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Congratulating “Stuttering Yemane Gebremeskel”

If he doesn’t change his mind, it seems Isaias Afwerki has finally appointed a minister of information, a position that remained vacant since Ali Abdu, the previous minister, abandoned the PFDJ regime over two years ago. Yemane “Charlie” Gebremeskel was the director of the office of the president, a position he held for as long as Isaias has ruled Eritrea (unelected) for over two decades.

Charlie is a spin master who recently surprised many Eritreans by denying the existence of Demhit (TPDM), the Ethiopian armed opposition forces in Eritrea, .

On October 30, 2013 after’s published a Gedab News item entitled, “A Mercenary Army: Isaias Afwerki’s Last Stand“, Charlie twitted a denial: “Demhit soldiers in Eritrea? A pure lie originating from ignorance or part & parcel of z malicious disinformation campaigns.” A day later he added another denial twitte: “your twisted logic: if Demhit cultural band was invited 2 Eritrea, this is equivalent to Demhit soldiers patrolling Z country!

In reaction to Charlie’s denials Sal Younis commented: Yemane “Charlie” Gebremeskel, Director of the Office of the President, goes “full retard” regarding DeMHT and the UN Human Rights Rapporteur on Twitter. Invited from where, Yemane? Do they have “liberated” Ethiopian lands they use as a base? Where is that? Alla? DekemHare? Harena?

Denying the existence of Demhit (TPDM) in Eritrea is as outrageous as denying the existence of Mt. Embasoira. However, our archived materials show that lying and denying is in the nature of the PFDJ.
In October 15, 2001, published a Pencil editorial entitled, “A Tale of Two Eritreas,” which included a transcribtion of a BBC interview with Charlie. It is under the sub-heading, “Stuttering Yemane Gebremeskel” which we are re-posting to congratulate the new minister for his new chair-warmer position.

Stuttering Yemane Gebremeskel

We were going to ridicule the following interview; but it does a good job of ridiculing itself all by itself. The only thing we need to remind you is that Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel is the official Spokesperson of the G-1. (Unless he was reshuffled in one of the frequent reshuffles.) The BBC conducted the interview on Wednesday, October 10, 2001:

BBC: Why is the government muzzling its critics?

Yemane: They were not muzzled. This thing has been going on for thirteen months; the government was extremely tolerant, extremely patient. When people were going beyond the law, playing, when everybody in the country sees is illegal…

BBC: Like What? Just give me an idea, what did they do? Were they holding clandestine meetings? Were they talking to overthrow the government? I mean, what is the threat, the threat that this group posed?

Yemane: Let’s say they have been involved, clearly in illegal activities that endangered the sovereignty of the national security and sovereignty of this country. And that has been said, have been expressed publicly when they were arrested. Prior to that, these people have been expressing their views without any hindrance. The population of this country have been requesting, everybody have been saying, “this thing should be stopped, it is going beyond limits.”

BBC: It is not the activities that you didn’t like or the public statements that you didn’t like… the statements that … they felt the president was not consulting enough and the country was not heading towards democracy fast enough. I mean basically criticizing the leadership?
Yemane: Nobody in this country is arrested because he holds or expresses a different opinion. Nobody in this country, never, ever has been arrested because of his views. I mean, anybody is free. I agree with you [inaudible] the government is doing. You are free to express your opinion.

BBC: What are these people going to be charged with?

Yemane: I cannot prejudge that now. It is not my job. I think it is the job of the ummmm, unnn, um .eh…legal authorities.

BBC: But they are being held in detention without charge at the moment?

Yemane: Ummm…you know these are legal matters. I am, no… I don’t think I am qualified to- to– to- answer those, but I think the government here operates within the bounds of legality.

BBC: One of the dissidents, Mesfin Hagos, has indicated that he is coming back to Eritrea, what are you going to do? Are you going to let him back into the country?

Yemane: Every citizen has the right to return. So, the issue, if he wants to return, I don’t know why he left the country in the first place, if he wants to return he can return. If he is guilty of illegal things then he is not above the law. Nobody is above the law.

Does he face the threat of arrest if he comes back?

not; he is not above the law. That is what I want to say.
BBC: Because that is extraordinary; somebody like him, well respected figure; somebody who is a legend in the liberation struggle; former defense minister! It is extraordinary that somebody like him and others who spoke out against the president now find themselves either under the threat of arrest or in exile or [inaudible] under detention?

Yemane: You don’t find it extraordinary that these people are also un, I umhh ahh mm, un er. Ennmmm involved in illegal activities or….

BBC: I mean…

Yemane: Hang on. There is nothing extraordinary here. We have to find out what the problems are; what these people are after…

BBC: But you just told me that they have been involved in illegal acts but you cannot tell me what the illegal acts are; I have asked you what these people are charged with, you can’t tell me what they are charged with. This is hardly a, you know, an open process.

Yemane: I think it is a question of time.

Yemane needs time. Yes, time to produce an accusation. Right now, the G-1 is floating various possibilities: regionalism, defeatism, corruption, treason, and treachery. “Defeatism”, mind you, is a “belief”; it is an act. “Defeatism” is a Stalinist word that was used in World War II to ensure that the Soviet Army did not even entertain retreat and is consistent with Stalinist dogma that people can be punished not just for the things they do but the thoughts that cross their minds. It reinforces our belief that the PFDJ is still an unreformed communist-authoritarian system and that people are condemned not just for their deeds but also for harboring beliefs. As Mesfun Hagos said in one of his interviews, what penal code does “defeatism” fall in? And what shall it charge them with? “It is a question of time.” The G-1 has got all its errand boys testing out various theories and flamboyant stories: stories that cast the leader of G-1 as a heroic combatant and brilliant war strategist and the Reformers as frightened cowards and co-conspirators of the Woyane; stories that cast the leader of the G-1 as incorruptible and the Reformers as corrupt. From this grand menu of choices, the story that gets the most votes (in terms of mindless repetition by the uncritical masses) will be the one he charges them with. You see, Isaias IS a democrat who believes in choices. He does give people choices on how to frame people.

