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Eritrean Opposition: Preparatory Committee Launches Its Field Work

The preparatory committee (PC) which was elected at the December 2014 emergency meeting of the ENCDC (Council) finalized its internal structuring and appointed its members to accomplish specific tasks and responsibilities.

The PC, “in accordance with the regulatory guidelines it took from the emergency meeting of the Council”, its members were given the following tasks within the PC:

  1. Mohammed Ahmed Sefer, deputy president.
  2. T’egisti Berhane*, Secretary.
  3. Mohammed Omar Taha, organizing and services.
  4. Ibrahim Saleh Far, Media and Heritage.
  5. Abraham Negassi, Finance.

Beshir Ishaq chairs the PC.

In a statement it issued on January 24, 2015, the PC indicated that it has developed plans for the first and second phases of its tasks. While phase one included preparing the budget forecast, and finalizing the regulations that govern its activities, phase two will focus on actual fieldwork of campaigning and structuring the support bases in different geographical zones. In some zones, support systems has already declared their commitment to help the PC accomplish its tasks. Other zones are expected to follow suit.

The ENCDC has mandated the PC to prepare for next congress which is scheduled to be convened in the summer of 2015

In its statement the PC appealed to all Eritreans–including individuals, civil and political entities–to offer the PC their “morale, financial, and technical support”, so it can prepare “a successful conference that lives up to the aspirations of our people and dissipate the doubts about the ability of the Eritrean opposition to mobilize national forces, to free our people from the tyrannical rule.”

The PC has promised to keep in touch with Eritreans through all available mediums, and that it will hold seminars and workshops as much as it can.

* Corrected name, at first it appeared as Tekheste by error.

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  • Hope

    The “enemy of my enemy is my friend,no matter what”.
    “Lebeliwat yekejelu amora,yiliwatal zigra”.”Or —-aba gunbahsi,kokah —–fill in the blank.
    As Academic people,if at all they are,Tes et al should make some honest ref,at least as a Courtesy and Honesty about what they say so as to have credibility.
    Hint: Martin Plaut was/has been an Advisor to PMMZ besides distorting the historical facts about Eritrea as recent as today…not to mention his contribution for Ethiopia during the 1998-2000 War.
    He is one of the beneficiaries of the CIA funded Democratic Endowment.
    His negative role in weakenning Eritrea in all fronts should be considered,not just his litany about the GoE or the PFDJ, as Eritrea and PFDJ are separate entities.
    Plus,we do NOT need the likes of Martin Plaut totell us about the PFDJ or the GoE as we are the original witnesses and victims.
    Come on Tes,
    I thought you know much better than Martin Plaut.Don’t you?If so,why would you depend on some ghosts and dekihidirtina,who are certified Anti-Eritrea gangs?

  • Abel Fesshazion

    It doesn’t matter if they are all men or women as long as they do their job the right way.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    To be Frank, I don’t know who Martin Plaut is and I care less on who he is. All I am sure about is, it is not his words. To avoid conspiracy, I was even very careful to bring first the original source. I mentioned Martin Plaut because I thought that he wrote the summary of the the whole debate.

    But no wonder if you dismiss him because individuals who write about the atrocities, crimes, human rights violations in Eritrea are not liked by PFDJ and similar minded people. Dan Connell is one of the best and knowledgeable scholar and Eritrean by his essence but because of his contribution, he became the victim of PFDJ. Of course I will not wait these writers to be welcomed by this criminal junta but and I feel sorry when many people just blind follow the accusation sourced by the accuser and is a stupid attitude.


  • Abraham Hanibal

    Here is something to contemplate about:

    We know that in today’s Eritrea under the absolute rule of dictator Isayas, there is no such thing as a succession hierarchy or mechanism at least for temporarily, like vice-presdient, prime minister, or someone else who could take over should the dictator pass away or is incapacitated by any means. We also know, officially, the dictator is ca. 69 years old; this is a high age, and anything can happen. The dictator can rule at most a decade from now, provided his health holds. The question is what do you think would happen, should the dictator leave the stage for whatever reason, under the current situation where he has absolute control over everyone and everything in Eritrea? Do you think, there is anybody out there who could fill the void the dictator leaves? I mean in terms of keeping everyone under his control, and securing the obedience of all the military officers, and higher officials? If not, could his absence pave the way for a change to the better?

