms. Tsegereda Woldegergis, said that active public participation in agricultural development is vital as regards realization of set goals to this end.

            She made the statement at an assessment meeting of the achievements registered by the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the region. The Administrator also noted the significance of active role on the part of local and Area administrators in promoting mass participation in this regard.

            Moreover, Ms. Tsegereda stressed the need for ensuring close cooperation among agriculture experts and the farming community so as to boost output.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear SA
            Two years and the same pushbacks, tell me if you don’t see ኪድ ኣይትበሎ ከምዝኸይድ ግበሮ ganging up on individuals who oppose PFDJ but don’t confirm fully to the existing stagnant political opposition (I am not referring to efforts which are made by the youth, professionals, civic forums, dedicated individuals…which are the once making the difference); tell me if I am wrong, few individuals in this forum have been making the same appraisals SGJ has done; you know how those individuals have been treated. You need to be fair. So, who is the one who really wants an effective opposition? The ones who call for a sober assessment; the ones who call for the opposition to unite, to respect the expectation of Eritreans or those who say “don’t touch it”? Is it those who think the opposition is an Eritrean proposition or the ones who believe they have the sole say on who is genuine opposition and who is not? I mean we have to be really candid and intimate Semere. Look how your uncle SAAY is treated by folks who have not done 1/100 of what he has done to embolden the spirit of fighting injustice. I’m here, a man who has no connection what so ever with PFDJ, who blame PFDJ of blundering the blood and sweats of my comrades, and still I am not genuine enough for some. It’s sad and pathetic. At some point courtesy or majamala must end. I fully understand your opinion, and by the way it’s one of those uplifting and inviting comments that you come up with once in a season (cheers). I do understand we have what we have. But if you read all my comments with open mind, they emanate from my wish that we can have a better organized opposition if citizens participate in opining about and calling on the leaders to do better…
            Good Night and thanks.

          • haileTG

            Dear Mahmuday,
            Let me give a two cent’s here. You’d never be able to appoint a child minder against the intuition and gut feeling of the parent. Those that win the confidence of the parent are tolerated to even discipline the child but a nanny appointed against the parent’s intuition is followed around and a war is ready to go off the minute she steps into anything like raising a voice to the kid. People have intuition and they are not really reprimanding anyone but engaging in a “civil war” defend their turf when they lack trust that a criticism is really such but rather a manipulation to sell desires they have systematically detected from a whiff of things in the air:) So, they not giving or refusing license rather getting friend or foe signal and engaging or disengaging in a war of equals. Hope this helps, Regards

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear HTC
            Thanks, again. That’s exactly what I sense.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Mahmuday:
            Let us distill our ideas on the opposition and call it the Mahmuday Sal conjecture and also give some credit to iSem for some help:
            1, Opposing PFDJ in any version is noble, reforming it will not do, a reformed felon is almost a proverb 🙂
            2. The opposition has performed poorly in the easiet environment to oppose, that is the blunder and crime prone PFDJ has given them ample opporuties to help them galvanize the people and they failed, with every opportunity by the “generousity” of PFDJ they have regressed.
            3. If we make it easy for the opposition, feel sorry for them for their hardship we are doing disservice to the country, we must critize them mercilessly. Not to do so is the unti-thesis of what we are trying to accomplish, a democracy some enties oppostiing the government in parliament. Oppositio is good, it sharpens the government, its raises issues, it helps the people to be aware and empower them to put their destiny on their own hands.
            4. Any job comes with a hazard, if you have thin skin do not be in politics, if yiu want to develop think skin, take SGJ’s crash course on that:-)
            5. Criticizing the opposition, its usquandering of the golden opportunities, its secretive ajedas, its dalliances with Ethiopia, its lack of cohesion, it lack of singular focus to undo PFDJ ignoble behavior is embarrassing for the people and the country, so critisixe it, we must and you Mahmuday, Sal and are critics of the oppostions. I am also a critic and Sal know me better and he told you. My problem is when the PFDJ and is supprtes here and everwhere say that they are not Eritreans, theya re sellouts, they are Woyane, they are agame. And many times you insinuated those lingering feeling , even questioning their very location, it is the perfect location:-)
            The tendency of the endangered speices of PFDJ supports to criticize every slight and colossal mistakes of TPLF in their country but to embrace the criminality of PFDJ as a blessing is sin that must be punished.
            Actaully to me Eritrea is better off without a government and I said that the help from Ethiopia must be good,

          • Ted

            Selamat Semere, i want to be first to say “ata Himaq” before the Great MS beats me to it 😉 Let me reply it in numbers.

            1, Don’t go over your head that you need to live in a real world . You are not even close to be worthy opponent to demand PFDJ the slightest form of reform. You are not even worthy partner to your peers who are fighting for justice that you render them to be worthless for Eritrean cause.

            2. You have no spine of your own to stand up for the people but count on the weakness of your enemies for your success. Did it occur to you as weak PFDJ is in public support they are also working hard to regain control while you sit on your thumb counting days.

            3. Why don’t you tell us why you failed in your neck of the wood(Toronto) as yourself claim to be the lead thug against PFDJ. What went wrong in your area to galvanize Eritreans under one cause before barking on the wrong tree ” we must criticize them mercilessly”

            4.The thick skin what dear SJ talking about is different from your kind of thick skin. SJ talks about tolerating ill intention comments disguised as genuine justice seekers. You on the hand are all about deflecting responsibilities and being defensive. You have thick skin for flip flopping that no shame can penetrate it through, not the same.

            5. When Great MS and yesterday SJ told me you are cool guy who occasional go berserk frustrated by slow/no progress of the opposition, i tend to believe them then again you bring things like this “Actaully to me Eritrea is better off without a government and I said that the help from Ethiopia must be good”. you are not making any easier who are rooting for you them thinking some how you will get your senses back.

            Criticizing TPLF by PFDJistas should be the least of your worries, of course unless…..your one leg is already there.

            I thought you have a bet with Saay not to mention TPLF.