Asked about Mesfun Hagos, Yemane Gebremeskel says: “I don’t know why he left the country in the first place, if he wants to return he can return.” According to Mesfun Hagos (Source: Mesfin Hagos Interview, Part 3, Page 5 in Tigrigna), Yemane’s government knows why Mesfun Hagos left the country (“…I left Eritrea, with the permission of the government, because I had a medical appointment abroad.”) and what is stopping him from returning to his country (his passport was revoked.) Under these circumstances (where government officials lie even when they don’t have to), why would Eritreans have any faith in the government of G-1 to apply the rule of law, due process and acceptable court proceedings?

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  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear, Nit
    Without going into your fight with semere, the idea of calling Eritrea to trap recognized figures is not good. It’s dangerous and counterproductive. What if Dr.Lainesh told her what’s in her mind unknowing that she was being recorded? Was Selam going to air it? It’s just baffling to say the least. How this can be so difficult to understand it is another baffling thing. If selam expected Dr.Lainesh could criticize the government without endangering herself, then what’s the point of campaigning for justice?

    • Fnote Selam

      Dear Mahmud,

      Good to see you on this channel :). I dont know if you have noticed, but I have raise the issue of tegadelti with Tes and Sem with a deliberately provocative tone. And this incident of Selam and Dr. Lainesh is the reason why. I feel like people (including myself) in the opposition dont seem to have an idea on how to deal with Tegadelti. In my opinion, tegadelti as a group have played crucial part in the making and de-making of Eritrea (not blaming anyone, but just stating involvement) and we ought to have discussion/plan/strategy on how to interact with or even better recruit them (they still hold very important position top to bottom offices) to cause change (especially change from inside) in Eritrea.

      I have some specific questions, but for now just want to know what your general idea is?



      • Mahmud Saleh

        It’s been almost 24 years since independence. By now we should have had a a civilian president/prime minister (shall we import from walayta as Gual Adem suggested?) , civilian members of cabinet (at least some of them), our defense command should have been transferred to the new generation….
        Look at the government workers and you can see that we are heading to a catastrophe, because all the senior executives are in the same age without any sign of transferring power. For instance, if you take the army, so far, it’s been built around an archaic doctrine of half a century ago, lead by commanders who are in their 60s and 70s; considering Eritrean ragged topography and the lack of technology and means of transportations for the purpose of mobility of this old commanders,( the army has not introduced modern technology; it’s still labor intensive), how are they going to move around?
        Civilian workers the same. And our president doesn’t like change at all, he doesn’t want to send the sign of change; administrator for life, minister for life…
        On your question: I can tell you except few who are benefiting from the current arrangement, they are not happy. They are a big chunk of the silent majority which we need to convince, think about their children and extended families (you may have a lot of them); and they are our people. We tend to forget all those who had some sort of revolutionary ties, wudubat, militia, zobawi serawit, …farmers…these all have similar emotional feelings and anxieties…Anyway,the change should be spearheaded by the youth, and we could say “AjoKum”, but always remember, these folks constitute a huge portion of our society.
        HINT: if you see them trashing PFDJ while discussing it among themselves, you would be surprised.

        • Fnote Selam

          Hi Mahmud,

          I guess where I am getting at is regardless whether it is good or bad for the country, whether they are happy or not, whether they are benefiting or losing, tegadeti as a group are still out there heading important gov positions, have access to important info and resources and can influence huge sections of the society. So, if i am an opposition group in diaspora, I would really benefit from recruiting even a few of them. Having said that, do you think promising them (with honest intention to deliver) some sort of protection (recognition of their sacrifices and some kind of funds for retirement etc) and may be even some advantage would sway them to join the opposition? I am not saying that because the other sectors of our society dont deserve such treatment, but I think tegadelti as a group are very valuable to cause an effective and quick change in Eritrea.

          What do you think?