  • Hope

    “For the ELF the story was different. In attempting to hold territory its casualties were high. The balance of military power between the fronts had now shifted strongly towards the EPLF. Recognizing its weaker position, worsened by ethnic disputes, the ELF began in 1979 to respond to the Soviet proposals. In return for its agreement to autonomy within Ethiopia the ELF was offered the reins of government in Eritrea, while the EPLF stood for a secular and socialist state of Eritrea, rejecting ethnic differences”
    Courtesy of the EIBC..

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Yemane Gebreab trial as a last option through recycling

    Yemane Gebreab is believed to be the entrerpreneur and founding father of YPFDJ. But recently, witnessing the fall of his company he looks that he is back to the waste recycling business. NUEYS and before NUES was officially established in 1978 in the hearts of Keren. There is no doubt that this youth and student organization has played great role in the re-enforcement of Eritrean youth till it was paralayzed by PFDJ right after the establishment of YPFDJ. PFDJ central office thought that NUEYS a useless and ineffective for the PFDJ total political dominance. And this conclusion was not done for simple reason. Mehyedin Shengeb’s leave has changed the perception and put NUEYS under complete surveillance. Soon, the position was replaced by Sultan Seid. Sultan Seid succefully handed the youth organization to the sublimes of PFDJ bushes and became from once a semi-autonomous to a fully puppet PFDJ ideology campaigner. During the period of Sultan Seid, NUEYS has conducted five consecutive (till 2012) national youth festivals in Sawa.

    It is not well known about where Sultan Seid is. But he will not be free from the criminal hands of PFDJ. His wife (x?), Salma Hussein is believed to be under arrest after her supposed attempt to flee from Eritrea. The fate of Sultan Seid might have some coincidece with Forto January 21, 2013 operation and soon his position was replaced by the present Chairman Mr. Saleh Ahmedin. NUEYS having such rough internal developments, today, PFDJ looks in total control of it.

    Yemane Gebreab is now re-inforcing this organization. Today, according to report, he undelined the need for the NUEYS to enhance its endeavors towards the strengthening of concerted action to realize the goal of building a
    nation in which the citizenry enjoy the benefits of progress and social justice. What a fake propaganda is this?

    PFDJ killed NUEYS by himself thinking that YPFDJ is better to serve the nation and now once he saw that PFDJ remained isolated from the diaspora community, he is recycling the waste he dumped 10 years ago.

    Just to remind the PFDJ monkey lead political office, society can not grow through re-cycled wasted organizations. It is time for democracy ad no way again to revive the PFDJ decayed ideology, sytem and the institutions.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Yigermal,

    Well said ” The responsibility for all that has gone horrendously wrong in Eritrea now falls fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the EPLF/PFDJ!” Only, I am intrigued when Mahmud offered his vote to what you have said. When those words came from us (look the debate as to the word “us”), he out cried with foul language and told us that it is “Issays and his clique.” He and his likes don’t see it as organizational fault to what is going against our people……the dark age of Eritrea life.


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear all

    I am linking this important Q&A article for it gives readers a window to the world of the opposition leaders, and particularly to Beshir IshaQ the ENDCD ad hoc preparatory committee chairman.

    I don’t agree with most of his politics and priorities, but these 2010 interview gives readers what all these squabbles are all about. You think they are seized with national argency; it turns out they are living intheir own world. It also gives us a picture on how things have regressed rather than progressing, But here I do agree:

    “ELM (Eritrean Liberation Movement- Known also as Mahber Shewa’ate) was founded in Port Sudan by few leftist Moslems soon to be embraced by all Eritreans. ELF was founded in Cairo, by few Moslem individual veterans of different political and ideological convictions, with a national program. Later it grew to an all embracing National Democratic Front. The EPLF was not an exception since it was an offshoot of ELF. On its later stages the ELF leadership contravened the National Democratic Front by excluding all but the adherents of LP (Labor Party). People of different opinions were labeled as Falul, Yemanawyan, Qabelawian, Huluf Tsegamawian, Islamists, Baathists and some other labels, and were persecuted and alienated from the front. The leadership failed to manage the NDF. It became no more a NDF. The misconception and mismanagement of the NDF led into the emergence of many organizations (among them Islamists and National groups) with various ideological convictions and political rhetoric. The situation in the EPLF was not better, if not worse, since it has fallen under a bloody domination of a small cult known as PFDJ. The mentality of exclusion and domination, from the ELF or EPLF, has done a lot of damage to our political, social and cultural unity. Unfortunately, this mentality might still be alive in the minds of some quarters. Some has not yet learned the lessons from our past. Eritrea has enough space for all its citizens, with their various ideologies and preferences, as long as they sit together and manage their differences.”
    The point is: the man I ignored for too long seems to be more abreast of our history than the guys I thought were fairer. You dig it? What could the guys who assaulted my weak criticism of ELF say? ክውዕየካ ንህግ ፈሊኻ ዓማሚ ክስታት ትስንዘር፡ክዝሕለካ “ኣይ ንሕናስ ክንምርሽ ደሊና ንሶም ኣዮም ናብ ናይ ቀደም ዛንታ ዝጎቱና ዘለዉ።”
    Third: Eritrea is African North Korea to those who want to see it that way; it is also a survivor for those who want to see it that way. Borrowed descriptions, lazy and “catchy” names don’t do the dismantling project. Both countries have their uniqueness, and appreciating unique qualities which makes Eritrea what’s Eritrea are more purposeful than copying what lazy multinational news agencies dubs it for simplicity.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Mahmud:
      Nice recap of the Eritrean armed movement and their betrayal of the people, the heavy critisim is direct to EPLF/PFDj now because of the power they have and the power they had as sole organization in the field after 1982 and did not use their powr to unite us, other wise the betral has not started in Tekli ;-), they just innovate it;-)
      But one disagreement in this comment is: there is no relativity when it comes oto Eritrea’s NK status, it is not how/depends from where u you see it. It may have being like that, but it is not, if one wears the right glasses and looks at it from the correct frame of the reference (Eritrean people) it is NK

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Semere A,;

        A very excellent recap of Eritrean tradegy through the British eyes

        The British parliament debates on Eritrean issue at house of Lords.

        And its summary by a blogger named Martinplaut

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Semere & Tesfat,

          PFDJ as a “state of monopoly” they have controlled the economy and political life of our people. So it is a totalitarian regime. As Bereket Stephanos has shown us the criteria that compared Eritrea to that of North Korea, let them disprove his “list of comparison” if they know what totalitarian regime is. Knowingly or unknowingly they will not do it anyway, because either they don”t know what a “System” is, or they will argue to defend the PFDJ institutional system.

          Look what Mahmud’s argument is (1) He wanted us to come with the description they could understand it, not by a description that defines the regime what it is (see his comment above). (b) He alluded the definition of international community and their media has different definition for totalitarian regime is different than the Eritrean will be (again refer his comment above). May be he believes that the Eritreans are more enlightened than the “world scientific community” not to be governed by the conventional terms.(c) He believes the world power can’t know the reality in Eritrea without educating them, and that is why the opposition are working hard to know Eritrea. What he failed to know is that our region is under the radar of the world power for the purpose of their interest and for stability of the region and as result they know the region way better than the meniscus knowledge or “lahemetawi knowledge” he might have. (d) He asked us, “how many Eritreans what NK is, where it’s? Probably, most Eritreans know NK as something good”. He failed to understand that part of the purpose of this website is to educate the public and increase their consciousness to know the nature of the regime and how to fight it is. It is bizzare to say that, since the public don’t know it, just talk with what they know it, rather to educate them to know the phenomenon as it is. Yegermal, what kind of culture it is.

          Second he always use the word “majority” in any argument he tried to convince us. According to him majority doesn’t require statistics, doesn’t require scientific explanation. Just take it. The public doesn’t understand it. Just talk with the limits of their knowledge and what they know from the horses’s mouth.. . … the PFDJ. The PFDJ are the alpha omega of enlightenment in our country. We don’t need statistics……Saay’s recent essay was spot on, that PFDJ hides their statistics from the public, while their book is open to the international financial institutions (IMF, world bank.. and NGO).

          Look the deceit: ” We (have) ample ways of describing the regime without echoing what international media and NGO lobbyists echo.” For God sake we can’t describe the regime in many ways. We describe by what it is. As simple at that…. and with the conventional explanations. These people can not be governed by the international norms and international knowledge of science. These kind of resistance will persist until the peace loving Eritreans extract themselves from the criminal-political-culture of PFDJ.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Amanuel H.,

            I think we did our work. Whether Eritrea is North Korea of Africa or not, now, the issue will be handled by academicians. We should acknowledge that even a studen from Harvard University took it as a thesis to proof it. To the suprise of the world of academia, his references are only UNHCR 1993 history book and a friend who works in The Eritrean embassy. What is more exposure than this? Thanks to an Eritrean scholar who exposed this work, Bereket Stephanos. The student from Harvard University will be forced to re-visit his thesis and will definietly change his conclusions. Thanks to Bereket Stephanos and for you too for bringing the issue on a spot.