          • Semere Andom

            Let me tell u also “ata sheyat yehwatu” before someone beats me
            We did not fail in Toronto, Toronto is liberated, one of the cities to be liberated first, like Nacfa and the enemy has not returned.
            About help from Ethiopia, you will not understand that, you it will dawn on you that it takes guts to say that, it will take a genius to get that help
            You can dream it, but PFDJ’s fate has being sealed, they will forever be remembered as the criminal, “gzat PFDJ” will be an adage.
            One more thing, the comment was not meant for you, you can reply to it. You want to reform, good luck but before you do they will castrate you. But before you debate me, know your country, roam it, not physically as in Zura emo, but roam it historically, culturally above all roam you country politically and struggle wise
            Saleh Gadi said 2 years ago, I think in Italy that the struggle succeeded by telling its people how gallant and courageously they were fighting the enemy. He is right, the ghedli spoke the truth. But to say the same now is a lie, I am telling you the truth, the people know it that they have not shown courage, if you want to tell them that they are polite they will tell you hagerawi Ted, but they will laugh at you after you leave, if I tell them what I told you, cus they are hagerwawian they will frown, but when I leave they will say,” haqqi zereba, ab megdi babru deqis Sem:-)

          • Ted

            Hi semere, hahha, clever but deceptive, i take one point off for mischief. You added a whole paragraph as if you said it to elicit reaction from the people(Asmara and keren) but in your unedited version, it was a stand alone comment what you want to convey that we are doomed unless Ethiopia intervene. The Toronto thing , i didn’t doubt you are able gangsta to terrorize Eritreans doing their regular chores, the question is are you able to organize them against PFDJ?

          • Semere Andom

            there is no unedited version Asmara and Keren were there. Please indulge in my comments when you are sober , meaning over dosing with milk
            I told them the truth about PFDJ, they know the crimes, I cannot hold their hands, they adults. But Like Nacfa, Toronto has been liberated for ever.
            Also, I never said Eritrea is better without government, again read before imbibe too much of the white stuff:-)

          • Ted

            Hi, Semere, i wean off the the “white stuff” when i join Awate university and will blame on you if i ever relapse. The truth about PFDJ is out in the open for every Eritrean to witness which doesn’t need your aggressive approach to make them understand it. You have failed to harness this sentiment” I cannot hold their hands,” by ignoring their fear and misconceptions. I hope you become some day humble enough to understand your misgivings dealing with Toronto Eritreans in a way benefit all of us. You need to learn the act of luring the people to the better path with less hate of PFDJ and more love to the people so they wouldn’t see you as another PFDJ like organization in the making.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Ted:

            You are getting better, I admit and if you do not misrepresent people, that is tell the truth once in a while, it will become a habit, and then you will not have a place in PFDJ nation:-)

            As to less hate to PFJDJ, Ted, we need to hate PFDJ, that is we need to again hate crime like we did in 1961, do not buy into the self-help stuff hate is too strong, it is just a word that describes the feeling opposite of love:-)

            The people know PFDJ as you said but they need to know about themselves, just do not dump all on ONLY on those who took the risks to oppose that is what am saying. We as people must be called for our complacency and hypocrisy for embracing PFDJism until it became too formidable to challenge. The idea that the people are always right is wrong sir, th people make mistakes, and is dangerous because the tyrant can send the them to the slaughter house in mass. You keep hammering the opposition failed to organize the people, we also know that, I am telling us, the people that we decided no to think and became clapping morons, not only that, we are gusty when we walk the seas and deserts but cowards under a civilian Rashaida with a stick suddenly suffering amnetia of our military training and battlefield heroism. Just do not praise the people as MS called it mujamella. Like the opposition we were given ample opportunieto face PFDJ, instead we embolden them.

            At the end of the day regardless of the opposition the people must decide whether to have Eritrea as a nation or let it became no man’s land because there is no free ride, the people cannot just shrug their shoulders and blame the opposition, majority or minority silence is not an option.

            If the trend continues my friend Ted will not need brains cells to milk the cows, he may be given the milk for free but the price will be very expensive, it will be water. In economics water is considered to be a Grifin product, a product whose demand increases with even the increase of its price

          • Ted

            Hi semere, if telling the truth take me to PFDJ nation, so be it.;-) are you going to dwell on insisting people are wrong? Think again, people don’t want to be told what to think and do. If you are politician you would say your piece now and then and walk away to make the people decide for their own because people don’t need to be lectured to know the dire situation of their country, it is the family matter we all know intimately. “we were given ample opportunity to face PFDJ, instead we embolden them.” There you have it, you are pissed off at the people ” the people cannot just shrug their shoulders and blame the opposition”, Your anger at Eritrean is getting the best of you, may be all the resentment could be because people show some reservation on your proposal how about to bring change or could it be you are wrong what the reality holds in the future Eritrea.. At this point and time, with all its blunders, PFDJ has the upper hand that you need to work with what you have and adjust according the dynamics of politics. Your attitude and some in this forum belittling and portraying Eritreans as a worthless force for change only do us harm , it isolate the people from the struggle further.

            No thank you i don’t need milk,

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mohamuday,

            first wasn’t for her. today you are mixing things. I don’t know why but the answer for SGL was for me and you are so sensitive you thought it is for you. and here you thought I am talking about her. not at all it is just general.

            But yes you may have seen my arguments with her. In fact I am always telling her to change her way of thinking. But sorry to say you don’t want her I think. it is not because you are bad but because you are cute and she is curechange is difficult for you (I think Lol ) but can’t help she will change sure one day.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear KS
            You know what our people say when they here such gibberish: n’adeKa maay wredela, “smart Alec” sort of.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mahmuday,
            love it. so use your mind and heart and Nab maay zelewo khid.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan k KS
            Well, i love Your reply too. I would have done so but my mom needs no water. She is in good hands.
            How do you say n’adeKa maay wredela in English? SAAY, HTG, Mizaan1, Beyan, Gual Adem. ..Ghehteb. ..SemA. ..any English nerd?