          • Mahmud Saleh

            That’s a scientific way of trying to try to explain why this group with all its subsets which I had tried to point at in my previous reply stick around with the regime. You want to know the root cause of the endurance of their relation with the regime. That’s of course if you believe they have an alternative or a choice.
            In doing so, I want you to look at other concerns
            1. Are they all willing supporters (How many of them would have stayed with the regime given alternatives)
            2. Are they alone in supporting the regime (or simply staying put where they are for lacking alternate choices;
            a/ it would be a mistake identifying tegadelti as the only backbone of the regime. There is a huge portion of our people who still believe HGDF as the rightful body to govern. This huge portion of our people ( naturally many tegadelti, but, plus a huge portion of our people) many reasons…close experience with ghedli or identifying themselves as bearers of ghedli…hence guardians of independent Eritrea…etc. This portion of our people have made their minds; they are ready to stand their ground until the last moment; Your will be not
            3. Once you establish the base is wider and stronger than we casually take it, then you go to figuring out what it is that’s holding them put with the regime?
            The fact of the matter is this group is holding up not because it supports the regime’s policies, but it sees not better alternatives. It’s not organizationally cohesive, what unites it is the fear that once it acts differently the gathering clouds it sees in the horizons will break up and everything ( independent Eritrea) will be gone. Faces they had buried, years of misery they had spent spin in their memories. So, they seem to be sticking with the devil they are familiar with. The regime knows this very well, and feeds into the already established assumptions and fears of this group. Also there are objective shortcomings displayed by the opposition ( these are deficiencies they can see hear and experience): for example, the lack of a clearly defined opposition that exists independent of entities they believe are bent on destroying their hard-won independence, such as the Ethiopian regime…CIA…etc. They don’t need to be real and present enemies. The apprehension created by years of neglect and active participation of world powers in prolonging their sacrifices during their struggle fit perfectly into the narration the regime presents. ” Look they did us this yesterday…and here again, they are doing the same to us today; we have two choices, either to surrender or whether it out as we had done during our long years. We will beat it; the next corner will be smoother, the next rest place will be greener; look at these so-called opposition: when wayane invaded us they were right there with them; when wayane declared total embargo and later enforced sanction through its masters, these opposition guys were the instigators and supporters of that idea….we are here because of them; when we demand our occupied land that you had paid dearly for, they defend Ethiopian occupation- have you read what that Semere the toothless said? (cheers!), wezeterefe. They don’t see the current opposition as an alternative in everything ranging from areas of national sovereignty to democratic values… justice, transparency, etc. To them the opposition has failed to be an alternative; it appears to play into PFDJ narration- that they are sell-outs. The next question will be why they don’t create their own opposition?
            Now, you might be better than me here, perhaps you grew up under PFDJ Eritrea…perhaps your parents…siblings were tegadelti…my explanation is based on what I get from my connections, otherwise, I have not been to the country for a very long time. But here is what I think this group is up to.
            – The majority (I have no statistical values if you ask me, like AH, how I arrived at this “majority” stuff) hates PFDJ. They think of PFDJ as an entity that hijacked their sacrifices.
            – They are highly monitored, divided in terms of interests…privileges…most of them spent 1991-2001 on the second phase of the war; 2001 up to 2008; disillusioned because of the cracks in their leadership, believing change would soon arrive from within…many braved and had been silenced…putting high hope on Warsay-Ykaalo projects…2008-now_ They are practically aging…exhausted…Your target is now not necessarily this group but their off-springs and extended kinsmen…Those who were very young during the independence are now in their 50s and 60s, not too old but not as idealists as once they were.
            Therefore; to go back to your specific highlights:
            1. promising them Protection: I know you are talking about the few criminals who hold key posts, otherwise the rest have nothing to worry about): That could happen at certain stage when you have a strong opposition force. It may issue promises to lessen the fight; many organized oppositions are doing it as we speak. For instance United Eritrean Democratic Front issued that EDF members were not the targets; that they are not considered enemies but oppressed segment of our society, etc. Similar promissory statements could be issued; but the issuer has to be credible to be heeded.
            2. promising them material” rewards”: I don’t think their salaries are the main thing keeping them “silent”. The assurance that the cause they had sacrificed for would not be reversed; that showing them that whoever takes over PFDJ will govern the country better than what they are experiencing is crucial. We have a dilemma Fnote Selam. If the belief that dying for another revolution is worthless takes root, and I am afraid that’s what’s exactly we see, the “revolutions” they hear about just outside the border is not going to be attractive. Case in point is the young people who are bypassing readily available training camps and a host country ready to help them. Imagine if my generation had a country that had had the will and capabilities that Ethiopia has demonstrated to the opposition of tangible and unreserved support. That leads us to the fact that the opposition has for the last decades relied on policies of regime change more than it relied on policies of change:
            – Policies of regime change focus on just replacing a regime; that could be done by few determined groups, by assassinations…by coups…etc.
            -policies of change: recognize a societal awareness campaigns, gradual educating…making the citizen the center of change…it looks at questions central to change…such as creating a society receptive of values such as liberty…equality/fairness…good governance…etc. It targets the citizen as the engine of change; it empowers citizens and build momentum from within. It’s a long process, it’s arduous, but it is the safest one.( OMG, where am I? Anyway, this is one of those moments where I have to pour whatever comes out of my mind).
            Now, what tegadelti (because you seem to be specific about them), hear is my bad friend semere’s calls of “tenaseHu” , and sometimes irresponsible ranting (by the way semere is careful-tsk..tsk);
            I think they have to be addressed for who they have become without being to derisive and disrespectful.
            – They have supported the regime, there is no question about that. But they are our invaluable social components; it’s up to the leading opposition figures…organizations to design messages which target their concerns. There is no way of hauling them to the zoos of Nakfa (HTG aleKa ‘do?)
            – Also recognize that they have been the most abused. prosecuted, jailed, killed…part of our society.
            – Recognize that they have been pushing for change in every seminars they have got a chance to attend; I have no doubt IA announcement of drafting a constitution was accelerated because of their open criticisms and challenges in seminars senior PFDJ had held prior to the announcements( I mean there is severe restriction of self-expression and that doesn’t preclude tegadelti).
            That should be enough for today ( I have no idea what I have written, I hope I touched your questions somewhere between the lines).

          • Fnote Selam

            Thanks Mahmud! That is quite an answer, need time to digest. I will come back for more.



          • Fnote Selam

            Hi Mahmud,

            Long time….I debated the issue of tegadelti with friends. It was full of ‘could have, would have, should have…’. At the end the conclusion was that although if recruited effectively they can provide some critical info regarding IA and his core enablers, we should/could not expect tegadelti to take the lead in driving change in Eri at this time.

            Best wishes,


  • Nitricc

    The Ethiopians and the Eshi-Goytay should listen to this person. He got a point.

  • tes

    “You know we’ve told them they should n’t film here” -BBC reporting from Asmara

    BBC under strict scrunity but thanks to Yalda Haki, she didn’t fail at least to bring what is on surface and a careful tracing of the use of containers as prison houses. It is good work and hopefully whe will get into some hidden prison centers. They (PFDJ officers) may try to take them to police stations where civilian guilts are prisoned but she must be aware what is there behind the walls.

    Wish them a succesful mission


  • Nitricc

    I have a friend who gets amused by such you tube shows and he never failed to share it with me. i admit, i got a laugh out of it. the guy remind me a person on this forum, no names please, 🙂 that is why i shared it. i agree simply stupid.
    SJ, by the way i will share about this friend of mine; who send this link. I will say a few words on your post under who makes Eritreans proud.

