Eritrean Heart And Mind At Work In Italy

“Here is heart and mind in action! Here is the meaning of Independence as depending on one another! Here is the meaning of organizing, one that is for a purpose and not for mindless beating the koboro [drums] in a land that doesn’t wont you and for a regime that doesn’t care for you. Here are Eritrean justice seekers, celebrating May 24 in the spirit of the martyrs who paid the ultimate price to realize it [….] all of the credit goes to the organizers of that beautiful commemorative event for May 24. I personally don’t think those good people did that on behalf of an opposition organization nor do I believe theirs is the only one. The reality is that the solution to Eritrea’s problems is found on such like undertakings from one’s heart. No amount of appeasing to a misguided PFDJ nor any amount of sloganeering or T-Shirt press-printing opposition holds a solution. Actually, those are an extension, therefore integral part, of Eritrea’s problems. What we take, however big or small, lasts for the moment only but what we give, however small or large, lasts for eternity. The act of being a brother’s keeper doesn’t have to be reserved for a special day alone, it should be a life long commitment. Many individuals and organizations already do that and they sure deserve our respect for it. PFDJ has no courage to do it for it knows it is the source of it all. Those who enslaved their mind to PFDJ do not have the courage to do that because they have parted ways with their heart’s calling and decided to serve the PFDJ mind. The opposition should fight the center ground by reaching out to those who need a little support to gain what they lost to the dictatorial regime. They shouldn’t hope to make head ways by repeating what everyone knows a thousand times. [In solidarity with those who are] being traumatized by the current situation. If the opposition needs to win hearts and minds, the time is ripe to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. I hope the event …. in the video [below] makes that point clearly.” HaileTG


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