          • saay7


            Until iSem comes up with the definitive tinglish, and Gheteb with its Latin origin, we say “go fetch water for your mama.” Dear God, I hope this won’t deteriorate in your mama jokes. Stay put, Shum!


          • Mizaan1

            Mahmud, I am humbled you put me in the class of Saay, Gheteb, HTG, etc.

            My best shot here: Americans use the slang ‘baloney’ to express disagreement with a ‘pretentious or silly talk or writing.’

            Gheteb and Saay are walking dictionaries so I like to hear their take.

          • haileTG


            You say it “Use your mother to water slide” Thnx

          • Mizaan1

            HTG et. al., I like the flow of these discussions today. Very witty and spontaneous and unpremeditated. Keep it rolling.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Mahmuday,

            Good morning Brother. We will discus why I was not included on your list of ‘English gurus” some other time, but the bold in this poem has the closest meaning to what we mean when we say “n’adeKa maay wredela.”

            Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
            Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
            Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
            But only one mother the wide world over
            ~George Cooper
            Did you know your house is only 48 miles from mine? Next time, let’s keep that in mind.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hey FG
            What a blunder brother! How could not I include you there?
            Thanks for the poem. Please me friend me fb so that we can meet. The first invitation is on me.

          • Peace!

            Dear Mahmuday,

            The ironic is that those who defend the opposition Groups seem to have an acute sense of entitlement for the camp.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Peace
            Ah, boy! You have come with an appropriate diagnosis. True.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mahmudasy,

            ዋይ ክትክእለሉ መቸም ትጨብጠኒ ልብን ርእስን ደባሊቅካ ትሰርሕ መዓተንኛ ኢኻ :

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Saleh,

            If you are part and parcel of the opposition camp, as I do, are we not politicking and supporting the views of the organizations that matches to our view, while we are looking a workable umbrella for all the oppositions? Second, if you are reporting, don’t be irritated when you face with questions regarding your report? That is natural and you should expect. If it isn’t reporting, then tell us that it your opinion. And opinion will be matched by opinion. But a reporting will be scrutinized for its validity. So my point is you can’t be a reporter and opinion maker at the same time, for the same issue. If we are in politics unless our wording is straight and crystal clear, they are subject to interpretation.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Saleh Johar

            Dear Amanuel,
            I appealed to you not to misrepresent me and you do it again after a few minutes.

            Let me explain:

            1. Yes, we all claim to be working within the opposition, but some of us are partisan elements and others are not. In my view, partisan politics is damaging the opposition.

            2. We all claim to be working to form an opposition umbrella, but some of us scream “inclusive” etc, but work hard for hegemonic goals.

            3. You third point that you numbered “second”: I was lost if that was a statement or a question. I will go with the earlier. You told me not to “be irritated when [I] face ” questions. Now is it a statement, a question, or an advise? I will consider it a statement and I will use Saay’s formula to prove my point. I will let you ask ten-members of this forum is I was irritated by your question based on my comments here–the same comments that you and the would-be arbitrators saw. Ask, just in case, but hey will tell you I was as cold, I mean colder, than a cucumber. It is an unfortunate remark from you Amanuel; I do not fall for that type of debate.

            4. No one is preventing you from matching opinion with opinion and scrutinizing whatever I write. Here is an unsolicited advise Amanuel: just do it–your comments are sounding like threats unless I am mistaken. Last time you openly threatened me that you will respond if I touched on something, or some organization, or associations. I didn’t ask for clarification to stay clear for fear of your rebuttal. Apologies, my mistake.

            5. There are opinions and there informed opinions. You decide where I belong. But also note that I work for awate.com as an administrator–my weekend job; my night job is at Gedab News. I work on Negarit on a part-time basis, and that is when you see my opinions. The rest of the day I struggle to make end meet. I don’t think there is a law against working in many places to make end meet! Yet, all my work is complimentary to each other. No different hats with divided (and conflicting) interests.

            6. If any of my comments are not “crystal clear” please ask me and I promise to answer to the best of my ability. Now you promise me not misquote or misrepresent my state on my mind by guessing based on your perception because you have no way of knowing. May this discourse become milk and Honey my friend. 🙂

          • Pass the salt

            Ustazz Saleh, Abu Negarit,
            nzereba zereba yemtso…how do you guys manage the website full time and then also work somewhere else? I feel you, it’s tough world out there, but life must go on.
            We the readers take what websites provide for granted, but I have no doubt it really is tough for every one of you, all webites opposition and pro. As some of us might think pro-regime sites do not fare better. As you know PFDJ is a taker and never a giver.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear HTG
      I trust you weighing in. Please let your readers have an opportunity to appreciate the gains of the political oppositions that we should celebrate. Could you please itemize
      a/ gains/strengths of the political oppositions (I’m not talking about media, civic activism…); I feel I need to be fair, but I am just ignorant (let everybody know that, I am not running for an office, anyway).
      b/ with all the honesty that you are blessed with, please jot down their weaknesses
      c/ Having done that, tell us what you suggest for breaking the impasse and stagnation.

      • haileTG

        Selamat Mahmuday,
        Thanks of the honesty attribute (I hope that is honest:)
        1 – Gains/Strengths:
        a) Let’s start with showing up. It takes motivation, responsibility and commitment to do so.
        b) Persisting despite the most unfair, judgemental and inhospitable/unsupportive environment.
        c) Giving visibility and voice to minority groups such as Afar, Kunama, Saho and although having a long way to go, organizational platform for such underserved groups is good thing to social justice in the longer run.
        d) Contributing to the political development of the nation (however slow progress) against the muzzling of the backward slide of PFDJ where its so called “cabinet” can’t even be heard to talk verbally but seen waving hands, arms, elbows and heads in the air.
        e) Cooperating and expediting the works of various international censoring proceedings against the dictatorial regime of IA.
        f) Maintaining the needed psychological stressors for the regime so it doesn’t sleep well.
        g) Representing a potential that can be built upon for further achievements and progress.
        … much more can be added by breaking up into segments of Organization according to their constituency and what their contribution is from that constituency’s point of view.
        2 – Weakness
        – Lack of forging unity
        – Lack of having strong humanitarian arm (to connect better with reality of the day)
        – Transparency/PR/accountability and tendency to fragment
        – Lack of securing economic/funding assets that would boost their confidence and reliance on donors
        …. much more can be added depending on what one expects from the particular group they support.
        3 – What impasse? What stagnation? Our opposition is number 1 in Africa:)

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Salam Hayal
          Thanks HTG. I will see you tomorrow, but thanks a lot.