  • selam

    This person yes this person selam kidane who is in deep psychological problem due to the lack of miracle in her believe (no offense to other believers ) and other things is just ranting out of every things that she do not agree. She is always Miss right and no one is above her that is according to her view. While we could agree or disagree about her authenticity , we should see through the prism Selam kidan the disillusioned person i ever seen , when she argue with in her circle she has no second thought in case some people have more valuable points. She always feel Alpha and the captain , what a lost of dream it should be for her .I am not sure and i can not be , but i have the sense she can be one of the so twisted eshi goytaye in this forum.

    Here is what she thinks
    Selam Kidane

    March 11 at 12:25am · Edited ·

    was he wrong?

    ok everyone…. as you may have noticed Saleh Younis isn’t here these days (yet endehede esum alnegeregm enem alTeyeqhutim Lon Adi)… so let us dissect his latest offering in minute details…. I think there is a lot we can pick off….

    1. Ignore his short history lesson (I think it was a show off to impress us)
    2. Ignore his lectures to the ELL he was just picking a fight
    3. Ignore his gibes at DIA… or just use it as a comedy break… it is funny and true too (let the goons fuss over that )

    • Sarah Ogbay

      Selam, What is wrong with you. It is unbecoming to attack anyone the way you did Selam. Her religion should be beyond your limits. You have crossed a line just like the PFDJ did when they used religion to attack the young in eritrea.

      She could be disillusioned but she is doing something about it. Are you?
      Go help her and when she makes mistakes you try to correct her in private and discuss it. Even if this does not work, you should not be mocking her belief, emotional state etc. Do you have a moral high ground to say what you said about her? You see that is why we are not going anywhere.

      • Nitricc

        What she have done, that is Selam Kidane? Dr. Sarah! what is wrong with you people? I thought your told as eye of an eye. remember? why change now?

      • selam

        Great you want to know what she said about miracle , Here is what she said
        1. You remember about the slavery campaign where i participated proudly , but she said this
        “God will do his job to do miracles because my son said this and dreamed like this “… , I can continue more.
        2. She said Most Eritreans are not afraid of death they will continue to die in the sea because they are cowards.
        3. Most women in Eritrea does not believe in the right way of God,

        I can post direct from facebook message but that will creat another problem.

        Who do you think has moral than another ? I know what i am talking and i hold no one infornt. And when the gloves are off there is nothing holding back sara.

        • Sarah Ogbay

          I am not clearing her of any wrong doing; I am . I am saying for you write what you wrote is wrong. Period!
          I do believe in the miracles of GOD and I hope GOD saves our nation. Do I have psychological problems? No I don’t. Hope is an asset to the human spirit. Without hope we are nothing. It is the diminishing amount of hope that is driving Eritreans out of their country.
          Come on Selam, you know what I am saying. You are smarter than that.

          • selam

            I respect your believe sara, I really do . What i am saying is this person has chosen to play with a deflated ball on a rainy day. And i always believe such people should not have the microphone to represent the whole opposition media. They hold Every thing to their personal credit and i am afraid sara, with such people we are going to the wrong way. I hope the majority will do better if we correct people like her from throwing aggravated words.
            I believe we should tell them we do not accept their personal fame on our peoples’ price.

          • Hope


            My apology for my interjection, and as such/as usual, you do not have to respond to my comment.

            Did you try to advise Ms Selam Kidane to be respectful to others and their opinions?

            Even though quite a bit exaggerated, selam’s over-reaction seems to have emanated from that aspect, in my opinion.

            Beyond that,I second you in believing in Hope….along with Faith and Love, which we are missing DEARLY in Eritrea and among Eritreans!

            Do we need God in Eritrea and do Eritreans need to turn their face to God?

            Absolutely! It is past-due.We just need few Faithful, who could pray day and night so that Eritrea could be saved by God based on those Few Faithful—as He did in the case of “Sodom and Gomera—/the case of Noah and his Arc.

            No intention to preach Religion or to act like a Pharisee here as I will be re-baptized as a Hypocrit,due to the human side of my nature.

            Ooops,I missed what you said:”I am not clearing her of any wrong doing

            But I would expect more…
            Be that or this, your Golden ADVICE is well taken.and appreciated!
            For sure selam took note of it!…

          • selam

            Dear Hope
            Yes i do believe every one is entitled to his opinion.But this person is not respectful at all and she is chewing more than she can swallow Dr.Lainesh is not some one like IA or other PFDJ members.
            As per the need for god , i do not buy it at all. Eritreans have been doing this preying thing for 100 years , what did they got ? I can not believe some one is ordering IA to kill us and imprisoned us for so long. we need to work hard and focus to what we are good at not wasting time on ……..
            Sorry to disappoint you on this HOPE.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    And here is a not-so-smart venture, or another “kiddy” one as Gen. SAAY has recently lambasted Cousin Hope’s anabs, the TN. Here selam Kidane from London calls Dr.Lainesh in Asmara. For our Ethio-friends, Dr. Lainesh joined talaQu SHaEbia around 1976, right after graduating from medical achool. She is a renowned, the only dentist, in addition she was the only person who dealt with anything above your neck, save the brain, an ENT specialist of sorts. She save thousands of wounded tegadelti and civilians, she forfeited her childbearing chance doing everything she could to save her people.

    Selam’s professional misconduct: she should clearly tell Dr. Lainesh she was making the interview for a radio run by an opposition group, and that her interview would be aired without anonymity. The line was not good, what Dr.Lainesh said was what everyone in Eritrea would have said.

    Selam’s poor judgement: she followed the abruptly interrupted interview with “wylKa kedaE” a famous Tesfay FiHira song, sung to warn traitors who aligned with the Derg during the 1978-79 STRATEGIC RETREAT.

    This is what I call self-inflicted wounds. What’s wanted from Dr.Lainesh? Does selam expect Dr.Lainesh who is an exhausted war veteran possibly in her 60s to do what the fresh and young selam could not do? What’s exactly wanted here?

    FYI: I left a short message in the program’s comment section.