            The other part of your argument, dear Amanuel H., by now I think we have identified the bottle neck of the opposition camp. Opportunists are always opportunits, lets leave them aside. But on the serious opposition groups, serious I mean, those who truely are fighting for Justice to come in Eritrea, vocabulary choice matters.

            Word choice matters for the agenda beholder. If one wants to reform PFDJ, describing PFDJ as a system will not be serve the purpose but totalitarian and dictatorial do. Refomers claim is a problem with the people in power and this problem arises from the dictator Issaias Afeweki. For reformers, PFDj is a totalitarian regime and hence he took all the power at the center. Else, the ideology is fine, the vision is fine, the mission is fine, objective is fine, and policies too, to mention some. For example, for the reformers, national service is not slavery but a duty of citizen and the country desprately needs it because Ethiopia is there as an eternal enemy of Eritrea. If the totalitarian regime is removed and the power held by one man is taken, then, the rest will be fine.

            On the other hand, for a justice seeker who wants complete freedom, an emanicipation, he has to see the core source for all these mieseries in Eritrea. The complete freedom seeker wants to break the chains and the chain is the SYSTEM. To break (dismantle) the system is the only means to have full freedom. Dismantling the system by default removes the tyranny in Asmara and hence it becomes the end of dictatorial or totalitarian PFDJ regime, aka DIA.

            But, putting the two camps on the table, the reformers and the dismantlers, has both merits and demerits. The reformers are afraid of the future developments and hence they believe that the current system is good to keep the nation intact. On the other hand, the dismantlers are not much aware on the post-PFDJ developments. When the dismantlers argue that no future government can be worse than PFDJ, the reformers are spectical about the future government.

            Therefore, we need a careful analysis on the word choice by each camp. I will not expect reformers to label Eritrea under PFDJ regime as North Korea or is governed by system. They better prefer dictatorial, totalitarian, one-man regime, Issais regime, etc. And the dismantlers step one ahead and see PFDJ as system which nurtured a dictaorial regime, totalitarian, one-man, etc. To paraphrase, The system is descrived as a set and the others are within the set.

            Finally, from afar, for an honnest reader, both camps resemble the same as they both claim that they are fighting for Justice and indeed they are. But on a serious political discourse, there is big clashes and usually ends with severe political frictions and can reach upto civil war.

            On my personal view, I see the presence of these two camps as a good start for democratic nation. They can establish two string parties, right and left and in between, minority parties. Their presence can remove the two extreme dangers that may happen in post PFDJ Eritrea.

            Caution though, unless these two camps understood their difference properly and reconcile within themselves, the probablity of civil war in Eritrea is at its brisk. And I kindly call all concerned Eritreans and especially the elites, to enlighten the justice seekers camp on the paradox, complexity and dilemmas we are indulged in and call a reconcilation process to happen soon. If not, Eritrean people will continue to suffer, PFDJ will decay and Eritrea can be a failed state in the near future.

            Meditiation of Thursday evening 29.01.2015

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Tesfat,

            I know what I am saying. I know the concepts I am using that has purely conventional meaning. Not like those who want to create their own definition to fit their own argument (sometimes they call it world power languages any way). If they have the know how let them rebut to Bereket’s argument. Educating the public is one thing and talking about the reality of the opposition is different thing. Two different broad subject matter that needs division of labor. Both have to go side by side.

            Second, the challenge is, to educate the public as to (a) what kind of regime we have (b) and how to fight it. If the opposition failed to agree on both of them, there will be no “unity of purpose”, and there will be no effective strategy to remove the despot either. I stick with my guns without knee jerking. What this lame excuse “majority” don’t understand it. The whole purpose we here is to educate each other and increase our consciousness. I just want them, those who opted to say that there is no “political and economic monopoly” by the ruling party, what I call it “state monopoly” let them make their argument. Reformers have never said that current regime is a “totalitarian regime.” Where did you get it? There is difference between dictatorial regime and totalitarian regime, in that dictatorial regimes only concern them the “political power” and the “security apparatus”. As a result they control the mass media to protect their “Political power”. The totalitarian regimes goes beyond it to make the state “state monopoly.” To do that they will tell you “a party could own private property” to monopolize the economy. In a totalitarian regime the “state” and the “government” are the same. There is no clear demarcation between the two. In Eritrea the state and the government are the same, as there is no private sector and civil society. The party is the government, the government is the state, having the structure of state monopoly state. Hence those who don’t see this “state monopoly” in Eritrea let me see their argument. I believe the reality on the ground proves my argument. No question about that. Without defining the regime correctly we can never come to a solution. It will be wrong diagnosis and wrong solution. And this matters to me greatly.
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Amanuel H.,