  • selam

    Dear Ismail
    As far as there are these Ethiopians and Ex-PFDJ members there is a very little that can be done.Ethiopians have spend a considerable amount of money just to convince idiots and now they are trying their best to hire a puppet that can carry their wish with out the Eritrean peoples voice ,well here you have it ,they are on lose and they will never ever make a positive impact. Just hope IA get sick and gone one day still a lot of problem to solve.

  • selam

    Dear SJ
    Thanks for being inspiring to all of us ,we need such analysis and i thank you for your great take. I think these people are reading your take to their org. I know two people already read your article and i hope they talk soon than later . I am one of the people who lost hope and get frustrated by their continues insult to our intelligence. I know you have a very thick skin ,pls push them as far as you can, Unless let them have their name with 50 people on their list and get lost. They already consumed enough time –

  • Semere Andom

    Dear Araya:
    I admit, I am not a justice junky:-)

  • saay7

    Abu Salah:

    This is an extremely unfair comparison—to the Pink Panther:) Unlike all, nearly all many in organized opposition, the pink panther:

    1. is transparent. He is very pink.
    2. never talks, always works.
    3. knows exactly what he wants: his coin
    4. is willing to work really hard to get it
    5. is willing to fight over it, no matter who he has to outwit
    6. knows the value of his coin: it is one hot dog (apparently.)


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Saay7

      Dear Say7, it seems you are tired. take rest man.

      ናትካ ግደደ:- some one called me and just closed the conversation and read your comment. part of the talk

      ጭር ጭር ትብል ተሌፎን- የልዕል : ሰላምታ ‘ኳ ነየጽግቡኒ
      ” ርኢኻ ዶ ኣቶ ሳልሕ ዝበሎ ”
      — እወ እሞ እንታይ እዩ ?
      “እዋእ ማለት ሲ ቲ ናይ ተቓወምቲ ድኽመታትን – ተስፋ ዘይብሎም ምዃኖምን ”
      እዋእ በቃ ከምዚ ኣ ገይሩ ገሊጹ ?
      “ኣነ ስጋ ቦይ ካን ተስፋ ቆሪጹ”
      ኣንታ ቁርብ ከ ?
      “ብኡነት ርኣይ እንዶ ኣዋተ– ክፈት እሞ !”
      እሞ ካን ኦሮማይ ህግደፍ ኮይኑ ዘይትብሉኒ !
      ” እዋእ እንታይ ይፍለጥ — ኣንታት በዓል ኣልኣሚን ዋዛ ኣይኮኑን ”

      and you Saay7 add more that pink panther is better than opposition. Let me assure you that it is from this opposition that the lion comes out and eat all those PFDJ criminals at that from old experienced once . you might be thinking I am kidding but believe me this way or the other (you and me may not agree how he will mange) but that is going to happen and I am watching it like today’s reality. .

      • selam

        Dear K.S
        instead of defending the political idiots ,why do not you stand ,hold your ground and tell them to either come clean or shut up, They can not continues to play with our time and life.These people are consuming every thing you and me wish to see. They should be given no chance unless they change soon.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Selam,
          I am among those who enjoy with what they have. I don’t throw anything unless I have replacement. and I believe only while using what I have I can own new one. sometime within what I have or adding new one. SGL still is saying that they have to be transparent. I agree partly.

          my party? I ask them not to be transparent. to whom are they going to be transparent and to which level is not clear. in this contaminated mass how did I know who is who? In fact I ask my leadership to be totally closed to the mass since the mass is confused. I don’t want any unity and those stories since 2 years. I beg them only to destroy PFDJ by any means possible. I want them to use the language of PFDJ “BELO QTELO” and end the story. let the so called opposition go for another round of meeting while exposed to PFDJ. come and join me.

          • selam

            Dear K.S
            You are tired and have no way you can apply this belo qitelo thing. There is no force that can challenge PFDJ on an open field ,you know that and every one know that. If the EU commission demand for 40,000 of syrians and Eritreans is approved by member states ,YOu wil hear so many news the same that come from mai ayni about the 40 young people who throw their GUNS and told their leaders come and replace them.

            Give the menu to the Eritrean people and we can choose who is who not vise versa.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Selam,
            I will never become tired. this is my promise. regarding PFDJ I swear it is a mater of days if the people just start. don’t ever thing this group will defend. and never think those diaspora supporters will defend.

            Look Selam, let me tell you one truth. if someone is for revenge the entire group can end within no time. but then as soon as it starts they will kill you all over there. PFDJ don’t care about you. what we all talking about is about the after maths. not about PFDJ. You Selam always say you don’t want to see Ethiopians support us. why, because you want change within. and you are suspicious. unless you and the mass see it correct, it is not ideal to get armed support from Ethiopians and that may create chaos. but do you think Ethiopians are not ready to support ? and if some one move do you think that dirty group will stay in Asmara? never. so don’t think PFDJ is powerful and I personally can assure you that the souls of PFDJ leadership are not worth much deaths.

      • saay7

        Haha Kokhobay:

        At least the guy you talked to called me “Ato Saleh”:) What a respectful young man. I have heard that “Saleh, dekhimu, teqeyru, choose a verb” since at least 2000. So, gedima:)

        Please make a distinction about the opposition: I am talking about 15 that SGJ told us just days ago that they are the only ones that can at least measure up to being called an opposition organization. From them, SGJ, being kinder and more considerate, has told you “I listed fifteen groups, many of whom are good for nothing–nothing to show as an achievement, no vision, no experience, no integrity, no popular support, and no cause apart from the quest for power.” I am not accusing them of any of the things SGJ listed (because I don’t know as well as he does); I am only telling you that they are not up to the task that they set out for themselves which is to bring positive change to Eritrea. It is not personal:) You can use the mission I have set up for myself–inform, inspire, embolden, reconcile–and you can tell me you have failed, and this is how: 1, 2, 3…and I hope I will not pout and get all hurt and emotional but actually take your criticism then act: either I can improve or I can’t live up to your expectations and find some other way to contribute. Not personal.