    Here is the interview. Start at 34.42 for Dr.Lainesh; there is also a short interview with Tzigereda preceding Dr.Lainesh interview,(the voice appears that of Tzigereda the Governor).

    • ‘Gheteb

      Selam Mahmud,
      Thanks for this info. From where I sit, this is so emblematic and yet another “self-inflicted” wound by the likes of Selam Kidane who profess that they are fighting the PFDJ misrule. I am wondering if this self-described “anti-PFDJ” elements are in the fight seeking justice or for the promotion of self interest or for settling personal vendetta. It raises more questions about them. Could it also be that they have so far failed to make any progress against the PFDJ because the Eritrean diaspora is so disgusted by such kind of behavior? I wonder. Well, as they say could it also be that ‘ Sni Guana Hutsa Qortumelu::’ what Selam and her ilks are asking of the likes of Dr. Lainesh?

    • Tzigereda

      Dear Mahmud,
      I cant agree more!

    • sara

      Gen, mahmoud =just to give readers further info to get to know more of dr lainesh, in addition to dentistry and oral medicine’ in the field she mastered a sub specialty called oral/ maxillofacial surgery, a rare speciality in the horn of africa at least until 1995 as fas i know.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam sara
        Thank you for the information. It’s mind boggling, I don’t know what’s more needed from a person who dedicated her entire life to the service of her people, someone who holds no public or political office. If the people who are laying cheap trapping on her life could master a quarter of her dedication and selflessness, PFDJ would be gone by now. But that’s today’s reality, big talking behind the mic.

        • Semere Andom

          Sebah al-Nur Mahmud;
          So what did Selam said that was inappropriate? She was not derisive , she was not rude, she was asking questions.
          As to Dr.lainesh’s accomplish, no one can take that away and Selam did not. The past tense is impressive, in the present tense she is serving the dictator. I do not think Selam was inappropriate unless you want her to throw soft balls on the Dr by profusely thanking her for what she did. The future, we have no clue, maybe the Dr is doing something to help remove PFDJ.
          I understand the Dr cannot say much in the tel, she knows better, but to blatantly lie about our enemies paying money to woo the you, that makes her Sophia Tesfamariam in terms of lies. So her past accomplishment must shield her from Selams challenging questions that reflect reality?
          I do not expect or want her put her life at risk, but lying about it repulsive and especially pulling a Sophie.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan semere

            First, I would really appreciate if you stop any comments made in relation to veterans as if it’s being made for asking entitlements or favors. The thankful have already thanked them and they don’t expect thanking from the unthankful. I don’t mean you are from the unthankful but your occasional mockery such as this: (…unless you want her to throw soft balls on the Dr by profusely thanking her for what she did” makes it appear as if I am asking for undeserved rewards; as if I am asking the public to forgive ex-tegadelti faults in return for their previous contribution. No, I have not implied that. I am specifically, talking about a doctor who is so dear to many, a doctor who expired every opportunity including her childbearing chances in service of her people; a doctor who had spent years under unfriendly situation saving tens of thousands, and who continue to train and serve her fellow country men and women. I will tell you semere, there are certain groups in a society you should not play with for political gains; doctors are among them, unless we have a certain frankenstein doctor. Dr. Lainesh is not one of them.
            I have not indicated she should be shielded; the truth is there is no crimes from which she needs to be shielded. Period. Let me ask you this before I repeat what I feel was inappropriate in Selam’s segment; and please answer it truthfully.
            1. What would you say if you were in Dr. Lainesh shoes, where Dr. Lainesh appears to have believed she was talking to some one from the government associated women’s association or YPFDJ? Tell me what you would do, the first part of my criticism is embodied in this question.
            2. What do your parents, relatives say when you call them at home and ask them: ” How are you? How is life over there? ይመስገን ኣምላኽ ጽቡቕ ኣለና። ካብዚ ዝኸፍእ ኣየርእየና…”
            I answered the second one for you, because you are Sudanized!
            You have already read my points with regard to what I thought was objectionable in selam’s interview: but to repeat:
            a/ professional misconduct: The caller should have told Dr. Lainesh who she was working for. Dr. Lainesh did not know which selam she was or who she was working for. She should clearly state she was interviewing the Dr. for an opposition run radio. Dr. Lainesh probably would have declined. The point is we should not tax people more than we could have done. That’s part of the answer for you in #1.
            b/ the song “kedaE” is not appropriate; you know Semere when and why it was sung.
            I urge you to correct a couple of points:
            Please show discretion when you comment about personalities or people in general. How could you place Dr. Lainesh with Sophia in the same basket?
            How could you blame anyone living in the country or working for the government in areas not related to security and policy matters as serving the dictator? Just to repeat: We are talking about a medical doctor who continues to serve the society, forget about the past. I guarantee you, no one expected accolades and no one expect anything. So, rest assured on this. But she has equal right like other citizens, I would have said the same had it been a person in similar situation. I mean it’s an irony. We say Eritrea is repressive and one who dares criticizing the government will be shipped straight to Eila-Ero, and in the same line we expect people to express themselves as if they have guarantees. Our problem is we want others to be crossed for our weaknesses; worse, from some, we demand double of what’s needed of sacrifices. For your info, Dr. Lainesh joined the revolution right after graduating from a much better place, from the diaspora.
            All is needed is semere some sound judgment; particularly folks who have th oopportunity to use massmedia, need to be cautious as to who to target. Selam knows Dr. Lainesh could not tell her what’s in her mind; because it’s selam who is telling the world how repressive the regime is.
            Wo Shukran.
            For you information: preceding her interview, in the same program, there was a segment that had been done with Tzigereda (the voice sounds as Tzigereda, the Governor of Northern Red Sea Zone). I know Tzigereda more than Dr. Lainesh, but I did not care about her, because she is a politician and is definitely serving the dictator.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Mahmuday:
            I do not like couple of things in this comments but still you qualify as Mahmud 😉
            Everyone in Eritrea, the politicians and the doctors, engineers server the dictators, some are agents but some are innocent sure and as I am fond of saying (if you do not believe me ask Sal) many heroes will emerge after the dust settles.
            Also I not taking someone’s sacrifices as the dogs Hope an Nitricc want to make it sound. When I went for the tour I saw some pictures of Dr.Lainesh’s work of a kid whose jaw was crashed and how she reconstructed it. So no one can take that , I am not PFDJ, we are not PFDJ to take someone’s work, removing him from videos to erase them.
            I also said I do not want her to endanger her safety, my comments comparing her with Sophie was specifically on her assertion that the enemies are pulling our youth, that is verbatim Sophie, she could have found a safe line such as and I would even settle with the young just want ipads, they are young and for them the grass looks greener on the other side.
            Selam cannot tell her she is opposition because the Dr. will hang up. I think Selam walked fine line and she did not push her to criticize the government.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            MerHaba Semere

