A Documentary: Eritrean Refugees In Ethiopia (Part 1)

Last week Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation aired a two part documentary about the general Eritrean situation. This is PART 1 of it. The documentary is heavy on interview and reports by eyewitness who are now stranded in several refugees camps across Northern Ethiopia. They include, army officers, college professors, housewives, students, conscripts, veterans, handicapped, artists, farmers, merchants, and diplomats. They have all escaped the hell that the Valineki Clique has created in Eritrea. And the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Eritreans who are forced to leave their country behind is explained by Isaias, “there is no lack of [people]who betrayed their families, their country and people, limited number, one or two, who are licking leftover from plates.”

An exiled colonel describes the Valineki Clique as “dead, only its tongue is still alive.”

Overall, the documentary is executed professionally and is not a propaganda laced work as many would expect. Instead, for Eritreans who love their people and country, the two part documentary is full of heart wrenching testimonies which are the main strength of the documentary.

Watch the documentaries and mourn over what befell the beautiful people of Eritrea who have to endure the cruelty of the Valineki Clique.



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