            All we are trying to do is to increase the awareness of our current political situation and push to a higher level of understanding to our political complexity. We are trying to devise a new microscope so that the core differenciating issues can be identified and tackled and hence to educate.

            The second part of your point is indeed what we are working on it. You brought some terminologies and explained them very well. Before going to the political languages, I would be very happy if you clarify to me the meaning of the english words in Tigrigna but first let me put mine.

            System = ስርዓት and (can also serve for regime)
            Totalitarian= ገባቲ

            If I am wrong, I will be corrected. Having these as their english equivalence, whether reformers or dismantlers, they all use the same terminologies, am I right. I am quite sure these describtive terms are so commonly uttered everyday by every able to speak Eritrean.

            But our discussion here is a bit advanced. We are way from politics 101 and I believe that we are at advanced, PhD or minimum Master thesis level of discussion (serious). Therefore, I don’t expect a one day full awareness to be achieved across the whole Eritrean society so that we can have the same undesratnding.

            On the other side of political thesis, an equal but opposite full awared argument presents to dismiss the views over PFDJ. They may say the same terms but the essence, the true core meaning and thereby the message they transfer is not the same. They know what they are doing and it is because of their political view.

            Dear Amanuel, you know how much respect I have for your political views but here I am not to defend, appreciate or create new terms. We are clarifying the bottle necks we have. Unless we idenitfy them, the marsh to freedom will take longer than expected. I appreciate your dedication to inform people and we are glad for having you. You are one of our bench marks. On the other side, there are people who are already approved as a bench mark too.

            My call is then, not to force one to leave his bench mark but to know what reference he uses. I see confusion within and even with the PFDJ ardent supposrters confusion. Confusion of political awareness. But, for the conscious political groups, I believe that what they say is their stand. And a call to reconcilation is from this point of understanding.

            I know your stance and I am happy for it. But I am afraid that the reconcilation mechanism you are upto might not be helpful. reconcilation is not to drop the view one has but to know there exists differences and accept the differences. Through acceptance, discussion emerges and through discussion, common points are picked and from this a unity of purpose can be developed. I fully acknowledge and I am with you on the terminological understanding. But I see people with different terminological use and at the same time I don’t see any reason to say first we need a common landing of definitions. Let people have a choice to define on what ever way means. Let these all definitions come and search the differences. This is a healthy way of reconcilation.

            I am stressing this because I believe that the previous reconcilation methodologies were not complete. Instead of uniting the opposition camp, it divided. Dear Amanuel, “unity of purpose” is the final product of reconcilation. Through reconcilation, we produce unity of purpose. To reach that level, first, let’s come with what ever definitions, means, terminologies, you name it, we have and lets believe that reconcilation is important for creating strength. Diversity should not be a threat but an apportunity to our common endeavour.

            What I saw before in the Eritrean landscape is that they come with unity and create diversity, the divisions. But the truth should be from diversity to unity. This is what reconcilation is. For this later description, we have the ELF and EPLF case and later the PFDJ case.

            1. ELF was a united force during its establishment but later it got diversified and weakened and even led it upto defeat and worse till today it is getting more and more diverse.

            2. EPLF was in the first days a diverse force but later it got united through reconcilation. Through reconcilation, it became strong and defeated formidable forces like ELF and Derge and reached upto independence. But I didn’t forget the monster force within the EPLF who later formed the PFDJ criminal junta.

            3. PFDJ came united on purpose and later got diversified on its ways. And today, we have Eritrea failing, it is just like that of ELF during the 1980s. ELF had a strong army, upto 15,000 well equiped force but since the core leadership became so diverse in its ways, it became like a bee colony which lost its queen. PFDJ is the same now. PFDJ decayed internally (first the G-15) and later many defects. Eritrean people are still there with all its potential but since the leadership is weak, there is no way to stay in power even if there is no strong opposition force.