            Well, consider finding a couple f uncomfortable points in maHmuday’s comments as part of the package.

            – Because you didn’t reply truthfully to my questions

            – Because I have exhausted all that’s needed to be said including the reply to this reply of yours, I will post Lainesh herself.


            This is one story of one man.

            You are wrong saying “Everyone in Eritrea, the politicians and the doctors, engineers serve the dictators,”, I don’t know how you put politicians and doctors in the same class; anyway, ካልእ ክንሰምዕ ኢና። ይኽደነና።

            One more, you said :”Selam cannot tell her she is opposition because the Dr. will hang up.” Doesn’t the doctor have the right to hang up? And it was this type of sneaky pranks that made me object to the caller. If you did that in here in the USA, I would sue you. I am sure it’s the same in Canada too. You would be fired because it’s unprofessional and possibly criminal. When you set up some one for an interview
            a/ tell who you are (which selam did)
            b/ tell your purpose (in this case the caller should have told her clearly she was working for an opposition radio).
            c/ Tell her it’s going to be recorded
            d/ tell her it’s going to be aired.
            The question is:
            Did the caller expect the Dr, to tell her mind openly? If that’s the case then why are you telling us Eritrea is the most repressive country?
            So, better to settle it semere Arkey. It was a childish prank. It’s dangerous though.

          • Hope

            Dear Sem A,

            What a crap opinion-forgive my language, Sir!

            With all due respect ,Sir,you are telling the audience that all the Self-less Public Servants in Eritrea should leave Eritrea and let the poor majority suffer, simply coz they are ” serving” the Dictator.

            Please,make sure Nittric is NOT wrong about your real IQ.

            Sir,you have crossed the redline, in my opinion.

            All the Senior and the super Genius EPLFites and the PFDJites,who “served” the Dictator should be banned then!

            Are you the same guy, who belittled and refuted Dr Andeberhan Weldeghergis and his selfless life-long sacrifice and contribution?Simply coz he served the dictator?

            What is wrong with you guys?
            May I ask, with all due respect,Sir,your contribution for Eritrea and Eritreans, before I judge you?

          • Nitricc

            Uncle Hope; easy, give the guy a credit. he was debating about the independence of Eritrea when he was young. lol talk about dumb. He wants a credit for it. the truth is people like Dr. Lainesh; you went in with MD. man? And Semere flee to Sudan to penniless and live in charity. now, after all the dust settled he tiring to be a man talk against the braves. He thinks he owe the braves who has done the impossible while he is collecting his welfare check for life. talk about dumb and ignorant.

        • sara

          Dear ato mahmud, you are right indeed it is mind boggling, and hurts my guts too when i hear/see in such instances where our selfless brothers and sisters who have paid dearly in sweat,blood,limbs
          and all the virtues of life, are being assaulted and insulted by those of us who had run away to far place where we lived with relative safety and comfort. i feel bad that we (diaspora) do not have the bit of humility.

      • Hope

        I agree sara.The only official ENT Doc -by training,that I know left the country…and Dr Lainesh,to my best knowledge, is the only Official ENT Doc(by experience) and the only Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgeon but ,now that we have new DDS Grads,there is hope that we will have more Dental Sub-specialists soon….but a long way to go for ENT Subspecialty…..
        On a separate note,since we are talking about ” Health”/Medicine, two out of the three Ophthalmologists/Eye Docs left the country–If I am correct—none but Dr Ghenet Meresii’.Correct?.
        More than 80% of the senior MDs-the AAU/GCMS and Gimma Grads that I know left the country.
        But here,we are being advised that the remaining selfless Professionals should the nation coz they are serving the Dictator.
        Yes,we are appreciative for what Mamma Ethiopia did for us.

        • sara

          Dear hope, we do have another sis who did subspeciality in otorhinology (ent) in the uk i.e frcs
          she was also working with lainesh and after independence she did the above speciality and
          returned back to eritrea. btw there are other two ent specialists i heard about who work in public and private practice. it pains me when i hear people who have not contributed any towards the independence struggle and later the defence of our sovereignty , accuse those selfless eritreans
          as serving the regime etc. imagine .. if lainesh or the others landed in USA in 75 and settled there
          i am sure she will be by now a well off person living happlyever. but she chose the opposite and went to liberate her country from the yoke of occupation and subjugation.could anyone us in diaspora (except those x-combatants we know at awate forum ) claim that much contribution as lainesh has made, none!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Thank you SGL. you save my time. I open it but I didn’t see it after reading yours.

  • Saleh Johar
  • Nitricc

    this guy knows what he is talking about. i think he lives in Canada. he sounds retarded.

    • selam


      I think we Eritreans should buy a bond from the Ethiopian grand dam project. If we are smart Enough it is a wise investment.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Selam Habtey, I heard PFDJ has bonds, although I don’t know how much practical it is. have you tried that?