        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Mr. Saleh,

          what are you talking man? you and me by now are supposed to be in field. do you thing we are doing much? PFDJ will only go by fully armed struggle. there is nothing to reconcile, we the entire nation have don a lot of mistakes and there is no more responsible. the only remaining enemy now is PFDJ. the experience we have is enough at least to the stage of transitional government.

          we brought the snake and serve him and we are still crying. and we all know there is nothing to talk about the illegal group and still talk nonsense. the enemy is clear and we have to face it. but we all keep giving reasons. the mass is silent and waits for change. you guys blame those poor guys in old edge who try their best all their life. so are you going to blame now if one hero comes from any end and clean PFDJ? Yes, do you think someone will wait till the counter blames end? no way.

    • Saleh Johar

      You are unfair. I didn’t compare the two, I just used it as an example to illustrate my points hoping it will be easily understood.

  • Ted

    Dear, SJ,Good .job This kind of article is inspiring for the few good men in the struggle for justice and eye opener for the public who are in the dark what is going on in opposition camps, hope to see more of this. Last time you posted 15 opposition groups for those us who made it a habit of saying’ zillion opposition groups”, i know it was not your intention the numbers are acceptable and can bring change but to show the fact straight and work from there. This article is the proof of that, if it doesn’t make the opposition leaders come out to defend their positions, it will make Eritrean informed and able to ask questions when they get a chance. We have a long way to go in trimming the fat which has been clogging the struggle far too long. Personally, what ever the name be, there should only be one opposition group, organized in Adult, women and youth. Multi grain muffin politics has not worked, be it bultuge or meshela we need to pick one until we get our Girat ready for all kind of grains to plant.

  • Amanuel

    Hi All

    I just picked this up from a local news. Tes what has been said on your side of the channel?http://www.lbc.co.uk/migrants-fight-with-iron-bars-in-calais-jungle-110534

  • Mahmud Saleh

    This is an earth – shaking, truth telling, smart, and bold article. Ustaz Saleh, thank you for rising, once again, to the occasion. We can’t bury our heads in the sand anymore. Those who speak on our behalf need to show us they are worth of following them. Honorable individuals who have invested in this struggle so much should stand up for the success of its delivery, and protecting and informing the public. Basically, it is a responsible measure to prefer protecting the struggle and the public to protecting old buddies and organizational affiliations.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Mahmoudy,

      Thank you but I am afraid you didn’t get it yet. I have no buddies among the spoilers, old or Lenji. If you really want to understand what is going on, please erase this buddies and limbs stuff from the mix:-)

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Hala ya Ustazna
        Corrections have been made. Room service to your specifications for the duration of this article, sir. Thanks again.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Lol Dear Mahmuday,
      Take it ! what can we do that is SGL. He never leave you alone when correction is needed.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear KS
        Yes, and I did the corrections. You you can’t negotiate over an overwhelmingly bold and positive article. ShaEbyetay can accommodate that, cheers.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Mahmuday,

          ቶኪሽተተይ : ዕደ !!

          ትርኤኒ ዘለኻ መሲሉኒ መልሓሰይ ኣውጺኤልካ kirkir

          ያሌት ኩሎም ሻዕብያ ከማኻ ይኾኑ:

          ስማዕ ግዳ ስመዕ :

          በዓል SGL ግን ንዓይ ንጀብሃዊ – ይኹን ንዓኻ ሻዕብየታይ ወይ ኣጽሩዮም ማይን ጻባን ክገብሩና እዮም : ወይ ከኣ ሰባቢሮም ክጎሕፉና እዮም :: ኢሂ ?ስምረት ዶ ወላ ከምቀደምክን ? ፧ ከምቀደም ይመስለክን ውሕጅ ይወስደክን :: ይዋዘ እየ ዘለኹ:

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Salam KS
            Haha….ata rgoom!
            I can’t access the Geez phonts for now.

      • Peace!

        Hi Kokhobai,

        The evidences and facts you have been asking for can be found in this juicy article. Keep in mind a concerned citizens won’t complain for no reason, and interestingly enough, your approach toward constructive criticisms has consistently been denying and defending the OPGs as if things are good and ideal. Now, it is time get your helmet and join your teammate-;)

        Thank you USTAZ SALEH for the random Monday Night Football.

        • Kokhob Selam

          don’t try to tell me what I was asking you is answered here. This transparent mind gentle man found the above weakness of opposition although he is opposition. throughout his life participated and lived inside the ups and downs of our struggle. He suffered a lot even stand alone at times saying what is correct. Yet, he always come with his alternative solutions and never throw the long struggle of his fellow citizen.That is how it should be. you can’t jump and complain without doing anything. didn’t you notice him defending opposition when complains come from those who try to demoralize the fighters? Didn’t you see him sad when our elder fighters depart for good?

          you show me such braveness and openness and optimistic character and you will find me standing with you. When SGL complains it is to correct opposition when you complain it is directly or indirectly supporting the status qua. I don’t mean you personally you may not know how to complain and say it. PFDJ supporters play the game in exploiting oppositions weakness.

          • Peace!

            Dear Kokhob,

            Oh please knock it off! It is not about Saleh Personally; it is about him drawing a line on his tolerance for spoilers and their decisive politics. What I have been saying is very clear that there are elements within TOGs that work for foreign interests which you have denied repeatedly and unequivocally. Check this out “In 2010, an Eritrean opposition conference was funded and organized…but not by Eritreans.” I hope it rings the bell!


          • Ted

            Dear Peace, some one need to tell him, less is more.

          • Peace!

