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EIPJD delegation Meets Turkish Politicians

A delegation from the Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and Development (EIPJD) concluded a one-week visit to Turkey during which it met several Turkish politicians, thinkers and humanitarians.

The EIPJD delegation was headed by Shiekh Saleh Mohammed Osman, the party’s secretary general, and Mohammed Nur Kerrani, the secretary of foreign relations .

During its visit, the delegation met Dr. Nureddin Nabati, the deputy president of Turkish Justice and Development party, and Dr. Yassin Aktai, the party’s deputy secretary of foreign relations. It also met Prof Mustafa Kamalat, the president of Felecity (Saadet) Party.

The delegation also briefed its Turkish and Arab diplomatic and other audience about the Eritrean opposition, its role and the role of the Eritrean people in struggle to come up with a democratic alternative to “accomplish peace and development in Eritrea after the removal of the dictatorial regime that is oppressing all the Eritrean people of all age groups and regions… before the Eritrean state becomes a failed state in the region.

The delegation also emphasized the risk of Eritreans leaving their country, particularly the youth who are “leaving Eritrea in huge numbers, and becoming victims and dying in deserts and seas.

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  • Amde

    Dear Semere

    The best way to think of the Derg is as a more inclusive continuation of the Shewan political hegemony. I say more inclusive as it tried to adopt some of the slogans it picked up from the radical left, some of whom tried to kill it, and some of it tried to co-opt it. It was fundamentally a military regime, (duh) in the sense that it saw political issues as primarily military problems and accordingly tried to resolve them that way. If you look at its military and political composition it primarily reflects the ethnic diversity of Shewa. Please note also, that Ethiopian ethnic demographics can be thought of roughly as 1/3 Oromo, 1/3 Amara and the other third everybody else. This ratio is probably better reflected in Shewa than in any of the other old provinces.

    Don’t peg me as a Derg apologist. I am trying to explain it as I objectively understand it. The assertion that the Derg is an Amara regime flows either from the innocent conflation of Amharic as a language of State, or from the deliberate intellectual sham that tries to conflate Ethiopia as a creation of just the Amara. Objectively speaking, the Amara fared worse under the Derg than under the King.


  • Semere Andom

    Oh , now u want to tell me what I experience. If speaks Amhara, if it walk like Amhara, it is Amhara! That may help you in your struggle to decipher the what Dergi was.
    Also we brought the issue of Amhara cus Abi metioned Eritreans hate Amhara, so if you do not have the essence of the exchange pleasee refrain And one more thing, do not accuse ppl of hate before your read them, where did I exhibit a hate for the Amhara?, if I did I will not be called Neo-Andenet
    Some times facts are just facts

    • Guest

      Yes they ware amaras cased the safuring in eritrea because of their hate to eritrean people the amazing thing is they are still above the head and even the killer of eri. Refugee in mai Annie is amara federal police. Facts not some times but all the times is just facts.

    • Amde


      This is a slippery slope you don’t want to be on. If the language of the Tor serawit is what defined the Derg for you, then by the same token the PFDJ walks like, talks like and looks like a Tigrinya regime.


  • Hope

    Cardinal Vincent Nichols of England on Gaza, ISIS and Charlie Hebdo:
    Correct address:
    Well balanced analysis and an eye opener interview for the Europeans and the Jews—exposing the hypocrisy

  • Hope

    Cardinal Vincent Nichols on Gaza, ISIS and Charlie Hebdo:

  • Habte

    What a sick mind you posses feel sorry for you for just echoing the same lies HIGDEF uses to subjugate our people

  • aman

    As I state my opinions here
    I would like everybody to understands me that
    I have deep love and respect to all people and their social history
    from every corner of the country and my rage is only to the regimes
    and their gangs who caused a lot of bloodshed,poverty and backwardness
    and to their shamefull history and to what they have caused to the people of this
    innocent country.
    Ever since its old or modern existance as a nation or country, our country has been
    put on the wron political railway that suits only the needs of the self serving opportunists
    that would attempt to call themselves by ‘” the government “…..(will continue……..

  • Hope

    Let us,please,handle our own problems by ourselves.
    As to “Integration”,I guarantee you that,had it not been the case of 1998-2000 war and conspiracy,by now Ethio-Eritreans could have integrated somehow–if the people were given a free chance.
    I confess that I was one of those who would like to see that happen but freely–by the ‘Free Will of the People”.Call me another Dr Berekhet Habtesillasie but—that was what I sensed in 1995-97.
    But now,?????

    • Guest

      Agree about integration but integration with sudan will be easier because of the obvious reason am afraid we gonna have to wait until god knows when for integration and first we have to be the owners of our resource. About conspiracy, people go to war let alone conspiracy to protect what is theirs .

      • Hope

        Just be yourself then!