        • selam

          Dear Kokhob

          lol I have no idea. But i am serious about this Kokhob . In the long run and short term , it is really nice if ethiopia can finish this amusing project and give some push to the development of the Ethiopian people.

          I do not know if you watch arab channels , i always feel some thing sad when they keep talking rubbish about the project. And if it was in my hand i would have accelerate this project by 10 fold to shut the hell out of these evil wishers.They thing as if they can bully with their oil money.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Selam

            It is true but others are doing their job, It is we who are not. It is we who didn’t use the resources mother nature gave us but we don’t care about it. it is me and you that can change our situation. It worth talking and discussing, how much wealth we own and how should we use it. for use you got me, isn’t it ?

          • selam

            As you know it and i know it we have nothing to say about how much we have and which one .You can ask when there is a constitutional government. Until that you and me are just out side the garden.I feel i do not need to talk about wealth before my right.

          • Kokhob Selam

            that is it, “out of the garden” so far so good. now we should not talk about others like you mention “Arabs” as we didn’t reach in their level – being in our own garden.

          • selam

            No you misunderstand me Kokhob , What i mean is that i feel more free to speak and talk about freedom than about the money when it is about Eritrea. We should talk more about freedom from the current problem then we can talk about money. But let me back to what coused my attention about the dam .The man on the you tube video and some others , you mean i should not comment about the dam of Ethiopia or it is only you are allowed to talk.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Didn’t you say ” think we Eritreans should buy a bond from the Ethiopian…” I thought you are talking about money here. and you talk of Arabs…then you said “out of garden” if I have misunderstood you sorry.

          • selam

            It is not for the money we invest so we could get more in return . it is my true social and political believe that , we should do what ever it takes to seal this .Unless we can buy a bond from other countries that can have a more profitable returns . Lets say we invest in new medical equipment or in the most valuable company shares . My intention is not for us Eritreans to get more money back . But it will be wise for us Eritrean citizens to have a uniformed support for this project. I am not for more money in return.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Selam Habtey, I am lost today. I couldn’t get you. let me take rest and read. tks

          • selam

            Ok take some rest , some times it helps.

      • Hope

        Dear selam and Kokhob,
        It would not be an exaggeration if I tell you that ,at least in Africa, the Pioneers of ” Bond” are Eritreans initiated by your same enemy, called PFDJ!
        Had it not been the PFDJ’s mismanagement ;and lack of Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency, the ” Bond” System could have made Eritrea to stand on both of her feet.
        To my best knowledge and recall and my experience, YES,there are lots of Bonds in Eritrea/outside Eritrea but run by the PFDJ, but only to lose their value due to the same problems I mentioned above.
        At one point,the Bond system reached more than $400 Million per a PFDJ Finance insider.
        In new Eritrea, where every Eritrean will be involved equally, the immediate back bone of Eritrea’s Economy is going to be the ” Bond System”,which can generate more than half a billion USD within less than a yr based on our history, enthusiasm and nih/habbo of our people.
        The major obstacle is the polarized Eritrean Society due to the Regime and its divisive Politics.

        • selam

          I agree . But Eritrea is small and we do not need to sell any bond unless we are building a mega project. We just need to use our resources wisely.

  • sarah ogbay

    What more can we expect from people who are in positions just because they are inefficient and are good only in following orders. This guy doesn’t even know why the ministers are still in prision other than because DIA want them there. For God’s sake, they knew BBC REPORTER were in the country, the least they could do was study more lies. They couldn’t even do that now. Looks like they are all done and have no more stamina to verbally fight back. The only department alive is that of spying on citizens.
    Anyway, this should give us more hope that change is at the door steps of Eritrea: got there by itself – no credit for opposition.

    • selam

      Dear Sarah.O
      You have spotted on the right corner
      The opposition continue to fail on delivering their message to the wide Eritrean people. What surprise me most is there are people in this site always think they are right , so they are immune to criticism.If some one is taking himself Mr.Alpha what is the difference from being the second dictator.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Dear Selam,
        We have many “Mr. Alphas” who are posing to be “opposition” figures here in the web site and it is our job to show who they really are. I mean we have to EXPOSE them to their bare bones for being pretenders and not who they claim to be. Keep up the good fight. Eritrea’s problem is not only PFDJ and Issaias. There are those who are going to be worse than PFDJ and they must be EXPOSED right now. There is no other way.

        • sarah ogbay

          I think it is high time we stop talking and focusing on individuals, Mr Alphas, Mr Romeos and Mr Omegas. We need to focus on issues. We need to mature as individuals and as people. If our sad experiences did not change us what will. It is only by focusing on the goal that we can work and succeed. Yes, there are many criminals and many sadists among us but then in this struggle for democracy, that is besides the point, because the people will be the judges of truth. It is not up to us. Yes, we can refuse to work with them, but to divert from our goal and focus and attack them is not wise. In fact, it is absolutely unacceptable considering what our people are going through.
          So when I said no credit to opposition, I meant that the change that is at the door steps of Eritrea is something that happened because of law of nature meaning PFDJ is dying of natural causes and not because of the hard work of opposition (they never workd harder against PFDJ than they did against each other). This should scare us even more as we are not ready to assume the reponsibilities of running a country democratically; so it can go both ways.
          I always think we are still angry with ourselves that this happened to us as we bragged arrogantly, that our own brothers and sisters would do this to us, etc. We need to get over it and look forward as to how we stop this from happening again; how we build trust across all sectors, religions, ethnic groups etc. …. Wo, Wo l am afraid I can not stop writing about this. Let me stop here.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dr. Sarah,

            You have said : “We need to get over it and look forward as to how we stop this from happening again; how we build trust across all sectors, religions, ethnic groups etc.” They are not there, they are talking on personality issues. It is a long journey for the Eritrean politics to mature.