            Dear Ted,

            Tel me about it,Goodness!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Hello peace,

            I don’t really agree if he is saying it. you see, if the mass is not participating and Sudan was supporting PFDJ in Killing people it was a wise choice to have support form Ethiopia. men, I wish I see some one honest blame his own self and the mass. aren’t suppose to support and even being opposition? As far as I know the problem is not from opposition even though they have their own weakness like not having secured work free from PFDJ cowards. are you really watching? aren’t among our own young generation who went through risk journey who again to offices of PFDJ?

            So what the hero is going to do ? isn’t that ENCDC dismantled with simple spy work of PFDJ.
            what all those young refuges are doing in Ethiopia? aren’t suppose to have their guns and move to Eritrea? my friends, all the reasons you are giving is nonsense. we as people should check our self. opposition is at least opposition especially those who were since ever . we as people are not really correcting our character. we as people failed to allow PFDJ lead. we as people fail not to face the reality. now are telling there are people who were hired by Ethiopians, where are they? who are they? just PFDJ make a cinema and you guys trust it.

          • Peace!

            Dear KoKhobai,

            It is not about blaming TOGs, but it is about getting the job right. I am sure you agree that we all are here seeking a positive or sustainable change for the country, and as you may know, although you have never admitted, that the opposition camp has been in a terrible mess to the extent that no tangible achievement or even progress has been made which sadly enough left many Eritreans helpless. Given that’s the situation, it is hard to deny any interference by foreign nations. I mean even Emma disagrees with you. What Saleh is doing might be the best opportunity for the groups to clean up their camp and restore the confidence and move on toward the right direction.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear peace,

            I am unable to see both great men are against my view. what I see is most of you guys are accusing opposition with out any prove and you are giving reasons not to be part. I know and have said what opposition lack. I am in fact may be who is saying opposition don’t have much political contradiction except the knowledge on how to deal and plus those those thrown by PFDJ roaming around for power,,,,who destroy everything that is done to cover their crimes in history. I am the only one who ask his party to stop dealing with any meeting and go for strong armed struggle taking full responsibility. I might be the only one who keep calling his party to get every support from even devil if it is important and controlled by the leadership. for me Ethiopians support to my party will not affect as far as the internal parties discipline is concrete. for me there is no such thing external influence as far as there is no receiver from internal part. you have seen my comments saying Ethiopian didn’t capture Eritrea without support of Eritreans in the past.

            you see, this opposition now is mixed. by doing so we have allowed PFDJ and their agencies to be in the middle. My request to my party is stop that. go out of this mess. let those guys spy each other. but take action. this is what I am saying to the party. honestly I am not that strong to convince and influence but if I do you will all join the winner party.

            at this time we have wonderful heroes in opposition all . Poor and helpless guys. most of them at old edge. those are the lions called and described idiots by some. those are the once Saay7 describe them as Pink panther. believe me he will have to ask for forgiveness on those bad words to my heroes. those are bellow the dead hero and above the entire population when comes to dignity. I Know a bit tough but truth is higher than the nation. we can’t destroy the heroes work and think to have a nation. if that was possible we could have it now. The people are suffering because they didn’t stop the criminal when the heroes were killed in Kesela.

            now you all are trying to tell us the weakness of opposition. and most of you were thrown by PFDJ. the old hero was alone when you guys was dancing. Lol. you need to accept your mistakes.

  • saay7

    Ahlan Ismail:

    Some of us get in trouble for saying what you just said. Here’s my take away:

    1.Beginning in 2005, the Eritrean opposition org was re-configured to prioritize the needs/vision of one org over the others….but not by Eritreans;
    2. In 2010, an Eritrean opposition conference was funded and organized…but not by Eritreans.
    3. Since then, the non-Eritrean organizers of the conference have been trying to make sure that their people are in the driver position…and until they are in such a position, they made a decision to cripple the Eritrean opposition.
    4. You predict that the future of the opposition is one where a “Ras Gez”, an opposition that reflects the priorities of the neighboring country, will be in charge.

    Now, this has been going on, you say, for 10 years: 2005-2015. My question has been: at one point do we evaluate this very candidly and reach a logical conclusion?


    • haileTG

      hey saay

      (while you`re cooling off for the other reply…let me clear some stuff here 🙂

      Ismail is a great writer and thinker. Ismail is not saay. Nor is haileTG nor is Balambaras sintayehu none of them are saay:-)

      In deed, we read what Ismail had to say. In fairness it is an opinion as it stands. He can flesh it out a bit more by who-where-what-why and we would learn more and can ask more too.

      Saay has worked hard over the years and rightly earned the recognition as a lead opinion maker in the opposition camp (for the many years in the last decade or so). People have come to expect an opinion that would help them to make judgement. Unfortunately, you can`t evade or be absolved from that responsibility, it can`t be precluded if one is thought of a lead opinion maker. I don`t know who should be blamed or what should be blamed for that, but I am OK to believe that it is a reasonable result of you past hard work.

      In that light, you would expect a passionate challenges and press releases refuting, challenging or congratulating you on positions that your opinion endorses. That would also have political value as + or – when a lead opinion maker endorses or rejects certain situations. The struggle in Ethiopia may be highly complex and sensitive for many reasons. It may even have its own limiting futures. Such a complex matter that involves many people in many different matter may need cautious handling by lead opinion makers such as yourself. If you are sensing excessive push back from one side, then the precipitating opinions that caused it must have neglected the interest of certain quarters in your following.

      I like Ismail and I am not judging him in any way, but it is not to be denied that you have made a name for yourself in the Eritrean opposition street. ጭሩ ብዓቕማ ትሕጎም ከምዝበሃል I can even say I would get into a lot of trouble saying what some one else says 🙂 even if it may not resonate as well. So take heart in your predicament, እንታይ ይፍለጥ ንጽቡቕካ ዝበሎ ይኸውን እምበር ናይ ባዓል ኮኾብ ሰላም ተለፎን’ሲ መሰንበድ እዩ:-)


      • saay7

        Hey Hailat:

        ናይ ባዓል ኮኾብ ሰላም ተለፎን ኣየሰንበደንን ፡ ኣስሒቁኒ. How? How say the wise:)

        If you look at the phone dialogue, one is in quotation and the other is not. The one without the quotation marks (traditionally the voice of the narrator) is leading the witness. He is the one who accused me of being hgdef and the voice on phone just expressed his stealth admiration for Alamin.