            To conclude, dear Amanuel, lets learn from our past and current history. We can not follow the same trend of PFDJ and call “unity of purpose”. Lets modify our approach and call lets appreciate our diversity. Our diversity is our beauty and through diversity we build a string nation, just like that of EPLF during the armed struggle. But a careful analysis is needed not embrace a criminal junta within like that of the later PFDJ. For this we need a constant stirring, debate, opposite forces within the same basket. Even we have to welcome the Neo-Andnetawyan as far as they are very clear on their political stance. There is no crime in believing that way. The only crime is when they appear as normal justice seeker, like that of PFDJ junta and later hijack our struggle for freedom.

            Too long, but I believe you are a patient and cool reader. I didn’t write it to Nitricc or Hope or Andnet and likes.


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Seme A
        You know, if you want to sell an idea, you just have to pitch it, and what a better catchy or trendy name/phrase than NK? SO, if we have to take the silent majority to be the mainstream (or the bulk pool of Eritreans, they appear to disagree with your description. Even PFDJ members will tell you the system is dictatorial, Issayas told you that…there is no question about it. But descriptive phrases like NK is an invention of multinational medias like the BBC, then copy and paste followed. Our activists, instead of coming up with descriptions that their people accept, they have fallen to that trap; well, it is expedient and well recognized description. So, it’s all if you want to talk to your people or the world; Sem you want to address world powers (politicians/policymakers/lobbists/NGO…yes, that a good marketing way. If you want to dialogue with your people and want to make a people’s centered change, it’s better to drop these high flying boring descriptions and use language your people use. First of all, how many Eritreans what NK is, where it’s? Probably, most Eritreans know NK as something good, and therefore, even if they equate their country’s similarities with those of NK, they may do so in a favorable way. So, your statement that Eritreans know their country as NK the world knows is incorrect providing that you mean by Eritrean people all Eritreans, not just opposition activists.
        My position: We ample ways of describing the regime without echoing what international media and NGO lobbyists echo.
        On the history part, I think Beshir was more effective on getting you to go beyondd TeKli. And that was the point.
        BruK meAlti.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Mahmud:
          On the strategy to fight the dictator, maybe About everyone know PFDJ is a dictatorial regime, even IA told us and that is the point they (PFDJ) sold themselves as brutally honest, so IA doe not believe he is a dictator, he thinks of himself as a democrat as someone who is fair and just than anyone else,he is just missing elections. Rem his replies to Beraki, Ogube, telling them that he has patiently looked at their letters so to give justice. I also read his replies in 1993 to the allegation that Menkae brought and he made the same almost verbatim comments.
          About the marketing thing, Eritreans and by Eritreans I mean everyone need no marketing about the PFDJ brutality, they live it day in and day out. If you ask them in the ballot, the result will be as overwhelming as the referendum one but in the affirmative of course. I always wonder why every opposition meeting talks about the crimes of PFDJ, it is waste of time, talk about your accomplishment and the steps to remove PFDJ. Leave the marketing to PFDJ, they make good case for their removal, inadvertently of course 😉
          I also agree that some people may see NK as good one, a foreign country (wsetsae), it would not be possibly worse for them than the sea and the organ trafficking experience, NK will make them work in the labor camps, which they have been doing for 23 years now in Eritrea anyways

  • T..T.

    the preparatory committee is empowered to enhance the structure of the
    organization, it should focus on creating an office entrusted with widening the
    organization’s support bases and creating cohesive members. The created office will also be entrusted with
    developing plans on how to make inroads into all Eritrean families giving the
    Eritrean mother a role to play in its politics.
    The Eritrean mothers, whose priorities nowadays is to save their
    children, will come together to give support to the opposition leadership as
    well as build strength and unity against the tyranny by joining hands to provide the
    necessary resources.

    • Hope

      Thanks for your advice but I am not a member yet but supporter of the EPDP Program;plus,even if I were an EPDP member,I have a right to express my opinion at the individual level.
      I expressed my frustration as to how the ENDC is working–procedure wise.

  • george

    “They would change the foreign policy of the government and would slowly.” Really! and then what? Become a puppet state, so multi-national can ‘invest’, ‘free’ press. Eritrea have two options become a puppet state or march to its own beat.