          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር ኣማኑኤል

            ሓደ ካብ ሜላታት ህግደፍ ንዕሙቅ ዝብለ ተሞክሮን ፍልጠትን ዘለዎም ሰባት ምጥቃንን ምንሻውን እዩ : እዚ ኣብ ልዕሊ ክብርን ውልቃዊ መሰልን ዝግበር ሽማዊ ቅንጸላ ብቀጥታ ካብ ኣባላት ህግደፍ ምስ ዝፍኖ ዘይከምቀደም ሎሚ ምስ ፍሽለት ህግደፍ ተኣሳሲሩ ዕውት ኮይኑ ክቅጽል ኣይከ ኣለን ::ብኣንጻሩ ሓደ ብ ህግደፋውያን ሽሙ ዝተኻፈ ኣ ሰብ ተፈታዊ ኮይኑ ኢኻ ትረኽቦ:ነዚ ዝተዓዘቡ መራሕቲ ህግደፍ ሜላታቶም ቀይሮም ንርኢ-ሓደ ካብ ሜላታት ከኣ ብተቃውምቲ ዘመስሉ ስሩዓት ህግደፍ ዝግበር ጸለመ እዩ : እዚ ኣካይዳ’ዚ ንብዙሕ ዝተገብረ ናይ ደለይቲ ለውጢ ርክባት ፍሕ ኣብ ምባልን ኣብ ሞንጎ ብጾት ፍልልያት ከምዝፍጠር ምግባር ወ.ዘ.ተ.ይስረሓሉ ኣሎ ::
            ኣዝዩ መጽናዕቲ ክካየደሉ ዘለዎ ጉዳይ ኮይኑ ይረ ኣየኒ :: ሕጂ ዝረአ ዘሎ ፍልልያት ወላ ‘ውን ናይቶም ናይ ሰናይ ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ተሓለቅቲ ከይተረፈ ዘይተደላይ ጎንጽታት ቀንዲ ጠንቁ ነቲ ሒዝካዮ ዘለኻ መስመር ከዳናግር ዝኽእል መርዝታት ዝፍኑ ህግደፋዊ ምንቅስቃ ስለ ዘሎ እዩ ::እቲ ጉዳይ እምበኣር ይውዓል ይሕደር ዘይበሃሎን ሕጹጽ መጽናዕታዊ ስረሓት ዘድልዮ እዩ ኢለ ይግምት ::

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Kokhob Selam,

            You have read the reality as is. I understood PFDJites don’t possess an idea to win the debate. Myself, I am focused on the issues that holds our social fabric, and to maintain the peaceful coexistence of our social groups balanced, to assure the continuity of the nascent nation of ours. But remember that this is the collective project of all citizens. I will not give up in the cause I stood for. The slogan from our armed struggle “Qalessena Newih Eyu, Awotena Gin Naygeden Iyu”, that still remains in my instinctual drive that allows me to continue on the cause. The struggle is “Edey Edka Iyu Zedlyo, AyneHmeQ Hadera” for all of us who want to see a nation that gives justice to all of us.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Ted

            Sara, You said what reasonable person would say considering the situation in our country and the wrangle among the opposing forces be the face of the struggle. As usual nothing has come to fruition for the last 20 or so years as one group climbing up the other pulling it down. The Eritrean people has watched us from distance in fear, worrying what would come out of this squabble while the True Eritreans need is buried under the rubble. That is what we need to ask , if there is any truth behind our opposition? Is what has made us strong and have become the symbol of core of our identity lost. Is the will and capability to solve our problems in our own as “can do attitude” gone for good?. We cherished our accomplishments to come this far as independent country while fighting and walking as one people. We solved every problems by our own, why not this? It has become painfully regrettable to witness . We have to acknowledge the problems and start to sort out other areas of weakness other than our opposing political views. It naive to think only our differences in Eritreans political view or how to go about the struggle is stumbling block of the struggle. It is not, we have moles among us. The struggle need to sanitize itself from self serving opponent to mercenary hired guns who tries to sabotage the struggle, unrelentingly work harder to use the outcome to their handlers interest. We can’t forget the other leg of the struggle. I agree with Ghetab-” Eritrea’s problem is not only PFDJ and Issaias. There are those who are going to be worse than PFDJ and they must be EXPOSED right now. There is no other way.”

          • Sarah Ogbay

            Dear Ted

            While I agree with most of your point on the reality of the opposition camp, I still believe that blaming the moles and mercenaries from PFDJ for our weaknesses. The moles are handful, actually insignificant considering the number of people in the opposition camp. It is luck of good will and selfish motives that are becoming our problems. We chose to be manipulated by few moles and mercenaries. That is it.

            AS to our tradition of and ‘capability to solve our problems in our own as “can do attitude” gone for good?.’ I think so. It has been eroded systematically for the last 20 something years. The young Eritrean are not as ‘can do’ people as the generation from the time of armed struggle. Planting Selfishness and mistrust among the young has been an on going mission of PFDJ to weaken the society and break their will. The question is ‘Is there any hope to restore our good Eritrean values?’ I believe there is. But we have to work on it hard and fast, before it is too late.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I wish you continue. I wish I read more about the truth of that we are really angry with ourselves. we need to reconcile and start to know ourselves. all the confusions, misunderstandings,doubt and disappointments are based on this very important issue of knowing self. this is the center point where we should start to see things. thank you.

      • Hope

        Dr Sara,selam and Gheteb:
        With all due respect,If I may ask,who is the Opposition and who are we/you ?And where do we belong and what is/should have been and should be our contribution so as to have a better and stronger opposition?
        I was challenged by this question and I am challenging you with the same question so as to answer the question of my challenger!

    • ‘Gheteb

      Dear Sarah,
      Great points and excellent observations. What we are witnessing from certain figures who claim to be “opposition” figures in the Diaspora is that they think that they know it all. They want to say anything and everything about their stand and when challenged they go about attacking and smearing others. And when asked for an explanation, they hide and hide under different pretexts.
      Well, they are only fooling themselves and no one else.