        So there you have it: two opposition figures. One is quick to accuse anyone who dissents a few degrees as being hgdef; the other attributes superhuman skills to a PFDJ-rep, zdeskele at that:) Now, honestly, Hailat, between me, you and just a tens of thousands of readers, don’t you say, “if that is the intellectual caliber of our opposition, Tefae’na!” 🙂


  • Semere Andom

    The Two Different Breed Of PFDJ Supporters in Await Forum.
    Dear Awatista”
    WelWel said to the effect of the following Almost 25 Years Ago
    If Freedom is called Netsanet in Tigrinya is enough, it does not have to be called by its English, or French or Ferenji name to be Freedom, and it does not have to be called liberte”. WelWel.
    In Nov 2000, I was complaining to a friend that we failed to create an alternative to the PFDJ media to add to the good work that Asmarino was doing then. He pointed me to awate.com as a newly created site. I had the pleasure of reading Ismail Omer Ali and Dawit Mesfin debating” Can Eritrea be “de-Hidaatized and de-Isaiasized.”
    Since then I was hooked and I came to learn that the mission of its founders was to make it an alternative voice for the voiceless and by so doing to sanitize the polluted Eritrean political environment of grudges ad petty issues. Of course I am paraphrasing, they did not quite put it this way, they have their own, ”Champions of Reconciliation” and later “Inform, Inspire, Embolden and Reconcile”. And every single of these lofty slogans, they have managed to accomplish with consistency, humor and tolerance in my opinion.
    Of course over its long life of 15 years awate changed and one of its evolution or regression, depending on what glasses you wearing was to be more tolerant to the “gun” totting PFDJ supports among us. I think it was sober reflection to teach them the art, heart and mind of tolerance by tolerating them, make them taste beauty of the anatomy of democracy by sowing the adversarial heated debates. This approach will work on most people, but the mercenaries at PFDJ are not people. Ok, disqus, before you swallow my comment, PFDJ are people anatomically but in their words, actions and desires and their smarmy pride they are Satanists, like him they had everything and their pride, their stupidity took the better of themselves and like him their final destination is the pit
    In this forum, there a few PFDJ supports and as T. Tzigereda correctly said, they numbers have dwindled and PFDJ is now left with the Judas of the Eritrean people, those who want to profit from the suffering of the disciple of the Eritrean people.
    Just to mention two PFDJ supports without mentioning their names, one thinks God is with him that nothing can happen to him and that he will defeat the colossal “enemy, the Eritrean people” with a mere sling. In his latest poem penned not in one of the 9 Eritrean languages, but with a foreign language he bragged about how the God of “Koboro” Junkies is with him
    The other one is tricky supporter as he seldom uses the diction employed by the “Kobor Junkies”, rather he swaddles his affection of the “Koboro” Junkies with one of the ancestors of the English language and the uninitiated reader will be lost in the forest unable to find the fruits, coming home even more famished for truth and clarity.
    Just because it is infused with big leafy skin we can easily peel them to performing “autopsy”, which will reveal the true motivations of the comments

    • ‘Gheteb

      Cuz Semere,

      “The other one is tricky supporter as he seldom uses the diction employed by the “Kobor Junkies”, rather he swaddles his affection of the “Koboro” Junkies with one of the ancestors of the English language and the uninitiated reader will be lost in the forest unable to find the fruits, coming home even more famished for truth and clarity.
      Just because it is infused with big leafy skin we can easily peel them to performing “autopsy”, which will reveal the true motivations of the comments”

      1- The ancestor of the English language…..

      2- Infused with big leafy skin

      3-but the mercenaries at PFDJ are not people.

      Satanists? Judas? ……… really? really?…..
      Hmmm… just to let you know that your very indirect message was picked up and registered by the one it was all about.
      Thanks for your comments.

      • Semere Andom

        Cuz Gheteb:
        Well being picked up as it was intended. But still I maintain that it will take not only congressional decree but also a filibuster, an action that long time ago an other cousin of mine dubbed a game that old men play to disown you:-)
        la shukrun al-alwajib:-)

      • tes

        Dear my friend,

        Whom do you think other than you? Aha, haile TG revealed your shallowness. Now you are going after each to check what they write about you. Aha, kk, op, Gosh, how boring you are.


    • Ted

      Dear Semere, was’t you who said the opposition is inept to bring changes , the only way it happening is if IA dies. People are doing their best here to debate the issue while you threw the towel long time a go. What is your problem now , are you accusing “Satanists” some how keep IA alive by their Voodo practice. For the opposition camp you are the burden who should be kept out, the defeatist at heart. Of course you have one hope left from south of the border.

      • Semere Andom

        Selamat Ted
        well, at least in a rare moment of honesty you admit your vood. You Satanist keep defending the land and I will do whatever it takes to save my people from you if that means getting help from the one hope, it would be legally obtained, that is I will not still their “mai tsaba”, the whey protein using my genius, I will use my genius to split the atom so I can change the rocks, and soils and wood lurking in Eritrea into gold.
        I called the opposition inept , maybe but I never called them Judas, selling their soul and profiting from the suffering in the many Golgothas, prominent among them of course Ela-Ero