    • Hope

      Welcome back Georgio!
      Please, be so kind to re-read what Natnael said and readdress the serious issue at hand.
      If you believe that the Current Situation or Leadership is doing the right thing and we are going in the right direction,please clarify in detail.
      Having a new Government with New Leadership and New Policy–and a Constitution,does NOT necessarily mean that we will go in the wrong direction and we will be a Puppet State.
      Just my opinion.

  • Hope

    Dear Natnael,
    Just a common sense and it is always good when common sense rules over emotions,ambitions,chauvenism….the unknown.The people you mentioned are also people of Common Sense,who understand the whole Eritrea and Eritreans.
    I am glad you did not mention Col Tesfalidet the Afagn!
    I hope things go that way rather than the Libyan style as you eloquently said it.I guess God loves Eritrea and Eritreans–not sure though -if he loves us more than others.

  • Amde


    You are not the first Eritrean who has mentioned their preferred soft landing is Issayas’ death by natural means.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    ክቡርቲ ድያና፤

    ተስፋ ቆሪጸ’ኮ ኣይብልን። እንተ’ቲ ዓሰርተ ሻብ ዝፍልፍል ኣስማት ኣብ ደንበ ተቓውሞ ግና ኩሉ ግዝ’የ የተሓሳስበኒ። ኣብዛ ብጭኮና ስርዓት ህግደፍ ፋሕ ፋሕ ዝበዝሓ ሃገር፡ ህዝቢ ገጽ-ንገጽ ከይረኣአ ዝፈርሐ’ዩ ዝመስል። ነዚ ኩሉ ፍርሓት ሰጊሮም ናይ ሓባር መደብ ዕዮ ሓንጺጾም ዝጉዓዙ እንክርኢ ድማ ሓይለይ ይውስኽ።

    ኣነ ዝጸልኦ እንተሃልዩ፡ በተሓሳስባ ምሳይ ኣይኮነን ኢልካ ምሕካል’ዩ። ከም’ቲ ለባማት እንክምስሉ ዝብልዎ፡ ካብ ሓደ ርእሲ ክልተ ኣራእስ ይሓይሽ ስለ’ዝኾነ እዩ ነገሩ። ከመይ’ሲ ህላወ ናይ ክልተ ወይ ድማ ካቡ ንላዕሊ ጽባቐና ስለዝኾነ፡

    ነዞም ዝተፈላለዩ ሓሳባት ወይ ኣራእስ እንክርኢ ድማ ወትሩ ልበይ ይፍሳህ። ብባህረይ ክትዕ ኣይጸልእን’የ። በዚ ምኽንያት’ዩ ድማ ናይ’ዚ ባይቶ ምዕባለታት ዘሐጉሰኒ። ከመይ’ሲ ኣብ ታሪኽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝሕክል እንበር መጽአ ኣለኹ ዝብል ውሑድ ስለዝኾነ። ምሕካል ይኣኽለና።

    ትምኒተይ፡ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣብ ሓደ ባይቶ ተኣኪቡ ምርኣይ’ዩ። ንሱ’ዩ ጽባቐና ድያና ሓብተይ።

  • Hope

    Ishak Beshir as the PC Chair?Who picked him or assigned him?How and why; and based on what criteria?
    I thought that the whole purpose of restructuring the EDA or ENDC was to restructure the leadership and the Committee as well.
    Just curious.

    • T..T.


      I thought EPDP had no any concern with issues related to ENCDC’s intra/inter-member groups.
      It is better for members of non-member political groups not to inject instigating words.

      • Hope

        See above.
        I am not representing the EPDP,nor am I its member but supporter of its program.I still prefer to be an Independent Citizen.
        But your point holds water and is well taken.
        I am aware of the Reconciliatory Effort among the Opposition Groups,which I support fully.
        The above comment I made was at a personal level….expressing my frustration knowing some facts at hand,not grudges though.

  • We apologize to all…
    We put the name Tekheste instead of T’egisti by mistake. It is corrected to T’egisti Berhane.

  • guest01

    Too many names. Is PC for personal computer opposition group?

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    I see the light. I see the end of the tyranny regime in Asmara. I see ENCDC coming to the forefront and as its name implies, welcoming all the justice seekers opposition camp. There ups and downs were there but now I see only ups.

    Well done and wish you success. As tes, I will try my best on making ENCDC’s vision to happen. I am very happy on ENCDC’s recent developments and I am very confident for its on-going positive developments. Rallying all justice seekers under one umbrella is the way forward and thank you for doing this.

    from France