    • Mahmud Saleh

      salamat Semere wed abuye Andom

      Reportedly you liberated Toronto from PFDJ (according to the great Ted), while waging a campaign west ward to liberate Awate.com from the PFDJ “stooges” dawit and Ghehteb, PFDJ regained Toronto (see below). I expect more from you bro. It’s time you contribute to the liberation of the opposition from parasites so that it becomes effective. Going personal is not the answer. Isn’t that part of PFDJ culture? This is a ground breaking article, enrich it and let’s do the right thing. Courage is needed to stand up for the right thing, semere, courage to oppose injustice committed by PFDJ, and courage to stand up to those who speak on our behalf, and WHO have squandered Eritreans’ will and resources to confront PFDJ. I have a feeling that you penned this comment to redirect the debate. I may be wrong, but that’s what I sense. Anyway, the choice is simple.
      a/ If you want real change (and I have no doubt that you want to see free Eritrea), that change could only come when Eritreans coalesce around a vanguard front. That is doable, it’s sustainable, it’s more predictable, and since it has popular input and control, it is less likely that it will turn to be another nightmare. Such a force will depend more on Eritreans and less on alien forces. In order to create such a front, you will have to support the calls being made for the opposition political parties/fronts/organizations…to clean up the opposition camp first from opportunists and parasites so that the good people could come together and form a formidable force. The formation of such a force would be a game changer; domestic efforts would get a boost; both diaspora and domestic forces would have no problem linking up.
      b/ If you want a weak and divided opposition (which I doubt), then stay course. But don’t preach for change, because change needs a changer. Some have openly and clearly put their hope on Ethiopia. It’s not a surprise if those folks deploy all sorts of active defense mechanisms, because they put all their eggs on the “Ethiopian basket”. According to my readings, you advocate for a united Eritrean front. I take your words on that.
      Make no mistake, I am not condemning all oppositions, not at all. I am just saying that an opposition without a popular checks/scrutiny/backing is not going to be effective, and even if, by a stroke of luck, it turns out to be victorious, the likelihood that it won’t be another dictatorial regime is slim. I do understand that many good people have good intentions, and are doing their best. But without weeding out influential bad ones the fate of years of their struggle is becoming marred by these few bad apples. Therefore, I think it’s the duty of every self-respecting citizen to at least voice her/his concern in order to make a stronger opposition out of fragmented oppositions.

      • saay7

        Ah Mahmuday:

        Cousin iSemere has gone native. Actually, his first article at awate.com was a criticism of the Eritrean opposition, using the same language you use. I think it is your tone that he doesn’t like: you must include a lot of preambles and sunna (WHEREAS, the Eritrean opposition should be saluted for its valiant effort; WHEREAS, the Eritrean opposition are victims just like the Eritrean people; WHEREAS innamal alaEmal biniyati and their intentions were very good, WHEREAS….): then you will be seen as “one of us” and not a suspect of being “one of them.”


        • Mahmud Saleh

          Seni Maasi Saleh
          I hope he remembers the hospitality I accorded him in Hishkeb and Ghirmayka. Sem is a TIGRAITAY BFF, no need of atHaleyot. Saleh, you forgot this: he is the one who introduced me to Awatista, and you forgot that nomination! Ha…annuQash mustamer, welmuhabah fi makanha.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Mahmuday:
        I am not criticize this article, it was reppnse to Ghetbe’s junk politics. I am disappointed at him for supporting the PFDJ. Dawit I get it
        Well, Sal dramatized it, he is in the wrong field for the right reasons, but I also criticize the opposition and with the current opp state, we are doomed and also things do not look bright for them in terms of united, formidable opp. The Ethiopians have us by you know what, they in principle believe in our in dependence but in practice the unbridled support for Afar worries me, The way I see it, PFDJ at the helm opp under the rug PMZ’s let their camels drink from Assab will not come to pass as we, Eritreas will say let the cows of Ted drink from it, and the cows of Ted aare not his couse, they are Ethiopia’s. Sorry Mahmuday, I cannot help it, but am joking, yea qumneger dima allewn kebti nai Ted
        Having said that, the need to slam the opp is must but I believe that Eritrea is better off without the government and without the opp. This way at least those suffering can be free in the chaos. I am not fun of a government over reach anyways, but I think our ancestors ruled themselves better that now
        But in the matter of the general tone, tenor and core theme of your comment you have absolutely sedeqta

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Merhaba Saleh,

    Good morning. I will not call you “abu Saleh or abu salah” because I was reprimanded by Saay for violating the language. So will stick to “brother.” seriously though, it would have been good for the public, if you would have been (a) identified and tell the public as “full disclosure” who are “amateur politicians” and who are “Real politicians” in the opposition camp” (b) what are the crateria the judge has used for identifying who is who? so as to give our judgements from the reciever end to the “judgement” that are reported. As perceptive citizen who is also concerned about the status of the opposition, honestly I want to know it. May be you know what is going as you call it “behind the curtain” more than most of the council members. This is news to me. and no provocation intended.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan Emma,
      I don’t think Saay reprimanded you, he corrected you: the right way is Abu Salah. But you have the right to reject that just like you have the right to reject my views and assertions. I challenged all those who are manipulating the activities of the opposition camp to come out and disclose thief names, thier entities, and thier multiple affiliations, and thier credit history :-). Being an exponent of transparency, I believe you agree that the public will grade who is to be trusted and who shoul not, who is an amateur and who is dedicate. Until then, I will not go into names to allow the disclosures to take a natural course.

      There is no judge as you know (I wish there was) but I know there are political bastards. Lastly, please not that I offer opinions and not judgements. If I were a judge there are a few I would have stopped from poisoning the opposition camp. Unfortunately I can only provide information and opinion. Just like you are doing.

  • L.T

    I knew long aga that they(opposition)’re to hell.If we look back on Kunama people it was Alula of Tenbien Tigrai who cleaned them and take them as slaves to Tigria,Saho Irob of Tigria that those who want to be in Tigria not Eritrea Saho and Afar is the same no Afar of Ertra but Afar Ethiopia who whine and scream.In opposition camp(I suspected that they work for the enemy of Eritrea)are so old and may not carry bomba China(Chaina).They love to sit at homeand surf,they bullied each other and they become angry easily and it’s to do with age,they talk a lot just about Isaias,they love to drink black coffee a copper coffee with return and sit 8 hrs per day.Where they talked for example about Eritreans couple divorced and that someone has went to Ertra get married and build the house and do business just so.they swear on the internet though they are over 70 years and they walk with one foot or with three foot.How can I call them oppositon or politicians?